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#haikyuu x gender neutral reader
melsun · an hour ago
▷II broccoli & gems
Tumblr media
♯ kenma hates broccoli, and you mean more to him than any gem.
♯ for my bae @kodzukoi, y’all are cute :>.
Tumblr media
you sigh loudly, in hopes to gain kenma’s attention, who’s been on his gaming console for three hours non-stop now. “baby, c’mon,”you wail, “enoughh.”
(you know he’s so utterly soft for you, and what sort of a s/o would you be not to take advantage of it?)
”c’mere,” kenma mumbles, shifting his headset as he pulls you towards him, “wanna cuddle?” you walk over to him, throwing each leg on either side of his lap, “mmh, what you playing?” you ask, resting your head on his shoulder.
“geishin impact,” he answers, “‘m on stream,” he says out of nowhere, making you jump. “kenma,” you keep your hands on his shoulders to face him properly, blocking his view of the screen, “you could’ve at least told me,” you whisper-scream at him, smacking his arm lightly.
”no need to,” he grumbles, ”they know you’re mine,” he pecks your lips, then sighs, “now move. you’re blocking the screen.”
“kenmaa,” it’s a whine this time, “i’m embarrassed,” you lean down to speak in his ear, but somehow, it looks like you’re biting the edge, and the chat starts flooding with messages, which you can see on your phone of course.
“kzme-fan234 says “they’re adorable, kenma’s blushing,”“ you read out loud, heat rushing to your cheeks, but you leap at the chance to fluster kenma for a change.
you come back to his front, peppering his face with kisses. “let me play,” he protests, yet he’s smiling. “nope-,” you pause to grin at him, “-this is punishment.”
“is it really?,” he retorts, removing his attention from you to look into the camera as he starts speaking, “i’m gonna log off early tonight, guys,” he cuts off the live-stream, “you know i wanted to finish my quest, baby,” he groans, in response to which you further cuddle into him.
“i’m much better than a game,” you pout, in hopes of teasing the boy, “aren’t i?”
“that you are,” he agrees, softly exhaling before resting his chin on your head. “i love you more than all the pyrogems in the world.”
you gasp, “that’s got to be the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me,” you say, earning a soft glare from the man. “mhm,” he responds, “you hang around kuroo too much these days.”
“rooster-head does have a point sometimes,” you hmph, “you don’t eat broccoli.”
he looks at you, disgusted at the mention of the vegetable, “what does that thing have to do with me?,” kenma complains, “it tastes like shit.”
you snort into his shoulder, “i swear if you make our kids hate broccoli, i’ll kill you.” you declare, kenma’s ears turning red at the mention of ‘our kids’. “our kids?,” he whispers, making heat rush to your cheeks at the realisation of what you’ve just said.
“i, uh-,” you look up at kenma, “i mean-,” you’re cut off when you notice how his eyes are beaming, the sort of look he has when he gets a new video-game, and you smile wide too.
“our kids.” he repeats, but this time, more assertively.
you’re trying so hard to subdue your smile, but it just won’t work.
everything seems so calm with him, you know? like you could just lay in his arms forever, in your own little world. you certainly don’t mind adding a few people to that world.
(you’re both so in love, it’s heart-warmingly pukey).
there’s silence for a while, and he's almost fallen asleep in your arms, after all, what place is more comfortable? you’re humming softly, thoughts running through your head. all is well. your eyes are half-shut too, your voice so muted, but you do need to say this. it’s important.
(you care about the health of your future kids, do you not?)
“hey kenma?”
“you don’t like carrots either.”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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yumeyooa · 5 days ago
hearth of the wicked— part two | bokuto kotaro
Tumblr media
—cafe del la luna is looking for a new part-timer, and bokuto kotaro, a college student in need of some quick cash, is up for the challenge, even if his friends try to warn him against it.
➢ pairing: bokuto kotaro x witch! gender neutral! reader (will be named asuka in the rest of the fics)
➢ genre: fluff | supernatural au | witch au | cafe au | slice of life au | college au | rated 13 | sfw
➢ word count: 3.0k+
➢  warning: mentions of frog brains, dragons blood, snake wine | mentions of war and burning at the stake | use of they/them pronouns 
➢ love letter: henlo everyone!! so sorry this was late, this whole week i was in a mental stump and just today i found the courage to get up and do things ;>> the next part will be the final and most romantic one so stay tuned ahhh!!
➢ taglist (send an ask to be tagged): @loveinhaikyuu​ @mirakeul​ @kissedbyushi​ @paperd0llz​ @faewraithsworld​​ 
navigation  | cafe del la luna masterlist | part one | part three
Honestly speaking, Bokuto didn’t expect working at Cafe Del La Luna to be this difficult. 
To be fair, he didn’t expect that he had to work with witches, wizards, fairies, and all the magic that came with them in the first place. He just expected it to be a regular job with a slightly more difficult work level, like what any other college student would expect.
But this was on a league of its own. 
In his first week working at the cafe, he had discovered that said witches, wizards, and fairies didn’t even try to conceal their magic. They just let it flow freely into the air, not caring about the unsuspecting humans that could come in. 
Tooru, your familiar, didn’t see the issue with him transforming back and forth between his human form and fox form. Bokuto remembers the day he first saw Tooru in all his human glory. He was sitting atop the display, chowing down on some freshly baked cupcakes, clad in plaid pants and an oversized red jacket, without a care in the world. 
Bokuto at first thought that he was an intruder. But when he tried to shoo away the said fox from the display with the mop he was holding, Tooru screeched, begging him to calm down while he transformed into his fox form, glaring at Bokuto for disrupting his mealtime. That experience most certainly gave Bokuto a fright, but not nearly as much as his first time walking into the cafe. At least Tooru didn’t throw cupcakes (or pie, for that matter) at his face. 
Then there was Natsuki, your best friend and probably the most awkward fairy Bokuto had ever met in his life. Don’t get him wrong, Bokuto loved making friends and getting to know others, even if his initial reaction to everyone in the cafe was… terrible, to say the least. But for some reason, it took him a while to truly get to know the shy fairy. 
Especially since he had somehow offended them at their first meeting, questioning why Natsuki was human-sized as prior to meeting them, he was led to believe that all fairies were petite, presumably the size of his thumb. 
That somehow made Natsuki so upset that they added too much salt to the batch of cookies they were making, and in an effort to clean it up (though Bokuto to this day isn’t exactly sure how it happened) ended up causing an explosion of flour, sugar, and butter, all over the kitchen walls. Good thing you were there to clean the mess up right away; otherwise, Bokuto would have truly suffered trying to ensure that every nook and cranny was spotless. 
And don’t get Bokuto started on Harumi. For some reason, based on his first impression of them, Bokuto had expected Harumi to be somewhat more professional than everyone else, but they were just as bad, if not worse than Natsuki and Tooru. 
