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#haikyuu tsukishima
Tumblr media
#includes: Tsukishima and Suna
#genre: Smut, hurt/comfort, fluff ending i guess?
#description: when they take degradation too far and hurt your feelings. Idea from @heartzdesirez
#warnings: heavy degradation, words like: bitch, slut , whore etc, roughish sex, afab reader, restraint, tears, kinda toxic.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Tsuki had always been a bit mean when it came to the bedroom , always preferring degradation over praise and for the most part you were okay with it. He never done anything you were uncomfortable with and always made sure to check up on you before and after, because that was and always will be his main priority.
He had come home after a practically rough day and just needed something or someone to take his frustrations out on and what better way than to have sex with you. You also weren’t having the best day so you immediately reciprocated Tsuki’s rough kiss, hoping it would take your mind off all the shit that’s weighing down on it.
One thing led to another and you found yourself pinned under him while he roughly thrusted in and out of you without a care. “You like that you little slut? Of course you do because that’s all you’re good for, a tight little clocksleeve for me to take my frustrations out on” you don’t know what it was , normally you’d eagerly nod your head and agree with him but today you just felt off. The sex wasn’t making you feel better it was making you feel worse and his words that used to turn you into a wet mess now pierced your heart. Tsuki noticed the slight wobble of your lip and thinking it was all part of the act , he continued his humiliation “ Aww the stupid little baby about to cry” he condescendingly laughed. You attempted to push him away with your hand on his chest but he gripped both wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head “is it too much for you whore ? Aw what a shame” 
You turned your head away in an attempt to hide the tears that were making their way down your face but he gripped your cheeks in his hand and turned your head to face him , “Look at me when I’m fuc- shit baby , are you okay?!” You don’t know if it was the tears on your cheeks or the disheartened look in your eyes that made him stop but you were glad he did. He immediately pulled out and took you into his arms so your head was now laying on his chest. “Fuck I’m so sorry baby , did I take to far?” He asked while rocking you back and forth and once he got the confirmation that that was the case he placed a multitude of kisses on your head while stroking your back. “God I’m so fucking sorry love. You know I didn’t mean any of that right?” when he gets no response he shifts you so your facing him and looking him dead in the eye. “Look at me pretty girl, I promise you that I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the most important person in my life, fu-fuck I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you so much” the sincerity in his voice and loving gaze was enough to comfort and reassure you that he did love you. “Promise?” You asked weakly. “I’d put my whole life on it” he lovingly strokes your cheek and carries you into the bathroom to start a warm bath “I’m going to show you just how much I love you”
“Whiney…fucking…bitch” each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust. Hate sex was nothing new to you and Suna, it occurred most of the time you guys got into arguments. It was an easy way to release your frustrations out on each other. However, today it was different, you weren’t reciprocating the same energy you normally would and that’s probably due to the nature of the argument that led you to be face down in the mattress.
The argument had started after you expressed your distaste in the way girls flirted with him and how he didn’t do anything about it and while he didn’t entertain them he also didn’t push them away which hurt. Once you voiced these concerns he mockingly laughed at you and told you how you needed to be less insecure because it was harmless. And yeah maybe you were insecure, because you know the way girls look at him and how they talk about your relationship , you just wanted reassurance. All you wanted was for him to tell you that he loves you and those girls mean nothing but instead you were met with harsh words instead , “You should be lucky I’m fucking you. You know how many girls would love to be in your position? Me fucking you should be reassurance enough” he followed his words with a harsh slap to your ass.
That was your breaking point. Your sobs were muffled in the sheets as he held your head down and continued to roughly thrust in and out of you. “This pussy is the only thing that’s keeping me here” you desperately clawed at his hands in hopes that he would get the message and remove them which he did. Once you lifted your head up , he could tell something was wrong and halted his movements “hey.. you okay?” You shook your head while your shoulders shake with your sobs and you desperately try to catch your breath. Suna quickly pulls out once he realises you’re not okay and rushes to your side. “Shh shh , what’s wrong baby? Talk to me” “is my body really the only things that’s keeping you here?” You got out through your sniffles. “Shit , of course it isn’t baby, I shouldn’t have said any of that , I was just angry , I’m so sorry baby , so fucking sorry” he pushed your head into his chest and soothingly stroked your hair. “I love you so much, im just a fucking idiot, no girl other than you means anything to me , you hear that? I was just mad that you couldn’t see that I only have eyes for you beautiful” “that’s all you had to say you idiot” you meekly chuckled. “I know I know I was just defensive and im sorry, it’ll never happen again” “I love you” “I love you more baby”
Note: Hopefully I’ve done your idea justice @heartzdesirez
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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kei-dee · 2 days ago
Calling them Pretty Boys Pt.2
A/n: Today's menu consists of a little bit of extra salt with your daily dose of salt, my loves.
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei X Gn!Reader
Warning: Swearing as usual, also him calling you a bitch indirectly so you blackmail to tell the world abt his ✨secrets✨.. read dino undies.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Might be a little ooc but I love him, your honour.
Extra A/n: We've hit 200+! I will be doing an event as a thank you in a few days, I gotta come up with rules and what I'm going to include in it! Thank you for 200+ followers, everyone! I'm so excited oh mY GAAAAHHHHHHD 🥴🥴
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araragomennnn · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
birds of a feather
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x f!reader
genre: FLUFF, tooth rotting fluff, friends to lovers??
warnings: swearing (like once).
a/n: this might be the sweetest tsukki fic i've written so far.
Tumblr media
To say you were beautiful would be an understatement.
Tsukishima knew that.
Everyone knew that.
But he wishes you knew that.
You were oblivious, to say the least of the way you turned heads in every room.
Or maybe you just didn’t care, he didn’t know.
He wishes though, that he knew more about you.
You were an enigma to him, to everybody almost.
The oddly quiet girl with an oddly loud presence.
But if he were to be honest, it wasn’t your pretty face or contrasting reserved personality that made him notice you.
It was a stupidly simple reason actually and as Yamaguchi had said, a very obvious one.
The oddly quiet girl was oddly like him.
He saw himself in glimpses, in your exasperated sighs and faint eye rolls.
He saw himself whole in your secret smiles and soft eyes.
And before he knew it, his heart devoid of anyone had found its very first tenant.
After many knowing nudges from his best friend, Tsukishima on his first day as a second year, finally spoke to you.
And continued to, every day after that.
And then, albeit slowly you weren’t such an enigma to him anymore.
He learned you liked the rain when you dashed out of the convenience store on hearing the patter of raindrops against the concrete.
He learned that sad movies make you cry when he heard sniffles from across the couch.
He learned (the hard way) that you had a childish side when you pounced on him, tickling him without mercy because you were bored.
He learned your go-to coffee order during your many sleepless nights spent cramming.
He learned that you liked the snow when you pulled him down alongside you when he stretched out a hand to pick you up off the ground.
The oddly quiet girl, not that quiet anymore and to be honest neither was he.
He loved you, irredeemably so. He loved you enough to let himself fall into the snow alongside you just because it’d give you a hearty laugh and he loved you enough to brush the cold flakes out of your hair later.
Living in these small and sweet moments where he’d pretend not to think much of your lingering touches and held glances.
Memories of your soft smiles and warm hands seeped in so much longing that it hurt.
He loved you, irredeemably so and he realised that you did too when your soft lips pressed against his for the first time.
Pulling back to meet your eyes, only to find longing identical to his.
He kissed you.
He kissed you like he was deprived of air and your lips were oxygen, hands in your hair, smiling so hard against your lips.
He had fallen in love and so had you.
So finally, the odd boy at the odd age of 18 where you're not a kid nor a real adult asked the odd girl to marry him.
Backs against the slight slope of the roof watching the stars twinkle with your hand encased in his, he turned to you, caressing your cheek.
Marry me he said and you smiled almost expectantly and though he didn’t have a ring nor any money of his own at the moment to buy you one you said yes.
The years that followed were not easy but as if the universe was always pulling the strings in your favour everything always worked out.
And at 21 as the freshly placed ring on your finger glinted so magnificently in the moonlight, he knew he wouldn’t have done it any other way.
The apartment was a bit rundown but it was perfect according to him. After all, he was sharing it with you.
Spending weeks on a teeny mattress surrounded by unopened cardboard boxes in your new apartment that smelled of fresh paint he was so happy he could cry.
At 24 Tsukishima’s holding in tears, that were brimming dangerously at his lash line.
Yamaguchi and Akiteru weren’t doing much to control their hysterical sobbing, mumbling something about being so happy.
He inhaled sharply when you finally came into view, looking just as bad as him.
Your cheeks were flushed red and lips quivering.
Glossy eyes meeting his, you let out a stupidly giddy laugh and so did he.
And as you began to walk towards him, all the research he did beforehand on how to control tears seemed to be for nought as his cheeks were now stained with hot tears that kept spilling.
“You look like shit” you said between giggles whilst tears of your own stained your cheeks.
“You look beautiful”.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey
join the taglist here.
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taeyamayang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
↝ ship: hq character x gen!reader
↝ characters: Tsukishima Kei | Miya Atsumu | Kageyama Tobio | Kozume Kenma
↝ genre: mutual pining
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
obvious, too obvious
but he isn't aware of it
he's giving you way more attention compared to anyone else
like this dude doesn't give a shit about anything but when you enter the room his whole focus shifts to you
but he isn't sweet
he won't help you with studies or sit next to you during breaks
instead he'd ask you for favorsㅡa shit ton of useless favors
like, "can you push your desk a bit further away from me?"
and so you do, you push your desk an inch away from him
but he'd pester you more by saying "not that much, maybe a few centimeters only."
you can't help but roll your eyes at him
narrowing your vision as you scoot closer next to him
and he had the nerve to put a smirk on his face, satisfied with what he did, and say,
or everytime he ask you, "can you get me a copy of the paper being distributed in class?"
i mean, why you? when he clearly can do it himself
for sure his long arms and atheletic figure can even carry the whole class' hardbound copies
some days are bareable but some days are a bit too much
which is most of the time ngl
so you end up snapping at him
complaining how his 'favors' feels like an 'abuse of kindness'
but he'd chuckle at your face with his head tilted back and his arms holding his stomach
like you're a comedian who dropped a punch line
and when he recovers from laughing
he begins to pull the corners of his lips into a charming smile with his eyes turning into a thin line as his cheeks pushes eyelids together
he leans nearer to you, his forearms supporting his weight as he alluringly says,
"please, y/n?"
and you knew, at that point, that you already lost the battle
and you are on your way to get that damned paper
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
okay, first of all there has to be an established relationship
like maybe a friendship to be begin with
i hc this man, even though he's popular with the crowd, he values close relationships more
and so
the moment he falls for you gets closer to you
he begins pulling stunts that questions the nature of your relationship with him
like he gets clingy and touchy
like that time when he tucked your hair behind your ear IN FRONT OF A CHEERING CROWD
just imagine the eyes that all went to you
i wouldn't even dare lmao
or that time when he stood in front of your classroom, loudly calling out for your name
and so you turn your head to him asking what he wants
but he kept his mouth shut and in turn pulls a knowing smile
you utter, "i bet that can wait after class. i'll come by the gym. you can go now."
but instead he chooses violence by testing your patience
he smirks and he says,
"i won't go until you hold my hand."
your cheeks instantly turn crimson and you feel whole body warming up
unable to stop your quick reflexes
you rush to the door where atsumu is standing and look for sane one out of the two, you scream for help in the hallways
"samu! come get your twin!"
and a distant "no." lets you down
atsumu is entirely the reason why no one believes you when you tell them that you and him are 'just friends'
i mean, for real, who would believe that lie when his actions tells otherwise
kageyama tobio
Tumblr media
his vocabulary is limited
don't hate me for this i love him too okay?
but his gestures aren't
y'all see me compensate for what i said ;)
i hc this boy to relay more on his instincts than his logic
and his instincts include protecting you
perhaps, protecting you way too much
to the point that you feel as though you are being treated like a princess
or a vulnerable porcelain doll that has to be held and cared for
but with his limited vocabulary, stern voice, and unfriendly face all mixed up
there are times when you start to question his purpose
like that time when you stood at the sidelines of the court as you watch his team play a match
and during the mid-game breaks he marches his way to you while saying,
"stupid, move back or the ball might hit you!"
