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#haikyuu x gn!reader
atsumiye · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
neighbor!atsumu who you’ve been living next to for 1 year and you absolutely hate.
he’s so loud, always having his friends over who make the most amount of noise possible. he likes to get up at ungodly hours and play music from a speaker that is somehow always placed against the shared wall in your apartment. he always is out of some random ingredient and knocks at your door at 6:30 am to ask for salt. and the worst is when he asked if he could borrow a chair or two for his friends, which were returned with the seat cushion ripped and half-broken.
and you'd like to think you are a good neighbor, but you must have done something wrong in order to deserve this karma. because only you would have to deal with a broken shower, mid summer, during the worst heat wave japan has ever faced.
and you could just skip a shower for today, but they cant come to fix it for 3 whole days and the sweat is sticking to your skin. so you decide you only have 3 choices:
1. sit and accept that your water doesnt work and just suck it up for a few days.
2. ask your other neighbor, the creepy one from down the hall, who scares you a bit, if you can take a shower in their place.
3. ask atsumu if you can take a shower at his place (and you think this one sounds like the worst idea anyone could possibly think of.)
but after a while of thinking you decide the only normal solution is asking atsumu. no matter how much you hate that youll now need to interact with him.
and after ringing his doorbell, the smirk on his face when you ask him makes you wish you had begged the creepy neighbor, “are ya sure yer shower is broken? or do ya just wanna be around me?” he leans against the door frame and crosses his arms over his chest.
“no offense, but you are the last person i would ever want to willingly spend time around.” after finishing your sentence you give a big sarcastic smile. he laughs, “yer welcome to use my shower” and he throws in a wink at the end.
despite having to deal with atsumu’s annoying attitude, you’re grateful for how nice it feels to finally take a warm shower and it gets better when he offers to let you use it for however long you need.
“you know,” you take a sip of the coffee he made you before continuing, “i thought you were a terrible person and a really horrible neighbor. so it’s nice to know you have some redeeming qualities.”
he laughs so hard he leans to grip the counter separating the two of you, “finally ya noticed it!”
you furrow your eyebrows and tilt your head, “what?”
“i’ve been doin’ all those annoying things to see ya everyday. ya never talk to me so i had to find a way to force ya to. do ya think i really needed salt at 6 in the mornin’?”
your eyes widen and your face heats up as you begin to understand what he meant, “why do you want to see me so badly?”
he leans across the counter so your faces are only a few inches apart, “well, i think yer able to figure that out y/n.”
you shoot up from the chair, attempting to hide how flustered he made you, “thanks for the coffee and the shower.” you grab your things and speed walk towards the door.
and before you close the door to his apartment you hear him shout, “see ya tomorrow sweetheart!”
Tumblr media
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atsuvu · 9 hours ago
i have a suggestion :) could you make a part 2 of having a singer reader? but with kuroo and atsumu ? <3 pls
with a partner who is a singer (part 2) //k. tetsurou, m. atsumu
Tumblr media
gn!reader x kuroo tetsurou, miya atsumu
0.6k words
warnings: keyboard smash, caps, swearing, sex mention
a/n: unedited, knocked this out in one day but enjoyed it :))
part 1
Tumblr media
//k. tetsurou
okay okay so
yes yes yes he loves you so much and he's so supportive, like he plays your music in his office during work and when one of your songs comes on the radio he turns it up and starts announcing "YES THAT'S MY S/O"
but also... he likes the attention he gets from being your boyfriend lol
like from the moment he saw the headline about the "attractive man you were spotted with" he has loved messing with the paparazzi
you may hate it but he smirks at every headline and photo
kuroo is super trusting and when the media accuses you of all that bullshit drama. he jokes about it
"hey, I was thinking we could get dinner tonight?" "no, sorry, you're busy having an affair with your producer" "right my bad. how are you and kenma doing" "great, the sex was poggers" "never say that again"
you get the gist
kuroo will constantly try to help you move forward on your career. you need advice for a costume? want some help reaching that lighting for your new music video? he's got it all under control
he'll also suggest other artists for you to collab with (mostly his faves but what were you expecting)
asks you to do a cover of the periodic table song IM KIDDING IM KIDDING IM SORRY
the thing is, a bunch of kuroo's high school friends are actually pretty famous (kenma, lev, etc) so you're often surrounded by celebrities (which means fame boost for all of you)
he loves hearing you sing, sometimes when he enters a room and you're singing to yourself, he'll stand in the doorway and listen until you notice him
he also really likes laying on your chest while you play with his hair and sing to him
he's still a hot, dorky softie but now he comes with a bigger ego!!!
//m. atsumu
jajdhfhshajxjdjs he's he's an idiot I'm sorry
dating you is a huge ego boost but also a source of insecurity?
like how did he ever pull you? someone so amazing and famous and talented?? fell for him?? he must be pretty cool, huh? somewhere on your level, yeah?
but also
what if he's not good enough? you could leave him and find someone so much better
remind him that he's perfect!!!
he will brag about you tho. all the time. sakusa may be a huge fan but if atsumu starts gushing about you in the locker room one more time, your precious boyfriend may never be seen alive again
but bokuto and hinata love hearing about you!! and hearing your music of course
in fact msby are some of your biggest fans!!!
they play your music at practices and sometimes games
but bAck to atsumu
he really likes cuddling and listening to you, even if you're just talking instead of singing, your voice really soothes him and reminds him that you're still with him <3
he also shows you off a ton? like he talks about you in interviews, shows you to people as his perfect s/o, makes sure you look stunning at events and parties, etc
he sings your songs in the shower skfjsjqkdjfjwjs
a hard-core stan lmao, he's so sweet and showers you with compliments
he will totally defend you from untrue accusations and paparazzi, no one gets to mess with his partner >:(
Tumblr media
atsuvu 2021. do not copy, claim, or repost.
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softxsuki · 2 days ago
Hi, hope all is swell, i know you just released a kuroo x reader story but, i recently open tiktok and i saw a video of a pitbull bitting a golden retriver, i am very sensitive to animals so it sent me into a full panic attack the retriver was barking so loud which only made it worse, may i please make a urgent req kuroo comforting gn reader abt it? maybe he was in the room when it happened or something, ofc if you are triggered by this i am not forcing you to write as such. thank you in advance
Kuroo Comforting Reader After They Watch A Triggering TikTok Video
Pairing: Kuroo x Gn!Reader
Warnings: mentions of dogs getting bitten, dogs being aggressive, mentions of panic attacks
Genre: Comfort
Post-Type: Drabble
Word Count: 740
Summary: In which you stumble across a video of a dog attacking another dog, which sends you into a full blown panic attack. Kuroo happens to be in the room when it happens and is by your side in an instant, ready to comfort you.
[A/N: Hi anon! Everything is great with me :) Thanks for coming to me with your urgent request. Sorry it took me the whole day to write, I ended up spending the longer than I thought outside with my mom. I'm sorry you had to witness a video like that. I have two dogs at home, so seeing something like that would definitely disturb me as well. Hopefully this is able to help you if you're still feeling panicky about the video. Take care and hope you all enjoy <3]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were in Kuroo’s room, just keeping him company as you were both involved in your own individual activities. You were lying on his bed, scrolling on TikTok on your phone when you came across a video of a Pit-bull and a Golden Retriever. You decide to continue to watch without any worries, that is until things got bad.
The Pit-bull suddenly attacked the Golden Retriever and pained whimpers from the Golden Retriever and aggressive growls from the Pit-bull filled the room sending you into a full panic. It’s like you couldn’t move to scroll past the video, almost frozen in distress at the image and sounds coming from your phone.
The sound of the video played throughout the room on repeat as it looped, playing over and over again as the haunting sounds caused you to panic even more. After a few replays though, Kuroo finally manages to hear the sounds of the dogs on your screen and quickly turns his attention to you, finding you already mid-panic attack.
He knew your sensitivity when it came to animals, especially if an animal was being hurt, so he got up from his spot and quickly came to your side, snatching the phone from your hands that your frozen state wouldn’t allow you to put down, and closed the app before chucking your phone onto another spot on the bed, not caring where it landed. He soothingly patted your back, as you tried to control your breathing.
“It’s all right Y/N, I’m sure the dog is okay. Just take a deep breath, let’s calm you down.”
He wished he could have caught the sound of the dog in distress earlier so you didn’t have to hear it on repeat for so long before he could help. You breathe in deeply, trying to stabilize yourself by focusing on the sound of Kuroo’s voice and just his presence beside you in general. The sound of the barking and whines of the dogs were still stuck in your head though, sending you back into a panic no matter how much Kuroo tried to calm you down.
“Y/N…” he whispers, not trying to startle you further by speaking loudly, “Please look at me.”
Though your breathing was ragged, you moved your attention to him, wanting to finally be rid of the panic and mental image of the Pit-bull attacking the Golden Retriever.
“Follow my breathing,” he says as he begins to take in a deep breath, waiting for you to copy him.
And you do. You look into his eyes and follow his example, taking in a huge breath, holding it, then releasing the air once he did. You repeat the action a few times, until your breathing is finally back to normal and you feel a bit better despite what you had just watched.
“There we go, that’s better. You’re okay,” he comforts you, “I’m sorry you had to see that.”
“Thanks Kuroo. You don’t have to be sorry, it was my fault. I should have just scrolled past the video while I still could, but curiosity killed the cat I guess.”
“It’s not your fault,” he tells you, gently patting your back, “People should put warnings on those kinds of videos. They even bother me and I’m not that sensitive to videos like that.”
