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#haikyuu x male reader
melsun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n : i can't get myself to write a fucking proper fic :| but ig y'all like these lmao so here you go <3 + this is sfw !
Tumblr media
⸗ your hands
he loves how they fit perfectly in his; soft against his calloused skin, your fingers intertwining with his effortlessly—it's as if they were meant for him to hold (and no, he gives no shits about clammy hands- if he wants to hold them, he will).
—osamu, hinata, oikawa, inouka, sugawara, kindaichi, aone, reon, makki
⸗ your cheeks
he can't help but squish them—hands automatically going to your face every two seconds to place themselves on your cheeks, giving them a light squeeze—maybe sometimes it's just to annoy you. (look, the pout on your face is so worth it).
—mattsun, kuroo, kageyama, konoha, tendou, suna, meian, sugawara
⸗ your waist
this one's a bit obvious- you're his; and he demonstrates it by pulling you close to him. his arm's often secured firmly around your waist as he pushes your face into his warm body, fingers tightening to give you a little pinch (especially when he's feeling a bit possessive).
—iwaizumi, kyōtani, daichi, sakusa, atsumu, ukai jr., mattsun, kageyama
⸗ your thighs/chest
of course they're his favorite part of your body, he could sleep on them all day. but he wouldn't blame himself, no, he blames the inviting warmth of your skin, how you make for the perfect pillow. who needs memory foam when he has you?
—suna, bokuto, akaashi, kenma, nishinoya, kunimi, osamu, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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tons-of-vball-huns · 2 days ago
[a/n: this is slowly becoming a kenma-themed blog huh?
requests are open! please lemme know what you want. you can dm me as well!]
Tumblr media
kenma’s favorite hobby other than playing video games is creating a clothing scarcity in your wardrobe by stealing “borrowing” them. your clothes? oh, no no, sweetie. they’re his clothes now. if you make a mention of the clothes being yours, he’d be all like “yours??? no, these are mine.” you can’t stop him, you can only through him off kilter by wearing his clothes. he should’ve expected it but he honestly didn’t because… well, he was too caught up in taking in your scent from “his” clothes that he forgot you could just pull out an uno-reverse card out of “nowhere”. he wouldn’t really mind though — this just means that when he finally gets them back, they’ll all be infused with your scent.
Tumblr media
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localraspberry · a day ago
Hello there 👋. Can I request hcs of Ushijima, Daichi, and Kurro with a sub bottom male reader, where they were getting ready to have sex and before they start reader steps out to surprise them. After some time reader comes back in a reverse bunny suit and it just awakens something in them. While they're being rough they're praising reader for being a good bunny for them. I hope this is good. '^^
This..I love this
Tumblr media
Bunny boy headcannons
Characters featured: Ushijima, Daichi, Kuroo
Reader pronouns: He/Him
Warning(s): NSFW content, Sub bottom reader, no prep mentioned but still given, cosplay sex(?), Mirror sex, oral (m!receiving), anal sex, no aftercare mentioned but still given NOT PROOFREAD
A/N: Ngl is had to look up what a reverse bunny suit was. Hope this was good and I'm sorry for the wait!
Tumblr media
I feel like this smug bastard was probably the one to bring up the idea
He's probably thought about you dressing up ever since your first time having hardcore sex
You were just coming home from grocery shopping when he was standing at the doorway holding the small bag that had the outfit in it
Obviously you wanted to know what was in it but this dumb cat just smirked at you and said "go find out pretty boy~"
Needless to say when you stepped out in the outfit he practically went feral and took you right on the couch 🥴
Although he was being so rough with you, he never failed to shower you with praise
The contrast between his sweet words and his harsh thrusts inside you made your mind go numb
Yeah, you should wear the suit again
"you look so sexy baby. I knew buying you that pretty little outfit would be a good idea♡"
Tumblr media
Unlike Kuroo, you had bought the suit yourself and wanted to surprise Daichi for when he got off work
You had dressed up while having sex before so it wasn't unfamiliar territory
You sat on your bed waiting for him to come home and occasionally fixing something on your outfit
When the bedroom door had opened and Daichi stood in the doorway, looking you up and down before you spoke up
"Well? Do ya like it?"
He definitely liked it
You didn't even need a verbal answer
The way he slammed into you was more than reassuring
You could've sworn the headboard was gonna break with how hard you two were gripping it
"Fuck baby boy, you really know how to treat me don't you? I just wanna keep fucking you all night. Would you like that?♡"
Tumblr media
Just like Daichi you bought the suit yourself
It had just arrived in the mail and you wanted to try it on before Ushijima got home
So you were admiring yourself in the mirror lookin' all sexyyy and shii
When this mf bursts through the door with no warning at all
Swear for such a big man, his footsteps were pretty damn quiet
"You look..very handsome (M/N)"
His face was so red good lord
To fluster Wakatoshi Ushijima...a guy can dream
He was ALSO rocking a raging hard-on
Y'all hear it everywhere but this man is PACKING
You don't remember what happened after that
Only thing that matters now is that Ushijima is under you, giving you the best head you could ever receive, while making you watch your facial expressions in the mirror in front of your bed
"You taste so good darling, but don't take your eyes away from that mirror. I want you to watch it and see how good I'm making you feel♡"
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed that!
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k-kazvha · a day ago
💭; 11:38 pm, december 2.
Tumblr media
pairings: kuroo x gn!reader (separate)
category: fluff/pure brainrot (aka, late night thoughts), scenario
a/n: came to the realization that i haven't written for hq in a small while. so uh here's some brainrot for you guys. he might be a bit ooc bc of that fact but this needed to be written
Tumblr media
"tetsu?" you mumbled sleepily, unable to feel the familiar warmth of your messy haired partner. moments of worry flew in just as quickly as they had left when a loud crash sounded from the kitchen. a sigh escaped your lips as you stumbled out of bed, dragging the blanket with you and hobbling to the kitchen as quickly as your sleep riddled brain would allow.
"babe?" you yawn and stare at the guilty look on the bedhead's face caught in mid reach, cooking sheets on the ground as flour littered the counters and even his face.
"kuroo tetsurou." you muttered, a sleepy frown on your face "what are you trying to attempt at this hour?"
he laughed nervously; slowly relaxing back to a neutral yet sheepish stance and scratching the back of his neck.
"well, you see-" he gestured to the area around the two of you "i was obviously trying to bake cookies but the cookie sheets were stacked under a bunch of other stuff so i though i could be smart and like, gently pull them out from underneath all of that but that didn't work and before all of that i spilt flour when trying to pour the right amount and then-" you interrupt with a groan.
"listen, as adorable and wholesome that is," you send him a halfhearted glare "you have to clean this up."
"but you didn't let me finish." he tried to explain "i was-"
your eyes widen; body alert for the first time that night as the slight smell of smoke wafted in the air. pivoting your body towards the oven, you ditch the blanket shell that had been surrounding you and quickly open it to be met with a gathering fog of smoke. grabbing the nearest towel with one hand and fanning away the carbon dioxide with the other, you pull out the tray of what looks to now be lumps of coal. wincing at the sight of the once perfectly mixed cookies now burnt beyond recognition, kuroo rushes to explain only to be shot down by a look.
"next time," setting down the tray and turning to him, you lean against the counter "start by saying that there is something in the oven." he nods wordlessly and chuckles, pecking you on the cheek.
"i bet they still taste good through."
"love, no. they're burnt."
Tumblr media
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sunarent · a day ago
Tumblr media
chapter ten
Tumblr media
series masterlist
Tumblr media
It has only been a few days. You were gone for a mere few days.
So why did it feel so weird being back?
Nothing has changed. The kitchen was still clean, no pots in the sink, chairs neatly pushed to the table, the very same jackets hanging on the side when you enter your home. Your bed was still made, floors rid of any dirty laundry. The only difference was the messy couch, your favorite throw blanket lazily folded on the side, a few pillows looking squashed.
It was still the very same home.
And still you have never felt more anxious than you did right now, sitting on the very same couch that stood in the living room that you had made so many memories in as you were waiting for your husband to come home. Eyes constantly darting to the clock on the wall, checking the time, rubbing your hands over your bottoms to dry your sweaty hands, cracking your knuckles and tapping your foot on the floor - doing almost anything to make the time pass.
And before you even knew it, the front door opened and a panting, sweating young man stumbled in, whose eyes immediately found your figure once he entered the living room.
You stared at each other for long moments before you finally found the courage to speak up. »Hi Tsum« you whispered, teeth pressed into the flesh of your bottom lip.
»You’re home« he stated, almost like he didn’t believe you were actually here, his voice hushed, not much louder than a whisper.
Slowly nodding you couldn’t help but smile a little. »Yeah« you affirmed, eyes still not leaving him as he slowly stepped closer to you »I am«
»I- uh-« Atsumu cleared his throat, coming to a halt a few steps in front of you, quickly glancing at the empty space next to you, almost like he was contemplating if he should sit down before he looked back at you. »I‘m glad that you‘re home«
»I think we should talk« you blurted out, averting your gaze from your husband in front of you, instead staring down at your fidgeting fingers in your lap.
You couldn’t see Atsumu gulping in front of you, his jaw clenching as his mind was racing back and forth. »Do you-« he took in a deep breath, blinking as he looked for the right words. »Uh-«
Silence settled over the two of you with both of your thoughts spinning, »Should I just-«
»Just sit down, please« you nodded, still staring in your lap.
The faux blonde was silent as he sat down, beside you, leaving a bit of space between your bodies.
And even those very few centimeters that seperated you, it felt like so much more.
»I- uh-«
»I’m sorry« Atsumu blurted out, his head thrown back and fists clenched »Shit, I’m so fucking sorry«
You couldn’t even look at him as he sighed, shaking his head at his own words. He really was sorry, he loved you, he loved you so much and yet he acted like he didn’t. Honestly, if he was you, he didn’t even know how he would react. He knew you must feel so much at once - sadness, anger, disappointment, betrayal - everything. And yet you still sat here, right next to him.
»I’ve been such a shitty husband to you« he continued, digging his fingernails in his own palms as he spoke and gritting his teeth »And I know I can’t take that back«
Letting out a dry chuckle he let his head hand forward, shoulders slumped. »I can’t undo all of this and I’m so, so fucking sorry«
More than anything, Atsumu was angry. Angry at himself. Angry for letting it come this far, angry for not realizing what was happening to his marriage, angry for thinking he could fix this easily. Because the truth was, he couldn’t.
He didn't even know if he was able to fix the damage he caused.
But that day he came home, knowing you were gone, knowing he messed up, he swore himself that he would try anything. Because he couldn’t imagine his life without you.
»I could barely eat or sleep when you were gone« he chuckles, shaking his head. »And I don’t want to blame you, because - fuck - that’s not your fault. I know I’m at fault for this«
Silence settled over the two of you, both of you caught up in your own thoughts.
»Why, Tsum?« you still shied away from him, simply staring down at your lap. »What happened to us?«
»Fuck I-« It was like his words got stuck in his throat, hitching his breath. He shook his head, hiding his face in his hands. »I don’t know«
»Don’t you want to come home anymore?« you breathed out, biting your inner cheek. »Don’t you miss me?«
And before Atsumu could answer you, before he could tell you just how much he missed you, you continued. »Did I do something wrong?« You couldn’t see your husband shaking your head, his eyes wide as his eyes sapped to you.
How could you even think that? It was him, he did everything wrong, he was the one that failed to be what he promised you to, he was the one who left you alone, he was the one who broke all his promises to you.
»I just want to be here for you«
»I love you so much, Tsum« you huffed, a sad smile on your face as you closed your eyes. Because you did. Besides everything, you still loved him more than anything - but what about him? »Don’t you love me anymore?«
As soon as those words left your mouth, you couldn't help but start crying.
You loved him, you loved him so much it hurt. But you just couldn’t stop.
Clenching his fists even harder, Atsumu drew his head in as he heard your sobs.
He was the one that did this to you. He made you cry, he hurt you, he betrayed you.
»Fuck, I do, I do, so, so much« he pleaded, finally taking a good look at you and forcing himsel to take in the tears rolling over your red cheeks and the way your shoulders shook with every breath you tried to take in. »Please, believe me, I do, I love you so much«
But did he really?
