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#haikyuu smut
yvvji · 2 days ago
keep quiet - kenma k.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: gn!reader, no pronouns used.
tw: basically a blowjob with some love, kenma is streaming (talks to audience a few times), spit as lube, balls in mouf, baby said once, probably ooc.
wc: 1.6k
a/n: frenulum is sensitive yall. give him a lil kiss. also my first gn fic which is a shame and i apologize profusely.
Tumblr media
Flicking through a magazine can only subside your boredom for so long.
The occasional complaints from your boyfriend's office have your ears perking up, undoubtedly yelling about the game that he was currently streaming.
You knew that Kenma was going to be busy most days streaming playthroughs or reviewing new games that have come out, but it was his birthday, you thought that he could at least take a break. But he was stubborn that way, thinking nothing of the day, just another year in the books.
Tossing the latest tabloid off to the side, you sigh before making your way over to his office door.
A soft knock on the wood has him pausing his stream and telling his audience that he'll be right back. A curious yeah? can be heard from Kenma before opening the door, alerting you that it's safe to come in.
"Sorry, I know you're busy, I just missed you." The shyness in your voice has him giving you a fond look before beckoning you over.
"No it's okay, you need something or you just wanna watch?"
You and Kenma have both been upfront with each other since the beginning of your relationship. Communication is something that you've decided was most important and the both of you have never been one to shy away from expressing your feelings.
So when the trend of, "supporting my boyfriend from under the table", started surfacing, Kenma was the first to admit that he's thought about it before. Not afraid to share his idea of you sitting underneath his desk while he continued his playthroughs.
"Is it okay if from below?"
His brows furrowed in confusion, but quickly quirk up in amusement as he watches you move in closer, arousal already creeping up his spine with each step you take.
Once you're within reach, Kenma drags your face down to him, hand wrapping around the back of your neck to keep you near him. Your lips meet in the middle, a soft exchange between you two before he's just barely pulling away, "Naughty. Gotta keep quiet though, I'm still on the clock."
The rolling of your eyes draws a chuckle from him, your mumbled response only amusing him more. "You're your own boss, just let me suck your dick in peace."
"You're the one offering, I can say no."
Before leaning in to capture his lips once more, you're making another snarky comment that has him smiling. "Never said I was pulling out of the deal."
The smile you can feel against your lips has your stomach doing flips, knowing that you can entertain Kenma has a warmth spreading throughout you. The usually bored expression adorning his features ceasing to exist around you.
Pulling away from him, your hands slide down to rest on his thighs as you slowly drop down to your knees. Looking up at him, you give him a little nod as you shuffle back so he can move his chair closer to his desk. Kenma gives you one last look before resuming his stream.
“God, you guys are antsy, flooding the chat asking where I’m at. Thanks for the concern I guess.” His voice has a playful air to it, seemingly teasing his fans before starting his game back up.
However, you were plenty antsy about the idea of thousands of people potentially figuring out what was going on behind the scenes. But you manage to push those thoughts aside because if anything, the idea of getting caught is making you excited.
Your hands were still placed on his thighs, moving one of them up to gently palm at the growing bulge beneath his shorts. A sense of pride washing over you as Kenma sucks in a breath, forcing himself to keep his reactions to a minimum as you move underneath his desk.
Gliding your hands up and under his shirt, your fingers loop around the fabric of his waistband, tugging down the material along with his briefs. The cool air against his length causes Kenma to shift in his seat, brows furrowing together once more to keep himself concentrated with the tasks flooding his screen.
His eyes flick down to meet your gaze, a quick, pleading look of please do something flashing across his golden eyes.
Obliging his silent request, your fingers wrap around his length, lips pursing together as a thick drop of your spit helps guide your movements. The soft clicking of your slicked fist working over his length has your legs squeezing together, remembering how those similar noises fill the room when he’s inside you.
A glassy look covers your gaze, eyes focused on every detail of your boyfriend you’ve never seemed to notice before.
How Kenma’s thighs twitch when you squeeze your fist around his tip just slightly, how the vein running down his cock throbs against your hold, how that little spot just under the crown of his head makes him shiver.
Your eyes lock just as your tongue comes to kitten lick at that same area, the gentle flicking motion mixed with the warmth from your mouth brings a quiet groan from the man above.
Clearing his throat, Kenma scoffs at a comment. “Oh? I’m not allowed to look down now? Y’all suspicious something might be going on? Bad. You guys are bad.” A soft smirk pulling at his lips tells you it’s nothing to worry about.
Feeling him grow antsy beneath you, your lips wrap around his tip, tongue swirling over his leaky slit to get a taste at the precum dribbling out.
Gently sucking him into your mouth, your hand continues it’s movements, both moving in tandem as you work him to his release. Each time a quiet sigh leaves his lips, your stomach twists with arousal, that feeling of pride coming back in waves.
The hand you had wrapped firmly around him drops to his thigh as your head slowly lowers along his length, your nose brushing against his curls before pulling back up. Laying your tongue flat against the underside of his cock, leaving a wet stripe in your path as your lips find their way back to his tip.
You’ve come to learn the ins and outs of Kenma, dating him for these past few years have taught you what gets him going and what doesn’t.
Flicking your gaze back up to his face, you can’t help but smile at the faint blush creeping up his neck.
With your eyes still on him, you place a soft kiss to that sensitive spot just under the crown of his head. The jolt in Kenma’s thighs tells you more than he’s leading on.
“Shit, uh, this is will probably be my last battle before I log off. Family wanting to take me out for dinner and stuff, ya know how it goes.” The shakyness in Kenma’s voice is evident as he tries his best to conceal his impending release.
The sudden flick of your tongue against the vein has him stuttering out in response to the flood of comments in his stream’s chat. “Yes, t-thank you for all the birthday wishes, means a lot.” His eyes catch your own as he pinches his brows together just enough to let you know that he’s close.
Smiling back at him, your tongue comes to lick at the area again before taking him back in your mouth completely.
The feeling of your warm mouth around Kenma has his stomach clenching, the soft bobbing of your head bringing him closer to the edge of his release. The hand you had previously around his cock coming to play with his balls has him stuttering yet again.
Kenma’s soft praise to whatever deity was listening as his character defeated the last boss runs quietly through his mind. A quick wrap up of his plans for the week and another round of thanks to his fans has him shutting off his computer and carding his fingers through your hair.
“Baby, you’re too good at this, like you want them to see me cumming for you.” His comment being met with a soft hum in acknowledge from you, the vibrations adding to his pleasure.
Now that you don’t have a nagging feeling of someone catching you both, your movements become sloppier, noises and moans are louder as you revel in the peace of just you and him.
Pulling off of him, your hand and mouth quickly switch places, hand pumping him with fervor as your warm mouth sucks at his taut balls. Humming around him at the hisses that leave Kenma’s mouth, body becoming more sensitive from having to prolong his release.
“Just - just like that, please.” The gentle praise from him hurrying your movements.
As you’re working your wrist faster against him, Kenma’s desperate as he pulls at you gently to get your mouth around his cock again, not wanting to make a mess of himself.
The warmth your mouth provides sends his head into a fuzzy state, your tongue licking at his leaking slit has him quickly unraveling. Hot ropes of white paint the inside of your throat, his cock bobbing in your mouth as his thighs tense beneath you.
A quiet hiss has you pulling away knowing that the sensitivity was becoming too much for him, but not before placing another soft kiss to his softening cock.
“That’s embarrassing, don’t kiss it.”
“Fine, I’ll take my love somewhere else.”
Kenma’s lips pulling into a fond smirk as he looks at you, hands coming to squeeze your cheeks together before placing his own kiss against them. “There, that’s better.”
Later that night, the fans were going wild in Kenma’s twitter mentions. Screenshots and quote tweets about the famous gamers profile showing a certain tweet finding it’s way into his likes.
“yeah, hate to break it to y’all, but kenny was definitely getting head during today’s stream :/”
Tumblr media
tagging: @bokebelle <3
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saintmanjiro · a day ago
haikyuu boys and somnophilia
Tumblr media
characters: suna rintaro, miya osamu, sakusa kiyoomi
warnings: fem! reader, somnophilia, hand jobs, creampie
a/n: this is a repost from my of my old blog
Tumblr media
He shivers in his sleep, breath quickening as your hand slowly palms him through his boxers, a small whimper escapes him as his mouth opens to part slightly. A low moan leaves his lips when you squeeze him gently through the fabric, breath hitching slightly when you slowly inch his boxers down and expose his member to the frigid air.