you aren't sure if he's trying to show how much he cares about you by warning of you of the dangers of standing near the court or is he shaming you by calling you stupid?
and when the ball really hits you in the face making you fall to your knees
tobio isn't afraid of calling out the offender
even if it was just an accident
and after the game he would immediately come to you
with his lips curled up in dismay and his orbs pining down at you
you assume that he'd start scolding you but to your surprise he says,
"oi, are you hurt?"
and begins checking your body for bruises and graze
and when he sees one right on top of your knee
he swiftly kneels down, his lips forming an 'o' as he blows right on gash
"does it hurt?" he asks
his voice tasting like honey and lime
"no. im good, tobio." but he ignores you by insisting
"i'll bring you to the infirmary."
he takes your hand and loops your arm over his shoulder as he leads the way
kozume kenma
Tumblr media
*whispers* catboy
no but really he's legitimately the personification of a cat lmaoo
he won't be as pushy as tsukki, or as loud and clingy as atsumu, or maybe as overprotective as tobio
but instead he'd quietly sit next to you as you both watch the crowd
he could've chosen the other empty corner at the other side of the room but, no
he chooses to sit next to you
and for the next minutes or so none of you speaks until he breaks the silence by saying
"this is dumb. i want to go home."
the gates of heaven are open and scientists have found a cure to an inevitable diseaseㅡkozume kenma is starting a small talk
insert *pikachu meme* :o
so, you continue the conversation by saying "i'd rather sleep than mingle."
you look at him as the words roll out of you lips but he'd only glance at you for a brief second before nodding
and when he hears your stomach loudly grumbling he catches you off guard by offering to visit the food section with him
you aren't newly friends with him so you are aware about his food choices
he's a picky eater
this information fuels your unpure intentions as you pick out all the food he doesn't like
you wriggle a piece of cucumber in the air making him cringe his nose in disgust
"you should eat this."
he shakes his head to a 'no'
"unless you do the same." he bargains making you raise an eyebrow in intrigue
"deal." you seal the deal
knowing you well, he immediately picks up a piece of carrot making you grunt loudly
a light chuckle escapes from his lips
the sound he made flutters your heart
you both take a bite and at the same time your faces mirror each otherㅡwrinkles becoming more apparent as your facial expression crumples in disrelish
kuroo sees the two of you enjoying your mini conquest of food tasting
consequently, the boy shuffles his way to the two of you
"looks like you're having fun, kenma." he nudges the younger teasingly making the latter shoot him glares
kenma takes you by wrist, mumbling the words to himself as he takes you away from his friend,
"let's go back to our spot."
his use of 'our' wakens the butterflies in your stomach
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks for reading! i missed writing hcs :( but now it's back! i hope you enjoy this one, stay safe and be healthy! :D
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bumbl3-bee · a day ago
Tumblr media
kinktober day 20: jealousy
CW/TW: established relationship, overstim, heavy degradation, unprotected sex, creampie, beginning of aftercare
word count: 0.4k
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
Your knuckles lightened as you grabbed at the bedsheets, your mouth hung open and tongue lolled out as your vision blurred. There wasn't a single thought in your head, your mind monopolized by the feeling of your boyfriend's cock drilling into your pussy.
"Look at you, drooling like a little bitch." Tsukishima laughed, pushing your legs further apart. Sweat formed along his hairline, his brows furrowed and a fire burning in his eyes; never in your 5 years of knowing him have you ever seen so him angry. "If only Koganegawa could see you now, he'd realize you're nothing but a little cock sleeve. Wonder if he'd still have the nerve to flirt with you then."
"Tsu-tsukki~" You reached out for him, trying to focus your gaze on him. He grabbed your hand, interlocking your fingers as he leaned over you, his thrusts getting harder.
"Awe, did I fuck you stupid?" He smirked, gripping the headboard with his other hand. "Can't think of anything but my cock?"
Your back arched as he brought you to your umpteenth orgasm, having lost count a while ago. It must've been about seven by now. He was saying something, but you were too high on cloud 9 to comprehend it, whining at the reemergence of overstimulation. It was overwhelming, but he wouldn't let up, even with you attempting to push him away.
The headboard banged against the wall, echoing throughout the room, paired with the squeak of the bedsprings and bedframe. He groaned, thrusts becoming sloppy. It was heaven to your ears, a masterpiece of sounds. There was nothing you could ever wanna listen to more. He pulled back, gaze shifting to you as your legs wrapped around his waist, keeping him in place. "You little slut. You want me to cum inside your messy cunny? Fill you up until you're leaking?"
You nodded, pulling him closer until his forehead rested against your own. "Please, Tsukki; wanna be yours, your toy."
"Mine~" he moaned, eyes fluttering shut; his thrusts almost nonexistent as he tried to ride out his high. Warm ropes of cum sprayed against your gummy walls, a smile spreading across your face as he sat up, your legs falling to the mattress. Both of your chests heaved as you looked at the other, your heart fluttering. "I'm gonna hold you to that, (Y/n)."
"You better." Reaching your arms out, he settled into your side, his arms wrapping around your waist and holding you close. "Did you get it all out of your system?"
He hummed, running his fingertips over your hip. "For now."
"You don't need to worry about Koganegawa, he's harmless."
"You say that, but you haven't heard the things he says in the locker room."
Pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, he sat up, climbing off the bed. You rolled onto your side, watching as he flicked the bathroom light on, shortly followed by the flowing water from the tub faucet. 
Tumblr media
bumbl3_bee © 2021 | do not modify, translate, or repost
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bubble-bootie · 6 hours ago
when they walk you home - hq
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, gn reader warnings: running?? ft: tsukishima, oikawa, kuroo a/n: yeah same people again 🤕 at least i did tsukki for a change yk- also i think that the kuroo one is just a self-ship hc gn 👩‍🦯
Tumblr media
©bubble-bootie 2021: do not copy, repost, or modify my works in any way. masterlist
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA KEI ⤷ you walk side by side, shoulders brushing, in silence— not the awkward, frustrating kind, but the comfortable kind that feels like home, better left uninterrupted. when you reach your place, you wave and tell him, "bye, tsukki," and he hums in acknowledgement while he wears his headphones and prepares for the rest of his walk alone, thinking of the moment he gets to see you again the next day.
OIKAWA TOORU ⤷ insists on walking you home 'because it's gentlemanly' even if you say it's okay. you talk about completely random things that range from his hatred for kageyama to the authenticity of aliens. once you get home, you say your goodbyes, but the conversation doesn't end there. once you both get settled in your warm homes, the discussion will continue through text or vc.
KUROO TETSURO ⤷ insists on holding your hand so you 'won't get lost'. like sir the sun is going down there's literally no one here but okay. you have rap battles and arguments about docosahexaenoic acid and astaxanthin, whatever— but you're never not talking. and then, you run. he's leading the way, his fingers still wrapped around your wrist, and you have no choice but to follow. when you reach your house, panting and out of breath, you say, "kay, tetsu. see you tomorrow." stepping in, you feel the tug of his hand on yours and you look back and say, "uh, tetsu? this is my stop." he blushes slightly and lets go. "ah right, sorry." it was obvious he didn't wanna let go, and to be honest, you didn't want him to either.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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chatterbox73 · a day ago
Kinktober 2021.
Day 20 - Degradation.
Kei Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This story is a smut story for kinktober, I’ll be writing more characters x reader one shots for kinktober and if you want to see a character please let me know...
You must be 18 years or older to read this...
Summary: you want to have your first time with Tsukishima, however he is convinced you’re not ready. Though after you acting like a brat Tsukishima loses his temper and you like it, maybe a little too much and so he decides to show you how mean he can be to brats like you.
Word count: 1k
CW: NSFW and adult content, degradation, unprotected sex, rough sex, first time (reader), mention of masturbation, oral (m!receiving) and daddy kink.
Tumblr media
You had been with Tsukishima since high school, so for about three year and in that time you and Tsukishima have never had sex… well Tsukishima did have sex once before with someone else before your relationship, which you didn’t mind of course. However you had wanted to try it with Tsukishima for a while now, so you had decided to asked Tsukishima about having sex.
“Hey Tsukki, can I ask you about something?” You asked as you sat down at the floor table “yeah, what do you want?” Tsukishima asked in a blasé tone, you felt your face go red as you slowly built the courage to ask him about sex. “I was wondering… I want… if we… maybe we can…” you stammered and Tsukishima just raised a brow at you, “maybe we can what?” He smirked while you just shrunk back into yourself. “I just thought…” you mumbled and Tsukishima sighed in annoyance, “you just thought what? I could finally fuck you” he chuckled.
Tsukishima knew you weren’t ready, however he also knew about how desperate you were getting and the late night pleasure sessions in bathroom when you thought Tsukishima was asleep.
Your face went bright red and your eye as wide as dinner plates, Tsukishima instantly stopped chuckling when he caught your expression, “no, you’re not ready” he stated flatly and you were shocked, “what… I… I’m an adult, I can do it if I want” you muttered. “Oh you’re an adult huh?” Tsukishima quipped as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “you could’ve fooled me” he crossed his arms, at this point you were so annoyed with him… who was he to tell you, you’re not ready… “well it seems like you’re easily fooled and besides if you won’t give it to me, I’m sure someone else will” you huffed and got up to make your way to the bed, Tsukishima felt an uncontrollable rage twist in his stomach.
Tsukishima followed after you, he grabbed your arm and slung you onto the bed, before climbing on top of you and grabbing your face, “who’s foolish?” Tsukishima snarled in your face, “who’d want you? You’re a disgusting whore” he spat venom, however you couldn’t help but moan at his words, “what you like this? Truly a horny skank” Tsukishima hissed but realised that maybe you were ready for sex. “You really want this?” Tsukishima looked you dead in the eyes, with a stern expression and you whined out a ‘yes please’, “tell me a safe word you’ll remember” Tsukishima sat back on his legs and continued to hold his stern expression, you looked around the room and noticed Tsukishima’s dinosaurs book. “Dinosaurs” you said with a smile, “good choice” Tsukishima smiled back, “now remember it and use it as soon as something is beginning to feel uncomfortable, because I won’t stop for ‘no’ or ‘stop’” Tsukishima grabbed your arm and pulled you off the bed.
You sat naked on the floor looking up at Tsukishima, who was sitting comfortably on the bed, “why did I ever start dating a girl like you? You’re so ugly” he said as he pulled off his shirt and then pushing off his pants and underwear, “get up slut” Tsukishima demanded and you instantly stood to your feet. Tsukishima spat on his already painfully hard member, rubbing his saliva over it, he then reached out and grabbed your hand before he pulled you onto his lap. You moan as Tsukishima rubbed his tip against your lower lips, “oh please Tsukki, put it in me” you ground on his tip but before it could slip in you he pulled it away, “firstly you dumb whore, you call me Kei… or Daddy, but only if I’m desperate to cum… and Secondly I’ll put it in when I’m ready” Tsukishima snarled. “I’m sorry Kei, I just really want it” you pout and Tsukishima laughs out “ha, you’re such a needy slut… well seen as it’s your first time having cock, I’ll indulge you this once” he brushed a hand over your cheek before pushing you down onto his cock without warning, you screamed out at the unbelievable stretch. Tsukishima was far more thicker and longer then your fingers, “tight slutty cunt” Tsukishima hummed as he began thrusting up into you, you whined and moan as the more he thrusted into you the better it felt. You learned forward and rested your head on Tsukishima’s shoulder, however this didn’t last long as he grabbed a fist full of your hair and pulled your head back so you were sitting up straight, “if you’re going to whine like a little cock hungry slut, then you’re going to ride like a little cock hungry slut” he growled in your ear, you moaned and squeeze around him, getting ready to reach you peck. “You fucking whore, all ready to cum on Daddy’s cock” Tsukishima moan and licked up your neck, “fill me daddy” you cried and slipped over the edge, Tsukishima grunted as he released his seed in you. Tsukishima lifted you off him, “suck it clean my little slut” he grabbed the base of the cock and held it steady for you, you got down on your knees in fount of him and began licking his tip, before you took his cock in your mouth. You slowly took Tsukishima deeper and deeper until you knew you couldn’t anymore, soon you clean of his member completely, “good girl” he sighed and helped you up to your feet, before walking you into the bathroom to bathe and clean off all the traces of pleasure from moments before.
