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#haikyuu scenarios
nekoglasses · 4 minutes ago
Hi, how are you? Can i have a request with nishinoya, tsukishima and osamu x male reader where they are cuddling and the reader sings to them so they can sleep?
》 Fandom: Haikyuu
》 Request(?): Yep!
》 Pairing: Miya O., Tsukishima K., Nishinoya Y. x M!Reader (Seperate)
》 Genre: Fluff
》 Type: Half Headcanons, Half Drabble
》 Galaxy Research: I’m doing good Anon! Thank you for asking, and requesting this :3 (my reqs are open everyone!)
Tumblr media
☾ Nishinoya Y. ☽
He’s smitten with you
And just being able to be with you is his blessing (for what he thinks lol)
But getting to cuddle up privately out of judgmental people’s views is one of his favorite things
And once you add in playing with his hair and humming lightly, he feels like he’s in heaven
The light rumbling of your chest and the slight scratches on his scalp helps him fall asleep so much faster and he’s so in love with how he managed to have you
But when you fully sing to him, whatever it might be, he always sleeps the best with you by his side
“Sunshine, my only sunshine~ you make me happy, when sky’s are grey~ you never know dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my sunshine away~”
The softness of (M/N)’s voice soothed Nishinoya from his loud rambunctious state, leaving him leaned against his lovers chest. His facial features relaxed as he felt drowsier and drowsier, the soft petting and playing of his hair didn’t help his want to stay awake with his World.
“Sleep, Yuu. I’ll still be here when you wake up.”
“But I want to stay with you. I love you so much...”
“And I’ll always be here. Sleep well Yuu.”
(M/N) coaxed him to fall asleep, knowing he needed the rest.
☾ Tsukishima K. ☽
He’s a cheeky bastard that wouldn’t dare ask head on for cuddles, especially if he wanted to be the small spoon
But it happened, when he was half asleep and almost dead tired from juggling school and a internship at the same time
He’ll plop down onto your stomach, grumbling with a pout on his face
But once you start to stroke through his locks of hair, the tiredness from his day takes over him, and your voice brings him over to the peaceful sleep
“...and then this bastard of a co-intern started spewing out fake facts *yawn* and just, why didn’t the damn managers stop him?”
The fingers of his boyfriend ran through his blonde hair as he ranted sleepily about his day. His voice became softer and less rough as the motion relaxed him. Tsukishima soon fell silent, too tired to continue on, and (M/N) took it as a sign to start humming. He was always fond of his singing or humming, saying it helped him fall asleep faster (though not directly like that).
Keeping his voice soft, the motion and gentleness of his lover’s voice and hands brought him closer and closer to sleep, before he completed went over the barrier to the dream world. The slight snoring of Tsukishima made (M/N) smile, glad that he would be getting some rest finally.
☾ Miya O. ☽
After running a business all day, all he wants to do is be held in your arms
It’s expected that he’d be tired, but he always wants to spend at least time with you after being away in the store for so long everyday
With how much he knows you love playing with his hair, he’s been growing it out a bit, but not too much.
But once you sing to him, he’s out like a light.
“But when he loves me I feel like I'm floating, When he calls me pretty I feel like somebody, Even when we fade eventually to nothing, You will always be my favorite form of loving~”
Playing with the now longer strands of hair, Osamu was already drowsy to being with and the domestic like atmosphere wasn’t helping his want to stay awake with (M/N) longer.
“Mmmmm don’ wanna sleep yet...”
“But aren’t you tired?”
“Yes but I wanna spend time with ya.”
(M/N) sighed, smiling at his stubbornness. “You can always spend time with me in the morning, and I can go visit the shop too. Now sleep, darling.”
The calming strokes along his scalp and the humming of (M/N)’s voice brought him to the calm darkness, sleep overtaking his senses as he clung around his waist.
Tumblr media
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sugamei · 4 minutes ago
⤷  part 04: fanny flutters.
›  note: hope you enjoy this chapter ☺️! y/n’s back story is still a mystery, but don’t worry! it’ll all come to light soon! & for those of you that asked to be on the tag list, i’m updating it as we speak so i’ll get you guys on there soon! <3
⟶  playlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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⟶  metamorphosis masterlist.  ⟶  main masterlist.
tag list: @anngelllla​ , @daphnxy​ , @kac-chowsballs​ , @tchalameme​ , @6mattsun9​ , @elianetsantana​ , @lilith412426​  , @drown-in-your-smile​ , @zeyyackerman​ , @ivana-an-iguana , @theactualroiana-m​ , @saikishairclip , @ntimacy , @succulentmom , @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa , @tanakaslastbraincell , @thegirlwithmommyissues , @camcam1617​ , @xrosexblossomx
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sleepysonia · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
rating: t
type: fluff + akaashi’s projecting his love life into a novel + breakfast fiascos
word count: 1.2k
summary: She knows she said, “pass the pan” and not “pass the egg.” —Akaashi/Reader 
Tumblr media
Akaashi loves his job.
He thinks he really chose the right field when he looks back in hindsight. Literature, even since he was small, had been something he always looked forward to. When his kaa-chan would read him those bedtime stories and he could pretend to be anything in his dreams—even his own thoughts when the going gets rough.
This month, he received a new client and he thinks that this client may be his favorite yet.
A romance writer.
Akaashi particularly likes the way his client writes.
There’s a smoothness to wording, but still harsh enough to get the point across. The plotlines and characterizations are all eclectic. Never truly the same character and the conflicts all lead to some path that even he, the editor and reader, could not imagine.
But what he really likes about this book, is that he can so very easily project onto it. The main character reminds him of well, him. The female lead, he smiles when she does something endearing, reminds him of her and it’s so easy to get lost in his own little world. He spent the entire night with his eyes glued to the manuscript – of course he had written his own little notes on the side of his tablet and correcting the errors as he goes along – until the moon rose high into the night.
Akaashi had glanced at his watch, then her sleeping figure on the bed and shook his head.
Just a few more pages, he promised himself.
A few more pages, then Akaashi would put away his tablet, and go to bed.
That is what he had originally promised himself, it wasn’t until the gold of the sunrise shone like a blade into the cracks of his blinds, bouncing of the cherry wood of his windowsill and washed across the room in a foamy glow. He swore silently when he took account of the time, just a little after sunrise and he still hadn’t put away the damn book.
Akaashi rubs his eyes tiredly and clicked his tablet shut before climbing into bed.
Maybe he could sleep in or something.
Something, because today is Sunday and that was his day to rest—both of their days. Still, Akaashi wasn’t known for sleeping in or being a night person. She might just think something’s wrong with him after all and he doesn’t want her to worry.
It’s just that—that book was so distracting and he can’t help but picture himself as the distressed coffeeshop owner and her as the struggling college student.
Akaashi climbs into bed, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.
“Keiji,” a voice whispers into his ear, a slight giggle catching at the end of the last syllable, “Keiji, c’mon. Wake up.”
“What is it, love?” Akaashi groans into his pillow, his brain fuzzy with sleep and lids heavy.
“You have to wake up, we’re meeting Bokuto today, remember? Today is his last day of practice before they head off to Nationals,” she reminds him gently, pressing a kiss to the side of his head, running feather kisses down the side of his jaw and his shoulder, “C’mon, baby. Let’s eat some breakfast before we head off, kay?”
He grumbles into the pillow.
Akaashi had forgotten and if he doesn’t show up—he will never hear the end of it from Bokuto.
But Gods he is so tired.