Your voice was quiet, almost broken as you spoke again. »Am I not good enough for you?«
Immediately you felt warmth engulfing your hands, pulling them closer to the young man next to you. »You are, baby, you are, you are more than good enough, please« His thumb dancing over the back of your hand. With your eyes still downcast you didn’t notice Atsumu looking at you, carefully observing your figure. »You’re my everything, baby«
»Then why aren’t you coming home anymore?« And just like that, the very question that has been on your mind all this time was out and honestly, you still didn’t know if you wanted to know the answer to it. »Why, Tsum?«
Atsumu’s silence made you retract your hands from his grip, placing them balled up into fists in your lap. You cleared your throat, mentally preparing yourself for the worst. »Answer me«
»I don’t- I don’t know« he finally spoke, shaking his head at his own answer. »Fuck, I don’t know«
You almost wanted to laugh, not even sure if that made it any better. Was it really so wrong of you to have your husband with you? To have him remember the important dates? To maybe, just maybe realize that he now was married - and that came with so much more than just love?
»You know, I know it was wrong of me to just run away« Sniffing, you rubbed your cheek with your sleeve, trying to compose yourself. »Really, I know. And I’m sorry for it«
In the corner of your eye you could see Atsumu preparing to say something, yet you decided to cut him off. »I know I should’ve talked to you« you continued, nodding your head at your own words. »And it’s not like I didn’t want to, but-«
You bit your lip, stopping for a moment. You knew you had to get this off your chest now, you knew that this was the one thing that you could control, the one thing you could do. »But I was never here«
Your husband let his head hang in shame. He knew you were right, he couldn’t blame you for any of this even if he wanted to. Truth to be told, he was the neglectful one, he was the forgetful one, he put everything else above you.
And there was nothing more he wished for than to be able to take that back.
»Don’t you want to make this work?« you finally asked, allowing yourself to take a look at Atsumu again. »I can’t do it alone, Tsum«
»I can’t«
Ripping your gaze away from him again, you rubbed your temples, taking a deep breath.
»I’m tired« you whispered, shaking your head »So, so tired«
»I know, baby« Atsumu whispered as he slowly reached for your hand, almost breathing out a sigh of relief as you allowed him to do so, pressing a soft kiss on it. »And I’m so, so sorry«
Choking down a sob himself, Atsumu continued to caress the back of your hand. »I never wanted to hurt you so much«
»I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you« he paused for a short second, clearing his throat »If you let me«
»I want to show you just how much I love you« he squeezed your hand, lips ghosting over it »I want to treat you the way you deserve«
»I want to show you that I can be more than just a shitty and neglectful husband«
Your heart almost stopped as you noticed Atsumu kneeling down in front of you, now taking both of your hands into his and pressing a soft kiss on them.
»I never meant to take you for granted like that« Seeing him in front of you like this, you couldn’t help but think back to the very day he proposed to you, proclaiming his undying love and almost begging you to marry him - and now here he was in the very same position, begging you to stay with him. »And there’s no explanation I can give you. There's nothing I can say to make this okay and I know that«
Brown eyes looking at you with nothing but pure love and admiration, he gently squeezed your hands, pressing another small kiss on it before interlacing your fingers with his slender ones and pulling them into his chest.
»Please let me try and be better for you«
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for sticking with me through this. still debating about an epilogue. i have an idea, but m not sure. i like leaving it ambiguous tbh. please come into my inbox and tell me what you think - about vows, the ending, the characters, anything.
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drumino · 15 hours ago
third of december.
tsukishima kei x m!reader
female aligned do not interact.
warnings: none. this is a day late from the 3rd... poorly written romance. i suck. fluff, reader is a transfer student. this isn't proofread.
falling in love was something you barely thought of. that was, until he came.
it was like the world had suddenly gained color and had turned truly beautiful, which had never happened to you before. this feeling was foreign to you yet you liked it--you never felt the need to express something so badly.
you had first met tsukishima when you came to school a week after the first semester started. you had been in appointments due to your condition, but you were getting better. the teacher asked for tsukishima to raise his hand, as there was a seat beside him that would soon be yours. he didn't pay attention to you, and raised his hand. you made your way towards the seat and put your things down. he didn't even spare a glance towards you, but you didn't put a thought to it and listened in on what the teacher was saying.
when the bell rung, the teacher called tsukishima up.
"well, hello there! sorry to bother you tsukishima, but are you able to guide [name] here? he is new, and i do believe this will be a good benefit to you!" the teacher smiled kindly and tsukishima sighed.
"all right."
clapping their hands, the teacher gave a toothy grin.
"great! now you two go on and introduce yourself! i have to go get some papers from the office,"
the teacher walked out of the classroom, and tsukishima followed. he stopped by the entrance when he noticed you weren't following him. he sighed.
"come on, or you'll be late to what? science? i also have that class," you were confused as to how he knew your next class. it seemed tsukishima saw your confusion, because he brought up the paper from his hands for you to notice.
"wha--where?" your paper was gone. how'd he get that?
"hurry up, i don't want to ruin my perfect attendance because of a new student,"
he left the classroom, and you quickly followed behind him. he seemed okay.
okay, maybe describing him as 'okay' was a mistake. he was a little shit. he always teased you, even for the smallest of things. you would be changing into your physical education uniform and he'd start pointing out how slow you are, or when you run how weird you run. it sometimes gets on your nerves but you've learned to deal with it. he is a good person deep inside, even if he doesn't show it.
maybe some feelings had begun to grow in between you two, because of that feeling deep in your stomach that fluttered when he glanced at you. or the slight chill you'd get when he evilly cackled at something stupid you did.
it was all because you were falling in love.
you planned to maybe confess your feelings to him on the third of december. you'd heard that it was a time where you could ask a crush out and ask for their sweater and then have a romantic day, but you felt that tsukishima's personality and actions would contradict that.
the two of you were walking home after his practice--one you had gone to watch--with the sun setting already. it was getting a bit chilly; the time being december after all. he kept side eyeing you. why did he expect a request to come from you?
well, yamaguchi had told him what today was, what people made the third of december to be. it was silly, but tsukishima wanted for you to ask for his jacket.
"aren't you cold?"
you slightly jumped at the sudden interruption of silence. you turned to look at the bloinde.
"oh, well, maybe i am...."
was it time?
"are you that stupid to not bring a thicker jacket at this time of year?" he moved closer and took off his jacket, revealing that he had another one under that. he shoved it towards you and once you took it, he stuffed his hands in his pockets. why was he blushing and feeling all giddy? it was only giving you his stupid jacket after all.
to you, you were astonished. you felt as if the world was going to explode; as if you were going to explode. he had given you his jacket without you asking, and you weren't going to waste the possible limited opportunity. you gladly put tsukishima's jacket on, and inhaled the cold air with a subtle smell of cologne.
both of you began to walk in a comfortable silence, your arms almost touching.
you were glad this day had happened and so was tsukishima.
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remuswriting · a day ago
day off; i. hajime
Summary: Y/N loved when his and Hajime’s schedules lined up.
Pairing: Timeskip! Iwaizumi Hajime/Male! Reader
Tags: Nurse! Reader, Fluff
Word Count: 413 words
Notes: This is my first time writing for Iwaizumi, so I really hope it doesn’t suck.  Also, I’m still not the best at writing fluff lol.
Tumblr media
Y/N loved when his and Hajime’s schedules lined up and they could spend the day together at home.  It was rare, especially with the Olympics coming up and Y/N being a nurse during the pandemic, so it made these days perfect. Hajime would say that Y/N thought that every day he wasn’t in public was perfect, but it was different when Hajime was with him.
They slept a lot on these days, which people found out of character for Hajime.  Everyone said it made sense for Y/N, since he worked in a hospital five days a week, but Hajime was an athletic trainer; he shouldn’t be exhausted.  Y/N didn’t believe that thinking because Hajime dealt with a bunch of rowdy volleyball guys who acted like they were still in high school half the time.  The only person who agreed with him was Oikawa, who apparently knew some of the team from high school.
Y/N woke up first today and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and read the news.  Toast and water sat in front of him on the table as he scrolled through articles.  He looked at the toast and wondered if he should eat while he took his vitamins so then he’d remember when he took his vitamins.  The only issue with that is there was the risk of waking Hajime.
There were footsteps on the stairs and Hajime was walking towards him with squinted eyes.  He was still half asleep, most likely searching for Y/N after realizing he was alone in bed.  He was wearing one of Y/N’s university shirts, even though he had a similar one.  They had met in university, so they wore each other’s university shirts, but that didn’t make the fondness Y/N had whenever he saw Hajime in his clothes.
“What’re you doing?” Hajime asked, sleep laced his voice.
“Reading,” Y/N said, and Hajime’s eyes squinted even more.  Hajime shook his head slightly as he went over and sat in Y/N’s lap.  Y/N adjusted his arms for Hajime to sit more comfortably. Soon enough Hajime’s face was tucked into the crook of Y/N’s neck. “You comfortable?”
Hajime simply hummed in response as he grabbed at the fabric of Y/N’s white shirt to stabilize himself.  Y/N wrapped an arm around Hajime’s shoulders and started to play with Hajime’s hair as he went back to reading the news.  Soft snores came from Hajime a couple minutes later.
Y/N loved when his and Hajime’s schedules lined up.
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sinfulcries · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
authors note. ITS OFFICIALLY KINKTOBER! oh my god I wanted to join so bad but I realized that I can’t post everyday ugh poopoo as fuck anyways, i wanna make a pretty girl/boy’s belly bulge i’m sobbing so hard
tw. porn links, tummy bulging, cnc-ish, massive size difference, manhandling, juicy big fat cock reader, feminization ( fem petnames ), daddy kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Atsumu likes it rough we all know that, so when you immediately start to thrust into him,
he instantly notices the bulge in his belly and he can’t help but get mesmerized seeing you move so quickly in and out of him!
you’re rutting into his tight little cunny like a feral beast in rut
and with the way your cock just pokes out of him, proving just how massive you are,
metaphorical hearts practically glow in his eyes as he begs for you to fuck him deeper
You knew just how much Atsumu loved to be treated and bred like a whore however, you didn't expect him to play the role so fucking well. With the way he babbled and squealed hips moving forward to take your cock in deeper, you would’ve mistaken your boyfriend for a cheap, common slut.
“DADDY DADDY! ‘Yer gonna fuckin’ ah! b-break me!” He moaned, fingers leaving deep scratches on your broad back as his hole practically milked your cock dry. “I know you enjoy this princess, Your cute stomach’s bulging too” You grinned in response, angling your hips to thrust in to the blonde much deeper. “ ‘Gonna fucking break your pretty pussy”
Tumblr media
kenma’s already so tiny, you knew that fitting your cock inside of him would take a lot of prep.
however when you do manage to get the boy to take your cock, kenma’s moaning and sobbing so prettily, whimpering about how it’s too big and that he should just cockwarm you instead <3
what kind of boyfriend would you be if you didn’t prove how well he could actually take your cock? and you do just that,
fucking him in front of a mirror so that he’s forced to watch your cock moving inside of him, rearranging his guts
he soon turns into a braindead cock whore!
"Ngah! I c-can’t take it!” Kenma squealed girlishly, feeling his insides clenching around your massive cock like a vice as you continued to rut into him like a feral beast. The lewd sound of your balls smacking harshly against the underside of his ass accompanied by his high pitched moans and pleads were honestly driving you insane, and the urge to knock him up with that bulge in his tummy was too hard not to resist with how pretty he looked sobbing on your cock.
“I know you can take it kitten, Look at how tiny you are, taking my massive cock nicely.” You grunted, battering his prostate as breathless pants only leave his lips in response. How was he supposed to respond with your cock fucking him dumb? Such a cruel man you were and yet Kenma loved every second! “M— Taking d-daddy’s cock like a g-good boy!”
Tumblr media
another confident man, he’s positive that he can take your cock like a champ!
it’s so adorable seeing his cockiness crumble the moment your thick head prods against his puffy rim
realization hits him and he goes, shit this is not going to fit inside of me
he’s still too prideful to give up! So he takes it in anyway, and he can feel his tummy stretching, trying to accommodate your cock as it bulges out of him
“You’re taking too long, babydoll. Can you even take it?” You teased watching as the man on top of you struggled to take in your cock. Semi was beyond embarrassed, only having been able to take in your tip during the past few minutes he spent cursing at you about how he could take your cock. “Yer well prepped too, am I that big?” You inquired cockily.
