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sciophobia · 2 days ago
more sakusa visuals? the one u made had a lot of deleted vids:(
contains: nsfw twitter visuals, you'll get the gist of what to expect below !!
Tumblr media
kiyoomi eats you out like a man starved, always.
this one's SO fucking hot, tatted kiyoomi ?! i'm squelching.
soft dom sakusa with size kink <33 he adores making a belly budge
morning sex before he goes to practice ...
UGH !!! imagine 6'4 olympic player kiyoomi doing this to you !!!!!
kiyoomi likes HIS pussy messy <3333
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇 𝐌𝐄, 𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐘 — tsukishima kei.
part of the to the one I love most series.
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ “I want to teach you,” Kei’s words are rushed and fumbled, similar to his hands — restlessly smoothing up your sides as if he doesn’t know how to touch you. “I want to teach you how to fuck me, and I want to learn how to fuck you.”
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), unprotected sex, first times (no virginity loss), established relationship, love confessions, cursing, teasing, oral (f!receiving), handjob, fingering, finishing inside, breast play, sexual fantasies, explicit consent, brief male masturbation, brief locker room talk, pet names (baby), Tsukishima calls reader 'idiot' (affectionately), small amount of possessiveness (not toxic), dirty talk, mentions of showering together, slight overstimulation, riding, dirty talk, emotional sex, no pronouns but fem anatomy
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 7.4k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei loves sincerely. 
Sometimes, his love can be brutally honest, his caring words hidden behind gruff, unpracticed affection. The people he’s close to are able to decipher Tsukishima’s personality, picking apart his mocking words and teasing tone to find the true, sincere love and care hidden between his statements. 
With you, his love is much more open — simply due to months of practice. Months of learning to hold your hand as you cross the street, paired with a sheepish look and a smattering of blush across his cheeks. He would say, “C’mon. You’re just too short. Wouldn’t want you getting lost, idiot,” as he’d pull you along, the beating of his heart nearly incessant. Months of learning that if he turned on a scary movie, he would have to make sure there were no pillows or blankets between your bodies, as you would quickly get scared and have to bury your face in the crook of his neck. 
Months of learning to love sincerely, honestly, and openly. And months of yearning, filling the parts of his heart he wasn’t used to, an indescribable need swelling in his chest. 
The want culminates one day after a long practice, coming to a head as Tsukishima tugs off the bright green jersey of the Sendai Frogs, grimacing at its sweaty smell. His teammates’ chattering permeates his ears — an unpleasant ringing causing him to roll his eyes at their crude topic of conversation. 
“The first time is always the best,” one of them states, lounging against the wall as he waits for a shower to open. 
“Yeah,” one of his teammates agrees from a closed shower stall. Tsukishima’s eyes flit over to the noise, catching sight of steam rising from the hot water. Inwardly, he curses, knowing that if he didn’t snag a shower soon, all the hot water would be gone. “It’s new and exciting. Always something to look forward to.”
Tsukishima folds his dirtied clothing as his teammates prattle on, thoroughly entertaining each other with tales of their first times. Whether in general or with their current partners, each of his teammates shares their own stories — albeit some are a bit more reserved and closed-off than others. 
Tsukishima tries to ignore them, focusing instead on packing his things. He’s resolved that instead of fighting for a shower — a task that always seems to irk him — he would much prefer to do it in the pleasure of his own home. 
Or, maybe yours. 
As he gathers the last of his things, pulling on his outerwear and tugging on his shoes, Tsukishima becomes increasingly enamored with the idea of surprising you. After all, it had been a challenging, extended practice, and he missed you. He decides he could use some comfort, a slight smirk tugging at his lips as he imagines the surprise that will decorate your face when he shows up at your apartment door. He’s always been secretly proud of the cute reactions he’s able to pull from you, and he hopes you’ll reward him with one later tonight.
He’s almost made his escape from the locker room until his teammates decide to bombard him. 
“Oi! Tsukishima!” Kyotani shouts and the harshness of his tone causes Tsukishima to scowl, still unused to the grating sound. 
“Hm?” Tsukishima hums in response, not turning around as he swings his bag over his shoulders. He doesn’t pay much mind to his teammate, instead choosing to feign a slight indifference to the conversation. However, this doesn’t appear to faze Kyotani, who simply crosses his arms and fixes Tsukishima with a knowing smirk. 
“What about you, huh?” Kyotani states your name, and Tsukishima feels a brief burning in his heart.
Kyotani’s words hold a haughty smugness to them — as if trying to get on Tsukishima’s nerves. His other teammates quiet down at the brisk and sudden standoff, slapping each other’s chests and arms to shush each other. 
Tsukishima tries not to make his frustrations known, swallowing with practiced motions as his jaw clenches in annoyance. 
“Sorry,” he huffs, tilting his head in Kyotani’s direction. Tsukishima hopes it appears intimidating, and judging from how his other teammates twitch and shuffle at the venomous look, he was successful. “What was that?”
However, Kyotani still stands with his feet planted on the ground, a pleased look crossing his features at the barely-masked irritation on Tsukishima’s face. 
“You heard me,” Kyotani smirks, not breaking eye contact with Tsukishima. 
They stay paused for a brief moment, allowing a chill of charged electricity to pass between them. It settles like a thick wire, tense enough to be cut with a knife, before Tsukishima sighs defeatedly. 
He simply wants to see you, and will appease his childish teammates however they may wish to in order to get to you faster. 
“None of your business,” Tsukishima states, gritting his teeth as his head tilts back in annoyance. He can’t help the frustration that courses through his chest, causing his heart to beat faster at his bothersome teammates. 
Thankfully, his teammates allow him a brief reprieve after being given his lackluster answer; they grow tired, turning their attention from Tsukishima as one of the other men begins regaling them with a likely feigned experience. 
However, as Tsukishima finally turns to leave, his fists clenched until his knuckles turn white, Kyotani shoots him a grating smirk, paired with a knowing look. 
Tsukishima knows what that look means. It burns through him, a taunt hidden behind Kyotani’s eyes as he cackles internally. You haven’t done it yet, it means, and it causes Tsukishima’s mind to spin. 
Lately, it’s all he’s thought about. Thoughts plague him at night, rolling through his mind until his cock is stiff in his sleep pants, and he has to wrap a nearly shaking hand around himself. Thoughts cause his cock to throb against his thigh in the shower, the morning light peeking behind the door as Tsukishima strokes himself thinking about you. The choked groans and breathless pants of your name are nearly drowned out by the stream of the water, but Tsukishima sometimes hopes that you would surprise him, knocking on his front door before letting yourself in with the spare key he’d given you last month. 
Sometimes, he hopes you would make your way down the hall to his bedroom where you’ve spent countless hours — yet haven’t done anything in — and hear him moaning your name in the shower. He wonders what you would do, then smirks to himself as he imagines you becoming intensely flustered, your eyes trained on his hard, leaking cock. 
As Tsukishima exits his car, sighing softly to himself as the brisk night air brushes over his shoulders, he realizes that he’s falling in love with you. The thoughts of being intimate with you only grow with each passing day, and the further he falls, the more he wants to love you. 
He makes his way up your apartment’s stairs, hands shoved in his pockets as he lugs his bag over his shoulder. He grins to himself as he pictures your reaction — your surprised face, followed by a bright smile breaking across your face, an excited cry of his name falling past your lips as you’d quickly pull him inside. It causes his heart to beat a bit faster, and it only increases as he stands outside your door, knocking briefly to announce himself. 
The nerves bundle inside Tsukishima’s chest as more seconds pass. Briefly, he debates knocking again, wondering if you’d heard him. He shifts on his feet, adjusting his bag slightly, trying to shove down the growing anticipation and anxiety in his stomach. Tsukishima scowls as the feeling of adrenaline causes his heart rate to pick up, stuttering in his chest pathetically; he wonders why he suddenly feels so nervous. The last time he felt like this was before your first date, when he was about to kiss you for the first time, when you were perched on his lap and kissing him breathlessly a month into your relationship. 
His thoughts are suddenly interrupted as your door swings open, the warm smell of a freshly cooked dinner greeting his nose. 
“Tsukki?” you ask, shock coloring your features. Tsukishima smirks, a pleased feeling swelling in his chest as his hunch was correct; you’re greeting him with that adorably shocked and surprised face he loves so much. 
“Can I come in?” he asks, only allowing a bit of vulnerability to peek through his tone. Tsukishima glances to where your arm immediately holds the door open a bit more, stepping back slightly to allow him inside the warmth of your apartment. 
“Of course,” you ask, the brief bit of confusion laced between your words dissipating the longer your boyfriend stands in front of you. “You didn’t tell me you were coming over? Not that I mind — of course not. But I could’ve kept the door open for you, or cleaned up a bit.”
Tsukishima sets his bag down by the door, crouching to tug his shoes off with his index finger as he grimaces at your words. Immediately, you see the scowl on his face, a playful glare lighting up his features as he looks up at you. 
“You know I wouldn’t let you do that,” Tsukishima states simply, setting his shoes neatly by his bag before standing to his full height. The entryway light shines off his glasses, and for a second, you are unable to see the mischievous glint in his eyes. 
Frowning, you cross your arms, itching to reach out and wrap your arms around your lover’s waist. You feel an intense need to be close to him, wanting to bury your face against his neck or chest, breathing in the smell of him after a long day. 
You hold off on those urges, knowing Tsukishima would tease you endlessly, despite knowing how much he seeks your touch, too. 
“Wouldn’t let me do what? Clean?” you ask, a bit incredulous. Turning around, you leave your entryway, allowing Tsukishima to lock your front door in practiced motions. You almost smile at the domesticity of his actions, the clinking of your keys being tossed into a small bowl by your door before he swiftly follows. 
Turning your body to lean against your counter, you face Tsukishima. With a pleased, satisfied look on his face, he crowds into your space, the light smirk continuously tugging at his lips as he presses his body close to yours, his hands planted on your waist. You nearly shiver as his thumbs run over your hips, placing your hands on his chest in an effort to steady the sudden bout of desire that runs a thrill through your body.
“No,” Tsukishima furrows his brows, nodding his head towards your door, “Let you leave it open. That’s stupid.”
Though slightly harsh, his words are soaked in a kind of loving affection and worry that causes you to melt. Instantly, your features soften, and Tsukishima can’t help but place a chaste kiss to your temple. 
“Well, I wouldn’t leave it open, open,” you gesture with your hand, to which Tsukishima merely hums. “Just, you know, unlocked.”
Your lover’s grip on your hips tightens a bit as he kisses your cheek, eyes moving across your face slowly to capture your every reaction. “Mmm,” he hums in acknowledgment, nodding with your words. “But no. Still stupid.”
Tsukishima pairs his words with a gentle flick to your forehead, and you can’t help the small laugh that escapes you. Finding your reaction contagious, Tsukishima lets out a softer smile before rubbing his thumb soothingly over your skin. 
“Do you want to take a shower?” you ask after calming down a bit, laughter still present in your tone. Smoothing your hands up Tsukishima’s chest, your eyes flit down to where they travel, caught on the small bit of collarbone peeking out from his collar. In a small bout of bravery, your thumb catches on his clavicle, trailing down his collarbone until you press lightly to his sternum. You can still smell the sweat coating his body — knowing he doesn’t enjoy showering at the gym, preferring to do so at his home or your own.
Tsukishima merely watches you, his eyes darkening as he prays that you won’t be able to feel the sudden erratic beating of his heart. 
“Are you saying I stink?” Tsukishima teases, nudging your hips back to press you against the counter. He crowds into your space a bit more, leaning his body over yours to peer down at your face. As you settle your hand over his heart — the heat soaring in your body, burning your core with an intense desire — you grin as you feel his heart pounding. 
“No,” you state clearly, raising your brows as Tsukishima scowls, not unkindly. “But I know you like to shower here.” 
Then, you crook a finger in his direction, a serious look suddenly crossing your features. Tsukishima immediately straightens, prepared for a scolding. “But no stealing my nice soap. I know how you like to try and sneak it!”
He grunts at that, rolling his eyes at your antics. In response, you allow a martyred look to cross your face before you softly smack his chest, causing your lover to let out a genuine laugh. 
“Fine, fine,” he relents to you, grasping your wrist in his hands. He would never admit the reason he enjoys using your soap so much is that it leaves him a little reminder of you.
Before leaving your embrace, Tsukishima leans down to kiss you, capturing your lips in a gentle kiss. You immediately reciprocate, losing yourself in the softness of his lips, lightly moving over your own in a sweet embrace. 
It physically pains Tsukishima to pull away, but he does so nonetheless. He tries to ignore how your little whine of displeasure, caused by your slight pout, leaves his cock twitching in his pants. 
“Hurry up,” you state more than ask, withdrawing from his arms. You make your way around the counter, preparing some food for him as Tsukishima makes his way towards your shower. He chuckles to himself at your demand, wanting nothing more than to hurry and be back in your arms again. 
“You’re free to join me, you know,” he shouts down the hall, only half-joking. His heart picks up its pace once again, picturing you naked in the shower with him, but a laugh soon breaks through his demeanor at your shocked yelp. 