It would be childish of him to curl up into a ball, to scream into his pillow at how the world was so unfair, in a fairly dramatic fashion, fisting his hands into his sheets before rolling over and glaring at his ceiling. It would be childish of him to do that, but that is exactly what he does when frustration bleeds into his fatigue.
Still he can’t leave her to cook breakfast by herself, that’s his job and he’s already failing at it so it seems.
Akaashi crawls out of bed, stumbles into his bathroom with a messy head and fuzz thoughts. Once he finishes his morning routine, slaps himself with cold water for good measure, he wobbles into the kitchen, and grabs the cup of coffee waiting for him on the counter.
“Thanks,” he presses a kiss to her cheek absently, tiredly, with half-lidded eyes and hums when he takes a sip.
Akaashi wonders what it would be like if – dreamily – if he, the coffee-owner, were to offer her a discount as a gesture of good-will for noticing the theft that had been happening in his own shop. She – his wonderful girlfriend who’s cutting up something leafy on the kitchen counter – would obviously be mortified and shy when he brings it up. She would smile and say that it’s nothing—that she really doesn’t need a discount.
But he wants to give it to her – Akaashi stirs his cup – because she had effectively stopped him from losing money as well as give him an indirect method to protecting his shop from theft. So, perhaps his has to word it in particular way, maybe say that it’s only her that gets the discount because customer loyalty? That’s too forward perhaps, he needs to ease her into that—
“—the pan, please,” she calls out to him and hears her just faintly.
Akaashi nods and walks over to the refrigerator. Maybe he can just give her his number – he opens the door to fridge – then tell her that she can use his shop to study or give her a private table in gratitude. That way he has another channel to speak to her and still keep up the charming atmosphere. It sounds better.
“—thanks, Keiji!” her voice bleeds into a shriek – it shakes him out of his daze – when the egg in her hand smashes into pieces as she grasps for it blindly. She stares at the mess in her palm with disbelief and turns to face her boyfriend, “Keiji, I asked for the pan!”
“Oh,” Akaashi says dumbly, “Oh. Sorry love, let me—” he cuts himself off as he hurriedly grasps the sink rag and cleans her hand, “Sorry about that.”
“You were up all night reading that book, weren’t you?” she looks at him with narrowed brows, but her lips stay amused, “I told you to go to sleep.”
He pouts and tosses the rag in the sink, “I couldn’t help it! The main characters are just like us and I couldn’t put it down—”
She kisses him to stop his rambling, teeth nipping at his lower lip, she pulls away and he looks back at her dazed. She huffs, “Go on the couch and take a nap. I’ll wake you when breakfast.”
“—get some rest,” she softens her tone and runs a hand down his cheek, “It’s going to be a long day and you can read your book in the car.”
Akaashi smiles into her hand because, truly, she knows just how passionate he is about his career and his work. She understands his thirst for literature and words, which makes it impossible to deny her anything. He presses a kiss into her palm, “Love you.”
“You’re such a hopeless romantic,” she replies with a flush and kisses nose after.
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ichigoromi · 39 minutes ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 | 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐩 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Timeskip Atsumu is conscious of his public image and what if his private life accidentally gets exposed to the mass media? I wonder how will he handle this...
As always, please do enjoy reading this headcanon! I do accept requests! If you have any specific requests, I'll try my best to write it!
Tumblr media
Miya Atsumu
Tumblr media
Atsumu is very conscious of his public image, but he is known for changing his girlfriends quite often.
You and Atsumu were childhood best friends, along with Osamu.
He always had feelings for you, but you unintentionally friend-zoned him to the point that he gave up any hopes that you would reciprocate his feelings.
However, it all changes when you shared a kiss with him on new year day and confessing your feelings to him.
And, from then on, you two have been official for a year now.
You have started working and furthering your studies as well.
Although Atsumu doesn't like you tiring yourself out, he wanted to pay for your tuition fee so that you can focus on studying. But you are an independent lady that wants to achieve your dreams by yourself, so the final answer was still a no.
Your relationship was so secretive that even his teammates do not know; only Osamu and your younger sister knows about it.
During his break from all the games and practices, he decided to visit you in Kyoto.
You two had fun; even though you were busy with work and school, he enjoyed it a lot since it has been a while since you two have met.
When he left for Osaka to go back for training, you were obviously upset that you two couldn't spend more time together, but you were going to surprise him next month by showing up at his game.
While preparing for all these, lots of mass media gathered information on Atsumu's girlfriend and prepared to release it soon.
The taxi driver wished you luck as you hopped off the vehicle and rushed to the arena entrance. Your flight from Kyoto got delayed, and there was a traffic jam on the way to the game.
You missed more than half the game, but there are still two more sets to go.
"Oh my gosh, I need a break." You sat down next to Osamu, catching your breath.
"Where were ya? I was busily textin' ya, and yer phone was dead." He flicked your forehead, and you rolled your eyes at him.
It was dead because you accidentally dropped in the swimming pool, and now it would not work.
"I dropped it in water. It's dead." You sighed, showing him your dead phone.
"Hmm, Tsumu does not know yer here. But he's annoyin' me bout ya." Osamu showed you Atsumu texting him about how you were not replying to him or answering his calls.
You focus on watching your boyfriend play. It has been a while since you have watched him play.
"I'm so tired~! The flight was alright, but I was panicking so much that I almost puke mid-flight." Osamu frowned at you, and you gulped the bottle of water that you have.
While you minded your own business, people were staring at you and murmuring among themselves.
"Why are they starin' at me? I'm part of the audience too." You pout and watch the players play.
It was an intense match for sure; most of them have played against each other in high school and are friends from high school.
You watch intensely, focusing on the plays made by the players, ignoring the increasing stares you were getting. Osamu noticed that more people were staring at you but just ignored it too.
Soon, the game ended with MSBY Black Jackals winning.
You and Osamu waited for Atsumu to finish interacting with his fans, and when the press talk to him, his face fell, and he pushed through them, looking around.
Then he spotted you.
He pushed his way through the crowd and pulls you to the team's private lounge.
It seems like the press has caught wind of you two.
"Tsumu! Slow down, would ya? What's goin' on?" He did not say anything and pulls you into his chest.
"I'm sorry. It's all my fault." He mumbled, and you frowned and shook your head.
"Did someone discover that we're datin'? Tsumu, don't worry. We can figure this out together." You pat his back, and he nods his head.
"You can take the bus with my teammates and me. My manager has already informed the guys." He pulls you along with him.
Tumblr media
Atsumu was by your side, with his arm wrapped around your waist securely and the other trying to feed you. Hinata and Bokuto was the most interested in how you and Atsumu became a couple.
The other guys were melting over your Kansai accent, which made Atsumu scowl at them. Osamu raised a brow at his brother's clingy side.
"Now everyone knows that ya datin' the popular and hot volleyball player, how does it feel?" Atsumu asked you with a teasing smirk on his face.
"Meh. Tsumu, get off yer high horse. Be more humble." You pinched his cheek and he pouts in response.
Osamu was glad that you were the one that his twin ended up with. The girls that he used to date, he disapproved before he even met them.
"Where's ya luggage? Do ya have any clothes on ya?" You nodded your head at his question.
"What about yer phone?" You looked away from him and he sighed.
"We have a few days off before we leave for the next game. We are goin' on a shoppin' trip." He declared and you know he is serious about it.
No matter how long you guys have known each other, you are still uncomfortable with his spoiling you.
"Don't worry, it's my duty as yer boyfriend." He reassured you.
"The hearts I've broken because I'm dating~." Ah, still ever the same Atsumu.
