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How do you get them back for cheating on you?
Ivory's note: Just got back, feeling like a bad bitch so I want to cry while I write. Also, FT. My OC, Hyun (He plays the role of new bf)
Tumblr media
You get into a relationship with someone so sweet they could give you a cavity. Not just that, he happens to be an anonymous fitness influencer. So, poor Tooru was painfully aware that you were in perfectly capable, strong hands. Your boyfriend would not only post pictures of him bench pressing you, he would also show you off like the amazing person you are. You see, Oikawa had been seeing someone behind your back for 5 months before he got sloppy and confused you for an idiot. He was seeing his manager, his fucking manager. And obviously you were pissed and not happy. You cried and screamed at him but of course it barely phased him. That's because he was the cocky, arrogant, cheating liar- called Tooru Oikawa and you would never find anybody better than him.
But he started to panic when you stormed off flipping him off telling him 'we' were finished between sobs. So, when you met your boyfriend at a bar, while you were throwing a pity party for yourself he comforted you. He had a dragon tattoo that winded up his bicep that flexed underneath the fabric of his back t-shirt, clearly cotton. And you knew that due to staring it for far too long getting a good look and his muscular build. He had black hair with a bleached under layer that was long just past his shoulders. His hair paired well with his piercings and charming, sweet smile. You realised you didn't need to find someone better than Oikawa, you just needed someone who fit with you. Someone you never needed to adjust or shift to fit their needs. You hoped he would cry, break down, anything- and he did! He asked you to come back, begged even. You just gave him pleasantries and never responded to him again. Stings like a bee, soothes like honey. But him, he got too close to the honey too fast. And now he had to deal with a horde of bees.
He tried his best, really. But you just weren't her. He dated her once but they broke up, you trusted that they were just friends since he would never, ever do that to you! But fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. He would leave early in the morning, come back late at night, receive texts from strange numbers- etc. And he was the one who broke it off with you. And you felt stupid, and dumb. Because you ignored the signs and followed him around like a dog. You just weren't her, really. You cried and broke down. Waving his fake pity away and sprinting out the door. And in an effort to cheer yourself up, you go to the flower shop to buy yourself a bouquet. You did not expect to meet a wonderful volunteer on the way there. He helped you carry your bouquet back to the hotel you were staying in, and even made you a drink while he listened to your recollection of the recent events.
And from then on, the both of you frequently met each other. He was supportive, kind, open minded and even knew how to style hair. After learning on his own. He was a fine match for your previous boyfriend, and dare I say better. He would flaunt you and confidently praise you for everything. Like you were a gift from the gods, something Suna wished he had done. Had he done so, he wouldn't have had to fill the void he created. Him and his girlfriend didn't work out with the lack of adrenaline, trying to keep their whole scandal a secret and it lacked the sweet intimacy you provided. No, he lacked you. A key component in his life, and with out you- he realised how much he relied on the support you provided. And it burned when he saw you vibrant smile through the pictures on the instagram page he stumbled upon. You sweet, innocent- more over content gleam in your eyes and you looked at the anonymous man hit him hard. Whenever you were there it was always cringey couple stuff, but he would have been 100% willing to take those photots with you a 1000 times, but you were gone now. And he can't do anything about it, because really- it was his fault and he knew it.
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iwaoiincorrectquotes · 2 days ago
iwaizumi: that is ridiculous!!! oikawa doesn’t have a crush on me!
hanamaki: yes he does.
matsukawa: yes he does.
oikawa: yes i do.
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strawberryfrooggoo · 17 hours ago
Kiss & Make-up♡
—Toruu Oikawa [11:11pm]
genre : fluff!
warning : none!
Tumblr media
As soon as your hardworking lover laid on the couch very tired you then followed with a bag on your right hand and a box of wipes on the other, sitting on Toruu's lap and He looked at you confused but instead pulled you close and place a kiss on the forehead
"Hello there, what are you planning to do?" The volleyball player smiled tiredly with droopy eyes making you lift your body a bit "Don't worry about it just sleep and I'll be doing something, okay?" He nodded and went ahead to sleep the afternoon away while you went ahead and go on do your business, putting makeup on him. Putting makeup on someone sleeping is challenging as for the person asleep would move and flinch mostly when putting the eyeshadow on their eyes, you on the other hand seems to get the hang of it as Toruu seldomly move and kept his arms just loosely wrapping on your waist.
Finally onto the eyeshadow after doing their foundation and concealer it's time to pick out the colors. Feeling something sprayed onto his face then something tickling their lips making you wake up, about to rub his eyes that was about to ruin the makeup thankfully he was stopped "You'll ruin it" a soft voice stated and finally waking the volleyball player and yawning. There he's greeted by their lover with a sweet smile "And here's the final product~" you said while handing the hand mirror.
