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#haikyuu x reader
itachiyama · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"c'mon, pretty, just give me the number," the man before you presses. glancing around the gym, you look for something—anything to come to your rescue, but you seem to have no such luck.
of course, you groan inwardly. the one time you decide to show up early to the gym, and not even thirty minutes in, some creep simply can't leave you alone. it's the last time you try to be productive, you think, no more going to the gym at the crack of dawn.
"i can't," you say, voice stiff and body even stiffer, tensing when he presses his face closer to yours.
"why? got a boyfriend or something? that's what they all seem to say—"
"as a matter of fact, they do have a boyfriend," a voice calls from behind you. an arm wraps around your waist, strong and muscular. despite the obvious sweatiness of the person behind you, the spicy smell of cologne wafts over you—it smells rather expensive. "is there an issue?"
the man before you quickly moves back, his face dropping as he glances the figure behind you up and down. if his face tells you anything about the mysterious stranger, along with the feel of the muscly arm clinging to your body, you figure your savior's got a rather large build.
"n-nah, man it's not like that," he stutters, amusing you greatly. "i-i...i was just making small talk," he mutters.
"oh! that's good," the voice behind you exclaims, and you can hear a smile just through the way he talks. it's contagious, really. you can't help the grin on your own lips, a small chuckle bubbling up in your throat as the man in front of you slowly inches away. "thought we were gonna have a problem."
"no problems here," he mutters. "well, i'll uh... i'll be on the other side, just working out," he chuckles nervously.
"you do that! let me know if you need a spotter," the cheery voice calls. once the cause of your distress is successfully across the gym, you feel yourself get turned—and the sight before you makes you freeze. "are you okay? sorry if i made you uncomfortable, he seemed like he was bothering you. i can leave if that would make you feel better. or i can walk you to your car! oh, i'm bokuto, by the way!" he grins after he says his name, and it steals your breath. he's utterly gorgeous. "bokuto koutaro," he points to himself with his thumb.
"uhh...hello, bokuto koutaro," you mumble. "thank you for helping me out back there. he wouldn't take no for an answer," you roll your eyes. he beams at you, instantly easing your conscience. his physique seems to add up to the guess you'd made earlier—bulky and rippling in muscle, and you have to force yourself not to check him out and focus on his face instead. his hair is slightly damp with sweat, some strands sticking up while others lay flat and frame his face, but his eyes allure you the most. they're a sweet honey, tainted with flecks of gold, and they're bright, like two suns gleam before you.
"great! nice to meet you..." he trails off, smiling at you expectantly. grinning back softly, you offer your hand.
"y/l/n," you say warmly. "y/l/n y/n." his smile stretches considerably larger across his face as he grips your hand firmly. his palm is rough and incredibly callused, but it's warm and sturdy and somehow feels so much like home. it feels almost like it should be home.
"i'll call you y/n! since i am your boyfriend and all," he winks. chuckling, you nod, playing along.
"well, i guess i'm gonna have to call you koutaro, then. since you know, you are my boyfriend and all," you murmur. his arm is still wrapped around your waist, and you can faintly make out the soft circles his thumb rubs into your hip. without thinking, you shuffle closer, and he seems like he doesn't mind too much. in fact, he seems like he doesn't mind at all—what with the soft blush dusting his cheeks and all.
"so, since i'm your boyfriend," he starts. you hum, encouraging him to continue. "i think the number that guy was talking about belongs in my phone," he says with a cheeky wink. grinning, you pretend to ponder it for a moment.
"hmm. i suppose boyfriends do need numbers," you agree.
"oh, yes," he nods.
"how else would they text me the address of our date?" you question. he laughs, and it's a sound you find you want to hear every day, even if it's just your first time experiencing it.
"or the time," he adds. "don't forget the time! it's important."
"oh, i could never," you assure. and as you exchange numbers with bokuto koutaro, your gym savior and supposed boyfriend, you can't help but think fate really works its wonders in the most peculiar of ways. perhaps being productive at the gym has its own set of perks—even at the crack of dawn.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 879 words.
# warnings. dacryphilia, degradation, afab reader, praise, daddy kink, slight brat taming and size kink.
# contains. mean akaashi, tendou, atsumu and kuroo—repost.
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
Akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “Fuckk-”
His chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
Softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “You can take it, princess. I know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
Tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “Stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
You think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
He basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “Look at you, bunny. Taking my cock so well, hm. Cumming jus’ from that? Didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
Atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “Too much? ‘S too much for ya already, doll?”
It doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
And there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “Thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? So why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
Kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. He watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“You begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” His rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
You know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat.
“Good girl.” He grunts out.
“Now, shut up and fucking take it. I don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · a day ago
Hi! I really love your works! Could you a scenario with Kuroo, Atsumu and Sakusa where a child goes up to reader and thinks they're their mom and how the HQ boys would react? Thanks ^^
when a child thinks you’re their mom
Tumblr media
feat. Kuroo, Atsumu, Sakusa
♡ warning: f!reader
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo exchange awkward glances at one another, not knowing how to react.
While the two of you were sitting at a park bench, a little boy had run up to the two of you, standing in silence.
“...Can we help you?” your boyfriend asks, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder- a detail that this little boy seemed to be extremely fixated on.
“Who are you?” the little boy asks, but only to Kuroo.
“I- I’m Kuroo. Who ar-” but before Kuroo could answer the kid interrupts him.
“Mr. Kuroo, why are you hugging and kissing my mommy?” he asks.
Kuroo turns to you, and you shrug at your boyfriend, equally confused.
“Your mommy?” Kuroo repeats after the kid, watching him nod.
The boy now redirects his attention to you. With his two hands, he grabs one of your hands. His face looks solemn, full of worry and concern.
“Mommy... please don’t kiss another man. Daddy will be sad” the boy pleads with you, and you let out a small gasp. The little boy was too adorable, so full of absolute innocence. You felt bad that this kid thought he had witnessed his mother flirting with another man- even if that wasn’t the case at all.
Even worse, the little kid’s words seemed to catch the attention of people walking by. Some people were in complete shock, clenching their pearls over the scandal. Others seemed enthralled, completely invested on the drama unfolding before them.
“I- IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Y/N’S NOT ACTUALLY THIS BOY’S MOM” Kuroo frantically explains to the strangers.
The little boy’s eyes widen at the two of you.
“...What do you mean?” he asks, his voice getting more high pitched- he was close to crying. Of course he would- he thought his mother was cheating on his father only to learn that you weren’t actually his mother in the first place.
You two panic, watching the boy’s lip quiver. But before he bursts into tears, another man approaches the bench- much to the delight of the eavesdroppers.
“Oh? There you are kiddo! Now why did you come all the way here?” the man asks, picking up the boy. When the boy looks at the man, his face lights up in excitement.
“I was just trying to talk to Mommy!” the boy answers, causing his father to look at you and Kuroo. The man starts chuckling, apologizing to the two of you for any inconveniences.
“I do see the resemblance, but that’s not Mommy. C’mon, she’s waiting for us back at home alright?” the dad says, making his leave and apologizing once more.
You and Kuroo wave goodbye to the two, slightly relieved that this little predicament was easily solved. When they’re out of sight, Kuroo opens his mouth, and you think he’s about to speak to you.
Instead, he turns to the other people who were casually loitering around to watch the scenario unfold.
“You all owe us an apology. I know you were judging us. I can read faces y’know”
It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that you and Atsumu visited Osamu’s onigiri shop every day. Even though your boyfriend’s brother refused to give the two of you a ‘friends and family’ discount, you two still swung by on a regular basis.
And who could blame you when Osamu was a good chef?
You and Atsumu stood at the register, staring at the menu board. The two of you took ages to order- much to the chagrin of Osamu.
“Can you two hurry up- I swear in the time it takes for you to order I could have had a kid” Osamu sighs, crossing his arms.
And as if the timing couldn’t get any better, a little girl comes running up to you, clinging onto the ends of your jacket. You and Atsumu look down to see the little girl holding onto you. Even Osamu leans over the counter, curious of the situation.
“MOMMY” she shouts, wrapping her arms around you and burying her face into your side.
"Huh... see, I told you I’d have a kid” Osamu remarks, only to receive a glare from his brother.
“Any other time I would laugh at the timing, but not when this kid thinks Y/n is their mom” Atsumu says, clearly annoyed. He knew that this girl wasn't yours and Osamu’s love child. But he didn’t even like thinking about that implication, and the timing of it just made it worse.
Atsumu kneels down to meet the girl’s eye level.
“Look kid, Y/n is not your mother” he says, with no remorse in his voice.
“I- ‘TSUMU” you yell at your boyfriend for acting so brash.
“Hey, I’m just bringing this kid down to reality!” Atsumu defends himself from you. Was he being a bit much to a little child? Maybe. But did Atsumu care? No.
The little girl pouts at your boyfriend, only clinging to you even tighter.
“But Mommy’s really pretty” she stomps her foot at your boyfriend.
You’re touched by her words, giddily smiling at the compliment. But soon the girl’s mother walks out of the store’s restroom, scolding her daughter for bothering strangers like that. The mother and daughter apologize to you before heading back to their table.
Atsumu instantly has you in his arms, refusing to let go.
“I can’t believe you sometimes babe” you giggle. It wasn’t unlike your boyfriend to become ridiculously petty over the smallest of things.
Atsumu stays silent, still pouting out of spite.
“Alright you know what, just for that, I’ll give you a free onigiri.” Osamu says, clapping his hands once to get your attentions. And as soon as he sees his brother’s face light up at the sound of free food, a smirk forms on Osamu’s face.
“Only for Y/n though. The future mother of my children apparently” Osamu cackles, breaking out into a fit of laughter. You also can’t help but join in on the laughter- it was pretty funny after all. But Atsumu’s jaw only tightens, and he glares daggers at his brother.
“I am literally about to throw the biggest tantrum ever”
And that’s how you and Atsumu got free onigiris that day.
“Would you look at that, they’re having a sale on laundry detergent” Sakusa says, walking up to you and the shopping cart with two bottles of the detergent.
“Yes, but do we really need this much babe?” you ask, raising an eyebrow at him as he sets the bottles down.
“You never know- we always have my teammates over and they’re always spilling things” Sakusa points out.
“You can just call them your friends Omi” you tease, but Sakusa waves your comment away.
Turns out doing grocery shopping with your boyfriend was more enjoyable than anyone could have ever guessed. There was just something nice about quietly strolling through each aisle with your boyfriend, discussing the mundane topic of cleaning products. 
“Okay, what do we need next..” you murmur while looking at your grocery list. But you soon freeze in place when you feel arms wrap around your legs.
You look down, only to see a little boy hugging you tight. Your gaze flickers back to your boyfriend, and he’s equally confused.
“..Hi there” you softly greet the little boy. He looks up at you with a frown, but he says nothing.
