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#haikyuu x reader
neoheros · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sakusa doesn't wake up in his bed.
no, he doesn't even wake up in a bed.
instead of his cosy, cold mattress, he wakes up in a small, unfamiliar couch, and he's suddenly very aware that his sleep was not comfortable at all.
there's an ache in his neck and shoulders for staying in such an uncomfortable position for such a long time, a separate pain in his head from the sheer brightness of the room, and never in his life has he hated sunlight more than now.
a voice calls out to him, and he sits up quickly once he realizes that he's not alone.
sakusa's done a handful of stupid things in his life — quitting college early to join a volleyball team? sure. spilling hot coffee on himself on his first job interview? definitely. — but waking up in a random person's house with no recollection of why that happened? now, that's just too much.
the pain in his head feels worse now, and his eyes shut tight as it tries its best to focus in the bleary bright sunlight.
you take a seat on the chair across from him, the edges of your eyes crinkling slightly as you smile, "you're awake."
and it's only then that sakusa realizes that he recognizes that voice.
it’s your voice, and he reluctantly opens his eyes to see your face, in what apparently seems to be your house.
his mouth feels dry, "i slept."
"yeah." you smile, nodding lightly as you hand him a mug of fresh coffee.
he takes it from your hand by the rim, and he tilts his head, "here?"
he doesn't mean to sound so repulsed, but the general idea of him sleeping in your house — without him having memories of why or how — well, that genuinely appalls him.
of all the houses in the world he could've randomly crashed in, did it really have to be yours?
you are the one person that has him wanting to run a marathon every time you touch his hand, the one person he's been practicing how to talk to in the mirror every morning, the one person he actually, genuinely likes - and the universe brings him here?
"yeah, you gave me your keys last night, i think you assumed i knew where you lived?" you say this as you laugh.
he looks at you, mug in his hand, unsure what to say, but the hotness in his ears are starting to spread closer to his face.
"i didn't know where you lived, so," you shrug, but the smile on your face doesn't leave at all as you gesture around the place, "i brought you here."
and it finally starts to come back to him — last night's celebratory gala for japan's professional volleyball teams, four and a half glasses of expensive wine, and his arm drunkenly thrown over you as you tried to walk him back to your car.
his face feels hot.
"so, i was drunk." sakusa looks at you, fixing how he sits on your couch as he places the mug on the table in front of him.
"atsumu and shoyo were drunk," your shoulders rise, and you laugh, "you were wasted."
if he wasn't flustered before, then he sure as hell is now.
leave it to sakusa kiyoomi to be a wasted mess in front of the one person he's been trying to ask out for two years straight.
"oh," he blinks, and he looks at you again, hoping that he doesn't look as bad as he feels right now, "i am so sorry."
you laugh, and you wave him off as you say something along the lines of "don't worry about it," or "i don't mind."
and your smile stays clear, "but next time, tell me what your address is so i know where to bring you when you drink."
"i don't think i'm ever drinking again." he replies, his left hand running through his mess of a hair, and it's just now he realizes that he must've slept in the clothes he wore from last night.
this isn't him, or at least, it's not supposed to be.
sakusa doesn't get wasted, or sleep in yesterdays clothes, or crashes on someone else's sofa and not remember it.
he's the guy who's neat and clean and responsible.
he's made sure that that's how you knew him, he made sure of that so once he finally asks you to have dinner with him, you'll know him well enough to know that it'll be nothing but a good idea.
"can you drive?" you tilt your head closer to where he's looking, noticing how he's been too enveloped by his train of thought to even touch his coffee again.
"yeah," he nods, blinking away the last of his sleep, "definitely not drunk anymore."
and you assume this means that he's ready to leave.
you stand from the couch, readying to help him go as he prepares to take his leave too, and you hope he doesn't feel like you're the one who's kicking him out right now.
he stands awkwardly, the blanket you put over him from last night falling to the floor, and you see how his once perfect and pristine tux is now wrinkled and folded harshly.
"i would've gotten you a fresh pair of clothes but," you put your hand behind your neck, and you laugh lightly, "it did not seem appropriate for me to do that."
sakusa shakes his head, "trust me, you've done so much already."
this definitely was not what he had in mind whenever he thought of spending the night at your place.
"omi." you call out to him with that annoying nickname his teammates gave him that he never seemed to mind when it fell from your lips.
and you laugh, smiling, "it was really fun seeing you become a drunk mess last night."
( and it almost has him contemplating becoming a drunk mess again just to have you say his name like that. )
he walks with you to the door, the ache in his head that's spelling out "hangover" starting to deepen, and there's a huge weight in his chest that tells him he's not ready to say goodbye to you yet.
but its a sunday, and he sees you at work all week, so today's probably your only break away, and you must be tired of taking care of him so much already.
"i'll text you when i get home." sakusa tells you, stopping just before the door.
and there's a second stuck in the air - you looking at him with a tilted head, and the deepening red that's starting to spread all over his face.
it takes him another second to realize what he's just said.
and he follows, "to let you know i got there safe and stuff."
"ah." you smile, and it's apparent that you're trying not to laugh, so you say instead, "i'll appreciate that."
and sakusa is back to walking away from you and towards out the door, except this time, he's pretty sure that the red on his face is more from embarrassment than the remnants of alcohol in his system.
"you owe me a drink by the way." you finally tell him, joking slightly as he steps out the door, out of your house and into the open air of the city.
sakusa cracks a short smile, raising a brow.
"i bought you two cups of coffee last night," you cross your arms, standing in front of him as he keeps his eyes on you, "and not the cheap ones you get at work."
he knows you probably meant that as a joke, so he decides he's better off not saying anything about it.
he nods, stuffing his hands in his pockets, his ears still a bit pinkish, "i'll think about it."
you smile, "drive safe, omi." and before he can say anything else, you place a quick kiss on his cheek, stepping away as quickly as you leaned in.
he doesn't say anything after that, only giving you one final nod as he turns on his heels and starts to walk away the second you close the door.
its only nine in the morning, but you're already feeling like you've just gone through a day's worth of embarrassment after that.
a second passes, and you're ready to hop back in bed, deciding to just lazily sleep the rest of your day off away.
but the doorbell rings, not even a full minute after you've just closed it, and you sigh - cause, who the hell is it now?
you open the door anyways, and to your surprise, it's sakusa again, his face flushed and his hair a mess.
you tilt your head, "omi?"
"i thought about it." he tells you, rather firmly, like he's battling himself just to say it, and he takes a step closer.
his face feels hot.
"can i buy you coffee this afternoon?"