“You wish!” you cry, the clanging of pots and pans heard behind him. 
Shaking his head, Tsukishima fights back the grin that threatens to overtake his features, making his way to your shower and fighting the urge to use your shampoo. 
As he showers, the water laving over his lean body, rubbing soap over his muscular chest, thighs, and arms, Tsukishima can’t help but think of you. He thinks about your smile and how it lights up a room, burning a warm fire in his heart the longer he looks at you. He thinks about the few sleepovers you’ve had, paired with slow makeout sessions that always leave you a breathless, panting mess. He thinks of the mornings when you wake up in his shirt, having stolen it the previous weekend with the pretense of ‘missing him.’ Tsukishima will never admit how much pride it causes him to see his clothes hanging on your body, allowing you to keep it for as long as you want.
As his hands move down his body, Tsukishima can’t help but think about other things, as well. He remembers the times you’ve been settled on his lap, kissing him just as desperately as he kissed you. He remembers the times his body has hovered over yours, anticipation ringing through your bodies yet not quite ready to take the next step. He remembers the dreams he’s often had of you, writhing and moaning his name as he pushes his cock deep inside you. 
The image has him nearly groaning, his hand sliding down his stiffening cock as he presses a hand to the shower wall. It’s to steady himself, but when he closes his hand around his cock, his eyes falling shut in pleasure, he realizes it’s also to imagine you caged between his body and the wall. 
A flush of embarrassment suddenly runs through his body as his thoughts continue to run rampant, and he immediately halts the shaky movements on his cock. Even though he’s touched himself to thoughts of you many times before, something about this time feels different; because, if he strains his ears, he can hear you humming in the kitchen, your presence a mere few feet away. 
He hurries his shower after that, washing up and purposefully avoiding your soap. A little smirk lights up his features at the thought of using just a bit of it, but Tsukishima ultimately decides against it. 
Next time, he thinks. 
After tugging on a loose pair of sweatpants — the waistband hanging low on his hips, outlining his muscular thighs — Tsukishima exits the bathroom. He plans on making his way back to the kitchen, intending to leave a kiss on your temple and hold you as you watch television together, but is ultimately stopped cold in his tracks as he enters your bedroom. 
You sit on your bed, fiddling nervously with your fingers, eyes trained on the ground. Tsukishima can feel the anxiety radiating off your body, causing adrenaline and a bit of concern to course through his body. 
He coughs a bit to make his presence known, not wanting to frighten you any more than you already appear to be. As he tilts his head to peer at you curiously, you snap up, eyes widening as they roam down his body. 
Tsukishima has decided to forgo a shirt, and tiny drops of water run down the tensed muscle of his torso. His arms flex as he towels off his hair, leaving it slightly disheveled and messy — a sight you so adore. His glasses are most likely still in the bathroom as he squints at you, and you have to bite back a moan as you see his v-line disappearing under his sweatpants, a coarse trail of hair following the bulge of his cock so prominently displayed in his pants.
Your mouth dries, and you suddenly are at a loss for words. 
“You okay?” your boyfriend asks, and you have half a mind to reply with a, no, how could I be?
Instead, you swallow, biting back the nausea that threatens to swallow you up, clutching at the small bit of courage you still retain. 
“I’ve been thinking…” you begin, taking a deep breath. You shift on your bed, moving to stand. Tsukishima merely watches you as you move towards him, his towel falling lax to the ground as your hands move to his hips. He swallows thickly as you guide him to sit, following your movements with rapt attention as he nearly falls to your bed. 
Instantly, he spreads his legs to accommodate your body, his hands falling to your waist in a practiced movement. 
“You’ve been thinking,” Tsukishima states, his heart pounding at the compromising position you’ve placed yourselves in. 
You nod, trailing your hands up Tsukishima’s bare chest. His breath hitches in his throat as your fingertips brush over his nipples, smoothing over the broad expanse of his soft chest. His skin is still slightly dewy from his shower and emanates a warmth that causes a hot pooling of arousal to settle between your thighs. You want nothing more than to lean down and kiss along his skin, your lips brushing along his neck and chest, to cause those sounds you’ve heard a few times previously to spill from his lips. 
Tsukishima’s breath hitches in his throat as you lean forward, pressing your lips cautiously to his throat. You look up at him — as if in question- with a soft, pleading look in your eyes. Tsukishima nods, lips parted in pleasure as the softness of your lips instantly causes his cock to throb against his thigh. 
“I’ve been thinking that I want you,” you sigh against his skin, your heart rapping thunderously in your chest. Tsukishima instantly lets out a sound of pleasure, gripping onto your hips a bit tighter as your lips graze over his collarbones, dipping to kiss by his sternum. 
“Oh?” he asks, and Tsukishima feels a flush of anticipation run through his body. His voice is a bit breathier than he would’ve liked, but it’s something that obviously caused you intense satisfaction. His eyes rolled back to the ceiling as your soft lips wrapped around his nipple, kissing him slightly before trailing further along his chest. “You want me, huh?” 
Your boyfriend tries to maintain his teasing, carefree attitude. He tries not to make it known in his voice how much he wants you, and how much your actions affect him. He tries to not make it known how badly he needs you, too, his cock stiffening almost embarrassingly fast between your bodies. 
Tsukishima’s grip on your waist becomes a bit tighter as he lifts you effortlessly, his arms wrapping around your waist to place you on the middle of the bed. He does so gently, carefully, his darkened eyes never leaving yours as he presses his hips against yours. 
“Is this okay?” he asks, voice low with desire. When you nod, Tsukishima feels a fresh bundle of nervousness fill his heart, adrenaline and arousal coursing through his veins with anticipation. 
He can practically feel the heat of your clothed cunt, the only thing separating your bodies being his sweatpants and the thin material of your panties. Tsukishima nearly chokes as he realizes that you must’ve discarded them while he was in the shower, and his cock grows harder against his thigh. 
“Of course I want you,” you reply, running your fingers through his wet hair. The blonde strands are messy as they ruffle over his forehead, and his eyes are darker than usual without the glint of his glasses reflecting off of them. 
Tsukishima groans at your words, burying his face against your neck as he’s unable to maintain the intense eye contact. Instinctively, he presses his hips against yours, allowing you to feel the throbbing of his thick cock pushing against your cunt. A shaky breath is pulled from his lungs as you wrap your legs around his waist, arching your back to feel even closer to him. 
“You should’ve just joined me in the shower,” Tsukishima teases, a light chuckle coating his words as he attempts to maintain a shred of his composure; he’s referring to your barely clothed state, you know, and you can’t help but agree with him. As he pulls away from your neck, an unusually soft smile on his face, Tsukishima can’t help but fall even more in love with you. 
You look at him with awe, lips parted in concentration as you drink all of him in. Your hands cup his cheeks reverently, running down his cheekbones, tracing along his lips. His heart stutters almost painfully as the pads of your fingertips catch along his bottom lip, and he grasps your wrist in his hand — not unlike how he did earlier — and presses infinitesimal kisses to your fingertips. 
“I should’ve,” you agree, breathless. You feel like the words are caught in your throat, unable to say or do anything under the intensity of his gaze. “But, we’ll have enough time for that after.”
The insinuation behind your words causes his breathing to falter, a deep pooling of arousal to settle warmly in his lower abdomen. Tsukishima can’t help the low groan that settles deep in his chest, rutting his clothed cock against your core once again. 
“Can I have you?” your boyfriend asks, nearly panting against your skin. His breath is hot against your throat as he presses his lips there, leaving rushed, messy, open-mouthed kisses on your heated skin. 
“Yes,” you agree, tangling your hands in the softness of his still-wet hair. Your legs part even more for him, angling your hips up to better feel the tenseness of his cock pressing against you. 
The flurry of activity that comes next is enough to leave you breathless. His hands, so full of sincere love, push up your shirt, a smirk decorating his lips despite the heavy heaving of his chest. His fingertips drag along your skin, and he kisses you with a deep fervor, causing you to pant and whine into his mouth. Tsukishima moans into your mouth in turn, parting your lips with his mouth to press his tongue against yours. It’s messy, the way he kisses you, but it is dripping with a sincerity that you have come to associate your lover with. 
“Can I take this off, please,” Tsukishima nearly begs, and the neediness so clearly present in his tone is enough to have you squeezing your thighs together. They catch around his waist, and Tsukishima lets out a gruff groan as you press against his hard cock again. 
“Take it all off, please. Need to feel you,” you murmur against his lips. 
Tsukishima pushes your shirt up your chest, pulling away briefly to tug it off your body. You lean up a bit to help him, your hands never leaving his body as he does so. 
The shirt falls to a pile on the floor, leaving you in only your panties. Tsukishima leans up to admire you, taking a deep, shuddering breath at the sight of your body splayed out underneath him. You admire the faint blush that coats his cheeks as he gazes at you with unadulterated desire, your eyes trailing down to his stiff cock pressing a bulge in his sweatpants. 
“You’re so beautiful,” Tsukishima breathes out, sitting back on his haunches as he continues to stare. His dark eyes roam over your figure, reveling in the sight of fully seeing you for the first time. 
You’re more beautiful than he ever could have imagined, and his chest clenches in adoration and need. 
Tired of being under his piercing, appreciative gaze, you reach your hands out for him. Tsukishima gladly accepts, smoothing his hands up your side, running up your stomach, catching on the swell of your breasts. He curses under his breath at the give in your soft skin, brushing his thumbs over your nipples — pinching until they’re hardened against his warm palms.
“Tsukki,” you moan his name, but the sound causes your boyfriend to furrow his brows in displeasure. 
“No, not Tsukki. Not like this,” he insists, softly kneading your breasts in his hands. He rolls your nipples under his touch, leaning down to cage you against the bed once more. The sounds he lets out when his chest presses against yours are heavenly, causing the breath to catch in your throat as he looks up at you. 
“Kei?” you ask, voice a bit timid as you speak his given name. Your hands curl through his hair, massaging his scalp until they come to rest at the nape of his neck. 
The sound of his name falling from your lips — still a bit bruised from your kisses earlier — has Tsukishima nearly cumming in his pants. His head falls down with a wounded sound, his lips instantly pressing to the soft curve of your breast. 
You let out a loud cry as his tongue laves over your nipple, pulling it between his teeth and sucking hard. Tsukishima groans against you as he grinds his hips against yours again, desperately needing to hear you call his name again. 
“Again,” he nearly demands, murmuring against your chest. He kisses you there softly, lips pressing against your skin, fingers tweaking and pulling at your nipples until you're nearly grinding along his cock. 
“Kei,” you breathe out, head falling back in pleasure. Tsukishima lets out a pleased sound against your breast, gently biting before sucking on your skin to relieve the ache. 
“There you go, that’s it,” he praises you, kissing up your chest and neck to reach your lips. As he captures your lips in a hot, open-mouthed kiss, his fingers trail down your body, dancing along the hem of your underwear in a silent question. 
“Please,” you mutter against his lips, barely pulling away from your kiss. You desire to feel him closer, adoring how your lips brush against each other’s when you speak. 
Tsukishima wastes no time pulling down your panties, allowing the band to snap harshly against your hips. He grins at the smacking sound, then smirks even wider at the needy, choked sound you let out.
“You like that?” he teases you, repeating the action once more. Tsukishima allows the band to snap against your hip, dragging the fabric down and tugging the string between your heat. He pulls ever-so-slightly, allowing the tightened fabric of your panties to press firmly against your dripping cunt. 
The intense feeling of pleasure pools in your stomach, your slick coating your thighs at the simultaneous feeling of pleasure, yet not pleasurable enough. 
“Oh, yeah you did,” Tsukishima says with awe, dragging his fingertips to spread apart your folds. He admires the slickness pooling between your thighs, immediately leaning down to latch his lips around your clit and sucking hard. He moans as he gathers your wetness on his tongue, allowing spit to pool on your sensitive, firm clit, before pulling it once more between his lips. 
A loud cry of his name is like music to his ears, and Tsukishima rewards you by humming against your cunt. He moans at the heat that emanates from you, pulling your panties to the side to shake his head, laving his tongue over your folds until your legs are shaking by his head. 
Tsukishima makes out with your cunt; he places wet, messy, open-mouthed kisses to your clit, dragging his tongue between your folds to collect your desire on his tongue. When he’s gathered enough for his liking, he suckles your hot nub into his mouth, moaning around it as he presses his tongue under the hood of your clit. 
You’re a moaning, writhing mess underneath him when Tsukishima finally presses his fingers to your entrance, slowly crooking two of them inside you. He buries them in your tight heat knuckle-deep, and Tsukishima finds that he has stave off another orgasm as you clamp around his fingers. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight. Can’t even imagine how you’ll feel around my cock,” Tsukishima muses against you. His voice is held in awe as he buries his head between your thighs, encouraging the rough grab of your fingers through his hair. You realize he’s not trying to tease you — Tsukishima is simply being truthful, sincerely voicing his thoughts as he shakes his head between your thighs, sucking harshly on your clit as he does so. 
“Kei –” your words are halted as a sharp gasp is ripped from your chest, your thighs clamping around your lover’s head as his fingers nudge against the spot inside you that has you keening. 
