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misss-chrisss · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: sugar daddy! Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Oikawa x fem reader
cw: dom! x sub! reader, brat tamer in Iwaizumi’s fingering, clit slapping, mutual masturbation (m+f), exhibitionism, pillow tribbing, nipple play, use of video, daddy kink in kuroo's, implied age gap (hq guys are late 30’s-early 40’s; reader is mid 20’s)
tags: @dejwrites @gabzlovesu @nanaminshousewife @angwritez @aylablack15 (if you wanna be added, just send me an ask)
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy!Iwaizumi loves when you throw tantrums. He finds it all the most alluring, fueling the dominance within his veins. Either it’s Every bit of attitude, pout, and sass you give him, he absorbs it, keeping careful count of each occurrence.
Unbeknownst to you, Iwaizumi finds such joy in your little tantrums, the heel of your pearly white stilettos piercing into the flooring of the store when he denies you of that purse you need —oh so— much. He chuckles intently, guiding his pouty princess back out to the car with the driver waiting patiently.
He gives you a few minutes to calm down, soothing you with soft pecks along the crook of your neck. He knows exactly what gets your legs spreading and those hips bucking in the air. His girthy digits drift down to your panties, ripping the gossamer material to the side. Iwaizumi toys with your clit for a while, sighing at how easily the tender bud slips against his calloused pads. It’s satisfying to the both of you, giving birth to the arousal brewing at the pit of your belly.
“Such a mess you’re making on my fingers. So fucking cute,” he grins, teasing the slit of your cunt with pulsing fingers. Just when you prepare yourself mentally for the delicious stretch, an abrupt jab of pain distracts you.
All that you could do was allow a whimper to fly from out your lips, the slap immediately cause a stinging reaction. Your eyes flutter open, peering down at Iwaizumi’s hand reeling back to land another slap, the palm of his hand glimmering in your slick. Iwaizumi kept his lips at your ear, his warm breath nipping at the shell.
“Don’t you ever embarrass me in public like that again, or else I’ll fuck the reminder into that thick skull of yours.”
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy!Kuroo loves when you call his name. He swears it fills his stomach with innocent butterflies, hearing his bubbly muse coo out his name.
It’s a cute purr, flows right off your tongue, and ends in a smile that could make Kuroo empty out his bank account right in that moment. He likes to play dumb sometimes, claiming his hearing fades in and out from time to time. Kuroo always stands tall and giddy with perked ears, waiting for you to repeat yourself.
Kuroo especially loves when you call out to him for his services, ranging in a multitude of forms. His favorite one, of course, is when your orgasm hinges at the tips of your freshly manicured toes, the nerves prickling at the surface of your supple skin.
With his cock buried so deep inside your—his—cunt, it drags along your walls with such intensity. But Kuroo doesn’t dare to increase the pace, his hips lagging at a languid drive. Not as it even matters, even without using a pummelling force Kuroo still managed to have your body on edge.
“Aww, what’s wrong, Angelface? Use your words, what do you want from me?” He’ll taunt, using those thick fingers of his to squeeze your cheek together, forcing out a wet pucker from you drooling lips. It’s all just overwhelming, the heat of the room, his hunkering frame shadowing above your own. Your thoughts weren’t your own, only scraps compiled to filled your mush turned brain.
Your hands claw at his forearm, yet proving his resolve to be stronger than your own. It wasn’t your fault, it was Kuroo’s stubborn ego, acting as the driving effort to see that his needs are met. Kuroo lays a trail of pecks up to your neck, lingering along your jawline and ending at your cheek, each one dressed with apathy. His words are just teasing, the only solace being his hitching pants warming the shell of your ear as he spoke smugly.
“Say it with me now, Te-tsu-rou. C’mon Baby, say it for Daddy. Tell me just how bad you wanna cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy! Oikawa loves when you send him pictures. It’s a boost of confidence, sending the man photos whenever you decide to frilly yourself up for the day. Even if it’s just running to the store, Oikawa wants it all. He loves to have a collection of his precious baby looking her best, making up for all the times he couldn’t join you.
Whether he’s away for work or tucked away in a stuffy hotel room, he’s swiping through his file of photos reserved just for you and that gorgeous smile. Yet when it’s the ungodly hours of the night, he’s upping his game from pictures to full blown videos, even video-calls to please his fancy.
Each one of these calls consist of you, dollied up and dressed in his favorite set of lingerie. It barely leaves anything to his imagination, aiding the growing impatience that comes with age. All he ever has is one request from you, quite simple as well.
All Oikawa wants is your pleasure, even from hundreds of miles away.
So you follow his request to the “T”, propping the front camera of your phone against the headboard of your bed, leaving nothing but you and his pillow on the bed. Your inner thighs scrape along the plush fabric towards your body, your hips rutting into the cotton.
You knew that keeping a constant pace was key to your impending high, the soft moans flowing from your mouth like a crystal clear stream of the purest water. One hand kept at your breasts, rolling the hardening buds to their peaks. Oikawa had his sights pinned on you, watching your desperate search for a climax unfold before him.
“Feels good, right Princess?” He’ll ask with a heavy chest, Oikawa wincing at how rough the palm of his hand was. It was nothing like your touch, the plush skin of your digits that would struggle to hold his length. He was struck by an off sense of nostalgia, memories of his salacious youth being re-lived with each uncaring stroke of his fist.
Just to even come close to your touch, Oikawa removed bits of his barreling strength, the pad of his thumb swiping at the blushing head of his dribbling cock. He bit his lip greedily, his ears piqued for your reply.
You hum in response, clutching at the mass in between your fist. It did feel nice, working yourself into an orgasm through the rolls of your hips. The satin pillowcase dragged along your clit, taunting the sensitive bud with its smooth material. You buried your cunt deeper into the pillow, searching for some form of friction to throw you down the spiral of hysteria.
“I-I’m so close, wanna cum with you, ‘Ru,” you mewled out, increasing your mere nudges to erratic grindings of desire. Oikawa could only growl in return, the frustration of his inadequate touch pitting him against time.
He tossed his head back, the apple of his throat rising and falling at staggering paces. At the final moments of his stability, Oikawa groaned out his final request of the night, something you couldn’t attempt to defy.
“Cum for me, Pretty. You better make a fucking mess for me to come back to, got it?”
Tumblr media
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haikyuuwaifu · 2 days ago
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Swearing
Fly me to the Moon
Y/N wouldn’t say it out loud, but she had been nervous to agree to this date with Tendou. If anyone asked her why, she wouldn’t be able to tell them...she just didn’t want to get her hopes up. A knock on the door brought her attention to the man of the hour, as he pushed it open slightly. “You’ve been staying here with me for over a week.” She teased, taking small steps toward him. He had said to dress casually, so she opted for a pair of jeans and a nice top. If she got cold, she’d bully him for his jacket, knowing full well he’d give it to her anyway. She couldn’t help the way her heart sped up, taking in his easy smile, as he crouched down to pet their puppy. He’d chosen black jeans, and a grey shirt, a large oversized leather jacket pulling it together. 
His ears jingled, as the piercings he was wearing dangled against one another as he lifted his head up to look at her. “You look pretty breathtaking squish.” He lamented, standing up, and taking a steady step toward her. Softly, he tilted her head up just enough to rest his lips on her forehead, humming contentedly  as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I made reservations, but I want to take you somewhere first.” He mumbled, looking down at her softly. Y/N could only nod, taken away by the way the light reflected off his irises. “You’re so handsome Satori.” She mumbled, leaning up to kiss his cheek softly. It was Tendou’s turn to be caught off guard, as Y/N left him to grab her shoes. “You’ve always been handsome, but seeing you like this, carefree and everything…” She trailed off, sliding her shoes on her feet. “I want to see it all the time.” She whispered, a little shy at her bold declaration. Tendou only smiled, holding his hand out to take. “For you sweetheart, always.”
While Tendou had always been full of surprises, this one had to be his best one yet. He surmised, as he watched Y/N making her way through the planetarium. “How did you even get tickets to this place?!” she cooed, peering down at one of the displays. “The exhibit isn’t open for another few weeks.” The red-haired man shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets, as he followed her along. “Friend of mine owed me a favor.” He hummed, making sure to take pictures for Suna and their friends. She’d been all over the place since they got there, ooing and awing at everything on display. While he’d had no care for this kind of thing, he knew it would be something Y/N would absolutely adore. Following the sound of her voice, he found her laid up on the ground staring at the ceiling of constellations. 
“When we were dating, I used to stare up at the stars whenever I missed you.” She whispered, hand reaching for him, when he laid on the ground next to her. Tendou chuckled softly, tangling his fingers with her own. “Whenever I missed you, I’d lay on that grassy hill behind the gym and stare up at the stars.” He hummed, stroking her hand. “When we broke up, I spent all my free time there.” He whispered, staring up at the array of stars. “While we may have just been a couple of dumbass kids,” he mumbled, turning over to face you, “I still loved you.” Y/N smiled, reaching over to stroke his cheek. “I love you to ya know?” She whispered softly, tracing his facial features with her fingers. “I loved you enough to go against everything my parents wanted.” Tendou nodded, grabbing hold of her hand, and bringing her fingers to his lips. “I know you did, baby. Trust me. I never doubted that you loved me enough to go against them...I just...Highschool me didn’t have enough to offer someone like you.” He mumbled, looking away for a moment. “Not like Waka could.” Y/N scoffed, reaching back to pinch his cheek harshly. “And that wasn’t your decision to make Satori, but I understand.” Peering up at her through his lashes, he sighed softly. Pulling her into his chest, he held her close as he ran his hands up and down her back. “I know I said it already, but I’m sorry I didn’t fight. I wanted to give you everything you deserved, even if that meant not being with you anymore.” Y/N snuggled into his chest, allowing him to say what he had been holding in for so long. “There hasn’t been a single day, that I haven’t regretted letting you go, but I’m not going to just give up this time.” He mumbled into her hair, closing his eyes as he basked in the feeling of the two of them together. “I care about you so much honey.” he whispered, placing a soft kiss on the top of her head. Y/N snuggled closer, placing a soft kiss on his chest. “I care about you too.” She whispered, peering up at him with a smile. 
Above them, the constellations moved, as a song came over the speakers. “I know it’s years too late to ask, but would you let me have this dance?” he asked, smiling sheepishly, as he moved them to a standing position. Y/N only nodded, as he brought her into his chest and the two of them began to sway. “Fly me to the moon,” He began, swaying the two of them softly. “And let me play among the stars,” “Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars,” Y/N hummed, “In other words, hold my hand” he crooned, tilting her chin up to look him in the eye. “In other words, darling kiss me..” he whispered, eyes flickering down to her lips. Y/N closed the distance, slotting her lips over his own, the music playing, as they lost themselves in one another. 
-They never made it to that dinner, opting for some take out and movies instead. When they got home, Tendou informed Suna of the development, and Suna acted surprised when Y/N gushed to him all about it. 