Tumblr media
Was it a long one? If you noticed there were some changes in the line divider, that is because I've written this in two different parts and got rid of my old line divider. Hence I'm using the new one in later parts.
This was quite fun to write about! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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iwas-baby · an hour ago
kitty suna would breed you every round after he sees his friends seriously flirt with you,, he wants to make sure you're entirely his!
hello why am i just seeing this now
kitty suna is so possessive, he wants to scream when he sees the other pets boys flirting with you 😩 but he knew better than to make a scene in public. so he takes a bit of initiative, pushing you onto the bed and making sure to mark his territory.
you’re on the brink of passing out but your kitty still needs that reassurance that his owner isn’t gonna leave him for another pet. which is also why watching your abused hole gushing with his cum makes him more eager to show you his devotion. his dick hits all your best spots, stretching you to the point your eyes roll behind your head.
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neoheros · an hour ago
Tumblr media
atsumu’s not going to college.
it’s not what he wants, and it’s not a requirement for his plans for the future. he has a one track road set for going pro in the volleyball industry, and he has no plans for detours slowing him down.
that was always “the plan”, and you were not part of it — you were always going to college, and you were going to spend the full time there making sure your future’s on the right track.
that’s why he broke up with you.
the two years he spent with you throughout high school gone down the drain the second he decided this would be better for him — and he feels like he’s wrong, because he still checks on you when you’re not looking — but atsumu’s dead set on the fact that he’ll only slow you down if he kept you with him.
or so, until now.
“atsumu, it’s two in the morning.” you tell him, your yawns coming in a drip drop motion as you try to understand what he’s doing in front of you right now.
it’s been two weeks since you last saw him — two weeks since the breakup — two weeks of no calls, texts or even acknowledgements from in between classes or study halls.
but now he’s here, standing on your doorstep, and you’re not really sure if you want him to be.
atsumu tells you, “i have a solution.”
“it’s two in the morning.” you remind him again.
and he only repeats, “i have a solution.”
your eyebrows furrow, “do you want to come inside?”
“no,” he shakes his head, his nose red from the cold, and he tells you, “you have to listen to me.”
you bring your arms up to your chest, not feeling so warm yourself, and you hate that he chose to do on the coldest night of the month.
you tell him, “i can listen to you inside.”
and he only replies, “i have a solution.
and you frown, “so we’re not going inside.”
you have no idea what he’s talking about, all you know is that you’re still upset with him for ghosting you right after breaking up with you, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to forgive him for that yet.
you sigh, “why are you here?”
and he nods, “because i can get a job — i’ll work on the volleyball thing most hours of the day — but whenever i’m free, i can take shifts in the local café near your campus.”
you cut him off, “wait — my campus?”
“yeah,” atsumu nods, “i checked, and they have an opening and i can totally get a job there.”
atsumu? with a job? at a cafe? you can’t even put it to words, but you’re unsure when he visited your campus, unsure why he’s even doing all this in the first place.
“a job?” you raise a brow, “why do you need a job?”
atsumu ignores your question, shivering as the cold hits him, his breath turning white as it leaves his mouth, and he continues, in a frantic fit, “i have a car, it’s for my 20th birthday but my dad agreed he can give it to me early — and i have a lot saved up so there’s that for an apartment too.”
you’ve never seen atsumu be so nervous, you’ve seen him before his games and after his losses, but he’s never looked like this — never looked so worried.
“slow down.” you break through his endless string of sentences, your eyebrows furrowing as you’re still so confused and lost of what’s going on, and you say, “it’s two am.”
atsumu doesn’t respond.
you touch his arm, “have you slept?”
he feels silly — this is the first time you’ve seen him in two weeks and he must look insane to you already. he doesn’t care, he’s tired, he misses you, he’s been missing you for two weeks, and he hasn’t stopped.
atsumu looks at you, “i don’t want to break up with you.”
you stare back at him, blinking profusely as if trying to make of the situation, and your heart softens as easily as it leaps — because you didn’t want to break up with him either.
he still looks frantic, like he’s a second away to pull his hair out, and you’d offer to let him inside the house one more time, but you’ve got a strong feeling that he’d just say no again.
“i have the place, the car, the job — you have college and i’ll have my volleyball — and i know this isn’t what we planned, but i have the solution and i really think we can make this work.” atsumu tells you all of this, a straight (frantic) tone coming through his words, he catches his breath, and he’s ready to talk to you again.
but your eyes are gentle, “what are you talking about?”
he looks at you, like he’s nervous to be looking at you, a huge lump in his throat the he needs to be swallowing down soon since he’s gone too long without speaking — and he’s nervous, because this situation earns him every right to be nervous.
he’s only 20, unsure of every decision he’s making towards his future, but he’s just spent the last two weeks without you, and the first real thing he’s realized is that there’d be nothing worse than that.
the night is cold.
atsumu stares, “will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
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koushiberries · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“look,” suna says, showing you his phone and pointing at the picture of a couple; their hands intertwined, smiles plastered on their faces. “i know that guy — total bastard. pretty sure that’s his fifth girlfriend this month.” he gossips and you laugh, making him furrow his brows.
“you’d be good as gossip girl, rin,” you tell him in between giggles, watching as he quirks an eyebrow up.
“gossip — oh my god, shut up,” suna groans, pulling his phone away from your grasp, “we watch it one time, one episode! and i’m already gossip girl — you know, you suck,” he huffs, pulls his blanket over his head and moves his phone up to his face, way too close.
“oh, c’mon, rin! i’m only kidding,” you laugh, scoot closer to him and move his phone from his face. “‘m sorry, ‘kay?” you tell him and kiss his nose, rub it against your own.
“hmm,” he hums, squeezes your waist and pushes you over the bed. “i don’t accept your apologies!” he says, tickles your sides and your stomach, that one spot that makes you laugh even harder.
“okay! okay!” you tear up, wide smile on your face, “how can i - rintaro! stop!” you laugh, try kicking him but to no avail. “how can i - how can i make it up!” you laugh and finally, he stops.
“go make some popcorn and you’re forgiven, extra butter.” he says, gets off from atop of you and plants a little kiss to your lips. “now.”
“not even a please?”
“please. i love you. but i’m not gossip girl.”
“okay,” you laugh and kiss his cheek, stand up from the bed. “sorry, rin.”
“make me some popcorn and all is forgiven.” he says as he makes himself a blanket burrito, pulls his phone close to his face and scrolls through instagram to gossip some more.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST! if your name is in bold, i couldn’t tag you! :(
@maitenight @soranihimawari @milktyama @arrogantsonofabiscuit @kohi-zeri @risjime @crybabygumi @oikadiors @per5yja5kson @sunavf — send in an ask to be added! <33
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pinkanonwrites · 2 hours ago
Haikyuu Requests are open!
Check out my rules pinned at the top, then shoot me a rq or two! I;m in a very haikyuu mood. (I’ll also do Sk8 rn if anyone is interested)
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tooruschills · 2 hours ago
suna x fem!reader
late night gaming with suna :] it’s super chaotic because y/n can’t stop laughing and keep dying
𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝗼𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐘𝗼𝐮 𝐒𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐑𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝗼̄
Thanks for my first request!!💜 just a lil blurb for the loml
Tumblr media
“Why are you like this?!” The exasperated voice of your boyfriend echoed throughout your head set and your bedroom. Suna groaned, face palming as he watched your character die for umpteenth time as you broke into giggles.
“I-It’s not my fault! You shouldn’t have given me an energy drink!” You laughed, pointing to the now empty can. The brunette huffed, throwing his controller down.