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 2 days ago
texting ur fiancé “yo we still on for tmrw?” the day before your wedding with atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, and suna HAHA
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna
♡ a/n: LMAO i considered doing like fake texts, but ultimately decided against it q_q also im half asleep writing this so forgive me
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
within 10 seconds of sending that text, you get a video call from Atsumu
you quickly accept the call, grinning the second your dear fiancé came into view on your phone screen
“What the hell do you mean ‘we still on for tomorrow’?” Atsumu asks you, one eyebrow raised at what you could possibly be thinking
you respond by laughing, and admittedly your laughter and lax attitude brings a smile to Atsumu’s face
he would never admit it, but seeing your text did worry him just a bit
the rational part of Atsumu knew that you wouldn’t back out, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen
so confirming that this was just some little harmless prank was enough to ease his nerves
“I miss you so much” he pouts into the camera
“we’ll see each other tomorrow!!” you tell him, but Atsumu rolls his eyes at you
“you sure? your last text seems to imply otherwise...”
“it was a joke babe!” you giggle, watching as Atsumu’s pouts slowly become a smile
“I know... I still miss you and want you right next to me” Atsumu sighs, taking in all of your features from the screen on his phone
he’s still in absolute disbelief that in less than a day he gets to marry you
even though you like to joke around with him and send him ludicrous texts like the one you sent not too long ago, there was no doubt in Atsumu’s mind that you were the one for him
and just for you, he’d deal with a billion of your silly oddly ambiguous texts if it mean that he would be yours and you would be his for the rest of your lives
it didn’t take long for Kuroo to call you
and when you answered, you heard chatter in the background- identifying the voices as his friends’
“actually Y/n, we are not still on for tomorrow. I’v changed my mind” Kuroo jokes around
you chuckle in response, but you can hear the surprise in his friends’ voices
“I- Kuroo what are you talking about?” you hear Bokuto ask
“yeah I was just telling Y/n I can’t do this anymore. I think I might back out of this”
the chatter you previously heard went silent, allowing you to put on your best acting performance
you began sobbing into the phone, loud enough that his friends would hear even without being on speaker
“n-no! Please Tetsu I- I love you so much please don’t leave me!” you fake cry
“sorry Y/n. I realized that I can’t be with you.” Kuroo solemnly says into the phone, watching his friends shift glances at one another, not knowing how to react
“there’s someone else huh? I bet there is” you continue your fake sobbing, adding in short breaths in-between your cries
“...there is.... it’s Tsukishima” Kuroo dramatically admits
and at this point, you’re unable to hold back your laughter and Kuroo soon joins in with his cackles
even though you two are having a jolly time, his friends look absolutely done with Kuroo
except for Tsukishima- he looks at the soon to be groom in disgust
“is it too late to withdraw as a groomsman” Tsukishima murmurs under his breath
you waited for a response, but you honestly never got one
it was unlike Bokuto to not respond to you instantly, but you didn’t think too much about it
after all, you knew that his friends planned to go out with him tonight for a little celebration
but ten minutes after your text was sent, you got a call from Akaashi
“so uh...we kinda lost Bokuto-san” he admits, and you nearly drop your phone
“I- HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FIANCE?” you screech into the phone
“look, it’s not like he’s drunk or anything. I saw him look at his phone and then he started running off saying how he needed to see you!”
and right on time, incessant knocking is heard at your door
“Y/N IT’S ME KOU” Bokuto shouts from the other side of the door
“....okay I found him Akaashi. He’s here so just swing by to pick him up please” you say, ending the call to open the door
and the moment you do, Bokuto has you wrapped in his arms
“of course we’re still on for tomorrow why did something happen?” Bokuto frantically asks, worried about you
your text had alarmed him- he wasn’t sure why you would send such a thing but he knew he had to see you as soon as possible to talk to you
you felt a bit guilty since you hadn’t anticipated him reacting like this
“aw, Kou I’m sorry it was just a little prank” you sheepishly admit, cupping one of his cheeks
Bokuto sighs in relief, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead
“oh thank god- you had me worried for a sec Y/n” he murmurs, still not letting you go
and for the next ten minutes or so before Akaashi arrives, Bokuto is still hugging you, telling you how excited he is to marry the love of his life and continuously showering you with all the affection he could offer
it didn’t take Suna long for him to read the message and respond
but this text wasn’t one you were expecting at all
‘2/10 joke’ is all the message read
so you call him for an explanation
“hello?” he asks as soon as he picks up your call
“what do you mean that’s a 2/10 joke Rin?” you ask him, pouting that your boyfriend gave you such a low score
“the text implies that its on me, the receiver of the text to decide whether or not tomorrow’s event is still going to happen.”
Suna pauses briefly, allowing you to think about his words before continuing
“so it doesn't make me filled with any concern or worry- which is what you want when pranking somebody. if you wanted to accomplish that, then you should have said something that would make me think you were the unsure one” Suna further explains
“ah I see, so all I have to do is-” you’re quickly interrupted by your boyfriend
“nope” he simply states
“you’re not going to pull that prank on me” Suna states with so much confident- as if he were the one making the decision and not you
“it won’t work anyways. Now that I've told you the plan. it ruins the whole surprise” he says, and you’re silent for a moment
“god Rin you’re so annoying you know that? the most annoying person on this planet” you joke, plopping back not your bed
“and you’re the fool for marrying the most annoying person on the planet tomorrow” Suna scoffs
and although you can’t see it, you just know he’s rolling his eyes
out of love of course
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luvrinnie · 2 days ago
Sar pls pls PLS i'm on my knees gimme some suna visuals i need them he's just so 🥴 and you always find good shit so gimme pls <3
Tumblr media
warning: twt p*rn, MINORS DNI 18+
a/n: i have nothing to say except for this is my mf boyfriend and i love him so much 😇 also thank u guys for 2k, mwahhh
navigation (18+) - m.list - want more p#rn?
Tumblr media
becoming suna’s pretty little rope bunny <3 tw rope
ride him. he loves it. and when you get tired, he’ll wrap his arms around your waist and help you out <3
he randomly fingers you… at any time and any place
a quickie before the party and dressing your tits up with his cum is an absolute yes
creampie on top of the washing machine :D
he just,,,, loves you and fucking you like youre the only one in the world
randomly eating you out on the couch <3
making you wear a sheer shirt while he tit-fucks you
post sex make out ses <3 mwah tw kissy noises </3
🏷 taglist: @guttgrinderr @silversslut
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tomankitten · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
with: kags, tōru, ‘tsumu, tadashi + suna. <3
a/n: i have no idea where this idea came from.
Tumblr media
KAGEYAMA is blushing so hard; he’s always known he has talent, but to have someone like you in his life— someone who loves and adores him so much for who he is, not what he can do; it’s almost too good to be true. his cheeks are pink as he hands his phone back to you, a shy smile on his face. “i, uh— think you’re really cute too.” and he pulls out his phone, revealing his favorite picture of you smiling as his own lockscreen before reaching up to cradle your face, eyes roaming over your pretty features. “still can’t believe you’re mine, but i’m grateful for it every day.”