-Fly me to the Moon was a song Tendou would sing for Y/N whenever she got anxious. It had been their song. Tendou called in a favor Tsukki owed him to get access to the exhibit well before the opening. Y/N likes stars and shit. 
a/n:  there are no taglists
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volleychumps · 9 months ago
Defending S/O From Jealous Girls (Kuroo, Kageyama, and Tsukishima )
warning(s):bullying!!!(tw) , boys who bite at anything that touches you<3
“Oops! My bad, Y/N- you should really watch where you’re going.” 
You rub your shoulder with a frown as the long-haired girl in front of you feigns innocence, eyes glinting with a venemous edge before you huff, leaning down to pick up your phone. A hand beats you to it, snatching the device in a way that had you flinching before a hand settles warmly atop your head. 
“Kitten, you good?” 
Of course. 
You sigh, seeing that the girl who had an obvious crush on your boyfriend had stepped to the side, lock of hair already twirled around her finger while her lips curled up in a flirtatious smile. Kuroo kept his feral eyes on you with a questioning look in his eyes as you offer a strained grin, taking the phone from him before glancing at the perpetrator. 
“Rika, did you need something?” 
“Kuroo-senpai, can I ask for your help on this upcoming assignment?” 
She blatantly ignores you, but Kuroo kept his gaze focused on your now shattered expression, seeing you hadn’t answered his original question. Distractedly, he merely shrugs at Rika before slipping his hand warmly into yours, tugging you along gently down the hall. 
The pissed-off expression of Rika’s still went unnoticed as you smile gratefully, following him along as Kuroo slips your conjoined hands into his jacket pocket. Feral eyes glance at your tired expression as Kuroo stops in the middle of the now empty hall, causing you to blink out of your thoughts. 
“Tetsurou, we need to get to class-” 
“Whatever you’re thinking about, quit it.” 
You tilt your head as if you don’t know what he’s talking about, plastic smile already tugging at the edge of your lips. 
Kuroo’s motions are careful as his large hands rest on either side of your neck, thumbs gently tracing the contour of your cheeks as his sharp eyes seem to pin you in place. His chest sinks when the smile on your face slowly fades, your eyes brimming with unshed heat before he sighs. 
“How long?” 
“I’m not dumb, sweetheart. So you either give me names and how long they’ve been giving you shit- or I interrogate any female I’ve ever seen you with. Your choice.” 
“...Rika’s really pretty, no?” Your voice cracks, smiling sadly as insecurity brims your tone, Kuroo’s grip on you seeming to weaken at your words. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m just not-” 
“I will take you right here, in the middle of this hall.” 
“Tetsurou-!” You scold, a smirk crossing Kuroo’s lazy features before he tugs you into his chest, tucking your head into the crook of his neck seemingly deep in thought as the raven-haired boy strokes your hair. He mumbles, other hand wrapped around your body protectively as his lips move against the top of your head. 
“If it makes you realize how beautiful you actually are, kitten, I don’t object-” 
“I can’t stand you sometimes.” 
Kuroo grins at the feel of your laughter against his neck, lifting your chin upwards to encase your lips with his heatedly as your figners clench at the back of his shirt material-
sharp eyes flitting in the direction of a teary-eyed Rika.
 She runs off from her hiding place when he makes threatening eye contact with her in the midst of kissing you harder, hand on the back of your hair entwining with the strands for effect. One was off the list now, for sure. 
“Names, sweetheart.” He pulls back gently, kissing your slightly swollen eyelid as his thumb strokes your cheek lovingly. 
“I want them by the end of the day.” 
“Oi. Snap out of it.” 
Your dazed expression becomes alert at the feel of Kageyama touching a cold can against your cheek, the blue-eyed boy arching his brow in worry. 
“Sorry, um...” You seem frazzled, looking over your shoulder now and then as Kageyama casts you a second worried glance as he occupies the space next to you on the school bench. He pokes the straw into his milk, casually tossing an arm around you afterward-
certainly not expecting to hear a yelp. 
He flinches, retracting his arm back in a jerking motion. “What?! What’s wrong?” 
“My shoulder...” You clench your teeth. “It’s really sore.” 
“Did you bump it against something?” Kageyama sweat dropped, reaching a hand up to rest on the back of his neck worriedly. The awkward tension in his movements made you laugh, but it came out a little forced. 
“Nope. I’m going to get some relieving patches from the nurse’s office, don’t wait up!” You seemed skittish, the pained look in your eye not going unnoticed by your analytical boyfriend. His calls for you died on the blue-eyed boy’s lips, sighing when you’re so rushed you leave your phone behind. 
He picks it up, about to slip it into his bag to give it to you later, until your phone lights up with a text message-
multiple text messages. 
Kageyama’s blue eyes scan them before he can think. He hadn’t meant to read your messages, but he’s suddenly glad he stumbled upon them. The word bitch was prominently used, attacking you for dating the popular setter. Kageyama could feel heat rush to his head, jaw clenching at what he was reading. 
If yesterday’s lesson didn’t teach you enough, it won’t just be your shoulder next time. 
He lifted himself out of his seat, milk box crushed within his fist. Blue orbs barely scanned the name of the sender, thanking his good memory for remembering such a useless girl. She was in your class, and he briefly remember you awkwardly bringing her up. 
“Tobio, I told you not to wait-” 
“Come on.” 
Your eyes widen when Kageyama tugs on your good arm, the aura around him borderline dangerous. Worriedly, your questions of where he was bringing you failed to drown out the ringing in your boyfriend’s ears. 
“You don’t like holding hands in front of people-” You start, cheeks heating up when you reach the front of your classroom. 
“Y/N. You know you can trust me, right?” He’s still not looking at you, staring stoically at the shut classroom door. 
Subconsciously, you touch your shoulder as guilt brims your orbs. “I didn’t want to make it difficult for you-”
“Well, that’s fine.” You tilt your head as Kageyama slams the door open, glancing back at you with anger swimming in his blue orbs. 
“Because this shouldn’t be difficult.” 
You held back a sigh. Kageyama was the type to deal with these types of things head on, for the raven-haired boy never really cared much about what people thought of him. You embarrassedly trudge behind him as he walks in with ease, stopping in front of a certain someone’s desk that had your breath catching in your throat. Everything begins to make sense when Kageyama slips your phone out of his pocket. 
“You have a crush on me or something?” He bluntly asks, disinterest flitting around his blue eyes as you watch your bully’s jaw slacken, cheeks filling with embarrassment. “Is that why you’ve been harassing my girlfriend?” 
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kageyama-Kun!” 
You shouldn’t have felt as justified as you did as Kageyama lets your phone fall on her desk, the messages staring back up at her as Aika’s eyes brim with unshed tears. 
“Expect an assault charge reported to the school tomorrow. Good job digging your own grave.” Kageyama’s cold voice sent a collective shiver down everyone’s spine before he promptly tugs you out of the classroom. You barely caught a glance at Aika’s trembling form before Kageyama’s leaning you against the now empty hallway. 
Lunchtime was over now, that was for sure. 
“Tobio, you didn’t-” 
“Let me adjust your patch. You didn’t put it on right.” He ignores you, still sorting out his emotions before he’s gently tugging your shirt off your shoulder slightly, peeling the patch off of your skin to reposition it.
“Are you mad?” Your voice was quiet as he solely focused on the task at hand. 
“Yeah.” You flinch, feeling guilty at his blunt tone- 
until his forehead touches your shoulder, his breath fanning against your skin. 
“You know I’ll protect you no matter what, right?” 
Kageyama’s chest finally settled, feeling tears of relief beginning to soak his shoulder as you smiled into his embrace, wrapping your arms around him.
“Yeah.” You breathily laugh, Kageyama’s grip tightening slightly- 
And he dug his face deeper into your shoulder, hiding a small lilt of his lips he didn’t want you to see. 
“You’re late.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t miss it.” 
You beam in the face of your unamused boyfriend, the blonde sighing heavily as the squeak of sneakers fade out into the background. What mattered was that you came. 
“Any particular reason?” Tsukishima absent-mindedly twirled a strand of your hair around his finger, tilting his head in a bored fashion as you seem to stiffen in place.
“Um, no?” 
“Who knew my girlfriend was such a terrible liar.” Tsukishima pried further, arching a brow as you chew your bottom lip, looking everywhere but him. “Seriously, what’s going through that pretty little head?” 
“You think I’m pretty?” You seem to perk up at that, and Tsukishima flicks your temple as he begins to walk off to warm up. 
“Shut up.” He glances back at you, gaze softer than his usual hard stare. 
“I didn’t say anything.” 
“Really? I didn’t notice.” 
Tsukishima’s irritation begins to show on his face before you giggle, feeling more relaxed than before as you motion that you’re going to find your seat.  You mouth a good luck to him, pretending not to notice the redness on the tips of the blonde’s ears as he spins on his heel hastily. So cute. 
Your smile fades when a smile that was just a bit too wide waves you to come sit with them. You wondered if you had a choice as your footsteps slow in their movement. 
“Y/N’s here~” 
“Looks like you can see after all. I underestimated you.” 
“Wha- You’re the one with the glasses!” 
Tsukishima smirks at how easy it was to rile Hinata up, hazel eyes flitting over to the stands. He would never admit it, but knowing you were in the bleachers somewhere-
Scratch that. He knew exactly where you were on the bleachers. 
Ice-cold, dripping with water. A water bottle being held upside down in a girl’s grasp, a girl who was vaguely familiar. 
“Tsukishima, we’re about to play-!” 
“Then put someone else in.” The tall blonde’s voice was hardened as he brushed past his team captain, fire on his heels at what he had witnessed. 
The heat in your eyes contrasted greatly with the ice cold water dripping down your back. Yuki giggled brightly with her friend stifling a laugh into her palm, a feigned pout on her lips as everyone in the stands stared at your trembling form. 
“Y/N-chan! You’re so clumsy!” Yuki squealed, bending down to pretend to wipe up some of the water on your lap with her scarf. Her voice drops to a mutter. “And forgetful. Didn’t I tell you not to come to Tsukishima-Kun’s game today?” 
Your eyes widen a fraction, trembling lips beginning to part before a warmth suddenly cascades your cold body. 
“And pray tell, why should she listen to your advice?” 
Tsukishima’s voice sounded kind, but his eyes were anything but, protectively tugging you out of your soaking seat. You feel the rise of his chest, eyes widening when you realize he ran to get here. 
Yuki’s lips trembled before a sweet smile overtakes her features. You could’ve laughed as she begins to sniffle. 
“Kei-Kun! Y/N-chan had a little bit of a spill, and I was just-” 
“Helping her?” He finishes for her, smile growing a little sadistic. He focuses his attention on you, clenching his teeth at the smile you offer him. A trembling one that said I’m okay. 
“Funny. Because I saw the whole thing.”
“I-It’s a misunderstanding-” 
“Oi.” Tsukishima’s fake smile drops, jaw clenched. You tug on his arm, not wanting to cause a scene, but he merely slips it out of your grasp, pushing you behind him. His glasses seem to shine a little as his lips quirk up yet again. 