“Go on,” he mumbles against you, eyes half-lidded with desire as he makes out with your cunt. Tsukishima makes eye contact with you from between your parted legs, urging you to continue, his fingers still buried inside your cunt as he sucks on your folds, kissing your clit in a messy, passionate fervor. 
“Kei, you feel so good, oh my god,” you arch your back as Tsukishima pushes his fingers in faster, curling inside your walls to stretch you out even further. 
He continues doing this — sucking on your clit, dragging his tongue through your folds, fucking you on his fingers — until he feels an insistent tug on his hair. He pulls away from you with furrowed brows, pressing one last lingering kiss to your clit, before you pull him up your body. 
“What’s wrong?” he asks, brushing his knuckles against your cheek in concern. You gaze up at him, thoroughly starstruck, wondering what you could’ve ever possibly done to gain such a perfect man. 
“I want to cum on your cock,” you state truthfully, a small bit of shyness still present in your tone. 
Your words — honest and sincere — cause Tsukishima to let out another loud groan. He rests his head against your neck, pressing languid, hot kisses to your skin, trailing his tongue along your neck before hurriedly kissing your lips. 
“You’re gonna be the end of me, you know that, right?” your lover asks, pressing his forehead to yours, squeezing his eyes shut as your hand smooths down his lower abs. You tug at the waistband of his sweatpants, and Tsukishima quickly obliges, shoving them down his thighs and over his knees, until they join the growing pile on the floor. 
“You act like you don’t have the same effect on me,” you let out an amused laugh, one hand cupping his cheek while the other trails down his thigh. 
Tsukishima finds himself at a loss for words once again as your smaller hand curls around his thick shaft, gripping him experimentally, before you behind sliding it along his length. He lets out a broken sound of your name, bracing his arms around your head as he nearly collapses against your body. 
“D-don’t do that,” Tsukishima stutters, then inwardly curses himself for doing so. “God — if you do that, I might cum.”
The chuckle you let out is sin, he’s sure of it, as you twist your wrist while stroking up the thick length of his cock. “Isn’t that the whole point?” 
Tsukishima groans at your words, the sound building low in his throat. With swift movements, he latches his hands underneath your body, sitting lazily against the headboard as he settles you over his lap. 
“Because…” he states, tugging at your panties. They drag down the smooth skin of your thighs, and Tsukishima watches with rapt attention as they fall down your legs, joining the pile on the floor. His large hands hold you steady against him as you press your palms to his chest, your voice lost as you merely drown in everything that is Tsukishima Kei. “Because I want to teach you. I want to teach you how to ride me –”
Kei’s words are rushed and fumbled, similar to his hands — restlessly smoothing up your sides as if he doesn’t know how to touch you. “I want to teach you how to fuck me, and I want to learn how to fuck you.”
Tsukishima punctuates his words by trailing his fingers between your thighs again, spreading apart your folds as your entrance catches on the fat, mushroom head of his cock. He bites his lip, but does not hide the sudden sound that reaches your ears. 
He rolls his hips underneath you, the soft skin of his cock pressed between your spread folds, rutting against you until you’re clutching at his chest. His fingers press to your clit, rolling it between his fingertips as he circles nondescript shapes to it. 
Eventually, you realize they’re the letters of his name. Kei. 
“Please,” you beg, grinding against his stiff cock. The pleasure is insurmountable as you grip your boyfriend, pleading with him to fuck you the way you’ve both been waiting. 
However, Tsukishima is the image of patience, his hand holding your hip steady as he brushes your folds along the length of his cock. 
“But most importantly,” Tsukishima continues, the bravery snagging in his chest as he gazes at you. You’re so beautiful right now, perched over his lap, your wetness slicking down your thighs as you drag your cunt along his cock. He wants to capture this moment, to keep it tucked close in his heart, able to return to it whenever he’d like. 
Tsukishima is in love with you — sincerely, wholly in love — and he finds it difficult to hold back any longer. 
With a silent question — his brows raised as he guides your hips to settle over his cock — you nod, and Tsukishima finally, slowly, pushes his cock between your folds, pressing past the tight muscle of your entrance to sink his achingly hard length inside you. “I want you to teach me how to make love to you.”
And Tsukishima swallows thickly, his head falling back to rest against the headboard at the sheer pleasure coiling tightly at the base of his cock, jutting his hips forward to press into you a bit deeper. “Because I love you.”
His words have you falling to his chest in breathless pants, impatiently rolling your hips to drag your cunt along his length. Tsukishima lets out a wounded, choked sound as you clamp down around him, spreading his legs a bit further as you begin bouncing on his long, thick cock. 
“You love me?” you ask, breathless, as you ride him. Tsukishima’s hands shake as they guide your hips back and forth, fucking his cock up into you with every stroke. It curves inside you, pressing against the spot that has you panting and moaning his name, as you sink down on his thick length once again. 
“Of course I do, idiot,” Tsukishima stutters out, flicking your forehead again even as you fuck him. And then, his tone takes on a bit of vulnerability as Tsukishima visibly falls apart in your arms. “How could I not?”
You press your head to the crook of his neck in response, bouncing on his aching cock with quick, deep thrusts. Tsukishima groans as your cunt swallows his length, pulling his fat head further inside you every time you sink down on his cock. 
“I love you too, Kei — so, so much,” your words are breathless as you moan out strings of his name, clutching his broad shoulders as you grind your hips over his own. His cock massages your tight walls, the thick drag of his length causing a delicious pleasure to spike through your core. 
However, despite the sweet, sincere vulnerability of the moment, Tsukishima can’t help but imbue a bit of humor into it. 
“Oh, I can tell,” he states, glancing pointedly at your slick that stains his thighs wet. Then, his fingers drag between your thighs, catching on your clit as he begins circling it between his fingertips. “I can’t wait to make you cum. Wanna see you make an even bigger mess.”
Tsukishima’s lewd words, paired with the hasty movements against your clit, his cock burying inside your tight walls, have you reaching your peak much faster than you’re used to. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck — you can’t tighten around me like that. Oh my god, how are you this fucking tight, shit –” Tsukishima’s incoherent stuttering causes an infinite amount of satisfaction to swell in his chest, and the feeling only builds as he leans forward to wrap his lips around your breast. 
“Kei, you feel so good,” you return, carding your fingers through your hair and tugging when he thrusts his cock up into you. You grind down onto him, circling your hips to clamp tighter around his cock, reveling in the sweet sounds that spill from your lover’s lips. 
His breathing is ragged and rough, moving his hips as well as he could underneath you, pulling your body to his as he presses his fingers against your clit. “I — fuck, don’t do that — I can’t hold on much longer,” he gasps against your lips. Tsukishima is nearly overwhelmed with love as you rock on his cock, taking him inside you over and over again, the sounds of his name falling past your lips as you do so. 
“Then don’t,” you pant against his lips, brushing your nose along his in a sweet, barely-there touch. You feel your own end circling in your core as you gush around his length, clamping down harshly on his cock as his fingers continue nudging over your clit, pinching it between his fingers as your orgasm courses through your body. 
“Kei! Fuck –” you cry, fucking him harder into the bed as you press your forehead to his chest. Your eyes are enamored with how you’re connected, and you know Tsukishima is similarly drawn to watching how your cunt attempts to milk his cock dry. 
“Fuck, you feel so fucking good — holy shit, keep fucking me like that, please –” Tsukishima grounds out, gritting his teeth as you continue cumming around his cock. Even so, he doesn’t stop his ministrations on your clit, rubbing the aching nub as he fucks his cock into you, his thick length stretching you open as he chases his own high. 
“Fuck baby, need to pull out or else I’m gonna cum so deep inside this pussy,” Tsukishima moans, eyes rolling back to the ceiling at the thought. He feels your walls pulse around his cock, sucking him in over and over as you finally come down from your high. “Need – need to pull out, shit.”
But you continue fucking him, rolling your hips as you take his length deeper inside you. “I want you to cum inside me, Kei, if you want to?” you ask so sweetly, cupping his cheeks with your hands. 
He looks at you with wide eyes, focused on the deep love etched on your features. Instantly, he feels his cock throb, his slit leaking hot and heavy into your tight heat. “I want to, god I want you. Want to cum deep inside this pussy — my pussy. It’s mine now, right? Fuck, I’m yours. Tell me you’re mine?” Tsukishima nearly begs, his head falling back as you fuck him harder, faster. 
“I’m yours, Kei, all yours. Please — I need to feel your cum,” you moan, circling your hips to clamp around him again, sucking his hard cock deeper inside you. 
Tsukishima loses it after that. His vision turns white as he clutches to you, gripping onto your hips as his leaking slit spills against your walls. It’s a creamy mess as you fuck him through his orgasm, dripping down his shaft and settling against his thighs, the thick smell of sex permeating the room as he presses his lips to your temple, moaning out breathless pants of your name. 
It takes a while for his intense orgasm to settle, the warmth of your heat pulsing around his cock, milking him dry. The pleasure pools heavy in his groin, and he can’t help but spread his legs even more to accommodate the way your cunt sinks down on his length, repeatedly. 
You’re both a panting, breathless mess, clutching onto each other as you kiss desperately. Tsukishima still kisses you hastily, messily, open-mouthed kisses as he moans against your lips, carefully fucking his cock back into you two more times. He fucks his cum back into you, groaning as his brows furrow in overstimulation, your body melting into his touch as you whimper against him. 
When you finally pull apart, Tsukishima can’t help but place three more kisses to your lips. You laugh as he presses one to the corner of your mouth, drawing his own smile to the surface, the post-orgasmic haze settling thickly over you both as you rest. 
“Good?” he asks, unable to handle the pleased smile that rests on his lips. 
You chuckle breathlessly, smoothing your hand over his chest. “You even have to ask?”
As your cunt clenches around his cock — whether you did so consciously or not — Tsukishima sends you a feigned, playful glare. 
“I don’t know,” he looks at you with a thoughtful look, pulling out of your cunt and repositioning you. He settles you against the bed, hovering over your body with lust blatantly present in his gaze. “I don’t think I’ve learned enough yet.”
Tsukishima smirks as his fingers trail down your body, leaving trails of burning desire along your skin. The small gasp you release when he reaches your cunt is like music to his ears, and even more satisfaction swells in his chest as your legs wrap around his waist. 
“I think you’re right,” you giggle, arching your hips up to brush against his cock — now hard again. “I think we need more practice,” you trail a finger down the defined muscle of his abdomen, curling your fingers around the base of his thick shaft. 
He groans as he sinks into your touch, spreading apart your thighs as he presses home inside you once again. 
Tsukishima Kei loves sincerely. He loves with his entire heart, even though its vulnerability scares him. You feel it in every way he touches you, not shrouded in a sense of falsity but instead with an unadulterated truth surrounding it. He loves wholly, covering you with the intensity of his adoration, allowing you to feel safe and comforted in his arms. 
Because, as the one he loves most, Tsukishima Kei loves you sincerely. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💌; synopsis - your boyfriend finds you wearing a piece of old high school memorabilia, his number nine kurasuno jersey, and it drives him absolutely insane.
↳ length: 2.07K
↳ warnings: smut, mdni 18+, fem!reader, characters aged up to 20s, post-time skip!au, unprotected sex, clothed sex, pussy jobs, soft/mean!kageyama, praise!kink, reader is wearing kageyama’s clothes.
↳ notes: a very self indulgent piece because i finished hq s4 and cant stop thinking about kageyama ?? it’s giving obsessed with him i think <3! not beta’d ! enjoy my loves hehe - m.list ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“are you gonna tell me where you found it? or do i have to fuck it out of you, baby?” kageyama’s voice is tender as he asks, speaking to you like you’re a timid creature or somewhat of a street cat that might scurry away from him at any given moment. but the way he treats you is mean, his hands that are both large enough to cover the globes of your ass grip at your soft flesh— easily pull you back and forth,  back and forth on his cock while you’re seated in his lap, your dainty fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves on his cold kurasuno jersey, gripping into his shoulder blades to somewhat ground yourself. “‘m talkin’ to you sweetheart,” 
you know that he is,  god, you know. 
but words are hard to come by when you’re seated on your boyfriend’s cock, letting him bounce you up and down mercilessly until you can practically feel him in your throat. you know kageyama’s talking to you, his pretty girl, angel dressed in nostalgic shades of burnt orange and obsidian black— he loves how you can’t respond, blubbering and babbling incoherent sentences while you hide your swollen lips under the collar of his sweatshirt and drip so sweetly down his shaft from your heavenly little hole.