Semi only sent you a glare deciding to finally take you in as he slowly sank himself down on your cock, his back arching impossibly as he took in every inch. “F-Fuck too big!” He gasped, eyeing the bulge in his milky stomach. “I c-can feel you in my haah— fucking guts.”
Tumblr media
he’s so sensitive and obsessed with it! he may seem like a simple man but this boy’s a fucking menace
he’ll pull you in closer as you fuck him making sure that every inch of your cock’s nice and snuggled inside of him
press on the bulge in his belly and he’ll be squealing and squirting like a dumb little girl!
you’ll also feel his walls deliciously tighten around your cock when you do so
and the boy just loves when you take advantage of how huge and strong you are!
The sight of Akaashi’s puffy hole sucking your cock in so effortlessly was so erotic, you could feel yourself almost going crazy! The way his eyes were rolled into the back of his skull, tongue lewdly lolled out as you fucked him full nelson in front of a mirror was overkill for you and your fat cock.
“AH AH AH! S-SIR, S TOO DEEP!” The man cried out, fogging his glasses in the process as you pounded balls deep into his prostate. The bulge in his pretty tummy only proved that you were indeed way too deep inside of the pretty little boy. “Take it for daddy will ya?”
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complexgods · a month ago
dilf kuroo who starts talking 2 his younger neighbor, YES THEY’RE LIKE 21 DW. things are going good until maybe a few months later they get closer and closer.. till one day kuroo says he wants to “try something out”.
he ends up yanking y/n’s hair while fucking him up against a sink.
Tumblr media
I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO WRITE THIS ONE!! Seriously your mind is galaxy-
Warnings: Dilf!Kuroo x M!reader (FEM READERS DNI), age gap, alcohol consumption, food mention, oral, choking, hair pulling, spitting, biting, ass eating, rimjob, finger sucking, bottom!reader, use of the nickname "baby", not proofread (I went kind of insane with this one skjdch)
Tumblr media
You loved your new neighbourhood. You really did. You were proud of the house you managed to buy at only 22 years old, and you were happy that you got along with all your neighbours. You got along really well with your next-door neighbour, Kuroo. He was a single father of two kids, and he has taken quite a liking to you for some reason. He was always bringing you various things and waved to you whenever he saw you, flashing a kind, warm smile. You couldn't deny that you were attracted to him, the way his greying hair was always styled to perfection and the way his jeans perfectly hugged his ass often had you staring. However, you knew that chances with him were slim to none. You weren't stupid. He was way more experienced, not to mention a father of two. He most definitely was not into men, and even if he was, you were convinced he saw you as just his younger neighbour, nothing more. So, you simply enjoyed the conversations you shared in the driveway that grew longer with every time, knowing nothing more will ever happen.
You couldn't have been more from the truth, however, as you were soon going to find out.
"Kuroo-san! What are you doing here?" You asked when he rang the doorbell, leaning against the doorframe like he was some sort of movie star.
"I was bored. The kids are with their mother, and I had nothing to do. I thought I'd come by for an impromptu visit and invite you for dinner."
You blinked, not sure what to say. He simply looked at you expectantly, his eyebrows raised.
"Uh… Yeah sure! Sounds fun. Should I bring anything?"
"Nope, it's all taken care of." He replied with a wink. "See you later then! Does 6 sound good?"
"Yeah, that's- that's good." You swallowed before closing the door, blushing furiously once he was gone. Why was the fact that he winked at you so hot?
You decided not to show up empty-handed, however, opting for a classic bottle of red wine that your parents swore by. It wasn't the most expensive one but it got the job done and tasted rather nice.
"So glad you made it!" Kuroo said with a warm smile, patting you on the shoulder.
He was wearing a washed-out apron that his kids probably made for him in an arts and crafts session when they were younger because on it was written "World's Best Dad" in child's handwriting. How he managed to look good in even that baffled you.
"Please, come inside!" He urged kindly, taking the bottle of wine from your hands as you entered it.
You've never really been in Kuroo's house before, so this was definitely new territory. It was a nice house, clean and modern, but it definitely looked like a home first and foremost. It smelled like food already, and you couldn't wait to see what Kuroo had planned. It smelled absolutely delicious. You followed Kuroo into the living room, where he had you sit down and immediately poured you a glass of wine.
"The food will be ready in a while. For now, let's just enjoy the fact that my kids aren't screaming around the house." He sat on the other side of the loveseat, holding his own glass of wine.
You quickly fell into a deep conversation, the bottle of wine emptied before you knew it. Dinner was delicious as well, Kuroo was really an exceptional cook. The evening passed within a blink, and you insisted on helping him tidy up.
"You really don't have to," Kuroo said, trying to get you to sit down again.
"I know, but I was taught to help, so I will." You responded, taking the plates as well as the cutlery and putting them in the dishwasher.
"What's for dessert?" You asked, hearing Kuroo enter the kitchen.
When he didn't respond, you turned around to find him smirking at you. You couldn't help but swallow.
"You tell me." He said, taking a step closer to you.
The look on his face had you look up at him with an uncertain and intimidated expression.
"Wh-what do you mean?" You managed to whisper, avoiding his eyes now.
"Oh don't play innocent with me. I see the way you stare at me when you think I'm not looking." He lifted your chin with a slender index finger. "Do you want this?"
You only managed to nod eagerly before Kuroo surprised you with an intense kiss. His lips were softer than you imagined, and you welcomed his tongue exploring your mouth. It was only when he grinded against you that you left out a small moan, which only prompted Kuroo to go further. He placed his thigh in between your legs, flexing the muscle so it would rub deliciously against your hardening cock.
"Already hard for me? We haven't even started." Kuroo chuckled, unbuttoning his shirt as you unbuckled his belt.
"You're so needy." He said, pulling you into another heated kiss.
You dipped your hand into his boxers, feeling his own hardening cock against your palm. He felt big. You gave it a few experimental tugs, feeling it twitch in your hand. You moaned at the feeling.
"Can- I-" You asked, slowly pulling down the elastic of his boxers, slowly getting on your knees.
"Yes of course." Kuroo sounded breathless and you couldn't get enough of it.
Kuroo's cock sprung free and you practically drooled at how thick his cock was. How were you supposed to take him? Shaking that thought away, you cupped his balls, slightly massaging them, earning a twitch from his dick and a moan from the back of his throat. Precum was leaking from his tip and you decided to kitty-lick the tip, just to see what reaction you'd get. He involuntarily thrust his hips into you, gripping the back of your hair.
"Please for the love of all that is holy-" Kuroo started but was cut off by a moan as you took him as far as you could without gagging.
"Fuck your mouth feels so good baby," He gripped your hair tighter as he thrust into your mouth.
You choked, gripping onto his thighs as you tried taking him deeper, feeling drool running down your chin. When he finally pulled away, you gasped for air, wiping the drool from your chin. It was worth it hearing the low groans Kuroo let out.
"Turn around. I wanna try something."
He pulled down your jeans and boxers in a swift motion, exposing your leaking cock to the cool air. You moaned when he spread your ass, waiting for something to happen. Before you knew it, he spat onto your hole, making you jump. He immediately started eating you out, his tongue teasing your rim oh-so deliciously. When his tongue finally entered your puckering hole, you were a mess, gripping onto the kitchen sink as best as you could, not daring to touch yourself for fear that you'd cum too quickly.
"God. You're so fucking hot." Kuroo groaned as he spread your cheeks with one hand, the other one finding your mouth.
He pressed two fingers into your mouth, urging you to wet them. When he was satisfied, he pulled his hand away, immediately sliding two fingers into you. You welcomed the stretch, arching your back into his fingers, taking him deeper. You hissed when he scissored his fingers, opening you up for him. He curled his fingers finding that spot inside you with ease, making you see stars.
Only when he was three fingers deep inside you did he stop assaulting your hole pulling completely away for a second. He returned not ten seconds later, and you could hear a wrapper crinkling.
"Gotta stay safe, right?" He said with a sly grin when you looked back at him.
Once the condom was on, he slowly sunk into you, groaning at the feeling. You tried your best to stay quiet in order to focus on getting through the initial sting of the stretch. Kuroo stopped once he reached the hilt, and you felt like you couldn't breathe anymore.
"Does it feel good?" Kuroo asked genuinely.
You only managed a weak whimper and a nod, which didn't satisfy him. He yanked at your hair with force, exposing your neck to him, pushing himself even deeper into you.
"I didn't hear you, baby."
You moaned out a loud "yes," and he let go of your hair, satisfied. Instead, he growled before gripping your hips as he slammed into you with no restraint. You could hardly breathe, feeling your ass cheeks sting with how hard Kuroo was pounding against them.
"Are you close?" You heard him ask in between thrusts, panting.
When you didn't respond, Kuroo took the hint and reached over your waist to pump your cock.
"You're leaking so much- fuck." Kuroo growled in your ear before biting into your shoulder, hard.
You shouted out as you came, not expecting the bite. That pushed Kuroo over the edge, and he came with a loud groan, finally stilling his hips inside you.
Once he pulled out and disposed of the condom, you both looked at each other, laughing. Your legs were trembling so hard you needed to sit down, and Kuroo brought you a warm towel to clean yourself up.
"Well. That was definitely not what I was expecting- but…" You started, not sure how to continue.
"But…?" Kuroo urged you on.
"It was great. Incredible, even"
"Yeah. We should do that again sometime."
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fatherkei · 11 days ago
soft tummy kenma
cw: talks of kenma’s body, slight body insecurity, mirror sex, bottom!kenma, top!reader, praise kink, rough sex, body worship, kinda fluffy
minors dni
we all know kenma’s a fucking gamer. therefore, we can all infer that he doesn’t have rippling arm muscles and toned legs. though some of the muscle from his high school volleyball days remains, a lot of it has softened into the squishy, pudgy skin he has today. i just know his thighs are smooth and make great cushions to lay your head on (or in between). he never had abs in high school, though he got fairly close. nowadays, his stomach is a pale velvety wonderland for you to run your hands over and squeeze the plush skin around his waist. his hips feel like warm dough in your hands when you sink your nails into them as you fuck him from behind in front of a mirror, massaging his soft tummy and praising him for how cute and squishy he is. he may get extremely embarrassed and tell you to stop, but you know he secretly loves it so you continue kneading the flesh in your hands whenever you get the chance. 
from his position in front of the mirror, kenma can see everything. his pale body glistening in the moonlight from sweat and cum, you hands tenderly gripping his plush hips, and his cock bobbing between his thigh as you fuck him at a rough pace. his once neat bun he spent so much time on before his previous stream is now in shambles from how hard the two of you had been going at it, sweat-drenched darkened piece of blonde and brown hair sticking to his face and neck, yet he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
“fuck, you’re so perfect, ken.” he hears you grunt out. he looks up and makes eye contact with you in the mirror. your hands dig into the soft flesh of his hips and thighs as you pound into him. “your skin’s so soft, so squishy, baby.” you suddenly sink your nails into his skin, causing kenma to whimper and almost fall over on shaky legs. “love holding you like this so much.” 
kenma hangs his head low and tears his gaze away from the mirror in embarrassment. “don’t say shit like that,” he breathes out. “its, ah! it's embarrassing.” 
you reluctantly move one hand from his hip to grab him by the jaw and turn his head to look at you over his shoulder. “come on, baby. i know you love it,” you whisper into his ear. “you fucking love when i touch you all over. you’re so gorgeous baby, how could i not?” 
kenma moans at your praise and reaches his arms behind him to wrap around your neck. He looks back at the mirror and stares into your eyes, a sultry look on his face. the prettiest blush has spread across his cheeks from your constant praise, god he’s sexy. “whatever, just keep fucking me,” he breathes, one hand coming down to stroke his cock. 
you chuckle and place a chaste kiss at the base of his neck. “as you wish.” 
at this point, you’ve become obsessed with it, always wanting your hands on some part of his body. and it wouldn’t be that much of a problem if kenma wasn’t so goddamn sensitive. it's as if you have conditioned him to get horny every time he feels your touch against his skin, especially his stomach and hips. the second he feels your large, warm hands creeping up his hoodie or down his sweatpants he can’t help but pop a boner. not that you mind, of course. 
kenma wakes up to warm wandering hands on his stomach. your activities from the previous night, which led to the both of you sleeping naked, provided easy access for you to slip your hands over his delicate skin and feel him, from the goosebumps that raise from your touch to the soft, dark hairs under his belly button leading down, down, down to one of your favorite places in the world to be, right in between kenma’s supple thighs. 
kenma shifts in his half-awakened state, trying to shake your hands off. last night was insane for the two of you and he doesn’t think he could go for another round. yet, your roaming hands seem to be proving him wrong. “really? already? we just woke up, at least let me brush my teeth,” kenma complains. 
