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When their foodie S/O just wants to stuff their face with food but their mouth is small.
Tumblr media
Warnings: None
Tags: Suna, Sakusa, Fluff
A/N: The reader is smaller than Suna.
-You’re both at a festival at night
-Both are wearing a yukata with comfy shoes or slippers
-You literally just want to stuff everything in your mouth but you can’t… unless you want to choke to death due to your stubbornness. (Now, that won’t be graceful, everyone, let’s die with grace.)
You stared at him unamused as he ate the large sized takoyaki in one bite; definitely trying to annoy you as he stared back with a hint of playfulness on his face.
“Do you find annoying me right now funny?”
He nodded, still chewing his food. His lips aren't definitely hiding the laughter that’s about to erupt as his smile grows wider.
You held his eye contact as you aggressively poked your regular sized takoyaki with a toothpick and popped them into your mouth to which he laughed at.
“Babe, it’s still takoyaki.” You chew your food fast to reply to him.
“Still a tokyaki.”
“It’s BIG.”
“Well, you can slice them in half.”
“Then I won’t be experiencing takoyaki in all their glory. They’re supposed to be eaten in one bite!”
You tried to reach his container with your toothpick hoping to snatch one only for his palm to meet your forehead stopping you from advancing forwards as he raised his other hand that’s holding the takoyaki.
“Let me try eating them again, Rinta.”
“No, you literally choked just five minutes ago.”
“Something was stuck in my throat five minutes ago, I’m totally fine now.” You tried to grab his arm that’s hindering you from your happiness.
He now grabbed the top of your head. He snickered. “Babe, eating a gigantic takoyaki won’t help you grow taller though.”
The next day, you were updating your instagram when you saw his recent post. It was a video of you sulking while eating your regular sized takoyaki, his gigantic takoyaki can also be seen.
‘Eating a gigantic takoyaki won’t also help you run faster, sweetheart.’
He immediately leaped from the couch and started running.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Trying to eat my crepe?”
“I have eyes.” He rolled his eyes, which you returned. He stared at you as if judging your life choices. “Surely you don’t think that large spoonful will fit your mouth?”
“There’s nothing wrong with trying.” You stubbornly tried to fit 2 big slices of strawberry, ice cream, and a slice of banana in your mouth.
“I didn’t buy you that parfait to choke yourself with it, Y/N.” He watches you try to fit everything in your mouth. You look kinda dumb in Kiyoomi’s perspective right now, like a child who accidentally threw their favourite dessert due to being overly excited.
He knows stopping you right now will only fire up the child within you and try to challenge him. He has already gone through lots of spontaneous adventures since meeting you, messing up his schedule laid out for the day. Hence, he is just watching you right now, head on his hand as you both sit on the picnic blanket- staring at a person bearing an enormous cheek bulge due to the strawberries you shoved into your mouth.
“Are you happy right now, child?” He softly smiled and patted your head. You nod while you slowly chew.
He removed his hand on you and reached for his black tote bag. Kiyoomi formed a habit of bringing a small bag with him when he started dating you. The adventures you randomly dragged him into; the times where you needed things that can’t be found in the area irked him. Therefore, developing a habit of bringing everything he thinks might be in use whenever he goes out with you.
He unzipped the bag. Allowing you to view its contents: Tissues (both regular and wet), a water bottle, a hand sanitizer, a blue pouch containing both of your hygiene products, and lastly, the pocket of the bag holding both his wallet and phone.
You giggled. “Are you my mother?” You leaned closer to him and poked his chest. “Should I start calling you mom?”
He sighs, grabbing your hand that’s poking him, slapping a piece of tissue to wipe your mouth with. “And whose fault do you think it is that I’ve developed this motherly habit?”
Chuckling, “I guess it’s my fault huh?” You grabbed the water bottle he gave you. “Thank you, Mother Kiyo.”
He raised an eyebrow and the corner of his lips pointing downwards. “Try calling me that one more time and I’ll tell your mother to regress you into a fetus again. You’ll marry another man.”
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kairakeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
you got asked out.
for the first time in about six months, you got asked out.
and your supposed enemy suna rintarou is not too happy about it.
to the world he was your rival, the one person you despised more than anything. to the world you two bickered endlessly, arguments built up on frustrations that had yet to receive any kind of closure or understanding. you weren't meant to work together, that's what the world was supposed to perceive.
but to you, he was your boyfriend, the boy you took a chance on six months ago, the boy who acts completely different towards you behind closed doors, the boy you decided to play a little game with, a game full of secrets and subtle teasing. he was the person you loved more than words could describe. yet no one else knew of that love, it made the game more fun after all.
to the world, you were single. but to him, you were his. sure, suna had his fair share of confessions considering his place on the volleyball team, but now it felt different when it came to you. no matter what, suna would always reject his admirers, but the thought of you getting asked out, even if you said no, made his blood boil. a secret relationship does come with some pros and cons after all. this was just a downside that both you and suna had to deal with.
right now though, suna wanted to kiss you in the cafeteria, just so he can show everyone who you belong to.
"so who's the boy?" atsumu asks with a smile.
"a kid in my calculus class," you replied. "he's really nice, offers help, lends the spare pencil on occasions."
suna made a mental note to visit your calculus class more, maybe then the boy would get the message.
"how'd he ask you out?" atsumu then asked.
you crossed your arms, "why do you want all the details?"
"because our little baby is going out on a date," he cooed.
and you only rolled your eyes, "for the record, i'm the same age as all of you."
"still a month younger than me," suna notes, eyes still stuck on his phone trying not to show his interest in the conversation in front of him.
"still the youngest," atsumu smirks.
you brush them off rolling your eyes, "anyway, he asked me out after class, dinner and everything," you replied.
"exciting," atsumu smiled.
"so did you say yes?" osamu asks.
the twins blink at you for a moment, silence lingering over the table and suna can't help but smile.
"you said no?" atsumu clarifies.
"i said no," you answered.
"why'd you say no?" osamu asks, less shocked than his twin brother sitting next to him.
you shrug, "i'm just not really looking for a relationship right now."
and suna suddenly feels an odd sense of pride.
"you're not?" osamu asks.
you shake your head, "i'm not."
"interesting," osamu hums before silence overcomes the table.
suna does his best to hide his small smile and he looks over at you, scrolling through your own phone as you took a sip from your water bottle.
god if no one else was here he'd kiss you.
"do ya have a boyfriend or something?"
the whole table turns to look at atsumu at his question, "i don't," you deny a bit too quickly.
"ya sure?" atsumu tries again. "i don't think you'd say no to him if you didn't have one."
and suna can see the slight panic in your eyes.
"i don't," you reply again.
"after all," suna cuts in. "who'd want to date a micromanaging freak?"
your eyes turn at the sound of his voice.
"rude," you roll your eyes, but suna knows you'll thank him for it later.
"apparently, calculus kid does," osamu nods.
"besides," you cut in once more. "i don't want a relationship right now."
that's right, suna thinks to himself, you don't want one because you belong to him.
you met suna's gaze from across the table as you gave him a small smile, and he still really fucking wants to kiss you in front of everyone. but he waits, going back to his phone only to see a text notification coming from you.
thank you <3
of course baby, he types, before stealing a quick glance at the twins, now engrossed in their own little argument. you look at him from across the table, laughing at the stupid insults they're barreling at each other.
we argue better you reply.
i think we do too he answers.
he looks at you quickly, seeing the smile on your lips as you watch the twins bicker.
god he still wants to kiss you.
so he caves, meet me on the roof?
and in the corner of his eye, he catches you laughing softly at his text.
i'll be there in 5 idiot
one day the world's going to know of your love. one day the world's going to know that you don't actually despise each other. one day your game will end and the world's going to know suna as your boyfriend. and until that day comes, suna hopes no one else asks you out, or he's going to end the game himself.
Tumblr media
screams i love him
thanks for reading!! reblogs are incredibly appreciated mwah <3
Tumblr media
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planetrin · 3 months ago
𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮, 𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐤𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 & 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨 𝐰/ 𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 // hurt/comfort (there’s no actual breaking up)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 // mentions of insecurity and cyber bullying
☄︎ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐬 // hi!! this is my first post omg !! how exciting :D hopefully u guys like it <3 also omi’s got long sorry !
part two !!
Tumblr media
the feeling of dread fills your body once more. the comments on your boyfriend’s post— a picture of both of you. faceless accounts calling you rude name after name after name.
naturally, you knew what came with dating one of the best pro athletes in the entire country, but after time, the things people would say would start to affect your own self image.
you knew how to let it slide. after all, you and atsumu had been dating for so long, you were unfortunately used to the abundance of mean words, opting on putting up a facade for your boyfriend. but it was one comment that made your strong resolve crumble quickly.
i still don’t understand what THE miya atsumu is doing with this person ??? he literally deserves so much better wtf !!!
you always knew he was too good to be true. a handsome prince that just so happened to fall into the palm of your hand. but to have someone actually think so was extremely upsetting. were you really not good enough for him? obviously not, right? if everyone thinks so?
the overthinking led to you sitting on the bed, legs crossed and thumbs twiddling as you wait for him to come back from practice. when you hear the door slam shut and him call for you, you take a deep breath in and prepare yourself.
“baby!” he cheers walking into the bedroom to see you, a big smile on his face like there’s nothing wrong. “missed ya s’much,”
“atsumu,” you breath, trying to contain your tears. you practiced it 30 times without crying and even still, your watery eyes threaten to spill.
he cocks his head, confused, a frown replacing the once bright smile, “atsumu? what happened to tsumie?”
you look at your lap, avoiding eye contact with his honey brown eyes. you need to get it over with, “we… we should breakup.”
he chuckles, awkwardly, waiting for the punchline in this twisted joke you’ve got going. when he notices the tears dripping from your face, his smile quickly fades and his eyebrows furrow. his body fills with panic.
“w-what? why?”
you sniffle, unable to look him in the eye. you twiddle your thumbs feeling a sense of guilt.
you hand him your phone, opened to the several instagram comments, shuddering out, “y-you deserve so much better, tsum… it’s best—“
he scoffs, turning off your phone and tossing it to the side. “yer the best— i already have the best.” he tilts your head up, cupping your cheek. he takes the pad of his thumb, swiping your tears. “i don’t care what any of these people are sayin,’ yer my pretty… the love of my life. who’s gonna put up with me if yer not around? who’s the one that makes sure i have somethin’ to eat at practice?”
he doesn’t realize it, but there are tears sliding down his cheeks, too, and you give him a wobbly smile.