“Now I know I guess,” He smirked, rolling on top of you. Instead of melting into his embrace like he assumed you would, you simply angled your head so you could see the screen and restarted your game.
“Why are you still playing? You keep dying,” He deadpanned. You grinned, not in the least but bothered. “It’s game night! We can’t stop playing games until it’s late!”
Rintarō raised his eyebrow, clearly unamused. “Babe, it’s past 3 in the morning. You aren’t even a little bit tired?”
Rather then answer his question, you gasped dramatically. “The Suna Rintarō is already tired?! Before lil ol’ me?!”
He just rolled his eyes, something he’d been doing a lot lately. “Just hug me, you brat.” You frowned, pausing your game. “But you wanted a game night!”
Rin grinned lazily, throwing your controller to the side. “Yeah, well now it’s morning and I want to sleep.” Another laugh left you as you conceded, wrapping your arms around him.
“Thanks for game night. Even though you cut it short,” You teased, smiling cheekily. However, the brunette only had a soft smile, despite your words.
“Anything for you, baby,” he kissed your cheek and you felt a smirk form on his lips, “even if you suck.”
“Hey!” He snorted, nuzzling his nose into your neck. “Go to sleep, (Y/N).”
Tumblr media
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 4 hours ago
We Fell In Love in October
Reader: F Character: Kei Tsukishima Rating: G Summary: Fall romance with Tsukishima Warning: Fluff, Getting Together Tip Jar 🍸 | Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon
Tumblr media
Tsukishima met you in a world history course at the local college. It was a cold September when you first met. You needed a tutor for your class, you just needed a credit in history to get your degree.
And Tsukishima, reluctant at first, eventually helped you. After your Wednesday class, he came over to your apartment and you two studied the week’s material.
He wasn’t one for hugs, so you rarely touched him. However the first time your hands brushed together was when you were both grabbing a pen. His hands soft against yours, it made you almost a little embarrassed that you forgot to moisturize them the night before.
 “Sorry!” You yelped as you quickly moved your hand away.
 “Don’t worry about it.” he said as he picked up the pen and scribbled down some notes, “Now explain to me the importance of this word.” He pointed to the textbook.
September turned into October and you and Tsukishima got closer. He was over more often, he helped you cook dinner, talked about volleyball over dinner then helped clean up.
Tsukishima was a good house guest, he sometimes brought wine over and you two shared a meal. He wasn’t like other guys you had over in the past, he was different. You two mostly bitched about life, but when he complimented something, it felt genuine.
 “Kyotani is a good player. He just has a bit of an attitude.” Tsukishima said as he swirled pasta onto his fork. He had been talking about the game he recently played.
You chuckled, “Did you just compliment someone?”
He rolled his eyes, “I can be nice you know. I’m not a monster.”
You twirled the pasta on your fork and laughed some more, “Oh I bet. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you compliment someone.”
 “I could compliment you.” He said.
 “Oh really? I wanna see you try.” You laughed as you looked at him. You placed one hand under your chin and held a steady gaze with him.
 “You have beautiful eyes.” He said earnestly, “They look nice, I know you think that they’re not special, but I like them.”
 “You trying to flirt with me, Kei?” You asked. Your cheeks grew warm at the compliment. Tsukishima wasn’t known for his niceness, so it felt like an honour to be awarded such a compliment.
 “Would you let me?” He leaned a little bit forward. His gaze steady with yours.
You smiled, “Maybe.”
 “Then let me take you out to dinner sometime.” He said bluntly, “Then I’ll show you how much I can compliment you.”
You leaned forward in your seat and raised your elbow on the table, “Sounds like a plan.”
He just smirked, “Better not go around and tell people that I’m freely giving compliments. People might get the wrong idea.”
You reached across the table and took a hold of his hand, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, Kei.”
His smirk only grew.
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snakeygurl · 4 hours ago
Come back to me
Tumblr media
Tendou x GN!Reader
Includes: Mentions of past bullying, actual bullying, physical abuse and assault, fighting, fluff :D, angst
Tumblr media
a/n - I can’t write fight scenes cuz all there is in college is a few punches and maybe some hair pulling :| high school was better lmfaoo. N e way, I actually had this saved in my notes, I just added Tendou’s name into it heh, why’d ppl gotta leave, right
Tumblr media
‘even if I die trying, I’ll always find my way back to you’
Tumblr media
Tendou had always been a smiley, lovable kid.. To some people..
But when he entered middle school, everything began to quickly turn south, he never paid attention to the odd and dirty looks thrown his way. No. Never. It’ll pass. Right?
It never passed
Throughout his whole middle school and partially highschool experience it was bound to get to him at some point,,
All the name calling didn’t bother him as the years went on, he had re-claimed the nickname ‘monster’ from his younger bullies, he had joined a volley ball team, he had met new people, he became a star
But that never stopped the harassment.. During his first year, before he joined the club, people had already starting whispering about his so-called ‘weird’ looks. But as usual, he told himself to simply brush them off, to not think about it, it’ll pass.. won’t it?
It never passed
Everyday he came home with new bruises, his teammates thought it was from practices and games, his teacher and parents thought the same, his siblings gave him a sympathetic look, but no one ever done anything. No one cared
He could see the boys that had harassed him through highschool standing behind the gym, calling Tendou over with an ice cold glare, before he could protest with himself his slender legs slowly made their way up to them
In an instant he was on the stone cold floor, being pulled down by one of the boys, his face and body instantly go numb as the group of guys instantly start kicking his sides, painting bruises over the partially healed ones,, all Tendou could do is lay there and take it, telling himself “it’s all going to be over soon, remembering what happened last time he tried to tell someone and fight back
..The first time the boys actually hit him, his instinct was telling him to fight back, to run even,, as soon as his fist made contact with the mans face everything went blank,, his eyes were bruised and his jaw was dislocated, he had bruises n cuts everywhere, they took almost a full month to clear up..
After that he never bothered to tell them off or try hit them, a few kicks and punches weren’t as bad as a whole beating, eventually, after they made Tendou’s torso black and blue, they made their way inside the school, leaving him bloodied and bruised
He thought he should just stay there for awhile.. maybe take a nap or something.. maybe..
That’s when you showed up, he honestly thought you were an angel since the first time he layed eyes on you
You took his hand and hurried him to the nurses office, telling him to go inside and clean up, that you will be waiting for him, always
After that day your relationship bloomed, he learned your name and hobbies, oddly similar to his, but he never thought too much of it
You both made promises to eachother, silly ones like promising to share lunch, and serious ones like how you’ll never leave his side
He had hope, because of you...
It had been two years since you and him left school, two years spent together, you helped him heal and taught him how to love,
Although you never actually met his close friends and family, he still trusted you, because your his, right?
Yeah, your his, he has finally found someone who loves him dearly
And he knows your never leaving him, not like this, not when your dancing in his arms to a slow song playing on his stereo, the soft blush on yours and his cheeks,
He finally learned what trust feels like, what love feels like,
And though you two were always just close friends, he forever had hope
And when he seen you stare up at him with your soft smile, how could he not lean in.
“Just one kiss, y/n, let me kiss you.. please?” He sees you nod, slowly leaning into press his chaste lips against your soft ones
‘Finally’ the red headed boy think to himself ‘finally I can be with you’
He try’s to wrap his arms around you, the person infront of him, only to not feel a thing.. suddenly he pulls away, not feeling your lips on his anymore, as he steps back his wide eyes watch you become translucent,
“Wh-what..” he’s shocked.. never he would think the person whom healed him, who built him back up, who taught him how to belong, was just a stupid memory that he made by himself.. because he was, what, lonley
No wonder no one knew your name, because you weren’t. fucking. real. How stupid could he of been.
