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#haikyuu osamu
shoyotime · 22 days ago
pretending to sleep in front of them
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, bokuto, tsukishima, osamu
genre : fluff, minimal humor
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : the post is queued along with the timed reblogs. even though it's proofread, please excuse the mistakes. do comment / send an ask, if you find any !
Tumblr media
— oikawa
he went to take a shower when you randomly decided to pull this prank but unfortunately, it was hard to deceive him. the bathroom's door opened, your body stiffens as you squint your eyes harder and try your best not to laugh, oblivious of the smirk on his lips. his phone rang — it was a spam call — and after declining it, oikawa decided to use it against you. "hey baby," and you're gone. baby? he has someone else? you could've dropped the prank but decided to proceed, thinking it'd be a better option. "they're sleeping so of course, we can meet now. i'll be there soon." the sound of door closing reached your ears and suddenly, the prank's long forgotten. you felt your heart sink in when your eyes land on oikawa's shit eating grin. "good morning, angel." it didn't take you long to interpret that it was all a lie. "i hate you, 'ru." — "aw, come on, don't be like this."
— bokuto
just something about watching you sleep gives him butterflies. no, it's not creepy — at least to him, it isn't. so when he entered your shared bedroom, watching you fast asleep was the sight for his eyes. he didn't wait a second before sliding next to you, a goofy smile dancing on his face. "do you know you look beautiful, baby? how did i even end up being loved by someone as wonderful as you? i'm the luckiest man on— hEY, are you smiling?!" how could you not? you never expected those words. it wasn't your first time receiving compliments from bokuto but being complimented while sleeping? you didn't know if he did that every time but just thinking about it made you giddy. "kou!" you cooed, throwing your arms towards him while burying your face in his chest. "i love you." you felt him smile as he planted a soft kiss on your cheeks. "was that a prank?" — "hm, maybe." — "well if you want to sleep that much," he pulled you closer to himself, giggling as he smothered your face with kisses. "we can just cuddle and spend the noon sleeping." now, how could you refuse that offer?
— tsukishima
tsuki wasn't a stranger to pranks when it came to you. you pulled pranks every other day and as silly as that sounds, he loved seeing the precious smile on your face whenever he end up being fooled ( even though most of the times, it was deliberate ) however, this time, tsukishima decided take a shot at pranking and coming home to see you sleeping when you talked to him barely 5 minutes ago was the perfect moment. "hello, tadashi? please give the movie tickets to someone else, we won't be able to come. y/n's sleeping." just hearing the word movie and tickets in same sentence made you drop the plans and sprint to your boyfriend who was busy cancelling plans in the living room. "no no no, kei, what! i'm awake— tadashi please don't give the—" and you were cut of by tsukishima's confused gaze before he got back to yamaguchi. "no, they deserve a nice sleep. i'm not waking them up." — "but i just heard their voice." yamaguchi said from the other side of the line. "yeah, sometimes i hear their voice too." — "kei!" he ignored you, hanging up and walking away as if you weren't standing in front of him. "tsukishima kei!" — "i'm sorry!"
— osamu
tbh it was the first prank you were pulling on him, considering how you just got together recently. just as always, he was trying a new recipe, getting the plates ready to offer you to taste them for the first time, only to realize that you had fallen asleep on the couch. "alright, darling, let's get you to bed." he lifted you up, taking you to bed, planting a soft kiss on your forehead before proceeding to dial someone. "hey, stinky," it was atsumu. "wanna try a new dish i made?" it wasn't unusual for atsumu to taste samu's dishes, he was more than glad, despite his constant complaints about how he might get severely sick. but just hearing that you won't get you taste his dish was enough to abort the mission. "samu," you might've just freaked him out the way you sat up straight, calling him in the most monotonic voice. "i thought you were sleeping." — "the food. i wanna try." you pouted, making him smile as he sat in front of you, cupping your cheeks. "of course, baby, i'll get it." — "what about tsumu?" — "he has been replaced."
Tumblr media
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volleychumps · 2 months ago
Heyy! Can you do one where Osamu, kuroo, akaashi and Tsukishima, say something mean to their s/o and their s/o avoids them for days? When they finally get ahold of their s/o, their s/o just sorta cries because it hit their insecure spot? Fluff in the end🥺
Listen, I can’t not write this. 
Irrevocable Words. 
- the one in which they accidentally make you give them the silent treatment because of their lashing out. -
~ Osamu Miya, Kuroo Tetsurou, Akaashi Keiji, and Tsukishima Kei~ 
TW: Cursing, angst to fluff, timeskip! for Osamu, 
Osamu Miya
“Those are important files, ya know?” 
“Samu, I’m sorry. You should’ve told me you needed last month’s earnings and I would’ve looked for them before we came this morning.” The hand you tried to settle onto Osamu’s bicep was shaken off as your movements faltered. 
Your voice wobbled at the sight of your stoic fiance, an annoyed glint in his eye as he rummages through his files. Osamu felt a flare in his stomach, a lack of sleep contributing to his impatient state. The day had been a busy one, Osamu deciding that he needed this particular file for his business call tomorrow before the two of you headed home for the night. 
“I told ya not to move anything back to the place.”
“I didn’t.” You bit the inside of your cheek. “Here, just let me help-” 
“Don’t touch a goddamn thing, I’ll do it myself.” There it was. The lashing out that was bound to happen occurred with a pointed tongue as he refused to look at you, rummaging through his file cabinets. “As I do everything else.” 
He closes the cabinet sharply. “The least ya could do is try your best not to be a nuisance-” 
Osamu flinches at the slam of one of the office desk drawers, chest sinking when he sees the tears threatening to spill from your eyes. The paper he needed is thrown on the desk carelessly as you shove your jacket on, wetness slipping down your cheeks.
“And I’m not your goddamn secretary. I’m heading home first.” 
“And don’t worry, I promise I’ll manage to do this by myself somehow.” Your voice cracks bitterly, the bell by the door jingling mockingly in Osamu’s ears as you exit, the chef hanging his head with a sigh and regret tinging his chest.
He was wrong to pray this would blow over, not expecting to wake without your warmth by his side. You avoided him on the way to the restaurant, cleaning quietly while giving vague answers to his questions, shifting out of his attempts to embrace you with apologies. 
Deciding to give you space, he softly tells you to take the next few days off, unprepared for the tired look you had given him, simply nodding in response as you slipped into your side of the bed with your back turned to him.
“Where’s your pretty girlfriend?” 
“Fiance.” Osamu forces a smile at his two elderly regulars two days later, the wife’s smile widening at his correction. 
“Oho! Cherish each other while you youths still can, she really does brighten this place up, doesn’t she?” 
You do.
Osamu’s eyes feel hot as he does a messy job of cleaning up the restaurant, closing up shop early and stopping by your favorite bakery to pick up the ridiculously expensive cake he only ever buys for your birthday. 
Throwing the door open to your shared apartment hastily, you gasp at the gray-haired man’s sudden entry, dropping the spoon you were about to use to taste the dish you were making on the stove.
“Samu, y-you’re home early-” 
“What’s all this?” He tries to steady his breaths at the sight of a nicely prepared table, something you hardly ever got to share ever since the night shifts overtook your lives and caused a rift between the two of you. 
You’re silent for a second, looking away from his warm stare as you shift under his gaze. 
“...I miss you.” Dark eyes widen when you begin to hiccup over your words, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. “But I didn’t wanna be a nusciance-”
“Oh god, darlin’ no.” You’re pulled tightly into his chest as you cry, whole body shaking with tremors as Osamu’s inner turmoil merely increases.
If Osamu could go back in time and punch himself he would, unknowing of the torment he caused you over the past few days, thinking you just needed space. 
“I want to marry ya Y/N, I’m so sorry.” 
“I love you so much Samu.” You sniffle into his chest, causing him to smile softly, a hand sifting through your hair to hold you tighter to him. 
“I brought cake.” 
You laugh through the onslaught of tears. 
“And I made dinner.” 
“Then what are we waitin’ for?” 
“Just hold me like this for awhile?”
“Y/N.” He kisses the top of your head, finally feeling at ease with your figure in his arms. Osamu whispers a confession he hardly shared with you, wanting those words in particular to be special as he bridged the gap between the two of you.
“I love ya so much more, don’t you go forgettin’ it.”
Kuroo Tetsurou
“I said I was sorry!” 
“Is sorry supposed to just fix everything, Tetsurou?” 
“Tetsurou? Are you seriously withholding me from my nickname privileges?” 
You cross your arms at his attempt to make you laugh, thoroughly angry with the mess your boyfriend made of things as his smile fades at your peeved stare. 
“Look, what was I supposed to do?” 
“How about not leaving my parents waiting for you at the restaurant that you invited them to for another one of your spontaneous volleyball practices?” 
“I texted you I had to cancel!” 
“That was a half hour before we were supposed to meet, Kuroo! They were so excited to meet you they got there early. God, why can’t you ever take things seriously?” 
“You’re right.” A bitter chuckle slips Kuroo’s lips as you falter at the sudden tone change, the volleyball gym seeming bigger than ever as his next sentence makes your lips tremble.
“Since I can’t ever take things seriously, then I must not need my serious girlfriend then, right?” Your eyes widen. “I can just find somebody else who won’t fucking hound me all the time.”
His cat-like eyes widen as the words slip his tongue, unintentionally coming out crueler than he intended. To make it worse, you simply stayed silent, your body physically backing down and away from him as you turned on your heel. 
“Wait, I didn’t-” 
“Do it then.” His chest just about shatters as your shoulders tremble, refusing to turn back around as your voice takes on an uncharasterically defeated tone. “I hope they make you fucking happy.” 
Kuroo runs a hand through his raven hair frustratedly at the way you rushed out of the gym, throwing a stray ball so hard at the wall before his vision becomes skewed with heat. 
He should have expected the next week to be utter hell. You left class before he could catch you by escaping to the bathroom with all your things, leaving school another way instead of the exit you always took together before he had to start club activities. 
“Kenma, what are you doing?” 
“You can’t come in here.” 
“I’m missing class for this. Let me through.” 
“She doesn’t want to see you.” Kenma shrugged, eyes on his handheld. “I told her I’d watch the door so you can’t surprise her during our breaktime.” 
“I’m her boyfriend. And you’re not her guarddog.” 
“No, I’m her friend.” Kenma’s eyes narrow at his childhood friend. “And last time I checked, you’re on the search for someone who isn’t her.” 
“So she told you.” 
“Dick move, by the way.” 
Kuroo’s calls go straight to voicemail, his emotions affecting his playing with each passing day. He leaves little notes in your shoe locker to meet him, heart sinking more and more with every time you stood him up. 
And it wasn’t until he saw you smiling again at a joke Yaku made that he truly felt like he was losing you. 
“Go home.” 
The sight wasn’t one you were expecting to see, Kuroo sitting on the steps to your house with his hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets, the dark bags under his eyes sparking worry within you. 
“It’s probably better if my parents don’t see you-” 
“I’m sorry.” His eyes seem to have lost a little of their glint, regret swimming in the tall boy’s pupils as your guard softens. “I’m so goddamn sorry I ran my mouth and said shit I didn’t even mean-” 
“And I hurt you in the process. I hurt the one thing that matters to me the most, and I’m sitting here playing the creepy ex that stalks the girl he loves-” 
“You love me?”
“Doesn’t matter, does it? You’re done with me, and I deserve it-” 
He’s cut off with the sight of tears hitting the wood in front of him, lifting his head to see tears streaking down your cheeks. On instinct, he reaches out softly, rising to his feet to cup your cheek, astonished when you curl into his touch. 
“I’m so fucking mad at you right now.” 
“Noted.” Kuroo laughs somberly, a wave of emotion hitting him as you do something you hadn’t done in days. 
You look him in the eye, tugging him closer by the sides of his jacket. 
“But I love you too, you absolute idiot.” 
Kuroo grins into the kiss you press onto his lips, heart lifting in weight as he pulls you closer. 
“Does this mean we can go back to Tetsu?” 
“I’m going back to ignoring you-” 
“No.” Kuroo’s tone turns serious as he holds you a little tighter. “I can’t do that again.” 
You smile as he presses a kiss to your temple lovingly. 
“Being away from you was complete and utter hell, sweetheart.” 
Akaashi Keiji
“Tell me how to make this right.”
“Right, Y/N.” Akaashi refused to meet your eyes as he loosens his school tie, not slowing his pace for you to catch up with as he throws the doors open to the volleyball club. The usually put-together setter had an angry glint in his eye that silenced his awaiting teammates. “Let’s just go back in time before you agreed to be his partner.”