“what, i wasn’t doing anything,” you whine in defense. 
kenma sighs and turns his head to look at you. his breath hitches slightly at the sight of you. no matter how many times he wakes up beside you, he will never get used to your beauty, how mesmerizing you look, even after a night’s rest. he rids himself of those thoughts though and goes back to scolding you. “you only touch me like that when you wanna fuck me,” he says, throwing you a pointed look.
“no,” you drag out, scooting closer so your faces are just inches apart. “i touch you like this because i love you and i love your body and i may wanna fuck you right now but can you blame me baby? your so fucking beautiful darling, you’re tearing me apart.” one of your hands cups his jaw, tucking a few stray hairs behind his ear. 
he turns away from you and blushes, not missing the small giggle it elicits from you. he sighs a fake sigh, “fine, but only because your morning voice is really sexy and i don't have anything planned for today, okay?” he gently shifts his hips back as he responds, feeling your already half-hard cock against him. 
your grin and take a hold of his hips, grinding yourself against his ass. “you’re too good to me, baby,” you whisper into his hair. he smiles and moans at the feeling, leaning into your touch. 
“yea, yea. just fuck me already,” he whines. you startle him by flipping him on his back and parting his legs, placing yourself in between them. you give him a quick kiss on the lips before kissing down his body, obviously stopping to admire his stomach. you look up at him to find him already staring at you, anticipation in his eyes. so, you continue, worshipping his soft, pillowy skin once again. 
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kozumedenki · 3 months ago
hey! i was wondering if i could request something? :) maybe for oikawa and reader is super stoic/scary looking but in reality he's really shy? oikawa flirts with him and like doesn't expect him to get all flustered, i think that could be cute😁
+ just for me, please ⮯
Tumblr media
the (color) haired teen froze up the moment he felt a hand against his arm, jaw clenching as he tried his best to keep a shy flush from his face. he didn't even have to look to know who's hand it was, making it even harder to steady his racing heart.
"still not speaking a word to me," tooru sighed, giving an exaggerated pout as he rested his cheek against (name)'s shoulder. "no fair, i wanna hear what kind of voice you have.
"please? just for me?"
the (tall/short) teen's face heated up, heart pounding in his ears as he tried to push the older off his arm. he was sure if tooru spoke another word, his heart would stop in his chest, god.
the brunette pulled away, whining like a child and tugging on his arm. "you're so mean. i bet you make the cutest faces to match your voice, come on. please, (name)."
that's when (name) couldn't hold back anymore, covering his heated face with his hand and trying to yank his arm from tooru's grip.
"oikawa, please. stop."
the setter's jaw dropped for a second, hazel hues looking at the other teen. his lips broke out into a smile and grabbed at his other hand, trying to pull it from (name)'s face. "let me see that cute expression you have, come on. please, (name). i'm so sure it's the cutest thing in the world. lemme see, lemme see."
(name) let out a soft whine, trying harder to keep his burning face hidden. he turned his face away to try and hide it in the collar of his volleyball jacket, eyes screwed shut to simply avoid the older's gaze.
"aww! come on, that's not fair. let me see your cute face, i don't want anyone else to see it before me. come on, (name)."
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melsun · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n : sorry I’m in bit of a slump :// can feel my writing get progressively worse so take wtv this is ig.
Tumblr media
⸗ kisses your forehead subconsciously.
it's more of a built-in reflex than a habit at this point, pulling you towards him by your arm, a quick peck landing on your head. it's the smallest of moments, yet so intimate— every time his lips touch your skin, you feel your heart skip a beat.
—iwaizumi, mattsun, daichi, ushijima, osamu, semi, akaashi, meian, aone, konoha, hirugami
⸗ keeps a hand firmly on your thigh.
whether you're sitting in his car, at the dining table for lunch, or in class, eyes fixated on your books— his palm rests on your lower thigh, occasionally squeezing it softly. it's a subtle gesture, but is how you communicate that you're always there by the other's side.
—sakusa, kita, daichi, kageyama, atsumu, kuroo, yaku, ukai jr., kyōtani, washio
⸗ links your pinkies together tightly.
his little finger is quick to find yours, wrapping around it securely— even if you aren't holding hands, they're always brushing against each-other. it's hardly noticeable, but c'mon, he can't keep his hands off—and neither can you.
—oikawa, kenma, nishinoya, yamaguchi, tendou, sugawara, lev, inouka, koganegawa, goshiki
⸗ rubs his cheeks against yours.
well, no, he’s not a cat, but nothing compares to the warmth of your face against his. he relishes the feeling of your soft skin touching his rougher face— so much so that it’s become a greeting of sorts whenever he sees you.
—kunimi, suna, asahi, bokuto, hinata, makki, komori, aran, akiteru, kindaichi, koganegawa, goshiki
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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tons-of-vball-huns · 2 days ago
[a/n: requests open!! also, i finally broke out of the kenma loop! yay me!]
Tumblr media
every time he sees something vaguely resembling stuff you like — or even stuff you might not really like but think it was cute —, bokuto would be overcome by an urge to get it for you. it’s like his brain sometimes goes to hoard mode — he must get you thing or else you’ll die. you honestly won’t even have the heart to do anything but take them from him with a thank you and a hug and a peck because, really, who would reject him when he looks so adorably proud of himself for having remembered what you’d like while holding an oversized hoodie with your favorite character inside a bubble? you wouldn’t, and that’s why you already have two oversized hoodies with the same design <3
Tumblr media
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localraspberry · 6 hours ago
Hello! can i request a hc (separate) for asahi daichi and Ushijima x m!reader that never been mad infront of them and actually kind, chill and caring boyfriend. How would they react that their boyfriend is in rage (not because of them) and his voice got really low like demons voice and actually really scary to be around when reader is in rage. And also reader tells them that he was surprised that his voice got low
Of course!
Tumblr media
Angry Boyfriend Headcannons
Characters featured: Asahi, Ushijima, Daichi
Reader pronouns: He/Him
Warning(s): None!
A/N: I zoned out a lot while writing this, definitely not my best work but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless!
Tumblr media
Sweet boy didn't even begin to think of how scary you could be when you were angry
Cause you're usually so sweet and he's only ever seen you when you're at your most chill and stuff
But unfortunately for him, someone had pissed you off A LOT today
You were all like: 😡🤬👺👿🔪
You TRIED to let out all the anger before your scheduled date with Asahi
But your patience was just
You were too busy grumbling to notice your lovely boyfriend behind you tapping your shoulder
Poor bby was concerned for you🥺
Keep in mind you still hadn't calmed down when he tried to get your attention
So when you turned around and greeted him with a deep voice and a scowl that could make Satan shit his pants
Homeboy almost fainted on the spot
You quickly realized it was him and started apologizing a mile a minute for scaring him as bad as you did
"I-it's ok (M/N), maybe we could t-talk about it on our date and try to resolve it together!"
Tumblr media
So Daichi has seen you be mildly annoyed or somewhat irritated with something/someone
But that's about it
He definitely knows better than to make you upset
Like you're his boyfriend ofc he wants to keep you happy
We Stan Daichi on this blog💜
But today was just not your day
At all
You got caught in a really bad rainstorm on the way to your college dorm
Only to find out you accidentally left your keys in the library
Which was on the complete OTHER SIDE OF THE CAMPUS were pissed
So you reached into your bag and pulled out your phone which thankfully was still there unlike your keys
And called up bby boy Daichi
He answered almost immediately
I love him so much it almost hurts🥴
But he was NOT expecting to be met with what sounded like corpse husband's long lost 3 octaves deeper sounding brother, telling him that he needed Daichi to come open the door to their dorm
There was an uncomfortable silence for a while until Daichi finally spoke up
"I'll be there in a second babe, when we get you all dried up you can talk to me and we'll go get your dorm key together ok?"
Tumblr media
So we all know what a powerhouse player ushi baby is
And OBVIOUSLY this means he's gonna have some sort of a fan club of sorts
So as his loving boyfriend, you essentially take on the role as lover AND bodyguard
Not that he really needs one like have you seen how beefed up this man is
Like throw me please sir
This one person in his little club was being ESPECIALLY clingy today
Batting their eyelashessss, hanging onto his arrrm, following him around like some kinda lost puppy dogg
Like hello??? That's YOUR job
The last straw was when they said they'd be lonely this weekend and needed someone to keep them company
But that wasn't all folks
Bug mistake on their part
You didn't wanna cause a scene
But you also wanted to make sure this little fan of his got the message the first time around
So you wrapped your arm around Toshi's bicep
Looked the person DEAD in the eye
And told them you don't play that shit so they better back off before it gets intense
Fan: Terrified😰
You: Livid🤬
Ushijima: confused yet somewhat intrigued🤨😶
Needless to say you won't be seeing much of them after that little threat conversation
Bby wasn't even slightly scared of your sudden voice drop
Taken off guard? Definitely
But scared? Nah
"(M/N) I appreciate you helping me out with , but maybe next time try not to scare them as badly. We wouldn't want anything bad to happen."
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed!
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seryueeeee · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N:;♡ — I'm getting my vaccine soon lmao help I'm scared of needles dnwjdjejd ANYWHOOO PLS ENJOY!!
Started;; 11/12/21 12:35 pm
finished;; 11/18/21 21:45
Tumblr media
Part! 2 Ushijima, Tendou, Hoshiumi, Osamu, Sakusa
@seryueeeee © Do not repost or modify/plagiarize
𝐏𝐓 1 — 𝐏𝐓 2 — 𝐏𝐓 3
Master list
Tumblr media
I don't really headcannon Ushiwaka as someone emotionless, he does express emotions but he just looks like he doesn't bcs of his Resting bitch face but he still manages to look good fkekfke
he was lovestruck when you first entered the gym and he knew very fucking well that he was in love that moment.
the way your hair swayed gracefully when you entered and your school wear flowing with your ethereal beauty felt unrealistic.
ever since then he doesn't feel the same anymore
he would give you compliments all the time to give you some type of hint that he likes you but you're just too oblivious to realize
mans get excited, happy and blushy when you told him that he's very cute and handsome, usually when people give him compliments he just shrug it of and thank them, but when it's you? he cannot reciprocate.
he's just gonna stand there like 🕴️ in a very very stiff way(mannequin challenge could never)
"I like you. Y/n" he accidentally spurted out, but there's no backing out now, he came prepared and will accept even if you don't like him.
but was surprised.
"I love you too, toshi!" with one of your signature bright smile shone.
the clueless boyfriend but easily understands things about relationships, he hasn't gone in a relationship with anyone yet before he met you.
really loves you gjdjfj hmu ushiwaka
Tumblr media
He was with you ever since first year, and he's been pining for you for a very very long time.
but doesn't have enough courage to tell you that he really likes you
he thinks he doesn't deserve you because you're way too good to be with him :((
but you proved him very very wrong
"I like you, wait no.. I love you, Tendou Satori" your voice light as a feather but with a huge impact
he felt like he's gonna ascend to heaven anytime soon
he couldn't blurt out that he loves you too as well because he's in pure bliss, but oh, that doesn't matter, you knew it all along.
the sweetest boyfriend out there!!!!
will go to your house to have some cuddle session with you
maybe cook some food for the two of you when your parents are busy.
he loves caring for you and treating you like a princess/prince because you really are.