You sat in the bath with Tsukishima resting against his chest, “do you really think I’m ugly?” You questioned with a hint of sadness in your tone, “no I think your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, it was just heat of the moment” he racked his fingers through your hair. “Thank you for letting me take your first time” Tsukishima hummed and kissed the top of your head, “thank you for making me feel good” you smiled and pressed further into his chest.
Tumblr media
Masterlist (coming soon)
Day 19 - Cigarettes /// Day 21 - videotaping 
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volleychumps · 2 months ago
Heyy! Can you do one where Osamu, kuroo, akaashi and Tsukishima, say something mean to their s/o and their s/o avoids them for days? When they finally get ahold of their s/o, their s/o just sorta cries because it hit their insecure spot? Fluff in the end🥺
Listen, I can’t not write this. 
Irrevocable Words. 
- the one in which they accidentally make you give them the silent treatment because of their lashing out. -
~ Osamu Miya, Kuroo Tetsurou, Akaashi Keiji, and Tsukishima Kei~ 
TW: Cursing, angst to fluff, timeskip! for Osamu, 
Osamu Miya
“Those are important files, ya know?” 
“Samu, I’m sorry. You should’ve told me you needed last month’s earnings and I would’ve looked for them before we came this morning.” The hand you tried to settle onto Osamu’s bicep was shaken off as your movements faltered. 
Your voice wobbled at the sight of your stoic fiance, an annoyed glint in his eye as he rummages through his files. Osamu felt a flare in his stomach, a lack of sleep contributing to his impatient state. The day had been a busy one, Osamu deciding that he needed this particular file for his business call tomorrow before the two of you headed home for the night. 
“I told ya not to move anything back to the place.”
“I didn’t.” You bit the inside of your cheek. “Here, just let me help-” 
“Don’t touch a goddamn thing, I’ll do it myself.” There it was. The lashing out that was bound to happen occurred with a pointed tongue as he refused to look at you, rummaging through his file cabinets. “As I do everything else.” 
He closes the cabinet sharply. “The least ya could do is try your best not to be a nuisance-” 
Osamu flinches at the slam of one of the office desk drawers, chest sinking when he sees the tears threatening to spill from your eyes. The paper he needed is thrown on the desk carelessly as you shove your jacket on, wetness slipping down your cheeks.
“And I’m not your goddamn secretary. I’m heading home first.” 
“And don’t worry, I promise I’ll manage to do this by myself somehow.” Your voice cracks bitterly, the bell by the door jingling mockingly in Osamu’s ears as you exit, the chef hanging his head with a sigh and regret tinging his chest.
He was wrong to pray this would blow over, not expecting to wake without your warmth by his side. You avoided him on the way to the restaurant, cleaning quietly while giving vague answers to his questions, shifting out of his attempts to embrace you with apologies. 
Deciding to give you space, he softly tells you to take the next few days off, unprepared for the tired look you had given him, simply nodding in response as you slipped into your side of the bed with your back turned to him.
“Where’s your pretty girlfriend?” 
“Fiance.” Osamu forces a smile at his two elderly regulars two days later, the wife’s smile widening at his correction. 
“Oho! Cherish each other while you youths still can, she really does brighten this place up, doesn’t she?” 
You do.
Osamu’s eyes feel hot as he does a messy job of cleaning up the restaurant, closing up shop early and stopping by your favorite bakery to pick up the ridiculously expensive cake he only ever buys for your birthday. 
Throwing the door open to your shared apartment hastily, you gasp at the gray-haired man’s sudden entry, dropping the spoon you were about to use to taste the dish you were making on the stove.
“Samu, y-you’re home early-” 
“What’s all this?” He tries to steady his breaths at the sight of a nicely prepared table, something you hardly ever got to share ever since the night shifts overtook your lives and caused a rift between the two of you. 
You’re silent for a second, looking away from his warm stare as you shift under his gaze. 
“...I miss you.” Dark eyes widen when you begin to hiccup over your words, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. “But I didn’t wanna be a nusciance-”
“Oh god, darlin’ no.” You’re pulled tightly into his chest as you cry, whole body shaking with tremors as Osamu’s inner turmoil merely increases.
If Osamu could go back in time and punch himself he would, unknowing of the torment he caused you over the past few days, thinking you just needed space. 
“I want to marry ya Y/N, I’m so sorry.” 
“I love you so much Samu.” You sniffle into his chest, causing him to smile softly, a hand sifting through your hair to hold you tighter to him. 
“I brought cake.” 
You laugh through the onslaught of tears. 
“And I made dinner.” 
“Then what are we waitin’ for?” 
“Just hold me like this for awhile?”
“Y/N.” He kisses the top of your head, finally feeling at ease with your figure in his arms. Osamu whispers a confession he hardly shared with you, wanting those words in particular to be special as he bridged the gap between the two of you.
“I love ya so much more, don’t you go forgettin’ it.”
Kuroo Tetsurou
“I said I was sorry!” 
“Is sorry supposed to just fix everything, Tetsurou?” 
“Tetsurou? Are you seriously withholding me from my nickname privileges?” 
You cross your arms at his attempt to make you laugh, thoroughly angry with the mess your boyfriend made of things as his smile fades at your peeved stare. 
“Look, what was I supposed to do?” 
“How about not leaving my parents waiting for you at the restaurant that you invited them to for another one of your spontaneous volleyball practices?” 
“I texted you I had to cancel!” 
“That was a half hour before we were supposed to meet, Kuroo! They were so excited to meet you they got there early. God, why can’t you ever take things seriously?” 
“You’re right.” A bitter chuckle slips Kuroo’s lips as you falter at the sudden tone change, the volleyball gym seeming bigger than ever as his next sentence makes your lips tremble.
“Since I can’t ever take things seriously, then I must not need my serious girlfriend then, right?” Your eyes widen. “I can just find somebody else who won’t fucking hound me all the time.”
His cat-like eyes widen as the words slip his tongue, unintentionally coming out crueler than he intended. To make it worse, you simply stayed silent, your body physically backing down and away from him as you turned on your heel. 
“Wait, I didn’t-” 
“Do it then.” His chest just about shatters as your shoulders tremble, refusing to turn back around as your voice takes on an uncharasterically defeated tone. “I hope they make you fucking happy.” 
Kuroo runs a hand through his raven hair frustratedly at the way you rushed out of the gym, throwing a stray ball so hard at the wall before his vision becomes skewed with heat. 
He should have expected the next week to be utter hell. You left class before he could catch you by escaping to the bathroom with all your things, leaving school another way instead of the exit you always took together before he had to start club activities. 
“Kenma, what are you doing?” 
“You can’t come in here.” 
“I’m missing class for this. Let me through.” 
“She doesn’t want to see you.” Kenma shrugged, eyes on his handheld. “I told her I’d watch the door so you can’t surprise her during our breaktime.” 
“I’m her boyfriend. And you’re not her guarddog.” 
“No, I’m her friend.” Kenma’s eyes narrow at his childhood friend. “And last time I checked, you’re on the search for someone who isn’t her.” 
“So she told you.” 
“Dick move, by the way.” 
Kuroo’s calls go straight to voicemail, his emotions affecting his playing with each passing day. He leaves little notes in your shoe locker to meet him, heart sinking more and more with every time you stood him up. 
And it wasn’t until he saw you smiling again at a joke Yaku made that he truly felt like he was losing you. 
“Go home.” 
The sight wasn’t one you were expecting to see, Kuroo sitting on the steps to your house with his hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets, the dark bags under his eyes sparking worry within you. 
“It’s probably better if my parents don’t see you-” 
“I’m sorry.” His eyes seem to have lost a little of their glint, regret swimming in the tall boy’s pupils as your guard softens. “I’m so goddamn sorry I ran my mouth and said shit I didn’t even mean-” 
“And I hurt you in the process. I hurt the one thing that matters to me the most, and I’m sitting here playing the creepy ex that stalks the girl he loves-” 
“You love me?”
“Doesn’t matter, does it? You’re done with me, and I deserve it-” 
He’s cut off with the sight of tears hitting the wood in front of him, lifting his head to see tears streaking down your cheeks. On instinct, he reaches out softly, rising to his feet to cup your cheek, astonished when you curl into his touch. 
“I’m so fucking mad at you right now.” 
“Noted.” Kuroo laughs somberly, a wave of emotion hitting him as you do something you hadn’t done in days. 
You look him in the eye, tugging him closer by the sides of his jacket. 
“But I love you too, you absolute idiot.” 
Kuroo grins into the kiss you press onto his lips, heart lifting in weight as he pulls you closer. 
“Does this mean we can go back to Tetsu?” 
“I’m going back to ignoring you-” 
“No.” Kuroo’s tone turns serious as he holds you a little tighter. “I can’t do that again.” 
You smile as he presses a kiss to your temple lovingly. 
“Being away from you was complete and utter hell, sweetheart.” 
Akaashi Keiji
“Tell me how to make this right.”
“Right, Y/N.” Akaashi refused to meet your eyes as he loosens his school tie, not slowing his pace for you to catch up with as he throws the doors open to the volleyball club. The usually put-together setter had an angry glint in his eye that silenced his awaiting teammates. “Let’s just go back in time before you agreed to be his partner.”
“Hey hey, what’s going on you two?” Bokuto jogs up, his worried tone making your lips tremble even more at the sight of Akaashi’s turned back.
“I came to you as soon as he made a move! I didn’t let him-”
“There shouldn’t have been an opportunity for him to make a move in the first place.” Akaashi’s jaw clenched as you shuffle in place.
“I didn’t do anything wrong, you think I wanted him to try to kiss me?!” You fight the waver in your voice, standing your ground. “It was a project for class. I didn’t know his intentions-“
“I told you what his intentions were, but you never listen.” Akaashi turns hastily, startling you and causing you to stumble slightly backwards into Bokuto.
“Stop defending her. She never listens to me, and then comes crying to me when it turns out I’m right.” Akaashi snips at his best friend, ignoring the silent stares from his quiet teammates. “Why can’t you get it through your head, Y/N? I’m not your goddamn babysitter-“
“You’re right.” You interrupt, fingernails biting into your palms as you choke back a sob. “You’re not, you’re my boyfriend. I just wanted to respect you by coming to you with something like this, but it turns out I’m just a hinderance.”
Akaashi falters for a second, blue eyes widening a fraction at the angry heat that fills your eyes as regret begins to bubble in his stomach at his harsh words.
“Give me some space, Keiji.” You say softly, patting Bokuto’s arm to let you through as your shoulders sink in a defeated manner. “I promise I won’t come crying to you about anything else.”
Your steps echo as you walk out of the gym, Konoha breaking the silence first when the door shuts behind you.
“Hate to say it, but that was well-deserved, man.”
Akaashi closes his eyes, head falling back towards the ceiling as he tries to steady his breathing, pretending like he wasn’t scared of you slipping through his fingers. He willed himself to not allow himself to chase after you, his anger directed towards you fading as he forces himself to respect your wishes. 
It was obvious you were avoiding him. Akaashi had blinked when Bokuto had self-proclaimed that he needed you as his “study buddy” during breaks when you weren’t even in the same year as the owlish boy. It got worse when you seemed to panic when Akaashi willed you to talk to him, eyes refusing to meet his watery blue ones as you pushed him further away.
So he gave you your space, wilting with each passing day. It wasn’t until he accidentally bumped into you a week later, the setter turning hastily on his heel to walk in the opposite direction before a soft tug on the back of his school shirt wills him to stop. 
“Keiji.” Your wobbly voice makes him turn back around immediately, a soft palm already cupping your cheek gently. “I’m s-” 
“I’m sorry for being cruel.” The words are whispered against your forehead, Akaashi’s heartstrings tugging in the worst way possible. “I was angry at the situation, my love. And that sorry excuse you call a classmate. Please,” 
His grip tightens just a little more as he feels wet warmth drip into the palm that was cupping your face.
“Forgive me.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t come crying to you-” 
“I want it all, Y/N.” Akaashi pulls back slightly, voice cracking slightly as blue stares intensely into your irises. “I want all of you. Tears included.”
You swat his chest playfully as Akaashi manages a soft smile, hand threaded through your hair as he presses you against his chest.
“Do you still need space?” He murmurs, and you smile at the sound of his hearbeat picking up as he awaited your answer fearfully. 
“Nope. The exact opposite, please hold me?” 
His embrace relaxes immediately, and your heart skips a beat at the sound of his relieved sigh, his slight nod making the weight lift off your chest. 
