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▨Sugar Daddy▨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Character's origin- Haikyuu
Characters- Iwazumi Hajime and Sakusa Kiyoomi
Warning- Office implications as Hajime's career, Degradation, Spanking, Choking, Dirty talk, collaring, nicknames, master/servant play, blowjob, hair pulling
Genre- ◔
Format- Preference
Word count- 478
Synopsis- Haikyuu men as your sugar daddy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
◔Iwazumi Hajime x Reader
The man who'll get you anything you want. Showering you in expensive gifts, lavish dinners, vacations, shopping sprees, everything you want.
The bond between the two of you looks as if you're actually a couple who has been in relationship for years. He's gentle yet rough, treating you with utmost care and punishing you like you deserve after being a brat and doing something wrong. Praise comes in both ways. Gifts and him letting you pleasure him as you please. But the punishments are just as worse.
Sometimes you'd taken his lunch to his office for him when he forgot, which resulted in you being spanked, your cries ringing through the hallway from his office for wearing such a slutty dress and trying to seduce his employees.
His hands massaging the bright red skin with his big hands as if to soothe the pain only for another harsh slap to be landed on your rear. "I thought I told you to count when I spank you, you whore. Which one was it? " He'd ask, pulling your neck upward with the tie that was wrapped around your throat. "T-Twenty F-Five" You'd barely count before his length was shoved all the inside your little hole, reaching your deepest parts.
"You just wanted this didn't you? Now take it like the good little slut you are and cream all over this cock. "
◔Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The type to accompany you everywhere. From the jewellery store to the lingerie one. The one to get you the filthiest set of clothing that holds barely any fabric and get you to give him a good little show. A lap dance isn't so bad now is it?
The type to threaten you. How?
Just another evening when Sakusa brought yet another dress for you.
"Wear it or loose my credit card for a month princess. "
Your body came in view and soon enough a collar with a leash was wrapped around your throat.
"Get on your knees and serve your master, little maid. "
Your hands started to undo his trousers when the air was stolen away from you as he pulled on the leash, "Use your teeth. Servants don't get to touch their masters now do they? " Voice smug as you nodded, mumbling a 'Yes master' before undressing him and before long, tears brimmed yours eyes, his one hand pulling the leash as far as it can go, giving you just enough air to not black out as his other hand pulled at your hair, guiding your movements as your little mouth bobbed up and down his big shaft again and again. You were struggling to breathe when he stilled, his cock throbbing in your throat as he spilled his hot sticky release. "Good fucking maid. Only useful for pleasuring their master and his big fat cock yeah?"
Tumblr media
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Written by Yours truly
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[teaser] chapter 3 - Wipe Your Eyes
Read at your own risk - I'm hurting my own heart here too.
Y/n rolls onto her side as the doctor pulls her hospital gown to inspect the wound. “Looks a lot better than last time.” She pulls the gown back in place, helping Y/n in a sitting position. “Mind if I do some vital checks?”
“Sure,” Y/n answers, looking at the doctor who is looking at Kiyoomi.
“I’ll be outside.” He got the message, leaving the room.
As soon as the door clicked, the doctor exhaled deeply, “is he always that tensed?”
Y/n giggles softly, “no, I think he’s more nervous than me. One, there's a lot of germs here and two... his anxiety flies high because he is reminded how I was here for a few weeks.”
Y/n follows the doctor's light, to the left and then to the right. “Well, vitals look good. Now, you feel tired? How is everything at home?”
“Good, Kiyoomi has been carrying me for the most part throughout the apartment. I just got my wheelchair two weeks so… but he still insists on carrying me.”
The doctor gives her a weird look, “well, you might have yourself a keeper there.” She pressed her stethoscope against her chest, “breathe in and out for me please.”
“There is… one thing I like to ask you after you're done.” Y/n whispered as she tried to continue to breath in and out as normally as possible.
She takes her stethoscope off, hanging it around her neck. “What’s up?”
Her fingers fumble and Y/n inhales sharply before whispering, “can I take a pregnancy test?”
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MBSY Black Jackals: Friends to lovers
You can find the previous work here
Sakusa Kiyoomi x reader fluff
Tumblr media
Breaking rules
As previously mentioned you're childhood friends
He has some standard rules you know very well, his phobia keeps him away from everything and everyone
As one of his closest friends you know them very well
No hugging
No kissing (his cheeks because he doesn't always carry wet wipes)
And the last but most important of them all, always have 2-3 feet radius of distance with him
But right now he doesn't know what to do, his face looks straight but is panicking on the inside
You're crying in your bed
In fact you've been crying over 10 minutes
He thinks what's the fuzz about, your golden fish decided to leave this realm, but you're crying as if a family member died
Then he ask if you want another and you shook you're head between tears like a child
"Mr Omi" you sob pitifully "you gave it to me for my birthday 3 years ago"
And he remembers, he brought you the fish because you won't shut up about not having pets for your lack of spare time
So you named the fish after him, and Sakusa was quite attached to him as well
"but... Why are you crying so much?" He states looking at you with an unfazed expression but is actually getting stressed
"you won't come over to chill anymore, you liked to watch him swim after rough days" then your eyes start to water again
In an instant he felt something warm on his chest, he thought about all the times he have wanted to grab your hands, lend you his jacket, spend time with you alone
In that exact moment he broke all his rules, he got in your personal space and hugged you
He gave you several kisses, all over your face, kissing the tears away, but most important he gave you several soft kisses pressing your lips tenderly against his
"I'll get you all the fishes you want, but don't ever think I don't want to be around you"
His hands caresses your face wiping some tears
You press your face against his chest sobbing softly
After a few seconds he asks if you wanted to have a proper burial for your fish instead flushing him
He paid for the cremation service for 'mr Omi'
After a month or so got home with a new fish 'Mr Omi 2.0' glared you for your lack of imagination, you had to change the name to 'Omelette'
Yes I'm alive! Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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Coach Foster: what the hell did you all do today?
Atsumu: Omi-kun
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Next door neighbor Sakusa who moved in at the same time as you, but also had twice as many boxes despite your apartments being nearly identical. Who seems to have never really finished moving; always redecorating, moving new furniture in and old out.
Who’s first thing that caught your eye was his head of soft curls, giving contrast to his face in a way that was an exclamation point to his handsomeness. Who had you spellbound from the get-go, like a first impression captured in high definition and etched into your soul.
Who’s voice is as sweet and soothing as honey, entirely catching you off guard the first time you hear it and making your body flush warm, painting the world in hues of amber.
Who greets you in the hallways by wordlessly nodding, eyes slightly narrowing, indicative of the smile hidden underneath his black face mask. Every time, it leaves you selfishly wishing he would take it off just once, wondering just how his smile looks like without it.
Who’s cologne is subtle but noticeable, immediately catching in your nose and transporting you to a field of daydreams. It had you deepening your breath to take in more and holding it for a bit longer, not wanting to let go.
Who always orders stuff and is never home, packages piling up in your corridor and you’re not sure if he’s either really busy or just forgot about them because he never comes to pick them up.
Who is perceived as “odd” by most people in your apartment complex for his rather closed-off nature and who you find yourself defending almost naturally because there’s nothing wrong with preferring solitude.
Who has a fixed schedule and dislikes breaking with it because he is fond of everything organized. You immediately notice when he is running late in the morning, his usually perfectly neat curls slightly disheveled from getting up in a rush, traces of sleep still clinging onto him, apparent in the way he is zipping his jacket only after he’s out of the door and turning the key in the wrong direction trying to lock his door.
Who takes long showers at the exact same time you are. You can hear the water running through the pipes in your own bathroom because it is just opposite of his, smiling to yourself every time, wondering if he notices you too and if he finds just as much comfort in your little “ritual” as you do. (He does.)
Who initially didn’t want to go to the street festival down the block but changed his mind to help you decorate the place, not leaving your side even when you assured him that it was fine and that he had helped enough already. Who, when you were looking for a more tranquil place away from the bustle in an attempt to bring him a sense of comfort because you knew this wasn’t where he preferred to be, ended up talking to you until the night swallowed the colors of the day and the world started quietening around you.
Next door neighbor Sakusa who is easier to approach than one would think if only you give him space to make the choice to approach you too. Who is easily categorized as invariably indrawn and cold, although the truth is that he just shows fondness in a way that is unconventional to many.
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asking hq best friends their fav positions
Tumblr media
featuring: sakusa kiyoomi, kuroo tetsuro, miya osamu
warnings: minors dni, best friends to lovers, smut smau
part one | part two | part three
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“can we try again?”
you suck in a breath at sakusa’s words. “what?”
“can we try again?”
and this time you blink, letting your sheer obliviousness keep you from what he’s asking for. maybe it’s out of ignorance, or maybe pure avoidance of the one thing you knew as your weakness.
he sighs, “us, can we try us again?”
and this time your heart races at his words.
“i let you go too soon,” he mumbles. “we could’ve fixed things but i walked away before we could even start.”
“it’s three in the morning kiyoomi,” you cut in. “can we talk about this in the morning?”
but as sakusa stares at you, sleep hidden in your features, he lets his selfishness take over, because he can’t take these sleepless nights filled with regrets swimming in his mind. he can’t take the weight that constantly hung over his head, a weight of pure guilt.
“can we talk about it now?” he tries, voice soft, “please.”
and your eyes widen, because he’s never been this vulnerable with you before.
so you let him in wordlessly, stepping to the side as he stares at you with wide eyes.
“thank you,” he mumbles as he steps inside.
“what did you want to discuss?”
“i shouldn’t have left.”
“you really shouldn’t have,” you agreed as he shut the door.
“we could’ve fixed things.”
“we really could’ve.”
“it was shitty of me to leave.”
“it really was.”
and at that sakusa only stares.
“i’m just saying how i feel,” you mumble. “it just so happens that you now agree with me too.”
“i was a dick,” he mumbled. “i shouldn’t have left out of the blue.”
“we could’ve fixed everything,” you mumbled. “if we even just sat down and spoke about it we could’ve fixed things.” tears threaten to spill from your eyes as you recall the moment. the ice in his stare, the sheer loneliness that washed over you as he walked away, the bitter silence that followed slammed doors. you cried endlessly those nights, the sheer isolation cracking your heart.
but when you start to cry this time, sakusa’s there to wipe away your tears.
