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educatedsimps · a day ago
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notes: hey, and welcome to our fic recs page! here are some all of our favourite works by amazing hq writers from all across tumblr! do check out their works and give them a follow :) we hope you like them <333
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enjoy <33
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inarizahki · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: atsumu, bokuto, daichi, kuroo, tendou, terushima, oikawa, iwaizumi, sakusa, kita, f!reader warnings: alcohol, lots of temporary amnesia lmao a/n: drink responsibly kids
[pt. 2]
Tumblr media
absolute mess. like everything he does, he goes all out, so by the end of the night, he’s swaying all over the place and grinning madly, cheeks flushed red. when he sees you, he lights up and pushes off of his exasperated teammates so he can stumble towards you, arms outstretched for you to step into.
“this,” atsumu’s chest puffs up proudly, “is my wife.”
“tsumu...” you sigh.
“isn’t she amazin’? bet you’ve never seen someone so gorgeous before in your lives.”
meian, hinata, sakusa, and bokuto just snigger as you grimace when your husband continues, “you guys are just so jealous, aren’t you? princess, introduce yourself. tell ‘em how great you are.”
“tsumu, they were at our wedding.”
“that’s right, she married me, can you believe?”
“tsumu, they were your groomsmen.”
keeps glancing at you the closer you come, his eyebrows furrowing a little in confusion. he’s leaning so heavily on akaashi that the poor man is bent sideways trying to support him. when you come up to him, you laugh a little at the sight of this big man drooping over his friend. you lift your hand to push some hair out of his eyes, but he shies away from your touch, the visceral reaction nearly taking both men down with the force of it.
“kou? what’s wrong?”
he frowns and avoids your gaze, staring off into the distance resolutely. “i can’t go home with you.”
“and why can’t you go home with me?”
“look, i’m sure you really sweet but,” he holds up both hands, squinting to try and discern both before jiggling the left one and pointing to his ring finger. “i’m married.”
“you’re married to me, dummy.”
looks all stiff because he’s trying to convince himself he’s not drunk; he’s a model citizen and good cop, of course. but his eyes are a little glazed and it’s clear that his words are slurred when he starts flirting with you incessantly.
“looks like i’m a lucky man tonight.” your husband gives you a slow once-over, sliding his arm around your waist, “do you have a name? or can i call you mine?”
“we’re married, daichi.” you fail to suppress an amused grin, “i’m already yours. you don’t need to flirt like that.”
daichi shakes his head slowly, struggling to find the words. “that’s where you’re wrong. i still- still gotta make sure you feel wooed.”
“awww, baby...”
“gotta keep you around somehow.”
pda to the max, he becomes so clingy and touchy. sticks to you like a barnacle, long limbs draped all over you as you try to drag him away, his lips in your hair. tries to cop a feel every once in a while, thinks he’s being discreet about it but iwaizumi’s disgusted face says otherwise.
“i’m so glad you like me.” he looks at you with stars in his eyes, like he’s seeing you for the first time.
“i’m your wife, tooru.”
“you’re the best girlfriend i’ve ever had.”
“tooru, i’m your wife.”
such a sulky drunk, will sit in a corner, mask pulled up and arms folded, waiting for you to arrive. glares at anyone who looks at you when you walk into the bar. for some reason, thinks you’re always mad at him when you have to come pick him up and drive him home even though you really don’t mind. gets grumpy thinking about your hypothetical anger.
“omi...what’s wrong?”
sakusa glances at you out of the corner of his eye, tugging his mask down, “’re upset. i don’t like it when you’re upset.”
“i’m no- okay...what am i upset about?”
a disgruntled frown. “i don’t know, you’re the one who’s upset, you tell me.”
ushijima calls you because tendou is all but incoherent apart from his drunken complaints of missing you so much his heart hurts. and what does he get for his trouble? tendou shoving him aside so hard upon spotting you that the big man actually stumbles. your husband jogs toward you to give you a flailing hug.
“i didn’t think you’d actually come.”
“of course i would, when i hear my husband misses me.”
tendou sticks out his lip in a pleased pout. “wanna get out of here? i can be your next big mistake~”
“...satori, you’d never be a mistake for me.”
“’re gonna make me cry, sweet cheeks.”
“from what toshi said, looks like you already were.”
tries to be coherent but everyone can tell he’s lost it. swaggers toward you but ends up tripping and falling all over you when your blurry figure comes closer to support his unsteady body. squints at you to try and make out who you are, grinning toothily when your features become clearer to him.
“why’re you on top of me?” he slurs, “d’you like me or smthng?”
“don’t be stupid. also you’re literally the one on top of me.”
“ooh, so dooo.” his voice and face are both irritatingly smug. “you do like me. you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“we’re married, tetsu.”
checks you out when you appear in front of him, giving you a loud whistle. tries to look sexy by leaning against a wall or something but ends up missing the mark and nearly ends up braining himself on the sidewalk. catches himself and straightens, trying to look like the smoothest man alive by slicking back his disheveled hair.
“hey lil mama.”
“yuuji.” you purse your lips in disapproval.
“wow, you know, you look exactly like my girl. it’s a little creepy.”
“that’s probably because i am your girl.”
“oh shit,” your husband lights up and pats down his rumpled clothes in a ridiculous attempt to make himself look more presentable, “really?”
“wanna go on a date?? right now, let’s go. i’ll drive.”
“yuu, you’ve had eight beers.”
angry lil drunk, thinks everyone is trying to steal you from him. snaps at all his friends—cough oikawa cough—to keep their grubby hands off of you. takes off his coat to cover you with even if you’re all bundled up. he’s been drinking alcohol but he’s also been drinking his respect women you juice. gets angry thinking about all the distasteful behavior from other men he’s witnessed throughout the night.
tells you in an impassioned tone, words slurred, “listen to me. don’t ever take any shit from any man, not even me. beat the shit out of them if they treat you bad ok?”
“show me how you make a fist.” he grabs your hand. “you gotta- you gotta make sure to keep your thumb on the outside when you punch ok? here try it, throw one at me.”
“i’m not going to punch you, hajime.”
“but if i’m ever a dick to you-”
normally very good at controlling his drinking but not if the twins have anything to say about it. by the time they’re done with him, sometimes he ends up barely even knowing his name anymore. sleepy drunk, is half dead on his feet when you arrive. tries to look sober by blinking slowly, but his movements are a little uncoordinated. becomes ridiculously affectionate when he registers that it’s you in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i should...i should bring you home with me...” he murmurs.
“shin, we live together.”
“my grandmother would love you.”
“shin, she knows who i am, we visit her every week.”
“she wants me to get should marry me.”
“shinsuke. we’ve been married for three years.”
Tumblr media
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iwaizumeanie · 17 days ago
18+ minors dni. you will be blocked. i didn't proof read this tee hee.
Tumblr media
the first time you sleep with iwaizumi is so soft, so uncharacteristically gentle. he's completely flustered and his palms are sweating but he's kissing you everywhere he can and telling you how beautiful you are and how happy he is.
he's hovering above you, his arms caging you in on either side of your trembling body. he keeps telling you there's no reason to be nervous, he's never seen anybody so beautiful in his life.
he loves you. he knows he does, he can feel it in the swell of his chest with a nervous inhale when he lines up with your dripping hole. he can feel it when he pushes in and his head feels like it's swimming at the way you're squeezing around his length.
he has to take a moment to breath, he halts completely when he's fully inside of you, pressing snug against your pelvis with his own. he hushes you with a quick kiss when you ask if everything's okay; your eyes are so sincere, so full of worry it has him almost doubling back. when he finally starts to move, it's slow and you can feel every drag of his cock against your plush walls, it has your stomach coiling and your skin burning up but it's so good, you can't help but beg him for more, more, more.
and he's so willing to give it to you. he starts to quicken his thrusts, pushes himself onto his knees and holds your legs draped over his own, fucking into you as deeply as he can while remaining so gentle with the occasional, like that, baby? you're doing so good for me, feels so good.
he presses fleeting kisses against your leg when he brings one up to rest on his shoulder, the new position allows him to reach the spot inside of you that has your throat tightening and your vision blurring and your words slurring. he leans over again, holds you by the jaw gently and tells you, look at me when you cum, wanna see how pretty you look falling apart for me.
but he betrays his own word when you cry out, convulsing around his cock, he tries to keep his vision steady but all resolve flies out the window when you're creaming all over his length. he falls into you, kissing you with fervor and desparation. he bullies his tongue into your mouth, swallowing all your pretty moans as he feels his balls tighten and his abdomen clench.
and then he's cumming, he's filling you up so nicely and it's so warm, you're babbling on about how you want him to keep fucking you, want him to push his cum so far into you it won't come out. but it all falls on deaf ears, because all he can focus on is how beautiful you look, hair splayed messily against the pillow, and your eyes are glossy and out of focus, and you've got drool on your lip but he swears you've never looked so good.
he collapses, pressing his entire body weight onto you and smiling when your arms come to rest over his shoulders, your fingers running over his spine. he's pressing lazy kisses against your skin, listening to your heartbeat from the pulse in your neck and relishing in your warmth against him. he's so in love, it makes him feel like the sun is burning inside his chest, like flowers are blooming under his skin. he's so in love, and he tells you in that moment, and every other time the thought crosses his mind.
Tumblr media
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volleychumps · 3 months ago
« Insecure S/O Reacting to a Confession 2
part 1 here 
format: scenarios
genre: fluff
- includes: Iwaizumi, Tendou, and Matsukawa
Iwaizumi Hajime
The sun wasn’t helping his flared cheeks in any way. 
“Stop interfering.” 
“Stop stalling then.” Oikawa grins, rubbing his best friend’s shoulders as if he were about to enter a boxing ring. The dark haired ace rubs his eyes in irritation with one hand, ignoring the flare against his cheeks as Iwaizumi attempts to shake his childhood friend off. The sight of you kneeled down in the school garden, hair pinned back away from your face as you tended to the flowers, made the heat surge through Iwa’s cheeks even more. 
“I’m not.” 
“Really? Because every day you approach her creepily from some distance, and then disappear. C’mooon, I already owe Hiro like fifteen bucks-” 
“You’re betting on this, shithead?”
“Nope.” The answer comes out a little too quickly as Oikawa dodges a second swat. “She’s so pretty I might have to approach her myself-” 
“Not another word.” Iwa grits out, Oikawa slightly smirking at the tick in his jaw and the way his onyx eyes harden. “I just...don’t wanna mess this up.” 
“There’s nothing to mess up until you confess. Ah, young love.” Oikawa sighs dreamily, Iwaizumi ignoring his dramatic friend’s swoon before making a decision. Today was the day. 
You wipe sweat from your forehead, attempting to ignore the beating sun down on your face as you tried to hurry the process a long, ensuring the flowers were getting just enough water. The touch of an icy can of tea against your cheek startles you, almost making you drop the watering pot before you hold a hand up against the bright sun rays, tilting your head in confusion at the broad-shouldered man in front of you. 
“Iwaizumi?” You smile in greeting as Iwaizumi shuffles his feet, breath catching in his throat at the sight. He was so screwed. 
You laugh a bit awkwardly, the cold touch of the can beginning to numb. “Um, is this for me?” 
“Yes.” He curses himself at how stern it comes out, but you gently take the can from his grasp, nodding in thanks. “I-I know you like this one.” 
“You do?” 
“No.” He didn’t want to sound creepy, yet somehow made it worse. 
Iwaizumi was ready to kick himself. He was hoping you would understand, the day you shyly maneuvered your way through Oikawa’s fanclub to get to him to offer him an ice cold drink was the reason he became so infatuated in the first place. 
“Well, thanks for the tea-” 
“I like you.” 
This time, you do drop the watering pot, eyes widening like a deer caught in the headlights as Iwa’s heart sinks at your reaction. 
“I get it, alright?” You mumble, sadness swimming in your stomach as Iwaizumi fought the need to dart off. “You’re the handsome volleyball ace all the girls want, and they put you up to ask me out as a joke again. It’s getting old.” 
Iwaizumi sighs, knowing that the other girls preyed on you for your beauty and soft heart, finding ways to hurt you in the most immature ways possible. 
“Oi.” His heart tightens at the look of sorrow on your face, making him click his tongue before reaching a hand out before he can stop himself, smudging his thumb along the streak of dirt on your cheek. You look up at him in a doe-like manner, and your wet eyes are enough to make the ace want to hurt anyone who ever made you feel this way. 
“I’m not kidding.” 
“Hajime.” He cuts you off, hiding a smirk when he feels the heat rush to your cheeks. “You can call me Hajime. Only you.” 
“Hajime.” you try it out, clapping your hand over your mouth once in shyness as Iwaizumi smiles a genuine grin, elated when you shy away into his touch. 
“Then...please take care of me.” You manage, condensation running down to your other hand holding the can as Iwaizumi slips it out of your grasp, taking a heavy sip of it before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 
“I finished this one. Can I take you to a cafe?” 
“I’d love that.” You slip your gardening gloves off, Iwa slipping his hand into yours casually as you trail behind him, smiling when his grip tightens ever so slightly.
Surprisingly, the sun suddenly didn’t feel too hot today. 
Tendou Satori
“Today’s the day fellas!” 
“Oh, is it?” Shirabu mocks his surprise. “It’s not like you put ‘ask y/n’ out in huge block letters on our team calendar or anything.” 
“Bingo!” Tendou points finger guns at his teammate as Semi shrugs at a disgruntled Shirabu. “I’m about to get myself a Miss Tendou Satori-” 
“That’s not how that works-” 
“Hush, Ushijima. Your logic won’t ruin my day today.” Tendou bounces on the balls of his feet, waiting for practice to let out as he tugs his last shoe on, his other teammates still in the process of changing. 
“Is she waiting for you?” Semi tugs his shirt overhead as Tendou hums happily in answer, Shirabu snarkily making a remark from the other side of the locker room. 
“She’s out of your league.” 
“I know she is! Which is why I’m going to treat her like the queen she is, since I myself am but a lowly peasant beneath her-” Tendou perks up at the time. “Gotta go, I’ll text you the outcome boys.” 
“Please don’t.”
“Tendou-senpai-” But the redhead had already darted through the door as Ushijima glances at his worried kouhai, tilting his head in question. 
“What, Goshiki?” 
“Isn’t Y/N L/N the one who had that mean prank pulled on her last year?”
You bit the inside of your cheek as you rocked on the balls of your feet, fidgeting with the ends of your skirt as you wait for the rambunctious redhead on the volleyball team. No way a cute guy like him was actually- 
“Did I make ya wait long?” A pair of sneakers appear in your view, making you lift your head as Tendou Satori casts you a wide grin, school shoes hanging in his other hand. You tilt your head, wondering if he rushed here.
“Did you need something from me, senpai?” You blink, swinging your legs lightly on the bench you were sitting on, fearing the worst. Tendou clears his throat, suddenly feeling the nervousness he had been outrunning catch up to him. He can’t mess this up. Ever since you had adorably asked him to reach something for you at the snack shop for the school, he hasn’t been able to get you off his mind. He made sure to wait around during the same time during lunch hour, your usual snack already in hand and plucked off the highest shelf. 
“Go out with me.” 
You flinch. There it was. 
His smile fades slowly with every beat of silence that soaks in the atmosphere between the two of you, and you swallow back a sob. 
“How much are they giving you to do this?” 
Tendou’s shoes hit the floor, his eyes blinking rapidly in confusion as you refuse to meet his questioning gaze. 
“I um, can help you if you want. Go out with you for a few days so they really believe-” 
“Hey, hey!” Tendou’s arms begin to flail around as he shakes his head no. “I mean it Y/N, you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met. I really wanna date you for real-” 
“You do?” 
Tendou’s chest felt heavier at the crack in your voice and insecurity swirling in your eyes, and he nods his head, kneeling in front of you carefully before asking to take your hands with his eyes. 
“I 100% do. You can strip me of my honor if I’m lying.” 
This makes you crack a smile, making Tendou breathe out a sigh of relief through his nose. He thumps his forehead against yours, making your eyes glint in a way they haven’t in awhile.
“Can this lowly senpai please take you out on a date this weekend?” 
“No, my lowly senpai cannot.” You say, turning your palms over so he can hold them properly. Tendou quirks an eyebrow, but he’s slightly smirking as you offer a shy smile. 
“But my boyfriend can.” 
Matsukawa Issei
“You’re staring again, ya creep.” 
“I think the term you’re looking for is skillful admiring-” 
“Just ask her out.” Hanamaki yawns, getting comfy on his best friend’s desk as Matsukawa leans into his palm, eyeing the way you pout when your friends steal your snacks. So cute. “What’s the worst she’s gonna do, say no?” 
“Yes.” Matsukawa sighs, hanging his head slightly as Hanamaki arches a brow, crossing his arms in pure amusement. 
“Wow, Matsukawa Issei hung up over a girl?” 
“Who the hell is hung up-” 
Hanamaki arches a brow when his friend visibly tenses up, looking over only to smirk when he sees another boy in class shyly offer up his pocky to you, you gladly accepting and smiling widely in thanks. Issei rests his head on the desk, stubbornly looking out the window as Hanamaki withholds a laugh over the hold you have over your classmate. 
“Oh just ask her out.” Hanamaki uncaps his drink. “You’re so into her dude, it’s making me sick.” 
Issei shifts in his seat. Maybe his adoration for you wouldn’t have begun if it hadn’t been for the way your much shorter legs pumped to catch up to his figure, who had pretty much reached his home.
“Matsukawa-san!” You had gasped for breath, the messy-haired boy guiltily slipping his headphones off at how tired you seemed. Before he could profusely apologize, you shoved his notes in his hand, bright hue to his cheeks at the act of kindness. 
“Um, you left this in the library!” you manage out, Matsukawa seeming to freeze in the moment. “I added some notes in there, I hope you don’t mind. It seemed kinda empty-” 
“You wrote notes for me?” He finds his voice again, cursing himself at that being the first thing that came out. 
“I was bored during free time anyways.” You scratched the back of your head before turning on your heel again. “Anyways, bye!”
And then you darted off again as Matsukawa Issei stayed still in his spot, wondering just why the hell his heart was beating at the pace it was going, colorful notes hanging from his grasp. 
“I’m gonna do it.” Hanamaki almost falls off the desk at Matsukawa’s revelation and the way he suddenly stood up. “I could kiss you right now, Makki.” 
“I’m praying to god, please don’t.” 
You lean against the shoe lockers, humming to yourself as you wonder just what your classmate would need from you, figuring he wanted to properly thank you for the notes. You would accept it and go, knowing that Matsukawa Issei was favored among the girls- 
“You’re here.” 
“This.” You smile softly, holding up a folded note between your fingers as Matsukawa shoves his hand in his slack pockets, suddenly feeling embarrassed. “This made it hard for me not to be, you know?” 
You eye him carefully, stomach sinking at the familiar situation in front of you. 
“You might have already guessed,” Issei breathes, trying to steady the pounding in his ears. “Or Makki might have already told you because he’s a shithead like that-” 
You tilt your head.
“-but I’ve got this killer crush on you. And if you could help me out, I would thoroughly appreciate it.” It comes out business-like, and you almost laugh if it hadn’t been for the weight in your throat. 
“Help you out how?” He doesn’t notice the crack in your voice as he pulls his sleeves up to his forearms, swallowing tightly. 
“I think a date would begin to ease the pain.” 
You really do laugh this time, but it’s not the kind of laugh of amusement. It’s forced, awkward, and makes Issei falter in his smile and movements. 
“Do they ever get bored?” 
All playfulness drains from the middle blocker’s face as his tone hardens. “What are you talking about?” 
“Sure, get the hot guy from the volleyball team to try and ask Y/N out, are you getting it on video?” 
“I’ve gotta go.” you try to step away, eyes widening when he stops you with his much bigger frame. His lidded eyes widen at the tears prodding the corner of your eyes, carefully lifting a hand to swipe at them before looking at you seriously.
“You think I’m hot?” 
You can’t withhold the giggle that escpaes you, sniffling slightly as Matsukawa smiles gently, wrapping his arm around you to touch the small of your back. You yelp a little when you find yourself crushed against his chest, your upper back touching the lockers. 