“Good, now I can take care of your classmate-” 
“Nope, my love.” He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, Akaashi’s eyes swirling with devotion. 
“No one gets to try anything with you so long as you’re safe with me.” 
Tsukishima Kei 
“So I’m the bad guy again.” 
“Do you want the honest answer, Kei?” You exhaustedly run a hand through your hair as Tsukishima’s scowl deepens, his long legs easily catching up with you in stride as he tugs on your wrist as the rambunctious court gets further and further away. 
“It’s not my fault you’re insecure.” 
You flinch. “Well maybe you shouldn’t let the girls in the stands cling to you after your matches. They were all over you, Tsukki! And you didn’t seem to mind it one bit.” 
“What?” Annoyance brims the blonde’s voice as he takes another step forward, clenching his jaw when he sees the quiver in your lip, distrust filling the atmosphere between the two of you. 
“Afraid that they’re prettier or better than you’ll ever be?” 
You feel as if the wind was knocked out of your lungs, breath catching in your throat at his insinuation. His guard slackens almost immediately, clicking his tongue before turning away, too proud to apologize for the words he regretted as soon as they slipped his tongue like venom. 
“Yeah.” You laugh humorlessly, making brown eyes dart over to your expression immediately. “You’re 100% correct. I am afraid you’ll find someone better than me in all aspects. Because I love you, you absolute asshole. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
The silence that befalls the two of you in the deserted hall is broken when you flinch away when Tsukishima tries to take a step towards you. 
“I didn’t-” 
“You never mean to do anything, Kei.” You say in a hushed tone, turning your back on him in an attempt to shield the hot tears slipping down your cheeks. “But you somehow always manage to.” 
The win for Karasuno didn’t mean much to the blonde that night, hoping that this would just go away and things would be back to normal. However, it was anything but. You didn’t look his way once in class, disappearing when it was over. Your voice trembled as you had avoided his seemingly stoic eyes through his frames, simply stating that you wished for some time away from him. 
He was fine. Or at least pretending to be on the outside. In truth, he would never find better, because you were it for him, words that you would never catch slipping his mouth. So he put on a front, pretending that your absence had zero effect on him whatsoever. Pretending the brush of your body against him in the hall as you pass each other didn’t make the blonde want to cave. 
It was the smile you shot at Hinata during one of your breaks that caused him to. The first glint in your eye in awhile, and it had been caused by him of all people, prompting the tall middle blocker to tug you by the forearm into the corridor.
“I hate this.” 
You falter for a second, guard back up in a flash as your back touches the wall. “What did I do?” 
“You didn’t do anything, and it’s pissing me off.” 
“I don’t follow-” 
“I was wrong.” His forehead touches your shoulder as you stiffen before relaxing against his familiar touch. “I don’t care how many times I have to apologize. You win, okay? I’m sorry.” 
“This is a rather aggressive apology-” 
“Y/N.” Tsukishima lifts his head so it’s level with your height, unprepared for the way tears brimmed your eyes at the proximity, your guard diminishing. 
“What if you do find someone better one day, Tsukki?” Your voice cracks, inner fears trickling to the surface. “Do I need to prepare myself to lose you-?” 
You gasp as Tsukishima’s jaw ticks before kissing you intensely, his hand touching your lower back to pull you closer. 
“No. You don’t need to do something stupid like that.” His eyes were slightly glaring at you, a flush across both his cheeks. “Because there is no one better than you, okay?” 
It was your turn for heat to flood your cheeks as your eyes widen a fraction, his breath tickling your ear as you stutter. “Kei-” 
“I love you too. I said it, are you satisfied now?”  
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todorocake · a month ago
[ 5:48 P. M. ] - TSUKISHIMA KEI
warnings: fem reader, smut, fingering
it was never rare to see tsukishima kei nose deep into a book but when your eyes trace his fingers scrolling through the pages of a familiar pad, you feel your stomach twist in panic. tsukishima is reading your journal, and to say he's invested may be an understatement.
your feet felt like it was glued to the floor — saving you from embarrassing yourself, saving you from doing something stupid. how could this have happened? you left him in your room for no more than ten minutes to get the strawberry cake that you baked.
tsukishima smirked, finally sensing that he was caught — you caught him. he invaded your privacy. but with the way his mouth is turned upwards and the way his eyebrows are raised at you, he doesn't look even a bit guilty.
you didn't catch tsukishima, it was tsukishima who caught you.
"well what are you doing standing at the door? come on in. this is your room, after all." tsukishima said with that arrogant tone and that arrogant smile.
there's no way that arrogant expression would get out of his face, especially not now when he read through your thoughts.
"why did you read it?" you muttered as you drop the tray of cake in front of your study table, in front of the blonde boy you made it for.
"seriously tsukishima, you don't go at someone else's house and just go through their things without permission." you said, stronger this time.
tsukishima licked his lips as he stood up, "well you did say i must entartain myself,"
he tilted his head and bit his lower lip, "make myself comfortable, right?"
he lowered his face to meet yours then placed his hands down the table, cornering you.
"and tsukishima? why tsukishima? you were calling me kei in your little book." his eyes were trying to challenge you and there was no way you'd meet them.
"it's not mine." you sighed. you knew tsukishima is smart, he'd know you're lying just by the shakiness of your tone but it's not like you can just admit that it's yours.
"yeah?" he straightened his back as he loosen the two first buttons of his uniform, slightly exposing his collarbone.
"yeah." you convinced, now fully looking back at his prying eyes.
"may i see the draft of the essay you wrote then?" he shrugged and you let out a deep breath, happy that the conversation shifted.
you go through your bag to look for the draft he was asking for and thank heavens you easily found it.
"here." you said as you try to hand it out to him but he decided to move to your back and read it from there instead. he was hovering you, like he always do.
"and you're claiming that journal wasn't yours?" tsukishima smirked, for the nth time today. you faced him, completely aware of how you walked right into his trap.
"i know how you write your i and your y and your t." he touched the ends of your hair, pushing strands away from your face.
"i know how you word out your thoughts." his knuckles tracing the bones of your face.
"i know you like me." he said, his face projecting a gentler expression.
tsukishima is smart because he's an observant. tsukishima never missed the way oceans change at different seasons, never missed the fact that the world didn't have any finite corners, never missed the glances you would steal. to many, he may seem unbothered — poised with indifference, unfeeling. but tsukishima always somehow knew that your eyes were on him.
it wasn't like you made it a secret either. you glared at the girls who scream his name at their games, you were wary of the boys that gave him confession letters, you purposefully mess up at times so you could do this — invite him at your home to ask for help.
"don't you want to make your dreams come true?" he whispered in your ear as his hand settles itself on the back of your waist, the other unbuttoning your blouse.
"t-tsuki-" you whimpered, slightly dizzy of whatever is happening — whatever he's doing.
his lips are leaving marks down your neck, biting and licking and biting again. "hmm?" he asked, eyes meeting yours.
"w-what-" you inhaled a sharp breath as tsukishima kiss the middle of your collar, "what are you doing?" you finished.
"satisfying your fantasies." he smiled.
you placed your hand on his shoulders, attempting to slow him down. "this is embarrassing." you said with cheeks pinked and your eyes dazed.
tsukishima chuckled, uncertain of what to say, how to make you feel comfortable. it's not like he ever did this before.
"don't worry." he licked his lips.
"your fantasies are just the same as mine." his eyes are fixated on your lips, now his cheeks are dusted pink too.
"which one?" you pressed, squeezing his shoulders to calm both of you down. you wanted to ask how much he read, what parts, what did he think about it but your thoughts are all swimming back to this moment unfolding in front of you.
"this one." he lightly placed one hand on your thigh and the other is holding up your chin, opening your mouth for a kiss. your first and his.
his lips were softer than you expected, warmer than you anticipated. you loved the mint in his breath and his teeth sensually biting your lower lip.
you moaned into the kiss when his hands pressed your thigh down and now you're seated on the study table with your skirt riding up.
"tsuki-" you hesitated.
"kei." he corrected you, hands now following the outline of the underwire of your bra. "can i? can we?" he continued as his hand move down to your exposed thigh.
"yes." you whispered, entranced by the lightness of his touch and unfortunately craving for more — trembling for more.
"i want more." you said, no longer caring if it sounded needy. he read your journal. you were sure he knew how needy you would get.
your plea made kei snap, he wanted to throw his restraints out the window. "what time would your family be back?" he asked.
you completely forgotten if he hadn't asked. "shit." you looked at the clock "at around 6:30." you said. it's 5:59.
"okay." he pecked your lips. "we'll take it slow."
kei unbuttoned three more buttons of your uniform until your boobs are out. he cupped one of them through the cloth. "fuck." he said.
he pulled your bra down to fully expose your boobs, nipples hardening at his touch. he kissed your mound softly, kneading them and enjoying the sounds you make and the unconscious movement of your hips — searching for friction of some sort. "you're so pretty like this." he swirled his tongue around your nipples, one hand pinching and twisting the other.
"is this enough?" he said teasingly, a hand ghosting near your panties.
"no." you uttered honestly. you want more of this warmth, more of him. you were burning. you want him, need him closer.
"you got to tell me what you want then." he said as he lick your neck again softly.
you take the hand that was ghosting near your entrance and you pulled his middle finger. "i want this." you pleaded, "inside me." you continued.
kei got excited, loving the bluntness and what's about to come.
though, "where?" he still teased. "here?" he faked a curious look and put his middle finger inside your mouth.
he loved it. how you looked like with his finger between your swollen lips.
"no, kei." it's 6:04 and your patience with kei is thinning out. "please finger my pussy." you begged, unaware of how much he'd tease you about this later.
kei smiled, moving his right hand back to your panties, pushing them aside to insert his finger in you.
"a-aaah" you moaned at the newness of it.
you are not a saint. you masturbated, most especially with the thoughts of this blonde boy. but you never actually inserted anything there. kei might have noticed this too.
"you're hot." he said as he bury his nose on your neck "it's so hot inside you." he whispered while licking your earlobe.
he eyed you, the mess you're making on top your table, your rolled back eyes, your mouth open and panting, your left hand reaching for him and your right gripping his sleeves. "i wish it was my dick." he honestly whispered.
he couldn't wait to feel you deeper. he couldn't wait to stretch you out.
"does this feel good?" he asked, though he knows you're not in the right mind to answer.
"there! aaah! ah-" you raised your hips and opened your legs wider, now unafraid of how you would look like. unafraid of how messy and untamed you're being. kei have found your g-spot and he's doing a great job at constantly hitting it.
"feels so good" you uttered, affirming that you are enjoying this, if your daze is not proof enough. "your fingers are so long-" you sighed again, "so deep" you buck your hip forward.
kei just feel his ego boosted with what you're saying but "i feel like this isn't enough though," he said, eyes trying to meet your closed ones.
he pulled his middle finger out completely and as he push it back into you, he added his ring ringer, angling it in a way that would penetrate your spot.
you screamed, not caring if a neighbor would hear you. it's not like you can form a coherent thought.
kei placed his left hand around your neck, choking you. "now this is exactly what you dream of." he said. "i want kei's pretty hand choking me while the other is deep into my pussy." kei quoted what you wrote.
"i want him to mark me up, fuck me stupid until i can't think straight." he continued. few minutes ago you were embarrassed by the fact that he knew your dirty fantasies but now you're thankful he read it. thankful he knows how to please you.
"you got wetter." kei smirked "such a dirty girl."
if he could frame this moment, he would.
"hey." he whispered darkly, surprisingly affectionate but somehow more serious. "i should be the only one to see you like this." he tightened his hold around your neck.
"hmm?" he hummed, awaiting some kind of response.
"you're mine." he pulled his fingers out then slammed it back in, just like how you like it. slow and deep. you nodded, agreeing that you are now his — whatever that means.
"say it." he said, slow breath mixing yours "say you're mine."
"i-" you stuttered, trying to weigh if you really should say this, nervous that you might be making a mistake and also not fully rational with your orgasm building up.
"i'm yours" you finally said, squeezing the forearms that are choking you. you were already glued to kei before all this, you can't even imagine how you would be apart him now.
"i'm yours, tsukki." you told him finally, fluttering your eyes open to see him, partially focusing on something beyond the fingers pleasuring you.
kei growled, leaning in and kissing your lips deeply, hoping there is a way he can replay all these later.
both of you were swimming in pleasure, your peak is coming. your lower stomach is staring to feel like a knot is about to get released and you're about to cum.