OIKAWA looks so smug; “ah, i really am pretty, aren’t i?” you roll your eyes as he stares at your lock screen with an impressed smile on his face. he doesn’t miss your annoyance though as you scoff, gently tugging on your hand and pulling you into his arms, “not as pretty as my pretty baby though, you know that?” he cups your face in his hands before kissing your lips softly. “prettiest in the world, how’d a guy like me get so lucky?” and you smile at that, knowing you’ll always adore every part of him, even his ego; because that’s what makes tōru, tōru— and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
ATSUMU is smiling like an idiot; his cheeks hurt actually, but it’s only been ten minutes since he glanced at the picture you’d set as your phone background and his heart is practically bursting. it’s a candid of him setting to his wing spiker, taken from last night’s game; one he dominated at, of course. “tsumu,” you laugh, “are you going to walk around smiling like that all day?” “baby! a’m just happy, is all.” he squeezes your hand tighter as you stroll down the sidewalk, throwing sideways glances at you before stopping completely to turn and face you. “tsumu, i swear to g-“ “a’m sorry baby! a just wanna see it one more time, i look so cool!”
TADASHI looks so flustered; “y-you uh, liked this picture huh?” “yes baby, i love it. did you want me to change it?” you can tell by the tint of his cheeks that he’s a little embarrassed, but the cute pic of him eating his burger and fries with the tiniest bit of ketchup on his cheek was just way too cute to pass up; he didn’t even know you’d taken the photo until afterwards when he looked up to see your phone in your hands. “baby- delete that! i probably look like a dork.” “you are, baby; but you’re mine and i love it.” he doesn’t have it in him to be mad at you about the picture, he’s just so ecstatic that you want to show him off to everyone.
SUNA is rolling his eyes so hard; but he pulls you into him before smirking against your ear, “so, you think i’m handsome or something? is that it?” he winks when he pulls away to look into your eyes, a tinge of gratitude in them. “i really do love you, y’know that?” he kisses your forehead before wrapping his arms around your neck, sighing as he squeezes you to him. “i know i’m not the best with words, but i feel it.” his eyes drift closed with yours as you breathe in his cologne, thankful that your relationship isn’t built on anything boastful or arrogant; nothing lavish or fancy, just small, simple moments like these— moments that you’ll both cherish forever.
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
sleeping habits
Tumblr media
featuring : various
genre : fluff, humor in traces
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : ok i really wanted to give this format a shot so here we go. this is so random btw, just an experimental post for this format !
Tumblr media
a clingy sleeper. holding you while sleeping isn't a choice, it's a need. they must hold you or else they won't b able to sleep — and a major part of this is because it feels secure. cuddles, hands and legs wrapped, you both end up sleeping on one side of the bed and the other is just, empty.
bokuto ; nishinoya ; tanaka ; hinata ; goshiki ; oikawa ; atsumu ; lev ; kindaichi ; komori ; koganegawa ; aone ; yamaguchi
would go to bed with his arms around you but you both end up on different sides by the time it's morning. if somehow they woke up in middle of the night and see you're on the other side, they'll roll up to you, only to be drifted away again. would blame you for rolling away because you don't want to cuddle but who's going to tell them?
osamu ; kenma ; semi ; shirabu ; iwaizumi ; oikawa ; kuroo ; sugawara ; atsumu ; tendou ; kageyama ; aone ; yamaguchi
checks up on you multiple times in middle of the night. making sure you're sleeping well and aren't cold is their duty. fixes your blanket every time they wake up. they don't mind sleeping without one if it means you can stay warm. arms around your waist because they like it. would plant soft kisses on your temple / forehead and mutter 'i love yous' whenever they wake up.
ushijima ; daichi ; sugawara ; asahi ; semi ; kuroo ; kenma ; akaashi ; osamu ; iwaizumi ; oikawa ; sakusa ; kita ; tsukishima
pain in the ass. would cuddle you initially before turning away for the rest of the night bcz 'the need for space' ? you know the ones who sleep like the whole bed belongs to them. steal your blanket and even your pillow if they somehow dropped theirs. might as well hit you accidently, don't take it personally <3
suna ; atsumu ; oikawa ; tanaka ; nishinoya ; hinata ; futakuchi ; kuroo ; mattsun ; kunimi ; kageyama ; kyotani ; tsukishima
no sleep, only struggle. they move so much in sleep, also such a heavy sleeper. will never sleep on their side. they'll roll up to yours, push your down because "hey y/n you're on my side of the bed" and they won't even listen to you. if you go sleep on the other side, they'll roll there and push you down again. turns out they just want to hold you and then sleep in enough space too. apparently their 'side' of the bed is where ever you're sleeping
bokuto ; suna ; atsumu ; mattsun ; hanamaki ; koganegawa ; kunimi ; hoshiumi ; futakuchi ; kyotani
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @SmolMo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @hello0i @weeb-nation @bubble-bootie
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© — shoyotime.tumblr do no plagiarize, repost or recreate in any way!
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kiyownme · a day ago
Tumblr media
the water is running in the shower, and sakusa laughs melodically into the crown of your head, his arms wrapping tightly around you to keep you in place. his thumb rubs circles into your hipbone as you take a moment to steady yourself.
“you okay?” he grins, his dimples showing through. it’s foggy in the bathroom, the heat of the shower encompassing the both of you, and his hair is damp against his forehead, but you think he still looks beautiful, all things considered. reaching over, you poke his left dimple, watching how carefree he seems to be around you with a soft grin.
if only he was yours, you think.
“yeah,” you mumble.
“did i rock your world that hard?” he teases, chuckling when you roll your eyes and look away. “can’t seem to use your legs properly.” he can practically feel the heat radiating off your face.
“i think you can call me kiyoomi,” he interrupts. “we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” he winks. and you’re confused where this side of sakusa kiyoomi is even coming from, how after months and months of being a brooding and grumpy man, he could flip the switch and become so unfiltered.
but he’s magnetic like this, he draws you in and leaves you hungry for more. you want everything sakusa kiyoomi can give, want to decipher everything he means, want to learn everything he ever was, is, and will be.
and last night was a drunk mess, you’re not sure where it quite started or how it ended, but you know you woke up in a mess of bare limbs and tangled sheets, on a warm chest littered with moles you’d like to spend the rest of your life mapping. sakusa offers you a shower, and you take it as an invitation to see a glimpse of who he is underneath his mask—inside and out.
