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THEIR “FANGIRL” LIKES YOU, NOT HIM!! PT. 2 (sugawara koushi and iwaizumi hajime)
warning: x gn!reader, crack, shirtless suga, enjoy our cute boys. please let me know if there are any mistakes~
a/n: you lot seemed to really enjoy the first part so here’s part 2!!
[ part 1 (oikawa, atsumu & suna) ]
Tumblr media
forever known as karasuno’s angel—which, by the way, was incredibly inaccurate—one can only imagine the heaps of girls his fandom fostered.
they would fawn over the pretty setter for both his looks and his charming personality, and even empathize with his situation of being replaced; this earned kageyama many glares from suga’s dedicated fan base, not that the oblivious first year noticed.
“we got it!!”
you, yachi, and kiyoko walked into the gymnasium, hauling the boxes of jerseys for the boys.
“wow!! it looks so cool!!!” hinata jumped with excitement.
“go on and try it on. let us know if it fits so we can make alterations in time for the inter-high tournament.” coach ukai told them, nodding towards the three of you managers.
“looks like i’m the star of the show,” noya declared, chest puffed out in pride. hinata gasped loudly, eyeing the orange set the libero had on.
suga laughed, taking his shirt off to try his jersey on. right on cue, a crowd of girls appeared by the gym windows, peering with watchful eyes at the scene ahead of them.
yachi tugged on your sleeve, “umm, senpai? those girls are here again…”
you looked up and spotted the sight. groaning, you handed your clipboard to yachi, “i’ll shoo them away.”
you marched towards the exit with purpose. once you stood there, you cleared your throat. the girls jumped like frightened cats and scurried against each other.
“ladies, is this any way to act? it’s creepy. do you want to make the boys uncomfortable?” you asked, with your hands on your hips.
they blinked.
“we’re only here for sugawara-san, not the boys!”
the crowd agreed, and you dragged your palm against your face. then, you heard the familiar voice of your boyfriend walking up behind you.
“hey, y/n. could you get this in a bigger size? it’s too tight around my biceps.”
wrong timing.
you sighed, “here we go.” suga only looked at you in confusion, before he heard the erupt squeals and chants the girls unleashed from seeing a shirtless sugawara right in front of them.
as you massaged your temples to ease the growing headache they were giving you, you failed to notice the girl walking up to you two.
“why are you standing so close?!”
you looked up and saw a first year, her eyesbrows furrowed together and her fists clenched in fury.
you and suga looked at each other. you opened your mouth to protest, but you didn’t get the chance to do anything when you felt her harshly tugging you towards her, making you stumble in your step. the girl wrapped her arm around your waist, steadying you in place. to prevent yourself from falling, your arms instinctively reached out to hang around her shoulders.
slowly, she raised an accusing finger at suga. “do you have no respect for y/n? with your sweaty body so close; you’ll taint my beloved’s honor!”
“your beloved?” suga repeated, tilting his head.
“have some decency and cover yourself up,” the girl told him, “or else your gym odor will dilute the scent of y/n’s shampoo.”
“my shampoo?” you asked, “do i even know—“
“emi-chan, from class 1-2. delighted to finally meet you, y/n-senpai.” she smiled, “though i am sorry i did not come to you earlier; i should have stopped this boy from besmirching your grace sooner!”
suga chuckled, “‘besmirching y/n’s grace’? i had no idea that was a thing.”
emi looked at him as though he were worth nothing, “yes, well, i don’t expect you to find fault in your actions, but just know that there is a fault.”
“oh my,” suga couldn’t help but find this ordeal amusing, he raised his arms up in faux surrender.
“and my lovely y/n must have rose-colored glasses on,” she turned to you, “when will you realize that he doesn’t deserve you?”
you blinked, “i—i like suga…a lot.”
sugawara blushed in the background, “aww thank you, angel. i like you a lot, too.”
emi pretended she didn’t hear him. “but..i like you a lot as well…won’t you like me, too?” she asked, her eyes slowly getting glossy.
“i’m sorry, emi, but i don’t know anything about you. besides your interest in my choice of shampoo, of course.” you said.
her bottom lip quivered, “oh…”
she gently let go, allowing you to stand up straight and flatten your clothes down. she looked tragically dejected, and you felt a bit bad.
“suga-senpai.” she eventually spoke up, her eyes darkly casted on the ground.
“take care of y/n. if i see you staining their honor again, you’ll be hearing from me.” she told him.
suga nodded, “roger that. i wouldn’t want to feel your wrath, emi-chan.”
“i didn’t give you permission to call me that. it’s sato-san to you.”
suga saluted her, “yes, ma’am—i mean, sato-san.” he was having too much fun with this.
she nodded, approvingly. “you might be karasuno’s angel, but you’re the devil in my eyes.” she said, striding away from the gym with confidence.
sugawara leaned in closer to you with a mischievous smirk, “well, at least she’s right about that.”
Tumblr media
he couldn’t believe it himself, honestly.
iwaizumi was so used to oikawa having all the pretty girls’ attention. his breath hitched when he first heard about it from matsukawa and hanamaki. the two swear they saw iwa blushing that day.
but iwaizumi was more than infatuated with you; he barely paid any heed towards his fangirls. you often giggled, telling him it was fine to talk to them whenever he was approached after a game. but he would always shake his head, wrapping his strong arms around you and muttering a low, ‘your attention is enough for me.’
iwaizumi rolled his eyes. before every match, the seijoh cheerleaders passed by and flirted with their suave captain. the wing spiker found it incredibly irritating and he began walking away just like every other time, when some of the cheerleaders made their way to him.
he turned around and saw two cheerleaders approaching him. they waved, an unmistakable blush coating their cheeks.
“hi, iwa-kun…” one greeted.
the other giggled, “why are you so formal? i’m sure senpai is fine with us calling him haji. right, haji?”
iwaizumi cleared his throat loudly, feeling uncomfortable at the pet name; only you called him that. he heard oikawa’s teasing laughter, and he didn’t hesitate to throw a water bottle at the immature setter.
“who’s that?” iwaizumi quickly tried to change the topic, noticing a cowering girl standing behind them. it took the two girls a few seconds to snap out of their daze; too busy staring at iwa to register his words.
“eh? oh th-that’s hina-chan.”
iwaizumi nodded, as one of the girls grew bolder and leaned in to whisper in his ear, “she’s shy.”
the girl—hina—realized iwaizumi was looking at her and scurried away. the girls snickered, “she talks about you during practice; always asking questions about you and y/n.”
iwaizumi couldn’t care less if some girls were gossiping about him, but when you were involved, he had to intervene.
“oh yeah? and what does she say about y/n?” he asked, crossing his arms.
“hmm,” the girl tapped her chin in thought, “things like ‘why are they together?’ or ‘he shouldn’t be with her!’ and so on.”
iwaizumi could practically feel the vein in his forehead popping, a low growl scratching the back of his throat. his eyes immediately tried to find you, only to spot hina-chan talking to you.
he immediately jogged over to you, spotting the frown you wore on your face as hina spoke with burning fervor.
“and what’s going on here?” he asked, instantly wrapping an arm around you protectively.
hina looked away and huffed, “nothing.”
“really? you seemed to have been terrorizing y/n from the looks of it.”
her eyes widened, “i would never terrorize my darling y/n!”
now iwaizumi was incredibly confused. he thought hina was harassing you about him like a crazed fangirl but he seemed to have been greatly misled.
“ha?” he asked. you quickly held onto his arm to explain, “haji—“
“y/n shouldn’t be with you! y/n should be with me! i was only trying to prove how hostile you are!”
if iwaizumi wasn’t angry before, he sure was now. him? hostile? with you?!
“i’ll have you know i treat y/n with the upmost respect and care. a-at least i hope y/n knows i do…” he scratched the back of his head. “but i’d never be aggressive with them!” he grumbled, folding his arms over his chest with a scornful huff.
hina gasped, “but you threw a water bottle at oikawa-san! that’s very aggressive if you ask me!”
iwa scoffed, “that’s because he’s an idiot.”
deciding to speak up, you pulled iwaizumi closer to you. “hina…haji is a very good boyfriend. he treats me very well—he’s such a gentleman, really. he would never lay a finger on me, not a chance. so, you shouldn’t worry about him being “hostile” towards me, because he would never do such a thing.”
iwaizumi felt his ears burn at your words, and he cleared his throat in an attempt to swallow down his flustered feelings. you smiled as he lifted his hand up to cover his reddening face.
“i-i see…”
the pair of you watched as hina’s cheeks started heating up, her legs awkwardly shuffling in place as she gripped onto the ends of her skirt.
“i am s-so sorry, iwaizumi-senpai! i seem to have misunderstood…my sincerest apologies, i won’t bother you or y/n again!!” and with that, she ran back to her fellow cheerleaders, hiding behind them as tears started forming in her eyes due to embarrassment.
“she seemed really sweet,” you commented, turning to iwaizumi.
he nodded, still feeling a bit shy. you only grinned and poked his side playfully, “good luck on the game, haji. play well for me, okay?”
he coughed loudly, “right.” he said, before stalking back to his trio of friends, who were currently clutching their stomachs in a fit of laughter.
you heard a distant “who are you laughing at, dumbass?”, followed by a harsh thud, accompanied with the captain’s cry for help.
Tumblr media
sorry for being so inactive, folks. i’m wrapping up my last semester and graduating soon so it’s been pretty hectic but i hope you enjoyed this short post hehe, till next time!
thanks for calling darkmegs!!
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shoulmate · 2 days ago
The groan is involuntary.
As you roll over in bed the sun practically burns your eyes and you groan, too slow to clench your eyes shut and block it out.
The gentle rhythmic crash of waves on the shore is a good consolation.
Leaving your eyes closed you focus on the sound and stretch sliding along the near-silky smooth sheets. You sigh. Salt hangs in the thick morning air, clinging to the surface of your skin as you sit up and give the view out your patio a smile.
"Good morning beautiful."