“i’m sorry,” he whispers as he pulls you into his arms, and you don’t try to pull away as you sniffle into his chest. “i’m so sorry.”
and a part of you wants to forgive him, a part of you wants everything to return back to normal because you’d be a fool to admit you didn’t miss him.
“i miss you,” he tells you. “i miss you so much.” sakusa pulls away to meet your gaze, thumbs stroking your cheeks as he wiped away your tears.
“i miss you too,” the words slip out as you meet his gaze, the words you’ve been dying to say for weeks finally coming to light.
so he tries, “would you be willing to try us again?”
and you hesitate, staring up at him as more tears slip out, yet he continues to wipe them away.
“i, no, we can fix things this time,” he tries. “i promise.”
“okay,” you sigh. “we can talk about it.”
relief washes over him as he pulls you back into him, and this time your arms wrap around yours. “can you stay tonight?” the words are soft, your voice barely above a whisper.
but it was just loud enough for only him to hear. “if you’ll have me,” he mumbles, “i’ll stay as long as you’d like me to.”
and that was everything you needed to hear.
Tumblr media
thank you so so much for reading!! reblogs/interaction are always appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[1:33 A.M.]
“are you awake?”
sakusa hears from underneath you as you lightly tap on his chest. for whatever reason, either it be his fatigue from the long day or the fact the was only half awake, he doesn’t respond.
you try again, more gently - as if hoping he wasn’t, “kiyoomi?”
it’s rather rare for you to use his full name instead of a pet name he’d call god awful or the go-to nickname omi, so now he’s a little curious.
still, he doesn’t stir nor answer.
“ok, good,” you sigh in. oh, he realizes, you were actually hoping he was asleep for whatever you had to say or do.
“i uhm, i love you,” you begin, before lightly chuckling, “but you know that already.” it’s true, you’ve shared the three words with him on countless occasions but no matter how many times you do say it, he still gets a buzz across all his nerves. this time is no exception; he fights against the urge to shift around, getting whatever jitters are in his system out.
“but, i want to tell you this everyday, too, so … - gah, i can’t even find the words to a sleeping you,” you murmur, and he can only imagine the way you’re flustered - flushed face and squeezed shut eyes - as you attempt to finish your thoughts. it nearly brings a smile to his face.
“i guess i wanna say, thank you for loving me.” there’s a vulnerability in your tone, a slight wobble in the way the words flow out of your mouth. now he knows he can’t open his eyes; this isn’t meant for him to hear, at least not yet.
“i know i’m emotional, neurotic and annoying on a good day, so knowing you love me as consumingly as much as i love you (i love you more though, just saying) is something i never thought i’d receive in this lifetime.”
sakusa knows those adjectives are things you’ve come up with in the depth of your mind - or perhaps some stupid bullies from your past had drilled into you - but he thought none of those things of you.
“and you- god, you’re perfect,” you breathe out again, tracing a pattern with the pad of your finger along his chest. “how i got so lucky, i’m not really sure.”
sakusa believe it’s he who’s the one that’s lucky.
when you’d met the stoic man, by chance at a cafe near the arena, never did either of you think that the other would raise such an impact on your lives.
but then there you were, switching your order for his, which he hastily reached out for before your could take a sip. he remembers you uttering your apologies, bowing and waving in embarrassment.
normally he’d shrug off – maybe even sneer off if he were in a bad enough mood – the happening but your flushed face, you shaking hands; he couldn’t leave you in that state, now could he?
“it’s alright, really,” he tries to reassure you, blinking rapidly. he grows panicked as well when you apologize even more, shaking your head in shame.
maybe you wouldn’t be so embarrassed if you know you’d mixed orders with the sakusa kiyoomi.
but you did know who he was, thanks to the black jackals killer win covering all news outlets and your twitter feed.
so, you’re mortified.
when sakusa managed to calm you down, a little warily at that because your behavior was a little … strange, you’d bid your goodbyes with awkward smiles - yours more painful than his, before returning back to your everyday lives.
but the universe had other plans, of course.
because that moment forward, you’d see sakusa in that same coffee shop every time you were there.
in the beginning it was a little awkward, either pretending the other wasn’t there or sending each other pressed smiles. but on one of the days the coffee shop was abnormally not as packed as usual, you trudge in, knocking the jingling bell hanging off the top of the door harshly, muttering and grumbling about the god awful rain that's forming puddles to my ankles.
sakusa, clad in a raincoat and large black umbrella standing on its tip beside himself as he holds the handle, stifles his amusement as you shake yourself off like some sort of mutt coming out of a bath.
"bad morning?" he asks after you order your coffee and appear next to him in the small group of customers awaiting their order.
you make a sound of surprise at his attention, startling you slightly and making you lift your head quickly. when you catch sight of the dry, yet amused, expression across his features, you relax back into your slouch.
"more like a soaked morning," you murmur out of one side of your lips since their twisted in dismay. you glance over at the taller, leaner, man again, looking rather envious of his appropriate weather-wear. "they said light rain on the news," you huff.
"and you believe that?" sakusa scoffs. and then he laughs; if he laughs at the fact that you could be so naive or at the fact that he finds your pout adorable, you can't tell. but regardless, you stare in awe at the man. if only he wasn't wearing a mask, maybe you'd be able to see a smile.
"always come prepared," he trails off, looking over at the duffel bag, full of his sports gear, near his feet. he crouches slightly, digging into it, as if in search for something. "i always bring an extra," sakusa murmurs, a little bashfully, pulling out a smaller, tightly wrapped black umbrella and holds it out for you.
granted, the extra was usually for that annoying blonde teammate of his who never knew when to bring what but sakusa decides atsumu can survive one day in the rain.
"you're letting me borrow it?" you ask softly, taking the end of the umbrella's material between your fingertips.
sakusa hums in confirmation, straightening his posture once more and towering over you again. "just return it the next time you see me here."
before you can protest, his name – of course you know his name at this point – is called by a barista and he's given his coffee. he's about to leave the coffee shop before you stop him.
"but you don't even know my name!"
sakusa turns on his heel, suddenly feel heat rise up his neck. god, it took him that much self encouragement to even offer you the damn umbrella and now he's failed to even ask your name? he wants the floor to swallow him whole.
you take his slow blinks as expectance – really, he was jsut processing his embarrassment – and you clear your throat with a small smile. "y/n. i'm y/n."
"y/n," he visibly relaxes, glad he didn't have to plain out ask for your name. "i expect to see my umbrella tomorrow." had it not been for the nod of acknowledgement and crease of his eyes – he's smiling – you would think nothing of it. but that was confirmation: the butterflies in your stomach were swirling around in his, too.
Tumblr media
"i was a blubbering mess!" you go on, practically reciting your innermost feelings sakusa wasn't 100% aware of when he first met you.
god, he wants to smile to so bad.
smile and just pull you in to hug you tighter against him.
"so, yeah, i just mostly wanted to thank you... and i love you... okay g'night." and then abruptly, almost comically, you shove your head back into the spot on sakusa's chest – right over his heart – to fall asleep.
when your breathing shallows, sakusa opens his eyes, squinting into the darkness of your shared bedroom, before looking down at you. he smiles fondly at you committing what you told him to memory, although he wasn't meant to hear it.
but it's alright.
the minute you do decide to tell him, he’ll be ten times more in love with you as he is now, hearing the words as a secret.
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"I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warning/s: kiyoomi's still mad at you
Tumblr media
"Omi please. I said I'm sorry."
He doesn't even give you a glance as he makes his way to the kitchen. Yesterday, sakusa got mad when you didn't answer his messages and calls. It was already late and he was beyond worried about your well-being. Sakusa kept asking you about your day when you got home and because you were extremely tired, you snapped at him. 
He's now trying to grab a mug and make his way to make coffee, but he can't walk properly. Of course he can't — because you're hugging his back tightly, preventing him from moving.
"Get away from me, Y/N." You whine when you hear a not-so-loving tone from him — especially when he says your name. "Forgive me please. I swear I won't shout at you again when you're only trying to ask me because you're worried about me. Now, talk to me properly, love."
You even tried to sound more loving than usual, but to no avail, he's still not giving in. "No. You can't even talk calmly, so why would I talk to you?"
"You're actually talking to me right now."
"I'm just kidding, Omi. Come on! I'll make it up to you, I promise. Want cuddles? Want me to visit you at practice?" You keep talking and wooing him with a pout and puppy eyes. He's not looking at you because he knows once he got even a millisecond glance at you — he's going to kiss that pout out of your face and forget that he's mad. 
You sigh and walk your way to the bedroom. You still have to do work that was given to you by your boss. You swear you're gonna make it up to him — after you finish your work. 
You're so occupied with your work that you forget how much time has passed. After typing and reading documents, you're starting  to feel tired and sleepy. You hear Kiyoomi enter the room, but you didn't look at him — too busy with your task. 
When you're about to grab a paper from the side of your table, Kiyoomi suddenly brings down a bowl of your favorite snack, an iced coffee, and some biscuits.
"Omi??" He doesn't answer you, but he bends down to grab the side of your cheeks and kiss your forehead. "Don't stress yourself too much, love." He says while looking away, hiding his blush from you.
He takes a quick glance at you and sees your cute pout and puppy eyes and his heart melts. He, once again, bends down to kiss the pout out of your lips, savoring the sweet taste of you and he can't get enough. He kisses you again and rests his forehead against yours. "Are you not tired yet? You can take a quick break first, love." He talks to you with a loving tone, opposite of how he talked to you awhile ago. It's obvious that he's worried and your heart bursts with so much love.
You gasp and he moves away from you — knowing what's coming next. "You're not mad at me anymore?!" You beam brightly at him. 
He rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
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nakizumie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
shy omi in a hoodie ♡
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mavrintarou · 3 months ago
[2:03AM] Sakusa Kiyoomi - A/B/O
Hey all. School got busy for me and needed to complete midterm and now I'm on spring break. Still working on my other stories - hang in there for me!