"i'm - ah - i'm-" you strangled a cry and your left feet is now planted on the table, opening you up to kei.
"i'm cumming, kei. f-fuck." you released the knot in your stomach and just as you were about to let out a long, scratched moan, kei swallowed your sounds through another kiss.
both of you thought how you don't want this to end but tsukishima thinks once this is over with, you two can explore more things together, maybe he'd read more into your lewd journal or ask you to bake that strawberry cake with him.
just a few seconds after your release, you heard the gates of your house open, signalling your parents are now home.
"shit." you panicked and got off your table, suddenly becoming aware of your tits hanging out your blouse, your skirt that is pushed up, the mess of your table. "they're early today."
kei laughed lightly at the sudden switch of attitude and helped you tidy your desk until he notice something.
"hey," he made you face him as you try to iron out your top. "move your hair this way." he twisted his finger at the ends of your hair again, placing strands to your left shoulder.
"why?" you asked.
"i, uh, may have given you a hickey." kei said, eyes looking down and left hand rubbing the back of his neck. he seated on his usual spot on the floor and got back to his papers from earlier.
"kei" you coaxed.
"hmmm?" he answered, still avoiding your gaze.
"why is the crotch of your pants wet?"
requests are open :))) <3
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Tumblr media
#genre: Uh idek… fluff I guess with a dribble of sex appeal.
#includes: many boys
#Warning: none , there’s nothing explicit just suggestive
#Note: This was supposed to be straight up just innocent PG shit but I can’t help myself so there’s a sprinkle of 12A :) so Minors proceed with caution
Ushijima: Watching this man drive is better than sex. When reversing he’s got his arm around the back of your seat and his head turned back so you can see the sharp angle of his jaw. He turns the wheel with one palm, and you find yourself getting lost in the way the rings on his fingers accentuate the veins in his hands, the only thing that snaps you out of it is his other hand squeezing your thigh and him turning to ask if you’re okay.
Kuroo: The smirk. This cocky bastard knows what it does to you. It’s a slow sly smirk with low lidded eyes and his tongue poking the inside of his cheek as he watches you get flustered. To make things worse he’ll slowly walk towards you while looking you up and down and put the back of his hand on your cheek and make a comment about how hot you feel, “I didn’t know I affected you this much kitten” he’ll lowly chuckle and you’ll swat his hand away while telling him to shut up.
Osamu: Whenever he’s behind you he’ll place his hands on your waist and squeeze then chuckle when you jump. He just loves having his hands on you and having you close to him at all times. He’ll slowly snake his arm around your waist and pull you to his side so you’re flush against him, often your back flush with his chest so he can easily lean down and whisper in your ear.
Akashi: This man is so in love with you. Hates and I mean hates when people talk over you, like the audacity! Will glare at them not so subtly, so they can get the hint and be quiet and then look over at you with the softest look in his eyes and tell you to continue with a little smile because he wants you to know that he’s always listening to you and that he cares.
Sakusa: After a long grueling work out, he’ll stretch so he’s not so sore the next day and you find your eyes glued to all of him. He’ll lift his arms up and spread them wide so the bottom of his shirt lifts a little so you can just make out his abs and happy trail. You find your eyes following the path of his happy trail until his voice snaps you out of your daze, “What you looking at?” “uuuh… nothing” busted. He’ll look at you weirdly and then just shrug but what ends up killing you is when he lifts his shirt to wipe the sweat off his brows and you get a full look at his toned, sculpted chest and stomach. You walk off to start a cold shower.
Bokuto: He always finds his fingers running through his hair because he can never style it right and will pout while looking at you, but you’re too busy enjoying the view of his tousled hair and beefy arms that flex every time his hands run through his hair. Will ask you if it looks okay but you’ll lie and say it needs to be fixed a little more just so you can watch his biceps stretch the fabric of his shirt, “Can’t you just do it for me babe…babe?” “wh-what?”
Diachi: Daddy Diachi. Every time he wears a suit, he always rolls the sleeves of his dress shirt up, so you get an eyeful of his tan arms that are adorned with a Rolex and the veins that snake up his arms. Will loosen his tie and unbutton a few of the top buttons which draws your eyes to his chest, his chest that looks so tight and uncomfortable in that shirt that you just want to do him a favour and unbutton every button and peel it off his back. But that’s for his case, you’re doing him the favour…it’s definitely not for your benefit.
Suna: Eye contact. The king of maintaining eye contact and it always throws you off because it never falters and if it does it’s so his eyes can flicker down to your lips then straight back to your eyes. Will always subtly smirk when you stutter or trip over your words and will lowly tell you to “take your time princess, I’m all ears”. However, when he’s not teasing you, he’ll have the softest look in his eyes as he listens to you talk because your voice is like a prayer, washing his sins away.
Meian: *Profusely starts sweating*. When he’s sitting down, he’ll lean his head back and let out a low groan. His whole neck will be exposed, and your eyes follow his Adams apple as it bobs and you mentally trace his jawline. He’ll be breathing all heavy which takes your mind to a not so holy place, and you’ll physically have to shake yourself out of it. But what you can’t see is his soft smirk and little lip bite as he watches you get all hot and bothered, that’s the whole reason he does it ;)
 ༺♡༻ Honorary mentions:
Iwaizumi man spreads and has his hands slowly rubbing the length of his thighs (that Chris Evans video). Oikawa will repost all your posts to his socials and hype you up and brag to everyone how lucky he is. Tsukishima, now with him it’s not something he does but it’s just ✨him✨… he smells so fucking good, without fail he will have heads turning and the other boys asking him what he wears, and he’ll just throw them a cocky smirk and tell them it’s his “natural scent” (it’s his brothers cologne lmao). Kita has a habit of saying your name when he talks to you, will just slip it in there randomly and will catch you off guard but for some reason it’s just so hot.
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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corporalswhore · 2 months ago
— into you (kei tsukishima)
Tumblr media
summary; your best friend discreetly fucks you on the couch in the midst of a party.
warnings; smut, nsfw. curses. kei being snarky as usual. thigh-grinding, penetration, cumming inside. mentions of alcohol. i think that’s it.
a/n; this is kinda crappy but i wanted to post something :))) okay enjoy loves <33
Tumblr media
“I didn’t bring you here to cause a scene, settle down,” Kei says as you messily plop down onto his lap. His left arm engulfs your waist as he tries to accommodate you. There’s a goofy grin spread across your face as you lazily sip on your drink, leaning back on his chest.
You shuffle a bit on his lap, your skirt riding up your thighs in the dim light of the living room. Kei clicks his tongue, hands already reaching towards the fabric to pull it down.
You gaze up at him, your head lolling back on his shoulder blade. Your intoxicated grin only receives a huff and displeased look from the grumpy male. “Come on Kei!” you groan, pouting childishly. Why was he such a party pooper?
“Give me this.” He demands, palms raising from your thigh and taking your cup away. “Hey!” you shout over the loud music as your now-empty palm encloses around a bottled water.
“Drink,” he says sternly, fingers peskily pinching the flesh of your thighs. You groaned once more but opened the bottle anyway. You might’ve been drunk but you knew better than to get on your best friend’s nerves.
You lean forward, hoisting yourself up from his chest and gulped down the tasteless liquid. It felt weird downing the bottle but Kei's grip on your thigh urged you on. You turn to him as if a parent just forced their child to eat broccoli for the first time. Water dribbled down your chin as you sulk.
“What are you? Five? I didn’t come here to babysit you.” he chided, attitude and actions not really coinciding as he wipes your chin with his thumb.
You sink your face into his neck as you close your eyes. Body twisted in an uncomfortable angle, your legs up on the couch as your upper frame rests on Kei’s chest. You can feel the cold air caressing the skin of your ass, hinting that your skirt has definitely hiked up and you know you should care but you’re too tired. The alcohol is finally taking a toll on you.
You hear him sigh into your ear. His hands on your thighs immediately find their way to your hind, pulling the hem of the fabric down as much as possible to hide what’s left of your modesty. He told you wearing this skirt was a bad idea, you were a hassle to deal with when intoxicated – and if you had been just a little less drunk, your mind would’ve understood what he meant by that.
The feeling of his hands ghosting over your ass has you burying your head deeper into the crevice of his neck. Your drunken state wants to giggle like a high-schooler but you press your lips against Kei's shirt to muffle your silly actions.
God, he was going to be the death of you.
Just thinking about his large palms grasping your ass has you feeling more light-headed than the alcohol in your system.
If you don’t get sober quick you’re gonna do something so stupid.
“HUH? IS SHE SLEEPING? TSUKKI WAKE HER UP -- WE’RE GONNA DO SHOTS!” Kotaro’s voice bellows through the music from afar. Kei flinches upon hearing his voice and props you up properly against his lap so your ass isn’t in full view to passersby. The living room is fairly dark, save for the light emitting from the kitchen nearby and the cheap strobe lights.
His hands encircle your waist once more and you grumble at the way he manhandles you.
“Don’t blame me, you’re dressed like a fucking whore. I’m just trying to help you out.” He taunts, fingers coming up to tuck stray strands of hair behind your ear.
You hum tiredly, “Y’know Kei, for a complete dick you sure are awfully nice.” Your words are like honey to his ears. Yes he was a dick, but he’d do anything for you – not that he’d ever admit that.
He scoffs, “Be grateful.”
And you were. He was your best friend. Second to none was the hot-headed arrogant asshole.
Kotaro finally makes his way to you both, his hyperactive self is doubled with the amount of alcohol he’s ingested. “C’mon, Kuroo is already downing the bottle of vodka! There’s gonna be none left if we don’t hurry!”
You’re about to speak up when Kei cuts in, “I think she’s had enough for the night.” He says flatly, left palm gripping your knee.
Kotaro’s palm reaches up to his face and he quite literally, slaps himself as he squeals. “Ooh I see, you lovebirds want some time alone.” He concludes with a lop-sided grin.
You feel Kei stiffen behind you, glancing back you see him rolling his eyes at Kotaro.
Kei’s about to quip back when Kotaro takes your hand in his and pulls you away from Kei's embrace. You’re still very much drunk so the sudden movement has you falling onto the owl-haired man.
He grins, arms wrapping around your wobbly figure as Kei seethes in his seat. The hem of your skirt is merely bunched up underneath your ass and both men seem to realize that at the same time.
Kotaro’s hands innocently travel to fix it for you but Kei's quicker. He abruptly rises from his seat and closes the distance between the two of you, fingers gently fixing the fabric. Like hell, he was going to let another man touch you (when you were drunk). Something territorial overcame him, but the man just chalked it up to the thought of you being more comfortable if it was him that fixed it.
Sneering, Kei plucked you away from Kotaro’s embrace and sat back down in his previous position, pulling you onto his lap once more. “She’s only drinking water for the rest of the night.” He decides and Kotaro shouts choruses of boo’s in his drunken state before stating, “More for me!” and goes about his merry way.
“But I really wanted to shot tequila!” You whined into Kei's shirt. Hands clutching the fabric at his chest. You don’t need to look up at him to know he’s rolling his eyes at your antics.
“Can you handle tequila right now? Huh? No, you can’t. So behave.” He reprimands, voice laced with annoyance. You huff, removing yourself from his lap. “Where are-“ he starts but is cut off when you turn around and plop back down onto his thighs.
But this time your cunt rests flatly against his left thigh. Both of your legs are on the floor as your back arches to lean against him. The familiar ache in your cunt throbbed at the sudden pressure.
“Is this really appropriate?” He mocks, as you wrap your hands around his neck and bury your face into his chest.
“Would you stop being a buzzkill for one minute?” You grumble into him, tiredness seeping over you. Along with trying to rid yourself of your lewd thoughts.
“Why don’t we just head back to my place if you’re so tired?”
“No!” You were planning on sobering up enough to reach the tequila table. “Once I get ahold of myself ‘m gonna do shots!”
“You’re fucking dumb,” he stated matter-of-factly, flicking the side of your head. You yelp into his shoulder.
Mindlessly, he starts to slowly bounce his leg. Earning a quiet fuck from you because what the fuck? Thankfully Kei didn’t notice, too caught up in the sight of Shoyo and Tobio trying to outdrink each other.