You nod in agreement, trying to not think about the video again.
“Why don’t we give TikTok a rest for the remainder of the day and find something else to do? Maybe we can get out of this room and enjoy the fresh air outside even though it is a bit chilly now,” he suggests, while glancing out the window at the now empty trees as they sway back and forth from the chilly breeze.
“That would be great actually. I could use a distraction.”
“Great, let's go!” he’s up on his feet, throwing your coat at you before pulling his own coat over his body.
You follow him out of his room and enjoy a quiet, peaceful walk outside his neighborhood for a few minutes until you feel the pressure in your chest falter, the memory of the video slowly flying away with the wind into the furthest corner of your mind.
“Thanks Kuroo. I really needed this,” you say, trying to match his pace.
“Anytime,” he smiles at you as you both continue to walk beside each other, engaging in small talk as your panic slowly dissolves.
Tumblr media
Posted: 11/27/2021
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sunaerin · 9 days ago
[11:34 pm] - Sakusa Kiyoomi, fluff. 
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is the type of guy that would have four pictures on his public instagram and he’ll be the type to post once every blue moon. Posts with no captions but simply entailing a meaning behind the picture itself… With one picture of a beautiful scenic background, another of a memorable moment in his volleyball career, and the third of some random aesthetic picture that documented his highly appraised elegant style. Sakusa Kiyoomi was truly a mystery that even his most loyal fans couldn’t decipher. 
But when he posted his fourth… one where he specially and deliberately posted in such a manner - a blurry photo of a certain mysterious person, that held the honor of having a simple caption, “my everything.” It’s easy to say the internet went into havoc seeing such a move from him, to potentially venture into the private life of THE Sakusa Kiyoomi - one that always strayed far from opening up about his life, the one that’s made it absolutely clear to not ask about anything personal.
But little do such people know, that the pictures he’s posted within the years of having his socials… he’s been, well, secretly telling the world that you were with him through it all. You were there for every step of his victories, awaiting with a pretty smile and a warm embrace to give. And you were selflessly there to catch him through his downfalls with arms wide, always ready to carry him through his failures.
That even Sakusa Kiyoomi, the one that truly despised letting people into his life, couldn’t resist his burning desire to finally show you off to the world… because you, you were the exception that defied his all. So with a nervous hand and a proud heart, he posts a hazy picture of you sleeping - simply awed at the beauty of your vulnerable and natural state, that to him, no other could look more beautiful. And surely no other could have such a reign over his fragile heart.
That the moment he posts, he burrows his heated cheeks close into the delicate valley of your neck, and mutters his truth, 
“you are surely my everything, my love.”
But, your Omi wouldn’t be the Sakusa Kiyoomi the world knew, timid and shy, if he didn’t turn off the comments the moment he saw comments such as, “I just know they’ll be so beautiful,” or “does anyone know their handle?” … but today... today he chose not to.
Because despite as selfish as he was… he wanted you to be his one and only, untainted by the opinions of an irrelevant world; he simply wanted you to stay as his first love, his beloved partner… a deity that unintentionally made him show glimpses of who he truly was to the world, without him even knowing.
And today he chose to be honest.
So when he leaves his comments open, his once irrelevant world now fairly relevant - for he willingly shared his most treasured secret. Therefore, in lieu of such news, his followers collectively shocked at his unforeseen action couldn’t help but ponder, “who is this person that managed to change our stoic omi??! omg !! 😳” He responds with, again, as simple as he could be, but now with a welcoming smile laced on his face as he’s cuddled next to a warm you,
“that’s a secret. 🙂”
Tumblr media
holy fuck... to have this with him... OH MY GAWD
i haven’t finalized my taglist yet, but if you would like to join, the link is here!
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samuchip · 3 months ago
cocks —MDNI
Tumblr media
more length than width, pretty and long
> oikawa, tsukishima, goshiki, matsukawa, kageyama, akaashi, sakusa, tendou, kunimi, sugawara, kuroo, konoha, shirabu, terushima
big. thick and long, you need will absolutely need prep
> ushijima, bokuto, osamu, atsumu, iwaizumi, aone, suna, asahi, kita, lev, hyakuzawa, koganegawa, washio, yamaguchi, daishou
not too long or thick, closer to average
> komori, futakuchi, hanamaki, shibayama, fukunaga
not the lengthiest but thick
> hinata, daichi, kindaichi, aran, nishinoya, tanaka, yamamoto, yaku, semi, kenma
♡ special: big balls ♡
> goshiki, bokuto, hinata, matsukawa, shibayama, kageyama, daishou
Tumblr media
©️ samuchip, do not copy
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nkogneatho · 2 months ago
► 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨.
↳ m.list ↳ taglist ↳ collab
Tumblr media
Tugs on the hem of your t-shirt when they are jealous.
Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Kageyama, Kenma, Kunimi, Konoha, Goshiki, Tsukishima
Brings you everything to your bed so you don't need to bother to get up.
Sugawara, Akaashi, Komori, Osamu, Kita, Kindaichi, Makki, Fukunaga, Leon, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi
Hums you your favorite song while cuddling you to sleep.
KUROO, Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Aran, Washio, Matsukawa, Meian, Aone.
Asks to join in anything you're doing. Makeup? Yes. Arson? Yes.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @unabashednightmarepizza @loveliestmolly @half-baked-biscuit @smoothy-ve @your-girl-mj @sebbyzoldyck @cursedmoonchild @tetsunormous @nachotrash @acethecard @koifish69 @tamewkii @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @httptamaki @tequchiha @kuroo-tetsunii @hanmasin
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sunatea · 3 months ago
what i want, part two
Tumblr media
read part one | wc: 2858 | gn reader | arranged marriage au | warnings: alcohol mention, divorce mention, toxic parents | angst, fluff | read part three
6 months ago
"about your game tomorrow..." you nervously pushed the food on your plate around. "i could come and watch. it's supposed to be a tough one right?"
seated across from you, kiyoomi barely hid his annoyance at your suggestion. he took another sip of his wine and exhaled.
"yes. but your presence won't be necessary,"
a heaviness fell over your heart as something bitter began to take root. why? why was he doing this? what were you doing wrong? you desperately wished you could bring yourself to ask him, but just being under his scathing and intense gaze was too much. you bit the inside of your cheek and nodded, praying your voice would be steady when you replied.
kiyoomi stood, grabbing his plate as he made his way to the kitchen. "and don't bother waiting up after, i'll be out with the team."
"okay, good luck." was all you managed to say as his figure disappeared down the hall.
fighting to control the trembling of your shoulders, you waited until you heard the soft click of the bedroom door closing before you buried your face into your hands and let out a quiet sob.
six months. it had been six months and nothing had changed. that was only the second dinner you two had shared since the wedding and it still wasn't any easier to talk to kiyoomi. if anything, things were even worse.
those hopeful and comforting words of reassurance his siblings had given you almost a year ago were fading.
the warmth you felt on your wedding day never returned. there was only cold. he was always cold.
you didn't know how much more you could take.
you quickly came to your senses and tore your eyes away from kiyoomi to look down at the floor. somehow you had managed to knock three glasses off of the shelf, their fragments scattered all across the kitchen floor. slightly panicked, you looked back up at kiyoomi who was already making his way toward you.
"stay still, you're barefoot."
you nodded, not trusting your voice. for some reason, you wanted to cry all over again.
unbothered by the glass crunching under his shoes, kiyoomi extended his arms out to you. "here, grab on."
you looked at him dumbly for a moment before complying, taking a hold of his arms so he could lift you up and away from the glass. you tried to remember the last time you were so close to him, almost gawking as he set you down on one of the kitchen stools. the smell of cologne on his neck took you back to your wedding night- that was the last time he initiated any form of contact with you.
kiyoomi cleaned up the mess in silence as you sipped on a glass of water he got you. you watched, staring at him with no shame. you honestly couldn't help it, in your whole year married to him, you'd never had a single interaction like that before. he hadn't even so much as scowled at you yet. he didn't even look slightly annoyed like usual.
"i thought you left."
he shook his head. “your friend stopped by. they didn’t expect to see me here.”
you almost felt guilty. as bad as everything was between you and kiyoomi, ghosting him would have always left a bitter taste in your mouth. a small part of you felt relieved after your confrontation earlier.
“what about training camp?”
“it was postponed.”
not sure how to respond, you stared down into your glass. when he finished cleaning, kiyoomi leaned against the opposite counter and slowly let out a deep breath before breaking the silence.
“y/n, if you want to leave...i won't stop you. but i would like to offer you some kind of explanation first. i believe i have...misjudged the situation.”
you tilted your head. “i don't understand.”
he nodded, looking almost…ashamed? you couldn't exactly decipher the expression taking over his face. it felt like your head was spinning, coming up with endless possibilities of what he could have meant.
“about what you said earlier, it’s true that i didn’t want this… to get married. i never did,” your heart sunk at his words. you shouldn’t have been surprised by his confession but still, having your fears confirmed hurt. he was never in it like you were. you really had been wasting your time. your feelings.
he seemed to think carefully for a moment before he continued.
“my family gave me a choice; i was to either get married or be disowned and removed from my team. i-”
“wait what?”
kiyoomi frowned. “i already let you yell at me earlier. don’t interrupt.”
you shrunk back into your seat, mind racing as you hung on his every word.
“as you know, my family is wealthy. they have substantial influence as well. it would take a mere snap of my mother’s fingers to get me removed from my team." you didn't miss the bitterness in his voice.