Warning: A/B/O - possessive; explicit smut; knotting; pregnancy; . Sakusa Kiyoomi’s first turning at age six revealed he is a dominant alpha. It was close to 100% that his second turning would still remain the same.
This was a given, for the Sakusa linage has history of strong alpha genes.
At age eight years old, he was sure his mate was his sister’s best friend, Y/l Y/n who was six years older than him.
At age ten, he shocked everyone twice in one day when he held her hand – willingly and looked at Y/n dead in the eye, “you are my mate.”
Y/n, sweet Y/n who everyone adored has turned twiceas a beta, a recessive beta. She knew she could not be cute little Omi’s mate.
That was not how it worked.
She played along with him, patting his head and squeezing his hand in return because she didn’t have it in her to break his heart the way hers was broken when her first love denied her for being a beta. He’ll meet his real mate one day.
“Omi, you need to stop scenting me.” Y/n confronted eighteen year old Kiyoomi.
As a beta, Y/n wouldn’t be able to smell his scent and was not even aware she was walking around campus with his scent. Kiari couldn’t tell as well since they are from the same family. She had only discovered after an alpha said she reeked.
“No.” The little boy who was once obedient and listened to everything she said now towers over her. His dominance looming over her.
Her hand presses against his chest to keep him from coming closer. “Omi – I am older –“
“I don’t care.” He grabs her hand, holding it still on his chest. “I’m tired of you smelling like others.”
At age twenty-three, Kiyoomi had his first rut.
He managed to stifle his first rut with suppressants for years.
But that could only last so long.
First rut is vital.
If an alpha has not mated, most of the time, they would use a beta on their first rut since an alpha cannot impregnant a beta even with a knot.
Kiyoomi bites down on the bottom of his shirt as he fists and strokes his large and thick cock for the fourth time, trying to find some sort of relief.
His sacks are full and ached as nothing worked.
Feeling like he will die, he does the most desperate thing…
His cock enlarge against his hand, and he groans, doubling over as his cum shoots out in large thick spurts over his phone with the image of Y/n smiling brightly on his screen.
A day later, his rut has not subsided.
“… Omi.” Her voice is hoarse over the phone. “Omi… I don’t know what – what is going on?”
Kiyoomi knew it wasn’t a bad idea to be living in the same apartment building as her. He takes the stairs down to the twelfth floor from the twentieth floor and pounds on her door until she cracks it open.
He enters and closes the door behind him, locking it.
“Omi, why… why do I feel so hot?” Her hair is in a messy bun, cheeks flushed, and she wore only a pair of shorts and sports bra. “It – it won’t stop hurting…” Her hand tightly gripping the ends of her shorts.
He could see her perky nipples poking out from the flimsy material.
With no control left, his pheromones releases and fills the entire room.
As a beta, they wouldn’t be able to feel them, immune to an alpha’s pheromones.
But Y/n steps forward, grabbing onto his shirt and face pressed against his chest inhaling. Her moan was all it took to tick him off. He lifts her easily and carries her to the bedroom.
He lays her gently on the bed and pins her wrist above her head.
“Y/n,” he breaths, “why are you… emitting pheromones?”
She shakes her head, “I… I can’t do that?”
Kiyoomi inhales, jaw tightening. It was her pheromone. He is sure. However, he’s confused just as much as to how she is releasing pheromones.
“Omi,” she tries to wiggle free from his hold, “touch me…”
With one large hand easily holding down her small wrists, his other hand effortlessly tugs her sports bra upward to free her tits.
They were small, unlike most betas… they were fitting like an omega.
But once an omega was breed, her chest will grow to produce milk.
He dips and suckles on a nipple, mouth completely intaking her small mound wholly. His hand massaging and tugging the other side.
Y/n thrashes underneath him, whining.
He lifts his mouth, satisfied when her tit is wet with his saliva, swollen and marked with his teeth. He looks at her, face flushed and desperate. He towers over her, lips barely hovering over hers. “Are you mine?”
She nods her head, “yes… yours… only yours…”
He releases her wrists and sits back to pull her upright and tug off her remaining clothing before shedding his own.
He pushes her down on her back and dips in between her legs to lavish her core with no shame.
His nose press and rubs against her clit as he pushes is tongue as far as he could inside. He would die happy in between her legs.
“Omi!” Her fingers grip his curls tightly. She tenses up when three of his long fingers slips pass and thrusts inside against her walls.
While his fingers are thrusting inside of her, his mouth is busy marking away. Blotches of red teeth marks all over her thighs.
Four fingers plunges inside of her pussy with ease. The way her walls closes in on this finger, his cock twitches against his abdomen.
He withdraws his fingers, using the wetness to spread over his rock hard cock. She was about to shift onto her hands and knees when he stops her. “What are you doing?”
“You don’t want me on my hands and knees?”
Kiyoomi’s eyes narrow and he growls, “have – have you already given yourself to someone – else?”
She submits under his alpha gaze, “no, I just… heard it’s easier that way?”
He calm himself and press her down on her back. “I want to see you this way.”
His cock twitches as it presses against her opening, feeling her wet slippery pussy kiss the tip.
He looks at her, face flushed and eyes on his cock. “Omi…”
That was all it took for him to plunge home.
She felt so good that he almost knotted that instant.
His nose twitches, she smelled so sweet and addicting.
His hips slowly move, and it took everything in him to at least give her that much to adjust to his size before he would break her.
Her moans was enough for him to know that she was more than ready.
Kiyoomi pushes her legs against her chest, locking her down before rutting hard into her pussy. His cock forcing her tight, hot walls to expand with each deep thrust.
Y/n cups his face with both hands, pulling him down for a brief kiss. Her soft whimpers was music to his ears and that encourage his hips to pound hard against hers.
The bomb inside him was ticking, the heat and scent she gave off only made him push his cock deeper until the tip is pressed against her cervix.
Kiyoomi buries his face against her neck, kissing along her shoulder until he smells her sweet gland that’s radiating her scent. He lets her legs go so he could be chest to chest with her. Each time he inhales her scent, it travels down to his cock making it tremor and swell. The last few hard thrusts went deeper and deeper until the tip of his cock pushes pass her cervix opening. His knot inflates once he breaks the barrier and her cervix locks around his cock.
Y/n’s arms lock him in a tight grip, legs tremble as his knot takes place, filling her.
Kiyoomi wince and groan as his hips jerks with each spurt that fills her womb. His nose rubs against the gland that emit the sweet scent he has been addicted to since he could remember.
Claim her.
Claim her.
Claim her.
She wiggles underneath him trying to escape knowing well she cannot.
He holds her still as he rolls onto his back, so his weight isn’t crushing her. He kisses the crown of her head, murmuring her name and praising her for taking his knot so well.
His cock continues to expand within her, keeping her seal with his scent.
But that wasn’t enough.
His canine sinks into her shoulder, breaking the skin. Kiyoomi bites hard until he knows his mark is forever tattooed on her skin and soul.
Three weeks has since passed, and Y/n has been avoiding Kiyoomi.
Four days.
It was four days of being locked up in Y/n’s apartment with non-stop sex.
When Y/n came to her senses, it was like she was possessed. Vivid memories reminded her that it was not a dream. The mark on her shoulder was real and something inside of her feels completely different.
It rare for a dominant alpha to mark a beta and even so, after a few days – the mark will disappear because of the incompatibility. Most alphas wants an omega to be able to reproduce. Even a dominant alpha would not be able to impregnant a beta, let alone a recessive beta. Betas can only, by a miracle, reproduce only with a dominant beta.
Y/n read it online that the mark should fade and almost become meaningless within a few days.
However, all the love marks disappeared, all but the one on her shoulder.
“Why,” she whispers, “why did you mark me?” She pulls her collar to reveal the permanent mark. “It won’t go away.”
Kiyoomi, without a mask just blinks at her in silent. “You’re my mate, Y/n.”
“No!” She grits, “I cannot be your mate, Kiyoomi. I am a beta.”
“I don’t care.”
“I don’t want you as my mate.” She barely whispers, frustrated tears slipping down her cheek. “I didn’t ask for this.”
Her body was changing. Something… was different.
“I don’t have an explanation… it’s not rare but it is not common to have a third turning.”
Y/n is stunned in her seat at the doctor’s office.
Recessive omega.
The doctor sighs, “the only pattern we noticed with third turnings and that we can determine for sure is that it is caused by a dominant alpha.” His eyes narrow at Y/n, “is your alpha a dominant or recessive alpha?”
“I don’t have an alpha.”
The doctor pushes another sheet of results towards her and her breath hitches when her eyes catches the word: P r e g n a n t
“You must be a few weeks along if your lab was able to detect it.” He exhales deeply. “I know this is a lot to take in… just consider this… a blessing in disguise?”
Kiyoomi is not waiting at her door for the first time.
Y/n enters her apartment greeted again by the various bundles of bouquets. He has been sending her bouquets after bouquets. Desperately seeking any sort of attention from her.
She collapse on her couch and shuts her eyes. A palm rests over her flat abdomen.
A baby.
An omega.
Betas’ second gender can change with the pheromones of a dominant alpha, potentially enough with just their scent.
Her eyes snap open, remembering two days before Kiyoomi’s rut, Y/n ran into him outside their apartment building. He made a snarky comment about how she smelled and when they got on the elevators, it became pack with other residents that she was cornered by Kiyoomi. She could see the annoyance on his face even with his mask on and was about to offer to switch spots with him since he hated being touched by others.
“No,” he growls, keeping his arms caged around her. “You smell enough.”
Y/n made a face at him and stare straight head at his chest. The chest she has been dying to touch.
Her cheeks flushed and her breath hitched as she switches her thoughts to something else.
Why was the elevator taking forever?
She closes her eyes, trying to keep her thoughts clean and hands to herself.
The chime pulls her back to reality. Her eyes snap open and literally Kiyoomi’s chest was pressed against her face. She looks around the giant in front of her and frown. It was empty except them two. She looks up and noticed the elevator had long past her floor. “Omi! Why didn’t you tell me we passed my floor?!”
He shrugged his shoulders, stepping back.
Y/n presses the button to her floor again, knowing it’ll go up to his first before going back down.
He mumbles a quiet bye and walks out of the elevator without turning back to look at her.