“ya can’t leave me, i think ‘ll die.” he chuckles, breathily.
you nod, sniffling, “‘m sorry…”
he shakes his head as if to say, don’t apologize. he wraps his arm around you, pulling you in close and squeezing your body tightly. “i love ya, no one’s gonna change that.”
kiyoomi has always wanted your relationship to be private because he hates people pestering him about all of the personal things in his life. especially you.
there are no photos of you on kiyoomi’s social media accounts. at all. and for the most part, you’re okay with it. you understand why he doesn’t want to be seen in with you in public, even if it does hurt a little.
you know your boyfriend wants the best for you, and the best means that you two are limited to at home dates and disguises in public. you hate it, honestly, but you love your boyfriend, so you tough it out.
it’s all fine until you’re at an MSBY game (that ended in victory, of course) and you run down the stands to give him a hug in excitement. adrenaline rushing throughout his body, he barley has time to process before camera’s start flashing in your direction.
the drive home with kiyoomi is silent. you can’t tell if he’s angry at you for being so reckless or if he’s angry at himself for not stopping something from happening. regardless, you knew he was mad, but you didn’t want to upset him any further, so you left him alone for the night. you muttered a soft goodnight and secretly hoped it’d all be over tomorrow.
that’s definitely not what happened because when you woke up and checked your phone to see dozens of twitter mentions with pictures of you and kiyoomi from the game, you were very confused.
sakusa kiyoomi apparently dating some person named @y/n !? yikes…
have you guys seen that MSBY player’s s/o… he looks he doesn’t even like them ???
your eyes burn at the other hateful tweets you’d found, every doubt you ever had about your relationship with kiyoomi now creeping back into your brain.
you should’ve seen you coming, though, right? why else would he keep you a secret? he was probably just embarrassed of you is the conclusion you came to.
when you walk downstairs, you see him sitting on the couch with a mug of coffee and his phone in his other hand. he perks up immediately at the sound of you.
“kiyoomi… we should break up.” you frown, your breaking-heart pounding in your chest. “i mean, these twitter people are right, i’m not up to your standards and there are a lot of people in the world that you’d look a lot better with.”
kiyoomi shudders, the thought of another person in his life, he couldn’t possibly.
“and… i know you’re embarrassed to be seen with me, i don’t blame you—“
he abruptly cuts you off, “don’t… do that. don’t talk down on yourself because of something that was completely my fault.” his sigh is heavy, like he has so much to say. “you’re so amazing, don’t you get that?”
“it’s kinda hard to tell when you don’t want to be seen with me. really, kiyoomi, it’s fine. let me help you make this easy.” your voice is cracking. it’s the last thing you want, but if it’ll help him, then so be it.
he groans, putting his mug and phone down on the table in front of him, walking over to shake your shoulders, vigorously. “listen, i’m not embarrassed of you! i love you! more than anything. i just wanted to avoid people talking about you. you don’t deserve to be called things like that. you’re gorgeous and loving and kind and i couldn’t bare losing you to someone else who probably does deserve you.” he says in what feels like one breath.
you look at him in awe, “you mean that? you really think i deserve better than you, the sakusa kiyoomi?” and he nods, avoiding your eyes. “i beg to differ,”
a soft pink blush dusts over his cheeks, “no more hiding,” he mutters. “i’ll show the world that you’re my beautiful s/o every day for the rest of my life if i have to.”
suna rintarō believes that you are his light. he adores you, your beauty, your personality, the way you love him endlessly— he loves it and he isn’t afraid to let it be known.
although rin is a professional athlete, that doesn’t stop him from spending every waking second of free time by your side. he likes to make sure you don’t doubt him. ever. he loves you and you love him.
there’s also his instagram, which consists of candid photos of you (and thirst traps of himself that you keep telling him to delete) or just photos of the two of you together.
you just so happen to be stalking the account late at night with rintarō’s dead asleep body right next to you. it never occurred to you to do so, but you figured you’d take a look at his comments, half expecting them to be comments of his friends making fun of him for being so mushy and some teenage girls making heart eyes at him.
but what you weren’t expecting was for there to be comments degrading and talking down on you.
your smile quickly fades, turning into a pout. you spend the next hour obsessively going through his comments on the pictures of you or the two of you together.
suna, pick me, im so much more attractive than them!!!
soon, you realize you’ve had enough, feeling drained of life and love. you impulsively shake your boyfriend awake, not stopping until you hear his annoyed groans. “what is it, baby?”
you don’t think much about it be fore you say it, “we should break up.”
“no, now goodnight.”
he exhales, lifting up and propping his body up with the help of his elbow. “what brought this on?”
“i’m not good enough for you…” you say meekly, face heating up. “all of your fans think so… you’re so handsome and successful and i’m just… me.”
“yeah, you’re you. crybaby-cuddle-me-now-bratty-Y/N. and you’re also, the kind, loving Y/N that pranks atsumu every time he pisses me off. you’re the love of my life.”
you’re shocked that he can say that all so nonchalantly because you’re definitely holding your breath, trying not to cry at his words.
“‘m not a crybaby,” you grumble, that pout still etched onto your face.
he smiles, brushing his knuckles against your cheek, “yeah, you are, but i love that about you.”
“shut up.”
he chuckles, leaning in to kiss you, “i love you.” he whispers softly against your lips. “no more looking at my comments, you’re way too hot for that.” he joke, smirking at you.
“i love you, more.”
he shakes his head, “impossible. now get your ass to bed.”
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @planetrin 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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nymphobunnie · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
+ drabble. 563 words.
+ contains. soft dom suna rintaro.
+ warnings. praise, fem reader, dacryphilia, daddy kink, deepthroating, manhandling, facefucking, afab reader, messy blowjob.
+ note from lola. wanna suck his dick so bad, bro, pleaaase—
Tumblr media
It drove him wild, seeing your lips red and swollen as you tried to suppress the moans that he forced out of you — every mewl and moan of his name had his cock throbbing for attention.
He couldn’t help the way they were just so.. perfect.
Flawlessly slotting against his own each time he pulled you into a needy kiss, and the feeling of them dancing across his skin had him instantly craving you.
“Just like that, baby. You’re doin’—mmph- such a good job f’me.. fuck.” The grunts and groans that tumbled off of his tongue were music to your ears, filling you with even more of a need to please him as his cock finally bottomed out all the way down your throat.
The familiar burn makes tears well up in your eyes and roll down your flushed cheeks while your nails dig into his skin, seeking anything to keep you grounded as any rational thoughts you had left quickly flee your hazy mind.
His balls rested perfectly on your chin while your nose was nuzzled against his pelvis, dark untrimmed hair tickling your skin.
And his hazel eyes were half lidded, yet they were always glued to you. Completely enamoured with the way you were so perfectly choking on his length. It turned him on to no end.
“Oh, yeah, you’re gonna let me fuck your pretty face, aren’t you? That’s right, ‘course you are.. cause you’re my good fuckin’ girl.“
His hips started to rut up into your mouth, slowly at first, though his pace quickly sped up. He couldn’t help himself. Just the way you oh so obediently listened to him, with your wide eyes staring up at him, made him lose any sense of control he had.
The sudden movements only served to make more of a mess out of you as drool dripped down your chin, lewd squelches filling the room while a few praises were haphazardly slurred out by the brunette before you.
Your chest heaved as he suddenly pulled out of your mouth, gripping your hair firmly and pulling off of your knees and up into a messy kiss.
Large palms eagerly squeezing your thighs before he wraps them around his waist and tastes himself on your tongue. It was all moving so fast, your head was practically spinning, and a tell-tale smirk pulled at his lips as he rubbed the head of his cock against your slick entrance.
“As amazing as that felt, I think I want more of you. Now, let daddy take care of you, yeah?” A soft shared gasp escapes both of you as he grinds against you, coating himself with your slick.
“Don’t worry—I’ll make sure to return the favour and reward my pretty baby.”
Tumblr media
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sunahearts · 25 days ago
ೀ*: ・゚random husband texts pt 2! - suna rintarou
warnings; drunk suna at the end
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𖧷 · °   .* part one
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sunascumdoll · 4 months ago
Pervert suna thats all
back to pervert!hc masterlist
tw// public fingering, somnophilia, thigh fucking, oral, penetration, mentions of breeding.
pervert!suna please give it to me!!
suna is another pervert who doesn’t care. he does what he wants. he’s so intimidating looking. who’s brave enough to stop him?
pervert!suna ‘accidentally’ spills water on your shirt. it gives him an excuse to kabedon you and pin you against the wall. he says he’s drying you off but hes honestly just fondling your breasts. he’s such a fucking sadist and likes the way you whine and slap his hands away.
he doesn’t make you pick things up for him. he’ll be nice and pick it up, but he’s taking his time down there, admiring the view from underneath your skirt. when he’s making his way back up his hands will trail up along your thighs fondling them. sometimes when he feels like it he’ll stay on his knees, pulls your panties to the side, and slip two fingers in your cunt, that same deadpanned expression watching your pretty little pussy gush around his middle and ring finger. pervert!suna does not care and will play with your pussy whenever he wants.
sleepovers with pervert!suna? ahh please. you thought he was worse in public, but behind closed doors? he’s absolutely disgusting and we love him for it. <3 loves to call you into the room and watch embarrassment creep up on your face when you see him openly stroking his throbbing cock. separate beds? absolutely not. you’re sleeping with him. he waits until you’re in a deep comfortable slumber before reaching down and freeing his cock from his loose sweat pants. his arm wraps around your waist and pulls you snug against him before slipping his cock between your thighs. there’s been multiple times where you’ve waken up to sticky thighs in the morning. <3
showering at his place? pervert!suna will stand outside the bathroom and listen while palming his cock, praying he’ll be able to hear something interesting. pervert!suna has made up his mind. one way another, you’re gonna be stuffed full of his cock. he sits and waits to make his move. once the sound of constant running water ceases baby boy pounces.
pervert!suna will man handle you, especially when he’s pussy drunk. you haven’t even been out of the shower for 5 minutes and suna has you seated on the sink, spread wide open as he laps at your cunt. he’s whispering such filthy about how hard you make him, and how everytime he sees you he has the sudden urge to breed you into your cunt.
you couldn’t resist even if you wanted, especially when he’s fucking you this good. your hands grip onto his hips, a feeble attempt to slow his pistoning cock. he’s waited so long for this, and now that he has your warm little cunny wrapped so prettily around his cock, he’s using every single second to fill you up. <3
Tumblr media
perhaps i went overboard 😃😃😃 rinnie please): <3
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todorocake · 4 months ago
[ 9:37 P.M. ] - SUNA RINTARO
warnings: fem reader, smut, virginity loss
you excused yourself five minutes ago but after hearing your hum echoing through the bathroom door, suna assumed that you would be taking longer than intended and he must just entertain himself with whatever you left him in your room. 
“hi.” suna heard your small, constricted, recorded voice mumble through the camera. he assumed you got the idea from atsumu, who was rambling about how therapeutic it is to rant in front of your laptop then record it for reference later.
suna’s problem is it’s not like there is anything new in your room. he has all your stuff memorized, having been your best friend in the last eight years, visiting this room like he’s much of an owner as you.
which is why he ended up here, lying on top of your bed, watching the first of the many videos you filmed of yourself. “i had a dream” he heard you continue.
“a wet dream” you cleared your throat as you throw your head back to your chair. suna wanted to laugh.
"god, why am i even filming this." you knocked on your head, a habit of yours to cope with embarrassment.
"i feel like a loser." you smiled and though suna have seen that smile thousand times before, there was something different about it now. he wanted to engrave it in his head.
"i-it's just.." you stammer nervously.