On his first day of work at the cafe, Bokuto walked in at 1 PM sharp, only to find sponges, dusters, mops, and all sorts of cleaning materials imaginable dancing around the place, as if they were controlled by some magical being, which they were, Bokuto had realized, as he spotted Harumi reading a book while flicking her wand in the air as if it were nothing. 
No wonder the cafe had the reputation it had. None of the cafe’s inhabitants realized that there was a boundary between the supernatural and the… natural. If another human were to walk in instead of Bokuto, he was sure that the poor person would be so frightened that they would immediately scramble away, further spreading the notion that this cafe was haunted. 
Well, haunted was a strong word, but what else could humans describe this place as? They weren’t Bokuto who could easily learn to appreciate even the scariest of magical objects. They were people who never believed in magic their whole lives, only to find an overwhelming example of it the moment they entered the cafe doors. Which sucked because all they probably wanted was a good cup of coffee. 
But most of all, if Bokuto were to point a figure to the person who had the most effect on people’s perception of the whimsical cafe, then he would most likely point his fingers at you. Which is odd, he knows. He just got hired, and yet here he was pointing out the flaws of his boss. What a great employee indeed. 
But there was a reason for it. An excellent reason, in fact. You were practically the opposite of him and not in the way Akaashi, his best friend, was. While Akaashi may have been more introverted and reserved than Bokuto, at least he understood the importance of hanging out and getting some fresh air from time to time. Well, ignoring the fact that he would completely shun himself from the world the moment finals week loomed over his shoulders, but that was a story from another time. 
One way or another, Akaashi found himself dragged into some random adventure by Bokuto, which he didn’t mind, as hanging out with the bright and bubbly man did wonders for his writer’s block and creativity. 
But you? Bokuto had never seen you step one foot out of the cafe’s doors at all. Much less leave your chamber. Which was quite concerning for Bokuto, considering that he couldn’t quite understand how anyone could do that without going insane. 
You were always cooped up in your chamber, only coming out to order Harumi or Tooru to do errands for you or to grab some food that Natsuki prepared, or more recently, to make Bokuto clean up the remnants of your latest experiment. 
Those few moments that he would enter the chamber, he was always amazed by what he saw. It always, without fail, got messy, as if a hurricane had gone through the room, even if he had just cleaned mere moments before. 
You were constantly going through spell books, writing down notes on any magical ingredient you could find. Perhaps you were trying to create one of your own, Bokuto assumed. But as he conversed with Harumi, he found out that you were a potion dealer on the sidelines. So it made sense to him that you were hyper-focused on making sure these potions were absolute perfection. 
But that didn’t mean you had the right to neglect the cafe. 
Bokuto had learned over the weeks that in the realm of the supernatural, it was relatively easier to earn the rights to a space should it be disguised as a store that catered to humans. Something about protecting the balance between the two realms. He was surprised to find out that his favorite laundry shop was run by a water nymph who had decided to bring the laundromat to life after the previous owner (who was a human) had died. 
The world was full of surprises indeed. 
But, it just felt like a waste to leave the cafe the way it was. Sure, you put it up as a front so you could ensure that your potion business was up and running. But did it really have to be that way? Maybe Bokuto was getting too attached. He always did. That was one of his strengths and weaknesses at the same time. His emotions latched on to anyone or anything that he had the pleasure of getting to know on a more personal level. 
But how could he not get attached? The cafe and its inhabitants were just too charming. Sure, Tooru could be a handful at times with his trickster ways, but Bokuto honestly enjoyed conversing with him. His jokes and humor oddly reminded him of his friend, Kuroo Tetsuro, a chemistry major, who took the same mythology elective as Akaashi, which was how the two met as both were partners for a project that Bokuto had accidentally barged in on. 
And maybe he was awkward with Natsuki, but no matter how shy they were, they were still one of the kindest people, or rather fairies he had ever met. Natsuki always made sure that Bokuto ate well, even going so far as to pack him some dinner when he had to leave for a night class after his shift. Natsuki’s meals always tasted good, not as good as his mother’s, but it was still nourishing enough to feel like home. Heck, Natsuki even went so far as to provide a lunch box for Akaashi when Bokuto had offhandedly mentioned just how much of a shut-in his friend was when things got too busy. 
Harumi, too was a pleasure to be around, even if at times they were pretty clueless. (Although Bokuto couldn’t exactly blame them, apparently it was their first time interacting with the human realm, they had grown up sheltered in an orphanage back in their own domain) Filled with wonder and curiosity, Harumi wasn’t afraid to ask questions.
It seemed as if the said apprentice was a hopeless romantic, as Bokuto would constantly find them nose deep down into a romance novel. Although, at times, their questions were way too straightforward (Gosh, Bokuto couldn’t forget the way Harumi had asked him if he’s ever kissed someone the way Romeo did to Juliet. He had never been so flustered in his life).
And then there was you. Precious, loveable, you. (But Bokuto would never admit that. Because what kind of cliche was he living in? Getting a crush on his boss?) You were an enigma. A mystery Bokuto couldn’t quite figure out, yet at the same time was excited to explore. 
It was clear to Bokuto that Harumi had picked up some of their more whimsical habits from you. You were one to entirely devote your attention to something once you put your mind to it. When Bokuto first cleaned your chamber, you had been so silent, occasionally mumbling to yourself when you were confused about the process. 
The only time you spoke to him during that whole ordeal was when you needed him to hand you the jar of frog brains conveniently placed right next to him, much to Bokuto’s horror, who hastily handed them over to you, shivering at how exactly you had acquired a jar of said organs. 
But he couldn’t deny the fact that no matter how weirded out he was by the ingredients that surrounded you, the passion in your eyes blew that initial disgust away. Bokuto found himself slowly enjoying helping you out from time to time, only growing more curious as time passed. 
Working in Cafe Del La Luna was oddly refreshing, despite the hardships that came with it. Bokuto found himself looking forward to his shifts, more than his weekly volleyball games with his friends and way more than his daily trip to the gym. His job was fun, so much so that before Bokuto knew it, he had been working at the Cafe for half a year. 
How time flies. 
“Hey, (Y/N)?” Bokuto asks as he cleans the dust off the spiral stairs that lead straight from your chamber to your room. When Bokuto first encountered said room, he was surprised, to say the least. While small, your room was charming, filled with old trinkets and antiques that you had brought from your old coven. It was a cozy room, one that Bokuto wouldn’t want to leave. 
He wonders if you’ve ever left.
You hum, pouring a whole bottle of dragon blood into your cauldron, smiling in satisfaction once the color of your potion turned a bright green. “When was the last time you left the cafe?” 
You paused momentarily, thinking to yourself, while you grabbed another book from the shelf behind you. “I’m not sure,” you say, opening the book. “A year? Maybe two? Time isn’t of much importance to me, really.”
