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#haikyuu scenarios
neoheros · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu usually never gets calls from you.
it's something he's asked you about before, something he's teased you about too, but when it all came down to it, your explanation was simple - what's the point in calling when everything you need to say can be texted?
of course, he called you silly for thinking that, and you explain to him - in excruciating detail - about the time you had to call your econ teacher to ask about the syllabus and it was just about two minutes of "hey, how are you? i'm so sorry to call like this." and thirty seconds of actually getting an actual answer.
point is: you don't call people. not if you can help it.
so when atsumu's phone rings, not once, not twice, but three actual consecutive times - he had to make sure you didn't misdial him - and it had your name on the screen.
he knew something was up.
"they messed up the batch." and it's your voice immediately coming to him a second after he answers the call.
you sound stressed, and it's only half past noon, so atsumu takes a step away from his team, thanking whomever he can that you called exactly on his lunch break.
he speaks into the phone, "hey, what's wrong? what's going on?"
"the dry cleaners." you tell him, and there's a hint of a groan seeping into your tone, "they messed up our batch and now my glove is missing."
the glove.
it's a stupid thing to be stressing about especially in thirty degree weather, but atsumu knows just how much that thing means to you.
it's the pair of gloves you wore when you took the uni entrance exam, it's what you wore when you and atsumu signed the lease to the small apartment you guys are living in now.
and most importantly, when atsumu first proposed to you - he didn't really have a ring to give - so in honor of putting something on your hand, he took one of your gloves and slipped it on you like it was a ring.
you already lost one of the two a few months back, so now that you might not see the other one too? atsumu understands why you're upset.
he chews on his inner cheek, "okay - where are you?"
and you reply, sighing deeply, "i'm at the library."
you're not one to believe in superstitions, but with the test you have coming up in two hours, you really wish you had your lucky glove right now.
"i'll come get you," atsumu says, his hands already picking up his bag and throwing it over his shoulder.
he's got about an hour until his break is up and your university isn't even ten minutes away, so he's got more than enough time to play hooky with you right now.
you tell him, "no - it's okay - you don't have to."
and atsumu, already ready to go, tells you, with a stupid grin on his face, "yeah, but i have someone here who'd love to see you too."
you called atsumu at 12:02 PM, and not even ten minutes later, he's here - walking into a library full of stressed out college students, still in his jersey, and looking to meet you.
you look up at him the second you hear the doors open, and you're usually very happy to see him - especially when he's in his jersey, hair a bit slicked back, sports bag strapped on his shoulder - but this time, it's not really that that gets you jumping out of your seat.
"hey, look who i found." atsumu gives you a smile, pointing with his thumb to the person next to him.
and you beam - "oh my god, rin!"
and suna gives you a smile that's just as excited as yours, his eyes slightly crinkling as you stand from your seat to let him envelop you in one of his embraces.
you pull back, "what're you doing here?"
"we had playoffs with their team today," atsumu answers, his grin awfully proud, "i would've told you when i got home, but."
and you shake your head understandingly, "i feel like i ruined a surprise."
"nah." suna shakes his head, "you saved me from atsumu dragging me to your house for dinner tonight."
your shoulders rise, and you fake a scoff, "he was gonna take you out on a date? behind my back?"
and suna nods, his smile teasing, "at your house too. can you believe this guy?"
“right,” atsumu rolls his eyes, and he looks at you, “cause i’m definitely cheating on you and i thought that the best date spot for me and him is at our home, which we share, where you will also be at.”
so you scoff, "i never said you were smart."
and suna nods, "you know he never really was."
your shoulders rise as you laugh at that, and suna raises his hand for you to high five, the same humorous glint in his eyes from high school still showing as he laughs with you.
"it's just like high school all over again." atsumu shakes his head at the two of you, and for the first time since they've got there, he takes the seat across from where you used to sit.
suna doesn't sit down, instead he puts a hand on his hip as he grins, "i have a lot of stuff on you from high school, you know."
"rin," atsumu groans, and he glares, "if you don't shut the hell up."
"he had such a big crush on you." suna tells you anyways, his cool demeanor not once faltering, "he'd make us take the long way to school so we'd 'accidentally' bump into you on the way."
(and atsumu's glare crumbles. the pink from his ears cascading to the rest of his face.)
"oh my god, you had a crush on me?" you look at atsumu, your eyes crinkling as you tease, "that is so embarrassing."
and atsumu, rolling his eyes, deadpans, "we are literally married."
to which you repeat, "sooooo embarrassing."
suna snorts, and atsumu, this time who has fully given up on the whole glaring thing, says, "you are uninvited to my house."
(and suna gives you another high five.)
it feels like it's been forever since you last saw suna. the last time the three of you had been together like this was at kita's birthday, and even then, you all seemed way too busy to actually hang out.
so, seeing him now? still connected and bonded with you like not a single second has passed? well, who cares about that stupid glove anymore.
suna takes a step to sit on the chair next to atsumu, but before he can, his phone rings, and he looks at you, brows slightly furrowing.
"i have to take this outside." he shakes his head in annoyance, but before he goes, he takes another step towards you.
suna hugs you again, "it's so good to see you." and he pulls back, kissing the side of your head.
and he's off to go outside.
"what? i get no kiss?" atsumu calls out to him, and for a second, suna turns around, subtly flashing his middle finger and flipping him off with a teasing grin.
atsumu laughs, this time looking at you, "so that basically means he loves me more than you."
"i've got tough competition." you nod, coming back to your seat.
and it's just the two of you again.
he sits comfortably in front of you and you do the same for him, and it's almost like the two of you are just there to ... be there. to just sit together for a while, to just look at each other, and he loves it.
"hey," atsumu smiles.
and your shoulders rise, "hey."
atsumu breaks away from the little staring thing the two of you had going on, and for a second, his attention is on his sports bag as he gently rummages through it.
he finds whatever it was he was looking for, and looking back at you, his smile easily reaches his eyes.
"here." and he hands you a glove.
it isn't the glove the dry cleaners lost, but its the other pair of it that you "misplaced" a few months ago.
"where did you get this?" your mouth falls, the traces of a smile peaking through.
and for a second, atsumu pauses, and he just shrugs.
he tells you, "i keep this one in my locker."
you can't seem to stop smiling, "why?"
what was that saying? i carry your heart with me all the time? atsumu feels like he's read that somewhere before, but he never did get the chance to forget about it.
the glove that means so much to you - it probably doesn't hold as much meaning to him, if he's being honest - but for some reason, he still keeps it in his locker, because every time he sees it, he thinks of you.
he shakes his head, "just because."
"just because?" you frown, but the crinkle in your eyes doesn't go away, "that's all i'm getting?"
and atsumu, with the playful, teasing, haze he still has in his eyes, leans in closer to you - his smile getting wider when you do the same - and with a quick laugh, he pulls you in with his hand.
and he kisses you, because that's all he's been wanting to do since you first called him this morning.
its a simple, quick kiss, nothing too deep or rushed. it was just him, his eyes closed, smiling against your lips for however long he can stretch a second.
"that's all you're getting." and he pulls back, the smile on his face the same, but a different pink dusting his nose.
you shake your head, laughing, "wow, being married to you is getting me nothing at all."
and atsumu says, scoffing, "yeah yeah, just make sure to give this glove back to me when you get home tonight."
i carry your heart with me all the time, i carry it in my heart.
Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · 2 days ago
headcanons with bokuto, atsumu, akaashi, kuroo, suna && sakusa.
Tumblr media
yeah, sex is cool. but what about holding a timid bokuto, who’s ego had been flattened after a harsh match. running your fingers through his hair, whispering sweet praise to him as he clings to you like a child to his mother.
what about re-dying atsumu’s hair after it had began to fade back to it’s chestnut brown, breathless with laughter at the sharp mohawk that you had pushed his dampened strands into.
what about having akaashi style your hair after you complain that you ‘can’t reach the back’, and sitting in pure bliss as he does the work for you.
what about receiving a note from kuroo every morning after he’s already left for work, telling you how he misses and loves you very much. and also reminding you that he made your dinner and left it for you in the fridge :)
what about a wholesome suna who sits with you on facetime for hours on end, listening to you ramble and even adding in his own little jokes and opinions every now and again.
what about sakusa who always brings you a spare mask, and when you look up at him in surprise, realizing you had left yours at home, he simply hands one out to you, watching you with a hidden smile as you eagerly place it over your mouth.
Tumblr media
©zeroatsu2021 do not copy, translate or plagiarize in any way.
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atsumiye · a day ago
Tumblr media
"look at the pretty dress daddy bought me!" your daughter twirls a few times until she loses balance, your husband catching her before she falls.
"its very pretty baby." you squat down to brush your daughters hair away from her face, brushing down the dress and leaving a kiss on her cheek, "can you braid my hair too mommy? please?"
"sure thing, go and get your hair ties and the clips okay?" she nods, running up the stairs towards her bathroom.
you turn back to suna, eyeing the shopping bags in his hands as he drops them to the floor.
"rin, i thought we had agreed on not buying anymore clothes for her right now." you wrap your arms around your husbands neck, and his hands make their way to your lower back. one hand sliding under your shirt to rub at your back.
"i don't remember agreeing to that." suna pecks your lips once before leaving a kiss on your forehead.
"i can see you smirking."
"you're imagining things babe." you giggle and roll your eyes, "we agreed to that because her closet is overfilling and we have no where to hang anything anymore," you run your hand through the hair on the back of his head, "if she asks, will you just have another closet built for her?" you smile and tilt your head.
he laughs and sighs, "baby, you can't blame me. she has your eyes, and i can never say no when she pulls the little puppy dog eyes you both do when you want something."
"mhm. sure."
"and if either of you asked, id just buy you a separate house to keep all the clothes you could want."
"really? that so very practical suna."
"incredibly practical and realistic, suna."
you tsk, "that was cheesy."
you drop your head onto his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist and closing your eyes when he kisses the top of your head.
"mommy, come upstairs! and bring daddy too!"
you look at at suna, your chin resting on his chest, "cmon, she probably wants to do your makeup," you grab his hand and bring him with you towards the stairs. turning back you smile at him, "and this time i won't stop her from using the glitter on you."
"babe, you know that never comes out."
"oh i know. its what you deserve for not listening to me." you stick your tongue out at him and begin going up the stairs, yelping when you feel a pinch on your thigh.
whipping your head around you narrow your eyes at him ready to snap at him but he says, "i love you."
you roll your eyes, "i love you too."
"i know pretty. so that's why im begging. no glitter."
Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · a day ago
༉‧₊˚. haikyuu boys + photobooths
Tumblr media
suna, iwaizumi, sakusa & atsumu
Tumblr media
in which, you (or they) insist on taking a couple pictures, the good ol fashioned way.
+ word c. 1029
+ warnings. gn reader, kissing, not proofread, cliche + cringe love & sorta suggestive
Tumblr media
suna rintarō
smiled cheekily as you entered the photobooth, his lanky fingers intertwined with yours. he pulled you onto his lap, both sets of hands placed prettily on your thighs. "su-" you were interrupted by the flash of the camera, missing the picture. "rin." you frowned down at him as he smirked, squeezing your hands. "can we be international super spies?" you asked, already imitating a gun with your hands as suna quickly did the same, both of you shooting each other smug smirks. the camera flashed, temporarily blinding both of you as you immediately laughed. "can we dab?" rin asked, your eyes quickly widening as he indeed started dabbing. "you're insufferable." you said, shooting a playful, disgusted look at him. "don't ever do that again." you said as the camera flashed, catching your disgusted look and your boyfriend, mid-dab. "alright, last o-" you were cut off by a kiss from suna, his pink lips crashing against yours as his hand trailed up to the side of your face, gently caressing it as the last flash of the camera went off, him pulling away with a satisfied grin. suna gently guided you off his lap before taking your hand and leading you out, eager to see the pictures.
iwaizumi hajime
sighed as you dragged him into the mall's photobooth, upset and cranky due to the whopping $20 he had to pay to even enter the rinky dink machine. "smile, you party pooper." you giggled, pulling his cheeks into a forced smile, his face still evidently angry. iwaizumi gently removed your hands from his face, keeping them safe in his own calloused ones. you looked at him, a sheepish smile climbing onto your face as hajime held back a giddy smile. all of a sudden, a flash came out of no where, startling the both of you. "ok ok we have three more.” you scrambled to find another pose with hajime, him just looking at you absentmindedly. the timer hit one as you attempted to do silly faces , although it just resulted in iwa missing it by a second. "it's fine." you smiled, watching as the timer counted down to the next picture, ultimately missing it again by a millisecond. "damn. ok one more, make it count." you sighed, looking defeated as iwaizumi stared at your lips. he quickly took your chin between his fingers before pulling you forward, planting a hard kiss on your soft lips as the camera flashed for the last time. your eyes widened as he continued to kiss you even after the picture was taken, soft grunts escaping his lips collied with yours. he pulled away, asking, "did i make it count?"
sakusa kiyoomi
uncomfortably shifted himself in his seat as he sheepishly pulled down his mask, an annoyed grin pulling at his lips. he shook his head at you, whose brain was going a mile a minute as you tried to figure out a pose for the both of you. you quickly settled on the classic ‘kiss on the cheek’, slightly startling kiyoomi as your lips pressed against his soft cheek, him turning away with embarrassment as you giggled at his attitude. “you choose next- cmon cmon!” you rushed him. sakusa merely smiled as he took your chin between his fingers, staring into your eyes as your own widened. the camera flashed, catching the little grin you shot at each other. “i think that one was good enough, let’s go.” he said attempting to get up. you sighed and quickly pushed him down, taking his wrist in your hands. kiyoomi’s lips pressed into a thin line as he realized what you were doing, already rolling his eyes. “don’t-“ he was interrupted by the flash of the camera, capturing the way you laughed while twist your boyfriend’s wrist every which way, his eyes mid-roll. “you’re wrong for that.” sakusa said, running his hand through his dark curls. “you’ll live.” you replied, leaning towards him. “are we really gonna do this?” he sighed, turning to face you. “you know you want to.” he couldn’t deny it, but it just felt too cliche to him. nevertheless, he leaned in to place a chaste kiss on your lips, him looking at you with love. the camera flashed — the last photo was taken. you turned to leave the booth — until you felt a hand grab your wrist. “wait— one more round.”
miya atsumu
entered the photobooth as a single man. a single man, who had an idea as soon as he saw the photobooth, quick to make up an excuse as to why he wanted to take pictures with you. “‘s for memories, y/n.” he said, which wasn’t complete lie. you reluctantly entered, your hand wrapped in atsumu’s. as soon as you entered, he turned to you, looking as if he wanted to say something to you. “tsumu, the pictures-“ he cut you off, respectfully of course. “can i just say somethin’?” he asked, watching as the camera took its first picture, both of you looking into each other’s eyes. “we’ve been friends since…. forever, right?” atsumu asked, noticing the smile pinching at your cheeks. “yeah…..” you feigned a confused face as you fought back the smile, knowing exactly what he was gonna ask. “so uh- damn i didn’t plan this well.” atsumu scolded himself. click, the second picture was taken. “shoot, ok. well, lemme just ask.” you had never seen this side of atsumu, all nervous and flustered. it was different from his usual overly confident and flirtatious side. “will ya do me the honor of doing ya the honor of honoring me of bein’ ma special person?” you burst into laughter as the words fell from his lips, atsumu’s eyes widening, emulating a disappointed look. the flash of the camera filled the booth. “well?” he asked. you feigned a thinking face, putting your hand on your chin and whatnot. “of course.” you smiled, immediately pulling atsumu by the collar of his shirt onto your lips, feeling him gasp against your lips. click, the last photo was taken, revealing you and atsumu locking lips as a newly formed couple. atsumu left the photobooth as a taken man.
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated <3
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© mattsunbae 2021. please refrain from copying, translating and/or modifying.
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rintuhrou · a day ago
Tumblr media
genre: fluff + angst if u squint + humor
cw: implied arguments
characters: time-skip tsukishima, iwaizumi, oikawa, kageyama
ib: @ch0s0 ! (they gave me permission)
a/n: iwa’s is more like arguing and making up but who cares right 🤕
back to navi
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA throws his head back onto the headboard, harshly rubbing both of his hands on his face as his eyes follows your figure retreating from the bedroom, he gets up and trails behind you—“y/n” he calls out, feet padding before yours “what?” he winces at the tone but follows you nonetheless “y/n, you know i didn’t mean it like that” you don’t respond to him, instead, you walk pass by him to grab your apron when a pair of hands lands on your hips, halting all of your movements “kei let go of me” “no” he spins your body around, your chest now against his “—y/n i’m sorry, i’ll be cautious of my words next time” he mumbles, face buried in the crook of your neck, with a heavy sigh, you turn around, gently lifting his head away from your neck “promise me you won’t do that again? he nods “okay” you let him lean his weight on you as you rub his back up and down
IWAIZUMI’s shoulder droops as you disappear away from his sight, regret written all over his face. he doesn’t waste a minute before knocking on the door twice, gently opening the door to see you all hunched up on your side of the bed with a pillow clutched on your chest, and back faced away from him, he inches up beside you, hands coming up to rest on your sides but you shy away from his touch, clutching the pillow tighter, he feels a slight twinge of pain at the thought of you hiding away from him. he scoops you up, hoisting you onto to his lap though feels your body tense up on his touch for a minute before finally easing up “i’m sorry y/n, it was not my intention to hurt you, i know that isn’t a valid reason for what i did, but give me a chance to make it up to you, yeah?“ you nod weakly and he tightens his hold on you as he walks out of the room— he’s on the kitchen now, making the both of you breakfast, your head still resting on his chest and legs wrapped around his waist tightly, he kisses your temple from time to time and for a moment, you’re happy about the silence filling up the room.