“I don’t know what the hell happened to you in the past, but-” you look up at the handsome tall boy you had hand-written notes for, hoping your crush on him wasn’t too noticeable. “I can tell you right now that you’re really fuckin’ pretty, and I want to brag to my friends about how hot my girlfriend is-”
“Do you ever stop talking?” You cup his cheek in question as his grin widens. 
“Make me your boyfriend and I’ll show you.” He winks, and you raise both eyebrows in amusement before practically speaking against his lips. 
“I think we can arrange that.” 
General Taglist: @ebiharachan @purplefangirl2001 @ssuna @saffyspirals @baes-x @nabisonyeo94 @celestialuffy @uh-what-day-is-it-again @genesisrose74 @takemetovalhalla @thathoneybee3 @animebae100 @jesssobs @tsukkikeiibabe
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playersluv · 6 months ago
hello there~ can i request jealous sex with tsukishima kei x f! reader but with a fluff ending please 🥺 thank you!
his bunny
characters. aged up!kei tsukishima + f!reader
warnings. “bunny” + degradation + dacryphilia + breeding mention + jealous sex + possessive sex + markings
oooh yes. i hope u enjoyed this as much as i did writing it!! <3
kei rarely gets jealous in public, to be honest. his reactions limit to maybe a condescending look or sarcastic comment or two, but nothing major. he tends to let out his frustrations when you get home if you know what i mean. besides, he's smart, he knows what's his and he knows just how to remind you.
one day, per your usual routine, you're on the train with kei. both of you left standing because there are no spare seats left, but you don't really mind. you idly chat with your boyfriend, trying to keep yourself occupied. it works for a while until kei pulls out his phone and taps play on his music, drowning you out for whatever reason. you huffed but didn’t bother him further. you knew how kei could get, social battery running out quickly. you turned away from him slightly, looking for something else you could do. as you scan your surroundings, you’re met with a familiar face already staring back at you. tsukishima, too invested in whatever’s on his phone, doesn’t notice when your grasp on his hand slips away.
“kuroo! it’s been forever!” you greeted him with a hug, a large grin playing on your face. he returns it with his own sly one, patting your head affectionately. “it sure has, kit. how’ve you been?”
you blushed at the old nickname he gave you back in high school but nonetheless engaged in small talk. it felt peaceful to have an engaging conversation with someone who you’ve known for what felt like forever. you manage to cover many topics, your career, love life.. sex life. now that was an awkward conversation.
“and is skinny jeans pleasing you enough?”
your eyes went wide, cheeks heating up instantly. of course, kuroo’s a trusted friend and you didn’t mind telling him whatever he asked about. the embarrassing part was.. you didn’t know how to answer.
yes, kei pleases you whenever you have sex. always gives you soul-shattering orgasms.. but when was the last time you DID have sex? a week ago, maybe two?
kuroo read your expression with his cat-like eyes, taking in the way you had to think about your answer, and sighed, “he isn’t, huh? what is it? he too vanilla for you, too shy?”
at his words you shook your head rapidly, “oh, no no no- kei’s NOT vanilla!” you defended him. he wasn’t. the degradation, ropes, edging.. yeah. definitely not vanilla. you rubbed your arm and looked off, voice getting quieter as you spoke, “it’s just.. been a while, i guess.”
kuroo hummed in understanding. his eyes searched for tsukishima, glaring down at him and observing him. he then leaned down to your ear, whispering slyly, “well, kit. i think i can help you.”
you let out a squeak at what he implied, “uhm, tetsuro.. i don’t think-“ he cut you off with a chuckle, waving his hand dismissively, “no, not that. i’ll help you get tsukki in bed again. but.. you have to listen to me, okay? and know i don’t mean any harm.”
you gazed up at kuroo, a determined look on your face. “okay, yeah, i gotcha.”
kuroo laughed again and pat your head. his relaxed and closed eyes soon shot open at the sudden lurch of the train, you falling back and him falling with you, his arms caging you against the train walls. at the sudden movement, kei looked up to find you, wondering if you’re okay. when he did spot you, his concern turned cold. why were you letting some random guy hover over you so closely?
he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket and maneuvered his way past people, straight to you and whoever the fuck that was pressed up against you. he heard your soft giggles and his nostrils flared. kei immediately grabbed the shoulder of the man on top of you, pulling him back.
“get the fuck off my girl, idiot,” he seethed, even though he saw a face he recognized. he didn’t care that it was an old friend of his, he had no right being that close to his girl.
kuroo all but smirked, “maybe if you fucked her as she deserves then i’d know how claimed she really is.” you gasped, your expression shocked from the words that left kuroo’s mouth. they were so vulgar, not sugarcoated at all. you didn’t expect him to take this route. “i mean, look at her!” he nods his head to your nervous form, “no marks or hickeys, no evidence that she’s yours. can’t really blame me, tsukishima. almost made her mine.”
you kept your eyes on tsukishima the whole time, eyes wide- almost begging for him and take you. you seemed like you were uncomfortable with how upfront kuroo was, and your boyfriend could tell. kei gave a smirk- the fakest one he could muster, “you’re so right, kuroo. maybe i’ll do that as soon as we get home!”
and sure enough, he did.
his hips snapped against yours, long fingers tangled in your hair, pulling you back and making your back arch beautifully for him. his voice is husky next to your ear, angry, “this is what you wanted huh, bunny? to just be fucking used like a cocksleeve?”
he waited for a response, burying his head into your neck, nipping and sucking at your painted skin. taking kuroo’s advice, kei marked you up. bite marks, hickeys of pink and purple colors littering your neck. but you could barely answer- too fucked out. god, you missed this. missed him being so close and intimate with you. “y-yes, kei. needed to be your toy. needed to be f-filled up!”
he laughed at the whine in your voice, “so pathetic. couldn’t even tell me yourself.”
he pulled away from you, his cock leaving your abused hole. you cried at the loss of contact, his hand flying to your hips to spin you around to lay on your back, only to find him glaring at you. his cock brushed up against your sensitive bundle of nerves making you gasp, wiggling your hips for more. kei’s large hand grabbed the flesh of your hips with a bruising grip, silently telling you to stay still. stay obedient for him.
“such a little slut. i bet you wanted me to take you like this huh? or perhaps, right in front of him? your dripping pussy on display." he slipped himself back in your warm cunt, groaning as you clenched around him, slight tears falling from your eyes as you shook your head. “no! ‘m just for you, kei!” his mood shifted as he watched you cry for him, loving the power he had and your devotion to him.
“my pretty little bunny is crying for me. how sweet,” even though kei sounded condescending- mocking of your tears, he took a hand and wiped your tears away, rolling his hips against yours languidly, a contrast from how rough he was previously being. he didn’t know why his demeanor changed, maybe because he has an oh-so-obvious soft spot for you, but he needed to make you feel him. and as he did so, you moaned softly at the feeling of him inside you, you could feel every vein and ridge of his cock, could feel it pulsing in you. god, how he loved your moans. for him, only ever him.
“that’s my little bunny, my personal slut,” he brought his head down to you, his voice almost raspy from how much he was trying to hold back. at that moment, he just wanted to feel you, kissing you slowly, nipping at your lips, and tangling his tongue with yours. he pulled away, ever so slightly, gazing into lust-blown eyes as he sped up. he leaned down, on his elbows, caging you in, his forearms under you and holding your shoulders to easily move you on his cock. you whine and moaned and keened against him, hands finding purchase as you left your own marks on his back and shoulders.
"who's pussy is this, bunny? who does it belong to?"
all you could manage was a broken song of his name, pleading to cum, letting him know he owned you, "you, kei! it's yours, all yours!" you clenched around him making him growl into your ear, moving inhumanly faster to chase his high, his balls smacking against your plush ass, no doubt sore from the spanks he gave you for being such a whore. “let me breed you like the bunny you are, yeah?” you, drunk off pleasure, complied, babbling incoherent sentences. all kei could make out was a broken moan of “yes,” and that was enough for him- that’s all he needed to hear. “come on bunny, cum. i know you wanna come all over me. do it.”
at the sound of his words, you did as he said, legs shaking and squeals coming out of your mouth as your vision went white. kei let out a moan of his own, the way you clenched around him- milked him for everything he had- was so euphoric to him, causing him to spill his hot seed into you. he didn’t slow down, the sounds of your mixed essence sloshing around inside of you, spilling. was too lewd, and he wanted to prolong your highs as long as possible.
“kei, i love you!” you mewled out, fingers grasping his biceps as your legs shook.
he slowed the thrusting his hips as he heard your words, stilling inside of you. for once, he gave you a soft smile, capturing your lips with his own, and moving against them gently. kei knew how rough he could be- how cruel, but he always knew that you had his heart. always would.
“my little bunny. i love you, too.”
Tumblr media
Ⓒ all work posted belongs to /playersluv/. do not repost or modify.
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malibusmoke · a month ago
More. More. More.    Atsumu × Male Reader
Tumblr media
NSFW, light degradation, use of ‘sir’, implied size difference, Top!Male!Reader, Bottom!Sub!Atsumu, cock sucking, fingering, anal sex
Note: Cazzo. Trying to gain some footing since I’m brand new to this. Second fic.
“Look at me baby,” you command, licking your lips as you bring your face between Atsumu’s legs. 
“Y/N,” Atsumu moaned breathily; then gasped as your hot breaths skimmed his thighs. The elder Miya brother didn’t understan how he was in such a vulnerable position beneath him, with all of his usual sel-confidence and cockiness fading away. Your warm tongue gliding across the base of his straining cock was the only thing that mattered to him now. 
He inhaled sharply and perspiration began to build across his skin. You gaze up at him from between his legs, staring into the brown half-lidded pools. The man before you was beautiful normally, but something about seeing him so needy and powerless beneath you ignited something inside.
 A wanton moan escaped Atsumu’s bitten lips as you took his throbbing length into your warm, wet mouth before humming in satisfaction as his eyes rolled back into his head. It sent vibrations through his leaking to his core at the sensation. 
Pulling off his tip with a loud pop, you move your face up to his neck, nipping at Atsumu’s ear.
“Tell me what you want, ‘sumu,” You growl lowly, as his fingers trace lightly over the muscles of your back. The smaller boy’s face flushed in submission beneath your well huilt form, as he mindlessly bucked his hips at loss of contact. 
“ Y-Y/N...please I-I-hah” His ords caught thickly in his throat as you pushed your hot erection agaisnt his leg. He craned his head downwards, blonde hair brushing against your neck as he stared at the unearthly sight before him. 
 You smirk at his wide eyed face as he gazes at your flushed cock, and grind up against his own- the red flush spread from his cheeks to his bare chest. You pin his arms to the mattress as he attempts to cover his face.
“Ah-ah, you look so pretty like this Atsu.” You teased, his hips grinding back into yours. “So pretty underneath me, how's it feel? Being such a desperate whore for your own teammate?” 
He bit his lips at your words and averted his lustful eyes as you sat up off him. Tracing your fingers back down to his thighs you teased your fingers over his puckered entrance, fingers slick with your own pre cum.
“I want you please please- Y/N please!” He blabbered as you pushed a finger into his tight hole. He moaned shamlesslely as you began to stretch him out. It went in easy enough and you soon slipped in a second finger, scissoring him open.
“S..sir! Just put it in!” Atsumu’s voice strained into your ear as he reached down and traced a finger around your tip. You groaned and looked at him. You knew he needed to be stretched to take your cock, but if he was going to be so needy…
You grab your shaft and line it up at his fluttering entrance, slathering lube over your length. The cold sensation sent shocks up your spine as you teased him with the tip. 
His calloused fingers slide upyour chest as he looks at you patheitcally. With one sharp motion you bottom out in his warm, tight little boy cunt. Groaning and throwing your head back you begin thrusting in and set a brutal pace. Atsumus eyes widened in shock and he grabbed at your back and shoulders so desperately it was sure to leave marks.
 Your fingers traced up his chest as wet slapping filled the room before tweaking on Atsumu’s sensitive buds, a whine to escaping his rosy lips, “Yesss! Sir!,” He hissed in pure bliss as your thick cock pounded into his prostate.
“Good boy- nha- I want to see you break under me as I make you cum.” You groan. He was just so hot around you. So hot and wet and tight. You didnt know how long you were going to last. 
Moans and shaky breaths soon developed into whines and needy begs for more, Atsumu trying to impale himself onto your cock with every push back. You could feel the pleasure build up, a thick bubble of heat that grew with each thrust, cries out on pure need from Atsumu only adding to the flame.
The need in you was almost too much now, and you growled into his ear and pounded away into him without mercy, “Oh, please, yes, fuck!,” Atsumu rambled as each brutal thrust hit his prostate spot on. You could feel his walls tightening around your cock as he continued to dissolve into a blabbering flushed mess, “-hahh! S’good, God, please... Y/N! Sir!…”
Something snapped inside of Atsumu and hot roped of cum painted his stomach. He was clenching down incredibly tight on you now but you railed him through his orgasm, even as he begged you to stop in his overstimulated position. 
The air grew hot, heat and musk clinging at your skin. Moans and heavy breathes were soon drowned out by the slamming out the bed against the wall. You were sure it would leave dents. Atsumu raised his perfect ass to meet your driving hips and you felt your climax quickly approaching. Thrusts became uneven, rapid and more forceful.  
You bit down harshly on Atsumu’s shoulder as the bubble inside popped, tearing a passionate moan from your throat while your body shuddered. 
You peppered soft kisses across Atsumus fucked-out face, but your own thrusting neither stopped nor slowed, in fact, you sped up. “Y/N” soft whimpers came from Atsumu’s shuddering form and you pulled you cock out of his ass, before roughly flipping him so his back was pressed against you chest, legs pulled up and staring at the ceiling. You slide back in with far more ease this time. You grabbed his pretty little cock and began pumping it as you ruined his ass. His next orgasm came fast and his mouth opened to let out a silent wave of sock. 
Atsumu’s back pressed against your chest, head thrown back into the nape of your neck and shaking everytime you bounced him up and down your cock. You bit harsh marks on his neck, licking up the blood that pooled. ‘Cum for me one more time baby,” you groaned as he arched back.
He opened his mouth to say something but all that came out where blabbers and pleads as you rammed into the tight heat like a jackhammer, “Cum for me. Now Atsumu.” 
Atsumu couldn’t understand you in his fucked out state, but all he could think of was he needed more. More. more. more. He bounced his hips back against you, swallowing you to the hilt every time in a desperate chase to orgasm. His final orgasm hit him, covering your bedsheetsin the pearlescent white liquid. 
Him cumming around your cock was all it took, and you groaned when thick white cum filled up his hole. White blinded your vision and your body jerked uncontrollably. You let yourself slip out, pulling atsumu’s hips up to watch your load of cum seeping from his abused hole. 
As you both came down from your highs, Atsumu curled into your side. The blonde boy tilted his head and kissed your lips softly. The flustered look on his face was priceless, more than worth all of the effort it had taken to get him to submit to you. Atsumu was adorable, and he mumbled your name a few times before dozing off, cuddling your chest.​
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escapenightmare · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
― izuku, denki, bakugou, momo, shoyo, oikawa, bokuto, kenma  x gn!reader
cw. crack, grammar issues probably.
Tumblr media
izuku ― watches from afar and struggles to choose between going up to you and staying where he is. when he finally manages to make up his mind, he rushes up to you and wraps his arms around you from behind. "hi, bub," he puts so much emphasis on the nickname that the person who was confessing to you, shudders and rushes away from you both. becomes kind of clingy for the rest of the day and pouts whenever someone tries to take you away from him to hang out.
denki ― literally bounces up to you and wraps an arm around your shoulder, "hey babes, who's this?" he asks the question as if he had no clue what was happening. and to be honest, it would make sense if he didn't know what was happening. the confessing person just stammers out a, "uhm, i- i have to go," before yeeting themselves away from you two. denki doesn't even act different than usual, he acts normal and doesn't bring it up unless you do.
bakugou ― seethes from a far, you could hear small explosions that were coming from his palms. has no problem in approaching you and kissing you on the lips or almost going to beat the poor person who was confessing to pulp. by then the said person would've run away, because, 'oh frick katsuki bakugou's here he's gonna kill me wtf was i thinking i gotta get out of here before my lifespan shortens or i get murdered.' yeah, you don't even notice them disappearing because they leave that fast.
momo ― the moment she sees someone timidly walk up to you and tell you they like you, when she was right there next to you, she could only stare at them like they had two-heads. and there probably were people who had two-heads at UA. "um, darling?" she says at the silence that followed their confession. the only word to describe that moment was 'awkward.' she didn't want to be there anymore so she just grabs your hand and softly tugs you towards ― well, anywhere except there.
shoyo ― if it was someone who was shorter than he was, he'd run up to you and smother you in affection to prove an obvious point, but, if it was someone who was taller and intimidating than he was (let's be real, shoyo is not intimidating at all), he'd be too scared to do something. although, if he saw you were uncomfortable, he would definitely go up to you. he finally gets rid of his fears when the person turned red, and started staring at their shoes, shoyo deems the person to not be dangerous and bounds up to you, "hey baby! i gotta show you something come with me" he says without a pause to breathe and drags you in the other direction.
oikawa ― oh, bless the poor dude who was confessing to you. as soon as he finds out that you're being confessed to, he speed runs to where you were and wraps an arm around you. without missing a beat, he goes on about how amazing you are and how good of a couple you two make. it goes up to the point where the person becomes really uncomfortable and they just decide to leave and never return because, god that was a looong two minutes.
bokuto ― this guy is just clueless asf, he doesn't even know what's happening until you explain it to him. when he sees that person talking to you, he genuinely thinks its one of your friends and he runs up to you so he could talk to them. hugs you from behind, and presses a kiss to your cheek, "hey baby!" the assumed 'friend' shies away from you and mutters an, "i have to go" before leaving. bokuto frowns, "what was that about?" and you laugh, "nothing."
kenma ― pretends to be playing a game on his phone as he peeps over it and keeps his eyes on you and that random person. he could tell from their movements and your wide eyes that something was happening and it didn't take long for him to put together the dots and figure out that they were confessing to you. he groans softly about having to get off his butt and go over to you, but he does so nonetheless. links his hand with yours and lazily smiles, "hi, love. we have to go to the game store now, remember?" you end up going to the game store anyways, even if it wasn't planned.
Tumblr media
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willowfolksong · 6 days ago
hey hey may I request for Atsumu + making out in classrom after volleyball practice with fem reader please 😳 I like the way you write for him, thanks!!
pay attention to me
- Atsumu Miya x Reader
- SFW; very suggestive.
a/n: hi anon! first of all, thank you so much for your words. I'm so happy that you like how I write Atsumu 🥺❤ you're just too sweet. So here's your request 🤭 I sincerely hope I made it justice, but if you need me to write anything else, don't hesitate to tell me! and thank you again ❤
Willow 🍂
Requests are open 🍂
Tumblr media
"If you want your panties back, wait for me in the classroom after volleyball practice"
You sputter, hand trembling. You also read the note again, and again, and once more, until your friend taps your shoulder and you squeak and push the paper in your mouth.
In. Your. Mouth.
"Hey, can I borrow a pen for the test?"she tells you, eyeing you wearily "I didn't brought any with me today"
You could tell her she never brings one with her— test or not— but you have a piece of paper in your mouth and your mind filled with thoughts of Atsumu stealing your underwear from your room, so you just nod and turn around to fish for one inside your locker.
She arches a brow at you when you hand it to her "Are you alright?"
You give her a thumbs up.
She shrugs "Yeah, I'm nervous too"
You're lucky you studied for the test before hand, because you have enough with not being able to focus that well, knowing that somehow, Atsumu's in his classroom in that same moment, with your panties.
They could be on his backpack.
Or he could have them on his locker.
But oh my god what if he has them in his pocket?
You shake your head, willing yourself to concentrate on the questions. When the bell announces the end of the day, you release the breath you've been holding for almost five hours and quickly get up from your seat to ask the teacher if you can stay behind to clean the chalkboard and tidy up the place.
She gives you a proud— and very relieved— face "Of course! You're always so diligent. I wish more students were like you"
"That's me" you say, trying to smile "Always here to help"
She hands you the key and asks you to take it back to the teacher's lounge when you're done, soon leaving you alone in the empty classroom. You look at the clock.
Two hours until Atsumu appears.
