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sunaslay · 2 days ago
asking them to get you boba [part 1]
feat: bokuto, oikawa, sakusa, suna
notes: fluff, sfw, terms of endearment, minor cursing
a/n: sakusa saying the l word just makes my heart go brr.
anw, part 2? lmk in the comments!
hq mlist (soon) | likes & reblogs are always appreciated !
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© sunaslay 2022 — do not plagiarize, translate, and/or repost any of my works as your own, particularly on other platforms.
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tender-rosiey · 2 days ago
UNFAIR — atsumu x f!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: hehe atsumu ily
Tumblr media
atsumu hisses when the ice pack makes contact with his cheek, and you mumble a small ‘sorry’. he has his arms folded and has been grumbling and murmuring curses since he has been seated down because of the ball he took to his face.
aran wasn’t really intending on paying him back for all the annoyance he had to endure and til now, but looks like fate decided that it’s time for justice.
aside from the grumbling, the room is mostly silent, until you speak up, voice soft and cautious, “have I done anything that upset you?”
you get nothing but silence in return, though you can tell that atsumu is rather conflicted. yeah, something is definitely bothering him. he also refuses to look you in the eye which makes you sigh before you talk, “well, whatever I did. I am sorry, it wasn’t my intention—“
he holds his head in frustration, “URGH!” burying his face in his knees, and you stare in bewilderment at his reaction. soon, his arms cover his face and he hugs his knees tighter to his chest.
you hear him mumble, “it’s unfair.”
“what’s unfair?” you ask carefully.
his hand reach once again to his hair as he ruffles it in frustration, “you’re just way too pretty! I can’t even concentrate! It’s unfair to make ya a manager!”
you stay silent for a moment before laugh erupts out of you which makes the blonde turn multiple shades of red, “it’s not funny! ‘am serious!”
you chuckle and your hand holds his own tenderly. atsumu’s eyes widen at the contact and he purses his lips to contain a gasp and scream of joy. “if it helps,” you start, “I also think you’re very handsome as well, like very handsome.”
his stare is blank and for a moment, you’re rather scared you actually killed the guy.
he stands up abruptly, his fists are clenched and is overly flustered, “well of course it doesn’t!” he falls to the ground in a rather theatrical manner and clutches his chest, “now I am gonna keep thinking about how to look cool so I can impress ya!”
“‘tsumu, stop bothering the manager,” his brother speaks up and atsumu’s head snaps to his direction so quickly, you thought he might’ve broken it.
“she is the one being way too pretty and distracting!”
osamu grimaces, “yeah okay no,” he gives his back to you, “I won’t stand here watching you two flirt, spare me that.”
atsumu pouts, but feels a light and fleeting touch on his cheek.
his hand covers his cheek softly while he looks at you, rather love struck but you couldn’t tell. you squirm under his gaze, “well…um—I will see you later!”
he sighs happily before sliding down the wall and laying on the floor, “she is so cute.”
“‘tsumu, practice time!”
atsumu jumps to his feet happily, “coming!”
looks like practice is going to be even more fun for him or he will take another ball to the face but with a smile this time.
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15s-notebook @todorokichills @ginneko @missrown @shrynkk @simplyxsinned @beautiful-is-boring @bakugossanity @izukus-gf @irethepotato @thekaylahub @luciferspen @waosobii @aeanya @sweetcloudsimp
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bbyatsumu · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐎 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐈 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐒𝐓 ... a series.
Tumblr media
synopsis. — your first time with them.
“…and what else can one do, other than to love — unabashedly…”
Loving someone for the first time is intimate, and one of the greatest moments in life. A collection of memories — gathered through years or months of friendship — culminating in a wholehearted love for another. And when one finally gives themselves fully to another, to the one they love most, there is no better feeling. For what else can one do, other than to love — unabashedly, unconditionally.
warnings. — smut, first times (no virginity loss), slightly inexperienced reader, more to be added in each installment.
notes. — My first little series! This will be an anthology series of stand-alone fics, and I'm so excited for them! The first part will be out soon, and expect a new chapter at least once a week! If you would like to join the taglist, please send me an ask ( off anon ). Warnings will be added to the beginning of every fic. Thank you so much to Dilly for giving me the confidence to finally post this, I'm so grateful to you! I hope you all enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐎𝐍𝐄. 𝐌𝐈𝐘𝐀 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔. the one who loves wholeheartedly
"Can't wait to feel ya'," Atsumu groans, burying his face in the crook of your neck. His smell invades your senses — dark and musky, and something so uniquely him that it causes your head to spin with want. "Can't wait to love ya' like I've always wanted."
𝐓𝐖𝐎. 𝐘𝐀𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐈 𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈. the one who loves completely
"Are you sure this is okay?" Your boyfriend stumbles over his words, and you find it incredibly endearing. As you lean forward in his lap, brushing against his growing erection, Yamaguchi can't help the bright blush that stretches across his cheeks, a visible tell of the desire he has for you.
𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐄. 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐔 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐈. the one who loves unconditionally
"You are so beautiful," Satori pairs his words with breathless kisses, his nearly overwhelming warmth filling every part of your heart. All you can do is hold onto him, tightly — just the way he likes — in an effort to convey the deep love you feel for him.
𝐅𝐎𝐔𝐑. 𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 𝐊𝐄𝐈. the one who loves sincerely
"I want to teach you," Kei's words are rushed and fumbled, similar to his hands — restlessly smoothing up your sides as if he doesn't know how to touch you. "I want to teach you how to fuck me, and I want to learn how to fuck you."
𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄. 𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐀 𝐊𝐎𝐔𝐒𝐇𝐈. the one who loves unreservedly
His hands are warm and giving as he touches you, always pausing for a brief moment to see if it's okay. Koushi has always been so kind, so giving, loving you and everyone else unreservedly. Being under the full force of his adoration is dizzying, but you would gladly fall every time.
𝐒𝐈𝐗. 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐈. the one who loves fervently
"Yeah?" Mattsun asks, awe laced in his tone. His eyes are bright and wide, gazing up at you in pure, unadulterated adoration. Warm hands smooth down your thigh, holding you further open for him as you settle pleasantly on his lap. "You want me as bad as I want you? I highly doubt that, angel."
𝐒𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍. 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 𝐊𝐈𝐘𝐎𝐎𝐌𝐈. the one who loves resolutely
"I can't —" Kiyoomi's words are rough, as if they'd been tangled on his tongue, stuck in his throat. His tone, low and gruff with desire, has you swallowing thickly, pressing your thighs together in a poor effort to relieve the building pressure between them. "You drive me crazy. Can you feel what you're doing to me? I can't wait to love you in all the ways I've thought about."
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meloomi · 2 days ago
♡ — sightseeing
Tumblr media
‣ you convince sakusa kiyoomi to visit a grocery store together ...
‣ gn!reader, fluff
‣ 806 words
‣ this is an entry for milo @kitsunekanojo 's writing collab, too much to dream !