"it felt good." you sighed, closing your eyes as you crane your neck to the side, hands obviously shifting something below. "it felt real."
four million thoughts washed over suna all at once. what did you dream about? who were you thinking of? were you touching yourself when you were filming this?
"this is the first time i had it and i don't even know why-" you continued sharply, defensively trying to make sense out of whatever happened in your slumber. 
"i was watching him wrap a tape on his fingers, a-and" you sighed, with your breath unsteady.
suna paused the video immediately playing a montage in his head, thinking back to every single opponent and every single teammate he encountered with tape wrapped around their fingers. he’s clueless as to what would he do if he found out, frustrated that there are already lots of prospects popping in his head.
"i thought what would that be like inside me." you whimpered and shuffled slightly in your seat.
was it that tall blonde boy from karasuno? tsukishima kei had tape on his middle and ring finger after their first set. or was it that rooster head from nekoma? suna remembered kuroo tetsuro having a tape maybe on his left hand. the memories were incomplete but he remembered a lot more.
what could you have seen in those boys? if you did actually dream about them, suna thought, why? it’s not like those boys know you better than he do. it’s not like those boys will take care of you more than he already do. it’s not like they can please you like he can-
you quickly slap a hand to your left cheek and mumbled "what the hell am i doing?" as you turn off your webcam.
“rin!” you called him. the actual you called him, with your hair wet and your shampoo’s scent lingering in the room. “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
you closed your laptop and pulled it away from him as he sits up comfortably in the plush of your bed. “how much did you watch?” you asked him, with your face red in shame.
“not much.” suna looked up to you, licking his lips as he calculate what he must say, what he must do.
he wanted to assure you that he wouldn’t tell anyone, he’s not a snitch. he wanted to assure you that he would just forget about it, forget that he seen your hands looking like it’s reaching for your core, forget that you were getting yourself off with dirty thoughts about someone he probably knew. but he can’t.
he wanted to scratch the thought out of your pretty head. “who is it?” he finally asked.
“none of your business.” you answered. and you were wrong, because everything about you is suna’s business. it was like an unwritten pact that suna signed with whoever deity. what you smile about is what he works for. what you cry about is what he fights with.
what takes you, his innocent girl, unhinged and squirming — searching for someone’s touch is something he yearns to know.
suna stood up from the comfort of your sheets and walked towards you, eyeing you with a daunting look. “i’m going to ask one more time,” he said with his voice more stern than before, his scolding voice as you call it.
“who did you dream about?” and you wished your eyes did not meet his, because the darkness of it did nothing but thump your already shaking heart. you looked behind him, then at the floor, then at the bottom of his feet, trying to avoid his gaze.
when he reached you, he held your chin, forcing your averting gaze back to him. he is getting his answer, no matter what it takes. “c’mon.” he whispered down your ear and you swore his voice could’ve melted you right where you stand.
“tell me.” he continued while his hands are busying themselves touching you in places that weren’t exactly foreign but the heat in suna’s hands were unfamiliar. it was invasive but still calculating, almost as if he was teasing something in you — trying to make you beg for more.
your breaths were ragged and shorter, unable to grasp the gravity of your situation and unprepared for your best friend’s prying touches.
“i told you rin, it’s none of your business. just forg-” you said, trying to escape.
“if you don’t want to tell me who you were dreaming about then just tell me what was he doing.” he cut off.
suna’s grip on your waist tightened then he brought it down your hips. “was he touching you like this?” he leaned in as he whisper over your mouth, fanning your lips with his hot breath.
he moved his hand back up, caressing your stomach, then your ribs, then the side of your boobs. “did he put his hand here?” he asked, as his big hands cover your tits and slowly squeezing, letting go, and groping again.
“rin-” you called upon him as you put your hands to his shoulder, not really knowing your intentions. suna’s touches were invasive but it was not unwelcomed. “what-”
suna cut you off again, this time with a kiss. his teeth were harshly biting your lower lip, then he comfort it with his tongue, then he softly nibble it with his own, dazing you along the way. his hands were smoothing your back and you don’t know if it’s to comfort you or to drive you even crazier.
he pulled away with a smirk, joyful that you didn’t push him away and drunk with the taste of your mouth.
“i’ll take this off.” his forefinger pulling at the clasp of your bra. “will that be okay?” he asked.
you nodded and your arms now circling on his neck, trying to pull him closer.
“how about this?” he asked again as he tug on the thickness of your hoodie. “i want to see you.” he continued with eyes wide in anticipation, pupils dilated like he’s high on the thoughts of you naked.
you nodded again, hesitant but willing to test the waters — to be seen by the boy who knows you best.
suna took off the cloth with a shaky hand still not certain as to where this is going to lead him, he was scared to butcher this friendship. 
“how do i-” he asked, hands struggling to clasp your bra, confidence wavering as he feel closer somewhere dangerous, somewhere he’s never been to before.
you quickly took if it off on your own, turning to him once you’re done, throwing the cloth to the floor.
“pretty.” suna chuckled, hands back to grazing your upper body, lips back to seducing yours. he took a few steps with you until you feel the cold linen of your bed.
“take this off too.” you said as soon as you pull away from making out, pulling his shirt up and trying to see more of him too.
suna did as you requested, smiling and biting his lips down to contain the excitement. you put your hands on the back of his neck, pulling him back into your mouth. he pushed you lightly to your bed, knees kneeling in between your legs.
you pulled away, trying to inhale the air he took out of you. your eyes met briefly then he moved down with his nose tracing your cheek. when he reached your neck, he did the same thing he was doing to your mouth. bit, licked, nibbled and kiss — making sure he’d leave a mark, making sure you won’t forget.
but “don’t.” you told him. “don’t put a hickey there.” you pulled on his messy hair. “people are gonna see.” you said.
suna wanted to get mad and completely turn this around, leave you here (alone and unfinished) until you’ve forgotten the boy you dreamt about and all you will think of is him, all you will ask for is him-
“you could leave one here.” you interrupted his thoughts as you pointed your tits, bare and almost begging to be painted by him. “i-it’s also... it looks hotter.” you continued, ears and cheeks becoming beet red.
“huh” he mused, hands kneading your bare tits. groping, massaging, then pinching your nipples, eliciting a soft moan.
“why do you think so?” he asked while his knees pushing towards your core. he prayed you didn’t know because someone did it to you before.
“i-” you started. “saw it on my classmate.” you continued. “m-made me wish one day i’d have that too.” you continued, uncertain if what you’re saying is still right.
“your wish is my command, then.” suna said before taking your nipples into his mouth and licking the skin around it. 
“but you have to grant my wish too.” he looked up at you. “i want people to see.” his hands squeezed the size of your waist and he pushed himself up to peck your lips.
“i’m going to put it here.” he kissed the cleavage of your breasts as he pushed your mound together. “and so the only people who are gonna see it,” he eyed you. “are those who are looking at what’s mine.” he finished.
“is that okay, angel?” he asked before busying himself in between your tits. “y-yes” you stammered with a moan.
suna’s hands moved down your shorts, gripping your sensitive thighs and purposefully avoiding your core. he moved his kisses down your stomach, leaving a trail of his saliva, until he reach your clothed core. he kneeled down the floor and bent your legs to flatten your feet at the edge of the bed. he touched you.
“you wetted your shorts.” he said, looking back at your nervous eyes. “why is that?” he asked. though he was smirking, his eyes never failed to intimidate you. he put his middle and ring finger at the center of your wetness, lightly at first but when your hips are bucking like it was longing for him, he added pressure.
“nngh, rin-” you moaned while gripping your sheets. “what?” he asked. “what do you want?” he whispered to your cunt trying to see how far you’d go.
“remove it.” you said while your hips are circling to feel more of the friction. he removed his hand. “my fingers?” he chuckled, “okay then.”
rintaro has always been a tease and you would always put up a good fight to not give into him. but right now, you can’t. all your thoughts were grounded on how much you wanted his fingers inside you.
“no.” you whined, elbows trying to pull yourself up to face him. “my clothes.” you said, unconsciously pouting.
suna chuckled while pulling your waist band down and removing the remaining pieces you have left, all in one go. and there you are, completely naked in front of him. he ran his hands down your slit, playing with the juices he caused. his tongue licked your the lips then your clit, tasting you and making you tremble.
“put it in.” you tapped on his hands that were holding your legs open. he got his tongue in first, testing and feeling your walls, then he obeyed. he put his ring and middle finger in, arching it inside you and trying to find your spot. when you closed your eye and threw your head back, he knew he found it.
“f-fuck.” he heard you say when he pulled his fingers out then slam it back in. he loved the way your walls gripped on him, loved the tightness of it. he loved how much wetter you got. he loved your right hand reaching for him while the other is holding tight on a pillow. your red face is turned to the side and your mouth is open but when whimpers are coming out, you bite it back with your teeth.
“you wanna make a sound?” he asked while standing back up, fingers never leaving yours. he leaned his body on top of you, his face aligning with yours. 
“go ahead. make those beautiful sounds. it’s just us here.” he smiled while his free hand brought itself to your hips.
“aaah” you moaned when his fingers coil inside of you. you looked down at how he’s maneuvering inside you but you got distracted at his topless body just a few inches away from yours. you saw his tenting crotch and abs tight as if holding something inside. 
you draw your eyes back to his chest, slightly red and looking iron-clad, his protruding adam’s apple, the strong forearm at the side of your head.
at that moment you hoped there were words beautiful enough to describe suna but since your mind is almost empty in pleasure, you settled in reaching his face and kissing him again with your lips. you tried to do what he was doing earlier, the biting, sucking, licking and nibbling but more moans are trying to escape your mouth as you feel your stomach wanting to release.
“rin! i’m- aaah- fu- fuck, i-” you called him, eyes closing and face contorting. “i know.” he said, aware that you’re about to cum, with your walls feeling like it’s closing in.
“i w-want you- aaah” and you felt yourself explode on his hand, releasing juices thicker than before. 
“i know, i know.” suna said while kissing your forehead, slowly pulling his fingers out of you. there is a comfortable silence for a minute or so, and suna is slowly getting pulled back to the reality.
“i want you inside me.” you said as soon as your breath got steadier. “what?” he furrowed his brows. “i want this-” you reached your hand to his stomach then down his clothed cock, sending shivers down his spine. “inside me.” you looked up to him.
you pulled his bands down as he was standing back up, eager to see more — feel more. he removed his boxers and there he is, big and lengthy. you wasted no time in putting your hands around it, gripping it and fluttering suna. you opened your mouth and licked the tip but he cupped your face with his hands.
“you can do it next time.” he said, really hoping you’d remember to return the favor. he pulled you closer to the edge of the bed and his fingers spread out the wetness of your pussy from your earlier but he still spit on it, dampening it much more.
the tip of his dick is brushing over yours and your cunt tightened on nothing yet, anticipating any forms of sensation that you would feel for the first time. 
“you want it in?” he asked while leaning to your face, hips circling itself to tease you some more. 
“yes.” you croaked, no longer caring how desperate you sounded. 
“beg for it.” he smirked, hands slightly squeezing your jaws then the sides of your neck.