Tumblr media
I don't really know anything about Hoshiumi that much but he's the type of person who tries to hold himself from being jumpy around you!
he just likes you too much, he can't help it anymore
tries to act calm and collected but inside he's panicking because you fell asleep on his shoulder
he feels jittery when you're near him(I love this bby boy ckjfke)
his feelings for you are pretty obvious, but it's hard to read because of how he acts
but he tries to show it by little gestures like helping you out, giving you compliments, being there for you when you needed company
he intended to confess to you that day he was way too shy lmaoao
mission failed successfully
you we're able to read the atmosphere that time when he tried to stutter out words but couldn't
"I like you too Hoshiumi" while giving him one of your sweet and tender smile
just like the other characters; he's sweet and affectionate
I feel like his love language is touch more than words
the type of boyfriend who will buy you McDonald's when you're not in the mood, or probably sneak out with you to go hangout at the children's playground, nearest volleyball court or at the skatepark
Tumblr media
Headcannon him as someone annoying(less annoying than his brother)and very playful
you guys have this playful banter
probably comments at your pictures on any other platforms you have that he coincidentally has to annoy the shit out of you(but also because he loves you)
he annoys your ass 24/7 and will never stop at all
you're too oblivious towards his feelings because he doesn't act all suspicious In front of you
he really loves you like real real bad
gives you compliments everytime but you thought it's just some kind of bro and best friend hyping each other thing
but deep down your stomachs filled with butterflies fluttering around because of his compliments
just like Hoshiumi, he does little gestures to give you hints that he likes you like, caring for you, cooking you food and walking down the street to give it to you whenever you're not in the mood to cook or maybe cook you a bento(he insisted), and annoying you
he confessed under an old tree, leaves bleached with golden, yellow orange-y hue, it was fall when he admitted and keeping it inside isn't enough to suffice and he's barely suffering from holding it in.
and to his fortune, you accepted because you fell in love with him also
he's the most caring boyfriend out there to likes to tend and care for you<33333
Tumblr media
Kiyoomi Sakusa isn't the typical guy to fall in love with someone, and if someone tries to get him into a relationship he just won't reciprocate their feelings and turn them down
that was until you came alone.
you were the reason why he couldn't focus on his practice, you were the reason why he can't sleep very well without thinking of you
he's self-aware of this so called feelings but he never expected to catch it from someone like you
you're understanding, you're kind, energetic but sometimes moody, you're dense sometimes but it didn't matter to him, because the first time he saw you; he was held captive by your immensely beauty
you'll never know but he sometimes stalks you on any other social medias you have to check up on you
he tends to avoid you sometimes because he believes that; he can't stand beside an angel or else he'll dIE
very dramatic Sakusa but whatever floats your boat I guess
he greatly appreciates your concern whenever you're somewhere crowded, you try and show him that he's comfortable beside you by doing necessary things like, sanitizing your hands everytime, changing face masks now and then and any other things
unbeknownst to you, his heart felt a very unfamiliar pang, and he knows it's love
he tries to be obvious so you can pick up some gestures that he's into you
one day, he couldn't bring himself to confront you about his feelings so he just made a letter, while komori teases him and helps him confess to you he really wants to confess to you face to face but he's a coward
avoided you for 2 days because he's scared and embarrassed
so instead of chasing him on the halls, you asked komori a favor to give your hand written letter to Sakusa
as he reads the neatly folded paper smells like strawberry and blueberry scented; head spinning as he reads the first paragraph
his pale face flushed as he folds the paper back, set it in front of his clean table, buried himself to a pile of pillows and screamed.
the very very caring and also clueless boyfriend
treats you like a Queen/king
and his reason? because you are a royalty in his eyes
will definitely drop down on his knees for you<3333
Tumblr media
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sunarent · 23 days ago
before he proposes
characters: bokuto. kageyama. kuroo. sakusa. suna.
genre: fluff
Tumblr media
BOKUTO can’t contain his excitement. he is way more talkative, stumbling over his words and shifting constantly - either in his seat or on his feet. a lovestruck grin is etched on his face, it’s almost creepy how he can’t stop giggling. his eyes are glued on you and only you and if it were him he would pop the question right then and there - and chances are he just might.
KAGEYAMA spaces out. he wants to listen to you, he knows he should, but his mind is overwhelmed with thoughts. will you even accept? isn’t it too early? did he get the right ring size? will you like the ring? oh god, will he mess up? will he make a fool of himself? he won’t - he can’t. he loves you too much, you have to accept, right? and it is when you brush his hair out of his face, looking at him with worried eyes that he knows he is making the right choice.
KUROO looks like he did on your very first date. he is way more flirty, well, he tries to be. but his attempts to charm you are more clumsy than anything - full of shitty puns and jokes he told you over the years. and yet you laugh at them like you heard them for the very first time, shaking your head at his antics. you don’t notice how he mentally curses at himself, wondering why the hell he acts like he’s in high school again.
SAKUSA has always been good at masking his nervousness, opting to fidget his fingers out of your field of vision and simply staring at you as you talk. he can’t help the little smile that creeps onto his lips, his cheeks already starting to hurt. and just as you start to vividly articulate yourself, hands moving to strengthen your point he grabs them like it’s the simplest thing in the world, effectively cutting you off. yes, you‘re the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
SUNA is incredibly touchy and smiley - so much so it concerns you. he can’t wait to pop the question, he can’t wait to see the ring on your finger. he daydreams about the future to come, his fingertips brushing over your skin as you sit beside him, engrossed by the movie playing on your tv, not noticing how suna’s hand lays on his thigh, hiding the little velvety box. it isn’t until he stole one last sweet kiss from you that you finally ask him what’s gotten into him - and that is when he sinks down on his knees.
Tumblr media
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cloudytamaki · 6 months ago
hq & when you grab their hips
viv’s notes: inspired by mira’s post here ; why are hips so sexy?
iwaizumi • he’s standing at the counter, making up a grocery list when you walk over to him, grabbing his hips and moving him to the right. “just needed to get something.” he looks surprised when you grab something out of the cupboard and he’s staring at you when you close the cupboard. “what?” “nothing.” he awkwardly goes back to writing down groceries, his cheeks dusted a light pink.
terushima • he’s bent over, grabbing some shirts from the lower drawers when you put a hand on his right hip, gently pushing him to the left as you crouch beside him, stuffing some clean laundry into the drawers. he doesn’t say anything about it, not surprised or flustered, but he can say he liked it.
suna • this man has reflexes; he’s putting some folded quilts on the top shelf of the closet when you walk over with some more blankets, pushing his right hip to the side with your palm. as soon as he feels the movement, a kiss has been planted on your lips. he doesn’t react when your eyebrows raise, continuing to stuff quilts up onto the shelf.
bokuto • he’s doing the dishes, right in the middle of the sink, and you have to water your windowsill plant. so, you place both hands on his hips and swoosh him to the side, scooting over to water your plant when he’s out of the way. “baby!” he’s looking at you with soap suds all over his forearms, surprised and delighted at the movement. “what?” he doesn’t take the hip-adjusting as a sexual thing, just a soft thing meaning you’re expressing affection — he pecks you on the cheek and continues to wash the dishes while you water your plant.
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bunnybokuto · a month ago
"earning your keep.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⋆˚ ༘ ✧.* dilf, sadist shinsuke kita + gender neutral, masochist reader ·˚ ༘ *✧.
Tumblr media
—warnings: sadist kita, masochist reader, gn reader, dom!kita, sub!reader, age gap between reader and kita, reader is called "baby", "honey", "sweetheart", a "pain slut", a "slut", needy!reader, slight brat!reader, alcohol consumption (all characters), punishment in response to disobedience, impact play (with objects and his hands), spanking, temperature play, penetration (receiving), finger sucking, praise, use of safewords and the stoplight system, nipple play (receiving), overstimulation (receiving), biting (receiving), corruption kink (kita has one for reader as they develop throughout), dumbification (receiving), reader lulls in and out of subspace, reader sits in shinsuke's lap, hair pulling, rough sex, no aftercare depicted (but it would happen).
—word count: 8.5k.
—note: hi <3 this is the longest piece i've ever written! any feedback, questions, or comments are appreciated!! please be sure to thoroughly read the warnings, because this piece is a collection of scenes and therefore contains a lot of different topics. thank you for reading, and thank you, cloud @blvckjvckvls, for beta-reading. <3 K.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’d never expect something like this from shinsuke kita.
nobody would ever suspect anything to be out of the ordinary about him, because to most people, he’s obscenely normal and easy to get along with, despite how he always seems to have a lecture prepared to address any comment that might provoke it.
he’s a good guy through and through, known by all to be a responsible, reliable guy; the kind you’d ask to house-sit for you and not have to worry about him eating all of your food or rifling through your medicine cabinet.
they see him as respectful, responsible shinsuke kita, former captain of inarizaki high’s volleyball team, who went straight from high school into being an incredibly successful farmer and helping his granny with any and all household chores. he was always so good to her; she didn’t even have to say a word before he was there to refill her water, help her up the stairs, or steal a broom right from her hands and get to work himself.
he’s grown now, but he hasn’t ever lost his momentum. on the days that are hard, he just sighs, wiping the sweat from his brow and moving on steadily, hoping only that the next one would be less burdensome-- but not that the work would get easier.
it wouldn’t be honest, he thinks, to wish for less work or less strain, because if he’s not doing it, who is?
and if you didn’t have some sort of strange feeling in your belly about it (and if shinsuke hadn’t just lectured you on trusting your gut when you couldn’t decide what piece of produce from his stand to bring home), you might think the same things as everyone else and never give him a second glance.
somehow, as he held the fresh fruit out to you (he had given you both for free so that you didn’t have to make the decision, saying that he really didn’t mind since he had a surplus anyway), you knew there was something special about him. you didn’t really have a choice but to think about him constantly, and you couldn’t refuse the opportunity to figure him out.
with every weekly visit to the farmer’s market, you see more and more of his “other” side-- the one that’s reserved for quiet moments and private admissions of feeling. you see the warm, kind, and loving shinsuke kita.
the first time that he laid eyes on you, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. this feeling of violent attraction was so alien that he wasn’t sure if he had caught a cold or something, because the way he was unable to control his reaction to just seeing you made him feel all shook up inside. he hadn’t had a crush in years, and the way you filled his belly with butterflies and danced through the clouds made him stand up a little straighter.
at the time, he just told himself it was business. you wanted to buy local, fresh products and he sold local, fresh products.. it was transactional; nothing more, nothing less. he lied to himself, saying that was all there was to it.
just by looking at you, he could guess that he was older than you. there was no doubt about that, but the way you made him feel didn’t reflect any difference-- only a feeling of being pulled toward you by some invisible force. he felt like a teenager in love on that day-- flustered into ruffling his hair, which he keeps long now and tucked behind his ears when it’s not braided back into simple ropes tied at the ends with clear elastic.
he’d even unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, letting his white and gray chest hair show in a way that was a bit risque for him. sure, showing that amount of skin might not be a big deal for other people, but shinsuke likes to keep things collected and private. for you, however, he’s willing to make several exceptions to the rules he lives by when appropriate.
eventually, he becomes your shinsuke kita, the man who takes you to the farmer’s market with him every sunday morning so you can get first pickings and first tastes of produce while he stands proudly, guarding his harvest that sits arranged prettily in baskets on his wooden and gingham fabric decorated farmstand.
he watches you from afar, admiring with a soft smile and a tingle in his heart how you’ll inspect every individual strawberry, every inch of melon rind, or every stitch on a quilted blanket for any disturbances, smiling and holding up your treasure to show him across the market once you’ve found something worthwhile.
everything he’s learned about you and everyday he’s spent with you just makes him love you more, and he can’t believe that he got so lucky. and while every soft, caring moment and every lunch picnic and every dinner date means the world to him and pleasing you is what he lives for… shinsuke has always had more going on beneath the surface than he’d ever let on about, especially when it comes to sex.
especially when it comes to you.
despite every intimate detail you know about shinsuke kita, you would never expect him to be the kind of person who inflicts pain on others on purpose because it gets him off.
and you would especially not expect to hear that since the moment he saw you, he’s been placing you at the center of every filthy little fantasy in his head, picturing what you would look like with tears running down your face and your tongue pinched between his fingers, among many other perfect dreams that swirl around in his mind as he fucks his fist to the thought of you for what must be the millionth time.
shinsuke wasn’t sure why your sweet, gentle innocence made him want to push all of your buttons. he wasn’t sure why the thought of you sent him into a frenzy, or why he so badly wanted you to cry when he fucked you.
when you innocently teased him, asking if he wanted to “spice things up” in the bedroom, he was honest about it for the first time. he told you about his fantasies-- even if it made him blush and have to look away from your dropped jaw-- describing how he had pictured being just short of brutal to you and how he would take care of you afterward with a slightly bashful look on his face.