OIKAWA’s face turns into a frown as soon as you remove yourself from his hold, a noise of protest escaping his mouth as he sinks back on the couch, staring at you intently like he’s expecting you to turn around and wrap yourself back on his embrace again, but much to his disappointment, you don’t look back at him anymore— half an hour later of your arm nudging away his hand for the nth time, you let out a sigh before turning around with your hands on your hips “oikawa, can you stop doing that? i’m busy cooki—hmph!“ your words cut off as he lifts your body on top of the counter and traps you between his arms “oikawa get off me” you look down, trying to avoid his gaze, but he won’t allow that to happen would he? he tilts your chin up, forcing your eyes on him “don’t call me by my last name, ‘s rude, baby please” you chuckle lightly at his whine, almost forgetting you were even mad at him in the first place as you wrap your arms around his neck “i won’t forgive you, not yet at least” “what you said still hurt me so don’t do that again or i’ll leave you all starving here” he looks up, frown now replaced with an expression of relief and his chin resting on your chest “tsk we both know thats a lie y/n you can’t actually live without me”
KAGEYAMA pinches his eyes together as he watches you march your way out the room, he strings along behind, desperately trying to get a hold of you “y/n stop walking for a moment please” you move to the other side of the kitchen, opening multiple cabinets and grabbing whatever you can grab to reason yourself about being busy “y/n i know what you’re trying to do” you scoff at him, snatching yourself an apple from the bowl on the center of the table “y/n those are fake, you bought that last month at the department store” you stiffen, face flushing in embarrassment as you watch him hold back a laugh, he takes advantage of your frozen figure to throw you over his shoulder and tackle you back down to the couch, you sit up, crossing your arms over your chest “stop laughing it’s not funny” he clears his throat before lifting you up and back down to make you face him “then stop ignoring me” you want to look away but you chose not to, for some reason “if you laugh at me again i will never talk to you again” “yeah sure, y/n”
Tumblr media
© rintuhrou | don’t translate, repost on any platforms nor copy work.
Tumblr media
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sunaerin · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Outtakes of Second Chances
pairings: singledad!suna x teacher!f!reader + side characters
sypnosis: single dad Suna Rintarou, age 24, currently lives with his daughter, Sora, age four with a couple months short of becoming five. Becoming a parent was once a dream of his, but not until way later in age... maybe when his life was settled... - no, having a child was never within the agenda for Rintarou. But surely life doesn’t work in accordance to any one’s plans. With the falling out of his toxic ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, to the repetitive reminder that having a child wasn’t some child’s play, to his utter desire to be young and reckless without any sense of responsibilities, to lastly, trying to overcome the barriers of heartbreak and believing that someone can truly love him for his worth... the option to fall in love again was no longer a given, but more so a god-given privilege. So, when he meets YN... Sora’s beloved kindergarten teacher, will Suna Rintarou get a second chance in love? More importantly, will she be enough for Suna to gamble in the chances of heartbreak… once more?
genre: fluff, slight angst, parenthood, SFW, NSFW (there will be explicit content in some chapters)
+ this will just be a series of drabbles & short stories.
++ if it wasn’t for @/sunarinsbubs I probably would’ve never posted this 😊 so thank you
Tumblr media
• chapter. 01 : getting Sora to eat her peas… & their beloved angel - very soon…
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melsun · a day ago
Tumblr media
♯ ft . sakusa, akaashi, oikawa, suna, sugawara, hinata
Tumblr media
𝄢 SAKUSA doesn’t admit it— he probably never will; but when you tip-toe to kiss his forehead (no, you still don’t reach it- have you seen how fucking tall that man is?); his heart skips a beat - he feels like an idiot in love, raising himself higher so you fall on his chest instead, arms snaking around your waist to hold you closer. “unfair!,” you grumble, making a face at kiyoomi as he flicks your forehead. “shut up,” he starts, gaze hooking onto the smile which has somehow made its way onto your face despite not being able to do what you want— perfectly matching the one he’s hiding underneath.
𝄢 AKAASHI can’t take his eyes off your lips when you talk— he tries so hard to listen, but his gaze keeps flickering from your eyes down to your oh-so-kissable lips, hand reaching up to your face as if it has a mind of its own. “can i kiss you?,” he interrupts your rambling, leaning in before you can answer- his mouth soft on yours. as always, he tastes like cinnamon- making you forget what you were talking about as your hand runs through his hair, his gripping your jaw gently to push you further towards him. “sorry,” he chuckles, pulling apart, “just can’t help myself,” his heart beats faster when you shake your head and pull him in for another kiss.
𝄢 OIKAWA is the living embodiment of brushing that stray piece out of your lover’s eyes, whether it’s his hair you’re pushing back- or the other way round. “what ar-,” you pause as oikawa extends his arm, his hand brushing past your forehead to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “thanks,” you grin, “it was getting in the way.” he scrunches his nose, tone cheeky, “-way of you seeing my pretty face, right?,” he quips, pouting when you don’t answer, “right?! y/n-chan!” .he demands you pepper his face with kisses to make up for your appalling behaviour.
𝄢 SUNA can read you like a book—you’re the couple who communicates without actually having to. upset at a party, it’s like you talk using simple telepathy when you decide to leave. “ya bored?,” suna whispers, hand on your waist and your back against his chest as he leans down to speak. he’s noticed how your drink’s been resting on the table, your hair twirling in your hands, a slight frown accompanying your furrowed brows. “let’s get out of here and go for a drive,” he suggests, making you snap out of your gloomy state to grin— as he presses a soft kiss to your neck.
𝄢 SUGAWARA has a hand on his stomach, loud laughs leaving him at some joke nishinoya made— asahi’s bewildered expression adding fuel to the fire. “he’s really-,” koushi tries to speak, but is hindered by another loud giggle escaping his lips. his eyes search for yours— you’re laughing too, everyone is. “i can’t believe you, noya,” tears are flowing down your cheeks at this point, knees folded. yours flicker to his, holding eye contact for a few seconds, and somewhere between the joy and laughter- your hearts swell with love. among all the chaos and snorting, his eyes always find you- after all, in a group of people laughing, you tend to look at who you feel closest to.
𝄢 HINATA spaces out while grinning at you— the same sort of trance he’s in while he watches the spot he’s going to spike to. (you know, feeling like he’s on top of the world). looking at you makes him feel just like that— like he has wings. (you’re his cloud nine). “sho,” you poke his arm, getting no response, “shoyo,” you stress again, making him jump as you shake him back and forth gently, hands on his shoulders. “sorry!,” he exclaims, tilting his head to the side and flashing you his wide smile, “you’re so pretty!,” he yells, swaying excitedly as he grabs your hand. his cheeks are bright red, making your heart race at his pure genuine words. (he means what he says, always).
Tumblr media
tagging : @sunkeiji @/anon (lmao) @sunarent @sugamintchocochip
- reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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ellewords · a day ago
Tumblr media
kuroo had a proposition : that if both of you were still single by 30, you would simply marry each other.
“for the tax benefits, of course.” he reasoned, half-drunk and gazing at you with a familiar glint of mischief in his eyes, “and you know, at least we won’t be alone forever and all that stuff.”
and you agreed, waving off his proposition thinking that he would be too drunk to remember it the following morning. except kuroo did and he was more than willing to remind you of this little deal every chance he got.
the years would eventually pass and both you and kuroo have seen your fair share of lovers...though none of them ever seemed to last very long. now, here you are : age twenty-nine, a minute before you turn thirty, and you are spending it with none other than kuroo tetsurō, your best friend for over a decade. 
midnight strikes and he turns to you with the largest smile, “well. both of us are thirty now...and last time i checked, we’re still single.”
“guess you have to marry me for the tax benefits now.” you shrug your shoulders with a chuckle, ignoring the tug that came to your heartstrings when he smiled. 
“yeah, but i do have a new reason for wanting to marrying you.”
you tilt your head to the side, confused by what he meant, “what?”
kuroo takes your hand in his, looking at you with the softest gaze imaginable, “love.”
Tumblr media
from elle !  thinking bout bestie kuroo tonight so here we are </3 i do not ask for much only that he save me from the mountain of uni work i have to do sobsob
Tumblr media
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adeline0311 · 3 days ago
ᴍʏ ғᴀᴠᴏʀɪᴛᴇ ᴘᴏsᴛs ᴡ/ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏᴏʀᴜ
I think I do more post like this to help others 
sorry every mistakes, Englisht isn’t my first language
if they’re any mistake, please tell me, thank you and i hope i can help u w/this post (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
[🍑- smut ] [🌺 - fluff ] [🌵 - angst ] [ 🍇 - funny ]
Tumblr media
just another rebound [ @babyshoyo ] 🌵
god!oikawa [ @nekomasmeow ] 🍑
you’re sore the morning after  [ @cptnleviackerman ] 🌺
indirect kiss [ @fvshigvro ] 🌺
their kids fighting [ @maizumis ] 🌺🍇
first kiss [ @meg-gumigumi ] 🌺
their child falls when running to them [ @hvnlydmn ] 🌺
crawling into his [ @kageyuji ] 🌺
sit on his face [ @atsymu​ ] 🍑
as your boyfriend [ @kuroopaisen ] 🌺
they stand up for their s/o to their fangirls [ @wowtobio ] 🌺
a maid’s job  [ @queenofallimagines ] 🍑
fake dating [ @krappykawa ] 🌺
you’re avoiding him after he hurt you [ @lovely-angst ] 🌵🌺
,,am i losing you?” [ @myhaikyuuthings ] 🌵
,,i’m gonna marry this man’’ [ @daikushiji ] 🌺
those longs hugs [ @nekomas-kuroo​ ] 🌺
he kisses you during an argument [ @daikushiji​ ] 🌵🌺
frustrated make out w/him after he lost a game [ @tsukishimaenthusiast​ ] 🌺
someone ask your boyfriend if you’re single [ @kageyuji​ ] 🍇🌺
invalidating their s/o’s hard work [ @kybabi ] 🌵🌺
sleeping next to him after an argument [ @torusaki ] 🌵🌺
making out [ @legendaryoikawa ] 
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy [ @kybabi​ ] 🌵🌺
cockwarming [ @sugawaraxo ] 🍑
saying “i need a break” in a fight  [ @r00ks ] 🌵🌺
tropes that suit him [ @elysianslove ]
your love language is physical touch but you’re shy about it [ @ichigomis ] 🌺
pushing their crush away and missing them [ @kybabi ] 🌵🌺
“no. the moment you saw me as a bet was a moment you fucked up” [ @haikyuu-drabble​ ] 🌺🌵
you see him w/ someone else after breakup [ @toorusplant​ ]🌵
overstimulating themselves to fuck their cum back [ @blvckjvckvls​ ]🍑
when you’re crying [ @tobi-momo​ ] 🌵🌺
hq boys reacting to your dirty fav fantasies [ @renaissansse​ ] 🍑
he accidentally wakes u up [ @itsdanii​ ] 🌺
just another rebound [ @babyshoyo​ ] 🌵
i will continue the update later ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)
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svtsuna · a day ago
Tumblr media
suna rintaro x fem!reader
+ smut, lil fluff in between the lines, characters aged up, established relationship, college setting
Tumblr media
tags/warnings. semi-public sex, locker room and shower sex, degradation/humiliation , unprotected sex, mention of marking (hickeys), tummy bulge, god complex (lol), penetration of menstrual cup (no mentions of blood tho), fingering, size kink, creampie, usage of daddy nickname
word count. 1.9k+
note. first time writing explicit smut. please do not copy, translate or post anywhere in other platforms. 
AGELESS BLOGS AND MINORS DNI. i won’t hesitate to block.
Tumblr media
You were always such a good girl for Suna, always waiting and watching him play volleyball after classes so you could go walk home together after practice. Though, this time it was different for once. 
Suna already had in mind that he would purposely keep practicing in the gym after training hours were done and his teammates were for sure in the shower, convincing you to help him by tossing ball after ball to him so he could practice his spikes. 
You obliged anyway, thinking he really did want to practice more until after he spiked the last ball across the court did he speak up. 
“Stay there, baby.” He commanded with his husky voice that you knew all too well. He started approaching you with his body and clothes swimming in his sweat, yet that managed to turn you on. 
You rubbed your thighs together, the movement doesn’t go unnoticed to your boyfriend. He smirks at your dumbstruck look, he knows you know what he wants as he grabs your left hand with his right and twirling you around so that you were facing the volleyball net. 
“Do I have permission to fuck you with my fingers, doll?” You gulped but nonetheless, nodded your head vigorously. He slips a hand under your short tennis skirt, he wanted to rip it apart as soon as he saw you in it today in campus. He cups your pussy, feeling your juices already seeping out from your panties. 
He lets out a grunt, “Fuck, baby, were you skimping around wet with these fucking short skirt all day?” 
“Y-Yes! I-I- please, just fuck me! Oh-” Without warning, he pushed your panties to the side, quickly slipping one finger inside your pussy, following another digit. You gripped the net with both hands for dear life to stay upward, muffling your moans and whimpers on your shoulder. The way his fingers were enough to come in contact with the spongy spot inside you already was enough to tell Suna was huge the first time he fingered you before. 
Your leaking pussy combined with the lewd, squelching noises that were producing has Suna’s patience wearing thin. He wanted to free his dick out from restrains and fuck you right in the middle of the court, thrilled by the thought of getting caught making love to his girl but he was possessive as fuck. Your pretty pussy was for him and him only.
It was the footsteps then he was hearing in coming footsteps that got Suna to pull his digits out, and followed by tugging your skirt down. Your panties remained on the side, your hole exposed from under your skirt. You shivered, your legs wobbly as you did your best to stand up, one hand gripping on the net and the other on Suna’s shoulder for support. 
“Yo, Suna!” Atsumu called out, as his figure popped in view from the gym’s entrance, “You haven't showered yet? Team planned to have dinner together, remember?” His hands were on his hips, a confused expression matching his face. Kita then appeared beside him, his eyes narrowed once he saw the position you were in. Although you were standing side by side, you still gripped the net like it was your life support, seeing as you were mildly panting. From the way you caught where Kita was looking at, you dropped your hand at the speed of light, avoiding your boyfriend’s teammates' gazes.
“We were just about to— uhh, t-tidy up! Fix the net and all.” You stuttered out, smiling shyly for no reason like a deer caught in headlights. Unbeknownst to you, Suna has his lips pursed with the effort to refrain himself from laughing, shaking his head slightly. It was enough confirmation for the captain that you and Suna weren’t just practicing— or “tidying up” in the gym.
Suna couldn’t help it anymore as he snickered at your obvious act, causing you to pinch his arm from behind you in which he yelped. He pouted, rubbing the spot on his spot where you pinched him. This man was unbelievable. He went from going alpha on you to being adorable in mere minutes?
“We'll be going ahead first to get enough seats for everyone. Y/N, you’re expected to come too.” the captain informed. The thought you were invited even though it was a team dinner made your heart happy. You smiled as you nodded in acknowledgement, not trusting your voice from the sexual activity less than 5 minutes ago.
“Oh, and Y/N?” Kita called out again.
“We were under instruction that we didn’t need to put the net back, we have practice early tomorrow morning anyway. Nice segway though,” Atsumu’s eyes widened between you three, finally putting the pieces together. With Kita holding his deadpan expression at your flustered face, a tiny smirk grew on his lips as he turned to leave with Atsumu hot on his tail. 
Your boyfriend’s snort brought you out of your trance, earning him a slap to his shoulder. But who were you to deny that wasn’t thrilling as it was exciting for you too?
As soon as the last member filed out of the locker room, Suna wasted no time in claiming your lips with his. He swiftly shut the door with his foot followed by slamming your body against the lockers, making sure to protect the back of your head from the metal with his palm. Soon enough, his hands were already groping your tits, kneading the soft flesh and teasing your nipples with his thumb and index finger at the same time.
After both of you hurriedly undressed each other, his hands then travelled down your ass, slapping and squeezing your exposed skin ‘til he lifted you up against himself so that you could wrap your legs around him.
“Shit baby, you’re dripping for me already.” And fuck it, you were. You felt the wetness on your thighs causing it to smear onto Suna’s erection, creating enough lube.
Your lover groaned, taking careful steps whilst carrying you to the shower. Right after he turned on the water faucet did he finally manage to slip his cock inside your tight pussy without warning. 
“R-Rin!” You practically screamed out his name.
“Mmm, you really wanted my dick inside your slutty cunt right in the middle of the gym earlier, didn’t you?” He tightens his grip on your hips, pulling out until the tip was what’s left inside your pussy then he was rutting every inch of his cock inside you again.
“Drop the fucking innocent act next time, huh? You know you like the idea of showing the boys how your pussy gets wet for me only.” 
You were a moaning mess, your cunt was releasing so much of juice that it coated his entire dick whenever he pulled out. You were so perfect for each other, with so many times you had sex after his trainings, your pussy was practically a mold of his huge cock. 
After several thrusts of his hips, Suna laid you down on the tiled floor. The water still running down on both of your bodies didn’t give Suna much of a choice to fuck you against the slippery wall anymore. He was considering the bruising grip he had might hurt your hip, and although you didn’t say anything because you were too dumb on his cock, he didn’t want to cause that kind of physical pain on you that way. 
He settled for his body between your legs, spread it so wide that both of your legs rested on his shoulders and practically folded your body in a mating press on the bathroom floor. He rutted his cock inside your sopping pussy once more at a heated pace and started licking and sucking on your neck. You didn’t care if he was going to leave visible hickeys that could so much as be obvious to his teammates later. Your eyes rolled at the back of your head, drooling so much that it mixed with water on the floor. 
“Mmph! So fucking big—” You were squeezing him so much while the tip of his cock met your cervix each time he rammed inside of you, making you feel every vein his length holds. You were unable to form words at the point where he reached so deep inside that you felt the tip of his cock in your stomach. 
“I can feel you in my t-tummy! Oh, G-God!’
He smirked, “That’s right, I’m your fucking God now.”  He was fucking you stupid and drunk on his cock, he slips a hand between both of your bodies to rub your clit, causing your entire body to squirm underneath him and your legs to tremble.
“Hah- Suna! Please fill me up with your cum!” He was pounding on you faster than before, grinning as he watched where you two met and eyes traveling up to where your hickey covered chest was bouncing each time he pounded into you. He could even see the head of his cock poking out of your stomach just like you said even at his peripheral vision.
“Did my baby just ask to stuff her with my cum?” His husky voice and the sounds of your squelching pussy making you more wet.
“Yes, please! Stuff me so good, Daddy!” And he did, as his pelvis pressed against your folds as he painted your walls white with his cum just after you squirted as well. Your walls spasming around his cock. Suna then remembered your complaints earlier this morning on how your breast was sore, most probably because you were nearing the time of the month. So before Suna pulled out, he released you from the mating press and guided you to wrap your legs around his waist instead.
“Wh-Why?” Was all you managed to blurt out, still obviously drunk on his cock.