“What’s wrong?” you talk to the boy once more.
“I thought I lost you Mommy...” he murmurs, tears threatening to spill out of his eyes.
You blink at him confused- did he just call you his mother? But that didn’t stop your boyfriend from laughing at you.
“You know Y/n... I feel like you should have told me you had a kid on our first date and not when we were already living together” he chuckles. Sakusa found it all too entertaining to see you in this situation.
“Omi I swear...” your mutter under your breath. But you had more pressing issues to handle than your snarky boyfriend. You look back down at the kid, making eye contact with him once more.
“I’m not..” you begin, but you’re unable to tell this child that you weren't really his mom. The kid was about to have a meltdown, and you surely didn’t want to make matters worse.
But before you’re able to act further, you hear another female voice from the end of the aisle.
“Honey, what are you doing hugging a strange lady? Mommy’s right here!” a woman says. The boy, instantly recognizing his mother’s voice, lets go of you and runs back to his mother. The woman and her son apologize for the mix up and quickly make their way to another aisle.
When you turn back to Sakusa, he steps forward to wrap his arms around you, a grin forming on his face.
“You’re awful with children Y/n” he teases, giving your forehead a quick kiss.
“Impossible! I deal with you all of time Omi” you retort back. Sakusa only scoffs at you, but his eyes are filled with nothing but love.
He doesn’t actually think you’re terrible with kids. If anything, he’s curious to see what you’d be like if the two of you had kids yourselves. Of course, that was a discussion for the future and certainly not something he really cared about at the end of the day. For now and forever, all he could ever really care about is just being with you and making more cherished memories like today.
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ichigomis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
leaves a sweet note for you on your fridge or coffee cup; you wake up to find his side of the bed empty. you groan to yourself as you remember how he told you that he had to leave early that morning, and though you told him you'd be fine, you actually already miss his morning kisses and cuddles. you sleepily make your way to the kitchen to get some water when a yellow sticky note grabs your attention: "good morning sleepy head! don't forget to drink water and wash your face, i'll be home early so don't miss me too much!" you take the note and smile down at it the whole day.
OIKAWA, daichi, AKAASHI, hinata, hoshiumi, sugawara
gently brushes your hair as you fall asleep on his chest; his hand trails down your hair, brushing it so lovingly that it slowly lulls you to sleep. he lets himself listen to your soft breathing as you get lost in the quiet thump of his heart. the movie you two have been watching is now long forgotten for you find sweet slumber on his chest and he finds your sleeping figure much more enthralling. he stays there and barely moves, careful not to wake you up.
ATSUMU, konoha, aone, IWAIZUMI, tanaka, goshiki, kunimi, USHIJIMA
brings home a cute keychain that reminded him of you; he bursts right through the door, beaming with this giddy smile on his features. the moment he sees you, his eyes light up in excitement as he swings the keychain he bought earlier in front of your face. "it looks just like you!" he grins like a little kid showing his latest toy. he places the keychain on your hand and his smile doubles in size as you giggle at him and his little gift.
tendō, FUTAKUCHI, nishinoya, suna, SEMI, YAMAGUCHI, komori
spends the whole day baking (and failing) with you; the two of you squat down the oven, waiting on your cake like two giddy children. when the timer goes off, he immediately puts on a pair of kitchen mittens, takes the cake out, and places it down the counter. you hand him a fork, and without much waiting, the two of you get a piece of your creation and gobble it down. only, your faces contort into an unexplainable frown seconds later. "...did we?" he asks and you nod, already knowing what he's asking, "we mixed up the salt with sugar..."
hirugami, kuroo, KENMA, tsukki, shirabu, KAGEYAMA, BOKUTO
buys your things when he does his grocery run; he pushes his grocery cart around the shop, getting this and that. before you, he'd usually be out in about ten minutes or less. but now, he finds himself instinctively buying that shampoo you always use, or that cookie you said you liked, or even some products he never thought he'd ever buy. and as you text him that you're craving some ramen, he merely types an "alright", pays for his groceries, gets in his car, and drives off to that ramen shop you love. all without a single complaint and even a smile on his face as he thinks about finally coming home to you.
SAKUSA, aran, kita, OSAMU, yaku, mattsun, ennoshita
Tumblr media
notes: this has been stuck in my drafts for a few weeks and i'm just happy it gets to see the light of day ngreiungerg
rbs are appreciated! *sending lotsa love* » m. list
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yuutitties · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: more divorced iwa than dilf but i guess implied age gap, afab reader, exhibitionism
Tumblr media
dilf!iwaizumi whose ex wife destroyed his confidence because she always talked about how she wished he still played volleyball, how he was letting himself go, comparing him to the athletes he worked on, telling him how lucky he was that she was loyal :\\\\ bad vibes!
dilf!iwaizumi who genuinely has no idea how hot he is, you work with him on the national team and its so obvious to everyone else that you’re down bad for him — half the players roll their eyes when they see you walk in, the other half are trying to get you together
dilf!iwaizumi who despite the divorce and therapy still has has a hard time shaking those feelings and always thinks you’re approaching him to be a wingman for the guys on the team :(((((
dilf!iwaizumi who is completely caught off guard when one night out with everyone at an izakaya you’re the only two left by the end, and you finally plainly tell him that you’re into him, want to date him, want him to fuck you into next week
dilf!iwaizumi who still thinks he has something to prove to you :((((( sir im down cataclysmically bad my man is so pussy drunk he’ll be down there for an hour, keeping track of how many times you’ve cum, refusing himself pleasure until you’ve cum 3 times minimum
dilf!iwaizumi whose brain disconnects from his body when you sink yourself onto his cock, he could cum on the spot but he wants to make sure its good for you, he’ll get so lost in his goal he doesn’t realize you’ve cum already
dilf!iwaizumi who falls apart hearing you beg for him, begging for him to cum inside you, his eyes go starry eyed when you ask
dilf!iwaizumi who worships your body, playing with your nipples while you ride his thigh, he swears he falls in love when he sees the tears coming out of the corners of your eyes as you gaze at him with an adoration he forgot could be directed towards him
dilf!iwaizumi who will see you stressed at work, bring you into his office and refuse to let you leave until you’re fucked out and delirious, a helpless smile across your face
dilf!iwaizumi will get nervous when there’s a new player on the team, especially if he has a large female fanbase. this man will genuinely ask if you want him instead ? you’ve been dating for months now????
dilf!iwaizumi who is confused when you drag him into the locker room in the middle of practice, push him down on the bench ride him within an inch of his life, crying out his name knowing everyone can hear you
dilf!iwaizumi who becomes very possessive of you at company parties, hand never leaving your bottom as he grows bold he doesn’t expect you to once again one up him, he groans into your neck as he feels the lack of panties underneath your dress
dilf!iwaizumi who buys you a new dress every time you let him cum on your face <33333 who is ready to get down on one knee as he watches you wipe the cum off of your face and into your mouth
dilf!iwaizumi who freaks out when he finds your panties in his gym bag, praying you didn’t see the velvet box he hid in there
Tumblr media
tags of love @satosuguslut @bbslayed @aiiwa @hisvillainess @cursedmoonchild @rintarosslut @bokuroskitten (as always just yell at me if u dont wanna be tagged i won't be offended)
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iwangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
“baby—psssst, babe.”
you hear bokuto whisper from his place in the bed beside you, and although waking up in the mornings were always hard—when you hear the low hum of his voice rumble through his chest, you smile before moving closer.
there’s familiarity in the warm bicep that wraps around your waist to pull you into his chest after. smelling the lingering scent of his hair gel even though his hair now lay flat against his forehead, laced with hints of vanilla and mint—and you realise that you’ve never felt more at home than you do right now.
“baby,” bokuto whisper shouts again, nudging his face against your own before you finally open your eyes to meet the gold ones that although still heavy lidded with sleep, look at you like you hold his world—even though he thought you were always more than that.
“hi,” he giggles, placing a few butterfly kisses to your cheeks before he shoots you his first smile of the day when you breath back a “hi.”
you feel the weight of bokuto’s hand smooth under your shirt, tracing messy, wobbly hearts into the skin underneath and you narrow your eyes when you notice the way his lips are pulled into a pout.
you let yourself bask in the silence for a few, allowing the sleep to clear from your mind as you focus on the warmth of his palm against your skin, and when you begin to feel bokuto shuffle a little impatiently next to you followed by a soft whine, you soften before finally speaking again.
“happy birthday, kou.” you giggle, hearing a more tender laugh come from the man across from you before you feel his lips pepper a few more kisses to your temple.
bokuto’s hands move to guide your own to cup his face—gold eyes locked on your own as he nuzzles into the touch because you were warm too.
“twenty seven, baby.” he mumbles, blinking up at you expectantly and you feel your heart bloom as you watch another grin stretch his lips, and you’re reminded that maybe you do wake up beside the sun everyday.
you roll your eyes but you smile, shifting your position to lean closer before beginning to place kisses to bokuto’s face and you hear him count under his breath after each peck, his hands leaving yours to rest on your hips once more and he’s still warm.
hearing him hum and pull you a little closer with each press of your lips against his skin, leaning into each one in the hopes it’ll make it last a little longer.
“twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven—wait what about my normal good morning kiss.” he asks and his voice is almost tender, so you laugh before placing a final kiss against the tip of his nose, and he smiles an almost proud smile after, pulling you back against his chest and squeezing you slightly before pumping his fist above you both.
“best birthday ever, baby.” “kou, ‘ts just started.” “yeah but i just wanna stay here with you.” bokuto smiles, it’s enthusiastic and toothy—one that fills you with a warmth similar to the sun when it kisses your shoulders.
and you know the love you feel in his words is true, because all bokuto kōtarō wanted to do, was spend another birthday loving you.
Tumblr media
signed. ‘m not really here as often but i couldn’t miss my baby’s bday—happy bday to bokuto kōtarō, the selfship that’s been w me since the start, i will lovv u forever + thank u for helping me learn to love me <3
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yutari · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi's hand hurts.
if he’s honest, he doesn’t remember exactly what happened, it’s not much more than a blur of you—the color of your hair, the sound of your voice, your shaky fingers raising around his arm. he got angry, he wanted to punch the guy, he did punch the guy, and then he was being pulled away from the party and into his own apartment, just a few doors down.
you’d stumbled for his keys, reaching a hand into his back pocket where you knew he kept them, and he’d watched—a little pathetically holding his hand while he waited—and let you unlock the door for him.
and then you’d tugged him inside, told him to sit on his kitchen counter, and went rooting around in his freezer.
and now, his mind is still a little blurry, but you’re standing in front of him and cradling his hand in a bag of frozen peas, and you’re shaking your head at him and mumbling something that sounds an awful lot like a scolding.
and he hates that you look so pretty right now, that, when you’re being drenched in the yellow light of his apartment, when the moonlight can’t even reach you from his blinds, when your brows are creased together and you’re biting at your lip like you’re holding back things that are much worse than what you’ve already been saying (and unfortunately for him, he hasn’t really been listening to those things, so he’s sure he’s making things much worse for himself).
but you look pretty. despite everything, despite the way you sigh when you look at him, despite the fact that you’re his best friend.