“uh—oh, mhm…mhm!” is all you can manage, swallowed by fabric that smells like your olympic athlete boyfriend, drowning in the strong waves of lust as he pounds up into your pretty puffy pussy until there are tears in your eyes. 
tobio let’s a hand leave your ass to tap at your baby fat cheeks, his dark blue eyes lit up with hunger as he mocks your pout. “words please baby, i know you know them.” it’s almost a joke to him, how weak and needy you get as soon as his milky top pushes past your selfish entrance, and brushes up against your velvety inner walls. he reads it in your eyes, how much you crave him and feels it in your cunt when you spasm and clench down on him, your juices rolling down his lengthy shaft and coating his balls. 
he taps your cheek again, and you whimper like a lost little lamb— the traces of a smile spreading across kageyama’s lips. “f-found it in the, fuck, the back of the closet… h’i missed you.” you cry out, gently circling your hips down on your boyfriend’s, droplets in the form of angel tears clumping in your lashes. kageyama’s smile widens, the hand in your cheek wrapping around the back of your neck, tilting your head up to kiss him. 
you let the fabric of the kurasuno jersey fall down to your chin, head angled perfectly to meet his lips and let your tongue slide wetly over the seam— begging your boyfriend to let you in. and he does, he lets you take charge of the searing and sloppy, spit slicked kiss. he lets you lick into his mouth and squeak against his tongue while he dominates the rest of your body buried beneath his old clothes. tobio feels you lean into him, free falling into his love and his desire while his hands slip under the sweatshirt to draw circles into your tummy, tease you by thumbing just under the swell of your breasts where they meet your rib cage before tweaking your nipples with tender love and care.
his cock aches inside you, just knowing that all your beauty, your curves, your pebbled nipples and the marks you have are hidden— no, protected from the hungry gaze of others by his old uniform. it drives kageyama insane, activates animalistic instincts in the back of his brain as he forces his cock as deep as it can go, rubbing his tip against your gummy walls and marking your insides with opaque wads of his messy precum until you’re squelching every time he ploughs into you.
you probably have no idea how fucking good you look right now, like a five course meal served up to the volleyball player on a silver platter. his baby, tobio kageyama’s innocent little baby had no idea of what she was getting herself into when you put on that number 9 kurasuno jersey. no idea that you would be fucked within an inch of your life, perfect pussy stretched over his painfully hot dick— his forked veins brushing up against pleasure spits only kageyama could reach. “h’baby,  you could have just, fuck…” the athlete curses, having been pounding into you so hard that his cock slips out of your eager hole, sliding right up against your clit which shines, soaked underneath the you yellow lighting in your bedroom. kageyama shivers when your tiny hand, peeking out from sweater paws to jerk him off. you thumb at his blistering red and seedy tip, you even drool over it too— right before guiding him back inside of your fluttering fat pussy. “there we go…you shoulda called me,”   
“y-you were at practice! oh fuck—tobi!” you whine, bristling with desire when kageyama wastes no time fucking your cunt into the shape of him. the bed creeks under the weight of his thrusts up into you, balls slapping heavy against your ass only serving to fill the room with their sensual song. you feel like you might cry, that’s how deep in your guts kageyama is, ruining your body for anyone else, claiming you as the mixture of your arousals froths and gathers at the swelling base of his shaft. whatever your precious cunt drools, quickly gets fucked back into your gushing insides and painted against your spongey g-spot the more your boyfriend throws his hips up to fuck you.
tobio grabs at your hips, holding you up so the only thing you can hump is his mushroomed cockhead, bright red and burning for you. he just wants to see, even though you whine for him put it back in, he just wants to see how raw and swollen your folds are from underneath his clothes— wants to know how much he turns you on. “you think i wouldn’t have left practice to come make my baby feel good?”  he asks, pressing his face into your neck and tilting his head up to lick the tears that stream down your face. “volleyball ain’t got shit on this fuckin’ pussy,” he breathes against your skin,
filling you up all over again with one sharp thrust until he’s buried into you right up to the hilt. 
and it’s true, not even the satisfaction of smacking a ball straight into the opposite court, not even lining up the perfect set or the smell of rubber sneakers burning against the floor during a tournament could compare to the sweet bliss of your warm, tight cunt wrapped around kageyama’s dick. you’re his favourite thing dressed in the jersey of his first love, humping away at his lap like a bitch in heat.
and kageyama thinks would be the best place in the world to die if it were to happen right now. 
“‘m close tobi, i’m gonna cum,” you heave into his ear like it’s a promise, arms looped around his neck where the softness of his jersey rubs against his sweaty skin. “fuck you’re gonna make me cum, o-oh. oh!” your head tilts back when his fingers meet your puffy clit, writing his signature against it while you drool from your mouth and your slit. “tobio.” there’s a warning lilt to the edge of your tone, telling your boyfriend that you can’t hold back and there’s a new feverishness to the way you roll your hips back down to meet his. 
so he pushes you onto your back, covering you with his slender body, his lips on yours while your ankles lock at his waist. the angle of kageyama’s hips shift, bullying his tip against your g-spot over and over, smearing precum along your velvety walls and bullying his way into you until you can see stars. he knows the way he fucks you is just right, he can tell by the way your lips form a gentle ‘o’ and the way your nails ( that he paid for ) dig into his toned shoulders and form crescent moons. 
“oh right there?” kageyama coos, lips messily finding yours while he pins your waist down to the sex soaked sheets bellow. your face changes, shining with sweat but so blissed out it makes your boyfriend’s hips stutter, losing the rough tempo they set. “ah, here…that feel good baby? yeah? oh fuck i know it’s good.” his words are breathy and shoot straight to your core, making your hole flutter around him— sucking his pulsing cock in selfishly. with his free hand, tobio roughly pushes up his kurasuno jersey that pools over your body right up to your tits— stormy blue eyes laser focused on the way they bounce under the weight of his thrusts.
kageyama is way taller than he was back in high school, but the length of the fabric still has you swimming in it— the volleyball player bunches it up, smiling down at you and uses the material to tug you back onto his dick, barely letting you off it as your clit grinds up against his washboard abs. “oh baby don’t cry, you’ll get to cum. i know you wanna fucking cum. can you do that?” he asks you, and again your words escape you as you’re left a teary eyed mess underneath the dark haired man. “yeahh, yeah you can. there you go.”
“tobi—!” you gasp, orgasm tearing though you as he pressed his entire weight onto you, fucking you hard and fast right through your high. you can’t help it, cunt squeezing down on him hard— juices splashing against kageyama’s stomach, making him almost grateful that he pushed his sweat shirt up to expose your pretty chest. “holy shit— tobio, i can’t, god—i can’t!,” pushing at his shoulders, your heave and hiccup as he picks up the pace and rams into your creamy sex again and again and again, forcing another orgasm out of you. 
you fucking squirt, a clear stream pouring from your abused little cunt— eyes rolling back into your skull as a silent scream rattles around in your throat. your hands dart up to grab at midnight black hair, tugging tobio closer, close enough for him to feel you tremble as you cream hard around his dick, practically forcing him out of your hole. 
“shit, baby…fuuck there you go, that’s it,” kageyama sighs against your wet lips, one arm outstretched over your head to grip the head board— the other between your bodies so he can tap his sensitive cockhead against your glistening and gushing pussy, running it up and down through the length of your slit. “mmhm, fuck you did so good, my good girl.” he stutters, lashes fluttering against your shoulder as he listens to the sticky sounds your puffy folds make while he glides through them. he kisses the tears that sit on the apples of your cheeks, using your shaky body to get himself off until he finds himself cumming against your cute little clit. a layer of thick white coats your hot mound and as he takes hold of his dick, tobio pushes the mix of your arousals back into you, shallowly fucking your hole as you twitch with the after shocks of your orgasm before he eventually settles inside you so you cockwarm him.
kageyama rolls off of you, pulling your leg high over his hip while you snuggle into him. “‘m sticky,” you complain, forming tiny fists against his chest. through the sleeves of your boyfriend’s kurasuno jersey. 
“you’re sticky ‘n so pretty baby,” kageyama’s cheeks are pink tinted from exertion, a soft smile on his lips while feeling you up from under the kurasuno colours. “want you to wear this more often…you look really good in it.” 
twirling a strand of his hair between your fingers. “i’ll wear whatever it takes to get you to fuck me like that again, tobi.” you purr into the shell of his ear, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “you’ll want to get spares of your japan team uniform as well.” 
“oh yeah?” tobio hums, eyes on yours, cock twitching softly inside of you. “how come?” 
“‘cause when you bring home a medal f’me, i can’t guarantee i won’t make a mess on you.” 
Tumblr media
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katboyslayer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Slapping Their Ass
Tumblr media
𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰: kei, shoyo, yamaguchi x gender neutral reader
𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓻𝓮: suggestive headcanons 🔞
𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂: how they react when you slap/grope their ass {requested}
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼: dom!reader, groping, light spanking
Tumblr media
✞ Hinata Shoyo ✞
× it scares the fuck out of him
× jumps five feet in the air when your hand slaps his ass
× yelps very cutely and holds his butt so you can't slap it again
× cautiously turns around to see who just did that (suspects one of his teammates)
× starts laughing when he sees it's just you
× teases you and says stuff like "I know I have a great butt, Y/n, but that doesn't mean you can just slap it like that~"
Tumblr media
✞ Tsukishima Kei ✞
× if looks could kill....
× he does not humor you a single bit
× readjusts his glasses while he tells you to knock it off
× he's lowkey just salty because he's insecure about his ass though
× he's a bit flat, you know?
× maybe you can make him feel better by touching it a bit more ;)
× show him you really like his butt♡
Tumblr media
✞ Yamaguchi Tadashi ✞
× whaaa what who did that who just touched SPANKED his butt?????
× panic
× he's so red as he turns around and only a little relieved when he sees it's just you
× offers you a very shaky smile while hesitantly laughing
× he isn't sure how to react honestly
× tell him you like slapping his ass and he's done for
× just a puddle of the floor now
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rice-hime · 2 days ago
Just the Tip
A/N: This is a 3-part thirst drabble. Characters might be repeated in the other parts.
Part 1. Part 2 (Soon). Part 3 (Soon).
Men who’ll tease you with just the tip until you beg:
Matsukawa Issei
Matsukawa has gotten used to always just putting the tip first. He knows he’s huge, and he’s had his fair share of partners backing out after seeing his cock or simply not able to take him in fully. But with you, Issei can’t help but be mesmerized watching your pussy slowly take him in, sucking him greedily like it’s begging for more. “Look at your pretty cunt, princess, struggling so hard to take me in. Shit– baby, can’t move when you clench down on me like that.” His eyes are glued to where you’re connected, watching how your pussy flutters around him, cooing at you to breathe. “Sshh, deep breaths, princess. Can you take more of me? Want me to fill up this pussy? Don’t even know if I can fit it in.” He’d pepper your face with kisses, telling you how you’re doing so well for him, his good girl. “Patience, princess. We have all night long. Gonna make my cock fit. Gotta make sure I mold this pussy to the shape of me. Wanna split you open on this cock. Would you like that, baby?”
Suna Rintarou
Suna loves you desperate and crying. He’d put you through hours of teasing before even considering giving you his cock. He groans, watching how pretty your pussy lips are as he rubs his cock between them. You’re so wet already, your slick coating his cock in a slight sheen, he can see how your hole clenches desperately, silently begging him to finally shove it in. “My baby’s so needy. Look at this greedy hole, so messy already and I haven’t even put it in.” Your cries are ignored as Suna grips his dick firmly, butting the head of his cock against your clit, laughing how you jerk and whine. “My pretty baby. My pretty, desperate slut.” As you cry again, tears running down your cheeks, he finally gives in…a bit. Teasing your hole with the head of his cock before he slowly breaches in, letting you mewl and praise him in gratitude. Too bad that’s all you’re going to get. His laugh cuts off in a hiss, as you clench tightly around him. “Don’t you just look so wonderful in tears, angel? Let me make you cry more.” 
Miya Osamu
Osamu enjoys mocking you. He’d have you on your back, legs spread and already dripping then peel off his shirt (agonizingly slow) knowing how that makes you even wetter. Making sure he cages you beneath him, reminding you how large he is against you. He huffs a laugh as you whine, already begging him to make you feel good. “Tsk, such a spoiled princess. Aww, already cryin’? Don’ even know if ya deserve this cock.” He’d grip his shaft, stroking himself and groaning out how he wants your cunt wrapped around him. “Can’t wait to fuck ya dumb, sweetheart. Spread that pussy for me.” And of course, you’re so so good for him, reaching down to show him your desperate hole, and Osamu almost feels bad on what he's about to do. His smirk is downright evil as he pushes in then stops, enjoying how you wail in tears begging him to fill you up. “Aww, sweetheart, don’t cry now. Ya should be grateful I even give ya this much. Now be good and scream my name.”
Hirugami Sachiro
Hirugami smiles as you whine out his name as he pulls out the head of his cock. He chuckles at the frustrated tears clouding your eyes; but he finds you all the more beautiful for it. “Aww, angel, already begging? Thought you’d have more fight in you. What happened to all that talk earlier?” When Sachiro wants to be a tease, he can be downright cruel. His hands are resting on your thighs, firmly spreading them and preventing you from wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushes in again, amused at how you clenched tight around him, unwilling to let go; but he simply pulls away once more. The pleas you let out are music to his ears, but they’re just as ineffective as your tears. “What’s that, love? You want my cock? Want me to fill you ‘til you’re dripping my seed? Of course, angel.” And when Sachiro pushes his cock in again, your pleas turn to curses as he chuckles darkly over you, stilling and gripping his cock to jerk off into your desperate cunt. “What can I say? Your wish is my command, angel.”