“Ugly girls shouldn’t lie, it leaves them with nothing worth doting for, you know? Hm?” He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose, smiling a closed eye smile. “And who gave you permission to call me by my first name? It’s Tsukishima. With an honorific.” 
You wince at the harsh insult that slaps Yuki across the face, flabbergasted expression still evident on your face as he takes you by the shoulders, spinning you around with a now pissed-off expression. 
“Yuri.” He looks back, getting her name wrong on purpose. “Don’t let me catch you helping my girlfriend again, got it?” 
She hiccups over her tears as the guy she likes walks off with you, who was still trying to grasp at what had just happened as he leads you to the hallway. 
“Y-You’re match is on right now-” 
“You’re a regular! You need to be-” 
“Shut up. I know exactly where I need to be right now.” Tsukishima snips, drying off the rest of the water as he kneels in front of you, a cup of hot tea from the vending machine warming your hands. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
“I’m sorry.” It comes out rushed and distracted, but Tsukishima’s momentary pause of his movements made you think it was anything but. “They bothered you because of me, right?” 
You nod slightly, biting the inside of your cheek before he flicks your temple, suddenly irritated. 
“What a pain.” 
You gasp softly, hands tightening around your paper cup as he brushes his lips across your forehead, hand resting on your neck. 
“Tell me when things happen.” 
“Don’t bottle it up inside. It’s annoying.” 
“And stop smiling like an idiot.” 
“But you kissed me. You kissed me first.” 
“I’ll leave you here.” 
“No you won’t.” 
Tsukishima groaned, tilting his head back to sigh heavily as his heart pounds in his ears. Quickly, he presses a chaste kiss to your lips that has your eyes as wide as saucers, tugging you out of your seated position while refusing to look back at you. 
“You’re right,” You stare at his flushed neck, following closely behind him back to the tournament. 
His hand tightens in yours ever so slightly-
“I’m never leaving you alone like that again. Understand? Or do I have to spell it out for you?” 
General works: @takemetovalhalla  @faesbae  @savemesteeb @dreebbles @yams046   @let-me-have-my-own-name  @deadontheinsidebut @lifeisntjustblackandwhite   @curiouslilbeast  @aprettyfruit   @wisepandaslimeland   @h0ngh0ngh0ng   @lmkjimin   @orangegiraffe7   @dai-tsukki-desu   @kac-chowsballs   @spikertrash   @yamaguwuchi   @lord-suneater-explosion   @holaaaf  @babyybokutoakaashi   @lexysclubhouse   @disneyloving-muggle   @kuuuuroo   @theonep1ece  @that-chick212  @mjoork
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kairakeiji · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
you've done nothing but avoid kuroo for days.
you've been dodging him in the halls, ignoring his texts and calls and you're even avoiding conversations with the rest of the volleyball team in hopes of making him think that you've disappeared off the face of the earth. if it were up to you right now, you wouldn't exist to him.
the last thing you told him was that you liked him, the last time you saw him was while he walked you home, professing your feelings before dashing behind the safety of your front door. you got no response, you weren't even expecting one, you just left him standing outside your house still processing the small but powerful phrase. besides, you already knew what kuroo was going to say. you were certain that you already knew his reaction and you knew it was going to be something you didn't want to hear.
so the next step in your plan was moving on, thus why you were currently avoiding the boy like the plague.
you shared one class with kuroo and luckily for you, it was at the end of the day so all you had to do was make a mad dash for the door before the boy could catch up with you. unluckily for you, was that you were on the other side of the classroom and kuroo was right in the middle of you and the door. you weren't even paying attention for most of the class you were just trying to create a plan to make it out before the boy caught you.
the final bell served as your cue.
your things were already packed.
and you were dashing towards the door before kuroo could even process that you were leaving.
you knew the school like the back of your hand, flying down the first set of stairs at the end of the hall, racing to make it to the courtyard connecting the school buildings. "hey-" you hear yaku call. but you ignore him.
you can see the front gates, they're just within reach. you turn behind you and a smile curls on your lips when you see that no one's chasing after you. you're about to make it and your pace quickens.
until you end up slamming to a stop.
before you know it you're on the ground with someone lying right under you.
"what's the hurry?"
it's kuroo.
you're quick to try and stand up but kuroo grabs your wrist before you can slip away from him again. "i...i have something after school," you lie.
"and what may that be?" he asks brow raised.
"i um have to pick up groceries for my parents," you replied quickly as you both sat up. but as you tried to stand, his grip on your wrist tightened. you laugh, panic settling in, "you know, i would really appreciate it if you let me go."
"you know," kuroo interrupts. "you didn't give me the chance to respond the other day."
"i didn't, as a matter of fact," you nod.
"why you don't wanna hear it?" he asks.
and you raise a brow, "why would i wanna hear it if i know it's gonna be bad?"
"well you don't wanna leave it hanging forever," he replies.
the two of you are still sitting on the ground as students walk past the front gates and you wish you can join them, but his grip on your wrist is still as prominent as ever.
"well maybe it'll be better if we did," you reply before trying to stand up again. "now if you'll excuse me."
but he pulls you back down to him, now moving to intertwine his hand with yours.
his actions make you freeze. "i don't want to leave it hanging though."
"and i don't want to hear it," you quickly stutter.
kuroo's eyes linger on your hands for a moment, thumb stroking over the back of your hand, "well what if i said i-"
"stop," you yelped out, reaching up to cover your ears as you shut your eyes.
kuroo can only stare at you confused, "you don't wanna hear it?"
"i don't because i know it's gonna be bad."
"i don't think my answer's bad though?"
you slowly open your eyes at his response, only to see a smile on his lips and a blush on his cheeks.
when did he get so close?
your hands are still intertwined despite the fact that you're trying to cover your ears. "so then you think your answer's good?"
kuroo nods as he peels your hands away from your ears, "i think it's very good."
and you can't help the smile on your lips when you respond, "then say it."
but he doesn't, he shows it instead.
his lips are on yours before you even notice, eyes widening in shock before they fluttered closed. his hands cup your cheek and sure it's a quick kiss, but you already want more. "i hope that gives you my answer," kuroo smiles as a soft laugh escapes his lips.
your cheeks are warm and your heart is beating out of your chest when you pull him back in by his jacket, his lips crashing into yours and you swear you can feel him smile. when you pull away his hand brushes strands of hair away from your face, his eyes look like they're shining. but laughter bubbles up when you meet his gaze, wide smiles on both of your lips as you breathlessly respond.
"and i hope that gives you mine."
Tumblr media
ayo hbd kuroo ily <33
thanks for reading!! relogs are incredibly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
summary: having an internship in the promotions division of japan’s volleyball association is hectic, but your cat-eyed and mischievous boss makes it worth it.
genre: smut, timeskip au
warnings: 18+. dubcon, abuse of authority, age gap, sleazy kuroo (he says ‘pop your cherry’ PLS), coercion, corruption, virginity loss, pet names (kitten), mentions of drug/alcohol consumption, unprotected sex, slight pussy job, praise, biting, nipple play, fingering, creampie, cumplay
word count: 3.6k
author’s note: for yuli babe’s @anime-nymph firsts collab! thanks for letting me join! i missed writing for my first boyfriend hehe <3 (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI) @hqintheclub
no beta we fall like heroes LMAO
Tumblr media
[9:25 AM]
they were right when they said you’ll experience a lot of ‘firsts’ in college (if you hadn’t experienced it in high school). the first hit of the joint, first shot of vodka, first heartbreak, first time having sex.
and yet here you are in your last year of college, cherry still intact and pristine. you’ve done all the other stuff a college student would have done, except for the sexual exploits.
but who could blame you? the sexual experiences—which are closer to horror stories—that your friends tell you is enough for you to lock your pussy in a chastity belt forever.
college boys are not it, you decided. luckily, you weren't victimized by their cheap colognes and even cheaper pick-up lines, you had your hands and trusty vibrator after all.
being swamped with final projects and applications for internships was also a good distraction. you weren’t expecting much eye candy anyway, and you doubt that there would be a man who would ignite the ‘flames of desire’, as your friends so eloquently put it, in you.
as it turns out, you were so wrong.
“see me in my office in five minutes. i’d like to discuss something with you.”
the clicking of your fingers on the keyboard stops as your eyes slowly look up from the monitor towards the smirking man standing before you.
kuroo tetsurou was nothing you imagined your boss to be like. when you applied as an intern, you expected a man with a beer gut accompanied by an airy attitude of a has-been or a sulking man who didn’t get drafted, effectively ruining his dreams of being a professional athlete.
but no, the heavens just had to grace you with an attractive, well-groomed, and hulking 6’5 of a man who just happened to be your boss; a man who also has the power to decide if you’re eligible for graduating.
seeing him was the first time you felt the desire stirring in your gut, squirming uncomfortably in your pencil skirt whenever the smoky scent of his aftershave would waft around the office.
kuroo clears his throat, one eyebrow raising as his lips stretch into a thin line at your lack of response. he fiddles with the lapels of his suit jacket, silently watching you underneath his lashes as you scramble for a reply.
“y-yes, kuroo-san! i’ll s-see you in a while!” you reply, voice shaking as your body heats up from his honey gaze. kuroo’s smirk grows wider, winking at you before he stalks off to his office, nodding at the other interns and employees watching the exchange.
as soon as the double doors to his office close, the clicking of keys resumes, along with shameless whispers of what the boss would want to discuss with you.
what did he want to discuss with you?
five minutes pass and you begin the dreaded walk to his office, not minding the whispers and barely hidden envy of your colleagues.
your mind racks up all the possible topics of discussion: you filed the reports assigned to you, personally delivered the memos to—
“come in.”
huh, guess you knocked on the smooth wood of the door amidst your ramblings. you take a deep breath and turn the knob, hearing his cheery voice as you enter his spacious and sleek office.
years and years of service to the association has clearly benefited him, looking like a ceo with all the monochrome colors accentuated by streaks of red furniture and decorations.
he rises from his luxurious chair, suit jacket draped over the back of it as he gestures for you to take a seat on the plush, blood red couch. you definitely don’t miss the way his tanned and muscular forearms contrast nicely against the white fabric of his dress shirt.
your heart’s thudding harshly in your chest as your nervousness begins to plague you, will he reprimand you? you’ve done all your tasks diligently and efficiently, surely he’s not the cliché nice on the outside, terrible on the inside kind of boss, is he?
“relax, i’m not here to scold you or anything,” he chuckles, joining you on the couch. he’s a little too close for comfort but you don’t mind, his warmth is a comforting presence in the fast-paced environment you find yourself in.
“you’re here because i’d like to reward you.”
you’re thankful that you were only reaching for the glass of water he was offering you, because you would’ve done a spit take if you had taken a sip. kuroo laughs at your reaction, gold eyes twinkling in amusement.