he had done plenty of reading on the topic, finding it unnecessary to resist and deprive himself of this pleasure of knowing what was out there and how it isn’t abnormal. how he isn’t abnormal. just in case someone came along that would fit with him in this way, he wanted to be prepared. and after so many years of thinking about it, he had plenty of ideas saved up.
but overall, what was the most confusing to him was how after doing thorough research and thinking about it for a few weeks, you brought it up again. he hadn’t forgotten that you were considering it, of course, but he didn’t want you to do it just for his sake. slightly disappointed but not resentful, he let it go.
or at least he had, until you came to him shyly, explaining how badly you wanted him to hurt you just like he had described. you wanted it so bad that you admitted that you’d touched yourself to the thought of him being rough with you, and were unable to stop thinking about it since.
so-- you talked about it in detail, discussing what would happen and what materials, if any, you wanted to start with. shinsuke insisted that you lead the decision making, reminding you that you’d be the one at his mercy and that although it’s awkward telling someone exactly what terrible things you want them to do to you and how you want them to make you fall apart, your feelings of safety and control would be prioritized above all.
he needed to know so he didn’t push you too far or give you something you didn’t want or couldn’t handle. these discussions weren’t optional and they never would be, and shinsuke was clear about that.
once he set his boundaries and you set yours, the plan was made to try it out together.
the first time wasn’t perfect, of course, because it wasn’t supposed to be. nobody’s first is their favorite-- it was about feeling, not about success or achieving any unrealistic goal. like anything, it took a while to get used to this fresh, tight newness and feel things out, seeing what worked and what didn’t, what felt natural and what was a stretch.
despite the apprehension that came with being new to it all or how silly you felt talking about it after the heat of the moment had cooled, neither of you could deny the fact that fucking hadn’t felt like that in a long time. lovemaking with shinsuke was always perfect, vulnerable, and intense, but you had to be honest-- deep inside, you longed for a loving that was vicious.
and as always, shinsuke was determined to give you everything you wanted-- and to do it right. nothing would be half-assed or unwilling. everything would be fulfilled to its greatest potential-- wholeheartedly executed and enforced.
every rule has an equally serious punishment that follows your failure to obey (or your choice to disobey), and everywhere you go, you’re reminded of these moments of intensity. normal, everyday objects send your mind right back to those times where shinsuke used something like that on you-- whether it was for pain or pleasure-- and that was all apart of his plan.
if he could make you unconsciously associate typical things with the mind-numbing mixture of pain and pleasure he brings you during a scene, you’d never be able to stop thinking about it even if you didn’t realize. you’d never be able to stop wanting him (not that you ever would, anyway).
simple things, like walking into the kitchen and grabbing a wooden spoon to stir vegetables with, bring memories flooding back about the time you tried teasing him, maybe thinking you’d earn a fun punishment or a kiss to hold you over for your efforts.
his friends from high school were over one night, all drinking and laughing over their shared memories and how nothing’s really changed at all-- when they come together again, it’s like no time has passed. as shinsuke stood by the stove and the rest of them sat in the living room, talking across the house and over the bar, they all howled with laughter and joy in remembrance of their fun times together.
and that was great, you’re glad that shinsuke is spending time with his old friends, but you don’t understand their inside jokes or the references to one of atsumu’s many embarrassments, and you’re bored.
it’s not fun feeling left out, and you wish shinsuke would pay a little more attention to you rather than just standing there, letting out a laugh every once in a while and adding his little comments along the way, usually disagreeing with the circumstances when they were making a joke at someone else’s expense and coming to the person’s defense-- like a true hero.
you know it’s not right to be jealous and needy for no reason-- because it’s not like he’d ever give them the same type of attention as you, and you know that. you just want him, no matter how little it is, right now. and he knows. it’s hard for him not to catch onto your desperation with the way you’re watching him like a hawk, eyes clinging to the apron that drapes across his waist and the slight blush on his cheeks from the wine and the kitchen’s heat.
“c’mere, baby,” he instructs, waving his hand toward him as the group continues talking over the kitchen island. their attention isn’t on you, thankfully, or they might see more than they’d want to in the next few minutes.
shinsuke pulls you close into his side, letting you wrap your arms around him and press your face into his chest, inhaling both his and the food’s scent. pressing a comforting kiss onto your hairline, he murmurs, “what’s wrong, honey? you don’t look like yer havin’ fun.”
“don’t worry about it, s’just the wine, probably,” you pout, brushing it off anyway. “just miss you.”
“i’m right here, baby,” he says, peering down at your needy expression as he pets your hair, giving you as much physical contact as is appropriate to give in front of others. he continues, “i’ll take care of ya later, right? y’know i always do.”
you smile lightly, reminded of that simple, but powerful truth. he always did take care of you, but that didn’t mean you wanted it easy when he did or, on the other hand, that he wanted it to be gentle tonight either.
“here,” he says, dipping two clean fingertips into the cream of the dish he’d been stirring for the last half hour. bringing them up to your mouth, he makes his voice low when he says, “taste it n let me know what ya think.”
you can’t believe that he’s doing this in front of everyone, and it almost makes you want to tell osamu to stop adding to shinsuke’s glass every time he takes a sip. despite the way both of your inhibitions are clearly lowered, you figure that it’s harmless enough. you know he’s not usually like this in front of other people, so you take advantage, wrapping your lips around his digits, sucking the flavor from them and letting your tongue lick around his thick fingers.
it’s harmless, you think, and it is until shinsuke catches on. he always does and you always pay the price.
he was expecting you to just go in for a taste, but here you are, sucking his fingers into your mouth as if you’re trying to give him a hard-on in the middle of the dinner party. he knows the warmth inside him isn’t just coming from his homemade wine because of the way you look deep into his eyes as you take them deeper into your mouth, sucking on them lewdly as if you’re the only people in the world.
as much as it’s affecting him and as much as he likes that you’re not shy, that’s not acceptable behavior. he can’t stand for it, so with the other hand that’s not in your mouth, he swiftly grabs a wooden spoon from the utensil jar and hits you right on the ass with it, removing his fingers from your mouth at the same time. the wood didn’t have much give to it at all, and the flesh stings where it had hit you, cutting through your mindset and the tension you’d been trying to build all night.
you sputter and cough from shock, falling forward into his body in what looks like the two of you were just hugging again. not that anyone saw. not that it’d matter if anyone heard or saw.
he sets the spoon on the counter, raising it to cup and brush against your cheek and gage your reaction while the other hand moves to grab and massage the flesh he just hit.
“is that what ya wanted, baby?” he asks, voice gentle although his words aren’t. “ya wanted some attention even if it’s because yer being bad?”
“y-yeah,” you whimper. “just wanted you to touch me a little, didn’t know how to ask for it without seeming needy.”
“well y’know better ways to get my attention than to pout in the corner staring at me, don'tcha? being bad for my attention isn’t really hidin’ how needy ya are, is it?”
“no, m’sorry shin,” you say, leaning into his hand that holds you still.
“no need for that. s’alright, and i forgive ya, i just need ya to tell me if ya need something next time so i don’t think yer sick or something,” he assures you, leaning down to kiss your cheek.
he continues, “y’know i have no problem takin’ care of ya, even in little ways to satisfy whatever’s gettin’ ya riled up. we both know that s’not always about fuckin’, we can help that neediness without causing a scene, right?”
“yeah.. you’re right. thank you for being patient,” you say, the way he casually talks about fucking you not at all missed.
for the rest of the night, you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt to be hit so harshly and then have the same skin touched so gently, massaged and soothed back to normal by shinsuke’s broad palm. once everyone had gone home and shinsuke finally sat down, sinking into the couch with relief, he couldn’t help but laugh at the way you crawl into his lap, shyly spinning the spoon in your hand and ask for him to use it on you again as “punishment” for your misbehavior.
all you have to do is ask nicely, and he’ll do whatever you want.
the wooden spoon, like many others, would never be the same after that, and sometimes he’d use it on purpose just to see if you had a reaction. they’re all simple objects like that, but the weight they hold is anything but simple.
watching him pick pits from the hearts of and break the flesh of cherries that didn’t sell at that morning’s farmer’s market remind you of how those fingers have torn you apart. it reminds you of how those fingers have hooked into your drooling mouth and grabbed hold of your tongue as he makes you sloppily and breathlessly apologize for being bad earlier, or how they’ve trailed across your lips, spreading the dark red cherry juice across them before he kissed you “just to taste it”.
it reminds you of how those fingers have trailed across your most sensitive places with a gentle sort of evil, maybe something that you’d call torture. you think about those fingers brushing lightly against the soft skin of your inner thighs before coming to your sex and making all of your tension melt away. he touches and teases and toys with you, filling you up with only two and holding you in his hands, making you cream on his fingers repeatedly before ever thinking of himself.
sure, he absolutely loves bringing you pain with these hands, but shinsuke’s hands are also for holding and touching and fucking you stupid on. his fingers are for pushing inside you and watching how your mouth gapes open from the stretch, the painful one that you weren’t ready for but still cherish nonetheless. it hurts, but with the way shinsuke coos at you, telling you, “i knew ya could take it, baby, yer such a good pain slut fer me,” it’s hard not to like it.
the pain isn’t just pain, it’s the warm pleasure he brings you mixed with your love for him mixed with the hurt. at the end, you’re not sure which exists first-- the pain or the pleasure.
the way he smiles brightly and shows off his teeth reminds you of how those teeth have closed down on your nipples, grinding and sucking over the stiffened peaks of them until they’re swollen and puffy and raw, making you cry and beg for him to leave them alone-- only to cum from the stimulation alone and thank him for it later.
or it reminds you of how they've bitten sharply onto your thighs as punishment for closing your legs around his head when he was busy overstimulating you.
“close them again and i’ll bite harder,” he warned, glaring at you playfully, smiling from his place between your legs. you didn’t need to be told twice after seeing the mark left behind by his teeth, able to feel good with it all in knowing that he wouldn’t bite so hard that it’d hurt in a bad way.
it all happened because you whined that he was taking too long to make you cum, but even that one time was so unforgettable and you couldn’t ever look at his teeth the same way. they’d been (literally) ingrained into you, and with that you discovered that you really liked being bit. you brought that one up to him after the scene, too, so that he knew you were more than okay with him doing more of that in the future.
and on any normal day, these memories are just used as fuel for mercilessly teasing shinsuke and riling him up enough to get him to fuck you real mean that night and satisfy you both.
usually, it’s easy for you to manage your thoughts and control yourself, pushing it all down until he gets home and you can tell him how bad you need him to hurt you. usually, you’re good at resisting the urges that come with how your body naturally reacts to his words or these visual reminders, knowing that it’s better to be patient and get your sweet punishments rather than the ones that really aren’t fun. but sometimes, you just can’t wait and you don’t wanna be good.
but it’s proven to be a recurring theme-- that whole jealousy thing that comes out of you when you’re around other people. the fact that he’s not only doting on you, but also taking care of other people and topping off their glasses and bringing them snacks, bothers you. the fact that he’s paying attention to every word that comes from everyone’s mouths, because he’s just so kind and considerate and thoughtful and stupid for it all.
in your ideal world, he’d tell them all to lay off and only pay attention to you, even though the point of being at a party is to socialize. he wouldn’t care about that stupid little fact, and he’d take you home early because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself or his mind off of how pretty you’d look dripping with his cum. but this isn’t your ideal world, and this isn’t a good day where you’re able to control yourself, so this jealousy fuels your evil. you think,
shouldn’t he save all of this for you?
can’t he see that you’re dying for him here?
aren’t you more special than all these people?
does he even care that you’re hot and messy all over?
don’t you deserve to be taken care of more than they do?
what your poor, worried, and jealous little head fails to recognize is that shinsuke knows how to play you just like you know how to get him worked up. he knows how to push your buttons just like he knows how to sew them on afterward. he’s a sadist who’s got you wrapped around his finger, after all, one that finds gratification in watching you become distressed and squirm around, floundering for his attention and making a scene in front of other people.
carelessly and without even realizing, you just keep making it worse for yourself as you throw yourself at him like this in public, moving further and further toward violating the rules that shinsuke knows are clear in your head.
he painstakingly taught you the rules himself, so he lets you set the pace at which you approach the line. he lets you dig your own grave as you push a little harder every time-- maybe just so he can say that he shouldn’t have to remind you of the rules in order to expect that they’ll be followed, maybe so that he’ll get to punish you for bad behavior.
in his mind, you should obey because it’s what you’re supposed to do, not because you’re going to be rewarded or punished depending on your behavior.
but in your mind, you’ve had enough of this waiting game and silently begging for him to help you out here. like he said, it’s not always about fucking. there are ways to alleviate some tension without making it a whole thing.
huffing and pouting about it, you decide that it’s time to make a real, desperate move-- one you know is underhanded and unfair. you can’t find it within yourself to care, considering how you’re throbbing in your pants just from watching him interact with other people in his tight black button-down shirt and tight slacks that cling cruelly to every muscle in his body.
it’s torture really, seeing his hair fall freely around his collarbones and shoulders, prettily framing his handsome, sun-kissed face and not being able to fuck him right then and there, so you don’t mind teasing him back a little. he’s sitting right next to you on the couch, his leg crossed politely at the feet, leaving his lap wide open.
almost like he’s asking for it, really.