“iwa,” you say, tone a little sharp. he snaps back then, gaze finding yours, and he realizes that the way you were biting your lip before wasn’t to stop yourself from saying something worse, but to hold back a smile.
and oh, you’re awful at that.
“are you even listening to me?” you ask, and you sound upset, but then you’re smiling up at him and he isn’t ignorant to the way your fingers twine around his. if he asked, he’s sure you’d say you’re just testing to make sure they don’t hurt. he’s not sure he’d believe you now.
“no,” he replies, “no, i wasn’t.”
you roll your eyes and sigh at him, but you also bow your head towards him until your hair just barely brushes his hand, and he realizes something awful as his fingers curl towards you, as they bend to your will and as he bends to your beck and call—as he wishes to curl his fingers around the curve of your jaw and rise of your cheeks.
he likes you, in the worst, most inconvenient way, he likes you.
and at the time, he hadn’t known why he punched the guy, had only known that the way he was looking at you and the way he kept pushing you to come with him had made iwaizumi angry.
and maybe he should’ve known when you looked so pretty, should’ve known when you smiled at him and he felt the way his own lips tugged upwards in an automatic reply, should’ve known when he texted you first thing when he was out of his classes and should’ve known when he couldn’t be with someone else without thinking of you.
he’s stupid, irredeemably so, but he likes you.
“i don’t know why i try with you,” you say with another little sigh as you bring your head back up, hands still never leaving his.
(he knows it’s for the damn frozen peas, he chooses to think otherwise).
“you know,” you begin, turning his hand in your palm, watching the way bruises bloom over his knuckles. “i could’ve handled it.”
he doesn’t speak, but he raises a brow at you, a little amused smirk pressing creases into his cheeks. you meet his gaze with a little roll of your eyes.
“okay, okay, no. i wouldn’t have handled it. stop looking at me like that.” he laughs at that one, and he doesn’t miss the way you smile at him. “but you didn’t have to do it.”
“and i did it anyway.”
“but you didn’t have to.”
and iwaizumi, irredeemably stupid, irredeemably head over heels for you, knows he didn’t have to punch the guy. he knows well enough that he could’ve just told him to back off, that he’s done it before, that he could’ve dragged you away and thrown some choice words back at him.
so he shrugs, a terrible blush collecting at the tips of his ears that makes him want to press the frozen peas there instead of his throbbing hand, and just looks at you.
“i didn’t like the way he was talking to you. that’s all.”
there’s a little silence that follows his breath, and, for a moment, he’s sure that there’s something you want to say, something on the tip of your tongue that you can’t quite let escape your lips. instead of saying anything though, you look down towards his hand, trace your finger over the knuckles and drag with it the cold water that’s melted onto his hand. you press one of your fingers into the bruises and he winces, hissing a little at the pressure.
“stupid,” you mumble.
“the other guy’s worse than me,” he says, and you laugh again, a weak little thing—hardly more than a rush of breath past your lips.
“i don’t think the other guy is holding peas to his hand right now.”
“good thing i’m not either. that’s what i have you for.” you narrow your eyes at him, leaning forward to swat his arm with the back your hand, but he catches it with his left hand before you ever make contact. “and i’m pretty sure i broke his nose.”
“you definitely did,” you say, a little lighter, a little laughter mixing with the syllables.
and then there’s another bit of silence that chases after your laughter, another moment of your fingers tracing patterns against his skin, of your eyes flitting over his face like you’re looking for something that even he couldn’t find.
he likes you—too much, so much that right now, he can only think about kissing you, can only think about bringing his hand to your jaw and guiding your lips to his. he wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to breathe, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants the throbbing in his hand to stop, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to listen to your laugh and watch the curve of your smile.
he doesn’t finish the sentence, because next thing he knows you’re leaning up to him, abandoning the frozen peas to instead cradle his face in your hands. they’re cold against his skin, but they’re you and you’re sweet and gentle and suddenly your lips are on his and you’re kissing him for the first time.
and he’s being surrounded by everything that’s you, the smell of your citrus shampoo and your honey perfume, the taste of your mint chapstick on his lips, the feeling of your fingertips across his cheekbones and his along his jaw.
you go to pull away and he raises his left hand to your cheek, pulling you back into him because hell if he’s going to let this end early. he feels the way you laugh into him, feels the pull of your smile against his lips and god he’s going to fall for you.
when you do pull away, when he moves so his forehead is leaned against yours, so he can feel the fanning of your breath against his skin, he hears you whisper.
“you didn’t have to punch him,” you say, and when he goes to protest, you kiss him again, just for a moment to shut him up, “but thank you anyway.”
and then you kiss him for a third time, and iwaizumi decides he’d punch as many guys as needed just to feel this again.
(he doesn’t have to, you’ll kiss him as many times as he allows).
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are super appreciated! ❤︎
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: bokuto koutarou x f!reader
summary: sometimes your overeager puppy needs to be put in his place.
genre: smut, hybrid au
warnings: 18+. feral puppy boy bo, kinda subby and masochistic bo, panty gagging bo, kinda mean dom!reader, bondage (use of ball gag and silk ropes), overstimulation, begging, slight pussyjob, fleshlight usage, mentions of somnophilia and thigh-fucking, spitting, creampie, cumplay, riding, mating press, vv messy cause puppy bo has so much cum and drool, you and bo kind of switch roles at the end
word count: 3.3k
author’s note: happy birthday to the love of my life <3 the man that i feel safest with and has the fattest and biggest breeder balls in haikyuu. i luv you, this goes out to you, baby boo. <3 (also my first attempt at dom f!reader omg)
no beta we fall like heroes and i finished this today hhh
Tumblr media
[2:23 PM]
there are two things that your puppy hates the most in the world—getting punished and fucking anything that isn’t your pussy.
of course, you leaving him alone in the apartment is the third thing, but that’s nothing a few (a lot) dirty clothes and panties in the hamper can’t fix.
no, one of the things bokuto’s puppy brain can’t handle is watching the disappointment in your eyes as you scold him for ruining half of your closet with his cum. i can’t help it, i just miss you so much is what he would always say before he grovels at your feet.
his lips would jut out in a pout, lower lip quivering as he whines and nudges his mess of a grey and black head on your stomach, his gold eyes glossy with unshed tears as he murmurs, won’t do it again, i promise.
you always end up sighing heavily, your hand rubbing his floppy ears as his keen nose sniffs your crotch, his thick tail thudding on the floor showing his excitement at your softening stance.
because no matter what bokuto does, you’ll never stay mad at him for long. he’s just too cute, and you know that he doesn’t have any malicious intentions. after all, he cares about you and only you (and a couple of head pats and ear rubs of course).
truthfully, you’d be saving your breath if you didn’t scold him anymore because his promises are almost always empty. he’d soil your wardrobe with buckets of his cum again and again, and he’ll pull the ever irresistible puppy pout and you’ll just begrudgingly let him off the hook again.
but sometimes, sometimes, bokuto needs to be taught a lesson. reprimanding your puppy with words isn’t enough, so you resort to teaching him a lesson the only way he knows, the only way he will fully understand.
“i don’t think you’ve learned your lesson at all, bo.”
a series of loud and pained whines ring in your ears amidst all the haze and slick sounds of your puppy’s cock meeting the overused toy. bokuto is a mouthy puppy and you’d be hearing his complaints and begging if it weren’t for the ball gag that’s strapped between his rosy lips.
his thighs are taut with tension, fighting so hard not to thrust his hips towards the fleshlight you’re punishing him with. it’s wrong! bokuto shouts indignantly in his head. fucking anything that isn’t your pussy and enjoying it is practically criminal in his eyes.
but what can he do? he disappointed his favorite person in the entire world and he didn’t get away with it this time, much to his chagrin. instead, both of his wrists are tied to the headboard and he can feel the drool from his mouth seeping through the sides, dripping on his chest and abs.
to his puppy brain, this is the ultimate form of torture.
bokuto’s ears are flat on his head, droplets of sweat and tears mixing together as you rapidly stroke his cock with the toy. his gold eyes are wide and round, practically begging you to stop what you’re doing and give him real relief.
his watery eyes tug at your heartstrings and you stop your movements, feeling the way he cries out and sags against the headboard when you pull the fleshlight from his cock with a loud pop as you watch in amazement at the thick rivulets of his cum dripping from the toy’s hole.
your hands make way to the back of his head to unstrap the gag, carelessly throwing it on the other side of the bed. he’s drooling everywhere and he’s tripping over his words, barely coherent but through all the garbled words and incessant whines, you know he’s begging you to let him fuck your pussy.
you take the fleshlight in your hands, waving it in front of your puppy’s face as you jut out your lower lip, mirroring his pleading expression—only yours has malice in it and you’re doing it to mock him.
“you like this toy, bo?” you ask him, your voice sickeningly sweet as strings of his cum land on his heaving stomach.
“no! i hate it!” he cries indignantly, squeezing his eyes shut as he pouts heavily. “then why did you cum so much?”
bokuto’s golden eyes shoot open as he growls, then whimpers at the heat of your narrowed eyes and sharp stare, shaking his head vigorously to the side as his ears flop around his head.
“only your cunt can milk me,” he whines, his hips jerking against the stuffy air. “please, i wanna drown in your pussy, please.”
the wood is creaking loudly against the strength of him tugging at his restraints while his squished tail jerks wildly behind him, wincing at how long he’s been sitting on your bed. you know he can break free from the silk ropes any time, especially with his inhuman strength.
but deep down bokuto knows that his punishment will be even more severe if he disappoints you further. if anyone were to see him right now, they’d think he’s being held against his will, but they don’t know better. they don’t know that your big puppy secretly likes being treated like this because, in the end, you’ll always indulge him.
his face is messy with tears and drool, streaks of it staining his angular face as he pleads for you to let him touch you. the expression in his eyes resembles a kicked puppy—but your bo has always had the flair for the dramatics. actually, it's dramatic to you but it means everything to his cute puppy brain.
“please, please. need your pussy so bad!” he cries, his naked and flushed body shaking in impatience. his cock is still hard and leaking, his balls heavy with the cum he’s still storing for you.
you click your tongue, slightly pinching his muscled thigh to quiet him down but your touch on his sensitive skin only makes him moan, his hips jerking towards your hand as more white strings dribble from his slit.
“i didn’t give you permission to fuck my thighs while i was sleeping and yet you did it anyway.”