He stood up, ignoring you as he lifted you up from the shower floor. His cock and cum still inside your pussy as he went to rummage through your bag, intent to get a hold of what he’s looking for.
“Baby, we’re wasting water.” He would have chuckled at your oh-so saint remark if he wasn’t so focused and until he found your menstrual cup from inside your small toiletry purse. He connected eyes with your widened ones as you were trying to put the pieces together. You knew what he was aiming for. 
“Don’t let any of Daddy’s cum go to waste, okay? I’ll wash your pretty pussy after dinner tonight.” And with that, he set you down on the bench in front of the locker as he pulled his big cock out. He tilted the lower half of your body upwards so that none of his cum slipped out, then he folded the cup like how he saw you do plenty of times and put it inside your cum-filled cunt. 
“A-Ah!” It was cute how you still moaned like the needy whore you were. Suna wanted to go for round 2 but he remembered you two had a dinner to go to as promised. He bites his bottom lip, proud of his idea and ogling at his work. Your feet meet the cold floor, your legs still visibly shaking. 
“C’mon, gorgeous, let’s get cleaned up for real this time.” He chuckled as he intertwined his fingers through your small ones, guiding you to the shower once again. He kisses your forehead from time to time while in the shower, always making sure you get the after care you deserved as he insisted on cleaning your body and washing your hair.
“I love you, Y/N.” 
“I love you too, Rin.”
All throughout dinner, your cunt remained full of his cum mixed with yours under your short skirt. After this, no doubt he was getting his midnight snack and that involved devouring your sweet pussy tonight.
Tumblr media
< general masterlist | haikyuu masterlist > 
please do not copy, translate or post anywhere in other platforms. feedbacks, comments, rbs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 23 hours ago
hq boys and their habits ! (pt. 2)
✸ft. oikawa, akaashi, atsumu, suna, noya, & semi
Tumblr media
✸ OIKAWA communicates through facial expressions. it’s actually really helpful when he wants people to know he’s engaged in their discussion. just raising his eyebrows is enough to tell people he’s listening. it’s a little less helpful when he’s eavesdropping or happens to hear something he’s not supposed to. he’s terrible at hiding the surprise on his face when he’s listening in on a conversation that he isn’t a part of. it’s a dead giveaway.
✸ AKAASHI always sets his thermostat and television/radio volume to even numbers. even if it doesn’t display the numbers, he will count the little bars to make sure it’s on an even amount. he can’t even do increments of five. it’s more of an aesthetic decision than anything else but he lives by it. it’s a habit that extends outside of his home, too. he never takes note of it, but when he’s at someone else’s house or in their car he does the same thing.
✸ ATSUMU eats his food in a certain order; starting from his least favorite thing on the plate and working his way up to his favorite. it stems from when he was a kid and he’d leave all his vegetables on his plate. his mom noticed and started asking him to at least try to eat some of it before scarfing down the rest of his food. so he did, and it actually worked. he likes eating this way because apparently “the best taste lasts longer that way.”
✸ SUNA always has some sort of sound playing in his headphones and throughout his room. a lot of the time he isn’t actively listening to whatever is playing, but he absolutely hates dead silence. complete silence to him feels super loud and hearing his thoughts all the time freaks him out. so he’ll put on a show he’s watched before or turn on some random music to play as background noise. he even goes to bed with his tv on.
✸ NOYA talks to himself out loud. it started as a way to help him memorize and recall his material for school but it bled into his everyday life because he did it so often. so now he just narrates his tasks or holds entire conversations with himself. him listing off things he needs to do for the day and his extensive commentary of the show he’s watching is normal to him at this point. he even does it in public, but tries to keep it down to a whisper.
✸ SEMI measures time with music. he never thinks “it’ll take me fifteen minutes to get home,” because his brain his hardwired to think in terms of songs instead. he plays music just about all the time so it’s easier for him to make that comparison. so his trip home is more like five songs rather than fifteen minutes. it’s handy to him but way less helpful when people need to know when he’s arriving because what the hell does “in about three songs” mean.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs appreciated <3
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ykwrites · 2 days ago
Accidental confession-Karasuno boys x reader smau
Pairings: Sugawara x reader, Daichi x reader and Tsukishima x reader.
Warnings: None.
Rating: SFW
Requests: Open.
𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨 𝕚𝕗 𝕦 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥!
𝓢𝓾𝓰𝓪𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓪 𝓚𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓲
Tumblr media
𝓓𝓪𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝔀𝓪𝓶𝓾𝓻𝓪
Tumblr media
𝓣𝓼𝓾𝓴𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓶𝓪 𝓚𝓮𝓲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pearlheartedgirl · a day ago
Calling you annoying - Tetsuro Kuroo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: Tetsuro Kuroo x Gender Neutral! Reader
contains: angst
word count: 1.4k
a/n: Kuroo's version is here! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:·゚✧ Hope you guys like it. Like and reblog and I hope you have a great day ahead !
Tumblr media
Science had never been your strong suit. So seeing you struggle in the chemistry classes in your college, your boyfriend, Kuroo had very kindly offered to tutor you. And your performance significantly improved thanks to him, he explained the concepts in such a way that you could easily grasp them, and he took his time covering a particular topic making sure you understood it clearly. Studying chemistry with Kuroo was fun and you enjoyed every bit of it.
But today, you were in absolutely no mood for your study session with Kuroo. Your mind was preoccupied with other things. Let’s just say you weren’t in the best state of mind. You had a fight with your mom and you were feeling a little out of it because of which you were struggling to focus.
Kuroo on the other hand was just tired and he just wanted to get over with the rest of them as soon as possible. So there he was waiting for you at your designated spot in the library, looking absolutely dead and done. When he saw the time he could feel himself get a little irritated since you were running ten minutes late. Just as he was about to call you, you pulled the chair beside him and he looked up at you as if asking you what took so long.
“Sorry, something came up.”
After a few minutes of studying and managing to successfully fail to understand what Kuroo was saying, you realized that today’s session was going to be pointless. So interrupting Kuroo, you said, “ Tetsu, I am not feeling great today, can’t we do this tomorrow.”
Now if Kuroo wasn’t so done with everything at the moment, he would have sweetly responded by saying “Of course, sweetheart”, but instead he stared at you incredulously.
“Y/n, it’s literally not that hard. You’ve done harder topics than this. We’ll complete this today and start with something new tomorrow”, there was an underlying annoyance to his tone. He could not understand why you were trying to drag such a simple topic out when you could complete it today itself and get over with it.
“Let’s do some questions related to this if you are getting bored.”
He flipped some pages and asked you to solve some questions. And you just stared at the textbook infant of you, not sure what to do. You were on the edge of crying because everything was just building up and you began to feel so stupid that you couldn't even solve the question. You also began to feel guilty because you felt that Kuroo was the only one who was worried about your subject whereas you were just trying to postpone it. Of course, that wasn’t true, but you had the tendency to think negatively when you felt down. Nevertheless, you tried to solve the questions in front of you.
As Kuroo went through your solutions, he could feel his agitation growing. He saw that you used the wrong formula and let out a frustrated sigh since he literally just taught you that.
He looked at you and then said," Seriously Y/n, it feels like I am the only one who is putting effort into our study sessions. You got all of the questions wrong”, he places your notebook on the table and rubbed his face with his palms, exhaling into them, “How can someone be so stupid?”
You stiffened at the remark, feeling a hundred times miserable and self-conscious than before.
You tried to reason with him by telling him that you just weren’t feeling good.
“Stop with your excuses, Y/n. It makes you more annoying than you already are.” At that, your mouth snapped shut. Tears flood into your eyes, threatening t fall.
Kuroo began to pack his things “I will just leave since you are ‘not feeling good. I have better things to do than to tutor someone who isn’t reciprocating anyways.” With that, he left you alone at the library.
You could feel your head throbbing, and tears falling down your cheeks. You wiped them and collected your things and headed towards your apartment. Closing the door behind you, you finally let it all out. You lay down on your bed, contemplating life. You were sad, angry, and frustrated with yourself. So you did the best thing you could have done which was to resort to crying and sleeping.
The next morning you woke up with swollen eyes, a terrible headache, and several notifications from Kuroo. You checked your phone, you had two missed calls and a couple of messages from him. You groaned, you really didn’t want to deal with him. You went to the kitchen to get yourself a cup of coffee but you suddenly felt dizzy and the cupped slipped from your hands. You stared at it in shock and you decided the universe was trying to tell you something.
Maybe I should take an off today.
When Kuroo reached home and relaxed, he realised that he had been unnecessarily rude to you. So you decided to call you to check in on you, but as he picked up his phone, it began ringing and it saw that it was your dad calling him.
When he answered the phone, he got to know that you and your mom had a fight, which explained your gloomy mood. Your dad had called to check in on you since you weren’t answering his phone calls which made him worried. Kuroo assured him that you were fine and there was nothing to worry about. Upon ending the phone call, a surge of guilt took over him. He felt awful since he made you feel terrible just because he was not having the best day. He tried reaching out to you but saw your lack of response. He knew that you needed some space. But when Kuroo couldn’t see you within the campus he panicked. And after seeing your message ‘Can’t make it to study session. Feeling sick.’ He paled and immediately left for your apartment after his classes.
You were trying your best to uplift yourself so you went through the topics that you and Kuroo were trying to study yesterday, cleaned your apartment and completed some of your assignments. As you were leaning you the door of the open fridge, deciding what to eat. You heard a knock.
You opened the door only to see Kuroo there, giving you a sheepish grin. ”H-hey Y/n- wait-!” You closed the door pretending you didn’t see him there. ”I am not leaving until you let me in. I will literally spend the rest of the day outside your apartment.” You just rolled your eyes at that brushing it off like
An hour later, you saw that Kuroo’s car was still parked down, your eyes widened. You immediately rushed to your front door, opening it to see Kuroo on the floor staring at the wall in front of him. You looked down at him in utter disbelief “What the…”
“I told you I wasn’t leaving,” Kuroo said, standing up.
With that, you pulled him inside, closed your door slamming him on it, and kissed him. After breaking the kiss you looked up at him and he just grinned at you and all the anger and the hurt and the sadness you were feeling just melted away.
Kuroo hugged you kissing your forehead. “I am so sorry, baby. I was just having a shitty day and I ended up making yours worse. I am sorry.“ You stared into his eyes, seeing the genuinity overflowing in them giving you a sense of home and comfort.
“It’s alright, Tetsu. I am sorry I couldn’t focus yesterday…I had-“
“I know. Your dad called me. He was worried.”
“…I should’ve listened to you when you said you weren’t feeling good.”
“It’s alright. I know how you can get when you are tired.”
He looked at you and hugged you “I love you.”
“Love you too, Tetsu.”
You were busy completing a painting when Kuroo walked in. “It’s so beautiful.”
You glanced at him once. “Obviously, it’s you that I am painting.”
Kuroo laughs and hugs you from behind.
You put a little bit of paint on his nose. >:)
“You like it ?”
He nodded and kissed your cheek, “Obviously, it’s you who's painting it.”
Both of you laughed thinking that you both were so lucky to have each other.
Tumblr media
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martexic · 2 days ago
Crocheted Socks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: Online classes are boring. They are especially so when you could do something far more productive, and with Suna present, it's just a given at this point.
wordcount: 1.6k
tags: fluff, teenager fun, fuzzy cute lil socks, Suna's warm hoodies, kisses and online classes being boring
a/n: i've been stuck in my house due to the pandemic during classes, and in my infinite boredom, i decided to play dress up with my mom's clothes. i found a few pairs of crocheted socks and the first thing i did was put them on and slip around the main hallway for a good part of the day. after a good sweat, i sat down and wrote this real quick, because the high of the fun was still holding onto my brain. hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Two laptops were left on the kitchen table, their loud speakers left to wallow in the silence their owners left away with. The teacher on each of their screens was the same, talking to the class of students only visible as little colored dots where their cameras and bored faces were supposed to be. Two cups of tea next to eachother, the herbal tea you prepared along with the buttery toast, all of them left alone in their respective plates, to get cold.
But neither you nor Suna cared.
You can heat up the tea again. The toast might not have the same soft yet crispy effect it has right after it jumps out of the toaster, and your chairs might not be as warm as when you had your butts sat on it before. But, again, you didn't care. 
You balanced yourself again with a smooth fling of your arms, your socks carrying you down the long hallway of your home until you reach your genkan. You almost trip over the edge too, but quickly you save yourself before you come face first with the door. Laughter bubbles out of you just as melodically, your road to completion of the length of your house ended with a twirl of your body. It was unbalanced, and completely flailed, but you didn't care. The shoes left over the tiles at the genkan were cold beneath your socks, but you didn't feel them.
Warm was everything you were wrapped up in. Rintarou's hoodie heating you up to your neck, his sleeves reaching the tips of your fingers as you hold onto them, some sweats you found in your dresser, good enough to be stay at home clothes but too old to go out with, and your perfect orange and blue socks, made with the utmost of love by your granny. 
You bow down in an exagerated manner, hand on your chest and all.
Suna clapped from the other end of the hall, smile precious and lighting up your own face, from the opposite end of the hall. His hair adorably mussed up by your hands running through it, the tease of a flush across his cheeks so pretty to you. And you to know it's there, even from that distance. Because before the both of your started a marathon of sliding across the floors of your home, you kissed his cheeks and lips with innocent giggles and murmured chuckles during classes.
He's just as comfy as you are, with your father's clothes bundling him up in warmth, and most importantly, in another pair of crocheted socks you found, but this one far more stylish. Cartoon bunnies were sewn into them, pretty pink and pastel blue twirling experimentally around the bunnies. It was a war once you both set your eyes on them this fine morning. To keep warm, you had to pick and choose some old clothes you knew your family had around, for yourself and Rin. You swear, the moment you both landed your gazes on the innocent pair of socks, it was war. 
And Rintarou won triumphantly, obviously. He also rubbed it too hard in your face when he took his first slide over the laminated floors of your home. He was too smug about his win, and his smile was far too handsome and carefree for you to handle it.
"Majestic, beautiful, enlightening-" he counts down every exquisite adjective that pops into his head, shaking it softly back and forth in a show of act, to which you just burst out laughing. 
All of this is stupid. You both had classes to attend to, but doing them online proved to be quite boring, once a week has passed. Nobody to talk to during breaks, no annoying murmurs behind you, no random chairs scraping too hard against the floorboards. Your boyfriend suggested he came by because of the exact same reason of 'boredom' and to keep you company, to which you agreed to within the next breath. Online sucks, and you cannot help but hope that these days will only, in turn, benefit everyone as a whole, no matter how bored you are at home, only looking at the wall behind the screen of your laptop because it's got more interesting features than your teachers ever will. 
But now, Suna is here to save the day ( his words, not yours ) and to hog all of your kisses and giggles during classes. He can easily slide next to you and turn off your camera, and demand that you kiss him, to which you oblige almost every time. To softly caress your thigh beneath the table as he listens on to his teacher's lecture, or intertwine his fingers with yours when the teacher asks him to write down something. It has become such routine, you're wondering how you'll fare up when you go back to school.
He adjusts the hem of his pants and rolls his socks over his ankles, their soft and fluffy material sliding easily against the smooth floorboards. He feigns pain and wonder, one hand on his chest and another on his forehead, as if not knowing, ever, if he will do such a smooth road down the hallway just like you. "Oh, but darling. I don't know if I can ever be as smooth as you. You nailed that shit."
He said it so sophisticatedly, so out of character for the flare and drama he puts up, and you only snort and erupt into laughter with him on each side of the house. 
Classes be damned for now. They can wait.
"But if you nail this shit, Rin, you get to have my kisses." you laugh right back, good natured and soft and just as young as him. 
From across the hallway, you catch eachother's gaze. And he's now determined like all hell, which makes you snort and make motions with your hands, that just scream 'come at me'.
Suna does.
He does it so smoothly too; the way he prepares for decolation, one arm in front and the other behind him as he starts running, socks soft and fluffy against the floor, before he stops and let's himself slide, smooth equilibrium as he comes towards you at a speed even you couldn't reach. He waits to reach you with open arms, smile blinding, and eyes closed tight to help his lips stretch to the amount of happiness he feels. It bubbles like hot water inside of you too, and you catch him right in your arms, sliding back with him until you both come to a stop with your back against the door.
It rattles a little and you both explode into laughter again, his hands at the back fo your head already to soothe the incoming pain. "Oh shit, babe-" he chuckles and rubs over your head with his hands, nuzzling into your cheek as you whine with a pout. "You okay?"
"Yeah? You not sure?"
"Nu-uh…." you rub his back up and down, soothing yourself of the dull pain that starts to go away as Rintarou kisses over your face in apology.
He bites down on your cheek then and tugs gently, kissing the soft bite better when you start giggling and tightening your grip around him. He pecks it a few more times, hands reaching the sides of your neck, until he kisses you fully, whole heartedly on your lips. "Better now?"
"Much better. But I'll be wonderful if you kiss me."
The sound of satisfaction has never sounded as good as your sigh when he bent down to kiss you. It visibly deflates you both, the comfy house clothes you wear, the soft socks, the now cold tea and food left on the table, all of it together, is put in perfect balance. 
"My sweet little thing..." he sing songs as he kisses you again, high on the flush of his cheeks and on the arms you wrap around him. You're pressed against his chest like an angel, really, all warm and comfy in his hold as you sway from side to side with him, that little content sigh right on your puffy lips. 
"Riiin.." you pout and puff your cheeks but smile nonetheless, leaning in when your boyfriend goes in for another peck.
"My babe, hm?"
You sputter and scramble to hide yourself in his neck, kissing the warm welcoming skin, and stuffing your cold nose into the inviting warmth. To your amusement, he hisses and tries to nudge you away from his skin, your cold face only pressing harder into him because of it.
Class must have ended. Your teas must have gotten so cold you'd need to warm it up again. And your toasts turned dry, you're sure. But all of that seemed like insignificant details next to the comforting weight of Rintarou hovering above you. His neck craned down to rest on your shoulder, a hum vibrating through his chest and shaking away the numbness in your nose with a ticklish sensation, it is everything that you'd think you ever needed. It is enough, and too much, at the same time. And only Rintarou could ever do it. And maybe you don't mind so much if he does.