"volleyball is the only thing i’ve ever worked hard for. it’s my life. so, i was left with no choice but to obey. for a while, i was able to ward off every potential matchup in the hopes that my parents would give up hope. then, your family came along and my plan was ruined. it was like nothing would get rid of you.”
your eyes blew wide as his every word stung you to the core. overcome with embarrassment and sadness, you found yourself replaying every interaction with him over the past year and a half, wondering if you had come across as some desperate, lovestruck idiot. all the while he was being manipulated and pressured by his own family with the one thing he truly loved. of course he hated you. you were the living embodiment of his lack of freedom, his parent's total control over his life.
“so after we got married, i decided to just continue on with my life as if nothing changed. you got a marriage and all this,” he gestured around the penthouse. “while i could continue to play volleyball and appease my family. i thought that was what everyone wanted, so your outburst today genuinely caught me by surprise. i di-”
"you thought i knew."
kiyoomi's eyes widened, caught off guard by how small your voice sounded. you looked absolutely gutted.
“but...what about whenever i tried to get you to just talk to me? or spend time with me? let me support you?" your voice shook as you tried to hold it together, tears of anger and sadness threatening to spill over your cheeks. "you thought all of that was just some act?” he had never wanted to take back his words so badly. in that moment, all kiyoomi wanted was for the look on your face to disappear. he'd never cared enough to offer comfort to anyone before, but as he watched you crumble in front of him all over again, he was cursing himself for not knowing what to do. all he could do was give you the truth.
“i did, i'm sorry, y/n. i can see now that i was wrong. no amount of apologies will make up for how i treated you, but i am truly sorry. if i had known your intentions were genuine well... i really don’t know. you don't have to forgive me, but whatever you need from me now, i'll help you with.”
it was true. all afternoon kiyoomi had been trying to convince himself that you really were the person he had built up in his head- the person that just wanted into his family and conspired with his mother to ruin his life and threaten his career. he wanted to believe that you never cared about him. but when he kept remembering that look on your face as you screamed at him, he knew he was wrong. if anything, he had been the one ruining your life all along. and now, he would do anything to make up for it, to prove that he's not like his parents. he doesn't hurt the people that care about him.
you were at a loss for words, mind reeling as you tried to make sense of everything and where to go from there. somehow, the entire situation seemed worse than before.
you shook your head. "i need... i want a drink right now, to be honest."
kiyoomi blinked, taking a moment to process your words before turning to open the fridge. "uh, there might be some beer. i don't really drink liquor so-"
"the bottom cabinet over there." you pointed. "there should be a few bottles."
he raised a brow but didn't question you, already knowing the answer. with how badly he treated you most days, who wouldn't need a drink? the thought of you drowning your sorrows alone unsettled him. as he filled two glasses with an amber liquid, he remembered his father, who would do the same thing after long, frequent arguments with his mother.
he was going to make this right. he wasn't going to be like his mother, and you wouldn't be like his father. kiyoomi would free you both from the wretched cycle of his family tree. starting with signing those papers first thing tomorrow. for you, and him. he'd just have to face whatever consequences his family threw at him. it would be okay as long as you weren't sad because of him ever again.
"thank you," you visibly relaxed after taking a sip of your drink.
kiyoomi sat next to you and took a sip as well, his eyes never leaving your face. now that everything was out, he had a million things on his mind. he wondered about the real you. the you that he had refused to see underneath his hostile assumptions. he thought about all the times he wanted to ask you about things like your job or a book you were reading but before he could utter the words, his resentment for the situation would hold him back and he would ignore your existence all over again.
“so why did you want to do it? get married, i mean. i know your parents didn't make you.”
you groaned, not wanting to talk about it. but since he had opened up and apologized so sincerely, you couldn't bring yourself to just brush him off. it wasn't like it really mattered anymore. deciding to leave out a few embarrassing details, you tell him.
“well,” you cleared your throat. “i thought i didn’t care about being alone. and for a long time, i really didn’t. i was always fine with it until one day i just wasn’t anymore. i mentioned it to my mom on a whim and the next thing i know was meeting you.”
kiyoomi didn’t try to hold back his chuckle. you frowned before staring at him in disbelief, soaking up everything about his laugh and engraving it into your memory. it was a rare, beautiful sight.
“yeah, yeah. maybe it was silly. you were scary looking, by the way. well, you still are. but...” you trailed off, looking into your glass.
"but what?"
"i don't know, i just really liked being near you." you laughed lightly, already feeling slightly buzzed. "and speaking to your siblings really sealed the deal for me. they’re very fond of you, you know?”
he seemed to sober up a bit. “i didn’t know you had spoken to them. we aren't very close.”
“well, i had to learn about you somehow. you certainly weren’t helping. they told me how you were a really good person and that i should be patient with you. because its worth it. i don't have siblings but if i did, i hope they would talk about me like that.”
kiyoomi shrugged and brought his glass to his lips."i was trying to scare you off. most of my matches usually got annoyed with me and didn't make it to the second date."
you nodded solemnly. "i'm sorry too though. if i had known... i wouldn't have let you go through with it. i guess i should have suspected something was wrong."
"no need," kiyoomi shook his head. "besides, i was the one too scared to say no to my family."
you rolled your eyes, resisting the urge to curse his parents right in front of him. who does that to their own child? you stiffen as you come to a realization. what would they do to him?
"what will happen now? with your family?"
he finished his drink before responding in a thoughtful tone. "i don't know. nothing pleasant that's for sure, but i'm prepared for it. i imagine they'll have a few words for you though. sorry about that."
honestly, you weren't worried about yourself anymore.
just twelve hours ago you wanted nothing more than to be as far away from kiyoomi as possible, leaving him and the painful memories of the past year behind you. yet as he stared down into his empty glass, so unsure, so alone- you knew things were different. maybe you weren't so lovestruck anymore but you definitely felt like an idiot for not wanting to go anywhere without him. and despite not knowing the real circumstances of your marriage, you felt somewhat responsible and didn’t want any part in taking his career away from him.
dammit, you thought.
you reached across the counter for the bottle of whiskey and refilled both of your glasses. "fuck. okay. okay."
after downing your drink in one go, you turned to face a confused kiyoomi. "what's wrong?"
"i'll stay." you said.
you nodded.
"but..why?" he looked at you incredulously.
"so you can keep playing. so your parents won't take what you love away from you."
kiyoomi's eyes went wide, he ignored the fluttering in his chest as he tore his gaze from yours. "you don't have to do that just because you feel sorry for me, y/n. this isn't your problem."
you couldn't deny that some part of you pitied what kiyoomi had to go through with his parents. coming from a home full of love and support, it was hard for you to imagine what he must have gone through with parents who only saw him as a pawn and siblings too old to relate to him. but a larger part of you simply just wanted to be by his side, even if you would never have the marriage you envisioned. it was still better than going back to before. back to being alone.
"i don't want them to do anything to you, kiyoomi. i don't care about before, i just want to help you."
he sighed. "you shouldn't waste any more time here with me. this isn't what you want. i don't want it either. so just go."
in an instant, the somewhat friendly atmosphere went cold as a familiar silence enveloped you both. the kind of silence that made your ears ring and your throat tighten.
he didn’t want you there. he didn’t want you. you were better off alone. again.
with a nod, you slid from your seat and tried your best to keep your expression neutral.
"alright. i'll be gone by tomorrow morning then."
for the second time that day, you were walking away from kiyoomi. but before you could make it three steps, he stood and caught your wrist in his hand.
"that's not what i... i don't want you to hate me, y/n." he breathed, eyes frantically searching yours.
it suddenly dawned on you that you never addressed those sharp words you threw at him earlier.
"i didn't mean that." you shook your head. "i don't hate you, kiyoomi. i never did."
he looked slightly relieved at your words but his grip on your hand was still so tight. "but i.. how do we do this? i don't know how-"
as he stumbled over his words, you pulled your wrist from kiyoomi's grasp and extended your hand out to him with a grin. "you don't know how to be friends with someone, kiyoomi?"
he looked down at your hand. "friends?"
"yes. ever heard of a platonic marriage? we can play nice while we figure out how to deal with your psychotic family."
he raised a brow but was clearly amused. "that sounds like a horrible idea."
you didn’t disagree.
"maybe." you shrugged. "in return, i only expect VIP tickets to all your games and maybe a new car."
kiyoomi laughed at that. "y/n, seriously. it's okay."
he expected you to just drop it there, but when you furrowed your brows and continued to hold your hand out to him, he knew you were serious. even after everything, you still cared so much about him. he wasn't used to anything like it. he didn't think he even deserved it.
but still, he wanted you to stay by his side. he wanted to know you.
"let me, kiyoomi."
with a small smile, kiyoomi finally relented and reached out.
“alright, y/n.”
fitting perfectly with his own, he wondered if your hands had always been so warm.
Tumblr media
A/N: wow i am so very sorry for the super long delay with this part two! i hope you all enjoyed it! there will be a final part to put a nice wrap on everything. fingers crossed it doesn't take me ages! i just want to thank everyone for giving the first part so much love because it really motivated me and made me incredibly happy.
please do not copy/repost.