Her head thumps against the wall as she is brought down to her floor.
There was a couple waiting on her floor for the elevator as she got out.
“Holy crap, who released their pheromones?!”
Y/n waited outside his door after knocking two minutes ago.
Was he not home?
He didn’t pick up his call.
Or respond to her messages?
After a day of discovering her new second gender and pregnancy, it was only rightful to tell him.
And accept him as her mate.
The door creaks and slowly opens.
“Om… mi?”
“His body is in a state of shock.”
She reaches for his hand, holding it gently.
“This typically happens when an alpha is rejected.” The doctor narrows his eyes at her, “are you his mate?”
Y/n nods, head hung low. “Yes, it is me.”
Without further questioning, “talk to him, reassure him and give him affection. With that, he should return back to normal in a few days.”
Once he doctor left, Y/n looks at Kiari and the other Sakusa members, “I didn’t –“
Kiari waves a hand at her. “He’s fine. Just being a big baby.” She comes around the bed and hugs her, “I thought Omi was just spewing bullshit, didn’t think you would be his mate.”
Mrs. Sakusa steps forward and brushes Kiyoomi’s loose curls aside. “We’ll leave you to take care of him.” She smiles, “welcome officially to the family, Y/n.”
At last, when it was just the two of them, Y/n presses his hand to her cheek. “Wake up, Omi. I have so much to tell you.” He laid deeply asleep. “I am your omega, Omi.” She whispers leaning over him. “Please wake up, wake up for our baby and I.”
Two hours later, Y/n is frantic finding an empty bed. She stepped out to grab some food in the hospital cafeteria.
“Where is she?!”
“Omi.” Y/n calls, slowly approaching a distress alpha who is causing commotion at the nurse’s station. She holds her arms out and as soon as she is close, he tugs her into his arms. “I’m here.” She repeats.
She guides him back to his room and they wait for the doctor. She grabs a mask and hooks it around each ear, securing it around his face.
“Put one on too.” She rolls her eyes but obey his command.
He doesn’t let go of her hand the entire time making her sit on the bed beside him with an arm wrapped securely around her waist.
“I want to go home.” Is all he demanded after listening to the doctor’s lecture of taking care of his health.
“I’m not…” Y/n repeats for the nth time, “I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m just going to organize the stuff the hospital gave us. I’ll be right back.”
Kiyoomi was ordered to bed rest.
As soon as they return to his apartment, he was joined at the hips, following her around and whining when she would be more than two feet away.
“Just forget about it. Come lay here with me.”
With a change of clothes, Y/n submitted to her alpha.
She slips in his bed and curl beside him.
He tugs her close, inhaling her scent. “You… smell different.”
“Like good or bad different?”
He inhales once more, “like a good different.”
“It’s probably because I’m pregnant.”
She’s flipped onto her back and his eyes are wide, “what?”
She smiles, touching his face. “I’m pregnant.”
He frown, “how?”
“I’m an omega. Recessive omega. I had a third turning.” His mouth dropped. “I had my first heat that day. I think it matched your rut too.”
Kiyoomi collapse on his back, pulling her over him. He brushes her hair behind her ear, “a baby?”
“Well, one knot is enough to impregnant me… we locked ourselves for four days. It was inevitable.” She lean over, lips hovering his briefly before she murmur, “I’m your omega.”
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E/n: not edited yet; thank you all for kind words on my previous post <3
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kurosukii · 10 months ago
𝐩𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x f!reader
summary: as a broke and desperate college student, you resort to becoming a camgirl—not knowing that the professor you despise the most is your number one viewer.
genre: smut, college au, camgirl au, student x teacher
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, manipulation, coercion, abuse of power, student/teacher (prof sakusa is a perv), sex work (camgirl reader), sex toys (reader gets boinked by a sex machine), exhibitionism, voyeurism, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, male masturbation, sir kink, praise, degradation, overstimulation, hair pulling, oral (f (slight) and m receiving), face-fucking, slight biting, nipple play, spitting, squirting, spanking, creampie, cumplay
word count: 6.4k
author's note: for babie L's @bokuroskitten a-are you filming this? collab! thanks for letting me join boo! i really enjoyed writing this hihi (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI)
º thank you @chicoree​ for beta-ing <3 (i finally got around to posting it ehe) 
everyone pls thank my bff for planting the seeds of professor x student in my mind—this is the result .
Tumblr media
[5:57 PM]
your literature professor is arguably the most irritating and most attractive man you’ve ever seen in your life.
he could definitely pass off as a high fashion model with his elegant and sculpted features, and with the way his iron-pressed dress shirts cling to his broad shouldered and muscled frame, he could definitely pass for an athlete too.
college students are scavengers. they scour for information that can either be used for good or bad or, in everyone’s case, to add a fantasy to their spank bank. through the power of social media and avid lurking, some students found pictures of professor sakusa back in the day.
much to your absolute dismay the pictures went to your spank bank too, to be used when you’re doing your other, definitely more lucrative job every friday night.
lo and behold, that hot robot of a man was an athlete. volleyball was his sport, and even though the atrocious color of his uniform could burn anyone’s corneas with how bright it was, it still didn’t hide the fact that he was nothing but attractive in his younger days before he finally hung up the jersey and ventured into academia.
he’s the most infuriating man in academia, if you were to be asked. seriously; the man walks, talks, and acts like he has a proverbial stick up his ass all around the clock.
“your paper lacks depth; are you sure you read the instructions clearly? it says to ‘thoroughly explain the presence of the recurring theme in pride and prejudice to the modern era’. this paper is lackluster for a third year english literature major. i will have to ask you to make major revisions.”
what a complete prick. never mind that the people who read your paper were singing praises about your insights and words, of course nothing will ever be up to par with professor sakusa and his array of accomplishments that no mortal human can achieve.
he’s your first class on fridays, so you always go through the day with a permanent scowl etched on your face.
at least this gruelling day is finally done, you mutter to yourself as you step inside your shared dorm with your roommate who’s nowhere to be found. shit, it’s friday.
you were so engrossed with the bad energy from your professor, you forgot that it’s streaming night. you skip to your room, practically giddy as you remember the box you picked up from the post office.
it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but money is a drug and a broke and scavenging college student like you quickly becomes addicted. not to mention—the boost of confidence in your own body that quickly came after that realization.
like most broke girls, you’ve fallen into the spectrum of sex work and camming. it’s good money and the numerous comments about people wanting to fuck your sexy ass body—as they always say—never fail to leave you wanting for more.
a megawatt grin graces your lips when you see the non-descript box in the center of your twin-sized school issued bed. there’s a small envelope on top (you’re glad that the employees at the post office didn’t mess with it) and you take it, sitting on the bed as you bite your lip in anticipation.
the envelope looks like it came out of the classic literature books you’ve read and studied. it’s cream colored, sepia at the edges, and with a blood red wax seal at the center.
you don’t miss the letter imprinted on the wax: D in a gothic font. your body heats up as you gently peel off the seal, revealing a note inside.
it’s my size and shape. - mr. darcy
it’s printed in black ink and you’re secretly disappointed because you wish it was handwritten. but for safety purposes, there’s no indication of who it might be. after all, you accepted the package under a pseudonym (never mind the less than legal process you went through for an id).
mr darcy. you’d squealed like a schoolgirl when his user popped up on the paid private chats after one of your streams. a couple other people messaged you but this one was different. there’s a regal air to him, despite the fact that he’s paying to jack off to your body.  
it doesn’t help that your username is lizzybennet. what are the damn odds? he’s always present, practically your number one viewer with the amount of money he gives you.
just a few days ago, he told you he was going to give a gift, in celebration for you reaching 50k subscribers. the box on your lap is the gift and you have an inkling of what’s buried underneath the crepe paper.
you rummage through the packaging and once you see it, you gasp. it’s a mini sex machine. your eyes are wide as you inspect the contraption and you notice that there’s a note attached to the mechanical body of the toy.  
“a celebratory gift for you amassing 50k subscribers. please use it on your next stream; i have the controller.”
how can he be so eloquent when there’s a literal fucking machine on your lap? he’s taking this whole mr. darcy thing down to the bone.
you gulp, nervous and excited about the last part of what he said. fuck, he’s basically going to fuck you with the machine.
your pussy flutters at the idea, wetness immediately dampening your panties. your eyes wander and what catches your attention is the dildo that’s attached to the body.
this dildo is his dick in silicone? is he joking? this looks like it belongs in the superhuman section of bad dragon.
it’s thick and long, curving a little bit to the right with multiple veins running down the shaft. the color is bright, like a neon highlighter and in the back of your mind, it seems familiar but you can’t quite place it.
it’s cold to the touch and you rub your thighs, excited to use it and give your viewers a show they’ll never forget. you set it down and stand up from the bed, doing all the necessary rituals for your weekly stream.
“hi guys! i guess you all know by now that i’ve reached a milestone! so i want to do something different this time,”
you chirp, voice sweet and  saccharine. you’re dressed in your favorite lingerie, fiddling slightly with the straps as you shift around the bed, face still out of view from the camera.
the toy is propped on a stool that’s also out of view and you take a deep breath, calming yourself before pushing through with your face reveal. luckily, the site doesn’t allow screenshots and quickly kicks out any user who does.
“i figured you guys deserve to see my face with how good you all have been to me.”
slowly moving forward, you reach for the camera and adjust it, your face finally coming into view. pings start coming in and you giggle at the excitement of your viewers.
fuck, you’re gorgeous.
can’t believe you’ve been hiding that pretty face, baby.
god damn, your face already makes me hard.
everyone has some kind of dirty laundry, and it just so happens that the seemingly stoic professor’s dirty laundry is watching camgirls as his nightly routine.
a man has his needs and because he’s so busy and surrounded by geriatrics and stinky hormonal college students on a daily basis, he doesn’t have enough time or energy to look for a hookup.
imagine his relief when he found someone who reminded him of you as he was scrolling through numerous profiles. lizzybennet got him hooked because his username was already mrdarcy.
the resemblance of the voice and skin tone was enough to reel him in and for sakusa, it was instantly a match made in heaven. she quickly reminded him of one of his favourite students who he shamelessly fantasizes about all the time.
he supposes that he should feel disgusted with himself, but he doesn’t.
and now, his eyes are wide and his usually cool head is spinning. his blood is rushing, down south, in his ears, everywhere. the odds of him jacking off to a girl who uncannily resembles his student, only to find out it’s actually you.
he doesn’t know what to feel, but the way his cock is already standing at attention in his pants, well, he’s about to get his money’s worth.
shirtless and racking up a cold sweat, he unbuttons his pants and pulls out his cock, hissing as it throbs at the sight of you in lingerie. lingerie you bought with his money.