Bokuto can feel his jaw slack in shock, eyes bulging as he stares at you like you were a mythical creature straight out of a storybook, which, in a way, you were. But this was not the case with Bokuto, so you look at him strangely, eyebrows raised as you giggle at his expression. “Why do you ask?”
“Because I’ve never seen you leave?!” He says, a matter of factly. “I-How do you just stay here, (Y/N)? Don’t you have a family to visit or friends to hang out with?” His arms flail around exaggeratedly, and you find yourself giggling once more at his antics. In a way, Bokuto and Harumi were similar to each other, yet at the same time oh so different. It was amusing, really. 
Unfazed, you shrug, grabbing some snake wine and adding a few drops to your concoction. “It’s custom for witches and wizards to remain independent. We usually don’t return home unless it’s an extreme emergency, like going to war or fleeing from vicious humans trying to burn us at the stake. You know, the usual.”
“I haven’t returned home since I first left when I was thirteen,” you continue, stirring the contents of your cauldron carefully, coughing a bit as the steam clogs your vision. “Harumi here hasn’t been home in five years since they first became my apprentice.” 
“And besides, all my other friends have children of their own or are the headmaster of a school full of them! Can you imagine? Being around such nasty little things?”
Speechless. Truly, Bokuto was rendered speechless by your words. Although it was hilarious that you claimed to hate children when you treated them so well. Bokuto remembers a time a child had wandered into the cafe crying because they lost their brother playing hide and seek. You had calmed the child from the sidelines, forcing Harumi and Bokuto to entertain the child, while you attempted to contact their parents, using your magic to make sure the child’s brother was alright as well.
“I have Natsuki, you, and Harumi to keep me company. Tooru and Harumi take care of all the errands I need to do, so what reason do I have to leave?” Bokuto couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Where was your sense of adventure? Where was the fun? Life was all about embracing the unknown, and Bokuto just couldn’t understand how you could continue on staying within the comforts of your abode.
Just take himself as an example. He had stepped out of his comfort zone by taking up the job at your cafe. And that had done wonders for him. He’s not only earned enough cash to make ends meet but he’s learned so much of a brand new world he had only recently come to know. It was all so fascinating to him, and he wished he could bring that same fascination to you. 
“So you’ve never explored the city before?” He asks, bewildered. You shrug, nodding your head as you grabbed your wand from your pocket and flicked your wrist, potion bottles lining up in harmony as the contents of your potion filled each bottle in perfect rhythm. 
“I’ve never really been interested in the city. I mean, what’s there to see?” 
“Plenty,” Bokuto says without hesitation. “Our city has so much to offer, (Y/N) there’s no way you would be contented with staying in your chamber once you see the true beauty of it.”
“Are you sure about that?” You ask, skeptical. “I’ve been around here for a good while, Bokuto. I’m sure that I’ve seen everything.”
“But you said so yourself that you haven’t left your chamber in years! I’m sure the city has changed a lot in those two years you’ve locked yourself in here!” He’s pouting at this point, although Bokuto doesn’t notice it, you do, and strangely enough, you feel heat radiate from your body, although you’re not sure why. It must be a side effect of consuming the potion. 
But was it really?
You’ve never seen someone desperately trying to get you to go out like Bokuto was. You remember when you first met him, thinking he was a fascinating human who you could keep around since he didn’t seem to be afraid of you nor your magic. What you didn’t expect, however, was how much influence this very human would have over you and everyone around you. 
Perhaps Bokuto had some hidden magic of his own, you had initially thought. While uncommon, such phenomena weren’t unheard of, as the world of the supernatural was one that brought about many possibilities. But the more time you spent with him, the more you realized that his influence was just part of his natural charm. His smile could light up even the darkest of rooms, and his happy-go-lucky personality made the days a little bit brighter and the world a tad more bearable. 
And within the six months you had gotten to know Bokuto, you realized that it was pretty hard to say no to him. 
“Alright,” you say, sighing. “I’ll go out for just one day. But only if you’ll go with me because who knows where I’ll end up.” You meant to say that nonchalantly but couldn’t find the heart in you to remain so because the way Bokuto’s features lit up as if he were a puppy waiting for praise from his master was too endearing to ignore. 
Gosh, what kind of spell did this human have on you?
“Oh, you won’t regret this, (Y/N)!” Bokuto says, and in his excitement, he brings you into his embrace, spinning you as much as he can in your chamber before setting you down, ignoring the flustered look on your face. “I’ll make this the best experience of your life! We could go to the museum, or to that new cafe downtown or— Oh! A customer! I’ll excuse myself then, (Y/N)!” 
And just like that, he leaves with a bright smile on his face, leaving you alone in your chamber, bewildered, confused, and oddly enough with a rapidly beating heart— excited for the adventure to come. 
Tumblr media
© yumeyooa 2021. All rights reserved. Copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform aside from a03 and tumblr or by any means is NOT permitted and will be dealt with accordingly.
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denkiillgetmochiwyou · 8 days ago
𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 - 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
-> (gn) manager who finds random things cute and kinda fixates on them.
warnings: none
teams: inarizaki, aoba johsai, karasuno, fukurodani, shiratorizawa
a/n: some of these are kinda short but you get it ><
you cant tell me kitas name doesnt sound adorable
this would have been your first time meeting the team
you had applied cus your teacher said it'd look good on ur uni applications
totally not cus the team is cute
and youd show up to ur first practice hoping not to embarrass yourself
and then u heard the captains name
like what business does he have having such a nice name to say
its so cute
and you kinda just repeated it in a small voice, in a daze
ur small little "kita-san.." uwu
the team immediately decided they needed to protect u at all costs
they were stunned
like how were u so cute?
i bet u suna caught it on video
they've all tried to get him to send it but he refuses
atsumu thinks hes selfish
aoba johsai
you had been a manager for a while
they hadnt seen your random cute fixations yet
tbh i cant expect many things in the gym to be cute tho
that was until you had pulled a sharpie out one day
you draw a small :) on the white of the ball
you were so proud
you had kept the ball beside u then, unwilling to give it up
that was until oikawa said something dumb
cus when doesnt he apparently
iwa had been standing near u, drinking from his bottle and picked up the closest volleyball
which happened to be urs
as he prepared to throw it u had grabbed his arm, making him pause
u were pouting
why were u pouting?