Tendou’s hands are gripping at his hair as he sinks down to his knees, shaking and crying for you to come back, but as you fade from his view, he realises,
He realises you were never actually here in the first place
So he sits there, in the cold, alone for the first time in years, softly smiling to himself, ‘I’ll meet you again, I promise my love’ Tendou’s hand reaches up into the wind, ‘even if I die trying, I’ll always find my way back to you’
Tumblr media
Asks and Req open!
Phew I haven’t done sfw in a hot minute
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ttokeyama · 4 hours ago
summary: You and Kageyama still have a lot to work on together. Fortunately, he has ways of expressing his admiration for you in more ways than one. 
pairing: kageyama tobio x f!reader 
genre: established relationship au | fluff, smut 
warnings: aged up characters, hurt/comfort, mentions of insecurities, ~Kageyama in love~, smut: unprotected sex, over the clothes grinding, biting, squirting (☉‿☉✿), they have sex outside but there’s no one else around so voyeurism i guess??
word count: 3.2k 
a/n: the obsession with Kageyama (and his hands to a certain extent) has returned! based on the prompt “could you be happy, here, with me?” also wanted to write this because my Oikawa x harry potter fic is taking longer than I thought it would. 
As soon as the tears well up in your eyes, Kageyama freezes. The previous anger that had been bubbling up in his stomach, blinding his rationality, loosening his tongue to make him say anything that came to his mind—all of it clears away at the sight of your hopeless expression. 
Kageyama knows about his occasionally reckless nature, how his frustration spits out words or statements that can be far from the truth. Given his awareness of that, he has spent many years trying to make sure his words are reviewed mentally before saying it out into the open space. His relationship with you has definitely sped up his progress, ensuring the adoption of a more well-rounded personality with a much better handle on his anger management. 
But sometimes, the stressors in his life bring out the ugliness of his brashness. It leads him to say certain things, statements that are much more powerful considering the intimate relationship he shares with you. It’s one thing to say harsh things to his teammates, because criticism is one way to create a stronger bond with his teammates. However, it’s another to say harsh things to you. He doesn’t even know how mean his words actually are, until you start crying as a result of them. 
And now Kageyama feels like a switch has been turned in his entire body. “Hey,” he calls softly, all aggressive seething gone immediately as he steps forward and wraps his arms around you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” 
“Y-You’re so mean, Tobio,” you whimper, gasping for air as you press your palm against your lips to muffle the sounds that leave your lips. “So mean…” 
Kageyama closes his eyes, silently berating himself. He is so mean—why did he have to pull a line like that on you? You’re just playing the role of the concerned girlfriend, making gentle remarks about the extra volleyball hours he’s been putting in. And then he had to go and snap at you. 
He tightens his hold on you. “I’m sorry,” he whispers, pulling back slightly just to nudge his nose against yours. Yours is a little wet due to your tears. “I know that you’re just worried about me.” 
“I know!” you hiccup back, using the sleeves of his sweater you’re wearing to wipe your tears. “You come home so late nowadays, and I know you’re barely getting any sleep. How can I not be worried?” 
Kageyama sighs as he cups your face, angling you up to him so he can wipe at your tears. “Let’s go clear our heads. We’ll take a drive, maybe take a detour. How does that sound?” 
You shake your head, pouting at him, eyes still wet as your gaze locks on his. “But we’re fighting.” 
“No, we’re yelling,” he says carefully, moving to interlock your fingers together. It’s a gesture done to keep you close as he rummages around for his keys. “I’d rather have us calm down so we can actually talk about our relationship in a productive way.” When you don’t say anything, he turns to look at you. Stuffing his keys into his pockets, he reaches over to dust at your tears again. “Does that sound okay?” 
You stare at him for a moment before you nod slowly. “Okay,” you whisper, allowing Kageyama to lead you out of the apartment and down the stairs, into the parking garage. He opens the passenger side of his car, making sure you’re buckled in before he’s sliding into the driver seat. 
The pair of you drive around the city for a little, window open and everything, before Kageyama spares you a glance. “You good for that detour?” 
You look at him, a tiny part of his heart lifting up at the sight of your eyes—still a little puffy, but much clearer than before. You actually smile at him this time, albeit a tiny smile, as you agree to his question. 
He takes a road that he knows by heart, carefully winding and weaving through the various roads and pathways that travel up the mountain. The windows are still open, allowing that clear breeze to enter and rearrange his thoughts, as he finds himself becoming more focused on the road ahead of him. Your head is turned away from Kageyama, but your eyes are lingering outside the window, where the city lights start to become dots in the distance. 
Finally, Kageyama stops at the end of the road, a street circle completely devoid of other cars, houses, or life. The only other paths are the road turning back down the mountain, and a little break in the fence up ahead. Kageyama puts the car into park as he turns to you. “Ready?” 
You hum as you unbuckle your seatbelt. “This place is so secluded,” you note softly. “How did you find it?” 
He doesn’t answer your question until you’re out of the car and back by his side. He mutters something about needing a blanket, which he retrieves from the trunk, before he’s leading you towards the broken fence. “A few months ago,” he explains. “We had a practice match and all my spikes kept getting blocked, so I finished up the game really frustrated. I took a drive, and somehow ended up here. The view is really peaceful up there.” 
“Is a view really worth it if you have to drive to the middle of nowhere to see it?” you muse quietly. 
Kageyama smiles softly at you. “I guess you’ll find out.” 
It’s a quiet walk through the short dirt path, but as soon as the pair of you reach the top, your lips part in awe. Ahead of you is a small collection of trees across a grassy field, all of it overlooking a landscape of multicolored lights from the skyscrapers and houses that litter the ground. Tonight is a cloudless sky, meaning that the stars are visible. From up here, it glimmers more brightly than it would down in the city.
“T-Tobio,” you whisper, eyes wide as you perform a 360 degree turn, trying to take in everything at once. “This place is amazing.” 
“I told you,” he says, but he’s still smiling. When you turn around to face him, he’s sitting atop the picnic blanket that he’s laid out on the ground. His laid back position is an invitation for you to join him, where you bound over and crawl by his side. You wrap your arms around his frame, joining him atop the blanket, as Kageyama’s arm slithers behind your shoulders. His fingers settle in your hair, running his fingers through the strands. 
For a moment, the pair of you let the stillness of the night, the breeze of the wind, or the fluttering of the crickets envelop you. But Kageyama is still racked with guilt, that he cannot help himself. 
“I really am sorry about earlier,” he whispers. 
“It’s okay,” you whisper back, turning your face into his shirt, where you take deep breaths against the fabric. “I wasn’t exactly being super pleasant back there. I was just hearing what I wanted to hear—and for me to accuse you of picking volleyball over me? That was unfair.” 
“B-But,” Kageyama manages weakly. “Aren’t I a terrible boyfriend if I make you feel like I’m picking one thing over the other?” 
You shake your head, looking up at him. “Of course you aren’t. Life isn’t just one big ultimatum, where just because you pick one thing doesn’t mean that you hate everything else. How does that make you a terrible boyfriend?” 
He hesitates, a thought lingering in his mind that has been there for awhile. “It’s just,” he starts. “Could you be happy here, with me?” 
You blink, confused. “Do you think I’m unhappy with you?” 
“M-Maybe not right now,” he manages, averting his gaze as he struggles to say the right words that can express what he’s thinking. “But I always worry that I really am picking volleyball over you every single time, and I worry about the day you realize that—and leave. That’s why I blew up when you accused me of picking volleyball over you.” 