"I think our class has ended." he doesn't flinch at your words, and you can feel him not caring about it in the slightest. But, it's not what he thinks you're insinuating. "And?" the evident boredom in his voice is amusing to you, and you let it show through a small laugh huffed against his neck. His arms soften their hold on you, just slightly.
"That means another round of sliding."
"Noow we're talking, babe." he chuckles as he says it, already prepping behind you to slide against the floorboards, again." And this round, you're coming along with me."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@martexic |  do not repost or use any of my work for personal benefit, translation or on any other side under another name, not listed in my personal info
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duino · 2 days ago
Hello! I really, really love your A Series of I Love You's: Tsukishima's part aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I actually want more of it If you don't mind, may I request for another ASOILY but with either Sakusa or Oikawa? Thank you so muuucccccchhh <33
I'M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! I was BURIED in essays. Thank you so so so much for this request and this lovely lovely message <3 Here is Oikawa! (Do I also have an idea for Sakusa? Most definitely. He is never forgotten.) I hope you like it! MUCH LOVE! xo "ALL THESE LITTLE DOUBTS" for A Series of “I Love You’s” Pairing: Oikawa x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen, I am on a wholesome train
Word Count: 2.5k
Summary: Defenses seem to be pointless against Oikawa. But maybe you don't need them after all.
Note: Gentle Angst. Fluff. I love him. That's all.
Tumblr media
You place your cellphone down on Oikawa’s kitchen counter with a gentle thud, amused and irritated in equal measure. Another text from your friend back home; a salacious gossip magazine detailing all the past romantic “exploits” (to quote the article) of your present boyfriend. You roll your eyes at first and then, feeling the slightest prickle of jealousy, you snort a laugh and shake your head.
“What’s so funny?” Oikawa asks over his shoulder. He has a lazy smile, eyes still full of early morning indolence. It’s a scarce day off and he had insisted on making breakfast.
Your legs swing idly from your bar stool perch, leaning your elbows onto the wooden counter and your head into your hand. “You know,” you start, ignoring his question, “you really should put a shirt on.”
“What?” He’s immediately affronted, which makes you laugh. “I’ll have you know you’re the first woman to ever say those words to me.” He waves a spatula at you.
You ignore another tinge of jealousy at his mention of other women. It’s a ridiculous thing to be jealous of, you think to yourself. His past has never bothered you before and a comment like that is next to nothing, but –damn that article—you can’t help the flicker of annoyance at it now. You temper yourself. It’s too early to let something so small put you in a bad mood. “The oil’s going to splash you, dummy,” you say, affectionate. Sure enough, there’s a snap of oil from the pan and Oikawa takes a quick step back, wincing at the spark of it. “See?” You’re smug. “Told you.”
He narrows his eyes at you but when you grin, a smile pulls out of him helplessly in return. “Fine, sweetheart. Watch the bacon, I’ll cover myself.” His voice is lamenting, and you breathe in amusement.
Hopping off the stool, you bounce over to him, bumping him with your hip. “Believe me, I don’t like it any more than you do, pretty boy.”
He hums, leaning down to give you a kiss. “You think I’m pretty?”
You peck him once, twice, and then pull away giggling when he insists on a third. His lips land sloppily on your cheek. “Don’t fish,” you say, all smiles as he smothers your face in wet kisses. You try to take a step back but he loops an easy arm around you, keeping you close, placing smacking kisses all over your face. “Okay, okay,” you relent, laughing. “Yes, I think you’re very, very pretty. Now go,” you say, patting his butt playfully.
Oikawa steals one last kiss before slipping off into his bedroom down the hall. You grab your phone and start idly poking at the bacon while you scroll through your messages. A new notification from the same friend.
Damn girl!!! good job, holding down a player like Oikawa ;)
You purse your lips together at the text. You know she means it to be playful, or even a point of pride, but you can’t help the simmer of annoyance returning. It’s impeding on this perfect Sunday morning, this rare morning where Oikawa isn’t rushing off at the break of day for practise and you aren’t scrambling to prepare yourself for your new job (with all the stresses these both bring).
Beyond this is the rarity that you’re here with him at all. In Argentina, in the early months of a new relationship. Though your new job offers some free travel and flexibility, and though you’re here with him for another week still, you can’t help but feel the leaving on the horizon. You can’t help but be reminded that you’re currently in a long-distance relationship with someone who has “exploits.”
Perhaps leaving is always on the horizon.
It’s a dangerous thought, one you’ve been fighting. You don’t even know when it first planted its seed in you. Sometimes you think it doesn’t even come from you, but from the slew of low-grade magazine articles and the unfortunate times you’ve let yourself slip and read comments online. You had known so little of the athletic world when you had first met Oikawa, though you suppose now, you shouldn’t have been surprised at the dedicated (occasionally vicious) following he has.
You curse when you notice the bacon starting to burn and you slide them off the pan onto a plate quickly. As much as you’ve refused to let hungry tabloids dig their eager claws into you, you do doubt. How can you not doubt? You’re not a little girl anymore, and your heart only gets more cautious with age. You’re protective of yourself.
Except you hadn’t been cautious with Oikawa –not as much as you should’ve been, you think now, your thoughts betraying you. He had seen you, and he had pursued you hard for a year, and eventually you let him have you and you wonder now if you are just another page six waiting to happen.
You realize you’re flipping through the article your friend sent you again when two hands steady themselves on your hips from behind. “Why’re you reading that trash?” The firmness in Oikawa’s voice is a new side to him. You hesitate and then give him a noncommittal shrug and glance over your shoulder, which makes him reach around you to cut off the gas element. You steel yourself as he turns you gently to face him, like you’ve been caught.
“Nice shirt,” you comment, eyeing the vintage, overlarge E.T. movie tee you had bought for him.
“Thanks,” he says quietly, “my girlfriend got it for me.” He taps the bottom of your chin so that you’ll meet his eyes. “Why’re you reading that?” he asks again. His gaze is serious in a way you rarely see.
“My friend sent it to me,” you say. His eyes are intense on you, imploring, and you force yourself to meet them and not look away. You aren’t entirely sure why you’re embarrassed but you are. “She was teasing me.”
Oikawa blinks. “Teasing you?”
“Yeah,” you keep your voice light, “that I’ve nabbed such a little playboy.” You can’t quite curb your teasing tone.
Oikawa’s brows come together at the word playboy. “May I?” he asks, holding out a hand.
You place your phone into his palm. “Of course. It’s just a dumb article—”
You break off when he takes a step back from you to scroll through the page, lips tilting in a frown. You watch for a tense moment as he sighs and mutters something low that you can’t make out. You place a hand on his forearm. He makes a distasteful sound and clicks your phone shut, handing it back to you gingerly. “Do these people have nothing better to do?” he sneers quietly to himself. Oikawa turns away from you briefly, as if to compose himself, but when he turns back around to face you, he’s openly exasperated. “I’m sorry. This is so—” he breaks off, shaking his head. “So fucking—"
“Hey,” you interrupt gently, squeezing his arm. “Honestly, it’s just a dumb article, Tōru,” you say again. “It’s nothing—”
“It’s an invasion of our—”
“It’s nothing, really—"
“They have no right to my past, I—”
“It’s nothing—”
“But it’s not though, is it?” he says, clipped. Your brows furrow at this.
“What do you mean?”
You watch three different emotions dart over his face: frustration, a strange resignation, and a third, one you can’t place though it makes the corners of his lips tremble. You don’t know what you had expected but you certainly weren’t expecting this from him. He’s upset, though you can see him fighting it. “It gets to you, right?” he asks, quietly.
“Tōru, no,” you start, but you see his eyes assessing you, catching every subtlety of you, and you stop. “It’s really not a big deal.”
He gives you a small, regretful smile. “Your face is easier to read than you think.”
There’s a retort ready on your lips but the way he’s looking at you makes you pause. You fumble for different words but you know he can sense when you aren’t being wholly honest. He’s never been one for partials or half-truths.
“Okay, you’re right,” you let out in a gust. “It does get to me. Not often, and not a lot, but sometimes.” Your admission makes his shoulders drop. You say quickly, “But it doesn’t have to be a big thing, we can just have breakfast and have a nice morning.”
This only seems to make his frown deepen. “Your feelings are a big thing to me.”
You shake your head. “I’m being silly.”
He looks at your sharply, hurt. “Why would you say that?”
The question flusters you unexpectedly. “Well, uh, I don’t know,” you fumble. “Aren’t I?” You look away towards the space behind him and when you look back, he’s softened.
“You’re not being silly,” he says, gentle. His long fingers reach for you, pulling you toward him. He takes a deep breath. “I think we should talk about this for a second.”
Your initial reaction is to downplay it again. You hate that this has grown into something serious –you didn’t feel like it needed to be serious—but maybe it is. You think it’s too early in a relationship to have this kind of conversation, but maybe it isn’t. There has been so much about love that you thought you understood and now, with him, you feel like you are rediscovering it all again, with equal parts thrill and fear.
You’re a little fearful, letting him guide you to his couch. You sit down, legs pulling up to your chest. Oikawa leans an arm against the backrest, resting his head in his hands. He looks at you as though he’s waiting for something, maybe waiting to see something in your eyes.
“I’m not sure how to start this, honestly,” you say, hesitant. “I was expecting bacon, not a breakdown of all your past relationships.”
He gives you a small smile. “Do you want me to start?”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so serious with me,” you say. He raises his brows lightly. You bite your lip. “Okay.”
“Do you think I’m some sort of player?”
You wince at his straightforwardness. “No, of course not.” He looks doubtful, which makes your heart ache. “Really, Tōru, I don’t. My friend sent it to me, and I just got caught up for a moment.”
He lets out a long breath through his nose, looking away for a moment. “I don’t mean to make this more than what it is, but…” Again, that unreadable emotion passes over his face. He goes silent, distant.
For a second, panic pierces you, like a needle. Is he going to break up with me? you think, trying to read him, his faraway eyes. You actually feel your throat tighten painfully at the thought. The profile of him is so tender and mournful that you feel the sudden sadness of him, the beauty of it, like a real wound. Maybe the magazine was right. Maybe you should have protected your heart more. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so eager to hop on the flight here, to be with him. Maybe, maybe, maybe—
“You’re having doubts,” he says softly, gaze returning to you. “Right?”
“What?” The question startles you. You can’t answer for a moment. “About what?”
He’s going nervous. You can see it in his hands, in the way he awkwardly swallows. “About—” He breaks off, jaw flexing. “About us.” He can’t seem to look at you. Your eyes are wide and uncomprehending.
“I’m having doubts?”
He tries to look up at you but only makes it to the collar of your shirt. When he smiles it comes out shaky. “Because of who I am, right? Because of the magazines. Because I can’t be with you all the time.”
Your mind is spinning. You genuinely can’t piece together words to save your life. “What?” you blurt out again, shaking your head slightly. “I’m…What?”
He’s struggling to speak for different reasons. “I thought…in the past, I was always…” The line between his brows is killing you. You desperately want to reach out and smooth it. “I thought maybe you started realizing that you didn’t, uh,” he stumbles with a laugh, self-deprecating and solemn. “That you don’t want to be with—”
“I thought you were having doubts,” you say quickly, words spilling out.
Oikawa finally looks up at you, alarmed. “Me? Why would I have doubts?”
“Because,” you start, quiet and careful, “maybe you’d get tired of me?” The words are bitter in your mouth. “Or miss being single? Or be sick of the distance?” You hadn’t ever admitted these things to yourself, let alone out loud to Oikawa, but as you say them you realize the fear that had been living in you, slipping out in small ways, weighing on you. You’re as relieved as you are terrified that they’re all hanging between the both of you now, open and vulnerable as a beating heart.
At first, it seems like Oikawa has no reaction to your words at all. Like he didn’t even hear them. He’s still staring at you, gaze unchanging, mouth slightly parted. You’re shaking, you realize, and clasp your hands protectively against you. He’s silent for long enough that you curse your words, your complete inability to be closed-off against him.
But then he lets out a sharp breath like he’s in pain, and says, “I love you.”
The words jolt through you like a spear of light. You actually gasp at the force of them, the shock of them. He seems as startled by the force of his own words as you are.
“I’m in love with you,” he says again. He smiles, open and afraid. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of you.” And then, shifting closer, unwinding you from yourself, he takes both your hands in his, fervent. “I love you,” he grins, despite himself. “And you don’t have to say it back,” he adds, moving towards you. “I just don’t want to stop.”
You’re in wonderment. You look at your clasped hands. He’s shaking with you. You look back up at him. You breathe his name. “Really?” you ask. You barely recognize your voice. It’s small, the voice of a younger you, all your younger hurts and fears that you’ve collected.
His eyes flash –it’s a younger him. All his younger determination, all his failures despite his efforts. All his heartbreaks. You realize he’s as afraid as you are. You realize he still wants to try. “Really,” he says. A shudder runs through you. You think, with peripheral amusement, that you never stood a chance against him. A smile breaks across your face, which stills him. You reach a hand up to his face.
“I love you, too.” The words are pulled from the bottom of your heart. “I love you, Tōru.”
You barely catch his heartsick grin before he bends his head towards you. There are blocks of sun diffusing through the window, mottling the room with golden light. As he moves to kiss you the sun dapples him –where it touches, he turns near divine.
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sovtwords · 11 hours ago
the ghostface - matsukawa issei
Tumblr media
pairing: matsukawa issei x reader, slight hanamaki x reader
warnings: 18+, dubcon, doggystyle, mask kink, size kink, sex while trapped, vaginal fingering, dom/sub dynamics, knives, implied threesome, edging, unprotected sex, breeding, slight dacryphila, slight yandere, mentions of alcohol and drugs, mentions of nudes, porn making/videos
w/c: 13k
a/n: welcome to chapter 7 of thirteen nights of whorror! please read the tags before proceeding - if you think i am missing anything let me know and i’ll fix it. this chapter is inspired by billy and stu, aka ghostface, from the scream series! THIS IS A LONG ASS CHAPTER I AM SORRY ASJFHDA scream is my fave horror movie and i just had a lot of fun making this, it's one of my fave chaps so far. i hope you appreciate big dick mattsun and makki as much as i did. enjoy! feedback is appreciated!
- ao3 link -
Thirteen Nights of Whorror MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Everything in the room right now is loud as hell, and it’s beginning to give you a headache.
Oikawa’s fancy house is much too big for your liking; a three-storey, pristinely white suburban house with the prettiest pink hydrangea bushes that would make your granny green with envy, rooms bigger than your entire apartment and filled with more tacky and socially deaf art pieces than a museum, and spaces this big obviously need to be filled with as many shit-faced jocks, kegs of beer and smuggled pills according to Mr Pretty Boy himself.
You feel deep concern for the antique China vase that Tanaka and Noya keep tossing back and forth between them from opposite sides of the room, Lev has suggested making a god damned blowtorch with deodorant and a lighter, and you’ve seen Bokuto ingest enough drugs to knock out a fucking horse. It’s hectic, it’s overwhelming, and it’s filling up a well of anxiety inside of you, just waiting to reach its peak and spill over as you finish your second drink of the night. Too many faces, nobody to watch your back. Oikawa seems to be having the time of his life, though – too busy shoving his tongue down the throat of every living being in this house right now to care about all the stuff that could be broken. Mommy and Daddy would probably just pay for a new one anyways.
And to top it all off, Yachi hasn’t shut up all night from her spot beside you on Oikawa’s cushioned couch about the masked killer who’s been on the loose and targeting college students. Specifically, your college, of all places.
As if you need more stress piling on top of the shitfest that is your life.
“I’m just, like, super scared, you know?” Yachi’s voice is shrill and rising in pitch with each syllable that leaves her lips. She’s apparently forgotten all about Hinata who lays slouched against her opposite side, passed out and drooling on her shoulder without care. The wet patch on her sweater makes you grimace.
“So am I,” you droll, eyeing the amber liquid in your red solo cup with disinterest and mentally counting down the hours until it reaches a socially acceptable time to leave and avoid Sugawara yelling at you for doing so. Yachi continues as though you had not spoken.
“It’s just- I’m a small woman, right? I’m an easy target! It’s dangerous for a woman like me out there!”
“I would argue it’s dangerous out there for all women no matter your height.”
Yachi blanches, shakes her head frantically.
“No, that’s- well yes, I agree completely! I just- I meant-!”
You snort and pat her leg sympathetically. “I know Yachi, I’m just teasing. No need to get worked up.” The blonde frowns.
“That’s not funny! I’m really scared about this killer! I mean it’s a serial killer. And on our campus, too! I’m afraid to leave my dorm!”
“Then why did you come to the party instead of staying in your room?”
At the blatant call out, Yachi turns a little sheepish, blushing red and pulling at the ends of her golden locks. “Well, someone I li- uhh, admire, convinced me to come.”
You raise a brow. “Who?”
“Ah, of course.”
“I can’t help it, she’s just so pretty,” her voice is syrupy sweet as she thinks about the raven-haired beauty, and you can’t help but smile at her innocence. Ahh, young love. “B-But it can still be dangerous in your home, too! One guy was found sliced up in his apartment near the campus just a month ago! People said the killer wore some kind of mask, like a ghost! Did you know that? Do you think it’s actually a ghost instead?”
The alcohol in your stomach churns viciously at the reminder.
Of course, you knew about it – he lived just two doors down from you.
You never had any classes with him, and conversation between you both was saved for random encounters in hallways, but Ojiro Aran was a well-loved guy. He was always quick to help carry your grocery bags up the stairs, water the old ladies’ plants on her balcony, was the owner of several spare keys for people on the floor because he was just so trustworthy. He had a nice family, friends who loved him, and admirers from all walks of life.
So, to hear a commotion so early outside of your front door, to see violently bright police tape surrounding the edges of his door frame as men in white suits walked in and out of his apartment like the intruders they were while detectives took notes and wore grim expressions, was a shock, to say the least. But that’s an understatement. Nothing can quite compare to the dread that sank in your stomach that day, that still sits there like a dead weight in your gut, how your blood turned to ice when you saw a white tarp covering what used to be your neighbours’ body being carried out while his mother roared and screamed and bawled her eyes out when she arrived at the scene to see her baby boy’s lifeless body.
You ran back into your apartment, puked your guts up, puked some more, and sat through hours of gruelling questioning from police, wanting nothing more than to crawl underneath your covers for the remainder of your days.