Checking his refection there he saw that for the cheeks you put on pink hearts, went for a soft pink on the eyeshadow and complimenting it with pink gloss on your lips and you couldn't help but notice how you too had placed heart clips on his hair "I know it's not the best but-" "What are you talking about? You definitely made me a hundred times more attractive!" Toruu smiled placing the mirror down and pulling you into a kiss "Maybe I should let you do makeup on my face more often, like your personal mannequin!" you both laughed and cuddled away.
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aominology · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ note ⨾ repost! ↳ genre ⨾ angst to fluff(ish) ↳ feat. oikawa, ushijima & atsumu ↳ parts: one :: two
Tumblr media
“y/n?” oikawa whispers into the night, facing your back beside him on the bed in your shared apartment. he’s somewhat surprised you didn’t ask him to sleep on the couch, knowing he wasn’t exactly your favorite person at the moment.
then again, you weren’t exactly saying anything to him either.
you stir a little bit, probably in your sleep, but don’t reply. it is an ungodly hour, there shouldn’t be any reason for either of you to be up.
but oikawa’s been alone with his thoughts.
“y/n,” he tries again. he reaches his hand up as if to shake you awake but decides against it. he really shouldn’t disturb you; he doesn’t need another reason for you to be angry with him. retracting his hand back to close to his chest, he stares at your back and the way your body moves up and down with each passing breath you take.
“what is it, tooru?” your voice, drunk with sleep, catches him off guard, making him blink a few times and wonder if he was just imagining it. it’s not too much of a stretch, since the man has been up since seven in the morning the day before.
“i can feel you staring at me,” you huff, shuffling around into a more comfortable position still facing away from oikawa. “what is it?”
“i’m sorry,” he blurts. he swallows thickly as he listens to the sound of your breath inhaling and exhaling.
“yeah,” you mutter, bringing a hand up to rub at your eyes. “you already said that … the past million times.”
“i mean it,” he whispers, eyebrows furrowing sadly. he wishes he could see your face.
“and how is this different than the other times,” you sigh out, probably exhausted of his apologies and empty promises.
“you could leave,” he croaks, attempting to keep the air between you quiet. “it never occurred to me until tonight that you can walk out that door and never have to deal with me again.”
you pause your moments craning your neck around but it’s too dark to see. so, you turn over, now facing the ceiling. oikawa follows suit and lays on his back, only moving his head to the side to face your side profile.
“i’d deserve it,” he continues, playing with the sheets between his fingertips. “i’ve been nothing but neglectful and haphazard with you, unknowing to the consequences for my actions. and for that, i’m sorry.”
“your words mean nothing, though,” you mumble. “after so many apologies, how can i just trust you this time?”
you’ve been so hurt, so tired of being hurt by him, you can’t believe his words.
oikawa nibbles his lip, in attempt to keep it from trembling and quickly clutches your hand with his.
“i’ll make you trust me again. there won’t be a doubt in your mind about how much i care for you.”
he doesn’t know how long you two stay like that, his hand holding yours. oikawa is just about to say goodnight (with another apology probably) and take his hand from yours to allow you back into a comfortable position, when you squeeze his hand and intertwine your fingers.
Tumblr media
the next morning, you wake up in an empty bed. with furrowed brows, you sit up, glancing around the room in search of any remnants of your boyfriend; his closet door was open, volleyball bag hanging on the hook on the inner side of the door, signaling he must be home.
it isn’t until you peel the covers off you and slide into your slippers when you hear the distant sound of clanking pans from inside the kitchen. opening the door of your bedroom, you cross your arms in attempt to keep warm as the morning chill sends goosebumps scattering along your skin.
your feet pad toward the kitchen, now following the smell of … pancakes? eggs?
“oh, you’re awake,” ushijima announces as he sees you step into the kitchen, taking note of your confused expression. whether it’s from the morning deliriousness or the fact that he’s cooking breakfast, he can’t tell.
“don’t you have practice?” you rasp, morning voice lining your tone. you clear your throat and continue, “it’s nearly ten.”
ushijima turns away from you, looking back down at the skillet in front of him. “no practice today.”
the air is cold between the two of you. not only is it from the weather as winter creeps closer, but the silence, too.
“i told them i couldn’t come in.”
you nod slowly at that. “are you feeling alright, toshi? you don’t have a fever, do you?”
ushijima shakes his head firmly. “no, but i’m not alright either.” he pauses his stare at the skillet in front of him to turn to you with sad, droopy eyes. “i’m sorry i forgot about last night.”
“oh.” you’re slightly taken aback by his expression. “it’s alright, tosh, you had practice-”
“i stayed late,” he mumbles quietly, lifting the fried eggs from the skillet with a spatula and places them on a plate. shutting the stove off, he turns around fully, leaning against the counter with arms crossed. “i wanted to get a few more serves in and i forgot about our date.”
his words, truthful as they are, twist your heart uncomfortable. that’s something you could always count ushijima for: honesty.
he looks over at you with his lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed. “how long did you wait for?”