Your thumb finds his slit, smearing the precum over the head before stroking him in a painfully slow pace, making his brow twitch as he lets out another low groan, hips lifting up the mattress slightly to meet your hand. Your pace picks up a bit, and so does Suna’s breathing, coming out in short pants now. Slowly, his eyes open, blearily squinting as they adjust to the dark room. You squeeze particularly hard at the base of his cock just as he looks at you, making him throw his head back deeper into his pillow, moaning loudly.
He looks so pretty like this, messy bed hair, sleepy eyes, red and flushed cheeks, bottom lip tugged between his teeth as he lets out little whines here and there.
“F-fuck—like that baby—god this was a good—oh fuck— g-good way to wake up,” he stutters. The clock reads 3:30 AM, and he has to wake up for practice soon, and you know neither of you will be going to sleep after this, but you still can’t bring yourself to regret this. “Fuck, faster babe, ‘m close. I’m— ah shit—I’m close.”
And soon, his balls tighten, cum shooting out in spurts as he lets out a long, drawn out moan, brokenly calling out your name.
“God y/n—shit. Feels good,” he hisses, continuing to thrust his hips up to meet your pace as you help him ride out his orgasm. Suna catches his breath before sitting up, making quick work to tug his shirt off. “C’mere, pretty baby. Your turn.”
Osamu comes home late, guilt ridden that he’d been caught up in managing the restaurant, not being able to spend time with you the way he’d been wanting to. He walks into your bedroom, seeing you lay there asleep in nothing but an old onigiri miya shirt of his, oversized and midway down your thigh.
Clenching his jaw, he tries to stop himself but he can’t. He misses you, he misses your voice, your touch, your cunt and the way it feels. He can’t stop the tightness in his pants, can’t help the throbbing ache between his legs.
And before he can stop himself, he’s balls deep in you, groaning into your neck as he fucks his days stress into you, all while re-familiarizing himself of how you feel around him.
“Ngh— fuck baby— yer so tight,” he pants, gasping when he feels a hand slide up his chest, eyes fluttering shut as he whines when your thumbs circle over his nipples, pinching them lightly and rolling them between your fingers. Throwing his head back, he moans loudly, grip on your hips almost leaving bruises as it tightens. “Oh fuck angel—n-not gonna… not gonna last if ya do that ta me,” he grunts.
He’s not sure when you woke up, but all he knows is that he finally has you to himself, and he’s not stopping until you know you’re his. Leaning down, he sucks harshly into the skin of your neck, hips slamming into you wildly as he approaches his high faster and faster.
“‘M close, angel,” he grits his teeth. “G-gonna give it all—ah— to ya.” He groans as he cums hard into your spasming walls, not stopping until you’re both whimpering from the sensitivity. Chest heaving and sweat dripping down his forehead, he gives you a soft smile, cradling your cheek. “Be good for me and keep that in there, ‘kay, angel?”
Sakusa doesn’t know why he can’t just forget about fucking you right now, you look so peaceful fast asleep, lips parted as you let out soft breaths, body curled up facing his side of the bed. You look so cute, so innocent, and maybe that’s why he’s so fixated, why the tent in his pants just keeps growing the more he stares at you.
You said it would be alright, he reasons. You’d told him before you didn’t mind waking up to him balls deep in you, though your wording had left him a little bashful. Still, he can’t help but feel nervous. But then you shift, and he gets a view of your cleavage, and he’s a goner.
You wake up to panting by your ear, the feeling of him pounding into you as he just barely misses your cervix over and over, soft groans tumbling past his lips. He’s kissing your neck when he hears your soft moan, your hands instantly finding their way to tug at his roots. He growls at that.
“Fuck baby— ngh— I couldn’t wait,” he groans, hissing as you clamp down on him particularly hard after he thrusts. “G-gonna cum, ‘m fill— shit— ‘m f-filling you up.” He almost cums from the sweet whimper you let out.
“Give it to me, Omi. Please.” And he does, groaning loudly as his cum spirts into you, warm as it fills you up. He fucks you through his orgasm, until his teeth are gritting from the sensitivity. Finally, he stills, panting harshly as he collapses onto you, kissing your lips briefly before he buries his face into your neck.
“Keep it all in there, got it?”
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fsrintaro · a day ago
Tumblr media
## ft. multiple haikyuu characters
## warnings. fem! reader, pet play, praising, cockwarming, cum eating, face riding, boobie worship, soft impact play-ish??, established dominance, double penetration, cum inflation, stomach bulge, degradation and prAISESEE, creampie, finger sucking, dumbificaTIONNNN, two dicks in one hole :D, asphyxiation in the second one, orgasm denial, name calling/slut-shaming, spit roasting, oral (f receiving), finger sucking
Tumblr media
SUNASUNASUNA, sakusa, kageyama, akaashi, meian sobs, atsumu, goshiki, kuroo, oikawa!!
you choked back a sob as your fingers scrambled to grip at the bulb of the tail plug, shoving it deeper into your weeping hole. the cold sensation of the metal against your warm walls made you shiver, tits pushed to his face as your back arched. “that’s right, keep it all in there. you’re just a slut for my cum, aren’t you?”
his fingers ghosted over yours, twisting the tail plug deeper in your sopping hole that was overflowing with the mixture of your arousal and his cum before he scooped up the excess seed with his fingers. the soft pads of his fingers that were coated with translucent white prodded at your soft lips. “open wide, princess.” the warm sensation of your soft tongue lapping away at your juices sent an ache deep in his cock, amplifying his urge to rut into your gummy walls once more to paint it white, to leave you begging to pump you full with his seed.
you slowly bobbed your head to the rhythm of the cold metal poking and twisting through your entrance. and when your eyes flickered to his for his approval, that was when he knew that he had you, his pet, at the palm of his hand.
Tumblr media
KENMAAAAA, osamu, iwaizumi muah, tsukkishima, semi eita, sunAAAAA, have i mentioned mf osamu??
he found you adorable stumbling all over your words while you begged for him to allow you to move. “use your words. or are you too dumb on my cock to even talk?” you shook your head no but your eyes roll back at every twitch of his cock against your walls, signalling another release into your pussy. “fuuuuuck. you little slut, you-you’re really clenching down-ngh fuck…hard on me, huh?”
he denies you the pleasure of rolling your hips to relieve the ache deep within your pussy that was begging to be abused by his cock. “p-p-please sir, can i…can i mo-.” you were cut off with his hand squeezing your jaw. through his eyes that were dark in anger and lust, you already had your answer. his hand trails down to your neck to squeeze at the sides, sending you into the delirium. slowly, you got giddy, the only thing within your senses was the weight of his cock that was nestled deep inside your womb. your walls started twitching and clenching down on his cock, eliciting a wanton moan from him.
he got desperate as he humped sloppily into your cunt. as his tip presses past your gummy cervix, you whimpered at the warmth that was spilling inside you. “show me how much you want to cum, and maybe i’ll let you since you’re a greedy whore.”
Tumblr media
SAY IT WITH ME MIYA TWINS MIYA TWINS MIYA TWINS-, issei + hanamaki, bokuto + kuroo, atsumu + sakusa, osamu + suna, ushijima + tendou, msby team duh, hinata + bokuto, yaku + lev, SEIJOH 4!!!, actually miya 4 as well
you have never felt so full before. it felt like the two of them were set on destroying your body, splitting it into half with their cocks. the persistent plunge of their cocks alternating between one another as they thrust into your pussy. as your palm flattens against your lower abdomen, you could feel their fat cocks pressing against it — stretching against the skin of your stomach.
“never knew this slutty hole could fit two dicks in one.”
“hah-ah…after all, she is just a whore.” along with occasionally exchanging remarks with one another, they took turns grabbing you by the throat to spit into your mouth. your tongue hangs out, inviting them to mark you with their spit. such a good whore, just like they trained you to be. they have fucked your pussy to the point where it has become a mould for their dicks and their dicks only.
from behind, you felt him grab the globes of your ass to spread them apart, giving him the full view of your puckered hole that was still leaking with his cum and his dick ramming into our worn-out pussy. the two of them used the latter to fill with their cum and if it drips out, they simply slotted their dicks back into your hole to stuff it back in, chasing their own release once again to top up the seed that you have let out. “we’re not done, sweetheart. your mouth and ass have yet to be filled.”
Tumblr media
osamu !!!!, kuroo, bokuto, issei definitely, terushima, kita, daichi, USHIJIMAAAAA, kageyama maybee
you can’t help it.