You had given condolences to his classmate and friend Atsumu when you passed him in the cafeteria later that week, but his usual loudmouthed self was so dull and lifeless you had to do a double take to see if it was actually him. He barely said a word in response, just flickered his red rimmed eyes over to you in acknowledgement and went back to picking at his food.
While you understand Yachi’s fear about the masked killer all too well, you’d rather not have to sit here and listen to her talk for hours about it and have it send you spiralling into an episode of despair and anxiety. Panic attacks at parties were not ideal.
“Yeah. I know,” is your dull response as you swirl the contents of your cup, watching the liquid slosh and foam as you shift uncomfortably on the couch, pulling your skirt back down from where it’s started to curl upwards. The delicate gasp she emits informs you that she’s realised her error.
“Oh, I’m…I’m so sorry, I forgot you lived near him. That must have been so scary for you.”
Not as scary as it probably was for him.
You sigh. “Can we stop talking about this now? Please?” You place your cup onto the dark coffee table in front of you, too sober for this kind of night, but not being able to stomach another drop after such a dark conversation. The blonde nods weakly, thoroughly embarrassed.
“Yeah, no problem. I’m so sorry-“
“It’s ok,” you give her a small smile, and her shoulders sag with relief. “Tell me about the new job you’re starting.”
“Oh!” her eyes light up, and you’re glad for such an easy topic change, something you can use to tune out and just nod dumbly along with whatever she says. “Well it’s only an apprenticeship for now, but in ti-“
There’s a crash and a chorus of laughter from somewhere down the room, and your attention is brought to the source of mayhem and amusement in the form of Matsukawa Issei.
The crowd around him laugh and cheer with flushed, drunken faces and sluggish limbs, hollering like a pack of wild animals (which, to be fair, is an accurate description for frat boys at college parties) as he tells another joke with poor freshman Kindaichi trapped in a chokehold, battering his fists into Matsukawa’s side to little effect. Everyone has gravitated towards him, pulled in by his lazy smile and witty drawls, like a God adored by his worshippers. Dark tousled hair, equally dark hooded eyes, and arms that bulge and flex where they’re wrapped around Kindaichi’s throat – it’s completely unfair how good looking this man was, and gazing at him is enough to make you forget all about the tragic fate of your neighbour.
Matsukawa Issei is the cause for all your smiles and laughter in the classes when you should be listening to the professor and not looking at some stupid meme, the butterflies in your stomach that run rampant every time he tucks a lock of your hair back behind your ear with a wink, and many, many sleepless nights with your fingers deep in your pussy and praying that it was his instead as you look back over nudes that had been passed between their pair of you, listened to his breathless voice on the phone as he whispered all the dirty things he wanted to do to you.
It’s been a painful back and forth game for a year now of flirting, easy dates and one or two shared kisses at frat parties like this one that left you wanting so much more, but life always looked for ways to fuck the both of you over before you could get to the good bit – aka the part where he confessed is undying love for you and fucked your brains out with his massive dick. You’ve seen the pictures – he is hung like a horse.
It was the same old sad excuses – work, college, exams, etc. Life just didn’t want you to be with Matsukawa, apparently. And you were pissed. Yet with everything that has been happening lately, any sort of romantic notion has been put on the backburner and laid to rest. But tonight, you were free. You didn’t have any plans tomorrow except for nursing a possible hangover and laying in bed. Should you take your chances and make the first move? Or should you-
Matsukawa’s eyes meet yours from across the room, and all thoughts are washed clear from your mind when his lips pull into an easy smile. Fuck.
You try to fix this damned skirt that’s determined to make you flash the entire student body as Matsukawa lets Kindaichi go with a snort and a shove in Kyoutani’s direction, not bothering to look behind him at the ensuing fight about to break out as he beelines straight towards you with an easy stride, comfort and confidence lacing his steps and having your heart pulse in another place than just your chest.
A head of pink hair materialises beside him, and you laugh a little. His partner in crime is never far from his side, is he?
“What’s a couple of pretty girls like you doing just sitting on the couch? Shouldn’t you be up dancing? Fighting off boys when they get a lil handsy?”
Hanamaki meanders over with waggling brows and a lopsided grin, reaching the couch before his friend and plopping down beside you with a huff. He throws an arm around your shoulders, tucking you into his side while you giggle. Hanamaki feels nice and warm against you, and you sink further into his side with a smile. Matsukawa stares at the two of you for a moment as he comes to stand in front of where you sit, eying Hanamaki’s hand where it plays with the straps of your top on your shoulder, dipping beneath your bra strap cheekily while you try not to let heat crawl up your neck. God, were you that horny?
“Just enjoying the party,” is your reply, smiling up at Hanamaki. His grin is infectious, and he pulls at your ear gently.
“Liar. You look bored out of your mind.”
“Because I am, but it’s rude to say that to the friends of the guy hosting the party, isn’t it?”
Matsukawa shrugs with a smirk. “Depends on the people. But I think you’d have a better time if you stuck with me and Makki here. No offence,” he tacks on, shooting a grimace towards Yachi who had gone silent next to you.
“O-Oh! No, it’s fine – I agree! All I’m doing is babysitting Hinata. You should go have fun with them!” she urges you with a nod, one that Hanamaki copies with an overexaggerated pout that you can’t help but laugh at.
“No, you’re great company, Yachi! I’d feel too bad if I left you, and besides, I…I dunno…”
Movement in front of your face has you lifting your eyes, but not quick enough to do anything about Matsukawa bending over and moving his face so close to yours that you can feel little puffs of his breath hit your face. He’s so big that it subsequently makes you feel so small, like he’s hulking over your form as he invades your personal bubble with a fucking smirk that causes your heart to shut down and restart.
And to top it all off, where his broad hands dig into the sofa beside your legs, his thumb brushes teasingly against the skin of your bare thigh, your traitorous skirt showing more skin than you’re usually comfortable with. Mattsun’s thumb moves up and down just the slightest, so gently, caressing your leg as he maintains direct eye contact with you where his face looms in front of yours. You feel hot all over, and it’s all a bit overwhelming – Hanamaki’s fingers still play with the straps of your top, Matsukawa’s thumb rises and dips behind your knee, and all the sound in the room gets muffled, sounding so far away like pure white noise as the man before you speaks deeply.
“What’s wrong, babe?” the brunette asks with a glint in his eye. The pet name nearly makes you melt into the couch. It takes you a second to respond.
“M-My head just isn’t in it tonight, you know?”
Matsukawa hums as a sympathetic look washes over his face. He leans a little closer, until you’re forced to look over his shoulder at some random couple sucking their faces off while his lips just barely skim your ear. The touch sends shivers down your spine, makes your breath hitch in your lungs.
“Want me to help put it in, babe?” he whispers, and if you were any way coherent and not completely losing your mind at the proximity and intimate position he’s placed you in you’d feel those lips of his tug up into a mischievous smile, you’d see the way Hanamaki bites his lip to keep from laughing.
“Your head. Want me to help get you in the party mood?”
“O-Oh. Right. Yeah of course that’s what you meant,” you fake a laugh. Hanamaki finally lets out a snort as he rests his head on your shoulder. Matsukawa pulls back a bit, but you still feel like you can’t catch a breath.
“What did you think he meant?” Hanamaki asks ‘innocently’.
“Nothing. I- I just didn’t understand at first. I must have misheard him-“
“Hmm, you sound like you’re lying. Doesn’t she, Mattsun?”
“She kinda does, Makki,” Matsukawa plays along with a playful smile. He gives a quick, exaggerated gasp. “You didn’t think I meant anything naughty, did you?”
Hanamaki looks scandalised. You want to bury your head in sand. The light buzz you feel isn’t enough for you to tolerate this kind of teasing. You’re getting flustered beneath the gazes of these two men.
“I think she did,” Hanamaki drawls.
“We’re not the kind of guys to take advantage of vulnerable girls like that,” Matsukawa says, and suddenly his eyes turn a bit more intense, nearly nose to nose with you as his whispered breaths fall against your lips.
“Is that what you think? You think I’d prey on a pretty girl like you? I’m not gonna hurt you, babe. I would never. You trust me, right?”
It’s like you’re trapped in a trance, hanging onto every single word that drips from his lips as though they were droplets of water and you were a woman dying of thirst. With each second that passes, the longer you remain under his attention you feel your panties grow wetter and wetter, and you curse yourself for being so affected by them, by him.
“I- I know you wouldn’t. I trust you. You’re my…friend.”
Matsukawa’s eyes light up with something you can’t discern, and his lips curl a little more at the edges. It isn’t until he stands up straight once more that you feel able to take a gulp of some much-needed air, feeling a cool breeze fall on your skin once the heat of his body is gone.
He shares a secretive smile with his best friend.
“’Friends’, huh? That’s nice. Do you send all your friend’s pictures of your pussy, or am I special?”
He says it so bluntly, so suddenly, that all you can do is gawp in shock, jaw dropped and struggling for something to say. Yachi squeaks in humiliation beside you, Hanamaki laughs, because of course he does, and Matsukawa stays looking at you with that damned lazy smile while your heart runs rampant.
A call of his name from somewhere behind you halts you from being able to bark out a retort, and his attention is brought somewhere else.
“Makki, Mattsun – get over here! We’re starting up a game of beer pong.”
Matsukawa’s smile dims a bit. He sighs through his nose. “I better go or else they won’t shut up. Talk later?”
You nod dumbly, still highly embarrassed. “Yeah.”
“Duty calls. See ya, sweet cheeks,” Hanamaki sighs and presses a quick kiss to your temple before he gets up. He moves around the couch to follow Matsukawa, until he stops in his tracks. The brunette stops too, and stares in question. “Oh wait – we’re kinda running out of good drink in here. It’s down to shitty warm beer and some spritzers that Tooru’s mom drinks. Mind going out back to get some more for us? You can join our beer pong team when you get back.”
From where you’re sitting, you can’t see Hanamaki’s face as he turns back around to face Mattsun. The brunette looks at his friend for a long moment, and while his face remains pretty blank, there’s a certain brightness that comes to his eyes, like he’s just realised a great plan, the answer to a problem he’s had for a while. Was he that happy about getting more alcohol?
“Oh! Uh…”
“It’s just at the back of the house,” Matsukawa supplies as he shifts his gaze from his friend back to you. That lazy smile creeps back onto his face. “In a big shed. It’s a bit of a walk to get to it and it’s nearly covered by the trees in the woods behind Tooru’s house, but just keep heading straight – you won’t miss it. There’s a key hidden in the light box.”
“Oh…” you cast a look outside the bay window. The sky was pitch black. “I mean it’s... it’s pretty dark out. Can’t you ask someone else?”
“You won’t be long. We only want a couple of good beers to keep us going, better than the ones they have left here. You know our drinks, don’t you?” Makki smiled.
“Yeah I do.”
“Good, you’ll be back here in no time,” Matsukawa replies. “Then you can sit with me all night, hmm? I’ll even let you sit on my lap.”
You blush when he gives a good-hearted snicker. Somebody calls for the boys again, and they give you one last pleading look that has you sighing in resignation.
“Alright, fine. I’ll get your stupid drinks. Yachi, you coming?”
Hanamaki cuts in before she gets the chance to answer. “She has to look after Hinata, doesn’t she? Plus, I heard Kiyoko was looking to sit and talk with her.”
The little blonde looks starry eyed at the mention of her crush, and you know it’s a lost cause to even try and recruit her into coming with you. Not that she’d be any good the second she steps foot outside the door. She scares easily.
“I think I’ll stay here,” she mumbles.
You stand up, stretch, and make your way towards the back door that’s being blocked by a group of girls laughing to themselves.
Matsukawa whispers in your ear as you pass, stopping you on the spot with a hand wrapping around your arm.
“Can’t wait to have your cute little ass on my lap. Be careful out there, don’t let anything get you~. See you in a few minutes.”
And with that said, he lets you go, and wanders over to the other side of the room with his pink haired buddy. Not without glancing at your ass before he leaves, though.
With heated cheeks you pat down your clothes and pull down your skirt. Your phone barely fits in the tiny pocket of your skirt and a split-second mental debate has you deciding to take it out in case you lose it on the way to the shed. You won’t be there for long; you don’t see a need to take it with you.
“Yachi can you keep my phone with you? I don’t want to drop it in the dark.”
“Sure – but won’t the torch on your phone be useful?” She grabs your phone and places it securely in her purse. Hinata gives a snore beside her.
“Nah, I’m pretty sure the light from the house is bright enough to light my way.”
“If you say so. Be careful out there! Don’t fall over anything- oh my god she’s coming over here.”
You snort, mumble a quick ‘good luck’ and pass by Kiyoko with a smile who takes your previous spot and brushes a lock of Yachi’s hair out of her face, much to the blonde’s delight. Smooth.
You push your way through groups of drunken college students, avoid being dragged into one of Kuroo’s endlessly long and stupid stories about the time he and Bokuto did something vaguely illegal when they were teens, and reach the door with minimum damage only to slow down your steps when the sensation of eyes on your back overtakes you.
Like a moth to a flame your eyes find Matsukawa near immediately, those hooded eyes locked on your body easily through crowds of noisy and overbearing people. His hand is covered in something bright cherry red, and it takes you a second of panic to realise that it wasn’t blood you were seeing, but instead a drink had been spilled on him by someone else.
With slow movements, his arm dripping with red juices and alcohol that runs down his forearm in thin streaks, lifts upwards, higher and higher up to his face, where he pops a finger into his mouth. It’s absurd how nobody except you notices how he licks his finger clean, how he sends a wink for you, and you specifically, as his tongue darts out to lick up droplets of the drink.
Some person stumbling into your side knocks you out of the moment, and the spell is moment for when you look up at Matsukawa again, his back is turned as he gets into the game. It’s almost like it didn’t even happen, but the tissue he’s using to dry his hand lets you know that it very much happened.
The throbbing in your cunt also lets you know that tonight hasn’t been more than just your imagination.
You are going to ride his dick tonight. You’re sick of getting blue balled by life. Whether it’s in a spare room or someone’s car or – fuck, you’ll even do it in front of everyone in the living room at this point.
You were going to fuck Matsukawa Issei tonight, one way or another.
You run out of the house, determined to get this drinks situation over with so you can sit on his lap and have his hands on your hips.
The house was definitely not bright enough to light your path to the shed, but you figured you’re already halfway there – might as well keep going instead of wasting time by going back to the house for a torch.
The sound of music and laughter is gradually replaced by the quieter, more calming sounds of nature the further you stumble your way through the dark. The hoot of owls, the chirping of bugs, the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, random snaps of twigs nearby from what you assume to be the little critters Oikawa once told you about. A frown tugs at your lips as you walk further and further still until you can barely hear or see Oikawa’s house at all in the distance, just a small blip of light in the distance despite how big the house is.
Who the fuck has a shed that far away from their house? Fucking rich people.
But just as the distance between you and the house starts to really itch at your skin, the shed finally comes into view, and you have to do a double take and ask yourself if you’ve wandered into another neighbourhood because what you’re seeing here is more like a small house than a shed.
Again – fucking rich people.
It looks almost bigger than your apartment when you finally reach the door, eying the big wooden frame with a raised brow. It even had a doggy door, for Christ’s sake. What was Oikawa’s dog's name again? Foo-foo? Fifi? Whatever.
A quick search of the light box does in fact reveal a key, and you unlock the door quickly and pop it back in the box as the night starts to feel like it’s creeping up on your back, like you’re not entirely alone right now. The faster you get the drinks, the better.
After a minute of fumbling around for a light source, you eventually find the sole switch that illuminates the entire room and casts it in a dull, yellow glow. The area is as big as you expected, and half cluttered with a bunch of things that scream ‘I holiday in Italy with my family every summer and enjoy fresh fruit by the sea.’ Bikes, umbrellas, designer suitcases, old gym equipment – but you’re not here to work on your abs right now.
You walk towards the giant freezer at the back of the room, struggle with opening the chest for a bit before finally unlocking it and lifting it to find a whole lot of…nothing.
There are frozen bags of food, some ice cubes, and a few bottles of beer, but not the ones Matsukawa or Hanamaki were looking for, and not enough to bring back to last them for the night.
Well. What a waste of time.
You slam the freezer shut with irritation buzzing in your limbs. First, you spent all that time trying to find the place to get here, and now you won’t have anything to show for it when you get back to Issei. Great. Seeing a disappointed look on his face was not on your agenda for tonight. Maybe you can find some if you look around.
A few minutes of searching proved to be worth it, however, as you spot a small box of the alcohol perched on a shelf high above some old music stuff. Balanced precariously on some boxes you reach out, edging the box closer and closer to the edge of the shelf with your fingers.
So focused were you on your task, you completely missed the click of a lock behind you.
“Yes!” you exclaim in triumph, latching onto the beers and carefully slipping back down to the ground. Patting yourself down to get rid of any dust, you turn around to leave and feel your heart leap out of your chest with the sight standing in front of you.
You almost screamed bloody murder, but your body decided to gasp suddenly as all air in your chest becomes trapped, struggling to breathe as you stare down the stranger who snuck into the shed with you.
Dressed in all black from head to toe, the mask they bore is what really steals the show right now – like a warped version of a ghost mask stuck in an eternal scream, it’s bright white and stands out when paired with the dark clothing. A quick and panicked evaluation of their body tells you that they’re tall, broad, strong, and intimidating.
You swallow, but your throat has run dry. Still, you try to play it off with a weak chuckle, assuming they’re just some college asshole in a dumb costume sent here to freak you out. You think they could be a man, but in the weak lighting you can’t be too sure just yet.
“What’s with the costume? I didn’t realise it was Halloween already.”
You’re met with silence, and a small shrug.
You shuffle nervously on your feet, and try again.
“A-Are you looking for some beer, too? There’s not much here – I think most of it is back up at the house. So… you should go back and look for some.”
The stranger still says nothing but nods sagely, as though agreeing, yet makes no move to leave, and you feel dread start to knot at your stomach.
“Who are you?” Silence. “No, seriously – who are you? Were you sent here to scare me?” Nothing. “Look, this isn’t funny. Like at all. You need to be more mindful of stupid jokes and trying to scare people, especially with all the killings lately.”
The only response you get is a tilt of their head, as if they’re amused. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you start wondering if you could make it to the door fast enough and get away from this loser.
“And s-seriously? A mask? You’re sick, making jokes like this. Y’know, people said they saw the killer wearing a mask too, some lame ghost-“
You stop mid-sentence as realisation hits you like an oncoming truck.