“m’cold,” you say, leaning closer into his side and taking his hand in yours, (fake) shivering slightly. “did you bring me an extra coat?”
“no, baby, i didn’t bring you an extra,” he sighs, slightly disappointed. “but i did tell you that it’d be chilly and that you should bring a coat. did ya forget?”
“i must’ve..” you say, pushing yourself further and further onto his body, lying your head on his shoulder and holding his arm in both of your hands, one holding his bicep and the other twirling and intertwining with his fingers.
he laughs lightly, catching onto what you're trying to do.
“baby, what’re ya doin’? yer basically sittin’ on me,” he points out, straightening slightly, but neither stopping you nor encouraging your behavior.
“i said i’m cold,” you repeat, your tone a little meaner than you use when normally speaking to him. he doesn’t appreciate it, but it’s your ass on the line, not his, so he doesn’t correct you.
dumbly, you continue, “but maybe you’re right. maybe i’d better get a little closer since you didn’t bring me a coat.” you stand up, plopping yourself into his empty lap and taking his wrists in your hands, placing his arms around you and his hands in your lap, shimmying your hips against his crotch as you get comfortable.
“watch yourself,” he warns, holding you tightly in his lap to discourage much movement. as good as you feel, he doesn’t really feel like having a hard-on in public or letting you know that you got him there.
“m’not doing anything,” you say. “just relax, yeah? keep socializing and having fun, baby. s’not like i’m stopping you.”
“right,” he smiles, knowing that you’re just earning more and more and more toward your punishment later. and with that, he calls atsumu over, asking how his kids are doing in their new volleyball league and how it’s going coaching them all, eventually backing him into a corner and forcing him to admit how hard it is being a leader and how it’s made a rougher job when your athletes aren’t cooperative. even after all these years, he always gets his way with atsumu and can get him to see the truth. to atsumu, it’s just his old captain being bossy, but to you, you know it’s shinsuke showing you how easy it is to get people to submit to him-- another merciful warning against your bad behavior.
it won’t deter you, though, not when it’s this fun to subtly grind on his lap, shifting your hips back and forth across his growing erection, rolling them back and forth as if you’re just trying to relax into him. he can feel himself growing harder and harder beneath you, but when he’s in the middle of a conversation with an old friend and you’re slowly fucking dry humping him here, there’s not much he can do but make things crystal clear to you about where you stand.
as soon as they turn away and their eyes are off of you, shinsuke’s hands grip your hips in a strong, near painful hold, stilling their movement completely against his firm length. he tugs you back against him so your back is pressed flush with his front, and he puts his mouth right by your ear.
“settle. down.” he hisses, breath blowing hot against your neck at how frustrated beyond belief he is at your behavior. “this is yer final warning, unless ya’d like me to embarrass you in front of all these people that you’ll have to see again someday.”
“or what?”
“y’know ‘what’,” he scolds, “don’t play dumb with me, we both know y’know better than ta be actin’ like this.”
“again, i don’t know what you’re talking about, shinsuke,” you grin at him, pointedly emphasizing that you were calling him his given name instead of some sweet term of endearment like he preferred.
“fine. then you can sit here,” he snaps, pushing you not so gently onto the couch beside him, knocking you onto your ass and off of his lap, “until you’ve learned your lesson.”
you whimper, shocked that he’d deny you like this and that your silly little scheme wasn’t going according to plan. and he just shushes you, cruelly huffing, “i don’t wanna hear none of that. this is yer doing, so yer going to deal with the consequences. s’that makes sense to ya now?”
“yes,” you pout, crossing your arms over your chest. “i understand.”
“good,” he praises, patting your thigh and standing up swiftly. “i’m gonna go cool off in the bathroom real quick, and then we’ll be heading home early.”
“cool off? what’s that mean?” you ask, not sure if you’re supposed to follow him in a few minutes to avoid suspicion or if he’s really just going to the bathroom or if he’d be taking care of himself alone.
“it means i’m gonna go take care of this,” he says, motioning toward his stiff cock that presses forward into the fabric of his slacks before holding his coat in front of him to hide it. “because i’ve earned feeling good by being so patient in dealing with ya. that’s what happens when ya behave: ya get to feel good.”
“but, shinsuke--”
“no. you know better,” he snaps, his patience all dried up and his cock begging for attention after that stunt you pulled. softening slightly so as not to truly scare you, he says, “i’ll be back in fifteen minutes, okay? then i’ll come back to get’cha and deal with ya once we get home.”
you nod sadly and he smiles pathetically at you before walking toward the bathroom, knowing you’ll be obedient although you’re not at all enjoying your punishment. these are the worst kinds of punishments, in your opinion, because your bad behavior is only met with your exclusion from him feeling good.
it’s really not fun for anyone despite how shinsuke still gets to cum however he wants, and it’s a punishment only reserved for times when you were seriously in trouble and when shinsuke wanted it to leave a mark on your mind.
a small part of you is happy that you’d gotten under his skin so bad that he was about to desperately jerk off in someone else’s house, but the fact that you don’t get to be with him during it, mouth wide open to catch any stray droplets of cum, kind of ruins the fun.
people come up to you asking where shinsuke ran off to and how he and the farm are doing, and all you can do is sit there and explain that everything’s going great, the harvest is bountiful and fresh as always, and that you’re very, very happy together. everything is good and fine and and sweet and pure, even if you’re about to be fucked and punished within an inch of your life (not really, shinsuke is kind and rational even when he’s forced to be strict with you. he would never go too far with you or your limits, always asking you how you’re thinking and feeling to make sure you’re not in too deep.)
these fifteen minutes of unbearable small talk are the longest minutes of your life. every time your mind flashes to what shinsuke must look like right now, getting off in someone else’s bathroom with his tight black clothing and long hair and sweat dripping down his face, you feel your thighs clamp together in a final attempt at self restraint as you feel your sex begin to drip into your underwear.
shinsuke comes back red faced with the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled to his elbows and his hair a little bit out of place-- very atypical of him, even more so than the way he rushes thanking the hosts for having the two of you and apologizing for having to leave early. and with that, you’re home free-- climbing into shinsuke’s pickup truck in your sweat-stained party clothes, feeling the weight of the world fall on your shoulders as excitement and lust races up your spine at how bad you’re about to get it. on the way home, your mind is racing through scenarios of how he’s going to make you cry and scream and how he’s going to put your ankles at your ears and fuck you until you’re--
“baby,” shinsuke prods, snapping you out of your daydream as looks over at you and how you hadn’t moved to get out of the car, too engrossed in your thoughts to even notice the world around you. “y’know that m’pretty mad at ya, right?”
“yes..” you reply hesitantly.
“so yer gonna have to tell me if i’m hurtin’ ya too bad, okay? and yer gonna be honest even if ya like it and tell me to stop if ya need me to?”
“i promise i will, shin. i know the rules--”
“m’not worried about you knowin’ the rules,” he interrupts, clearly having lost his typical manners. “it’s obvious that y’know em, because you made an effort to break nearly all of em tonight.”
you smile, pleased with yourself.
he shakes his head at you and continues, “what i care about is that yer comfortable with what we’re gonna do. i want ya to know that you can call out those stoplight colors or the safeword at any time, and it’ll be over. i’ll never be so mad that i’ll ignore any of that.”
“i know, baby. thank you for taking care of me.”
“thank me later when i’m patching ya up and helping ya walk--” he laughs, stepping down and out of the truck and walking quickly down the path to the house, gravel crunching beneath his shoes in a stern rhythm. he waits for you in the doorway as he looks you up and down slowly, leaning against the painted wood and goes over his plan one more time, thankful that today was the day you decided to act up.
he’s stressed out anyway, so what better to take his stress out on than someone who enjoys being manhandled and pushed around?
really, you just make it too easy for him, getting all teary-eyed and worked up just from the idea of him cumming without you-- as if he’d ever really do that in someone else’s house and deprive you of the pleasure of tasting it or feeling it deep inside you. the devastating defeat created in your head just from him telling you that he’d be cumming without you was what mattered there, not the way his dick had been rock-hard for longer than what should be possible and how it would’ve felt real nice to cum right away after being teased. that he was willing to ignore for the time being, but keeping you strung along and horny out of your mind was his main priority, so he had to lie a little. all it took was one simple little lie and you were out of your mind a little, so distraught from the idea that he’d felt good without you and willing to do nearly anything to make it up to him.
and that’s how you find yourself in this compromising position.
you’re embarrassed out of your mind, and you hate how much you like being laid over his lap like this where he can see how your sex reacts to each touch, but you’re trying your best to take your punishment like a champ despite how shinsuke makes you apologize after each firm slap against your ass.
his hand comes down hard on you with a firm clap right on the flesh and you jolt with pain every time-- even as you feel arousal hotly dripping from you right onto his skin. you struggle to hold back pleasured moans as you croak out, “three, m’sorry,” and “four, m’sorry” and five, m’sorry!” in succession, trying so hard not to move your hips and accidentally hump into him and give yourself any unearned pleasure. you only wanna feel good when shinsuke thinks you deserve to, or else it just didn’t feel as good. and if he doesn’t feel like one of your apologies was sincere enough, he’ll make you do it over, sighing “ya didn’t seem like ya really meant that one, pretty. do i need to add more to help you learn to apologize?”
“n-no, you don’t need to add any more, i understand now” you moan, cherishing the feeling of his warm hands rubbing the tender flesh nonchalantly as he speaks to you. he’s preparing you for the next five with a small comfort before raising his hand once again and bringing it down harshly, making you feel it over and over until you’re crying and writhing into the pillow about how sorry you are, how you’re gonna be good now and take all of his punishments and make it all better-- how you were done playing games and how you’re just ready to be used and abused (lovingly).
that’s all he needed to hear, really, just your broken and pathetic little cries letting him know that you’re ready to be good and take your punishment like the perfect, obedient slut that he’s been training you to be since you met on that very first day.
“good, baby, m’glad i finally got through to ya,” he says, petting your hair and letting you relax against him for a moment before he rushed into anything else. “do you know how else yer gonna make it up to me, pretty? what else are ya gonna let me do to ya?”
“don’t know.. can’t think of anything..” you sniffle, rubbing your eyes and pressing your cheek into the soft blanket. “want you to pick for me..”
“are ya sure you can take more, baby? what’s yer color?”
“green,” you whimper. “please, shinsuke, want it to hurt.”
“i gotcha, baby. don’t worry,” he reassures you, slowly maneuvering your body so you’re lying on your back on the bed. “does yer ass hurt too much to lie on it like this?”
“no,” you giggle, bringing your hands to come up to cover your chest as you’re suddenly a little bit shy of your naked body. “feels warm still.”
he stares at you for a moment, contemplating his next move, but you just look so damn pretty. it almost makes him wanna go easy on you, but that wouldn’t be honest. you clearly didn’t want to be treated nicely based on the “green”, so really, it’d be an injustice to treat you gently tonight.
“flip over fer me, on yer hands and knees,” he orders, unbuckling his belt and pulling it from his slacks in one motion. he shimmies out of his black slacks, folding them neatly and setting them on the chair, left in just his shirt and his (of course) black, form fitting underwear.
he moves to the side of the bed so you can make eye contact as he undoes every single button of his dress shirt. the wait is nauseating despite the perfect view of shinsuke undressing for you, and you feel your stomach tightening in knots just from watching him in anticipation for what’s to come.
moving slow on purpose, shinsuke places himself right behind you before pressing himself closer and closer to you-- making as much of his hot skin touch yours with his chest and belly touching your back. he curls himself over you so his face is in your ear and his arms cage your body in, pushing against you in an act of ultimate possession. he’s all over you, his body on top of yours in a way that’s claiming and dominant, and you can’t help but shiver although your blood is running hotter than ever.
he kisses your cheek softly, harshly contrasting with the way his cock’s rubbing against your hole agonizingly slow, catching on it and dragging through the wetness from the lube and your arousal, but not anywhere close to going in or giving your precious sex any stimulation.