“p-please rintaro!” you cried, frustrated at the emptiness. “fuck me.” you whispered lowly while your hips are moving itself.
suna pushed his hips down, grunting at the tightness of your cunt. he can no longer focus at your voice mindlessly moaning and your nails scratching his back. he can’t feel the fear of losing to another boy, not when he feels your hymen break. he knew there’s no way he would let you go now.
“fuck! ah! ah!” you moaned. you feel like you’re in a different world, your ears are ringing, your vision is white and blurred. it’s as if nothing matters but suna’s slow and gentle thrusts in you. your lower body had a mind of its own with your hips trying to get more of suna’s heat and your calves wrapping itself with his body, your toes curling. your back was arching and you don’t know if it’s due to the bittersweet pain of something breaking inside you or it’s to demand for more.
“oh my god.” you mumbled when you feel suna pulling out and brushing your g-spot while doing so. “yeah?” suna asked, trying to make sure he got whatever you’re asking for more, trying to make this good for you as it is for him.
“yeah.” you nodded, somehow knowing what suna needed, what he was asking. you closed your eyes as you reach for the pillows above you. “open your eyes.” suna quickly caught on. “look at me. look at who you're giving your body to.” he said as his left hand hold the your wrists. 
“does it hurt?” he asked softly, trying to not just rely on the wetness in between your bodies. you shook your head. “what do you want?” he questioned darkly, ready to prove himself to you.
and truly, you didn’t know. it’s like you forgotten all the words that was taught to you and you can only feel the heat of his dick pulsating inside of you making you want to crave for more. “fuck me harder.” you said, hands escaping his hold and pushing his butt towards your body. 
“fuck me deeper.” you met his eyes, trying to plead him. “please, rintaro.” you begged.
suna followed, holding the back of your thigh for leverage and angling it to hit your spot more. he pulled out until only his tip is left inside and bottomed himself out as he drive forward. each thrust making sure he’s balls deep before moving back. he circled his hips trying to not leave any spots inside you left untouched.
he closed his eyes and threw his head back, unable to process the reality of how good this all felt, how complete. “fuck” he cursed deeply once he opened his eyes at the sight of you, drooling and gripping on the sheets, another hand holding your raised leg. 
“so pretty like this.” he pushed himself down to your body, embracing your messed up form.
he kissed you for the sixth time tonight, hands intertwining themselves with yours. he never understood the people who spoke of sex so highly but with way your walls are gripping on his cock he knew he’d search for this again. 
“you’re taking me so well.” he said. he wished he can make this moment last, if not forever, maybe for a few more hours. he can already feel the build up in his lower ab.
“ah! ah!” you moaned with him and he straightened your right leg and place it on his shoulder, trying to penetrate you deeper. “i- rin, i’m- fuck- what are you doing to me?” you asked, trying to hold his hand tighter, feeling like you’re being hypnotized.
but suna did nothing but pour his heart out. “i-i love you” suna grunted, letting go of your legs and letting his body collapse on you, letting his chest fall upon yours. he wanted to say it in a more romantic way and in a more romantic time. but is there anything more romantic than sharing your body with someone you love most? he thought.
“you're so good for me. i-i can’t hold much longer.” he said in between your pants. his fingers found your clit and he pressed into it, trying to make you cum with him. 
“do it inside.” you said, eyes looking up at him. his thrusts became messier, now completely out of rhythm but every push in is sending waves over you until you you’re nearing your peak.
“r-ri- aah” you screamed as a wave of pleasure washed over you and streaks of heat are spurting from the inside, letting you know suna already came too.
“you okay?” suna asked while pulling out his softening member. you nodded, still dazed with what happened, what you two did — what he said.
suna reached out for the tissues you have at the side of your bed, taking care of the mess you two created and trying to avoid confrontation signaled by your prying eyes. he wiped off the cream pooling at the middle your legs but he’s still hesitant to touch you.
“hey, rin?” you said, holding his busy hands. his eyes avoided yours. “do you have another match with karasuno?” you asked and suna felt his heart drop to his stomach so he stood up and collected his clothes.
“no, we lost to them last time.” he tried to answer normally as he wear his boxers back on. “oh that was when you kept complaining about the your fingers, right?” you asked some more, trying to make him meet your eyes again.
“then you wore tape on it for about a week?” you smiled when he looked back at you in disbelief. you nodded, clearing all his jealousy and insecurity at once.
“you little shit.” he laughed, forgetting about dressing up and jumping back to the bed with you. maybe cuddling is more romantic than sharing your body with the person you love most, he thought.
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ryoccoon · a month ago
happily ever after | suna rintarou
Tumblr media
pairing; suna x fem!reader
warnings; periods, suggestive (and poor) pick up lines
genre; slice of life, domestic, fluff
Tumblr media
"Thanks again, sweetie. I hope we didn't ruin your plans for the evening."
You smile fondly as Mrs. Suna bows her head apologetically, her styled, raven hair bouncing elegantly as her meticulously painted lips curl upward into a sheepish smile. She looks stunning like this; with her sleek, indigo dress and sharp eyeliner, emphasizing her already fox-like eyes.
Her husband is no different, his hair coiffed to perfection and dressed to the nines, the obsidian shine to his suit bringing out the viridescence of his narrow eyes.
Together, they're sure to turn a few heads— they look undeniably gorgeous.
(Must run in the family, you think— images of a certain raven-haired, bedroom-eyed middle blocker popping into your head.)
"It's just that we haven't been out in so long just the two of us, and I'd hate to leave Hina home by herself... It wouldn't be so bad if Rin were here, but with Nationals coming up he's been coming home later than usual. I'm not even sure what time he'll be back this evening..."
Waving a hand in dismissal, you assure Suna's mother that it's no skin off your back. It's not as if this is your first time looking after her daughter. Plus, it's not like she's any trouble. Granted, she's got thrice as much energy at her older brother— it's nothing you can't handle.
"Don't worry about it," you say, adopting a playful expression as you jerk your head towards the front door. "You go and have fun on your date. I'll take care of the rest."
Mrs. Suna visibly relaxes as you say this, her posture straightening as though a weight had just been taken off her shoulders.
"You're so reliable, (y/n)," she says, sighing almost wistfully before adding: "I wish Rin would take a leaf out of your book."
You huff out a laugh at that.
And so, after she and her husband had gathered the last of their belongings, you bid them farewell, waving them off from the doorstep until their car disappears down the lane and away from view.
After closing the door behind you, you then turn towards Suna's little sister, who waits for you in the hallway, her face already lighting up at what you're 100% sure she's about to propose next.
"Movie marathon?"
Your face mirrors hers, and both of you rush into the living room.
You're halfway into Toy Story (your third movie of the evening) when you feel a sudden pain in your lower abdomen. It shoots through you like a mild electric shock, the achy feeling that follows all too familiar and making you curse internally.
"Be right back," you say, apologising when Suna's little sister frets over you missing the movie. You tell her not to pause it and that you just need the bathroom, which you promptly make a beeline for the second you get up.
Then, you groan.
'Gotta love being a woman.
Good thing you'd actually seen the signs this time and had worn a panty-liner before coming over. Nonetheless, you decide to swap it out for a larger pad for good measure, only for your ears to perk up when you hear the front door open, then close, followed by Suna's lazy:
"I'm home."
After neatly putting away any wrappers, you saunter into the hallway where Suna's in the middle of taking off his shoes. You decide to watch him for a while, leaning against the banister and laughing softly behind your hand as your boyfriend struggles to remove his laces, huffing under his breath. Your voice seems to carry over to where he's standing 'cause his eyes shoot up and widen slightly in surprise.
"Well, hello there," he drawls as he shrugs off his burgundy jacket. "Enjoying the view?"
You wave with a smile, skipping down the last few steps as you make your way over to him. "I was, actually," you chuckle, surprised when he pulls you in by the waist. "How was practice?"
"Tiring," he says, sighing blissfully when you cup both of his cheeks. He does look tired, you notice, thumbs running gingerly over the dark circles that underline his drowsy eyes.
"Coach made us play practice rounds nonstop. Think my arms might fall off from lifting them up so much." You huff out a laugh at the exaggeration, eyes creasing adoringly when Suna leans into your touch. He must have really been yearning to get home if he's acting this affectionate, eyes already closing as he lets himself melt under your care.
Indulging him a little further can't hurt, you think, standing on your tip toes before pressing your lips against his. The kiss was meant to be chaste, though Suna seems to have other plans as he pulls you flush against his chest. The action catches you off guard, but you soon respond by throwing your arms over his shoulders, enjoying the sound of him humming against your lips when your hand finds purchase in his soft hair. The sensuality of his movements make your mind fog, and had Suna not held you as close as he was now, you're sure your legs would've given in to his ministrations.
You do however, force yourself to push him away (albeit with much reluctancy) when you remember you're still in the middle of the hallway. Not to mention with Hina in the next room over.
Suna actually pouts as you pull away from him, his eyebrows pinched in a way that you can't help but coo at. "Don't give me that look. Your sister's in there watching Toy Story." Nodding your head in direction of the living room, Suna gives you his signature blazé stare, obviously unfazed by the details.
You squint suspiciously. "You'd just let her stand there and watch?"
"No. I'd tell her to go to her room so her big brother can take his beloved girlfriend to infinity and beyond: Rintarou style.."
Scoffing loudly, you playfully shove Suna for his inappropriate (and frankly, quite poor) Disney pick-up line. He catches your wrists before you can get away however, keeping you close as a wolfish smirk etches his features. "Come on, (y/n). You know I can make you buzz for light years, if you let me."
"Alright, that's enough." You're laughing shamelessly now at Suna's incessant flirting, shaking your head in disapproval as he cracks a grin of his own.
He then goes back to wrapping his arms around you, pulling you in and resting his chin atop your head to cage you. "What brings you here, anyway?" He asks quietly. "Miss me?"
You begin slowly swaying together as you nuzzle into your boyfriend's chest, catching a whiff of his body wash which suggests he'd already showered back at the gym. You sigh contentedly at the smell, eyes fluttering shut as you bask in his presence.
"Baby-sitting," you answer, your voice partially muffled as you press into his shirt. You feel his chest reverberate as he hums softly, hands smoothing over your back in a way that almost makes you want to purr. "Did your parents not tell you?"
Suna seems to mull this over briefly, a blanket of silence falling upon you before he answers, his voice carrying not a ounce of concern. "Must've slipped my mind."
You tut. Now you understand what his mum meant by wishing he'd take a leaf out of your book.
You're about to reprimand him for it when a shrill voice calls out from the living room.
"(Y/n)! Where are you? You're missing the best part!"
The small bubble of intimacy you and Suna had created shatters all too soon when his sister suddenly appears in the hallway, making a noise of disgust when she catches a glimpse of you and her brother. "Yuck! Get a room, you two!"
Laughing under your breath, it's with a heavy heart that you finally pull away from Suna, though you don't fully break contact as the latter decides to keep a loose hold on your hand, the other making a dismissive gesture towards his younger sibling.
"Shoo," he says. "(Y/n)'s spending time with me, now." You laugh as his little sister pulls a look of betrayal, her mouth gaping like a fish.
"What? No fair! (Y/n) is my babysitter for the night!"