“until they kicked me out,” you murmur your reply, twisting your arms behind your back.
ushijima sighs, lifting himself from leaning against the counter. “y/n, i’m so sorry. it won’t happen again.”
“okay, toshi.” you muster up a smile, gulping down the lump in your throat.
when he reaches you, he takes a side of your face in one of his large palms. he looks between your eyes, searching them and when he finds doubt, the crease between his eyebrows deepen. “you don’t believe me.”
“it’s not that,” you sigh, averting your gaze from his. “volleyball has been your number one priority since we met, and i love that! i love that you’re so passionate about something … it just…” you trail off, not knowing how to form your next words.
it hurts knowing i’m second to your career.
ushijima reads your expression clear as day. “i shouldn’t have made you feel this way,” he murmurs, mostly to himself, as he takes in your averted eyes and knitted eyebrows. “volleyball is my career,” he says firmly, “but you’re my priority. i’m sorry i haven’t expressed that as i should’ve.”
“you don’t have to say that-”
“i mean it. and i’ll prove it to you.”
Tumblr media
the soft thuds against your bedroom door make you look up from the book in your lap. you hadn’t read much of it, the event that occurred a few hours prior plaguing your mind instead.
“come in.”
the door opens a few inches, just to allow atsumu to slip inside and shut the door closed behind him. he wears a deep frown on his usual confident-looking face as he stares longingly at you.
you notice he’s changed his clothes; where previously he was wearing a pair of joggers and an athletic jacket, he’s wearing jeans and a jacket better suited for the cold weather outside. you presume that he managed to snag the outfit form your shared closet when you slipped into the bathroom for a shower about an hour prior.
“i’m sorry,” he murmurs, looking down.
“okay, atsumu,” you sigh, returning your attention back to the book in between your hands, fingers carding through a page as you attempt to reread the section for about the nth time.
he gnaws on his lower lip, keeping his eyes trained on you, waiting for the possibility that you flit your eyes up to meet his once more; maybe with that adoring gleam they always have around him.
yeah, he doesn’t think he’ll be seeing that tonight.
“i really mean it,” he announces, jutting his chin up. “what i said, how i acted, i shouldn’t have done that.”
“mm,” you hum, nodding in agreement, eyes never leaving the beige pages of the book.
huffing slightly, atsumu shuffles out of the room, leaving the door opened behind him. you’re about to call out that you much preferred it being closed but atsumu soon returns with a plastic bag in hand.
“you did eat, right?” he asks tentatively, walking closer to your shared bed. he recalls your words a few hours prior but he isn’t sure if they were just a jab in retaliation of what he’d asked you to do for him.
“yes, i ate.” your tone is clipped, making atsumu flinch slightly but slumping his shoulders he holds out his arm, gently urging your to take a peak.
“well, ‘m assuming you didn’t have any dessert so…” he shakes the bag when you don’t look inside immediately.
curiosity getting the better of you, you straighten yourself up and lean over, not before scowling at the man – he has to know you’re still not pleased with him. you use a finger to pull the bag toward you, giving you more view of the contents inside,
“ice cream?”
the man bashfully brings a hand behind his neck to rub at. “i wanted to get’ya a cake but all the bakeries are closed. i had to head to the convenience store on the corner instead.”
you don’t speak as he takes out the mini tub of ice cream and spoon, placing it in front of you on the bed. with a pressed frown, rocks on his heels.
“i’ve been a shit boyfriend lately,” he declares with a look of regret. “i’ve been an ass and you don’t deserve that. all you’ve done is be supportive of me and my career and i’ve done nothing to give you the same love back. for that, i’m sorry. i’m not asking for your forgiveness now, but i’ll make it up to you, baby, i promise.”
you stay silent for a moment as atsumu searches your face, as if a look or a twitch of your lips could tell him exactly what you’re thinking. he thinks you’ll stay silent for the rest of them, stewing with his words.
instead, you pick up the ice cream, peeling off the cover and holding it out for him, as if to share. “you got another spoon?”
and atsumu’s heartbeat relaxes and the ghost of a smile reaches his lips as he takes a seat beside you on the bed, digging into the bag for an extra spoon.