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi didn’t particularly understand when, last night, you had asked if he wanted to visit the newly-opened grocery store a few blocks away. puzzled, he reminded you that just last week, the two of you had done your monthly shopping in the supermarket you usually frequent and there’s nothing left to check off your list. it’s a different grocery chain, you had insisted, and therefore, will probably have different stuff. it finally clicked in his brain that you’re not interested in going with the intent of purchasing anything, but rather to go sightseeing, and he finally agrees to accompany you, noting the beam that instantly appears on your face when he does so.
how silly of them to be so excited over visiting a grocery store, he thinks to himself, features softening into a small, affectionate smile as he watches you bury yourself under the covers, seemingly satisfied with yourself as if you’ve completed a quest.
i love them so much.
and thus, this morning, you’re both walking hand-in hand from your shared apartment to the new store you can’t stop enthusing over, the mini expedition filled with conversation. he tells you about his upcoming matches, how he’s fairly confident in the Black Jackals’ ability to score a win, and recounts the comical antics of his teammates from their previous practice he had kept in mind because he thinks you’d enjoy the story (you did). in return, you tell him about the recent milestones you secure in your projects, a new book that piqued your interest after your friend had recommended it (sakusa makes sure to remember the title), and a possible family dinner in the next month that your parents would love for him to join.
10 minutes later, you and kiyoomi are already standing by the automatic sliding-glass doors of the store. it definitely has a different vibe than the usual supermarket, he’ll give it that. when you first step in, you’re greeted with the delicious smell of freshly-baked pastries from the artisanal bakery right at the front floor of the store. the air-conditioned indoors is a more-than-welcome change from the outside, providing relief from the humid summer heat. instead of the regular harsh fluorescent lights on the ceiling and the white-painted walls that seem to highlight everything on the shelves, the interior is darker, with both the walls and the floor in a complementing shade of dark grey. the lights are warmer and positioned right above shelves almost as tall as kiyoomi, perfectly distanced to provide an adequate but not overwhelming amount of lighting, while the sides and backed are reserved for refrigerators and freezers, showcasing produce, dairy products, and fresh meat and seafood. from where you’re standing, you can even make out what seems like a small deli near the cashier stations, advertising a selection of cuisines and delicacies.
it’s definitely not your usual supermarket.
even kiyoomi is taken aback, as the both of you momentarily still after you enter the store, admiring the modern interior that clearly, neither of you were expecting.
he takes a glance at you, amused at the way you’re looking around wide-eyed in wonder. he’s reminded of one of the reasons he loves you — the way you’re able to appreciate the little things, whether it be the aesthetically-pleasing assortment of goods on the shelves of an unfamiliar grocery store or the constellation of freckles that splay across his skin, once upon a time being an ugly source of insecurity until you start leaving soft, shy kisses all over them during nights when you hold each other close under the covers. the way you fuss and pout when the bouquet of flowers he gifts you start to wilt, despite knowing he buys one for you every week, anyway. the way the umeboshi that you make for him and pack into his lunchbox always has the right balance of sweet, salty and sour. the way you can’t meet his eyes for a second, loopy smile on your lips, right after he kisses you. the way he thought you would only be a temporary stop in his journey when you’d first met, only to find himself wanting to stay longer and longer by your side until he can’t even think of leaving.
kiyoomi nudges your side to grab your attention, silently snickering when you slightly stumble and narrow your eyes at him. his hand reaches out to find yours, heart fluttering when you immediately slot your fingers in between his, and he begins to lead you through the aisles.
“come on,” he smiles at you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze, “looks like we have a lot of sightseeing to do today.”
Tumblr media
♡ taglist — @sachan1956 @gojoanti @llyslikeliz @sunkeiji @rinsramenshop @justmyownreality @a-cosmicdawn​ @emmyrosee​ @tyler-dimples-jones​ @crystal-lilac​ @loutij​ @kissmorax @awkwardaardvarkforever​ @ohtokki​ @twismare​ @kitsunekanojo​ @toorude-er​ @mattsunkawa​ @hyeque​ @le3nur​ @epkatn​ @wonpielle​
unedited and i will never stop talking abt kissing kiyoomi's moles n freckles
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xgameover · 22 hours ago
hot things ushijima wakatoshi does
note: once again, inspired by this post. also below are the other characters i've done.
kuroo oikawa tsukishima bokuto
best morning voice in the world. it's super deep and rumbly and makes you just want to crawl back under the covers with him
has really big hands. puts them to good use ;)
an amazing listener. will let you just ramble on and on about things you find interesting
extremely gentle with small animals and children. loved by both
uses your name as much as possible in conversation
does all the "heavy-lifting" type work like moving furniture and the like on his own without you asking. gets mildly offended if you insist on helping
gets genuinely confused when other woman flirt with him because he's yours?? blows them off unknowingly and it's hilarious
if you talk about gaining weight or feeling bigger he just nonchalantly grabs you and throws you over his shoulder
takes you on dates to really really fancy restaurants and doesn't let you bring your wallet
name-drops you casually in his interviews
is down to do anything you suggest or seem interested in, even if he's not the most hyped about it. you want to wander around the bookstore for 3 hours? he'll come with you and hold your stack of books? you want to go snorkeling? well he's not the best swimmer but he'll try
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chaoticevilorange · 2 days ago
can i request haikyuu boys seeing their very feminine s/o's pics back in middle school like the s/o is tomboyish
i prefer this req to not be timeskip! sorry if this is weird or doesnt make sense
Okis! Some hq boys ready to react!😎💖
Haikyuu x reader
Tomboyish past
He tries to not chuckle, keyword tries, as soon as he sees the picture his cheeks burn red while he covers his mouth, it's not because you look bad or something but WOW, you look like a boy in this pic, he could have mistaken you for a bro
Oikawa, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Tsukishima, Satori, Osamu, Atsumu, Futakuchi
He blinks a few times confused, he looks at you then the picture, baby boy asks you if you had a twin, when you tell him it's you he looks at you again, he grows curious about your past and makes a lots of questions about your wardrobe back at then
Kyotani, Hinata, Kageyama, Goshiki, Yamamoto, Lev, Bokuto, Koganegawa
He looks at you with raising his eyebrows, is that really you? Inspecting the pic he sees that smile that gives you away, is yours, he smiles at you teasingly, he says you've always been pretty making you blush furiously while you snatch the pic away
Matsukawa, Iwaizumi, Sugawara, Daichi, Semi, Kuroo, Yaku, Suna, Sakusa
He smiles softly at you, compliments the way you look back then and now, peppers your face with kisses making you blush bright red, he also asks why did you stop dressing like that, he loves you very much and will buy you some clothes if you ask
Hanamaki, Asahi, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Ushijima, Kenma, Akaashi, Kita, Aran, Aone
Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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General Dating Headcannons w/ Miya Atsumu
He's probably one of the loudest and most outwardly possesive people you will ever meet
Snarks at you lovingly
Stores your things up high so that you have to ask for his help to get them
Tries to get Osamu to teach him to cook so that he (Atsumu) can make food for you but he sucks at cooking sooo
uHe either slings his arm around your shoulders or slips his hand into your back pocket when you guys are walking around in public to keep people from hitting on you
Just loves to havve you in his arms, so this ends up initiating a daily nap time for the two of you
Either falls asleep with you in his lap, him laying on your belly or chest, or with you laying on top of him
You become the designated peace-keeper between him and Osamu
Begs you to help him touch up his hair when the roots start to show
In return he will help you do your hair if you want him to
I guarantee that he will try to do your hair for you, but ends up tangling it
Loves taking you out on dates just to be able to show you off
The two of you are frequent fliers at the local arcades, bowling alleys, and amusement parks
He will teach you volleyball, you have no choice in the matter
He wants you to watch all of his games in person while wearing his jersey
Sometimes he manages to get you a seat just off the court near the rest of the team
He tries not to acknowledge his fangirls out of respect for you because you matter more than any of theose random girls
He wants you to wear his clothes, but won't tell you because he wants you to want to wear his clothes
Please praise him. Not so much that he gets a big head, just enough for him to know that you believe in him
Finds it very difficult to sit and do quiet activities (other than nap time) so he doesn't try
Unless he's gaming with Suna and Osamu while you're nearby (we all know that gaming between these three is never quiet)
He will initiate tickle fights to get his way, he's just that petty
Prefers to shower together because he has separation anxiety when it comes to you
He calls you Princess, Babe, Majesty, Love, Baby, and Shortie
You call him My King, Babe, Dork, Meanie, and Giraffe
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qich3n · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
『 TWELEVE - ******* boyfriend 』
SUMMARY. suna is tired of his friends asking him how he’s going to get a girlfriend and he counters that by saying he already has one. yn is tired of attending monthly reunions and getting asked if she has a boyfriend so she says that she already has one. the two enter a fake relationship with each other to please their friends and family, except, suna has always been in love with yn, and tries to prove it with small hints during their “fake” relationship.
𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘷 | 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 | 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵
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katsuchans · 22 hours ago
"i'm sorry, it's just not working out."
you could feel tears forming in your eyes as you had your whole attention fixed on the tv screen right in front of you. beside you is your boyfriend of many years, (silently) judging the way you're so immersed in the, honestly, quite a cliché storyline of the sunday drama you two had been watching for weeks now.
"why do you keep watching this show and then proceed to complain about how sad the girl's love life is?" he asks, turning slightly to his side to look at you.
"you don't get it, keiji." you said quietly, turning to look back at him with a pout on your face. "i'm trying to live that thrilling part of a relationship through this fictional couple, let me enjoy it in peace!" you added, arms crossed in front of you as you turn to look back at television screen again.
"we are living that thrilling relationship, what are you talking about?" he continued, eyes slightly narrowed as he continued to (playfully, he insists) judge your taste in romance. making you let out a small sigh. you waited until the screen showed the ending credits of today's episode before turning the tv off, shifting your full attention to your boyfriend.
"say you're breaking up with me." you say, face completely serious that it actually scared your keiji a little bit. "wha– excuse me?" he asked, hoping he didn't hear what he just heard from you.
"no no, i don't mean it like!" you say almost panicking when you heard the seriousness in his tone. "what i meant is, say you're breaking up with me. just, act like the actors did in the show earlier!" you clarified, a small smile appearing in your face.
"why? what for?" he asked, still confused as to where you were going with the impromptu 'acting exercise'. "just do it! tell me what those words make you feel!" you encouraged him and for some reason, he hesitantly agreed to you.
"y/n, we need to— we, uhm... we need to..." he stutters, trying to hold eye contact with you before shaking his head. "nope, i cannot do it. i physically cannot utter those words, y/n." he says sternly, still shaking his head. even the thought of him breaking up with you is too much for him.
"oh come on, keiji! i know you can do it!" you continued to encourage him, although only jokingly this time. him telling you that he cannot even pretend to break up with you actually made you feel realized how much you're in love with this man. "you're a bad actor, keiji." you added, laughing quietly as you shifted closer to him.
"maybe i am? i mean, it would be unfair if i'm a good actor because that would make perfect." he says in a straight face but it only took less than a second before the two of you broke down into laughter, his face turning beet red in embarrassment of what he just said.
your hands cupped his heated cheeks, eyes glued with his as you give him a reassuring nod. "yes, my perfect boyfriend." you say before placing a small kiss on his lips which he gladly reciprocated.
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sixosix · 2 days ago
oikawa tooru: first, last, & everything in between kiss
blurb first kisses don’t always mean it’s the last. at least, to oikawa it is. you often wonder when you fell in love with him during it -- or has it always been there?
a/n !!! this took so long even tho it’s only 4k words? lmk what u think ab this fic once ur done reading! and thank u ( ˘ ³˘)♡
# fem!reader, high school pining, JEALOUSY, getting drunk, childhood friends to lovers
Tumblr media
it’s different when you're in love with your best friend.
this is the first thought you have when oikawa’s eyes flutter shut and his lips brush over yours. a rather eye-opening discovery you probably wouldn’t have found unless you felt his soft mouth.
“y/n, have you ever had your first kiss?” oikawa said about an hour ago conversationally, tape all over his fingers. “i would be sad if you do. i haven't even had mine yet.” it's a stupid conversation, but kisses and romance and all the like were topics that were never brought up with them.
so you played along, swinging a sly glance along his way. “really? you, oikawa tooru, alleged golden boy with the alleged pretty face? you haven't had your first kiss yet?”
oikawa flushed ear to neck. “y/n-chan! what do you mean alleged?” he tutted, waving his finger in front of your face. “don’t lie, we both know i’m the man of your dreams!”
yeah, you thought forlornly, you are. “only an idiot would have you, of all people, be their prince charming.”
“are you an idiot—hey, wait! stop distracting me!” with unusual determination to continue his previous question, he squished your cheeks together with his palms, staring intently at you with chocolate brown eyes. “have you had your first kiss yet?”
your cheeks burned, heart pounding in your ears at his stupid fucking question and the stupid fucking closeness. “n-no!” you slapped your hands on top of his, brows furrowed. “don’t you think i’d tell you and hajime when something like that happens? idiot.”
oikawa hummed. “so you haven’t had your first kiss!” he said it like it’s good news. you clicked your tongue, smacking his hands away. “you don’t have to be ashamed, y/n-chan! in fact, i have a proposition for you.”
“big word.”
“thanks. iwa-chan kept slapping my head until i memorized it!” oikawa cleared his throat, blushing when you giggle. “anyway, let’s have each other’s first kiss!”
how’s the weather today? the sky is clear today! did you eat yet? let’s have each other’s first kiss! what did you have for breakfast?
you blue-screened. “w-whuuuuh.”