Tumblr media
taglist! those I couldn’t tag are bolded
@samkysnks @captainchrisstan @kayleighbecca @naainaax @candybabey @kiyoomi-isbae @ss-akii @na-haruka @naturakaashi @skshk @fallingw-angel @simping4u @ilhy2003 @tobios-shawty @iworshipyelena @erinoikawa @kamirakiyoomiii @angrytriumphlover @namuwustudies @rikaivel @fromdelos @sprinkklz @ang3lc4k3 @jadasz @hellokitty144567890 @kumabs @cyberkeii @imdeadinside04 @savagenctzen @whoisalexa @wolffmaiden @bakubub @malserenlty @queenelleee @whie-000 @keisukeist @sakusasbitch @fandomsgotmefucked @ushygushysimp @macaronnv
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kiyoobi · 12 days ago
contrary to popular belief: your boss isn’t that scary.
sure you’ve seen Kuroo in a screaming match, utterly pissed that investors were almost dropped due to the negligence of his partners. you’ve seen him serious, politely asking you to leave his office so that he can fire the worker who harassed nearly every woman in the office. hell, you’ve even been late a few times and had seen his annoyance directed towards you and that made you’re heart skittish.
but despite all of that, none of those scary times can wipe away the image you see now: kuroo passed out on his desk with his cheek pressed against his lunch.
“Kuroo,” you say his name first in hopes he wakes up but then resort to tapping his hand. “Kuroo.” It takes a gentle push against his shoulder for him to whip wide awake, sleepily groaning and his eyes blinking away as he gains his surroundings.
you cant hold back your surprised laugh when you see his lunch smeared against his cheek, “You have a little…” Politely you gesture towards your own cheek, hoping he mirrors you.
Tiredly he rolls his eyes at himself, using a crumbled napkin to wipe only a fraction of his bento off his face. You put your things down and grab a fresh napkin, ignoring all your instincts to just pretend he got all the food off his cheek. “You’re still wearing your lunch,” you laugh.
Before you can think, you wipe the rest off his face. Your hand gently holds his face still, his skin a lot softer than you expected underneath your fingers. You make the mistake of looking up into his hazel eyes, your heart skipping when you find that he’s already been staring at you. It’s a second too late when you realize how intimate this is as his cheeks start to turn red. You’ve never seen him blush, never in all your years of working under him- with him.
“Sorry,” you pull away too quickly now that your own face is starting to grow warm. “I- um, the…” Your mind blanks and you screw your eyes shut as you try to remember why you’re here in the first place. “Charity events had been confirmed, they sent over the final list of approved teams and athletes for you to contact.” Quickly you hand over the paperwork and purposely stare down at the wood grain of his desk.
“Thanks,” Kuroo quietly flips through the names. He mumbles comments under his breath, and when you sneak a glance at him you wonder if he’s aware his fingers are still pressed against where you had touched him.
After some few, long, awkward moments, Kuroo glances at his watch and looks at you for the first time since you accidentally caressed him. He’s always… liked you. You never seemed to be scared of his title, of anyone’s higher position really. You’re reliable, brave, funny, hardworking. Distracting.
He’s found himself thinking more and more about you lately. Kuroo even has started to bring you back drinks from his out of his office meetings, not sure why he felt so pleased with himself when you happily and gratefully take the warm chai. He takes you out to lunch when he’s noticed you’re usually too busy to remember to eat, he worries over you when you take the train home and waits for that text that says you’ve made it home safely.
“It’s my birthday,” he dumbly blurts out.
“I know,” you say with a small smile and his fucking start to blush again. “Happy birthday, Kuroo.”
“Tetsurou,” he’s quick to correct. “You’ve- We’ve worked together long enough, right?” Yes, but that doesn’t mean you break the Boss v. Worker societal rules-
“Happy birthday, Tetsurou.” Your voice is shy, it’s rarely ever that way and now his cheeks are burning.
“Do-,” He doesn’t even know what he’s asking. He just knows that it’s getting closer to his out time in this office and soon you’ll clock out too. “A few of my close friends are taking me out tonight. It should be pretty lowkey.” Kuroo starts to remember, though, that “lowkey” wasn’t the right word for Bokuto. “I- well, it’s lowkey for us. We’ve known each other since we were just kids in high school, they’re a bit much though. You don’t have to come, it- you’re probably tired from work actually, never mind. I shouldn’t have assumed you didn’t even have plans already though-”
Another first. You blink at Kuroo- Tetsurou- as you watch him stammer and blush, wondering where the cool and confident Kuroo you’ve worked with all this time is hiding.
“That sounds like fun,” you break his misery and offer another kind smile, unknowingly making his heart skip again. “I just have some Excel sheets to fix up and then I’m all set for tonight.”
“Okay,” he breathes out and watches you quietly close the door behind you as you leave. A smile grows across his face, his belly twists with excitement, and his blush never does fade away. “Okay!” Kuroo cheers to himself.
Now he has to try to not embarrass himself in front of you for the rest of his night…
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yamagucji · 9 months ago
hot things they do? nah. hot things YOU do pt.2 part 1 here.
Tumblr media
DAICHI has to hold himself back... i mean, you have no right looking that hot when you stretch. if you’re the type to moan or grunt as you do it, then there’s no saving this man.
TADASHI’s breath hitches when he feels you squeeze his thigh. damn — now? he doesn’t complain though, and would sometimes dare to bring your hand back on his leg.
BOKUTO thinks it’s hot when lick your lips or apply chapstick on them. you’d sometimes catch him staring at you with rosy cheeks, lips slightly parted.
ARAN just has a thing for after-shower you. for him it’s the towel tucked tight around your figure and some beads of water still stuck on your shoulders as you walk out the bathroom. he’ll side-eye you and hope you don’t notice him checking you out.
KAGEYAMA sucks in a deep breath when you touch his lower back while you’re guiding him somewhere. it’s so obvious that he’s flustered because he’s looking everywhere but you.
TENDOU hand-feeds you with a bit of chocolate and feels the blood rushing through his body when your lips brush against his fingers. he’s caught off guard with the way you’re keeping eye contact with him as you bite off a piece of chocolate.
OIKAWA gets a little flustered watching you mouth and sing along to a suggestive song. it’s the expressions you make and the finger that’s consistently pointing at him. feels like you’re the show and he’s your audience.
USHIJIMA feeling your palm rub against his tummy just makes him so... flustered for some reason. it’s not like that, he swears. but boy does he keep asking for more.
OSAMU wouldn’t back down to anything except when you stare him right at the eyes and hold his chin with your fingers. gonna say something, samu? and you can feel him take a nervous gulp.
KENMA thinks there’s just something so alluring with how you sit. with legs parted and your back slumped against the cushions — kenma finds his lower lip drop a little. he’s brave enough to come sit between your thighs without invitation.
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coffeeaddictwithproblems · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
love interests :: k. tsukishima x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, short and sweet, 690~ words
Tumblr media
“Please, Kei.”
“No, Y/N.”
You’re currently splayed over top of your boyfriend on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and chin propped up on your wrist. Tsukishima lays beneath you, annoyed expression etched onto his features and bored eyes staring back at you. The two of you had previously been sleeping when you had disrupted him to ask a supposedly important question.
For the past five minutes, you’ve attempted and failed time and time again to convince him to let you try his glasses on. Every plead and promise is quickly shut down as he does his equal best to ignore your insistent pestering.
“I’ll be really careful! Just for a minute, then I promise to give them back.” You flash him your best set of puppy eyes as an extra attempt of convincing.
He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “How many times do I have to say it for you to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’?”
Lips pushing out in a pout, your once soft gaze turns sour. Tsukishima is hardly deterred, shooting back his own glare.
“Why won’t you let me try them on?”
“Because you’ll break them and I can’t see out of cracked lenses.”
“I’ve already promised I won’t!”
“I have no way of proving whether or not that’s true, and before you say it, no you trying them is not an option.”
Mouth dropping open, you scramble through your thoughts for a retort only to come up empty handed. Stumped, you click your mouth shut and bury your face in his shirt in defeat. His eyes bore into the top of your head like he’s waiting for something to happen. The longer he waits, the worse he feels for denying you something so trivial.
“Hey.” When you don’t pick your head up immediately, he nudges at your shoulder, grabbing your attention after a few pokes. Avoiding your sad gaze, he looks off to the side and mumbles almost too softly to hear, “You can wear my glasses.”
You instantly perk up, eyes wide and corners of your mouth stretching into a grin. “Really?” He doesn’t miss the cheery tone to your voice; it almost brings a smile to his face - almost.
“Only for a few seconds, and if you promise to never ask again?”
After getting a confirming nod, he reaches up to take his glasses off then hands them towards you for you to take. You gently pinch the temples between your fingers and flip the pair of glasses around. The earpieces slip behind your ears as you carefully push the glasses onto your face.
A delighted smile breaks across your cheeks. “How do I look?”
They don’t fit perfectly, as expected for not being yours. The bridge slides a small bit past the top of your nose, and the lens make your eyes look odd. And yet, with how mildly goofy you look with his glasses, he also can’t help but find you absolutely adorable.
Tsukishima lays speechless beneath, mouth slightly agape. How could something as simple as you wearing his glasses leave him this tongue tied? And even better question, why hadn’t he let you sooner?
“Tsukki?” A minute passes and no response. Sitting up slightly, you raise a hand and wave your palm in front of his face.
His eyes blink shut a few times like he’s snapping out of a daze. Clicking his tongue, he swats your hand away with a grumbled, “Stop it.”
“You blanked out on me. Are you not able to see without these?” Before he can say anything or stop you, you’re already sliding his glasses back into their place against his nose. You smile softly to yourself like you completed some big task. “There.”
Content, you place a quick peck to his lips, then drop your head onto his chest to resume your nap. He waits for your breathing to even out before whispering softly for only himself to hear, “You look perfect.”
Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ft — tsukishima kei, atsumu miya, iwaizumi hajime & suna rintarō
warnings — not proofread, gn!reader 💆🏾‍♀️
song to match — over the moon by the marias
Tumblr media
noticed the way your eyes fluttered open and closed every so often. “don’t fall asleep on the train.” he warned, attempting to lift your head up with his cold hand, holding your face. “but ‘m sleepy, kei.” you unconsciously whined as your head dropped onto his bony shoulder, causing him to hiss from the discomfort. “hey, c’mon now, we’re almost there.” tsukishima looked down at your sleeping face, smiling a bit as he linked his slender fingers with your own. “so annoying.” he sighed, gently squeezing your hand as he looked out at the night sky through the train window. “you owe me.”
grinned at the sight of you lazily smiling at your phone, eyes threatening to shut every few seconds. “are ya sleepy?” atsumu asked rhetorically, hearing your phone fall onto the carpet with a muffled thud. “mhmmm.” you tiredly replied before plopping your head onto atsumu’s lap, nuzzling the soft pajama pants that loosely hung from his hips. he said nothing as he drew deformed hearts on your face with the pads of his fingers, careful not to wake you with the gentle strokes. “mmm feels nice.” you unconsciously mumbled, causing a huff of laughter to escape from atsumu’s lips. “yeah?” he chuckled, not expecting a response. atsumu continued to draw hearts on your face, admiring how pretty you look in this state.
eyes grew wide as you drowsily mumbled nothings about how warm and comfortable he was. “lap’s so comfy, haji.” you babbled, digging your face into the crook of his neck while readjusting yourself on his lap. “you tired?” hajime gently spoke, rubbing the warm skin your back as you groaned from the loud party goers in the kitchen and hallway. “we should go home, it’ll be quieter there.” “‘m already so comfy, baby.” you lazily wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling yourself impossibly closer, earning a surprised smile from iwaizumi. “hmph fine, don’t complain about neck pain later on though.” he warned, noticing the seemingly uncomfortable position you were twisted in. “shhhh.” you gently smacked his chest in order to quiet him down. he let out a frustrated sigh as you lazily smiled up at him.
caressed your cheek as he felt your head settle on his lap, legs spread out across the couch. “hey pretty, you wanna sleep upstairs?” he whispered, playfully smushing your cheeks together, earning an annoyed scowl from you. “no, ‘m comfy.” you admitted, fiddling with the hem of his shirt as you dozed off. “better not drool on me.” suna rolled his eyes, leaning back onto the couch with his hands resting on your hips, keeping you secure in his hold. “mm no promises.” you giggled. “i could push you off right now.” “you wouldn’t dare.” you replied, shooting your eyes open to see his golden ones staring down at you. “whatever. sleep.” rin shut your eyes for you as you shamelessly smiled up at him. “stop smiling at me like that.” he whined, planting a short but sweet kiss on your cheek as you faded away into dreamland.
Tumblr media
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© mattsunbae 2021.
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atsumiye · a month ago
Tumblr media
omg please think about going on a tinder date with iwaizumi and it goes horribly.
he barely talks, only answering your questions with short sentences. never tries to reciprocate the energy and you sit there in silence most of the date. when you finish with dinner, you think he’s going to walk you home but he literally says “bye” with a small wave, shoves his hands in his pocket and turns the other way. and in the morning he texts you “cool date.” and you decide to never speak to him again.
so imagine your surprise 5 years later when you walk into the same restaurant on a blind date set up by your friend. and sitting at the table is iwaizumi hajime. you can’t decide whether to run away or pretend to pass out so you can get out of this impending disaster, but he makes eye contact with you and walks towards you before you can make a decision.
“you’re y/n right? oikawa sent you here?” you nod, “yeah. it’s nice to see you again.” and you watch his expression morph from confusion into pure horror when he remembered how terrible that date went. and he starts to apologize so profusely saying that he was an idiot teenager who didn’t understand the inner workings of a date and he’s a much better person now but he understands if you want to turn around and never see him again and he just keeps spouting random things that make no sense until you cut him off with a laugh.
you smile and say you’d love to give him a second chance and man does the date go amazingly. he actually speaks to you this time, telling you stories of his childhood and how he became friends with oikawa and why he decided to go on the blind date. and you can’t stop giggling and smiling at how sweet he is and how sarcastic he can be. and 6 hours later they had to kick you out of the restaurant because you’ve been there so long and lost track of time since things were going so well.
he actually walks you home too, subtly brushing his hand against yours on the way back. asking you about your job and your friends and how someone as perfect as you managed to meet someone like oikawa. and he smiles so widely when you smile and he makes sure to tell you how pretty you look when you’re happy. and he drops you off at your door, refusing to come in for now but leans in so your faces almost touch and waits for permission to kiss you. and there’s sparks, he’s so gentle and so kind and as he pulls away from the kiss he places one more quick peck against your lips before telling you goodnight.
and he sends a text later that night saying “cool date.” to which you respond “yeah, cool date.”
and you both laugh about it years later while reminiscing, with a shiny ring on your finger.
Tumblr media
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planetkenma · a month ago
my boy
Tumblr media
pov. you are his current lover and he's not over his ex
pairing. Kenma Kozume x gn!reader
genre. hcs, scenarios and angst to hurt/comfort(?)
warning. grammar and not proofread
note. this was supposed to be an experiment/attempt at writing angst and I'm torn apart if I should go for angst or not so I changed my mind the last minute('ω')✌
Tumblr media
kenma who is not over from his previous ex. you knew it. whenever you come home and enter his room, he almost calls you by his ex-lover's name.
you pretend not to be bothered but that's when a small crack in your heart appears. you never fail to witness him scroll through their profile, liking and giving small comments while his legs are tangled with you on the couch.
he mistakes your interest and favorites for theirs, you point it out when you two went to grocery one day, he apologized and you shrugged it off, continuing your day with a pang of pain in your chest.
the voices of his friends filled the apartment, they came over to check up on him. you're preparing them some snacks while the blonde converses with his friends.
it was fine until their topic is about his ex, he asked his friends, with curiosity and interest about how they are doing. to which his friends genuinely entertained and answered honestly.
it quickly died down the sooner you made your presence known with a tight lipped curve on your face, excusing yourself to your room to give them space. his phone lightened up with a message from his ex, he quickly grabbed his phone and responded with a smile on his face.
slowly the crack enlarges and you'll be breaking in no time. kenma didn't missed the way you act so differently and tried not to think of it.. hoping... you'll be fine later.
he's not entirely wrong. you slowly warm up to him again and he became affectionate with you. everything was perfect until they came back. as if the world hated you, they appeared on the day of your date. he quickly fell back to conversation with them. almost ignoring your presence and showering them with his attention. while you silently stood there, slowly straying away from him to distract you from your stinging eyes, his eyes are soft and unstraying. minutes went by and he never looked to your way, so you walked far from him.
kenma only noticed you gone after his ex attentively told him that you went away. they apologized for taking his time and bid their goodbyes. kenma internally panicked, searching for you through the places and crowd. relief washed over him when he found you in a cafe, a somber look on your face. he took strides towards your location and hugged you. sorry's coming out from his lips as if he's aware and guilty of the pain he caused you. the restrained tears slowly ran down your cheeks and sobs erupted from your chest. when he realized you were crying, he hugged you tighter and patted his hand on your back to comfort you. with a heavy heart you tell him the pain he's causing you, saying its the last straw you couldn't keep it anymore. how you don't feel like you even have a place in his heart anymore. how you're willing to let go so he can be happy to go back to them and end your pain.
hearing those words make his heart twist in pain. eyes wide in panic, he couldn't lose you. no, he loves you and he's stupid for not noticing the pain you were feeling. he kisses your tear streaked cheeks while whispering 'I love you's' to ease your heart. he wanted to redeem for his sins and vowed to love you and get better, to love no one but you. you're the only one he sees with him in the future. his eyes clouding up with tears while he held your face in his hands, eyes glossed with sadness and resentment.
he wishes you could forgive him and talk about it properly. he doesn't want to regret having you in his life. he doesn't want to let go. he wants to prove it, prove that you're still the one he loves. kenma pressed his forehead against yours, asking you if you could forgive him and allow him to give you what you deserve. he feels helpless knowing how this would either end. 'just let me try one more time.' he tells you. the swirl of conflict was visible in you, and his stomach drops, desperation bleeding from him. praying you will respond to his wishes in the way he needed it to be.
Tumblr media
content by @planetkenma don't repost or plagiarize or else I will hunt you<3
want a part 2? follow me for more content^^
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toorusplant · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a haikyuu smau
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: suna wants to confess to you, he really does. wants to finally get off his chest how much he wished you two were more than just ‘best friends’ for all these years. but what happens when a certain ex, sakusa kiyoomi, finds his way back into your life?
notes: all characters are timeskip, time stamps & dates don’t really matter, gender neutral reader !!
includes: angst, childhood friends to lovers, unrequited love, love triangle (?), referenced/mentioned break up, exes to friends/lovers, eventual happy ending(?), might end up doing two alternative routes for the ending
taglist for this smau is now open !!