"see manager-chan appreciates me!" everyone ignored him
"not that one" u pointed to ur smiley face
iwa's heart just melted
the rest of the team were in shock, he gave the ball back???
hanamaki definitely handed iwa a different ball
oikawa still got hit
but the team adore u even more now
to be very fair yachi's hair ties/clips are so cute
when she came to visit for the first time u were abnormally quiet
kiyoko was the first to ask what was up
"she had little stars in her hair"
kiyoko is soft hhh
tsukishima definitely made fun of u issokay tho the second year duo beat him up for u
he would understand tho when u later show off a cute dino sticker u had
suga vowed to buy you ur own clips
first years are kinda confused
they love u tho and ur so cute so its fine
u were beaming when u came to practice
team is 100% confused
like what happened to u??
kinds just assumed u did well on a test or smth
until they see u staring at ur notebook more
u were so distracted bokuto almost hit u with a spike.
akaashi finally asks
"oh, theyre just really cute" ur little grin ahhh
theyre so soft for you its not funny anymore
u showing off your little owl stickers, they looked like the team too?
it made their day
like why did u have to be so adorable
youre pulling all their heartstrings
bokuto pulled u into a hug
mans has so much love to give
the boys put kaori and yukie on yn duty afterwards tho no spikes to the head today maam
u were so happy
you finally got a plant to grow
and boy was it cute
the tiny sprout in your small bird shaped pot
hell yes
you were so happy
and the first thing u did?
went on a mission to show the team
the first person you found was tendou
"satori! look at my little baby plant. isnt it cute?!"
he was just trying to read his jump why did u have to attack him like this 😩
he just agreed and let you go on ur cute rant about it
boy was distracted by you
then you found ushijima coming back from a run
he was so excited you were also interested in plants
you two had a whole talk about how hard it was to grow one in the dorms
soon the rest of the team had found you
all whispering to each other about how cute u are
yamagata managed to snap a photo
semi and reon tried to see what other things that would make you like this again
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hepburnswp · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring: kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, osamu miya, rintarō suna, miya atsumu, semi eita, iwaizumi hajime, ushijima wakatoshi, akaashi keiji, hinata shoyo, tsukishima kei
warnings: kuroo gets stung by a wasp(?), mention of smoking in semi’s part as well as minor time-skip spoiler
autumn’s note: iwazumi’s :( /pos i’m so soft for my boys
Tumblr media
when KUROO got stung by a wasp for the first time ever, you panicked a little because he started saying he couldn't breathe. you blurted out bees' stings are acidic but wasps' stings are alkaline to try and calm him down. he stopped panicking immediately and you realised that he couldn't breathe because he was scared, not because he was allergic.
BOKUTO had been having a bad day. his morning coffee was taken by someone else and he couldn't wait for another because he was already late, he didn't get any spikes in at practice with the team, and he had forgotten his lunch because you were at work. but when he left the gyms and saw you leaning against your car wrapped in the jacket he left in the back seat, he just couldn't help but think about how he'd love to see this every day for the rest of his life.
you and OSAMU had been living together for a while and you both loved each other, but marriage hadn't crossed either of your minds at the time. but one night, when osamu came home from a long night of trying to decorate onigiri miya and he saw you scraping a charred attempt of dinner into the trash can whilst calling for takeout at almost midnight, he realised just how badly he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.
SUNA wasn't always one to show his affections or voice how much he cared, but when you turned up to his practice at close to five in the morning with a flask of freshly made coffee and a paper bag with food for his breakfast (and a box of pocky to snack on), he just couldn't seem to hide the way he smiled.
you had walked into the room when ATSUMU was on a zoom call with his team and you never knew. he turned in his chair and smiled at you, greeting you good morning. you looked back at him with your eyes narrowed and told him it was too early for him to be happy, and he couldn't stop himself from thinking how cute your pouty face was.
when you had asked SEMI if you could help him get ready for his show and he said yes, it wasn't the response you were expecting from him. and, even though he wasn't fully impressed that you had tapped out the cigarette he had lit only seconds ago, he pushed all cares aside when he saw the concentrated look you held when applying his eyeliner.
IWAIZUMI knew he had what some would call a resting bitch face and he would be lying if he said he wasn't a little bit worried that you would leave for someone who appeared less...intimidating. but when you took his face in his hands, pressed a soft kiss to the tip of his nose, and called him "pretty", he swooned the hardest he ever would again.
you had been watching USHIJIMA'S practice match for a while now, and he was starting to get the feeling you were bored. you can go home if you like, y/n, this probably isn't too interesting he had told you during time out, unsure of how else to phrase it. he couldn't deny the flutter his heart received upon your response of are you kidding? and miss seeing you destroy these guys? with a genuinely confused look.
AKAASHI was having one of the worst days ever at his work; it has started with a one-on-one screaming match with his horrible boss and now, nearing eight o'clock, it was ending with him having to stay late to be one of the last in the office. and when you turned up with a basket by your side filled with home cooked food for dinner and a small smile on your face, everything seemed to fall into place.
HINATA would always wake up at five o'clock each morning so he could go for a run, and it didn't change when you both moved in together. you had gotten used to waking up alone, even though you hated the feeling. so when hinata saw you waiting by the door one morning, tying the laces of your shoes, he turned into the heart eyes emoji.
TSUKISHIMA had a tendency of being a little bit… distant in your relationship, and he was concerned that it was something that may put you off — even after you had both moved in together. but when he was on his way home from work and received a text message from you, thinking it would be you asking when he would be back or something along those lines. but when he saw the message from you and it ended up being a picture of some animal he had never heard of with the caption ‘send this to the ugly one in the relationship’, after he followed up the message by sending the same meme back to you he realised he was worried about nothing.
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xybi · 10 days ago
hello!! congratulations on your milestone! thank you for always serving us with your wonderful works 😭💙 if it's okay, can i request for an akaashi fluff with the color teracotta? thank you so much! hope you'll have a great week ❤ (also take your time in writing!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji's a talented student.
he got into a prestigious school from a scholarship offer, became a volleyball setter on the men's team, and had gotten a few academic excellence certificates for his astounding performance in class—and those were only a few to name. his skills accompanying the intelligence he possessed, and even the beautiful face he has, he truly could do it all with a little perseverance.
well, all except for pottery.
akaashi wouldn't say that he was good at it, and he wouldn't say that he was bad at it–
"no, wait! that's not what i taught you, 'kaashi!" you commented, and the said male could only quietly let out a sigh of frustration.
okay, okay. he was horrible at it.
no matter how hard your boyfriend tried, he couldn't even make a pot-like shape with his bare hands. it'd end up wobbly and odd-looking—yet you, you made it look so easy.
and so, you led his hands along yours, carefully molding the soft clay as the pottery wheel began spinning at a normal pace. your hold was firm—still, it was gentle and patient; wanting to thoroughly teach him how to make his very own ceramic pot.