Your gaze is one of heavy concern. “You think I’m going to leave you?” 
He sits up frantically. “It’s not that I don’t trust you. You’re probably the person I trust the most, even more than my own team. I’m just afraid you’re going to realize that you can do better than me—!” 
“Tobio,” you interrupt, sitting up as well. “I’m never going to be disappointed in you. In fact, I’m always in awe about your ability to balance your life. You’re so smart and talented, that sometimes I get worried that you’re the one who’s going to leave.” 
Kageyama’s lips part. “I would never!” he rebuffs so aggressively that you blink at his fierceness. 
The knowledge of his fierce loyalty drives up the tiny smile that plays against your lips. Without meaning to, you start to giggle. 
Kageyama retreats slightly, tilting his head at you. “Why are you laughing?” 
“No, it’s nothing,” you manage, your smile morphing into a grin. “It’s just that we came out here to cool off, but I think we ended up resolving our argument.” 
Kageyama delivers forth a smile of his own. “So you forgive me for making you cry?” 
You tilt your head towards him. “If you forgive me for making an absolutely baseless accusation.”
“Hm.” he pretends to ponder for a moment, before he reaches out to brush the hair out of your face. When he doesn’t respond as quickly as you would like, you whine, pouting as you grab his hand and start to shake it. At your actions, Kageyama’s smile softens considerably as he leans forward. “Of course I forgive you,” he whispers, pecking your lips. Normally, that would be enough. But today, you crave more.
The eagerness of your synergy with your boyfriend makes your head feel like it’s up in the clouds as you kiss him back: your movements sparking something deeper and heavier—as it usually does when the two of you get too carried away. You both may be in your twenties, but your shared lack of relationship experiences makes you handsy like teenagers in their honeymoon stage. 
Kageyama manages some words, but it weighs heavy on his tongue. “W-What are you still doing over there?” 
“What do you mean?” you whisper back—you’re sitting next to each other. “I’m right here.” 
He grunts something, hands planting themselves on your waist. “Not close enough.” He drags you onto his lap until you’re straddling him. You immediately feel him, long and hard, through the flimsy material of your lace underwear. That’s what you get for wearing a skirt out today. You can feel the heat of his body through his clothes, can see it in the flush of his cheeks as he pulls away. “That’s better,” he notes. 
You laugh breathlessly. “You’re right.” 
He goes back to kissing you, the weight of the air settling in your brain until you’re unable to think or see anything other than Kageyama. You are filled with the urge to feel him, touch him. Your hips shift over his lap, right over his dick, and he lets out a low moan. He pulls away, gazing at you with glassy eyes. “Here?” he asks. 
You nod quickly. “We’ll just keep our clothes on.” 
He nods back just as quickly, going back to kiss you harder. It is a clash of tongue and teeth, his hands that are settled on your hips encouraging a circular motion that only makes the fog of desire fill your head that much quicker. 
It isn’t until you and Kageyama are blatantly dry humping on each other that he stops you. “Wait, baby.” He lifts you off his lap, hands tight around your waist to keep himself grounded. “I almost came right here.” 
You laugh a little. “You must be really into me then.” 
Kageyama’s eyes darken at your words. “Well, I am. But that’s besides the point.” He takes a second to readjust, keeping one hand at your waist while the other starts unbuttoning his jeans. “You ready, baby?” 
At that, you whine as you lean forward to kiss him eagerly. “Yes, yes, fuck me please.” 
He can’t help but laugh again as you help him tug his jeans and boxers down just enough for his dick to spring out of the confines. You’re already wrapping your fingers around him, causing him to choke at the sudden overload of sensations. “Baby—!” 
“Please, please get inside of me,” You whisper, moving your other hand down to push your underwear to the side. Even though you’re both in an isolated area, the outdoors still come with a level of discovery that makes your heart race. 
“You’re so eager,” he grunts back, helping pull your skirt up just enough so he can see the way you guide over him, the way he slides into you. Although you both have definitely had sex enough times for Kageyama to get use to the sensation of you around him, the feeling of you (warm and wet) around him still makes his heart race, still makes him tilt his head back, still makes him groan. His fingers tighten around your waist. “Stay still for a second.” 
As if the grip he has on your hips isn’t enough to keep you still. But you can feel him, long and hard, within you and you have to bury your head into the crook of his neck to settle yourself. You bite gently at the skin when he starts grinding you back and forth, the stimulation making you dizzy. 
After a few back and forth movements, he starts moving you up and down on his cock, the change in rhythm making both of you groan. As you tilt your head back, Kageyama presses his nose to your collarbone. As you start to take more control in bouncing yourself on his lap, he runs his tongue over the surface of skin before sinking his teeth in, making you whimper. 
“F-Fuck, Tobio,” You whisper, arms around his shoulder to bring him closer. “S-So full, fuck—!” 
The stimulation is good, so good that he feels his release starting to settle underneath the surface. But it isn’t enough. You don’t really top that often (you joke that you haven’t done enough leg day for that shit), so he can tell that you’re reaching the ends of your stamina. 
“I’m gonna go faster,” He whispers in your ear, nipping at the skin. “Is that okay?” 
“Y-Yes,” You consent, as Kageyama’s hands move to cup your ass to help hoist you up just enough so he can move his legs out from underneath you. Keeping you two connected, he moves so that you’re now laying down on the picnic blanket. 
He wastes no time after that, immediately bending your legs and keeping them in place by planting his arms by your shoulders. The angle means that when he starts thrusting, he’s hitting you quicker and deeper than he had been before. 
“Fuck,” You whine, hands immediately gripping the blanket underneath you. The new pace is overwhelming, but his arms are keeping your legs in place and making you unable to escape. “Fuck, that feels so good. Fuck, I might come.” 
Kageyama is breathing heavily. “I’ve never felt you like this before—fuck, you’re tight.” He pulls one arm up, letting your leg fall back to the blankets, and you think he’s going to let up. That thought, however, quickly disappears when his thumb presses against your clit and you shutter. “C’mon baby,” He says, carefully watching your reaction. “Come for me, I got you.” 
You arch your back slightly, eyes shut as you focus on the feeling of him, the coil tightening more and more. “Oh, fuck, fuck, I’m—!” You let out a high pitched moan and shake through your release. You vaguely feel a wetness that you have never felt before pooling out of you, and Kageyama’s low cursing. You’ve just done something you claimed you could never do before: you just squirted all over the blanket and his dick. 
“Fuck,” Kageyama grunts, hand leaving your clit to rest it back near your head as he quickens his pace. Despite the overstimulation making you shake, you try to meet him halfway to help. It works, because he groans in your ear and comes inside of you. For a moment, neither of you move and instead let the quiet of the world settle back in. 
As he’s pulling out, you can’t help but sit up and inspect the damage between your legs. “I think you just made me squirt.” 
“I did,” Kageyama breathes out, looking vaguely proud of himself as he slips out of you. Your underwear moves back into place. The gesture makes his insides stir again. “I saw it. It was hot.” 
You press your lips together in embarrassment. Kageyama sees this immediately. He smiles, initiating a hug to bring you close to him. “Don’t be embarrassed. But now that I know I can do that, we’ll be doing laundry more often.” 
You laugh softly, just letting yourself lay there as Kageyama stands up. He offers his hand to you, which you take as he pulls you up with him. You watch as he gathers up the blanket and leads the pair of you back towards his car. 