“c’mon baby, let daddy hear those sweet moans you make. f-fuck, so pretty.”
instinctively, your hips rolled against his mouth that was sending kitten licks at your twitching core while you moaned at every nudge of his nose at your clit. whenever his arms are hooked around your hips to pull you closer to your mouth, his thumb would stretch to draw rough, languid circles at the nub peeking through your folds. it was difficult for him to keep you still as your thighs would shake at the stimulation but he would do it.
why? it’s because you would grab at his hair, tugging at it while you shove your cunt closer to his mouth. it gives him the chance to savour the sweet honey that was seeping out of your hole. every so often, his hands would knead at the mounds on your chest, to pinch at your hardened nipples before slapping it. you screamed at the impact, your gut twisting in a mix of pain and pleasure at every shock sent by his hands to your nipples. from his view, he would watch at how your back arches, his tongue flattening against your core to lap at your slick in appreciation of your nipples peeking from above.
“fuck- you look so fuckin’ sexy from here.” you were such a good girl for letting him fill you up to the brim with his cum. to reward you, he does his absolute best to help you keep it in. every prod of his tongue into your entrance and every slip of his finger past your clenching hole, all to stuff his cum back inside his good girl. although the obscene slurps coming from his mouth made you embarrassed, he just made you feel so damn sexy with the amount of praises spilling from the lips that were so dearly obsessed with attaching themselves to your pussy.
Tumblr media
likes, thirsts and rbs are always appreciated <33
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elleaftermidnight · 3 days ago
fwb!tsukishima who struggles with figuring out exactly how he feels about you so he tries to play your relationship off as a casual thing, but he does know that every time you mention that you’re interested in someone else, he feels weird and angry and uncomfortable. to get all of the emotions off of his chest because he’s too stubborn to tell you to your face, he fucks you so good that you forget all about the other person and are screaming his name. he won’t admit it out loud, but he desperately hopes that at some point, you’ll be able to tell that he’s fucking you differently than before and that eventually you’ll realize it’s because he wants more than your current arrangement.
Tumblr media
elle’s feeling thirsty. mdni. or else i'll bite you (unaffectionate). 
Tumblr media
“bet he can’t fuck you like i can.” tsukishima mumbles from beside you, trying his best too ignore the ache that’s slowly begun to creep in his chest, “wonder how he’d feel when he finds out you’re texting him naked on another guy’s bed.”
you roll your eyes, placing your phone on his bedside table, “jeez what’s got you so pissy today? jealous that i can get a date and you can’t?”
“he actually asked you out?” tsukishima scoffs. a few minutes ago, you were practically screaming out his name. 
“yeah” you grin before poking your tongue out at him, “guess i won’t be seeing you tomorrow then.”
something in tsukishima just snaps, caging you in between his arms before you could even begin to blink, “what if i fuck you hard enough that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow?”
“wh- mmph-” he cuts you off with a kiss, the suddenness of his actions eliciting a gasp from you. tsukishima takes the opportunity to slip his tongue past your lips.
his kisses are much rougher than you’re used to, a hand moving towards your waist in order to hold you down. you’re unsure what exactly has gotten into him. all you know is that you’re left breathless and gasping as his lips begin to trail down your jaw to your neck, gently biting on the skin every now and then.
“kei-” you mumble, “what the hell? where’s this coming from?”
you’re squirming beneath his touch, though you aren’t exactly opposed to his ministrations as his tongue leaves a trail of saliva as he kisses down your torso. tsukishima doesn’t answer your question, god forbid he actually say it out loud when he could show you instead.
without a single word, he flips you on your stomach, your face now buried in the pillows. gripping your hips hard enough to leave bruises, tsukishima slams into you. he doesn’t give you any time to get used to the sensation of his cock inside you, pounding into you at a relentless pace.
sweat is dripping down the side of his forehead, mouth parting ever so slightly as each thrust perfectly punctuates the point he’s trying to make in his head: fuck. choose me. he could never make you feel like this. he could never love you like i can.
tsukishima pulls you to his chest, never slowing his pace in the slightest. his mouth is right by your ear, his words hot and breathy as he could no longer keep his emotions at bay, “thought you were fucking smarter than this, yn. what does he have that i don’t?”
his hand finds your jaw, turning your head so he could capture your lips in another kiss, “bet i can make you forget his name by the time i'm through with you.”
and you’re left at a loss for words, only able to respond in a strange mixture of gasps and breathy moans, your eyes seconds away from rolling to the back of your head as you come closer and closer to release.
tsukishima’s hands travel everywhere, from your neck to your waist to your hair, until your legs are left trembling and you’re barely able to hold yourself up anymore. 
he feels his cock twitch inside you, your walls squeezing him just a little too well. tsukishima doesn’t give you a warning when he cums, filling you up with one final groan. when he feels your hands gripping his arm, he knows you had just come undone as well.
he gives you a few seconds to catch your breath, brushing away the hair that’s begun to stick to your forehead, your features sweaty and plastered with a fucked-out bliss.
“usually i'm not opposed to a second round.” you turn to look at him, a small smile on your face as you finally realize what’s gotten him so worked up, “but any particular reason for this one?”
“don’t make me say it.” he groans, brows furrowed in frustration.
“guess i'll just text my date then.”
“can you even still walk?”
“i think i can.” you smirk, reaching out a hand to the bedside table, where your phone was still resting.
tsukishima grabs your wrist, stopping you with a sigh, “don’t...let me be the one to take you on a date instead.”
“see? was that so hard?”
he rolls his eyes, but a smile slowly spread across his face, “fuck you.”
“you already did.”
Tumblr media
so when am i gonna get my fwb to lovers arc with tsukki huh?!?!?! i want him bad your honour >_< also idk if you can tell but not proofread bc wrote this on the ride home asdfghjkl will be back to edit this someday hahahaha   
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · a day ago
Tumblr media
hq boys who'd whisper in your ear "the only thing you turning your back to me is doing is reminding me of the way you look when i take you from behind, baby" when you're mad and try to ignore them:
Tumblr media
osamu + iwaizumi + suna + tsukishima + terushima + tendou + kyoutani
Tumblr media
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atzuums · 2 days ago
# possesive!suna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ఌ pairing: suna x fem! reader
ఌ genre: smut, fluff
ఌ warnings: kinda toxic behavior, choking
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
possessive!suna who always has you attached to his hip whenever you go out.
possessive!suna who stares down anyone who comes near you, ultimately making you unapproachable. and you wonder why you haven’t made any new friends.
possessive!suna who buys you a necklace with his name on it so anyone who sees you knows who you belong to.
possessive!suna who see a guy looking at you, basically undressing you with his eyes, and gropes you in front of the guy while smirking at him.
possessive!suna who presses you against the wall, his fingers wrapped around your neck, fucking you harshly while whispering “you’re mine. no one can see you like this but me.”
possessive!suna who litters love marks up and down your neck before you go out partying with friends so anyone you meet knows you belong to someone.
possessive!suna who fucks you and makes you go to work with his cum still leaking out of you. he swears he just likes the thought of you walking around with his cum in you but you know it’s another way for him to “mark” you.
possessive!suna who just loves you so much and wants to be with you forever.
Tumblr media
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inumaaki · a day ago
library sex w hq boys
Tumblr media
pairing: suna, osamu & tsukishima x afab!reader
warning: explicit n*fw, exhibitionism, penetration, oral, slight dubcon, degradation, dry humping, established relationship. 18+
Tumblr media
suna rintarō
you have never been one to say no to your boyfriend, not when his wandering fingers would make its way under your flimsy skirt and trace over your soft skin. so, when the sly glint suddenly etched in between the swirls of colour in his eyes, you knew you were in for it. with his back leaning against the shelf, he’s sprawled out on the library floor with you straddling his lap. suna is calm and composed, unlike you— an absolute mess with drool dribbling down your chin and his long fingers stuffed into your mouth.
any hint of pleasure on his face is subtle, his teeth clenched and eyes scrunched up in concentration as he watches you slowly sink back down on his cock. it drags along the walls of your tight cunt, greedily milking him with everything that he’s got. despite his fingers muffling your noises, you’re unable to withhold the whimper that leaves your mouth when the head grazes a particularly sweet spot of yours, instantly shooting tingles of ecstasy through your body like small pricks. this is a bad idea, you know that, but the pulsing cock inside of you and the tightening knot in your stomach clouds your judgment. you just cannot seem to care less.
miya osamu
osamu knows exactly which buttons to press to make you comply, so it’s no surprise that he ends up under the table with his face buried between your thighs. it’s unbelievably adorable how you try to lightly push him away in futile protest with your palms pressed against his head, as he continues to nudge his nose against your clothed center and bask in the sweet scent that invades his senses. you shift in your seat, sweater paw covering the way you’re biting the inside of your cheeks to keep yourself quiet, but it’s especially hard when your boyfriend knows your body like the back of his hand.
a deep red flush burns at your cheeks when his tongue juts out to tease a lick over your clit, causing you to flinch and let out a moan quickly disguised as a cough. people are staring, so you slightly bow your head in shame as a form of apology. your eyes meet osamu’s in a silent plead for him to stop, but he sees right through you. he knows you’re enjoying this just as much as he is. it’s obvious from how wet you are at the possibility of getting caught. so, he nods and deceives you with a few comforting kisses to your thigh, before slicing into your soft flesh and slurping up the juices that leaks out of your ravishing cunt.
tsukishima kei
you had it coming, really. what did you expect after the endless teasing that you put him through? you’ve had your fun intentionally pushing your breast up against the neckline of your shirt and rubbing your foot against his leg while he was trying to tutor you. kei has always been discreet with his affections, so you didn’t think there would be actual consequences to your actions. especially not such a public one when he harshly tugs you to the back of the library. his hands are planted on your hips, while yours are gripping onto the shelf for dear life, as he desperately rolls his hips into yours, his trousers doing nothing to shield you from the firm hardness of his cock.