Suna offhandedly scoffs at that, his eyes rolling all the while. "And she's my girlfriend for forever. What's your point?"
"Now, now. Be nice." You pat your boyfriend's arm when his sister puffs her cheeks out in that stubbornly fashion of hers, deciding to intervene before things can escalate. It's true that Suna's not one for starting conflict, but when it comes to winding up his little sister, this man truly knows no bounds. You've seen it happen before, and although he doesn't give a care in the world about the offhanded jabs he tosses, his little sister on the other hand can get a little... Rowdy.
"Why don't you join us?" You ask as you give Suna's hand a gentle tug. "You love Disney."
You don't miss the way he immediately reacts at your statement, shifting his bored eyes over to you with the word 'no' written all over his face (in lowercase). Regardless, you refuse to give up there, giving him your best puppy dog eyes that are bound to win him over one way or another.
"Fine," he sighs, proving your theory true.
You and Hina flash each other a knowing grin before the latter disappears into the living room, chirping about how she already knows which movie to pick next.
"Oh, here we go," he mumbles in disdain. You flash him a cheeky grin which he pretends not to see, allowing you to drag him down the hallway, a merry skip to your step.
When you walk through the lounge, Hina has already got the movie up, an anticipating look on her face as she watches you and Suna get comfortable on the couch. As always, Suna sits against the armrest and beckons you over so you can sit between his legs. When you do, he proceeds to loosely wraps his arms around your waist and uses your head as a chin rest.
"Ready when you are, Hina," you call, and you needn't tell the young girl twice. She hits play, and on comes the familiar title screen.
From then on out, everything's peaceful. From the familiar story you and Hina both love unfolding on the big TV screen, to the occasional, feather-light kisses Suna plants on your head.
Speaking of the latter— as much he stubbornly likes to turn his nose up at romance-fueled Disney movies such as this one, you're not totally oblivious to the way his fingers tap against your forearm when a particular musical number rouses his interests. At one point he even pretended to orchestrate a song when you and Hina began to dreamily sing along, lazily swaying his finger like he had been the conductor of the piece. You think his distaste towards Disneys stems from the desire to upkeep his suave image, but deep down you know he enjoys the quality time.
There's a reason he brings you to the theatres everytime a new one comes out.
You're brought back from your musings when a cramp suddenly twists in your lower abdomen, making you curl in on yourself uncomfortably. The action doesn't go unnoticed by your boyfriend, his hold on you loosening as he murmurs beside your ear:
"You good?"
"Period," you rasp, rubbing your hand across your stomach in a weak attempt to soothe the pain. Suna's own hand soon copies your movements, but when the pain persists— accentuated by a hiss you couldn't quite contain— Suna extends his leg so he can poke his little sister with the end of his foot. The latter turns around, confusion painting her features as Suna jerks his head towards the staircase.
"It's getting pretty late," he says. Then, "bedtime."
Hina's face drops. She shakes her head repeatedly, a look of disappointment apparent on her rounded face. You'd feel kind of bad for her but admittedly, the pain in your abdomen easily bypasses your guilt.
"You can finish it tomorrow. (Y/n)'s staying here tonight, anyway."
You quirk an eyebrow as Suna says this, the information new as far as you're concerned. "Am I?"
"You're not taking the bus alone at this hour," Suna replies simply. You suppose he's right. Weirdos tend to lurk on the bus at this time of night, and you're not sure you'd have the energy to fend them off at this point— not with the cramps twisting up your insides.
Meanwhile, Suna's little sister seems to still be debating whether or not she should obey her brother's orders, her rear still rooted to the floor. "But I'm not tired yet," she says, shuffling awkwardly under Suna's gaze.
"Tough," is all he says, shifting under you so you'd stand up. "(Y/n)'s not feeling well and it's past your bedtime."
You smile apologetically as you hold your hands out to Hina, ones that she half heartedly grabs as you pull her to her feet. "Sorry, Hina. I promise we'll watch the rest tomorrow. We can even bake a cake afterwards if you'd like." The mention of cake seems to please both siblings; the youngest grinning at the suggestion, while the eldest makes a quiet noise of content.
"Can we make cookies too? If you say yes then I'll go to bed." You puff out a laugh at Hina's bribery proposal, shaking your head at the cheeky smile on her face.
"She drives a hard bargain," sniggers Suna, arms crossed in a proud brotherly fashion. He lightly jerks his head at you, an expecting look on his face. "What's it gonna be, (y/n)?"
You roll your eyes at both siblings. They may carry themselves different; one's personality bright as day and the other cool as night, but one thing's for sure— their wit and sly persona is definitely something indicative of their Suna bloodline.
"Alright, you win. Tomorrow we'll make cake and cookies. And Rin-" you shoot your boyfriend a pointed stare. "No eating the cookie dough!"
The latter lackadaisically raises his hands in mock surrender, making Hina giggle cutely at your side. "I wouldn't dare."
Getting ready for bed is a chill affair; you brush your teeth, slip on some comfy clothes and head into Hina's bedroom, all while dealing with the achiness of your cursed period. Speaking of the young girl, you'd like to think your earlier agreement had gone smoothly, and yet when it came to putting the ravenette to bed, she still refused to do as she was told, standing at the foot of her bed, green eyes still bright with energy.
"Before bed, can me and (y/n) do the dance that's at the end of the movie?" She asks, rocking on the balls of her feet. "We didn't get to that part yet and we usually always dance to it..."
Upon her request, Suna flashes his sister a look of warning, one that you quickly fend off by brushing your hand against his. He must be fretting about your stomachache, but thankfully the first day is the most manageable. 
"Sure," you smile. Then, all while ignoring the annoying ache in your stomach, you conjure your best curtsey, holding a hand out to her in a way that never fails to make her giggle. "Milady."
She squeaks when you then sweep her off her feet, twirling her around before setting her on top of both your feet. It allows for better movement for when you guide her across your makeshift dancefloor (aka her bedroom, which luckily was one of the most spacious rooms in the house), and in that moment, neither of you care about the lack of music accompanying your performance, too engrossed in your own little world. Nor do you both realise when Suna pulls out his phone to immortalise the moment in his camera roll.
"Cute." He smirks to himself after hitting the "stop" button, pocketing his phone as you and Hina's waltz eventually comes to a halt.
You let go of her petite form after lowering her into dip, enjoying her giggles as you finish the dance off by playfully tickling her neck. The action seems to distract her momentarily from the fact that she's about to be put to bed, but the second she clocks you and her big brother about to leave to room, she's quick to tug on your shirt, preventing you from leaving.
"I don't wanna go to bed yet. M' not tired.." Her bottom lip juts out as she says this, her eyes downcast while her hands tug restlessly at her own sleeves. Truth be told, you expected this to happen— Hina never liked to be left out when it came to you and Suna. She would always insist on how she was scared of missing out on something fun, and that she liked just hanging out with you two, even if you didn't do anything. To be fair, it was very cute of her. But when it came to her big brother, he saw it as more of a hindrance.
Typical big brother things, you suppose.
"You've spent enough time with (y/n) now. Go to bed." His tone leaves no room for mercy as he shooed away his little sister, making her look all the more hurt. You could already see the tears beginning to form in her eyes, something that made Suna groan at, and you coo at.
"Don't be upset, Hina.. I'll be here tomorrow morning, remember?" You squat down to meet her at eye level, booping her nose before any tears are shed. You hope that what you said would be enough to keep her satisfied, however when her pout persists, you decide it's time to come to yet another compromise.
"Alright. How about me and Rin read you a bedtime story?" You can practically feel Suna glare at the back of your head, his voice as firm as rock as he said;
"Absolutely not."
"Oh, come on," you prompt, remaining at eye level with Hina but spinning around so you could tug at his sleeve. "Please?"
Suna's narrow eyes zero-in on you as you spare him that unfair, doe-eyed regard. Yours paired with his little sister's almost makes him grimace in disdain. Instead, he simply sighs as he feels his stony exterior slowly begin to crumble, what's left of his resolution dwindling into nothing.
Like magic, Hina's face immediately lights up, her eyes no longer glistening with the urge to cry, but with the excitement of both of her older siblings reading her a bedtime story. She quickly squabbles to get into her bed, leaving her covers open for you and Suna to climb under.
As you stand up, you all but smile when Suna shoots you a deadpan stare, linking your arm with his. "Come on, grumpy," you mock, laughing as Suna begrudgingly climbs into bed, next to his sister. Next is your turn, scooting in beside him and consequently caging him between both of you. He seems uncomfortable at first, sighing as Hina plops a book in his hands (another fairytale one— his favourite), but a kiss on the cheek from you surely has his shoulders relaxing.
"You have the nicest voice between the two of us, Rinrin. You start."
Hina doesn't seem against this, neither does Suna for that matter. He opens the book, holding it up so both of you can see. And as you cosy up to his side, resting your head against his shoulder, he reads out the first line:
"Once upon a time..."
You had not been lying when you said Suna had a nice voice. In fact, nice was in your eyes— or in this case, ears— a severe understatement. It was silvery smooth and his low lilt, paired with his skillful reading slowly but surely had you under a trance. You were drawn in as Suna recounted the story of a Prince travelling far and wide in order to rescue the imprisoned Princess. He had you at the introduction, cracking a sleepy smile whenever his little sister would gasp at some of the more riveting scenes. However, it was somewhere towards the middle of the story that your eyes had unwillingly fluttered shut, perceving nothing but the quiet drone that was Suna's voice, the sound fading into nothing but a pleasant background noise.
Naturally, this doesn't go unnoticed by said storyteller, who stops his reading in order to peer over at the two of you, unsurprised when he catches you both sleeping soundly on either side of him, heads pressed against his shoulders. Closing the storybook, he opts to leave it on his lap rather than risking waking you up.
Meanwhile, as he pulls the bedsheets over his sister, making sure she's comfily tucked in, he gently rests his hand on top of yours and props his head up against yours.
"Night, squirt," he murmurs to Hina, who instinctively snuggles up to him at the familiar term of endearment. Then, he directs his words to you, his voice barely audible and the hold on your hand as sweet as it was delicate.
"Night, Princess."
And the three of you slept happily ever after.
Tumblr media
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ughgojo · 2 months ago
ft: suna rintarou
synopsis: things i think suna does when you’re in a relationship.
content warnings: mentions of weed and making out.
note from the author: i’ve done this post on my previous blog but i’m revamping it into a better version kinda. i will come out with more original content soon! likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
— he’s clingy, very clingy if you will. his stoic and nonchalant demeanour drops the second he gets around you. he always has to be touching you in some way. whether it’s a hand on your arm or him laying his head in your lap. if the boys tease him about it he just points out the fact that none of them have relationships.
— he doesn’t really mind pda but he also won’t go too extreme with it. a handhold and maybe a kiss here and there. but, if you are into pda he will try to accommodate for you.
— he captures every moment you two have together. and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING. he has a whole album of photos that are just of you in your most ‘candid worthy moments’ as he would say. some are good, you smiling while he told you a joke in the middle of a date. and some are not so good, him catching you mid sneeze or while you are asleep, mouth wide open, with drool running down your cheek. yes, he uses these as blackmail.