You, of course, are still a little embarrassed over the sight of darkened spots on the blanket, as you refuse to look at the item or Kageyama himself until the blanket is packed safely away into the trunk. As soon as he closes the door, he turns to you and takes you in. Under the glow of the moonlight and post-sex flush, his heart swells at the sight of you. 
Unable to help himself again, he steps forward and rests his hands on your waist. “Hey, we’re gonna be okay. Anything we’re having trouble with, we’ll figure out together. And then maybe reward ourselves with sex afterwards.” 
You laugh at his bluntness. 
“But really,” Kageyama continues, tilting his head so he can find your eyes. “Were fine. We had a good conversation.” 
Your laughter melts into a smile, as you step forward to wrap your arms around his frame, burying your nose into his shirt. “I love you,” you reveal softly, your voice vibrating through the hair and right into Kageyama’s ear, where he tightens his hold on you as a result. 
“I love you too,” he admits just as softly.
You’ve always been the more vocally expressive one in the relationship, but it’s definitely worth saying it back just to see your smile. 
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justanawolf · 5 hours ago
Tough Girl
Tumblr media
Summary: Oikawa finds himself attracted to a girl who is far from delicate (Boxer! Reader)
Character: Toru Oikawa.
Request By: Anon
Note: So, an anon account requested this prompt, but when I tried to organize, I deleted the ask and lost it😭 I'm so sorry, but whoever requested, I really hope you enjoy this story! (and I learned my lesson, I will never delete again😂😘)
Oikawa is very popular at school, and whether he wants to or not, his friends always update him about Aobajohsai's news.
When he hearded that a boxing girl was transferred to school, he became definitely intrigued. Boxing is not a very famous sport in Japan, especially women's boxing.
One day, he decided to see this girl up close. Rumors said that she looked like a man, full of muscles, tall as a pole, and with a grumpy face that scares whoever looks at it. Oikawa imagined meeting King Kong himself, but ended up surprised when he finally met her.
She wasn't muscled or grumpy. Okay, maybe grumpy, but she was a normal girl. And a very attractive one.
Observing you from a distance, he noticed that your tough attitude was just a form of protection, since many students gave you strange looks or mean giggles. It's clear that you don't want to be seen as "the girl who knocks everyone out", but before you could show yourself, someone treated you as if you were a crazy dog in a leash.
The first time Oikawa spoke to you, it was very subtle: he pretended he was missing a pen, and as you were sitting at the desk next to him, he took the opportunity to ask for it.
"Hi, sorry if I'm bothering, but could you lend me a pen?" He asked with a charismatic smile, which wasn't very successful to persuade you.
"Here." You lended him one of the pens you had in your case, and went back to writing, without even looking at him properly. Oikawa's smile falled, but he persisted.
"This ink is very beautiful. So blue." He said at random, pretending to analyze the ink of the pen. Then he looked at you directly. "I don't think we've ever met. My name is Toru Oikawa, maybe you have heard of me around here."
"Never heard of you." You answered instantly, still focused on writing. He is completely speechless, but instead of questioning, he takes a deep breath. It's impossible for you to not know who he is, but this conversation can be postponed.
"And you never gave me your name." He replied, with a smirk on his face. "I don't know where you came from, but not looking at people while talking is rude."
"So that's why you're here? To mock me and later tell your friends that I came from the jungle? That I am as polite as a door?" And before Oikawa could answer, the school bell rang, signaling the end of class. You get up. "Do me favor, Oikawa, and keep the pen. That way I don't have to face your spoiled face again."
Yeah, his mission wasn't successful. Some of his friends were even impressed by his courage in talking to you, but Oikawa just rolled his eyes at everyone. You weren't an strange creature, and you shouldn't be treated as one.
Oikawa decided to try to redeem himself, starting by trying to get you to talk to him. It was very difficult at first, you always turned your back on him, but one day, as you walked down the hall, a group of girls started laughing at you. You were prepared to face them, tired of these daily debauchery, but you were interrupted by Oikawa, who suddenly wrapped his arm around your back.
"Honey, I found you! I knew you would spend the afternoon at the library, so I waited for you outside. Here, let me hold your bag." You were so stunned by his attitude, that you didn't protest when he grabbed you backpack, or when he held your hand with his. He then looked at the girls who looked angry at you. He smirked. "Good afternoon ladies. If you will excuse us, we are late for our date."
"You know we're not dating, right?" You asked him, as the two walked down the hall hand in hand, drawing the attention of other students. "I know. But it worked." He replied, still with a smirk on his face.
And then you said something that this time surprised him. "______. My name is ______."
Toru felt like the luckiest man in the world since that day.
He continued to approach you daily, in addition to getting rid of people teasing you. You started slowly opening up to him, letting him lunch with you, or walking with you to the classroom, and every time he asked you something different about your life. Where did you come from, what is your family like, why do you practice boxing . And in return, he answers any and each of your questions, and even lets you watch volleyball practice.
You were suspicious of Oikawa at first, thinking that he was only approaching to make fun of you later, but you saw that it is quite the opposite. Of course, Oikawa teases you a lot, but it's not to degrades you, but simply to make you laugh.
And man, Toru wasn't prepared to hear that beautiful laugh.
Your relationship grew so much, that the two became number 1 fans of each other. You watched Aobajohsai's games, helped Oikawa with training, and even received some lessons from him. And at the same time, Oikawa watched your fights, cheering for you from the bleachers.
Toru didn't like to see you boxing, for him you are too precious to receive punches and punch others. Even more when you get hurt, that's when Toru goes crazy with worry. But he'll never stop you from following your dream. And if that dream is boxing, he will support you the best way he can.
In addition to friendship, greater feelings began to emerge between the two of you. Anyone could see how much you and Toru were in love with each other. But Toru only decided to take a step further when he was sure that this change would be good for both of you.
On a thursday, while accompanying you to the subway, he finally gave it a try. "So, _____-chan, I was wondering if maybe, you want to have dinner with me at Kazumi tomorrow." He asked, scratching his head. Toru is not a shy person, but you make him uncommonly nervous.
"Like a date?" You asked explicitly, not wanting doubts. A dinner is a dinner, and a date is a date. Your heart cannot be confused, because it had been waiting a long time for this invitation.
Oikawa swallowed nervously, but answered you. "Yes, a date. But you know, you don't have to-"
"I'll go." You said before him, and for the first time, Oikawa was very happy to be interrupted. He smiles at you, so genuinely, and you feel lucky to be able to see Toru truly happy. Teaser and Charming Toru are very attractive, but they can't beat Genuine Toru.
And when you say goodbye, you kiss him on the cheek, watching Oikawa's skin burn with the contact. He watches startruck as you enter the subway, and with a high confidence, he walks home, humming with delight.
Toru Oikawa won the heart of the school's toughest girl. And he would take great care of it.
Did you like the story? Feel free to reblog, give a heart and fill this post with comments, I would love to hear from you!
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Thank you for your support, see you next time!😘
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i2wa · 7 hours ago
hi my love !! i was wondering if i could request iwaizumi, bokuto & yamaguchi w/ a s/o who loves to baby them ++ call them really sweet pet names 🥺 take care of urself bb🪴🤍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters — iwaizumi, bokuto, and yamaguchi
a.n — this was such a cute request, thank u! and i hope u take care of urself as well <3
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI — he wouldn't show that he likes it, in all honesty, he'll groan playfully and act like it's the worst thing you could do. but he finds it so sweet because the thought of you not calling him cute nicknames like baby or babyboy or love. whenever you take care of him like fixing his tie or wishing him good luck before a game, his teammates might tease him but he loves it and he wouldn't trade it for the world.