“you stupid brat,” he grunts, breath hot against the shell of your ear. “did you really think you could get away with it?” you let out a soft moan when he pulls away to press his fingers between your clothed folds. “you’re soaked,” he laughs, the cruel sound ringing in your ears, “does it turn you on knowing that anyone could pass by and see you begging like a cock-hungry whore?” you nod, eyes blown out in pleasure at the delicious friction and excitement for what’s to come. except, you haven’t been good, and you know the rules. his rule— whores don’t deserve to cum. so, he pushes you onto your knees and allows the length of his cock to slap against your cheek. “do a good job and maybe i’ll forgive you.”
Tumblr media
©𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙖𝙠𝙞 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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valentioz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
minors do not interact / 18+ content
Tumblr media
the love club kinktober collab | prompt: biting
― word count: 1.2k
― genre + warnings: nsfw, smut; jealous!akaashi, soft dom!akaashi, biting, markings (hickies and bite marks), orgasm denial like once, 'good girl'
― pronouns used: she/her
― a/n: here's my first piece for the love club collaboration! a bit rushed but i still like the outcome
You dragged your feet inside your shared apartment, putting down the heels you wore. "Why did you make me wear heels to a halloween party?" You groaned.
"It was your choice to be Morticia and Gomez," Akaashi sighed. "Now, get in the room, you need to be punished for what you did."
"But-" You looked at your boyfriend with pleading eyes.
"Watch it angel," He growled. "You were already caught being to close too my friends, I don't want deal with a brat tonight."
You nod as you swiftly made your way to the room. Seating yourself at the edge of the bed, you think back to your actions at the party. It wasn't often that you made Akaashi jealous. He knows how loyal you are to him and how grateful he is for you. Once you do get under his skin, he seems like a different person.
The door creeps open as your boyfriend stepped in whilst taking off his coat. "Stand up," He ordered. You do as your told as he goes to stand right in front of you. "I love you, I do angel. But today...You touched a nerve. So, you're gonna be good for me right?"
"I'll be good," You promised. Akaashi nods just before placing a kiss on your cheek. His lips began to trail down to your jaw, then neck. You tilt your head, giving him more access. He licks just above your shoulder before biting down on your soft skin. "Ah~"
Your hands found their way to Akaashi's sides as he continued to nip around your neck. He left kisses everywhere he left a visible mark. His fingertips ghost your back, searching for your zipper. He pulls down on the small piece of metal as he sucks the skin under your jaw.
Allowing the dress to fall to your feet, a matching lingerie set is revealed. "Hm," He hums. Akaashi trails his fingers across the fabric snugly on your body. "On the bed, all fours."
You pecked his cheek before turning to crawl onto the bed. Positioning yourself, you tilted your behind upward as you waited for your boyfriend's next words.
Akaashi takes his hand, groping the flesh of your ass before slightly spanking it. He pulls down on your panties, taking notice of your wetness. He leans down, planting kisses on your plush skin before nipping at it. He carefully pulls away, moving his hands closer to your heat.
"You're already so wet darling," Akaashi points out. His fingertips graze over your folds. Finding that little hood, he began to rub circles on your clit. You let out a small whimper once he applied more pressure on your sensitive nub. Dragging his digits towards your entrance, teasing your wet hole. His touch was gentle, leaving you to let out low murmurs as he worked.
Pushing into your tight hole, he admired as your back began to arch. "K-Keiji," You whined as you felt his fingers fill your pussy. He pushed deeper into you until he reached his knuckle. Akaashi takes his opposite hand to spread your folds. Hiding your face of embarrassment, he chuckles to himself as you do so.
"So pretty," He praised. You felt the bed dip as he goes to kneel behind you. His fingers began to slowly pump back and forth. Your velvety walls were so sensitive, leaving you to let out your moans into your pillows. "Such a good girl, a shame you weren't listening to me, angel." You felt him pick up the pace, your slick coating his digits.
Low whines and curses leave your mouth as he moves inside you. "K-Keiji- M' gonna-" You sat up on your forearms once you felt your climax build. Just before you reached that satisfying point, he pulls out of your drenched cunt. You groan at the emptiness and peeked behind you. "B-but baby-"
"Ah ah, only good girls get to cum," He scolds. You watch as he takes his hand, licking off your juices. After cleaning his fingers, you watched him step off the bed to undress. You stared at his now exposed figure, his chest still littered with your previous hickies. Akaashi climbs onto the bed, positioning himself behind you.
You tighten your grip on the sheets beneath you as you felt Akaashi rub his tip against your wet folds. He bottoms out as he presses into you, letting his length fill you full. "Keiji~" You moaned.
Wordlessly, his hands fall to your hips as he adjusts himself inside you. Slowly, he bucked into you to allow you to settle in with his length. You let out low lewd noises as he moved.
Picking up the pace to a steady motion, you muffled your moans into your pillow once again. His hips meeting yours as the bed began to shake. His strokes were rough but precise just enough to hit your sweet spot.
As he gained momentum, Akaashi was now pounding your tight cunny. Your juices beginning to leak and your grip hanging onto the sheets. "D-don't stop~" You made out.
His hands slid up to your breasts, unhooking your bra with ease. He massaged your chest before slowly guiding you upwards. Your back pressed against his chest as he pistoned his cock into you. Akaashi pressed kisses into the nape of your neck just before biting into your skin.
"Ah~" You groaned. His right hand trailed down to your clit, rubbing messy circles into the bud. "P-please make me c-cum Keiji~ I promise I'll be good- just let me cum please!"
Pulling away from his markings, he leans over to whisper into your ear. "I love hearing your pretty voice, angel," He says. He pressed his lips your shoulder, biting you once more. You let out a mewl at the pleasure surging through your body.
His cock rubbing against your tight walls, his fingers playing with your clit, and his mouth littering your body with bite marks. Your body grew weak as the pleasure built up. "Keiji, M' gonna-" You choked.
"That's my girl," He praised, pulling off one of his marks. "Cum for me, angel."
Your arms gripped his forearms as you reached your high. Letting out loud, enlongated moan, your juices began to leak onto the bed. He bottoms out at the sounds filling the room. His pace slowly dies down but he refused to pull out just yet.
Your sensitive pussy was dripping all over Akaashi's crotch. He moves back and forth at a slower rate, letting you come down from your orgasm. Your pussy clamped down onto him making it harder for him to pump. "Fuck," He mutters.
"Keiji...You didn't cum," You whined, turning back you caress his cheek.
"I don't need to, as long as you feel good," He kisses your neck before carefully pulling out. "Let's get cleaned up, okay? We can change the sheets after."
You nod, slowly getting off the bed to approach the bathroom. Akaashi trails after you, but you stop in your tracks once entering. The light flicked on and you looked dead on into the mirror. "Keiji," You huffed.
"Hm?" He tilts his head, as if he didn't know what he did.
"It looks like a vampire attempted to eat me but gave up in multiple spots," You turned around to face him. His hands grabbed the plush flesh of your ass when he looked down at you.
"I had to, it was to show everyone who you belonged to," He dips down to plant a sloppy kiss on your lips. "What's mine is mine, darling."
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bethanygrace19 · a day ago
You waking up in their bed after your special night (all characters aged up!)
ft. Iwaizumi Hajime, Kuroo Tetsurou, Miya Osamu, Tooru Oikawa.