“but nothing,” you hiss, holding his jaw with one hand and squishing his cheeks. he whimpers at your tone, your eyes boring into his while he blinks slowly, lips quivering and golden eyes even glossier at the annoyance radiating off of you.
even though you’re scolding him, the feeling of your warm fingers on his face is a reprieve from the cold and lifeless toy so he can’t help the way his cock twitches again at the feel of your hand on him, making him whine and hips involuntarily thrusting against the air.
you would've let it slide—just like you always do—if it weren't for the fact that you explicitly told him, no funny business while i’m sleeping, okay? because you had an important presentation at work the next day and you needed a full eight hours of sleep.
but no, you groggily woke up to him groaning with his cock peeking between your thighs, feeling the warmth of his cum dripping on your shorts as he rutted through the glistening skin.
it’s safe to say that he didn’t let you go back to sleep when he noticed that you were awake, and you swear that no matter how many times you cleaned yourself up, his cum was still dripping out of your cunt and messing up your skirt at work.
“i’m just giving you what you want, puppy. i’m giving you the orgasms that you want so badly.”
he hiccups at your menacing tone, his sore wrists aching as much as his balls, bumping his head on the headboard as more tears run down his cheeks at the painful throbbing of his cock. no matter how many times he came in the toy, it’s just not enough.
it can't empty his balls like your pussy can, it's not as wet, and it's not as warm. nothing in this world can milk his cock for all its worth like you can.
meanwhile on your end, you’re astounded that his balls are still so fat and heavy. you still can’t get around the fact that your puppy can literally cum bucket loads.
not to mention, the fact that he's whimpering and shaking while the angry redness of his cock is practically begging you to pay attention to it just proves that he can give you so much more than what he was giving the toy.
you tilt your head to the side as you bite your lip, contemplating on finally giving the true relief that your puppy needs. he’s been begging pathetically for the past hour so, surely he’s learned his lesson by now, despite you saying that he hasn’t.
“do you even still have any cum left for—”
“always! a-always have cum f-for y-you…”
his pout and large teary eyes tug at your heart, your expression softening when he leans forward as he uncharacteristically gives you chaste kisses and light nips on your lower lip. his body is practically vibrating with impatience and anticipation, his ears straightening on his head as his squished tail squirms behind him.
his abs and thighs are stained with streaks of white, his cum drying up and flaking on it. the fleshlight is long forgotten, strings of his release dripping from the abused hole while the two of you are moaning into each other’s mouths as he sloppily licks your lips.
his arms are starting to become numb from being tied up for so long but he doesn’t pay it any mind because he’s busy slobbering all over you, sucking your tongue into his mouth as you finally straddle him. the feel of your soft lingerie-clad body on his muscular and toned form makes him shiver and groan in delight at the feeling of your weight on him.
like the caregiver you are, you concede to your puppy’s wishes and grind on his leaking cock through the thin fabric of your panties. bokuto lets out a whine, more relieved and less pained as he watches you remove them, his eyes widening and tongue lolling out as he watches a thin string connecting your pussy to your panties.
“you want this, puppy?” you whisper sultrily, bunching the cloth in your hand as he nods vigorously, clicking his tongue while his gold eyes watch the small and flimsy fabric dangle in front of his face.
you wipe the mess on his face, giggling when he leans into your touch. you boop his nose with two fingers before sliding it down to his plump lips, rubbing the plush skin as you slip them inside his mouth, moaning softly when he obediently sucks on them.
your bare cunt continues to grind on his shaft, his ears drooping as he moans around your fingers while he rolls his hips, his cock sliding between your wet folds. the bed creaks with the intensity of you humping him, his moans spurring you on while his saliva drips down his chin.
deciding that you’ve teased him enough, you pull your fingers out of his mouth, causing bokuto to whimper at the loss. you coo at him, voice placating while you gently pull his chin down, signaling him to stick out his tongue.
you praise him for being such a good boy, making him shiver while his hooded eyes watch your every move as he waits for you. you spit on his tongue and his entire body shudders from the lewd but welcome action. before he can swallow your spit, you swiftly put the rumpled panties inside his mouth and he moans so loudly that it makes you tremble, his eyes visibly rolling to the back of his head.
giggling at his reaction, you kiss his nose as you position yourself, hovering over him while he gathers every ounce of his strength to not thrust his hips upward. you place one hand on his shoulder while the other, the two fingers he was sucking on earlier, spreads your folds as you slowly sink down on his pulsing cock.
his growl vibrates in your ears at finally being enveloped in your cunt, your hips jerking when he pulses inside of you. the animal in his dna rushes through him, the primal instinct to fuck his chosen mate is taking over. the last vestiges of his barely present control finally snap and he plants his feet on the bed as he starts rutting into you with strength and force that immediately has you seeing stars.
the bed shakes from his weight and thrusts as you moan and cry out praises for him. your arms wrap around his thick neck as he nuzzles his face in the junction of your throat while he lets out a mix of growls and whines.
“good boy, bo. good boy, your puppy cock is made just for me, right?” you moan into his hair, your eyes fluttering at the drag of his veiny cock against your walls. he nods fervently, rubbing his sweaty face on the column of your neck while his affirmations are muffled by your panties.
your fingers shakily tug at the silk ropes secured around his wrists and in his puppy mind, it means he’s finally allowed to touch you. in the midst of your pleasured cries and slapping of skin, you hear the sound of fabric tearing.
bokuto rips them off effortlessly and through his moans and growls, he flips your bodies and you find your back on the bed as he haphazardly throws your legs over his shoulders, crushing his body against yours, all the while not stopping his harsh and heavy thrusts.
the ache in your thighs from being put in such a position isn’t new but you can’t deny that you’ll never get used to the way bokuto easily folds you in half so he could be closer to you, fuck his cock deeper into your cunt.
“mine, mine, my pussy. s-so tight, warm, wet,” he says in a guttural moan, half of the words muffled as your panties dangle out of his mouth.
he roughly pounds you into the mattress, clearly making up for lost time. the volume of your whimpers rivals his as you pull your panties off your face and grip his shoulders, your nails leaving red crescents on his tan skin.
“don’t keep my pussy away from me ever again,” he growls against your lips before shoving his tongue in your mouth, licking your teeth as he slobbers all over you. your foreheads touch while you moan and cry into his mouth, your eyes crossing from the pounding your pussy is taking.
the sound of his balls slapping heavily on your ass is practically deafening and your thighs ache from being pressed so close to your chest. bokuto pulls away from your mouth with a groan as he lifts himself off your body, intently watching the way your covered tits bounce from his thrusts.
he only keeps that position for a few minutes before he lowers himself again, this time nuzzling your cheek with his as he alternates between licking and nibbling your ear, his floppy ears tickling your face while his tail rapidly sways behind him, showing his excitement and pleasure at finally being inside you.
it’s nothing new, but the way your mixed fluids leak from your pussy, coating his cock in a creamy white while it drips down his balls and your ass still gets you embarrassed. but evidently, it’s so fucking hot, the way you and your puppy always have messy and sticky sex.
you don’t hear any more words and barely coherent sentences from him because he resorted to just growling and whining. the human part of his brain is turned off as the only thing swimming in his mind is fucking you silly and covering your body with his cum.
as if the two of you aren’t close enough with the way he has you folded in half, he takes hold of your hips with one hand, the other supporting himself as he practically squats on the bed, and lifts your lower half off the sheets as he pushes your pliant body towards his pelvis.
his inhuman strength allows him to keep your lower back off the bed, so you could be in sync with his movements as he makes you meet his every thrust. he’s fucking you so deeply and harshly that you’re sure you’re going to have bruises inside your cunt.
your fingers grip the sheets so tightly that the skin of your knuckles is stretched as you let your puppy use you like his personal fleshlight. his tail twitches with every deep thrust he makes, the tip of his cock kissing the entrance to your cervix.
your eyes are cloudy and dizzy, tongue lolling out as your toes curl from your impending orgasm. it doesn’t help that his toned and ridged pelvis keeps rubbing against your clit as he thrusts back into you.
“p-puppy, gonna cum! ‘m so close, puppy. m-make me cum, yeah? w-want me to cream all o-over your cock,” you babble, clenching and unclenching your pussy around him. bokuto moans your name, his eyes crossed as his thrusts become even sloppier and erratic as the squelch of him meeting your creamy cunt sends him into overdrive.
“oh my god, bo! right there-fuck yes!” you scream, body convulsing as his cock hits your sweet spot at the right time. the feeling of your cunt pulsing around him makes bokuto’s hips stutter as he shouts your name, his own sweaty body shaking from his first real orgasm of the day.
he crashes on top of you, his lips parted as strings of spit and saliva coat your lips, golden eyes hazy as his hips jerk in quick thrusts. he lets you milk him dry and he moans at the heat and thickness of his cum coating your stretched walls, infinitely times better than the toy you subjected him to earlier.
you whine at the rivulets of cum seeping from your hole, face heating up at the wet popping sound you hear when your puppy pulls out and lifts himself off of your heaving chest. he makes a distressed sound when he sees his cum leaking out of your pussy, immediately pushing it back inside with shaky fingers as you whine and weakly swat away his fingers.
“don’t wanna let it go to waste!” bokuto whines childishly before licking your lips and planting a sloppy kiss. you blow him a raspberry and expect to feel him curl up against your side, nuzzling his face on your tits, his tail tapping a neat rhythm as both of you drift into a post-sex nap but he only makes you rest for a few seconds before you yelp as he flips you on your stomach.
bokuto raises your hips so you’re presented to him the way he likes, the way you’re supposed to be fucked, and doesn’t give you any warning before plunging his cock back into you. the wet sound his cock makes as he nestles inside your pussy is so loud that it embarrasses you but you don’t have time to comment because he’s already pounding you, his hips slapping against your bouncing ass.
he’s still as hard as ever, balls still heavy as they smack against your clit and you dreadfully realize that instead of you instilling the lesson of heeding and respecting your words into his puppy brain, you ended up getting fucked to the brim with his cum.
but you can’t find it in yourself to complain because he’s fucking you so well, his cock splitting your pussy again and again. you’re just as bad as him when it comes to it, to be honest. because now it seems like the tables have turned and you’re the one receiving the punishment.
“gotta make it up to me, baby. wasted so much cum on that toy when it could’ve been my cute pussy taking it all…”
[4:32 PM]
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hayakeiji · 2 days ago
novice | bokuto kōtarō
pairing: fem!reader x virgin!bokuto kōtarō
word count: 614
warnings: 18+ content. minors do not interact. edging, unprotected sex, creampie, implied overstimulation. let me know if i missed any!!
author's note: happy birthday u big big sweet man. <3
minors dni.
Tumblr media
Bokuto’s breath stutters as he slips his cock into you, pushing deeper at an agonizingly slow pace.
“C-can’t go too fast, might cum…”
He sucks in his breath, bottom lip sandwiched between his teeth as he concentrates on holding back. It takes everything for him not to cum right then and there, with the way you look sprawled out beneath him, how you whimper with the slightest rock of his hips and your cunt squeezes around him, wetter and warmer than his fist.