“Hey hey, what’s going on you two?” Bokuto jogs up, his worried tone making your lips tremble even more at the sight of Akaashi’s turned back.
“I came to you as soon as he made a move! I didn’t let him-”
“There shouldn’t have been an opportunity for him to make a move in the first place.” Akaashi’s jaw clenched as you shuffle in place.
“I didn’t do anything wrong, you think I wanted him to try to kiss me?!” You fight the waver in your voice, standing your ground. “It was a project for class. I didn’t know his intentions-“
“I told you what his intentions were, but you never listen.” Akaashi turns hastily, startling you and causing you to stumble slightly backwards into Bokuto.
“Stop defending her. She never listens to me, and then comes crying to me when it turns out I’m right.” Akaashi snips at his best friend, ignoring the silent stares from his quiet teammates. “Why can’t you get it through your head, Y/N? I’m not your goddamn babysitter-“
“You’re right.” You interrupt, fingernails biting into your palms as you choke back a sob. “You’re not, you’re my boyfriend. I just wanted to respect you by coming to you with something like this, but it turns out I’m just a hinderance.”
Akaashi falters for a second, blue eyes widening a fraction at the angry heat that fills your eyes as regret begins to bubble in his stomach at his harsh words.
“Give me some space, Keiji.” You say softly, patting Bokuto’s arm to let you through as your shoulders sink in a defeated manner. “I promise I won’t come crying to you about anything else.”
Your steps echo as you walk out of the gym, Konoha breaking the silence first when the door shuts behind you.
“Hate to say it, but that was well-deserved, man.”
Akaashi closes his eyes, head falling back towards the ceiling as he tries to steady his breathing, pretending like he wasn’t scared of you slipping through his fingers. He willed himself to not allow himself to chase after you, his anger directed towards you fading as he forces himself to respect your wishes. 
It was obvious you were avoiding him. Akaashi had blinked when Bokuto had self-proclaimed that he needed you as his “study buddy” during breaks when you weren’t even in the same year as the owlish boy. It got worse when you seemed to panic when Akaashi willed you to talk to him, eyes refusing to meet his watery blue ones as you pushed him further away.
So he gave you your space, wilting with each passing day. It wasn’t until he accidentally bumped into you a week later, the setter turning hastily on his heel to walk in the opposite direction before a soft tug on the back of his school shirt wills him to stop. 
“Keiji.” Your wobbly voice makes him turn back around immediately, a soft palm already cupping your cheek gently. “I’m s-” 
“I’m sorry for being cruel.” The words are whispered against your forehead, Akaashi’s heartstrings tugging in the worst way possible. “I was angry at the situation, my love. And that sorry excuse you call a classmate. Please,” 
His grip tightens just a little more as he feels wet warmth drip into the palm that was cupping your face.
“Forgive me.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t come crying to you-” 
“I want it all, Y/N.” Akaashi pulls back slightly, voice cracking slightly as blue stares intensely into your irises. “I want all of you. Tears included.”
You swat his chest playfully as Akaashi manages a soft smile, hand threaded through your hair as he presses you against his chest.
“Do you still need space?” He murmurs, and you smile at the sound of his hearbeat picking up as he awaited your answer fearfully. 
“Nope. The exact opposite, please hold me?” 
His embrace relaxes immediately, and your heart skips a beat at the sound of his relieved sigh, his slight nod making the weight lift off your chest. 
“Good, now I can take care of your classmate-” 
“Nope, my love.” He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, Akaashi’s eyes swirling with devotion. 
“No one gets to try anything with you so long as you’re safe with me.” 
Tsukishima Kei 
“So I’m the bad guy again.” 
“Do you want the honest answer, Kei?” You exhaustedly run a hand through your hair as Tsukishima’s scowl deepens, his long legs easily catching up with you in stride as he tugs on your wrist as the rambunctious court gets further and further away. 
“It’s not my fault you’re insecure.” 
You flinch. “Well maybe you shouldn’t let the girls in the stands cling to you after your matches. They were all over you, Tsukki! And you didn’t seem to mind it one bit.” 
“What?” Annoyance brims the blonde’s voice as he takes another step forward, clenching his jaw when he sees the quiver in your lip, distrust filling the atmosphere between the two of you. 
“Afraid that they’re prettier or better than you’ll ever be?” 
You feel as if the wind was knocked out of your lungs, breath catching in your throat at his insinuation. His guard slackens almost immediately, clicking his tongue before turning away, too proud to apologize for the words he regretted as soon as they slipped his tongue like venom. 
“Yeah.” You laugh humorlessly, making brown eyes dart over to your expression immediately. “You’re 100% correct. I am afraid you’ll find someone better than me in all aspects. Because I love you, you absolute asshole. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
The silence that befalls the two of you in the deserted hall is broken when you flinch away when Tsukishima tries to take a step towards you. 
“I didn’t-” 
“You never mean to do anything, Kei.” You say in a hushed tone, turning your back on him in an attempt to shield the hot tears slipping down your cheeks. “But you somehow always manage to.” 
The win for Karasuno didn’t mean much to the blonde that night, hoping that this would just go away and things would be back to normal. However, it was anything but. You didn’t look his way once in class, disappearing when it was over. Your voice trembled as you had avoided his seemingly stoic eyes through his frames, simply stating that you wished for some time away from him. 
He was fine. Or at least pretending to be on the outside. In truth, he would never find better, because you were it for him, words that you would never catch slipping his mouth. So he put on a front, pretending that your absence had zero effect on him whatsoever. Pretending the brush of your body against him in the hall as you pass each other didn’t make the blonde want to cave. 
It was the smile you shot at Hinata during one of your breaks that caused him to. The first glint in your eye in awhile, and it had been caused by him of all people, prompting the tall middle blocker to tug you by the forearm into the corridor.
“I hate this.” 
You falter for a second, guard back up in a flash as your back touches the wall. “What did I do?” 
“You didn’t do anything, and it’s pissing me off.” 
“I don’t follow-” 
“I was wrong.” His forehead touches your shoulder as you stiffen before relaxing against his familiar touch. “I don’t care how many times I have to apologize. You win, okay? I’m sorry.” 
“This is a rather aggressive apology-” 
“Y/N.” Tsukishima lifts his head so it’s level with your height, unprepared for the way tears brimmed your eyes at the proximity, your guard diminishing. 
“What if you do find someone better one day, Tsukki?” Your voice cracks, inner fears trickling to the surface. “Do I need to prepare myself to lose you-?” 
You gasp as Tsukishima’s jaw ticks before kissing you intensely, his hand touching your lower back to pull you closer. 
“No. You don’t need to do something stupid like that.” His eyes were slightly glaring at you, a flush across both his cheeks. “Because there is no one better than you, okay?” 
It was your turn for heat to flood your cheeks as your eyes widen a fraction, his breath tickling your ear as you stutter. “Kei-” 
“I love you too. I said it, are you satisfied now?”  
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ryoccoon · a month ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; the twins, suna & sakusa
upcoming ;
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Miya Twins: love Adidas, jogging shorts and joggers, block colored shirts (usually long and oversized), no patterns, big hoodies, very much airport vibes, Vans, Atsumu likes wearing his hood up, Osamu likes caps, 'Tsumu always wears lighter colors and has a collection of obnoxiously bright sweaters, 'Samu wears darker clothes, puffer jackets, is the more stylish twin ('Tsumu low-key got his fashion sense from him)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suna: always in black, sometimes grey and even rarer in red, wears anthing comfy, easy to slip on, big but never so oversized it drowns him, never picks "outfits" in a store and never willingly goes out shopping, simply picks out an item when it catches his eye or wears stuff his friends or family buy him, is surprisingly good at matching clothings items and making outfits out of what he's got in his closet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sakusa: one of the most stylish HQ boys, smart, expensive, always in black, only has like 2 colorful shirts at most, dress shoes, turtle necks, belts, long coats, straight legged pants, never in jeans, never wears sweats in public
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sunascumdoll · a month ago
pervert!osamu that is all
back to pervert!hc masterlist
Tumblr media
tw// DARK CONTENT. dubcon, power imbalance, blackmail, coercion, spanking, voyeurism, filming, throat fucking, male masturbation, dacryphilia, penetration.
just thinking about pervert!osamu has me screaming without the s, goodbye
pervert!osamu is so fucking mean. you recently started working at his restaurant. he knew you needed the extra money so he offered you a position, and it was a good way to be even closer to you. pervert!osamu gives you difficult/impossible tasks to complete, in hopes you mess up so he has a reason to punish you. he has you preparing food, attending to incoming customers, handling phone calls, AND cleaning.
he knows it's impossible to do that all at once, but he genuinely enjoys watching you run around the restaurant, trying your best to please him. but when expectations aren't met? tsk tsk. humiliation. he will bend you over the front counter, firmly pressing your chest against it, yank your pants down and spank you. he likes to listen to your cries and enjoys the way you tense whenever someone walks past the front door of his restaurant. you can only pray no one walks in on your boss discipling you
pervert!osamu has camera installed everywhere in his shop. you think they're just for security, to watch over the place. but he has them in unorthodox places. he has them in the break room, watching ever little move you make. but his favorite camera? is the camera he has installed in the employee bathroom. his cock twitches every time he sees you entering. he's laid back in his office chair, eyes glued to the computer screen that's playing the live footage of what's partaking in the bathroom. his hand is wrapped around his cock, thumbing rubbing over his leaking tip as he watches you in the bathroom.
pervert!osamu knows how bad you need this job, and knows you'll do anything to keep it. he'll call you into his office and talk about how your recent work has been piss poor. if you want to keep your job, you'll sit pretty on your knees in front of him. if you want another paycheck, you'll worship his cock. you look so pretty drooling on his cock, that's why he threatens you every week. he's not that mean though, he'll hold your hair back while you choke and gag on his shaft. <3
his favorite though? keeping you late at night to clean up the shop. pervert!osamu has you on your hands and knees, scrubbing the dirty floors all while he's behind you, driving his cock into your sloppy pussy. your body lunges forward with each snap of his hips. the sponge in your hand dripping soapy water from how hard you're squeezing it. heavy cum filled balls slap against your swollen pussy lips. he's brutal, takes his time to thoroughly fuck you. he won't stop until the floors are sparkly clean.. and that's why he aims to make your creamy pussy gush all over the floors.
Tumblr media
taglist: @shalnarkswhoree @ushijimasslut @kawaiikooki @fiona782 @yaqueerqueen @papitoshi @omiikeii @SATISFYINGLYBLUE @crapimahuman @shdwgarden @tirzamisu @booksweet @kisseswithkai @itsmeteiiteii @random-734 @matssuncxmslxt @tifhen @ryugamii
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aphroxditus · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏs ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪᴛᴄʜᴇɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʀᴀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴏɴɢ ᴛʜᴇʏ ɢᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜ
Tumblr media
ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: ᴍɪʏᴀ ᴏsᴀᴍᴜ | ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ ᴛᴇᴛsᴜʀᴏ̄
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢs: ᴏsᴀᴍᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ | sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ: ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴅᴏᴍ&sᴜʙ, sᴘᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ, ʜᴀɪʀ ᴘᴜʟʟɪɴɢ, ᴅᴀᴄʀʏᴘʜɪʟʟɪᴀ, ʙʀᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴏʀᴀʟ, ғᴀᴄᴇ ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ
Tumblr media
ᴍɪʏᴀ ᴏsᴀᴍᴜ
A small smirk was plastered on Osamu’s face as he leaned back against a counter, watching y/n make breakfast. On the other hand, y/n was pouting and flushed bright red while she fried eggs.
“Samu~ Can I at least put on some shorts or a skirt?”, she whined.
“Mmm how do ya expect daddy to see yer ass, darling?”, he chuckled.
You’re probably wondering how y/n got into this mess. Anyone can walk in and see that y/n was in a bra and thong, making breakfast, while Osamu hungrily watched. But oh no, he wasn’t hungry for the food. Oh dear no! It was for y/n. The way her hips swayed when she moved around the kitchen, with her tits bouncing ever so slightly. This was Osamu’s type of breakfast. The preparation of the food was merely useless to him. All this for him just because y/n was misbehaving last night. Getting to comfortable with his friends and flirting with them.
“Ah”, he interrupted. “This is yer punishment. Unless ya want a spanking?…”, he tilted his head and raised his brow, expecting an answer.
“No, this is okay…”, she mumbled.
“No who?”
“No daddy.”
“That’s my good girl”, he praised, making his way to her and slapping her ass, watching it jiggle.
Y/n let out a sharp yelp in shock. Placing his hands on either side of her, Osamu made sure her way of escape was blocked while he breathed down her neck. He placed small kisses on the back of her neck while he pressed his crotch up against her ass. Whimpering, y/n rubbed her ass against him, begging for friction.