You do clean the chalkboard, and then close the windows that were left open and put every chair in its place. When you're done, you still have an hour and a half left, so you sit down on your desk and decide to study for a bit. It's exams season, and you've doing that non stop since a week ago. It's tiresome, and not your idea of a fun afternoon, but you have to keep your score intact.
Those grades need extra work.
Atsumu comes barreling down the door when you're in the middle of raking your brain with a math problem, knocking loudly to get your attention. He's leaning on the threshold when your eyes meet his, a smirk dancing on his lips, and you take your hands away from where they were buried in your hair and glare at him.
"You" you seethe.
"Hello to ya too"
"Give them back" you ask, standing up and shaking imaginary dust from out of your skirt, chin up and eyes like steel. Atsumu doesn't looks intimated in the slightest "Right now"
"Why? Are ya in a hurry or somethin'?"
"Ahm... I don't know if you noticed it, but we're pass school hours and we need to bring the key back to teacher's lounge"
Your boyfriend shrugs, unimpressed "Yeah, so?"
"So... I also need to go home to study for tomorrow's test"
He groans at that, entering the classroom and dropping his school bag on the floor next to your desk. You let him take you by the hand and bring you closer to him— the smell of his sweat mixed with his cologne as intoxicating as ever.
"I don't wanna hear about school now"
"Atsumu, we're literally at school"
He silences you with a hungry kiss that steals your breath away— and it's a luck that his arms quickly scoop you around to hold you against his chest, or the intensity of it all would have made you fall on your back. His hands carve into your skin, leaving hot trenches in his wake through your clothes, as he drags them down your ribs and all the way to your hips.
He breaks the kiss to nip at your bottom lip, teasing smile in place and eyes blown wide in excitement "Sometimes I just feel that ya were made for me to kiss ya"
You open your previously closed eyes to look at him drowsily, and before you have to the opportunity to answer, he grabs your hips with both of his hands and pulls you up to sit on the desk. Your legs part to make room for him, very much against your will.
"Atsumu... my panties..." you whisper, trying to remember both him and you the real reason why you're still in the classroom.
Your boyfriend hums, one of his hands disapearing below your skirt— his fingers lazily caressing the wet spot on your underwear "Yeah, your panties are so wet right now"
"That's not what I meant..."
He cuts you off by leaning down to ran his tongue up the column of your neck, grazing your shoulders with his teeth "Isn't this a good place to leave a pretty mark?" he asks against your skin, and you push at him before a moan can come bubbling out of your mouth.
"It's just..." he trails off, settling for nosing at your neck "I almost never see ya anymore, ya know?"
He surges up to bite you softly behind your ear "Yeah. All ya do now is study"
"Atsumu" you say, pushing him again so you can see his face while you talk. He's pouting "We're in the middle of exams season"
"Yeah, and does that means that I'm not your boyfriend anymore or somethin'?"
"Are you serious?" you ask in disbelief, because it totally seems like your boyfriend is really feeling neglected "Is this because we haven't been spending too much time together lately?"
Atsumu squeezes your tights, letting his eyes fall to your knees "Well, yeah! Maybe I kind of miss ya"
You're not really sure how he does it, but he always ends up making you feel a little bit sorry for him when he's like that, so you plant both of your hands on his shoulders and lean forward to peck his lips. He takes your head in hands and doesn't loses time in deepening the kiss.
"I'm sorry, sweetie" you apologize "I promise I'll make some time for you too"
That seems to make the trick, because Atsumu smiles brightly and lunges towards you, capturing your lips once more and now shamesly grinding against your core— the wet spot on your panties only growing in size at the feeling of the hard bulge in his pants. He coaxes your tongue out to lazily lap it with his, and then follows a wet trail from your mouth to your ear, his hips still weakly pushing against you.
"Have I ever told ya that I would really like to fuck ya on your desk?" he whispers, and you squirm and suppress a moan with your hand "And over my bed... with you on top... from behind... " he pushes your hand aside to kiss you between words "In the shower... on a chair... maybe even over my bedroom's balcony"
"We can't... " you say, breathless "We can't do it here. Not now. It's too late... please"
He clicks his tongue at your pleading tone, but concedes anyway— and you instantly miss his warm when he takes a step back and puts his arms behind his head. "Fine. But promise that one day you'll let me"
You roll your eyes, refusing to promise something like that— at least out loud—, and quickly try to fix your hair and your clothes before grabbing your stuff.
Tumblr media
"Now give me back my panties" you say, once the two of you have left the school grounds behind.
Atsumu throws one of his arms over your shoulders at that, laughing out loud "Ya didn't really fell for that, didn't ya?"
"Oh thank god. So you don't really took any of my panties from my room?"
"Oh, no. I did" Atsumu admits, winking "But would never hand them back"
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svnarintaro · a year ago
hi! could u pls write how kuroo,bokuto,semi and oikawa would react to going to the beach with their gf and teammates and getting jealous when everyone’s staring at her in bikini?💖
kuroo, bokuto, semi and oikawa getting jealous at the beach 
a/n: i wrote this on the way home from my camping trip :( it was so much fun !
kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
- he is a 'look don't touch' kinda' guy
- like he is eating up how good you look in swimwear
- like it takes a lot for you to make him jealous cause i feel like he really trusts you
- he may have patience of steel with strangers looking at you but if the team of nekoma comes he is keeping an eye out
- he just gets super clingy and his hands tend to wander
- when it comes down to it he will just pick you up over his shoulder and walk away
- he is just super assertive but he will show off that you belong to him
kuroo was just plain annoyed. it takes a lot for him to get annoyed but whatever his team was doing, they were doing a wonderful job pissing him off. "tetsu~ you won't have fun if you just sit there doing nothing.." you pleaded as you tried to pry your boyfriend off his towel. you looked absolutely stunning to him, he loved how the swimsuit made you look even more perfect than you already were but the thing that made him mad was not only were strangers staring at you but his teammates were too.
"kitten can you see i'm having fun here? i'm having tons of fun hanging around the millions of sand grains up my butt crack." he joked around to try and make you happy, but lev came up behind you and asked you if you wanted to go swimming with him and yamamoto. through the process their eyes were busy taking in how your body looked, how the swimsuit showed some of your best assets. the feeling of his own teammates were checking out his girlfriend so he did what he thought was necessary, he picked you up and walked towards to the concession.
"kuroo! let me down now!" you screamed as kuroo hummed a little tune to pretend to not notice you yelling at him to put you back on the ground. "man the weather is kinda beautiful, don't you think kitten?" kuroo played around with his words and let you down when your feet finally met the ground you had a massive frown on your face. "listen kitten i am doing what any jealous boyfriend would do when they have eyes on their precious girlfriend." you were hooked on one word, "wait your jealous?!" "yeah and what about it kitten you got a problem 'bout that cause we can handle that issue right here right now."
bokuto koutaro
Tumblr media
- he doesn't really get jealous
- he gets protective
- like he will just hug you and cover your front side as he gets a towel to cover your back
- like he won't even notice which is the cutest part
- he like puffing his chest a little like a little bird when he wants you your attention
- please let his head when he wants your attention he just has the same smile he has when he spikes a ball
- he just has a pout to guilt trip people into stopping
you put on a cute bathing suit underneath some regular clothing to the annual fukurodani beach outing that bokuto would never stop talking about. you finally got a breath of fresh air when you arrived to the beach, when bokuto faw you he ran up to you and pointed out his lovely swim trunks which had flamingos on them, "me and akaashi found them at the mall and i got them to show you!" he bounced up and down with the endless amount of energy he had.
you squealed in the inside, "bokuto is just too cute' you thought as you watched him run off tot he bathroom. once you got your towel on the sand and sandals off you took off your hoodie and shorts to reveal the swimsuit you got. konoha just widened his eyes and dropped a ball as he turned to ask you you brought any snacks. bokuto was still in the bathroom, "konoha are you okay?" you asked as you tried to think of why konoha has a blush on his face. "suit. cute. you. hehe.." he tried to speak but he malfunctioned.
bokuto noticed his team mate staring so he did the only rational thing he could think of; he came up to you and hugged you. with his broad chest in your face you looked up to see his eyebrows furrowed and a pout on his face. you sighed and brought your hands to his neck, "thank you kou, you're like my hero," you laughed out a bit and smiled. bokuto's chest puffed up a little as a sign of pride and he tightened his grip and held you for while.
semi eita 
Tumblr media
- pretty boy is mad
- like pissed
- not at you but at everyone
- he is calm but i feel like he is a person fully cuddle with you to bring the message that you're taken
- jealousy is something that semi feels cause he really feels like he will lose you
- the only thing that will turn this around will be a kiss
- like on the cheek or lips take your pick
- maybe a jealous make out session if he really is mad ;)
tendou was really getting bored, he tried to play a prank on ushijima and that didn't work. shirabu was away cause he had a cold so he did the only thing he had in mind, get semi mad. you were brought along cause you were the manager of the team but you were also dating semi, so tendou skipped along the sand trying not to kick it in anyone's direction but he got to you. you were standing around the umbrella helping make some food. tendou has this little smirk as he eyed semi.
"y/n~ has anyone told you absolutely tantalizing you look in that bathing suit of yours?" tendou started his line of compliments that were bound to make semi mad. "awe thank you tendou.. um? your shorts look pretty nice to me." you smiled as you questioned his words, you knew something was up but you didn't know wether he was pranking you or someone else. "i'm serious~ semi is one lucky person to have someone who looks like yo-" then you felt arms sneak around your waist and a head resting on your shoulder.
"ouu hi hi semi semi!" tendou waved to the mad boy leaning on you. a huff escaped his mouth as semi asked if you could be excused cause he had an issue that involved you, and proceeded to drag you away from tendou and behind a large tree. "so semi wha-" that was when you felt a pair of lips pressed against yours, you could feel the jealousy seeping through him so you returned the kiss but semi wanted more, he picked up one of your legs and pressed you against the tree and grabbed the other leg. he started to nibble on the bottom lip leaving you breathless and both of your lips pink. "hey there my jealous boyfriend that i love so much~" you teased as semi pressed another kiss onto your lips and you felt him smile a little bit knowing that you were all his.
oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
- super whiney about it
- demands that you wear a jacket
- he throws a tantrum like a child
- like he will pout until he gets what he wants
- will make grabby hands at you whenever he is in your field vision
- always approach a jealous oikawa with a hug or he will be the prettiest little jerk
- he wants you to know that he loves you and wants you to love him back just as much as he loves you
all day the seijoh team was trying to calm oikawa down, he was playing volleyball like a madman and spiking the ball with all of his might. the reason was because you were talking to another boy while you were setting up the table where you brought an assortment of fruits for the team. "oikawa can you calm down a bit? even mad dog is getting a little scared.." makki quietly asked the captain who was pissed out of his mind. you were his and only his, and he hates when people let their eyes wander all over you especially when you are wearing a bathing suit like that.
when the game was over with oikawas team winning by a landslide he stomped over to you with fists closed and pout ready. you looked over to oikawa and he reached out to you, opening and closing his hands to urge you to come to him. you said thank you to the stranger that helped you and ran into oikawas arms. "hey there prince charming~" you smiled as you rubbed you hands on his back feeling the muscles that resided there. "princess... can you please wear my jacket or something?" his played with the bottom of your bathing suit. "but don't you like my bathing suit?" you asked as you looked down at yourself.
"no! it's not that it's just.." he looked around at the amount of males that were around, "i'm scared other guys will like your outfit too much.." he pouted, you shook your head at how silly his reaction was. so to tend to that you went ahead and kissed his lips, "i was seeking your approval dummy," oikawa smiled and turned a little, "i'm dummy thicc." he wiggles his eyebrows, "you're built like a cereal box honey.."
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t0wnspersonb · a year ago
Twin Bed (Tsukishima Kei x Reader)
Tumblr media
Anonymous said:
are u taking requests rn? 🥺 ive read ur tsukki fics and i know to myself ur the only one who can write this request amazingly: tsukki sneaking in to his s/o’s room at night bc he misses her and he saw how cute she is in her pajamas but couldnt help getting turned on as well bc she is wearing shorts and an oversized shirt it also didnt help that her bed is for one person only ;) UR AN AMAZING AUTHOR AND NEVER STOP WRITING TSUKKI OR HAIKYUU SCENARIOS COS THE PPL NEED U
Word Count: 2,475
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: SMUT, my shit writing, bad language
Yoooo this is was legit so fun to write lmao. I hope I did your request justice anon and I appreciate your kind words!!! I know I have other requests sitting in my inbox and I will try and to get to them soon. I might be a bit inactive the next couple of weeks, I will be going vacation (I definitely fucking need it lol) this week and then I start classes again. RIP. I hope you guys enjoy this one and let me know what you think!:) I literally am at a lost for words with how amazing you guys are and how unproblematic you guys have been considering the bullshit that’s been going around in the community. I just want to reiterate that this is a safe and fun place for everyone, it is never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable and if I do please let me know so that I can apologize correctly for it! But to make things clear I will not tolerate any fuckery on this blog, I don’t have the energy nor the patience to deal with shit like that. We are all capable of being decent human beings to each other. No drama, no bullshit, just a fun and safe place for everyone that wants to be part of it. ANYWAY, enough of my ranting, please enjoy this filth and my shit writing lmao 😘😘😘💕💕💕💕
You frowned slightly as you looked at your phone, your eyes squinting against the harshness of the light. 
 Tsukishima had texted you, multiple times - at two in the morning - in fact. While you dearly adored your boyfriend of only five months, you didn’t exactly adore the fact that he woke you up at this time.
 Especially considering you had to be up in about five hours to get ready for an exam.
 You sighed through your nose as you tugged your blankets from your body and made your way to your door. 
 “Kei… it’s two in the morning…” You yawned, looking up at your tall boyfriend with sleepy eyes. “The dorm manager is going to get mad at me if she catches you here.” 
 “Well let’s not get caught then.” he drawled out, gold eyes flickering over your body. A blonde eyebrow arched up; “is that my shirt?”
 You blinked at him for a moment, not fully registering what he had just asked before a soft blush began to coat your cheeks.
 You were definitely wearing one of his shirts, a green Sendai Frogs shirt that was way too big for your body, given his tall stature. He had left the shirt at your dorm two weeks ago, and naturally you wore it to bed almost every night. 
 “No.” You said in a small voice, carefully playing with your fingers as you looked up at him through your lashes.
 A soft blush covered Tsukishima’s cheeks before he scoffed, his slender fingers reaching up to push his glasses back up his nose. “You’re a terrible liar. Looks good on you though.” he said, brushing past you to get into your room.
 You turned to see him plop himself onto your bed, and you couldn’t help but stare. It was a strange sight to see to say the least. His 6’4 frame was just a tad out of place in your room, especially sitting on your incredibly small bed. But more so he was out of place because, well, your boyfriend was beautiful. It was like a Greek god decided to pay you a secret visit before the sun came up, ready to disappear at any moment. 
 Tsukishima’s hair was tousled perfectly, the tight black shirt he wore complimented him perfectly, emphasizing his broad shoulders and thick biceps. You felt your mouth go dry as you realized that he was wearing grey sweatpants, clinging low on his hips.
 How could someone look so good at two in the morning?
 “Are you just going to stare at me the entire time?” He called out, his back leaning against the wall your bed was pushed up against, his phone in hand. 
 “You’re the one that wanted to come over.” you frowned, locking your door before making your way towards the bed. “You’re taking up all the space.” You whined. 
 He rolled his eyes before his long legs parted, creating a space on the bed. “Come here.” 
 You felt your face burn even more, a strange shyness overtaking you at the intimate position he wanted you in. 
 It wasn’t like you had never been close to Tsukishima before, you guys had been intimate, many times... but then why were you so nervous all of a sudden?
 “What are you waiting for?” he asked, a blonde eyebrow quirked up.
 “Shut up.” you grumbled, carefully climbing over one of his long legs. You settled yourself against him, your upper body fitting easily between his legs, your back resting against his stomach and your head gently pressing into his strong chest.
 Resting against Tsukishima was far better than resting in your tiny bed. 
 One of his arms carefully wrapped around your waist, his large hand gently pressing against your stomach, the other hand held his phone in front of both of you, a volleyball game overtaking the screen.
 It was silent for a moment, both of you absorbed in the video. It had only been fifteen minutes into the game when Tsukishima began looking over your body. His gold eyes taking in your bare legs before flickering up. He zeroed in on the exposed skin of your hip, the shirt you wore had been pulled up slightly. 
 He swallowed thickly, arousal beginning to spike in his blood. Christ, it wasn’t like you were naked right now; it wasn’t like you were wearing anything incredibly enticing, but… fuck. Tsukishima began wracking his brain for when the last time it was that he had seen you. That’s right, it had been a while, a little over two weeks in fact. 
 His sudden desire was because he had just missed you right? He couldn’t possibly be turned on from the simple fact that you were in the shortest shorts known to man, or the fact that you were in his shirt and you weren’t…. Christ, you weren’t wearing a fucking bra. 
 He could see your hardened nipples through the shirt despite how baggy it was on your small body. 
 “Can you hold the phone, my arm is getting tired.” he said quietly, hoping that you hadn’t felt his hardening member against your back just yet. 
 “Really Kei?” you rolled your eyes but took his phone nonetheless, your eyes completely glued to the screen. The game was just beginning to get interesting.
 It was silent again.
 But this time, Tsukishima trailed his hand down to your exposed skin, carefully sliding his fingers under your shirt, gently tracing against your soft skin.
 You sighed softly at his touch, your body wiggling slightly against him to get more comfortable. Tsukishima took that as a good sign, his hands traveling further up, the rough pads of his fingers felt incredible against your skin; goosebumps erupting over your body.
 You shivered slightly, desire spiking in the pit of your stomach as his long fingers began moving further up, until they rested just below your breasts. Your breath hitched, your heart thumping loudly in your ears now. 
 His fingers carefully dragged against the soft underside of your breasts. You felt Tsukishima shift, his upper body sitting up slightly, his lips brushing gently against the shell of your outer ear, hot breath rustled your hair. 
 “Who’s winning?” he murmured, lips grazing against your ear before carefully brushing down towards your neck.
A soft whimper tore through your lips. “It’s uhmm… uh - o-oh Kei.” your eyes fluttered shut as his tongue darted across your skin, tasting you before biting down softly. You could feel your cunt clenching at his actions, your bundle of nerves suddenly throbbing to be touched.
 “What was that?” he teased softly, the hand that was gently caressing the underside of your breasts suddenly moved up, carefully cupping your entire breast, long fingers gently tugging at your hardened nipple.
 You moaned loudly before immediately dropping his phone, both hands clasping your mouth shut tightly.
 “Oh, that’s right, if your dorm manager caught me here, she would be furious right? I don’t want you getting in trouble, so you best be quiet hmm?” he murmured softly against your skin before pinching your nipple hard between two fingers.
 Your breath hitched, your eyes squeezing shut as pleasure rippled through your body.
 “But you make the cutest noises when you're turned on.” he said, his voice incredibly quiet and calm, despite the growing hardness that was pressing into your back now. “You’re in quite the dilemma, aren’t you?”
 His other hand suddenly trailed down, his fingers curling against your through your shorts. 
 “Fuck… you’re soaked.” he groaned quietly, feeling your arousal leaking through your panties and staining your shorts.
 He suddenly leaned back once again, your head once again resting against his strong chest. But despite his composure, his heart was racing just as much as yours. 
 He suddenly bucked his hips up, his cock rubbing against your back. A soft sigh escaped his lips, the hand that was groping your breast pulled out of your shirt and tangled into your hair, gently tugging and forcing you to arch your neck, staring up at the blonde male now.
 His gold eyes held nothing but lust now as he stared down at you with half-lidded eyes. 
 You had never seen a more gorgeous man in your entire life. 
 “What do you want?” he asked, his voice deep with arousal. But before you could say anything, the hand that was grasping you through your clothes suddenly tugged your shorts and panties to the side, long fingers brushing softly against your weeping slit.
 Tsukishima exhaled loudly, his cock jumping against your back as he felt just how wet you were. 
 “Fuck…” he whispered quietly, and carefully slid his finger to the top of your cunt, his finger gently pressing down against your clit.
 A jolt of pleasure erupted through your body, your mouth falling open in a silent plea as your eyes fluttered shut.