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hajiberry · a month ago
Tumblr media
a/n: this is extremely self indulgent! schools been insane right now and hopefully i’ll be able to write write soon!<3
Tumblr media
iwa- “Hey, I know you’re like swamped right now but I was thinking about you and just wanted to see if you’d like to get dinner tomorrow night. We could do something chill if you’ve got a lot of work or something but yeah let me know. love you.”
kenma- “Uh I was just calling cause we haven’t talked in a while and just wanted to make sure everything’s okay. I know you’re busy but just checking in on you, so call me back or come over when you get this.”
suga- “Heey, I know you had that exam today so was just checking to see if you’d wanna do something tonight. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever, I mean I know you’re super busy not complaining I mean I kinda am but just cause I miss you but uh yeah just let me know.”
oikawa- “Today marks day 5,876 that I haven’t seen your face and I think I’m going through some serious withdraws. Like I even started watching that boring show you like because that’s how much I miss you and the stuff you make me do. So whenever you can grace me with your presence please let me know and I’ll be over in like two seconds.”
kuroo- “Okay before I complain about how much I miss you I’m gonna start with I know you’re busy and working extremely hard and I’m super proud of you. But I am dying a little inside as another goes by that I haven’t gotten to see you for more than 2 seconds on campus. Does that make me a selfish man? Maybe but I can admit that and admit that I really miss you so I’m bringing dinner over tonight and we can study together.”
akaashi- “Hi, I was just calling to see if you’re busy this evening. I know you’ve been really busy lately and I feel like we haven’t seen each other in a while so was thinking we could do dinner and a movie tonight if you’re free. If you’re busy just let me know when you’re free cause I miss you.”
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alioszas · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lots of oikawas because I wanted to practice drawing him (and his stupid hair)
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0103s · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
only you, darling, only you.
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il4ngs · 5 months ago
𝗰𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗺𝗮s icons !! 🎄 (Haikyuu)
Credits: gaysony24 on twitter :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
୧ ׅ𖥔 ۫ ♡ or reblog if you use <3
  ֗   ִ  ۫   🎄ˑ   ᳝ ࣪  𓄹 ⊹   ᳝🎁 ࣪⠀. 
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o2amu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
OIKAWA: after suddenly pressing a soft kiss on his lips, his eyes widen due to surprise but not even a split second goes by until he turns to you with smirk and urges for more. you roll your eyes and place a few more kisses on his cheek, topping it off with a light peck on his nose. his brows furrow and a pout forms on his pretty face. receiving a confused look from you, he decides to lean towards you himself and give you the extra kisses he actually wanted.
AKAASHI: you give him a quick peck on the cheek when you step into the bathroom while he’s brushing his teeth. he halts for half a second, then quickly bends over to rinse his mouth. as you’re about to walk out of the room with the towel you came in for, he grabs your wrist and spins you around to face him. he pulls you close and latches his lips onto your yours, noses brushing against each other, as he smiles into the kiss. you practically melt into his arms seeing his charming smile so close to your face and you can’t help but smile too.
SAKUSA: he just waits until you finish peppering his hand with pecks but smiles softly and watches you in admiration. ‘so cute’ he thinks. “your hands taste like alcohol.” you blurt, sticking your tongue out. he softly laughs, “it’s sanitizer baby.” an ‘oh’ escapes your lips then he grabs your hands, bringing it close to his face to place light kisses on your knuckles. the stop light finally turns green and he continues to hold the steering wheel with one hand, and one hand still intertwined with yours for the remainder of the car ride.
KUROO: he stops you midway and latches his lips onto yours, definitely catching you off guard. he deepens the kiss and you can’t help but melt into his soft touch. his arms wrapped around your waist and your arms locked around his neck. the intimate moment cutting short when the oven lets out a loud ding, reminding you of the dinner you were making about half an hour ago. you’re both startled at the sound but kuroo immediately shrugs it off and pulls you in again to continue what got interrupted.
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sunascumdoll · 8 months ago
omg i loved the pervert!iwa hc could you spare some pervert!oikawa thoughts please 🥺
back to pervert!hc masterlist
tw// filming, dry humping, pantyshots, implied exhibitionism, penetration, somnophilia, male masturbation
pervert!oikawa? oh ho ho ho. yes i can.
pervert!oikawa is a perv just like his best friend but much much worse. iwaizumi is secretive about it, but oikawa? he lets it be known.
pervert!oikawa takes panty shots all the time. he has no shame in lifting your skirt up and snapping a picture. he always comments on how cute your panties look though <3
pervert!oikawa loves watching you bend over, whether its to grab something or over a desk. he can’t help but groan at that sight and imagine you even lewder positions. pervert!oikawa has no control when he grabs onto your hips and forcibly grinds his growing bulge against your heated core. you just sound so pretty when you’re whining and telling him to stop.
sleepovers with pervert!oikawa? the first few times he’s on his best behavior. he’ll give you break this time. but the next time? oh no. sitting in your bathroom jerking his precum coated cock isn’t enough for him. he wants more. so more is what he’s going to get. you’re sleeping so peacefully in your bed, your oversized shirt rising up to barely cover your thighs and tummy. the fabric of your panties cling to your pussy lips and oikawa can feel his mouth fill up with saliva. pervert!oikawa. can’t. control. himself.