“Mmmm, such a dirty slut aren’t you? I barely did anything and ya already want my cock deep inside that pretty cunt?”
“Samu~”, she whined, feeling his erect member poke at her ass.
“Ah ah ah, the egg will burn if ya don’t pay close attention. Don’t want that now, do we?”
His hands snaked up her body, stopping at her breasts and cupping it through the fabric. Hands shaking, y/n picked the pan up and slid the egg onto the plate, afraid she’d drop the pan.
“There we go~”, he slurred into her ear.
Trailing his big and calloused hand along her body, he hooked his fingers on her thong strap, pulling it down, leaving her ass and cunt exposed.
“Bend over well for daddy, yeah?”, he smirked, undoing the tie in his sweatpants.
Whimpering, y/n turned around and admired his length as she saw his sweatpants and boxers drop to the floor. His arms were bulky and veiny, his silver hair was messy and fluffy, strands falling over his eyes, giving him a soft look but nothing could make that expression on his face look innocent. A devilish smirk with hunger in his blue eyes.
Y/n leaned towards the counter, bending over to present her ass for Osamu. He groaned at the sight before him. Stroking her plush, he ran his fingers along, making y/n feel tingling sensations. He kicked her legs to the side to place them wide open.
“That’s it baby, wide open for daddy”, he slurred. “Such a dirty, dirty slut. Didn’t I fuck ya last night?”
Y/n felt herself dripping wet from all his dirty talk.
“P-please Samu”, she stuttered, unable to form sentences.
He gripped onto the sides of her ass and slipped inside her slowly. Wincing, y/n felt his thick length fill her up pretty quickly and she clenched slightly.
“Fuck, take it all in yeah?”
“Y-yes daddy”, she whimpered, tears pricking the corner of her eyes as he slipped further into her.
He slid out he began thrusting into her slowly, letting her adjust. Of course, he wouldn’t be that mean to her. She was punished well enough last night…
Y/n moaned softly in pleasure, feeling full from his cock. Osamu was continuing his thirsts but speeding up and grunting, trying to contain his composure but each second, it slipped and he groaned in a low voice. Soon, he was drilling into her and y/n kept jerking forward, her tits bouncing in each beat. He pulled out and slapped her ass, causing her to let out a cry. Biting his bottom lip, he watched it jiggle.
“Don’t raise yer voice at me bitch”, he hissed, grabbing onto the back of her neck and pulled her hair back. “Or I won’t let ya cum.”
“Y-yes daddy”, she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.
“So pretty when ya cry~”, he cooed. “So pathetic for me. My friends won’t make ya feel as good as I would.”
She nodded, whimpering. She wanted more. More.
To her luck, he began thrusting into her, hitting all her sweet spots. Feeling her legs buckle beneath her, she wondered how long it would take for her to collapse. Osamu’s hands kept her standing as he slammed into her, his tip hitting her cervix. A knot formed in her stomach and y/n moaned softly, feeling herself get to her high. Grunting, Osamu’s thrusts began getting sloppier and his cock twitched, indicating he was close to finishing too.
“M gonna cum inside your cute cunt, that okay princess?”
Nodding, y/n whined. “Y-yes please, c-cum inside me. W-want your babies.”
“Oh? Wanna be a mum now do ya?”, he darkly chuckled. “Gonna fill you up with my cum. Stuff you up real good.“
Groaning, he took one more strong thrust and released inside her. His hot liquids ran into her, painting her insides white. Before y/n could come, he pulled out, leaving that feeling in her stomach to shrink and disappear.
“Samu~”, she whimpered.
He let go and let her crumble to the floor.
“We aren’t done yet princess. Don’t worry your pretty little head”, he cooed, picking her up and threw her over his shoulder.
He smacked her ass, causing her to yelp. Walking into their bedroom, he had a smug look plastered onto his face.
Tumblr media
ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ ᴛᴇᴛsᴜʀᴏ̄
Giggling, y/n was excited as the front door creaked open, indicating Kuroo’s arrival back home from the store. She quickly put an apron on her to hide her front and rushed to the door to greet her boyfriend. She threw her hands over his neck and squealed.
“Hey baby~”, she cooed.
“Oh oh oh, someone’s excited”, he deeply chuckled, sending vibrations through her.
Wrapping his arms around her, one of his brows raised, feeling bare skin.
“Y/n? Are you-”
“I’m making dinner! Get ready and come to the dining room, yeah?”, she interrupted him and rushed off.
He noticed her back and how she only had a bra and thong on. Oh? She wanted to play like that? He was more than glad to.
Smirking, he shrugged his big coat off and hung it on the hanger and slowly made his way to the kitchen. He caught a glimpse of y/n’s bare back and how her ass jiggled as she rushed around the kitchen. Pursing his lips, he felt his boxers get tighter by the second. Damn y/n. No right to make him get this hard.
Y/n had a devilish smug look plastered onto her face, knowing that Kuroo’s eyes were piercing through her. Little did she know that he was literally right behind her. He flipped her around and grabbed her shoulders, pressing her up against a wall.
“Something underneath that little apron of yours?”
“What do you mean… master?”, she said innocently, attempting to conceal a smirk on her lips.
“You know exactly what I mean”, he growled.
“No I don’t. Why don’t you show me.”
“Gladly”, he smirked, wrapping his arms around her and undid the knot at the back. He took the apron off her, leaving her only in a red lacy bra with a matching thong. “Fuck~”, he said in a breathy groan.
“Yes master?”, she said, her doe eyes wide as she went down on her knees, tying back her hair.
She stared up at him with an innocent expression, completely deceiving to the actions she was about to do. Baby hairs fell onto her face, framing it perfectly. Kuroo’s breath hitched when she unbuckled his belt and threw it to the side. She tugged on his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers, giving access to his cock that was underneath.
He cupped her right cheek and made her look up at him.
“You look so pretty when you’re submissive, you know that princess?”, he said in a low sultry voice.
Softly smiling, y/n gazed into his hazel eyes. His jaw line was sharp and a silver chain dangled around his neck, slightly glinting from the light. Y/n wrapped a hand around his length and moved it around it while she kitten licked his tip. This earned suggestive grunts from him and he held on to the back of her head.
“Fuck~ Don-Don’t tease me like that princess”, he groaned.
“Mmm yeah?”, she hummed, continuing.
Slowly, she began to take in his length into her mouth and sucked. Getting tired of how painfully slow she was going, Kuroo fisted her hair and slammed her into his length. The tip hit the back of her throat making her gag and tears pricked the corner of her eyes. Grunting, Kuroo continued and felt y/n work her tongue around his length. She sucked and moved her tongue around, pleasuring him.
Soon, he felt his cock twitch. Y/n’s eyes widened when hit cum ran down the back of her throat. Quickly swallowing it, she tried to not let any overfills and not let it drool from her mouth.
“Yeah, that’s it y/n. Good girl~ Swallow master’s cum”, he groaned.
He pulled away and looked at y/n below him with half lidded eyes. Remaining cum was on her lips. Kneeling beside her, he ran his thumb along her lips and then shoved it into her mouth. Y/n’s doe eyes were wide and she sucked his fingers clean.
With his other hand, Kuroo took his phone from the side and quickly snapped a picture of y/n in this position with his thumb stuffed into his mouth. Inaudible muffled noises escaped y/n’s mouth.
“Nice to have little memories of our moments, mmm princess?”, he smirked, eyes half lidded. “Now… Let’s get cleaned up and have dinner. Can’t wait to see what you made. Then we’ll have dessert in our room after, how about that?”
Great plan, Kuroo Tetsurō.
Tumblr media
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whoreradio · 3 months ago
I fricking loved ur kids walking in on the act HQ boys. I died laughing! I’d love to see one with Osamu and Atsumu
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT4
A/N: Im so happy you guys are enjoying the HQ boys children catching them in the act but this is going to be the last part in the series simply because I’m running out of ideas that aren’t repetitive so I’m so sorry to everyone who’s ask I didn’t get to about characters in this scenario but I do hope you guys enjoy this last part.
Characters: Ushijima + Atsumu + Osamu
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Ushijima usually has a deadpan expression but when he sees your small doe eyed child call out his name he almost looks like he’s seen a ghost
↣Ushijima is very straight forward and that forthrightness doesn’t end in situations like this please take over the explanation because Ushijima will attempt to explain sex
↣ You were caught in missionary, legs wrapped around Ushijima with his ass out in the open visible to anyone who walked in
↣Ushijima wants to call Tendou to ask for advice but you have to convince him that Tendou would be way worse in this situation
Ushijima grinded down into you, head in the crook of your neck as he sucked marks on your skin. You moaned at the feeling and wrapped your legs around him in an attempt to pull him closer needing him deeper inside of you. You hadn’t realized the small voice that came from the door frame unlike Ushijima who had stopped thrusting causing you to groan.
“Little baby why aren’t you in bed.” Ushijima said grabbing covers to hid his naked body. His face was covered pink and his eyes were wide. You looked up towards him confused
“What are you- oh my god” you yelp upon seeing your child finally. You hid your face behind a pillow too embarrassed to look at your child.
“What are you doing, you were so loud”
Ushijima rolled over from on top of you and grabbed his pants to put on.
“We were… well…” He sat down and folded his hand as he starred at your child with a look of shame mixed with his normal expressionless face.
“Let me tell you about the story of the birds and the bees”
“No!” you yelled shushing him before he could begin.
“We um… we were uh well my muscles were sore so daddy was helping me… a massage! Thats what it was” You said smiling at your explanation hoping for it to be believable.
“Daddy must be really good at massages. Feel better mommy” your child said as they closed the door heading back to bed.
“We could have told the truth” Ushijima turned towards you
“We were not going to tell them about ‘the birds and the bees’” you said putting air quotes around birds and the bees.
“I guess in a way I was giving you a massa-”
“Go to bed Toshi”
↣Atsumu was caught going down on you. Your legs were spread ankles on his shoulder while Atsumu hummed in satisfaction at your taste
↣Atsumu is a flustered mess, he’s stuttering so much and he almost walks over to your child still fully undressed, please help him
↣Atsumu is a terrible liar, his excuse almost makes you laugh because its so long and unbelievable, it’s either he’s telling a complete lie or blubbering out the truth like he’s confessing to a crime.
↣Atsumu has the nerve to ask ‘what are you doing here?’ like your child doesn’t live there
Atsumu licked relentlessly at your core humming to himself satsifyed with the moans you were releasing. His mind was so filled with lust and determination to make you cum that he didn’t hear the small tapping at the door, he didn’t realized that your hands were slapping his shoulder not because you were so engulfed in pleasure but because your sweet small child was creeping past the door rubbing their sleepy eyes calling out your name.
“Mommy?” their voice was soft.
Your eyes were wide as you tapped Atsumu’s shoulder with one hand and reached to grab covers to hide the two of you with the other.
Atsumu looked up at your child and jumped to his feet.
“Baby um-uh what-why are ya up?” Atsumu asked in the softest voice he could muster. You gathered clothes and began tossing them to Atsumu but he was already headed to your child bare ass still out.
“T’sumu! Clothes!” you yelled before he could continue stuttering out an excuse.
Atsumu stopped in his tracks and you didn’t know it was possible but his cheeks grew almost redder than a tomato.
Atsumu grabbed a pair of joggers and hopped on leg trying to get into them while simultaneously attempting to put together an explanation.
“We were just- um Mommy felt something crawl into her pajama’s and um ‘a was just checking to make sure we got whatever it was out… I had to take mine off too so that it didn’t get me” Atsumu turned to you with a confident smile only to see you holding your face in your hand shaking your head.
“Oh did ya find it ?” Your child said in an upbeat tone with a hint of worry laced in their voice.
“Yup we did now lets get you back to bed” Atsumu lifted your child up and making funny noises causing them to giggle.
When he came back you were sitting on the bed still in shock
“I cant believe that actually worked” Atsumu said sliding next to you
“I know I thought they had my brains but I guess their just like their daddy”
“Yup just like - wait what’s that supposed to mean?”
↣ Osamu is like Atsumu in terms of being flustered. He’s tripping over his words looking around the room trying to find an explanation as if it’ll be written on the walls
↣You were caught getting stretched out with Osamu at the edge of the bed holding your ankles up on his shoulder while he thrusted in and out of you
↣ It’s almost like Osamu is frozen because he just stares at the door mouth agape with a face filled with a combination of shock and horror
↣Osamu could melt at the scene with the amount of embarrassment that’s radiating through him
Osamu pace was fast as he thrusted into you kissing your calf that rested on his shoulder. You head was thrown back as you arched your back and gripped at the sheets. Your moans echoed through the room as you begged Osamu for more. You both were so immersed in pleasure that neither of you seemed to hear or recognize the door opening to a small child excitedly calling your name. You jumped at the voice quickly backing away from Osamu who was flushed red unable to look at your wide eyed child and the tall yellow haired figure that stood behind them with the same flushed look.