‘People said the killer wore some kind of mask, like a ghost!’
You can feel the blood drain from your face, and it seems as if the psycho in front of you has sensed that you’ve finally put 2 and 2 together.
Fuck fuck fuck, you think you’re going to be fucking sick.
The stranger- killer, straightens, and puts one foot forward as you take four steps back.
“I-It’s you, isn’t it? You’re the k-killer. You’re the one who…w-who killed Aran.”
That ghostly mask nods happily.
“Holy shit, no. No no no,” your legs are shaking, your arms are shaking, every part of you is shaking with unbridled fear, feeling like a little mouse caught in a trap and awaiting the vicious jaws of the hunter. The beer bottles jingle and clank together with every tremor coursing through you, feeling like dead weight in your arms but you stupidly don’t have the mind to let go of them. “P-Please, please don’t kill me!”
They’re getting much closer now, but you have nowhere to back up anymore. You’ve run all out of holes to bury yourself in as a fucking keyboard digs into your lower back and obstructs you from gaining any deceitful safety from distance.
Your nerve begins to break, and the tears that have been stinging your eyes fall and drop onto the floor beneath you. You beg, pathetically, but with the mask it’s hard to see if you’re getting through to your potential killer to search for even an ounce of empathy. You inhale a shaky breath.
“Please don’t do t-this. Please don’t kill me. I’ll do a-anything you want; I swear – I won’t tell the police about you just- let me go, I’m begging you!”
The killer stops a few feet away. Not close enough to touch you, but still too close, too close.
They begin to spread their arms wide like a ring leader at a circus, and a sob escapes you as you see a knife held in their hand, shiny and bright and making you feel like you’re about to pass out. They make a comical motion with their hands, as if signalling you to ‘go on’ talking, but to be fair in your very frightened and emotional state you hadn’t thought that far on what ‘I’ll do anything you want’ meant.
It shows on your face, a fearful confusion, a furrow of your brow. You can hear an exasperated sigh come from behind the mask, a droop of their shoulders and a shake of their head, and they begin to move forward once again, knife gripped tightly in their hand and pointed in your direction.
But quick thinking has you hurling the case of beer right at their head before they can get too close.
Clearly not expecting it they stumble backwards in shock, emitting muttered swears and nursing the impact but you’re not about to sit around and play doctor. You lunge for the door and twist the doorknob to find it locked, letting out an anguished yell as you try to bash it open with your shoulder to no avail. The killer groans in pain, in annoyance, standing up and staggering in your direction with the knife, determined to kill you for good.
With nothing to lose you fall to your knees and lunge for the doggy door, scrambling to squeeze your head and torso out of the small frame. Just as the doggy door reaches your hips, just as freedom is within your grasp so you can run back to the safety of the party and warn everyone, the worst thing that could possibly happen in that moment does happen.
You get stuck. You can’t get your fucking ass out the door. It’s too small to fit through.
You’re hyperventilating, openly sobbing into the night air, screaming for help, knowing that no one will hear you this far away from the party. Your fingers dig into the grass below you, struggling to drag yourself out of this doggy door, legs kicking behind you in search of a boost that’s futile anyway – you’re never going to fit.
And you screech when a big pair of hands grab your legs.
You flail and kick, you squirm and you fight, clawing your hands into the dirt with all your might to try and escape but you can’t fool yourself any more – the only hope you have of escaping is by going back into the house and through the door.
You know it’s useless. This is undoubtedly the end for you. The killer’s grip on your ankles is deathly tight. They don’t intend on letting you go.
And with that in mind, your limbs turn weak with exhaustion, with misery, and you let your tears fall onto the blades of grass like dew drops in the morning mist. Your head thuds on the ground pathetically, and the owls mimic your sobs of fear, almost mockingly.
You’re expecting to be dragged back inside at any moment, to have that knife plunged deep into your heart and left to die here – alone and afraid. You can only hope that Matsukawa doesn’t come looking for you; you wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer the same fate, or to have him see your body mutilated and destroyed.
But minutes pass by at an agonisingly slow pace, and you’re left untouched from where you lay halfway out the doggy door. You’d almost wish the killer would get it over with instead of torturing you like this.
The grip on your legs disappears, and you’re left stewing in a pool of confusion and terror, until the touch of long fingers ghosting over the skin of your thighs brings you back to reality and makes you jolt. It tickles as it runs over your flesh, dipping inwards and outwards like a slithering snake, and it only occurs to you just now how your skirt may have risen during the altercation.
And that’s just great, isn’t it? You’re going to die with your ass on show. Typical.
You try to clench your thighs shut to escape those awful touches, but the killer is only encouraged to grip your legs and pull them apart roughly. The concrete scrapes the skin of your knees but you hardly register it as those fingers play with the ends of your skirt, gently running their fingers under the fabric, moving back and forth across your rear. You try to jerk away from their touch, but the door stops your hips from budging. All you can do is endure it as they flip the material up and a cool breeze sweeps over your ass and thong.
You’re utterly humiliated now, burying your face in the dirt as the killer gets an eyeful of your panty clad privates. You’re imagining all sorts of terrible things as you’re left waiting in terrible anticipation once again, but the slash of a knife never comes. What comes is the delicate press of fingers on your sex over the thin material of your thong.
They run up and down your slit steadily, daring to press more firmly every time it nears your clit and getting lighter, more teasing, as it moves all the up to your ass, toying with your back hole before starting the process again. It makes you gasp and writhe, feeling disgusted, violated, but even more disgusted with your body that you know is responding to their touch, soaking your thong in a way that must obviously show on the fabric. You cry out, hoping against hope that someone will hear you, but you’re met with silence. Such dreadful silence.
In a surprise display of strength, the hand not toying with your sex suddenly grips the straps of your underwear and rips it off fast and clean, and now you’re completely bare for the stranger behind you, wet and puffy slit on show and practically asking to be touched despite the way your mind screams that this is so wrong, wrong, wrong.
The killers’ gloves feel strange when they touch your pussy again, this time going straight for your throbbing clit and rubbing slow circles, alternating between rough strokes and teasing swipes. You stifle a moan into the earth, refusing to let out a single sound, to let the killer know you are, in some way, enjoying the petting. Your body is equal parts hot and cold, at war with itself as a familiar coil of pleasure starts to tighten in your gut the longer they toy with your nub.
Your thighs attempt to clench together once again, but it seems as though the killer has placed your legs on either side of theirs to stop you. All you can feel when you try to close your legs is the rough material of cargo pants and thick muscled thighs that are as hard as steel. Before you can stop it your mind floods with intrusive thoughts of sitting on those thighs, and you bury your face in shame as your clit starts to throb even harder, beating in time with the erratic thudding of your heart.
A separate set of leather covered digits circle your hole, and before you have time to jerk away, a single finger slips into your walls with complete ease given how reluctantly wet you’ve become. You try to stop the sigh from escaping your chest by biting your lip, but it still comes out anyway, strangled and surprised and lined with relief.
It sits there for a second, feeling the way you involuntarily clench around it, your walls squeezing and desperate for friction along with the fingers that haven’t ceased rubbing at your clitoris, until it moves; it wiggles around, curls, and pumps into you with a relaxed pace. When a second digit joins the first and you get the stretch of your walls that you’d been secretly craving you can’t stop the moans tumbling out of your lips, the tightening of the coil of pleasure inside of you, your face flushed in spite of the colder night air around you.
They thrust deeper and deeper until their knuckle is flush with your soaked cunt, and they go through a myriad of movements - they crook in a come hither motion, the move apart and scissor, they twist and fuck into you at different speeds. Each one serves to make you come undone that bit faster, the heat in your tummy growing more intense with each touch of your nub.
You bite into your forearm as you feel your orgasm coming, mewling and groaning and twitching as the killer fucks you with their fingers. But just as you feel like you’re about to tip over the edge, their fingers leave your core and withdraw from your clit, and the burning in your abdomen begins to sizzle out rather disappointingly. You voice your frustrations through whimpers and whines, the lower half of your legs lifting only to flop back down on the floor like a child throwing a tantrum.
If you live to remember this night (which you highly doubt is likely to happen), you’re going to laugh hysterically until you cry about the fact that you’re acting like a little brat because some psycho killer edged you.
A hand taps your calf in an almost soothing, comforting way, and you’re about to scream with hysteria at how much of a fucking joke this entire situation was.
The fear hasn’t quite been shrouded behind a layer of lust, and it rears its head as the killer refrains from touching you while you wait in tense silence.
But then you hear it.
“Such a cute pussy. Can’t wait to put my cock in it.”
The voice startles you. Your eyes widen, and your head lifts from the ground as you strain to hear more. The voice sounds deep, a lazy, almost cocky drawl that confirms your suspicions that the killer is a man. His voice, those muffled behind the door, is clear enough for you to make out what he’s saying.
“Been waiting too damn long for this cunt. You’re dripping all over my fingers like a whore. Do you get off on this? Is that what you want? Never took you as the kind of girl who’s into snuff.”
Been waiting for your cunt? Who the fuck is this guy?
“Well,” the killer says just as something large and thick starts to move through your folds. “I guess I’ll make your dreams come true.”
Your eyeballs nearly pop out of your skull as what you can only assume is his dick begins to push through your tight walls, bit by bit, as you cry out – in pain or pleasure, you aren’t sure anymore.
“Let’s make a movie, babe.”
That voice…it sounds so familiar, like one you know so well. But it couldn’t be, could it?
It sounds like-
One powerful thrust has your voice growing hoarse from the scream you let out. Tears dot your lashes as your walls fight to accommodate the stretch of the killer’s cock, and boy is it a stretch. You’ve never felt so full in your life, like his dick could reach your throat if he keeps pushing in.
It’s as amazing as it is painful; it makes you grit your teeth and breathe heavily, but damn was it the sort of stretch your body had been craving. God, you were so fucked up for wanting this, for even entertaining this for so long instead of trying to fight for your life like you should have been.
But you’re too far gone to think about that anymore – might as well cum before you die.
The killer doesn’t wait to start pumping his cock into you, each smack of his hips against your ass causes yours to slam into the doggy door. Maybe if he keeps fucking you hard enough you’ll eventually pop out of the little door and break free. What makes your stomach churn with shame is at this point you aren’t sure if you’ll willingly take off running to safety because his cock feels too damn good.
“Oh, f-fuck-“
He shows no mercy on your poor pussy, and his hands grab handfuls of your ass, squeezing them roughly like he was kneading dough before spanking them hard. You yelp at the impact, and at the next one, and the one after that, until your cries of pain turn into moans of ecstasy as you are used and abused by the one thing standing between you and life or death.
His cock is so long it kisses your cervix with each thrust, is so thick it massages that sweet spot you could never find with your own fingers before, and your chest constricts tightly as your breathing becomes laboured the longer his cock stays buried inside of your heat.
Your orgasm is fast approaching once again without the need for his fingers on your swollen bud. Through the door you can faintly hear filthy words of praise leave the killer's lips, calling you his good little slut, commenting on how wet you are all for him, about how sick and twisted you were in the head for liking this.
Maybe he was right about that one.
But even with the war of morality waging in your mind right now you still bring a hand up to your chest to slip beneath your shirt and your bra to play with your already hardened nipples, your toes still curl in bliss as a delightful heat spreads to every corner of your body. The killers’ balls slap against your clit with every pump of his hips, and you can feel it again, you’re going to cum, nearly there, just a little more-
He stops.
He stops mid thrust, as if frozen in time, and your high is ripped away from you once more. You give a shout of anguish, disappointment burning through your body like a bitter drink swallowed, a sense of overwhelming frustration making your limbs feel restless as you squeeze your eyes shut.
Leather gloves skim the globe of your ass cheeks, over the dip of your hips, moving slowly up to your waist that hangs halfway out of the doggy door. Without warning he grips your body tight and begins to pull you back into the shed with him. The ground scraps at the skin your top can’t cover, blades of grass tickling your stomach as your shirt bunches up under your chest. You’re starting to panic again, because being pulled in means you’re back inside a locked space with a killer, it means the delusion of being able to eventually fit your body through that tiny flap is gone, it means being forced to look into that white mask as he raises the tip of the knife to your throat and slashes right through the skin.
“N-No, please,” you groan as you try to crawl out again but the hands on your waist are strong like steel. You wince when you feel the edges of the doggy door scratch the skin of your arms until suddenly a dull yellow fluorescent glow shining on grey concrete floors is all you see as you’re successfully pulled back inside.
A leather hand plants itself on the ground beside your head, and a solid chest leans over your back.
You stop breathing for a moment as fear seizes your limbs once more, shaking fingertips grasping at the concrete with little else to do. His chest moves up and down behind you as he huffs lightly for air behind the mask. It touches your shoulder, trailing a path on your skin teasingly and raising goosebumps on your flesh. The killer hums beneath the plastic.
“Mmm, you look even better in the light. Your ass is so pretty, kitten.”
A whimper escapes your mouth, and the chuckle he lets out vibrates against your back.
“What d-do you want w-with me?” you stutter. The hand that was on your waist suddenly smacks your rear hard. You gasp loudly but fail to stop the broken moan that escapes you at the end. You cover your face in shame as the killer massages the sting on your cheek with a mocking laugh that grates on your nerves.
“Isn’t it obvious?” the killer says with clear amusement in his voice, as if you had just asked him a silly question like if wizards were actually real. If they were, you’re hoping one will magically appear and bippity, boppity boo you out of this god forsaken shed and away from this fucker.
Cock still hard inside of you, he pushes your hips flush to the floor with ease, lying nearly completely on top of you and throbbing in your cunt. It’s like his whole body covers you, swallowing you up like a monster, encasing you in black. The heat emanating from his dark clothes feels so different to the bitter air outside.
“I want to fuck your little hole raw, sweetie. It’s all mine now. I’ve done my waiting,” he growls, and the sound makes you shiver.
That voice! You definitely know that voice-
He starts grinding into your heat, body moving sensually on top of yours, grunting at the way your walls suck him in, the way they try to hold onto his massive cock for dear life. You’re ashamed to admit his groans of pleasure flowing into your ear spark excitement straight through you, and with how your clit brushes the floor with each languid thrust of his hips you’re well on your way to finally reaching your orgasm again.
“God, you feel so f-fucking tight, shit. So goddamn good, been dreaming about your sweet cunt for months now.”
You’re panting like a bitch in heat – face flushed, mewling like a little kitten for this psychopath, and it feels as though with each second that passes, holding onto your sanity becomes an impossible task as you let yourself be split open by his cock.
“’Please’ what?” The hand groping your ass moves to cup the back of your neck. “Please…stop? You want me to stop?”
His hips begin to slow. Without thinking, you reach behind you to grasp at his side. “N-No! Don’t stop, no no-“
What the fuck am I saying?!
You know he’s smirking behind the mask. The thumb on your neck rubs circles in faux comfort.
“I would never have thought such a good girl like you had a thing for this sort of shit. You freak,” his hips quicken, and you let out an airy sigh of relief. “If I had known how wet you would be I would’ve come to see you a lot earlier.”
You can’t say anything in response with your cheek pressed to the floor. Instead you close your eyes in disgrace as your walls squeeze his member hard. He falters and curses in surprise.
“Holy shit, you’re the tightest I’ve ever fucked. Be honest babe, have you been saving yourself for me?” His laugh is raspy. He laughs and laughs, like it’s an inside joke you’ll never be privy to.
And you just can’t shake the familiarity of his voice. You know you’ve heard it before, and it makes you all the sicker to realise that the killer might be someone you know, have been near, have talked to.
He grunts, resting his mask-covered face on your shoulder. “God I could get used to this. Maybe I’ll keep you around, yeah? Lock you up in my house like a lil’ sex dolly, just for me. You like that?” You shake your head ‘no’ rapidly, but the clenching of your walls says otherwise.
“Can’t fool me babe. I can feel how much you want me.”
The hand lifts from your neck, and you strain to raise it off the floor. The shed is a symphony of sounds from where you’re joined with the killer, wet squelching that betrays how turned on you are. You’re gushing around his cock, coating his pelvis in your sweet juices, and it’s impossible to deny how much this is getting to you when the evidence is leaking out of you.
“I bet you’re into all kinds of stuff,” he says distractedly. You bite your lip as you keep your eyes trained on that traitorous doggy door. “Like anal stuff! You wanna try something right now?”
Your eyes widen.
Something solid presses against the rim of your ass and you jolt in shock, whipping your heading around frantically only to nearly die on the spot as you see what’s touching you.
The handle of the killer’s knife circles your opening, daring to press in just the slightest and breach your hole. Your heart thuds in your chest like a hammer as you try to squirm out of his hold, while he just playfully tilts his head at you in amusement.
“No, not that, please not that! I don’t want it, stop it, stop-“
He lifts the knife away from your ass but the relief is short lived as he places the tip of the blade on your back. It feels sharp, with a bite as cold as winter, and you try to hold as still as possible despite his continued thrusting as he pretends to draw shapes into your skin.
“Don’t worry,” he soothes. “I won’t do it. Not now, at least. If you play your cards right, we’ll get to do it next time.”
If you play your cards right, huh? You don’t like how that sounds. Sure, you avoid death, but you live to experience another hellish day. It’s a double-edged sword, but it’s your only hope.
The killer pierces your skin suddenly as you’re lost in your thoughts, and the pain frightens you so much you jump away from him and feel his cock slip out of you. It’s ridiculous how empty you feel now that he’s not inside of you, and it makes the killer groan to see your walls flutter and squeeze around thin air.
“Whoops!” He snorts. He takes hold of his shaft and aims it at your slit once more. “Want me to help put it in again, babe?”
And just like that, with a few simple words, it clicks.
Like two puzzle pieces joining together to finally complete and reveal the bigger picture, it dawns on you just where exactly you’ve heard that voice before, why everything about the killer just seems so oddly familiar.
You’ve sat next to the killer in class. You’ve laughed with him, sat close to him, opened your heart to him while he listened with an attentive ear and a patient, lazy smile. You’ve sent him pictures of your body and he’s responded in kind. You’ve played with yourself on so many nights to the thought of him, and hoped he’d done the same with yours.
You’ve shared barely there kisses, words full of sin and excitement.
You’ve had a crush on him.
Your blood runs colder than ice.
“Matsukawa Issei,” you say as firmly as you can, but the words wobble on the edges, telling of how unstable your grip on reality is at this moment.