somehow he finds his self between your legs, your panties pulled to the side, and his bare cock rubbing inbetween the lips of your cunt. he lets out the prettiest moans, hissing when the slit of his cock head brushes against your swollen clit. ‘i wont put it in. i won’t put it in.’ repeats in his head over and over. ‘then again.. the tip wouldn’t hurt.’
the tip turns to an inch, then another, until he’s bottoming out and fucking into you mercilessly. your soft snores switch to high pitched whines and moans as pervert!oikawa holds your legs open. your eyes squint when a sudden bright light illuminates the dark room. it’s a phone, his phone. and it’s aimed right where the two of you are connected.
he’s recording every second if his thick cock splitting you open. he has to. how else is he going to show his best friend how well you can take dick?
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aikk00 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I swear I didn't mean for this to look like some sort of otome game. My sister pointed it out, and I went with it 😰
Here's one without bg though
Tumblr media
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iwaoiincorrectquotes · a day ago
iwaizumi: truth or dare?
oikawa: truth.
iwaizumi: how many hours have you slept this week?
oikawa: dare.
iwaizumi: go the fuck to sleep.
oikawa: i don’t like this game.
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k0shii · 5 months ago
When you rub off their kiss
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ including: Tsukishima, Osamu, Oikawa
genre: fluff, crack, a hint of suggestion in Tsukishimas
warnings: none
next song
you were studying with samu when you felt him press a kiss to your cheek, nonchalantly you wiped it off with no hesitation curious to what he might do. He looked at you as if you had insulted him, so he kissed you again. To no avail you wiped it off again. "Did I do sumthing?" you held back a smile as you felt him pull you into his chest, his strong arms wrapping around your torso. "No." You answered bluntly, only to receive a kiss to your shoulder this time. "Then stop wiping off my kisses." You then burst into a fit of laughter when you heard the whininess in his voice. "Your adorable samu, it was just a prank." He sucked his teeth before pressing a long kiss to your cheek again. "Do that again and I won't make you onigiri anymore."
Tooru looked at you with such betrayal in his eyes, and slight pettiness."Why would you do that princess? Don't you love my kisses?" Staying silent you continued scrolling on your phone, leaving the setter neglected and upset. He 'hmped' and kissed you again this time on the lips. Blush dusted your cheeks, but you still wiped it off with your forearm.
"Alright, what did I do? There has to be some reason as to why your not returning my kisses." You rolled your eyes snickering before kissing his nose, "It was a prank oiks, and you're clingy as hell."
"Thats not what you said last night-"
"Shut up."
Kei scoffed when you rubbed off his kiss, "Fine then don't expect to get any more for the rest of the week." Noticing you didn't do your usual beg for him to reconsider the harsh punishment, he reluctantly rested his chin on your shoulder. "Did I do something wrong? Or are you just being a brat." You hid a smile as you remained silent, "Judging by your silence I guess your being a brat, guess I'll just have to get an answer out of you."
You felt him move your hair aside and press a kiss to a soft spot on your neck, biting your lip you held back a sigh of pleasure. "F-fine damn, it was prank calm down." You mumbled, making him suck his teeth. "God your annoying."
"You love me though."
"Don't be smug just because your right, brat."
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lunaevangeline · 23 days ago
First Morning
warning: Oikawa x fem!reader, implied first-time sex, suggestive. mdni.
Tumblr media
Your eyes flutter open from the light stimulus. You glance at the clock, it's still 6 am in the morning when the sun rays breach your sheer curtain hesitantly. Beside you, there's a man, sleeping soundly with a naked torso exposed right in front of you.
It isn't fair how his sleeping face still looks so gorgeous with messy hair and a careless pose. His hands are still hanging loosely, circling around your figure. His disheveled mane looks so fluffy with an angelic face on display - even though last night at some point he was being a menace. He looks really calm while sleeping. Especially today, looks like he's on cloud nine, having the sweetest dream in his life.
You did it. You finally did it. Even the thought of it makes your cheeks grow warm. It was your first time to share such an intimate activity, being totally vulnerable on your lily-white mattress. His fingertips have grazed all over your body and his lips burned all the way from your jawline to your core. All you can remember are his exclamations of love and your voices chanting his name.
Oh crap, you become overheated again from recalling last night.
"Good morning, my love."
He calls you with a hoarse voice. You almost jolt because you fail to notice that his peaceful pace had quickened to a normal heart rate. His eyes are half-open, a crook lazy smile plastered on his face and there's sleepiness lingering from the corner of his eyes. You tuck up the duvet as a reflex to cover your bareness.
Seeing your reaction, he lets out a small chuckle. Delicately, he pulls you closer by your waist, your cheek meeting his sternum.