“my bad, didn’t realize that it would sound inappropriate,” he says, but he doesn’t look sorry at all. in fact, his eyes suddenly have a hidden gleam to them. “but i’m serious, you’re doing a good job. my best intern, to be frank.”
his praise at your stellar performance goes straight to your core, making your thighs subtly rub together to alleviate the growing discomfort between your legs. but nothing passes kuroo’s sharp gaze—he has you, a sweet inexperienced intern,  wrapped around his finger, softly purring like a feline basking in the warm sun.
his voice becomes huskier as his large hand rests on your exposed thigh, the warmth from his palm making your stomach flutter with desire.
this is wrong, you think but make no move to stop him from leaning closer, his scent invading your senses as his hot breath ghosts over the sensitive skin of your neck. your eyes threaten to close, almost giving in to the slow and gentle rubbing of his hand until you feel his teeth nibble on the column of your throat.
“kuroo-san, i—” you protest, attempting to remove his hand from your thigh but his grip only tightens, stopping you mid-sentence as his other hand cups your cheek and softly caresses it with his thumb.
“shh, call me tetsu when we’re alone, kitten.”
his soft whisper against your neck, along with the new pet name, makes your eyes grow wide as alarm bells ring in your head with the situation taking an unexpected turn.
you can’t help but shiver though, the low timbre of his voice sending tingles all throughout your body as he continues to mark and kiss your neck. no, you have to get yourself under control, you have to strengthen your resolve.
he’s your boss for christ’s sake, someone old enough to be your uncle—a hot uncle. but still, he should know better.
“t-this is unprofessional, kuroo-san. i will—” you squeak, but you’re quickly silenced by kuroo rubbing your lower lip sensually with his thumb. “you’ll what? tattle on me? don’t think you actually want to, kitten.”
“you clearly like this,” he whispers sultrily, emphasizing his point when his hands and lips lazily drag across your supple skin. “you like it when i rub your thighs, nip at your pretty neck…”
“you’re melting in my arms, my sweet girl.”
his skilled seduction breaks your resolve, warm lips and soft fingertips earning a desperate moan out of your throat. you feel lightheaded, the air in the room becoming stuffy as you breathe heavily.
kuroo smirks at your burning cheeks and heaving chest, satisfied with how desperate and wanton you look. he doesn’t waste a second in claiming your lips, smirking at your surprised squeal.
your eyes close on their own accord as kuroo expertly maneuvers your body, pushing you until you’re lying on the lush cushions of the sofa. muffled moans and pants leave you as you tug on his messy black hair, kissing him like a starved woman—which you most definitely are.
he becomes even more shameless as he grinds on you, hard cock digging into your covered pussy as you kiss each other sloppily, spit and saliva mixing. kuroo matches your pleased sounds with his own, low groans leaving him as his touch ignites tingles on every part of your body.
he tastes sweet, like bubblegum candy, but you don’t have more time to appreciate it because his hands are slipping under your skirt, bunching them up to your waist as he reveals your damp panties to his hungry gaze.
planting one last kiss on your mouth, kuroo pulls away as his hands slowly drop from your waist down to your thighs, spreading them wide as if he’s presenting you like a gift before him. eyes glazing over, he boldly stares at the wet patch on the thin fabric that perfectly outlines your folds.
kuroo licks his lips slowly, making you shiver at how predatory he looks. like a frightened kitten, you whimper and squirm. your movements make kuroo groan when he notices fresh slick gushing out of your cunt.
“won’t you let me touch your pretty pussy?”
you immediately gasp at the crude words coming out of his mouth, eyes fluttering at the vision of his fingers driving deep in your cunt. kuroo chuckles at your reaction, making you sport a doe-eyed expression, pupils blown wide with unbridled desire at the picture it paints in your head.
nodding vigorously, you bite your lower lip as his fingers reach out to rub your slit through your panties. to hell with this being unethical, you think but your train of thought gets interrupted when you moan at his warm touch, throwing your head back on the sofa.
the realization that he'll be the first man who’s going to touch you so intimately dawns on you like a bucket of ice-cold water, but it's not like you’re complaining—he clearly knows what he’s doing.
so you let him take the lead, leaving him to draw lazy circles on your clothed clit. deciding that he’s teased you enough, kuroo swiftly pulls your panties to the side and starts touching your bare skin. you cry out at the new sensation, his thumb steadily drawing circles on your clit as you whine and squirm under his touch.
kuroo is entranced—he’s never encountered a woman who’s as responsive as you. you’re a hot mess, nipples clearly poking through your blouse, lips swollen from the kissing, and wide eyes just begging to be touched, to be filled.
the idea of you being inexperienced has definitely crossed his mind and judging by your reaction, he’s near to confirming his suspicions. his dirty thoughts of you make his cock throb; you’re a sweet intern, not knowing that she’s entered the lion’s den.
kuroo shakes his head, knowing that he stalled long enough. without warning, he inserts two fingers into your quivering cunt, making you moan loudly and shout his name.
“tetsu—!” you whine as both of your hands scramble to hold his forearms. he gives an experimental roll of his wrist, eliciting more cries from you. kuroo’s cock twitches in his pants. “oh? so you like that? you’re so damn tight, kitten. mind showing me how you play with this cute little cunt?”
his fingers are thicker and longer than yours, reaching far deeper than you could ever go. he’s definitely more skilled too, unlike your shy and fumbling fingers.
but who are you to resist the boss’s orders?
you give an ample squeeze to his forearms, your hips rolling on their own volition. clearly, your body is more adept at searching for pleasure than your mind. so you sigh and close your eyes, succumbing to him.
“c-curl your f-fingers, please,” you request after a few moments. “like this?” kuroo asks, eyes flashing when you jerk and moan loudly. you instinctively squeeze around his digits, feeling them curl inside your wet walls.
your grip tightens on his forearms as you follow the motions of his fingers, hips rolling and jerking as your toes curl in your heels.
“yeah, just like that. fuck my fingers, kitten. shit, you’re so beautiful.”
you keen at his praise, moaning loudly when kuroo reaches for your blouse, tearing the fabric and making the buttons fly everywhere to reveal your bra-clad breasts.
“you expect me to resist a sweet young thing like you? tsk, i’m only a man,” he whispers, leaning down to your ear as he fucks you with his fingers. his other hand pulls down the cups of your bra, revealing your hardened nipples to his predatory gaze.
loud squelching noises accompany your pleasured moans and squirming. kuroo’s warm and large calloused hand feels so hot on your tits, his skilled fingers twisting and rubbing your sensitive nipples.
you can feel the juices sliding down your ass, ruining his once pristine couch. your legs begin to tremble as you feel the tell-tale sign of your incoming orgasm.
your toes curl in your heels, mindlessly chanting kuroo’s name as your eyes well up with tears, body overwhelmed by the pleasure you’re receiving.
if this is how you’re reacting to his fingers, then you can't even begin to imagine what it would be like if his cock is the one plunging in and out of you.
“t-tetsu, f-fuck, i’m gonna cum—!” you wail, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you cum with a loud cry of his name. your feet are practically cramping in your heels, legs trembling as the powerful orgasm courses through your body.
kuroo groans at your fluttering cunt, wet walls sucking his fingers in as you desperately try to come down from your high.
“strutting around in your tight little skirt just makes me want to have a taste.”
he hisses, pulling his dripping fingers out as he puts them in his mouth, eyes closing as he groans at your taste spreading on his tongue. he makes quick work of his pants, tugging his underwear down until his cock springs free. it bobs against his abs and your eyes widen at his length and girth.
you’re not backing out, no, you’re far too excited and ready to have him, but he’s just so...big.
“i-i’m a virgin, tetsu…” you say nervously, biting your lip as your fingers fiddle with your rumpled skirt. his dick twitches as his eyes practically glow with hunger. he’ll be the first man to ruin you? fuck your slick and warm pussy?
“fuck, kitten. my cock will be the only thing you’ll ever want after i’m done with you.”
kuroo says, his voice strained as his wet fingers stroke his cock until more beads of pre-cum falls from his slit. he was right, you’re as inexperienced as they come and he can’t wait to fuck you.
“you want me to pop your cherry, hm?” he coos, knuckles nuzzling against your cheek. your throat bobs as you try to ease the lump that’s stuck in it, the words he said are crude but you can’t help but shiver at what's about to happen.
you look up at him with a pleading expression on your face, cheeks burning with a thin sheen of sweat as kuroo’s body looms over you. the heat from his cock makes you squirm in anticipation, your small whimpers filling his office.
your breath catches in your throat when you feel the weight of his length rub between your folds. a loud whine escapes from you when the tip of his cock nudges against your clit, kuroo’s hold on his shaft tightening the more he rubs himself between your lower lips.
“just a little more, kitten—god damn,” he chokes out, teeth biting his lip as he suppresses the urge to hastily thrust inside your virgin cunt. you’re so wet and warm, making him sigh dreamily at the slick that’s coating his shaft.
just like when he fingered you, kuroo doesn’t give any warning when his cock hovers over your pussy as his large hand guides himself, breaching past the tight ring of muscle. your hands immediately scramble to grip something, anything, just so you can have an anchor for suddenly taking him.
your hand squeezes the cushions of the sofa while the other holds the back of your knee, spreading you open for him. your whimpers and moans reach kuroo’s ears, making his eyes flutter as half of his cock rests snugly inside of you.
the stretch stings, but it's quickly soothed when kuroo’s thumb presses on your clit. he draws lazy circles on the bud, making you gush out more juices to ease his entrance. your bare chest heaves at the added stimulation, causing your breasts to sway slightly.
you’re so tight that it’s actually making him dizzy and see stars. kuroo exhales heavily, willing himself not to prematurely blow his load into you like a teenage boy, especially when only half of his length is inside your cunt.
your lower lip is so swollen with how much you’re biting it; your eyes are hazy and foggy as the feeling of him stretching you is the sole thing in your mind.
only when the entire length of his cock bottoms inside of you does he allow himself to make a sound—and he sounds so sexy.
kuroo moans, biting his lip as he hangs his head down, honey gaze watching your glossy eyes, breasts rising and falling as you breathe heavily from having something so big inside of you.
this is nothing compared to your fingers and the vibrators you’re accustomed to. this one is hot and heavy and pulsing, riddled with veins that deliciously throb against your walls.
kuroo starts to move, eliciting pleasured cries from both of you. fuck, he needs to get his shit together before he embarrasses himself.
he slowly pulls out until only his tip remains inside, giving you a few seconds of reprieve before he quickly thrusts back in. his bright eyes go round at the way you and your tits jolt, your mouth forming into the perfect ‘o’ when you moan at his thrust.
kuroo instantly finds himself addicted. the heat finally gets to him and he frantically pries open his dress shirt until the buttons pop off with the strain, revealing his chiseled abs glistening with sweat.
his hands hold your waist, lifting your ass off the couch as he rests you on his lap before resuming his quick and deep thrusts. the new angle hits your sweet spot directly and you’re instantly reduced to a moaning and whimpering mess.
you cup your bouncing tits, your fingers pinching and tweaking your nipples as your moans turn broken from kuroo’s thrusts. muttered and incoherent words fall from your lips as his balls smack against your ass, the loud slaps of skin meeting skin echoing in the office.
the both of you are a sight to behold—your blouse unbuttoned, kuroo’s abs clenching as he thrusts inside of you, your tits bouncing with every powerful movement he makes.
it’s a scene taken directly out of a porno and you would definitely be embarrassed at how cliché it is, how easy you were if it weren’t for the expert movements of kuroo’s hips and witty tongue dishing out dirty remarks that have your cheeks flaming.
you can't think of anything else but the feeling of his cock driving into you again and again, along with his hands that are simultaneously gripping your hips and tweaking one of your nipples, you’re a goner.