"then, you carefully pinch the top here. see? your pot now has an opening," you smiled, slowly letting him do the work himself.
akaashi would be lying if to himself if he denied loving how you guided him throughout this process.
to him, having you hold his hands to help him mold the clay was quite intimate enough—that he actually felt butterflies in his stomach.
maybe, maybe he'd pretend to still not get how clay pots are made. as long as he gets to have you close to him, hands guiding his, with a bright smile on your face- meekly laughing at how he still couldn't do it.
just maybe, akaashi thought.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— terracotta is not a single color, but a family of colors that resemble fired clay. The word itself means “fired earth”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ENDING NOTE: you're so sweet, and it legitimately brought me to tears 😭 sob sob "wonderful works" i'm going to cry some more
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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justnnyx · 14 days ago
suna rintaro as your childhood best friend: headcanon + short fic.
Tumblr media
being best friends with suna is quite the experience: sometimes you want to bash his head against the wall, and sometimes you want to bash YOUR head against the wall every time you think about the way he has a small smile on his face when he looks at you, the way he complains how you’re such a troublemaker but goes along with your antics anyways, and how hot he is - and oh, you...don’t have a crush on him, do you?
[ suna x gn! reader ]
[ fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff ! i live for childhood friends to lovers trope ! ]
[ VERY self indulgent, suna has a crush on you from the very start, just really fluffy stuff!! y/n hates barbecue-flavored snacks (??) ]
Tumblr media
this man is lowkey overprotective
he will
he teases you almost every hour of the day, but he definitely cares a lot about you <3
he knows everything about you! and you know everything about him!
if you tease him, he WILL remember, and he WILL tease you back
you: “riririn? hey, riririn?”
suna: “ew”
he lowkey likes you calling him that though
he leaves while you’re busy laughing your ass off so you can’t see him blushing like oK YOU TSUNDERE
he’s definitely going to call you by a cringey nickname next time
how does he even remember every time you made fun of him? like does he have a diary or something???
you both definitely have unflattering photos of each other
you know, just in case...
suna has a folder just filled with photos of you doing dumb stuff
when his friends ask him why he even has that folder in the first place, he tells them it’s for blackmail purposes
“What’s that?” Suna asks as you place down a plastic bag filled with snacks on the table in front of him.
but in reality, he opens that folder at 1 AM and just goes through all the pictures, all while he has a smile on his face as he recalls all your shenanigans
suna is a simp for you, and that is an unchangeable fact.
“A bribe,” you answer. “I’ll let you have all of these if you delete that folder.”
“What folder?” He asks, earning a pout from you. (He thinks it’s cute, but he'd rather die than say it out loud.)
“Don’t play dumb! The folder with all those weird photos of me!”
"I have jelly sticks." You take out a pack of bright, multicolored jelly sticks, grinning. Suna's eyebrows furrow slightly. You know it's your win.
"Still a no," he replied.
"What!?" You were stunned. "Is there anything more important than jelly fruit sticks?!"
Suna looks right at you. "Yeah."
You are.
"Oh, come on!" You sigh. "What am I gonna do about these?"
Suna snickers at you. You blush in spite of yourself. Luckily, his eyes are glued to his phone.
"You can start by eating them," Suna suggests. "After all, you're the one who bought them."
"Argh.. even the barbecue-flavored ones?"
"Even the barbecue-flavored ones."
You sit on the chair, picking snacks that you liked, and avoiding those disgusting barbecue-flavored ones. "I don't know how and why you like those."
"You just have no taste."
"You're the one with no taste!" You huff.
"Agree to disagree."
You start opening your snacks and shoving them into your mouth, when you hear the click of a camera. You look at the asshole sitting in front of you, and lo and behold, he is holding his camera out. You gape at him, and he smirks at you.
Why oh why, did you have to fall for this guy?!
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love-amihan · 20 days ago
✧ masterlists ✧
Tumblr media
event: nice to meet you by @ichigomis
amihan’s note: if this feels rushed, it’s because it is haha :,) happy reading!
adlers!tobio x gn!reader
Tumblr media
it all started when he started being part of your dream, beginning with the usual interaction you would have with a real life person. although soon enough, he appears more often than normal. though, one important detail is hindering you from distinguishing the man from your dream. his facial features are blurred making it hard to recognize.
howbeit, you must be lucky. months of frustration finally paid off, the man from your dreams is standing in front of you. having second thoughts due to vague memory and the fact that you did not have a glimpse of his facial features behind his foggy face, your guts says otherwise.
or maybe your doubts may be true because standing in front of you is none other than schweiden adlers’ very own setter, kageyama tobio. you must be mistaken for sure. the man shifts in discomfort under your scrutinizing gaze, “uhm, excuse me?” his voice is small and polite.
finally snapping out of your inner argument, “oh i’m sorry,” you quickly mumble and stand aside to let him pass. tobio gives you a tight smile, walking past you before coming to a halt, he turns to face you and mirrors your earlier action.
your eyes widen at him, invading your personal space with how close he’s examining every facial feature you have. “have we met before?” the setter asks not backing away even for a bit, turning your head to the side, you feel blood rushing up your face witnessing his ethereal beauty up close.
stumbling with your words, “if i’m not mistaken, we certainly have not.” the raven-haired eyebrows furrowed in confusion and concentration, “you oddly look familiar to me-” the loud ringing from his phone seems to have done the trick to make him notice how close he is with you.
tobio takes big steps back with his cheeks and the tip of his ears flushing deep red. bowing and mumbling apology one after another, you look around only to see that the two of you have gathered quite an audience. some whispering and pointing at the man, some curious on what the crowd are surrounding.
you rush to him and straighten his body to get out of the sudden attention you have gathered, “can i get you something as an apology for my rudeness?” tobio asks, his mouth moving on its own as if it has its own mind. without a thought, you nod your head to his offer wanting to leave the handful of stares on the two of you.
settling on a cafe, tobio sits down in front of you, a tray set down on the table. “i’m really sorry,” he apologizes for the nth time, you wave a hand to him, apologizing in return, “i should be the one apologizing.”
after your reply, awkward silence fills the air. the man clears his throat while looking around. he’s not good with small talk and he regrets having that trait. he would like to get to know you more and weirdly gravitate towards you. besides, it would be a waste if this ends abruptly.
the two of you reach out at the same cup in sync, hands touching and sending electric-like shocks to each other. once again mirroring each other’s movement, the two of you retreat both of your hands immediately, both your cheeks heating up in embarrassment.
you and tobio continue to be timid and shy, not knowing what to do with the silence that envelops you two. collecting the little courage he has in him, tobio pushes the drink your way, trying his best to give you a charming smile which soon breaks the thick tension.
your soft giggles makes the setter feel strangely full and warm inside, feeling his heart swell in pride after seeing your beautiful smile.
to put it simply, that was the first time you met the man in your dreams, both literally and figuratively, who you later consider as your only soulmate.
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 by love-amihan all rights reserved. do not repost in other platforms. reblogs are welcome and highly appreciated! <33
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nesswritesnonsense · 24 days ago
Under the Stars
A self-indulgent fantasy AU because I love all things fantasy.