“C’mon Bo, deeper, harder, please…”
He can’t resist your charms, not when you beg him in that voice, pussy sucking him in deeper the more his movements falter.
He begins to rock his hips, the uneven rhythm indicative of his lack of experience. You can’t blame him though; anything is sure to feel good to him if he’s never been touched like this before.
“Baby, is that good? you like that?”
You can tell he’s trying, his hands roaming your body as he thrusts to pinch at your nipples or rub at your clit messily. Though he’s clumsy in his movements, the sheer size of his cock makes up for it. You know he’ll learn to know what you like and how to touch you, but for now just the feeling of being stuffed full is enough to bring you close to the edge.
Unfortunately, it’s at those moments, right when you’re teetering on the brink of euphoria, that he switches his rhythm or removes his hand from your clit. With all that buildup wasted, your cunt aches for release.
“Did'ja cum yet baby?” he manages to grunt between thrusts, nervous that he’s not making it enjoyable for you.
Little does he know that his unintentional sloppiness has you even more needy for him, and each time he’s edged you has only burned him and this moment deeper into your memory.
“N-no, not yet. please let me cum, wanna cum so bad Bo.”
Your voice is whinier than you anticipate, and Bokuto picks up on the hint of desperation as you beg.
“Show me how you like it, okay?” he takes your hand with his and squeezes, letting you take the lead.
Singling out his thumb, you guide his thick fingers to your core, showing him how to tease your clit as he fucks you. Meanwhile, your heels dig into his ass, pulling him closer as you urge, “Deeper, deeper! Ah, just like that!”
Your back arches under his touch and he grins, watching as your face goes blank and hazy, drinking in the pleasure of his cock nudging against your most sensitive spot as the pressure of his thumb against your clit builds.
“Fuck, g’na cum, oh- fuck!”
All the tension in your body suddenly rushes to your core, where Bokuto is still buried deep inside you. While your body and mind go slack, you clench around him, pussy pulsing as you come down from your high. It goes on longer than you’re used to, and through the sound of ringing in your ears, you hear Bokuto groan from above you, unable to hold off his own climax.
Your legs tighten around his torso, and he flops on top of you as you cum together, an intertwined mess of sweaty limbs and whispered feels so good, love you s’ much.
When he finally pulls out, he stops for a moment to admire the mess between your legs, his release mixed with your own. Already he can feel the blood rushing back to his softening cock, and he mounts you again, pushing your legs back despite your whines that it’s too much.
“Shh, baby. I'm not done with you yet.”
Tumblr media
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kitasfox · 2 days ago
I was thinking about Atsumu having is balls sucked until he is fucked out of his mind... What do you think about it?
Tumblr media
a/n: what do I think about it— I've been thinking vout this ask ever since you sent it to me also if yall want do send in thirsts like these I love em as much as I love Atsumu's balls <3
THIS POST IS NSFW! Minors do not interact or I'll bite.
warnings: edging, smut.
Tumblr media
"Baby, give me a— ah— a second." Atsumu groans from above you, hands entangled in your hair, pulling and pushing as he wills.
"No!" You frown, pulling your gaze from his pretty cock to meet his eyes; only half-open as he seems to be trying to keep them open, rolling back in his head, lips parted and glossy with drool, face bright red and sweaty. "You said I could play with you as I wanted today."
"Yes but— fuuuck!" He throws his head back when you latch onto his pretty balls again, tongue rolling around for more stimulation. He can't even finish his sentence, Atsumu knows you won't stop until he's cummin dry, anyway.
You've always had this fascination, or maybe obsession with Atsumu's balls; ever since that one time you had made him cum without touching his cock once, and only his balls in your mouth.
You could never forget how he looked that day, laying spent on the bed, body still shaking with how hard he had came, chest rising and falling as his cock kept twitching. You had never heard him so clearly, Atsumu was always open with his moans and groans, but youhad never heard him cry out, never so desperate, so needy.
"Please— fuck, baby, please! Just let me cum, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
And how could you not be addicted after seeing him like that?
He just has the prettiest balls, too— heavy and plump in your hands, spilling out of your mouth whenever you try to suck on them.
"Baby, baby, fuck!" Atsumu groans the last word when you just barely make it hurt, watch his cock twitch like crazy at the pain he can't hide that he likes. His hand tries to both pull you in and push away from his cock, to which you make him cry out in pain again.
"Atsumu—" you whine, the vibrations of your voice making the hunk of a man shiver from tip to toe. "Stop interrupting me."
"I—ah my fuckin' God, sorry, oh—fuck!— sorry." His back arches off of the bed, fingers twisting into the sheets as you keep playing with him however you want, you like his cock a lot, your hand always fumbling with the zippers of his pants whenever you get the chance, but having him naked like this on the bed is some other type of fun.
You softly suck on the soft skin and make him moan loudly, hips twitching towards your mouth, hand coming up to pump his cock. You frown when he groans as he touches his cock, twitching as he's already close to cumming.
"Stop it, Tsumu!"
"Baby!" He groans, voice breaking with need and desperation. "Just let me fuckin cum!"
"I will." You frown. "Just in a bit— okay? Just let me play with you a little more."
A little more, you say, but Atsumu knows you well, and he knows you won't let him go until he's on the verge of passing out.
But it's okay, he can always get back at you later for it, can't he? He'll just focus on this— oh, fuck, that felt good.
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sluttsumu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu, suna, iwaizumi, bokuto x f!reader
warnings: 18+, use of recreational marijuana, use of the pet name “princess” (atsumu), bokuto being funny asf, suna’s is a lil sad if you really look into it
wc: 0.8??
a/n: i queued this yesterday but it didn’t work, so here it is your faves while high, suna’s was not supposed to be angsty i don’t know what happened LOL also not proofread lol.
Tumblr media
atsumu is horny.
the only thing on his mind is making you cum as many times as humanly possible. you thought smoking with him would be fun, which it was, till he started laughing and chasing you around your apartment with grabby hands.
“pretty baby, c’mere, i wanna taste ya”
you thought it was hilarious, but he was serious. staring at you with pink, half lidded eyes from the other side of the kitchen counter. he was gonna get you, no matter what. you couldn’t contain your laughter as you thought of how to escape him from catching you and never letting go. he stared intensely, palms face down on the marble.
he’d definitely caught you in a rock and a hard place. you falsely run to one side, meanwhile he flinches thinking that you’d actually run that way. he chuckles at your face as you try and think of how to get out of this predicament. thinking his distracted you run this time, but you athlete boyfriend’s quick reflexes were something you were no match for.
“HA! I GOTCHA” he yelled engulfing you in his arms as you playfully squirmed in his grasp. “ugh you’re too fast for me” you whine as he carried you walking towards your bedroom.
“‘tsumu you smell like weed”
“ ‘m gonna make ya cum sooo much princess ” he chuckled, closing your room door. atsumu was gone, his mind could not be saved from becoming a horny hell.
“did you even hear what i said?”
“let’s make some pretty babies, baby”
now that he had you his mind was clouded everything went in one ear and out the other. he didn’t hear a damn thing you just said.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi is sleepy.
at first when you brought up the idea of him getting high with you for once and, he wasn’t all for it. back in college when he went to UCI he was definitely a cigarette smoker, and didn’t find weed all that interesting. having a background in nutrition he knew all about the drug and didn’t think it’d be a good idea.
but then you made edibles…..and he ate them.
it was a complete accident, he just saw cookies and thought to eat them. you walk into the kitchen to see him on his third cookie, lord have mercy. “hajime— are those my…” you couldn’t bring yourself to finish you sentence in fear he’d frantically freak out. he arched a brow giving you a confused look as he continued to eat the sweet treat.
“those are my edibles…”
the rest of the cookie was now on the floor. iwaizumi’s eyes went wide but instead of the panicking reaction you expected out of him, he laughed. he laughed? you now stood confused at your boyfriends contagious laughter, which causes you to laugh along with him.
five minutes later, iwaizumi is slumped. dead asleep as if you weren’t just laughing with him a few minutes ago. though being 5’11 and probably 190+ pounds of raw muscle, he’s a complete lightweight. you rolled your eyes at him taking up your entire bed. taking out your phone to snap a picture of him, knowing that he will not remember any of this tomorrow.
Tumblr media
bokuto is a mess.
this man is laughing, crying, yelling, saying the stupidest shit. just all of the above. he’s the type to make crazy conspiracy theories that actually….make sense.
“kou— what’s the colour of my shirt again?” you snicker barely able to make it through your sentence. “i-it’s, dark white” the silence is loud as the two of you stare at one another before absolutely dying of loud, boisterous laughter. bokuto is on the floor, crying meanwhile you hold your stomach from laughing so hard.
“what— the FUCK, is dark white?” you yell, tears brimming in your eyes. before he answers you finish by saying “THIS IS GREY” in all technicalities bokuto was right, grey essentially is….dark white. everything in this moment was just too funny, getting high with him was the right decision.
“THAT IS NOT GREY, DARK WHITE.” his face and neck are flushed pink attempting to prove his point.
“OKAY SO WHATS LIGHT GREY?” you question giving him a look of ‘let’s see what you say this time’.
“UHM— I-ITS…..LIGHT DARK WHITE?” he answered nothing short of confidence and confusion in his tone. you quickly arched a brow thinking about the stupidity the you just heard. light. dark. white. he was wrong so wrong, but also so fucking right.
“kou lets go to bed, you are tired very tired” he looked at you confused as you attempted to pick him up off the floor and miserably failing falling o to him..
“you’re a fucking idiot”
“your idiot babe”
Tumblr media
suna is touchy.
he wants to feel on your body, and have you close to him. he has a very nonchalant and horny high. he definitely has you seated in his lap while blowing smoke in your face. he certainly was nicer under the influence, you wished he was like that all the time.
“you look so pretty like this” he smiles eyes blinking slowly. his hands secured themselves on the sides of your waist, he was just staring at your as if you were the most precious gem in the world. his eyes wavered back and fourth from your lips to your eyes, he wants to kiss you, he wants to show his pretty girl all the affection he has to offer. “you always do this” you sigh eyes steering away from his.
“what’re you talking about?” did he really have the audacity to ask you that question? this was an endless cycle one that seems to never stop. he grabs your face bringing you eyes back to meet his low red ones. “you only compliment me when you’re high.”
his hands run up and down your sides, caressing all the parts of your body that he loved so much. “that’s not true pretty baby.” but whether you stuck to your gut feeling or not, he always talked you out of it every time. you felt stupid for doubting yourself after his words, but each time you managed to convince yourself that you were wrong.