"I've seen all of you, you know?" he snickers.
You hum, "I know." Gaining your composure, you try not to shy away from his touch.
His hand plays with the strands of your hair, engulfing the flowery scent of your shampoo.
"Hey, was it too much for you?" he whisper.
You shake your head, hand tracing a circle on the position where his heartbeat lies, admiring his life form and his hard work on his tone. You can't lie there's an unfamiliar feeling in between your thighs, but your heart is full with a warm fuzzy feeling and that's enough.
"No, it was good. How about you Tooru-"
"Was it okay?"
There's hesitation in your tone.
"Very. I already crave for you-"
He cups your cheek with his palm, caressing it with the pad of his thumb.
"I can't get enough of you." A soft kiss lands on your temple.
You giggle, feeling reassured, "Safe your energy for today's training."
"But I still have much you know?"
He sends you a mischievous grin, which you reply with a lenient punch on his chest.
Then both of you remain silent, appreciating the moment. You tuck his brown locks aside, revealing his endearing gaze. His brown orbs spark with your reflection in the center. Your finger ghosts his jawline, trailing down the mark you left on his collarbone last night.
His eyes stare in awe like you're holding millions of stars. But indeed you're made of stardust, there's nothing wrong about it. His lips parted as if he wanted to say something. But instead, he closes away the gap, taking your breath as his soft lips meet yours. Your mounds brush against his bare chest, heartbeat turning in sync. Hands reaching his soft locks as your legs entangling with his under the duvet.
Your mind becomes hazy, hypnotized by his touch. He smiles against your lips before breaking the kiss. He nestles his head on the crook of your neck. His warm breath tickles you down to your spine, as he places a few butterfly kisses on the conjunction of your neck and collarbone.
"I'm so glad that I can finally call you mine."
"Thank you for letting me love you."
You reciprocate his words with a smile.
"No, thank you."
"I love you too"
taglist: @hyeque @passionateuchiha @crystal-lilac @ohtobiors @sabyss @miya-dynasty @oikawas-milk-bread @wolffmaiden @wayyen @justheretoaskandread @filledasaf @momochimo @simpforerenn @sweetkoshi @suckerforsugawara
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misss-chrisss · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: sugar daddy! Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Oikawa x fem reader
cw: dom! x sub! reader, brat tamer in Iwaizumi’s fingering, clit slapping, mutual masturbation (m+f), exhibitionism, pillow tribbing, nipple play, use of video, daddy kink in kuroo's, implied age gap (hq guys are late 30’s-early 40’s; reader is mid 20’s)
tags: @dejwrites @gabzlovesu @nanaminshousewife @angwritez @aylablack15 (if you wanna be added, just send me an ask)
part 2
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy!Iwaizumi loves when you throw tantrums. He finds it all the most alluring, fueling the dominance within his veins. Either it’s Every bit of attitude, pout, and sass you give him, he absorbs it, keeping careful count of each occurrence.
Unbeknownst to you, Iwaizumi finds such joy in your little tantrums, the heel of your pearly white stilettos piercing into the flooring of the store when he denies you of that purse you need —oh so— much. He chuckles intently, guiding his pouty princess back out to the car with the driver waiting patiently.
He gives you a few minutes to calm down, soothing you with soft pecks along the crook of your neck. He knows exactly what gets your legs spreading and those hips bucking in the air. His girthy digits drift down to your panties, ripping the gossamer material to the side. Iwaizumi toys with your clit for a while, sighing at how easily the tender bud slips against his calloused pads. It’s satisfying to the both of you, giving birth to the arousal brewing at the pit of your belly.
“Such a mess you’re making on my fingers. So fucking cute,” he grins, teasing the slit of your cunt with pulsing fingers. Just when you prepare yourself mentally for the delicious stretch, an abrupt jab of pain distracts you.
All that you could do was allow a whimper to fly from out your lips, the slap immediately cause a stinging reaction. Your eyes flutter open, peering down at Iwaizumi’s hand reeling back to land another slap, the palm of his hand glimmering in your slick. Iwaizumi kept his lips at your ear, his warm breath nipping at the shell.
“Don’t you ever embarrass me in public like that again, or else I’ll fuck the reminder into that thick skull of yours.”
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy!Kuroo loves when you call his name. He swears it fills his stomach with innocent butterflies, hearing his bubbly muse coo out his name.
It’s a cute purr, flows right off your tongue, and ends in a smile that could make Kuroo empty out his bank account right in that moment. He likes to play dumb sometimes, claiming his hearing fades in and out from time to time. Kuroo always stands tall and giddy with perked ears, waiting for you to repeat yourself.
Kuroo especially loves when you call out to him for his services, ranging in a multitude of forms. His favorite one, of course, is when your orgasm hinges at the tips of your freshly manicured toes, the nerves prickling at the surface of your supple skin.