Pairing: Sugawara x gender neutral reader
Warnings: None. Not proofread.
Word count: 437
Tumblr media
You never expected your coming of age ball to go like this. Since you were a child, you imagined a wonderful night full of festivity and bright colors. But now you were sitting outside, alone in the chill night air, the music a faint blur in the background.
Inside had been too much for you. Too many people crammed together, trying to talk to you. Too many suitors trying to put their hands on you without your permission. You needed to escape. And you did. But at what cost? What if there had been someone in there worth talking to? You looked up at the stars, watching them twinkle high above, wondering.
"Oh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" A voice asked from behind you. You turned around, surprised. Someone else was outside? Peeking through the door was a silver-haired young man, one that you had not seen before. Upon noticing you, he bowed deeply. "Your highness."
"It's alright. You can join me if you'd like," You offered. Something about this man was different - maybe he was one of the reasonable ones.
"Thank you, your highness," He said, sitting down on the bench next to you.
"No need to be so formal, just y/n is alright," You responded.
"Well then, y/n, it's wonderful to meet you. I'm Sugawara." Sugawara's voice was entrancing, melodic. You could listen to him talk all day.
"A pleasure to meet you Sugawara." You smiled, glad to have company. While the party itself was overly bustling, you couldn't deny that it was a bit lonely outside by yourself.
"Y/n... I have to ask, how could a lovely individual such as yourself end up alone at their own coming of age ball?"
You sighed. "The party was too busy. I was overwhelmed. I needed an escape."
"Well, since it's not the dancing you're opposed to, may I have this dance?" He stood up and extended a hand to you, smiling playfully.
"So long as you don't step on my toes," You laughed, taking his hand and standing up.
"I'm offended that you think I can't dance," The silver-haired man joked. Playful yet sincere - you liked him already. As you began to dance to the whimsical waltz, you quickly learned that he was indeed, not a terrible dancer. Calling him good would be an understatement. He guided you gently, each step natural as breathing. His arms were strong, despite their slenderness.
"You really are a good dancer," you whispered.
"Told you so," He teased, round hazel eyes glinting. You may have only just met him, but you were already looking forward to more nights under the stars with Sugawara.
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special-simp · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+𝓣𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓮+
Tumblr media
𝓃𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈 -> this is another emergency request, its from the same person so that’s why it has a similar plot! I will be making an official post for emergency requests!
𝓌𝑜𝓇𝒹𝓈 -> 822
𝒷𝑒𝓉𝒶 -> @bambii-brambles
𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓈 -> none mentioned
𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈 -> cursing, ooc bokuto
Tumblr media
The beautiful full moon shined brightly through the window of your room. The only other light in there was the light from your laptop and from your desk lamp. It was late, around eleven o’ clock from what you assumed. Your fluffy cat was on your desk, curled up and sleeping. Your music played quietly from your laptop over the clicking sounds from your keyboard.
Yawning, you leaned back in your chair to stretch, your joints cracking and you felt some relief in your spine. You have no idea how long you have been working on assignments, but you wanted to get them done soon. Your damn college courses were taking up so much of your time and energy, but there was nothing you could do about it.
GS, your cat, woke up from his nap and jumped onto your lap, purring as you hugged him against your chest. You continued to type away on your laptop, GS falling asleep again in your lap, his mission to take your attention away from your work failed. Yawning again, you slumped back in your chair, frowning at the work that you thought was mediocre.
GS suddenly shot up from your lap, sprinting to the door, wanting to leave the room. You stood up and followed him out, deciding that it would be a good idea to give him some snacks. He sprinted down the hallway and towards the front door of the house, all before you had even gotten to the stairs.
You heard his loud meowing over deep giggles who you only knew belonged to your boyfriend, Bokuto Koutarou, from the MSBY volleyball team. Getting to the bottom of the stairs, you saw Bokuto picking up and hugging GS. “Welcome home Kou,” you smiled and greeted him. Bokuto’s large eyes widened even more, shocked that you were even awake right now.
“Hey babe! Why are you still up? You’re usually asleep by now.” His bushy eyebrows furrowed, GS placed one of his paws on Bokuto’s cheek, making the scene in front of you even cuter. You gave Bokuto a tired smile and waved him off, “not tonight. I had some assignments that I wanted to do. Come on Kou, it's not even that late.”
“Y/n, babe, love of my life, it is 1:30 in the morning.”
Bokuto gave you an unimpressed stare and you froze in place. There was no fuckinng way that you have been working for six whole hours. Bokuto continued, “I would have been home earlier but Tsum Tsum wanted to run across town for some twenty four hour bakery. I brought you some stuff, but still y/n, it's late, you need to get in bed.”
Bokuto placed GS down and took your hand, dragging you up to your shared bedroom. He nudged you towards the bed and also got himself ready, saving your work and shutting down your laptop as well. “But I wasn’t done Koutarou!” He gave you a sassy glare and continued with what he was doing. GS joined you on the bed and you moved yourself under the covers.
“I told you that you should start taking better care of yourself N/n.” Bokuto laid next to you on the bed and pulled you towards him. “If you keep staying up late like this, you could end up getting sick. I don’t want you to get sick, even though it would be nice to come and take care of you.” He gave a breathy chuckle into your neck and nuzzled your head with his.
“You’re right, thank you Kou. Fuck I love you so much.” You cuddled into his chest, sighing as you felt sleep creep up on you. “I love you too Y/n. Sleep well okay? I don’t have practice tomorrow so we can sleep in until Tsum Tsum decides he wants to come over.” Bokuto shifted so that he could get more comfortable.
Your eyes shot open and you quickly sat up, “Atsumu is coming over!? Why?”
“Well, he said he could beat me in Mario Kart, so I challenged him, Hinata, Osamu, and Sakusa might come as well.” Bokuto lazily explained with his eyes closed.
“Then I might as well invite Akaashi then, and Kuroo. He would be upset if we invited everyone but him.” You droned, realizing that you would have to get snacks for all of them when you wake up.
“Damn cat, he always beats me in Mario Kart. Not fair…” Bokuto fell asleep at the end of his sentence, starting to snore. You laid down as well again, getting comfy in his arms. You closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep again.
“Meowwww!” GS pawed at your back, screaming into your ear. Annoyed, you turned to him, Bokuto as well.
“You didn’t feed him did you?” Bokuto spoke, you could feel his glare.
You weren’t able to sleep for another half hour.
Tumblr media
Fun Facts ;; GS’s full name is Greyson Smokey Bokuto. You and Bokuto couldn’t agree on a name so you guys just decided to give him both.