“y/n-chan!” he proclaimed, and then comes in what flipped your world upside down. “i trust you with my life because you’re my bestest friend—don’t tell iwa-chan—and i wouldn’t mind giving you my first kiss,” he grinned, then, all shiny and cute. “a first kiss is important, right? so i know i wouldn’t have made a mistake if i chose you.”
well, shit.
so you agreed.
and immediately regretted it.
when he pulls away, your brain does a big Oh of realization.
you love a lot of things. you love the crack in the sidewalk that has two pretty flowers sprouting out of it. you love the creak in the 6th step of the stair in your home that only pops out when you’re sneaking out to raid the fridge. you love the fireflies that swarm iwaizumi’s garden at night. they’re all nice things that warm your heart when you see them.
but falling in love with oikawa tooru is different. it's falling head-first in a cliff 50 ft off the ground. it’s plummeting but soaring but never having time to breathe out for a break. it's this and that and always oikawa.
it’s also agreeing to let him fuck your life over the moment you hand your heart over to him.
when he pulls away, you’re oddly breathless, heaving slightly at the loss of his soft lips against yours. you feel stupid for feeling this way—slightly ashamed, too.
but it’s even stranger when you take a look at oikawa.
oikawa, whose pupils are dilated and almost out of it. you almost want to snap your fingers to get him back, but then he pulls himself back into his cheeky composure. almost as if you imagined it.
“that was nice,” you admit shyly.
oikawa stares at your mouth, and you bite them in response, hiding them away. “...yeah, it was,” he says, finally.
you two go back to taping posters on his wall. he lets you handle his favorite jose blanco—signed, mind you—poster, and it leaves you feeling funny to know that you’re important enough to him to trust you with a precious poster and a first kiss.
when iwaizumi comes back, neither of you bring it up, but you feel oikawa’s eyes on you the entire night.
Tumblr media
it’s almost like it never happened.
neither of you brought it up. neither of you talked about it. maybe you just dreamt of it? although that seems likely, the only reminder that something happened that night, is oikawa’s lingering stares.
it’s calculative and tentative, like he’s trying to figure out what to do with you. and you’re not sure what to feel about that.
a day before entering high school, oikawa comes over to your house unannounced with a timid knock on the door.
“what the hell are you doing here?”
you welcome him with open arms (on your own terms); because of course. he’s your best friend! (or so you tell yourself. best friends don’t usually kiss each other and have one of the other feel something about it.)
“y/n-chan! good evening to you, too!” oikawa chirps, reaching out to ruffle your hair as he bends down. the movements—slow and dragging slower—almost looks like something out of a shoujo manga where the love interest is about to kiss the protagonist’s forehead.
except your life is not a shoujo manga and oikawa tooru—alleged love interest, you would say, but you’re not a protagonist either—leans away before you could react.
oikawa doesn’t look like he’s dropping off anything, nor does he look like he’s in a hurry, so you give him a once-over, then huff. “let’s go up to my room.”
oikawa whoops as he follows after you, leaving his shoes right next to yours. “haven’t been there in a while!”
“who’s to blame for that?”
“an athlete must practice whenever they can, don’t you know, y/n-chan?”
despite the truth in his words, oikawa still saunters inside with familiarity, throwing himself over your bed as soon as you slip his jacket off of him.
“what did you want, tooru?” you ask, placidly this time, fond over time. at least, that’s what oikawa should feel. because if you dig deeper than where you should be, you’d find an answer to why y/n is so different around tooru.
and hopefully, oikawa is dumb enough to not roll his sleeves up and look for a shovel.
“hmm,” he says, with a smile that is leaning less from pretty and onto nerve-wracking. “have you kissed anyone this year?”
did he seriously cross the street just to ask that?
you spare him a glance—oikawa tooru, on your bed—and you know oikawa tooru. so you know that oikawa tooru does not have shame and has crossed the street to ask you this question.
you give him a look, one that can only be translated as: seriously? “i’ve spent day and night making sure you and hajime don’t kill yourself practicing; you think i have time for that, ru?”
oikawa smiles, and he looks so pleased when he shouldn’t be. like a big old cat getting what he wants. “yeah, that’s true.”
and he knows it, so why does he bother asking aside from the sole reason of hearing it from you?
oikawa, while you’re contemplating with silence, sits up and leans close to your space, until you can feel his breath on your neck. “y/n-chan, can we kiss again?”
“i—um,” it’s all you can say. “tooru…”
oikawa smiles, and it’s a pretty enough sight to leave you brainless. “i just missed you. and it doesn’t have to mean anything.” he adds it like an afterthought.
you swallow. “okay.”
he brightens. “okay?”
“yeah, it’s— it doesn’t have to mean anything, right?”
oikawa hums, absentmindedly. “of course.”
and then he meets you halfway to kiss you—but this? this is different from the first. this is too different from what you remember, and you remember all of it like it happened yesterday.
this one is more eager, oikawa cupping your cheeks as he happily presses his lips against yours. and you’re too stunned to think of any reason to stop him, so you push back.
one thing you don’t recall is how nice it feels. how perfect it is to have oikawa like this.
though you don’t get to dwell on it much longer, because oikawa pulls away and beams. he thanks you, for whatever reason. and still, you’re in shock to process anything. he starts to say something, babbling about his day, and you wish you could say you know what he’s talking about, but your mind is racing far too fast.
you stare at your trembling hands with a warm face.
the problem is, maybe oikawa’s already halfway done digging.
Tumblr media
as years grew, oikawa did, too.
he grew into his sharpness, one that rivaled the glint in his eyes. his jawline is almost terrifying. the way his limbs grew and grew is almost unfair. he's tall, lean, perfect, and made a new image for himself quickly:
oikawa tooru, the high school heartthrob. oikawa tooru, the best setter to ever exist in this prefecture.
he still had the same soft hair that curls right at the edges, the same cheeky smile that would leave his mother or iwaizumi whooping his ass, and the same lilt in his tone whenever he talks to you.
and there's also that you two still kiss behind closed doors.
you don't have a reason to keep this going, not anymore. oikawa didn't have one, too. but neither of you stopped, and neither complained.
he always says he misses you. and he’s your best friend so his happiness is yours.
iwaizumi found out about your little… routine with oikawa, and he didn’t seem surprised, much to your confusion. he only says oikawa is an idiot, and so are you for letting it continue when neither of you have plans on settling.
hajime is right.
hajime told you that if you can, you could make oikawa stop. (hajime is right.)
as years grew, some things change.
but some things don't, like how iwaizumi will always be there to smack the back of oikawa’s head with either his hand or a volleyball. oikawa dislikes both either way. you laugh at both either way.
oikawa dates here and there. sometimes, he’d have a new girl weeks later. but neither you nor iwaizumi mind much; oikawa always makes sure that his time spent with you both stays the same.
though, rumors float sometimes.
he’s never kissed any of them. the girls say, he’s never kissed me, too; he always says to wait until the time is right. i dumped him because of that, too!
that rumor in particular strikes you as odd.
it's not unheard of to not kiss immediately in a relationship. intimacy depends on the type of relationship a couple has, and it's never anyone’s business no matter how long it takes.
it makes you wonder: what the hell is your relationship with tooru?
is your friendship with him that discardable that he wouldn't wait for the ‘right time’ with you? the thought makes you sick with anger and jealousy. but mostly… resignation. because the moment oikawa kissed you, you knew what would happen.
so you don’t really have a right to be upset. first kiss, it’s his fault. the second, third, and the rest that comes after, are yours.
as you’re walking past the stairs of the first floor, a hand shoots out to grab your wrist.
you panic, obviously, but relax when you’re faced with bright brown eyes and an impish smile. he doesn’t close the storage room door, just lets it hang open.