“W-what are ya doing back” Osamu asked confused his voice higher that usual. He had sent your child off to stay with Atsumu for the weekend yet, here they were watching as you and Osamu scurried to find clothes to cover your naked bodies.
“We ran outta snacks” Atsumu said in a nonchalant voice holding your child closed to his body to hide the scene from him. “Come on mini ‘samu we’ll let your parents finish… exercising” the smirk on his face was wide.
You groaned into the nearest pillow feeling embarrassment flood through you.
“Atsumu is dead” you both mumbled out simultaneously.
You gathered you clothes and both sheepishly walked into the kitchen where Atsumu had your child sitting on a counter and he rummaged through the cabinets searching for food.
“Atsumu I thought we banned you from the kitchen” Osamu grumbled
“Mommy how was your exercise” You almost froze at the question
“G-good” you said voice betraying you
Atsumu walked passed you towards the living room but not without one of his famous sarcastic comments
“I didn’t know you could bend like that Y/N”
“A dead man… Atsumu thats what you are” Osamu voice came booming behind him as he chased him to the living room and you were almost reminded of their high school antics.
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miracl3girl · a month ago
maybe taking this back road wasn’t a good idea, not with the way your body was bouncing up and down on the seat. osamu drove as smoothly as he could but it didn’t change the way you were getting lifted into the air then slammed back down into the passenger’s seat. god he wishes you were getting slammed onto him instead. he felt his pants getting tight at the thought of pulling to the side of the dark, empty road and using you as a little toy. it wasn’t long before he had you bouncing on his cock and controlling your movements with his strong arms and big hands. you didn’t even have to move, he was impaling you with his hands around your waist, lifting your entire body up and then forcing it back down onto his length that was just way too big for you. “you cryin’ baby? my cock’s too thick, ain’t it? feels good getting bounced on a real man’s cock, huh?”
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benaina · 2 months ago
you get accidentally hurt during an argument with them
a nishinoya for u @sleepingvalley
and an osamu for u @kannaizumi & anon
-> Akaashi -> Atsumu -> Sakusa -> Oikawa
Including: Nishinoya Yuu, Miya Osamu
Warnings: slight angst in osamu’s
Word count: 2k
Tumblr media
“Yuuuu.. it’s so hot and my feet hurt! Can’t we just take a break and chill for a while?” you whined while your boyfriend dragged you behind him to the volleyball net on the beach.
After his trip with Asahi in Egypt last year, Nishinoya was so overwhelmed with this oriental country’s beauty that he wanted to visit it a second time, but this time he convinced you to join him.
And it’s not that you didn’t enjoy it, in fact you thought it was an impressive country with fascinating history, but you just couldn’t compete with this energetic man, for whom breaks and resting were two foreign words.
In the morning, you had already visited the Pyramids of Giza, him of course non stop talking and bragging about all the random facts he already knew about the different monuments. After that, he insisted on visiting the beach and you already knew that it wouldn’t be about relaxing in the sun or a bit of splashing in the water, no, he wanted you to join him to play beach volleyball with some random people even though you were sleep deprived and tired as hell.
“Oh come on babe, you already spend enough of time being boring when we’re at home. Just have some fun for once.” Nishinoya teased, winking at you. 
“Boring? Yuu I’m tired. I’m not used to walk all day long, only to engage myself later in some stupid volleyball!” you spatted.
“Damn Y/n if I knew that you would only ruin this trip, I would have left you at home and come alone.” he snapped, leaving you back standing alone in the sand as he already befriended the strangers and joined them. Your shoulders slumped at his words, you would have never thought that you would be such a burden to him, but you had too much pride to act like a hurt, little baby.
You could be fun too, and you wanted to prove it to him. So you as well, made yourself on your way to the field, but instead of walking towards Nishinoya, you went to the other side and greeted your new teammates. The fact that on your side of the field were only boys went actually unnoticed by you, but not by Nishinoya, who immediately furrowed his eyebrows at the way you smiled and giggled at the tanned boys.
The game was going pretty well and since your boyfriend had taught you some basics long time ago, your teammates were quite impressed. 
You didn’t know how long you were already playing, but at the way your legs slowly got heavier, feeling a slight dull pain in your left ankle, and the way you always got dizzy when leaning down to pick up the ball, you knew that it must have been a good two hours.
Your extremely red face made Nishinoya wonder when you had drank something the last time, but, of course, he was too prideful to show that he cared and was worried about you. But soon, he would regret his ignorance.
As the ball was being tossed towards you, you jumped up to spike it as precisely as you could, but when you hit the ground again, an awful pain shot through your left foot, making you cry out. You sank down on the sand, clutching your knee in agony as you didn’t dare to touch your ankle, too scared that the pain would become even worse. 
One of your teammates tried to approach you, but was shoved away by Nishinoya who was immediately by your side. “Y/n! Babe what’s wrong?” he shouted, fear and worry adorning his face, as he fell to his knees and cradled your face in his hands. 
“I-I don’t know. My ankle.. it hurts.” you whimpered, the growing swelling making it obvious that it was sprained.
“Okay, okay don’t worry. Let’s just get you out of the sun, I don’t want you to get a sunstroke as well.” he spoke reassuringly, placing your arm around his shoulder, and draping his arm around your waist to carefully hoist you up.
Step by step, you finally made it to your sunshade and he gently sat you down on the sprawled towels, as you winced at the throbbing pain. “I’ll be back in a second, just let me get you some ice!” 
Not even two minutes later, you saw him running back towards you with two bottles of water and a bunch of popsicles in his hands.
“Yuu.. what is that?” you asked Nishinoya, who managed to get a giggle out of you despite the persistent pain in your ankle. 
“I’m sorry, that’s the only ice they had.” he awkwardly rubbed his neck and crouched beside you, holding the colourful, wrapped ice lollies against your swollen injury. “Oh, here, drink something.” he dropped the cooling sweets to get a water bottle and held it against your mouth to help you drink.
“I’m not that badly injured, I can manage to drink by myself.” you chuckled at your boyfriend’s exaggerated care, but your smile was immediately replaced by a frown. 
“You were right, I’m only holding you back from enjoying your time.” you pouted.
“No, no that’s not true. Bunny I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” he apologised, rubbing soothing circles over your thigh, “Do you know how much fun I had the last two days with you? Without you, this trip wouldn’t be even half as enjoyable!” he stated and placed gentle kisses over your leg, making you smile at his sweetness.
“Come on, let’s get you patched up. And when we’re back at the hotel, I’ll call the room service to order us some real ice cream!” Nishinoya cheerfully sang, as he squatted in front of you, so that you could get on his back and let him carry you to the car. 
And he kept his promise. After you got bandaged up at the hospital, you two sat on the balcony of your room, your head snuggled on his shoulder, eating ice cream and enjoying the wonderful view of the Egyptian skyline at night.
Tumblr media
Osamu was standing at the counter in front of the cash register, going over all the incomes he had made the last few days, and they were actually quiet satisfying since the business at his Onigri Shop has been booming. But it was also stressful as he had to work way more, due to the lack of workers he still had.
The ringing bell over the entrance door, as you were coming inside, didn’t even catch his attention, too lost in his own thoughts. After finishing your own work, you would often come over and help him to at least clean and lock the place up in the evening, and every time you came by, he called you his life saver, as he was grateful for every help he could get.
But today, he didn’t even notice you until you leaned over to place a kiss on his cheek, bringing him back to reality. “Oh, hey sweetie.” he boringly muttered, his eyes quickly shifting back to the papers lying across the counter.
“Hey... uhm ‘Samu are you okay?” you asked, a bit worried about his sluggish attitude.
“Hmm? Yeah, just lookin’ through the last intakes and bills.” he bluntly answered, still not convincing you that he was fine.
“Okayyy.. well, I figured that you maybe craved something sweet after this long week, so I bought us some muffins.” you smiled, placing the bag with sweets on the counter in front of him.
“Mhm, cool. Thanks.”
“Okay, baby what’s wrong. Did you fight with ‘Tsumu again?” you asked, getting unsettled over Osamu’s behaviour.
“For fucks sake, can’t ya see that I’m busy?! Do ya really think I have time ta chat with ya about irrelevant shit when I clearly have to plan my next expenses for the followin’ weeks? Look at all the orders I’ve got for next week! Instead of strollin’ around ta buy some shitty muffins, ya could have moved yer ass sooner over here ta help me!” he yelled, making you back off slightly at his loud, intimidating tone.
“But ‘Samu I-”
“Hey! There are my favourite Miyas!” shouted Atsumu cheerfully, interrupting your dispute, as he entered the shop with a grin on his face.
“God Y/n, just go ta the back and wash the dishes or somethin’“ Osamu scoffed, rolling his eyes at you.
“Woah ‘Samu, don’t be such an ass.” Atsumu spoke, furrowing his eyebrows and trying to defend his sister-in-law.
“It’s okay ‘Tsumu, I guess our dear Miya Osamu just needs some time alone.” you spatted with a wavering voice, hurt at the way your husband was treating you even though you tried your best to lighten up his day. You quickly rushed past Osamu to the door which was leading to the kitchen.
“Damn boy, ya know yer fucked when she calls ya by yer full name” Atsumu spoke to his twin, earning a threatening glare from him.
“Dumbass, just take yer food and leave!” Osamu yelled, throwing the paper bag with prepared food in his brother’s arms and shoving him out of the restaurant.
Meanwhile, you had already put the clean dishes away and prepared a tea for Osamu. You were obviously mad at him for treating you like that, but you also felt sorry for him as you knew how hard he had been working the last months.
Carefully, not wanting to spill the hot brewed drink, you stepped out of the kitchen an placed the mug next to him on the counter.
“Look, ‘Samu I-”
“What is it now Y/n?” Osamu groaned, wanting to shoo you away with his hand, but instead, he accidentally hit the mug, the hot liquid splattering on your thighs and making you hiss at the burning pain on your skin.
You quickly ran back to the kitchen, letting Osamu stand alone as he was still processing what actually happened.
Arrggh ‘Samu ya idiot he groaned to himself, before following you and seeing your sobbing form sitting on a chair, pressing your hands against the stained part of your jeans.
He immediately grabbed a towel, drenching it with ice cold water from the sink, and crouched in front of you. “Hold this.” he instructed, placing the wet towel in your hands, as he unbuttoned your pants, glad that you weren’t resisting, and motioned you to lift your bum so that he could lower the jeans to your knees.
Grasping the towel away from you, he gently put it on your thighs and leaned his forehead on your knees, wrapping his arms around your calves, not daring to look up in your eyes, as he knew that he would only see tears, which he had caused.
“ ‘M sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he muttered and tensed up when he felt your hand brush through his hair.
“I know ‘Samu. Just- Talk to me. Please..”
Letting out a sigh, he lifted his head up, leaning his chin on your knee “ ‘M not sure- I’ve been just thinkin’ so much lately… what if this whole onigri-thing-idea was a mistake? What if I overestimated myself and I won‘t be able to keep it goin’ ‘till the end?” he pouted, until you placed your hand on his face, your fingers tenderly trailing over his furrowed eyebrows.
“You have to talk to me when you’re having such doubts! Because they’re stupid and unnecessary. Baby look how far you’ve come. Why would you suddenly fail? And even if you do, I’m by your side, so no matter what happens, you are not alone! Please stop bottling up such thoughts inside you, and just let me know what‘s going on inside there..” you spoke, playfully poking his forehead with your index finger.
Your words made his eyes brim with tears as he took your wrist and placed kisses inside your palm. “What on earth have I idiot done ta deserve ya” he whined, making a blush creep up on your face.
His fingers carefully glided over the reddened skin on your thighs, guilt evident on his face, while he leaned his cheek against your knee and mouthed an I love you at which you let your hand glide trough his locks again.
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
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gingersnaaps · 5 months ago
to be taken by sleep really isn't such a bad thing - not when osamu's the one waiting in your dreams.
wc: 3.2k
tags/tw's(PLEASE READ): explicit n*fw, dubcon, creampie, breeding mentions, penetration, fingering, sex dreams, sleep paralysis, incubus!osamu vibes, vaguely supernatural, you fall asleep forever at the end, fem!reader with inner genitals
a/n: written for @ultimate-astridwriting's wonderful collab and inspired by my recent stint of sleep deprivation also i feel like i may have strayed a bit from the prompt but oh well
i don’t want minors interacting with my content
Tumblr media
You can’t recall when Miya Osamu first started appearing in your dreams.