“geez, when did you get so confident,” you mumble, letting go of him to balance on your own. his hands keep their place on your hips nonetheless, thumb still rubbing circles into the bare skin.
“i’m not confident,” he shrugs, handing you body wash. you raise a brow at the brand, exotic and hard to pronounce, and no doubt incredibly expensive. “it’s just easy to be myself around you,” he murmurs. and you can make out the small bit of blush on his cheeks from the confession, taking in the sight of him flustered instead. but his eyes are hopeful, and your heart is in the air doing leaps.
“oh, is that so?” you hum. he nods, smiling when you lean a bit closer to him. it’s softer, and as you get closer, you realize sakusa kiyoomi’s eyes hold more depth to them than you’d initially realized. “i didn’t know you had dimples,” you mumble. “you should smile more.”
“well, you should make me,” he raises a brow.
“with your mask off,” you add. “otherwise it’s pointless.”
“ah,” he grins, spinning you so your back is against the cool tile. “that’s only for you.” he takes a deep breath before adding, “if you’ll have me, that is.” and it’s not exactly how he wanted to ask, but he’s been waiting months for this moment, and he deems this moment good enough. smiling brightly, you tilt you head closer, pecking his lips sweetly.
perhaps he’s been yours all along.
“i’ll have you,” you agree. “if you’ll have me.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated !!
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atsumiye · a day ago
handholding with the haikyuu boys!
featuring: ushijima wakatoshi, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsuro, and akaashi keiji
a/n: anon, i hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
Tumblr media
he was so nervous the first time you guys went out and you kept bumping your hand into his
so he kept like moving away from you or like moving his hand so it wouldn't keep hitting is
until you just said straight up "wakatoshi, can i hold your hand?"
and he just grabs your hand and literally never lets go
now all he wants to do is hold your hand :((
anytime you guys go out together he is always the first to initiate it
for the first few times he would like bump his hand into yours a few times until you got the message
but now he just grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers and just sits there
the grocery store, the mall, a walk in the park his hand is always in yours
even at the bar with his friends, if you came along he holds your hand so tightly
or when you guys go to dinner he holds your hand above the table from across the booth
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
touchiest man alive!!!! i mean it with my whole chest when i say atsumu is so clingy
on your first date, he didn't even ask to hold your hand, just picked you up from your house and grabbed your hand real tight
but you could see his ears turning red and it made you giggle so you squeezed his hand and he squeezed back
and now its become a normal part of your routine
he follows you around the house everywhere because he is always holding your hand
he can't fall asleep without touching you in some way
so when you guys get into an argument and you won't let him cuddle you when you go to sleep, he waits until you are fast asleep and then holds your hand
and first thing every morning, he grabs your hand and kisses the back of it and tells you he loves you
and anywhere you guys go if he has to separate from you, he gives you three little squeezes
and he won't let go until you squeeze his hand back three times
kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
another one who is so touchy right from the beginning!!
he is OBSSESED with taking those pictures of you holding his hand from behind and you are looking back at the camera
except he makes sure you are making the weirdest faces in them
like he will slow down a bit, and then say something really weird or tells the worst joke you've ever heard
and he always makes the most recent one his lock screen so he can hear you complain about it and offer to take more....but then he does the same thing hehe
but he loves to hold your hand everywhere
one time you guys went to the grocery store and you were holding the basket with two hands because it was a bit heavy
kuroo took it and held it with one hand and made sure you could hold his other hand
gives you the biggest grin after placing a kiss on your hand and then on the top of your head
akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
i feel like akaashi is more of an arm-holder?? like he loves holding hands with you but he enjoys it so much more if you are holding his arm and his hand instead
if you are holding his hand he always runs his thumb across the back of it
and he always kisses the back of your hand then brings it right over his heart and says 'i love you'
at night time, when you guys are sitting in bed he will read you a book and keep your hand in his, on his lap
and when he needs to flip the page, he will take the hand holding yours and do it so you can feel involved in flipping the page hehehe
and when you guys go for walks at night and you are cold he will stop and hold both of your hands in his and blow on them until they warm up
and once you continue walking you notice he's holding your hand tighter than before
he also got you both matching watches or bracelets and made sure that when you hold hands they line up together
Tumblr media
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atzuums · a day ago
# you found a ring
Tumblr media
ఌ includes: suna, iwaizumi, bokuto, sakusa, atsumu, & ushijima
ఌ pairing: character x gn!reader
ఌ warnings: none
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nkogneatho · a day ago
► 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨.
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Tumblr media
Tugs on the hem of your t-shirt when they are jealous.
Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Kageyama, Kenma, Kunimi, Konoha, Goshiki, Tsukishima
Brings you everything to your bed so you don't need to bother to get up.
Sugawara, Akaashi, Komori, Osamu, Kita, Kindaichi, Makki, Fukunaga, Leon, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi
Hums you your favorite song while cuddling you to sleep.
KUROO, Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Aran, Washio, Matsukawa, Meian, Aone.
Asks to join in anything you're doing. Makeup? Yes. Arson? Yes.
Tumblr media
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kisukou · 2 days ago
— how he shows that he cares
Tumblr media
featuring: kuroo tetsurō. sakusa kiyoomi. suna rintarō.
notes: added the song i was listening to just for funsies
Tumblr media
⋆ kuroo does tasks for you around the house.
a little grin forms on his lips as he hears you padding down the stairs — grinning even wider when he sees you wrapped in a blanket. a little towel is thrown over his shoulder as he stands at the sink, rinsing all the dishes off before he puts them in the dishwasher — just how you like them to be done.
“hey sleepyhead, how was your nap?” he chuckles as you stare at him with sleepy eyes, and he mutters something about how spoiled you are before closing the dishwasher and throwing his towel at your face.
“hey i didn’t ask you to do the dishes! but thank you, you’d make such a good stay at home wife tetsu.” he rolls his eyes, but the smile on his face his undeniable as he makes his way over to you, snaking his arms around your waist once he’s close enough.
“yeah? and you’re gonna kill all the bugs for me?” he teases — knowing very well that you would never do such a thing. you still smile up at him though, and he can’t stop himself from closing the gap and pressing his lips to yours.
“only if you promise to make the bed everyday too.”
⋆ sakusa says we everytime you say me or i.
you drop your head into your hands as you sit at the kitchen counter — dreading the upcoming days. you feel his presence come up behind you, and he places his hands onto your shoulders, giving them a tight squeeze before dipping his head down to smoosh a kiss against your cheek.
“hey, what’s up with you? hm?” he speaks lowly and close to your ear, moving his hands to rest on your waist as he leans over the chair. you pick your head up to peer back at him, and the corners of your lips threaten to turn upwards at the mere sight of him.