“i want a kiss” he pouts, and what rin wants rin gets. no matter the cost.
he encases your lips in a kiss in which you immediately try to pull away from before feeling his hand of your neck forcing your head in place, you hated that you loved it, loved him. the way he touched you telling you how much he loved you and to an extent he did.
suna rintarō was your drug, and you needed your daily fix.
Tumblr media
sluttsumu 2021
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fsrintaro · 2 days ago
hq men and how they use you as a cum dump
Tumblr media
## warnings. massive, massive, loads of cum, mating press, creampie, penetration denial, breeding, vaginal penetration, oral (m receiving), choking/gagging on cock, throat bulge, a pinch of dumbification, heavy degrading but also praising :D, overstimulation, brainwashing/manipulation if u squint real hard, tinge of bukkake and a trainnnn choo chooooo
## a/n. i would love to say where i got this idea but ill just expose myself HAHAH anyways, first nsfw content! im looking at the warnings and im just thinking if i went overboard 🧍🧍🧍this is so raunchy im nosebleeding
Tumblr media
oikawa, bokuto, TERUSHIMA, atsumu, ISSEEEEEIIIIIII, yaku, kuroo, goshiki, kenma
straddling your face, he loves watching the way your throat bulges in the shape of his heavy dick as he rams his hips needlessly against your warm lips. “that’s it, sweetheart. take it like the good fucking slut you are.” your throat will always be his favourite cocksleeve— so inviting, so tight for him. pride swelled in his chest as he hears you gag around his dick that is far too large to fit in your mouth, groaning as your throat clenches around him as you choked. you could tell he was close from the way his hips stuttered as he tossed his head back in pleasure, “i-i’m close-ngh! open wide sweetheart. take it all.” all of a sudden, he grabbed your head to hold you in place where his tip kissed the back of your throat. he grunted as you rubbed his heavy balls, milking his leaking cock. “let’s do it again, shall we? i still have a lot in here,” he purred, tapping his balls against your chin that is slobbered with his cum. “a whole ‘lotta cum, just for my pretty little cockwhore.”
Tumblr media
HAJIME IWAIZUMI (27) PUTHY POUNDER, suna, kita, OSAMUUUUUUU, hinata, kuroo, tendou, semi
unlike the rest, he likes to make you beg for his cock. he would tie you down, leaving you to watch him jerk himself off to your beautiful pair of tits (as he says). “look at these fucking tits. too good for me. too fucking good.” if you were lucky, he would use you to get him off. hands weaving through your head to grab your hair, pulling it towards him so that he could sway his hips and slap his cock against your face. slap. slap. slap. each slap just made your pussy drool even more. the only problem was that he would do all of this without without being inside of you. at all. only when he is near coming, would he slap and pinch your clit to signal you to open your legs wider. wit a smirk on his face, he would only push the tip in to release his seed into you, painting your walls. “p-p-please just give me…i wa-want it in me. please!” you whimpered while spreading your lips to coax him into your desires, only to be responded with a sadistic laugh. “not until i’m done breeding you, pretty girl. i want my cum oozing out of you when i push this fat cock into you. oozing. got it?” nodding your head profusely, you held your shaking legs wide open to invite him to continue using your pretty little cunt for his own pleasure.
Tumblr media
SUNAAA, sakusa, akaashi, o-o-osamu, ushijima, aran, suga, MMM DAICHI, mEIAAAAANNNN
entirely whipped and pussy-drunk. he would shove your thighs backwards to meet your chest, wrapping it beside your tits to push them together. his were glued onto your tits, watching it jiggle as he plunges his throbbing cock into your cunt. without thinking, his mouth lunges towards your mounds, his tongue and teeth latching onto your nipple, making you whimper at the moist, warm sensation of his mouth. the lewd squelches of your sopping pussy only made him rut deeper, harder into you and sucked onto your erect nipple harshly. “i can’t tak-ngh…ah-too much, baby, i-it’s too much!” instead of slowing down, he shifted to pin you under his weight, his cock kissing your walls at different angles and at different pressures which made you shriek in pleasure as he hits your sweet spot again and again and again. “nonsense baby, i’m sure you can see how much you and your pretty little pussy enjoys my cock…fuckkk, baby girl. you really are clenching down and sucking me in. be a good girl for me and take it, yeah?” eventually, he tried to let you ride him since you were babbling endlessly about how his cock is going to break you in half. too bad your slow pace had him shaking in impatience. his hands grasped your hips to hold you in place as he thrusts his hips up at your cunt to spear your little hole as you weakly push at his chest to signal to him to slow down.
Tumblr media
atsumu, kuroo, meian, actually the entire msby team 🥰🥰, kageyama
all of these men would want to run a train on you — each taking turns to fill up every single hole begging to be flooded to the brim with their seed. your legs pinned back by theirs as you lay on the chest of the one furiously rubbing at your clit while another uses your cunt to warm his dick. individually, they would die to savour your pussy but somehow, it really is the more the merrier. it is just different when they surround you who is on your knees simply because you can’t walk. you would peer up at them with glassy eyes and smeared mascara as you stick your tongue out, awaiting for their cum to splatter all over your face and fill your throat. even when every single hole of yours is filled, they will make sure to reward their good little slut by making sure she doesn’t feel empty without her favourite cocks. you could only beg them for more as time passes because they have succeeded in conditioning you to be needy for their dicks, your hole twitching around nothing as you beg them to fill you. they would take turns to hold your legs apart, rendering you immobile as the others claimed yfinally, they would take their time to paint your body with their cum, marking you as their favourite cocksleeve for their use only.
Tumblr media
(///∇///) l-l-likes and rbs are always appreciated ehe
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iwasbunny · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 674 words.
# warnings. twt porn links, afab reader, choking, degradation, praise, daddy kink.
# contains. daichi, suna, atsumu, sakusa.
# note. my baby ( @storms-playhouse ) gave me the idea so credits to him.
Tumblr media
loves to fuck you on your back, it just gives him the best view possible.
he gets to watch your cute little cunt perfectly wrap around his cock, practically pulling him in and milking him dry with every single thrust.
the way your tits bounce while he fucks into you is just addictive to him.
not to mention the whines and whimpers being pulls out of you when you feel his fat cock buried all to way to the hilt in your tight heat.
his hands get to wander from wrapping around your throat to gripping your hips while he fucks you impossibly harder.
“Fuck yeah, doll. You look so pretty like this.. all exposed for me. Bet you like that, don’t you? Mhm, you love it when I fuck you like the needy little slut you are.”
Tumblr media
hits it from the back, we all know it.
suna’s obsessed with watching your ass bounce each time he pulls you onto his cock.
he also gets off to seeing your ass all bruised from his harsh slaps, the way you squeal after each spank has him growling into your ear.
part of him is a little sadistic, which is why he loves to have his hands roughly gripping your hair or jaw while he pulls you into a messy kiss.
sometimes he’ll have his fingers deep in your throat and he loves to hear you gag while he forces it in deeper, just to see those pretty tears.
“S’too much? Too much for you already? Tch, you begged for this cock, angel. Now, shut up and fuckin’ take it like a good girl—my good girl.”
Tumblr media
he likes to fuck you with your face shoved into the mattress.
isn’t afraid to manhandle and be rough with you, especially because he knows you love it, you get off to him being needy for you.
hearing your moans and cries for him all muffled while he keeps you pressed down underneath him is exhilarating.
you just get so fucked out in this position, the angle that his cock is hitting you makes you see stars and leaves you a panting mess.
definitely coos at you when he knows you can’t talk back, too stupid too even try.
“Awh, what’s wrong, princess? Ya sensitive already, mm. I bet’cha enjoyed cumming all over my cock, didn’t even bother askin’ for my permission.. tsk, guess my needy girl needs to learn a lesson.”
Tumblr media
usually likes it when you’re on top
as much as he likes having the control he doesn’t mind letting you take over either.
the desperation in your movements while you grind against his cock has him biting his lip to hold back his groans.
he loves that he gets to see all your adorably dazed expression, your face contorting into one of pleasure while you fuck his cock brings him even closer to the edge.
the position allows him to be close to you; needing pulling you into a kiss and sucking on your nipples, it’s heaven for him.
“That’s my good girl, takin’ this cock so well.. you were made to be my little slut, hm. Let me see that pretty face.. I want you to look at me while you cream all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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risumu · a day ago
Tumblr media
bokuto doesn’t want to accuse you of anything, but with each passing minute it really feels like you’ve forgotten that it’s his birthday.
which is fine! really! he knows you’ve had a lot on your plate recently and you’ve been insanely busy with work so he shouldn’t be upset over something as trivial as his birthday after all. but at practice earlier none of the guys had said anything either. in fact, atsumu didn’t even give him his normal high five when he left!
so yeah, maybe he’s pouting. just a little.
“you ready?” you ask as you walk into the living room, and for a second he gets excited that maybe you made plans for him. but then he has to smile to hide the pout as he remembers you just wanted to go to your favorite cafe.
“yep!” he jumps up off the couch, damp and natural hair bouncing from the shower he took half an hour ago, and opens the apartment door for you to walk out.
a pout tugs at his lips the whole way down the hallway as he listens to you talk about work. a cant tilts his eyebrows in the elevator as you tell him about the video your friend sent you. his cheeks puff out a little as he open the drivers side door for you and then gets in the passenger.
but every time you look at him, throw him a glance or turn in his direction, he’s quick to paint on grin because he doesn’t want to make you upset about forgetting. he doesn’t wanna sound stupid after all.
you’re not stupid. and you most certainly didn’t forget your boyfriend’s birthday.
you have been secretly planning something for weeks with all of his teammates and old friends, and you’re literally taking him to his surprise party that he has no idea about. so you’re finding it a tad bit hard to hold in your giggles as koutaro tries to hide his pout throughout the entire ride.
in fact he’s so focused on it that he doesn’t even realize you missed the turn to the café you said you were going to. doesn’t register that you’re taking the street that leads to the gym he left just an hour or so ago. doesn’t even know that you’ve pulled into the parking lot until you stop the car and speak up.
“kou, c’mon,” you say as you nudge his shoulder, opening your door.
“what?” he looks around, brows knitting together. “what’re we doing here?”
“just follow me, babe.”
and he’s so dazed and kind of confused in his self pity party stupor that he can’t help but just do what you say anyways. a second later he’s at your side, reaching for your hand (it’s instinct, he can’t help it) as the two of you walk across the empty parking lot.
(because you’re smart and made sure everyone else parked around back).
“what’re we doing here?” he asks again, then let’s out an ungodly gasp. “are you going to kill me in my favorite place in the world?”