It was a subtle thing at first: the features of strangers, normally blurred beyond recognition, melded into his half-lidded eyes and soft smile, and you’d catch glimpses of his face in the reflection of windows and out of the corner of your eye. You didn’t think too much of it. You’d read an article somewhere that mentioned how faces in one’s dreams came from the interactions in our real lives, and with how much you’d been frequenting his onigiri shop, you suppose that his appearances were to be expected.
Still felt a little strange for you to be having a dream so intimate, though.
You’re lying on top of his broad chest, one arm on your waist, the other resting gently on your thigh. His thumb rubs tender circles into your skin, stroking softly as you rise and fall with the movement of his chest.
“‘Miya?” you ask tentatively. “How did I end up here?”
He chuckles. It’s a deep, rich, sound, one that reminds you of rivers running steady and full moons in the countryside, the vibrations passing from his body to yours. When he speaks, his voice is low and a little quiet, but with his lips grazing your ear, you don’t miss a single word.
“Call me Osamu.”
The familiarity leaves your face slightly flushed, embarrassment tingling across your skin. He shifts you around in his arms, tilting your body so that you meet his warm, inviting, gaze. The hand on your thigh seems to burn red-hot, and you wonder if he can hear the heartbeat pulsing just inches away from his fingertips.
He smiles softly at you. “You’re a beautiful girl.”
Your heart seizes, malfunctions, pounds erratically-
You wake up in the dark, damp sheets clinging to your skin, heart skipping like a schoolgirl and drunk off the compliment from your dream.
There’s a bad ache in between your legs. You trail a hand down your front, fingers sliding into your pajama shorts to quell your want.
Dusk is falling across Tokyo when you head to Miya’s - no, Osamu’s - onigiri shop. Twilight makes giants of the pedestrians, stretches out the shadows that loom tall in the soft gray-orange of the setting sun, the darkened shapes scurrying through the city’s rush hour.
Unlike them, you’re not going home.
A busy schedule meant little time for home-cooked meals, and the food here really was excellent. When you push open the door to his shop, the jangle of a bell sounds somewhere above you, and Osamu barely looks up before a smile settles on his face.
“The usual, I suppose,” he says, beckoning you inside.
You nod gratefully. The atmosphere of the shop is comforting - there’s just a few customers trickling through, picking up their to-go order that he’s prepared. You pick a seat near the window, one that gives you an unobstructed view of the sunset outside.
The chatter dies down as the last customers leave the shop, their onigiri clutched in hand, and a peaceful silence descends on the space around you. He brings out your food just a few minutes later, setting the dish in front of you.
“As requested by my favorite customer,” he says, a wry grin on his face. “Glad to have you back tonight.”
Your stomach flutters at the closeness between the two of you, and you suddenly feel embarrassed - ashamed of how much you’d been thinking about him, of the dreams you’d been having, of the way his touch had left you wanting for more in those same dreams - but it’s a good kind of embarrassed, one that leaves excitement bubbling in your core.
It feels a bit like a crush.
“Couldn’t miss out on the food, could I?” you reply.
“So you’re only here for my onigiri.”
“I- no, of course not."
“Just teasing.”
He smiles crookedly, and for just a moment, there’s a knowing glint that flashes in his eyes - the kind of expression that makes it seem like he’s aware of more than he’s letting on - but it vanishes almost immediately, passing too quickly for you to be sure of anything.
He turns to go back inside the kitchen, lifting up a hand casually to wave goodbye. “See you soon.”
Upon your arrival home, the first thing you notice is how very tired you are.
It’s not too out of the ordinary - it was a Monday afternoon, after all, and that had always been your least favorite day of the week - but the minute you crash onto the couch, your eyelids seem to droop with sleep, limbs growing heavy as the room around you swirls into a half-conscious haze.
You’ve still got chores to take care of. There’s dishes from the morning to wash, laundry to fold and put away, a few work emails to respond to that were probably very important, but you just can’t seem to stave off the overwhelming fatigue that seeps through your veins and numbs your entire body.
You need to sleep.
So you let it happen. You let your eyes flutter shut, let yourself relax and melt into the soft cushions of the couch, let your mind go nice and blank and empty.
After you give up the struggle of staying awake, the dreams come quickly.
“Glad to have you back so soon.”
The warm, quiet, voice from yesterday rumbles somewhere above you. You’re laying on his chest again, ear pressed to the soft fabric of his faded black shirt. You make a small, confused, noise, but he just laughs, gently brushing aside your hair, a hand trailing down your body and creeping closer to your inner thigh.
His touch feels electric. Every brush of his fingertips against your thigh, feather-light and teasing, leaves you with your heartbeat thudding in your cunt.
“We’ve gotta get you ready,” he murmurs. “Prep you well enough so that you’ll feel good when the time is right.”
You clench around nothing at his words, and maybe he can feel it with his hand so dangerously close to your pussy, because he smiles lazily and asks, “Are you that desperate?”
You’re not sure whether you should deny it - he can probably tell you are, anyway, but the thought of nodding, of saying yes, ‘Samu, want it so fucking bad - it leaves you with your cheeks flushed hot with shame.
He doesn’t need your explicit confirmation to read the way your body twitches against his, though, and he moves his hand lower to cup around your pussy. His palm is warm, the pressure steady and constant as he holds his hand still against your throbbing cunt. You can’t help but squirm against him, sloppily grinding your clit against his waiting hand, bucking your hips back and forth for any friction you can get. You’re panting, breaths quick and shallow as you feel the drag of the cotton panties in between his skin and yours, and a lewd moan tumbles from your lips. “Touch me,” you mumble, voice thick with arousal.
You look so pretty down there, hair mussed and mouth open slack in a perfect o, getting off all by yourself - he should give you a hand, shouldn’t he?
He nudges your damp panties aside, the thin fabric creasing the fat of your pussy as he brings a thumb up to your clit. His ministrations start slow, circling your clit patiently while you writhe from the pleasure, just barely dipping his index finger into your hole, his long, dextrous fingers skilled and patient as he works to search out the sensitive spots that leave you gasping and delirious.
“I want you dripping,” he says softly, sliding his finger inside all the way to the base of his knuckle. “Want you spread out on my hand, soaking me through, wet enough for me to fuck you full.”
You shudder with anticipation at his words, hips wriggling and rutting against his stiffening cock as his finger drags along the ridges of your g-spot. Every movement of his is accompanied by an embarrassingly audible squelching noise, your cunt already swollen and hot with arousal, your slick running in a cool trail down the crease of your thigh.
He flicks his thumb against your clit, this time more harshly. “ ‘m gonna fill you up so good when you’re ready,” he whispers. “Fuck you until your pussy milks my cock dry.”
Your eyelids flutter, a rush of pleasure crashing down on you as he pops another finger inside. Your hand fists at his shirt weakly, grabbing and pawing at the fabric as he curls his fingers just right inside you.
“You’re gonna feel so fucking good, sweetheart.”
You wake up from your dream as an orgasm ripples through your body, eyes flying wide open as you squirm and thrash on the couch. The pleasure coiling tight inside your core unwinds, pulsing in your cunt as you moan.
The room is dark and empty.
You rub the sleep from your eyes, vision bleary as you reach for your phone - it reads 7:00 AM. You’ve slept for almost twelve hours.
As you get up, swinging your legs off the couch and righting yourself, you notice one intense, overwhelming, feeling that roots you to the couch and leaves your limbs limp and loose:
You still feel so tired.
The rest of the week seems to pass by in a blur. You’re so exhausted you can barely think straight, stumbling from your office to your home - and sometimes to Osamu’s onigiri shop - going about your life half-dazed and barely conscious.
The only respite you get is in sleep.
Your dreams have gotten particularly intense as of late, head clouding full of visions where you’re fucked in every position: shoved up against the wall, facedown in the mattress, and even hoisted up on the counter. Through it all, there’s one constant.
Miya Osamu features in every single one of them.
You know his voice by heart now, a low, quiet, rumble that both soothes you and sets your cunt thrumming with anticipation. His silver-gray hair, his round, half-lidded eyes, the softness and the warmth of his body - they’re as familiar to you as your own features by now. You’re pretty sure you’ve even memorized the feeling of his cock buried deep inside you.
In every dream, he whispers the most tantalizing promises in your ear, breathing promises of how he’s gonna fuck you so good, sweetheart, gonna fill you up, gonna breed this pretty pussy until you’re carrying my seed inside you.
And even though you never wake up well rested anymore, you find that you don’t particularly mind. After all, there’s not much you look forward to in your waking hours. Every grating hour you spend working your stupid little job, or attending your lengthy, useless, lectures - it all feels like you’re just going through the motions, like you’re just trying to make it through so that night falls sooner and he can finally come visit you.
The week comes and goes, and soon enough, it’s already Friday.
You stumble in through the front door, a yawn itching at your throat, and you head straight for your bedroom. You pass by the ever-growing stack of dirty dishes in the sink, the stack of bills on the countertop, the laundry you’ve left in the drying machine. You’ll get to it next week.
For now, you just want to sleep.
The bedroom is gloomy and dim, grey light from an overcast twilight filtering through the blinds. The room feels stuffy in the dark, the four walls suffocating the small space, but you don’t bother with turning on the lights. Why would you, when you plan on heading straight to sleep?
You undress clumsily, almost tripping as you pull off your pants and shrug off your blouse, and stagger into the soft, warm, embrace of your bed.
A warm burst of comfort surges through you as the familiar feeling of drowsiness overtakes you. Your eyelids grow heavy, lashes fluttering slightly, the thump of your heart slowing - you’re right on the precipice between the conscious and the unconscious, straddling the border between sleep and waking -
You hear a voice sound from shadowy recesses of your room.
It’s a voice you’d recognize anywhere.
“I missed you at my shop today.”
You open your mouth to respond, but no noise comes out. It’s as if your vocal cords have been plucked from your throat, your voice frozen somewhere deep inside your trachea, and the only sound you can make is that of silence. A bit belatedly, you realize that you can’t move either, your limbs settling uselessly at your side as you lie paralyzed on your back.
A head of gleaming, silver, hair emerges in front of you, and your breath catches in your throat. You’re not sure if this is a dream anymore.
You blink once, and suddenly, you find him in your bed. He’s hovering above you, arms pressed to either side of your head, gazing down with a hungry, hungry, expression. He’s waited all week for this, sweetheart - won’t you finally indulge him?
He pulls the comforter aside, large hands gliding over your body and hoisting up your hips. You feel like a ragdoll in his hands, limp and immobile, and he rearranges your limbs and positions you until he gains easy access to your ready, waiting, cunt - the same cunt that he’s been preparing all week.
He drags a finger through your slick folds, already wet and sticky from the ministrations of the previous few days. There’s no need to bother with prep. He can already feel the way your cunt pulses at his touch, can see the need etched into the gleam of your eyes even as the expression on the rest of your face remains frozen.
His hand glides over his clothed cock, strained and throbbing with need as he pulls it out and strokes slowly, eyes fixated on your body the entire time. His dick is big, flushed almost purple as cream beads at the tip, balls fat and full and heavy.
Osamu’s had enough of waiting.
With a groan, he pops his cockhead into your drooling, twitching, hole, pushing in steady, thrusting all the way into your tightening cunt until he hits your cervix.
“Feels so fuckin’ good,” he murmurs, face scrunched with pleasure. “So tight it feels like you’re trying to milk me dry.”
He rolls his hips slowly, dragging his cock along the front of your walls, the ridge of a vein pressing right into your sweet spot. Your legs twitch uselessly as he pulls halfway out before slamming his cock back in.
“I wonder if you’d like that,” he muses. He brings a thumb to rest at your puffy, swollen, clit, pressing down in steady circles, his touch unrelenting and firm, sending spasms of pleasure that leave you clenching and gripping down onto his thick cock.
“I think you would. I think you’d love it if I filled you up, if I fucked you full of cum and bred this tight little hole,” he says, the barest hint of an amused smile tugging at his lips. His voice is calm and steady - a striking contrast to his filthy words, his brazen promises.
His slow, steady, strokes quicken, hips slamming roughly into yours, each thrust satiating the want in your cunt. Your walls pulse as if they need to be filled, squelching lewdly as he fucks you hard and deep.
He leans down. His lips hover millimeters away from your forehead, just barely grazing your skin with tender, light, kisses. “Take it,” he whispers, thumb rubbing harshly at your clit. “Take it like a good girl for me. I know you can.”