— his whole instagram is dedicated to either singular pictures of you or pictures of you and him. sometimes he won’t even caption the photo, and will just post it and turn off the comments. he doesn’t want anyone commenting on how cute you are. he knows and makes sure to tell you every day in some asshole, sarcastic way.
— i see his love language being quality time and acts of service. since he doesn’t talk much and the few words he does speak are sarcastic banter, he believes actions speak louder than words. and as i said earlier, he loves to just sit and enjoy your presence. no talking, just the sound of you two breathing with the occasional laughter if he shows you a video he seen on tiktok.
— always gives you his jackets. but, he will complain first. will mumble something about ‘how you need to buy your own and stop trying to take all of his’ before giving it to you. on days he knows it’s cold and you’re going to ask for one, he brings two and sprays the one he’s wearing with cologne so it smells more like him.
— if he’s bored and he misses you he will face time you over the weirdest things. “hey baby, you left a strand of your hair over my house and i was wondering if you wanted it back?” lol just really annoying.
— when he knows you’re dead sleep he will whisper the things he likes/loves about you. one time you were awake while he thought you were asleep and he confessed his love for you. you never brought it up though just in case he got embarrassed and but you daydreamed about it for days.
— lives to tease you because he loves your reactions and it doesn’t matter whether you say something snarky back or you just get all shy on him.
— i don’t headcanon suna as a smoker most of the time since he’s passionate about volleyball and they’re very strict about no drugs and sobriety. but, there will be special occasions where he likes to let loose and smoke once in a while and he only likes to smoke with you, so you can shotgun which turns into make out session on his couch.
— also the type to not let you walk away from him without giving him a kiss, ever. he will definitely grab your wrist and pull you into his lap just to kiss him. and it doesn’t matter if he’s kissed you 10 times in the last 5 minutes, he’s just infatuated with you.
— has a picture of you on his lock screen, home screen, and in his phone case and he looks at all of them when he’s sad or misses you.
— you’ve met his sister before. she loves you and both of them try to compete for your time whenever you come over because they both just love you so much. rin’s sister has won more than he has and he sits in the corner and sulks until you pay attention to him.
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rinslove · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring: suna rintarou x gn!reader
warnings: strong language, piercings mention
autumn’s note: in a permanent state of sunarin brainrot
series masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ohtsumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of alcohol consumption.
“pretty baby,” he coos sweetly into your shoulder, humming softly to himself before nuzzling into the crook of your neck. the action startles a soft laugh from you, to which his smile widens to an almost comical size. “so pretty,” he murmurs, and softly mumbles a boop! when he gently taps your nose.
suna rintaro is drunk. not often do you see him like this, the noirette opting for nursing a beer or two, but it had been inarizaki’s ten year reunion that night, and well. things fell together, and an amused atsumu, peeved osamu, tired aran, and ever-so-polite kita delivers your wasted husband to your doorstep with enough commotion to wake up the neighborhood.
(‘he’s been askin’ for ya all night’, osamu reveals to you with an irritated yet fond sigh, and only huffs a laugh when a smile spreads across your lips. ‘wouldn’t shut up the entire ride back.’
‘guess he really loves me, then’, you muse, and you can hear atsumu snicker from where aran is trying to set suna on the couch without him sliding off.
‘a simp!’ the blond twin crows, and osamu rolls his eyes.
‘at least he has someone.’
‘take that back!’)
now he’s draped his entire body weight in you, switching between mumbling to himself in soft slurs and staring at you in abashed awe, the latter proving to be much more comical to watch. normally quiet - at least, in terms of favoring to be cool, collected, and suave - you witness his intense fascination with the color of your eyes with giggles plaguing you as his elation increases more and more at the sound of it.
“your eyes are pretty.”
“thank you, rin—”
“no, really, they’re really pretty.”
“thank y—”
“i hope our kids get your eyes.” the last comment renders you speechless, hues widening as his words circle in your head. i hope our kids get your eyes. that meant he’d thought about kids in your future, together. drunken words were the unspoken truth after all, and the thought of sharing a family with him is all you can think about.
mumbling tampering off the silence, you look down to see that he’s drifted off into peaceful slumber, cheek smushed against your chest as his expression contorts into one of bliss. chuckling quietly to yourself, you shift a bit to get comfortable, opting to close your eyes as well.
i hope our kids are just like you, rin.
Tumblr media
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sainoirs · 27 days ago
cw: dacryphilia, teasing, hints at a sub reader, praise, angel used as a pet name. lmk if i missed anything.
to sit in suna’s lap while he fingers you in front of a mirror is the only thing on my mind rn..one of his hands is holding your chin and forcing you to pay attention to exactly what he’s doing, watching his fingers dip in and out of you all while he’s alternating between kissing and sucking your neck or cooing in your ear, encouraging praises and little teases that bring you closer and closer to the edge every time. “look at how good you’re wetting up my fingers angel, doing so good at paying attention don’t ya think?” you can hear the grin in his voice as he speeds up, causing you to close your eyes at immense pleasure you were beginning to feel. “ah, ah, ah. open your eyes or else you won’t get to come.”
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terrakiyo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
suna looks up at you, “so?”
“you come here often?” you grin.
he gives you an unimpressed look. you still notice the way the corner his lips quirked up a little. (your pride swells).
“you know i work here.” he leans against the counter.
you bounce on your feet, lips pursing in faux confusion.
“what a coincidence.” you smile, leaning closer to him. “my favorite person works here.”
he leans forward when you say that, a smirk growing on his lips. “really?”
“yup.” you laugh.
“what about you?” he yawns.
you tilt your head in confusion.
“you come here often?” he shoots back, smirk becoming teasing when you turn away.
you hide your smile behind your hand when you look back at him.
“i frequent this place.” you put your hands on your hips.
“how interesting,” he sighs, “my favorite person also frequents this place.”
you cross your arms over the counter, a smile blooming in your lips.
you lean forward. “do they now?”
and suna nods, a genuine smile on his lips. “yeah. they come here every morning before their first class.”
“i bet they’re happy there’s barely any customers,” you lean up, “they love having you all to themselves.”
“what a coincidence.” he leans closer to you. “i love having you all to myself, too.”
you smile, slowly leaning towards him. suna inches his face closer to yours.
“i have to ask you something very important, though.”
you get goosebumps when his breath fans your lips. you can practically feed his lips against your. you inch your face closer to his.
he pulls away, cocky smirk on his lips. “what are you gonna order?”
you have to stop yourself from toppling over the counter. you blink at him. he laughs when he sees your bewildered expression.
“what?” you squeak.
suna taps the sharpie against the plastic cup in his hand. “coffee. you gonna have your usual?”
you blink at him, frowning. “will it be free if i kiss you?”
you click your tongue. “fine.”
“i still wanna cash in that kiss, though.”
Tumblr media
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atzuums · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
don’t smile at me — suna rintaro au
when you become the photographer for famous model suna rintaro you were excited. your dreams are soon crushed when you realize he’s an asshole, but maybe that’s just how he flirts.
pairing: suna × fem!reader
genre: crack, fluff, angst, written + smau
tropes: unrequited love, enemies to lovers, photographer!reader, model!suna.
warnings: mean!suna, strong language.
taglist: closed
schedule: every day
status: completed
Tumblr media
suna & friends | y/n & friends
Tumblr media
ONE : pretty boy suna
TWO : oh no, she’s hot
THREE : i don’t actually think you’re hot
FOUR : im not mean
FIVE : this is so awkward
SIX : he’s such an asshole
SEVEN : rude comment
EIGHT : i should quit
NINE : menacingly
TEN : i need your help
ELEVEN : im sorry
TWELVE : friends
THIRTEEN : losers
FOURTEEN : don’t act like this
FIFTEEN : glaring
SIXTEEN : obvious
SEVENTEEN : i don’t mean to pry
EIGHTEEN : against the rules
NINETEEN : where is he
TWENTY : ghosting
TWENTY ONE : quitting
TWENTY TWO : dummy
TWENTY THREE : let me explain (tw: mentions of suicide)
TWENTY FOUR : just friends
TWENTY FIVE : first date
TWENTY SIX : jealous bitch
TWENTY SEVEN : losers in love
Tumblr media
* pictures used in this story do not belong to me.
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kshira · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: your most hated classmate is at the same halloween party as you, fuck or ignore him this go around?
wc. 1,738
tw. fem!reader, college au! cursing, teasing, degradation, literal hate fucking, suna being a menace, fingering, hair pulling, brat taming, hard dom suna! w/ sub reader
an. based on this request, though this can be read alone. my third piece for kinktober, i hope you enjoy! <3
✰ kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
“beer?” the tall lingering shadow asks you, fingers nudging a red solo cup in your direction, you never make eye contact instead swatting away the drink.
“no, not drinking” you mumble, eyes trained on your phone, easing away from the tension of hoards of people crowding around you, not knowing anyone—or not caring enough to know anyone.
“that’s too bad, you truly are so stuck up” the voice is husky, taunting you from your enclosed shell, you snap your eyes to the figure, his lips curling when you finally make eye contact.
“you have got to be fucking kidding me” you rasp, deadpan expression when suna smiles down on you “oh sweetheart, don’t act so happy to see me” he laughs, pulling a strand of hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear “you’re looking beautiful as ever.”
“whatever, i’m leaving” your white dress catches wind when you spin around, heading towards the door and out of this shitty halloween party and even more shit since he’s here.
suna watches your back inch towards the door, pushing past cheap costumes and messy colored faces, he pauses a second to collect his thoughts, mind running different scenarios—he follows behind you.
Tumblr media
he watches from afar, your body slumping against the brick wall in defeat, halo hung on your head tilting down when your face crashes in your hands, shoulders dropping and suna feels somewhat bad for being a nuisance to you everyday in class.
the feeling doesn’t last though when he thinks about how cute your face scrunches up from frustration of him, eyes knocking in the back of your head at his obnoxious comments and he most certainly cannot forget how hard you came on his fingers weeks ago—in class.
“i can see you” you look up from your position on the ground, drawing your eyes over to his taller shadow, hands shoved in his pocket whilst he tries to hide behind a bush, “is the horns isn’t it?” he flashes a grin, poking his fingers on the red makeshift devil horns on his head.
and again, rintaro suna makes your gut twist at his annoyance but within the moonlight peeking through covered trees, he matches the look—so devilishly handsome.
“wanna get outta here, angel?” he questions, “my dorm is right around the block, gotta bed with your name on it” he motions his finger across the street, you could deny to the gods right now he doesn’t make your stomach churn at his obvious flirting but it’s a whatever situation at this point; whatever happens, happens.
“don’t call me that” you grunt, jumping to your feet and walking to his side, “but that’s what you are, the angel of my dreams” he coos, turning to face you “you know i’ve been thinking” he pauses, eyeing over your disgusted face made at him, he internally laughs at how much you truly do hate him “your pussy—”
your cheeks feel hot, warmth collecting in the apples when suna leans in closer to your face “how tight you were wrapped around my fingers, how hard you came” he whispers now, hot breath fanning over your lips “what do you think you’d do if that was my dick instead?”
you stay silent, lip held tight between your teeth till the point of blood rising to the surface, suna made your blood boil—you’ve hated sitting beside him in class, you hated him—hatred had spread so much to the point that when nights felt lonely, all you could think about was him when your fingers sunk deep in your hole, pumping to the thought of him doing it instead and that alone just added fuel to the fire.