“what? no,” you laugh, squeezing his hand and leading him up the gym steps. you pause, just as you’re about to pull on the handle, and turn back to him.
the sunset makes his golden eyes seem more like the sweet flames they are. the breeze blowing past has his bangs swooping in and out of his eyes so prettily. and he’s smiling, even now as you know he’s secretly upset, in a way that makes your stomach twist.
so you place your hands on the sides of his face, pull him down, and kiss him long and deep and hopefully enough to show just how much you love him. and when you pull away you just grin, rub your thumbs against his cheeks before turning on your heel and opening the gym door, beckoning for him to follow.
you never want to forget the look on koutaro’s face as he steps into the gym.
a mixture of jumbled ‘surprise!’ and ‘happy birthday!’s echo throughout the gym from all of his friends and family and teammates and for once in your life you see bokuto speechless. there’s confetti flying from the poppers hinata and atsumu have let off and some music playing from where kuroo’s standing by the old beat up boombox.
and bokuto’s just standing there, wide eyes taking it all in, mouth slightly parted.
then you feel fingers brush against your palm, a hand squeezing onto yours, and he snaps his head over to you. his lash line looks a little wet and his eyes a little glossy as he beams at you with wobbly lips.
“i thought you forgot,” he whispers, like he still doesn’t believe all of this.
“i could never,” you shake your head, mirroring his smile as akaashi walks up with a birthday cake in his hands, a little owl candle lit on top. you grip bokuto’s hand a little tighter.
“happy birthday, koutaro.”
he cries a little bit as everyone gathers around to sing him happy birthday, cheeks flushed slightly from the tears and a little bit from the candle but mostly because of the warmth that fills his heart. as he blows out the flame and everyone around cheers, he puts his hands on his hips, cocking up an eyebrow.
“wait! we have to do it all again, my hair—“
sakusa groans, atsumu blurts out a laugh, and you fight the strong urge to roll your eyes.
“babe, your hair looks fine. don’t worry about it.”
“no way!” he huffs, then points his finger toward the locker room. “i’ll be back in five minutes with my hair done, i have spare gel in my locker. no one better post these pics. i’m looking at you kuroo!”
and just like that he’s running across the gym, mumbles and laughter following after him and a very unconvincing shout of ‘of course not!’ from kuroo.
akaashi steps beside you, still holding the cake in his hands as he breathes out a chuckle and shakes his head.
“i thought we agreed you were going to make him more mature,” he says, as everyone around starts to fizzle into their own conversations as they wait for your boyfriend’s return. “that was the deal. i did what i could to mellow him out in highschool, you get forever duty.”
“hey i’m trying, it’s just..” your eyes gleam as your gaze falls to your feet, knocking your toes together. “he’s really charming when he acts all boyish.”
“you’re becoming a victim to the dark side,” akaashi hums, “should’ve known it would happen eventually. i agree though, he is charming.”
“right?” you laugh, smile widening as a familiar booming voice sounds from the other side of the gym. “besides it’s his birthday. i’ll ground him tomorrow.”
and as bokuto joins your side again—with freshly gelled hair and a crooked grin—he asks if you missed him and you just nod. you let him lean down to kiss you, and while he’s distracted you swipe your finger in the cake and smear the icing across his cheek.
“now that video,” you giggle against his lips before flicking your eyes over to where kuroo is holding up his phone, “is so getting posted.”
“bullying me on my birthday?”
“it’s this or spankings,” you tease, wiggling your eyebrows. bokuto’s laugh booms through the gym.
“i’ll settle for the icing, baby. thank you.”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated
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atsymu · a day ago
it's big himbo baby bokuto's birthday 🏃‍♀️💨 (at least for me) and he needs some good birthday sex
nsfw 18+ minors dni. f. reader, messy writing, alcohol mention, exhibitionism, use of “puppy.”
note. happy bday to daddy bo :< ‘m a little late on my end cos ‘ts like 11pm so ‘m sorry if this is rushed i am v drained rn but i couldn’t miss himbo bfs bday <3
Tumblr media
a squeak falls from your lips, followed by a whimper when bokuto’s lips meet yours, he tastes of beer and mint gum—your eyes almost rolling back when his tongue slides against your own, swallowing your pretty noises while he presses you harder against the cool bathroom counter below you.
the silver haired male groans as his fingers grab harder at the swell of your ass, almost bouncing you on his cock while meeting your hips with his own—golden eyes focused on the way your tits bounce, your body jolting with each heavy thrust.
“s-shit, puppy—fuck—couldn’t wait to get home, had to feel this cunt, yeah? feels s-so good,”
his words are almost whispered against your lips and you know he’s trying to keep himself quiet, knowing the rest of the team are just through the bathroom door, relaxing in the living room of your shared apartment after you’d made up an excuse to sneak away with your boyfriend, pulling him into the bathroom for his gift—but fuck your cunt feels so good wrapped around his cock, you should’ve known he couldn’t control himself when it came to you.
his thrusts are messy, careless—some of it probably due to the alcohol still pumping through his veins. the sound of skin slapping growing louder with each slam of his hips, as your cunt drools down his shaft and heavy balls.
you feel small when bokuto curls himself over you, caging you even tighter against the granite below you. your nails dig into his biceps as you try to ground yourself, the muscles flexing under your touch while the fat head of his cock kisses the spot that makes it feel like your walls are trying to milk him.
“fuck, fuckkkk—baby, feels so good. don’t wanna stop, best present ever.” bokuto groans, angling your hips higher, almost folding you in half when he leans over you more. the new found position only making it easier for him to find your sweet spot.
you blink up at him, admiring the way his brows crease and his swollen lips part—allowing a few soft pants and sharp groans to fall from them each time he sinks back into you, almost slamming your hips back against the counter, groaning as he watches his fat cock disappear into your tight cunt.
“wanna feel you cum, puppy—nghhh, shit—need to feel you, baby. ‘ts my present, right?” 
Tumblr media
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babyworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
:: — 2:26 a.m.
It’s late. Your body is running with caffeine all thanks to the three cups of coffee you took all throughout your journey to finish the five pages of paper you needed to pass for one of your subjects when you heard the shrill ringtone of your phone.
Half-asleep and with a dead tired and mind, you groggily grab your phone to check who’s calling you at this hour. With a brow raised, you push your phone closer to you as you accept the call and put it on loudspeaker so you can continue typing your paper.
“Yup?” You greeted one of the few people that you know that you’re not surprised to see awake at this late hour.
“Hi, bun,” Rintarōs raspy voice entered your ears.
“Hey, Rin. What’s up? Why’d you suddenly call?”
“Are you busy, busy? You think you can take some off of your time to go to the convenience store with me?”
“What?” You chuckle as you give a fleeting glance at your phone with a disbelief look as if Rintarō can see you. “At this hour?” You asked, baffled.
“Yeah? There’s a convenience store near us that’s open 24/7.”
“Okay? Why are you even awake, Rin? Are you playing games with Kenma again? This late? I told you, don’t encourage him anymore. You two have the most messed up sleeping schedule that I know.”
You hear Rintarō chuckling on the other line. “‘M not playing with him, bunny. And don’t worry, a’right? I don’t play with Kenma this late anymore and yes I’m telling him off to stop staying up too late all the time.”
“Good,” you huff out a breath. “So, why are you still awake?”
“Just so you know,” you hear shuffling in the background. “You’re not the only one who’s a studious person, yeah? I’m being a diligent college student who’s trying to finish an essay.”
You scoff. “Good for you, Rin. Good for you.”
“So? Are you in? Been workin’ hard to finish this and now I’m hungry. I don’t have any food here in my apartment and I know you don’t have either, so our best bet is going to the convenience store.”
Poking the inside of your cheeks using your tongue, your fingers stopped typing as you debated whether to take up Rintarō’s offer or turn him down and just focus on writing your paper.
Sighing, you lean back on your chair as you tell him, “You’d act like a child if I disagree so yeah. I’ll be going with you.”
“Child? Fuck you mean?” Rintarō laughs. “Put on some thick jacket or whatever. It’s cold. Or you want me to grab one of mine and lend it to you?”
“Yes, Rintarō, child. Because you always throw a tantrum every time I tell you no. Tell me I’m wrong. And yes please, let me borrow a jacket or a hoodie. Anything’s fine.”
“You never indulge in anything that I suggest to you. How the fuck am I supposed to then? You’re supposed to be my ride and die, y’know? And a’right. I’ll be over to your apartment within ten minutes. Wait for me, yeah? We’ll have this conversation again once I see you.”
You rolled your eyes. “Bye, Rin.”
And just like what he said from the call, when you open your door to go out of your apartment, Rintarō’s greeting you with a halfhearted glare.
“So, you think I’m a spoiled brat, huh?” He clicked his tongue.
You walk over to where he is, an exasperated sigh falling from your lips as you accept the hoodie that he’s handing to you.
“Hello to you too, Rin,” you say as you wear his hoodie.
“No, no,” Rintarō holds your shoulders to make you face him. “I wanna hear this now, yeah?”
A laugh escapes your lips as you swat his hands away. “You’re being ridiculous. See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You act like a child every time you’re with me. This is why it’s a mystery to me why a lot of people are intimidated by you. But well, guess I can’t blame them because most of the time you look like you’re glaring at everyone.”
Rintarō scoffs. He takes your hand and laces his fingers with yours as he gently tugs you to start walking. “Whatever. Don’t really care about what they think about me. And I act normal when I’m with you. You tryna’ say that you hate my personality now? You’ve been hurting me a lot right now, bunny. Didn’t know you’re this vicious in these hours.”
“You’re so annoying. No, seriously, you’re so weird. You’re being extra playful right now. Are you okay? Are you high?” You narrowed your eyes at him.
“What?” Rintarō laughs at you, removing his hand holding yours to throw an arm around you. “I’m always like this. What do you mean? I’m always ecstatic every time we hang out, bunny.”
You stared at him unimpressed. “Ha ha. Very funny.”
“And since I’m very grateful that you went with me. Whatever you wanna eat, just say it. My treat.”
“Gee,” you snorted. “Thank you so much for being generous then, Rintarō.”
A loud laugh falls from his lips as he squeezes you beside him which makes you hiss at him, glaring and muttering a curse.
“Level my enthusiasm with me, babe. Feels like I’m the only one happy here, you know?”
“What’s there to be happy about? I have a five-page paper that I need to finish waiting for me back at my apartment. I have a ten a.m. lecture tomorrow morning and it’s already ass o’clock yet I’m still awake,” you frown, remembering the hellish situation that you have right now.
“Aw, c’mon, bunny!” Rintarō coos, pinching your cheek. “Let’s go. Food will make you feel better.”
With a scowl on your face, you watch how Rintarō excitedly drags you to where the convenience store is with a grin on his face.
Rintarō’s words were true. It’s really cold at these hours. You can feel the night breeze clinging to your cheeks as he tugs you excitedly. The faint noise of the vehicles from the highway can be heard from where the two of you are. The sky is painted black with tiny glimmering lights from the stars accompanying the big moon.
And Rintarō’s contentment and joy can be felt even through his fingers as they gently shake both of your hands while walking.
“Here we are,” Rintarō mutters as he opens the door of the convenience store.