The kisses he presses to your forehead start to travel down the underside of your jaw, soft little nips and bites with his blunt teeth that leaves a trail of his glossy spit on your face. His mouth finds your ear.
“When I cum, you better not waste a single drop,” he breathes. “Wanna fill you up, make you mine. I want to own this pussy.”
He brings his hand down to pat your stomach where your womb would be, rubbing the soft surface of your skin in tender circles. His balls are aching so badly - he needs to cum, needs that release, needs to stuff your messy cunt.
“Cum with me,” he urges. “Right now.”
The pleasure pulsing inside you draws taught - snaps - and you’re pushed over the edge. If you were still capable of speaking and moving, you’re sure you’d be moaning loudly, hips twitching uselessly as he creams your pussy over and over. He fucks you through your orgasm, spent cock softening inside you as you squeeze his dick. After all, he doesn’t want any of it to leak. He wants it sloshing around in your hole, filling you up until you’re warm and wet and sticky, wants to breed you, to mark you down as his.
You look beautiful with your insides stained white, he thinks.
You can feel your cunt twitching slightly as you come down from your high. He smiles warmly, gives your pussy a little pat -
You blink and he’s gone.
Almost as if he was never there in the first place.
Sleep takes you quickly after that. You’re exhausted from being fucked, exhausted from the constant stimulation, and you quickly fall fast asleep. All is silent and still in your darkened bedroom.
The next day, right as the sun starts to drop over the horizon, glinting stars nestled in the sky high above, you find yourself back in front of Osamu’s onigiri shop.
It’s partly due to the hunger gnawing in your stomach, but it’s more out of curiosity than anything. You need to know if it’s real, if he’s real, if the past two weeks were nothing but a fever dream.
And you really want to see him again.
As you push open the door to his shop, you’re greeted with his friendly smile, as usual.
“Same thing again?” he asks.
“Of course.”
The exhaustion hasn’t gone anywhere. You’re still constantly tired, always drifting off during the daytime, limbs weary and worn. When you sit yourself down at the usual spot - the table near the window - that irresistible fatigue seems to creep up on you again.
It’s so calm and comforting in his little shop. The lights are warm, the view is pretty, the quiet chatter of his few customers soothing to your ears. It’s so easy to rest your head in between your hands, shoulders slumping, mind empty of every little unimportant thought, so easy to just close your eyes, so easy to fall into the rose-tinted haze of your nice, pleasurable, dreams.
Osamu comes out of the kitchen in the back of the shop, carrying your food on a plate, and finds you fast asleep with your head on his table.
He’s not surprised. In fact, he’s quite pleased.
In fact, if he has his way, you’ll never have to wake up again.
Tumblr media
tyvm for reading!! i really appreciate reblogs and comments - it's part of what motivates me to keep making content :)
here's my masterlist if you'd like more.
Tumblr media
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kumzume · 3 months ago
wanna make samu cum over n over just from sucking his tits😭
o oh god this hit something right in my guts, fuckin same | uh tiddy sucking , whiny/needy samu , not proofread , kinda ass ending lmfao, MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
the first time you did it, you swore it was an accident.
it was right after the opening of the third onigiri miya location in tokyo, the two of you riding off the high of osamu’s success.
you’d pushed him into his bedroom, lips attached to his as you peeled his layers off, one by one. he wouldn’t, couldn’t lie to himself and say that your forcefulness wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever experienced, all his previous partners insisting on taking a more passive role.
not you though. you were a force, a gale wind in a hurricane, just waiting to sweep him up into you, to consume him. and he was going to enjoy ever second of it.
the backs of his knees hit the edge of the bed, sending him sprawling on his back, his nice shirt unbuttoned and his chest heaving for air as your lust-filled gaze traveled down his body, setting his face ablaze.
osamu reached for your hand pulling you down on top of him, his breath fanning across your face. “c’mere,” he muttered before pressing his mouth to yours.
your hands trailed down his torso, brushing past his hard nipples on your way to his pants, but the feeling sent a bolt of pleasure down his spine, his back arching into you and a raspy moan floating into the kiss.
you pulled back in surprise first before a mischievous smirk spread across your face. “oh, sorry,” you whispered, not sounding very sorry at all. then, you proceeded to suck his cock so hard, he passed out for a solid 2 minutes afterwards.
after that night, osamu forgot all about his extreme nipple sensitivity, the pair of you resorting to quickies and relatively vanilla sex. not bad, not bad at all, but something was missing for him.
that was until tonight.
“osamu,” you start, standing in front of the television, making your boyfriend miss the starting serve from his brother’s match, “i want to play with your tits.”
you what????
samu chokes on his soda, sputtering and coughing to get the remainder out of the wrong pipe. “ya what? i hate ta tell ya this babe, but i don’t have tits.”
you roll your eyes like he’s the dumbest person in the world before shoving his shirt up above his pecs and licking a firm stripe across one of his dark nipples.
the sound that leaves him is guttural, his eyes rolling back in his head as his dick hardens up faster than you can say “onigiri.” a grin lifts the corners of your mouth while you lower your head back to his chest.
“i’m gonna make you cum, just like this, okay?”
fuckin’ hell, you’re gonna be the death of him.
all osamu can do is nod vigorously, one of his hands coming to tangle in your hair, not pressing or guiding you but helping him stay on this plane of existence lest he ascend from all the pleasure you are bound to give him.
the smile is back as you lean back in, your lips wrapping around his hard bud and sucking, tongue flicking over and around it like your trying to suck his soul out through the skin. your other hand toys with the unoccupied nipple, pinching it on the right side of painful, making osamu buck his hips up against yours.
you hum your dissent at his movements, the vibrations causing him to whimper as you lift your crotch up and away from him. “i said, just like this,” your words are sharp and pointed and osamu swears he’s never been harder in his life.
unfortunately (or fortunately?), those are your last words before you really dive in, licking, sucking, and biting at his pecs like your starved of it, starved of him and he feels like he’s going to explode.
osamu’s body quivers and shakes beneath you, a symphony of his moans and the wet sounds of your tongue on him filling the room. they only add to the heat coiling in his gut, one that’s threatening to snap with every graze of your teeth against him.
“are you close?” your words are muffled but he hears you loud and clear. in the back of his head, he knows he’s about a second away from cumming, but the only thing that comes out of his mouth is babbles of your name. thankfully, you understand him and give one last hard suck, a twist of your fingers, and he’s gone, swept up into your hurricane and trusting you to guide him home.
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kiyoo-omi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@/kurosukii dilf miya twins drabbles has me barking
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ryoccoon · a month ago
Haikyuu boys and random things guys do that are attractive
according to tik tok, my friends, my older sister and me
Tumblr media
includes : almost everyone tbh but some are mentioned a lot more than others
warnings : some suggestive ones but it's very tame
a/n: the characters i mentioned are the first that came to mind, there's probably more but as I said— just the more obvious men imo
Tumblr media
• Having fast reflexes
⇨ tbh they all have 'em since they play volleyball but the first that come to mind are Suna, Nishinoya, Tendou, Bokuto, Sakusa
• Referring to you by your name during a casual conversation
⇨ Akaashi, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Kita, Ushijima, Osamu, Tsukki, Sakusa
• Being bashful when they receive a compliment; eyes flitting to the ground briefly while they chuckle a little
⇨ Daichi, Osamu, Kita, Akaashi, Oikawa but he totally does it intentionally, Yamaguchi, Asahi
• Rolling up their sleeves so that their forearms are showing before they do something manual
⇨ Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Ushijima, Tanaka, Osamu, Kuroo, Sakusa, Yaku, Nishinoya
• Rolls his shoulders often to ease his muscles
⇨ Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Yaku
• Putting their hand on the small of your back to guide you through crowds
⇨ Kita, Akaashi, Daichi, Atsumu, Osamu, Kuroo
• Classic but— running their hand through their hair when they're tired
⇨ Oikawa, Daichi, Akaashi, Osamu, Atsumu, Goshiki, Kenma, Sakusa
• Alternatively : sighs and ruffles his own hair up when he's stressed
⇨ Iwaizumi, Atsumu, Tanaka ('cept he rubs his head instead), Semi, Kuroo, Yaku
• Idly spinning a pen around their fingers when they're concentrating in class
⇨ Suna, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Tendou, Kuroo, Tsukki
• Putting their arm behind your seat when they're reversing
⇨ Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Tanaka, Daichi, 'Tsumu, 'Samu, Bokuto, Kuroo, Suna, Oikawa (again, he knows exactly what he's doing)
• Takes their shirt off by pulling it at the back of the neck
⇨ Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Osamu, Daichi, Bokuto, Kenma, Sakusa, Kuroo
• Being naturally paternal or good with kids
⇨ Bokuto, Daichi, Suga, Atsumu (more like a big brother than a dad tbh), Kita, Asahi
• Putting their hand on your thigh when he sits next to you
⇨ Daichi, Atsumu, Osamu, Iwaizumi but only once he's very comfortable in the relationship otherwise he'd be too shy, Makki and Mattsun, Tanaka, Kita (under the table kinda guy), Sakusa also under the table (again, when he's very comfortable)
• This:
⇨ Atsumu, Suna, Osamu, Oikawa, Sakusa, Iwaizumi
• The playful and sarcastic "oh, really?" or "oh yeah?"
⇨ Osamu, Iwaizumi (but most of the time he's grinning rather than smirking, other times he's like 😏 tho) Daichi, Suga, Kuroo, Tsukki when he's in a particularly playful mood, Oikawa, Akaashi, Suna, Atsumu, Makki
• "Atta girl", "that's my girl"
⇨ Atsumu, Tanaka, Daichi, Kita, Makki, Osamu (but it's usually to himself and under his breath), Bokuto and Tendou but it's loud and playful— less flirty, Oikawa, Iwaizumi (but again quietly to himself), Suna (purely in a sensual way), Ushijima but he said it once and it really caught you off guard—
• Wears his sweatpants low on his hips so the waistband of his boxers and his hipbones peak out
⇨ Oikawa, Suna, Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya early in the mornings, Makki, occasionally Daichi but he gets flustered if you point it out, Suna
• Reach over to you in their sleep to either pull you closer or drape an arm over you
⇨ Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Bokuto, Atsumu, Tanaka, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Hinata, Daichi, Asahi
• When he didn't hear you properly so he does that quick chin jerk/nod thing at you for you to repeat what you said
⇨ Suna, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Tsukki, Shirabu, Makki
• Knows how to toe bounce a football really well
⇨ Terushima, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Osamu, Makki
• Slightly tugs on his jeans or slacks around the thighs when he's about to sit down
⇨ Daichi, Iwaizumi, Bokuto, Mattsun, Kita, Tanaka, Tsumu, Sakusa, Asahi, Kuroo, Terushima
• When he's standing in front of a desk or counter or railing etc and rests his elbows on the surface
⇨ Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Atsumu, Suna (he's also slouching, shoulders hunched and whatnot), Makki, Terushima, Sakusa (but he's the opposite of Suna with a very straight, well postured spine)
• Puts their hands on your waist when they're trying to walk around you
⇨ Daichi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Tendou, Atsumu, Osamu, Makki, Mattsun, Terushima
• When you do or say something silly he'll just laugh and shake his head (bonus if he's got his arms crossed yknow?)
⇨ Iwaizumi, Daichi, Osamu, Mattsun, Kita, Yaku
• Knows how to peel an apple with a knife in one go
⇨ Osamu, Tsukki, Oikawa, Kageyama, Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Kita, Ushijima, Daichi, Sakusa
• The playful "yes ma'am"
⇨ Kuroo, Tendou, Atsumu, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Terushima, [Nishinoya, Tanaka and Bokuto but its more like "yes ma'am!"] Suga, Daichi, Kita (says it a lot when you're married)
• If you're shorter than them and they lean down a bit so that they hear you better
⇨ Lev, Osamu, Suna, Tendou, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Tsukki (it depends though cause sometimes he'll just tease you instead like "what was that?" with a coy smirk on his face)
• Absentmindedly drumming their fingers along to a song (bonus if it's on the car steering wheel)
⇨ Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Kuroo, Daichi, Kita, Suna, Semi, Asahi, Suga and Yams (but those three end up looking more cute than anything else- tis a different vibe, know what am sayin'?)
• When it's too hot and he wipes his forehead with the bottom of his shirt
⇨ Daichi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Mattsun, Nishinoya, Yaku, Tanaka, Daichi, Ushijima, Kageyama, Atsumu and especially timeskip Atsumu (idk why) and he purposely does it for the fangirls, Semi, Goshiki
• When he looks up at you through his lashes while talking. (Like when he's doing his laces and looks up to talk to you)
⇨ I mean all of 'em, really. But my mind went to Nishinoya first because I feel like he'd be doing his laces a lot.