 He began rubbing delicate circles against you, a soft pleasure beginning to build up in your lower stomach, your hips rocking up carefully with his movements.
 “K-Kei…” you trembled, your hand reaching down and grasping at his forearm helplessly. 
 “Are you close?” he asked, his finger pressing down just a little bit harder, but that was all that you needed to get your legs shaking.
 The way he touched you… the way that he took care of you… it was no wonder you were completely head over heels for him.
 He was just too good.
 You nodded helplessly against his chest, and then suddenly he pulled his hand away from your dripping cunt, a soft cry of distress tearing through your lips. Why did he… but you were so close…
 “Can you move away for a second?” he asked quietly, gently pushing you forward. You shakily scooted away from him and heard the rustling of sheets and clothes. You twisted your head to look back and - your mouth went dry.
 Tsukishima was still resting against the wall, his lower body easily sprawled out against your bed as you still sat between his long legs, but this time… this time… he laid with one hand behind his head, the other was easily grasping his member, lazily sliding up and down his shaft. His grey sweatpants were bunched up around the tops of his thighs, his black shirt pulled up slightly, exposing his lower stomach and the perfect lines of his Adonis belt.
 “Come here.” he demanded, you turned to crawl over to him, fully intending on taking him into your mouth- his hand flew up, halting your movements. “No. I want to be inside you.”
 Your lips parted slightly as you nodded in a daze, your cunt squeezing around nothing at his words. But before you could sink down on top of his cock, he stopped you once more. 
 “Turn around.” he commanded. Your lips trembled softly, your hands gripping his upper thighs as you situated yourself on top of him, you could feel his fingers tugging your shorts and underwear to the side again, and then something blunt and thick began rubbing up and down your soaked entrance. 
 “Don’t tease me Kei, please.” you whimpered out, but before you could plead further, he grabbed your hips, forcing you to sink all the way down onto his member in one movement.
 You gritted your teeth tightly, biting back the loud shout that wanted to escape your throat at the sudden intrusion, at the force of him already hitting the most devastating depths within you.
 Fuck you had never been quite this full, never had someone quite this deep until you met Tsukishima.
 “Shit.” he cursed, growling slightly, his grip on your hips tightening as his eyes fluttered shut as your tight heat engulfed him completely.
 He could never get used to this. 
 After a moment of adjusting to the new intrusion you began rocking your hips, carefully sliding back and forth, your lips forming into a silent o as pleasure jolted through your body at each drag of his cock against your walls.
 A soft whimper tore through your lips as he began grabbing handfuls of your ass, his fingers gripping tightly at the soft flesh, kneading and pulling your cheeks apart. Before his hand settled on pulling your shorts and underwear further away, his eyes taking in the obscene way your cunt swallowed his cock.
 The quiet room was filled with the sound of rustling sheets, the wet noises of your arousal leaking through your stuffed cunt as Tsukishima slid in and out of you, the soft and breathless moans that escaped your lips, and the soft grunts of Tsukishima as he fought back his release. He couldn’t cum yet, not until you did.
 But he could tell that you were close by the desperate way you rocked your hips, faster, sloppier, chasing for a release.
 “Cum for me.” he demanded, his large hand cracking down against your ass. Your hand came up, stifling the loud gasp that wanted to escape your lips, your cunt clenching tightly around him. You could feel it then, the pleasure mixed with the sharp pain, the tightness in your lower stomach finally releasing. 
 “Fuck that’s it.” He murmured, watching as you trembled above him, his hands coming down to grip at your waist, forcing you to move faster against him as he began chasing his own release.
 Tsukishima gritted his teeth tightly before carefully shoving you off of his member, a soft cry escaping your lips as you collapsed on top of his legs. He gripped his member tightly, shooting thick ropes of his warmth all over your raised bottom, staining your shorts completely.
 “Shit hold on.” he panted slightly, carefully moving himself from under you. He tucked his softening member back into his sweatpants before moving towards your closet, grabbing a towel and making his way back to you. His gentle hands easily cleaning you up before tugging your shorts and panties off, replacing them with fresh ones.
 You looked up at him sleepily as he began situating you both on your small body, half of your body resting on top of his as he drew the blankets over your guys’ form. 
 “You suck Kei. If I fail this exam because I’m too tired to focus, you have to buy me ramen.” you mumbled against his chest, your eyes drooping as sleep began to tug at your mind.
 “If you fail this exam just because you’re tired then that just proves you didn’t actually study for it. You should’ve been able to retain that information regardless.” he said, fingers gently running through your hair.
 “You suck.” you sighed again, softly nuzzling your face into his chest.
 A smile tugged at his lips, but he didn’t say anything else. 
 Not that you would have listened anyway, considering that you were knocked out now. 
 Tsukishima’s body was definitely more comfortable than your twin bed. 
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yatsurinamikaze · a month ago
Tattered (first) - (second)
Suna Rintarou x Reader
Tumblr media
“TO YN!” the last toast is slurred in unison as everyone raises their glasses, lovingly dedicated to you. Your dearest friend Yura smiles pointing at you, “May you have all the happiness in the years to come!” And Atsumu garbles hooking his arm around Osamu to steady himself, “And lotsaa kids too!” Everyone snickers and a blush forms onto your cheeks at his words. Your friends chug the congratulatory whiskey, bottoming up almost instantly before thumping the glasses back on the table.
Osamu stabilizes his swaying twin holding him against his side, “A’ight, come on guys. All of ya have had enough to drink. Time to head home.” All of you get up and your little crowd slowly starts making their way out of the bar, almost everyone tumbling and falling on their way.
As you reach the exit and into the walkway, Atsumu turns around and slurs a very gibberish, “I’ll keep the engine running doll, in case ya change yer mind.” And tries to wink flirtatiously at you but fails miserably when all he makes is a scrunched-up face followed by a smirk.
You laugh shaking your head slightly and before you could answer Yura wraps her arm around his pulling at it sternly, “Alright buddy. As the official Maid of Honour it is my duty that I see to it ... that I-... I see to...” she turns around confusedly, “yn? What is it that I see to?” she asks tilting her head innocently.
A wide smile appears on your face as you brush away the hair stuck to her forehead with your fingers, “See to it that you get home safe and leave me a text.”
Suna who has been standing a few feet away from you, hands still in his leather jacket’s pocket, scoffs and shakes his head looking away, Can barely hold herself up and still acts all sensible.
Yura immediately straightens up and salutes you, “Aye Aye Captain!” and as she does, Atsumu rests his head on her shoulders closing his eyes peacefully with a loud sigh. Osamu steps in between them, taking their arms by each of his, turning them around he says, “I’ll drop these idiots home. You get home safe, okay?” You nod and salute jokingly, “Aye Aye Captain” and giggle. Osamu shakes his head and takes them away.
The next to leave is Akaashi, drunk with a red tinted face yet still maintaining his sober demeanor, “I’ll head home too, you’re gonna be okay, right?” You nod smilingly, “Thanks for coming Keiji.” He hugs you gently, “Of course yn, it’s not every day a best friend gets married, right?” You giggle hugging him back and he ruffles your hair after pulling away, “Take care bud.”
The next to leave are two of your friends back from high school, hugging you tight and congratulating you.
It’s only you and Suna in the walkway now, the wind is chillier, and you can see fog coming out of your mouth every time you open your mouth to say something. You both had barely said a word to each other all night, just engaging in conversation with other people, occasionally sending short glances to each other here and there. Your eyes even met one time, but you just smiled reassuringly and turned your face to the conversation with the person who was standing in front of you.
You smiled as Suna stepped in front of you, the golden yellow light of the street lamp making him look even more ethereal than he already does. His hands are still in his pocket and his gaze still intent on you trying to find something. You meet his eyes craning your neck up a little, your eyes glittering golden.
He clears his throat and speaks with a steady and quiet voice, “Take care.”
You beam up at him, “You too Suna.”
He turns around walking away when he stops. You look at him confusedly. He turns back around again and continues, “I’m sorry but there’s just one more thing.” He adds quickly before taking a pause. He breathes in and continues, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to come to your wedding.”
You furrow your eyebrows briefly before blinking and straightening your expression back into a smile, “Oh?... Well, that’s too bad. You have something else planned that day?”
He shakes his head lightly, “See…the problem is, I’m still in love with you.”
Your eyes flutter at his words, expression turning irate as you fold your hands in front of your chest, “Wh-“
He cuts you off, with stern yet sincere voice this time, “Hold on. I’m not trying to win you back or something. You’re marrying a good man. That’s not gonna change… but neither am I. This whole thing where we pretend we are just friends, it doesn’t work.” Your gaze shifts down from his face to the walkway as he continues, “I don’t know what will work but..” You look back up at him, your gaze sharp into his, listening intently “I know one thing, I can’t watch you marry another man.”
A broken hum escapes your throat as you try to process his words, water glazing your eyes. He steps closer to you, sincerity still lacing his voice as he continues looking down at you, “You have a good day, yeah? A good life.” You nod slowly at his words, giving him a small smile. He holds your face in hands tilting your head up to face him, plants a gentle kiss on your forehead before pressing his forehead against yours for a short while. You breathe-in his embrace quietly as he then peels himself away from you and starts walking away. A lone tear trickles down your cheek as you watch him walk away.
“Yn? You ready to go?” Koutaro beams from behind you, jingling the car keys in his hands. “Finally found the keys.” You give him a short laugh, “But I’m driving.” You hand out your palm as he places his keys onto it.
“God. Finnee.” He rolls his eyes.
Tumblr media
I have something in mind for the second part. Let me know if you guys want me to continue this.
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inarizahki · 3 months ago
no thoughts, just you and suna at a party, him wrapping himself around you, one hand protectively cupping the top of the solo cup you have in your hand and the other on your waist as he whispers dirty things in your ear <3
pls head empty just this
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni
Tumblr media
when Suna’s got you like this, nothing else really matters. not the flashing lights, pounding music, or the throng of drunk and noisy partygoers.
when he’s got you like this in his lap, one arm wrapped tightly around your waist, hand resting on your thigh, other hand cupping the top of your drink, it feels like it’s just the two of you. lost in a little world of your own. you’re all but sitting on him, legs thrown over his thighs and tucked to the side, head resting on his shoulder.
his chest rumbles under your head when he feels you fidget on his lap. you tug at your short skirt, though there’s nothing you can really do apart from straighten out the wrinkles on it. it barely reaches mid-thigh, and in this position, you simply have to keep your legs closed or else…
“no need to do that, babe.” Suna chuckles, breath tickling the top of your head. he uncurls his arm from your waist to knock your hand off your thigh so he can place his on it, long fingers slowly stroking your bare skin. the feeling sends a shiver up your spine. you open your mouth to protest, only to snap it shut again when he trails his fingers up, higher and higher until the tips of them catch on the hem of your skirt.
“Rin-” you say hesitantly, glancing around the dimly lit room. if so much as one person turns their head, they’d catch a generous glimpse of something that looks like it belongs more in a bedroom than in the middle of a living room at a party. “there’s people...”
“and?” he couldn’t sound more unbothered if he tried. “they can daydream all they want but at the end of the day…”
Suna catches the top of your ear between his teeth and gives it a tug. you flinch violently, hand flying up to press against his chest. “Rin…”
“at the end of the day, this is mine, isn’t it?” his hand hovers over the area between your legs. “mine to play with…mine to use…”
“that’s not what i mean.”
heat floods your cheeks and you squirm, uncomfortably aware of the empty feeling in your cunt. uncomfortably aware of the hard bulge pressing against the underside of your thigh. Suna smirks against your cheek when he feels your legs squeeze together. “been thinking about being inside you all day. all night too. thought about bending you over that table right there, you know? and fucking you till you scream.”
your breath hitches in your throat and you make a strangled, needy sound.
“the boys all think you’re this…sweet little thing,” Suna muses. his erection twitches against you. “but we both know just how much you like spreading your legs for me, don’t we? like a…whore.”
embarrassment rushes through you when you see Atsumu—leaning against the wall and talking to his brother while sipping from his red cup—glance over at the two of you. he raises his eyebrows, blinking once, twice, and then a crude smirk curls up on his lips. he tips his cup at you and winks.
you cough, looking away and trying again to pull your skirt down over your legs but an irritated click of Suna’s tongue stops you in your tracks.
“you’ve got me. anyone tries anything...i can throw a punch. so let it be, hm?” the tip of Suna’s nose drags down the side of your neck as he mouths at your skin. his hand slips under your top, coasting over your belly. the touch is searing, burns into your skin as he reaches up higher and higher, fingertips nudging the underwire of your bra.
“let me enjoy how fuckable my girlfriend is.”
Tumblr media
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iwaizumeanie · a month ago
Tumblr media
hello, this is my first full length fic, i hope that u like it, i definitely got a lil carried away <3 it kinda has it all, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, smut. it’s a lil whirlwind. pls let me know any feedback! and remember to read the warnings!!!!
pairing: bokuto x fem!reader 18+ MINORS DNI.
wc: 9.3k
warnings: DESCRIPTION OF ATTEMPTED ASSAULT (not by bo), brief noncon (no penetration), mentions of alcohol, reader experiences trauma/flashbacks, reader wears makeup/skirts/mentions of hair (long enough to run hands through), mentions of greek deities (religion if you squint? it’s very brief), atsumu is kind of a dick throughout the story lol, strangers to friends to lovers, eventual smut (slowburn), dacryphilia, spit, otherwise very soft and fluffy sex, petnames (baby, love), oral (f receiving), creampie
Tumblr media
When you’d stepped into the alley behind the bar you were at, all that you wanted was a chance to catch your breath - though right now you’re not sure you’re even breathing at all. Fat globs of tears spilled down your cheeks, leaving streaks in your makeup and soaking the neckline of your shirt. You couldn’t be bothered by the way the cotton was sticking to your skin now, all senses zeroed in on the fear shooting itself through your veins. Shaking fingers reached for the crumbling brick walls beside you, feet scrambling to stay planted firmly to the ground, your eyes were darting back and forth, frantically searching for somebody - anybody, who could help you.
The hand that held your arms behind your back was too large, too strong to slip through. The breath fanning down your neck was hot, leaving a sickening trail of goosebumps across your skin. “If ya don’t struggle, I won’t have to hurt ya, sweetheart.” His words sat sour in your stomach as your hope of a way out waned, the reality of your situation began to settle in its place. He ripped the hem of your shirt, pulling against it harshly, causing the material to tear nearly all the way up as he laughed in your ear.
His free hand hooked itself under the waistband of your skirt, threatening to pull and finalise your fate when a sound of welfare rang itself through the damp alleyway. A heavy door, swinging open, echoing with a glimmering hope of a saviour. A scream ripped from your throat, pleading for help and scaring your assailant nearly to death as he disconnected himself from you, stumbling backwards and barely catching himself before taking off running. Your knees hit the wet pavement, arms coming to your chest to cover yourself up as footsteps, heavy and fast, approached you.
Large, wandering hands hovered over you, unsure of where to land, and you were sure this stranger was speaking to you, though you couldn’t hear a word over your own sobs and gasps for air. Finally, a gentle touch to your shoulder jolted you out of your shock, and your vision snapped to his - soft golden eyes locked onto yours, flowing with concern and fear.
“Are you okay? What’s going on? Are you hurt anywhere?”
Your voice felt trapped in your throat, hands pulling tighter at the shreds of your shirt. His gaze never left yours, waiting for a response, but words were far from you, lost between hiccups and sobs. You fell forward into his chest, staining his shirt with mascara and tears, but he wrapped his arms around you regardless, mumbling it’s okay, and you’re going to be fine. He easily raised you back to your feet, pulling you closer into his side, the vice grip of his arm around your shoulder never leaving. He lead you in through the door he came from, sitting you on a tall stool and ordering you to stay and wait.
He disappeared for what seemed like only a moment, re-emerging from the curtain he’d ducked behind with a sweatshirt and a glass of water, carefully offering them both to you. You pulled the jumper over yourself quickly, relishing in the comfort of the warmth and sipped at the water, keeping your gaze downcast to the floor and away from the strangers watchful eyes. He cleared his throat, catching your attention just enough to look up and study his appearance. Salt and pepper hair slicked into spikes above his head, golden eyes boring into you, and the smallest bit of red blushing the tip of his nose. He smiled at you, a small thing, but it was warm.
“You good? Wanna tell me what happened?”
You shook your head, you didn’t feel good. You felt filthy, dejected, embarrassed; but before you could express any of this somebody else emerged from the curtain. He was drying his hands on a dish towel, not paying attention to you as he approached your mystery saviour.
“Bokuto, d’ya take another sweater from the display case? I keep tellin’ ya, if ya want something I can get it for ya, just gotta-” He stopped and stared at you. “-tell ‘Samu. Who’s this?”
Bokuto stared between the two of you for a moment, opened and closed his mouth twice and then pursed his lips. His finger was pointed at you and his shoulders fell slightly.
“I don’t know.”
“Ya don’t know?”
“I don’t.”
The blond dropped the dish rag, made his way to you in a few long strides, and narrowed his eyes when you winced as he got closer.
“Don't crowd the girl! I went out back for a sec and she was in… A situation. I’m taking care of it.”
He huffed, turning back around. “Jus’ don’t tell ‘Samu ya snuck somebody in here after hours, I’ll never hear the end of it.” He pushed his way back through the curtain, muttering something about how he wasn't even supposed to be here before he disappeared, calling over his shoulder to 'make it quick'.
Bokuto turned to you now, "I'm sorry about him. Do you want to go to the police? Or, fire department- I don’t, I don’t know- how this works.”
If your heart wasn't hammering against your ribs, you might have laughed at the way he was stuttering through his sentence, unsure of how to progress a heroic act; even if it was completely by accident. But instead, all you could offer him was a slight shake of your head, averting eye contact and sinking into yourself more.
“At least let me take you home.”
Tumblr media
The little embroidered onigiri stared at you from its place on the right side of the sweater hanging off of the chair in your bedroom. It had stayed in the same place for the three weeks since Bokuto had given it to you, refusing to take it back when he escorted you home after the night of your less-than-exciting encounter.
Your wrists still brandished dark purple bruises in the shape of ugly fingerprints, a sickening reminder every time you caught a glimpse of them. You couldn't decide still if the physical marks were worse than the toll it took on your mental health- waking up in a cold sweat, panting every night with the feeling of large hands pinning you down ghosting over your skin in a disgusting remembrance. You wished you could turn it all off- the memories, the way you glanced over your shoulder every moment you were out alone, and most importantly, the sound of his voice ringing through your head.
You reached for the sweater, rolling it into a ball and shoving it into your bag quickly. If there was one reminder you could get rid of, it was this one. A quick glance in the mirror had you grimacing at your own reflection. The circles under your eyes were heavy and dark, and your hair was matted and stuck in about a hundred directions, but you couldn't be bothered to care. You needed this gone, and you needed to do it now.
Tumblr media
"So, yer sayin' ya stole this from me?" The man in front of you held the sweater in his fist with a puzzled look on his face.
"No, I'm- You were there. Your friend gave it to me, like three weeks ago. He found me outside, brought me in, y'know?"
He continued staring, no sign of the memory shooting back to him in the slightest. You ran a frustrated hand down your face, groaning inwardly.
"I don't remember his name, he was like this tall," your held your hand above your head in reference. "He has like, crazy gold eyes. Hair like this!" You flailed your hands now above yourself, trying your best to resemble spikes. It was only when he smirked at you that you realised how ridiculous you must look, waltzing into a restaurant with merchandise that you didn't buy, trying to return it with the saddest attempt at describing who you thought was this guys friend.
"I think I understand. My brother snuck in here with his team and they brought’chya along for the ride, yeah?"
Brother? It was him!
"Your- what? It was you! I literally saw you."
He took off his ball cap, revealing hair that definitely was not the blond shade that you remembered.
"'M Osamu. I have a twin, and it sounds like you met him and his friend Bokuto."
You swear a lightbulb popped up over your head as you nodded, and he laughed at you, his eyes crinkling in the corners.
"Listen, 'M glad ya thought it was the right move to bring this back t'me," he shoved the sweater back in your direction. "But I've got plenty here, keep it."
You shook your head, holding your hands in front of yourself, ready to decline again before you were cut off, the sound of the bell jingling above the door pulling Osamu's attention away from you.