“y/n!” oikawa laughs, and he’s all flushed and sweaty.
“had a good practice?” you muse, pushing bangs out of his face.
“mhm,” he leans into your touch. “you should’ve been there.”
you kiss him first this time, and he loves it.
Tumblr media
oikawa broke up with a girl again, and it’s the hot topic of the class today. or maybe it’s because you sit next to aoi, said ex-girlfriend.
you feel slightly unnerved that aoi keeps casting glances at you as if she’s seeing you in a different light. you’ve never spoken to her outside of strict class projects, but now she’s looking at you like you’ve got the answers to her crossword puzzle of the day.
should you feel concerned that oikawa’s ex keeps looking at you? probably.
“hey, y/n.”
you tilt your head to look at the blond waving at you. no one’s been bothered to call you outside of the classroom before. “good morning, iwasaki-san.”
he grins, and it’s too much, a little bit. you wonder where tooru and hajime are. “morning. how are you doing?”
“i’m good, thank you,” you answer politely, albeit a little clipped with confusion. “...you?”
“ah well,” iwasaki rubs the nape of his neck sheepishly. “there’s a new ice cream store on the way here, and i thought you might be interested?”
iwasaki is nice and polite. brown hair and pearly white teeth, he’s surely the kind of boy you’d find yourself falling for had you been best friends with literally anyone else.
“hmm,” you pretend to give it thought, “your treat?”
iwasaki beams, all wide eyes, and wide grins. something about it feels familiar but doesn’t feel quite right. “of course! does that mean— you would want…?”
you shrug, swinging your bag over your shoulder as you slide the door open. iwasaki follows after you like a lost puppy. “sure. my friends have practice so i’d have nothing else to do waiting for them.”
iwasaki opens his mouth to say something.
“oh? y/n-chan!”
you freeze, spinning around to see oikawa waving enthusiastically.
you’ve heard rumors of oikawa’s eyes. in hallways and magazines, it’s pretty enough for you to stare at it longer than you should. in court, it’s deadly enough for the hair on the back of your neck to stand, as if he’s figured out every weakness and how to up their strength with just one look.
being the victim of this intense gaze is… something else.
“tooru,” you greet back with a forced grin. “what’re you doing here? gonna kneel and beg for your ex to take you back?”
oikawa pouts, and those eyes lose intensity. he’s stumbling over to you as he all but drapes himself over you. he’s very heavy and very tall; it does not work well for you.
“y/n-chaaaaan! don’t be mean!”
“ow! you hanger-ass-bitch, get off me!”
he’s gaining more and more attention as he keeps on whining, and you’re too embarrassed to let it continue.
you pinch his cheek. “shut up, tooru. seriously, what are you doing here?”
“eh?” oikawa blinks, cupping your cheeks with his wide palms. “looking for you, of course! why would you even think otherwise, hm?”
you’re pretty sure your brain is melting off of your ears. “tooru—”
iwasaki—oh fuck you completely forgot he was there—clears his throat. “l/n-san, i have to go, but… the deal’s still up, right?”
“the deal?” oikawa echoes curiously. there’s a hint of something in his tone, and it makes iwasaki shuffle nervously.
“oh! after school, right?”
iwasaki beams. “yes, yeah!”
oikawa leans against you. “y/n-chan, i was looking for you to tell you i don’t have practice today!”
you pause.
that… that was new. this is a big deal, and oikawa knows it; his eyes are twinkling with mischief. he’s up to something. you check his face, his arms, his legs, for any visible injuries, but oikawa looks like he’s fine.
and usually, that means he jumps at the chance to practice. what changed his mind?
“oh,” you mutter. “is everything okay, tooru?”
oikawa smiles, softer now. “of course, y/n-chan! just got out of a break up, is all. wanted to hang out with my best friends.”
you turn to iwasaki, who looks like he’s seen a car crash. “i’m sorry, iwasaki-san. i have a big baby to babysit later. maybe next time?”
iwasaki pales. he’s not looking at you so you’re not sure what he sees. “uhm, okay! i’ll see you around!”
he walks off, gaining pace the moment he turns to a sharp corner. that was odd.
you and oikawa are alone.
you nudge your best friend. “tooru, don’t tell me… you were jealous?”
oikawa splutters, face red and hot. “y/n-chan!”
(he never denied it, now that you look back at it.)
Tumblr media
there’s a party, and iwaizumi’s invited.
whoever’s birthday it was, they must know that if you take iwaizumi anywhere, oikawa and y/n are sure to follow. and you three do exactly just that.
it’s a small party, with only a classroom of people inside a large house, enough for it to not feel too suffocating.
you hold both iwaizumi and oikawa’s hand when you enter inside, but matsukawa sweeps him away so it’s kind of pointless.
others try to get oikawa, too, but those two made a promise to not leave you alone. with iwaizumi in the kitchen surrounded by people, oikawa is firmly planted against your side.
oikawa is acting strange, you notice.
ever since that interaction with iwasaki, he hasn’t accepted any confession nor went on any dates. of course, it could be because he got really busy.
but that doesn’t explain why he stopped kissing you.
“hey! hey! l/n, oikawa!”
you pair turn to see the birthday boy, hanamaki, waving. you know he’s a teammate of theirs, but you’ve never actually met him before.
hastily, you bow. “happy birthday, hanamaki-kun!” you greet before you forget your manners. “sorry for tagging along without an invitation.”
hanamaki blushes for some reason. maybe he’s tipsy. “er. no, it’s fine. i was expecting you two to come along, it’s why i invited him, you know.”
“makki,” oikawa says in a dangerous tone you’ve never heard before. he grins, but it’s a different one. “did you get ny gift?”
hanamaki’s face blooms into an uncharacteristic beam. “yeah! you’re the best, captain. i didn’t even know you knew i was waiting for that version to come out.”
you have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.
oikawa hums, pleased. “only the best for my team, of course!” he nudges you, bringing you back in the conversation. “and the bestest for my y/n-chan!”
it sounds strange for an outsider, you can tell by the way hanamaki is eyeing you two thoughtfully. but to you, this is nothing out of the ordinary.
you laugh. “it’s not my birthday celebration yet, tooru. you’ll have to wait for that ‘til you spoil me.”
the party continues, and you’re given a drink, despite oikawa and iwaizumi’s protests. you urged them not to worry about leaving you alone, which led to this girl cooing over you looking out of place, and handing you drinks to loosen up. she probably mentioned her name, but with the dizzying fog in your brain, you can’t remember.
“hey…” the mystery girl whispers. she looks like hanamaki. does hanamaki have a sister? “i think your boyfriend is looking for you.”
“tooru?” you don’t know why you said that out loud, but you did. “wait—i don’t, hah, i don’t have a boyfriend, silly!”
she points at a tall, familiar brunet whipping his head around all over and visibly freaking out in the living room.
oh, it is tooru.
with a lazy wave at hanamaki’s sister, you—with great effort, might you add—clump your way to the living room, occasionally hitting someone’s shoulder without meaning to. oh, wow, the floor looks funny. and too bright.
you bump your face into someone’s chest.
strong arms wrap around you in an instant, hot breath fanning your face.