• When you walk into the kitchen and find him cooking (bonus points if he doesn't look up from what he's doing as he's talking to you )
⇨ Osamu, Iwaizumi (I actually think Iwa's a really decent cook), Kuroo, Kita, Akaashi, Sakusa, Shirabu, Goshiki, Suga, Ukai
• When they run their tongue across their teeth before answering a question
⇨ Ukai, Semi, Terushima, Oikawa, Atsumu, Kuroo
• That thing when they've been doing sports and they bend over with their hands on their knees, all panting and sweaty, ya know
⇨ Makki, Iwaizumi, Semi, Daichi, Nishinoya, Akaashi, Yaku, Oikawa, Tanaka, Ushijima, Shirabu, Sakusa, Terushima, Kageyama
• When they exhale smoke from a cigarette before saying something
⇨ Ukai
• Subtly tugging on the cuffs of their shirt
⇨ Daichi, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Kita, Ushijima, Akaashi, Osamu (who dislikes formal wear), Atsumu
• When they take their hoodie off and it messes up their hair
⇨ Kenma, Oikawa, Osamu, Atsumu, Hinata, Kageyama, Tendou
• Hugs you from behind when you're standing and rests their head on your shoulder as they quietly ask what you're doing
⇨ Suna, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, a very comfortable Kageyama, Kita, Tendou
Tumblr media
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nighthaikyuu · 3 months ago
Hi! Is it okay if I can request head cannons of the reader falling out of love with Kuroo, Osamu, Sakusa, and Matsukawa and she ends up dating someone else who really makes her happy? She had a one-sided crush on said boys but could tell they won’t return her feelings but when she does move on from them, they fall for her a bit too late.
Stuff like this satisfies me since characters realizing what they could’ve had is a nice cherry on top for me
Tumblr media
— synopsis:  haikyuu boys x y/n; one-sided crush regret vibes — characters included: kuroo + osamu (ft. atsumu & kita) — genre: angst, fluff + mix of aus!
— word count: 4k  — author's note: okay so I literally love this prompt so I'm actually going to split this into two bc I kind of just kept writing and its so much to fit onto one im sorry anon hehe
Tumblr media
kuroo ft. atsumu | college! au 
“it’s been over a year.” you said softly, almost instantly regretting it as the words left your mouth. 
kuroo looked over at you in slight betrayal. 
“what does that mean y/n?” 
“you know what I mean kuroo.” you replied bitterly.
there was only so much you could handle, and at this point you were reaching the end. 
“you know I loved her y/n, how could you say something like that?” kuroo said slightly irritated. 
“yea and she cheated on you kuroo!” you retorted, throwing your hands in the air, “do you think someone in love would do something like that?! how are you still not over her when she literally cheated on you—?”
“you wouldn't know y/n! it’s not like you’ve ever been in love.” he snapped back, crossing his arms across his chest. 
you let the rest of the words die on your tongue. 
“I’ve never been in love huh?” you whispered softly to yourself, except kuroo easily heard every word. 
his brows furrowed in confusion. he was your best-friend, clearly he would've known if you were in love with someone right?” 
your hands tightened into fists at your side before you finally came to a resolve. you were going to do it. you were tired, exhausted and you couldn’t go on like this anymore. you were going to tell him. 
lifting your head up, you met his curious eyes with your own blazing ones, “I’ve been in love for the last 10 years kuroo. in love with an idiot who only went to those who didn’t deserve him, abused him, took advantage of him and yet still continues to love them. in love with someone who was there for me all my life yet can’t see that I have been there for him either.” 
kuroo froze. 
“I’m in love with you kuroo.” you whispered finally. 
you watched as kuroo shook his head softly before turning around and muttering a string of curse words. as every second passed, you could feel your heart shriveling up in your chest. 
but that was nothing compared to what he would say next. 
“y/n...I just can’t.” he breathed, “you’re my best friend. you know what you mean to me, but I just, not like that—” 
“I-I got it.” you quickly interjected. not that you actually did, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle the rest if he kept talking. 
giving him a tight smile, you got up from the edge of his bed and grabbed your bag. 
“I think I’m going to go.” you whispered, choking back a sob as you ran out the door. 
✰ ✰ ✰
you hadn’t talked to kuroo in a week since you had confessed. kuroo knew you needed space so he didn’t contact you for the first couple days, but after that he started to get worried. after all, you were still his best-friend and even if he wasn’t in love with you, he still cared about you a lot. 
hearing a knock on your door, you got up from the couch with a groan and made your way to the front door. 
opening the door, your eyes fell on a soaking kuroo who stood there with a sheepish smile on his face. without a second thought, you quickly ushered him inside before running into the house and coming back with a towel. 
“you idiot.” you muttered softly, every thought of never wanting to see him again flying out the door he came in, “why didn’t you bring an umbrella?” 
“it was only drizzling so I didn’t think I'd need it.” he admitted with a shrug before taking the towel from you. 
you waited till he was dry before asking him with a sigh, “what are you doing here kuroo?” 
frowning, he moved closer towards you before enveloping his hands into yours. his thumb rubbed the top of your hand softly, a habit he always had, a habit that you fell in love with. 
but now it made you flinch as you quickly pulled your hand back to yourself, “j-just talk to me.” 
surprise filled his eyes but he continued, “listen, I know last time we didn’t end things on a good note but I just want to talk things through y/n. I still care about you, a lot.” 
you nodded. you knew you had to be mature about this one day or the other. when you fell in love with kuroo, you couldn’t deny that you were afraid of confessing to him for this very reason. before loving him, he was your best-friend. and you couldn’t lose that. 
“okay, let’s talk then.” 
✰ ✰ ✰
several years passed after you confessed your love to kuroo. while things were awkward at first, you tried your best to get over him while he tried to set some boundaries between the two of you to make sure you weren’t uncomfortable. 
the both of you were at a college party when you met a certain someone that was sure to make your life a little more interesting. 
reaching for the last strawberry-flavored drink, another hand beat you to it, swiping the drink up. turning around with a glare ready, you saw a blonde boy staring down at you with a soft smirk on his face. 
“sorry, this is the only flavor I like.”
“that’s not my problem. I was here first.” you retorted back, motioning for him to hand it back to you. 
chuckling, he said, “no problem. you can have it if you can reach it.” 
just then he lifted it high above his head, which happened to be a good couple feet above you. 
you raised your brow in amusement, “didn’t realize we were back in middle school. a little immature, don’t you think?” 
giving you a half shrug, the smirk only grew on his face as he continued to taunt the can above your head. 
rolling your eyes, you knew exactly what he wanted to see but you weren’t going to give him any of that. returning back the very shrug he gave you, you simply walked over to him before letting your hand rest on his chest. 
blinking at you in surprise, the boy’s breath hitched as you lifted your head up so that you were only a couple inches away from his lips. 
“hey,” you whispered, “how about instead of all this, we just share, hmm?” you drawled softly, letting your finger slowly trail up his chest. 
while you were playing an act, you couldn’t help but feel your face flush especially when this said boy looked a little bit too attractive and had a nicer body than you anticipated. 
but you weren’t one to back down. you let your hand fully wrap itself around his neck as you moved in closer. 
“I—” he started to say when suddenly he felt his arm being pulled down and next thing he knew, his hand that once held the last can was now empty. 
watching as you pulled yourself away from him, you stepped back before waving the can in his face, grinning from ear to ear. 
“thanks for my drink!” you teased as you turned around and started to make your way back to your friends when—
“hey wait!” he called, catching your attention. 
looking back, you cocked a brow at him, ready to send another sarcastic comment until you saw a genuine smile spread across his face. his eyes sparkled as he looked at you, causing your heart to suddenly beat faster in your chest. 
“I'm atsumu, miya atsumu! ” he added before giving you what seemed like a hopeful look. 
instead you replied with a soft chuckle, “nice to meet you atsumu, I'll see you around!”
✰ ✰ ✰
a couple days passed and it was finally the start of the new semester. you were sitting in your first class of the day as you pulled out your laptop, waiting for everyone to roll in and have the professor start when an all-too-familiar voice spoke up beside you. 
“hey miss no name.” 
jumping in slight surprise, you looked to your right just to see a familiar mop of blonde hair enter your vision. 
dropping his backpack to the ground, he sat down beside you before shooting you a smug smile, “the one and only.” 
the initial surprise on your face wore off and was slowly replaced by amusement (and also nervousness cause shit he happened to look even better than he did in the dark). 
the next couple minutes went by much more smoother than you expected. despite the fact this was only the second time you saw him, you couldn’t deny feeling a certain comfort around him. whether it was the way his eyes gazed at you with every word you spoke, or the lingering smile, but you knew that this wouldn’t be the last of him anytime soon. 
✰ ✰ ✰
“so, how’d that test go?” kuroo asked, almost instantly causing you to groan. 
“kuroo please, I’m trying to forget that even happened.” you groaned, thinking back to the chemistry test you took yesterday that you knew for sure you bombed. 
grinning, he replied, “you do know I'm a chemistry major right? you could’ve asked me for some help with studying dummy.” 
"I know I know.” you said, shaking him off with your hand, “I ended up studying with a friend from class because like you, he’s surprisingly good at chemistry and equally annoying about it too.” 
quirking his brow at that, he was about to ask you who that was when the both of you turned around at the sound of your name. 
“speak of the devil.” you muttered under your breath, but Kuroo didn’t miss the way a smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you rolled your eyes at a figure that made its way towards the both of you. 
“can you refrain from screaming my name across the campus, please?” you scowled at him. 
atsumu grinned back before replying, “Nope, I need to let everyone know that I know the ever-so beautiful Y/N.” 
eyes widening, a blush quickly filled your cheeks, “You—” as you hit his shoulder. 
turning to kuroo, you motioned towards atsumu before saying, “kuroo this is atsumu. he’s in my chemistry class. atsumu, this is kuroo. he’s my best-friend from high school.” 
atsumu turned his attention towards kuroo who had already been staring intently at the male since his arrival. clearing his throat, kuroo gave the blonde a nod, “it’s nice to meet you.” 
smiling back, atsumu said, “you too,” before looking at you and adding with a wink, “didn’t know I was competing with a childhood best-friend.” 
for the second time that day, you punched atsumu as a string of curse words left your mouth, “oh my god stop saying shit like that you idiot.” 
kuroo felt his chest tighten as he watched the both of you bicker back and forth (aka flirt) in front of him. it was clear in almost every single way how the two of you felt about each other that anybody would’ve been able to tell in a matter of seconds. averting his gaze elsewhere, an odd sensation coursed through his veins, one he never felt before when it came to you. 
fists tightening at his sides, he couldn’t help but think only one thing at that moment. 
that used to be him. 
✰ ✰ ✰
and it could have been him. if only he wasn’t such an idiot all those years back. 
he watched as tears of joy streamed down your face as you covered your mouth  in utter surprise. 
it felt like the world slowed down for him at that moment. every single movement appeared in front of him felt like a stab to his already broken heart. 
you nodding yes. atsumu slipping the ring onto your finger. you grabbing his cheeks as you pulled him into a kiss. atsumu twirling you around before. all of your friends erupting into cheers around you. 
all except for him. 
Tumblr media
osamu ft. kita | soulmate! au 
it was the middle of the night when you felt that sudden sting on your wrist that had you crying out to your parents. you remember them rushing to your side just to have warm smiles on their faces when they saw it appear, the mark of your soulmate. fast forward several years later and you were now in college and while many of your friends had found their soulmates, you were in a very different position. the most unfortunate position. you remember the day you first saw him. you knew in that very moment that this would be a feeling you would never forget. a memory that would both fill your heart to the brim just for it to turn cold and shatter it in seconds. "osamu! this is y/n, y/n this is my twin osamu!" atsumu introduced excitedly, a grin plastered across his face. however the both of you were frozen. you didn't know what made you so bold, but there you were grabbing the wrist of a stranger, no your soulmate, and flipping it to see the very mark that matched your own: a sun. "y-you're my soulmate..." you whispered in a mix of surprise and disbelief, suddenly hitting you as the words escaped your mouth into existence. looking back up at him, your eyes twinkled with joy. you found him. you finally found him. "holy shit." atsumu whispered in complete shock while osamu simply stared at you, lips pressed together in a tight line, his eyes void of any emotion. almost as if he...wasn't happy. suddenly he snatched his hand from yours, pulling his wrist close to his chest as if your touch had burned him. 
“no. I'm not looking for a soulmate.” 
your eyes widened in surprise until slowly the horror of his words dawned on you. 