There's a dip on the mattress behind you followed by the smell of coffee. A gentle press of lips on your bare shoulder. Hajime's hands trace down your arm to weave his fingers with yours, left hands over lapping as newly adorned metal bands brush.
"How did you sleep?"
You hum, leaning back into him. "Well." With a giggle you add "though I'm a little...sore."
This earns a husky, knowing chuckle that makes you blush. "Guess we better stay in bed, then."
You bite your lip, failing to contain a grin. "I guess so." A sea bird caws, drawing your attention with longing. "I love it here, Haji."
"Me too," he hums and starts tracing your shoulder to your neck with gentle kisses. "We'll come back."
"You promise?"
He gently turns your face to meet his glowing green gaze. "I promise."
Your family grew, your lives changed, your children grew up, but thirty years later Hajime's still keeping that promise.
Your wedding bands are tarnished, worn, when they clink together now as you hold hands but Hajime still calls you beautiful when he whispers good morning.
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emmyrosee · a day ago
My Love ❤️ Before you come home, I need you to promise me you won’t be mad.
Wakatoshi immediately, with zero hesitation, knew this wouldn’t be good for his blood pressure. He was on a break from practice, endorphins already high enough, and now here you come with such a text that made him toss his head back with a deep, tired exhale through his nose.
“What’s wrong?” Tobio asked, dabbing his face with a towel. Toshi turned the phone to his teammate, who instantly grinned. “Well. You’ll be interesting for the rest of practice.”
SENT: Please, before I have a heart attack
My Love ❤️ ushijima wakatoshi, that is not a promise to not be mad.
SENT: There is no need to bring out my government name.
And have I ever been able to stay mad at you for more than a few hours?
My Love ❤️ valid point. See you when you get home!
With another deep exhale to calm himself down, Ushijima puts his phone back in his locker to finish the last few hours of practice, though he does feel an amusement creep through his veins.
The minute the front door closed and he toes his shoes off, Wakatoshi wasn’t surprised to see you instantly parked in front of him, your grin wide and overly affectionate. “Hello, my handsome, perfect-“
“What did you do?” He says, his lips curling into a knowing smirk. It turns into one of loving when you huff and cross your arms, pouting up at him in an expression he can only decipher as betrayal, “what makes you think I did anything!”
“You literally texted me to not be mad, there is no way that was just a general statement. I know you too well.”
Defeatedly, you rock back and forth on your feet, slowly shuffling towards him to rest your head on his chest, “you could just pretend to not know how I am for about three minutes.” Wakatoshi chuckles deep in his chest and his arms wrap around you, a soft kiss planting to your scalp.
“Well… do you want the good news or the bad news first?”
Wakatoshi pulls back to look at you, his expression dropped into an exhausted laze, and when you flash him a smile once again, he exhales deeply. “Why don’t you give me the bad news first?”
“Well,” you begin, grabbing his hand and slowly pulling him deeper into your home. “The bad news is, our son tracked mud into the house.”
Instantly, Wakatoshi’s brows furrow, the signals in his brains crossing as your answer confuses him, “uh… I wasn’t aware we had a son, my love-“
He cuts himself off and his eyes practically burst out of his skull when, sitting on the couch, lay a dog, it’s tongue hanging out the side of its mouth and, in fact, paw prints of mud that have stained the carpet. He turns his head down to you in horror, and you grin happily up at him.
“What. The hell happened. When I was at practice.”
“Meet Noodles, ‘Toshi.”
“I am never leaving you alone again.”
“You won’t have to, we have Noodles now!”
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tooruhearts · a day ago
Tumblr media
it’s five am when shoyo wakes you up.
“let’s go on a roadtrip,” he says. his voice is raspy and his arms are still holding you.
“why would we?” you ask, slightly slurring words.
shoyo hesitates before answering. his eyes look at the ceiling, thinking. then, he turns at you with the fondest smile which makes you melt.
“let’s just do it.”
you prepare yourself for your spontaneous trip.
Tumblr media
the wind ruffles shoyo’s hair as he drives. he keeps humming and singing love songs, even throwing you a wink every now and then. the sun is rising and you realize how you want to stay like this forever, with him and his laughter.
you’re so entranced in the moment you don’t notice how you’ve passed through the same roads twice, not until shoyo frowns and mutters almost inaudibly “i think we’re lost”.
which is well, not great.
“what do you mean we’re lost?” his eyes don’t meet yours and that’s how you know how terribly lost you are.
you start laughing. shoyo looks at you as if you’re mad but you don’t care, because it’s funny. it’s funny how you’ve gotten lost, how you’re out here at six am in some unknown road, how shoyo laughs too along with you.
“you’re not mad?” he holds your hand and pulls it closer to him.
“no, why would i be?” you answer, rests of laughter still laced in your voice, “i mean, this is not the dumbest thing you could have done.”
“you know me so well,” he says, giggling.
shoyo squeezes your hand and turns the radio on.
he keeps driving along the road.
Tumblr media
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stuff-and-fluffs · 15 hours ago
today’s is a bit short too :( i fell asleep early last night so yeah… hehe. requests are open as per usual, working on the ones i got before, so it’ll take some time to get done with everything <3
Tumblr media
“are you from starbucks? because i like you a latte”
hinata, yachi, lev, alisa, bokuto, akaashi (i hc that akaashi probably drinks a lot of coffee (and tea too)), futakuchi, oikawa, atsumu
Tumblr media
please do not plagiarize!
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o2amu · 18 days ago
you step in front of your boyfriend, looking down at him as he pushes himself off the floor, about to begin his first set of 50 push-ups. he doesn’t notice your quiet presence until you get down on your knees to meet his eyes which quickly shoot up at yours.
“oh my god, hey, you scared me,” iwaizumi says with a brief sigh of relief.
you giggle while slowly laying down on your back and attempt to slide gracefully underneath iwaizumi’s push-up stance. he gives you a confused look with a smile, all while adoring your strange but adorable behavior.
seconds later, you’re now lying underneath your boyfriend’s muscular build. both of your guys’ eyes locked on each other’s- full of admiration.
“haji, let’s do that thing couples do where one lays underneath and the other kisses them every time they descend from their push-up” you beam, breaking the silence.
he blinks a few times before letting out a soft chuckle, and without saying any words, he begins to fulfill your request.
not even three kisses in and you burst out into laughter. the cheesy couple act you and your boyfriend were currently doing caused loud giggles to erupt out of you. your laughs become too powerful to where they’re now silent ones. you bring your knees up to your chest due to the pain of your uncontrollable cackles.
iwaizumi finds your expression hilarious and catches your contagious laugh soon enough, as he then topples over you. both of you a laughing mess on the living room floor.
as soon as both of you calm down, you turn to each other. a soft smile forms on his as he brings his hand up to your cheek caressing it with his thumb.
“god, i honestly don’t mind this whole quarantine lockdown thingy ….” he comments. “... if it means i’ll be stuck with you at home everyday.”
“me too, haji.”
Tumblr media
this is an old work from my old blog! and this is meant to be set around the beginning of quarantine lol
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ara-mitsue · 6 months ago
The Hand
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary; the time you almost broke the internet
♡ pairing; k.kenma x gn!reader
♡ genre; fluff
♡ w.c; 1.9k
♡ warnings; swearing
a/n; happy belated birthday kenken <3
*this fic is a part of my ‘five ways to say i love you’ mini-series. check out the other stories here!
Tumblr media
You are lovingly dubbed as “The Hand.”
The almighty mysterious being that appears on and off-screen whenever Kodzuken needs something— water, snacks… a poke on the forehead. The fans have never seen your face— not even heard your voice. The only parts they’ve been privy to are the little scar on your arm from a bike accident when you were a kid, and the bombass manicure you’re sporting that week.
Until now, that is.
The stream starts off like any other— the only difference being the unusually early start time. It’s Kenma’s first charity event, a 24-hour stream that starts at 6 am and ends at 5:59 am the next day to raise money for children who didn’t have access to sports or fitness opportunities.
“Hey everyone,” Kenma says around a yawn when he starts. He’s in a hoodie (his own merch) and sweats (also his own merch) and he rubs one eye while sipping on his first coffee of the day. “Hope you’re ready cause I’m not.”
You stifle your giggle as you walk over to him, a blanket in hand. You reach around the back of one of the monitors and drop it on his head. He grunts on impact. “Thanks,” Kenma says with a smile when he pulls the material into his lap, remnants of sleep still stuck along his lashes. You nearly coo and the chat bursts to life.
look at him smiling!! kjdfhsdkfkasjdlaks
It’s The Hand! Good Morning Hand! 👋👋👋
loving the new mani 🥺
sleepy ken-ken is my fav omgggg
i luv rage ken-ken more lol
His golden eyes flicker across the screens, coffee clutched in his hand. “The chat says good morning,” Kenma says and you wave. He reads a few more messages with a small quirk of the lip. He peers at you over the rim of his cup. “Can you wave to the viewers?”
You raise an eyebrow but lean over to sway your arm from side to side in front of the camera as he slips on his blue light glasses. You can see the dual screens reflecting off of them, the chat is going crazy. You eventually leave the room, blowing Kenma a kiss and a thumbs up.
You amble to your bedroom and settle down into bed, face buried into your pillow and one arm wrapped around your cat Rover, who mewls and snuggles deeper into the comforter. You wake up a few hours later and open the streaming app on your phone to see what Kenma is up to. You grin when you see he's playing Animal Crossing. He’s working on your shared island, de-weeding, and figuring out what to do for his fall/Halloween theme. After watching for a few more minutes, you stretch then roll out of bed.
You peek your head into the streaming room after swinging by the kitchen to find Kenma focused on one of the monitors. You lightly tap the doorframe to get his attention. He glances up. “Hey,” he says as you pick up his empty water glass and replace it with a fresh one. You take his coffee mug and place a bowl of apple slices on the table. The corners of his lips curve upward. “Thank you.”
The day progresses as such— you check up on his stream before appearing every once in a while to give him water, energy drinks, or food. Kenma comes by and gives you a kiss or a hug during his bathroom breaks, and once he takes his first fifteen-minute break, he collapses on the couch next to you.