“y/n, are you drunk?” that sounds like oikawa. you look up, and meet yourself with a pretty boy. “y/n-chan, i thought you didn’t want to drink tonight…”
you grin and poke oikawa’s nose. “i’m not that drunk, ru.”
oikawa sighs. “i guess i shouldn’t drink anything, too.” he pats your head, smiling fondly. “we’re going home early, okay?”
“you don’t have to take care of me,” you whisper, suddenly guilty.
he shakes his head. “y/n, i’d rather have iwa-chan give me a concussion with a volleyball than not take you home tonight. agree for my sake.”
oikawa grins and pulls you to him to kiss your forehead. the warmth planted on that particular spot makes you feel a little giddy, a little lightheaded. in any other circumstances, you would’ve laughed and told him to fuck off.
but because you’re drunk, you have no filter.
“tooru, why do you still kiss me?”
oikawa hums lowly, patting your head. “do you not like it, y/n-chan?”
“i… i don’t mind it. ‘m just confused why you—why you still want to do it with me.”
“…because i love you,” he admits, as low as a whisper—only a secret shared with the wind.
you giggle; you’re definitely out of it. “don’t say that, tooru!”
oikawa smiles at your laugh but it drops into confusion. “why not?”
“because you don’t mean it—not like that.”
“what makes you think i don’t mean it like that?”
you huff a bitter laugh. “you don’t show it, silly.”
oikawa is quiet for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
you thought it’d be kinda awkward to wake up for school tomorrow and see iwaizumi and oikawa first thing in the morning.
but you were wrong. because it is extremely fucking awkward sliding the door open to see only oikawa first thing in the morning.
“tooru!” you exclaim, though it comes out more as a surprised squeak.
oikawa smiles, and it’s always so pretty and so infuriatingly attractive. “y/n-chan, good morning!”
do you remember it, too, tooru?
“where’s—hajime?” you make a point of scanning the area; or maybe it’s only to avoid his eyes.
he shakes his head. “iwa-chan has a hangover. so we’ll get him later once he finishes being gross and puking out meals he’s had his entire life.” and to add to it, “oh, and i think iwa-chan is mad at me for letting you drink. and for not reminding him to drink water.”
do you remember what you said?
you chuckle. “that’s because you were just taking care of me instead of the both of us.”
“iwa-chan is a big boy! he can handle himself!”
“and i can’t?”
oikawa smiles softly and tugs you closer to kiss your forehead. “i’d rather have iwa-chan give me a concussion with a volleyball than know i wasn’t able to take care of you when i could’ve.”
your eyes widen. he remembers. “ah. this is embarrassing…”
“so you remember it, too?”
“every word, unfortunately. turns out i wasn’t as drunk as i thought.” you push past him to walk away and fast, unwilling to see his reaction.
oikawa laughs and it barely takes a second for his long, athletic legs to catch up. his eyes fixes up at the sky—if only you would glance at him you could see how nervous he looks.
“you know, y/n-chan, i thought i was crazy.”
“i kissed someone else a week later our third kiss,” he says, watching your expression closely. “and it was weird—because the first and only thing i thought about is how it doesn’t feel as good as all our kisses.”
with him so close like this, you should be used to it, right?
no. your heart still pounds, your face still heats up, and you still lose the ability to think of any reply.
even without a response, oikawa continues. “i thought it was because i was still thinking of my first kiss and it blinded me. but i dated, and i dated, and i dated—none of them made me feel anything. you know that, y/n-chan?”
you’re sure you’re gaping at him. “no! no—no i didn’t, what are you—”
“because the entire time i was with them, i just kept thinking of something you have that they don’t.”
there’s something sharp and determined in his gaze. he’s begging you to do something—rather, say something.
“what is it?”
“that i’m in love with you.”
it’s different when you’re in love with your best friend and he’s in love with you, too.
Tumblr media
haikyuu taglist [ @crystal-lilac ]
Tumblr media
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kozumvi · 19 hours ago
"oh I'd walk through fire for you, just let me adore you..."
miya atsumu mumbles along with the lyrics into your ear. his forehead comes to rest on the juncture between your shoulder and neck. you roll your eyes playful and continue to clean the dishes in the sink.
"hurry up," he whines.
"i'm almost done, 'tsumu, calm down."
"but i'm tired, and i need ya to sleep." you can feel his pout against your skin and you shake your head slightly, but begin scrubbing a little faster nonetheless. as harry styles stops and taylor swift starts, he pulls you away from the sink and brings your arms up to wrap around his neck.
oh darling you're my, my, my lover
"tsumu i gotta finish," you giggle, but make no move to pull away.
"just dance with me for a bit, okay?"
a/n: based on this playlist
taglist: @https-langa-exe @wonpielle (@avid-idiot)
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princesuna · 12 hours ago
you and suna have been dating for a little over a year and have no plans to ever reveal your relationship to the public. you are both popular twitch streamers, so thousands of eyes are watching the two of you, literally. “are you dating anyone?” is a common question you both get on social media. this question is always deflected or ignored. it’s been like that even before you started dating suna. you saw how social media destroyed your other friends’ relationships. people would either assume things or pray on their downfall out of jealousy. one of the worst was to be completely invalidated as a content creator and be labeled as someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend. you decided that the public did not need to know about this part of your life in order to protect your mental health.
you told suna early on into your relationship that you would prefer if it was kept private. while he was a bit sad that he can’t properly show everyone what an amazing significant other he has, he respects your decision and understands your reasoning. if it meant protecting you, then it was worth it. however, it sucked having to sneak around and never go out to different places for fear of someone catching you. he wanted to hug and kiss you whenever and wherever he wanted. now, he is only limited to doing intimate gestures in secluded areas or in your shared apartment. 
eventually, enough was enough. the paranoia got too much to bear. this arrangement was having a negative effect on your relationship with him, the one thing you wanted to avoid. there has to be another way you two can go out together without rumors spreading, right? you and suna sat down and crafted an elaborate plan in order to be able to be seen together in public. after thorough research and several conversations with your streaming mutuals, you can bring this scheme to life and eventually spend as much time as you want with your boyfriend.
phase one: the third-wheel. you go out to dinner with suna and bring in kozume kenma (AKA kodzuken) to make a group of three because who would third-wheel a couple for dinner? it has to just be friends out together! you would post this on your instagram story and everyone would lose their minds. three big twitch streamers interacting with each other?! when worlds collide!
phase two: collabs. suna asked kiyoko shimizu and miya osamu to help you with this scheme as well. you would all do collabs with each other and establish this image of a group of friends. sometimes you play genshin impact with kenma and suna plays valorant with shimizu. other times you would play fall guys with the whole group. then, you sneak in a collab with suna. the public doesn’t suspect a thing.
phase three: group outings. you, suna, kenma, shimizu, and osamu would plan to go out together to various places and take pictures to post on social media. you attend conventions with them and go sight seeing together. your audience goes wild at the thought of you being with so many of their favorite streamers and wish you the best. you decide to post some group photos and include some photos with only suna or only kenma. suna does the same with you, shimizu, and osamu. you keep the number of people in each photo random to keep suspicion at minimum.