-Iwaizumi Hajime He woke up first, and stretched a little bit, slowly noticing your figure on the other side of the bed. Leaning down, he starts playing with your hair,”I don’t know what I did to deserve this, to deserve you. But here you are…..”he whispered. “Hmmm, me neither”, you respond back, slowly opening your eyes and giving him a smile, which set his heart rate to a million. He kisses your cheek, “I love you beautiful”. “I love you too Hajime”.
-Kuroo Tetsurou You were awake for almost 10 minutes now, waiting for him to wake up but he didn’t. So you turn on your side, facing him. ‘He looks so peaceful’, you thought. You thread your fingers through his hair, giving him a peck on his forehead,”I love you Tetsurou”, you whisper and get up when you’re suddenly yanked back, arms wrapping around your body and you hear a soft “I love you too baby, but stay”, and before you know it, he’s already drifting to sleep. “Ok you big dork”.
-Miya Osamu You rolled around the bed,trying to find warmth when all you felt were cold and empty sheets. Your eyes shot open, not finding your boyfriend next to you. ‘Wait, where is he ?’, you panic. And then, a warm smell brushes your nose, making you look toward the door. And there was your lover, just in his gray sweatpants, no shirt, messy hair, holding a tray for you. “Hey baby, how are you feeling ? I made breakfast for you so eat up!”, he said, sitting next to you. You felt butterflies swarm in the pit of your stomach. You sigh in relief ‘he’s still here’, “thank you ‘Samu”, you say, pecking his lips. “Anytime beautiful”, he said, winking at you, making it hard for you to concentrate on your breakfast when an entire meal is right in front of you.
-Tooru Oikawa“So you’re mine right ? I mean, you’re right here! I still can’t believe you’re mine. I swear to god, if this is a dream, I’ll cry for the rest of my life!”, he complained from beside you. ‘drama queen’, you thought. “No Tooru baby, this isn’t a dream”, you say, pinching his side a little. “OUCH! Ok, yeah this is way too real!”, he pouts. You just laugh at his antics ; leaning closer, you kiss his lips, “I love you Tooru”, you say, getting lost in his eyes. His eyes widens, pink dusting his cheeks, “I love you too princess”.
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ritnaro · a day ago
being your fav's puppygirl, and having them grab your hips and manhandle you until you're straddling their waist while they're laying down, rubbing your wet heat against their cock and sighing at every roll of your hips.
"alright puppy," they groan, their breath hitching when you look up at them with eyes sparkling with excitement and anticipation. "sit"
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solarchuu · a day ago
Dilf tooru who makes sure to breed you nice n deep each night, fucking you so hard you just give up and let him use your body, loving how his hoarse voice sound when he says he’s “waited long enough to be a daddy”
Dilf samu who fucks you anywhere and everywhere he can, saying he never got to experience the kinkier stuff when he was younger because he was too busy with his restaurant, so watching you lose yourself over how good he feels inside you makes him feel insane
Dilf makki who calls you his pretty little baby while you’re gagging on his cock, happily batting your eyelashes up at him while he guides your head up and down
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yvvji · 13 hours ago
my brain can’t stop thinking about having your legs spread while your fave teases your clit over the cotton of your panties. their lips gently kissing the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, teeth playfully biting at the plushness you provide, eyes catching yours as they smirk when you jump in their hold. their kisses eventually leading them to your aching clit, featherlight touches that just barely satisfy that burning desire within. isnt until their hand leaves one of your hips to drag nimble fingers over your puffy lips that you realize how much you need them, how badly you want their tongue between your dripping folds. and with another gentle kiss to your cloth covered cunt, they’re pulling the fabric to the side and capturing the little bud between their lips. tongue flicking back and forth as your fingers card through their hair and tug, pulling a moan from them as the vibrations trickle up your spine.
“so fucking needy. look at you, such a sweet thing.”
Tumblr media
iwaizumi, oikawa, bokuto, hinata, izuku, sero, shigaraki, ran, takeomi, chifuyu, mitsuya, jean, connie, reiner, itadori, getou, choso — do that.
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saintmanjiro · 2 days ago
haikyuu boys and angry sex
Tumblr media
characters: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu
warnings: fem! reader, orgasm denial, slight overstimulation, blow jobs, cum swallowing
a/n: repost from my old blog lets all ignore that fact
Tumblr media
— he lets you do all the screaming, absolutely hates having to raise his voice and contribute to the argument, so he tries to be patient and let you get it all out, but sometimes you get too bold, take it a little too far for his liking, and he has to remind you of your place
“D-don’t have much ta say now, huh baby? J-just need me ta— f-fuck yer so tight— need m-me ta shut yer trap for ya, is that it?” Osamu grunts as he keeps his steady pace, drilling into your cunt while you claw into his back. The wall behind you is rough against the skin of your back, his body pressed against yours as he’d pinned you to it just moments ago to cut off your screaming. Your hands trail to his chest, wandering over his pecs as a thumb swipes over his nipple. With a growl, he pins your hands above your head, his pace getting faster, making you whimper against his mouth as he presses hot, open mouthed kisses to your lips. “That’s m-my job, baby,” he interrupts himself with a moan, hissing as he feels you clench on him. “Don’t ya start gettin’ bold on me, princess.” With a long, drawn out groan, he swipes his own thumb against your nipples while you clench down on him once more with a whine.
— absolute brat tamer and we know it, he’s got little patience and you will do as he says. he lets you get your way for a short bit just so he has more of a reason to put you in your place, it makes it so much more satisfying for him when he’s got you pinned down and he’s teaching you a lesson
“You can take it, doll. You had so much to say earlier, now you gotta pay the price,” Iwaizumi groans as he thrusts into you, not stopping his pace even though this was your third time cumming. You’d cum twice on his fingers, but he’s yet to fuck you, and he’s not stopping till you’re a sobbing mess, creamed on his cock at least a few times. With a deep groan, he hits your spot over and over, quickening his pace as he gets closer. “F-fuck, stop squeezing so—ngh—h-hard, brat,” he pants, feeling himself get closer and closer to the edge. Slowly, he lets his pace die down, growling as he hears you whine when your orgasm dies down too. With grit teeth, he pants as he tries to calm his breathing, feeling his dick throb from his own approaching orgasm slowly fading before it came. “Shut up,” he tells you when you whine again. “Like I said, you can take it. And you will,” he growls into your ear before starting his punishing pace all over again.
— has the shortest patience you’ve ever seen, he gets irritated so easily, and he’s gonna show you that if you wanna make him mad, you’re gonna have to let him get rid of all that pent up frustration, even if he has to use you for it
“Fuck, just— shit— j-just like that,” Sakusa groans, tugging you by your hair and forcing his member deeper into your mouth. He feels your tongue run down the prominent vein, and he throws his head back, moaning wildly as you continue to suck him off. He thrusts into your mouth, setting his own pace, watching with narrowed eyes as your nose touches his skin as you take every inch of his dick. “Y-you wanna—fuck I’m s-so close— you wanna m-make me mad? You’re gonna f-fix it too,” he says, letting out a loud grunt when your hand moves up to fondle with his balls, making him grit his teeth. “More, brat, I’m c-close.” With a series of curses, he lets out broken moans as he cums, chest heaving as spurts of cum fill your mouth, breath hitching when he feels you continue to suck him as he rides out his orgasm, dick becoming sensitive as you refuse to stop. With a tug of your hair, he pulls you off. “Your turn,” he growls.
— he gets frustrated easily and you should know it, he’s another one with a very small level of patience, and he’s gonna make you forget why you were even angry with each other in the first place. very cocky about shutting you up
“That’s it, atta girl, j-just takin’ me so—oh sh-shit— so well,” Atsumu pants, pressing kisses to your collarbone, sucking on the skin until another mark starts to form, smirking at the littered hickeys on your skin. Quickening his pace, he brings you in for a kiss, swallowing your moans with his mouth. “Y-yer always yappin’ away, bet ya couldn’t even t-tell me why now, huh?” With a sharp thrust, he hits your spot, making you clench on him, letting out a strangled moan as he gives you a cocky grin, grabbing your face and tilting you to look at him. “Tell me who makes y-ya feel this way. Fuck—‘m close,” he grunts. His hand travels down, rubbing circles onto your clit, bringing you closer to the edge, pounding into you as he feels his own orgasm approach him. “It’s me,” he growls, “I make y-ya feel this g-good.”