“one of you sweeties sent me a gift and i’ll definitely be putting it to good use,” you giggle, cheeks becoming warm at the lewd comments and occasional wholesome compliments.
you sit back on the bed, leaning further until you can’t see the chat anymore. hooking your ankle on the leg of the stool, you drag it to the end of the bed, between your legs as the pings get louder.
sakusa clutches the controller in his big hand, the other softly stroking his cock. biting his lower lip, his dark eyes sear into you and he wonders what it would be like if he were the one to ruin your pretty pussy with his cock—his real cock.
taking the bottle of lube beside you, you smear it over the toy, moaning as you pump it a few times while imagining it’s a certain professor’s dick.
he’s the star of your fantasies and the reason why you always cum so hard. thankfully, your mouth is kind to you and doesn’t blurt his name when you’re pleasing yourself on stream.
once it’s wet enough, you pull your panties to the side and your fingers play with your folds, closing your eyes as you bite your lips and get into the zone.
“shit, i wish it was your fingers playing with my pussy,” you whine, your free hand pulling the straps of your bra down, exposing your breasts to the camera, nipples hardening at the growing pleasure in your veins.
you take a nipple between your fingers, twisting and pulling gently as you whimper at the sting. the fingers playing with your folds are wet enough with your slick, and you insert two of them in your cunt, stretching yourself for the toy that’s about to fuck you.
your breathing picks up after scissoring yourself for a bit and you pull them out, showing the screen your soaked fingers before putting them in your mouth, moaning as you suck on your digits.
on the other side of the screen, sakusa groans as he leans back on his chair while holding his shaft, pumping his cock slowly as pre-cum leaks from the tip. his eyes flutter as he imagines fucking your pussy with his dexterous fingers, pulling whines and moans from your lips.
you position yourself on the bed and adjust the toy so that it’s directly in front of your dripping hole, fingers holding your panties to the side.
you look to the camera and your sultry gaze goes straight to sakusa’s cock and he hisses, squeezing himself as he flips the switch on the controller, preparing to turn the dial.
“ready when you are, sir,” you tease, slowly licking your lips as you wait for the toy to enter you.
sakusa growls under his breath, bristling at your challenge as desire courses through him when he hears the title fall from your pouty lips.
he turns the dial and the machine whirs to life, and your eyes glaze over in wonder as you spread your folds, watching as the toy slowly enters you.
you whine at the size; it’s cold and lifeless, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s practically splitting you open. your legs tremble, toes curling as you play with your clit, causing more slick to gush out of you.
sakusa watches through his screen as you squirm and moan, the toy finally bottoming out in your cunt. his dark eyes flash and he gulps as your pussy swallows the toy.
you can definitely take him and he’ll make sure that it will happen, soon.
he doesn’t bother letting you adjust to the toy, a toy that’s bigger than all the ones he’s watched you fuck your pussy with. after all, you’re a slut and you can take it, right?
the toy increases in speed and you cry out, hands immediately bunching the sheets between your fingers as you throw your head back. pleasure courses through your body as you pant heavily, moans steadily rising in volume.
you close your eyes tightly as your chest heaves, starting to think of him.
stupid man and his stupid black curls that freely flip around his face, dark eyes always narrowed as they dart over you.
what would his hair feel like between your fingers? would they be soft from the clean and citrusy scent that wafts off of him when he roams around the classroom?
how would his eyes look up at you? would they be swimming with unbridled hunger as his skilled tongue flicks and laps away at your clit? would his deep voice reverberate through your shaking body when he groans as your taste coats his mouth?
would his large hands, adorned with long and slender fingers, squeeze your thighs, holding you still as he buries his face in your cunt?
all these vivid images flow through your brain, the constant pings of steady donations mere background noise as you imagine your professor’s deep voice ordering you, commanding you to cum.
“wish it was you fucking me right now—oh shit!” you moan, words blending together as tempo of the sex machine is increased.
the buzzing sound of the machine is in sync with your fast heartbeats as the silicone cock thrusts into you, lewd squelching filling the room as your moans and cries become choked and broken as your orgasm looms close behind.
not a lot of things can topple professor sakusa kiyoomi off of his pedestal, but the sight of his favorite student getting her pussy fucked by the toy that he gifted is definitely worth his jaw going slack for.
you’re so pretty, cheeks flushed and lips parting into the perfect orgasm face as your shaking arm reaches for your clit, eyes so hooded that you can barely see the screen in front of you.
sakusa’s hand pumps his cock a little faster, following the rough and fast circles you’re subjecting your aching clit to. it delights him to no end that you really know how to work your body.
he allows himself to groan loudly, gripping the arm of the chair as he thrusts up into his hand, pre-cum spilling over his shaft.
the controller is long forgotten to the side of his laptop, the dial turned to the highest setting as the machine fucks you hard and fast.
your high pitched moans are music to his ears and the twitching of your legs are proof of the pleasure that he’s indirectly causing.
your head’s thrown back, exposing your neck as your hips roll against the toy, juices from your cunt sliding down your ass as it drenches the sheets below you.
“sir, sir please! can i cum? please let me cum! i’ve been a good girl!”
tingles run down sakusa’s spine as he hears your whiny voice beg. even when he’s not touching you, he still has control over you.
“cum for me,” he groans under his breath, chair creaking as he fucks his hand and as if you heard him, you pinch your clit and scream, body convulsing as you cum all over the toy.
sakusa follows suit, moaning your name as white spurts of cum shoot out of his cock, staining his thighs and abs. eyes dark and mind hazy from his orgasm, he forgets to turn the dial off and his attention is called when he hears you crying and squealing.
“s-sir, p-please turn it o-off! it’s t-too much, fuck!” you cry out, tears stream down your face as the machine continues to pound you, hands fisting the sheets as overstimulation quickly washes over your body.
sakusa’s eyes are wide, staring with rapt attention as the toy abuses your cunt. he can turn it off if he wants to, but he doesn’t because he knows you can easily scoot back on the bed and end your supposed agony, but you don’t.
instead, he smirks as he watches steady tears roll down your cheeks as you beg and beg. your body is glistening with a fine sheen of sweat and because sakusa has watched your body countless of times, burned the curves and dips of your frame into his mind—he knows you’re going to cum again.
“f-fuck, fuck, fuck! i’m cumming again!” you wail, back arching off the bed as you cum once more. your body stiffens at the uncomfortable position and this time, a stream of clear liquid shoots out of your pussy, drenching your soiled sheets even more.
the pings are louder than before, and if you had your audience in your room, they would definitely be in awe as they watch you squirt over and over again.
sakusa’s hand returns to his cock, movements slow as he watches you whimper and twitch from the mind blowing orgasm. having mercy on you, he takes hold of the controller as he slowly turns the dial, the buzzing of the machine turning into soft whirs as the toy stops fucking you.
your eyes are heavy and lidded when you sit up, chest heaving and nipples aching as the toy slowly leaves your pussy, whining as you feel your juices slide down your ass.
you surprise everyone, including your professor, when you fumble around the machine and dislodge the toy that’s shining and glistening with your essence.
you put the wet and warm toy in your mouth, sucking and licking like you would on a real cock. sakusa hisses, closing his eyes as he hears you moan, tasting yourself on the toy.
his brain forms images in his mind, imagining you doing that to him, choking on his cock before he grabs your hips and slaps your ass, entering your needy pussy in one hard thrust.
you practically crawl towards the laptop, eyes sultry and inviting before you pull the toy out of your mouth with a wet pop and throw a dazzling smile at the camera, as if you didn’t get ruined by a silicone cock a few moments before.
fuck. this is your best stream ever lizzy.
shiiit, wish you squirted all over my cock like that, sweet cheeks.
i’d pay to cum on that pretty face any time, liz.
you’re so fucking beautiful, can’t believe i can finally picture a face to jack off to every night.
the last comment makes you giggle; men really are one and the same, huh?
the cursor hovers over the bright red button, and before you press it, you speak to the camera and although it might sound like you’re talking to all of them, you’re really just talking to him.
“i hope you enjoyed the show, sir. but i wish it was your real cock that made me cum and squirt like that.”
with one last wink to the camera, you end the stream.
sakusa didn’t get to sleep that night—but you did. slept like a baby too, because of the hefty amount that dropped in your bank account after the stream ended.
mr. darcy was like that—he preferred to do things all in one go.
“i expect that all of you have finished the required readings. we will have a unit test tomorrow. class dismissed.”
you sigh in relief as you pack your things in your bag, glad that your class with him has ended. there are perks, you guess, of him being your only class on mondays because it means that you’d have enough time to recover from his snarkiness, and it doesn’t even matter that he’s attractive as hell.
sometimes you’re happy that you sit at the top of the auditorium (of course professor sakusa requested his classroom to be there) so that you can have more time engraving his alluring features in your mind, but other times—like now—you wish you sat right beside the door.
you’re about to make a run for it when his deep and melodic voice calls your name.
“i would like to talk to you about your performance,” sakusa says, but there’s a weight behind the last word, like there’s a double entendre. “what do you have to say about it?”
you tilt your head to the side, legs robotically descending the stairs. why is he asking this now? your heart’s pounding and you try to ground yourself, ironically thinking about him and his quirks.
he’s always wearing a mask—like he did when he was in high school, something you noticed in his pictures—outside of classrooms and you guess he’s a clean freak, which is evident with the clinical organization of his desk.
he’s prim and proper personified, or so you think.