He grows very still. Deathly still. The shed turns quiet. All you can hear is the buzzing of the light overhead and the beating of your heart in your ribcage, the rushing of blood in your ears as a terrifying pressure weighs you down.
After a long moment, one that feels like forever, he speaks, and his voice isn’t as playful as it was before. It sounds darker, like he’s disappointed you’ve caught him before the game was over, like you’ve spotted his winning hand before he could place them on the table.
“Well, aren’t you a clever girl.”
Words that would have made you melt into a puddle just an hour ago now fill you with complete dread.
You can barely move as your fears were confirmed, can barely see past the tears that are falling faster now. It feels like everything you’ve ever known is burning and crashing to the ground, and you’ve lit the match while Matsukawa poured the gasoline.
You don’t fight it as the killer - no, as Matsukawa turns your body around to face him, limp like a ragdoll, legs still lamely spread for the man in the ghost mask before you.
With a tilt of his head, there’s a pregnant pause in which you’re trying not to hyperventilate and pass out beneath him as you await his next move. There’s a million thoughts screaming in your head but you can focus on none of them as Matsukawa raises a gloved hand to his mask, gripping onto the end of it, and ever so slowly lifting it up inch by inch, revealing tanned skin, a feral grin that forces you to bring your hand to your mouth to suppress a whimper because of how evil it looked, and hooded eyes that follow your every move with a bright intensity that only someone as like Matsukawa Issei could possess.
The face of the killer is revealed to you, in all his wicked glory, and the tears that have shed non stop fall faster down the sides of your face in mute terror.
You had wanted to have sex with Matsukawa tonight.
Well, you got your fucking wish, didn’t you?
Matsukawa grins lopsidedly, with a boyish charm that makes you feel sick.
“Oh, God…” you whimper, and close your eyes shut in misery.
“Hey now, where’s that spirit from a few minutes ago, huh? Is it the mask? Want me to put it back on again? I can do that - whatever will get the juices flowing.”
He laughs at his own stupid joke. Because this is just all one big comedy to him, isn’t it? You’re nothing but the punchline to a bad, fucked up gag. You’re amazed at how your body still manages to feel a deep sense of mortification over all of this.
“It’s not the fucking mask,” you whisper. Matsukawa hums.
“Seems like it kinda is about the mask. Was I really any different with the mask on-”
“Yes! You were!” you blurt out, bubbling in anger and betrayal.
He regarded you with a cool, blank look. “How?”
“It’s because you’! Because”
“Because I’m just ‘a normal guy’ without the mask?” He raises his brow as his face gets closer to yours, like looking at a bug through a lens. “Because I’m the nice guy who made you laugh and listened to all your problems and gave you a shoulder to cry on?”
His nose brushed the tip of yours, and you held your breath as you stared into his dark eyes in a twisted sort of entrancement.
“Because I’m the guy you have a crush on? The one who kissed you at parties, who you sent nudes to?” He laughs lightly at that. A smirk creeps onto his plump lips. “Because I’m the guy who jerked it to every single picture and video you sent, wishing it was my fingers making you cream instead of your pretty little ones? I got my wish there, didn’t I?”
Seems like tonight is the night for wish fulfilment.
Matsukawa plants a gentle kiss on your trembling lips. You hate yourself for loving it.
His next words are whispered against your lips. “News flash babe - there are killers all around you. Always have been. Whether it’s me, or the neighbor you see watering the flowers, or the guy who’s been working at the corner shop for too long. They’re just waiting to come to their senses. Waiting to understand the thrill of the kill.”
That makes whatever resolve you had built up crumble like sand in the wind.
“No, no no no- w-why? Why are you doing this? Why me?!”
Matsukawa wipes away your tears with a tsk tsk tsk, one that reminds you of a parent soothing you after you’ve scraped your knee. “It’s because I like you, silly.”
All you feel is confusion, a mess of mixed emotions clouding your thinking abilities. “You l-like me? But then-,” you start to become a sobbing mess, and Mattsun comforts you all the way through your crying fit, peppering sweet little kisses all over your tear stained cheeks in ways you would have adored in other circumstances. It messes with your heart and mind too much, at war with being terrified of who he has become, at ease with such a familiar face.
“Why do you want to k-kill me? What did I do?” you manage to say. Matsukawa wears a serious expression as he contemplates your words.
“It’s not that I wanna kill you, per se. I just think there’s a to it, you know? It’s symbolic. Killing the girl you like, a final leap into villainy. That sort of thing. Like in the movies!”
He grins.
“I wanted to go out with a bang. Literally. Finally get to sink my cock into you, fuck you nice and deep. Get a taste of you before I let you go. I’m not into that necro shit. That’s psychotic,” he comments. You have half a mind to tell him that no matter what his fucked up sense of morals are, everything he’s doing right now makes him no better than a corpse fucker, but you hold your tongue.
“But now that I actually have you...I might keep you around. You just feel too good to go to waste.”
His words are accentuated with a grind of his hips, his member slipping through your warm and puffy folds with a grunt of pleasure. It’s one thing to get fucked by someone you can’t see, it’s another to see the way his long dark lashes flutter as the sensation of your wet heat overcomes him, to see vivid expressions of pleasure flash across his face like a movie reel.
“What do you think? Want me to fuck you this good every day, every hour? Make you cum over and over and over again on my dick?”
No. Yes.
You want to crawl into a ball and die.
But through the black murky tar that is your mind right now, one thought stands out above the rest.
Say yes and you’ll live another day.
You don’t plan on dying here.
You beg your trembling hands to cooperate as you move to cup his face. There’s a flash of surprise in his eyes, so quick you’d almost miss it, but it gives you an inkling of hope you so desperately needed for your plan of escape. You need him to trust you.
Your eyes plead, beg for mercy, as you start the greatest test of your strength.
“Y-Yes, I do. Please.”
It’s all you can muster. But it’s enough.
Matsukawa Issei grins in delight. In fact, he looks even more excited than before. Hook, line, and sinker.
You can only hope this isn’t a cruel trick you’ve accidentally fallen into.
The kiss he gives you is a lot rougher than the ones before - this is animalistic, hungry, as his mouth and tongue invade every one of your senses, trying to drown you in his entire being. Your hands wander into his thick hair and tug, receiving a guttural moan into your mouth as he ruts against your sex like a wild dog.
“So you are a freak,” he grunts into your neck as he bites and nips at your skin. He laps at your collarbone, licking up the sweat clinging to your skin. “We’re gonna be the most fucked up couple ever, babe. Our own little version of Bonnie and Clyde. Killing together and drilling into your ass every night. Sounds like fucking heaven.”
It makes you want to gag as much as his words make your body burn with desire, a messed up want for his undivided attention, just as you always dreamed. Your mind says ‘get the fuck away from him’ while your eight month long dry spell says ‘yes, please ruin me and fill me with cum!’
Matsukawa grips his cock, slaps the head against your sensitive bud a few times before slipping back in. The burn of your walls from the sheer size of his dick is still there, but not nearly as painful as earlier. You emit a sound of slight discomfort but nothing more, too distracted by the tongue licking at whatever cleavage your shirt is showing. The drag of his cock against your walls makes you delirious, the delicate brush of his pelvis to your clit helping to build your orgasm for what you desperately hope is the final build up tonight.
Your fingers stay locked in his hair as he paints your chest in bruises and marks with his teeth, curling around silky soft locks that make you whimper for what could have been if Matsukawa hadn’t gone down such a dark path. You wonder if anyone else knows, if his family have any inkling as to how terrifying their baby boy is.
You blush when his eyes make contact with yours. He makes a show of pulling your shirt down as far as he can, and one side of your bra subsequently follows. Pink lips wrap around your pebbled nipple, and you inhale sharply.
“Does that feel good, baby? I can make you feel like this every day,” his voice is muffled as he takes your nipple into his mouth and sucks, grazing his teeth over the flesh to make you jump.
“It’s so good,” you sigh, eyelids fluttering as he shows the same devotion to your other breast after moving the clothes blocking his way. “I w-want…”
“Hmm?” Matsukawa hums around your breast. He releases it from his mouth with a loud pop. The smirk on his face is lackadaisical in nature, but the shine in his eyes betrays how much he is enjoying this. “What do you want?”
He gives a harsh thrust, so abruptly, and you keen as you try to hold him as close as possible, wrapping your legs around his waist. It makes him hit a new angle that has your eyes rolling into the back of your skull with blinding pleasure, but Matsukawa brings you back to reality with his gloved fingers gripping your face and giving it a shake.
“C’mon, beautiful. Use your words. I can’t give you what you want unless you tell me.”
Your voice is needy and whiny, like you were the poster girl for all things horny and pornographic, but if it makes him fall deeply in love with you long enough for you to tuck tail and run when the opportunity arises, you’ll push aside your pride and play the role.
“Please, I want you to fuck me and give me all your cum, Issei.”
The brunette gives a subtle shiver - his eyes clenched shut, like he’s fighting to regain composure, but a grin breaks out on his face regardless.
“Damn, that sounded so fucking good. Want me to fill you up? Breed this slutty hole, make it all mine?”
“Y-yes, it’s yours, it’s all yours-!”
He growls, and the lazy pace he had before vanishes as he starts pounding into your cunt with abandon, lifting your hips onto his thighs to reach even deeper inside of you.
The musty, old air of the shed from before is overpowered by the strong scent of sex in the air - a heady musk of your juices, of sweat and tears and overwhelming pleasure. The sounds of skin slapping on skin is loud and crude but nothing compared to the words Mattsun groans into your ears, calling you his filthy girl, his princess, his sweet little fucked up wife. They are as disgusting as they are hot, and your whole body thrums with your impending orgasm you feel burning in your gut.
“I’m- I’m so close,” you whimper. Matsukawa captures your lips in a bruising kiss, and you’re left gasping for air when he pulls back. You feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest, are sure that he can feel how hard it beats through the layers of his clothes.
“Ah, good girl,” your walls squeeze him in a tight grip, and his hips falter as he swears, before picking up at a speed even faster than before. You can’t catch your breath as he starts jackhammering into your cunt, every gasp for air feels unsatisfactory as he fucks you at a brutal pace. All you can do is be a victim to his sweet words and his thick cock. “You’re sucking me in so well - want you to cum all over my dick babe, fucking take all my cum and keep it there-”
“F-Fuck, you’re so big-,” he steals the words from your chest when his leather clad thumb rubs quick and unmerciful strokes to your clit.
“R-Right there! There...I’m gon- I’m coming!”
A strangled, drawn out moan echoes in the room as your orgasm crashes into you hard. You see white, feel an intense heat grow from the top of your head to the tips of your curling toes as you writhe in ecstasy beneath Matsukawa, nails biting into his neck and scalp as you grip on without meaning to.
It’s lost on Matsukawa, however, as his thrusts turn erratic and wild until he too cums with a shout of your name, spilling his cum into your clenching hole in warm spurts, giving a few final lazy thrusts before pushing all the way in, pelvis to pelvis, and plugging you up. He collapses on your body with a grunt and a sigh, holding your wrists by your head, moving upwards to link fingers in a gesture almost akin to affection.
You’re a babbling mess underneath his heavy body, unable to say anything coherent other than ‘Issei’ and a few scattered moans as your body comes down from the world shifting orgasm you were finally granted.
The fog from your orgasm eventually clears, and that dead weight of dread returns to your chest as you await the judgement of Matsukawa - on whether you live tonight, or if he had a change of heart with post-nut clarity and you die by his hand.
He speaks as you’re eying his knife that lays idly on the floor from over his broad shoulder, mentally calculating how fast you could move to grab it if he decides to finish you off after all.
“Been waiting to do that for a long time.” Matsukawa lifts his head, presses a small kiss to your lips.
“ too,” you say eventually, not knowing what was safe territory anymore now that the barrier of sex was taken down. You reciprocate every kiss he gives you, wince with every shift of his hips as his flaccid member in your core becomes more apparent and more uncomfortable. He raises his body slightly when he lets go of your hands to plant them on the ground and look around the room.
You grow cold when he stares at the knife.
The door to the shed clicks open before either of you can do anything, and your heart leaps to your throat as your salvation walks through the door.
A head of dull, pink coloured hair walks into the shed, pocketing the key before freezing, eyes wide and staring at the lewd position the two of you are tangled in. Matsukawa looks like he couldn’t care less at the intrusion, in fact he snorts and smiles lopsidedly at his best friend.
Yet just as you’re about to call out to Hanamaki, to scream for help once more tonight, to risk your chances and find safety in Makki because two can take on one much better than you alone could ever hope to with Matsukawa’s strength, Hanamaki speaks up.
“I thought you would have killed her already.”
And just like that, that spark of hope is doused in pisswater.
You feel like you might burst into tears again.
“Nah. Plan’s changed.”
Hanamaki looks perplexed, but laughs with manic glee eventually. “Should have known you were going to drag it out.”
Matsukawa slips out of your walls, and it makes you whimper to feel so empty, so sensitive. He sits you down on his lap and looks at his friend over your shoulder. With this new position, you realise belatedly that your legs are spread and everything is on show for Hanamaki. You burn in embarrassment and move to cover yourself, but two strong gloved hands on your knees stop you from doing so.
Hanamaki takes one look at your raw, cum soaked pussy, and feels his cock twitch in his pants. “Is there some extra time to play with her before you get rid of her?” he asks with a sly smirk. His words make your stomach twist - either in terror or anticipation, you aren’t sure anymore.
“I’m not getting rid of her,” Mattsun says, nuzzling your hair. “She’s joining us. Aren’t you babe?”
You swallow roughly.
“She’s going to be our little fuck toy, whenever we want,” he continues. “You’d do that for me and Makki, right?”
You stare wide eyed at Hanamaki, whose eyes are trained on the globs of cum dripping out of your hole. “You...y-you’re the killer, too.”
His eyes meet yours. “Bingo.”
“Two heads are better than one, right?” Matsukawa laughs.
“Which heads are we talking about here?” Jokes Hanamaki. You don’t have energy to fake a laugh. Just how many more people you knew were in on this? Oikawa? Iwaizumi?
“But now with three heads, maybe things will get a little more interesting.” Matsukawa holds you painfully tight as Hanamaki stalks over to kneel in front of you. You feel too exposed with both sets of eyes watching you like a hawk, like they’re trying to find your flaws. “You wouldn’t dare tell anyone about this. Would you?”
You understand the weight of that question; with a pleading look you don’t have to fake, your head shakes rapidly side to side. “N-No! I wouldn’t tell a soul! I’m serious.”
Hanamaki and Matsukawa stare at each other, like they’re having a silent conversation in their heads. A psychotic connection, a pair of sick minds that are so in sync with mania that they don’t even need words.
Eventually, Makki’s eyes swivel back to yours, and his dry smile shifts to a heated smirk.
“Well then,” his voice is dark as he unbuckles his pants, and his cocks slaps against his lower abdomen. It’s already leaking with precum when he rubs the head, and you bite your lip when he shudders at the feeling. “I guess you’ll just have to prove your loyalty to us.”
The slurping sounds from between your legs are loud and obnoxious, but the man behind them certainly knows how to use his tongue as he eats you out with fervour, groaning into the wet mess of your pussy with eyes rolling back into his skull as you grip onto his pink head of hair.
Matsukuwa keeps you on his lap as he rolls your nipples around with his thumbs, squeezing your mounds every so often to elicit sighs from your lips.
You almost forget about the crew filming you, the lights and cameras that stay trained on your writhing body as you get lost in the euphoria of being between Hanamaki and Matsukawa, letting pleasure take over you completely, falling into your own blissful world.
Until you hear Matsukawa snort out a laugh into your ear behind you, and says, in a quiet voice that rings too loudly on the set, “wazzup?”
Oh no.
Here we go.
Hanamaki stops sucking at your clit suddenly, and the sensation of him laughing into the folds of your sex makes your eyes pop open.
“Uhm, please don’t-” you try to stop them as the cameras are still rolling, but like an avalanche, it keeps getting progressively worse. Your crew sends you helpless looks - you’re the director, you have to get this under control.
“Wazzuuuuuuuuup!” Matsukawa bursts out laughing while Hanamaki follows as they continue to throw that stupid fucking word back and forth, as if one doesn’t have his hands on your tits and the other doesn’t have half of his face shoved into your pussy right now.
“You know what?” you say loudly, breaking out of character and making both of them stop with their dumb reference. “This scene isn’t going to work. I’m taking it out. Let’s stop filming.”
Both men whine in disappointment, but you shrug indifferently and pout at a nearby forgotten painting of dogs playing poker. You’ll have to ask Oikawa if you can keep that after all of this is done. You’d hate to let that sit here, gathering dust. It’s pretty cool.
Hanamaki puts his chin on your abdomen and juts his glistening lower lip outwards. “Aww, what? You’re ending the scene? But I really liked this scene!”
Matsukawa laughs. “Yeah, because you get to be in it and eat her out.”
“Well, it is my favourite meal.”
Both of them grin cheesily at each other. You want to bury your face in your hands. Men.
“...can we still fuck right now, though?”
Hanamaki looks pleading as he says it. There’s no mistaking the glint of arousal in his eyes, or the way his hips grind onto the floor for some sort of friction. You bite your lip in contemplation.
“Please?” Matsukawa asks. He kisses his way up your neck, to suck on the space below your ear. How they were so bold with your little crew watching, you’ll never know. “We’ll show you an even better time now that all the cameras are off.”
You shiver, and the raised brow coupled with the smirk from Hanamaki seals the deal for you. You look up at your meagre crew.
“Go get something to eat and come back in a few hours to go over footage and reshoots. Maybe we can do some pick up shots.”
They say nothing, but flash you knowing looks as they gather their bags and close the door behind them until the shed is silent once more.
Hanamaki smiles in sweet delight.
“Aww, hell yeah,” he cheers, and goes right back to where he left off with a drag of his tongue along your folds.
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sunaerin · a day ago
[1:18 am] - Iwaizumi Hajime x f!reader - mdni
cw: mentions of pubic hair, ingesting cum, car sex, teasing, profanity, deep-throating
Tumblr media
Driving along the highway, night dark as the crisp air of the night’s atmosphere made your nose hurt with every inhale you took in. Away from the busyness of the city, and driving through the empty freeway, on route to your destination - a getaway trip back to his hometown in plans of celebrating your anniversary, and in hopes that you could finally experience his beloved childhood of eating at the famous ramen shop that he and his friends always used to dine.  