"Oi! 'Samu, I hope yer cookin' up somethin' good today ‘cause we are starved."
Your spine tingled at the voice behind you, urging you to curl into yourself and hide away somewhere for fear that you were about to encounter too many reminders. Willing yourself to stay in place, not turn around, you squeezed your eyes shut and braced for the worst.
"Hey! Hey, hey, I know you!"
Shit. You turned slowly, coming face to face with your saving grace once more. His smile beamed brighter than you thought the sun ever could, his arms held out as if to welcome a hug. The way he radiated pure warmth in seeing you was lost to your mind, your thoughts scrambling to rationalize his feelings of joy rather than sickness and the uncomfortable shiver that ran down your own spine. He approached you slowly, grin never waning, and placed a hand on your shoulder like an old friend would.
"What are you doing back here?"
"She came back to return my merchandise that ya stole from me, Bokuto!"
There it was, the drop of his smile and the grimace of the realisation that he'd been caught. Atsumu threw his hands into the air with a groan, readying himself to defend against his twins lecture of breaking into the restaurant after he'd been drinking. Bokuto scrunched his nose at you, his smile snaking its way back onto his face before ushering you out the front door without a chance to protest.
"How are you doing?" His tone was soft, but it raised bile in the back of your throat.
"I didn't think you'd be here. I was just going." You turned on your heel to leave, fire burning under your cheeks and your brain screaming at you to go, go, go, but his hand caught your wrist, pulling you back. Your gaze fell to where he held onto you, and he quickly pulled back, muttering an apology under his breath. You sighed, an unfamiliar feeling of guilt blooming in your chest as you watched his features pull together in a scowl toward the ground.
"I'm- I’m doing fine. Thank you, again."
He lit up, if only for a second. "Y’know, that whole night, I don't think I asked you for your name."
You narrowed your eyes at him for a moment, racking your brain for any reason to snub him, not give him your name, just turn and walk away like you wanted to. But as you glared at him, expectant gaze never leaving his face, some small part of your brain wanted to let him shimmy his way in, wanted to answer his questions, wanted to give him a reason to shoot you that million-wat smile every time you spoke.
With a hesitant sigh, and a shaking hand, you reached out to him and gave him your name. You swear you could see stars shooting through his gold irises when his hand gripped yours.
Tumblr media
Bokuto became something of a constant in your life. He was constantly checking in on you - making sure you'd had enough to eat, gotten proper sleep, and he was never shy to call and let you know that he had leftovers, and they had your name written all over them.
But it was always over the phone. He was always sure to extend an invite, whether it was to lunch, or drinks after practice with his team, (the team he was always gushing about, insisting that you had to meet them one of these days), or just a walk through his favourite garden to try and coax you out of the cave you called an apartment. You were always polite in declining his offer, something inside you screaming to just keep that barrier between the two of you. You could hear the disappointment laced in his tone, but he never expressed it in words, quite the gentleman in respecting your boundaries. That wasn't to say you didn't want to hangout with him, you imagined it often, his boisterous laugh, the crinkle of his eyes, his hand resting on your shoulder like it belonged there. Your own reservations kept those thoughts at bay though, and you were content in that. At least, you told yourself you were.
It was Saturday afternoon, you ran through your afternoon routine; groceries, laundry, and a latte on the way home as a reward for leaving the house. It was Saturday afternoon when your blood ran cold as a hand grabbed at your wrist, your body lurching back and recoiling at the touch. Your coffee hit the ground and pooled at your feet, the street vendor who'd grabbed your arm gawked at you as he apologised for the fright. Your pupils were blown wide and your ears rang as you muttered through a rushed apology, leaving the mess and all but sprinting down the street.
You slammed your front door shut, slinking down to the floor as your legs trembled. Your breathing was staggered and a lump was forming in your throat, threatening a sob to wrack through you. As you focused on steadying your breathing, your phone rang from your bag, causing your heart to nearly jump out of your throat. You answered it without a second thought, seeking any sort of distraction.
"Hey! Hey, are you okay?"
It was Bokuto.
"Yes. Hi, yes, I'm okay."
You heard shuffling on the other end, a door closing, people talking in the background.
"I was just calling to see if you're busy, I know you probably are but I'm headed out to lunch and I wanted-"
"Yes, I'll come."
He was silent for a beat, waiting for you to spring a just kidding!
"Really?" He staggered through his words, "I can come pick you up if you want me to."
"Yeah," you let out a breath you weren't aware you'd been holding. "That would be nice."
He was at your door sooner than you thought he'd be, you still hadn't picked yourself off the floor when the doorbell rang. You cracked the door and offered him your best attempt at a smile, but it seemed there was no fooling him when it came to. He gently pushed himself past the doorframe and examined you with narrowed eyes, leaning in close enough you could feel his breath on your face.
"Why are you crying?"
You wiped underneath your eyes, averting eye contact and collecting your bag. "I'm not. Let's go, I'm starving."
You reached for the doorknob but he was quicker than you, his handing landing on top of yours and clicking the door shut.
"You're lying. What's wrong?"
"Bokuto, really, I'm fine. I just worked myself up while I was out, it's nothing."
He stuck his nose up, turning you around by the shoulders and pushing you into the kitchen. You protested but he simply tsk'd at you, sitting you down at the dining table. He began rummaging through your cabinets and fridge, pulling out a slew of ingredients before beginning his search for pots and pans. You questioned him and he turned to you, leaning against the kitchen counter.
"I'm not gonna make you go back out if you had a bad day. I can cook you something here."
He continued his search, carding through the grocery bags he’d picked up from the front door and promising something about paying you back, but all you could focus on was the heat blooming in your chest. You stared at him through half lidded eyes as he dropped a pad of butter in a frying pan, humming to himself. He glanced at you from over his shoulder, producing a soft smile before returning to his task at hand.
You said his name before you could process your own thoughts, and he turned to fully look at you, cocking his head to the side.
“Why are you doing this?”
He furrowed his brow, confusion taking over his features. “Doing what?”
You felt stupid. It was a thought you didn’t want to form in words, and now the way he was staring at you waiting for your explanation made you feel about 2 feet tall under his gaze. Your fingers tangled together in your lap, your eyes dropping to the floor, and you sucked in a harsh breath before you continued.
“I’m a stranger. You don’t have to dote on me just because-”
“I’m not doting.” His tone was firm, and he stepped away from the stove, clicking off the burner. “You seem like you need a friend, and I’ll be that to you.”
Your features twisted in a sickly sense of rage, “So it’s pity?”
He rolled his eyes at you, taking a seat in the chair opposite of you, laying his hands flat against the table. “It’s not pity, you dummy.” He smiled. “When I met you that night, I just felt like I wanted to… I dunno, be there for you. With you, I guess.”
Your gaze softened towards him, words lost as you tried to think of a proper response, but all you could muster was a soft nod and a quiet thank you. He reached out and squeezed your hand, smiling before retreating back to the kitchen without another word.
Tumblr media
“Bo, I just don’t think it’s a great idea.”
You stared at him from the opposite end of the couch, his head was hung over the armrest and his arms were laid across his chest, defeated by the back and forth he’d just been engaging in with you. He picked his head up to narrow his eyes at you, cheeks flushed pink from the blood rushing to his face. He clambered to sit up, tucking his feet underneath himself in a crisscross position.
“They all wanna meet you, I even reserved a seat for you! It’s just one game, c’mon.” He shot you a puppy dog gaze that nearly melted your heart- Nearly. You shook your head at him, crossing your arms over your chest. A couple months had passed, and Bokuto was always sat on your couch on Friday nights to watch movies with you, your newest routine you’d fallen into. He leaned forward and pried your arms away from your chest, engulfing your hands in his larger ones. His lip jutted out in a dramatic pout, and he batted his lashes at you. You bit back a smile and stuck to your resolve, turning your head away.
“Fine,” he dropped your hands, “if you wanna break my heart so bad, then I guess it’s just fine. I just thought as my best friend you’d wanna see me play.” He stuck his nose up, but peeked open his eye to stare at you. You rolled your eyes with an exasperated sigh, clenching your jaw.
“One game.”
He moved so fast you thought he’d fall off the couch, pulling you flush against his chest in a bone crushing embrace. He laughed, loud in your ear, just like all the times you’d imagined so many months ago and you let a soft chuckle escape as well.
“One! That’s it.”
He pulled back to smile at you, holding onto your shoulders. “Just one.”
Saturday morning rolled around too soon, you cracked your eyes open at the sound of your alarm, groaning as you pulled the blanket over your head. You grimaced as the bright screen of your phone burned your eyes, checking the handful of texts Bokuto had sent you while you were sleeping.
I’m so excited!!!! :D
You’re gonna love the guys. But not as much as you love me. ;D
Your heart skipped a beat when you read that one.
They’re gonna love you!
You’re in seat 32, in row A. It’s the front row, so you can watch me up close!!!!!!
Stepping into the arena was overwhelming, the bustling crowds around you causing you to want to shrink into yourself, to turn around and walk out, make up an excuse later as to why you weren’t there. You glanced around, a little lost, as you read the umpteen signs around you. Where did he say to go? You rummaged through your bag, searching for your phone to check your texts again when you heard your name being called. You shot your head up and caught the eyes of Osamu, waving his hand above his head and beckoning you toward him.
He greeted you with a smile, bragging about his food stand, and how it was the real reason people came to these games. You made polite conversation, smiling when it felt right, and humming affirmations as he carried the conversation mostly by himself.
“It’s good ta see ya here, Bokuto was real excited when he told everyone you’d be comin’,” he checked the time on his watch. “You should probably head in, they’re ‘bout to start.” He placed a hand on your shoulder and offered a warm smile. “I’ll see ya later, yeah? Take care of yerself. Oh, and make sure t’cheer real loud when ‘Tsumu is up to serve.”
You found your way to the gym after what felt like ages, muttering apologies to strangers whose eyes you wouldn’t dare look into as you searched for your seat. Once you finally found it, your heart swelled and swooned, noting the two seats on either side of you were reserved as well, notes on them reading ‘So you don’t have to worry about anybody in your space. Cheer for me! -Bo’
You smoothed your skirt before taking your seat, crossing your legs and tucking your bag beneath the chair, straining your eyes to take in all the commotion on the court. The two teams were still warming up, the sounds of balls smacking against the wood of the court startling you every time it rang off the walls.
You picked Bokuto out of the crowd on the court easily, he was high fiving a red haired teammate when you first saw him. His smile was vibrant as ever, you thought it had to be warming the entire gymnasium. And as if he could feel your eyes on him, he snapped his head in your direction, waving like a madman the moment he saw you. The redhead strained his eyes, smiling wide as he shifted his gaze between you and Bokuto a few times before waving himself. You offered a small wave back, shooting Bokuto a thumbs up that he reciprocated immediately before forming his hands in the shape of a heart quickly. Your cheeks heated up, flustering you enough that you had to look away. The blow of a whistle brought your attention back to the players; the start of the game.
Your heart soared watching Bokuto in his domain, smacking the ball down with such force every time you swore your own fingers would break off if you tried the same thing. Every time that Atsumu was up to serve, the gymnasium fell silent save for the sound of Osamu somewhere screaming at the top of his lungs. The frustration on Atsumu’s face made you laugh each time, a pretty sound that rang through Bokuto’s ears whenever he heard it. He swore he was playing better with you there watching him, his focus was never better. And he swore he could’ve died on the spot when he spiked the winning point, turning to face you as soon as his feet hit the ground, met with the sight of you jumping from your seat and cheering with a smile he’d never seen from you. It stretched across your entire face until it met your eyes, crinkling at the corners and your hands were clasped together under your chin. If the Gods had struck him down right in that moment, he would’ve died a happy man.
He ran to you, ignoring his team as they dogpiled together to celebrate their victory, only wanting to experience the rush of his win with you. He engulfed you in his arms, spinning you in a large circle and your legs kicked about as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He was damp with sweat, and his hair was stuck to his forehead in some spots, but he looked radiant as ever when he pulled back as he set you down.
“Bo, you’re incredible!”
“Did’ja have fun? Did I look cool?”
You laughed at him, a full laugh that had your shoulders shaking as you nodded your head. There was a gleam in your eyes that replaced the far off gaze they usually held, a glint of pure joy that Bokuto wanted to see every time that he was with you from that moment forward. His moment of bliss was cut short, attention pulled back as the redhead called out his name, leaping bounds across the court with Atsumu hot on his trail. You shrunk behind Bokuto’s shoulder, but offered a polite smile as the men approached.
“Jeez, Bokuto, did you forget your manners?” He beamed at you, ignoring the comeback from Bokuto. “I’m Hinata Shoyo! It’s so great to finally meet you!”
“Sho, don’t crowd the girl,” Atsumu mocked, shooting a glare at Bokuto before turning to you, greeting you with a smirk and a confident hello.
“Hi, Atsumu. Hinata, it’s nice to meet you.” Your voice was quieter than it had been moments ago when you’d been alone with Bokuto, in your own little bubble away from the crowds around you.
Bokuto threw an arm around your shoulder, tucking you into his side and placing his other hand on his hip. “These are the guys I was telling you about, and that,” he pointed to a curly haired man approaching. “That’s Sakusa.”
“Don’t ya pay any mind t’OmiOmi, he’s got no manners.” Atsumu stuck his tongue out at Sakusa, earning a seething glare before Sakusa turned his attention back to you, nodding curtly. You nodded back, pressing further into Bokuto’s side before glancing up to catch him smiling down at you.
“I’m gonna run and change, you want to go wait with ‘Samu ‘til I’m back?”
You nodded, separating yourself from his warmth before bowing quickly to the rest of the men and scurrying away.
Water ran down Bokuto’s back in the shower, and he sighed contently before shutting off the faucet and stepping out, making his way over to his locker. Hinata was pulling his shirt over his head as he turned to Bokuto, beaming at him with a hint of something playful in his eye.
“Bokuto, you didn’t tell me she was that pretty. Where’d you pick her up at?”
Bokuto snapped Hinata with his towel, grumbling under his breath to shut up as he threw his duffel over his shoulder. “I didn’t pick her up anywhere, she’s just a friend.”
“Oh, don’t ya try an’ pull that shit! Bokuto found ‘er at the bar a few months ago. Got me into a load o’trouble when he brought her into Onigiri after hours.” Atsumu griped as he approached the other two from behind, running a towel over his hair.
“Maybe you shouldn’t be breaking into other peoples businesses after hours in the first place.”
“You shut yer mouth, Omi, what do you know?!”
Hinata giggled at their banter before turning back to Bokuto, “I didn’t mean it like that, Bokuto! I just mean she seems like a good girl. You gonna bring her out tonight?”
“She’s not really into stuff like that.”
“Yeah,” Atsumu piped up again, never the best at picking up hints. “Bo jus’ goes to her house every night.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Hinata, causing Bokuto to groan.
“It’s not like that,” he whined. “She’s my friend. End of story.”
He turned on his heel to leave, and Hinata asked again if they’d be coming out. Bokuto promised he’d let him know, and he exited the locker room, heaving out a heavy sigh as he set out to find you again. His excitement about you meeting his team was waning, their comments sitting uncomfortably in his skull as each moment passed.
Tumblr media
You’d agreed, much to his surprise, to Bokuto’s invitation out with his teammates. He asked you again and again as you sat in the passenger seat of his sleek black car, one you’d noted that you didn’t even want to know the price of, if you were sure.
“I guess I can’t avoid it forever. You’d beg my ear off another time if I said no tonight.” Your words were playful, you eyed him from the corner of your vision.
His grip on the steering wheel tightened, though you didn’t notice, and he laughed it off. Bokuto didn’t tell anybody on the team how he’d really met you, that he found you crying and hunched over on yourself in the alley that night. It wasn’t any of their business, he thought, and he didn’t want to deal with any of their questions. He turned to you as he pulled into the parking lot, his eyes saccharine as he peered into yours.
“You’re really sure? Because it’s already enough for me that you came today. I understand if you don’t wanna be out around all these people-”
“Bo,” you placed a hand over his. “I can’t hide from the public forever. Besides, you’re… You’re here with me. I’ll be fine.”
He nodded at you, interlacing his fingers with yours and giving your hand a quick squeeze before getting out of the car. He opened your door for you, placing a hand on the small of your back when you stood up, and lead you toward the doors of the bar. When you both entered, Hinata and Atsumu caught you immediately, pulling you both to a booth in the back. Hinata circled his arms around you in a tight hug, not pulling back when he felt your body tense at the contact. Bokuto peered at him through the corner of his eye, inching closer to you. He greeted his team with a tight smile, letting you slide into the booth before him.
“I’m gonna grab a drink. You want something?”
“Surprise me.”
He smiled at you, dripping with sincerity, and nodded before promising he’d be right back. As soon as he was out of ear shot, Atsumu leaned in close to you, swirling his drink around in his glass.
“S’tell me. How’d ya really meet Bo?”
You pulled your brows together. “You were there, Atsumu, you should know.”
“Nah, nah, nah. I saw ya in my brothers restaurant, I s'never told how ya ended up there.” He narrowed his eyes at you, smile never faltering.
“Atsumu, don’t be a dick.”
“Shut up, Omi. ‘M not bein’ a dick. Just asking a question.”
Your mouth was going dry at the watchful eyes surrounding you, Hinata leaning closer into your side until your shoulders knocked together. Atsumu sighed and leaned back, taking a swig from his glass and closing his eyes. “If ya don’t wanna tell us, guess ya don’t hav’ta.”
“Don’t wanna tell you guys what?” Bokuto was back, sliding into the booth next to you and pushing a drink your way.
“I was jus’ askin’ how you two met.”
“He was being a dick.”
Atsumu shot Sakusa a glare that could cut through bone, huffing as he stood up. “‘M gettin’ another drink.”
Sakusa turned to you, nodding slightly. “Don’t pay any mind to Miya, he’s got no manners at all.” You huffed a laugh out of your nose, a small smile playing on your lips as you brushed it off.
“Guess he just doesn’t like me, huh?”
“That’s not true!” Hinata bumped your shoulder again. “He likes you just fine, he told me.” He winked at you and you smiled his way, a small polite gesture while your brain begged for the subject to change. Bokuto placed a hand on your thigh under the table, giving it a quick squeeze as he sipped his drink, staring into the crowd at the bartop. Hinata started on about how many receives he got during the game, and conversations and play by plays ensued as you sat back and listened to them. Atsumu returned, picking another fight with Sakusa about something, earning a groan from the entire table as they bickered with one another. Bokuto’s hand never left your thigh, his fingers tracing small circles in the skin below the hem of your skirt, just above where your knee hitched.
You excused yourself to the bathroom, and Bokuto kept his eyes trained on your back, only turning back to his team when he couldn't see you anymore. He was met with the watchful eyes of two very curious teammates. "Yer keepin' a secret from us," Atsumu pouted.
"You're drunk, 'Tsumu." Bokuto tensed his jaw for a moment, inhaling deeply.
"Just tell them how you met her and they'll leave you alone, Bokuto. It's like reasoning with children." Sakusa mumbled, downing the rest of his drink and staring into his empty glass.
"It doesn't matter how we met, why are you guys so pushy about this? Can't you just be excited that you all finally got to meet her and she's hanging out? It's a lot for her to be out this much since-" He bit his tongue, catching the end of his sentence behind his teeth before it could pass his lips. But Atsumu was too sharp, leaning forward on his elbows with wide eyes.
"Since what, huh? S'it the secret?"
Hinata leaned forward as well, stars in his eyes like he was about to hear the most important sentence in the world.
"I met her behind the bar, alright? I found her, she was in the alley and she was crying and somebody was trying to-" his voice broke, picturing your teary eyes the night he saw you for the first time. "Somebody, was trying to hurt her. And I just happened to be there. Alright? I, I stopped a rape. I guess. Are you guys happy?"
Sakusa opened his mouth to speak, but closed it just as quickly.
The trio stayed silent, all of them averting eye contact until Sakusa cleared his throat, sliding his glass to the center of the table and cocking his head to the side slightly. Bokuto was about to ask if they truly had nothing to say, if they badgered him so long for no reason, but the chance to speak didn't come.