Futakuchi Kenji
Futakuchi won’t admit it, but it’s just as painful for him as it is for you when he teases you. But his ego craves it. Even when he’s pained by his throbbing cock, nearly sobbing at how much he wants to be surrounded by your wet warmth, there’s just an immense satisfaction hearing you call for him. “Oh, does my princess want something? Begging already, ain’t ya cute. Since you asked so nicely.” So he shoves just the tip of his cock in, almost breathing a sigh of relief at your familiar warmth, only to choke on his spit as he stills himself, trying not to bust a nut already. “Fucking shit– you’re so tight. Pussy s’ good, fuck–” He continues to curse under his breath, savoring the way you whine for more. But he’s got to be some kind of masochist, because he stays still, hands moving to grope and knead your flesh from your tits to your ass. “I don’t know princess, shit– I think ya have to beg a little more nicely if you want me to fuck this pretty cunt. Mm? Want me to fuck you hard? Well, since you asked so nicely.”
Kageyama Tobio
Kageyama is enchanted gazing at you underneath him, his grip on your hips tightening as you sweetly mewl out his name. He doesn’t want to be a tease, doesn’t want to deprive you of anything your heart desires; but he can’t help giving you just the tip of his cock when you cry out like that. He steels his wavering resolve, whispering, “‘M sorry, angel. S’ sorry– you just feel so good. So pretty crying. So fucking warm and tight, angel. Sh-shit–” He nearly cries out himself, groaning aloud as your pussy tries to suck him in deeper; but no, he wills himself not to move. “F-fuck– angel, just wanna see you like this. So cute cryin’ out for me.” His eyes can’t even focus on your face anymore, watching how your pussy clenches desperately. “So fucking wet. Your pretty cunt’s sucking me in, angel.” And when Kageyama does look at your face again, his heart skips at seeing your pleading expression, leaning in to kiss the tears down your cheeks. “‘M sorry, angel, but I just wanna make you cry more.”
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m1kasun · 2 days ago
douche bag bf atsumu who fucks you so good but treats you like absolute shit
cw: toxic relationship, really mean atsumu, angst, cheating, doggy style, & degrading!!
He’s such a shitty boyfriend but his cock is just so so good. One day he’s buying you flowers and cuddling you, kissing you on your neck telling you how much he loves you.
The next day he’s ignoring your phone calls and texts and you find him fucking another girl in your shared bedroom. And he always somehow convinces you that you’re overreacting and that you’re in the wrong.
The relationship between you two were toxic. You knew and you knew that he knew. You loved him, you did, but you were so tired of all the lies, all the cheating, so you broke up with him. again.
But atsumu knows you. He knows that whatever lies he feeds you, you’ll eat it right up. He knows that you’ll come crawling back asking him for forgiveness. Asking him to fuck you senseless.
You grip onto the pillow in front of you and let out a moan as atsumu grips your hips and shoves his cock into your wet cunt repeatedly. “t-tsumu! fuck- i cant, m’gonna cum again.”
Atsumu let’s out a chuckle, he pushes your head down more into the pillows as he snaps his hips into your pussy, his cock hitting that gummy part inside of you that as your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“what a fucking whore yer are, hm? getting fucked into after i just had sex with yer best friend? what a joke.” He chuckled out, biting his lip as you clenched around him, arching your back as his cock plunged in and out of you.
“n..no m’not-“ He cut you off with a smack to your ass, grunting as you let out a whine. “nah, yes ya are princess. I mean i don’t blame ya, my cock is just too good it has you crawling back everytime.”
Tears start to prickle at your eyes. Your vision starts to getting blurry with tears. You don’t know if it’s because of his harsh and cruel words, knowing that he’s right— or the way his cock has your toes curling, begging him for more. His words hurt, it did. But you let out more moans as his cock abuses your cunt.
“fuck baby, yer gonna make me cum.” He groaned out, with a few more thrusts, it has you moaning out his name, vision going white.
Atsumu let’s out curses that consists of fuck and shit and in no time, he’s spilling his load inside you.
He catches his breath for a minute and pulls out of you, his cum dripping onto the bed as he searches for his shirt.
You layed down on the bed, the feeling of disgust creeps into your stomach and it has tears spilling down your face.
Atsumu catches a sight of it and sighs, he walks over to you and kisses you on the forehead, wiping the tears away from your cheeks.
“i’m so sorry baby, i didn’t mean it. fuck i didn’t mean it okay? i love you. She doesn’t mean anything to me. They don’t mean anything to me. i promise. i’ll cut every other women off okay? only you baby.” His sweet words makes more tears fall down your cheeks and onto the bed.
You sniffle and nodded your head, “m’gonna go in the shower okay? come and join me, yea?”
He left another kiss on your forehead and you watched as he took out a towel from the drawer and walk into the bathroom.
As you sat up, you heard a ding from his phone. You grabbed it and read the message, letting out quite sobs as you read the message that appeared.
loml yuki🤫🤫: Hey tsumu!🥰 Today was so great and it was exactly what i needed😫 I was wondering if you would come over later on tonight? i’m really stressed because of work and i need a stress reliever if you know what i’m hinting at😉😉 Anyways, baby i love you and i’ll see you later 2night? <3
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milfm1lk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gn!reader x sub!your fav <3
✧ summary– a cutesy study sesh with ur bf. thats all ;)
✧ cw– smut, handjobs, characters implied as 18+, SHORT, reader gender & pronouns not mentioned, pwnp >:), dom reader, sub!character, character is ur bf & has a peen.
✧ a/n– let’s not talk about how it’s prob been months since i last uploaded. instead take this lovely work to be framed on ur parents fridge.
Tumblr media
sweat beads on your boyfriend’s forehead as he lays back onto the fluffy sheets of your bed. what started as a cute study date eventually lead to a heated make out sesh, and now here you were, hand firmly wrapped around the length of his cock.
soft breathy moans cut through the evening silence, as he gripped the sheets below him, gently bucking up into your hand. the dark look in your eyes as you stroked him left a shiver running through is body, and a long, almost inaudible whine erupting from his chest.
the shlck of your hand movements eventually gets louder as his pretty cock leaks pre like a faucet, the bliss of sensitivity completely encompassing your boyfriend as he shamelessly fucks your hand, face hot and flushed with eyes blown with lust as he prays you’d milk him for what he’s worth.
“whose dick is this?” you ask, your voice almost too soft to be a whisper, and you can’t help the smirk gracing your lips as he whines ‘yours’.
Tumblr media
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suna-cerely-yours · 2 days ago
warnings: fem!bodied reader, 18+,  fingering, clit slapping, degradation, unprotected sex
pairing: sakusa x reader
To be fair you hadn't meant to fall asleep. Wanting to get ahead of your work to spend a weekend in peace, you had decided to stay back late. This was clearly why people didn't do that. You should have just finished your work and headed home.
Because now you were stuck at your office at 10:30pm, no at 10:34pm- with a major snow storm raging outside.
Leaning back in your chair you groan, cursing your luck. Powering down your computer, you immediately shuffle through your rideshare apps hoping there would be at least one cab available. Unfortunately it looked like everyone had been smart enough to check the weather forecast ahead of time.
Worrying your bottom lip you wrap your coat around you and pick up your bag, making your way past the glass doors and into the dimly lit hallway. Barely had you stepped outside when the lights flickered once, before plunging the hallway and attached rooms into darkness.
"Fuck fuck fuck, this is not good," you mutter, turning on your phone's flashlight, only to be hit with a low battery notification.
You blink twice in disbelief. What were the actual odds of everything going against your way today. Clenching your teeth you turn towards the elevators, hoping the generators had them working at least, only to crash into a warm, solid wall.
Panic shot through you for a few heartbeats, before a low, familiar voice filled the silence.
"A little late isn't it?" Sakusa intoned, his hands still wrapped around your waist, from where he had grabbed you to prevent you from falling.
"Sakusa? What the hell?"
"How do you plan on getting home exactly?"
"Wait what are you- hold on."
You step back and straighten yourself, taking a breath to steady yourself.
Holding your phone between the two of you, Sakusa's sharp features come into focus, dressed in a tailored suit and a black mask.
" The power's been cut due to the storm. They're only keeping the elevator running as of now, so unless you want to be stuck here in the cold I suggest you go home."
"Right, uh I'll just go," you pause awkwardly, unsure of what to say. It's not like you dislike Sakusa, per say, however you certainly don't have many kind words to say about him either.
Unless of course you consider the numerous late night fantasies you've had about him bending you over on his stupidly large desk, still wearing his stupidly crisp suit- kind words. Then perhaps yes, you occasionally do speak kindly of him.
His eyes seem darker in the dim light as he raises an eyebrow, presumably waiting for you to go leave.
"So uh you're planning to leave too right? We can go home together! Not home together, what i meant was take the elevator down together-"
"Yes, i was planning on doing that."
The two of you step into the elevator, silence stretching awkwardly. You’re almost at the ground floor when he speaks, “The subway’s not working right now.”
“ I am aware.”
“ There’s not going to be any cabs around either.”
You swallow, clenching your teeth.
“ I am aware of all of this, Sakusa.”
“So how exactly are you planning to get home?”
The elevator dings as the two of you get off on the ground floor, the usually brightly lit atrium dark. Tonguing your cheek, you look up at the stupidly tall man.
“I appreciate your concern, but it is clear I’ll be looking for a hotel tonight.”
“ In this storm? Do you even know what the nearest hotel is?”
“It’s not my fault my phone decided to die tonight, of all nights. Besides, I will be fine. I’m sure you have much more important things to worry about. Off you go.”
He fixes you with an incredulous look, before unhooking his mask.
Son of bitch, that kind of face should really be illegal.
“ -and, are you listening?”
“What? Of course I am, but you should really be more clear and concise you know. Why don’t you say it again?”
He raises an eyebrow, before swiping his tongue over his lower lip.
“Okay, to be concise, I live 10 minutes away and have a guestroom.”
“Sakusa, with all due respect, are you bragging about living in an elite neighborhood now? I really, really don’t see how that affects me- oh. You’re offering to uh-”
He sighs impatiently, “ Yes, so come on. The storm’s only going to get worse.”
You flop onto his absurdly soft bed, dressed in a t-shirt Sakusa had left outside the bathroom, forgoing pants. Well this certainly wasn’t how you had imagined your night going. He had led you to his posh apartment and even offered dinner, and now you were in the guestroom of the guy you had been thirsting over for the past couple of months.  
Rolling over, you grab your phone, only to find it dead. Sakusa should have a spare charger, and he probably would only roll his eyes twice.
You pad through the hallway, to his open bedroom door.
“Hey do you have a-”
There is a naked Sakusa in front of you. Well, not naked, but that towel does nothing.
“Do you need something?”
“Right, yeah um do you have a charger?”
“Bedside table.”
You walk over to grab the said charger, trying very hard to not notice the neatly made king-sized bed.
“Did I not give you pants?”
“Everything that needs to be covered is covered, isn’t it?”
You turn to catch him rolling his eyes, before he’s walking closer.
“Are you forgetting that you’re alone with a man? Do you walk around half-naked with all men you know?”
He’s standing right in front of you know, the smell of his bodywash surrounding your senses.
“You’re harmless Sakusa, even I know that.”
He presses his lips together momentarily before moving even closer, causing you to step back. Except there is no where you step back and you fall in his bed. (The bedsheets are as soft as they look, you notice.)
“Am I really?”
He’s moving over you, pressing his knees on either side of your thighs, grasping both your wrists in one hand above your head.
“I, uh you are-”
His other hand slides under your, his, shirt, touch teasing, as his fingers skim over your breasts.
“Use your words princess, am I still harmless?”
“Sakusa, you should-”
“Should what?”
“Should touch me like you mean it, you assho-”
He has you flipped on your front, ass up and shirt pulled up before you can even finish your sentence.
“No panties either? Are you just a slut then?”
Your words are lost as he pulls your knees apart, slapping your pussy sharply before pulling your folds apart and spitting.
“Sakusa, oh Kiyoomi-”
“ But you’re my slut so it’s fine I suppose.”
He strokes your clit, pressing against it, and slips a finger inside you. Shallowly fucking you with one finger he slides his other hand up your body to press against your stomach.
“You look so pretty like, you know, could watch this all day.”
“Kiyoomi please just,” you roll your hips trying to get more friction. He grips your stomach, easily flipping you on your back, pushing your legs apart. His finger returns to your cunt, rubbing slow figure eights on your clit now, agonizingly slow.
Tears cling to your eyelashes, as you pant, desperate to cum.
He scoffs, leaning back palming his own bulge, “ You look like my perfect little whore, I wish you could see yourself right now.”
You whine as his length inches into your folds, hands gripping your hips, tilting them up- forcing you to arch your back.
“Fuck, you feel perfect,” he groans, thrusting in and out, hitting your sensitive spot.
“Kiyo, wanna cum please oh please-”
“Yeah? I got you princess.”
He rubs tight circles on your clit, thrusting faster as you reach your peak, cumming immediately. Your walls clench around his cock, feeling him fill you up moments later, groaning your name.
The two of you lie still for a moment before Sakusa sits back, pulling you into his arms.