final phase: solidifying friendships. you, suna, and the rest of the group opened up instagram questions. the question you all answered was “who are your best friends?”. your list, in order, was yachi (your irl bestie), kenma, and suna. suna’s list, in order, was osamu, shizuku, and you. you both kept each other at third place to mess with people. if you are that low on each other’s list, then you must only be friends. at this point people started shipping you and kenma, while others starting shipping suna and shimizu. some people liked the idea of you and suna together, but it wasn’t as common.
your plan is working, so you can start to get away with spending more time out with suna. you would go out for lunch, visit the beach, and attend big events together without too many people suspecting anything. you found some comments that were like “do you think they’re dating?” but then you would see some replies to them denying it saying “they already stated multiple times that they’re only friends. if you hang out with your friends often, does that mean you’re dating them?” and it puts a big grin on your face. mission accomplished.
you both haven’t been very sloppy. you made sure to always mix in some one-on-one time with other friends in the group to keep rumors at bay. after all, if most your photos consists of alone time with suna, that would raise some eyebrows. while this set up had an ulterior motive, you grew close to the group and gained more meaningful friendships and connections. it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.
you still can’t freely show public displays of affection, but at least you can finally go out to different places with your boyfriend. 
suna is close to ending stream when he happens to catch a message in chat,
chuupetlover10: are you dating y/n? 
papermill7: ooo i’d like to know that too!
“y/n? they’re just a really close friend of mine. please don’t spread rumors. anything having to do with my relationships is private. thank you.” he firmly responds.
the people in chat apologize and the other people in his community are defending him saying to respect his privacy and friends. he feels relieved to have such a supportive community.
“thank you all so much for your support. i have to head off now, but i will be streaming again next friday! see you all then.” he waves to the camera and ends the stream. he double checks to make sure the stream is actually off and shuts down his PC.
suna walks out into the kitchen to see you cooking instant ramen. he sneaks up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, making you jump. you relax once you realize it’s him and he nuzzles his face into your neck.
“hey rin, is stream over? how was it” you ask while petting his soft hair.
he hums and turns you around to stare at your beautiful face. he can’t believe how lucky he got. if only he could show the world...actually, maybe it’s a good thing your relationship is private. he gets to have your beauty all to himself.
“it was good, but some annoying people asked if we were dating again,” he pouted.
“eh, that’s chat being chat, i guess,” you sighed, “do you think they suspect anything?” you asked.
“no one suspects a thing,” he replies leaning his head down to give you a kiss.
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myelocin · 17 hours ago
paper and ink | kuroo tetsurou
tags: divorce | commissions | ko-fi
goodbye is a face of love, and a home can be unlearned to be a house. 
a ten year marriage ends with paper and ink, but tetsurou doesn’t leave the room. slow endings inevitably drag out. heartbreak, sounding like scratches on a chalkboard, as the sound of you clearing your throat, then his name in a quiet way. tetsu. tetsurou. and he knows that to an extent, it still carries love. 
love, that’s like goodbye, and please sign the paper. because the exhausted choices stains the walls of the living room in peeling paint, torn photographs, and broken glass swept under the dusty shelves. 
on the tips of his tongue is a lifeline--a frayed string once a solid rope. you’ve left the room, but the ghost of your hand on his shoulder is a touch that has not left. it’s a feel that isn’t warm, so at this exhale, he lets go and lets his half of the ten years end. pen in hand, ink touches paper. letters on a line, and on the end of the hallway, the spare bedroom’s door shuts close. he lifts the pen, but doesn’t move. wet ink, falling rain, and a blanket of silence.  
but he can’t change which way the rain decides to fall. the ink on the paper is still drying, and thirty seconds from now it’ll set to the loops and lines of the letters spelling out his name. thirty to twenty nine: a countdown with the inevitable zero, and an empty fridge behind him he knows he needs to unplug soon. 
his keys are still on the coffee table in the living room, and the wedding album is still on the shelf, the cover collecting dust for four years now. and for a ticking time, this is still home. 
tetsurou closes his eyes, the empty refrigerator humming.
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bbyatsumu · a day ago
Days where nothing too extravagant happened were Tendou's favorites. He felt like he could bask in the quiet and simplicity of those days, usually when the most important things came to surface - like the person he held in his arms. Brushing of lips on smooth skin as soft as the wind; whispered love confessions as the sun set; promises of forever sealed with a kiss... Simple things that never failed to bring tears to his eyes and a warmth to his heart. Just a little something <3
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 — tendou satori.
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ the little moments, and the little, intimate things they encompass, are tendou's favorite.
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ a little suggestive
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 0.7k
Tumblr media
Lean arms wrap around your waist, a warmth pulling you closer as you melt into his touch. Sleep still threatens to tug at your subconscious, and you allow your eyes to flutter shut in response. 
“Missed you,” are words mumbled against your neck, the column of your throat. His red hair — messy from sleep, hanging across his forehead — brushes softly against your cheek, swiftly followed by his plush lips.
You hum in response, moving your body until his arms tighten around you in protest. Through the haze of sleep, you feel a prominent stiffness pressing against your thigh, and you have to stifle a laugh. 
“You missed me?” you muse, running your hands up his forearms. His skin is soft and smooth under your touch, and he’s sure the pads of your fingers leave little burning trails of love on his arm.
Tendou’s body curls around yours, nudging his head to the crook of your neck. He inhales deeply, pressing his nose against your cheek, throat, simply breathing in the sweet smell of you. 
“Mhm,” he murmurs, dipping his head a bit further against you to place a fleeting, chaste kiss below your ear. Immediately, you shiver, instinctively reaching for more of his touch. Tendou chuckles lowly against you, the sound reverberating against your cheek as he kisses you gently. 
He nudges his knee between your legs, slowly crowding a bit more into your space. You welcome it gratefully, adoring the never-ending warmth that seems to emanate from your boyfriend. His hands are soft and lithe as they trail over your body, running over your curves, his lips pressing silent, affectionate kisses all over your skin. 
When his hair falls over your face for the third time, you finally open your eyes. They strain against the room's darkness, and a brief sense of confusion fills you at the sight of the glaringly red alarm clock, displaying a string of numbers that don’t make sense. 
“Satori…?” you ask, but a breath is caught in your throat as he kisses your neck again. His touch has become needier, his mouth lingering by your pulse point, pouring his want into the kiss. 
But he still humors you, and you feel the need to grasp onto your boyfriend as his touch runs down your body. “Hm?” he asks, a slight smirk nudging against your ear. 
Your fingers curl around his arm, and with a small bout of bravery, you pull his body flush against yours. Tendou’s fingers twitch by your side, a low groan escaping his soft lips as they drag over your skin. Now so much closer — Tendou’s bare chest, still warm from sleep, pressed tight against your back, his hips pushing against your thigh. 
“Why…” your voice trails off to a soft moan when his hands run down your front, just barely grazing over the curve of your breast, teasingly rubbing circles against your hips. “Why did you wake me up at two in the morning?” 