His head turned so quickly he thought it'd give him whiplash. You stood behind him, your fingers tangled together and brow knit in a tight furrow. You clenched and unclenched your jaw, cocking your head to look him in the eye. "I'm- I think I'm going to go. It was really lovely to meet you, Hinata, Sakusa. Atsumu, nice to see you."
You pushed your way through the small crowds in the bar, ignoring the sound of Bokuto calling after you. It wasn't until you were outside that you realised, no car. Your feet made a beeline for the bus stop down the street, lungs burning with the desire to get as far away from the embarrassment blooming under your skin as possible. A familiar hand wrapped itself around your wrist. You turned and were met with Bokuto's face so close, you could make out every detail in his irises. He was huffing through a staggered breath, brows knit together.
"What are you doing?"
You swallowed thickly, the feeling of tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. "I- Why would you tell them that, Bokuto? I was doing fine. I am doing fine, I don't want to think about it anymore."
"Listen, I didn't... They wouldn't stop asking, I got frustrated."
"You got frustrated," a tear rolled down your cheek, catching underneath your chin. "And now your friends all look at me like some pity case."
He caught his lower lip between his teeth, shaking his head at you. "Nobody's gonna look at you like that."
"You do. I know how it burdens you." You spat your words at him before thinking, wincing at your own tone. His hand dropped from where he held your wrist, he took a step backwards and narrowed his eyes.
"What do you think of me?" His voice was quiet, barely above a whisper. "You think that I try to make sure you're okay because I pity you? You think that I come and spend my time with you because I feel bad for you? Do you even hear what you're saying?”
He carded his hands through his hair, stuttering as he searched for the words that would convey his frustrations. “God, I- I spend all this time, I think about you every moment that I’m not with you, because I just want you to be happy. All I want is for you to be happy! Don’t you understand that? I would drop anything to be there if you needed me. And you think I’m just doing it because it’s a responsibility, a burden?”
He grabbed you by the shoulders, in the same way that a parent would when scolding their child, staring into your eyes, unblinking and unwavering. “I am here to make sure nobody, nobody will ever make you feel that way again. It has nothing to do with pity. I’m here because I want to be.”
Your thoughts were too erratic to respond, so you nodded your head at him, mumbling the softest I’m sorry over and over, like they were the only words you knew. Your lip quivered as he threw his jacket over your shoulders, pushing you toward the car and opening the door for you to get in. He was silent the entire drive, white knuckles gripping the steering wheel and his jaw tensed so hard you feared his teeth might crack against each other. He pulled into your driveway, staring at his lap, still tight lipped and refusing to look your way for even a second.
You fumbled with the door handle, pushing it open and swinging your legs out, clearing your throat. "Thank you, for driving me home." He grunted in response, tightening the heartstrings that ran about your chest. You bowed your head, leaving the car and shutting the door softly. His hand landed on the shifter in the same moment that his own door popped open, you stood to the side, waiting for him to follow.
"Come inside. Please."
Tumblr media
Bokuto stood in your kitchen, hands braced on the kitchen counter behind him as he leaned his weight against it. You stood across from him, arms crossed over your chest, and you chewed on your lip, a nervous habit you couldn't kick. The silence hung heavy in the room, like a thick fog you couldn't see the end of. Your hand came up to tap your fingernails against your chin, anxiously bouncing your leg up and down.
He was the first to break the silence.
"I'm sorry, that I told them. It’s not my place."
You hummed in response, watching his features fall in a sad sort of grimace. "I don't know what would have happened to me if you weren't there." Your gaze fell to your feet, you tasted iron as you bit particularly hard on your lip. Your ears were burning, he took a step forward. Your stomach was on the floor, your heart in your throat. He grabbed your cheeks. You blinked up at him through unshed tears, he offered you a sad smile, the kind of smile you wear when somebody tells you something tragic and you want to comfort them. He was still for a beat, thumbs running over your cheeks and catching moisture at your lashline. “I mean it, Bokuto. I don’t think I could’ve helped myself, if you didn’t find me that night. I think I would’ve-”
“Don’t. Don’t say whatever you’re thinking. It doesn’t matter. I found you, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”
He pulled you into his chest, laying your head against him as he circled your frame with his arms. He ran a hand over your head, fingers catching in your hair and you felt his shirt stick to your cheek as it became soaked with the tears that you finally let fall. He shushed you, squeezing his arms tighter and placing a kiss to your hairline. You felt a wave of guilt wash over you, filling your chest with a need to push away your weaknesses for his sake. It was always like this when you cried, Bokuto always held onto you and told you that it was okay, but tonight felt entirely different. You believed him, for the first time. You were sure that as long as Bokuto was by you, nothing could break you down again. Divine intervention; your mother had taught you about deity’s when you were a child, the providence of bringing miracles to your life in the moments you needed them most. As you stared up at Bokuto, his eyes closed and humming into your hair, you knew he was brought to you for a reason. He was your Soter.
“I’m sorry, Bokuto.”
“Why are you apologising to me?”
“I know you don’t do these things out of pity,” your voice was a whisper against his chest, through sniffles and a sense of shame. Your fingers danced with the hem of his shirt, twisting and pulling at it as if it were keeping you grounded against him. “Thank you for saving me.”
His chest stopped rising as his breath hitched in his throat, he shut his eyes to hold back the tears that welled on his lashline, refusing to let you see him in a moment of vulnerability. He was there to comfort you, not be comforted, he told himself. “I’d do it again. Any day.”
He pulled back, hands on your shoulders, and looked into your eyes. His golden irises bored into yours, and you swore you could see a lifetime through them. He brought a hand up to brush the hair out of your face, running it down your cheek and landing on your jaw. You turned your cheek into the contact, sighing at the warmth of his skin against yours. He laughed, a small thing huffed through his slightly parted lips, and you eyed him curiously. You watched a blush take over his face, sprouting at the bridge of his nose before it invaded his cheeks, painting his skin the sweetest shade of pink.
“I wanna say something stupid,” he whispered. “It seems kinda out of place to say it right now. I think we just had our first fight.”
“Nothing you ever say is stupid.”
He pursed his lips at you. “Most of the things you say aren’t stupid.” You corrected with a coy smile.
“I wanna tell you that I love you.”
Gods, if they were up there, you swore they were trying to kill you. Your heart jumped to your throat and your skin began burning so hot you thought you would combust, turn to a pile of ashes right before Bokuto’s eyes. Your mouth dropped slightly, your eyes widened.
“I’m telling you that I love you. I love you.” The words dripped off his tongue like he’d been rehearsing them, he sounded confident, like it was the only truth he knew. He smiled fully, letting it take over his entire face, his puppy dog eyes crinkling at the corners. “I think you made me fall in love with you.”
You noticed the tears in his eyes when he leaned down closer to you, his nose bumped against yours and his breath tickled your lips, silently begging for permission to slot his lips against yours. You tilted your chin up, the softest brush against his lips brought all resolve he held crumbling down as he pressed into you with the need of a man who’d been holding back for months. His plush lips worked against yours, his hands cupping your jaw to bring you closer to him. With a breathless whine, you circled your arms around his neck, and he moved to grasp your hips, bringing you to sit on the counter. He positioned himself between your thighs, pressing his hands into the fat of your hips so harsh you thought bruises would form if he didn’t let go.
“Bo,” you broke the kiss, opening your eyes to study his face.
“K-Koutarou,” he groaned, hearing his name fall from your lips like music to his ears. He pressed into you again, hungrily kissing down your neck and across the plane of your chest.
“I love you, I want to make sure you know it.”
“Love you s’much, Kou, please.” Your head was thrown back as he continued his assault on your skin, pressing open mouthed kisses everywhere he could reach. “Please, show me how you love me.”
His eyes rolled back, he hooked his arms under your legs, wrapping them around his waist and carried you toward your bedroom, fumbling with the door handle as he laughed against your neck. When he finally nudged the door open, he dropped you on top of the mattress and was quick to find himself hovering over you, hands caging your face on either side. He leaned over you, pressing kisses from your mouth down to your jaw, bringing a hand down to travel below the hem of your shirt. His cold fingertips raised goosebumps against your skin, and he looked to you for permission to remove the garment. You nodded, arching your back to help him peel it off. His large hands grazed across your chest, down your stomach and back up, landing on the cup of your bra. He leaned down to press wet kisses along the valley between your breasts, humming in content when he heard a moan slip past your lips. His fingers hooked under the straps, pulling them down your arms until your tits were exposed, and he sighed when he ran his fingertips along your nipples.
“You’re so beautiful, love. More perfect than I could have imagined.”
Your cheeks burned at his words, his hands gliding lower until they hooked under the hem of your skirt. You lifted your hips, letting him pull the zipper down slowly. You made work to unhook your bra, tossing it somewhere in the dark to distract yourself from the anxiety of Bokuto shimmying your skirt off your legs. He pressed kisses down your stomach, stopping at the waistband of your underwear. He scooted himself farther up the bed, nudging your thighs apart to position himself between them. He leaned down to kiss you again, softer this time. He rolled a nipple between his fingers, earning a moan and slipping his tongue into your mouth. He ran it over yours, groaning at the taste of you, the one he’d wanted to know for so long.
He leaned back on his knees, his hands on either side of your rib cage, and studied you for a moment. You turned your head away, embarrassed at the vulnerability you felt being so exposed under his watchful gaze. He pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it and leaning down again, hooking his fingers under your panties.
“Are you sure?” His voice dripped with concern, his confidence wavering.
“Please, Kou. I want you.”
“You gotta say yes, baby.”
“Yes, Koutarou. Yes, please.”
His spine tingled as he slid your underwear down your thighs, your calfs, before you were out of them completely, laid bare in front of him like the most beautiful art he’d ever seen. He laid flat on his stomach, thumbing your folds apart and sucking a harsh breath in when he felt your essence coat his fingers.
“So perfect,” he placed a kiss above your pubic bone, leaning his head against your thigh and feeling you shiver beneath his touch. His calloused fingertip ran over your clit lightly, pulling a moan from you that you muffled under your hand. “Don’t cover your mouth, I wanna hear every sound you make. I just wanna make sure you feel good,” his breath was hot against your core, and you opened your mouth to respond but were racked with a loud moan when you felt his tongue press a hot line up your slit. He flattened his mouth against you, circling your dripping hole with his tongue, humming against you.
“You taste good,” he pulled back, teasing your hole with a single finger before leaning down again, flicking his tongue against your clit. Your chest heaved at the sensation, pretty moans and soft pants gracing Bokuto’s ears as he continued circling your clit. He pushed a finger into you, hooking it to press against the spongey spot inside you that made you see stars. Your breathing hitched in your throat as you felt another finger slide into your sex, he scissored them, stretching you perfectly and sending heat to form in your stomach. His movements were slow, he savoured the feeling of your walls clenching around his fingers as he licked a harsh stripe up your center, latching his lips onto your clit and sucking. Tears sprang in your eyes as a hot wave washed over you, sending you convulsing around his fingers as you came, crying out his name in the dark. He pressed a kiss to your clit, moving up to kiss you. His chin was wet with spit and the taste of you, but you didn’t care, engulfed with the need to feel him as close to you as possible. He pressed his hips into yours, dragged his clothed erection across your heat. He pulled back, pushing his pants past his thighs and kicking them off. You stared at him with hungry eyes, taking in the sight of his thick cock, weeping precum from the tip as he smiled down at you.
“Why’re you crying, pretty? I’m gonna take care of you,” he pressed kisses against your jaw, sucking the skin below your ear as he ran his cock against the petals of your pussy, coating himself with your slick, bumping the head against your clit. "Gonna make sure nobody ever hurts you again, yeah? Gonna take care of you, always." He pressed against your hole, letting out a shuddered breath. “Let me take care of you. As long as you'll have me. This okay?”
“Mhm, just wanna feel you,” your arms circled his neck, pulling him back into a needy kiss as he began sinking into you, groaning at the feeling of your walls hugging him tightly. He pulled back to look down at the sight of his cock disappearing into you, halting when he bottomed out. He turned his head back to you, bringing a hand up to wipe away the tears that rolled into your hairline.
“Don’t cry, baby, please.” He pulled back until just his cockhead remained in you, snapping his hips forward again and drawing a moan out of you. He began a slow pace, dropping his head into the crook of your neck.
“‘hmy god, baby. Y’feel so good. So perfect for me,” he pressed kisses along your collarbones, bringing his hands up to grope at your chest. “Love you, love everything about you.”
You wrapped your legs around his waist, wanting to pull him impossibly close as his cock kissed your cervix, knocking the air out of your lungs. You grabbed his face, lifting his head to look into his eyes. Each drag of his cock against your walls sent a shiver down your spine, and you felt the coil in your stomach begin to tighten again.
He huffed out a laugh, quickening his pace. His balls slapped against your ass with every thrust, and he brought a hand down to circle his fingers against your clit. “C’mere,” he used his free hand to grab your ankle, pushing your knee to your chest and reaching deeper into you with his cock. The new angle he was fucking into you at had you crying out his name, raking your nails down his back, leaving thin red marks in their wake. “‘s that good, baby? God, you’re gonna make me cum already. You want that?”
You nodded your head, fresh tears tracking down your cheeks as his name fell off your tongue like a prayer. He smiled down at you, leaning to press his tongue into your mouth again. He pushed a glob of spit into your mouth, groaning when he watched you swallow it down. “Want you to cum again, baby, cum on my cock. Can you do that for me?” He pressed kisses along your cheeks, catching the salty tears against his lips. You nodded, feeling the threat of an orgasm build inside you when his fingers pressed hard against your clit, pinching and rolling it between the calloused tips.
“K-Kou, ‘m cumming, a-ah!”
His eyes rolled back, feeling your walls clamp down around him as you came, coating his cock in a sheen of white. His hips stuttered, movement faltering as he felt his own release nearing. His balls tightened, feeling relief wash over him as he came, painting your insides with thick white cum. He continued to fuck into you, catching your lips in a kiss as you swallowed his moans, raising your hips to meet every messy thrust he pounded into you. Overstimulation threatened him, and he collapsed on top of you, his dick pulling out with a loud squelching sound. He pressed lazy kisses to you neck before pushing himself off, disappearing from the room while covering his ass with his hands, earning a lazy giggle from you.
He returned to find you tucked under the covers, and his heart swelled at the sight, guilty that he had to move you. He pulled the blanket back, cleaning you off with a warm rag before tossing it aside with both of your discarded clothes, shifting into bed with you and pulling the covers back over your bodies. You pressed yourself against his side, laying your head against his bare chest. He peppered kisses across the crown of your head, whispering I love you’s over and over in the dark. You moved to look up at him, and he met your gaze with a soft smile. He pushed your hair back, sighing contently before you noticed tears welling in his lashes.
“Kou, why are you crying?”
“I don’t know. I’m happy, I think I’ve loved for a long time. I just didn’t know it.”
“You didn’t know?”
“I just thought,” he ran a hand over his face, hiding his blush and wiping the tears from his eyes with a chuckle. “I just thought I wanted to protect you. Every time I pictured you crying, the first time I met you, I just got overwhelmed with this feeling that I never wanted to see you like that again. I never want you to be hurt again.”
You laid your head back down, tracing hearts into his skin with your fingertip. You hummed, smiling to yourself. “I’ve known for a long time.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” He was talking to the ceiling, his hand came up to hold yours, squeezing lightly.
“It wouldn’t have been fair.”
“If I told you I loved you,” you squeezed his hand back. “I’d be keeping a deity to myself. But I think I’m done playing fair. I don’t want you going anywhere.”
“I’m not, love. You’ve got me.”
You kissed his hand, bringing it to your chest and pressing further into him. If Gods were real, you found yours, and you weren’t planning on letting him go any time soon.
Tumblr media
ahhh!! ok there it is. i hope it's good. it's very self indulgent and i never know how to end fics BUT thank u if u read the whole thing!! i'd love to hear feedback and hope that u will stick around to read some more in the future! <3
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sunaerin · 3 months ago
warning: a bit suggestive. 
Imagine your anime boyfie: f!reader
Tumblr media
Imagine being on your period - full on bitchy mood but emotional as hell. Imagine your anime boyfie taking care of you. You don’t need to tell him that you’re on your period. Why? He tracks with you, and for you just because you always tend to forget. It’s during times like these that you feel the most loved from him. 
So... you just ate, but still hungry? Don’t worry. He already stocked your pantry and fridge with your consistent cravings. You feel emotional? He’s got you tightly wrapped under his arms. The smell of his body makes you feel safe and seen. Everything about him just suddenly pisses you off? He finds your tantrums cute... but he doesn’t let the bratty slide, he’ll kindly remind you that that’s not okay. Your boobs ache? He’ll cuddle with you, with one hand gently massaging your mounds while kissing the crown of your head as you dose off to sleep. It’s during times like these, when you’re the most vulnerable that you are able to see his love for you. Yes, your insecurities are still there. But yet, he still surpasses it and consistently shows you of your worth. He doesn’t need to do this, but he chooses to because he loves you. But the best is when you’re...
feeling needy? Well, come here, daddy’s got you. 
iwaizumi, osamu, kuroo, akaashi, daichi, kita, hirugami, sakusa.
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volleychumps · 11 months ago
« Volleyboys w/ a Jealous S/O (making them jealous in return) 
format: scenarios
genre: fluffy, kinda sad at times 
-includes: Ushijima, Daichi, Matsukawa, and Suna
Warning(s): possessive, some nsfw themes super mild 
“Well, what’s got you all bright and cheery?” 
“Not today, Satori.” 
“Damn, she pulled out your first name.” 
Tendou’s grin was relaxed as the team settle in the stands around your seated figure, your eyes watching something in the distance that made your chest tight. You didn’t need to ask where your boyfriend was, a lump in your throat as you watch the girl next to him tighten her grip on his muscle. 
“Jozenji’s manager is something else, isn’t she?” Semi whistles lowly as you don’t reply, opting to force your eyes away from the sight of Ushijima’s relaxed features. He didn’t openly show that he liked her touch-
but he didn’t pull away either. 
“Aw, cut him some slack.” Tendou yawns, Goshiki nodding frantically behind him in agreement as your shoulders sink in slight sadness. “He doesn’t see anyone but you, and you know that. It makes me feel extremely single, actually. 
“Ushjima-senpai would never cheat on someone as goregous as you, Y/N!” 
“Oh?” You tilt your head teasingly, feeling a tad better as Goshiki’s cheeks darken, realizing what he had just admitted. “You think I’m pretty, Goshiki-Kun?” 
“N-No! I mean, yes?” Goshiki stumbled over his rushed response, Shirabu rolling his eyes before leaning forward a little bit to look at you. 
“You’re considered cute. By all of us. So quiet down.” 
It was your cheeks to darken this time as Tendou laughs out loud, Semi shaking his head lightly as Taichi hits the back of his blunt teammate’s neck. 
“Wish he thought that.” Your mumble was sad and quiet, really only meant for your inner thoughts to be spoken aloud to yourself before Semi hums to himself. 
“If he realizes it or not, it’s not very good of him to just ignore his girlfriend in the stands just because the other team manager is hitting on him.”
Naturally, your head relaxed to hit Semi’s shoulder. “Thank you for understanding me.” 
“Wow, she’s playing favorites again. Will our dear Ushijima be replaced by the lesser Semi?”
“The lesser- what did you say?!” 
You laugh, smiling into Semi’s shoulder before a sudden chill runs down your back. You look back at the sight that saddened you before, and you lifted your head on instinct at the dark edge of Ushijima’s eyes as he blatantly ignored what the manager of Jozenji was saying-
a hand surprisingly tugging you back down to Semi’s shoulder gently. 
“Stay still.” Tendou’s grin was borderline mischevious, eyeing his best friend in the distance while tilting his head. “Gotta make him realize it, you know?” 
“I agree. Excuse me, Y/N-” 
You yelp when Semi’s arm easily reaches behind your back to grab your waist from the other side, tugging you into him tighter as your eyes widen before relaxing. 
“As if he’d even react-” 
You stiffen, Semi’s grip loosening easily before you turn in your seat to a frowning Ushijima. Just when did he get there? 
His broad chest raised up and down slightly through unsteady breaths as if he had rushed in getting to the stands, arms crossed tightly in a scolding manner, jaw clenched as dark eyes bore into Semi’s arm still around your waist. 
“Not very fun, is it?” Your tone was weak as your lips quivered, a swirl of embarrassment in your stomach at all the eyes on the spectacle of the childish act formulated by his teammates. 