“That was not my intention when I invited you back.”
“Mhm, I see.”
He pauses, dark eyes locked on yours.
“But you know, I still think you’re kinda harmless, maybe you should fuck me a little harder next time.”
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iwas-baby · 19 hours ago
iwaizumi who learns to eat pussy at ucla, and is at first intimated by it all… is he making her feel good, will this alone make her cum? yet, with every girl that slips in and out of his college dorm his reputation grows and expands over the campus. at the same time, the taste of it all has him addicted.
which is why when you hesitate for a moment, with your exposed cunt hovering over his face, he starts to get impatient. did you not know how much he loved this? his frat friends didn’t call him the devourer for nothing. so gripping your hips, he hoists you down and presses your clit against the tip of his nose.
instantly, you’re taken back as he licks and sucks at your oh so sweet pussy. he’s drunk on it and he’s only just begun, encouraging you to grind down more on his face. he can feel himself getting hard, muttering into your cunt: “be a good girl and cum on my face.” and he’s just loud enough for you to heard, cashing you to clench and release your orgasm.
anything to be a good girl to the man whose tongue alone could sent you to such highs.
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iwakoi · a day ago
❀ iwaizumi hajime x fem!reader.
— masturbation, slightly pervy iwa. minors do not interact.
notes: no thoughts, head only on iwa jerking off. this is a re-upload from an old blog.
Tumblr media
hajime iwaizumi (27), has an infuriatingly high libido. thick fingers wrap around his heavy and throbbing cock, his pearly white teeth biting into polyester fabric to stifle his groans as he fucks his fist to the thought of emptying his seed inside you. he used to silently boast that he didn't need to jerk off often but after meeting you, his hand can't seem to keep away from his dick. in between today's practice sessions find him in a car with his track pants around his ankles, frantically stroking his veiny cock as he thinks of your pretty mouth sucking the weeping tip past plush lips. he grunts, nearly folding himself in half as he continues the harsh tugs on his dick and sweat beads along his temples as he tries to imagine your moans, the sound filling his ear as he splits your pussy apart on his cock.
his vision crosses as his orgasm approaches, free hand fisting in his sweat damp dark hair as he thinks about bouncing you on his cock; your back to his toned chest with your trembling legs held up and spread apart by his impatient hands. broken whimpers of his name leaves your lips and he can't resist thinking of kissing you, wants to get drunk off the sound as he thrusts his hips into you, cock rubbing snugly along your slick walls. when he cums, it spills pitifully down his fingers, the thick globs he'd rather pump you full with, drips in wasted tiny puddles that stand out on his tanned and tense thigh.
a powder scented wipe dabs away the evidence, it's barely enough for the load he blew but it'll have to do. iwaizumi tosses the soiled cloth away after he cleans up, grabs the files he needed and steps out of the car. sneakers squeak on stairs as he takes them two at a time towards the elevator. he clutches both the small stack of files and the car keys in his hand until he reaches his destination, making sure to avoid eye contact as he places him down on the desk.
you snatch up your keys with a grateful smile. "thanks for runnin' down and getting me these files haji, was a bit too swamped to move."
his face warms as he nods minutely, trying not to think about how he emptied his balls to the thought of damn near pressing your face into the dashboard of your own ride.
Tumblr media
🏷 — @little-miss-chaoss
Tumblr media
© robyn -> all rights reserved. plagiarism, recommendations, reposting and translations is strictly prohibited.
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oranoyaora · a day ago
Ushijima x reader smut
I’m so sorry for not being able to respond sooner 😭. I’ve been staying at a place where there is no cell service AND no Wi-Fi, so I’ve been off the grid trololol. I hope you like this nonnie 😭
Tumblr media
to be missed
minors do not interact >:(
ft. timeskip!ushijima wakatoshi
warning(s): nsfw, smutty smut, cunnilingus, unprotected sex, breeding kink?
tags: established relationship, afab reader
notes: im still getting used to writing smut, so bear with me on this one. also, let me know if I missed anything in the warnings or tags
Tumblr media
You were roughly lifted and placed onto the counter of your kitchen. Ushijima slotted his lips onto yours as one of his hands gripped your waist while the other held onto your jaw. Your hands slithered their way into his hair.
The hand that held your waist slid down to your hip, fingers kneading into the fat of your ass. Ushijima tugged you toward him as he grinded your clothed bodies into each other. The friction made you both groan. 
You were both running out of air. The burning of your lungs made Ushijima move from your lips down to your jaw and neck. You breathed heavily as as he grazed his teeth down your neck. He roughly sucked on the area just above your collar bone, making you moan softly.
“What,” you shakily breathed out with a smile, “did you miss me?”
You placed your hands on either side of Ushijima’s face making him look up at you. He straightened himself up and placed his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. He thought back to just moments before the situation you two were currently in.
Ushijima had quietly entered your shared apartment. His gym bag slid from his shoulder and onto the ground as he noticed a faint humming coming from the kitchen. He left his suitcase by the front door.
He pattered his way to the kitchen and found you wiping down the counters of the dinner you had made. You perked up and turned with a smile.
“Welcome home,” you said softly.
Perhaps it was the domesticity of all things. Or perhaps it was the fact that you were always so good to Ushijima, always waiting up for him. Maybe it was both. All Ushijima knew was that he had to have you right there and now.
“Dinner’s rea-”
Ushijima cut you off as he grabbed your waist and softly pushed you back into the counter.
Ushijima opened his eyes, staring into yours. One of his hands gently gripped onto your wrist and lightly brushed the back of your hand with a thumb.
“You’re just too good to be true.”
The sweetness of his statement made your cheeks burn, matching the heat you already been feeling between your legs.
“Let’s take this to bed then,” you whispered.
The journey from the kitchen to your bedroom was a heated blur because the next thing you knew, Ushijima was laying you down, spreading your legs open, and placing himself in between them. His large, calloused hands felt hot as they slid up underneath your shirt. You lifted your upper back and arms, allowing Ushijima to discard your shirt off to the side. 
He lowered himself down onto you, leaving a hot trail of kisses along your chest and down your stomach. Ushijima swiftly undid the button of your pajama pants and tucked his fingers into them grasping your panties and skillfully slid them off your legs.
You were completely bare to him now. The sight of your glistening cunt was making Ushijima go crazy as he sat up onto his heels. You had a lusted-out expression on your sweet face as your chest gently rose up and down.
Ushijima kept staring. You loved it, but you were becoming impatient. You lifted your right leg up and placed your foot onto Ushijima’s left shoulder. You dug your heel into his shoulder and bent your leg, making Ushijima lean forward.
“Finish what you started,” you softly teased
Ushijima instantly lowered himself, your leg now hooked over his shoulder. He slowly licked a strip up your slit, flicking up against your clit. You turned your head to the side as a soft sigh left your mouth. 
One of your hands snaked its way into Ushijima’s hair. The flattening of his tongue felt absolutely wonderful. When your wetness started to seep out of you, Ushijima inserted a finger in you as he delegated his tongue to your clit. You moaned out loudly as he started to pump in and out of you.
“Wan’ another finger, Toshi,” you begged. 
“Yeah, love?” was all he said before obliging himself and putting a second finger in you. 
You propped yourself up with your elbows looking down at the man carry on with his ministrations that attacked your cunt. Your stomach rose up and down. You were trying to handle the shocks of pleasure that spread to your thighs and down into your toes. 
You caressed Ushijima’s head before calling out to him, “Toshi.”
The man released his mouth from your clit to look up at you, fingers still inside of your cunt. 
“I need you inside me,” you breathed out.
Your hand moved from his head to his jaw pulling him towards you, “I need you to fuck me, not your fingers.”
You wrapped your legs around Ushijima’s waist and pulled him into you. You moved your hips to gain friction against his still clothed body. You moaned as you attempted to hopelessly fuck yourself against him.
Ushijima groaned. Your voice and your actions were really testing his self-control. He tore off his shirt, throwing it to the side. He sat up again to take off his pants, leaving him in his boxers. 
“Hurry up,” you desperately whispered.
Ushijima made you choke on your words, as he gave you no time to brace yourself. He breathed heavily as he entered you. You whined, making him chuckle.
“You told me to hurry up, love,” the hitter lightly mocked with a smirk. 
The term of endearment made you clench around him. Your breathy sighs weren’t enough for Ushijima.
He slid out just until the tip of his cock teased its way from leaving you, before slamming back into you. You let out a yelp in sync with your body slightly moving up from the forceful thrust. Ushijima smirked in satisfaction. 
Ushijima repeated this over and over. Slow and rough. Every little moan and whine you let out was like music to his ears as he watched you. You didn’t know what those light feathery touches of yours did to Ushijima as they ghosted up and down along his upper body.  
Your hand snaked its way to the back of Ushijima’s neck, lightly tugging at his hair, “Toshi.”
You called his name out like a prayer. You were the only one who looked at him the way you did. You pulled him down to kiss you pressing your bodies together. The closeness made Ushijima start to rut in you. He moved his face from yours and into the crook of your neck. He was kissing your cervix so sweetly, that it made your eyes roll to the back of your head. 
Ushijima was starting to let go. The amount of yearning and longing he had prepared for was being compensated through his sped up, rough thrusts. 
He lifted his head and caged you in between his arms. Ushijima etched every expression and movement on your face into his memory. You were staring up at him with such a fucked-out face.
He was gonna leave his mark on you before he left. Or rather, in you. The tightness of you clenching around him started to work him up even more. His soft grunts quickly turned into groans as his thrusts became sloppier by the second.
You gripped one hand onto his shoulder and the other onto the back of his neck. You moaned in time with Ushijima’s cock pumping in and out of you.
One of his hands slid down to your clit. He rubbed his thumb against the bundle of nerves in rough circles. Your moans increased as you reached your high.
“S’too much Toshi-”
You cut yourself off. Your body twitched as you came, moaning sweetly. Your velvety walls sucked in Ushijima’s cock so well. So well, that Ushijima followed soon after. Hot spurts of his cum filled you up.
Ushijima continued to slowly thrust in you. A white ring of your mixed cum seeped out around him. He looked down to where the two of you were connected. Absolutely mesmerizing.
“Toshi,” you mewled.
Ushijima looked back up to find you smiling at him. He smiled softly in return before placing a tender kiss on your forehead, “I did miss you.”
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goldenkirstein · 2 days ago
cw: smut (18+ minors and ageless blogs DNI), description of female genitalia (pussy, cunt, clit), hints of corruption kink, degradation at end, fingering
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it's just so easy to get you flustered, suna thinks.
the way you bite your lip and squirm in his lap, trying to act like you aren't unbelievably turned on. trying to act as if your cunt isn't on full display for him, shiny and slick with your juices.
all it took was a breathy whisper from him against your ear, how do you want me to touch you?
he knows you're embarrassed, that you don't wanna say all the lewd ways he can touch your pussy to make it cum.
but he knows you want to, there's a glint in your eyes, a feigned innocence that let's him know that deep down you're as dirty and depraved as he is.
your rocking yourself back and forth on his clothed crotch, and suna has to stop himself from groaning. you look so pathetic and cute, unbearably horny and yet you can't find it within yourself to utter the words.
his hands trace over your soft thighs, and your legs part at his actions. he tests the water some more, running his finger up your slit and slowly rubbing your clit.
is that it baby, want me to rub your clit? c'mon tell me how to make you feel good.
your sweet whimpers sound like heaven to him, but he knows your craving more, the way he's touching you isn't enough.
slowly your hand comes up and ghosts over his, and suna smirks when he feels your hand guide his slicked finger down to your dripping hole.
your looking up at him, with lidded eyes and with a shaky breath you push his finger inside your cunt.
I need, I need you to curl your fingers inside me.
suna groaned not only at how soft and shy you sounded telling him how to finger your pretty pussy, but how tight and warm your cunt felt when he curled his fingers up hitting that sweet spot of yours.
what he didn't expect was to feel your hand grab his free one and guide it to your now neglected clit.
his eyes widened when he saw you pull back your hood and press his finger against your swollen clit.
it was his turn to be flustered now.
make me cum like this, I want you to touch me like this.
he felt you relax under his touch when he continued rubbing your clit, watching how your eyes were drawn to the way his fingers were pleasing you. gasps falling from your lips as he hit every spot that made you shudder underneath his touch.
that's it baby, I'm gonna make you feel so good, gonna make you cum how you like it. always knew you had it in you, always knew you were a pretty slut, my pretty slut.
Tumblr media
a/n: I'm not sure how I feel about this right now. suna makes me lose all senses tee bee aechhh. not proofread
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bykii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
minors dni 18+ content
Tumblr media
⚭ content: smut, nsfw; swearing, roommates to lovers, camgirl!reader, college!bokuto, sex tape, sex toys, oral (receiving and giving), fingering, rough sex, creampie, cockwarming, daddy kink, size kink
⚭ word count: 3.3k
⚭ pronouns used: she/her | f!reader
⚭ a/n: hi baes <3 another reupload but im working on some stuffs rn :)
he knew about what you did for a living. he said he didn't mind what you did, as long as it didn't disturb his sleep. no matter how hard you tried, regardless of how many time you muffle your noises, bokuto could not even imagine what you were doing in your room. late nights when you would film, you'd always remind him what you'd be recording and how you might get loud. he didn't mind really, your noises were the only things keeping him up at night.
bokuto dreams of bursting through your door while you're working. he imagines how he'll take the toy you were since using, replacing it with his cock. he dreams of slamming his hips against yours as you're being filled to the brim with his length. the thought of you moaning his name drove him mad.
being your roommate meant he couldn't catch feelings for you. more or less be attracted to what you did for work. you yourself made jokes about him watching your videos but he never admitted to wanting to watch you. despite having his intrusive thoughts, bokuto continued to fill out papers for class when you knocked on the door. "come in," he called.