“How are you doing?” You ask, brushing away his bangs. He sighs and turns his head to kiss your palm.
“M’tired,” he complains. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this for another seventeen hours.”
You chuckle as Rover jumps on him and kneads his stomach. “Take a nap.”
Kenma shakes his head. “If I do that, I won’t wake up,” he says. “I’m regretting this already.”
“Think of the children,” you say, pinching his cheek. He swats at your hand.
“Yeah,” Kenma grumbles, “It’s for the kids.”
He gets off your lap when he has five minutes to spare, leaning forward until his lips are barely touching yours. “Thanks for taking care of me while I do this,” he murmurs. You grin.
“Of course, Ken-ken. I’ll get another pot of coffee going.”
A few more hours go by— your hand pops in and out of the screen, the chat says hello. Kenma blinks up at you when you come by to switch his cups. Despite the copious amounts of caffeine, he looks tired and you frown at him. He notices the look but shakes his head. “I’m fine,” he insists.
And before you know it, it’s 5 am. You can barely keep your eyes open as you stand in front of the kettle. You’ve decided to power through the last bit with Kenma, keeping the streamer engaged with tea now that he’s passed your accepted limit of coffee and energy drinks. The whistle of the kettle makes you jump and you quickly move it off the burner. You pour the hot water into two mugs and add a teabag to each. You carefully carry them to the gaming room.
Kenma jolts when you place the mugs on the table. You narrow your eyes at him and mouth ‘are you okay?’ He nods, though it takes him a minute.
“Almost done,” he sighs, taking off his glasses and leaning back in his chair. Kenma lifts one of the cups to his lips. When you roll his extra gaming chair over, just out of frame, he quirks an eyebrow at you. “Are you gonna camp out with me?” You smile at him as you nod, leaning forward to grab your mug before settling down.
“You sure? We still have…” he checks the time. “Fifty minutes.” You nod again and motion to his computer— he's forgotten about his audience in the midst of talking to you. He winces. “Sorry guys,” he says, turning back to his monitors. He squints as he reads. “Yeah, it’s my partner… they will be here for the last stretch.” He chuckles at one of the messages and reads it aloud. “Will The Hand finally be The Face Reveal?”
You place your hand over your mouth to silence your laugh before taking a sip of your tea. “Hmm let’s see…” Kenma taps his finger on the rim of his drink. “Since we already hit the regular goal, if we can reach the stretch goal, then they will make an appearance.” He glances at you for confirmation and you shrug.
Though Kenma had raised a considerable amount, there was still a substantial amount left to meet the stretch goal, especially for the last forty-five minutes of the stream. It probably wasn't going to happen so you agree and kick the floor, slowly twirling in the seat as you scroll through your phone, and half-listen as he plays Minecraft, the last game of the stream.
The streamer stifles a yawn as he checks the time. “Five minutes left…” he looks over at the fundraising website pulled up on the other screen. “Wow guys, this is amazing.” He smiles sleepily at the camera. “We didn’t make it to the face reveal goal but that's cool. I’ll be giving away merch to the highest donator and have a random draw—“ His eyes grow wide as he immediately pauses. “Wait… guys don’t donate if you can’t afford it, it’s okay.”
You look up from your phone to find Kenma staring at his computer, hands hovering above his keyboard. You click on the streaming app. Last-minute donations are flooding in, the notifications won’t stop.
do it for the face reveal!
don’t feel obligated to donate, if u can’t afford it!!
The hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face
What a fucking mess 😂
hi from seoul! 🇰🇷
omg lol this is so chaotic
You watch as the donated amount goes up, up, up...
It’s silent as the number on the screen bursts into a cloud of confetti. Balloons fill the screen as the words "CONGRATULATIONS!" stare back at you. Kenma looks at you. You look at him. And then you burst into laughter. The chat explodes once more.
Did you hear that?! Was that them???
omg they sound so cute im already sobbing 😭
Kenma mutes his mic and turns to you. “You don’t have to do this,” he says. “Really, I kind of threw you in without asking first.”
You tug on the collar of your hoodie, Kodzuken merch, and smile at him as you brush your fingers through your hair to hopefully look more presentable. A flutter of butterflies frantically beat around in your stomach, anticipation waking you up better than any amount of coffee and energy drinks can. “It’s fine,” you tell him. “We were going to do this at some point so I don’t mind." You grimace when you catch a knot. "Sorry I look like a mess.”
Kenma smiles softly at you, hand reaching out to detangle the strands. “You always look beautiful to me.”
“Wow, sleep-deprived Kodzuken has reached a new level,” you tease and drag him closer to press your lips to his. You can’t even imagine what the chat must look like right now. “Go ahead, I’ll come on whenever you want me to.”
Kenma nods then give you one more kiss. He turns back to the webcam. “Alright,” he breathes. “I don’t know how you guys pulled through at the last minute, but we did it. Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who donated. This charity means a lot to me so I’m grateful to everyone who contributed, whether it was a dollar or a hundred.” He glances at you and you roll your chair closer to him. “As promised, I would like to introduce you to, 'The Hand.'”
You stick your hand out and wave, laughing after a moment of reading through the comments. “I’m kidding,” you say as you roll your chair in the frame. It's weird to be on this side of the monitors.
The chat nearly breaks, unable to keep up with the multitude of comments that flood in. You respond to a few, tittering and bantering as Kenma leans his head against your shoulder, slips his hand into yours. You reach around his head to pet his hair. “We should probably end it here,” you whisper. “Maybe we can do something like this again. Thanks to everyone who participated!” Kenma lethargically waves before ending the stream. He groans and pushes his chair back.
“Bed. Now.”
You allow him to drag you out of the gaming room and to the bedroom. Rover is already there, curled up on Kenma's pillow. He moves out of the way when Kenma nudges him gently to the side, curling around the streamer's head when he settles. You giggle and slip in as well. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him until you're flush against his body.
“I know I already said this a lot, but thanks again for taking care of me today," he says, squeezing you a little tighter. "Promise to return the favor later."
You grin against his collarbone. "No worries, just get some sleep."
He murmurs something incoherent, fast asleep when you whisper, "Night, Ken-ken.”
You're awoken several hours later to your phone blowing up. When you tap on the screen and check the first notification, the title makes you chuckle.
New Video!! Koduzen and The Hand nearly break the internet.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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dreamesamu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring. akaashi & suna
genre: angst to fluff, sets in timeskip.
ame's note: I'm continuing this, yes why not? and it's long asf. TW! jealousy, injury. mentions of blood, cursing.
⊳ part one | part two
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji
you were insecure, and that was the start of all the hurtful words you gave each other. it was a late-night confession, the thing you and akaashi decided to have in this relationship to express both of your bitterness in work, but you didn't expect it to turn into an argument, mostly, you've caused it.
"I assume you're worrying for nothing, she's just a helpful co-worker, you can't be jealous of her."
you felt regret you told him, and yes, you're jealous. the new co-worker next door has been gathered with your boyfriend to do a project, now that's the most reasonable problem to make you feel insecure. but more importantly, that girl has a crush on your boyfriend.
"that's why I'm telling you this, you couldn't see what I see, or you knew it but ignored it."
you just want this exhausting day's stress to vanish when you snuggle him close and rambling terrible things you had suffered through, but he stubbornly disagreed with your feelings so nonchalantly that broke your heart.
"I told you there's nothing to worry about, she is just a friend and nothing further, I promise."
he tried his best to calm you down, impatient grew harder in his guts when you retorted.
"just a friend... she likes you, keiji. and you're telling me there's nothing to worry about when my boyfriend just happily works with the person who has a crush on him?"
that argument ended with a slam on the shared dorm with his back against yours, everything felt unusual. you woke up by the noisy alarm clock definitely tired from the lack of sleep the night before and groan breathlessly on the bed, you know exactly why Akaashi wasn't in bed with you right now.
you showed up at your business, since last night, you didn't see anything other than the graceful smile of that female co-worker named Niki, she was the cause of your restless thought, and it could only stop when you left the office.
"l/n-san! please come in!"
as soon as Niki notices you, she was working along with Akaashi, the one you've been wishing to know what he was thinking then, staring at your upper half peeks in the room.
"oh, I'm sorry for interrupting, I wanna check on the progress and offer some coffee."
"that's so kind of you, l/n-san, would you mind if my coffee is a little hot?."
"ah- sure, and Keiji?"
"oh- uh- just the usual, please."
the hesitant evidently displayed in front of your eyes, he was surprised at your sudden change since you're the one avoid his presence in the first place, he swallows tryna remove the thick tension which gone noticed by the new co-worker.
"did you both- have a fight or something?"
Akaashi sighed, his mind was all messed up, and he was really clueless about what to do next time meeting you.
"yeah- I guess we did, but I'll talk to her soon."
he became tense again when you returned with two mugs of coffee, holding his breath watching you place the tray of coffee on the table and help Niki clean up a room for it without sharing him any glance, he was dumbfounded.
"there, I'll leave you two alone then, enjoy! oh- and, if you need anything, please don't feel bothered to call me." you waved goodbye with a graceful smile to the teammates.
the door slammed with a loud thud like it yelled at him.
"she's definitely mad, akaashi-san." he eyed the girl standing next to him, she never looked back but stared at it.
akaashi was walking in the hall, he noticed your secretary rushed through him, worried visible on her face, and it confused him.
"hey, what's the matter? why are you running?" he stopped the secretary.
"oh hi akaashi-san, my y/n burnt themselves with hot coffee, they seem zoned out, I think that's why."
akaashi watched the women walk away, his mind muddled. he can't just knock on your door and do this doing that- but maybe, he can find another way.
you're on your way to where Akaashi and Niki were at, according to somebody in the company, they needed your help.
"hey, I thought you need some help- where's Niki?" you asked and looked around, only found those blue irises locked on you, no signs of the other girl who was just here.
with a gulp, he was ready to talk about this.