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elysianslove · 2 days ago
insatiable —
word count; 1.4k
warnings; light bondage, little bit of dumbification, pretty soft <3
note; imagine who you’d like !!!! IM SORRY IVE BEEN GONE BUT I HOPE THIS MAKES UP FOR IT A BIT. this is not my best but ive been wanting to get back to writing and i finally felt inspired so 👍🏼
Tumblr media
from an outsider’s perspective, it might seem a little embarrassing. the state that you’re in, that is. the state he’s driven you to, that you’ve succumbed to. but he’s not entirely to blame really, despite control falling entirely in his hands, maybe a little too literally. and honestly, it might be embarrassing. sort of humiliating. degrading even.
to an outsider.
but to you— to you, it’s like a dream. every word that spills from his lips only spurs you on as it falls from his tongue and sticks onto your skin. it trails chills up and down your spine and lights you nerves on fire as you beg and beg and try and try and try. you’re desperate, truly, but he likes you like this— loves you even, and that only makes you needier. like a fucking bitch.
your muscles are sore, aching and twitching and tensing with every move, as you lift yourself up and lower your body down, grinding down against him, sitting full of his cock. sweat clings to your skin, body emitting unbelievable heat as you pant and gasp and shudder through every spark of pleasure that courses through you. it feels good, always does, when he’s inside you like this, when you’re clamping and clenching down on him so tight you can feel every ridge and vein, when he’s touching every electrifying spot within you. and you’re always so eager, so driven by lust and desire for him, encouraged by the need to satisfy him even more-so than yourself. you yearn for the tensing of his abs, the grit of his teeth, the digging of his fingers against the flesh of your ass and hips, the parting of his lips, the airy gasps he lets out.
but honestly, everything’s so much fucking harder when your hands are tied behind your back.
you’d easily agreed when you first spotted the silk in his hands, reaching out your wrists for him tie wordlessly, because you’re just so good to him, you wanna be good for him. even when he’d tapped your shoulder and urged you to turn around, you silently obeyed, clasping your wrists together at your lower back, leniently letting him bind you. of course, the last thing you’d expected was to have him seat you on his lap, bringing his cock to your dripping entrance and tapping his free hand lightly against your ass to urge you to sit— that’s a good girl, that’s my good girl.
and you really are good. so you muffled your protests and bit down on your lip to hide the ache of your muscles as you began moving, losing yourself by the minute to the pleasure.
it’s all rainbows and daisies until you can’t fucking cum.
you’re so close, a tiny breadth, needing only one small push. but he refuses to give you anything!
you’re not complaining about what it is he’s giving you— longing stares, soft, gentle touches, fascinated eyes gazing between your legs, praise upon praise upon praise— but god, do you long for more.
“p-please,” you murmur, legs shaking from exertion as you settle on his lap, trembling in place. you’re subconsciously grinding down against him, which he finds so cute, while his cock fills you up perfectly, stretching you out beautifully.
as his hands reach out for your legs, which have unintentionally been squeezed together in frustration, he breathlessly asks, “please?”
a sob falls from your lips as you curl in on yourself, desperation building up uglily up your throat. your biceps tense, shoulders shaking as you try and pull at the bindings, needing that final push towards the edge. you know he’s not gonna give you what you want, not unless you ask for it— because you’re a big girl, you can speak for yourself, can’t you? do you really need him thinking for you now?
with his hands resting on your knees, he grips them tightly, spreading your legs again once more. his eyes immediately fall to your dripping pussy, stretched out awfully around his cock, clit swollen. as his hands inch closer on your inner thighs, caressing lightly, he swears you clench down tighter around him.
“please what, baby?” he repeats, eyes trailing up your body, reveling in every bead of sweat and every harsh rise and fall of your chest and every tense muscle.
you sob again, and again, shoulder shaking as your body trembles and as you cry. “please,” you gasp again, head falling back dizzily. you’ve stopped moving all together, simply shaking on his lap as your nails dig into your palms.
“hm?” he hums, hands inching closer and closer, one more than the other.
“please, please please plea— oh.”
and you suppose that maybe, after all, it’s not so bad to let him do the thinking for you. he knows you better than anyone, than yourself even.
“oh— oh fuck fuck— fuck!”
two fingers have reached out between your legs, pinching and rolling at the swollen bundle of nerves that have been yearning to be touched since fucking forever. it’s too sudden, all at once, when the pinching and rolling tightens, and when his fingers start to settle harsh on your clit, and when they start rubbing rough, quick, controlled circles and you start to shake again, worse and worse. you’re pulling harder at the binds, desperate to claw at something, to grip at his arm or to trail your nails down his chest and leave pretty marks or to pull at his hair or at the sheets or anything—
but all you can do is writhe on his lap as finally, finally, the coil in your belly tightens satisfyingly, in a way that leaves you making no noises but endless, stuttering gasps, to the point where your mouth remains open and you start to drool like you’ve been stupefied, struck dumb. he rubs harsher at your clit, not moving faster or slower, maintaining the delicious pace. his cock twitches inside of you but all he does is grit his teeth and grip harder at the flesh of your thighs in an effort to remain composed.
by the second, you’re losing your grip on reality. your eyes are rolling back and your body’s so tense you can barely feel anything but the pleasure he’s exerting on you and inside of you. you’re falling, falling— shit, you’re actually falling backwards.
“shit— hey—“
the pleasure disappears, and you don’t fall— in all definitions of the word. two strong arms wrap around your waist, a sticky hand flat against your back, keeping you upright and steady. with your hands immobile and useless, there was no way you could’ve held yourself up, so if anything, you’re thankful for his quick reflexes. but holy fuck— you were close!
easily, like your body is no longer yours, your fall forward against him. he’s sat up now, making it easier for you to bury your face in his neck as you twitch in his grasp.
“please i’m— i’m begging— i beg you— please, please, i beg you—“ you sniffle into his shoulder, quivering as if you’re cold.
lowly, he shushes you, kissing at your exposed shoulder and neck and cheek, hands softly and soothingly caressing your back, calming you down. you’re breathing easier as time passes, but you’re still insatiable, still needy as ever. you’re chanting out your pleas as his hands feel you up, delirious and dizzy.
and it’s only until the pressure around your wrists disappear that you realize you’re free, and his arms are tightening around your waist, and your arms are reached for his shoulders, wrapping tightly around his neck, fingers twisting in his hair — and you’re no longer on top, no longer in faux command, completely vulnerable and submissive to him, just the way you like.
“i’ll give you everything you want,” he promises, hands reaching for the back of your thighs, squeezing and gripping as he spreads your legs wider and brings them closer to your chest. using your thighs as leverage and leaning against them, he pulls out slightly, mesmerized by the shiny coat that covers his cock. he blinks momentarily, lost in the way his cock glistens and the way your pussy is twitching and your body is trembling and you’re staring up at him like he hung the moon for you—
before he digs his fingers harsh, and pushes into you so quick and so hard your back arches and you lose your breath for a moment.
“i’ll give it to ya, pretty girl,” he groans out.
and you’re immediately seeing stars.
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https-sakusa · a day ago
𝘦𝘺𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘺, 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘵𝘸𝘰 [18+]
Tumblr media
PAIRING tetsurou x afab fem!reader, rintarou x afab fem!reader, kiyoomi x afab fem!reader, keiji x afab fem!reader
CONTENT WARNINGS porn, characters have individual content warnings
AUTHORS NOTE i want to make so so much more of these
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNINGS implied overstimulation, rough manhandling, mentions of fear (in one of the captions)
CONTENT WARNINGS implied sub!rin, handjob, standing sex, slight manhandling
CONTENT WARNINGS collars, implied pet play, titjob, toy use, pussy slap (1)
CONTENT WARNINGS titty sucking
Tumblr media
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dekusbunny · a day ago
18+, minors & ageless blogs dni
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kei tsukishima x fem!reader
wc: 1163
warnings: hate sex, office rivals to lovers, degradation, pussy job, thigh fucking
find the rest of my kinktober masterlist here!
Tumblr media
“You’re fucking insufferable, you know that?” you hiss.
“Like you’re any better yourself. All I did was suggest an idea. It’s not my fault the director liked it better,” Tsukishima smirks.
“An idea you basically stole from me!” your voice raises to a stage whisper.
“This is a museum, not a zoo. I improved upon it. Nobody should be running wild in the exhibits. If we move it outside, they won’t learn anything.”
“Running wild? It was a scavenger hunt, for fuck’s sake,” you counter.
“A timed one, encouraging them to run around. You know these artefacts cost more than your life. Do you really want to be responsible for it if they get broken?” he asks as if he’s already won.
“I’d rather be responsible for my own fucking idea and lead the event rather than be your, your subordinate,” you spit out. “At least I can say I care about the kids having a good time. Or care about kids at all.”
“Why should I care about whether someone else’s brat has fun when they’re supposed to be learning? I’m not a babysitter. If you want to add that to my job description and salary, fine. But until then, the focus is education.”