BOKUTO — you can't tell me he wouldn't absolutely love if you babied him. he's so into it and loves the overly sweet nicknames you give him !! has the biggest smile plastered on his lips and melts whenever you baby him. doesn't mind if it's in public either, whether you pinch his cheeks or call him baby or anything. he absolutely lives for it.
YAMAGUCHI — he's so shy, it's like you're asking him to malfunction. next thing you know, his face is beet red and he's stuttering over his words. but he really does enjoy it, he's just a little bashful. he thinks it's cute when you baby him and shows that you care like if he has food on his face he didn't notice and you wipe it off for him. or whenever you let him lay his head on your lap as you play with his hair. it's the little things he enjoys the most.
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bakubitch-minusultra · 7 hours ago
Requested HeadCanons
Request -> Then I would like to request but I cannot choose so : prompt 9 headcannons with Matsukawa / prompt 12 headcannon with Kita / prompt 17 headcannon with Kyoutani, because I feel like asking 3 headcannons is too much I will let you choose which inspires you most ! Obviously if you feel like doing the tree of them, two of them or none of them, it's totally fine !
Characters: Issei Matsukawa and Shinsuke Kita
Prompt Nine (Issei Matsukawa): When people are born, they are assigned a soulmate. They have an original song in their head that only them and their soulmate know. A person just broke into your house and you’re pretty sure they’re here to murder you. They’re humming your song under their breath
Prompt Twelve(Shinsuke Kita): At a party, a round of truth or dare starts, and you’re dared by someone to “go home.” Not one to back down, you comply and leave, though you’re pretty bummed. That is, until the next day you find out everyone at that party died mysteriously. Everyone except the person who dared you to go home
Tumblr media
There was a small thud that woke you up
You shot up from the bed confused and panicked
You got out of bed, grabbing your phone and checked the time
It was 2:22 in the morning
You leaned against your closed bedroom door trying to hear whoever or whatever it was
Whoever it was obviously hurt themselves because a loud “FUCK” rang through the house
Everything went quiet for a couple seconds
You wanted to call the cops but were frozen in fear
You ran to your window, contemplating jumping out of it and running far away from the house and whoever tf was in there
Like a deer caught in headlights your whole body perked up and jerked towards the door when you heard the cock of a gun cut the silence
You were terrified to say the least
You rly thought you were abt to die and mentally said goodbye to your loved ones
But what you thought were your final thoughts were interrupted by a deep voice humming a song only you and your soulmate knew
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down (BUIUBFBBEYFGI IM SORRY ITS THE FIRST SONG THAT CAME TO MIND GJOEIHIG)
Needless to say you were very confused and conflicted
For all you knew this could be some random stalker that heard you sing it and was trying to lure you out
But it was a bomb ass song
So you subconsciously began to hum with him
But then the humming stops and you hear hurried footsteps run up the stairs
You prepare your lungs to let out the loudest scream you can conjure but are stopped when a tall man swings open the door and smashes his lips to yours.
“I was going to kill you and steal all your stuff, would’ve been a shame to lose my soulmate”
Tumblr media
Did you want to be at this party? No
But did you still go? Yes ofc
Why? Because the rather annoying miya twins dragged your ass to this lame party full of sweaty volleyball players
You sat on a couch, scrolling through your phone
You knew that they brought you so you could be their ride home and now you were just waiting for them to be so busted they want to go home
It was rather loud for a party and the house smelt like something was burning everywhere you want
Since your phone was about to die you pocketed it and just started to people watch
There you saw Kita, holding a red cup and observing the crowd just as you were
You were going to get up and walk toward him but stopped when you hurt someone shout “LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DAY”
There was a mix of boo’s and cheers and you found yourself being dragged into a messy circle of people sitting on the ground
You were smushed between two buff guys known as Bokuto and Iwazuimi (ima simp for the beefy bois)
The game started and there were weird dares and sexual truths and honestly you blanked out
That is until you heard a voice call your name, you looked up to see who it was that called you
And there Kita was, staring right at you
“Um...yeah” all eyes were on you and you just wanted to go home pff
“Truth or dare?” you instantly respond with dare because u didnt want to look like a pussy
“I dare you to go home, now.”
You were confused af????
Like bitch what type of dare was that so you just sit there wide eyed and confused
But then he repeats himself so without another word you just kinda get up and leave
You were supposed to drive the twins home but you decided that they could just ride with any of their friends
So u get home and put some pj’s on and go to sleep bc what else is there to do
Next morning you wake up to a shit ton of messages and emails from news channels
“House Party Ends With Everyone Dead”
You felt your heart drop and you felt like throwing up
But then you get a message on snapchat from none other than Kita
“Are you safe??”
Requests are open!!
Link to writing prompt list: Here
ask me questions!!
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mitsukiren · 7 hours ago
𝓈𝓌𝒶𝓁𝓁𝑜𝓌 / chapter XIII / miss you
< masterlist >
atsumu miya x reader
Being the prettiest ex manager of the ex greatest volleyball team in high school has only positive aspects, right ? What could possibly go wrong ? Having to share an apartment with your roommate’s twin brother once in college ? or making a deal for an unnecessary revenge with him ?
-> aged up, swearing, comedie, cracks, smut, suggestive
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i really loved making this one ! hope you liked it too ??
taglist - @kaleidoscopekai @anxious2dsimp @90s-belladonna @lilith412426 @syaziahvg @chantalkate16
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mitsukiren · 7 hours ago
𝓈𝓌𝒶𝓁𝓁𝑜𝓌 / chapter XII / weird
< masterlist >
atsumu miya x reader
Being the prettiest ex manager of the ex greatest volleyball team in high school has only positive aspects, right ? What could possibly go wrong ? Having to share an apartment with your roommate’s twin brother once in college ? or making a deal for an unnecessary revenge with him ?
-> aged up, swearing, comedie, cracks, smut, suggestive,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist - @kaleidoscopekai @anxious2dsimp @90s-belladonna @lilith412426 @syaziahvg @chantalkate16
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mitsukiren · 7 hours ago
𝓈𝓌𝒶𝓁𝓁𝑜𝓌 / chapter XI / shut the fuck up
< masterlist >
atsumu miya x reader
Being the prettiest ex manager of the ex greatest volleyball team in high school has only positive aspects, right ? What could possibly go wrong ? Having to share an apartment with your roommate’s twin brother once in college ? or making a deal for an unnecessary revenge with him ?
-> aged up, swearing, comedie, cracks, smut, suggestive
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist - @kaleidoscopekai @anxious2dsimp @90s-belladonna @lilith412426 @syaziahvg @chantalkate16
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miyumiya · 8 hours ago
imagine a flower shop au where akaashi is the florist and you’re a very frequent customer of his. he always adds in an extra flower for your bouquets because he’s taken a liking to you. he’ll always include a couple extra flowers in your batches that he’ll think you like, along with a small note that’ll either compliment something you had on that day, or something cheesy about how whenever you two talk your smile lights up his entire world. he’s too scared to ask you out on a proper date so all he can do is add those flowers until the courage comes. you come in one day, looking as alluring as ever. he walks up to you and starts a casual conversation per usual. the wave of confidence washes over him as he asks you out for a coffee date sometime that week, slightly stuttering over his words which causes you to let out a slight giggle, before accepting his invitation. that day he sent you home with a fresh batch of your favourite flower, along with calla lilies that signify beauty and magnificence. basically his own way of telling you he finds you out of this world <3.
reblogs are greatly appreciated <3
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