Tumblr media
relationships: suna rintarou x gn! reader, sakusa kiyoomi x gn! reader
characters: gender neutral! reader, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu
minor characters: miya osamu, aran ojiro, bokuto koutarou, hinata shouyou, komori motoya, akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
y/n and co. sakusa’s gc + msby.
chapter one — “it’s a small world.”
chapter two — “kermit >> atsumu.”
chapter three — “this is a mcdonalds driveway.”
chapter four — “hEy sHaWtY.”
chapter five — “very sus.”
chapter six — “ur still the boy that i’d pick.”
chapter seven — “tHE DUCK SONG.”
chapter eight — “kiyoomi slander.”
chapter nine — “tEA.”
chapter ten — “you can’t rush perfection.”
chapter eleven — “chasing miya atsumu.”
chapter twelve — “lunch with the msby jackals.”
chapter thirteen — “he’s my best friend, we not a couple.”
chapter fourteen — “pLaTonIcAlLy”
Tumblr media
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kuroosweakness · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“i’m gonna sleep on the couch tonight” | kuroo, suna, atsumu 
Tumblr media
a/n: first post in a while :’D i love commentary so pls leave some interesting tags/ comments :)) as much as i love kuroo, i have to admit i got butterflies while writing suna’s part
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro 
╰ “tetsu, i’m gonna sleep on the couch tonight” 
his head whips around so fast. his hands grip the edge of his desk to stable himself as he questioningly asks, “why?” kuroo’s eyebrows furrow as his eyes narrow in on you. 
“mm, no special reason,” you quip back. “it’s just too hot in here.” as you turn to leave the bedroom to grab a blanket, kuroo scoots his chair and clasps your wrist. 
“we can turn on the ac or a fan if you want,” he says with a hopeful smile–the same smile he uses to provoke convince you into things. before you can give it some thought, he pulls on your wrist to bring you closer (most likely to fog up your brain with kisses), but you’re quick to dig your feet into the carpet and resist. 
“it’ll still be too hot,” you laugh and with a final tug, your wrist slips out of his hold. “i’m gonna go get blankets to set up the couch!” kuroo leans back in his chair and twirls the hem of his shirt with one finger. 
“set up blankets for me too,” he calls out with a smile. and with that, he gets up from his chair and pads across the living room to help you find the blankets in the messy closet. 
as you reach up, you see his shadow cast over the closet, indicating that he’s standing behind you. kuroo is so tempted to tickle your underarms, but he knows it’ll only resolve in you avoiding his touch for the rest of the night. 
“i guess our bed will be lonely tonight,” he hums as he bundles his favorite red and black blanket in his arms. 
“but if you’re sleeping on the couch too, you’ll heat it up and it’ll be too hot...” you quietly bring up as he shuffles out of the closet. 
“so i’m the problem here?” he teasingly asks while sending you a look of amusement. he shakes his head as he walks over to the couch. “and suddenly, i’m cold-blooded” 
“the bed’s a lot more comfy than the carpet, y’know,” you quietly say. you turn to look down from the couch at the back of his head. his black hair is barely visible in the dark. expectantly, the couch can barely fit one person, and kuroo decided the one person would be you. so there he is, laying on the carpet next to the coffee table on his belly. 
he grins under his pillow and muffles, “if it’s so comfy, why don’t you come and join me there?” 
you blink, trying to come up with a better answer other than ‘it’s too hot.’ this prank is taking a lot longer than you had expected. is it too late to tell him that you only said you wanted to sleep on the couch to be dramatic? 
“speaking of which,” he starts. “you’re covered in a lot of blankets for someone who claims-” his hands leave the sides of his pillows to make air quotes, “-it’s too hot.” 
you breath hitches for a moment before sighing and throwing your blankets aside. why must he catch on to everything? you slowly sit up and slides off the couch. as you land beside him, his hand snakes around your waist and pulls you in closer. already, you can feel his body heat. 
“we should stay like this,” he says. his face leaves his pillow and turns to look at you. “camping out in the living room isn’t half bad” 
suna rintaro 
╰ “rin?” 
suna hums back in response before taking a long sip of water. 
you peek into the kitchen and catches his glance for just a second.  “i’m gonna sleep on the couch tonight.” 
above his red cup, you can see his eyebrow raise in question. he tilts his head back further to gulp down the remaining water. after a final gulp, he brings his cup down on the countertop and shifts his weight onto one foot. 
“can i ask why?” he asks with maintaining eye contact. he takes a couple steps toward you before leaning against the wall on his side, one hand holding onto his elbow. 
“i just feel like it’s too hot to sleep in the room...” you reply back. “i was practically sweating the other day. it feels too stuffy sometimes” 
“maybe we can open a window before sleeping...?” he brings up. “but if you really want to sleep on the couch-” he raises his hands in defeat and slowly walks out of the kitchen. “-do as you wish.” 
“why’re you gathering blankets?” suna crawls across from the front of the bed to the bottom to meet you before you leave the room. 
“i already told you, rin.” you give him small smile. “the couch? i’m gonna sleep there? remember? i told you an hour ago.” 
suna takes a good look at the blankets in your arms and sighs. “i didn’t think you were serious...if it’s really that hot, we can just open a window or turn on a fan or sleep without covers. the couch isn’t for...” he lightly scowls. “...sleeping.” 
“why’re you so against me sleeping on the couch?” you tease as you catch the blanket that was slipping out of your embrace. 
“because you have a perfectly good bed to be sleeping on,” he says while using an arm to display the bed behind him. “and wouldn’t it be scary to sleep all alone in the living room in the dark?” 
“aw c’mon, there’s gotta be a better solution than you sleeping on the couch. and what am you supposed to do when it’s july? am i gonna be sleeping alone for 3 months...???”
miya atsumu 
╰ “’tsumu!” 
“yeah?” he calls out from the bathroom. you hear the doorknob jingle and looks up to see your boyfriend with a towel wrapped around his lower waist. atsumu ruffles his wet hair with a smaller towel and grins at your interested eyes. 
“i was just gonna say...” you try your best to peel your eyes away from him and back at your phone. “...that i’m planning to sleep on the couch today.” 
atsumu stops drying his hair and gawks at you. “whaaat? what for?” he plops his half-naked self on the couch and scoochs closer you. “c’mon babe, answer me. what for??” 
“it’s really hot in the bedroom,” you reply back while biting back a giggle as he nuzzles against your neck to see what you’re scrolling through. 
“that looks really badly photoshopped,” he points out as you pause scrolling to see the obviously photoshopped girl at a beach resort picture. 
“even my fans’ edits of my 10 pack looks better than that,” he chuckles. before you can say something, he frowns and brushes his cheek against yours. “anyways, remind me why you’re gonna sleep on the couch again.” 
“i wasn’t actually being serious.” you roll your eyes. “why would i sleep on the couch when i have a nice bed?” you give him a small smile and leans against him. atsumu blinks and bumps his cheek against yours, a bit harder than before. 
“a nice bed and a nice boyfriend,” he remarks with a grin as he slowly sits up to get dressed in his usual pajamas. “see ya in 2 minutes, babe....not on the couch this time” 
Tumblr media
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https-sen · a month ago
Nekoma Bf's Being Needy HC's
Just them wanting cuddles and your attention (yes the reader is the big spoon, & the dom role here and yes this is sfw dw)
Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Kenma, Kuroo, and Lev x gn!Reader
Genre: Fluff (and a dash of crack commentary)
Warnings: Swearing; & NOT PROOFREAD!!
A/N: yo ive reached 100+ followers so why not come back with this ehe 😼 there was supposed to be yaku but i gave up and didnt know what to write for him so yeah 🤥
follow me if you wanna see more haikyuu, obey me, and genshin x reader fics cmon now im waiting 🤺 and gimme asks i only have 3 reqs and just lmk if you dont want me to give your @ out 👹👺
ps might be doing a karasuno, seijoh, and date tech vers so lmk
Tumblr media
Kenma Kozume
♡This little bitch 😦
♡He get's all pouty if youre busy and traces shapes and/or letters on your palm if he gets bored while waiting
♡If youre not busy he'll start complaining like, "You aren't doing shit, now come spoon me 😠"
♡If you ignore him he'll 100% squeeze into your lap by full force and never let go until you AT LEAST give him head scritches
♡If you decide to stop whatever youre doing he'll go, "Aha! I knew i'd win!! I came feet first during birth, you cant do shit! I'm that powerful 😼"
♡But once he gets his remarks out of the way oh boy he's so soft and just melts in your warmth
♡Has the audacity to tell you that you smell bad while HUGGING YOU TIGHTER 😕⁉️
♡His grip while cuddling is just so tight to the point you almost turn blue ksbehwhw If you try to move just lil he'll tighten his grip, so good luck going to the bathroom 😹‼️
♡This mf really goes, "Piss in your pants or sumn we can clean it up later" Bro what 😟
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurō
♡This mf threatens to get a RESTRAINING ORDER on you if you rob him of his most valuable possession, your loving attention, hugs and kisses 🧑🏻‍🦲
♡He remembers what you like and dont like very, very, VERY well so expect.. bribes kind offers and treats from him and tell you all you have to do is stop whatever shit is being done on your laptop 🤡
♡If you do however take the bribes kind offers, he'll snatch your ass up and fucking 🏃SPRINT🏃 from the living room to your shared bedroom and make you spoon him while watching 'The Good Doctor' (i love tgd no judgement) 🤺
♡If you dont, he'll sit on the FLOOR and just hug your leg as he waits while showing you tiktoks as he constantly hits his head since he somehow forgets the coffee table is right fucking next to him 💀
♡He would nuzzle your knee as he just stares at whatever youre typing and say, "Oh whats that? 😯" every 15 minutes
Tumblr media
Lev Haiba
♡Whiny asshole 😒
♡He's basically a gigantic baby, he even needs you to hold his hand while going to the bathroom (and just talk about random things as he takes a shit)
♡So my guy be SOBBING if youre not paying attention to him
♡This mf keeps on tugging on your shirt only for him to point at his cheek so he can get a lil kiss like, "Kith now. Now kith.👹"
♡He'll ask you (like the voice in the obwama-chyan meme) as he puts his head on your right thigh, "Cuddle me plith? 😣 I'll do the dishes for a month 😣 I'll even let you pick wherever to go on our date for a week 😣"
♡I have no idea why'd you say no to that, its better than getting sued by you-know-who 🤨
♡As your laptop is about to shut down, my guy tosses it on the favourite armchair you like to sit on and JUMPS on top of you
♡He likes to tell you about what he watched on his phone, help you cook popcorn if you both wanted to watch a movie or just take a nice nap together 💕
Tumblr media
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nkogneatho · 3 months ago
►Texting haikyuu boys "I am not wearing any panties right now."