“o-osamu! what are you saying—?” you heard atsumu start to which his twin simply glared at him. 
“you knew this atsumu. we’ve been over this, I don’t want a soulmate.” he said coldly before letting his eyes fall back on you. 
your eyes had welled up before you could even realize, your heart that had been racing just seconds ago felt abnormally slow, almost as if it was fighting to beat, to keep you alive. 
“I'm sorry.” he simply said before turning back on his heels and walking out the cafe doors, leaving you standing there with your world crumbling in a matter of simple minutes. 
☼ ☼ ☼
after that day, you felt lost. you had tried talking to osamu again, and again, and again, asking for an explanation, asking for a chance, asking for anything. but much to your avail, he had rejected you each time, giving you no reason, nothing. 
so in the end you proposed him one final thing.
“can we at least be friends?” you whispered tiredly. 
osamu’s eyes widened in slight surprise. after weeks of you asking osamu for a variety of things, this was something he didn’t expect. 
“what do you mean?”
you chuckled humorlessly. looking up at him, osamu could see that the twinkle in your eye was almost gone. all because of him. 
“have you heard of platonic soulmates, osamu?” you responded softly. 
he nodded slowly, still unsure where you were going with this. 
you took in a shaky breath, gathering every last bit of strength in you before you finally plastered a weak smile on your face. pushing your hand out, you said, “hi. I’m y/n, and from today I’ll be your platonic soulmate, a friend.” 
☼ ☼ ☼
several months passed and slowly, osamu opened up to you, as a friend. never did either of you cross that boundary. no matter how much your wrist tingled whenever you came close to him, no matter how much you could feel yourself falling harder and harder each day, for your soulmate who wanted nothing to do with love. 
you had heard stories of soulmates that didn’t end up together, after all the universe wasn't perfect. while you never knew you would be one of them, it gave you slight reassurance that there was hope. that maybe one day you’d be able to move on and find someone else who would love you. 
for you that day came a lot sooner than you imagined. 
“I am so sorry!” 
standing in there in absolute horror, you watched the coffee stain spread across your white blouse. 
“I—” you started slowly when he ruffled through his book bag before suddenly thrusting some paper napkins into your hands. 
“please use this, I’m so terribly sorry. I didn’t see where I was going and this is completely my fault.” 
looking up slowly, your eyes grew wide as a boy with silver hair filled your vision. you didn’t know whether it was the way his warm but apologetic eyes softened when they met your gaze, or whether it was his face that seemed to slightly glow despite the deep flush in his cheeks from embarrassment, but it was something because suddenly you couldn’t look away. 
you must have been staring at him for a while because he waved his hand in front of you, motioning for you take the napkins. 
blinking, you nodding slowly as you dabbed the coffee from yourself as much as you could but there was no chance the stain across your shirt would go away anytime soon. 
“shit, I have a presentation today...” you whispered softly as you stared down at yourself in pity, knowing you had no other choice but to go like this since there was no time for you to change and get back in time. 
just then, the boy before you quickly removed the cardigan he was wearing. 
“please take this!” he said, pushing the cardigan towards you.  
bewildered by his sudden actions, you shook your head, “what, no! it’s fine! I know you didn’t mean to—” 
“yes, but I would feel horrible having you walk around with that because of me. please wear this to cover it up.” he repeated, desperation laced in his voice. 
so you took it from him, his eyes watching you as you pulled it over you. while it was slightly too big for you, it did the job, the coffee stain neatly tucked behind the blue knit fabric. 
“thank you,” you finally whispered with a small smile, looking back to meet his gaze. 
“no please don’t thank me, I don’t deserve that.” he shook his hands, chuckling awkwardly. 
bidding each other an awkward but still warm goodbye, you had only made it a a couple feet away before you turned around, a sudden unidentifiable giddiness filling up your chest with every passing second. 
“hey! what’s your name?” 
turning around, his lips melted into a soft smile, “kita. kita shinsuke.” 
☼ ☼ ☼
kita shinsuke. the man who came into your life like an accident started to feel more like the universe had an interesting way of playing fate. as several months passed after your encounter with him, you only came across him more. first he was in two of your classes the following semester, then he became your co-worker at the same coffee shop. before you knew it, the two of you became close and something more than friendship began to blossom between you both. 
you remember the day when kita told you about his soulmate. 
holding his wrist out to you, your fingers grazed softly over his mark, a full moon. except, it was fading. 
a fading mark was an indication that one’s soulmate had passed away. kita told you he remembered when he first noticed it back in high school. his wrist had been hurting for weeks, sharp pains every now and then until they suddenly stopped. and it was then he saw the moon on his wrist that used to brightly gleam now began to fade. 
“I-I’m so sorry.” you whispered softly, your heart breaking in your chest for the boy who sat beside you. kita deserved the world, no he deserved the universe for he was the kindest, most genuine person you had ever met in your entire life. it was unfair that this would happen to him, of all people. 
shaking his head, he gently covered your hand with his, “hey, it’s okay, it’s not your fault. after all, I hope they are happy now and not in pain. that’s all that matters to me.” 
it was then you told him about yourself. outside of osamu and atsumu knowing, you hadn’t confided in anyone about this. you didn’t want them to pity you, to see them look at you with those eyes as you told them that your soulmate said he would never love you. 
but kita didn’t. instead, he pulled you into his arms and let you cry softly against his chest, whispering things to you that made you feel like you worth something. 
days later and kita asked you to be his. he told you how he felt and that you didn’t have to reciprocate, after all you still had a soulmate and if you wanted to try to win his love he would never judge you for it. he told you to take your time and let him know, and no matter what he would still be there for you. 
but you didn’t need time. the universe may have given you a soulmate, but it didn’t mean it gave you the right one. kita always felt like the right one. and now you knew it for sure. 
☼ ☼ ☼
osamu watched the two of you from a distance. you were laughing at something kita said while he looked at you in complete adoration, his eyes filled with love as you spoke to him about something osamu couldn’t hear from where he was. 
he felt his wrist throb. 
pulling up his sleeve, he massaged the spot where his mark was, in hopes of easing the pain. but the more he did, the more it stung. 
looking back up, he suddenly locked eyes with you. he watched as your brows furrowed in confusion until recognition set in. before osamu could do anything, you were already making your way towards him and pulling kita along. 
“osamu! what are you doing here?” you asked casually, a wide smile resting on your face. 
osamu frowned. he never saw you smile like that since he knew you. and for some reason, he felt his heart flutter in his chest as you continued to stare at him with that smile. 
“osamu? hellooo, earth to osamu?” you giggled, waving your hand in his face. 
clearing his throat, he quickly replied, “I-uh was just heading to my next class.” 
“ohh, gotcha.” you nodded. turning to your side, you gestured towards kita, “this is kita, he’s my boyfriend.” you added softly. 
as the word “boyfriend” left your mouth, you felt a sudden anxiousness fill ever inch of your body as you looked cautiously at your soulmate. 
just then osamu smiled brightly at the both of you before holding his hand out to kita, “it’s nice to meet you. she’s been talking about you a lot.” 
at that, you felt all the nerves ease before hitting him playfully on the shoulder, “hey you can’t just expose me like that.” 
kita laughed softly in amusement, “it’s nice to meet you too, and please tell me more.” 
the three of you walked together in conversation till you reached where osamu’s class, before bidding him a goodbye and making your separate ways. osamu watched as you both turned around while kita slipped his fingers through yours,  pulling you close to his side as you walked away. 
osamu felt the throbbing feeling return, yet this time it wasn't his wrist. pressing his hand to his chest, he felt a pain like no other in his heart. taking in a heavy breath, he tried his hardest to look away but he couldn’t, not when you were shining as bright as the sun.  
a sun that was no longer his. 
Tumblr media
general taglist: @cinnamonrusts @postsfromthe6 @lady-snavely@02hhsailor@killuaking @rae0fsunshine1317 @sugawaaras @voids-universe@yams046@visaintes  @honeybacon @kuroosbabie@verblueht @captain-janeway @misssugarless @vintagexparker​  @ilovecheese08​ @cinnamonruts​ @crapimahuman​ @curiouslilbeast​ @allabootthoseanimes​ @flaneurix​ @goldthread-galdyherud​ @iwasunshine @c0wboyblues-exe @kageyamakock
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reblogs and comments/asks are appreciated :”)
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mattsunbae · 4 months ago
hi can i please rq hq bois wanting attention but then being too stubborn to tell you? thanks
Tumblr media
ft — kiyoomi sakusa, osamu miya, tooru oikawa
warnings — none !
marcie’s note — i took out the bullets for that one anon that had a hard time reading :>
Tumblr media
hadn’t stopped following you for the past hour. into the bathroom, the kitchen — you name it, he was there. “omi.” you called out to him, stopping in your tracks, causing him to bump into your back. “hm?” he looked up from his phone. “if you want attention, just tell me.” you chuckled before walking down the stairs and into the kitchen with kiyoomi still following closely behind. “i don’t.” he was taken aback by your true statement, somewhat offended by your correct assumption about him. “whatever you say, omi.” you went on to make yourself a snack with kiyoomi looming behind you every step of the way. settled on the couch with your snack, omi sat rather close to you, basically in your lap. “ugh you big baby. just tell me you want attention.” you rolled your eyes dramatically before pulling him closer to you. “i don’t want attention.” he scoffed. “okay then pull away from me.” kiyoomi paused, “no.”
impatiently peered into your office for the nth time today, waiting for you to finish your work so he could spend some time with you. “ya need anythin, angel?” he asked from the doorway. “‘m alright but thank you, samu.” you smiled, not turning to face him. “don’t want a snack or somethin?” he continued. “samu, you made me one like ten minutes ago.” you chuckled, placing your pen down before turning to look at osamu who was lackadaisically leaning against the doorway. “is there anything in particular that you need?” you clasped your hands together and looked him dead in the eye. “sheesh. i can’t care for ma own girlfriend?” osamu scoffed, rolling his eyes. you continued to stare at him, silently urging him to spill the beans. “fine, just stop lookin at me like that. i wanna spend time with you.” he turned away to hide his slight blush. “that’s all you had to say.”
clung to you like a koala as you were still fast asleep. he adored your warmth, especially early in the morning when you spent the night wrapped under the warm covers. however, he got a little to excited and practically squeezed you to get closer. “i’m not a stress ball, tooru.” you groggily said, looking around with blurred vision. “sorry.” he meekly responded, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “‘s alright. don’t you have practice soon, though?” you turned to face him, his arms still wrapped around your waist. “i could spare a few minutes for you.” tooru playfully rolled his eyes. “you’re acting like you weren’t just trying to squeeze my organs out of me two minutes ago.” you chuckled, attempting to squirm your way out of his grasp. “just stay a little longer, yeah?” tooru shot you a look with pleading eyes. “please?” “fine.” you let him pull you into his chest, soaking up each other’s warmth.
Tumblr media
© please refrain from copying my work. copying/editing is not allowed.
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whoreradio · 2 months ago
bri ! who do you think has a breeding kink ? 👉🏻👈🏻
Ask game: here
Characters: Osamu + Oikawa + Bokuto + Atsumu + sometimes Ushijima
Your loud cries rang through the room as he thrusted roughly inside of you pushing your legs up to your chest. His eyes closed shut as he fucked your hole the sweet squelching sounds ringing through his ears like music.
"So good for me baby, I'm gonna fill this sweet little hole up for you okay ."
You moaned in reply barely able to form words as anything you attempted to say came out as incoherent mumbles.
"Come on doll, beg me to put a baby in you. Let me hear you beg to have my cum dripping from this hole.
His thrust became faster as he chased his orgasm smiling at your fucked out form.
"mmm please.. please... c-cum in-" your broken sentence was cut off by a loud moan as he thrusted in you fucking you into the creaking bed.
"What was that love? I couldn't quite hear you" he chuckled knowing full well you wouldn't be able to get the full sentence out.
"Mm f-fuck i'm gonna cum" he threw his head back as he came inside of you fucking his cum deeper inside of your hole. He slowed his thrust and pulled out watching as his cum dripped from your hole occasionally fingering some back in.
"Let me help clean you up."
You lifted your head barely able to sit up and watched as he leaned down dipping his tongue into your hole. From the look in his eyes as he watched your legs shake because of his tongue you could tell he wasn't done with you, he had a couple more loads to place in that sweet little hole of yours.
Tumblr media
side note lol i wanted to say Sakusa too but idk because i feel like Sakusa would have this mindset of where else is he going to cum? he’s not the type to make a mess and you know this so why wouldn’t he cum in you so technically yes Sakusa would have breeding link lol
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