“i have ten million things to do this weekend, i don’t know how i’m going to get them all done omi.” you cross your arms over the table and lean your head against them, watching from the side as he slips into the chair next to yours.
“we’ll figure it out, yeah? promise we’ll get everything done in time.” he gives you a little smile, bringing his hand up to run it across the delicate skin of your cheek. your immediate response is to pick yourself up out of your seat, and wrap your arms around his neck. his hands find their way to your hips — pulling you closer as you stand between his legs.
“you’re right omi, we will figure everything out.”
⋆ suna insists that you can’t walk home alone.
you let out a little huff as you sit on the front steps of your friend’s apartment building, looking off into the dim streets — expecting to see that familiar figure round the corner any minute now. and with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket that’s zipped all the way up, and the puffs of air that leave his mouth as they touch the frigid air, he stands before you.
“well somebody looks cold.” you tease him, grinning at the way he nuzzles his nose further into his jacket. he slides a hand out of his pocket, stepping closer as he holds it out in front of you, waiting.
“this is what i get for being nice?” his words are half muffled by the fabric of his coat — but even so, it’s impossible to miss the smile on his face from the way his eyes crinkle up at the corners.
“rin you didn’t have to come, you know. it’s only a ten minute walk, what’s the worst that could happen?” he scoffs a bit as you take his hand, but he still holds it up and watches carefully as you make your way down the steps. his grip tightens as you make your way down the street, and he mumbles — to himself more than anyone,
“don’t even want to think about it.”
Tumblr media
reblogs and interaction are appreciated ‹𝟥 thank you for reading! ◡̈
Tumblr media
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crimsonchxins · a day ago
Tumblr media
atsumu's hitting on you.
again, for the fifth time this week, for the seventeenth time in the last fourteen days.
"come on," he smirks, "won't you like someone like me?"
"no," you say, straightforward and blunt as you watch his facade crumble.
"oh come on," he whines, "just give me a chance."
you'd call this less of flirting, and more like a failed confession and you bite back a laugh, "no,"
atsumu's a nice guy, really, he's funny, he's supportive and sweet, but good god does he have ego.
he's full of himself and arrogant, but for once in his life, he isn't so sure of himself anymore.
five months ago, exactly five months ago from today did he start feeling like something changed, it started with tension in the air because he was no more smooth with his words, then butterflies fluttering around in his stomach whenever you came around, then the tightening of his chest whenever his name fell from your lips, then the red that would bloom on his cheeks whenever you had physical contact, and god does he feel so hopeless.
because you are the only one who could make his ego crumble, the only one who could make the butterflies in his stomach flutter and the only only who could bring red to his face.
"okay, scenario," atsumu starts, "i'm the last man on earth, would you date me?"
you ponder it for a moment, "meh."
"are you serious right now?"
that's why he's been needy, desperate even lately, dropping pick up lines and confessions as jokes for any kind of affirmation, a push strong enough for him to actually ask you out, because he really, really needs it.
"okay, another scenario," he says, "an asshole just dumped you, and you need someone else to get over them, would you date me then?"
and you laugh, "tsumu, no,"
he scoffs, offended, "would you throw me a bone here?"
it's a late afternoon on a wednesday and the two of you are hanging out at your place, having a couple drinks by the kitchen counter as the sunlight pours in, the tv is on, volume low and quiet, there is no traffic jam outside and it's quite cozy, before the two of you have to get back to work a couple minutes.
atsumu says, "alright, how about this, i offer you a dance?"
you set your empty glass in the sink, "i think you're a bad dancer."
"what?!" and oh, he sounds so offended.
"yeah, atsumu," you say, snickering, "i saw the highschool prom video."
he practically shrinks down with a surprised, horrified expression.
you laugh, and you throw a towel at him, before grabbing your keys and heading to the door, "alright, come on, lover boy, we have to go now."
atsumu gets up from his seat, and he's shoulders are noticeably slump, and he says, "just, give me a chance,"
by the doorway you turn over to him, "how about instead of all these silly scenarios and cheeky confessions, you actually ask me out after practice today?" you raise your eyebrows, smirking, and you turn away, "now, come on, we're gonna be late."
surprised doesn't even begin to describe how he feels, and it feels as if he regained a little bit of his ego now, enough confidence to actually ask you out.
looks like he got his affirmation.
Tumblr media
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bokutoism · a day ago
Tumblr media
warnings: mature content + female reader // (light) vaginal fingering, thigh-riding. note: this was actually supposed to be for a birthday ask i got for bo but i suddenly thought of something else, so i’ll get to that some other time. i’ve been slacking with my work lately, so here’s a little something for now.
Tumblr media
bokuto is a simple man, simple in that he's obsessed—completely and utterly obsessed—with watching you grind yourself against his thigh. he's enamoured by the sight of you in nothing but his shirt, entranced by the slow and lazy shift of your hips, and when you reach forward to grip at his shoulders for support, he can't help but groan. he's big in every sense of the word and he knows it, so to see you use him like this—his right thigh, no less—it ignites something within him.
it's so hot, he thinks. he loves it.
with his back pressed against the couch, bokuto continues to watch you, pools of deep gold half-hidden beneath the heavy droop of his eyelids fixated on your naked sex, already wet and glistening. the languid cant of your hips is addicting and it's only when he catches the beginnings of your liquid arousal smearing over the fabric of his shorts does he let his head lull back. yeah, it's so fucking hot.
"f-fuck, baby," bokuto slurs with a lazy grin, lifting his head back up before he tugs you closer towards him; his breath fans against the side of your face and you shiver with a meek hum. a second later and his hands are falling to your hips, firm fingers kneading and gripping, pressing and squeezing, at the soft flesh under his large palms. "you're so wet—look at you, my pretty baby… making a mess on me already, hmm?"
with a shaky whine, all you can do is nod in response, screwing your eyes shut the moment bokuto deliberately flexes beneath your weight; he grips at you a little tighter, fingers digging a little deeper, and pushes you further against him. you don't even realise that he's the one moving you now, rocking you back and forth in a pace that he's content with. you don't care though, not when it feels so good.
but, of course, riding his thigh can only bring you so much satisfaction—it's not enough—and with shaky hands, your fingers fall from their place at his shoulders to the tent in bokuto's shorts. he hisses at your touch, watching as you fiddle with the fabric, and groans once again.
"koutarou," you murmur, softly. the tips of your nails skim over his bulge, light but firm enough to have him humming, brows pinching together. you're hoping that he takes the hint. "m-more… need—hmm, p-please?"
"oh, yeah?" he laughs and it's breathless, hot against your skin—he understands. it's without warning when bokuto stops guiding your hips; he halts you with one strong hand and with the other, he fumbles with his shorts. "i've got you, baby… c'mere."
a moment later and he's toying with your sex, poking and prodding at your wet and aching folds with his fingers once and then twice, several times, collecting your slick and smearing it all over you. you can't tell if he's messing with you or not but you wiggle against him anyway; you can't wait any longer, you're so desperate now it hurts.