"y/n, please let me see your hand," he gently request, and it looked like you were tired of this shit just like he did so you annoyingly gave him your hand.
he examined it closely and carefully, his tongue clicked with an expression like he can't be more worried, it made you feel bad.
"sorry, keiji" you suddenly confessed, eyes avoiding the other widened pairs, your heart sank as equal to how embarrassed you were. when you felt his lips touch your softly burnt knuckles, your tears rolled free and I bet his heart sank the same.
"it's my fault that you're insecure, love. I should've apologised sooner" his hand automatedly went to tuck some strands of hair behind your ear as he murmured.
"no, you have done not-" he connected your lips with his as your remained words fell faint. "-thing wrong."
"alright, we both have our faults, okay? and we both agreed to feel sorry, so the problem is solved. now may I treat those precious knuckles for my beautiful s/o? I can't stand here looking at them being hurt."
you nod between blushes caused the small smile on his face, with one hand sliding around your waist, he pressed one last kiss on your forehead.
"hmm, love you much, sweetheart, I won't make you feel this insecure ever again, promise."
suna rintaro
Suna's volleyball team welcomed a new member a day ago, you were excited to see him again at the end of his practice to pick him up and remembered how much of the repugnance he carried along his face.
"hi babe! a new teammate, sounds fun eh?" you kissed his cheek after setting your stuff down the bench. he frustratedly wiped out the sweats with a damp towel, his eyes never laid on you just once but glaring to the human who was being welcomed a little too much.
"hi, y/n. thank you for your concern but no it doesn't, you should be waiting outside, I'll catch up later, okay?" he pecked your lips.
your stomach drops in a slow-motion, maybe the excitement you expect Suna to carry was just an expectation, you just didn't think he would react else. the way you assume yourself not express enough mothering, maybe sometimes was procrastinating - according to Suna.
"but wait! hey! don't be a fuss, I just want to talk!" you stopped him, a disappointed pout visible on your face. you saw his eyes roll.
"look, I'll tell you everything later, just let me be there" Suna tried to convince you like a father tried to get his daughter to stay away from the candy box. and he knew he gonna lose it at any time.
"please? can I go with you, I promise I will just stand there and watch"
"y/n. stop." your eyes widen by the volume of his voice, "this isn't about you, stop being the drama hooker, I need to deal with things right now"
the gymnastic was dead silent, and when he realizes it was, you were fulfilled with embarrassment.
didn't wait for a response, you gather your things and walk past the door on the brink of tears. echoes of the chatters between the teammates ringing in your ear reinforced some reasons to make the tears fall out.
"dude, that was harsh on them, you know?"
fifteen minutes passed by with a zoned-out Suna on the court as he inquired himself about the rude behaviour he acted and got the coach scolded his ass out, ended up walking alone while his mind being washed with the thoughts in the perfect conclusion of the sun.
it was short to took his attention if I say that was your heels clicking on the cobblestones from one another direction, or from the gymnasium infirmary, to be exact. inversely, you didn't seem to have an eye on the gloomy middle blocker.
take a glimpse at the shadow you saw in the corner of your eyes, you notice him standing there staring in confusion, there was somewhat awe in his eyes. probably gonna approach and ask about the layers of bandaids, which he did.
"bump into a man carrying a ladder near the new building area?"
he raised his voice, you felt your eyes roll.
"yes, and that shit gave me a not so deep cut, so don't worry too much about it"
"how can you- ugh." he halted, trying to hide the anger mixed with a sinking feeling somewhere in his heart. "this is something I should know and worry about, right? you weren't born yesterday."
"yeah, right" you scoff, "since when did this beautiful y/n become your responsibility? you just expelled me out, embarrassed me in front of everyone."
you feel the tears you hold were no longer stay on your eyelashes, your hiccups can't get out due to how hard you bite your lip in as you watched his eyes turn to a shade of blue. he wiped a tear on your face, guilt rushed in.
"please forgive me, baby. I didn't mean to ashamed you."
"it doesn't matter anymore, let's go, I need to get my car"
you walked away from him, no longer hit the ceiling with his attitude anymore, you just felt... annoyed. he walked slowly behind, watched every move you made until both were comfy inside the car.
"alright, we're here"
"baby," you ignored him "baby, hey hey don't open the door. look at me, please" he heard you sigh.
"yes, Rin?" you would swear you saw hope in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, please know that I didn't mean it" his hands held gently on your face and he kissed it, everywhere. feeling tickled, you laughed and Suna soon sigh in relief.
"I'm not mad anymore you asshole. I just need time to think about it"
"then have you done yet? am I being forgiven?" a small smile formed on his lips.
"absolutely, asshole." he giggled through a smirk and pressed his lips on yours once more.
"thank you, sweetheart."
"and would you mind telling me why that new boy is a pain to your ass?"
"pfttt. maybe later."
a/n: aaaaaaa it took me soooo damn long but it's here now! *sob sob* sorry for making y'all wait. please enjoy this cheesy thing i eat with macaroni!
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sunarent · 3 months ago
when his kid wants dino nuggets
Tumblr media
characters: iwaizumi. kuroo. osamu. suna. tsukishima.
genre: fluff
a/n: i can’t believe @ushisrever and @ice-icebaby make me think of fluff
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI immediately denies as he’s currently prepping dinner, not looking at his kid, knowing well that there‘s a high chance that he would cave in once he saw big eyes staring at him. however, he sighs in defeat as he feels his child cling onto his leg, pouting and promising to eat their vegetables too.
KUROO sighs, well aware that he shouldn’t allow it. then again, his little boy was looking at him with an excited face and how could he say no to that? so he crouched down, telling his son that he would allow it for once but that the two of them had to keep it a secret - and of course the boy agreed immediately.
OSAMU furrows his eyebrows as he turns around to his little boy. hands on his hips he tilts his head. he was about to open his mouth and raise an eyebrow at his kid, wanting to ask him why he suddenly didn’t want the onigiri now, even though he had just asked for them. but as he sees his child looking at him with big, happy eyes he only sighs, shaking his head. he‘d be dammed.
SUNA doesn’t even hesitate and agrees to his daughters wishes immediately, grabbing her by her little waist and picking her up. she squeals happily in his arms, bouncing up and down as he walks into the kitchen. the little girl presses her face into her father‘s chest as he is humming a soft tune while getting his daughter‘s nuggets ready.
TSUKISHIMA can’t help but roll his eyes at his kid, unable to suppress the smile that creeps it’s way onto his lips. “dino nuggets, hm?” he repeats, crossing his arms as his kid nods violently. his head shoots up as he hears you giggle, claiming that the little boy is just like his father. needless to say, tsukishima agreed.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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brathalo · 3 months ago
no but something about bokuto getting hard over the tiniest things you do :( the little baby just wants to be taken care of every time he sees you bend over to pick up the fallen cup, aching for your pretty lips wrapped around his cock the moment you sigh in relief and lean over to him for a little peck on his cheek after a long day of work. you're not always aware of his boners cos' he always does a good job on hiding it (he doesn't want to tire you out ☹) but he's constantly thinking of you, you, you. he's so horny that he could rut needily against his pillow the moment he sees the curve of your ass or the spread of your thighs, that he starts feeling guilty, plus worries to himself and wonders if he's secretly actually a major pervert. simultaneously makes a mental note to ask kuroo about it anyway but it's already been decided that he's absolutely OBSESSED with you and wishes he could fuck you at every given moment possible ❤
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darkmegs · 2 months ago
THEIR “FANGIRL” ACTUALLY LIKES YOU, NOT HIM!! (oikawa, atsumu, and suna)
warning: gn!reader, crack, some pouty boyos!. a random idea i thought of~
Tumblr media
“i swear if they don’t leave in 60 seconds, i’m going to serve a ball towards them.”
leaning against the bus with crossed arms, you watched the herd of squealing girls surrounding your boyfriend. iwaizumi is right by your side, glaring at the sight of his best friend being showered with affection and treats.
he scoffed, “yeah? well i’m waiting for 15 seconds.”
you popped your head into the bus, “mattsun! toss me a ball! a warning sign is needed for this.”
hanamaki leaned forward from his seat, “don’t you think hitting the girls with a volleyball is a tad bit excessive?” he asked.
you caught the ball matsukawa threw your way, “who said i was aiming for the girls?”
hanamaki laughed, “that’s our manager.” he remarked, before settling back into his seat.
“iwa, those 15 seconds up yet?” you asked, moving the ball from hand to hand.
“2 meat buns if i hit his back.” you voiced, adjusting your stance.
“5 if you get his head. it’ll help shrink his big ass ego.” iwaizumi offered.
you chuckled, “you’re on.”
then, in the blink of an eye, the ball hurled towards oikawa. a loud thud! when it met the back of his head. the crowd gasped loudly, taking a step back.
“what the actual hell, iwa?” oikawa called out, rubbing the painful spot as he turned around.
“it was me, shittykawa.”
oikawa felt chills run down his spine. there was only one thing he feared more than failure, and that’s you.
specifically, angry you.
he gulped nervously, before cracking a nervous chuckle, “haha…g-good shot, y/n-chan...have you been practicing?”
“…get in the bus.”
“yes, y/n-chan.”
he sheepishly bid his fangirls goodbye, “sorry to cut this short, ladies. wish us luck on our game.”
high-pitched whines of protest began to erupt as oikawa trudged towards the bus with his head hanging low.
he peeked up once he neared closer to you, only to be met with your hellish gaze. he quickly ducked back down, choosing to walk past you without a word.
iwaizumi followed right after, kicking the setter’s butt as he stepped onto the bus, making him stagger with a whimper.
the three of you turned around and see a girl —most likely a first year— with pigtails and a maroon bow in her hair. she looked incredibly skittish, fiddling with the hem of her skirt as her legs shook in place.
“sorry, but we have to go now.” iwazumi told her, forcibly shoving oikawa to get inside the bus.
oikawa waved to the girl, “sorry, i can’t stay any lon—“
startled, you all froze and stared at her with wide eyes. you stood there, confused as to why she wanted to speak to you.
“uhh…yes?” you asked.