"hey bo," you smiled. "are you busy?"
"no, what's up?" he says, turning to face you. his face glowed pink as he noticed your skimpy attire. "oh you're filming tonight?"
"i was actually wondering," you crossed your legs. "if you could help me film tonight?" you looked at him and smiled at his red cheeks.
"h-help you? help you how?" he asks.
"well, the company i partnered with just sent me some new toys, and i wanted to know if you could play with them...with me," you explained. "if you don't want to, you don't have to."
"what do i have to do?" he asks, standing to approach you.
"well, in the beginning i have to strip down, then i wanted you to use the new wand on me. you could finger me while you do it if you want...but after they sent me a new toy," you started to blush at your words, fiddling with your skirt. "you don't have to...i just was wondering if you'd help me."
"do i have to show my face?" bokuto was a few feet away from you now.
"no, just your hands..." you say. "if you want, you don't only have to use the new toy on me." your words were mumbled.
"what was that?" he lifted your chin up to reveal your rosy cheeks.
"you don't have to use just the toy on me after we're done with the wand," you repeat. bokuto nods, holding out his hand. you gladly accept, leading him to your room. his eyes notice your set up and began to feel nervous. "can you go wash your hands before we start?"
he nods as you walked over to your tripod, ensuring it's in focus. after a while, bokuto emerges from the bathroom as you're scrolling on your phone. "so," he asks. "how are you starting?"
"actually, can you come here? i need to see if it'll stay focused when your hands are in frame," you say locking your phone. you motioned for him to come towards you. he holds out his hand and you guide it towards your clothed pussy. you rest his hand there while you checked the view finder. "why are you so stiff? you can touch me if you want." you giggled.
"oh, sorry," bokuto relaxed his hand, carefully guiding his fingertips along your womanhood. you twitch at the unfamiliar feeling of someone else's hand but soon settle into his touch. "is the camera in focus?"
"mhm," you hummed. "oh, since you don't want to show your face, is there any name you want me to call you so i don't say your actual name?"
"any name works," he smiled. you nodded, making your final adjustments to the camera. "am i allowed to talk to you while we film?" you nod as his fingers brush against your clit. bokuto moves his hand away once you gestured that you'd start recording.
you greet the camera, mentioning the new toys and a special guest. you began to play with your breasts, your cheeks blushing now knowing you have an audience. bokuto watches you as you carefully strip down to your underwear. unknowingly, he began to palm himself through his sweats. you, however, noticed this and began to feel the wetness in your panties grow.
after removing your bra, you make your way down to your underwear. as you pull it off, your arousal sticks the fabric against your folds. bokuto's eyes roll back at the sight of it but quickly lock onto you. you wave your hand for him to join you in the video.
he grabs the new wand off the edge of the bed, walking over to you. leaning back on the bed, you lift your legs up to reveal your moist cunny. bokuto reaches over, watching the view finder as he touches your thigh. his warm hand sends a shock down your back as he moves towards your pussy.
his fingers carefully connect with your wetness, rubbing up and down your folds. you let out a small moan as he works, lightly gripping your sheets. his index and middle finger began to search for your sensitive nub. he knew he found it once you arched your back slightly. "you ready, baby?" he asks. you smiled and nodded at the nickname.
bokuto takes your wand, placing the end of it directly on your bundle of nerves. you squirm for a moment, looking at bokuto for confirmation. "i haven't even turned it on yet," he chuckled. you whine, waiting to feel the vibrations. he switches on the wand, causing you to squirm with pleasure.
bokuto smiles at how wet you were getting, taking his hand towards your hole. his digits tease your cunt before slowly inserting his middle and ring finger into you. "ah~" you let out, taking note of how much bigger his hands were compared to yours. he begins to slowly pump your pussy, curling up his fingers while he does. "f-faster please~"
"as you wish," he smirked. he turns up the vibrations as he speeds up his own pace. your back arches upward as your clit began to swell. bokuto feels you velvety walls tighten up around his hand yet he doesn't slow down. "fuck." he mutters, feeling your juices drip down his knuckles.
"i- i- fuck~" you moaned. your hands gripped tighter on the fabric below you. this gave bokuto a signal to turn up the wand. he switches it to the highest setting, sending a wave of pleasure throughout your body. the intense feeling of your pussy being pumped by someone else left you squirming.
you feel your climax building up as bokuto quickens his movements. his fingers compared to yours was leaving you desperate for more. the combination of your lewd noises and the feeling of your spongy cunt drove him crazy. he never imagined he'd be this close to see you this vulnerable.
"i- 'm gonna- ah~ daddy!" you moaned, letting your juices flow out of you. your climax bursting as bokuto rubbed the wand harder against your clit. just that nickname made him even hornier. he pulls away from your dripping hole, making you whine at the emptiness. bokuto turns off the wand, reaching for the new toy you talked about. "wait- i don't wanna use that..."
"what?" he asks. "you said-"
"i just want you- please ko?" you pleaded, sitting up.
"are you sure?" he tilts his head at you. he looks at the camera before looking back at you. "you're editing this right?"
"mhm, i'll cut out this part," you say. "or you could pause it right now. just press the red button." bokuto turns, switching off the camera.
"is it okay if i taste you?" he asks. you nod, prompting bokuto to dip down and place his lips on your cunny. you let out a loud breath as his tounge laps against your folds. his hands move up your thighs, holding the underside up on his shoulders.
"ah~ ko- i~" you try to make out a sentence but pleasure overcomes you. bokuto smiles after hearing his name come out of your mouth. your juices began to drip down bokuto's chin. your hands move from the sheets to find the strands of his hair.
"ah," he breathes out, pulling away from you. "you're messy, pretty girl." he chuckles as he lifts off his shirt. you sit up again, admiring his chest and body.
"you feel so good," you smiled, trailing your hands up and down his abs.
"i'm not done tasting you," he says lifting up your chin. he kisses your temple before moving down your body. his mouth connects with your breasts, littering them with marks. bokuto holds your thighs open, moving his fingers to fill up your hole once again.
he kisses down your stomach, motioning his fingers within you to find your sweet spot. "fuck~" you breathed out. your hands gripped onto his hair once again as he began to suck on your clit. "ah! right there~"
bokuto grinned as you tugged on his hair. he feels you tightening up again, only to pull away before reaching your orgasm. "not yet, baby," he says. "save that for the camera."
"you're mean," you whine. bokuto wipes your lewd fluids with the back of his hand.
"sorry baby, i'll make it up to you," he smiled. you open up, you puckering your lips, wanting a kiss. "is there anything else you want me to do?" he says before placing a sloppy kiss on your mouth. the taste of your juices lingered on his lips, making you hum as you pulled away.
"do you think you could," you hesitated. "cum inside of me?"
"inside?" his eyes widened. "are you sure?"
"please," you begged. "i'm on the pill, it'll be okay."
"you're very dirty, y'know that?" he laughs. "i'll turn on the camera now."
you pull him into another kiss, before letting him turn on the camera. you look at the view finder to see how much liquid you've been producing. bokuto pulls down his sweats, leaving him in his boxer briefs. your eyes widen at the sight of his erection but you look back up to meet bokuto's eyes.
"do you wanna take it off for me baby?" he asks. you nod, palming his boner before hooking your fingers on the waistband. you carefully pull it down, his dick poking upward with precum dripping out.
"woah," you whispered. "you're so big, daddy."
"you sure you can take it?" he asks, lifting up your chin. you nod, desperately wanting to feel him inside you. you lean back onto the bed, giving him some space to top you. bokuto kneels on the edge, leaning over you. you quickly check the view finder, making sure it's not blocking anything.
bokuto dips down, planting a kiss on your lips as the tip of his cock rubs against your pussy. the sounds of your wet cunt mixed with his precum excites you. "i'm gonna put it in now," he whispers. you nod, reaching your hands over to hug his neck.
his thick member slowly pushes into you, causing the both of you to bottom out. bokuto's eyes became fixated on your lewd expression as he stretches out your cunt. "daddy~" you moaned. "too big~"
"i'm almost all the way in baby, just a little more," he breathed. your hands gripped tight on his shoulder blades as he pushed deeper into you. "fuck- you're so tight, y/n."
"i- i- move please," you begged. bokuto kisses your neck as he began to slowly pump your dripping cunt. his cock was brushing against your cervix as he carefully fucked your hole. "ko- faster please~" you whispered.
bokuto looks back up to you after marking up your neck, his eyes meeting yours. you move your hands to cup his face, kissing him as he picks up his pace. "you're so beautiful," he says in between kisses. he moves your hands to hold his.
he began to pound your cunt at a rough speed, making your body vibrate with pleasure. your arousal began to flow out of your pussy as his cock pumps you full. you gripped his hands tighter the more he moves inside of you.
your eyes rolled back, as his cock began to mercilessly pound your cunt. your body seizes as you let out jumbles of noises, trying to make sense through your moans. "i'm gonna~ please~" you moaned, wanting to cum.
"let it out pretty girl," bokuto breathed. "i'm not holding you back."
his pace was fast yet messy, his cock was covered with your juices. he adjusts his angle, making the tip of his cock hit your cervix. you squeal at the feeling of him hitting your sweet spot. your hands let go of his, throwing up and reaching for his back. you began to scratch at his muscles as his hips hit yours.
"ah~" your walls began to clench down on his dick as you ride out your high. your cum coats both him and the edge of the bed. he smiles down at you, he begins to slow down his pace to catch your breath.
he admired how pretty you were, cumming around his cock. bokuto was over the moon knowing he was the reason you felt this good. your swollen cunt was twitching around him as he now slowly fucked your pussy. "thank you ko," you whispered.
"are you sure you still want me to cum inside you?" he asks.
"mhm, please," you moaned as he moved at a steady pace.
"tell me if it's too much, okay?" he dips down, kissing your lips. slowly but surely, he picks up the speed to his previous pace. you never let anyone this close to you and just having him inside you brought you joy. the overstimulation was driving you crazy.
your body felt fuzzy the more his cock slammed into you. you shut your eyes as he gripped the sheets beside your head. his low moans motivated you to pull through his movements. "can you give me another one baby?" he moaned. "can you cum for me one more time?"
"mhm," you groaned. you gripped tighter onto his back, leaving your marks all down his back. soon enough, his strokes turned sloppy and his moans grew louder.
"cum with me y/n," he breathed. you nodded as you opened your eyes to watch him. his rough strokes made your head dizzy. your body vibrated as his pounding turned slow yet hard.
"fuck~" he let out, filling your cunt with his cum. he carefully fucks your hole to let his seed cover your walls. he slowly pulls his cock out of your fucked out pussy, letting his thick cum drip out of you.
bokuto leans down, giving you wet kisses. the two of you huffed for air, staying in the same position as you started. "thank you ko~" you whispered.
"is it weird to say that i love you?" he giggled.
"hehe, i love you too," you kissed him, letting your sweaty bodies settle into each other. "can you?" you gestured to the camera.
he nods, moving away from you, to turn off the camera. you sit up, whimpering from the rough pounding. "ah- ah~" you whined as you felt bokuto's cum push out of you in a quick motion.
"you okay?" he chuckles.
"mhm," you smiled. bokuto carries you up and off the bed and into the bathroom. "what are you doing?" you giggled ass he places you on the counter.
"i can't fuck your brains out and not take care of you after," he smiled. you kiss his cheek before he goes to turn on the shower.
one quick and intimate shower later, you stood in the mirror blow drying your hair while bokuto went to clean up your mess. he carefully put away your lights and tripod, taking out the sd card and placing it on your desk.
you came out in your towel, spotting bokuto in his shorts with one of his shirts in hand. "i got you my shirt because i assumed you would want something comfy to wear," he gleamed. you rolled your eyes, walking over to him sitting on the bed. you stood between his legs, dropping your towel to change into his shirt.
before you put on the shirt, bokuto massages your breasts, leaning in to suck on your nipples. he licks your little nubs, giving each boob equal pleasure. you let out small moans as he drags his tongue across your nipples.
"ko~" you whimpered.
"sorry baby," he smiled. "i'm just so addicted to you." he pulls away from you, moving his hands to rest on your ass. you slip on his shirt as he stares down at you.
"you don't know how bad i wanted to do that with you," you smiled.
"damn, i should do this more often then," he chuckled.
"would you want to help me edit the video?" you ask, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"how so?" he smiled.
"let me sit on you while i edit our movie?" you hinted. "if you have work to do, i-"
"you had me at sit on me, come on," he carried you to your desk, seating himself first. bokuto pats his lap for you to sit, but you shake your head.