"kou—" you try again, only to have him silence you with a quick kiss. he hums when your mouths meet.
"in a minute, baby," he coos. "can't have you hurting yourself, yeah? just be patient and it's all yours."
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luvbub · 2 days ago
hey cutie! i just wanted to ask if you could make a part three of suna dating the miya twins sister but maybe he proposes?
Suna dating the Miya twin’s little sister part three
Tumblr media
♡ the proposal
♡ note: f!reader
♡ part one, part two
Tumblr media
Tap, tap, tap.
The only noise being made at the restaurant table Suna sat as was his fingers tapping on his empty plate. Usually he was so calm and composed, but this time he couldn’t concentrate on anything. His mind went to an absolute blank. 
He was the only one at the table. Dinner was supposed to be at six, but he had arrived fifteen minutes earlier out of fear that he would be late. Why was he so nervous, this should just be a normal conversation right? Sure he was about to drop a bombshell of an announcement, but other than that this shouldn’t be so nerve-wrecking.
Suna hears his name being called, a voice so familiar to him for many years now- he knew exactly who it was without even guessing. But still, he looks up from the table, making sure he wasn’t wrong. And of course he wasn’t. How could he get that voice wrong? 
He stayed in his seat, watching as the person approach the table. The person who he had been waiting for this entire time.
Miya Atsumu.
“Osamu’s outside making a phone call right now” Atsumu explains, and Suna nods. A few moments later, the other twin makes his way to the table, taking a seat with the two boys.
“Sorry, had to call Kita about a future rice supply. Anyways, why’d you call us for dinner tonight?” Osamu asks.
“Yeah, we usually go out drinking on weekends, why the change?” Atsumu brings up.
They had a point. Since graduating, even though the three never saw one another on a regular basis, they still made a habit to meet up with one another just to chat and hangout. Although, it’s not like the hangouts were the only time Suna saw the twins.
After all, he was dating you, their darling little sister.
How many years had it been since the two of you started dating? He lost count- it felt like forever. Most people were surprised that you and Suna were still high school sweethearts. But here the two of you were, many years later and still the same love birds as before.
“Suna? What’s on your mind?” Osamu asks once more, snapping Suna out of his daze.
Off guard, Suna answers a bit too honestly.
Atsumu’s eyes widen at his friend. He knew exactly what was happening.
“Don’t tell me.... Y/n’s pregnant” Atsumu gasps, only to have a napkin thrown at him.
“Don’t be a dumbass, of course she isn’t” Suna replies.
Okay, so Atsumu didn’t know what was happening. But that didn’t stop him and Osamu from pressing Suna into telling them.
“I’m thinking of proposing to Y/n. Well okay not thinking about it, I definitely am. But I kinda need help” Suna confesses.
He waits for the twins to tease him for asking for help- heck he’s even expecting them to become real protective over you like how they are in the past.
"I thought you two were already engaged??” Osamu asks, followed by Atsumu’s nods.
“I- no? We aren’t?” Suna explains, baffled by how clueless his girlfriend’s brothers were.
“Oh well to be fair, you two live together and pretty much act like a married couple.” Atsumu responds, and Suna has to admit that his dumb friend had a point there.
“Well that doesn't change the fact that we still aren’t engaged. But c’mon, you need to help me. I don’t know how to plan for things like this” Suna says, earning himself smug grins from his friends.
“You don’t know how to plan for things like this? Don’t act so modest, we all know how you asked Y/n out back in high school.” Atsumu scoffs, causing Suna rolls his eyes. Sure he was a bit nervous to ask you out way back when, but that was different.
This time he was workshopping a marriage proposal. He was about to ask you, the absolute love of his life to continue being by his side forever. Suna knew you wouldn’t say no to him, he was confident enough to know that much. But that didn’t make things any less nerve-wrecking for him.
It was a big milestone, and for you, he wanted to make sure it was a moment to remember. Suna might bullshit most things in his life, but if you were involved, he knew he had to make his special.
The twins saw the earnest look on Suna’s face, and they too realized how sincere their friend was being. As long as they’ve known Suna, they’ve never seen him so soft and attentive as he was with you. They wouldn’t admit this out loud, but they were honestly glad that you, their dear little sister, found love with someone like Suna. Was it unexpected? Yes. But with the way he cherished you, they couldn’t have wished for anyone better for you.
“Alright, we’ll help you brainstorm” Osamu agrees, with Atsumu nodding along.
All throughout dinner, the twins aid your boyfriend in workshopping the proposal. The three boys put their heads together, planning what would be the absolutely perfect proposal that you would remember forever. And by the end of dinner, Suna felt more confident in this plan- slowly growing more excited for the proposal now that he knew what to do.
As the trio walked out of the restaurant, Atsumu slaps Suna on the back.
“Oh hold up! If you’ve been wanting to propose to Y/n for a while, then does that mean you have the ring?” he asks.
“Specifically... do you have it with you right now?” Osamu chimes in.
Suna pauses, but ultimately nods.
“Yeah.. I actually bought it earlier today” he admits, taking a small box out of the inside pocket of his jacket. The twins stand on either side of him, watching as the middle blocker open the ring box to showcase a precious engagement ring. The twins gasp, impressed by Suna’s taste in jewelry.
“Shit man, this looks really good. Y/n’s gonna love this” Atsumu marvels.
“I’m gonna like what?” you ask, approaching them from behind.
You knew that your boyfriend and brothers often went out- but you never expected to run into them like this.
The trio turns around, facing you without thinking. But Suna doesn’t think to close the ring box, allowing you to see it for yourself. Your eyes widen at the beautiful ring before flickering up to meet Suna’s.
He’s equally in shock, definitely not meaning to have you see this. But still, he doesn’t close the ring box.
“Is.. is that?” you’re unable to finish your question.
Suna sighs, taking a step forward to you.
“So... this actually isn’t how I was gonna ask you. In fact, the twins and I spent dinner workshopping how this would’ve gone down. I wanted to take you back to our old high school. To the garden where I first asked you out. I would’ve made some sappy little speech about how much I love you and how asking you out was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. But then I’d say how asking you out still pales in comparison to what I’m about to do”
Suna gets down on one knee, holding up the ring box.
“That was the plan anyways. But now that the secret’s out, I’ll have to skip all that. Y/n... will you marry me?” Suna finally asks.
It wasn’t long before you’ve tackled your boyfriend to the ground, engulfing him in a hug.