↳ Characters: Atsumu, Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokuto, Suna.
►m.list ►taglist ►collab
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taglist: @hyenalite @half-baked-biscuit @smoothy-ve @cursedmoonchild @laraazoldyck @tetsunormous @acethecard @koifish69 @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @httptamaki @skunaryomen @saudade-mayari @chronic-claire-universe @wokotoshihoshijima @violet-memento
Tumblr media
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sunatea · 4 months ago
what i want , part one
Tumblr media
wc: 2333 | gn reader | arranged marriage au | angst | warnings: arguing, divorce mention | read part two
you weren't sure why kiyoomi had even agreed to your marriage. of all the proposals and offers his family must have received, it baffled you as to why you were the one he accepted. you came from a humble family, attended an average university, and worked an ordinary job. marrying you could do little for his opulent family's prestige.
the concept of an arranged marriage was nothing new to you. growing up, your parents constantly retold the story of how they were promised to one another by their families and married not long after high school. you found the whole thing slightly unsettling, but with how your parents always looked at one another with so much love and admiration, you couldn’t find the idea all that bad.
the need for arranged marriages had significantly declined since your parent's time but hadn’t been completely abandoned. it wasn't totally unheard of for parents still to find marital partners for their children. specifically those in the upper class; especially when it was financially or socially beneficial.
as for you, your love life had never managed to take off- much to your parent's dismay. your family and friends constantly scolded you for your lack of effort in finding a partner and begged you to put yourself out there more. it wasn't as if you didn't want to date anyone, it just never happened for you. occasionally, you went on dates but those would fizzle into nothing. seeing no point in forcing things or being miserable about it, you carried on with life and focused on your goals. if it happens, it happens, you told yourself.
but over the years, as you made progress in your career, you found your thoughts occasionally drifting back to the idea of marriage. you no longer found yourself comfortable and content with your quiet solitary life. you longed to share your happiness, thoughts, worries, and successes with someone else. to tell someone about your day and lean on them for comfort- happily offering them the same.
had you not tried hard enough? would it be like this forever? was it too late?
those feelings came to a head while you were attending your cousin's wedding. he and his partner were another happily arranged pairing. as you sat with your mother at the reception, watching the newlyweds sway together lovingly, the words came out of your mouth before you could give yourself the chance to reconsider.
“i want that too.”
you soon realized how draining the whole process could be. after four failed potential matches, you were losing hope, almost resigning yourself to a quiet life with at least two pets.
“one more meeting”, your mother begged. you had nothing to lose.
the first time you saw kiyoomi, you actually wanted to run away. your heart was racing, your stomach was in knots, he made you speechless. in all of your 27 years, you had never felt so drawn to someone- it was unfamiliar and absolutely terrifying. sensing your nerves, your mother squeezed your hand reassuringly. she knew. she always did.
the meeting went well. the sakusas were polite and even seemed overly eager to make sure things were to your family’s liking. kiyoomi didn’t speak much, even when he was tasked with giving you a brief tour of his family’s estate. it was awkward and you felt on edge the entire time but still, you didn’t want it to end.
during the car ride back your mother smiled to herself. she had never heard you speak so much, so fondly before. “apparently he’s an outside hitter, we should watch a game on tv tonight!”
after three months with the sakusa's, the engagement became official. your family was elated but you were unsure. multiple emotions clashed within you: anxiety, hope, and fear. it was all happening so fast. kiyoomi was in many aspects a great man and you knew others would love to be in your place.. but he was still a stranger to you.
you’d met numerous times and taken plenty more walks together since that first encounter, but he was still very reserved and you hardly knew anything about him. any attempt at getting to know him on a deeper level was met with curt responses or deflection. you had almost lost all hope until his siblings pulled you aside one day to offer you some assurance.
"deep down, kiyoomi is dedicated and kind. if he didn't want to be here, he wouldn't. if you're patient, he'll let you in. please don't give up on him, y/n.”
had you been misunderstanding him the whole time? were you just mistaking his composed disposition for frigidness? perhaps you were to blame. there was no doubt that you had been somewhat expecting to have the same kind of relationship you watched your parents share over the years, loving and loud. but you were nothing like your mother and kiyoomi was nothing like your father. the love you two would share would be different and that was more than okay with you.
with your nerves slightly settled, you decided to proceed with the engagement and gave kiyoomi all the time he needed to open up.
three months later, the two of you married. even though you still had your apprehensions, you were excited to share your life with him. you swore to try your best to make the marriage a happy one.
on your wedding day, as you held his hands in your own, you wondered if he felt the same warmth you did.
it was supposed to be the start of a new chapter, a life together. yet only a year later, your bags were packed- you were leaving sakusa kiyoomi.
Tumblr media
to anyone on the outside, you were living the dream. going from an average life to being married to a handsome pro athlete from a wealthy family- living in an expensive penthouse in the city- who wouldn’t want that? however, it didn’t take long for everything to stop feeling like a dream. not long at all.
you weren't quite sure what the last straw was. the countless dinners eaten alone? all the rebuffed attempts at even the smallest amount of intimacy? the constant feeling of being an unwelcome guest in your own home? his lack of interest in anything about you? or was it his unwillingness to utter more than two sentences to you a day? the reasons seemed endless but it didn't matter anymore, you were done.
it was perfect. kiyoomi had been away at training camp, giving you plenty of time to neatly extract yourself from his life without any complications. you didn't have much to pack aside from your clothes and a few items since he didn't want you to bring many things from your old apartment. despite the penthouse being new to you both, you never really got a say in how it was decorated. everything was optimized to kiyoomi's liking. it was never your home.
it would be your burden to inform both of your families but you considered that a small price to pay. you don’t have anything else to lose- you just wanted out, even if it meant bearing the shame from both families for a while. you let out a deep exhale, anticipating your mother's heartbroken reaction. she had her heart set on you experiencing the same kind of love story she did with your father. you almost laugh at how ridiculous you were for hoping the same thing.
as you pondered where to leave your brief farewell note along with the wedding ring and the divorce papers, the sound of the elevator caught your attention. assuming that it was your friend who had agreed to help you move your stuff, you called out to them.
"i'm almost ready! i just need to leave this on his nightstand!"
confused after there was no response, you took a few steps toward the hallway before coming to an abrupt halt, panic spiking as you recognized the footsteps that drew near.
"leave what on my nightstand?"
kiyoomi stood in the bedroom doorway, arms crossed with the usual scowl on his face.
you were stunned. this wasn't supposed to happen. his schedule was always so strict with hardly any deviations. what was he doing there?
"y/n." he said.
you gripped the papers to control the slight trembling of your hands. his reaction wasn't something that you'd ever given much thought considering you had always planned on being long gone, never seeing him again unless it was absolutely necessary. it was nerve-wracking, not knowing how he would react.
annoyed with your lack of response, kiyoomi strode over to you and slipped the papers from your grasp. you held your breath as his eyes scanned over the words.
to your surprise, his scowl fell instantly as he realized what he was reading. he glanced at you briefly before looking around, noticing the bedroom was slightly emptier.
“i'm leaving,” you admitted.
there was a long pause. when he made no effort to speak, you continued. “things haven’t been working. we’re clearly not a good match and i don’t want to trouble you any longer. i’ll be the one to meet with our families to inform them since this was my doing.”
“why are you... do you not have everything you want?” kiyoomi looked down at you in utter confusion before letting out a heavy sigh. “y/n, just tell me what this is really about so you can stop whatever all this is.”
it was your turn to be confused. “what? i just told you. this just isn’t working for either of us.”
“and you’ve come to that conclusion for the both of us? all on your own? i don’t get a say in my marriage?”
“are you serious?" you tried not to raise your voice. "you’re really going to act like you haven’t despised my presence for the past year? have i just been imagining that you treat me like i’m nothing but a pest? i’m surprised you’ve acknowledged this as a marriage at all.”
“oh, i’m well aware of our circumstances.” he spat, tossing the papers carelessly onto the bed.
“that’s exactly what i’m talking about!” you could feel rage bubbling in the back of your throat. you were quickly losing your composure. “why are you trying to argue? i know you hate this- i know you hate me!”
“what a-” kiyoomi couldn’t get another word out as you began to yell at him. he could only watch in stunned silence as a year of suppressed anger finally boiled over.
“well i hate it too!” you seethed. “i hate walking on eggshells around you every day, i hate being alone in this stupid penthouse, i hate this meaningless ring, i hate being married, and i hate you! i hate it all!”
when tears began to blur your vision, you turned your back to him, hugging yourself.