“i-i-i…i love you!!”
before you could even fully digest her confession, you felt her arms thrown around you in a clinging hug. she buried the side of her face in your chest, her grip tightening.
“hey! y/n’s mine!!” oikawa attempted to go at the first year, but iwaizumi kept him back; like a vexed chihuahua being held by his owner.
“y/n-senpai, if you will, please be with me! oikawa-san doesn’t deserve you!” the girl wailed against you.
“you little brat! y/n-chan loves me! y/n, tell her!” he fought back, a deep pout hanging on lips.
“umm…i’m sorry but, i’m currently dating crappykawa.” you said.
“currently?!” oikawa screamed.
“so you have no problem with y/n calling you crappykawa, loserkawa?” hanamaki snickered. oikawa grew red and huffed.
“b-but…” tears began to well in the girl’s eyes. she sniffled and her sleeve quickly came up to wipe her nose.
“what’s your name?”
the girl cowered at your voice, letting out an anxious squeak! when she finally registered your words.
“hashimoto…s-sakura…” she murmured, quietly.
“may i call you sakura-chan?”
the thunderstruck expression she wore can only compete with the one adorning oikawa’s baffled face.
“you don’t even know her!” he gasped.
you ignored the pattering nonsense that left oikawa’s mouth and put your hands over sakura’s trembling fists.
“i can’t date you, but i’ll tell you what. if stupidkawa ever makes me angry, i’ll let you serve a volleyball at his head.”
you heard the roaring laughter bellow from hanamaki and matsukawa’s chests at your words. from the corner of your eye, you saw a sullen oikawa.
“so violent…” he mumbled, shivering in place.
“y-you’ll teach me how to serve?” sakura repeated, her mouth parted in awe.
you nodded, “but not right now; we’ve got a game to catch. so if you’ll excuse us…”
you patted the top of her head and stepped around a slack-jawed oikawa to enter the bus.
“move your ass, we don’t have time.” iwaizumi aggressively kneed him in the back to walk forward, before turning to sakura with a slightly softer attitude.
“we’ll catch you later, future mrs. l/n.”
Tumblr media
“atsumu, have ya recently done anything notable?”
atsumu tapped his chin at kita’s odd question, “besides my killer serves this game, i can’t think of anythin’.”
“or at all.” osamu muttered as he took a sip of water. atsumu threw a spiteful glare his way.
“why do ya ask?” the blond questioned.
“a girl in the stands has been staring at ya from the very start of the game.” kita voiced his keen observation to the setter.
the two turned their heads towards the crowd, and surely enough, there was indeed a girl staring down at them.
suna, who just so happened to be passing by the pair, stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes to catch what was so interesting.
“is she…is she holding a megaphone?” he noted.
atsumu hummed at suna’s comment, before sighing. “oh, i see what’s happening.”
“ya do?” kita asked him.
“of course! she’s gonna confess to me. trust me, it happens all the time.” he confidently replied with a smirk. his eyes suddenly darkened and his voice dropped an octave, “…as long as they don’ do it while i’m servin’.”
suna snorted through his nose at the ridiculous conclusion atsumu came to, before walking away just as easily as he had walked in.
“is y/n-san alright with that?” kita wondered.
you stood nearby and were able to hear their conversation. you spoke up without taking your eyes off the clipboard you were writing on. “i really don’t care.”
the inarizaki team members flopped onto the benches with heavy sighs.
“you guys played great,” you said, scribbling their points down in the first set. “one more set and you’ll have the win.”
lowering his water bottle, suna elbowed atsumu, who was wiping the sweat off his neck with a towel, and gestured towards the stands.
“’bout to happen~” atsumu mentioned.
“the confession?” aran asked. word spreads around quick, huh?
atsumu nodded, his eyes closed in arrogance. they watched just as the girl took a deep breath and raised the megaphone to her lips.
“can i have your attention?”
the booming voice made the crowd quiet down, a few murmurs and whispers being traded among them. aran and suna glanced at each other, a bit shocked.
“what did i say?” atsumu remarked.
“atsumu-kun!!” the girl shouts.
“here it comes…”
“i’m in love… with your s/o!!!”
“see? i told ya— WAIT WHAT?!?!”
the entire gymnasium turned to you at the surprising revelation. the pen you were holding falls from your fingers, the sound of it hitting the floor echoed off the silent walls.
“atsumu, close yer mouth before the flies get in.” kita nonchalantly told him, as suna filmed the setter’s more than entertaining reaction.
“well, y/n-san? what do you say?” the girl asked, the sharp static from her megaphone made you wince.
“uhhh…”, you met osamu’s eyes, he hands you a megaphone he took from one of the crowd members. you accepted it, whispering a small mention of gratitude to the grey-haired boy. you turned it on, the piercing noise making everyone cover their ears for a moment.
“…i’m not interested, sorry!!”
the crowd erupted in gasps, loud exchanges of whispers flooding the gym. the girl lowered her megaphone in defeat, she was about to walk away when she heard sounds of struggling.
“h-hey little girl! if ya try makin’ moves on y/n aga—“
“atsumu-kun, cut it out!”
“’m just protecting what’s mine!”
the bold girl spoke into the megaphone again, “y/n doesn’t belong to anyone! you might’ve won this round, miya atsumu—“
atsumu lowered the megaphone and incredulously whispered, “this round?!”
“—but y/n will reciprocate my feelings! one day! you just wait!!”
and with that, the girl marched off. her head held high and her face expressing nothing but determination. when the doors closed behind her, the team turned to you.
“…that was something, huh?” you laughed, nervously.
the referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of the second set. the team hurriedly jogged back to center court, a pouting atsumu plodding right behind them. you rolled your eyes and rubbed his back reassuringly when he walked by you.
“remind me to send you the video.” suna told you with a wink before sauntering away.
“ya better delete that, suna! ‘else i’m not settin’ to ya anymore!!”
Tumblr media
“there’s a ‘‘sunarin’’ fan club?”
your boyfriend had intended to mention it as a throwaway comment, something to briefly make fun of. but it seemed like your interest had been piqued.
“uhh yeah…” suna answered, “why? you jealous?”
you scoffed, “i’m just curious as to how the school approved it.”
he shrugged his shoulder, “dunno. i don’t even think the school looks into most clubs, they’re mostly interested in the sports teams.”
you hummed, not thinking much of it. you handed suna the drink you got him from the vending machine, leaning back against his chest as you two laid sprawled out under a tree near the gym.
he took a sip and rested his chin on your shoulder. you closed your eyes in content, satisfied with how comfortable it was being engulfed in his warmth.
then, you heard the sound of unified footsteps, almost like a marching army. you looked up and saw rows of girls, all wearing matching t-shirts, with signs and gifts at hand.
“shit,” suna muttered.
“those girls—” he paused to let out a heavy sigh, “—that’s the fan club.”
you sat up, deeply engaged now. “no way, they have your name and face on the back of their t-shirts.” you observed, with a laugh.
suna groaned, dragging the hood of his jacket over his face in order to conceal himself from their prying eyes. when he had first heard about the fan club from the miya twins, he was mildly amused. he often passed by their club room, dropping in a few times; pretending he was lost or asking about someone, just to entertain the whole charade.
but the whole thing ended up backfiring, as the girls grew even more obsessed with him. they would show up at practice just to watch him, or stagger into his classroom in packs to bombard him with sweets and love letters.
“one of them is coming over!”
suna groaned, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
he looked up at the girl with boring eyes, his hood falling off. her breath hitched and she averted her gaze.
deciding to speak to her instead of your boyfriend, who can often come off as cold and dry, you smiled warmly, “hi there, do you need anything?”
her head snapped up at your voice. the heat flooded her cheeks and she turned red. with trembling breaths, she began to stutter something out.
she suddenly bowed at an exaggeratedly deep angle, her face practically meeting her knees.
“i-ishida mei! from class 1-3, nice to meet you!!”
the pair of you were startled at her introduction. it went quiet for a moment, before you cleared your throat.
“nice to meet you…ishida-chan…” you slowly said, unsure of how to respond. you nudged suna in the torso, forcing him to say the same.
“delighted.” he answered, curtly.
upon hearing his voice, mei raised her head, a solemn look on her features. “suna rintarou, from class 2-1. we finally meet.”
suna quirked his eyebrows at the serious tone she had. you glanced between them, incredibly confused as to what was happening.
“can i help you, kid?”
“rin…” you scolded, lowly.
“look, if you’re gonna confess your love to me or something, just do it now. i’m trying to enjoy my lunch break.” he told her, bluntly.
but what shocked you both, was when she started laughing. her head thrown back as the menacing, almost belittling chuckles left her lips.
“confess? to you? don’t be ridiculous, silly volleyball player.” she mocked.
her eyes shifted to you, and you gulped nervously. she smiled and her features softened, “i’m here to proclaim my love for you, y/n-sama.”
with eyes as wide as saucers, you stared at her in complete disbelief. suna scoffed, letting go of you and standing up. the sight was nothing less than comedic. a 185.7 cm middle blocker, towering over a nearly 153 cm first year, the two glaring daggers at each other.
“i’m afraid “y/n-sama” is not available.” he stated.
“that can be easily fixed.”
he tilted his head, “are you threatening me?”
she snickered, “oh don’t flatter yourself, you’re eons behind the worth of indulging my wrath.”
she grew bored exchanging meaningless words with suna, so she looked back at you. crouching, she gently took a hold of your hand.
“y/n-sama, you’re nothing less than a dream. therefore, you deserve nothing less than a romantic love story. i can provide that and make you change your mind about this unfavorable boy.”
you blinked, “i’m really sorry—“
“you’re not, but go on.” suna cut in. mei shot him a dirty look for interrupting.
“i can’t be with you, ishida-chan…” you told her with a grimace.
she retracted her hand and nodded, “i see…”
“seems like you’ve got your answer, bye now.” suna addressed.