Ushijima’s gaze softens before glancing back into the court at the fuming manager, darting back to you in another movement before he sighs heavily. The weight releases from your chest as he reaches a large palm out. 
“Come. Please.” 
You take his hand, offering a weak reassuring smile to the other teammates as your boyfriend gently tugs you out of your seat with another hardened stare to a whistling Tendou and nervously sweating Semi. When he tugs you out of the stadium, they both offer you thumbs up as you roll your eyes. Their actions, and you have to deal with the consequences. 
“Ushijima, I’m-” 
“I’m sorry.” 
You stop walking when he does outside the gym, staring at his back with surprise etched into your features. He turns, tugging you into his chest as you gape at his actions. 
“I should have realized it sooner. I’m sorry.” 
Startled, you look up as Ushijima’s large hand brushes your cheek, tilting it upwards to place a stiff kiss on your forehead. The attempt of affection he rarely showed warmed your heart as you melted into his embrace. 
“Don’t go to anyone else.” 
His grip tightened ever so slightly as you felt heat in the corner of your eyes, gripping onto the back of his jacket as the world spins around the two of you.. 
“What did that juice box ever do to you?” 
“Hm?” You glance down at the crushed box in your hand, blinking at it in confusion, not realizing how tight your fists clenched. “Oh. Everything, apparently.” 
“Where’s your lunch?” 
“Not hungry.”
Suga leaned on the other side of the tree you had your back against, quietly noting the bitter edge to your relaxed smile as he easily pokes another straw into another juice box. He offers it to you, brown eyes realizing the source of your hidden sadness right away. Your gray-haired friend was too smart for his own good. 
Yui giggled at something Daichi said at a bench not too far away, your boyfriend laughing along easily as you accepted the juice in a daze. 
“You should talk to him.” 
“I’m not crazy.” Your reply was soft, borderline defeated. The posessiveness that swirled in your stomach was something that couldn’t be tempered, but it could be hidden. “He can have female friends.” 
“Even when they make you smile like that?” 
“Suga, you might make me think you’ve fallen for me.” You retort, biting the straw as the third-year laughs, a small chuckle slipping your lips before any hint of happiness drips away again. Yui gripped Daichi’s shoulder as they shared a joke, Suga watching as you could only stifle your tremble. 
“Shall we get him back?” 
“Sure.” You roll your eyes sarcastically at the playful smile that tugs at your friend’s lips. “Let’s do it. No offense Suga, but I don’t think Daichi sees you as a threat.” 
“Well, he hasn’t given me a reason to act like a threat.” Suga’s reply was witty and quick, making you snicker into your palm before nodding once. 
“Let’s see it, then.” Your tone was doubtful and teasing as Suga clears his throat, hyping himself to get into character as your laugh doubles in volume-
unbeknowst to the attention now casted on your figure, the laugh he loved so much catching a captain’s attention in the distance as Yui’s voice suddenly drowns out. 
Suga plucks a cherry blossom from one of the branches above, tucking it behind your ear as you nod along playfully as he does so. You still when his fingers cascade through your hair to bring a lock of it to his lips, closing his eyes with a smile on his lips-
all playfulness draining. 
“You’re too pretty to not smile genuinely.” 
“Shut up.” But your voice cracked. 
“But it’s working~” 
Suga catches your chin before it can look in Daichi and Yui’s direction automatically, forcing you to look into his brown eyes. 
“Don’t look, silly.” 
“I should get back to class.” Your tone was hushed as you attempt to brush past him, Suga tripping you to catch you by the waist smoothly as you yelp, now in his arms as you blink in shock at the proximity between your faces. 
“Careful, you might fall for me.” Suga winks, brown eyes lifting to look at the figure behind you before an innocent smile graces his face-
a strong arm tugging you out of his arms, your back hitting a familiar chest. 
“This is the part where I run, right?”
“Good. Looks like we’re on the same page.” Daichi grits out, and a blush rises to your cheeks at the jealousy dripping from his tone. You feel his chest puff, and you turn, grabbing your boyfriend by the shirt before he can chase after a waving Sugawara. 
“Why would you-” 
“Let’s not get hypocritical, Dai.” You bite your lip guiltily, and Daichi stills before glancing at the now empty bench before sighing through his nose. His hand finds your waist, your back touching the tree gently as you refuse to meet his pleading gaze. 
“I like you a lot, you know?” Your tone was hushed. “But there’s so much I can put up with-” 
Daichi cuts you off, kissing you deeply as his hand tightens on your waist. You sigh into it, the safety of your boyfriend different from the touch of Suga as you find your hands threading into his hair. 
“Then tell me.” His hand reached to intertwine in your hair, the cherry blossom flitting to the ground gently. 
“Don’t let another guy touch you like you’re his.” 
“T-then you have to do the same-” 
Daichi kisses you again, rougher this time as your knees go weak at the posessiveness in his lips as his hand pushes the small of your back into him. 
“No one else matters to me. Not her, no one.You’re the only one I’ll ever touch like this, understand?” 
“Stop. Ow. You’re blinding me, stop being the light of this party.” 
You hit Hanamaki at the sound of his flat tone, Iwaizumi smirking as you huff, crossing your legs on the rather comfy couch you found solace in within the crowded party. The dark haired spiker follows the direction of your gaze as he settles in the seat next to you. 
“Just fight them.” Iwaizumi offers, and you laugh into your red cup before shaking your head slightly, tearing your gaze away to the two girls coming at your boyfriend from both sides as he plays a round of cup pong. You rolled your eyes at the squeals both emitted each time he skillfully got a white ball into a red cup. 
“I trust him.” 
“But do you trust those girls~?” Oikawa appears behind the couch, grinning down at you as his elbows rest on your head. You push him off with a roll of your eyes, Oikawa chuckling as Hanamaki nudges you. 
“At least try to enjoy this. It’s Kunimi’s birthday.” 
“Since when does Kunimi know this many people?” You retort, and Hanamaki laughs out loud, Oikawa joining him as Iwaizumi sighs, jutting a finger in his best friend’s direction. 
“Blame this asshole. Girls follow him like flies.” 
“It’s hard being so beautiful.” 
“Go use that beauty to attract the girls away from my boyfriend, will you?” You sigh, envy settling in your tone as the two girls talk him up, one even daring to walk her fingers up Matsukawa’s arm as your cup clenches in your hand. 
“Roger that. Iwa-chan, come. We’ll bark at them.” 
You can’t fight the smile that tickles your lips as Oikawa drags his friend towards the beer pong table, Iwaizumi looking less than willing as you’re left with an amused Hanamaki. 
“I know a faster way.” 
“You’re ideas are never good, don’t come near me.” Your reply was instantaneous as Hanamaki grins, holding his palm out. 
“Trust me, light of this party.” 
“What do you mean, it’s obviously Kunimi.” You respond sarcastically as you grab his hand, jutting your chin in the direction of a dejected looking Kunimi as Kindaichi and Yahaba try to coax him out of a corner. 
“The music’s good, at least.” Hanamaki winks, guiding you to the dancing hoard of people as you roll your eyes. You couldn’t fight him on that, easily beginning to sway to the music with your friend. 
“Give me your hands!” 
You laugh, finally having some fun at this party as Hanamaki twirls you, his hands finding your waist as you dance the pain in your chest away. 
“Look who’s finally the light of this party.” 
“Yeah, that’s getting old.” You retort, talking loudly over the music before Hanamaki’s eyes look behind you before his lips begin to curl up into a smirk. 
“Do you trust me?” 
“Obviously not.” 
“I’ll take it. Just don’t slap me.” 
Your eyes widen when Hanamaki slips your jacket off and the tie that was holding back your hair, spinning you around before dipping you like a professional. Oikawa catches your jacket with a whistle, causing you to blink in confusion. Iwaizumi pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh at the situation Hanamaki created. 
If Oikawa and Iwa were here, then where was-?
“Thank me later.” Hanamaki whispers, winking at you once before twirling you again despite your confused expression. You yelp when you bump into a broad chest, beginning to stutter out an apology as you regain your balance-
a familiar voice making your eyes widen a fraction. 
“Well, look who’s having fun.” 
Matsukawa’s voice was strained, his jaw clenched as the smile that graced his lips held no kindness behind it. You felt a surge of revenge in your stomach as you smile, running a hand through your hair goregously as Matsukawa arches an eyebrow. 
“You were having fun with other girls, so Makki decided to show me a good time.” 
Matsukawa scoffs with an annoyed edge to his eyes, grabbing your hand to tug you out of the crowd, swiping your jacket from Oikawa in stride as Oikawa and Iwaizumi salute you good luck along side a successful Hanamaki. 
You yelp when he lifts you up onto a nearby counter, standing between your seated legs as he makes work of slipping your jacket around your shoulders again. 
“Princess, is there something you want to tell me?” 
You puff your cheeks out, childishly looking away as Matsukawa’s jealousy seems to simmer. He claims your lips, making you panic into it as he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you into him on the counter. 
“Issei, there’s people-!”  
“Yeah those people-” 
His hand slid up your thigh as he kissed the underside of your jaw. 
“They need to see who you’re really taken by, don’t you think?” 
“Why ya frowning, sweetheart?” 
“I’m so happy, what do you mean?” 
“You’re a bad liar.” Osamu states, waving to you in greeting as your second-year friends who just so happened to be brothers sink when you explain that you’re here for your boyfriend. Atsumu gasps in disbelief, Osamu shaking his head in dissappointment as you motion to the captain.
“Kita, come claim the twins- they’re bothering me again.” 
“You should take a turn once in a while, L/N-san.” 
“By the way, where’s...?”
You sigh quietly through your nose, regretting coming to visit your boyfriend during his late practice. The girl who was training to become manager already bothered the two of you tons at school, always needing him for something. Whether it be homework help, volleyball plays, or even needing a few extra coins for the machines at school-
she always came to Suna. 
He sat by her with an indifferent expression, looking over some plays with her as she scooted closer to him until their legs were touching. You bit your lip, about to spin on your heel to make a hasty escape before Atsumu stops you. 
The twins shared a nod from above your head as you blink in confusion. 
“What is it?” 
You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion as Osamu lifts your arms for you, Atsumu smirking as he slips his jacket onto your smaller form. It drapes loosely over your figure as you blush, the scent of him filling your nose as Osamu finally lets your arms down. 
“You looked cold.” 
“I will never understand the two of you-” 
“Are you still cold?” Osamu blinks, indifferent as he raises his arms out, looking at you expectantly as you blink in utter confusion, wondering what the hell was getting into your friends as the other team members begin to take notice of the strange situation. 
“I was never cold...are you?” You hesitate, and Osamu nods once as Atsumu hides his snickers into his fist. Without hesitation, the gray-haired twin glomps you stiffly, and you yelp into his chest for merely a second before your snatched back to your original position. 
“Yeah, we’re leaving.” Suna’s usual bored tone had an edge to it that made you follow after him in a confused daze, his hold on your wrist unusually tight as you groan when you’re a good distance away from the gym. Atsumu had mouthed a you’re welcome, Osamu flashing you a large thumbs up as you wondered what pissing off your boyfriend could possibly do for them besides getting you scolded. 
“Why is everyone throwing me around today-?” 
“Take it off.” 
“I can just give it back to him tomorrow-” 
Suna clicks his tongue, his bag hitting the pavement before he shoves his own jacket off, thrusting it towards you. 
“Please. Just take it off.” 
“Yes mom.” You retort, beginning to unzip the jacket Atsumu had zipped up to your neck before your voice falls to a mumble. “You could just give yours to that manager of yours...” 
Suna’s eyes narrow before his outstretched arm relaxed in its’ stubborn position. The middle blocker stares at you for a second, sighing out his annoyance before slipping Atsumu’s jacket off you, his breath warm against your face in the stark cold as his own scent envelops you. You relax into his coat, blushing at your childish comment that created this silence before his forehead hits your shoulder. 
“There’s a difference between my girlfriend and a nuisance, you know?” 
“Mm.” You reach a hand to slip in between his dark locks as the beginnings of a smile form on your lips, feeling silly as you kiss the top of his head distractedly. 
“What is it?” He mumbles, lifting his head and resting a hand on either sides of your neck. You smile brightly, surging upwards to kiss him on his cheek as Suna’s sharp eyes widen a fractin. 
“You’re mine, okay?” 
His lip curls up into a gentle smirk as he uses your neck to pull your face closer to his, his lips brushing yours as dark eyes bore into your features seriously. 
“I don’t think you’re the one who needs to stake their claim, love.” 
General works: @takemetovalhalla  @faesbae  @savemesteeb @dreebbles @yams046   @let-me-have-my-own-name  @deadontheinsidebut @lifeisntjustblackandwhite   @curiouslilbeast  @aprettyfruit   @wisepandaslimeland   @h0ngh0ngh0ng   @lmkjimin   @orangegiraffe7   @dai-tsukki-desu   @kac-chowsballs   @spikertrash   @yamaguwuchi   @lord-suneater-explosion   @holaaaf  @babyybokutoakaashi   @lexysclubhouse   @disneyloving-muggle   @kuuuuroo   @theonep1ece  @that-chick212  
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emswordss · 29 days ago
hi there! I've just recently found your blog, so I've always been so sensitive when it comes to fights or when I cant do something right. Can I req for Akaashi and/or Ushijima or Tsukki, in which he comforts his s/o who flinched during a small conflict, thinking he would hit her. (srry if this is confusing,)okay but when he hears that it's your default reaction because of experiences with how people treat you, he's immediately worried?? You don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable!!
A/n: I hope you find this comforting, and have a good day - sending all my love to you <33
Tsukishima's voice is louder than ever before, sharper, and, almost mean. The sound of his words right now seem completely foreign as thoughts tumble from his mouth like on tap - relentless and head spinning - each new rebuttal shot from Tsukishima flying fast around your head. With the sudden fierceness with which Tsukki is speaking and the erratic shaking of his hands, and body and head your words fall silent.
For a moment there had been a counter argument but no more as the pressure in the room builds, and your focus can't latch onto one thing.
You think that he's tired, but then realise that a long work day doesn't excuse his actions.
He takes a breath before catching another thought in his mind.
His hands raise higher, at an alarmingly fast and unpredictable way, too close to you, too close to the way other people you've known have acted towards you - too similar to past experiences.
You flinch, of course you do, your eyes fly to a close, wishing to be away from the situation, away from that minor, unknown mistake you'd made. Wishing you could go back in time, but you can't.
Instead Tsukishima stops, hands dropping to his side, face softening, voice lowering, his easy love growing for you.
"I'm so sorry" he says in a quiet hush, one that begins to diffuse the high tension in the room, like the air deflating from a balloon.
"It's fine- it's just a reminder of-" you begin before your voice trails off, weary with worry "it's just- Kei I'm sorry if-" you try to finish. Then his eyes widen, gentle with the concern he's feeling, gentle with the affection he has for you.
"No baby, no, you don't need to be sorry, it's me, it's me and I shouldn't have been so loud and mean" Tsukishima explains as he takes a small step forward towards you, his arms slowly raising to reach for your hands.
"Can I?" he asks, careful with his actions now, making a subconscious note to never cause you to feel this way again, to never be the root of that fearful expression on your face, but instead be the person who helps to ease the worry lines from your features.
You nod, your words now unsure as you're met with Tsukki's tender devotion to you and your emotions, completely unlike the other situations you've been involved with.
After your confirmation he takes your hand in his, letting a bridge be built between you both. With soft sweeping motions across the palm of your hand, with his soft touch, Tsukishima leads you to a seat. This simple action being the relief of that final level of doubt within you, now remains the bitter thought of others - with this thought remains Tsukishima by your side, unmoving as he makes it his next plan to soothe you, after trying to find out why, wanting to help, needing to know what's best for you.
"Please talk to me baby, why was that your first reaction, I promise to you with my whole heart I would never, whats happened?" Tsukki questions, his hand slowly moving to ease you into his embrace, where you can safely rest against his chest. You think for a hushed moment at the question, wanting to tell him, but instead a dribble of tears falls.
Tsukishima notices quickly, the pad of his thumb sweeping across your cheek, wiping away the spot of your crying.
"You can trust me, I swear it with everything I have" Tsukki reassures with a confiding tone, and with that you know he means it, along with the sweet natured trail of his hand running up your arm - the repeated pattern calming - especially when compared to any other diffusion from a fight you've experienced with other people.
Silently you lift your head up, looking at Tsukki with a simple question laying on your lips: 'really?' As if reading your mind Tsukki nods his head prompting you to tell him your thoughts, as he does he lifts your legs onto his lap, easing you gently closer to his loving affection.
With that and a calm sort of quiet pooling around you both, snatches of the situation fall to Tsukki as you tell him your truth. With your sincerity comes his warmth, and soft kisses to your forehead. His words then tell you that he'll be there for you, that he's sorry, that no matter what he'll do his very best to keep you safe.
And he does, with his careful love and sweet touch. With him there's safety - a home like no other.
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edelfie · a month ago
Tumblr media
PEEK-A-BOO — multi
Tumblr media
#summary. haikyuu boys and things they do w/ their s/o on halloween
#tags. fluff, established relationship, post-timeskip
#pairing. multi x gn!reader (no pronouns)
— oikawa tooru, akaashi keiji, kozume kenma
#warnings. minor manga spoilers (kenma), possibly ooc
#note. happy halloween! i wasn’t planning on writing anything, but halloween hit me with sudden inspiration. so cheers to my first official post on this acc!
Tumblr media
?! OIKAWA TOORU, "trick or treating"
he is a child stuck in a grown man's body
wdym it's not appropriate to go trick or treating in your 20s??
convinces himself that he's just youthfully spirited
but surely nobody would mistake a 6'1 man as a child, right?
you'd be surprised how often it happens (or how little the people handing out candy care)
maybe it's a tad-bit unethical for an adult with a job to participate in a kid's holiday when he can just buy his own candy
but does he care? no
honestly, he just really likes the dressing up part (and showing off)
why he doesn't just go to a costume party is beyond you, but anyways—
wants to do all those corny couples costumes
like an angel and a devil or ketchup and mustard
(i saw a couple dressed as a hotdog and buns and it was giving me second-hand embarrassment)
you always shut him down for how ridiculous his ideas are
"ok, hear me out—what if we're two halves of an avocado??"
"absolutely not"
for the longest time, you just assumed he was pulling some elaborate joke on you
like, there's no way he seriously wants to dress up like this
oh no, he absolutely is. 100%
he'll make a powerpoint and pitches his ideas to you like an episode of shark tank
"i just know you're going to love this one,"
"tooru, you've said that about the last 3 already."
"it's just a delayed reaction!"
one year you actually did agree to dress up with him
and you regretted it immediately
he refused to tell you what exactly you were going as until the day of, which was a mistake in of itself.
of course, he just had to pick the worst one possibly for maximum embarrassment
when you got home from work, all you see is a giant body-covering costume of a shoe
yes, this man is asking you to dress up as a shoe
it got worse when he walked out of the bathroom with his part of the costume already on
you think a pretty boy like him would care more about his image (he does), but apparently he has no shame on halloween
so here you were, a 20-something year-old with a job, a boyfriend, and some ounce of self-respect, walking around in a shoe costume
you swore you saw one of your coworkers out of the corner of your eye
of course, going from door to door was a bit fun (mainly because tooru kept cracking jokes to lift your mood)
most of the people just gave you candy and a look, sometimes a laugh if you were lucky
some just refused to give you candy all together
you weren't too upset, but tooru was absolutely devastated
"why didn't they give us candy??"
"look at us, tooru."
all in all though, it wasn't too bad of an experience and you did have a lot of fun after getting over the embarrassment
just never let him pick out the costumes ever again
extra: hanamaki saw the two of you while you were wearing your costumes and did a double take, before taking a picture and sending it to all of your high school friends
Tumblr media
?! AKAASHI KEIJI, "haunted houses"
ok, i don't care if you are a total scaredy-cat or stone cold
this man cannot handle horror and you can't tell me otherwise
you didn't realize it because of how subtle he is
like how he suggests another movie instead of watching a scary one because "the ratings are bad"
or how he's always conveniently busy when you're playing a horror game
it was something that happened sparingly, so it never crossed your mind that he was scared of it
so when your friends suggest going to a haunted house the weekend before halloween, you immediately invited akaashi
but when he tried to turn down your offer, you were very confused
"huh? why not?"