“Yes, of course I will Rin. I love you so much” he hears you murmur against his chest. You lift your head, letting him see the smile you’ve been unable to hold back. Suna smiles back at you, taking hold of one of your hands to slip the dainty ring onto your ring finger.
Suna brings his hands to your face, cupping it before pulling you close to kiss you.
“I love you too Y/n” he says after your lips part from his.
For a split second, it feels like the two of you are the only ones there. You could only see your boyfriend- er well now he was your fiancé. But even on the sidewalk in front of this restaurant, being with Suna just felt like the most romantic place on earth.
But the moment didn’t last long before your idiotic brother interrupted.
“Alright enough with the PDA you two” Atsumu groans.
“Yeah I get you’re engaged and all but like.. c’mon we’re in public” Osamu adds.
Suna shakes his head, silently cursing the two under his breath. It had never occurred to Suna that the twins would soon be considered his in-laws.
But he could overlook that. All for you, of course.
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iwasbunny · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 646 words.
# warnings. degradation, dacryphilia, afab reader, thigh riding, fem reader, daddy kink, slight dumbification.
# contains. mean dom kuroo, bokuto and tsukishima.
Tumblr media
He’s a teasing asshole, through and through.
Kei will absolutely degrade you even more as soon as he sees how much his words alone affect you.
He loves it when your bottom lip starts to get all wobbly and unshed tears swell in your eyes before rolling down your flushed cheeks.
“Awh, poor baby, can’t stand a bit of teasing? maybe if you didn’t act like a slut, I wouldn’t have to treat you like one.”
His words grow harsher while he fucks you and his cock literally throbs at the sound of your mindless babbling.
“Shut up, I don’t remember askin’ for your opinion. Now, I’m gonna fuck this pretty pussy however I want and you’re gonna thank me for it.”
Right after you cum, he will grip your chin and make you look up at him and the cocky smirk on his face is unmistakably obvious.
Aren’t you gonna thank me for taking care of you, sweet girl? or are you too stupid to even do that now, hm?’
This man is obsessed with how fuckin’ sensitive your adorable body is.
The way you react to every little thing that he does just drives him wild, it’s so easy to overstim you and that’s exactly what he does.
He loves making you grind on his thighs, his half-lidded eyes just watching you while you shyly tell him that it’s embarrassing.
“Mm, embarrassing? No, I think what’s embarrassing is how you’re practically dripping all over my thigh, slut.
He would feel bad if he didn’t know you enjoyed it so much, Kuroo has to fight the urge to groan everytime your cunt flutters at his taunting and teasing.
“Trying to act all innocent ‘gain, pretty girl? There’s no use in doing that, I already know how much of a needy whore you are.”
Every little hiccup and whimper that escapes you only makes him want to make you cry even more as he tenses his thighs and helps you grind against him harder.
“S’too much? s’too much already? I’m sure a slut like you can handle some more, princess.”
Obsessed with seeing you get all teary eyed, all for him.
He loves to take care of his baby, cooing and praising you while he fucks his fat cock into your cute little cunt.
“C’mon, princess, you can take it, yeah? Be a good girl and let daddy fuck you real good.”
It’s adorable seeing you nod at all of his requests, desperate to please him and needy for more of his praises.
“Look at my good girl, taking my cock so fuckin’ good. You love it when i fuck you like this, don’tcha? Mhm, ‘course you do.”
It’s addictive, how you tell him it’s too much but the beg for more—how is he supposed to control himself when you do that?
Quit whinin’, baby. You begged for more, yeah? so daddy’s gonna give it to you.”
All bokuto can do is give into his urges and watch you fall apart, a trembling mess creaming all over his cock and milking him for all he’s worth.
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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sinfulcries · a day ago
Tumblr media
authors note. I'm obsessed with feminizing these twinks, there will be a part two! Gotta overkill with the video, the headcanons and a little drabble you know <3
tw. porn links, tummy bulging, innocence play w kageyama, massive size difference, manhandling (?), big cock worship, power bottom suga, dumbification
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the pretty boy gets all blush-y and flustered as he sinks down on your cock, slowly trying to take every single inch down his pussy
he’s practically shaking because you’re huge
and the bulge poking out of his belly only proves it
his confident facade crumbles once he’s greeted with the sight of your cock poking out of his creamy stomach
he practically wastes no time in moving his hips just so he could see you moving inside him again
your cock kisses against his prostate with every thrust, tooru's almost passed out because of it!
it's so easy to take advantage of just how much he loves your guys' size difference
"Please! 'M gonna pass out! 'ss too much!" Tooru sobbed prettily as his back was pressed against your chest, your sharp gaze on his stomach never leaving as you only continued to pound into him. Oikawa could practically feel every vein scraping against his walls, he was sure that he'd be passed out by the time you were done filling him up!
"Come on now, angel, I know you can take it." You cooed reassuringly, gripping tightly onto his arms as leverage to fuck him much deeper. "Gonna knock this stupid pussy up for ya, Tooru."
Tumblr media
gets so cutely flustered yet he tries to hide the dark red blush on his cheeks by facing away from you
he knows that you’re huge, and with that bulge sitting nicely against his belly,
kunimi’s whining and whimpering, trying not to cum just at the sight of it!
you on the other hand love seeing his almost innocent reactions.
especially when he moves experimentally only to get your cock much deeper inside of him
when your cock reaches impossibly deep into his guts, he looks gorgeous with his eyes rolled into the back of his skull,
panting and drooling all over his chest like a braindead whore.
You were too deep; Kunimi thought to himself as he eyed the bulge poking out of his tummy warily however, he's managed to take in every inch of you inside of him, your cock head nestling nice and snug against his prostate despite the thoughts in his head saying otherwise.
It doesn't take long for you to start circling your arms around his tiny waist, holding onto him tightly before slamming him down balls deep on your cock. The scream that leaves the boy's throat 's absolutely gorgeous and that paired with the sight of his dumbed out face makes you utterly lose control as you start rutting into his puffy hole.
Tumblr media
will tease you relentlessly about how big you are. Suga loves to rile you up till you finally snap and fuck him like a beast
but with your cock poking out of his tummy, best expect for him to trace the bulge with his slim little fingers,
looking at you with those sultry eyes while he moans about how deep you are inside of him
he’s a huge fucking tease and he loves your huge fucking cock
it's not that you're complaining! In fact you love just how good Koushi can take you in.
no other man has been able to take at least half of you inside but Koushi just swallows you up effortlessly, it's hot.
"You're so deep inside of me, daddy~ I might break like this~!" Koushi's moans were almost pornographic as he moved his hips skillfully to bounce on your thick cock. God, the way he threw his head back as his slender fingers pressed against your length poking in his tummy was enough to send you overdrive; the mere sight almost making you spill your seed inside of him this early.