“want me to go faster? harder?” he grunts, not waiting for your reply as the strength of his thrusts increase, his abs clenching from how tightly you’re squeezing him. “fuck i can do this all day.”
“w-where should i—shit, you’re so tight—fuck you next, huh?” he stutters, thoughts of you having sex on table, chair, against the wall, and any other solid surface has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
just like him, you can’t resist temptation. you’d let him fuck you anywhere he wants to.
“fuck, i’m close,” he growls, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he feels his balls tighten, preparing for his impending release. his grip on your waist tightens while his hand on your nipples travel down your body, until he’s playing with your pulsing clit once more.
“m-me too, tetsu, oh my god,” you wail, legs trembling as your back arches, allowing his cock to rub against your sweet spot perfectly. your hands find purchase on the back of your thighs, having the unobscured view of kuroo’s pelvis bumping into you.
“where do you want my cum, kitten?”
“i-inside m-me please!” you cry loudly, legs wrapping around his waist as you pull him further into you. you’re on birth control anyway and you don't want to be separated—not even for a bit because he feels so good.
kuroo’s loud groan of your name followed by the thick and hot ropes of cum spilling into you triggers your orgasm as well. high pitched whines of his name coming from your throat as your nails scratch his forearms, pussy fluttering around his cock as your cum mixes with his.
the soft thrusts of his hips make your mixed juices spill out of you, dribbling along the crevice of your ass as it drips on the sofa below you. kuroo hisses, large hands squeezing your waist as he empties the remnants of his load inside your overflowing pussy.
his chest heaves with every exhale he makes. the exhaustion finally catches up to him, causing him to crouch over you and make you squeak at his weight. he chuckles weakly, supporting himself with his shaking arms as he messily kisses you.
“your pussy’s the tightest i’ve ever fucked, baby.”
his husky voice whispers against you, tongue slipping out to boldly lick your swollen lips. his dick jerks and you squeak when you realize he’s still inside of you.
you’re about to tell him to pull out but a timid knock rings through the room, making you immediately remember where you are.
a panicked expression replaces the blissful one, your hooded eyes instantly widening, but kuroo doesn't pay it any mind, opting to bite your lower lip and dragging it out until he lets the sensitive skin go.
he lifts himself up for a bit so his hand can reach your mouth, his thumb rubbing the area he just bit as he smirks at the dumbfounded expression on your sweaty face.
“i’m going to have to make it a habit of rewarding you, kitten.”
[10:07 AM]
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kuroosweakness · 7 months ago
when you don’t say ‘i love you’ back | kuroo, suna 
Tumblr media
━ kuroo tetsurou 
╰ as usual, he was preparing to leave for work. with his keys stuffed in his pocket, a quick tie-adjustment, and a hurriedly shoe slip-on, kuroo unlocked the front door and called out, “bye babe! i love you!” and waited until he heard your response back. 
╰ “bye!” you called back. 
╰ ... “i love you!” 
╰ “i know! bye!” 
╰ “i said i love you >:(” he peered back into the house, searching for you to hear those words back. 
╰ “i know, i heard you.” 
╰ kuroo huffed and marched back into the house with his hands on his hips, stopping right in front of you and asked, “why’re you not saying it back?? i know we’re getting old but not old enough to not tell each other we love each other anymore...we’ll never be old enough” 
╰ after finally hearing you love him back, he melted into the same sap he always is and walked out the front door while saying, “and i’ll hear it again when i get back home~” 
━ suna rintarou 
╰ “i love you,” suna mumbles against the soft skin of your cheek. “i love you, i love you, i love you.” another day, another late-night cuddle session.
╰ you nod against his lips and reply back with a “okay” 
╰ suna blinks for a moment, refusing to believe that you completely ignored the important words he said that aren’t heard by anyone else. “i love you,” he tries again. “say it back if you love me.” 
“love you.” 
“ least say it like you mean it,” he groans and gently shakes your shoulders. “what happened to the ‘i’??” 
with a giggle, you give him a quick peck on the lips. “i love you.” 
“that’s more like it.” 
Tumblr media
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swellsweaters · 3 months ago
going too far when they argue with their s/o
Tumblr media
ft. kuroo, bokuto, & tsukishima x reader
[ warnings : unresolved angst | fighting, yelling, swearing, guilt-tripping | hurt/comfort with no comfort] a/n : i like to hurt my own feelings in my free time :DD bon apetit loves~ (pls reblog !! it helps sm !)
Tumblr media
You couldn't remember what you were arguing about anymore, it had been going on for far too long. And what was left of it, was the back and forth of an endless screaming match. "You really just don't shut up, do you, Y/n?!" Kuroo spat, hands angrily threading his hair. "Haven't you just fucking noticed that I want you to leave? Or were you just too caught up in yourself to even notice anything about me?" Did he really feel like that about you? For how long? Thoughts swarmed your head, only continuing to feed your spiking heartbeat and dry throat. Your lack of response resulted in a weighted silence that rung heavily in your ears. Had Kuroo never actually wanted you around? He scoffed at your dumbfounded expression, "What're you waiting for...? Leave." "If I had known loving you only would leave me like this, I would've left sooner," you finally said, closing the door behind you.
Going head-to-head with a powerful ace such as Bokuto would be terrifying to anyone - horrifying. He was an intimidating guy at first glance, but you've known him for years. Though, with the amount of colour rushing to his face from the anger entirely directed to you, it felt like you had only seen a glimpse. You were shaking violently under his gaze, tears cascading quietly down your cheeks, eyes blown wide open - it didn't matter what had started the fight, all you cared about was trying to get him to stop. "How could you of all people possibly understand!?!" I don't know, you wanted to sob, I don't know. "You're always clinging to me, Y/n, it's disgusting. I don't know how much more I can take." The finality and fury in his voice broke away at you as your legs gave out, leaving you a slumped against the kitchen counter with the weight of your world on your shoulders.
"Kei, please-" "What. So, I'm the problem?" he spat out, irritated beyond relief, "That's information I wasn't aware of." You hissed at his words, frustrated tears clouding your vision, "Stop putting all of this on me! We're supposed to work this out together, like a couple, Kei, for fuck's sake!!" His eye twitched at your comment, "Then I think it's time to get a new damn boyfriend, Y/n, I'm done with this bullshit." You had no complaints, considering the amount of surprise that leapt into eyes when you shoved on your coat to leave. Tsukishima gave you one last panicked look, as you slammed the front door. His hand gently rested on the door knob to go after you - but what was the use? He was the one had pushed you out. He was just going to have to learn how to live with that...
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kiyelle · a month ago
Tumblr media
with: tetsurō KUROO, atsumu MIYA, kiyoomi SAKUSA
warnings: none !
isabelle says: first post with my new url! i’m so happy everyone likes the new change, love u all mwah! -> haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ KUROO ⸻ can’t help but grow giddy at the way you become speechless. he’s done this one too many times before, and yet every time feels like the first when the whirlwind of butterflies invades your insides once more. he’s on the phone when he jokes about dating you again. he looks at you right in the eyes as he tells bokuto on the other end of the call that ‘there’s no point in setting me up with someone, i already have y/n after all’ he even seals your fate of falling hopelessly under his charm with a wink.
*.⋆ʚ ATSUMU ⸻ will tell anyone, with absolute confidence, that he’s the only one that can fluster you to the point of heated cheeks. he knows exactly what he’s doing looking you up and down just to turn away with a coy smile. his favourite way of capturing your attention is leaving you wanting more of his. he could listen to the sweet frustration of your words fall from your lips all day. to each question you ask upon his stolen glances you’ll get the same answer without fail, ‘well beautiful things are supposed to be admired, am i wrong?’
*.⋆ʚ SAKUSA ⸻ will act as if he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, as if it’s perfectly normal that he’s dropped his arm around the back of your chair. he can see the way you freeze in place at the sudden closeness and he smiles a little. he goes as far as to not so subtly pull your chair a little closer to his. the only explanation he’s willing to go give you being, ‘i like being close to you, but only you’. he’s certain he’s got your heart racing, but if only you knew you have his soaring eternally.
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs are so so appreciated!
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haikyuuwaifu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Swearing
Humming a little tune, Y/N made her way toward her new favorite café. She’d had a good nap, and now she wanted something filling. Making her way toward the shop, she sighed as she noticed the line. Making her way further down, she squeezed by a few eager women, gossiping about the one of the employees. “I hear he’s got a boyfriend, but they like to share.” one woman whispered, her eye brows in her hairline. Another woman simpered, as she giggled with her friend. “I hear he’s impossible to talk to, and he rejects every confession that comes his way!” Y/N simply made her way down the line, humming her toon and paying the other women no mind.
Walking inside, she was greeted by a frantically waving Atsumu, as he tried in vain to hold Kyoutani down. Across from Atsumu, sat his crush Kiyoomi, who looked slightly disturbed. “Did I miss the show?” she mumbled cheekily, digging around in her bag. When she found what she had been looking for, she set it down in front of him. It was a mini sanitizer clip that he could attach to his gym bag. “You mentioned something about your old one breaking off right?” she asked, taking a sip of Atsumu’s drink.
Her face scrunched up, as she shook her head. “Too much sugar tsumu!” Atsumu paid her no mind, as he tried to sit on the grumbling blonde he had in his grasp. A loud cackle, broke it’s way through the café, as a man with the craziest hair Y/N had ever seen made his way toward them. Tilting her head, she watched, as his long legs practically floated him toward their table. Mentally, she was cursing Akaashi and Kenma, for being 100% right on her type. The smell of Udon hit Y/n’s nose, and she felt herself salivating at the thought of having a taste. Luckily for her, Kuroo had stopped right in front of their table, mischevious grin spread over his face. “I was just kidding puppy-chan.” He cooed, wiggling his finger in Kyoutani’s face. The blonde made to bite it, only for Y/N to lodge her bag into his mouth. “Simmer down doggy, I’m starving and the nice man might not feed me if you’re being a dick.” Y/N whispered, eyeing the tray of food in front of them. “Oh, these are for you cutie. Kenma let me know you were coming! You’re Y/N right?” Kuroo asked, taking the plates of food and setting them out in front of her. Y/N could only nod, her eyes closed as she took in the mix of scents. “I’m Kuroo! Kuroo Tetsuro, the best barista around.” he declared, crossing his arms over his chest. Sakusa could only scoff, as he pulled his phone out to show Y/N an incriminating photo. “This was him just last week after we watched Banana Fish.” he stated. The picture was of Kuroo, cheeks red as tears streamed down his face. “Oi! That’s a doctored photo!” he hissed, trying to reach out for Omi’s phone. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh as she slurped up her noodles, the warm food reminding her of home.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Kuroo is a simp. Send twt. He and Y/N hit it off better than he thought they would. He will not admit that he was kind of nervous to meet her in person. Omi and Atsumu didn’t really say much after Y/N showed up. Both men were too nervous, and later decided group gatherings might be best until they can find the nerve to say more than two sentences.