“can ya feel that on yer slutty hole? can ya feel how hard ya made me?”
“mhm, m’glad you’re feeling good,” you coo, head floating above the clouds at how good it feels to be touched all over like this and have shinsuke completely cover you with his body, rubbing himself on you but not giving you any relief.
“that’s nice, baby,” he says condescendingly, hissing into your ear. “i’m glad that ya feel that way, cuz i think your behavior’s earned you nothin’ but meanness for tonight.” he keeps pushing his hips forward and rubbing his cockhead against your aching hole, just feeling you and making it all so much more intense with every second he breathes in your ear like that. you want him so bad it genuinely hurts, and your poor, neglected sex has nothing to do but throb and drip uselessly onto the sheets.
still rutting against you, shinsuke rises from your back and places his left hand on your hip and his right hand on your head, pushing it down until your cheek hits the mattress and your arms are folded beneath you. your back arches beautifully, and he can’t help but admire how easily you let him put you in this position, so soft and easy in his hands.
you’d let him do anything to you when you’re like this, so dreamy and obedient, and he doesn’t take that-- or any of this, lightly.
“yer so perfect like this, y’know that? s’like yer made fer me,” he groans as his hips jump a little, his cock feeling especially good on that stroke against you. “isn’t that right, baby? yer made for me n trained to be just what i want?”
“mhm,” you hum, warm at the praise and how needy he was for you, too.
“and yer gonna take my cock so deep in this cute hole, aren’t ya? gonna make me feel so good, right?” he asks, hand still pushing your head against the mattress.
“mhm, shin. i promise,” you manage, trying hard not to slip under too soon and miss any directions.
“then let me getcha ready, sweetheart.”
taking his hand from your hip, he moves it to collect some arousal from your sex and rubs circles around your tight hole, watching how it desperately clenches around nothing and feeling his cock throb hard between his thighs. he slowly pushes a finger into you and feels how eager you are to take him already, smiling lightly as he pushes in the second thick digit almost immediately. you really were dying for this, huh?
usually, he’d never rush prepping you regardless of how much you begged, but the way you’re opening up for him so easily and taking three of his fingers without begging or whining at all settles his apprehensions and makes him feel less bad about wanting to fuck you as soon as possible. you’re clearly stretched out for him, so it won’t hurt until he makes it hurt. slowly, shinsuke rubs his cockhead over your wet hole, testing out both of your sensitivities before he lines himself up with you, holding his fat, heavy cock in one hand. but still, he wants to hear you say it.
letting his cock fall hot against your ass, dripping pre against your back, he asks, “are ya ready fer me, baby?”
all you can do is whimper, so fucked out and dreamy already that you can’t muster any words. you’re hoping that he’ll take the way you shake your hips at him and smile dumbly as a yes--
but shinsuke’s hand comes swiftly cracking down across your sore ass, violently knocking you right out of your lustful stupor and your eyes wide open as you gasp in shock at his boldness and the force at which he just hit you. he had fully broken your comfort with one harsh slap-- which was a lot, but it was good.
“i asked ya’ a question,” he barks. “are ya ready or not?”
you sob, “i’m ready! i’m ready, [title], please!”
“there ya go, speak up next time,” he says, before promptly forcing himself inside of you in one hard thrust, bottoming out nearly instantly and groaning a string of praising curses while you scream into the pillow with what little air wasn’t knocked out of you.
shinsuke gets a grip of your hair again, pulling on it hard and pulling your head back as he fucks into you ruthlessly. this is exactly what he needed to let some steam off, and with you crying and babbling beneath him, he can’t really blame himself for wanting exactly this. you just sound so pretty in pain like that, and he resents the face that he can’t see the tears pouring down your face or how your face scrunches up when it hurts so good.
with every thrust, his cock is so deep inside of you that if he were anyone else, you’d be seriously worried he was going to rearrange your guts-- but with shinsuke, you don’t have to worry. sure, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but that’s worth it considering how the heavy drags of his cock inside you feels like fire with the way it still stretches you despite all of that prep, burning even with all the lube he’d used.
you’re full-on sobbing at this point with the need to cum, chest heaving at the feeling of your desperate, needy sex throbbing for the millionth hour in a row because it’s all too much at once, yet shinsuke’s not doing anything but fucking you. his hands stay firmly on your hip and your hair, and you know that if you move a single muscle that makes it look like you’re trying to touch yourself, you’ll get a real, bad punishment, and so you’re forced to sit still and take it, your cries and pleads only going into the air and falling on deaf ears.
“why’re ya’ crying like that?” he teases, mocking your sniffles and sobs as he bounces his hips off your bruised ass. “cuz we both know ya’ fuckin like it.” you can only cry harder as you beg for him to let you cum, but shinsuke only gets rougher at this encouragement, grunting and groaning as he takes you with even more recklessness, fucking into you harder and harder and harder.
“if ya wanna cum,” he moans, “yer gonna-- hafta-- earn it. yer gonna hafta make me— cum inside— just like this-- without even touchin’ me. can ya do that, baby?”
“m’tryin’--” you croak, body rocking forward and voice going hoarse with the strength of his furious thrusts. “please-- shinsuke, [title], please cum inside, [title], please cum soon, please feel good-- can’t take it much longer, don’t wanna cum without permission, don’t make me cum--”
you sound so distraught and broken that he’s a little worried that the scene had gone sour, and as he tries to slow his hips, he asks, “do you need your safeword, baby? it’s okay if ya do--” only to be cut off by a frustrated scream cutting through the air, followed by a shriek and a sob of “no!” and the feeling of you meeting his thrusts by throwing your hips back on him unlike he’s ever seen you do before.
his heart fills with sympathy despite his sadistic desires, and he reaches under your tummy to rub at your sensitive spot that’d been ignored for so long-- moaning loud and unashamedly at how you clench down hard on him and cum on the spot, clearly having been on the edge for far too long.
poor pretty baby, he thinks, just needed the brat fucked out of ‘em.
your orgasm feels like it goes on for forever because shinsuke keeps fucking you, bringing himself to his peak at the sound of your cries and the way you’re slumped into the bed letting him have you however he wants you, completely fucked out and stupid and pliant, just how he likes you. with a deep, hearty groan, shinsuke spills his cum into you over and over, claiming your insides in his favorite way as he pants out hot breaths to try and calm himself down enough to pull out carefully.
as he pulls out of you and watches his thick, sticky seed drip from your still-clenching hole, he feels deeply satisfied with himself and with you. you did so well for him that as soon as he’s done taking care of you and making sure you’re alright, he thinks he might need to cum again just thinking about it and the fact that you like this just as much as he does. and if he has time, he might just start planning your reward for being so incredibly perfect.
in the beginning of it all, pain wasn’t something that you’d expected either of you to be into. it seemed taboo and near impossible to perform in a way that was any more than inherently wrong, and it certainly didn’t feel like you could show someone you love them by reducing them to a sniffling, slobbering mess.
but in the way shinsuke touches your battered flesh so tenderly once he’s done breaking you down, shinsuke proves to you that nobody knows his love like you do, because they haven’t earned it.
Tumblr media
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sinfulcries · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
authors note. I'm obsessed with feminizing these twinks, there will be a part two! Gotta overkill with the video, the headcanons and a little drabble you know <3
tw. porn links, tummy bulging, innocence play w kageyama, massive size difference, manhandling (?), big cock worship, power bottom suga, dumbification
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the pretty boy gets all blush-y and flustered as he sinks down on your cock, slowly trying to take every single inch down his pussy
he’s practically shaking because you’re huge
and the bulge poking out of his belly only proves it
his confident facade crumbles once he’s greeted with the sight of your cock poking out of his creamy stomach
he practically wastes no time in moving his hips just so he could see you moving inside him again
your cock kisses against his prostate with every thrust, tooru's almost passed out because of it!
it's so easy to take advantage of just how much he loves your guys' size difference
"Please! 'M gonna pass out! 'ss too much!" Tooru sobbed prettily as his back was pressed against your chest, your sharp gaze on his stomach never leaving as you only continued to pound into him. Oikawa could practically feel every vein scraping against his walls, he was sure that he'd be passed out by the time you were done filling him up!
"Come on now, angel, I know you can take it." You cooed reassuringly, gripping tightly onto his arms as leverage to fuck him much deeper. "Gonna knock this stupid pussy up for ya, Tooru."
Tumblr media
gets so cutely flustered yet he tries to hide the dark red blush on his cheeks by facing away from you
he knows that you’re huge, and with that bulge sitting nicely against his belly,
kunimi’s whining and whimpering, trying not to cum just at the sight of it!
you on the other hand love seeing his almost innocent reactions.
especially when he moves experimentally only to get your cock much deeper inside of him
when your cock reaches impossibly deep into his guts, he looks gorgeous with his eyes rolled into the back of his skull,
panting and drooling all over his chest like a braindead whore.
You were too deep; Kunimi thought to himself as he eyed the bulge poking out of his tummy warily however, he's managed to take in every inch of you inside of him, your cock head nestling nice and snug against his prostate despite the thoughts in his head saying otherwise.
It doesn't take long for you to start circling your arms around his tiny waist, holding onto him tightly before slamming him down balls deep on your cock. The scream that leaves the boy's throat 's absolutely gorgeous and that paired with the sight of his dumbed out face makes you utterly lose control as you start rutting into his puffy hole.
Tumblr media
will tease you relentlessly about how big you are. Suga loves to rile you up till you finally snap and fuck him like a beast
but with your cock poking out of his tummy, best expect for him to trace the bulge with his slim little fingers,
looking at you with those sultry eyes while he moans about how deep you are inside of him
he’s a huge fucking tease and he loves your huge fucking cock
it's not that you're complaining! In fact you love just how good Koushi can take you in.
no other man has been able to take at least half of you inside but Koushi just swallows you up effortlessly, it's hot.
"You're so deep inside of me, daddy~ I might break like this~!" Koushi's moans were almost pornographic as he moved his hips skillfully to bounce on your thick cock. God, the way he threw his head back as his slender fingers pressed against your length poking in his tummy was enough to send you overdrive; the mere sight almost making you spill your seed inside of him this early.
Before the man could move his hips once more, he could feel your hand inching towards his thigh, pulling his body in closer to admire him up close. "You're taking me in so well, whore. Such a pretty cock sleeve for me.."
Tumblr media
he’s confused but also turned on! when he sees the monstrosity, that is your cock,
he’s skeptical about every inch fitting inside of him.
however, once he feels you penetrating him slowly, he could practically feel his guts making room for your cock.
the boy’s so overwhelmed he might end up creaming himself the second you put it in!
and tobio get’s all embarrassed seeing just how big you are compared to him with that cute tummy bulge
if you start fucking him mercilessly into the mattress, he'll end up sobbing for more even though his cunny hurts!
he's already addicted to your cock <3
He can't stop! As much as Kageyama wanted to push you off of him, the pain in his stomach increasing with each and every one of your brutal thrusts made him grow more pliant as you continued to ravish his body and fuck into him like a fleshlight. "H-Hurts!" He squeals girlishly making you grin in response.
"But you're doing so well, little one. You wouldn't want to disappoint me wouldn't you?" The words that leave your lips instantly take effect on Tobio, and he blushes, relaxing back into the sheets as his hands gripped tightly onto your sturdy arms. "'M sorry sir!"
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tooru-luvs · 2 months ago
POV: you're a virgin 👽
Tumblr media
𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘴 - 𝘩𝘢𝘪𝘬𝘺𝘶𝘶 // 𝘢𝘰𝘵 // 𝘣𝘯𝘩𝘢 // 𝘫𝘫𝘬
characters: kuroo,, osamu,, kita (little bit suggestive),, nishinoya,, akaashi,, tanaka,, suna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© 2021 @tooru-luvs — do not repost, translate, modify or plagiarize my work! do NOT steal my work or i will find your ip and home address and shit in your cereal! also its not that good, so why would you??
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