“You were ‘someone else’s brat’ at one point, Tsukishima. And what if it was your kid, huh?”
“Bold of you to assume my kid would go to a stupid scavenger hunt at a museum,” he says harshly.
“God, why are you such a dick? I tried to be nice to you, I really did. But you’re fucking lucky you’re hot. Makes it bearable to get through the day around you if I tune out the words coming out of your stupid fucking pretty mouth,” you grumble. Tsukishima smirks. Fuck, you’ve done it now, he’s won.
“You think I’m hot, huh? You think my mouth’s pretty?” he taunts you. “Bet you wonder how my mouth would feel on you all the time, don’t you?” He knows he’s got you when your jaw tightens. He leans closer to you. “I think about it sometimes. How easy it would be to shut you up with a kiss.” Your breath is shaky as he leans ever closer to you.
“You know what’s the worst?” he muses.
“The thing I hate about you most is how much I fucking like you. You’re pretty, and soft, and you go out of your way to care about people. You’re everything I’m not and it makes me sick. Makes me fall in love. I can’t fucking stand it but I can’t stay away.” Words pour out of him like a bursting dam and he knows he can’t take them back. “You only pay attention to me when I’m mean to you. Must mean you like it, huh?”
“I-,” you squeak, legs pressing together at the memory of how often you’ve touched yourself imagining your work rival teasing and tormenting you, working his long fingers into your woefully neglected cunt.
“You what?” he raises an eyebrow.
“I, I’ve thought about it,” you confess. The tension in the air is palpable, thick and suffocating.
“Bet you’ve played with your pretty pussy thinking about me. Big meanie Tsukishima, putting you in your place, making you cum on his fingers?” He watches your eyes dart to his pants. “No, my dick? Oh, silly girl thinks she’s good enough for my cock? Bet I could make you cum with it, without even fucking you,” he says.
“D-do you, do you ever shut up?” you ask, the earlier venom from your voice quickly fading the more the ache between your thighs grows.
“I’ll shut up when you stop liking it. Bet you’re all wet already,” he laughs quietly. “Isn’t that why you want me, because you can’t stand me? Or can you not stand how much you want me?” His tone makes you whimper.
“Fuck. Fuck. Just, just shut up and fuck me, okay? Please?”
“Aw, she’s begging,” he teases. He stalks over to the door to ensure the office is locked. “Pull your skirt up and turn around.”
You’re quick to do as he says. If it’ll make it bearable to work with him for the rest of the week, it’d be worth not thinking too hard about the whole situation. Sometimes you’ve just got to fuck it out, you think. Tsukishima presses his hand against the small of your back, urging you to bend over the desk a little more roughly than necessary. The surface of the desk is hard and cold against your chest. With one lithe movement he slides your panties down your legs, lifting your feet out of them and stuffing them in his pocket. Cool air hits your slick-covered folds and you shiver.
From behind you, you hear the telltale clink of his belt coming undone. You rub your thighs together, looking for some friction, some relief, anything. Hands grip your hips like a strength test as Tsukishima slides his cock between your thighs. He lets out a deep groan as the top of his length is coated in your essence. The way your plushness squeezes and welcomes him sends a rush of adrenaline through his body. The head of his cock nudges against your clit and you choke out a moan.
“I knew it. I fucking knew you’d be wet,” his voice quickly loses its edge as he loses himself in the feel of your body. He grasps tightly onto whatever sense he has left to keep from throwing caution to the wind and sliding inside your sweet, wet heat.
“Shut up, Kei,” you moan, angling your hips and thrusting back on him. You grind your clit against his cock and whine. “‘S’not enough, need more.”
“That’s too bad, isn’t it? This is all you’re going to get,” he snarls. With a swift movement, he twists your body around at the waist and his lips collide with yours. It’s not an elegant kiss by any means, sloppy and wet. It’s everything you’ve needed from Tsukishima.
You squeeze your thighs together, forcing the ridge at the head of his cock to slide against your sensitive bud with enough stimulation that you’re tumbling head first into your release with a quiet whimper of his name on his lips within moments. Feeling you gush and spasm above his cock sends Tsukishima right after you. Three or four ropes of hot, white cum decorate the edge of the desk and the floor as his dick pulses between your legs.
“We,” you start, catching your breath. “We can never do this again,” you hiss at him, but he can tell that you’re all bark, no bite.
“Then I guess I won’t take you to dinner after close and fuck you properly. Your loss,” he says with a shrug as he cleans himself up and straightens his clothes. You look him up and down more softly than you’d care to admit.
“I, well… dinner might not be the worst thing.”
Tumblr media
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fightxxmexxshiggy · 2 days ago
Your eyes rolled back in your head as you felt yet another blast of cum splatter against your womb. You had lost count after the 4th shot had started to leak from your over stretched pussy. The man above you was grunting and panting nearly as mindless as you with his efforts to breed you throughly. You started to drift lightly when you felt him thrust again. He had never gone fully soft over the last few hours of intense fucking.
"Come on now sweet thing I still have more in me for you. I'm gonna fill that little womb till my cum makes your belly bulge."
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elleaftermidnight · 2 days ago
i just saw halloween kills and all i can think about is you and bf!tsukishima going to a halloween party and he decides to go as michael myers and after a little bit he just kinda finds a closet and fucks u senseless, reader's costume can be anything
Tumblr media
elle’s feeling thirsty. mdni. or else i'll bite you (unaffectionate). 
Tumblr media
he’ll watch you from across the room, drink in his hand as you chatted with your friends. tsukishima’s eyes trail over the entirety of your figure, at the costume that left very little to the imagination. he doesn’t know what exactly causes him to down the rest of his drink in one gulp, what made his feet move towards where you stood, what made him let out a somewhat believable excuse to your friends on why he was pulling you away from them, or what made him drag you by the wrist to the nearest closet.
you’re unsure if he even bothered to lock the door, all you knew is his lips were already on your neck the second it had shut. the bass from whatever edm song played rang in your ears, the party’s distant chatter barely audible from the other side of the walls, the small closet space beginning to fill with your gasps each time he sucked on your skin.
“really, kei? here?”
tsukishima gives your shoulder a gentle bite before mumbling, “this is your fault so you better fucking take it.”
your back is flush against his chest, his hands moving to your hips before backing your ass up to his crotch. moans escaping both of your lips at the contact. 
within seconds your underwear’s around your ankles, his cock lined up against your entrance. tsukishima’s lips are by your ear, giving your cheek the quickest, sloppiest kiss he can before asking, “ready, babe?”
there’s no point in his asking as he slams into you before you could even respond, pushing your entire upper body forward at the sheer force of the action. if it weren’t for your palms flatly propping you up against the wall, you would have fallen forward entirely.
moan after moan falls out of your mouth with every thrust of his hips, his pace faster than you ever thought possible, and yet still hitting all of the right spots. the sound of skin against skin fill the air, a groan escaping tsukishima each time your walls involuntarily clench around him. 
“shit- kei, right there- oh!” 
your words are cut short with his fingers slipping past your lips, his words are breathy as he continues thrusting in and out of you, “wouldn’t want anyone to hear how dirty you are, hmmm?”
you gently suck on the fingers in your mouth, tilting your head back to rest on his shoulder as tears pricked the corners of your eyes.
tsukishima is close to release, each thrust becoming erratic and much sloppier than the last. removing his fingers from your mouth, he captures you in a kiss, mumbling on your lips, “cum with me, yeah? then we’re leaving and ‘m gonna fuck you again as soon as we get home. you like that?”
you could only nod, your jaw falling slack as you come completely undone. grabbing onto his arm, you glance up at him with a dazed look in your eyes, “that a promise?”
even through the dim light of a closet, you can see the smirk that made its way to his features, “of course.”
Tumblr media
between this and the last ask, are people trying to send me to tsukki brainrot hell? bc it’s working and idk what to do about it :// 
Tumblr media
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renaissansse · a day ago
Tumblr media
— synopsis: Haikyuu Boys reacting to you telling them your favourite fantasies/wet dreams, and how they would go through with it.
— feat: Osamu Miya, Oikawa Tooru, Matsukawa Issei, Hanamaki Takahiro, Akaashi Keiji, Tsukishima Kei.
— CONTENT WARNING: MDNI! mentions of (consensual) recreational drug use (marijuana), high sex, threesome (mfm), overstimulation, creampie, cockwarming, thigh riding, spanking, face sitting, slight bondage, light sensory deprivation, choking.