Tendou does his best to hide the mischievous grin pulling at his features, burying his face against the crook of your neck. However, you don’t miss the low chuckle he gives you, paired with an insistent and increasingly needy tug at your hips. 
“Didn’t I tell you?” Tendou asks, brushing his lips over your neck. You tremble against him as his breath fans over your face, completely captivated with him as he gently guides you to lie on your back. As your heart pounds in your chest, completely in love with the sweet intimacy of the moment, your boyfriend moves to hover over you, bracing his forearms by your head as he leans down for a loving, deep kiss. 
“I missed you,” he asks as he pulls away. You can still feel the lingering touch of his soft lips, now slightly pink from your kiss. 
However, as Tendou holds you in his arms, he decides to keep the real reason he woke you up a secret — just for a bit longer. Perhaps one day he’ll tell you why, maybe as a sweet confession of its own, but, for now, it’ll remain a secret he warmly tucks away in his heart. 
Tendou woke you up because he adores moments like these. Moments where there is intimacy, a calming sense of home, and a feeling of being content. Moments where nothing particularly exhilarating has to occur for him to realize he’s hopelessly, unconditionally, in love with you. 
Because it's the little things that are his favorite, and Tendou promises to cherish them almost as much as he cherishes you. 
Tumblr media
anon, thank you so much for indulging me with some tendou! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little drabble as much as I did <3
haikyuu masterlist.
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vampkaashis-wife · 2 days ago
Inevitably, the monthly Fukurodani Volleyball Club reunions devolve (or evolve?) into karaoke night.
Bokuto can’t always make it - just the way his schedule works - but Konoha and Komi are more than happy to be the life of the party. Sometimes, a Nekoma member or two will sneak into the gathering. Kuroo has been here before. So has Kenma.
You and Akaashi, of course, are at every single one. Now, Akaashi is in a state of semi-disarray; his sleeves are rolled to his elbows, the buttons of his shirt undone halfway down his chest. What’s the point of dressing up for these, you’d asked him once, if you just disrobe partway through?
He’s just grinned and ushered you out the door.
It’s his turn on the mic now. He’s standing with the remote in one hand and the microphone in the other. A half-finished can of beer sits in front of him.
You smile softly. Who would’ve thought you’d end up here? Years ago, you had been his manager. He leaned heavily on you as he captained that year, aching to fill vacancies left by his upperclassmen when they’d graduated. It was nice, really, to see Akaashi babied at these events. You were so used to him being the voice of reason, but with this team (who you had never had the privilege to work with), he can relax. He can be his strange, lovable self in ways he didn’t permit his own underclassmen to see.
He’s waving at you now, demanding to the room at large that you get the other microphone. He wants to sing with you, because of course he does.
The microphone passes through the room, from Yukie to Komi to Konoha to Washio to Akaashi, and finally to you. He hands it off with a little more prolonged hand contact than was really necessary, but he’s tipsy and in love and can anyone really blame him? His ears and cheeks are tinted with a drunken rosiness. His eyes just a little unfocused.
Konoha yells at you to get a room.
The song starts to play and of course it’s this one. It’s Your Song. The song you both sing at each other when doing chores, the song you both sing most passionately in the car, the song you both discovered the night he first told you he loves you.
Keiji, you are such a sap, you think while you start the performance of your life.
As if he hears the thoughts, he shoots you a look that says something like, I’m drunk and in love; can you blame me?
(At the end of your grand performance, Konoha wrestles the remote out of Akaashi’s hand. “You guys are so weird. I still don’t know why that’s your song.”
Defensively, Akaashi asks, “What’s wrong with it?”
Konoha pauses his motions to cock an eyebrow at him. “It’s a breakup song.”
“Why are you both so passionate about singing a breakup song at each other?”
“They hit different,” Akaashi replies blithely, draping himself over your shoulders. One of your hands reaches up to tangle in his hair for a moment. “You wouldn’t understand; you’re single and barbaric.”
“Watch it, Akaashi,” Konoha growls in a tone reminiscent of the missing Bokuto-san.)
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xgameover · a day ago
hot things bokuto koutaro does
note: once again, inspired by this post. also below are the other characters i've done.
kuroo oikawa tsukishima
gives the best hugs in the entire universe
in the same vein, is the perfect cuddle partner. he runs extremely warm but you don't even mind when you're laying on his chest and he's just the best pillow
is stupidly good at those crane games and will without fail get you that plushie you want no matter how much time it takes
will not drive unless the windows are down and the music is at an ungodly volume. let's his hand drape out the window as he drives up to your house
all of his shirts are perfectly fitted
spots you at the gym and can curl your squat weight so that's kinda hot... also slaps your ass as you walk by him between sets
looks good in any outfit. let's you dress him up like a ken doll before dates
is surprisingly a very patient teacher. loves when you ask him if he can teach you some volleyball moves
plays with your hair absentmindedly
gives the best back rubs
gets way too excited when you ask if you can borrow one of his volleyball jackets. will give you options
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chaoticevilorange · a day ago
Requesting hq hc about having a stoic s/o but from time to time they tend to show more emotions cause our boys changed them
Got Chu! Btw I'm trying to find a paper were I wrote the requests before they disappeared from the ask box 👁️👄👁️
Tumblr media
Stoic s/o
The first time he saw you he thought how much he wanted to make you smile, but for his surprise you are not a very expressive person, now you're dating he learned your quirks, likes and dislikes.
I'm sorry but I don't think he would be the kind of boy who dates someone stoic, he needs someone responsive, to know by expressions he's loved or at least someone who voices when they're struggling or dislikes something, I'm pretty sure is a big "no" for this guy to get in a relationship with someone who doesn't show their feelings or expressions regarding stressful situations or in daily basis
Matsukawa, Tsukishima, Semi, Yaku, Suna, Futakuchi
Is the kind of boy who struggles with your neutral expression when he does something, but lately you've been smiling often and he's pumped! He loves the way your lips curve in a smile, he gets so excited that he can't help but grab your face and kiss you several times before whispering how lovely you are
Hanamaki, Asahi, Yamaguchi, Hinata, Goshiki, Lev, Bokuto, Koganegawa
This guy loves your stoic side, like... You know he likes challenges and seeing you not moved by his charm or whatever he does, makes him want to woo you even more, so when you get to date he can see small reactions and tell what you like or not, but whenever he sees your smile or frown? He simps, no questions allowed
We all know who belongs here Tanaka, Nishinoya we all know how hard they simp for Shimizu Terushima, Satori, Yamamoto, Atsumu
This guy is a wild card, you don't know even what is going on in his head because he's equally stoic as you, you both get along well because your love language is actions instead of words, you guys are the queen and king of ice, in close doors you both show more emotions, small smiles, soft caresses, quick and soft kisses etc
Kyotani, Kageyama, Ushijima, Kenma, Akaashi, Kita, Aone, Sakusa
When he got to finally date you he was conflicted, but soon as he got to know you better, he's a pro at mind reading. He loves the way you look more comfortable around him, when you started to show more expressions around him or when you were more open to reach for him first, this guy hugs you and kisses you twice as much as before
Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Daichi, Sugawara, Ennoshita, Kuroo, Osamu, Aran
Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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