He suddenly picks up a pace, softly chuckling to himself at his teammates' foolishness. So unbeknownst to your dilemma. You were trying your best to restrain yourself but the pressure just felt so good. The heat of your cunt grew with each upthrust of his thigh.
Raising your head from his shoulder, a soft gasp escapes your lips. Kei stares down at you incredulously, halting all movements. His brain short-circuits for a second at the sight of your redden face, plump lips sucked between your teeth as you stare at his shirt.
“Fuck. I didn’t mean to — sorry,” You don’t know what else to say. The situation sobers you up immediately and you’re about to remove yourself from him when he grips your waist tightly.
His leg bounces once more and you whimper loudly at the friction. Kei smirks, “You’re so sensitive, sweetheart.”
Sweetheart? Fuck you’re about to cum.
Your wide-eyed expression must have been amusing because he laughed softly and ran his hand up your shirt-covered spine, shaking his head in amusement.
“You act like a bitch in heat, rubbing your desperate cunt all over me — it’s pathetic,” he teases, grinning like an asshole. “Want me to help?”
Fuck yes.
You only nod in response, afraid your voice might betray you.
“Wanna hear you say it, just nodding doesn't count. How would I know that you actually mean it if you don't humiliate yourself a little in the process?” He taunts.
Typical Tsukishima. That sadistic little prick.
You groan, palms coming up to your face to hide your blush. “Please,” you beg.
“That’s my girl,” he mused. Kei’s hand lay on your thigh, gently caressing the soft skin beneath your skirt and you hum in pleasure, eyes drifting half shut.
Delicate fingers grip tightly to Kei's shoulders, you rolled your hips so your cunt ground down on his thigh. It didn’t feel like much, not at first, but as you wiggled and circled your hips, you soon were gasping in surprise at the aching tingle in your cunt from how your clit was being pressed against the hard muscle of his thigh.
“So desperate, it’s embarrassing honestly.” Heat shivered through you at his quip, his lips parting as his gaze fixated on your mouth. In your hazy mind, you noted the way he hesitated for a moment before pressing his thumb over your bottom lip.
“Such a pretty little slut.” He murmurs, pulling on the skin gently as he bowed his head, entranced by your clothed-cunt grinding on his jeans. Your mouth parted a little more and on some instinct you didn’t even know you had, you moved a bit closer and closed your lips around his finger.
His eyes widened, breathing growing heavier. Flicking your tongue across the pad of his thumb, you let out a soft, involuntary noise at the taste of his skin.
There’s no time to react when he pulls you firmly into his chest and his lips find yours. Your groans fell to deaf ears over the loud music. Kei’s lips are firm and demanding and some distant part of your brain wondered where your best friend had learned to kiss like this.
You furrowed your fingers through his blonde locks, tugging on them to pull him even closer. Kei moaned into your mouth and his lips left yours to trail down the column of your throat, burning a path across your skin.
“So,” nip “fucking,” nip “dirty.”
By the time he had finished his assault on your neck, a sheen of sweat had broken out on your forehead and you were panting and moaning, close to your release.
“Fuck, Kei!” you moaned into his ear. He chuckles deeply, “You’re really pathetic y’know? Getting off in a place like this? I turn you on and like a fucking whore you’re ready to pounce on anything.”
Like a masochist — that’s all it took for pleasure to blind you and for your body to slump onto Kei's, a broken wail slipping from between your lips.
“Good girl,” he says as his fingers run through your hair, giving a quick kiss to your head as you try to catch your breath.
Shifting against him, you could feel his hardened cock against your cunt. Your hand lazily finds its way to his jeans and is about to palm him until he grips your wrist.
“You’re drunk,”
You shake your head, jutting out your bottom lip in a pout, “’M not! Please! Let me help you!”
He raises his eyebrows at this, but releases his hold on your wrist anyway. His fingers pull the flowy fabric of your skirt over his crotch and cover his hands under as he unzips his pants — he doesn’t miss the chance to slip your underwear to your side as well and the contact was enough for you to whimper. It’s so dark in here that the fabric of your skirt isn’t needed to hide his actions but Kei Tsukishima is nothing but cautious in everything he does.
His cock springs out, hard and already pulsing under your skirt. “Turn around princess,” and you shift slightly in his lap, body blocking his naked area to others.
Kei momentarily falters the moment your ass touches his dick, almost jolting in his seat. “Lift your hips for me, love.” He mutters in your ear, and you’re putty in his hands. You oblige - raising your ass in the air for a few seconds before you slowly plop down into his dick. Your orgasm from earlier gives him an ample amount of slick to easily slip into you - it gives him shivers to think he had made you that wet.
You almost topple over on his knees from the unfamiliar contact but Kei immediately wraps his arms around your waist as he fully sinks into you.
“Oh fuck,” he groans into your ear, face nuzzling into your neck as you bring your hands to your face. It’s too much.
Neither of you moves for a few seconds; you feel so full that the thought of breathing itself seems meaningless right now. You’re still dazed from your recent high and the alcohol in your veins threatens to wear you down even more.
“Look at you taking me so well, who would’ve thought? My pretty little whore,”
You whimper, grateful for the dark atmosphere because you know you’re beet red as of now. Head dizzy as he jerks his hips once, a moan leaves your lips.
“Go ahead, ride me,” he whispers, breath fanning your ear.
Immediately your head turns to his, astonishment written all over your face.
“It was your idea, wasn’t it? What — the feeling of me in you makes you dumb? I wanna see how greedy you are when given a chance so, ride me.”
“Kei- how? There are so many people here,” your voice almost raises to hysterics as you frantically look around, hoping no one can deduce that your best friend's dick is inside you.
He shrugs, “Not my problem, you wanted to help, remember?”
He’s a sadist, the realization hits you once more. A prick in other terms. You hate him.
Slowly, you lift your hips - hands pressed onto his thighs to steady yourself. The movement is so minute, could easily be mistaken as you drunkenly swaying on your best friend - how cute - but you’re reminded with each lift when his dick threatens to slide out of you that this is far from adorable.
You hear a few grunts from behind you, Kei's hands now rest firmly on your hips. Soft wails leave your lips as they part with each movement and your head bows to hide your ditzy expression.
“Hmm? Acting all shy? Isn’t this what you wanted? To be fucked in front of everyone here — fitting for a whore like you, to be honest,” He rasps behind you, right arm wrapping around your neck. He pulls your back flush towards him.
“Kei,” his name falls like a prayer, like you’re begging for something, you just don’t know what. His fingers, it’s so fucking risky, he thinks, but he can’t help but slip them under your skirt and add pressure to your sensitive bud. The action would’ve had you doubling over but the grip he has around your neck is rigid.
Your hands flail around your lap to try to hide the vulgar scene of his fingers in your cunt but it’s no use — tears prick at the corner of your eyes, you don’t care anymore. There’s something building in the pit of your stomach and suddenly you’re gripping his forearm around your neck as you grind yourself against him.
Heavy breaths fan your neck as your best friend's lips find solace on your skin. The situation is the same for you as you nip at the skin of his forearm — the pleasure is getting overwhelming, heat builds up once more and you’re unable to hold back as you lose all your senses. You shake slightly in Kei's embrace as stars dance in front of your eyes as your lids close. His hands move rapidly to cover your mouth — he knows. Your second orgasm for the night overtakes you — and shortly after, Kei's first settles deep inside you.
His grip on you loosens, both of you panting as you lean on him. Kei gives you an once-over — deems you fucked out as he takes in your parted lips and heaving chest, you lock eyes with him and he realizes there’s not a thought behind yours. Still, he can’t help but softly tilt your head and bring his lips to yours, endearingly brushing his thumb across your cheek.
“Hey! What’s going on over there?” He breaks apart from the kiss and is suddenly very aware that his dick is still in you when he hears Kotaro's voice boom over the music.
Kotaro has his hands wrapped around a tequila bottle as he stands in the kitchen, downing the liquid like water as he points at you two.
And oh my god he’s marching towards you both.
“I’m gonna need you to get up baby. Let’s go home,” Kei offers but he doubts his words register in your worn-out state.
“Nuh-uh,” you mumble, almost yawning as you start to lean forward, “Time to get drunk!” You shout happily, all tiredness disappearing as your eyes fall on Kotaro making his way to you with two bottles of tequila. “Kotaro!” you beam at him, ready to stand up and meet him halfway, until you’re being gripped down by a palm around your arm.
“Don’t be a fucking dumbass,” Kei hisses at you, “you’re done for the night and in case you’re ditzy brain has forgotten, my dick is still inside you. Don’t fucking move unless you want him to know my cum is dripping down your thighs.” He reprimands — and all you can do is nod meekly because what the fuck.
He’s right but holy hell you’re just realizing your best friend is inside you along with his cum — and oh look, Kotaro.
“Give me this,” you snatch the bottle from Kotaro's hands and take a large gulp — you need something to steel your nerves. “I’m keeping this,” you inform and all he can do is shrug, walking away whilst chugging the other bottle.
Thank god he didn’t mention that kiss, Kei thinks, he doesn’t think he can handle all that commotion right now.
Fuck, it’s been a long night.
Kei watches as Kotaro hollers something incoherent at Kuroo before the rooster’s eyes fall on the both of you, a smirk gracing his lips.
He snatches the alcohol from you (much to your displeasure), takes a swig, and rests it aside.
“We need to go home now.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
love interests :: k. tsukishima x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, short and sweet, 690~ words
Tumblr media
“Please, Kei.”
“No, Y/N.”
You’re currently splayed over top of your boyfriend on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and chin propped up on your wrist. Tsukishima lays beneath you, annoyed expression etched onto his features and bored eyes staring back at you. The two of you had previously been sleeping when you had disrupted him to ask a supposedly important question.
For the past five minutes, you’ve attempted and failed time and time again to convince him to let you try his glasses on. Every plead and promise is quickly shut down as he does his equal best to ignore your insistent pestering.
“I’ll be really careful! Just for a minute, then I promise to give them back.” You flash him your best set of puppy eyes as an extra attempt of convincing.
He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “How many times do I have to say it for you to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’?”
Lips pushing out in a pout, your once soft gaze turns sour. Tsukishima is hardly deterred, shooting back his own glare.
“Why won’t you let me try them on?”
“Because you’ll break them and I can’t see out of cracked lenses.”
“I’ve already promised I won’t!”
“I have no way of proving whether or not that’s true, and before you say it, no you trying them is not an option.”
Mouth dropping open, you scramble through your thoughts for a retort only to come up empty handed. Stumped, you click your mouth shut and bury your face in his shirt in defeat. His eyes bore into the top of your head like he’s waiting for something to happen. The longer he waits, the worse he feels for denying you something so trivial.
“Hey.” When you don’t pick your head up immediately, he nudges at your shoulder, grabbing your attention after a few pokes. Avoiding your sad gaze, he looks off to the side and mumbles almost too softly to hear, “You can wear my glasses.”
You instantly perk up, eyes wide and corners of your mouth stretching into a grin. “Really?” He doesn’t miss the cheery tone to your voice; it almost brings a smile to his face - almost.
“Only for a few seconds, and if you promise to never ask again?”
After getting a confirming nod, he reaches up to take his glasses off then hands them towards you for you to take. You gently pinch the temples between your fingers and flip the pair of glasses around. The earpieces slip behind your ears as you carefully push the glasses onto your face.
A delighted smile breaks across your cheeks. “How do I look?”
They don’t fit perfectly, as expected for not being yours. The bridge slides a small bit past the top of your nose, and the lens make your eyes look odd. And yet, with how mildly goofy you look with his glasses, he also can’t help but find you absolutely adorable.
Tsukishima lays speechless beneath, mouth slightly agape. How could something as simple as you wearing his glasses leave him this tongue tied? And even better question, why hadn’t he let you sooner?
“Tsukki?” A minute passes and no response. Sitting up slightly, you raise a hand and wave your palm in front of his face.
His eyes blink shut a few times like he’s snapping out of a daze. Clicking his tongue, he swats your hand away with a grumbled, “Stop it.”
“You blanked out on me. Are you not able to see without these?” Before he can say anything or stop you, you’re already sliding his glasses back into their place against his nose. You smile softly to yourself like you completed some big task. “There.”
Content, you place a quick peck to his lips, then drop your head onto his chest to resume your nap. He waits for your breathing to even out before whispering softly for only himself to hear, “You look perfect.”
Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · a month ago
Tumblr media
ft — tsukishima kei, atsumu miya, iwaizumi hajime & suna rintarō
warnings — not proofread, gn!reader 💆🏾‍♀️
song to match — over the moon by the marias
Tumblr media
noticed the way your eyes fluttered open and closed every so often. “don’t fall asleep on the train.” he warned, attempting to lift your head up with his cold hand, holding your face. “but ‘m sleepy, kei.” you unconsciously whined as your head dropped onto his bony shoulder, causing him to hiss from the discomfort. “hey, c’mon now, we’re almost there.” tsukishima looked down at your sleeping face, smiling a bit as he linked his slender fingers with your own. “so annoying.” he sighed, gently squeezing your hand as he looked out at the night sky through the train window. “you owe me.”
grinned at the sight of you lazily smiling at your phone, eyes threatening to shut every few seconds. “are ya sleepy?” atsumu asked rhetorically, hearing your phone fall onto the carpet with a muffled thud. “mhmmm.” you tiredly replied before plopping your head onto atsumu’s lap, nuzzling the soft pajama pants that loosely hung from his hips. he said nothing as he drew deformed hearts on your face with the pads of his fingers, careful not to wake you with the gentle strokes. “mmm feels nice.” you unconsciously mumbled, causing a huff of laughter to escape from atsumu’s lips. “yeah?” he chuckled, not expecting a response. atsumu continued to draw hearts on your face, admiring how pretty you look in this state.
eyes grew wide as you drowsily mumbled nothings about how warm and comfortable he was. “lap’s so comfy, haji.” you babbled, digging your face into the crook of his neck while readjusting yourself on his lap. “you tired?” hajime gently spoke, rubbing the warm skin your back as you groaned from the loud party goers in the kitchen and hallway. “we should go home, it’ll be quieter there.” “‘m already so comfy, baby.” you lazily wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling yourself impossibly closer, earning a surprised smile from iwaizumi. “hmph fine, don’t complain about neck pain later on though.” he warned, noticing the seemingly uncomfortable position you were twisted in. “shhhh.” you gently smacked his chest in order to quiet him down. he let out a frustrated sigh as you lazily smiled up at him.
caressed your cheek as he felt your head settle on his lap, legs spread out across the couch. “hey pretty, you wanna sleep upstairs?” he whispered, playfully smushing your cheeks together, earning an annoyed scowl from you. “no, ‘m comfy.” you admitted, fiddling with the hem of his shirt as you dozed off. “better not drool on me.” suna rolled his eyes, leaning back onto the couch with his hands resting on your hips, keeping you secure in his hold. “mm no promises.” you giggled. “i could push you off right now.” “you wouldn’t dare.” you replied, shooting your eyes open to see his golden ones staring down at you. “whatever. sleep.” rin shut your eyes for you as you shamelessly smiled up at him. “stop smiling at me like that.” he whined, planting a short but sweet kiss on your cheek as you faded away into dreamland.
Tumblr media
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swellsweaters · a month ago
going too far when they argue with their s/o
Tumblr media
ft. kuroo, bokuto, & tsukishima x reader
[ warnings : unresolved angst | fighting, yelling, swearing, guilt-tripping | hurt/comfort with no comfort] a/n : i like to hurt my own feelings in my free time :DD bon apetit loves~ (pls reblog !! it helps sm !)
Tumblr media
You couldn't remember what you were arguing about anymore, it had been going on for far too long. And what was left of it, was the back and forth of an endless screaming match. "You really just don't shut up, do you, Y/n?!" Kuroo spat, hands angrily threading his hair. "Haven't you just fucking noticed that I want you to leave? Or were you just too caught up in yourself to even notice anything about me?" Did he really feel like that about you? For how long? Thoughts swarmed your head, only continuing to feed your spiking heartbeat and dry throat. Your lack of response resulted in a weighted silence that rung heavily in your ears. Had Kuroo never actually wanted you around? He scoffed at your dumbfounded expression, "What're you waiting for...? Leave." "If I had known loving you only would leave me like this, I would've left sooner," you finally said, closing the door behind you.
Going head-to-head with a powerful ace such as Bokuto would be terrifying to anyone - horrifying. He was an intimidating guy at first glance, but you've known him for years. Though, with the amount of colour rushing to his face from the anger entirely directed to you, it felt like you had only seen a glimpse. You were shaking violently under his gaze, tears cascading quietly down your cheeks, eyes blown wide open - it didn't matter what had started the fight, all you cared about was trying to get him to stop. "How could you of all people possibly understand!?!" I don't know, you wanted to sob, I don't know. "You're always clinging to me, Y/n, it's disgusting. I don't know how much more I can take." The finality and fury in his voice broke away at you as your legs gave out, leaving you a slumped against the kitchen counter with the weight of your world on your shoulders.
"Kei, please-" "What. So, I'm the problem?" he spat out, irritated beyond relief, "That's information I wasn't aware of." You hissed at his words, frustrated tears clouding your vision, "Stop putting all of this on me! We're supposed to work this out together, like a couple, Kei, for fuck's sake!!" His eye twitched at your comment, "Then I think it's time to get a new damn boyfriend, Y/n, I'm done with this bullshit." You had no complaints, considering the amount of surprise that leapt into eyes when you shoved on your coat to leave. Tsukishima gave you one last panicked look, as you slammed the front door. His hand gently rested on the door knob to go after you - but what was the use? He was the one had pushed you out. He was just going to have to learn how to live with that...
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Soft Spot
Tumblr media
Timeskip!Tsukishima Kei x Manager,Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings!! : !! MDNI !!, slapping, mentions of overstimulation, degrading, aftercare, hair pulling, Tsukishima being a (big) dick but having a soft spot for reader, (the cliché) fucking in a locker room :/
Summary : Tsukishima realizes that he likes you, his manager.. In a not so innocent way that friends would normally like each other. So he decides to tell you his feelings, and what better time to tell your crush after fucking them dumb in the janitor's closet? He does deserve your love... after all, he started feeling attracted to you ever since highschool.. he may not have known it back then.. but you should still be grateful for his loyalty towards you. He's never looked at any girl other than you.
Tumblr media
"F—Fuck, you like that? Like being a little bitch for me?" He snarled as he pounded into your abused cunt harder, all red and swollen from overstimulation.
"Mm~ Yes Kei! Just for you!" You whined, holding onto the shelves tightly as he thrusted his hips in and out of you, keeping a steady rhythm and a fast pace which had your eyes rolling back into your head and your tongue lolling out of your mouth.
He groaned as he grabbed your hair, pulling you back into him; his chest pressed against you as he fucks up into you, kissing your cervix with the tip of his long dick as it tugs against your tight gummy walls with each time he retraces his cock to thrust into you again.
"Fucking whore. You love being my cute little bitch, don't you?" He growled into your ear, watching the way that your tits bounced up and down while he pounded into you from behind.
His practice game finished a few hours ago, and both of you were about to head home, but fortunately unfortunately... Tsukishima had other plans for the both of you ,which ended up with you being fucked dumb in the janitor's closet of the training gym which I should remind you— is where the Sendai Frogs (oml, the team) train.
You squealed as his slender hand lands on your ass, a stinging sensation burning on the spot of the impact where his hand came in contact to your ass.
"Sorry pretty girl~ Couldn't help myself, your sounds are just too cute to resist. Y'know?~" You mewled, melting under his touch as his words distracted you from the pain his hand caused.
You gasped as you suddenly felt a knot in your stomach. Knowing what was coming, you warned Tsukishima in hopes that he'd go faster so you could reach your orgasm, with the chase making you eager to cum.
"K—Kei! I... I'm close!" A sweet moan left your lips, dancing in the air before ringing through Tsukishima's ears, encouraging him to go even rougher so that both of you could reach your highs.
Both of you let out your own moans, the dirty sound of sloppy wet skin slapping against each other bouncing off the walls and into your ears playing in the background. The lewd sound making you clench your thighs together in excitement as you look at Tsukishima with lidded eyes.
Tsukishima gently, as he could, pulls you off his dick, cleaning you up and carrying you bridal style as both of you walk out the janitor's closet. Tsukishima wraps you up in a bundle using his jacket, making sure that you stay warm even when both of you walk out into the cold night.
"So Kei~ When are you gonna confess your feelings to me?" You ask, wiggling your eyebrows at his annoyed expression as he shut the gym door behind him.
"H—Hey Y/N... I... I like you. If it isn't obvious already." He mumbled with a flushed face, looking away as you continue to tease him with loving, sweet words.
"Hey Kei." Tsukishima looks at you, his name catching his attention as he continues to carry you in his arms, deciding to bring you to his house for the night.
"Does this mean we're official?" You ask, your eyes lighting up in hopes of him saying yes.
Tsukishima just scoffs, looking away and whispering a quiet, "Of course you idiot, we can go out on a date tomorrow if you want..." You barely heard it, but it was loud and clear enough for you to understand his meaningful words.
"Yes please Kei. I'd appreciate it very much."
Tumblr media
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hot things tsukishima does
here are the creators and their posts that inspired this!
@0ik6lut - hot things oikawa does (OG)
@ahtsumu - hot things suna does
when you’re at your desk and ask him for help on something he places his hand on one side of the desk and leans down, basically encasing you in his arms
additionally, he’ll talk in your ear and when you look up at him he’ll look down at you and just...smirk before pulling away and telling you to figure the problem out yourself
leans on the doorframe; sometimes you’ll be leaning on wall next to the doorframe and he’ll come up and lean on it next to you, his body warmth making your heart beat 11x faster
when he wakes up one hand is stretching upwards towards the air while the other scratched his stomach and.... :) iz just nice
grabs your chin to look at him and uses his pointer finger to caress your chin before kissing you
has worn the maid costume once. you have a picture of it. on your phone. confidential. you look at it sometimes.... <3
Comfortable in his sexuality and lets you dress him up however as long as he can watch movies while you do it
when you watch movies together he’ll nonchalantly feed you a piece of popcorn but his fingers brush past your lips really slowly and when you both are looking at each other in anticipation he’ll lean back against the couch’s arm rest and pop a piece of popcorn in his mouth
you're on your laptop and ask him for help with something and instead of wait until you move you arm out of the way he puts his hand on the mouse pad next to yours and his pinky links with one of your fingers....
says "oh? and you're gonna stop me?"
when he’s stressed with his work on the computer he’ll sigh lightly and slip off his glasses and place his hand on his chin to look at you across the room, his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his gaze is dark and half-lidded
he’ll be doing something that takes his focus and you think he can’t see you staring at him, but then he’ll suddenly glance at you with thoe electric honey eyes of his and quirk his brow. no smile on his face. just intense stare
taps his pencils and pens against his pretty soft lips out of habit. sometimes looks at you while doing it
wears an plain silver chain anklet
has a prominent adam’s apple and when he drinks water after a game and there’s sweat dripping down his chin it’s. just. yeah.
has pretty hands with long fingers; sometimes he just mindlessly rubs the edge of his desk with his fingers and you can’t help but watch. 
actually takes care of his nails -- like the cuticles are pushed back and they are filed in a pretty shape. occasionally uses nail oil 
his style. either it’s a lazy loose sweatpants (not grey ones, sorry, he knows that trend) and a long sleeve t-shirt or when he goes out and feels like trying it’s khaki pants with white socks and vans with a white button up and a vest pullover on top of it. just. preppy tsukishima. please god. 
when he's sitting on a bed he has one leg outstretched and one leg bent with his arm resting on it, his head in that hand, his other hand scrolling through his phone until you walk in and his eyes flit to you and trail after you until you leave the room
the hottest thing about tsukishima is his stare. the power his eyes hold over you, with or without glasses, is shocking. his eyes are just such a pretty shade of amber with a dark ring around them...the type of guy to forget his glasses one day and everyone has a picture of him from that day because. damn. 
bonus: is the progressive kid in class who you think hates everyone equally but when someone says some Fucked Up discriminatory shit he goes Off on their ass and absolutely schools them 
bonus bonus: tsukishima’s legs. nuff said
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volleychumps · 8 months ago
Defending S/O From Jealous Girls (Kuroo, Kageyama, and Tsukishima )
warning(s):bullying!!!(tw) , boys who bite at anything that touches you<3
“Oops! My bad, Y/N- you should really watch where you’re going.” 