“i-i think i’ve been doing w-well, sir.”
fuck, why did you stutter? your mental beration at your nervousness quickly dissipates when you hear your professor’s groan. eyes wide, you focus back on him and his fists are clenched as he shamelessly adjusts his slacks that are currently housing a very prominent bulge on his crotch.
before you know it, you’re standing before him and your nervousness shows itself once more. half rimmed glasses rest on the bridge of his perfect nose as his fingers reach for it, folding them as he places it on his desk.
his weight sits on the wide, dark red desk as his dark eyes bore into you while he neatly folds his sleeves up to his elbows. too afraid to make eye contact, you stare at the moles on his forehead, peeking behind the stray curls.
“yes, you’ve been doing well. very well, isn’t that right, lizzy?”
a choked gasp leaves you and you feel like you’re going to faint as a finger traces your cheek, jaw, then lower lip. there’s cotton in your ears and your heart is about to jump out of your chest when sakusa slips his thumb between your parted lips.
he pushes down on your tongue and you stare at him helplessly. his usual exasperated expression is replaced with something sinister, a smirk gracing his rosy lips.
“such a beautiful girl...skilled with her fingers, skilled with her mouth, definitely skilled with that pussy,” he whispers to himself, trailing off as his other hand sneaks under your skirt, resting on your ass. you shouldn’t have worn that pesky piece of clothing.
his thumb rubs your tongue for a few more moments and his large hand squeezes your ass, earning a broken squeak from you. he retracts them and crosses his arms over his chest. you follow his movements as you breathe heavily, eyes round at his corded forearms.  
“p-professor, i-i don’t know what y-you’re talking about—”
“oh, but you do. i’m actually thrilled that you put my gift to good use, angel,”
he whispers, and with how quiet it is in the auditorium, he might as well have yelled because the implication of his words are ringing loudly in your ears.
like a predator, he slowly circles around you, the soles of his shoes softly clicking on the linoleum floor. you should run but it’s like your feet are cemented to the ground and all you can do is whisper in a tiny, broken voice.
“a-are you-are you going to report me?”
he raises one thick eyebrow as he stops in front of you. there’s a hint of confusion in his eyes and hope blooms in your chest and once again, you’re thankful that screenshots aren’t allowed by the website.
“you don't have solid proof that it's me,” you say with more conviction, hope brewing in your chest, but unfortunately, it quickly dies.
“that may be so, but you wouldn't want those kinds of allegations against you, no?” sakusa taunts you, his low voice suddenly appearing beside your ear.
“i could easily pass it off as an anonymous tip, they would never know it was me, their beloved professor sakusa kiyoomi.”
your breath hitches when you feel a rough and calloused hand, ghosting over your thigh underneath your skirt. sakusa smirks at your reaction, leaning closer to nibble on your earlobe.
“moreover, word will spread. people will be tempted to check your account; people you know, people that you may have been intimate with,” he continues, hot breath making you shiver.
his hand suddenly cups your mound, the heat emanating from your pussy making his cock twitch in his pants. you let out a soft cry as your body leans towards him, your chests touching.
his other hand wraps around your waist, bringing you closer to him and crushing your body against his.
“taking screenshots may not be allowed and your streams disappear, but what about the pictures and videos that you post? they will definitely recognize that sexy and provocative body anywhere.”
you want to retort but it’s like your tongue is glued to the roof of your mouth and the only time you make any kind of sound is when sakusa touches you. pathetic.
“either way, your name still gets tarnished and my reputation would be clean as a slate. i’m the professor who has a camgirl student—not the one who watches her streams every friday night.”
sakusa’s thumb reaches for your cheek and wipes a tear that unknowingly escaped your eye. your vision is getting smaller and your professor’s dark eyes are the only thing you can clearly see.
“p-please tell me...what i-i can do for y-you to not say anything,” you stutter in the softest voice, and sakusa’s eyes flash at your whiny plea.
“your begging sounds even better in real life, sweetheart,” sakusa hisses, his middle finger teasing your covered slit as you whimper against his shoulder. “i think you know what i want.”
“i’ve been paying you good money. don’t you think i deserve to get the real deal?”
you whimper as his large hand puts pressure on your shoulder.
“get on your knees. don’t keep sir waiting.”
your lower lip trembles as you lower yourself to your bare knees, face to face with the growing bulge in his slacks.
sakusa leans against his desk, hands on either side of his frame as he stares at you from under his lashes. your shaking hands fumble with his belt, the sound of metal echoing in the empty room.
“where’s the confident girl that got fucked by my toy?” sakusa tuts, tilting his head to the side as his fingers tap on the wood, feigning disappointment.
you wince, but don’t bother replying because as you pull his pants and underwear down, his cock springs free and bobs against his covered abdomen.
he wasn’t lying about the toy. it’s definitely his size and shape, but facing the real thing? it leaves your mouth dry as you try to swallow the lump in your throat.
there’s a bead of pre-cum on his tip and sakusa holds his shaft, thumb smearing it over his head. he guides his cock to your lips, dragging his length across it, leaving a wet sheen.
“open up.”
your lips part obediently as sakusa’s other hand takes hold of your hair. his thick cock slowly enters your mouth, your jaw aching as it tries to accommodate his size.
you gag when he hits the back of your throat, balls resting against your chin. his thumb caresses your cheek as he coos at you and wipes at your fresh tears.
his cock is hot and heavy in your mouth, veins dragging along the sensitive skin. not giving you enough time to adjust to his length, he pulls your head until only the tip is inside and thrusts back into your mouth.
you choke as your hands fly to his strong thighs, attempting to cry out as his hips thrust harshly, mindlessly using your mouth as a fleshlight.
“i’ve waited so long to fuck this slutty mouth—shit,” sakusa groans, throwing his head back as he bobs you on his cock.
tears mix with your saliva and drool as it coats his length, making it glide easily inside of your mouth. your throat and jaw are aching, never had you sucked a cock this thick and long in your life and yet here you are, getting used like a sex toy for your professor’s pleasure.
he’s not shy about his volume, letting out loud groans and grunts as he fucks your mouth. in your peripheral vision, you can see that the blinds on the door are closed, but anyone can walk in and see your compromising position.
“fuck, i’m going to cum,” sakusa hisses, both of his hands taking hold of your hair. you moan around his cock, the vibrations making sakusa growl as he thrusts harder as your grip on his thighs tighten.
his dark eyes find yours, searing into you with his pretty pink lips parted as his balls tighten, slapping against your chin.
“fuck, fuck, fuck!” he groans loudly, hips jerking as his cum shoots in your mouth. your whine is garbled as you forcefully swallow the viscous liquid.
sakusa’s seed is too much for you to take and some of it ends up seeping through the corners of your mouth as he slowly pulls out.
“don’t waste it, slut,” he says menacingly, and you whimper at the venom in his tone. he roughly wipes the mess around your mouth, long fingers pushing his cum between your lips.
you blink twice and next thing you know, your aching knees are relieved from the cold floor and you’re face down on his pristine desk, which is going to be ruined soon.
you can't deny that you’ve been dreaming about this for the longest time, but certainly not like this.
you’re too busy wallowing in your thoughts to realize that sakusa is flipping up your skirt, exposing your wet panties to the cold air of the room.
a loud crack rings across the room as his large hand comes down and smacks the globes of your ass. lurching forward on his desk, you yelp as the sting spreads throughout your body.
“you just sucked my cock and you’re already this wet? you really are a slut, huh?” he sneers, teeth nipping the skin of your ass before he spanks you again.
you whine as sakusa pulls your panties down your shaking legs, placing it on his desk as he spreads your cheeks, baring your pussy to his hungry eyes.
he catches you by surprise when he holds your leg, folding it as he places it on his desk. you whimper as you grip the edge of the table, embarrassed at how you’re so exposed to him.
he spits on your cunt, not giving you time to process what’s happening before his tongue licks one long and sloppy stripe on your folds.
your body instinctively jerks, crying out as you feel the warmth of his tongue against you. sakusa ignores your whines of protest as he skillfully avoids your clit, softly chuckling as you try to find the stimulation you need.
you end up moving your hips, trying to chase the movements of his tongue so it can flick against your aching clit until he abruptly pulls away, heavy hand coming down to slap your ass.
“did i tell you that you can move, hm?”
you whimper at his reprimanding tone, nails scraping on the wood when he slaps your ass again.
“a good student answers when she’s being asked,” he hisses, his hand connecting to your ass again, aching and warm from his spanks.
“n-no sir! you didn’t tell me to move!”
“exactly, but i think i’ve teased you long enough,” he hisses, finally standing up to his full height, cock hard again as he reaches out to wrap his hand on the back of your neck.  
sakusa guides his cock towards your hole, breathing heavily as he feels the heat emanating from you. you exhale noisily, wondering if his dick will feel the same as the toy. probably not, because as much as you loved it, nothing beats the warmth and throb of a real cock.
you squirm when his tip slowly breaches past your muscle, soft whines leaving your lips as he stretches you. you’re so wrong; the toy is nothing compared to him. he feels bigger, and the veins on his shaft drag deliciously against your walls.
you can’t help but clench around him, which earns you a hiss and smack, making you moan loudly. there’s a bead of sweat on sakusa’s temple trailing down his neck that disappears into his chest, a few buttons undone to show off his fair and glistening skin.
heavy pants replace his words, too drunk on the way you’re taking him. both of you moan loudly when he finally bottoms out, his tip nudging your cervix as his forehead rests on your back, scrunching his nose when he feels your shirt soaked with sweat.
“s-sir, y-you’re too big.”
sakusa smirks at the delirium in your tone, cheek squished as you turn your head back to look at him, his curls wild and shining. he pays you no mind, hands holding your hips in a bruising grip, immediately setting up a brutal but rhythmic pace.
the articles on his desk shake and fall, smashing to the ground as he fucks you, practically pushing your body into the desk. the drag of the fabric on your hardened nipples sends a delicious tingle down your spine, making you shiver.
your moans increase in volume as your cheeks flame, hearing his heavy balls slap against your clit as he pulls your hips back and forth along his throbbing cock.
the humiliation of you creaming around your professor’s cock brings tears to your eyes but it quickly gets replaced by the delicious sting of him spanking your ass, complete filth coming out of his mouth—a jarring contrast to the way he usually talks during class.