Reblogs abs interactions are highly welcomed. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
➤ OSAMU MIYA has the gall to tell you that whatever you might have dreamt of, will never reach the level of the real thing, and will tease you to no find. However, while he does drop one thing or another about maybe wanting to fulfil your dream, he is not very direct about it - and so when he suddenly, in the middle of foreplay he so likes asks you whether you would like to do it, you remain flabbergasted. Who knew Osamu Miya might be into BDSM? It is a new experience for both of you, so he is careful while handling every other possible gadget, as well as yourself: he lets you laid him down of the bed, careful of not screwing up your thorough preparations for the night - and he lets you handcuff himself to the bed, his cock already at half mast, getting harder by the second. When you are both set, you on top of his hips, straddling him with only your panties on, you finally take the silk blindfold you found and wrap it around his head, waving a hand in from of him, making sure Osamu cannot directly gaze at you. He does not like not being able to see or to touch you, but your featherlight caresses on his abs and his shoulders relax him anyway, and furthermore he would trust you so it is no big deal. He shivers every time you touch him, and your pulsating cunt does tell you how Osamu, in simple handcuffs and a blindfold, naked and vulnerable is a sight which you might never forget. 
➤ OIKAWA TOORU is a kinky person both in and out of bed, so nothing surprises him, and nothing puts him a punch, however once you tell him that you would like to let him overstimulate you and then cum in you as a final present, he is visibly panicking for a moment. He can just likely imagine the scene, and the responsibility it comes when doing things the way they should be done. He needs to be perfect, but you reassure him that it is okay to him to try it first, and let you decide whether he has been successful. It does not surprise you that he is insecure at first, and that he tentatively navigates his way through it, not knowing what would work best. It is when you are almost in tears from your fourth orgasm in row, from Tooru’s fingers and tongue, that he slowly smirks at you - finally getting the gist of the fact that it does not really matter how you cum and how many times, but the tears prickling your eyes and your wobbly words, asking him to carry on are sweet things, which he likes and would like to see again. Your fifth orgasm surprises you as a wave, when Tooru’s cock is buried deep inside you, thrusting in and out with powerful hips, the sweat of your bodies mixing and adorning your bodies. It is only moments when he finally cums in you, shotting hot pumps in your deep core, and letting your pussy clench around him until he is more than done. He looks at you like you are his precious doll, and with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Your gut tells you that this isn’t the last time you will be reduced to a pleading mess.
➤ MATSUKAWA ISSEI laughs at hearing your favourite wet dream, but in a condescending way, absolutely knowing that he will do whatever you ask of him, just finding cute how ashamed and blushy you are while doing so. He might have never thought of having a threesome, with his friend at that - but he is not against the idea, and after all it might be fun watching you trying to take two cocks at once, whining and pleading with adorably wide eyes. He and Makki have been friends for ages, and it was never a secret that they smoked weed from time to time - just a joint to relax here and there. But when you ask them to fuck you while high, Mattsun falters just a little bit. Even Makki is taken aback from your proposal, and yet they can’t tell you no. So after few blunts in, and a game of strip poker for the sake of it, kissing both of them starts getting easier and easier, tongues sliding together and hands feeling everything they come by. You notice how Mattsun is finally relaxing, and how his length is growing harder in his pants. It takes you very little time, between the giggles and the whiffs of smoke to fall into a rough pattern of fucking Mattsun for a while while you suck Makki’s dick and then letting Makki fuck you right again - with Mattsun kissing you sloppily and torturing your swollen nipples. It feels like being on Cloud Nine, head light and pussy full of warm cock, so you do not even notice that you are not fucking anymore and Mattsun has just put his cock in you, still but hard, almost asleep on your shoulder, with Makki on the other side and his head lolling down from the a nipple he was licking moments before.
➤ HANAMAKI TAKAHIRO tells you that your fantasy is his fantasy as well, and that he is ashamed that he has never asked you whether you wanted to sit on his face and ride him like a jockey. He is usually very forward with you, and he is never ashamed to talk about your kinks or fantasies, but it somehow feels like you entered a dangerous territory by asking Makki to facesit. It might be because the look in his eyes, and the feral glint you see are telltale of the nature of your request, and of the fact that it drives him crazy to have you offering to do such a thing in the bedroom. However, it is true that this fantasy has been lingering around your mind for a while, but it is always scary to lean on all your entire body on someone’s face, especially with the possibility to choke him. And you tell so to Makki, who instead laughs at your face and says that if that were the case he would die a rather happy man, and would likely choose that as a preferred death method: suffocating by cunt. It is a bit rough to get used to the shape of his nose touching your clitoris, and to his tongue darting in and out of your hole at first, but the wetness you know it’s slowly sinking into your private parts and on Makki’s tongue are just the expression of how much you are enjoying it. The pussy fest Makki is enjoying however, is no less fun: he licks every part of you he can get at without moving an inch, breath hitched and dick hard. Sucking on your clitoris and then lapping your walls must be the thing which triggers your orgasm, but you are not very sure of that - as every termination down your pelvis is on fire. It might be too soon to repeat it, but when Makki says that this is probably his favourite sexual activity, you cannot help but both smile and blush at him. French kissing Makki afterwards is just a bonus.
➤ AKAASHI KEIJI is no stranger to sexual fantasies, nor to wet dreams, nor to harder kinks which he entirely looked up on internet just in case, so he accepts right away to just do it, whatever it might be, when you manage to get the words out. He wants to try everything with you, and he won’t know whether he likes it or not until he tries, so spanking might be a nice change from the usual fucking you do. He prepares carefully, and even buys a paddle, just as a convenient tool to learn and use from time to time, but you rather like the elegant shape of Keiji’s hands and you want to feel them slapping your ass, the sting on your skin as a mark of the fact that he is real. Keiji’s hands are cold, but the moment he starts taking a rhythm into slapping one cheeks and then the other - after a few tentative tries which would amuse anyone for the small pathos in them, but with the worry to hurt you well visible in his eyes - it is a challenge to see who will last more. The sounds coming out of your mouth surprise you both, the alternation between hissing sounds and moans going straight down to Keiji’s length, which is right below your stomach and gets harder with every slap. Presenting you ass to him and his hands felt someone both shameful and exciting, like a naughty girl being punished for being a brat and having someone to scold you in the most exciting way you can think of. The colour of your asscheeks goes from a cute pink to a crimson red after a while, and some of Keiji’s imprints are still visible on your soft skin. You likely won’t be able to sit normally for the next few days, but Keiji’s satisfied smile and your ecstatic look are witnesses to the fact that you care very little about that tiny detail.
➤ TSUKISHIMA KEI has no reaction whatsoever when you ask him whether you can ride his thigh. He cooly adjusts his glasses and double checks whether the sentence came out of you or an alien taking over your body. Seeing your visible disappointment at the lack of reaction however, Kei cannot do anything but say that he is not really into it, but that it is not something that he thought about. His thighs are both thick and thin at the same time: he is very tall and lean, but the muscle underneath does not lie. It feels weird and uncomfortable when you try it at first, acknowledging that this is way different than riding your pillow, but Kei looks more relaxed and his shoulders are not as tense. It take you some time to figure it out, how to angle your hips so that your entire cunt can touch his thigh and create that sublime friction which you so crave. You notice how Kei has Brought his hands around your waist, and sat you closer on his thigh than you originally were, almost glueing his core to yours. In the middle of the heat pooling down in your lower abdomen, you feel like there is something missing, and you see Kei’s hand being just idly parked on you waist, so you instead ask him to use it better, and to slightly choke you while you ride his thigh. He asks you few times whether you are sure, but when you nod for the umpteenth time, he gingerly tries to block your airways in a pleasurable way. His hand is big enough to cover most of your neck, and you feel his other hand squeezing your middle, while your hips swing you from side to side, up and down. When Kei’s fingers do press a bit harder and you feel as if breathing became harder, you also feel your walls clenching and then climax hitting you. It is pure bliss, and you shut eyes and the little scream which escapes your mouth startle Kei, especially because he has been losing himself in your waving motion, and his own dick started to become harder and harder by the minute. It feels surreal, and Kei’s hands haven’t yet left your neck, so instead you know how this whole thing has just become the entrée for a bigger meal coming right your way.
Tumblr media
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katsukiflr · 2 days ago
thinking about kissing kiyoomi’s cock.
the first time you do it, kiyoomi’s thighs tremble and a pitchy whine tumbles past his soft parted lips. “stop it. that’s- that’s embarrassing,” he mumbles as pink flush crawls up to his ears. you do it again, pressing a gentle kiss to the pretty, flushed tip of kiyoomi’s cock. “but it’s so pretty omi,” you whisper. with that, kiyoomi cums, panting your hands ropes of white.
he never wants to talk about it again.
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