With his arms gently massaging your thigh, as his index finger softly glided across your skin, and with your arms latching onto his strong biceps - you left small kisses onto his skin, often causing him to elicit a small chuckle and a loving glance at your direction… he looked hot with one hand on the wheel, where his side profile was perfectly chiseled and the gray sweater that he wore… made him look even sexier than what you gave him credit for - and surely... that would be impossible.
And without doing anything, he still reigned power over your resolve. 
Despite his knowledge, your lower stomach was already tied up in a tight knot, your body inflamed in desire, and your pussy ached for him like no other… you wanted to pounce on him, but decided to refrain yourself since he was driving - that was the least you could do...
Your poor boyfriend, doing you the service of driving the whole way… but yet all you could think were lewd thoughts of him taking you hard on the front seat, groaning your name as he came to his release. 
“Princess, you’re drooling.” He teased, with an all knowing smirk raised on the tips of his lips, for his hands started to massage and slowly travel up your thigh.
“You’re so hot, Haji… it’s not fair.” Pouting cutely as you stared up at him with eyes round and intoxicating. 
You felt his grip getting a bit tighter on your thigh - massaging with his hand now placed awfully close to the base of your core. You were wearing a pair of loose shorts that just covered enough, where the small slip of his hand would allow easy contact to your clothed pussy. 
“Yea?” He answered in a teasing tone, where his index finger played along the rim of your panties.
And slowly bringing yourself up, leaning on the center console with one arm still latched to his and the other moving to be placed on the hem of his sweats - twirling the strings with your index finger, whispering into his ear,
And as you tenderly, and most quietly breathed out into his ear, you moaned out your desire,
“Haji… can I have it?” With your tongue swirling on his earlobe - softly biting at the tips, you felt the clench on the wheel increase as the veins on his forearm protruded out - you got him. 
“Baby… we’re almost there. You can have me all you want ngh fuck - “
Inching your palm closer to his clothed core, despite the dark you were able to still see the full outline of his dick growing within his sweats. You felt his jaws clench as you made your way to kiss him - starting from behind his ear and down to his semi exposed collar bone. And as if he was getting frustrated at your teasing, he repositioned his body so that you could take the hint… and knowing exactly what he was asking for… you decided to play with some more. 
So, instead of touching the places that he most desired - the places that you knew drove him wild… you opted to put your hand into his sweater and start playing with his nipples and caress his abs just down to the place where your hand would meet his v shaped definition on his hips and right above from where you’ll feel his short pubes. 
Growling from frustration, he quickly unlatched his grip on your thigh just so that he could take your teasing hand and place it upon his hardened bulge - hoping you’ll finally take the hint, and with a sound lower than his usual warmth, he warned of your behavior.
“Princess, don’t tease me. Fuckin’ do it properly.”
With a smirk, and reaching up to kiss his lips, tongues swirling with a line of drool falling from the tips of your mouth, you ended the kiss with a tug to his lower lip and staring into his eyes, with a wink as you offered him a pretty smile, you answered,
“I thought you’d never ask, baby.”
Releasing his heavy cock, as you pulled down the waistband of his sweats, you heard the small thud resonance as his length made contact with his naked skin. Blowing soft air on the tip of his head, as it beautifully held his precum at the slit, you took your thumb and gently stroked under the base of his head, and softly swirled your tongue all around his crown. Licking your lips, to lubricate the sides, you soon flattened out your tongue to lick down from the area just above his sac up to the top of his head - in one long stroke - causing him to slightly buck his hips up in the desire to simply have you encase his all. He slightly held onto his breath as he released his exhalation with a moan interlaced,
“Angel, you’re so good for me.” He encouraged. 
Feeling his hand caress the top of your head, as his fingers lightly gripped onto your hair, you took notice that he was getting awfully desperate. 
“Now be a good girl…” and just when you were able to open your mouth to slowly bring him in, he beat you at your plan; because a second later you felt suffocated and full - almost close to gagging as his length was deep within your throat, as tears started to dwell within your ducts, 
“ahhh fuckk even your throat’s so damn tight...”
Clenching your pussy tight, as you felt your arousal building up by just witnessing the glory of his sensual face and demeanor, you felt your sex getting increasingly more wet by the second - even close to dripping down your thighs. 
Matching his energy, and wanting to see him fucked out, you shut your eyes close and started to bob your head up and down, with a hand firmly latched to the base of his cock. 
Hajime wasn’t necessary long, just average… but surely he was thick. His cock was perfect - even glorious - where the two linings of his veins and his fat head often stimulated and massaged your inner walls, causing you to see stars as he held you through your climax. 
Gripping the base tight, as you worked your magic, you felt the short heaving of his chest and the shortening of his breath the moment your empty hand started to fondle with his balls. Still driving, but surely at a much slower pace than before, his head pressed down upon his headrest as he breathed through his mouth, his nose flared, brows heavily furrowed, as he continued to buck his hips further into your mouth… and once he’s heard your slight gagging - that’s when all his resolve started to fall. 
“Fuck angel… j-just a little more.. I’m a-almost there.”
Feeling the flexing of his cock, as it suddenly pivoted up to hit the top of your throat, you quickened your pace as you further flattened out your tongue to rub along the base of his throbbing cock. Where the grip of his hand on the top of your hair guided you in a pace most desirable for him, you noticed the car soon come to a stop… and thinking not much of it, you continued to press his shaft further down your throat, allowing your chin to meet the slight scruff of his pubic hair. His breathing was irregular and short, and with a loud groan and the deep huffing of his chest, he let you know.
“Baby, hah shit ‘m gonna cum!”
Normally having him cum in your mouth wasn’t a favorite of yours. His cum tasted fine… but never will cum taste delicious to the point of wanting to ingest such a fluid… but today, a devil resided within you, because the moment you felt his hot seeds make contact with your mouth, you fought to keep his cock within your encasing, as he tried to pull your head off with the little strength that he had.
“Ahh fuck b-babe… fuckkkk ngh I just c-came” unable to speak a coherent sentence, as you continued to move your tongue along his shaft, as his cock rhythmically pulsed in accordance to his climax violently shooting through his slits. With his head plastered back fully to his headrest, and the small droplets of sweat pebbling on his forehead, you felt the thrusting of his cock slowly come to halt. Taking a gulp of his seeds, and making sure to lick him clean - never had you thought his cum would taste good… but today, he was fucking delicious. And when he released all of his load, that’s when you removed your mouth - making sure to look up at him with a pop asounding from your release. Reaching up to look into his eyes, your hands placed on both of his thighs -  you saw his small smirk as he looked back with half lidded ones, gently removing the soft hairs from your face, and lastly wiping the small bit of cum left on the side of your cheeks. 
With a small chuckle, now taking hold of your face - where the warmth of his hands made you fall deeper in love with him… he pulls you in for a sweet kiss, where his tongue slightly teased along your lower lips, uncaring if he tasted his own cum.
“Princess…” as he stared deep into your eyes.
As if within a second, his tired facade disappeared and morphed into the face you knew all too well…
“You’ll be the fucking death of me,” he growled.
And pushing you to your seat, and quickly stripping your bottoms free, he took sight of your pretty pussy glistening as the moonlight shine beamed slightly in, “fuck… so pretty,” you heard him whisper, as he placed his index finger through your folds to feel the slimy, viscous fluid dripping from your cunt. 
And taking his wallet out, to soon flash out a metallic square packet, and looking back at you with a teasing smile on his face as he caressed yours, he’ll sweetly but never short of dominance ask,
“Princess, you want to head to the back? It won’t take long, let me take you for a bit, and we can finish it at the hotel, yea?”
Surely… you knew it wouldn’t be just a little bit
And truly you knew… he’ll make you pay double fold for the teasing mess you made him go through, because before you could recollect your thoughts…
You were nothing but a trembling mess, being heavily pounded in the back seat of his car, holding desperately onto his shoulder… where the only sounds radiating from inside the heavily fogged up car were the fierce panting of him, and the slapping of your sweaty flesh with every thrust that he made…
But he’ll hold you close, directly pinned under his healthy body, and as he continued to fuck deep within your caverns, where both your impending climaxes was threatening to meet its reach… he’ll kiss your forehead - sloppy and wet - and with the most genuine eyes, eyes full of a heartfelt message as he conducted such lewd, unlawful acts with you - to remind you, 
“Happy anniversary Princess… thank you for loving me.“
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sugasfanfics · 2 days ago
Atsumu Comfort Fic
Desc: Atsumu drabble where he comforts you after a bad day
With open arms Atsumu stands by his car door, ready and patiently waiting to more than willingly care for the exhaustion left after what seemed to be the longest day ever. His only explanation of the events so far being the one that you’d rushed to describe to him in a breathy whisper over the phone whilst he scrambled to grab his keys and get to you as soon as possible, an overwhelming need to kiss the pain away taking over his body.
“Baby” he calls out softly, his voice barely rising over the buzz of your mind as you tumble your way over to him, your body all but collapsing into his as he cradles you into his chest, Atsumu’s body curves to your height as tender hands adjust in order to lay across the back of your head. This simple movement prompts you to sink further into his embrace, your heavy breaths filtering through his shirt as tears leave tiny reminders upon the material.
“Baby I’ve got you, I’m here and I’ve got you and it’ll be okay, we’re going to be okay, I promise” Atsumu assures with a quiet determination that you can hear in his tone of voice whilst he murmurs softly into your ear and the gentle touch of his skin as he runs a placid thumb over your tear-stained cheek.
For a few seconds, or minutes, or hours he holds you like this, allowing the strain to run from your body and bones in a trickle of tears and a few more gasping whispers of explanation, frustration, and overbearing upset.
When your breathing, if even slightly eases back to a calmer, familiar pace Atsumu pulls back, his hands slipping down to attach into yours after easing them from the tight grip around his jacket’s warmth that had kept you anchored to him.
Carefully, he begins to smooth small shapes across your skin, his eyes meanwhile meeting yours, gentle gaze watching over you like the moon watching over the earth before he opens the car door and ushers you both inside, giving you an affectionate smile before leaving and making for home where he would be able to give you all his love once again.
Silently, Atsumu opens the car door in the driveway to your home, his affectionate hand extending out toward you which you take gladly and let him lead you into the house and to a seat where you fall into the reassuring cushioning.
This sudden comfort and the sensitivity of Atsumu’s actions as he dips down to relieve the shoes from your feet before gifting you an encouraging grin ekes a weak smile from you, almost as a thank you for Atsumu’s care. As a small meaningful thank you for the drink he makes you after putting away your shoes, and the fact that he then brings you a pair of your comfiest clothes to put on, and eventually for the love you feel from him as he once again swaddles you in the sturdy support of his arms and supportive embrace.
From your side Atsumu moves into the most comforting position, one where your legs lay across his lap therefore allowing you to bend into his shoulder, your hands clenched around the neckline of his shirt as you press closer into his warmth.
You don’t want another round of tears, so you turn to Atsumu, wide imploring eyes staring up at him with a desperation like no other situation than this. Quickly Atsumu sees you and turns his touch from running circles over your hand to instead laying calm fingertips to your cheek, which he smooths over with his thumb, the subtle contented feeling blooming over your face managing to comfort you – or perhaps it was the way he looked at you with such significant compassion and love.
The next thing you know is the plush kiss of Atsumu’s lips, it’s not wanting, rather it’s soft and filled with meaning, the gentle shine that fills your body being an indicator without words that Atsumu is there for you, through everything, no matter what. He’ll stay by your side, whispering consoling words and letting his skin be to yours - as you would do for him - for as long as you’ll need him.
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ellewords · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“tell me, yn, have ya ever kissed someone before?”
atsumu lets out a chuckle at the way your eyes widened, clearly shocked at the question that had just slipped past his lips. it wasn’t the first time that he had asked you random questions out of nowhere in the years you’ve spent as friends, but it still made you choke on air.
“i’m sorry, w-what?” you spluttered out as soon as his laughter died down, “where is this coming from?”
“i’ve had a lot of first kisses-”
you cut him off with a snort, your hand flying to cover your mouth as soon as it was let out. atsumu’s love life was no secret to you, or to anyone for that matter. every now and then, he’d stride past your front door with a smile on his face, telling you all about the perfect date that ended in the perfect kiss. though a few weeks later, he’d fall face first on your pillows and mumbles something about a person not being the one for him.
atsumu rolls his eyes before continuing, “but i don’t think any of ‘em ever truly loved me, ya know? especially not the very first one.”
“mhmm.” you nod, unsure of how to respond or where this was even going. your mind flashes back to the night atsumu got his very first kiss. you were both seventeen. he was floating on air, meanwhile a dull ache had settled into your chest. you weren’t aware as to why, that would only be clear a few months later. “didn’t they cheat on you after a week?”
he looks down at his hands, “broke my heart, ya know?”
“i know.” you smile sadly, reaching a hand out to his, “but what does this have to do with me?”   
atsumu looks up, meeting your gaze, “don’t want that for ya. i want the first person who kisses you to be from someone who truly loves ya.”
“then kiss me. you love me like a friend, but it’s true…right?”
you don’t where you had gotten the confidence. maybe you just wanted your best friend to kiss you. just once, you wanted to know how it would feel to have his lips on yours. maybe you were tired of waiting for something that may never be. maybe this could be a goodbye to your biggest what could have been.
atsumu leans in as a response, slow and tentative like he’s still waiting for you to back out. but you push forward and his hand finds its way to your cheek, his thumb gently grazing the skin beneath it. his lips are softer than you could have imagined, but the sensation only lasts a few seconds before your force yourself to pull away. letting it last longer would only break your heart.
you offer him a smile, “thank you.” 
atsumu nods in response. he did love you like a friend. truly. but when his lips met yours, his heart was made aware of a different kind of love. a love he didn’t know had been there all along. 
Tumblr media
from elle !  rewatched perks of being a wallflower last night and got a bit of brainrot (outside of feeling kinda sad -- bc wow that movie...logan lerman should have gotten an award) >_<
Tumblr media
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sofiakistein · 2 days ago
october 22 - masturbation
↳ 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌: sakusa kiyoomi x fem! reader
↳ ⚠️𝖙𝖜: masturbation, kinda creepy behavior on both reader and sakusa, stalking (? All characters are 18+ here.
↳ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 0.9k
↳𝖆/𝖓: this is NASTY. please, enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. also, tomorrow I'm going to the beach w my bsf an I'm so excited 😭😭😭
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
Innocent. That is how Sakusa Kiyoomi would describe you.
You were so innocent when you knocked on your neighbor's door, asking him to help you put some security cameras on your apartment. Soon, you were going to travel a few days from Tokyo to Osaka to visit your cousins, so you wanted to keep your house safe, and knowing well Sakusa was a volleyball player, you just assumed he must be more capable stronger than you.
And how could he deny to help you? That day you were wearing a black sports bra and comfy pants that accentuated the curve of your hips, hips that he wanted to taste so bad he could have ripped your fucking pants off.
You were warm with him, despite what the other neighbors on the apartment complex told you about him being stiff and rude to everyone, he was nice and funny around you. You could swear you were friends with him more than only acquaintances.
So that day, Sakusa and you spent the whole afternoon trying to set up the security cameras on your floor. You bought two cameras, one for the living room that on the corner gave you a perfect view of the place, including your kitchen; the other camera was for your bedroom since... well, it was your bedroom, right?
He was curious about why you wanted to put security cameras in your house since it was small, and you told him that you felt like someone was watching you. You told Sakusa that, earlier that week, some clothes of yours went missing in the laundry land that the buildinghad, and maybe you were paranoic or some kinda shit, but it just seemed weird.
Fortunately, he understood and agreed with you, and it seemed weird. But not as weird as it was when he found out that you use a special soap to wash your clothes. He just wanted to keep some of them... especially, your underwear.
Then, he asked you how you were going to look at the security cameras if you were in Osaka, so you showed him the app on your phone that let you take control of the recordings. And at that moment he felt bad for you, you were truly innocent.
Suddenly you felt the urge to go to the bathroom, so while you were there, Sakusa took advantage of the time and downloaded the same app you had on your phone, setting your security cameras on his. And when you were back in the living room, everything was done.
You thanked him, and he went back to his apartment, the one in front of yours.
That was almost a month ago.
You were already back from Osaka, and as you found everything good on your floor you went back to your daily routine. A routine Sakusa had memorized. Your day was pretty normal, working as a receptionist on one of the highest buildings in Tokyo kept you busy, so by the time you were home you felt overwhelmed by everything.
His favorite part of your day was the night, around 10 p.m you would take your little pink vibrator out, and while touching your breasts and pinching your nipples to feel the pleasure, he would look at the camera pointing right at your bed.
Legs spread, loose shirt around your body, and little moans and pants drove him crazy. He would take out your panties - the ones he stole from you- and wrapped them around his big and hard cock, imagining it was you who was on top of him. Thinking about how your little hands compared to nothing against his would pump his dick, and then when he starts cumming you would lick his hot semen and take it all in your mouth.
Watching you move the vibrator in your soaking pussy, has Sakusa's dick pulsating hard on his hand, and drops of pre-cum falling to your panties wishing it was inside you. He wondered how you could always be so wet and horny, but you couldn't help it when the only thought in your mind was your neighbor. Sakusa Kiyoomi.
It was real that you wanted security cameras on your house. The 'clothes incident' had you worried and a Lil bit creeped out, so you wanted to make sure everything was okay; on the other hand, you purposely asked Sakusa to help you with them because you wanted to spend time with him, wearing that sports bra and those pants were all part of your plan. Deep inside, you wished that that day he would have fucked the shit out of you, but sadly it didn't happen.
So when he was gone, and you were checking that the cameras were working, you noticed that another device was set up, and connecting the dots it must have been Sakusa's.
Amused by the idea of Sakusa watching you, you started to masturbate every night. Facing directly at the camera pretending you didn't know he was behind the screen, and think that was his dick and not the vibrator you used the one that was inside you.
The thought of him filling you up, his dick deep inside your pussy, and his callous, and big hands touching and roaming your body made you wetter and wetter. You just wanted him pounding and thrusting hard on you.
And without the other one knowing, you both cummed thinking of how good you two would fuck.
– all rights reserved © sofiakirstein 2021.  please do not repost, plagarise, distribute or transtale my work on ANY plataform
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