"oh, well—"
please stop with the puppy eyes, you're making this hard for him
after some convincing (read: begging), he agreed to come
only for an hour, he said
to say you were excited would be an understatement
him, not so much
the car ride was filled with laughter and fun between your friends, but you noticed akaashi bouncing his leg nervously
you worry that he really didn't want to come—
maybe he doesn't like your friends, or he really is busy today and you're forcing him to hang out with you
though, ever perceptive, akaashi notices the frown on your face
"what's on your mind, love?"
why is he so kind ??
he reassures you that it's alright and he doesn't mind coming
(me when i lie)
when you actually do get to the haunted house, he looks composed and unafraid
little do they know that he's nearly pissing himself
the guy watching the entrance splits your group into pairs
all your friends enter, leaving you and akaashi last
he lets you go in first, he's just such a gentleman
if you're also easily scared, he'll hold your hand and rub circles with his thumb to soothe you (and himself)
if you're not, then he'll just silently follow behind you like a lost puppy
one bad thing about being in the back is that the scare actors will absolutely pick on you
akaashi, having never been in a haunted house before, did not know this
you couldn't believe your ears when you heard a loud scream coming from behind you that sounded oddly like your boyfriend
you actually didn't until you turned around and saw akaashi with a petrified look on his face
the clown that scared him looked very pleased with themselves
needless to say, after that incident, he stayed very close to your side for the rest of the tour (and night)
he was practically glued to the hip, not leaving you for a second
if you were also scared by the ordeal, the two of you will comfort each other on the way home
if not, then you have a very depressed akaashi on your hands to deal with
extra: you wake up in the middle of the night to a still-shaken akaashi asking for cuddles after a bad nightmare with a clown trying to kill him, ala 2016 style.
Tumblr media
?! KOZUME KENMA, "scary movies"
now, unlike akaashi, this man is perfectly comfortable with scary stuff
he practically lives for it (which is scary in of itself)
he's not really that into holidays, so it was a given that you two would stay home
originally planned to play scary games with you until you complained that it'd feel like work
especially since he just finished streaming a horror game the night before
so you both settled for scary movies instead
obviously, you go to his house since he has money
what you weren't expecting was his large library of movies
whatever genre of horror you're into, he probably has a movie for it already
like psychological horror? don't worry, he's got carrie, us, and the haunting
found footage? he's seen the blair witch project ten times over
he's not that into heavy gore, but he does have a few for when kuroo visits
needless to say, you aren't lacking options
whatever you choose to watch (or re-watch), he's cool with it
prepares plenty of blankets, snacks, and other comfort items beforehand
also, cuddles are not optional !!
this man will suffocate you in his arms whether you like it or not
anyways, since he doesn't get scared by horror, he watches the movie like he would a documentary
he doesn't even flinch during the jumpscares and/or gore
if you're not that big on scary stuff, he'll keep an eye on you and comfort you during the scarier moments
he'll hide your face from the screen during the more intense scenes and offer to turn it off entirely if it becomes too much
"it's alright, i'm here."
(when is it my turn to be happy)
if you can stomach it, though, then the two of you will just cuddle and vibe
he'll point out some of the interesting bits and make commentary here and there
maybe point out a few plot holes to get a laugh out of you
although that's nothing compared to when y'all watch actually bad horror movies
he has plenty of those and will tear every single one of them to shreds
expect lots of snide remarks whenever you watch one
"why did she do that? she literally watched the killer go in there??"
"i don't know, babe."
sometimes you'll predict what happens next
or play a drinking game for every character that dies or every cliche line they say
it's a lot more fun than being scared to death with the other films
eventually, one of you will fall asleep (most likely you, since he's a professional gamer after all)
in that case, he'll just wrap the blanket around you and fall asleep with you on the couch
he's not one for holidays, but he definitely would consider spending them with you
extra: you wake up in the middle of the night with the tv on static and kenma cuddling into your side. right as you're about to go back to sleep, you see a figure of a girl pop up on screen. sweet dreams :)
Tumblr media
— #note. i was at a loss of what to write abt kenma, so sorry that his is shorter! also, don't expect much after this, since i'm currently working on a long-fic for obey me.
© all rights reserved—edelfie (2021)
Tumblr media
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willowfolksong · 5 days ago
Hi, can I request Iwaizumi + falling for his next door neighbor with fem reader?
the wrong right door
- Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader
a/n: hi @xxsilverwingxx !!! I loved your request sooooo much and I had so much fun writing it too!!! I really hope you enjoy it, and that you have a lovely time reading it, but if you want anything changed, just let me know! thank you for requesting dear! ❤❤
Willow 🍂
Requests are open! 🍂
Tumblr media
In your defense, who has his door unlocked at 10 p.m?
Iwaizumi stares intently at you, arms crossed over his chest, while you slowly put your shoes on and slip your jacket over your shoulders. You try your best to avoid his eyes when you talk, embarrassment coating your every word.
"So... ahm... yeah" you stutter, scratching your neck "Listen, I'm really sorry..."
"It's fine"
"It's not" you sigh, because you're still tired and now you're also dying of shame "I came into your apartment in the middle of the night and went to sleep on your bed"
Iwaizumi gulps, and you try not to pay attention at how his throat goes up and down because this man, this man is kind of hot. "Yeah, I know"
"I'm sorry"
"It's fine"
"It won't... it won't happen again. I swear" you reasure him, and he nods curtly, trailing behind you as you exit the bedroom, your steps unsure.
You sharply turn around when you're at the door, trying to give him your best apologetically smile "Anyway... it was very nice to meet you!"
Iwaizumi blinks and then clears his throat "Well, yeah. Thanks"
"And... ahm... comfy bed!"
You wait until you're behind your appartment walls to muffle your embarrased squeals in your hands.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You've lived in that appartment for a year already, and not once you had crossed paths with Iwaizumi Hajime. You knew some athlete lived in the appartment directly in front of yours— thanks to the typical nosy neighbor that is always around when you move in, making sure to give fill you on every detail you need and don't need about everyone else in the building—, but didn't knew his face or his voice or how hot he was.
And you certainly didn't had in your plans to return utterly broken from work one night, mind clouded and eyes heavy with sleep, only to end up opening his door instead of yours and going directly for his bed, not even bothering to take off your dirty clothes.
The next morning you wake up feeling even worst. He could call the police on you, if he wanted to. You did broke into his house. You open your balcony's door and take a peek at his. Where yours is filled to the brim with plants, his is totally empty.
His door opens all of the sudden, and you go back inside with a yelp, before deciding to steal yourself and take a step outside.
He seems genuinely surprised to see you.
"Good morning!" you chirp, waving at him "I just... really wanted to introduce myself properly"
"Oh" he eyes the cup of coffee he's holding for a moment, and then turns his gaze back towards you again. You kind of have the feeling he would rather drown himself in his coffee than to have a conversation about that "That's alright"
You tell him your name, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear "And you are?"
"Iwaizumi Hajime"
"Right! So yeah, nice to meet you! Again..." you trail off, chuckling "I usually do this first before jumping in bed with a guy, but I guess we're pass that"
Iwaizumi blushes, bringing his cup up to take a long gulp of his morning coffee "Yeah... I bet"
"Not that I'm thinking about jumping into bed with you! Again, that is"
You keep the 'Unless you ask me because you're definitely hot' for yourself, because you've already done enough to make you look bad.
"Anyway... I'm here if you need anything. Don't hesitate in knocking on my door"
"Yeah... you try and do that next time too"
His eyes widen for a slipt of a second, as if he wasn't really planning on making that joke, but you're soon laughing, and he joins with a raspy chuckle of his own.
Your scent lingers on his bed, and he feels like a pervert for burying his nose on the pillow and letting himself be lulled to sleep by your fragrance. He doesn't knows you. You've lived in front of him— and with a balcony literally so close to his that he could jump into yours if he wanted to— for who knows how long, and it's only thanks to discovering you in his bed by mistake that you come into his life.
He takes his pillowcase and his sheets off the bed the next morning, deciding to wash them and put some new ones.
You knock on his door when he's bringing them to the laundry basket.
"Hi!" you greet him, a small flowerpot in your hands "This is for you"
"Ahm... a plant?" he asks, and immediately curses himself for sounding so cold.
"Well, yeah. I just saw that you didn't had any on your balcony, and I think they're a really nice touch" you explain, eyeing the little plant with a smile.
He accepts the flowerpot mainly because he thinks your smile is really cute "Thank you"
"Also, it's like an 'I'm sorry' kind of gift" you add "For... you know. The other day"
He places the plant in a spot where the sun always shines, and close enough to your balcony that you can perfectly see where it is.
You realize you never met him before because he almost doesn't leaves his appartment. You're paying attention now, and you know he's usually inside, except when he goes out to work and for what it looks like a morning jog.
He also puts the blankets and the pillowcase back in the bed.
Tumblr media
You're not spying on him.
You just want to know him better.
The balcony becomes your favorite place.
When he goes out— and you would like to think that he's doing it more thanks to you— you always try to engage in small talk. Of any kind.
"I work with the Japan's National Volleyball Team" he tells you one day, and you open your mouth in shock.
"That's huge"
He shrugs, leaning down against the handrail "It's what I always wanted to do"
"And that makes it even more huge"
He blushes, as easily as he always does, and gives you a sideway glance that only prompts you to ask him more stuff about his work, even if you don't know much about volleyball.
The plant dies.
Of course it does.
Iwaizumi hasn't cared for another human being that's not Oikawa in his life. He's so frustrated and angry with himself, because it was a gift and what will he do when you ask him about it?
You, with your easy smile and your bright eyes and that way you have of making him talk more than what he usually does.
He imagines your crestfallen look at the news, and it's actually surprised to find himself growing even more upset.
"It's definitely my fault" he says, after finally working up the courage to tell you. He's been waiting around his door for a while, for your footsteps on the other side that signal your return from work "I never looked after a plant before"
"It's alright! Really, it is" you say, trying to comfort him "Maybe I should have given you a cactus. They're much more easier to take care of"
"Yeah, probably"
You both fall quiet, and he soon finds himself wishing to spend more time with you. He searches your face. You look tired.
And you're still wearing that perfume.
"So, I guess..."
"Do you want to have some coffee?" he rushes to offer you "I can hand the cup to you over the balcony"
"You know what? I think I would love that"
It becomes a tradition. He waits for you after work, with a steaming cup of coffee that he hands you from his balcony, and you lean against the handrail and simply talk about your day, about the stuff that you did.
You learn that his bestfriend is abroad, playing for the Argentina's National Volleybal Team, and that he probably misses him more than what he lets on. You also discover that he blushes a lot, and that he always nods while listening to you, and that he scratches behind his neck and opts for not looking you in the eyes when he's embarrased.
"I think I admire you a lot" you say one day out of the blue, and he stops talking, his eyes snapping back to you.
"You do?"
"How could I not? You're on the right track to reach your dreams. You'll probably be in the Olympics very soon too"
"It hasn't been easy" he says, his cheeks flushed pink all the way up to his ears.
"Well, you know what they say. Good things never are"
You were wrong, because Iwaizumi thinks that falling for you is one of the easiest things he's done in his life. He has a special cup set aside for you and your coffee moments, and he comes out into the balcony more now, because it's summer and you've started to leave your door open. He changes the sheets only when the smell fades, but he can easily recognize your perfume down the hallway now anyway, when you leave for work only a few minutes after he returns from his morning jog.
He's late that night, and you almost think he wont come to offer you your usual cup of hot beverage when he sudenly bursts his door open, stepping outside with a frown.
Tumblr media
"Something wrong?" you ask, but he shakes his head.
"No, nothing wrong"
"Had a bad day?"
He pauses, outstretched arm in the air, steaming cup of coffee in it. You drop your hand down and go to speak again, but he beats you to it.
"I want to tell you something" he says, and bends down to leave both cups on the floor "It's important"
"Alright?" you arch an eyebrow at him "What is it?"
"I think I really like you" he blurts out, hands shooting forward to grab the handrail "No, I don't think so. I know I am"
"You... like me?"
"Yes" he confirms, eyes searching your face "I do. A lot"
"But I broke in your apartment and slept in your bed by mistake"
He chuckles, and it's such a delicious sound that you can't help but smile at him "Yeah, that's probably the reason why I started liking you in the first place"
You can see a handful of stars behind his head, now that the sun is down and the night is breaking through. It's rare, to see them so close to the city.
You take it as a good sign.
"I think I like you too, neighbor"
He sighs, visibly relieved, and passes a hand though his hair before putting all his weight in his arms "Step back" he commands you, and you have little time to think about what he's planning to do before he jumps to your balcony, both cups forgotten behind.
You laugh in disbelief "Well... hi"
Your arms go up to rest on his shoulders, and even tho he's so red he looks like he could explode, he stills brings his head down to bury his nose on your neck, inhaling deeply. You let fingers play between his hair.
"Does this mean I can sneak on your bed again?"
Your first kiss tastes like coffee.
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daebraeksan · 22 days ago
Ushijima hurt your feelings, and you talk to him about it, and he listens and supports you 
Genre: established intimate relationship (romantic/platonic not specified), domestic, living together, hurt/comfort, healing, overcoming conflict, 
Content: not shown—Ushijima hurting your feelings (unspecified scenario); shown—eating dinner together (mentioned),  fear of conflict, fear of abandonment, fear, past invalidation of feelings (unspecified), past trauma (unspecified), learning to advocate for needs, reader identifies as “sensitive” (regarding hurt feelings), being brave, overcoming fear, happy ending (conflict resolved, and a hug)
Wc: 1499
You have to convince yourself you’re not doing something bad. You have to convince yourself that Ushijima hurting your feelings is okay. Not that it’s okay that he hurt your feelings—but both of you are human, and humans make mistakes, and that is okay. And it is okay for you to have an emotional reaction to something. 
It doesn’t feel okay. Nothing feels okay.
In the past, you often didn’t tell people when they hurt your feelings. You didn't think there was any point. You didn't want to be seen as complaining or a burden. You didn't want to have to defend yourself while they defended themselves. You didn’t want them to explain how “that wasn’t what they meant” and explain to you why you shouldn’t be hurt. You came to an understanding with yourself that people apologizing to you didn’t matter. They weren’t going to change, and you didn’t want a false apology. Also, taken within the context of your whole life—people have hurt you way worse before, and didn't apologize, and you didn't ask for an apology. You didn’t make a big deal about huge emotional pains back then, so you don’t want to make a big deal out of these small, routine, run of the mill emotional bruises and scrapes.
There’s a grudge element. If that person apologizes, does that take them off the hook? Are they free now? You’re not sure an apology would even make you feel better. You’ve been hurt so many times, it doesn’t matter if you’re hurt a little bit more—you’re already so damaged, so who cares? It’s a drop in the bucket. You’re already fucked up. 
That’s how it feels. 
You’ve been hurt so many times that even if a new person hurts you once, they get lumped in with all the people who hurt you in the past. It might not be fair. Each person should be judged on their own merit and actions. But maybe your brain doesn’t have processing power for that kind of logic. Your brain has processing power for one kind of system, one rule. You have to protect yourself at all costs. You have to protect yourself from getting hurt. Getting hurt physically or emotionally could be deadly. And as much as your mental illnesses might suggest otherwise at times, your brain is trying to keep you alive. Your brain is trying to keep you healthy and safe, as much as it can, as best it knows how.
You want to keep yourself safe. You don't want to keep hurting. It feels like the only thing you know how to do right now. 
Asking for an apology feels like confrontation. It feels like asking for abandonment.
Sitting with the hurt doesn’t feel good. This thing is hurting you and you can’t relax. And you can’t let it go.
What you were taught is that you should be quiet, and be stronger, and not make a big deal of things, because people didn't mean it like that, and give people the benefit of the doubt, and let things go. What you were taught is being the bigger or better person meant being above being hurt or offended by things. 
That was never you.
You were sensitive.  Being told “to have a thick skin” was not helpful. You don’t have a thick skin. You react to stimuli. You’re human. You’re a living being. That's normal. It wasn’t made to feel normal when you were growing up, but it is normal.
You spend some obligatory time shaming yourself for not being able to stand up for yourself sooner.
You spend some time convincing yourself that it’s actually not a big deal, and you will get over it eventually.
You don’t. You never get over things, especially not when you try to ignore them or minimize them. You hold onto things forever, and they enter your body, your mind, your psyche, and it alters your behavior. You aren’t allowed to do certain things because of what happened to you in the past. You choose to act in certain ways because you are trying to avoid what happened to you in the past. Ignoring it doesn’t work.
On the other hand, the few times recently, you have spoken up for yourself, even if it’s for the “smallest” of things, it feels like a monumental shift. It feels so good, so freeing. 
Talking about how you really feel is building actual trust and vulnerability in your closest relationships.
It’s scary but you can do it. 
You don’t understand how you can be so sure that Ushijima loves you, and that he will respect you and listen to you, but also be so sure that you’re going to be abandoned at any moment, so sure that you are going to be wrong.
You’re frustrated with fear and you don’t want to listen to it anymore ,you don’t want to live in fear for the rest of your life. You don’t want to hate yourself for the rest of your life. You don’t know when you’re going to change. But if you don’t have this conversation now, you’re never going to change. 
It has to be now. You have to show up for yourself now, and you have to keep showing up for yourself for the rest of your life.
It’s tiring, and daunting, but you want to be there for yourself.
You want to be there for your inner child and you want to be there for yourself. You want to reparent yourself. 
You don’t send any “can we talk?” texts because you don’t want Ushijima to get the worst idea. But he probably knows something is up anyway. You sit down to eat dinner together and thank each other for the meal. 
You shouldn't let this drag out any further. 
But you’re going to a little.
“How was your day?” 
He updates you on some fun stuff, some concerning stuff. You both talk about some housekeeping things. 
“How are you?” Ushijima asks.
You have to do it now.
You feel the silent dread inside you. You feel it, at once oppressing, and at the back of your mind. You feel it daring you. You feel it calling your bluff.
You are ready. 
“There’s something I wanted to talk about,” you say.
Ushijima nods and encourages you.
You explain the situation. You explain how you feel. You explain why, to the best of your knowledge, you feel that way. You try very hard to not apologize for your feelings or for bringing up your feelings. 
You  might overanalyze this later. But for now, you are in the moment, and you are doing a good job. 
You are trying your best and that is enough. 
Ushijima patiently listens. He looks concerned. You know he would never mean to hurt you. You are reassured that he cares. You are reassured that he doesn’t argue with you. 
You’re in this weird spot where the adrenaline is rushing out, but you still feel nervous, but you know you’re going to feel better. You feel frozen. Your brain is so quiet—not thinking of other stuff, not dissociating. You are trying to choose your words carefully, for clarity, but also trying to control the outcome—you’re trying to be present, you’re trying to be your best self.
You want this to go well.
You’re trying to give yourself the greatest chance of survival. Or success. 
You’re starting to feel better. You’re scared to feel better. You’re not supposed to feel “better” since you weren’t “supposed to” feel bad in the first place.  This is new and different. 
“I am so sorry,” he says.
You smile stiffly, a glimmer to latch on to, through the haze. “Thank you.”
“Can I ask about it more?”
You nod. 
You hear his questions and try to think about what they mean to you. He wants to understand fully. You are grateful that he gives you time and space to think. You’re grateful he cares. You’re grateful you both can talk about this. 
“Thank you for explaining that,” he says. 
“Thank you for listening.”
“I’m sorry,” he says. “I was an idiot.”
Your heart squeezes. “You aren’t an idiot.”
“I wasn’t thinking. I understand why you feel that way and I understand what you’re saying. I’ll do it differently from now on.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you for sharing that with me.”
You nod.
“Is there anything else on your mind?” he asks.
You think for a second. 
“I think I shared all I wanted to regarding that topic,” you say. “Thank you.”
He smiles. “I’m glad. Thank you, too.”
You smile back. 
“So, there’s some other topics that are still on your mind?”
You grin. Of course there’s all the regular stuff you want to tell him. And now that this is out of the way—you feel happy. It’s out of the way! You can move on!
“I love you,” he says. 
You crash into him for a hug. “I love you, too.”
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