"not there, ko," you say. "i wanna sit on you."
"oh," it hits him. he pulls down his shorts, letting his half-hard boner stick out. "you should just say you want to cockwarm me, baby. i'm not hard any more though."
"i can help," you say, moving the chair to face you. you kneel down, placing yourself between his knees. your hands find their way to his member, guiding it to your mouth. you lapped your tongue against his cock head, causing bokuto to groan.
his hands make his way to massage your scalp as you take his dick into your mouth. you slowly bobbed your head up and down his shaft, your saliva rolling down onto his laps.
curiously, you wanted to see how far you could go. "fuck- y/n-" he groaned as you shoved more of him down your throat. you pulled off, making a satisfying pop noise.
"you're too big for me to do that," you say wiping your mouth.
"fuck, if you weren't just doing that to get me hard, i wouldn't want you to stop until you did take all of me," he says. you stand up turning your back to him and lifting up your shirt. he holds your waist with one hand while the other holds his cock to guide back into you.
"oh~" you moaned, feeling him fill you up once more. you moved down slowly, seating yourself. "thank you, daddy."
bokuto moves the chair for you to face the computer. every so often while you edited your video, he would jolt upward to get a reaction. at one point of the movie, he reaches over to rub circles on your exposed clit. he also began to suck on the nape of your neck, trying to leave hickies on you.
"why are you- ah~" bokuto interrupted your sentence by thrusting into you. "rude, why are you leaving hickies on me?"
"i wanna mold your pretty cunt to my cock, so i have to mark what's mine," he smiled.
"whatever you- ah~" you moaned. "stop doing that when i'm talking. now finish marking me up and help me with this video." you laughed, running your fingers through his hair while he continued to suckle on your neck.
"i love you y/n," he mumbles.
"i love you more, ko," you say. the two of you continued to edit the video with the occasional stroke as you worked. it was safe to say that bokuto couldn't get enough of you. he soon became both your boyfriend and a fan favorite on your website.
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lexxleokadia · 23 hours ago
tag teamed! ❤️‍🔥
𝘨𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘢𝘨 𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘩𝘢𝘪𝘬𝘺𝘶𝘶 𝘥𝘶𝘰𝘴 𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘣𝘭𝘦𝘴 pt. 1
featuring: f!reader, oikawa + iwaiumi, kageyama + hinata, miya twins
cw: dom!reader and sub!reader, double penetration, oral (m.recieving), praise, degredation, choking, overstimulation (suggested), multiple rounds, dumbification, voyeurism
nsfw under the cut, please have ur age in ur bio or i will block you. 18+
masterlist || rules || send in an ask!
Tumblr media
oikawa  +  iwaizumi
“God you look pretty like this,” Oikawa sighs to himself, looking at his best friend for confirmation. “Stuffed full of the two of us, practically drooling on my cock, so fuckin perfect.” He continues, pushing his hips into you a little more, that inch you can’t fit into your mouth finally sliding, and you can hear him groan, a shudder going through his body.
Iwaizumi is no different, pounding into your cunt from behind, losing himself in you. His grip on your hip is bruising - borderline painful - but everything going on around you drowns out the pain, only feeling pleasure for the moment. He’s groaning out profanities into your ear, making you cream so beautifully around him, and he’s holding off his orgasm just to make sure you’re completely fucked out.
“Don’t get too excited thinking this is a one-round thing baby, we’re just getting started.”
kageyama  +  hinata
It was a simple kiss on the cheek to both boys when they won their game, a small congratulations to the pair for working so hard. You didn’t mean to end up here, sandwiched between the two men, begging them for something, anything. And God do they give you something - the blissed out expression on Kageyama’s face tells you everything you need to know, and he feels so good, so fuckin good. So good that he fucks his cum back into your cunt, all while Hinata is forced to watch, whining in his seat.
“Oh pretty baby, do you need some attention too?” You ask him, noticing how red the tip of his cock is, how his hand isn’t enough anymore. And he’s nodding before you even finish your question. How could you say no?
“Be good for me and keep your hands there for me, okay? Move them and Tobio and I will leave you here to make youself feel good.”
atsumu  +  osamu    miya
“Samu she want’s me in her pussy, isn’t that right angel?” Atsumu asks you, brushing his hand over you cheekbone, smiling adoringly at you. When you said you were in love with both twins, you didn’t expect this outcome - pinned on a bed with both men towering over you, though you weren’t complaining. “Fuck off Tsumu, she’s been fucked dumb, won’t even notice who’s who.” He spits back, lining himself up at your entrance.
This bickering goes on the entire night, but  it doesn’t stop the twins from making you feel good - it makes them fuck you harder, deeper, and you can barely form coherent sentences when the nights done, you’re fucked out beyond belief, and all you can do is smile dreamily at the two men that are around you.
“Sleep well, angel. I’m taking you in the morning.” Atsumu tells you, staring at his brother.
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chalked-up · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing. satori tendo x f!reader
synopsis. tendō uses you round after round after round
warnings. overstim, fingering, praise, eating out, dick riding, cum eating
Tumblr media
“Sa- Satori!” You cried as your boyfriend, Satori Tendō, guided you through yet another orgasm. What was that, the fifth one in the past half hour?
Tendō tilted his head up, letting out a guttural groan as he jerked himself off, his cum staining your thighs.
Tendō is your first and only boyfriend, so you haven’t had experience with other men, but you know for certain that his high sex drive was abnormal.
He and his team had just gotten back from nationals, which meant the two of you hadn’t seen each other in almost three full weeks.
It had been countless nights of quiet phone sex and way too many nudes sent during your time apart.
“Fuck…” You whispered. You started to sit up when Tendō grabbed your wrists, pulling you up into his lap.
“One more time?” He asked playfully, an excited glint in his eye as he glanced down at your breasts.
“What?” You asked, slightly out of breath from the past few rounds.
“One more time. Pleeeaseee?” He begged, already thrusting up against your ass. You bit your lip, your brow furrowing in frustration. Your mind told you yes, but your body was screaming no.
“‘Tori… if we go again, I think I’ll break…” He was already pushing you down into the mattress again (but you didn’t stop him), a lustful look in his eyes.
“I won’t break you, doll, I promise.” Tendō licked his lips, a smile creeping onto his face when you wrapped your arms around his neck.
You let out a huff, bracing yourself for whatever Tendō had planned for you next. But every time, it always took you by surprise.
“Satoriii…” You whined out when he plunged two fingers inside you. A gasp of air left his body as he watched in amazement.
That was one of your favorite things about Tendō; his fingers. It was heavenly the way he knew how to curl his fingers just right, the way he knew how hard and deep to thrust, the way he rubbed your clit with his thumb as he penetrated you.
“Shit, [Y/n], how are you still so tight…?” He chuckled, bowing his head down and licking your clit.
You let out a yelp, gripping his hair when he started sucking. The sensation was too much, and you already felt yourself coming toward another climax. You squeezed your eyes shut, tears of overstimulation forming in the corners as he planted butterfly kisses on your pussy.
“Satori! ‘Tori, please! It’s too- too much!” You cried, your back arching as Tendō’s fingers curled inside you, a wicked grin spread on his face when he looked up at you. It hurt so bad, but it felt so good.
“You love it, don’t you, doll?” The nickname pushed you to the edge, and you let yourself become undone on his fingers, feeling exhausted as soon as you came down from your high.
You heaved in ragged breaths as Tendō swiped the smudged mascara down your face, messing up your makeup even more. He loved to see you ruined.
You were drifting on the edges of sleep, not even bothering to clean yourself off, when Tendōs words brought you back.
“Doll…?” He started with pleading eyes.
You suppressed a whimper, instead answering with a soft “hm?”
“One more time? For me? I know you can do it.” He was already pulling you up on top of him, your entire body shaking as he held up your body weight.
“‘Tori…” You whined, “I can’t. I think I’ll pass out.”
“Please, doll…” Tendō begged again as he rubbed circles into your hips.
“Baby, I can’t do it…” Your eyes were fluttering rapidly as you tried your hardest to not collapse from exhaustion, but watching Satori’s lustful eyes sent shockwaves through your body that woke you up immediately.
“There you are.” He grinned evilly, holding you up as he lined his dick up with your entrance.
“Satori!” You gasped, digging your fingers into his shoulders to support yourself. “Wait! It’s too much!” Tears were already steaming down your cheeks, and Tendō had only pushed the tip in.
“Oh, doll.” Tendō moaned, thrusting up into you sloppily.
“Fuck, fuckfuckfuck!” A sob racked your body as you slowly plunged his cock deeper into you.
“Just like that, doll,” He rubbed up and down your arms lovingly, “so good for me. Are you my good girl?”
“Yes!” You moaned as the heat in your stomach started making itself evident. “Oh, yes, I’m your good girl!”
Tendō whimpered as you kept bouncing on his dick, “Fuck, [Y/n]… I’m gonna cum…” His legs started shaking under you and he went to grip your thighs with a bruising hold.
“I can’t- can’t do it any-more!” Your words came out more as a whisper cry than a scream, but it did the job done.
Tendō moaned one last time before swiftly pulling you off him, shooting white lines straight onto his sweaty abs instead of inside you.
You couldn’t do anything other than watch with him as the cum kept flowing out. You were even more amazed when he took the two fingers he used on you and swiped up the cum, licking it all off from his fingers.
“You were such a good girl…” He praised breathily, crawling over to where you were laying down on the opposite side of the bed.
“‘M so… tired…” You whispered, letting your back hit his chest as his arms wrapped around you and held you close.
“I know. Let’s sleep, doll.” Tendō pulled the blanket over you both.
“I don’t think I can ever fuck again.” You whine dramatically. Tendō chuckled silently in your ear and plopped a kiss on your neck before his spiky red hair was brushing up against your back.
“Goodnight, doll.”
“Goodnight, ‘Tori.”
This time, he actually let you sleep.
Tumblr media
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shojoisms · a day ago
Tumblr media
thinkin’ bout kita and his puppy hybrid.
a/n: me thinks I’m entering my puppy hybrid era.. because I’ve read so many fics,,, awawaw originally this was gonna be the whole inarizaki team headcanons but,,, I wanted to post kita’s seperate. not edited, copied straight from my Google docs.
+ tw oral fixation, blowjobs, overstimulation, cum swallowing, pet names are used such as : darling, & pup. gn!reader.
Tumblr media
Kita just thinks his pup is the cutest, even though he originally got you to help around his farm, you do your job well. Scaring away all those pesky intruders who dare to mess with his crops with your loud bark, and although you normally come off as cold and scary in eyes of the public, behind closed doors is where he likes you the best, when your obedient mask crumbles — and you becoming a needy mess, always needing some part of him in your mouth.
“What’s wrong, darlin’?” Kita hums, feeling you slot yourself between his thighs while you whimper and whine. You place your head on his sturdy thigh — looking up at him with doe-like eyes as you nuzzle your cheeks into him. “Use yer words.”
You don’t answer. Instead you opt for taking the zipper of his denim between your teeth and tug gently, hinting at what you want. Kita stifles a laugh as you continue your ministrations, his cock stirring in his pants as you get the zipper undone and palm him through his boxers. You’re so excited you ended up disregarding your own strength and pushing a little too harshly causing Kita to flinch. “Easy there.”
“Mmm’ sorry, mmmm’ so sorry,” The palms of your hands resting on his thighs as you beg for forgiveness, you cringe watching Kita raise his arms — fearful that he was going to push you away, but to your surprise, his places his hand gently on your head. His fingers scratch at your scalp, before giving your ears the same treatment. “‘s ok, just be more careful, hun.”
You eagerly nod, your tail excitedly wagging behind you, hitting the ground with a loud thump. Kita’s brown eyes soften on your form while he watches you carefully pull down his boxers — leaving his cock free to the cool air, you waste no time in palming him, rather, you part your lips around him before taking just the tip in your mouth, although your wary of your canines, taking extra precautions to not nip him.
The welcoming taste of precum on your tongue, along with the natural taste of his skin has you feeling at peace — you take more and more of him deeper into your cavern.
“Just like that, good pup,” Kita praises, feeling the muscles in your throat relax, tension easing up on him as you end up swallowing him whole, your nose burying itself in the thick, bush of silver pubic hair Kita adorns, you inhale — taking in a deep whiff of his musk, a scent that’s always made you feel like you were home causing your mind to wander elsewhere.
“‘So good to me,” You don’t even comprehend what Kita’s saying anymore, too caught up in what you were doing — even when a thick, sticky substance coats your tongue and shoots down your throat, you don’t stop swallowing it all with ease as you continue sucking on his cock. And Kita hasn’t the heart to push you away, even when he’s soft in your mouth and fidgeting due to the sensitivity.
He continues looking at you with hearts in his eyes as he affectionately cups your face and gently strokes your cheeks with his thumb — accidentally smearing your excess drool mixed with his cum.
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luvsakusa · a day ago
cw — nsfw twt link !!! for our lovely kita<3
Tumblr media
imagine visiting your husband kita shinsuke in the rice fields to drop off his lunch, and he decides to thank you in another way ♡
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