Tumblr media
Taglist [open] ;; @nuttbutter @lcsbianist @lovinghaikyuu @fukoronoko @greymoon @silvercrane14 @comradedanii @detective-jake @kkoalaworld and idk if you would like to be tagged in my fics but @velmazilla
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melsun · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi haijme will go to the ends of the earth for you - he may grumble and call you an idiot while doing it - but you can rest assured he'll always be there.
oikawa toru will treat every problem of yours as his own - because he hates seeing the smile wiped off your face, and will do anything to get it back on.
mattsukawa issei will always support you - you're never the brunt of his snarky comments, because you're the only person he wants to defend.
hanamaki takahiro will make you laugh - he knows how hard life can be, and what else is he here for, if not to make yours seem a little bit more fun?
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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yeonkiminfan · 27 days ago
Hii! I thought the Haikyuu s/o laughs so hard at their hiccups that they end up getting them to was absolutely adorable. If you don’t mind could you maybe write the same kinda thing with Oikawa and really anyone else! It’s totally okay if no. Have a good day hon!~ ☺️
Tumblr media
Oikawa, Ushijima, Tsukishima
Note: I hope you have a good day too anon!
Oikawa hiccuping was amusing to you, He didnt stop doing it till and it made you laugh at how annoyed he is by every hiccup.
"How was your day [name]- *hiccup* I had a- *hiccup* good day- *hiccup* ARGH CAN YOU STOP- *HICCUP* IT"
You ended up giving you water and unfortunately you got his hiccups back 😔
"I was- *hiccup* ....." Oikawa laughed at you too saying that you deserved it for laughing at him aswell.
( he did give you a water bottle seconds after )
It was quite a surprise to you to suddenly hear Ushijima hiccup, He doesnt mind you laughing at his hiccups.
Ushijima enjoys your smile a lot but can you please give him water-
Then you suddenly hiccup aswell- and he slips a little laughter. Ushijima smiles and gives you water aswell not wanting you to have a hard time breathing.
Honestly so easy to tease, Like he'd be teasing and suddenly he got hiccups? HAH YOUR FAULT
Too bad that he's smart enough to drink water slowly so that you won't tease him that much.
Now it was your turn to hiccup, Tsukishima is gonna tease you more after this smh
"Now whos hiccuping now?" He smirks and walks away while making you annoyed at his antics.
( definitely got pissed when you told Hinata and Kageyama about him hiccuping)
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lo-xwrites · 28 days ago
Youre so tiny
Fandom: Haikyuu
Character(s) : Sakusa Kiyoomi
Pronouns : None used
Warnings : NSFW
Size kink, Manhandling, Light degrading, dollification
Petnames: Toy, Little one (Reader)
Notes: this is short but yknow s somethin
Taglist : @hamtarorin (ask to be added/removed)
the way kiyoomis hands wrapped around you, tugging you, manhandling, lifting. you were like a doll in his grip. He smiled as he forced your legs even further. Gloved hands teasing at your things, gripping and dragging the rubbery feeling sending your head into mush. You feel yourself go limp, your body more like a toy for him as he continues. His big hands holding your body up as he presses his cock even further inside you. he felt so so big. I can't I couldn't, yet he jus covered my mouth and kept going
"Stupid little one, you don't even know what you need, my tiny toy you know nothing"
it sent your head into a flurry, thoughts becoming more and more incoherent. His body was too warm, too big, too much. You shook and cried in his grip. He barely even noticed
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xybi · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⬧ : timeskip!sakusa x gender-neutral reader
⬧ : sakusa kiyoomi was finally getting married, and the night of his wedding was one of the best nights of his life—and you only wish you could say the same.
⬧ : 500 words
⬧ : angst
⬧ : this is my piece for @dreamesamu's in the moonlight collab!
⬧ : hq masterlist
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi couldn't be happier. after all these years, he was finally getting married to his beloved significant other.
everything was impeccably organized this exact instant—very much like he had longed for. his dear companions, partners, and surprisingly family anticipated at the front seats; all had brilliant grins clear on their appearances since they just couldn't be more happy for him. a portion of his companions even kidded that sakusa kiyoomi wasn't going to get married whenever later on, however here they were, quietly congratulating him as the man of the hour could only roll his eyes at their silly antics.
when the delicate tune met his ears, at that point, his eyes met yours. what's more, time appeared to have halted.
you glanced back at him, a warm embellishing grin curving on your lips—turning your attention back on the grand piano that your hands lightly grazed on. with each and every note you pressed, a memory with him flashed on your mind:
"eh? you're getting married?" the inquiry came out a greater amount of an exagerated one as you were really gotten astounded with sakusa's unexpected assertion.
he gestured, giving you a greeting—and by its vibes, it truly was occurring; both you and him weren't dreaming, not in the slightest. "surprised? don't worry, i am too. but, i'd really appreciate it if you came [name]."
sakusa, out of the relative multitude of individuals in your day to day existence, knew better compared to anybody that you were occupied with your work—scarcely in any event, meeting him today from the quantity of clients you had. obviously, you had consistently rationalized to meet with your companions. the history you two shared was left in the dim past.
it was insane to feel that you and him had a relationship previously, and it didn't end well by any stretch of the imagination, leaving both of you still companions—which made sakusa kiyoomi appreciative for regardless. he considered you as somebody he could depend on, and you did as well; it would've been a shame if the friendship you two built over the years went to waste over a fluked relationship. you were glad too, he considered you as one that he could trust.
a friend and nothing more than that.
presently, the twilight that looked through the humungous windows were pretty much as quite obvious, the reception hall was clamoring with visitors and accommodating jabbers, everyone was focused on the recently married couple having their first dance of the evening. with every note that you lightly pressed, similar to a compelling serenade that couldn't be helped.
behind the delicate tune that they heard was a miserable romantic tale; at this point was the story even thought to be a romantic tale to start with?
it was a story of two individuals being bound to meet, however the two was never intended to for one another.
Tumblr media
ENDING NOTE: so.. i have another version of this which is angstier 🧍 i'd post it if this does well 🤸
Tumblr media
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nekoglasses · a month ago
And that’s the end of my event! The finalized Masterlist is HERE and I enjoyed writing all the requests sent by all of you! Thank you again for 800!!
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theiauwu · a month ago
Dates with Haikyuu Pt 4
Characters: Tendou Satori, Ushijima Wakatoshi
Part 1: Daichi Sawamura , Sugawara Koushi, Asahi Azumane
Part 2: Bokuto Koutaro, Akaashi Keiji
Part 3: Kuroo Tetsurou, Kozume Kenma
Hello! This is a small list of Haikyuu characters and me assigning dates that I think they would take you on based on their personality!
Note: This is written just for fun, not meant to be 100% accurate! Please don’t hesitate to comment dates you think the HQ characters would take you on!
Warning: may contain spoiler for those who do not read the manga or the character’s wikipedia :D
Tendou Satori: Café Hopping
He is definitely taking you on a sugary adventure of a lifetime!