“fuck yeah, i’ve been thinking about fucking this tight little pussy for the longest time.”
what was once soft but stern is now commanding and rough. it makes your head spin, moaning his title as your pussy sucks him in. who knew your professor had a dirty mouth on him?
it turns you on, as much as you hate to admit it, but you can’t help it. he feels so good and you can’t get enough of him. your body feels the same, rising on your trembling arms as your hips roll, pushing back on his cock.
“come on, that’s a good girl. my cock’s better than the toy i gave you, hmm?” sakusa coaxes you, thrusting harder when he sees you reciprocating his movements.
“definitely worth my money,” he growls in your ear, stopping you from moving as he takes control of your body once more.
shivering at the ice in his tone, you cry out as your hands instinctively fly to the back of your head where he has a death grip on your hair, tugging at your scalp.
“sir, please! harder!”
sakusa’s eyes flash, muscles rippling and tensing at the way you beg so pathetically for him. he’s a professor, and professors always want the best for their students.
“look at you, begging for my cock like a good. little. bitch.”
he punctuates the last three words with hard thrusts, burying himself so deep in your cunt that the desk is resting against the whiteboard.
a mixture of incoherent words and broken moans fall from your lips, your head falling forward when sakusa let go of your hair to hold your bruised hips again.
“are you going to cum for me?” he leans into your ear, biting the lobe as the slapping of skin and squelching of your pussy echo throughout the empty auditorium.
“fuck, yes! g-gonna cum!”
you wail, the knot in your stomach tightening the faster and harder sakusa fucks your leaking cunt.
“yeah? then cum,” he growls, hips losing their rhythm as they jerk, cock throbbing as thick and hot spurts of his cum coat your walls.
he groans your name just as your voice shakes, whimpering his title as your trembling bodies slowly stop moving, reveling in the haze of your orgasms.
soft cries and whimpers fall from your lips, wincing when you hear your mixed juices leak out of you, staining the once pristine desk.
you crash down on the desk, body limp and cheek squished as you breathe heavily, drool seeping from your parted mouth.
sakusa groans and bites his lip as he pulls out, drops of white dripping from his cock. you whine, squirming uncomfortably when more juices leaks from your battered pussy.
you crane your neck in his direction as his shaking arm reaches for the discarded panties beside you, inspecting the soiled fabric. your eyes practically bug out of your head when you see him put your panties in front of his nose with a loud satisfied inhale.  
he grins at your dumbfounded expression when he wipes his cock with your underwear before tucking himself back into the confines of his pants, his zipper ringing loudly.
“i can’t get my slacks dirty, now can i?”
he says with a thick eyebrow raised before he pulls your leg, chuckling when he sees how much you’re still shaking.
kneeling on the floor, sakusa loops your legs through each hole, calloused hands dragging up your sweaty skin before they rest on the swells of your ass.
his large hands knead and caress the bruised skin, and he rises up to his full height as he looms over your ear.
“you’re wasting my cum by letting it fall to the floor.”
you let out a garbled sound, making him smirk as he watches you stand up straight with your knees wobbling.
he traps you between the desk and his thick frame as his hot breath ghosts the shell of your ear, biting it before he whispers in his low and husky voice, “don’t think that this is going to be a one-time thing.”
for good measure, he slaps your ass again, dark eyes gleaming when you stumble and yelp, bumping the table forward.
“i’ll see you tomorrow at my office, miss bennet.”
[6:59 PM]
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sciophobia · 6 months ago
sakusa love your tits both in a completely non-sexual and sexual way.
imagine him coming home from a bad day at practice, wrists aching and body worn down from the previous hours just setting his things down on the couch and goes straight to the bedroom where you're already waiting. you greet him with open arms and he takes it as an invitation to wrap his arms around your body and bury his face in your tits, he lets out a somewhat relaxed groan causing you to chuckle because of the vibrations against your chest. he doesn't need to utter any other words seeing as him slowly fluttering his eyelids shut is enough of an explanation of how his day went.
or — it could also be where you wake up earlier in the morning from the sudden weight above you, not suffocating, but enough for you to feel it's heat and touches. you open your eyes and squint, your consciousness slowly putting pieces of what's currently happening before you. first, is that your boyfriend, whom you could've swore you slept beside to was not beside you. and two, was the restless tugging and sucking on your nipples that causes you to softly gasp. you finally look down and see sakusa with his head under your oversize shirt, losing himself in your tits. his mouth mindlessly tweaks your hardened and swollen nipples while his hand fondles the other one.
"did i wake ya' up?" he halts his ministrations for a while, opting to place kisses on the valley between your tits. "m'sorry," he pauses to place another kiss, "didn't meant to." he slurs, sounding like he was drugged — obsessed, maybe. "well it's a good thing that you're awake now," he lets himself out of your shirt, only to remove the clothing completely as he rises up from his position. "couldn't wait anymore, ya' know?" he leans back down again, his lips meeting the place where your neck and shoulder connects while his hands cups your tits and thumbs at your nipples again. "now i could freely do what i dreamt of earlier."
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omiishii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
One day I’ll draw omi the same. He looks different every time….oh well
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euphoricimagination · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore that he didn’t care about love.
Throughout his whole high school and college experience he never felt enough attraction to someone to actually date them. Plus, he was too into volleyball anyway, a ‘volleyball idiot’ as people like to say. Relationships were never his priority, he didn't want them to be.
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore that he didn’t care about love, even when he meet you two weeks after entering the Black Jackals.
He arrived to the gym one day, but instead of seeing his  three idiot teammates practicing like he normally does, he found them talking to someone. Someone that he doesn't know.
“Omi-omi! Come here!” screams Miya to him, making you turn around too “This is my childhood friend, Yn”
“You have friends? And I told you to not call me that” he tells to the setter, making you laugh. ‘Her laugh is pretty’ he thinks, but decides to ignore his thoughts saying instead “how do you tolerate him?”
“I became friends with his twin, he just kind stuck around and now I can't get away from him” you joked making him nod in acknowledgment, his lip going upwards ever so slightly.
“Hey!” says Atsumu
“Make sense. Sakusa Kiyoomi” nods in your direction. Unlike popular belief, he wasn't a mean person, he was just too blunt sometimes.
“Y/L Y/N. Nice to meet you” you smile sweetly at him, so he gave you a little smile as well.
You stayed that day in their practice and to his surprise, you didn't seem to mind his little quirks whenever you two interacted. Probably Miya or the rest of the team warn you about them, but he appreciates your effort of trying to make him comfortable with you. Not many try.
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore that he didn't care about love, even after he found himself putting a little more effort whenever you were around.
It has been a month since your first visit, and it wasn't the last either. Thanks to your friendship with Miya and the others you ended up coming a lot more, not that the team or the coach minded.
Much to his dismay, it was Miya Atsumu who noticed first. How Sakusa’s eyes don’t express the same annoyance that they usually have whenever you talk to him, how he willingly goes to sit by your side and engage in a small conversation, how whenever you were around, he seems to try even harder, how his eyes lingers to you for a second longer when he scored.
“So omi-omi w-”
“Don't call me that”
“Rude. Anyways Omi-kun, ya seem to be smacking the ball much harder today, any reason?” Miya says to him smirking, eyes moving to where you are talking to Bokuto.
“Wanted to try it out, the stronger I can hit the better” he responds nonchalantly. However, he can’t help his eyes to flicker to your figure, making Miya smirk even more.
“Sure... Have ya show her yer wrists? I'm sure she will be fascinated by that”. He rolls his eyes and scoffs before walking away from the setter. He wasn't trying to impress you anyway...
But right before practice finished, he found himself going to where you are, and for some reason, showing you how flexible his wrists are quite proudly. From the corner of his eyes, he can see a teasing look on Miya's face; look that turns into a small concern when he notices you unconsciously grab his hand to move it around. And to Miya's -and everyone’s- surprise, he doesn't move it away.
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore he never cared about love, so why he can't look away from you? And what is the feeling he has whenever you're around?
He found himself looking at your figure, talking to Miya's twin in a small gathering with the rest of the team. He doesn't normally go to these things, but Hinata caught him flying low, ended up in him accepting (it's definitely not because Hinata mentioned that you were going, he didn't accept just for that).
“Enjoying the view?” He hears beside him
“Shut up Miya”
“Seriously, ask her out already. Yer're not being subtle at all”. He was never more grateful to have a mask on, feeling an unfamiliar burn in his cheeks.
“What are you talking about?”
“Ya like my bestie, what else? Don't worry, I'll let ya date her” Miya says simply “Ya fell for her quite hard Omi-Omi”. His mind was racing so much that he didn’t even care about the stupid nickname.
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore he didn’t care about love, and yet he found himself in front of you, his heart beating faster than in any game that he has ever played.
You smile sweetly at him, giving your friend Osamu a knowing look that makes him leave. Kiyoomi sat beside you, looking at you with his piercing gaze. All makes sense now.
So that’s why he doesn’t mind your presence, doesn’t mind you touching him -he knew you always took extra precautions for him-, that's why you can't seem to leave his head, that’s why he wants your attention on him and him only.
“Let’s go on a date”
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore he never cared about love, and yet a few months after that hang out here he was, lying with his head on your chest while you caress his hair.
He thought he didn’t need love, that volleyball was just enough to make him happy. And yet you showed him otherwise, showed him how good it was to have someone by his side, someone that he trusts with all of his soul, someone that he wanted to be with forever. ‘So this is love’ he thinks while he leans more into your touch.
“Was practice that bad, Omi-omi?” you asked him, the nickname not sounding nearly as annoying when it comes out of you.
“Nah, just Miya being a menace. I still don’t understand how you are friends with him”
“He and Samu have been there with me forever, and as annoying as he can be, he cares a lot. And it’s thanks to him we even met”
“That’s why I tolerate him more now”. He really hated to admit it, but he owes Miya a lot for present him to you. The love of his life.
After a few more minutes of silence and contemplation, he straightens up to look at you, ready to say the three words that he has been wanting to say for a while now “Hey... I love you”
Your eyes widen in surprise, smile appearing right after with your eyes shining “I love you too Omi”
Sakusa Kiyoomi swore he didn’t care for love. But now? Now he doesn't want to imagine his life without you in it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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araragomennnn · 4 months ago
kiwi flavoured kisses丨sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
You’re overworked, typing away meticulously at your laptop, only stopping to rub the tiredness out of your eyes and apparently too absorbed to realise a very worried sakusa linger around you or pass you to the kitchen where he with furrowed brows sliced kiwi in perfectly identical shapes, just the way you like them.