The bell chimes loudly which make the girl behind the counter greeting the two of you. You politely greeted back while Rintarō just gave her a smile.
“Tell me what you want. Go on,” he tells you as he walks the two of you through the aisles filled with food and snacks.
“Rin, I want coffee. I’m not really hungry. Coffee’s fine for me.”
“Coffee?” Rintarō turns to you with his brows pinched together. “How many cups of coffee did you drink already? And don’t try lying to me.”
You huff out a breath. “Three. It’s not that bad, right? Besides, I don’t always drink coffee unlike before.”
Rintarō snorted. “Nice try, bunny. I know you still drink coffee religiously. Eita always updates me every time he sees you drinking one, you know?”
“Semi? Wait, what?” You stopped in your tracks to face him. “You’re keeping tabs on me now?”
Rintarō faces you. “Yeah? When it comes to you and your caffeine intake, though. You drink too much coffee. You never drink water. So, I ask Eita to tell me if you’re already nursing yourself with your poison.”
“Oh my god,” you shake your head at him. “You’re unbelievable. Now it makes sense why Semi’s staring at me funny every time I’m holding a cup of coffee.”
Rintarō chuckles as he pulls the two of you where the beverages are. “Yeah. He’s my eye, you know? Here,”
He opens the door where the drinks are stored then he pulls out something.
“Drink this instead. One banana milk then water,” he handed it to you with a smile on his face.
“Ugh, whatever,” you roll your eyes at him and accept what he’s handing without saying anything else. You decided to follow what he wants because you know he won’t ever back down if you decided to argue with him longer. “Just… pick whatever you wanna eat already.”
Rintarō stares at you for a second then he walks forward to where you are to pinch your nose. “You get so pissed easily,” he laughs. “Cute.”
You swat his hand away. “Just go buy your food.”
After browsing through the store, Rintarō finally settled with instant ramen, a gimbap, and bottled water and banana milk just like yours. He asked to stay in the convenience store for the meantime to eat there instead of going back to your respective homes immediately because as per his words, “Still wanna spend some more time with you, bunny.”
You honestly don’t know what to do with him at this point.
Now you’re sitting in front of him, watching in awe as he devoured the instant noodles in front of him with gusto.
“You’re that hungry, huh?”
Rintarō hums as a response, still continuing eating. After he’s done taking a bite, you hand him a napkin.
“I didn’t eat anything for dinner,” Rintarō wiped his mouth. “Had too much to do so I skipped.”
You raise a brow. “You had the nerve to lecture me on how I’m taking care of myself yet here you are being shit at it yourself.”
“I’m better than you though so you can’t say shit to me.”
“You never run out of arguments, do you?” You sigh.
“Only when it comes to you,” Rintarō winks at you.
For the whole duration of that impromptu running at the convenience store late in the hours, the time was filled with Rintarō annoying you and you retorting something back that you can't even hide the annoyance behind the tone of your voice. Nonetheless, you can’t deny that sudden rendezvous with him made you feel better.
Earlier, you’re feeling tired and overall spent but hearing Rintarō’s lame jokes and stories regarding his band rehearsals, you’re feeling lighter and lighter — as if the stress that’s clouding you earlier is vanishing at a quick pace.
After a while, when he’s finally done eating and you’re finally done drinking the banana milk and forcing yourself to finish the water bottle because Rintarō insists on you to drink, the both of you are walking back to your apartments now.
“God,” you nibbled on your bottom lip as you stared at the time on your phone. “It’s already so late. I still have to finish my paper.”
Rintarō hums. “Why don’t you rest first? You’d feel better and recharged once you wake up and it’d be more effective for you to work if you’re well-rested, you know?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, putting your phone back in your pocket. “Guess you’re right. And besides, I need to wake up early since I have an early class tomorrow.”
“You’re good, bunny,” Rintarō pats your head twice. “I’ll bring you breakfast and coffee tomorrow. As compensation, because I asked you to accompany me at this late hour.”
“You don’t have to, Rin. And besides, you don’t like waking up early in the morning.”
“For you, I will,” Rintarō grins.
And true to his words, when the next morning comes as you open the door of your apartment to head on to the university, making a mental note to stop by a coffee shop to buy some bread and order coffee, your eyes widen in shock as you stare at the man standing in front of you after going out of your apartment.
“Rin?” You breathed out, confusion etching on your face. “What are you —”
Rintarō pulls down the mask he’s wearing, then he brings up a cup of coffee and a small paper bag.
“Good morning. Here’s your breakfast,” he grins.
He advances to where you are so he could hand you the cup and the paper bag. When you grab it from his hands, you slightly jump from where you’re standing when you feel Rintarō slouching over for a bit as he wraps his arms around your waist, his head nuzzling at the crook of your neck.
“Appreciate my efforts, m’kay? I woke up early to buy that for you.”
You exhaled a laugh, melting at his hug. “Alright. Thank you, Rin.”
“Mhm,” he hums. “Anything for my bunny.”
Tumblr media
++ notes. i love him. unedited. please bear with me. i just can’t really get rin out of my head so i wrote this quickly hhh. tysm <3
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ellewords · 14 hours ago
COLLEGE!BF HQ BOYS    — because i have classes again and am yearning for affection </3
❥   tsukishima stops by the convenience store near your dorm every afternoon on his way to you, singlehandedly becoming your sole supplier of snacks and caffeine. you have never asked him to buy you anything, frowning when he drops the plastic bag filled with goodies on your desk. but all he does is gently flick away the crease that’s formed between your brows, “tsk. don’t flatter yourself, i was already there to get something for myself…just, let me do this for you.”  
❥   akaashi sends you website and journal articles that he thinks may be useful for your papers. he probably knows just as much about your major as he does his own, given all the time he’s spent scanning through several articles by your side during all-nighters. on the rare occasion that he can’t join you, he just emails you everything. not only that, he even sends a care package with a cute little note : you’ve got this, my love! rooting for you today, like all days. - a.k.
❥   oikawa knows that there’s a particular book in the library you’ve been meaning to check out and he’s not above using his charms for you to get it. aware of your very busy schedule, oikawa comes by the library almost every afternoon to bother the librarians check if it’s available. he’s on a first name basis with everyone and each time they try to turn him away, he replies with the same thing : “c’mon, they really need this! yeah, yeah i’m annoying but wouldn’t you do anything for love too?”
❥   atsumu wakes up half an hour earlier than he normally would to pick you up from your apartment so you could go to campus together. your schedules aren’t kind to your relationship, so he tries to get as much time with you as he can throughout the day. atsumu walks you to your class then sprints to the other side of the campus to get to his own. he grabs onto the wooden doorframe of his classroom, panting and catching his breath, “i have an excuse……love?”
❥   kuroo holds your hand underneath the table and helps you make the powerpoint presentation for your report the next day. his other hand is either poking your cheek or pointing to a slide animation that he’s insisting you include. half the time his suggestions are jokes, the other half are actually helpful. kuroo squeezes your hand twice, making you tear your gaze away from the computer and place it onto him, “can you work a little quicker, babe? wanna take you out on a date.”
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samuchip · 2 days ago
kenma + tits —MDNI
Tumblr media
kozume kenma can't help but be enthralled by the way your tits bounce while he fucks you. that is, if he doesn't already have one in his mouth. he loves your nipples, teasing them with his tongue, pinching them with his fingers, relishing in the sounds you make. kenma loves to fuck your tits, seeing his length slide between them, the head poking out near your collarbone. he loves painting your tits with his cum, smearing it over your nipples because he wants you riled up for round 2.
Tumblr media
©️ samuchip, do not copy
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kakyoinsbunny · 2 days ago
super intimate sex with Koutarou… You’re both so sweaty as your bodies are stuck together as you move up and down in his lap. His arms are wrapped so tightly around your body and he kisses at every bit of skin his mouth can reach, murmuring about how much he loves you and how good you are. Your chests are pressed together and the friction makes the two of you groan as Bokuto grabs your ass tightly, spreading it to lift you up and down repeatedly as you slump onto his chest and whimper into his ear about how ‘s so good and your mouths meet in a sloppy kiss, trying to devour each other as your lips tangle and your tongues explore each other. You both pull away breathless and give each other some short kisses before Kou can’t stand the way he’s just seated inside you, so he flips you onto your back and gives you a toothy grin as he hovers above you, pounding into your sloppy cunt like his life depends on it. Your nails dig into his arms and your head is thrown back and your lover can see the hickeys already forming, blending so deliciously with your smudged makeup and lipstick. Bokuto pushes your legs up to your chest before leaning down to suck your bottom lip into his mouth, the mixed feeling of the pain and pleasure and the repeated feeling of his tightening balls slapping against your ass has you clenching down on his cock as your eyes roll to the back of your skull. Bokuto is gasping and he pulls away to focus his eyes on the ring of cum that coats his cock over and over against every time he thrusts in and out. He’s going faster and faster and he rapidly rubs your clit before stilling deep inside you, whine forming in the back of his throat as he waits for everything to empty inside of you, and ass he pulls away and your stringy arousal coating his cock has him groaning as his eyes transfix on the cum dribbling out of your cunt and down to your asshole. He’s hard again.
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haikyuuhoo · 2 days ago
Warning: angst, toxic relationship
"You can't keep doing this," you breathed, voice shaky.
His hand settled on your thigh, fingers running up and down your leg. "What do you mean?" Gently, slowly, attempting to lure you into a false sense of security.
"You know exactly what I mean," you hissed. You had hoped your voice would come out as strong, annoyed, unhappy--anything but the way it came out: weak. He always made you weak.
"C'mon, baby, I told you I was sorry," he murmured, lips next to your ear as he pressed a kiss onto your jawline. You tried not to stiffen up as he nudged his nose into your hair.
"You always say you're sorry," you whimpered with your breath caught in your throat. You closed your eyes, hands balling into fists on top of your legs. "And you always hurt me."
"Not this time."
"I'll be better."
"I won't hurt you again."
All lies.
And you hated how much you believed them. Even though part of you knew he was lying, he always came back and you always let him. He left you for someone else, got dumped, and always came back to you. And you welcomed him back. Every time you told him that you wouldn't, but you couldn't stop.
You loved him.
You hated that you loved him.
But you didn't want him to leave you for good. You didn't want to let him go.
And he always came back, so that was good enough, wasn't it?
"'M sorry, baby," he whispered, lips inching closer to your own. His mouth captured yours just in time to swallow the sob that wracked through you. "Please forgive me. I love you, you know that."
You didn't know that. In fact, you knew he didn't love you. But you loved him, and no matter how many times he hurt you, you always let him back in.
Every time he left it cut deeper and deeper into your heart, but you would always love him, no matter how much you tried not to.
And he never gave you time to heal. He was never gone for long, always running back before you had time to get over him.
And then he left again and reopened the fresh wound, letting it bleed all over again.
You would always bleed for him.
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