“suna rintarou, from class 2-1,” she turned to him, “you might feel victorious now, but you’ll be hearing more from me in due time.”
after bowing one last time to you, she twirled on her heels and marched away. now that her back was visible, you noticed the t-shirt she was wearing. It was the same as the one suna’s fangirls wore, but hers had a big red ‘X’ etched over his face.
suna scoffed, “nice shirt!” he called out, sarcastically.
“i’ll make one for y/n-sama!”
he rolled his eyes and muttered, “brat.”
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! this was definitely not proofread, sorry for any mistakes >:(
thanks for calling darkmegs!!
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shoulmate · 2 days ago
"Buhm-Buhm. Buhm-bam badump bum."
There's a reason you're not a musician.
"Awah-wah, whadda da bum bum."
...A singer...
"Ayo' you be'n conned!"
Or a rapper.
The papers in your hand flutter as you groove down the long table to the song playing on repeat in your headphones in an embarrassing display of physical talent. Or lack thereof.
After all, there's a reason you're the manager for professional athletes instead of being one yourself.
"This is King Kong? This is King Kong!"
But you're still a professional so you censor the lyrics as you say them to yourself.
"I need a Mai-Tai. That eff-innn sci-fi!"
The awkward, jerky arm movements you make to the beat aren't embarrassing with no one to witness them and, since they don't slow you down you keep setting up for the press conference.
"Give me the password." Your red Team Japan jacket flexes with you. "To the-"
"Fuckin' wifi."
Your shriek is embarrassing and you contort away from the sudden intruder freezing in some strange, comical posture as you come to the mortifying realization that you are, in fact, not alone.
Your heart is pounding as you pull out your headphones and slowly turn your eyes up to the tall, dark-haired man smirking down at you.
Thankfully? He's alone.
He's also wearing a Team Japan uniform but you don't recognize him...so even though he's not one of your athletes you're hoping nation-solidarity will keep what he just witnessed between the two of you.
"How many championships?" He asks with a hint of mirth.
"Huh?" You ask dumbly, mind racing to catch up until your synapses connect and you relax. A little. With a small, relieved smile you return to standing like a normal person and finish the line. "Six rings on."
You clear your throat and smooth the front of your Team gear trying to regain some sort of professional decorum. "Hi. Can I help you?"
"Yeah. My captain asked me to drop this off." He hands you a folder.
"Thanks," you reply with a dip of your head. "What's your team?"
He quirks a brow. "You don't know?" He glances at the Japanese flag on the front of your jacket. "Don't you work for the Olympics?"
"Kind of? I'm just one of the managers for the basketball team." You answer honestly. You follow his gaze across the table you were just arranging "Since there's two of us I volunteered to help with a few extra things."
He clicks his tongue. "Two managers? Tch. They're lucky."
You frown. "Really? Why?"
"We don't even have one," he replies sourly and slips his hands into his pockets.
"Oh, that stinks." You sigh, commiserating. After a quiet beat you add "if it makes you feel any better, we've got some...extreme...personalities on our team."
He snorts. "You haven't seen anything."
You hum. "Is that so?" You chuckle. "That's hard to imagine."
He pulls up his phone with a smirk and in thirty seconds of a single video you see arguments, insults thrown between teammates, and a gray-black haired man in the background deflating.
"My god," you murmur and feel a flash of gratitude for the devils you know. "You're a disaster."
He snorts and points to a guy with a terrible blonde dye job. "See him? I've been playing with him since highschool...he has a twin who used to play, too."
Your eyes bulge. "No way."
He quickly switches videos and sure enough shows you a video of identical twins fist fighting. You're entranced and burst out laughing.
"Ohmyygooosh, this is incredible." You don't realize how close you've leaned in until he chuckles. And when you look up and meet his grayish-yellow eyes you blush.
The corner of his mouth pulls up into a small smile. "Yeah." He holds your gaze and your heart starts to pound. He's really attractive and really close. His lips are right there.
There's a loud laugh from the hall and you pull back, suddenly reminded you're not the only two people in the world. It hits you what you were just considering doing.
Still, you're disappointed when he heads for the door. "Hey, wait. What team is this for?"
Without looking back he replies "volleyball."
And you're alone again.
There's a mix of disappointment and curiosity as you turn to finish up, headphones back in place with your music playing much quieter.
Your phone dings with a notification.
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emmyrosee · 25 days ago
Fighting with kiyoomi is more than just a few cusses and venomous words.
Hell, the process of fighting with Kiyoomi isn’t much more than that, two stubborn hearts who yearn for only each other while their minds refuse to give in, it’s quite a quick beat of actually fighting before you two throw in the towel and go to bed.
Well. He goes to bed and you try to sleep on the couch, yet miraculously wake up on your side of the bed, arms tossed around Kiyoomi. Completely subconscious, you ogre, you snarl at him.
For breakfast, while he’s in the shower (taking his sweet time to use up all the hot water), you’re making his lunch with a small dessert, which you draw an angry face on it with frosting, completing it with a note that says “I hope you trip” with a matching angry face.
When he finally comes out of the shower, dressed and completely avoiding your gaze- no, he wasn’t looking at you when you happened to see him whip his head away, shut up- he packs up his gym back, his keys, his phone and his lunch, finally deciding to head to work.
“Heading out to work, asshole,” he mumbles, but he does lean down to press a gentle kiss to your forehead.
“Okay- drive safe, fuckface.” Your hand rests against the hand that he’s propped against.
“I will- hope you choke on your smoothie.”
“Rot in hell, Omi.”
“Not without taking you with me.”
Because even if you two can’t bear to see each other, the stubborn heart of yours will still make its love known, even if it’s in unconventional ways. Even if the words change, the message means the same thing: “be safe, I love you, even if I’m mad at you.”
“Hate you.”
“I hate you too; see you tonight?”
“Of course. Dumbass.”
I love you. And I’ll be here. No matter what.
The process of fighting with Kiyoomi isn’t much more than cusses and venomous words, but the aftermath of getting the last word while still being so in love with each other can drag on for days.
But as long as you still got each other’s message? Who even cares?
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kage7ama · 17 days ago
his daughter calls him by his first name —pt 3
Tumblr media
feat. gn!reader x kuroo tetsurou, sugawara koushi, tsukishima kei, kozume kenma
cw. food mention (tsukishima, kenma), sassy children, tooth-rotting fluff
note. I don't think I ever posted this part previously but if I did, it's from my old account @/atsuvu !!
pt 1. pt 2.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurou.
“Come on sweetheart, you’ve got plenty of dolls at home,” Tetsurou sighed, tugging his daughter’s arm away from the shop window. She whined, trying to grab the display with her free hand.
“No, this one’s special, Daddy! Her hair grows, you can pull it and make it longer!” Tetsurou sighed. That was exactly what the house needed, another doll to step on in the dark.
“I said no, and that’s final. Some kids don’t have any dolls at all, and you have… at least more than four! Be grateful for your toys and let someone else get that one.” She sniffed, her hand falling from her dad’s.
“Tetsu, please buy me this doll?” She pointed, her eyes gazing longingly in his direction. He nearly did a double take upon hearing the familiar whine; after all, it had only been a matter of time before she’d start mimicking you to get what she wanted. He sighed, walking back to pick her up and place her on his shoulders.
“You copycat. You know that won’t work on me.” Well, it would’ve, if you hadn’t told him he’d be sleeping on the couch if she came home with another toy.
Tumblr media
sugawara koushi.
“Look at my drawing, Papa!” Your daughter giggled, running up to his desk and holding her paper just above the surface. He smiled, but didn’t turn, still grading his students’ tests. He’d put it off all weekend, and now he needed them finished for the next day.
“You’re very talented, dear.” She frowned, disappointed at his lack of attention. After all, he hadn’t been able to take his attention off of her all weekend long, so why was he ignoring her now?
“Koushi! Eyes this way!” She demanded. He raised a brow, circling the last mistake on the sheet before placing it in the completed pile and turning to face her.
“What was that?” She fiddled with the corner of her paper guiltily.
“I said… Papa look this way?” She didn’t sound very convinced herself. Koushi shook his head, picking her up and setting her on his lap.
“Your drawing is very nice, dear. If you want, you can sit on my lap while I finish my work and then we can put it on the wall, how does that sound?” She nodded ecstatically. “But I need you to be my good little girl and not cause trouble while you’re here. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?”
tsukishima kei.
Tumblr media
You were very lucky Akiteru was in town, otherwise you wouldn’t have the opportunity to go out for a much-needed date night with Kei. He didn’t want to leave your daughter with just any babysitter, and his brother was more than willing to take care of his niece for a few hours. When you stepped in the door, not suspecting a thing, she quickly hopped up from the couch and ran across the lamp-lit living room to hug her parents. 
“Isn’t it past your bedtime, missy?” You questioned, while at the same time, she exclaimed, 
“Kei!” Your husband, who had turned away to hang up coats, cocked his head toward the couch, where Akiteru sat innocently.
“You turned my daughter against me.”
“What? How was this my fault?” Kei bent down to pick up his daughter, bouncing her slightly, knowing how much she loved being so high up in the air.
“You know you’re supposed to call me Dad,” he murmured, smoothing down her wild blonde hair. She giggled, resting her head on his shoulder. “So why aren’t you asleep, huh? Did he give you candy?” She pouted.
“No. I jus’—” she yawned “—wan’ed to see you before I went to bed.” Akiteru grinned.
“She was really well behaved, helped me make dinner.”
“I didn’t ask you.”
kozume kenma.
Tumblr media
“Wait, what time is it?” Kenma mumbled, checking his phone. “Oh, okay, so I’ll end the stream in… let’s say about 15 minutes, that’s probably when we’ll eat dinner here.” The chat was flooded with disappointed messages and a few asking how his daughter was or cooing over how cute it was that he loved his family so much. “Hm? Something behind me?” 
“Kenma!” Said father’s eyes widened slightly, his shoulders quaking with silent laughter. Spinning in his chair, he faced his daughter, hands folded like a stereotypical CEO. 
“What was that? Just now, I thought I heard someone say my name. Did you hear it?” She shook her head.