You rub your shoulder with a frown as the long-haired girl in front of you feigns innocence, eyes glinting with a venemous edge before you huff, leaning down to pick up your phone. A hand beats you to it, snatching the device in a way that had you flinching before a hand settles warmly atop your head. 
“Kitten, you good?” 
Of course. 
You sigh, seeing that the girl who had an obvious crush on your boyfriend had stepped to the side, lock of hair already twirled around her finger while her lips curled up in a flirtatious smile. Kuroo kept his feral eyes on you with a questioning look in his eyes as you offer a strained grin, taking the phone from him before glancing at the perpetrator. 
“Rika, did you need something?” 
“Kuroo-senpai, can I ask for your help on this upcoming assignment?” 
She blatantly ignores you, but Kuroo kept his gaze focused on your now shattered expression, seeing you hadn’t answered his original question. Distractedly, he merely shrugs at Rika before slipping his hand warmly into yours, tugging you along gently down the hall. 
The pissed-off expression of Rika’s still went unnoticed as you smile gratefully, following him along as Kuroo slips your conjoined hands into his jacket pocket. Feral eyes glance at your tired expression as Kuroo stops in the middle of the now empty hall, causing you to blink out of your thoughts. 
“Tetsurou, we need to get to class-” 
“Whatever you’re thinking about, quit it.” 
You tilt your head as if you don’t know what he’s talking about, plastic smile already tugging at the edge of your lips. 
Kuroo’s motions are careful as his large hands rest on either side of your neck, thumbs gently tracing the contour of your cheeks as his sharp eyes seem to pin you in place. His chest sinks when the smile on your face slowly fades, your eyes brimming with unshed heat before he sighs. 
“How long?” 
“I’m not dumb, sweetheart. So you either give me names and how long they’ve been giving you shit- or I interrogate any female I’ve ever seen you with. Your choice.” 
“...Rika’s really pretty, no?” Your voice cracks, smiling sadly as insecurity brims your tone, Kuroo’s grip on you seeming to weaken at your words. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m just not-” 
“I will take you right here, in the middle of this hall.” 
“Tetsurou-!” You scold, a smirk crossing Kuroo’s lazy features before he tugs you into his chest, tucking your head into the crook of his neck seemingly deep in thought as the raven-haired boy strokes your hair. He mumbles, other hand wrapped around your body protectively as his lips move against the top of your head. 
“If it makes you realize how beautiful you actually are, kitten, I don’t object-” 
“I can’t stand you sometimes.” 
Kuroo grins at the feel of your laughter against his neck, lifting your chin upwards to encase your lips with his heatedly as your figners clench at the back of his shirt material-
sharp eyes flitting in the direction of a teary-eyed Rika.
 She runs off from her hiding place when he makes threatening eye contact with her in the midst of kissing you harder, hand on the back of your hair entwining with the strands for effect. One was off the list now, for sure. 
“Names, sweetheart.” He pulls back gently, kissing your slightly swollen eyelid as his thumb strokes your cheek lovingly. 
“I want them by the end of the day.” 
“Oi. Snap out of it.” 
Your dazed expression becomes alert at the feel of Kageyama touching a cold can against your cheek, the blue-eyed boy arching his brow in worry. 
“Sorry, um...” You seem frazzled, looking over your shoulder now and then as Kageyama casts you a second worried glance as he occupies the space next to you on the school bench. He pokes the straw into his milk, casually tossing an arm around you afterward-
certainly not expecting to hear a yelp. 
He flinches, retracting his arm back in a jerking motion. “What?! What’s wrong?” 
“My shoulder...” You clench your teeth. “It’s really sore.” 
“Did you bump it against something?” Kageyama sweat dropped, reaching a hand up to rest on the back of his neck worriedly. The awkward tension in his movements made you laugh, but it came out a little forced. 
“Nope. I’m going to get some relieving patches from the nurse’s office, don’t wait up!” You seemed skittish, the pained look in your eye not going unnoticed by your analytical boyfriend. His calls for you died on the blue-eyed boy’s lips, sighing when you’re so rushed you leave your phone behind. 
He picks it up, about to slip it into his bag to give it to you later, until your phone lights up with a text message-
multiple text messages. 
Kageyama’s blue eyes scan them before he can think. He hadn’t meant to read your messages, but he’s suddenly glad he stumbled upon them. The word bitch was prominently used, attacking you for dating the popular setter. Kageyama could feel heat rush to his head, jaw clenching at what he was reading. 
If yesterday’s lesson didn’t teach you enough, it won’t just be your shoulder next time. 
He lifted himself out of his seat, milk box crushed within his fist. Blue orbs barely scanned the name of the sender, thanking his good memory for remembering such a useless girl. She was in your class, and he briefly remember you awkwardly bringing her up. 
“Tobio, I told you not to wait-” 
“Come on.” 
Your eyes widen when Kageyama tugs on your good arm, the aura around him borderline dangerous. Worriedly, your questions of where he was bringing you failed to drown out the ringing in your boyfriend’s ears. 
“You don’t like holding hands in front of people-” You start, cheeks heating up when you reach the front of your classroom. 
“Y/N. You know you can trust me, right?” He’s still not looking at you, staring stoically at the shut classroom door. 
Subconsciously, you touch your shoulder as guilt brims your orbs. “I didn’t want to make it difficult for you-”
“Well, that’s fine.” You tilt your head as Kageyama slams the door open, glancing back at you with anger swimming in his blue orbs. 
“Because this shouldn’t be difficult.” 
You held back a sigh. Kageyama was the type to deal with these types of things head on, for the raven-haired boy never really cared much about what people thought of him. You embarrassedly trudge behind him as he walks in with ease, stopping in front of a certain someone’s desk that had your breath catching in your throat. Everything begins to make sense when Kageyama slips your phone out of his pocket. 
“You have a crush on me or something?” He bluntly asks, disinterest flitting around his blue eyes as you watch your bully’s jaw slacken, cheeks filling with embarrassment. “Is that why you’ve been harassing my girlfriend?” 
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kageyama-Kun!” 
You shouldn’t have felt as justified as you did as Kageyama lets your phone fall on her desk, the messages staring back up at her as Aika’s eyes brim with unshed tears. 
“Expect an assault charge reported to the school tomorrow. Good job digging your own grave.” Kageyama’s cold voice sent a collective shiver down everyone’s spine before he promptly tugs you out of the classroom. You barely caught a glance at Aika’s trembling form before Kageyama’s leaning you against the now empty hallway. 
Lunchtime was over now, that was for sure. 
“Tobio, you didn’t-” 
“Let me adjust your patch. You didn’t put it on right.” He ignores you, still sorting out his emotions before he’s gently tugging your shirt off your shoulder slightly, peeling the patch off of your skin to reposition it.
“Are you mad?” Your voice was quiet as he solely focused on the task at hand. 
“Yeah.” You flinch, feeling guilty at his blunt tone- 
until his forehead touches your shoulder, his breath fanning against your skin. 
“You know I’ll protect you no matter what, right?” 
Kageyama’s chest finally settled, feeling tears of relief beginning to soak his shoulder as you smiled into his embrace, wrapping your arms around him.
“Yeah.” You breathily laugh, Kageyama’s grip tightening slightly- 
And he dug his face deeper into your shoulder, hiding a small lilt of his lips he didn’t want you to see. 
“You’re late.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t miss it.” 
You beam in the face of your unamused boyfriend, the blonde sighing heavily as the squeak of sneakers fade out into the background. What mattered was that you came. 
“Any particular reason?” Tsukishima absent-mindedly twirled a strand of your hair around his finger, tilting his head in a bored fashion as you seem to stiffen in place.
“Um, no?” 
“Who knew my girlfriend was such a terrible liar.” Tsukishima pried further, arching a brow as you chew your bottom lip, looking everywhere but him. “Seriously, what’s going through that pretty little head?” 
“You think I’m pretty?” You seem to perk up at that, and Tsukishima flicks your temple as he begins to walk off to warm up. 
“Shut up.” He glances back at you, gaze softer than his usual hard stare. 
“I didn’t say anything.” 
“Really? I didn’t notice.” 
Tsukishima’s irritation begins to show on his face before you giggle, feeling more relaxed than before as you motion that you’re going to find your seat.  You mouth a good luck to him, pretending not to notice the redness on the tips of the blonde’s ears as he spins on his heel hastily. So cute. 
Your smile fades when a smile that was just a bit too wide waves you to come sit with them. You wondered if you had a choice as your footsteps slow in their movement. 
“Y/N’s here~” 
“Looks like you can see after all. I underestimated you.” 
“Wha- You’re the one with the glasses!” 
Tsukishima smirks at how easy it was to rile Hinata up, hazel eyes flitting over to the stands. He would never admit it, but knowing you were in the bleachers somewhere-
Scratch that. He knew exactly where you were on the bleachers. 
Ice-cold, dripping with water. A water bottle being held upside down in a girl’s grasp, a girl who was vaguely familiar. 
“Tsukishima, we’re about to play-!” 
“Then put someone else in.” The tall blonde’s voice was hardened as he brushed past his team captain, fire on his heels at what he had witnessed. 
The heat in your eyes contrasted greatly with the ice cold water dripping down your back. Yuki giggled brightly with her friend stifling a laugh into her palm, a feigned pout on her lips as everyone in the stands stared at your trembling form. 
“Y/N-chan! You’re so clumsy!” Yuki squealed, bending down to pretend to wipe up some of the water on your lap with her scarf. Her voice drops to a mutter. “And forgetful. Didn’t I tell you not to come to Tsukishima-Kun’s game today?” 
Your eyes widen a fraction, trembling lips beginning to part before a warmth suddenly cascades your cold body. 
“And pray tell, why should she listen to your advice?” 
Tsukishima’s voice sounded kind, but his eyes were anything but, protectively tugging you out of your soaking seat. You feel the rise of his chest, eyes widening when you realize he ran to get here. 
Yuki’s lips trembled before a sweet smile overtakes her features. You could’ve laughed as she begins to sniffle. 
“Kei-Kun! Y/N-chan had a little bit of a spill, and I was just-” 
“Helping her?” He finishes for her, smile growing a little sadistic. He focuses his attention on you, clenching his teeth at the smile you offer him. A trembling one that said I’m okay. 
“Funny. Because I saw the whole thing.”
“I-It’s a misunderstanding-” 
“Oi.” Tsukishima’s fake smile drops, jaw clenched. You tug on his arm, not wanting to cause a scene, but he merely slips it out of your grasp, pushing you behind him. His glasses seem to shine a little as his lips quirk up yet again. 
“Ugly girls shouldn’t lie, it leaves them with nothing worth doting for, you know? Hm?” He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose, smiling a closed eye smile. “And who gave you permission to call me by my first name? It’s Tsukishima. With an honorific.” 
You wince at the harsh insult that slaps Yuki across the face, flabbergasted expression still evident on your face as he takes you by the shoulders, spinning you around with a now pissed-off expression. 
“Yuri.” He looks back, getting her name wrong on purpose. “Don’t let me catch you helping my girlfriend again, got it?” 
She hiccups over her tears as the guy she likes walks off with you, who was still trying to grasp at what had just happened as he leads you to the hallway. 
“Y-You’re match is on right now-” 
“You’re a regular! You need to be-” 
“Shut up. I know exactly where I need to be right now.” Tsukishima snips, drying off the rest of the water as he kneels in front of you, a cup of hot tea from the vending machine warming your hands. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
“I’m sorry.” It comes out rushed and distracted, but Tsukishima’s momentary pause of his movements made you think it was anything but. “They bothered you because of me, right?” 
You nod slightly, biting the inside of your cheek before he flicks your temple, suddenly irritated. 
“What a pain.” 
You gasp softly, hands tightening around your paper cup as he brushes his lips across your forehead, hand resting on your neck. 
“Tell me when things happen.” 
“Don’t bottle it up inside. It’s annoying.” 
“And stop smiling like an idiot.” 
“But you kissed me. You kissed me first.” 
“I’ll leave you here.” 
“No you won’t.” 
Tsukishima groaned, tilting his head back to sigh heavily as his heart pounds in his ears. Quickly, he presses a chaste kiss to your lips that has your eyes as wide as saucers, tugging you out of your seated position while refusing to look back at you. 
“You’re right,” You stare at his flushed neck, following closely behind him back to the tournament. 
His hand tightens in yours ever so slightly-
“I’m never leaving you alone like that again. Understand? Or do I have to spell it out for you?” 
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