With his cock buried so deep inside your—his—cunt, it drags along your walls with such intensity. But Kuroo doesn’t dare to increase the pace, his hips lagging at a languid drive. Not as it even matters, even without using a pummelling force Kuroo still managed to have your body on edge.
“Aww, what’s wrong, Angelface? Use your words, what do you want from me?” He’ll taunt, using those thick fingers of his to squeeze your cheek together, forcing out a wet pucker from you drooling lips. It’s all just overwhelming, the heat of the room, his hunkering frame shadowing above your own. Your thoughts weren’t your own, only scraps compiled to filled your mush turned brain.
Your hands claw at his forearm, yet proving his resolve to be stronger than your own. It wasn’t your fault, it was Kuroo’s stubborn ego, acting as the driving effort to see that his needs are met. Kuroo lays a trail of pecks up to your neck, lingering along your jawline and ending at your cheek, each one dressed with apathy. His words are just teasing, the only solace being his hitching pants warming the shell of your ear as he spoke smugly.
“Say it with me now, Te-tsu-rou. C’mon Baby, say it for Daddy. Tell me just how bad you wanna cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
Sugar Daddy! Oikawa loves when you send him pictures. It’s a boost of confidence, sending the man photos whenever you decide to frilly yourself up for the day. Even if it’s just running to the store, Oikawa wants it all. He loves to have a collection of his precious baby looking her best, making up for all the times he couldn’t join you.
Whether he’s away for work or tucked away in a stuffy hotel room, he’s swiping through his file of photos reserved just for you and that gorgeous smile. Yet when it’s the ungodly hours of the night, he’s upping his game from pictures to full blown videos, even video-calls to please his fancy.
Each one of these calls consist of you, dollied up and dressed in his favorite set of lingerie. It barely leaves anything to his imagination, aiding the growing impatience that comes with age. All he ever has is one request from you, quite simple as well.
All Oikawa wants is your pleasure, even from hundreds of miles away.
So you follow his request to the “T”, propping the front camera of your phone against the headboard of your bed, leaving nothing but you and his pillow on the bed. Your inner thighs scrape along the plush fabric towards your body, your hips rutting into the cotton.
You knew that keeping a constant pace was key to your impending high, the soft moans flowing from your mouth like a crystal clear stream of the purest water. One hand kept at your breasts, rolling the hardening buds to their peaks. Oikawa had his sights pinned on you, watching your desperate search for a climax unfold before him.
“Feels good, right Princess?” He’ll ask with a heavy chest, Oikawa wincing at how rough the palm of his hand was. It was nothing like your touch, the plush skin of your digits that would struggle to hold his length. He was struck by an off sense of nostalgia, memories of his salacious youth being re-lived with each uncaring stroke of his fist.
Just to even come close to your touch, Oikawa removed bits of his barreling strength, the pad of his thumb swiping at the blushing head of his dribbling cock. He bit his lip greedily, his ears piqued for your reply.
You hum in response, clutching at the mass in between your fist. It did feel nice, working yourself into an orgasm through the rolls of your hips. The satin pillowcase dragged along your clit, taunting the sensitive bud with its smooth material. You buried your cunt deeper into the pillow, searching for some form of friction to throw you down the spiral of hysteria.
“I-I’m so close, wanna cum with you, ‘Ru,” you mewled out, increasing your mere nudges to erratic grindings of desire. Oikawa could only growl in return, the frustration of his inadequate touch pitting him against time.
He tossed his head back, the apple of his throat rising and falling at staggering paces. At the final moments of his stability, Oikawa groaned out his final request of the night, something you couldn’t attempt to defy.
“Cum for me, Pretty. You better make a fucking mess for me to come back to, got it?”
Tumblr media
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theglitterypages · 6 months ago
Accidental Confessions of Haikyuu Boys!
Feauturing Kuro Tetsuro, Oikawa Toru, Kageyama Tobio, Miya Osamu, Bokuto Koutaro Iwaizumi Hajims
x fem! Reader
Kuro Tetsuro
Tumblr media
Oikawa Toru
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu
Tumblr media
Bokuto Koutaro
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
Tumblr media
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stuff-and-fluffs · a month ago
Tumblr media
you don’t see the appeal he says he sees in it, but then again, it might just be because you’re biased. oikawa has this weird habit of laying on top of you and squishing you with his weight. you’re reading a book on your bed? he’s on your lap. you’re on your stomach, watching something on your laptop? he’ll just fall onto your back with all of his weight. he claims he finds it therapeutic after you scold him for causing you to spill some of your popcorn after he suddenly plops himself onto your chest. all you can do afterwards is just bear with it and run your fingers through his soft brown hair, because if you don’t, you’re gonna have to deal with a whiny little baby.