“Nope. Not at all. Are you playing games?” She stood on her tip toes, trying to peer around him to see his monitors. 
“Yeah, I’m playing the slime game.” Her eyes light up.
“Did you get any new pretty girls?”
“Not any as pretty as you. I have to do more quests and save up to get more pretty girls.” He brushed her bangs out of her eyes. “Did you come to tell me something?” Her eyes lit up and she face-palmed lightly.
“Yeah! Dinner is ready! We’re having meat and rice!” She skipped out of the room, shutting the door and bringing back the dark atmosphere. Turning back to his stream with a small smile, Kenma exited the game.
“Well, then our stream is over now. Kuroo, stop spamming. I’ll see you all next time.” He paused before ending the stream, reading something in the chat. His blank expression softened. “Yeah, she really is the best.”
© kage7ama 2022. do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform.
Tumblr media
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tons-of-vball-huns · 4 months ago
[requests open!]
Tumblr media
you: “i love smart people. smart is attractive. teach me something i don’t know!”
him: “a jellyfish’s mouth is also its butthole.”
you: “…”
you: “stop.”
tsukishima, terushima, bokuto (but excitedly like he just learnt that), kuroo, atsumu, lev (same as bokuto), oikawa
Tumblr media
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lxvebun · 20 days ago
precious love
Tumblr media
summary: haikyuu boys just being head over heels in love with you!!
buns notes: fuck I love these boys so much. I hope you all like this<3
content: Atsumu/Oikawa/Iwaizumi/tattooed!Matsukawa/Sugawara x gender neutral reader. Fluff, its literally so soft. Kissing. Eating. Reader is described as beautiful and precious. Reader wears iwa's hoodie. Cursing. English is not my first language so I'm sorry for any mistakes. Not entirely proofread
Dc blogs k!nk and ed blogs fuck off from my fics I don't know how I could make it any more clear that i don't want those types of interactions. Learn to respect boundaries.
-♡navigation -♡dni
Tumblr media
Atsumu truly feels like he was put on this earth to love you and he will be sure he fulfills his job. You’re his angel, the love of his life, the safe space he can always count on, his home. He will make sure that you know you're the most precious thing on earth for him. He is not too good with words, but with every kiss you can feel the love he has for you pour from his lips, and every time he pulls you into him and holds you tightly to his chest, you can hear his heartbeat telling you it will never beat for someone else the way it does for you<3
Tumblr media
You're about to kiss him, he can tell by the way your eyes dart to his lips every few seconds, and, god it has him stumbling over his words, and butterflies awaken in his tummy. Though he has experienced your sweet kisses numerous times, it still gets him so flustered. It feels like it is your first kiss all over again. He wishes you would hurry up and just go for it. Pull him into you, and let him experience that little piece of heaven that your kisses are. The worst of all is that you’re completely oblivious to the effect you have on him. He could pull you into the kiss first, he could, but he’s afraid his heart will quite literally beat out of his chest if he gets any closer to you. All he can do is try to slow down the butterflies and keep his composure until you finally free him with a loving kiss
Tumblr media
One of his favorite things in life is coming home to you, dancing around the house in his hoodie. You look so happy and content and so, so his. It confused him the first time when he saw you in his hoodie, he couldn't understand why his heart suddenly started doing flips in his chest, and the warmth that started to creep up his cheeks, but he does now. It shows that you want him and that you feel safe and comfortable with him. Wearing his hoodie, which still has some faint hints of his scent clinging to it, it shows you and the rest of the world that he’s yours and there is nothing else he would rather be.
Tumblr media
If it's one thing Issei didn’t expect to be doing at 3 in the morning, it would be sitting on top of the kitchen counter with you, sipping hot chocolate while waiting for the cupcakes, that you suddenly got the urge to make, to be ready. But there is not anything else he would rather be doing. There’s something about this situation that makes him feel so safe. Maybe it’s the sweet taste of hot chocolate that's warming his entire body, maybe it’s the comforting scent of warm cupcakes that floats around the house, or maybe it’s the way you get such a soft loving look on your face whenever you look at him. He feels a little undeserving of you because you’re just so good to him. The way you always welcome him with open arms after a rough day, and the way you softly trace the tattoos on his arm to lull him to sleep. you’re so precious he just wants to hold you, and he does. Carefully, he places your half-empty mug on the counter before pulling you into a warm, comforting hug and peppering kisses all over your face so he can hear the laugh he adores so much. He will do anything for you if it makes you happy, so if that means baking cupcakes in the middle of the night, you can be sure they will be the best cupcakes you have ever tasted. He will stay with you for as long as you'll have him, and he truly hopes you keep him forever
Tumblr media
He adores these slow, soft mornings with you. They usually happen on the weekends, when both of you are off from work, but despite that, you’re still up, wide awake at 5:30 am. The sun is barely peeking over the horizon, and most of the world is still asleep, but here you are, in Suga's arms, dancing through the living room, with music that is a little too loud so early in the morning, while waiting for the heart-shaped pancakes to be ready to be flipped. He wishes he could take a picture right now, but that would mean he would have to take his eyes off of you to grab his phone and that's something he cannot get himself to do. Not with the way the soft morning light is hitting your skin, and the way you're twirling through the room with the biggest smile on your face, a smile he gets to see up close when your playlist switches to a slow romantic song and you’re pulling him into you for a slow dance. You have got him completely hypnotized. Has he ever told you just how beautiful you are? He would tell you right now, but his head feels too full of hearts and flowers to get the words out properly so instead he chooses to gently caress your cheeks before pulling you into a breathtaking kiss that only gets interrupted when you remember the heart-shaped pancakes that need to be flipped much like what his heart is doing now.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading bunnies!<3
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ughgojo · 5 months ago
ft: suna rintarou
synopsis: things i think suna does when you’re in a relationship.
content warnings: mentions of weed and making out.
note from the author: i’ve done this post on my previous blog but i’m revamping it into a better version kinda. i will come out with more original content soon! likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
— he’s clingy, very clingy if you will. his stoic and nonchalant demeanour drops the second he gets around you. he always has to be touching you in some way. whether it’s a hand on your arm or him laying his head in your lap. if the boys tease him about it he just points out the fact that none of them have relationships.
— he doesn’t really mind pda but he also won’t go too extreme with it. a handhold and maybe a kiss here and there. but, if you are into pda he will try to accommodate for you.
— he captures every moment you two have together. and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING. he has a whole album of photos that are just of you in your most ‘candid worthy moments’ as he would say. some are good, you smiling while he told you a joke in the middle of a date. and some are not so good, him catching you mid sneeze or while you are asleep, mouth wide open, with drool running down your cheek. yes, he uses these as blackmail.
— his whole instagram is dedicated to either singular pictures of you or pictures of you and him. sometimes he won’t even caption the photo, and will just post it and turn off the comments. he doesn’t want anyone commenting on how cute you are. he knows and makes sure to tell you every day in some asshole, sarcastic way.
— i see his love language being quality time and acts of service. since he doesn’t talk much and the few words he does speak are sarcastic banter, he believes actions speak louder than words. and as i said earlier, he loves to just sit and enjoy your presence. no talking, just the sound of you two breathing with the occasional laughter if he shows you a video he seen on tiktok.
— always gives you his jackets. but, he will complain first. will mumble something about ‘how you need to buy your own and stop trying to take all of his’ before giving it to you. on days he knows it’s cold and you’re going to ask for one, he brings two and sprays the one he’s wearing with cologne so it smells more like him.
— if he’s bored and he misses you he will face time you over the weirdest things. “hey baby, you left a strand of your hair over my house and i was wondering if you wanted it back?” lol just really annoying.
— when he knows you’re dead sleep he will whisper the things he likes/loves about you. one time you were awake while he thought you were asleep and he confessed his love for you. you never brought it up though just in case he got embarrassed and but you daydreamed about it for days.
— lives to tease you because he loves your reactions and it doesn’t matter whether you say something snarky back or you just get all shy on him.
— i don’t headcanon suna as a smoker most of the time since he’s passionate about volleyball and they’re very strict about no drugs and sobriety. but, there will be special occasions where he likes to let loose and smoke once in a while and he only likes to smoke with you, so you can shotgun which turns into make out session on his couch.
— also the type to not let you walk away from him without giving him a kiss, ever. he will definitely grab your wrist and pull you into his lap just to kiss him. and it doesn’t matter if he’s kissed you 10 times in the last 5 minutes, he’s just infatuated with you.
— has a picture of you on his lock screen, home screen, and in his phone case and he looks at all of them when he’s sad or misses you.
— you’ve met his sister before. she loves you and both of them try to compete for your time whenever you come over because they both just love you so much. rin’s sister has won more than he has and he sits in the corner and sulks until you pay attention to him.
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rinslove · a month ago
thanking hq boys for flowers they didn't get you
Tumblr media
featuring: iwazumi hajime, tsukishima kei, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto koutaro, oikawa tooru, ukai keishin
warnings: use of pet names ("love" x1 kiyoomi, x2 iwa; "angel" x2 atsumu; "princex" x1 oikawa), strong language in tsukki's
autumn's note: i came up with this last night and thought it was incredible im back in my smau era <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist: @tetsunova @sakusaww @sexyandcringe @ri-days @gunnedrobin @loyenne
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sunarent · 5 months ago
[5:21pm] - iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
“well maybe people would actually stick with you if you weren‘t such a fucking bitch!”
and suddenly every word got stuck in your throat, your breath hitching. iwaizumi didn‘t seem to notice it however, not even sparing a glance into your direction as he went on.
“just fucking look at you!” he spat scoffing, throwing his hands in the air.
he was right, wasn’t he? he was always right.
it didn’t matter how much his words hurt you, because he was right, he was so right. it didn’t matter how you clenched your fists on your side, pressing your fingernails into your palm to stop the burning in your eyes. it didn’t matter how you were curling your toes and clenching your eyes shut, desperately trying to blend out what he said.
“how can you not fucking get how unlikable you are?” iwaizumi went on, by now he was screaming; his deep voice ringing in your ears.