"i tried, i did. i promised myself that when we got married i'd put my all into this. because i- i wanted to know you, kiyoomi. i wanted to stay by your side. and because i thought there must have been some reason you would do this with me. i thought you wanted this too... maybe just a little.
"now i know that it was all for nothing. i’m a fool for believing this could work and i've wasted over a year of my life being miserable that i can never get back. i'm sorry if its inconvenient for you, but i can't live like this any longer.”
a heavy silence enveloped you both as you waited for him to say something. when it became clear that he wasn't going to speak, you left the room and closed the door behind you.
"find someone else to do this to.”
Tumblr media
it had been hours later when you woke up in the guest room. remembering the events of that afternoon, you rubbed your temples to soothe an oncoming headache. after leaving kiyoomi in the bedroom, you remember going to whatever room was furthest away from him and burying yourself underneath the blankets. you thought you heard the sound of the elevator in your distressed state but you couldn't be sure. you wondered if he ran off to his family to break the news. you scoffed, so much for trying to settle things as gently as possible.
remembering that your friend was supposed to come over, you sat up and looked around for your phone. you had to contact her right away. with all the moving around you did earlier before the confrontation, you weren't sure where you had placed it. hoping that kiyoomi had really left the penthouse, you opened the bedroom door slightly and listened for any sound of his presence. there was none, just the familiar silence you’d grown accustomed to. you let out a small sigh of relief and made your way down the hall, deciding to check the kitchen first.
to your luck, your phone was on the counter. upon unlocking it, you saw numerous concerned texts from your friend. you sent a quick response assuring that you were fine and promised to call later before setting your phone back down.
you stood in silence for a while, wondering what your next move would be. would you still leave him? of course. why wouldn't you? nothing had changed, kiyoomi just knows how you really feel.
you grimaced, feeling slightly regretful with your choice of words earlier. you didn't actually hate kiyoomi, you just wanted it to be over. you made a mental note to apologize for your words and for yelling the next time you saw him- if you ever saw him again.
feeling your head begin to throb, you grabbed some aspirin from one of the kitchen drawers and made your way to get some water.
a chill ran up your spine as you reached into the cabinet for a glass.
he hadn’t left.
in your shock you didn't hear the crash nor did you feel the shards at your feet.
Tumblr media
A/N: this was part one! sorry for the huge delay in content!!! i have been super busy with school and finding a new job. part two coming asap! also feel free to leave feedback! i love hearing your thoughts! ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ
please do not copy/repost.
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atsuvu · 3 months ago
when his daughter calls him by his first name (part 2); various
Tumblr media
gn!reader x ushijima wakatoshi, miya atsumu, nishinoya yuu, miya osamu (separately)
0.7k words
warnings: food mention (ushijima, osamu)
a/n: i made a part 2! i know @hitokas-angel said they liked part one so I made another because why not :/
part 1
Tumblr media
u. wakatoshi
As soon as the door cracked open, Wakatoshi could hear the energetic footsteps of his little girl running to greet him after practice. A smile naturally found its way to his face as he dropped his bag and crouched open-armed for a hug. The little girl crashed into his embrace, hugging his neck as if she were begging to be carried. 
He made his way to the kitchen where you were baking brownies for a welcome back kiss, after which your daughter made her demand.
“Wakatoshi. Down.” Your gaze shifted to her, eyes wide. 
“Looks like someone’s got an attitude,” you mused. Wakatoshi merely frowned. 
“Hey now, that’s not how you ask to be set down, pumpkin,” he murmured, adjusting the bow in her hair.
“Daddy, put me down please,” she requested.
“That’s my girl,” he praised, lowering her with a kiss to her hairline. She quickly ran off to find a toy to play with, leaving you to turn to your husband with a raised eyebrow.
“You’re magic. She’d never do that if I had asked.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry, I’ll see what I can do, love.”
m. atsumu
“Hey, princess, we’re going to Uncle ‘Samu’s for dinner tonight, okay, do ya wanna wear yer new dress so you can show yer cousins?” Atsumu called, entering his girl’s bedroom. “Ya can wear yer jeans and Daddy’s jersey otherwise,” he added, noticing that’s what you’d dressed her in this morning after he’d left for practice.
“No!” She yelled defensively. “Wanna wear Daddy’s jersey,” she mumbled while she twiddled her thumbs. Atsumu couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. 
“‘Atta girl, wearin’ ma Black Jackals jersey. ‘Ts yer last name too, ya know,” he gushed, picking her up to bring her to the living room couch, where you had her shoes ready to be put on. He placed her on his shoulders where she liked to sit, and like always, she weaved her small hands through his hair, grabbing strands like joysticks to steer.
“Onward, ‘Tsumu!” Her dad immediately froze, not taking another step. 
“Why’d ya have ta wound me like that, baby girl? ‘M yer father, only very special grown-ups get ta call me that!” He whined, finally reaching you on the couch. You watched incredulously as he place her on the couch.
“Okay, then when ‘m a grown-up, I’m gonna call ya ‘Tsumu!” She exclaimed. He locked eyes with you and you shook your head, chuckling a bit. 
“Saw that one coming.”
n. yuu
“Hey there, sunshine, wake up! We’ve got a family picnic planned today, you can’t miss it!” Yuu greeted, brushing hair out of his daughter’s face as she arose from her slumber. She groaned, not yet fully awake.
“No,” she whined, dragging out the vowel. “Go away, Yuu.” His eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. He wasn’t offended, really, it was more of a surprise. He giggled, gently shaking his daughter’s form under the blankets.
“What was that all about, Squirt? You’re a silly one, aren’t you? Well let’s get going, I don’t want to get in trouble with the others when we’re late because you refused to get up, sleepyhead. You can nap during the car ride there.”
bonus: m. osamu
When you carried your little pride and joy into Onigiri Miya, she was beyond excited to see her father. While you and Osamu were blissfully unaware, she plotted a seemingly harmless prank to pull on her dad. Little did she know, it would later come back to kick her.
You set her down so she could run over to Osamu, and she immediately made a beeline for the front counter. As the two of them opened their arms for a hug, she cried,
You’d never seen your husband dodge anything so quickly. He retracted his arms and stepped back behind the cash register before she could tackle him.
“Why would ya do that ta yer father like that, cupcake? How dare ya insult me like so! ‘M not half as ugly as Uncle ‘Tsumu, ‘nd I’m much harder workin’ than him too! Ya don’t see him here runnin’ the restaurant!” She simply smirked and giggled as Osamu began to attack her sides with tickles. Picking her up, he whispered to you once you reached his side, “I’m givin’ her an extra salty onigiri.”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me.”
Tumblr media
do not copy, claim, or repost
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aikobi · a month ago
"You're the problem!"
Pairing : Tsukishima Kei x GN!Reader
Summary : Where your boyfriend Kei snapped at you.
Warnings : Swearing and Angst
Author Note : Lately I been writing a lot of angst fanfic, and I hope you enjoy this one.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima was isolating himself in his room. As his significant other you should let him have space but you wanted to comfort him a bit. Maybe ask him what's wrong.
You went inside his room seeing him sitting on the bed angrily looking at his phone.
"Kei" you called out.
You went on his bed, "are you okay? What wrong?" You asked him.
"I'm fine.." he grumbled. Well he doesn't look fine. Maybe something happened to make him pissed off. It wasn't the first time Tsukishima isolated himself.
You wanted to help him and comfort him.
"You know if something happens today you can always tell me.." you said. Tsukishima didn't say anything, just a huff.
You would often cheer him up but now you don't know what to do. Maybe he hasn't eaten dinner yet or maybe he just had a stressful week.
"Do you have something to eat? I can always cook something for you." You suggested. It looks like he wasn't even paying attention to you.
He looked more pissed off than usual. You were scared to say anything else because you might have pissed him more.
"Kei, is there a problem-"
"Would you fucking shut up for once! You're so annoying!" Tsukishima complained, "Tsuki this! Kei that! Shut up for once I don't need you rights now!"
"You're the problem!" He yelled. He looked at you with an angered expression.
"I don't need you! I don't need you to comfort me, just shut up and leave me alone!"
You were shaking. He sometimes yelled at you but you never saw him this angry. You went off the bed and stepped back away from him.
You kinda felt pissed off. You tried to help him. You were always there to comfort him but..was he there for you?
You took one of your hoodies and went to open the door to leave his room.
"Fine then!" You yelled, "I will leave!"
You closed the door and went outside to cool off.
You were grumbling something about Tsukishima being a prick and why did you love him in the first place.
Tsukishima heard you slam his bedroom door closed.
He looked at his phone and at his bedroom door waiting for you to come back but you didn't. He waited for 20 minutes to 30 minutes before you didn't come home. Then he remembered what you said.
"I will leave!"
He felt more terrible. He yelled at you when you just waited to comfort him. He kept pushing you away. He still wondered, do you still love him?
For all these years with him being a prick and pushing you away, do you still love him? Tsukishima wasn't good at apologizing or communicating with people. He kept pushing people away.
He might push you away from him and one day you will be sick of him and leave him forever.
He wanted you to comfort him but his pride wouldn't admit it so he decided to push you away because will you think he is weak to feel sad?
Tsukishima was a coward when it came to admitting he was wrong but now you are said that you will leave.
He wanted you to come back to comfort him but he pushed you away too much now you might actually leave him.
He wished he could change everything he said to you.
Why couldn't he just apologize to you?
You were a problem Tsukishima was the problem.
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