-Iwaizumi DID IN FACT remember Y/N. He had seen her around campus a lot. In the library, the abandoned hallways, the rooftops. Whenever he wanted to get a little bit of piece and quiet he always ended up in the same area as her. Iwaizumi didn’t witness the bullying first hand, but he had been there when she would cry later. He didn’t think she would want a complete stranger saying something to her, so he tried to steer it away from her when he wasn’t busy with volleyball and his other obligations. He always thought she was pretty, and he was secretly glad that his Kouhai reached out and made friends with her their second year. 
-Kuroo can understand where Iwaizumi is coming from. They met in college, but they’ve been friends so long that they know each other very well. Even if it wasn’t Iwaizumi’s fault, Kuroo knows he still needs time to process everything. Kentarou has Oikawa’s arrival date marked for a beating.
-Y/N gave Kuroo her number after the shop had closed, and everyoneo had gone out for ice cream. They were arguing the merits of Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. Y/N found out later, that Kuroo didn’t charge her for her meal, and is dead set on paying for it.(She’s not a freeloader). She’s also pleased she has an inside man to get her more ghibli merch.
a/n: there are no taglists
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terrakiyo · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
kuroo wants to kiss you, so badly, terribly, deeply.
he wants to kiss you. but he also wants you to kiss him.
‘is there any difference between the two?’ yes, absolutely, obviously, he’d say.
kuroo wants to kiss you and kenma’s sick of hearing him tell him that.
kenma swears that the time his best friend spends whining to him about how he desperately wishes to press his lips against yours would have been better spent actually trying to do so.
it’s so stupid, he thinks when kuroo sighs for the umpteenth time in the hour.
“stop it.”
kuroo sighs again just to spite him. “i can’t help it.” lies. “it’s an involuntary reaction.” he’s such a liar.
kenma clicks his tongue, brows furrowing. his gaze snaps up from his console to the man (read: idiot) sitting in front of him.
he groans. “just ask for a kiss.”
the look kuroo gives him makes him want to throw his console at his stupid face.
kuroo shakes his head. “are you out of your mind?”
“no. you are.”
truly, kenma’s not sure how much more he can handle. he hates seeing that dumbstruck, puppy-eyed look on his friend’s face. not that it’s a bad thing, rather he hates having to see it every day.
he frowns. “is it so hard to walk up to them and ask for a kiss?”
“oh, please, you’d be doing the same thing,” kuroo scoffs, “besides that’s just creepy.”
“creepy, is staring at someone from a far, whining to someone about how much you want to kiss them— oh, sorry, how you want them to kiss you.”
silence falls between the two of them.
“i hate you.” kuroo mutters.
and kenma doesn’t miss a beat, “i hate you more.”
there’s another pause.
“what would i even say?”
“what should i know?” kenma huffs, “i’d be doing the same thing you are.”
“maybe i should just keep looking for now.”
“shut up.” kuroo rests his head against his hand.
he sighs agains. and then he yelps when kenma hits him under the table.
“just talk to them.”
kuroo squints at him. “why do you want me to do that so badly?”
“i made a bet with yaku and lev.”
he blinks at kenma. “you suck.”
“you suck more.”
there’s a pause before kuroo opens his mouth to speak again.
“how much did you bet on me?”
kenma doesn’t look up from his console. “enough.”
kuroo bites the inside of his cheek. he contemplates between walking up to you and talk his way into kissing you, or staying where he is, looking at you from afar (like a stalker, kenma would say).
really, the former sounds like the better option.
“i’ll go talk to them.” he whispers.
and he does, because he wants to kiss you, badly, terribly, desperately. and unbeknownst to him, you want the same thing too.
Tumblr media
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bubble-bootie · 16 days ago
when you don't remember them - hq
Tumblr media
genre: angst, gn reader warnings: angst, memory loss ft: kuroo, bokuto, iwaizumi synopsis: you get into an accident, wake up, and ask them, "who are you?" a/n: this is painful but i hope u suffer too. im new to writing angst pls be nice im scared to post this
Tumblr media
©bubble-bootie 2021: do not copy, repost, or modify my works in any way. masterlist
Tumblr media
KUROO TETSURO ⤷ "what?" he breathes out with an uneasy smile, unsure if you were joking. "it's me, your boyfriend? tetsu?" with furrowed brows, you respond, "i- i'm sorry, sir, i don't know you." he buries his face into his hands, and laughs in disbelief, "you're kidding, right? tell me you're kidding." his silent sobs break your heart, but you don't know how to comfort him, because you really aren't kidding. he jolts up and sucks in a sharp breath as he gives you a pained smile, whispering shakily with his hand stretched out, "don't worry. it's okay. let's start over. i'm kuroo tetsuro. i hope we can make memories together, just like before."
BOKUTO KOTARO ⤷ "no, no, no, no," he sobs, frustrated. he takes ahold of your hand and whispers, "look- look, baby, it's me! it's me, kou." the conflicted look on your face doesn't leave and he whimpers miserably. he attempts to embrace you but you stiffen up and he retracts in fear of giving you discomfort. despite feeling his heart clench when he sees your face, exhaustion floods his senses as he falls asleep seated on the chair next to you with his hand on yours.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME ⤷ he'll try his best to stay calm for you. carefully clutching your hand, he'll say dubiously, "do you... find me familiar in any way?" you shake your head and his heart breaks a little inside as his mind prompts him of the stray memories you've made together. still, he stands strong because he knows you're probably already shaken up enough, and having a stranger sob next to you most likely won't be comforting. "well," he starts, "i'm your boyfriend. we've been together for a year now, and you're the best thing that's happened to me all year," he laughs, and a bit of relief sets into him when you smile the smile that he always loved.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · a month ago
༉‧₊˚. waking haikyuu boys up to say “i love you”
Tumblr media
atsumu, kuroo, suna & sakusa
Tumblr media
in which, you bother them in the middle of the night, but out of love.
+ word c. 610
+ warnings. gn!reader , not proofread , suggestive
Tumblr media
breath hitched as he felt a pair of hands on his face, caressing and pinching every part possible. “tsumu.” you whispered, pressing a light kiss to his lips, grinning at the way he immediately kissed back - he knew the lips were yours. “whadd’ya doin’?” he whined, digging his head in your neck before placing a few kisses on your collarbone, sending a wave of shivers down your spine. “i love you, tsum.” you smiled, gently forcing his head out of your neck. “i know.” atsumu giggled, leaning closer to you. “i love ya more than anything.” he smiled, placing his large hand on the small of your back before pulling you closer. “now cmon, i’m tiiiiired.” atsumu whined, dragging out his words before slumping himself over you; his legs and arms tangled with your own. this — it felt right.
eyes lazily fluttered open, the feeling of you staring at him was more than enough to wake him up. “hey.” he mumbled, sleepily reaching out for you. “hi.” you smiled, entwining your hand with his large one. “love you, tetsu.” all the sleep was wiped from tetsuro as he turned to you, moving his hands to your cheeks. “yeah?” “yeah.” you both giggled like children as his hands traced the curves of your face. “well, i love you too.” his hands trailed down to the back of your neck, rubbing soothing circles with pad of his thumb. “love you more than you know.” kuroo admitted, sending butterflies straight to your stomach. you both laid in silence, grinning giddily at each other; it still felt like highschool. you leaned in before pressing a playful kiss to kuroo’s nose. you giggled as you pressed another one, not missing the faint blush on his cheeks. “such a sap.” you noted. “only for you.”
tired eyes stared into your soul as you sheepishly smiled at him. “why were you touching my face.” he more stated than asked as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, gently removing your hands from his face. “‘cause i love you.” you flashed that annoyingly pretty smile of yours, sending a whirlwind of emotions at suna. “can’t just say stuff like that.” he whispered, moving himself closer to you. “especially when you gimme that smile of yours.” suna commented, kissing you shortly after. the kiss was slow, savoring the less-than-appetizing taste of each other’s morning breath as he draped his arm over your limp body. he pulled away with a grin, letting you run your fingers through his hair. “you know i love you too.”
stirred awake as you ran your fingers through his silky black curls, turning to you confusedly. “wake up, omi.” your hands traveled down to his cheeks as you began to gently pinch them, causing kiyoomi’s face to scrunch up into an annoyed frown. “what.” omi frowned, his voice a few octaves deeper as he snuggled into the comforter. “i love you.” you chuckled, pressing two small pecks on his little moles above his eyebrow. “is that right?” he turned to you, wrapping his slender fingers around your chin before pulling your face down, faces inches apart. “yeah. what, you don’t love me too?” you grinned, leaning closer and closer as each syllable fell from your lips. “don’t be stupid, of course i do.” kiyoomi’s breath fanned over your lips as the grip on your chin loosened a bit. his dark eyes scanned over your face before pulling you impossibly closer. sakusa smiled before gently placing a kiss on your lips, not missing the way your breath hitched and the way your body stuttered under his touch. “now get some rest.” kiyoomi sighed, letting go of your chin, snickering at the unmistakable frown on your face.
Tumblr media
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© mattsunbae 2021.
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volleychumps · 3 months ago
Heyy! Can you do one where Osamu, kuroo, akaashi and Tsukishima, say something mean to their s/o and their s/o avoids them for days? When they finally get ahold of their s/o, their s/o just sorta cries because it hit their insecure spot? Fluff in the end🥺
Listen, I can’t not write this. 
Irrevocable Words. 
- the one in which they accidentally make you give them the silent treatment because of their lashing out. -
~ Osamu Miya, Kuroo Tetsurou, Akaashi Keiji, and Tsukishima Kei~ 
TW: Cursing, angst to fluff, timeskip! for Osamu, 
Osamu Miya
“Those are important files, ya know?” 
“Samu, I’m sorry. You should’ve told me you needed last month’s earnings and I would’ve looked for them before we came this morning.” The hand you tried to settle onto Osamu’s bicep was shaken off as your movements faltered. 
Your voice wobbled at the sight of your stoic fiance, an annoyed glint in his eye as he rummages through his files. Osamu felt a flare in his stomach, a lack of sleep contributing to his impatient state. The day had been a busy one, Osamu deciding that he needed this particular file for his business call tomorrow before the two of you headed home for the night. 
“I told ya not to move anything back to the place.”
“I didn’t.” You bit the inside of your cheek. “Here, just let me help-” 
“Don’t touch a goddamn thing, I’ll do it myself.” There it was. The lashing out that was bound to happen occurred with a pointed tongue as he refused to look at you, rummaging through his file cabinets. “As I do everything else.” 