Tumblr media
please do not plagiarize!
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*Dying in a Hole*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Okay so I needed to write some angst, so here we go. FT: Oikawa, Iwaizumi ( I may do more if you like! ) Ivory's Note: I have been obsessed with angst lately, so I made some! part 2 - part 3
Oikawa: Cheating.
He is constantly surrounded by people who were far too tempting. And honestly, it would take too much energy to stay loyal to you. SO he did it, but he did not think he would regret it so much. He came home, and slowly everything you did pulled at his heart strings much more than before. He realised that he took everything you did for granted. He never considered everything you did so special to him, but now he knows that you are the only version of you and the girl he slept with was nothing like you, and it repulsed him. He became distant, and beat himself up over the huge mistake he made. And eventually he came clean and had to watch as the hearts in your eyes shatter and fall into a pit in your stomach. He begged and pleaded for you to stay, but in the end it was far too tempting to leave and bring him even a fraction of the pain he brought you.
Iwaizumi: Insecurities
It was a well known fact that Hajime was unfiltered, and you loved his honesty. However you did not appreciate it as much when it was about your body and your habits. He was kind and sweet yes, but he was brutally honest. If a dress wasn't flattering enough, he would point it out. If that shirt looked ugly to him he would again, point it out without hesitation. It became too much, and you told him, over and over again but he always brushed it off saying it was best for you. Never again, he promised. But even as you were walking out the door he pointed it out that you, weren't good enough for him. And you snapped. You slapped him and screamed at him and watch through stinging tears as his face turned to shock, understanding and finally to guilt.
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sweetdreamlandstuff · 4 months ago
Their favorite body part to watch while having sex
NSFW / Minors don't interact / time-skip characters obviously / female reader
Tumblr media
Your lips. He loves paying attention to your lips, they are so soft and kissable. His thumb always grazes over your bottom lip, eyes fixed on your parted lips. He’ll explore your mouth with his finger, his calloused fingertip sliding over your tongue. He will get hard instantly when you close your lips around him, sucking on his fingers while your tongue circles around his finger slowly. He adores rubbing his throbbing dick over your plush lips before they close around him.
-> Suna, Kuroo
Your eyes. This man loves staring into your eyes. They always show him how good he makes you feel. He adores it when they roll back into your head, when he hits your spot just right. He longs to see the emotions in your eyes when you cum. He always makes sure to urge you to keep your eyes open for him, his stare fixed on you when he makes you come undone. He adores it when you look up at him when your mouth is wrapped around his cock.
-> Akaashi, Daichi
Your ass. He adores spanking your ass, seeing your cheeks jiggle. Loves watching you bounce on him, his hands gripping the meat of your ass to thrust deeper into you. Just adores having his large hands grab onto you firmly. He loves rubbing over the reddened skin softly when he spanked you a few times. This man can’t get enough of you pressing your ass up against his hardened cock, grinding teasingly. If you stick up your ass for him, letting him hit from behind, he feels like he is in heaven; your pussy spasming around him and your beautiful ass jiggling more with every hard thrust.
-> Bokuto, Osamu
Your hands. He admires watching your hands, feeling them traveling over his muscular abdomen, trailing teasingly over his chiseled abs. When they wrap around his large cock, he can’t take his eyes off them. He observes how big he looks compared to your dainty hands when they are wrapped firmly around him. He is fond of pinning you down by your wrists, while hovering above you or while he fucks you from behind. He adores when your nails scrape down his back, leaving long red marks in their wake.
-> Ushijima, Kageyama
Your breasts. He adores your tits. His large hands are always longing to knead them while his thumbs circle your nipples teasingly. They are like a magnet, drawing his hands to cup them. He desires to watch them bounce up and down, when you are riding him. His eyes never miss how your nipples get erect, standing perky on your tits. He is fond of sucking softly on your nipples, his tongue circling them playfully.
-> Nishinoya, Kenma
Your pussy. Straight to the point. He just loves to admire your pussy when he fucks you. He gazes at the way his large dick pushes in and out of you, your walls surrounding him so perfectly. Your pussy is flawless, you always take him so well, you’re always so wet for him. He never misses to observe how your pussy grabs him, your walls spasming and clenching around him. He cherishes fingering you while his head lays on your thigh, so he can gaze at his large fingers curling inside of you.
-> Oikawa, Ukai
Your neck. He is the one who leaves hickeys on it, because he adores marking you as his. His lips just automatically gravitate to the soft skin on your neck, nibbling and sucking admiringly. He adores nuzzling into your neck, his lips breathing moans into your skin. He loves watching you as you throw your head back as you bounce on him, neck exposed to him. For him it’s a sign of trust and vulnerability. This man likes to wrap his hand around your throat and seeing the look of submission in your eyes.
-> Atsumu, Iwaizumi
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