“no wonder everybody leaves you!”
didn’t he say he loved you?
and suddenly it was like someone put wax into your ears, effectively drowning out everything what was happening around you.
what was even stopping you from leaving? no, what stopped him from leaving?
“do you need me to leave you too that you understand just how much of a fucking pain you are?”
and finally, oh finally, after what felt like hours of being yelled at over god knows what it even was, your flight instinct kicked in, making you turn immediately on your heels and rush out of the room, not caring how loud the door felt shut. you could only think about getting away, leaving this, leaving him behind.
so it seems like you drove him away too, huh?
after so many weeks, months, years of iwaizumi telling you that he loved you, that he cared for you, that you were his everything and that he would never leave you - you turned out to be right.
at the end, it didn’t matter what he said.
because you lost him like you had lost everybody else.
it was only when iwaizumi stopped suddenly in his tracks, finally noticing just how quiet you had gotten, that he replayed in his mind what he had said.
his throat immediately went dry as he ripped his eyes open, throwing his head around.
and it was only when he saw that you weren‘t here, that you had walked out and closed the door behind you, that he realized the impact of his words.
Tumblr media
a/n: @rinesei just found that one prompt u sent in my ask box lol | ✨projecting my insecurities onto my fictional husbandos✨
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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espressokiri · 6 months ago
Hii~~ I really likes your “secret relationship with their polar opposites being exposed” post. Can you do one with Tsukishima, Sakusa, Osamu, and Ushijima?
Tsukishima Kei, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Miya Osamu, Ushijima Wakatoshi x GN!reader
In which a secret relationship is unveiled.
Warnings: Language in Osamu’s.
Genre: fluff
Note; Henlo<3 I’m sorry if Ushijima’s is a little short, I’m not really good with depicting his character :(
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
Sweet s/o vs a salty constipated beanpole.
Tsukishima wasn't one for romance, nor did he think he would find an interest in anything that was remotely considered romantic.
But here he was, eye twitching from the sheer adorableness you showcased as he passed by the baking club.
He had glanced inside as the wonderful aroma wafted from the room and he had caught your eye, a bright grin directed at him as you wiggled you flour covered fingers in greeting.
He just nodded his head towards you before making his way towards the gym.
The interaction didn't seem like a lot but you two were classmates and you'd always catch him staring at you while you were jotting down notes.
His friend Yamaguchi had mentioned the boy's favouritism for strawberry shortcake so you had decided to make it during club hours to gift it to him afterwards.
"Ah, Tsukki is just talking to the captain. I can hand it to him for you if you're getting late, L/n-san." Yamaguchi mentions, hand rubbing the back of his neck as he shyly stares at his classmate.
Y/n beams up at him, "that would be great Yamaguchi-kun! I need to rush home before cram school." Handing him the small boxed cake, an extra being handed to Yamaguchi.
"That one is for you!" Y/n mentions and Yamaguchi blushes at the gesture, he knew it meant nothing but a token of friendship, Y/n was just someone that took care of everyone in different ways.
"T-thank you!"
Tsukishima raises a brow at the box handed to him by Yamaguchi, his friend holding his own with a smile on his face as he tells him that you made it.
Tsukishima does admit that when he tried the treat in the comfort of his room, it tasted heavenly. The perfect mix of sugar in the whipped cream and the soft sponge of the cake made the perfect combination. The strawberries tasted fresh too.
You didn't even bother asking him about how the cake tasted yesterday, busy chatting with your friends.
He scoffed as you didn't even glance his way that day.
Was surprised to find another small box of the same cake on his desk after lunch period.
He kept glancing at you but it seemed like you made it your mission to avoid his gaze.
A looming presence made itself known and a shiver ran down your spine, you looked up at Tsukishima with a cheeky grin as he stared back curiously. “I’d like it if you only baked for me, thanks.”
Mans sucks at expressing himself but ended up confessing through a store bought iced cookie in a shape of a dinosaur for you which read ‘I like you, dumbass.’
You bet you teased him relentlessly.
Now this man was someone who likes to keep his relationship on the down low.
Hates people meddling with his privacy, aside from Yamaguchi who was aware of the whole thing.
You can’t hide anything from Yamaguchi.
Yamaguchi who may have let it slip to Yachi that the two of you were dating because lets face it, he had a crush on her in high-school.
Yachi, a whole cinnamon roll, had blurted it out on accident during practice when she got scared of an escalating argument between Tsukishima and Kageyama.
“L-L/n-san wouldn’t like that you’re fighting, Tsukishima-san!”
Cue chaos in the gym.
Yachi continuously apologizing and bowing as Tsukishima held a nervous Yamaguchi by the front of his shirt.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Cousin’s best friend turned lover.
Literally could not tolerate you at the beginning.
Your teasing nature contrasted with his serious one but he slowly started to grow fond of it.
You bought your favourite scented sanitizer and hand lotion for him once and he’s bought the same ones every time since then.
Was pleasantly surprised when you unconsciously rubbed hand lotion on his hand, giving it a massage while talking to him about a topic you were passionate about. 
“Are you blushing?”
“Sure, Omi.”
A teasing grin is always present.
When he’s at practice you would snatch his hoodie from the locker room and wear it on top of your uniform, proudly smiling at his confused expression. Rolling his eyes once he notices you wearing it. 
Would get slightly jealous when he sees you interact with his cousin, well aware that you were his friend first before Kiyoomi came into your life. His face is all scrunched up and eyes narrowed.
You want to laugh at his expression.
“What’s wrong with your face.”
“Nothing’s wrong with my face.”
“Your usually handsome face looks like you sucked a sour lemon.”
“You think I have a handsome face?”
“Shut up.”
Demands hand massages because he likes the feeling of you rubbing lotion onto his hands.
Silently just slams his hand on your leg asking for attention.
He’s a big baby who acts all high and mighty.
He’s more affectionate in private, he’s also a private guy like Tsukishima.
“Don’t stay too late at practice, Kiyoomi. Y/n is waiting for you after club hours.”
“Komori, you bastard.”
His team wasn’t really as chaotic tbh.
They were glad Kiyoomi had found someone <3
1/2 of the twins and Bokuto on the other hand...
“EH? How did a grub like you end up with someone outta your league?!”
“Our Omi-Omi is grown up now!”
Miya Osamu
Who knew Osamu would have a thing for a hot-headed s/o.
You were in one of the classes he attended, thankfully it was one Atsumu wasn’t in.
You may or may not have insulted Atsumu to his face once.
Osamu liked that you were outspoken and unfiltered, he found it refreshing compared to the fangirls who would butter them up and put on a facade for them to like them.
“Can you guys just shut the fuck up?!” You glared at the crowd of girls who were bothering Osamu while they were waiting for the teacher to come in for their lesson.
“You shouldn’t use foul language like that!” One of the girl’s scolded but you simply scoffed and flipped her off, “watch me.”
“Also, what makes you think someone like him would be interested in people as annoying as you. If you do like this, Miya-san, then I suggest to stop thinking with your dick. Now shut up, your squealing is making me get a headache.”
Osamu stared at you mouth ajar.
Suna was snickering in the background, silently planning to befriend you.
You had a misconception of how Osamu really was due to his twin, but then again two outspoken and hot-headed people weren’t a good match in the same area.
Osamu had to approach you slowly, thinking you would hiss at him like a cat would. 
Apparently he wasn’t as bad as you thought.
Would offer you the extra onigiri he made as a peace offering.
Osamu was happy to talk to you openly and without any filter as well, appreciative that you were not one to judge him.
He would also express that he admires you and your ability to speak your mind.
“’Samu! What’re ya doing with a pig like them?!”
“Say that again I dare you.” You narrowed your eyes at the older twin who glared back.
“What’re ya gonna do pipsqueak?”
“I wont hesitate to beat you up, bitch!”
“Hah? I’d like to see ya try!”
Suna and Osamu had to break you two up because you two were causing a scene.
Osamu almost choked you with his onigiri when he had slipped a confession note wrapped in foil inside.
“You tryna kill me, ‘Samu?!”
“Who told ya to eat like a damn pig?!”
People think you two act like siblings so no one questioned anything.
Except Suna who was too perceptive for his own good.
Mans had blackmail for days with the amount of photos and videos of you two cozying up to each other in secret.
“‘Samu! Is Sunarin telling the truth about you and L/n?!” Atsumu grabbed the front of Osamu’s shirt and shook him aggressively.
“Get yer hands off of me ya imbecile!”
Needless to say you had chased Suna across campus to beat him up.
Atsumu felt like he was going to die at his twin’s betrayal.
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Hyperactive s/o and a big bear.
What a lovely combo.
We all know Ushijima is the type to not be bothered by anyone approaching him or anything.
Would participate in conversations if needed.
And then there was you who would bounce over one day while Tendou and him were conversing about the latest shounen jump.
“Satori! I need to borrow one of your mangas!”
“Y/n! Say less!”
“Who’s your handsome friend?”
Ushijima blinks at you before introducing himself.
The meeting was nothing too dramatic but you were quite persistent with befriending the tall male.
His dry answers not bothering you at all.
“Do you think I can climb you like a tree?”
“I am not a tree, Y/n-san.”
“Let’s go to the bookstore!”
“You have too much energy, Y/n-san.”
It took a while for him to realize his feelings towards you, the hand holding and the excited glimmer on your face had made his heart beat erratically.
It wasn’t until he had confronted Tendou about it that he realized it was him liking you.
Would ask you out on the spot.
“L/n-san, I am interested in courting you. I would like to know if you reciprocate my feelings.”
You just blinked at him in shock, sitting at your designated seat with your classmates watching with slack jaws at the bluntness the ace had.
“S-sure, Ushijima-san.”
He’s honestly the sweetest guy.
It’s nice to know he’s blunt with his feelings despite not being able to read the room sometimes.
Would listen attentively to you and remember the little details.
He himself would be the reason to have your relationship outed.
“Semi, I’d appreciate it if you moved away from my s/o.”
“Ushijima-san has a s/o?!”
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