“but enough about your perfect cunt—come on” suna intertwined his fingers with yours dragging you to the door of his apartment complex, he turns to you opening the door “last chance to run away” he leans down to your level, lips brushing against your ear “tomorrow you probably won’t even be able to walk.”
“you’re an ignorant prick, i swear” your jaw tightens, walking through the door he’s held open for you, turning to him once he begins following behind “you’ll barely get a peep outta me” you flip your hair at the comment and suna could of sworn his dick twitches in response.
“sit” he motions, large hand padding beside him on the small bed “oh.. i guess you probably don’t listen to what you’re told” suna grins, his devil horns shining brightly on his raven locks “would you please sit beside me, my sweet innocent angel?” your eyes squint at him, watching his head cock to the side, curiosity settles in his bones, he just loves to toy with you anyway he can.
your leg brushes against his when you bounce down on the bed, “so my angel can listen to demands” suna flickers his eyes over your costume, glossing on your bare legs and back up to your bleak eyes “i told you not to call me that” you roll your shoulders, settling into his bed.
suna raises his head from looking over your body, his hand rising to card through your hair, his soft is touch—tenderly drawing the digit down to your plump lips “what should i call you when i fuck you then?” he hums, finger dipping inside your mouth and not another thought crosses your mind but sucking on it.
suna watches your lips wrap around his digit, bobbing your head down on his thick finger, you pull off with a pop—he groans, fingers running along your chin and gripping your face towards him “answer me, angel.”
you’d had enough of this, your cunt throbbed whenever he looked at you, thighs rubbed when he talked to you and you’d gave up on this game—you wanted him now.
“d-don’t care anymore, just fuck me—please” you beg, lips crashing against his own, bigger palms swallowing your face as he moves you on his lap, your clothed pussy grinding on his bulge “just like that, you’re putty in my fucking hands, you slut.”
suna lifts your dress above your head, hands coming down to unhook and toss your bra on the floor, mouth guiding down to twirl his tongue on your perked nipple, his calloused fingers skimming the soft skin “you won’t be smart after tonight” he says, pushing you down on the bed, yanking his shirt off—the devil horns tilting down his raven hair and tumbling down beside you “i’m going to fuck you stupid.”
“just shut up and do it you pussy” you moan, pushing down the last fabric tied to your body, fingers messily grabbing onto his broad shoulder connecting him back with your lips “i don’t even know why i’m doing this, you’re disgusting, a fucking idiot with no brain cell in that stupid head” you whimper, trying to act the part but his fingers sink inside your cunt—played all over again like in class; you truly are just putty in his hands.
“and here you are, opening your legs for me—begging me to fuck you. cock hungry whore” he spats, curling his fingers inside your tight walls, moaning out when he watches your back arch off his bed.
“fuck you” you grip at his hand, tears prickling your vision at the thrusts of his fingers, knuckles knocking against your bare ass “don’t be so impatient, angel” he smirks, pulling his soaked fingers out and loosing his clothes to the floor, cock fisting in his hand suna aligns it with his hole.
“god, rin—fucking god” you mewl when he finally pushes in your hole, hands caressing down your bare thighs and hiking them over his shoulders “you’re so tight” he groans, starting a slow pace into you, his hands coming down on either side of your face and you don’t want to, you hate to admit it but you’re searching for him through his pumps inside you, you want him.
“i remember all those times you bitched at me for coming late to class, yelling at me when i turned in work wrong” suna pauses, he leans down further until his nose brushes across your face, lips so close you can smell the lingering alcohol on his breath added with sugary candy “but all i thought about was fucking your brains out, fucking you till you couldn’t even fuckin’ talk.”
suna just laughs to himself when you clench back, words left unspoken from either pure rage or the fact of how good he was fucking you. he’s craved this for so long, the endless nights fucking his fist to your warm cunt, ignoring anybody that came his way because the thrill of you hating him was just so much better.
“i’m close” you manage to slip the words out, hips rocking to his deep thrusts, hands slipping between the strands of your hair to grab a fistful and guide your mouth to his “cum on my cock, be the good little slut you are” he coos, tightening his grip and pumping his dick harder until white creeps into your vision.
“cum for me angel” he snarls, hips snapping faster—ascending into the pleasure with you suna feels his cock throbbing harder, pulsating through the tight grip your pussy has on him “i’m gonna cum, may i?” he politely asks, laughing when you can’t answer back, eyes rolling inside your head, “already fucked stupid huh?” he taunts when you start to unravel under him, legs shaking and trembling when the white coats your body.
“yes—cum in me, wanna feel it” you whimper, the prominent veins that run through his cock drag against your walls, sending you into an overstimulation of nerves but god did it feel good, and suna just eats it up, finally fucking you, cumming inside you—all it took was the bare miminuim and here you were.
“mmh, take it all you fucking slut, gonna fill this pussy up” suna snaps into you one more time, drilling deep in your cunt till he paints your walls with pretty white ribbons of his seed. suna smiles down on you, lips curling devilishly when you avoid his stare “i still fucking hate you” you say, pushing him off of you, the ache between your legs already taking effect.
suna leans back from you, running his hand through his hair as he watches you wobble around to grab your clothes “really? because i like you.” and you think he’s just spouting absolute bullshit like he always does but when you turn back to look at him, his features soften and that gleam hangs in his eyes—the same one when you first met him.
Tumblr media
tagging— @chronic-claire-universe @ravenina14 @mattsunmakkilovebot @bakugousmrs @hqintheclub
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shoyotime · 4 months ago
when their ex approaches them in public
Tumblr media
featuring : akaashi, suna, sakusa, kenma
genre : fluff ??? ( tbh i really don't know what this is )
warnings : mentions of a shitty ex, gn!reader, cursing, not proofread ! ( when is it ever )
a/n : took me all my will to live to restrain myself to write another hc for tooru and save some for other characters
Tumblr media
— akaashi
it was a lovely date until his previous partner walked up to you while you were waiting for him to get the drinks. you didn't really care — not as much as they expected you to. akaashi and you went over his previous relationship a lot of times, complaining about a lot of them. however, just seeing this person in front of you sparked a feeling of insecurity inside you. that was until you felt an arm slide around your waist, eyes looking up to see who it belonged to. akaashi's typical calm demeanor was gone and you could feel him tensing up at the sight — not from the sudden appearance of his ex though. "you could've done so much better." — they snickered and it didn't take your boyfriend more than a second to have an outstanding comeback. "i did. i did so much better than my past relationship." he didn't even wait for their response and walked away — not like it was necessary. "are you okay?" — he asked, hands still resting on your waist. "oh, yeah, i am." you were, really, but he noticed the panic in your eyes, even if it lasted for a second. instinctively his hands tightened around your waist, pulling you closer as he mumbled a breathy, "i love you" in your ears, proceeding to pull you inside one of the shops along the street.
— suna
"rin, this is your—" — "it's suna for you." both you and his ex were surprised by his calloused voice. he wasn't necessarily enthusiastic about anything but you, or the things he loved, like the cat cafe you both were in. but the sudden drop in his voice was enough to tell that he clearly didn't like the situation you both were in — that is, in front of his ex. "whatever, if you ever want to get back, you know i'm right here." they scoffed, running eyes up and down your physique before he stepped between both of you, glaring at them with a scowl on his face. "you're really fucking confident for someone who i dumped long ago." suna never really cursed — not exactly, it was playful most of the time but not frequent. "grow up, yeah? arrogance isn't going to get you anywhere." — he added, pulling your out of the cafe. it was unfortunate how your perfect date with him was ruined by an uninvited someone but, suna knew better than just leaving for home and spending rest of the day in silence. "hey, you okay there?" — you asked, judging from the scowl on his face. "i am, are you though? i'm sorry for whatever happened." — "it's okay, rin. it wasn't your fault." and that's how the two of you ended up at an arcade for the next couple of hours.
— sakusa
sakusa was a patient guy. he wasn't interested in arguments, not until he spot his ex reach you out near the shopping counter, only to turn their attention to him as soon as he walked up to you. "kiyoomi, how have you been?" — his expression made it clear that out of everything, he didn't want his name to roll off their tongue. "you no longer have the right to call me that." — "what? is this just because of that little argument? omi we can still get—" — "no we can't." he was quick to cut them off, rolling eyes at their fake saccharine words. "first of all, it wasn't a little argument and secondly, stop bothering me and my s/o." it wasn't your first time meeting his ex. you saw them break up, helped sakusa get over them, never really expecting him to fall for in the process. amidst all, you always ended up bumping into his ex, as if they were following you around like a papparazzi. you noticed the way their mouth opened to say something before sakusa dragged you out of the shop. "i'm sorry for that. let's shop from another store." and even if you're doing just fine, he's going to make sure you aren't pooling in insecurities. so you best believe that he'll have his hands intertwined with yours all day long.
— kenma
he really wanted to stay home and watch movies instead of assisting you with shopping. not that he hated it, he was simply exhausted and the sight of his ex approaching him just fueled his desire to go home. "hey ken, it's been long. i see you're having fun with your friend." — "s/o. they're my s/o, we're dating." the look on their face was comically surprising, jaw dropping low as if they witnessed a ghost. kenma, on other hand, was unfazed. he didn't really care about his ex, especially their words now that they've broken up. "excuse us," you smiled — more like forced one — before wrapping your hands around his arms, only to be stopped by an unwanted person, again. "ken, i miss you." you didn't know if you should laugh or feel bad for them. after hearing countless tales about kenma's not-so-good relationship, your emotions towards his previous partner were far from pity and sympathy. now that they were in front of him, in front of you, begging him to come back right in front of you, his s/o, you were doing a good job with restraining your anger. when you felt the emotions over flow, only a chuckle escaped your lips and that too because of kenma's reply. "but i don't." that's it. that's all he said before doing the payments and rushing out of the store, looking at you with an unreadable expression. "told you we shouldn't have come to the store." — "it's okay, i think that was a nice." — "what was so nice about that?" — "their face."
Tumblr media
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tora-ken · 4 months ago
[07:22] suna rintarou and his baby
warnings: none
x fem!reader | other timestamps
Tumblr media
the wail of a baby stays awake the entire night, and suna is losing his mind. he looks over to your side of the bed where you've strategically placed a pillow over your face, so you wouldn't have to wake up and then finally have the chance to sleep after weeks of taking care of your baby with no break.
you lazily lift your arm to shake him awake and mumble a barely coherent, "please take care of ritsuka."
suna nods, with a quiet "yes" and rubs his eyes to wake himself up as he groggily trudges out of your bed towards your baby whos only a few feet across from the room in her crib.
he's noticing that there's nothing wrong with her nappies, nor does she have a temperature, so he picks her up and tries to get a closer look. and only then, does she stop crying.
the peace in the home startles you, and you open your eyes back up and remove the pillow from your face, just to watch your husband and child slowly rocking in pace whilst he coos to her lovingly.