He closes the cabinet sharply. “The least ya could do is try your best not to be a nuisance-” 
Osamu flinches at the slam of one of the office desk drawers, chest sinking when he sees the tears threatening to spill from your eyes. The paper he needed is thrown on the desk carelessly as you shove your jacket on, wetness slipping down your cheeks.
“And I’m not your goddamn secretary. I’m heading home first.” 
“And don’t worry, I promise I’ll manage to do this by myself somehow.” Your voice cracks bitterly, the bell by the door jingling mockingly in Osamu’s ears as you exit, the chef hanging his head with a sigh and regret tinging his chest.
He was wrong to pray this would blow over, not expecting to wake without your warmth by his side. You avoided him on the way to the restaurant, cleaning quietly while giving vague answers to his questions, shifting out of his attempts to embrace you with apologies. 
Deciding to give you space, he softly tells you to take the next few days off, unprepared for the tired look you had given him, simply nodding in response as you slipped into your side of the bed with your back turned to him.
“Where’s your pretty girlfriend?” 
“Fiance.” Osamu forces a smile at his two elderly regulars two days later, the wife’s smile widening at his correction. 
“Oho! Cherish each other while you youths still can, she really does brighten this place up, doesn’t she?” 
You do.
Osamu’s eyes feel hot as he does a messy job of cleaning up the restaurant, closing up shop early and stopping by your favorite bakery to pick up the ridiculously expensive cake he only ever buys for your birthday. 
Throwing the door open to your shared apartment hastily, you gasp at the gray-haired man’s sudden entry, dropping the spoon you were about to use to taste the dish you were making on the stove.
“Samu, y-you’re home early-” 
“What’s all this?” He tries to steady his breaths at the sight of a nicely prepared table, something you hardly ever got to share ever since the night shifts overtook your lives and caused a rift between the two of you. 
You’re silent for a second, looking away from his warm stare as you shift under his gaze. 
“...I miss you.” Dark eyes widen when you begin to hiccup over your words, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. “But I didn’t wanna be a nusciance-”
“Oh god, darlin’ no.” You’re pulled tightly into his chest as you cry, whole body shaking with tremors as Osamu’s inner turmoil merely increases.
If Osamu could go back in time and punch himself he would, unknowing of the torment he caused you over the past few days, thinking you just needed space. 
“I want to marry ya Y/N, I’m so sorry.” 
“I love you so much Samu.” You sniffle into his chest, causing him to smile softly, a hand sifting through your hair to hold you tighter to him. 
“I brought cake.” 
You laugh through the onslaught of tears. 
“And I made dinner.” 
“Then what are we waitin’ for?” 
“Just hold me like this for awhile?”
“Y/N.” He kisses the top of your head, finally feeling at ease with your figure in his arms. Osamu whispers a confession he hardly shared with you, wanting those words in particular to be special as he bridged the gap between the two of you.
“I love ya so much more, don’t you go forgettin’ it.”
Kuroo Tetsurou
“I said I was sorry!” 
“Is sorry supposed to just fix everything, Tetsurou?” 
“Tetsurou? Are you seriously withholding me from my nickname privileges?” 
You cross your arms at his attempt to make you laugh, thoroughly angry with the mess your boyfriend made of things as his smile fades at your peeved stare. 
“Look, what was I supposed to do?” 
“How about not leaving my parents waiting for you at the restaurant that you invited them to for another one of your spontaneous volleyball practices?” 
“I texted you I had to cancel!” 
“That was a half hour before we were supposed to meet, Kuroo! They were so excited to meet you they got there early. God, why can’t you ever take things seriously?” 
“You’re right.” A bitter chuckle slips Kuroo’s lips as you falter at the sudden tone change, the volleyball gym seeming bigger than ever as his next sentence makes your lips tremble.
“Since I can’t ever take things seriously, then I must not need my serious girlfriend then, right?” Your eyes widen. “I can just find somebody else who won’t fucking hound me all the time.”
His cat-like eyes widen as the words slip his tongue, unintentionally coming out crueler than he intended. To make it worse, you simply stayed silent, your body physically backing down and away from him as you turned on your heel. 
“Wait, I didn’t-” 
“Do it then.” His chest just about shatters as your shoulders tremble, refusing to turn back around as your voice takes on an uncharasterically defeated tone. “I hope they make you fucking happy.” 
Kuroo runs a hand through his raven hair frustratedly at the way you rushed out of the gym, throwing a stray ball so hard at the wall before his vision becomes skewed with heat. 
He should have expected the next week to be utter hell. You left class before he could catch you by escaping to the bathroom with all your things, leaving school another way instead of the exit you always took together before he had to start club activities. 
“Kenma, what are you doing?” 
“You can’t come in here.” 
“I’m missing class for this. Let me through.” 
“She doesn’t want to see you.” Kenma shrugged, eyes on his handheld. “I told her I’d watch the door so you can’t surprise her during our breaktime.” 
“I’m her boyfriend. And you’re not her guarddog.” 
“No, I’m her friend.” Kenma’s eyes narrow at his childhood friend. “And last time I checked, you’re on the search for someone who isn’t her.” 
“So she told you.” 
“Dick move, by the way.” 
Kuroo’s calls go straight to voicemail, his emotions affecting his playing with each passing day. He leaves little notes in your shoe locker to meet him, heart sinking more and more with every time you stood him up. 
And it wasn’t until he saw you smiling again at a joke Yaku made that he truly felt like he was losing you. 
“Go home.” 
The sight wasn’t one you were expecting to see, Kuroo sitting on the steps to your house with his hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets, the dark bags under his eyes sparking worry within you. 
“It’s probably better if my parents don’t see you-” 
“I’m sorry.” His eyes seem to have lost a little of their glint, regret swimming in the tall boy’s pupils as your guard softens. “I’m so goddamn sorry I ran my mouth and said shit I didn’t even mean-” 
“And I hurt you in the process. I hurt the one thing that matters to me the most, and I’m sitting here playing the creepy ex that stalks the girl he loves-” 
“You love me?”
“Doesn’t matter, does it? You’re done with me, and I deserve it-” 
He’s cut off with the sight of tears hitting the wood in front of him, lifting his head to see tears streaking down your cheeks. On instinct, he reaches out softly, rising to his feet to cup your cheek, astonished when you curl into his touch. 
“I’m so fucking mad at you right now.” 
“Noted.” Kuroo laughs somberly, a wave of emotion hitting him as you do something you hadn’t done in days. 
You look him in the eye, tugging him closer by the sides of his jacket. 
“But I love you too, you absolute idiot.” 
Kuroo grins into the kiss you press onto his lips, heart lifting in weight as he pulls you closer. 
“Does this mean we can go back to Tetsu?” 
“I’m going back to ignoring you-” 
“No.” Kuroo’s tone turns serious as he holds you a little tighter. “I can’t do that again.” 
You smile as he presses a kiss to your temple lovingly. 
“Being away from you was complete and utter hell, sweetheart.” 
Akaashi Keiji
“Tell me how to make this right.”
“Right, Y/N.” Akaashi refused to meet your eyes as he loosens his school tie, not slowing his pace for you to catch up with as he throws the doors open to the volleyball club. The usually put-together setter had an angry glint in his eye that silenced his awaiting teammates. “Let’s just go back in time before you agreed to be his partner.”
“Hey hey, what’s going on you two?” Bokuto jogs up, his worried tone making your lips tremble even more at the sight of Akaashi’s turned back.
“I came to you as soon as he made a move! I didn’t let him-”
“There shouldn’t have been an opportunity for him to make a move in the first place.” Akaashi’s jaw clenched as you shuffle in place.
“I didn’t do anything wrong, you think I wanted him to try to kiss me?!” You fight the waver in your voice, standing your ground. “It was a project for class. I didn’t know his intentions-“
“I told you what his intentions were, but you never listen.” Akaashi turns hastily, startling you and causing you to stumble slightly backwards into Bokuto.
“Stop defending her. She never listens to me, and then comes crying to me when it turns out I’m right.” Akaashi snips at his best friend, ignoring the silent stares from his quiet teammates. “Why can’t you get it through your head, Y/N? I’m not your goddamn babysitter-“
“You’re right.” You interrupt, fingernails biting into your palms as you choke back a sob. “You’re not, you’re my boyfriend. I just wanted to respect you by coming to you with something like this, but it turns out I’m just a hinderance.”
Akaashi falters for a second, blue eyes widening a fraction at the angry heat that fills your eyes as regret begins to bubble in his stomach at his harsh words.
“Give me some space, Keiji.” You say softly, patting Bokuto’s arm to let you through as your shoulders sink in a defeated manner. “I promise I won’t come crying to you about anything else.”
Your steps echo as you walk out of the gym, Konoha breaking the silence first when the door shuts behind you.
“Hate to say it, but that was well-deserved, man.”
Akaashi closes his eyes, head falling back towards the ceiling as he tries to steady his breathing, pretending like he wasn’t scared of you slipping through his fingers. He willed himself to not allow himself to chase after you, his anger directed towards you fading as he forces himself to respect your wishes. 
It was obvious you were avoiding him. Akaashi had blinked when Bokuto had self-proclaimed that he needed you as his “study buddy” during breaks when you weren’t even in the same year as the owlish boy. It got worse when you seemed to panic when Akaashi willed you to talk to him, eyes refusing to meet his watery blue ones as you pushed him further away.
So he gave you your space, wilting with each passing day. It wasn’t until he accidentally bumped into you a week later, the setter turning hastily on his heel to walk in the opposite direction before a soft tug on the back of his school shirt wills him to stop. 
“Keiji.” Your wobbly voice makes him turn back around immediately, a soft palm already cupping your cheek gently. “I’m s-” 
“I’m sorry for being cruel.” The words are whispered against your forehead, Akaashi’s heartstrings tugging in the worst way possible. “I was angry at the situation, my love. And that sorry excuse you call a classmate. Please,” 
His grip tightens just a little more as he feels wet warmth drip into the palm that was cupping your face.
“Forgive me.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t come crying to you-” 
“I want it all, Y/N.” Akaashi pulls back slightly, voice cracking slightly as blue stares intensely into your irises. “I want all of you. Tears included.”
You swat his chest playfully as Akaashi manages a soft smile, hand threaded through your hair as he presses you against his chest.
“Do you still need space?” He murmurs, and you smile at the sound of his hearbeat picking up as he awaited your answer fearfully. 
“Nope. The exact opposite, please hold me?” 
His embrace relaxes immediately, and your heart skips a beat at the sound of his relieved sigh, his slight nod making the weight lift off your chest. 
“Good, now I can take care of your classmate-” 
“Nope, my love.” He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, Akaashi’s eyes swirling with devotion. 
“No one gets to try anything with you so long as you’re safe with me.” 
Tsukishima Kei 
“So I’m the bad guy again.” 