You two would be hopping in and out of every café that sells heavenly desserts that within walking range, gotta digest those sugary treats as you consume them, making space for more ;3
Depending which timeline you two are doing this.
If you two have this date as teens, seeing you enjoy those chocolate flavored treats and the smile that lights up your whole face may have been one of the reasons of what inspired him to become a chocolatier in the future.
If this date was between you two as adults, he's using the date to find out your chocolate preferences plus more inspiration for his work or a combination of both! Finding out your preferences and creating delicious chocolate goods that is dedicated to you!!
Either ways, he wants to make all the amazing chocolate treats in the world for you just to see you smile. Absolutely adores the fact that he's the reason behind it.
You two would probably pretend to be judges and critique all the desserts you buy, give them scores before ranking them all at the end of the day XD
Ushijima Wakatoshi: Fancy Dinner
This man has absolutely no idea how dating works. All his life he's dedicated his time into volleyball and nothing else so he literally has no idea on where to take you for a date.
Man really went to Tendou for advice and as his closest and dearest friend, the redhead probably directed him to cheesy romance movies.
He probably even showed the clip from Lady and The Tramp where their lips met while slurping spaghetti as a joke, telling him that this was the most romantic thing one could do on a first date and that all the girls want this.
Ushijima being the dense volleyball idiot that he is took it seriously.
He told you to dress formally and took you to the fanciest Italian place in town in a fancy car that came along with a chauffeur.
Dude really almost went through with it even though he explained that he doesn't quite understand the romance behind this action but was willing go through with it if you liked it.
Until you reassured him that this was not the norm and told him he took one of Tendou's jokes too seriously again.
After you explained that it didn't matter where he took you on a date as long as you two were together and happy he immediately took you to a restaurant that served the best Hayashi rice as well as your favorite Japanese food.
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solarsweetie · 20 days ago
when they hold your hand| k.kozume, t.oikawa, t.yamaguchi, k.tsukishima
sfw, wc 700
Tumblr media
Kenma Kozume holds your hand slowly, usually starting with an interlocked pinky over time moving to encase the rest of your hand with his, refuses to look at your face while he’s doing it in fear you might pull away from him.
You’d been sitting in his room watching him play games for what had to be hours and you were starting to get bored from the lack of attention, he seemingly sensed this and gave you a gentle pat on the head before returning back to his game, you pouted putting your chin in the crook of his neck and inspecting what he was playing, some adventure game. “Can’t you take a break? We can go get something to eat.” You offered and he paused the game but never took his eyes off the screen.
“After this I finish this quest and we can do whatever you want.”  you let out a huff before nodding looking around the room unsure what to do with yourself, you don’t realize it until his pinky is intertwined with yours while he plays one handed. You smile satisfied cuddling up to him and you can hear the slight breath of relief he lets out. 
Tumblr media
Toru Oikawa holds your hand hard, always moving from place to place making sure you can keep up with him in the mass of people, afraid he might lose you in the crowd he always grasps your hand a little tighter than he needs to.
“Y/n, move quickly okay? I don’t want to lose you.” he laughs while the two of you go in between the crowds, he’d promise the two of you would go to dinner after his practice but a crowd had gathered outside and he worried you’d be lost if he let go.
By the time the two of you make it to his car you’re both slightly out of breath from all the pushing and pulling from other “Can we just go home?” you ask, he smiles and nods resting a hand on your knee.
“Whatever you want.”
Tumblr media
Tadashi Yamaguchi holds your hand timidly, do you want to hold his hand? What if he’s bothering you? Is he even good enough to be holding your hand in the first place? Forever concerned you don’t want him, blushes when you don’t let go of him.
The two of you had been studying nonstop, you were exhausted and needed a break “C’mon why don’t we take a walk?” You say standing up and stretching, he sighs giving a nod putting his pencil down following you out of your dorm. 
You both walk quietly at a comfortable pace enjoying the night breeze, peeking a glance at him he seemed to be lost in thought “Something wrong?” he looks at you quickly but shakes his head at you.
“No it’s nothing...” he trails off, occasionally you can feel his hand graze slightly against yours and then the feelings gone, he’s nervous but decides to grab your hand in one quick grab and feels heat rise to his cheeks when you look right at him with a bright smile on your face. It shocks him so much he’s pulling away quickly but you laugh at him.
“Awhh don’t let go now I feel like you’ve been ignoring me all night!” you say pulling his hand back into yours and he looks away apologizing with a red face.
Tumblr media
Kei Tsukishima holds your hand flustered, he’s never had a problem taking what he wants, but when it’s you’re the one he needs, you never fail to have him second-guessing himself. You’re the only one he’s ever wanted to make an effort for.
“So I was thinking since we’re already out shopping for gifts we could just place an order for Yamaguchi’s cake now.” You say grabbing his hand and dragging him along in the store, sometimes he’s just so slow “Is that alright with you?” you ask looking back at him but he’s just staring at your interlocked fingers “Tsuki? Are you listening?”
His head snaps up to look at you “You can call me Kei you know.” he says randomly and you furrow your brows at him.
“What?” He repeats back defensively “We’ve been dating for four months now and you still call me by my last name.” you let out a low whistle and then laugh.
“I didn’t know it meant so much to you Kei.” Teasing him, he scowls pulling you out of the store “Where are we going?” you ask slightly panicked at the fast pace he’s set.
“To get the damn cake.”
Tumblr media
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love-amihan · a month ago
Tumblr media
yamaguchi tadashi would spot you from a mile away. he's always the first to notice you, tadashi would let out an adorable small squeal of excitement as soon as he lands eyes on you. he would come running to your side and point out that he once again found you first. don't worry there's still a next time, you'll spot him first for sure.
Tumblr media
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nesswritesnonsense · 26 days ago
Haikyuu reacting to you coming out as trans/nonbinary
Self indulgent head canons because why not.
Warnings: mentions of transphobia
Featuring: Sugawara, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Kiyoko, Yachi, Akaashi
Tumblr media
Sugawara asks you a lot of questions because he wants to make sure you feel comfortable. It might be annoying, but he has good intentions.
Your number 1 supporters are Nishinoya and Tanaka. They threaten to fight anyone who is transphobic, and you end up having to tell them to stop being so extra.
Tsukishima acts like he doesn't care, but he actually does. He is very careful not to mess up your name and pronouns (and never has), and secretly threatens people who spread negativity about you.
Yamaguchi is super sweet about it. He makes a cute, gender affirming nickname for you and uses it all the time. While he might not be brave enough to stand up to the transphobes himself, he is your moral support whenever you receive negativity.
Kiyoko and Yachi become your personal stylists. They take you shopping for new clothing, and send you ideas for hairstyles and outfits that match your gender identity.
You recieve frequent texts from Akaashi reminding you to bind safely (if you bind). Whenever you need to vent about dysphoria, he is there to listen and offers really good advice.
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