"did you just miss your papa, is that why you've been crying sweetheart?" he smiles at her, and his eyes crease like the moon.
she babbles excitedly, and her arms are flailing to grab his face, only to pull his hair.
"ah-ow ritsuka, stop that hurts, you rat." he slowly removes her arms from his, and she's smiling at him again like she's never met her father.
"she's such a daddy's little girl." he flips his head in your direction and he chuckles. walking over to you, he sits on your side of the bed to show you your creation.
"rin, give her to me, i'll feed her so she can go to sleep." he's humming a sweet lullaby, in an attempt to put her to sleep, but she stares up at her parents with big eyes, like she's got a question to ask them.
it's only then when your breastfeeding your child, does suna realise he's got the best life he could ever receive. it's only then does he realise he's blessed to have met someone like you, someone as caring as you, and someone as kind as you. he then looks back at his baby, contentedly suckling on her mother's breast that she was so perfect, so adorable and that he was going to dread for when she grew into a teenager.
"i love you so much." you look up to see you husband, with tears around his eyes. startled you almost stop feeding your child and you look at him more closely.
"rin, what's wrong? why are you crying?" due to the fact that you had just given birth, you too were prone to these emotions, and were about to cry with your husband.
"i just, i never realised how lucky i was to have the two of you in my life, and i want to tell you that more." he's fiddling with his fingers like an awkward high schooler, and you let out a chuckle, rather than burst into tears.
"i love you too, rin. and so does our little girl, you are most definitely her favourite." you joke, and the two of you stare at your baby, before realising that she's fallen asleep, with her mouth agape. you laugh before pulling your shirt back down, and slowly making your way back to her crib.
slowly placing her down, the two of you get back into bed, with suna in your arms hugging you like you hadn't given him enough attention. eyes feeling droopy, you fall into slumber, as does suna. only to be awaken by the wails of your baby. again.
Tumblr media
a/n: hey yall ... its been so long 😅
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nightrinnie · 3 months ago
The risque pic post, but with suna 😏
yes. super sorry this took literally a month! requests are open!
FEATURING: suna rintarou
WARNINGS: pure smut [i'm not even lying, it's deadass 1.3k of smut], oral f!receiving, [brief mentions/actions] spitting, possessiveness, dumbification, very light degradation.
TAGS: afab!reader
i might have gone a little over board, but i'm losing interest in this blog so i figured i'd go big before disappearing for another month or two <3
Tumblr media
here's the thing, you and suna aren't exactly an official couple. more of an occasional hookup or... sneaky link, in other terms. the reason being, neither one of you are at a point in your lives where you're ready to be in a relationship.
although that doesn't mean you two don't act like it.
it has been a long week since you two have met up. neither you or suna had texted, and it felt like an unofficial ghosting. it was killing him more than you for this silence and disconnect, so, when suna saw a message from you pop up on his phone he couldn't ignore it.
zoning out of the conversation, he swipes up on the message, opening it with wide-eyes and a suppressed-surprised cough in response.
your elbows supporting your body, on the bed, wearing a small piece of black lingerie that accented your curves and allowed your breasts to be on display. the same lingerie set that always drove him insane whenever you'd wear it just for him.
screenshotting the image before placing his phone in the pocket of his hoodie, trying his best to hide the growing bulge in his jeans. coughing, suna sits up from the chair.
excusing himself from the table, "sorry guys i got to go." suna announces, ignoring the complaints and teasing from his friends as he leaves the restaurant and practically sprinting to your apartment.
you knew what you were doing, sending him that photo, knowing that he was standing on thin ice. however, it helped to know that you were the first to cave.
knocking on your door, giving you no chance to say 'hello' or anything for the matter before suna pushes himself in, slamming you against the closed door, his lips crashing against yours. caught of guard, yet responsive, your fingers working to undo all the buttons of his shirt, pushing the fabric down his shoulders where he throws the piece of fabric off his body then discarding it across the room.
suna tears off the big shirt you wore, ripping the item of clothing in half and letting it fall to the floor. pulling your bottom lip between his teeth before lowering his head and slowly falling to his knees as he travels down your body.
nipping at the skin at your collarbone before moving down to your chest, looking up through half-lidded up, chilling – and taunting – eyes staring at you. fingers playing with the thin, lacy material.
"you wearing this just for me?" suna hums, "huh? you knew that i would come over here with out a second thought?"
"...maybe," you shrug. "i just got bored, and needed my weekly fix." smiling, you tilt his chin up, "how about you show me the reason why you ran all the way here."
“anything for you,” he muses before tearing off the lingerie. kisses down the crevice of your breasts, hands kneading the flesh of your chest. teeth gently pinching the skin, tongue pressing flat against the bud of your nipple.
suna travels down your body, leaving purple bruises to form in the place where his lips used to be.
the brunette tugs the thin fabric down your legs, hoisting you up, hands firmly placed on your thighs as he wraps your legs around his shoulders. suna's tongue attaching itself to your clit, slowly building pressure onto the sensitive bud, repeating his slow yet intense movements of his tongue.
his amused hums sending vibrations through your body, rhythm picking up and tongue lapping against your cunt. suna drawing patterns and lips curling around your clit, causing your hips to buck forward and a hand to shoot to his hair as another does its best attempt to grip onto the flat surface of the wooden door behind you.
pushing his head closer against you, increasing the side of pleasure as you continue to grind your hips to the skilled movement of suna’s tongue. breathing becoming staggered, chest rising and falling. mouth hanging open, eyes clenched shut, toes curling, and legs hugging onto his body.
“just like that,” you gasp, whimpers escaping from your mouth while you succumb to the rush of euphoria and pleasure that races through your body.
mind going completely blank when his fingers come in contact with your cunt, a moan sounding from your throat. suna glances up, basking in the wonderfully sinful sight behold him, snapping a million mental pictures. with his free hand, he clenches the plush of your thigh when your nails dig into the skin of his shoulder.
body flinching forward, legs going stiff, and senses overflowing with an insatiable amount of pleasure. “oh– don’t stop rin, you’re doing so good.” panting, a more vocal moan echoing throughout the apartment, “keep going, i’m so close.”
complying, suna doesn’t stop.
he’s fuelled by the angelic sounds of your whimpers and moans, and he’s doing everything he can to hear the music to his ears of hearing you reach a release. ignoring the mess on his lips, suna picks up his pace, listening to the staggering and whiny responses of overwhelming pleasure which he provides you.
chasing the release, your back lifts off the door, eyes rolling, and your head was thrown back.
pleased, suna drags his tongue up your folds one last time before trailing his lips down your thighs, leaving a mark or two. in seconds, he lifts you, wrapping your legs around his torso as he rushes to the bedroom.
throwing you onto the bed, crawling on top of you, where your hands meet his belt, undoing the band and the button of his jeans.
suna then kicks off his jeans, feeling your hand palm him through his briefs. his fingers wrap around your wrist, wide eyes looking up at him with the appearance of faux innocence, only driving him mad. “you’re needy aren’t you?” the brunette teases, “are you that desperate babe?”
unimpressed, you pull down the hem of his boxers, hand lightly grazing over his hard. leaning in close, lips brushing over his, rolling your wrist, “you aren’t any better rin.”
you push him down onto the bed, crawling over him, knees planted on either side of his legs. pumping his cock, before aligning him with your cunt. keeping your palm pressed flat against his chest as you lower yourself, satisfied at the electrifying way suna’s face scrunched up upon feeling your walls around him.
holding tight onto your sides as you start to bounce, his cock hitting deep, reaching your cervix. filling you up by your control, rolling your hips, knowing how to find all the right places that work for you and drive suna wild.
he, surprisingly, was perfectly vocal. so whiny and loud, which you loved – it was an insatiable feeling that drove you over the edge. his eyes clenched shut, head rolling back into the pillows, and hips rising off of the mattress.
however, as fun as this was. this was not how he planned for his night to go. snapping out of his daze, the intense fire and longing for control arising, suna flips the two of you over.
hovering over you, face centimetres from yours. “open wide baby.” he instructs thumb pushing past your lips and pressing down on your tongue, “look at you, so good. now stay like that for a few, alright?”
mouth agape, a string of saliva falls from his tongue and onto yours – a hand wrapping itself around your neck with narrowed eyes that crave power. suna connects your lips in a lewd embrace, his hips colliding with yours in a forceful thrust. eyebrows scrunching, nails digging into his back and a strangled moan coming in response.
“look at you,” he pants, infatuated with how your tits bounce with every thrust.
how dumb you look, eyes rolled far back into your head, back arched, and how even in this weak state you’re gripping onto the headboard which bangs against the wall.
“i’m fucking you dumb,” humourlessly laughing, “i bet no one else can ever make you feel this good.”
pushing your legs to your chest, allowing him more access to fuck you deep, obsessed with how his dick looks slipping in and out of your cunt. noticing the tear that slips past your shut eyes from the overpowering pleasure you feel.
"you’re just a little slut at the end of the day. needed a good fuck and sent me a photo, knowing i wouldn't be able to handle it."
you moan in response, his words were enough to send you over the edge to pure ecstasy. suna pounds into you with relentless speed, under him falling apart, becoming nothing more than a limp body that had been taken over by stimulation and force.
the growing pit in your loins growing incredibly, back arching off the bed, as you grip on for dear life. dark vision growing blurry, mind clouding – blocking any thought or action, temporarily blocking your senses as you started to reach your peak.
his hips slam into you. body filling with pleasure as your orgasm rode out. suna, pulls out, grabbing you by the nape of your neck as he pumps himself.
a thumb opening your mouth before placing his cock in its place, releasing it onto your tongue. the white liquid spreading across your plump lips, collecting it with his thumb and shoving into your mouth.
“swallow sweetheart,” the brunette instructs. smiling when you obey, swallowing his seed. “open,” he says wanting to see, satisfied knowing you listened, a hand then wrapping itself around your neck, forcing you to look up at him.
"you're mine."
Tumblr media
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ryoccoon · 4 months ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; the twins, suna & sakusa
upcoming ;
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Miya Twins: love Adidas, jogging shorts and joggers, block colored shirts (usually long and oversized), no patterns, big hoodies, very much airport vibes, Vans, Atsumu likes wearing his hood up, Osamu likes caps, 'Tsumu always wears lighter colors and has a collection of obnoxiously bright sweaters, 'Samu wears darker clothes, puffer jackets, is the more stylish twin ('Tsumu low-key got his fashion sense from him)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Suna: always in black, sometimes grey and even rarer in red, wears anthing comfy, easy to slip on, big but never so oversized it drowns him, never picks "outfits" in a store and never willingly goes out shopping, simply picks out an item when it catches his eye or wears stuff his friends or family buy him, is surprisingly good at matching clothings items and making outfits out of what he's got in his closet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sakusa: one of the most stylish HQ boys, smart, expensive, always in black, only has like 2 colorful shirts at most, dress shoes, turtle necks, belts, long coats, straight legged pants, never in jeans, never wears sweats in public
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