“Do you want the honest answer, Kei?” You exhaustedly run a hand through your hair as Tsukishima’s scowl deepens, his long legs easily catching up with you in stride as he tugs on your wrist as the rambunctious court gets further and further away. 
“It’s not my fault you’re insecure.” 
You flinch. “Well maybe you shouldn’t let the girls in the stands cling to you after your matches. They were all over you, Tsukki! And you didn’t seem to mind it one bit.” 
“What?” Annoyance brims the blonde’s voice as he takes another step forward, clenching his jaw when he sees the quiver in your lip, distrust filling the atmosphere between the two of you. 
“Afraid that they’re prettier or better than you’ll ever be?” 
You feel as if the wind was knocked out of your lungs, breath catching in your throat at his insinuation. His guard slackens almost immediately, clicking his tongue before turning away, too proud to apologize for the words he regretted as soon as they slipped his tongue like venom. 
“Yeah.” You laugh humorlessly, making brown eyes dart over to your expression immediately. “You’re 100% correct. I am afraid you’ll find someone better than me in all aspects. Because I love you, you absolute asshole. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
The silence that befalls the two of you in the deserted hall is broken when you flinch away when Tsukishima tries to take a step towards you. 
“I didn’t-” 
“You never mean to do anything, Kei.” You say in a hushed tone, turning your back on him in an attempt to shield the hot tears slipping down your cheeks. “But you somehow always manage to.” 
The win for Karasuno didn’t mean much to the blonde that night, hoping that this would just go away and things would be back to normal. However, it was anything but. You didn’t look his way once in class, disappearing when it was over. Your voice trembled as you had avoided his seemingly stoic eyes through his frames, simply stating that you wished for some time away from him. 
He was fine. Or at least pretending to be on the outside. In truth, he would never find better, because you were it for him, words that you would never catch slipping his mouth. So he put on a front, pretending that your absence had zero effect on him whatsoever. Pretending the brush of your body against him in the hall as you pass each other didn’t make the blonde want to cave. 
It was the smile you shot at Hinata during one of your breaks that caused him to. The first glint in your eye in awhile, and it had been caused by him of all people, prompting the tall middle blocker to tug you by the forearm into the corridor.
“I hate this.” 
You falter for a second, guard back up in a flash as your back touches the wall. “What did I do?” 
“You didn’t do anything, and it’s pissing me off.” 
“I don’t follow-” 
“I was wrong.” His forehead touches your shoulder as you stiffen before relaxing against his familiar touch. “I don’t care how many times I have to apologize. You win, okay? I’m sorry.” 
“This is a rather aggressive apology-” 
“Y/N.” Tsukishima lifts his head so it’s level with your height, unprepared for the way tears brimmed your eyes at the proximity, your guard diminishing. 
“What if you do find someone better one day, Tsukki?” Your voice cracks, inner fears trickling to the surface. “Do I need to prepare myself to lose you-?” 
You gasp as Tsukishima’s jaw ticks before kissing you intensely, his hand touching your lower back to pull you closer. 
“No. You don’t need to do something stupid like that.” His eyes were slightly glaring at you, a flush across both his cheeks. “Because there is no one better than you, okay?” 
It was your turn for heat to flood your cheeks as your eyes widen a fraction, his breath tickling your ear as you stutter. “Kei-” 
“I love you too. I said it, are you satisfied now?”  
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whoreradio · 4 months ago
For the ‘HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act’ can we get a pt 2 but with Bokuto, Oikawa, and kuroo?
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT2
A/N: I always get second hand embarrassment writing theses lol but its so funny anyway I hope you enjoy this love !!
Part1 || Part3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Doesn’t even realize his child has just walked in until your pushing him off
↣ Trips and fumbles attempting to cover the two of you up
↣ This sweet darling feels terrible knowing his child saw him like this he practically goes into emo mode until you reassure him it’s okay … it takes a while though
↣ You were caught giving Bokuto a blowjob. Bokuto’s cock was touching the back of your throat as his head was thrown back
↣ He tries to explain but he is having the hardest time fumbling over his words please save him
Bokuto was standing up with his head thrown back fucking your face. He was so engulfed in his own pleasure his mind hadn’t registered the relentless pushing against his pelvis. He looked down at you to see your widened eyes staring at the door wiping the drool that had been dripping down the sides of your mouth. He turned his head to see his small child peeking from behind the door rubbing their sleepy eyes.
“Mommy? What are you doing to Daddy?” your child asked, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
Bokuto ran to the bed, more like tripped to the bed grabbing sheets tossing them over your head and wrapping his lower half.
“Mommy was- …we- … I- … you- ..why aren’t you in bed baby owl?”
“I heard noises and i got scared” your child whined leaning their small tired body against the door frame.
“Oh baby we’re sorry” you yelled as you tried to find your way out from under the sheets. Your head finally peaked my from sheets hair messy from the struggle,
“Mommy was just helping Daddy clean himself… it’s a really private thing that Daddy gets embarrassed about you see so Daddy how about you put baby owl back to bed because we’re done cleaning aren’t we” you said out of breath turning towards a red Bokuto who was looking back and forth between the two of you now dressed. He nodded his head quickly scooping your child up cradling them.
When he came back he laid flat face first on the bed, cheeks still flushed red .
“” Bokuto whined face down on a pillow.
You had long talk explaining to Bokuto how it would be okay and that your child wouldn’t avoid him and most likely wouldn’t even remember this
↣ Lets out the loudest highest scream, you’re surprised his voice can even go that high
↣Gets so scared he pushes you on the floor don’t worry you’re okay but… ouch
↣ Oikawa is going to find a way to explain this all away no matter what he has to say or do
↣ You were caught riding Oikawa while he nibbled on your neck
↣ If he could Oikawa would literally evaporate at this moment
You were bouncing up and down on Oikawa, head thrown back moaning into the air. Oikawa’s lips were glued to your neck leaving his print on your neck with low groans. The loud creaking of the bed seemed to drown out the small knocking that had been consistent against the door. You both were removed from your cloud of pleasure when a small voice called out
Oikawa released a screech that rang through the room so loud you were sure you’d have your neighbor knocking on the door asking if everything was okay. Before you could even turn your head to look at your child Oikawa was pushing you off onto the floor scrambling to find clothes. He threw clothes towards you and threw on the nearest thing he could find. You wanted to be angry but upon seeing the apparel Oikawa had put on your anger turned into fits of laughter. Oikawa was wearing your silk night dress muscles protruding, walking over to your now giggling child. Your child was barely even worried about the scene they had just witnessed so focused on the way Oikawa was now flexing in your gown making them laugh to tears. Oikawa walked them back to bed and came back to your shared room swaying in your gown.
“Looking good shittykawa” you laughed laying in bed
“ Y/N-chan don’t be jealous that you can’t pull off such a bold look”
You laughed pulling him in for a kiss
“You’re bold look saved us from a lot of explaining”
↣Kuroo can’t even think straight his mind is coming up with a million excuses all at once and none of them seem to make sense
↣If he could Kuroo would want to finish what you started thank goodness at least one of you has a little restraint
↣When Kuroo lies his voice gets a little high pitch so his excuse comes out a little high which almost makes you burst into laughter
↣ This one is kind of hard to explain off because you were getting fucked in missionary with your hands cuffed to the bed
↣You can give yourself a pat on the back because you were the main reason your child was able to believe any explanation given
Kuroo was hovering over you thrusting into you at a constant pace while your body laid limply on the bed cuffed to the edge moaning out his name. He had been groaning in your ear about how you were his dirty little pet. Your mind was fuzzy with pleasure that all thoughts seemed to escape you when a small voice called out asking in the most delicate voice
“May I come in?”
Kuroo’s movement froze as he hurriedly pulled out tossing your clothes to you, throwing on his own. You forget the restraints holding you back and make an attempt to get up only to be pulled back down. You whispered-yelled to Kuroo who was hopping trying to get into his shorts. He quickly unlocked you from the cuffs and tossed you a shirt. Before either of you could make another move the door was creeping open to a wide eyed child looking like a baby Kuroo. You were sitting with one arm cuffed to the bed while the other covered your exposed chest. Kuroo stood balancing on one foot staring at the door.
“H-hey little one” his voice was already raising and you knew he was preparing for a lie.
“We were just uh well we…um... you see when two people love each other-“ he started in a high pitched voice but was cut off by you speaking up.
“We were cleaning, that was all the noise… what are you doing up” you chimed in yelling over his voice wanting to save your child from the birds and the bees talk.
“ Wanna sleep in here with you” your child mumbled as they climbed into bed laying in the middle. You watched as they drifted off to sleep sighing a breath of relief and turned to kuroo
“ Really? When two people love each other” 
“That was all I could think of!”
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bratinc · 8 days ago
[ 𝟏𝟏:𝟒𝟕 ] — 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 𝐓𝐄𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐑𝐎
Tumblr media
Your mind was all fuzzy and your head blank, as you blinked away a new set of unshed tears that were quick to roll down your flushed cheeks. Even more loud whimpers pour out past your lips at the feeling of another firm smack against your ass, the slight stinging aftershocks making you suck in a breath.
“What’s the matter, pretty baby. Thought you said you could handle it?” Kuroo asked, the teasing tone in his voice clear as day, you could hear the smugness practically dripping off of his words but before you could even utter a single word, Kuroo’s hands were gripping your jaw and forcing you to look up at him with that pitiful fucked out expression all over your face.
“I don’t wanna hear any excuses, doll. Now, how many was that? Told you to count, didn’t I?” Your eyes widened comically at the mistake you made and he swears, he almost cooed at the sight of you, sniffling pathetically and begging for him to stop. “D-don’t know, daddy—please! ‘m sorry, didn’t mean to forget-”
Your begging was barely heard, just a passing whimper that went in one ear and out the other, as he lets his hands come down hard against your already bruised skin, “Uh-uh, I told you to count and you couldn’t even do something as simple as that. You know what that means, don’t you?”
As much as you wanted to argue with him, you knew it’d only land you into more trouble and so you brainlessly nodded along to his question. “Mm, dumb little whore just doesn’t know how to listen.”
His calloused fingers danced against the marks he’s made on you, loving the way you shuddered from just the warmth of his touch. They moved lower and lower, till they were rubbing against your clothed cunt and just as he expected.. your panties were soaked, dripping in your arousal.
“Begging me to stop when you’re this fucking wet, princess. I knew you liked it, bet you wanted to get punished, my cute little pain slut.”
There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as he pushed your panties off to the side, digits now circling your clit while he smirks at the way your hips rock against his hand in an attempt to chase the pleasure. And when you least expected it, he pulls back, unexpectedly delivering a harsh slap right on your sensitive slit which makes your body jerk in response, the pain and pleasure making your thighs quiver.
“Count for me, princess. Don’t make me ask again.”
That was all he had to say to make the words roll off of your tongue.
“Hngh—o-one..” and this time he couldn’t even be bothered to hold back a chuckle, not when you looked so pathetic bent over his knee like this. “Atta girl, now..”
“..why don’t we see how long it takes for me to make you cum, just like this.”
Tumblr media
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