He brings you the bowl of fruit, wordlessly pulling out a chair beside you. He pokes at a piece and brings the fork of kiwi to hover in front of your lips. You take the bite, eyes still on your laptop screen and immediately grimace, swivelling your head to him.
Okay- he’ll admit it, kiwis may not be your favourite fruit but at least they took your eyes off that screen for a damn minute.
“Yhu traythor,” you exclaim through a mouthful.
He finds a smile threatening to overtake his features, “quit complaining, you need to eat all your fruits,”
“Okay, mom,” you huff, filter and rationality dissipating from your speech due to exhaustion.
He doesn’t miss the twitch of your lips as you turn towards the screen once again. He brings another piece, looming over your mouth. Your lips draw into a thin line as you rear your head back, looking at the piece of green fruit with dread.
You turn to glance at him, “do I have to?”
“Yes,” he says in a tone that leaves no room for discussion.
You sigh, leaning into your chair, finally taking your hands off the keyboard of your laptop and sakusa mentally throws a hand up in victory.
You chew the fruit, face contorted in displeasure and sakusa snorts.
“Well, then how about you have a bite?” you offer a ghost of a smirk at your lips, he stills.
Did he mention that he isn’t too fond of the fruit either?
“No,” he says a touch too fast, you cock a brow.
You hold his gaze, eyes narrowed in an attempt to force him into submission and he needs to bite the inside of his cheek to prevent his lips from breaking out into a smile, a lovesick smile that is.
He rolls his eyes, sighing. “fine,” he grumbles before reaching for a bite.
He holds it in front of his mouth for a few moments, grimacing with furrowed brows before popping it in and the expression he made next was so rich that it ripped out a string of hearty giggles from your throat and despite the disgusting mix of sour and sweet on his tongue, he couldn’t help but think that it was worth it.
He reaches over to ruffle your hair, “that’s enough,”
You swat his hand away, smiling and he reaches to fix the strands he ruffled out of place.
You bat your eyelashes, “so does that mean I don’t have to eat them anymore?”
You scoff, frowning as he continues, “you need the vitamin c,” he states.
“Excuse you but I have a very high vitamin c intake actually,”
“Oh yeah?” he cocks a brow, “name one thing you ate in the last 2 weeks that had vitamin c,”
Your lips snap shut before opening again, “and before you say anything no, strawberry ice cream does not count,”
Your lips snap shut again.
“Okay, fine” you sigh in defeat, laptop, long forgotten as you contemplate all the life decisions that got you to this point, that got you to the point where you had to eat kiwi.
You eye him as he digs through the bowl of kiwi, “stop searching for the largest piece!” you exclaim through a wide grin, playfully slapping the side of his arm.
He chuckles, shoulders shaking as he leans into the chair.
He’s more childish than he likes to think and frankly you knew what you were getting into when you married him.
You roll your eyes playfully before your lips curve in an easy grin accompanying the soft look in your eyes as you gaze at him fondly.
He forces another piece into your mouth, lips curved in an amused smile as your features contort in disgust. He’s clearly enjoying this.
You huff, mock hurt across your face as you fold your arms against your chest. “Sakusa kiyoomi, good husbands don’t find amusement in their partner’s pain,”
He shrugs before crossing one leg over the other, “I don’t know, guess I’m an amazing husband then,”
You grin, it’s wide and warm and blinds sakusa for a second.
“For fucks sake kiyoomi,” you giggle and it does inexplicable things to his chest, just as it did the first time.
“Come here,” he hums, reaching out to you. You graciously accept, nuzzling into his embrace.
He smiles into your hair, inhaling the soft scent of your shampoo. Your hands rest at his chest before you angle your face to his and with a grin exactly mirroring his, you lean in to capture his lips in a kiwi flavoured kiss.
And he remembers thinking to himself that maybe he never disliked the fruit after all.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@planetpieck , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey, @cigarettest, @neithwrites, @amarinthe, @fluffieveggie, @stffychn,@foshycoicx, @lordbugs, @iwafilms, @sexyandcringe.
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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nekomasmeow · a month ago
but mafia sakusa (auto corrected to samosa lmao) and or oikawa with an SO who likes to bake/ cook for them and gets grumpy when they cook for others
Tumblr media
Sakusa tolerated a lot of things from his gang
but when it came to them, eating your food was something he HATED
seething rage would pump through his veins every time he saw them eating your cake, or brownies, or something
"Sakusa, can you grab the raspberries for me?" You asked from the kitchen while he was down the hall in his office
"Yeah, baby, I'll be right there." He called saving the file he was working on
not even thinking he grabs them for you but stops seeing the cake on the counter you were currently decorating
"What's the special occasion?" He asks putting them down next to you
"No occasion just felt like baking for the boys." You say leaning back into his chest
"really?" he grits out trying to keep his icy cold temper in check
"Yep." You say popping the p at the end of the word giddy almost about it
"I don't like you baking for them." He blurts out making you stop halfway with covering the cake in white icing
"Really now?" You ask setting the spreader down and turning to look up at him
Noting the pink tint to his cheeks you started to smile but stop reminding yourself you have to be annoyed with him
"Yes, okay, I only like you baking for me." He grumbles almost pouting to a point
not able to hold it together anymore you start to giggle but try to cover it with your hands
"Oh baby, that's....I'm sorry, but that's." You couldn't finish your sentence through the laughter as he starts to grumble about you laughing and something else
"It's not funny okay, I don't like it, you should only bake for me." He groans rubbing his face with his hands
"I know it's not funny but it is! you sound like a toddler whose toy got taken away." you cry out laughing even harder seeing his face grow bright red with annoyance and embarrassment
"Stop laughing y/n, just.......I don't like it okay, you used to bake for him and.....I didn't like it then and I don't like those old feelings and memories coming up." He grumbles and you stop laughing instantly
straightening up you sigh knowing who he was talking about, Sakusa wasn't always your husband and leader of the Mafia he used to be your bodyguard and you ex-husband's right hand man
"I'm sorry, you should've told me earlier." You mumble moving to hug him
his tall frame snaps straight before relaxing and then tangles his hands into your hair pulling slightly
"I didn't want to bother you with it, it's ridiculous, just.....don't bake for them so much alright."
He leans down and kisses you softly caressing your cheek with his thumb before walking off glad he told you how he felt
Tumblr media
Oikawa was always one to get jealous of his men, especially when they get to eat your cooking
you love cooking for his men simply because they are always hungry and they love that you bring them food
He hates when he looks at his cameras and sees you coming through the headquarters doors holding trays of food
"Thank you, Iwa." You say kissing his cheeks making him slightly blush as you head to the kitchen with the boys behind you
"and we love you for bringing food to us Y/n." Iwa says smiling helping you unload all the dishes
Oikawa stands up fast and storms down the stairs like a fire was lit underneath him
"Kitten." He mumbles and moves to wrap his long arms around your waist smiling
but he looks up and glares at Iwazumi over your head making his right-hand man roll his eyes at the childish behavior
"what brings you here?" he asks peppering kisses over your neck as you spread the food out and setting plates down
"I figured you boys haven't eaten so I figured I'd bring my fiance and friends some dinner." You say putting a plate in iwa's hand who starts to dig into the food
"That's good, but they can feed themselves. You should only bring me food." He explains leaning against the island counter and watching your reaction
the guys stop and step away slightly as you freeze and turn your head slowly, almost like a scene from a horror movie
"Excuse me?" You ask putting down your plate of food
"Yeah, you should only cook for me." He says it like it was the most normal thing to say in the world
His eyes go wide and shocked while you seeth with rage and slam his plate into his chest
"Get your food, sit down, and EAT." You snap sitting down at the head chair while everyone else gets dinner
"Tip, eat her tonight and she'll get over it." Iwa whispers chuckling to himself while Oikawa glares even harder at him
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chaoticevilorange · a month ago
Haikyuu x reader
First kiss
Smooth mf, you didn't even noticed when he leaned to press his soft lips against yours, happened naturally like you have done it thousands of times before, was slow and passionate like he pours all his adoration to you in one kiss, when he's done pecks your forehead as well while holding you close to his chest
Oikawa, Matsukawa, Sugawara, Semi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna, Osamu
Gentleman™, lifts your chin before leaning close enough to feel his warm breath upon your lips asking if he can kiss you, you only have to press yours against his, is slow and gentle at first, it's not just one, unintentionally becames a make out session making you both breathless while blushing hard
Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, Daichi, Tsukishima, Yaku, Akaashi, Aran, Kita
It's playful at first, jokes about wanting to kiss you like a romance movie watched a few as reference for this moment but then gets pretty serious about it, pulling you against him by your waist asking if it's okay, nodding he kisses you like you were the last person he would ever kiss
Satori, Atsumu, Koganegawa, Futakuchi
This guy is stiff, hella stiff, you clearly see his shoulders tense when you hold his hand asking if he's okay, he seems uneasy but calms down a bit when he admits how badly he wants to kiss you while blushing hard, you melt asking if you can kiss him, the kiss is short and sweet, he promises to make it better next time
Asahi, Ennoshita, Hinata, Goshiki, Yamamoto
This guy have dreamt about this moment for his entire existence, he wants it so badly that unfortunately your first kiss is quite painful, like he smashed his face against yours, he is embarrassed but after a bit of reassurance he tries again with you prepared and holding his face softly, the kiss is long and slow, promises to never give you surprise kisses ever again while you chuckle giving him another
Tanaka, Nishinoya, Yamaguchi, Lev
This boy didn't even noticed you wanted to kiss, like he just assumed you both will kiss eventually but never thought much about it until he saw you put some flavoured lip balm, his first instinct was hold your face while looking at your lips, he blushes a bit asking if he can kiss you, it's sweet and long like he doesn't want to let go ever again, when you both take a break he licks his lips tasting the lip balm
Kyotani, Kageyama, Kenma, Ushijima, Aone, Sakusa
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