Before the man could move his hips once more, he could feel your hand inching towards his thigh, pulling his body in closer to admire him up close. "You're taking me in so well, whore. Such a pretty cock sleeve for me.."
Tumblr media
he’s confused but also turned on! when he sees the monstrosity, that is your cock,
he’s skeptical about every inch fitting inside of him.
however, once he feels you penetrating him slowly, he could practically feel his guts making room for your cock.
the boy’s so overwhelmed he might end up creaming himself the second you put it in!
and tobio get’s all embarrassed seeing just how big you are compared to him with that cute tummy bulge
if you start fucking him mercilessly into the mattress, he'll end up sobbing for more even though his cunny hurts!
he's already addicted to your cock <3
He can't stop! As much as Kageyama wanted to push you off of him, the pain in his stomach increasing with each and every one of your brutal thrusts made him grow more pliant as you continued to ravish his body and fuck into him like a fleshlight. "H-Hurts!" He squeals girlishly making you grin in response.
"But you're doing so well, little one. You wouldn't want to disappoint me wouldn't you?" The words that leave your lips instantly take effect on Tobio, and he blushes, relaxing back into the sheets as his hands gripped tightly onto your sturdy arms. "'M sorry sir!"
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faetarou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu who calls you 'babe' more than your actual name, not because he doesn't like it (he thinks it's beautiful, actually), but because he's the only one who can call you that.
atsumu who is so much more of a dork than he seems, but it's only because he knows you love each other enough to accept that side of your partner.
atsumu who kisses all your injuries better no matter where they are, because he actually believes that if he infuses enough love into the press of his lips on your skin, you'll get better.
atsumu who is certainly a dog person, and drags you on dates to go find and pet as many cute dogs as you can, his hand never leaving yours the whole time.
atsumu who melts when you run your hands through his hair, promising that he doesn't need dye to be his own person (although you don't exactly mind him blond).
atsumu who thinks that the most attractive part of you is your smile, and does his best to bring it out every day with some kind of dumb joke, just because it tells him you're happy.
atsumu who has a fair amount of insecurity that you think he's too mean or petty, but lets it all melt away as soon as he kisses you, because he could honestly hold you just like this forever.
atsumu who has a bad habit of patting the top of your head no matter how tall or short you are, just a little ruffle every time he sees you, and thinks it's adorable how you scrunch your nose up at him.
atsumu who laughs too loudly for most people, but somehow doesn't mind laughing when you're around.
atsumu who knows he loves volleyball, but his love for you is innately a part of him. he doesn't know it, it just is, and will always be, because you are the world to him.
Tumblr media
࿐ 𝐟𝐚𝐞'𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐭, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐧 !!
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ellewords · 2 days ago
twitter help me out !!
Tumblr media
fic notes : iwaizumi, kuroo, kageyama + gn!reader, fluff, smau
from elle ! saw something like this pop up on my twt timeline and thought it would be fun :> i know i don't usually do smaus but i still hope you enjoy this <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jjuzoir · a day ago
As your Househusband | HQ!!
Tumblr media
synopsis: just some haikyuu men are your husbands… hehe </3
characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Kenma, Sakusa, Osamu, and Kita
word count: 2536
a/n: wow… i’m still emotionally devastated over the a3! news but whatever !! take haikyuu men as my peace offering 💞 this originally also included sugawara, daichi, aran, atsumu, and some other guys but it got too long so maybe i’ll make a part 2 </3
Tumblr media
— Oikawa
- He works his ass off for you. The house is spotless, the food is amazing, he’s always ready to do anything for you. He loves being a househusband, he was born for it basically.
- Tooru is naturally competitive so he’s got to have the best house and he will fight anyone who insinuates his place isn’t the best. AND he’s gotta do it alone, he doesn’t take that whole “hire some help” shtick, not until there’s some kids, because as long as it’s the two of you? He knows damn well no one, and he means NO ONE, can take care of his house as well as he can, thank you VERY much.
- He's known in the neighborhood for having the best cookies and knowing all the gossip. He won’t give you any of his recipes but he will tell you about how he saw someone, he isn’t saying who but—!, was buying store-made cookies.
- His favorite thing is getting to talk to you after you come from work, it’s literally the best thing ever. He loves sitting with you on the couch as you tell him about your day.
- Really likes it when you compliment him, so !! Go on, tell him you love him right now !! Isn’t the house spotless? Yes, of course it is, Tooru cleaned it.
- He knows he’s hot shit, he knows the mom’s and single people stare at him as he strolls the supermarket and he takes every chance he’s got to tell them that he is, in fact, taken and off the market by his very attractive, super intelligent, hot stuff spouse.
- Hangs out with Maki, Matsukawa, and Iwaizumi all the time. They’re known in the neighborhood as the hottest married guys and they’re always together, a very intimidating quartet but a very hot one too.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Iwaizumi
- He’s a softie. This man will make sure your meals are warm, your bed is made, your clothes are ironed, and that you’re healthy all while looking hot – and man you’re whipped but who can blame you?
- He’s the type to wake up super early to make sure you can eat a good breakfast every morning, he’ll go buy you fresh fruit and bread and he’ll make sure to make you coffee (or whatever you like) just right… *sigh* Hajime, my beloved.
- Spends most of his time between the gym, home or with Oikawa (most of their hangouts are at your house) and honestly? He doesn’t want much more, he’s living his best life.
- Has a bunch of plants he takes care of and, oh boy, the air in the house is fresh and so crisp. Could single handedly keep y’all breathing fresh air in an apocalypse. People might think you have kids because of the way he talks about his plants, and honestly, they might as well be.
- The neighborhood is kind of afraid of him after he got into a fight with another househusband, he insinuated Iwa wasn’t actually cooking for you and that he’s just average and it was all okay (he’s a big boy, he can handle criticism, even if it comes from some ugly, store buying cookie dough shit head (yes, ‘Kawa told him)) until he brought you into the mix with some shabby, petty comment about how you’re probably not even providing well enough with the way the house looks or something and Iwaizumi saw red. He works his ass off, sure but you? You’re literally what holds the household together, the neighborhood needs you, the world needs you.
- People had to step in and it took like, six grown adults to stop Iwa as the guy ran away. Then, he just goes home and bakes you some of the best cookies his ass has ever baked and cuddled you – he didn’t tell you why he was being extra affectionate but, damn can you complain?
- Would do it again for you though.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kuroo
- Really against it at first, he’s a capitalist first — husband second. But then he realized you were making more money than him and he saw how much you’d benefit from him sticking around… and it’s not like he loves his job, but he’ll only entertain you and your fantasies for a week, okay?
- It’s been 2 years already and he’d rather die than go back to work. How the fuck did he do it before? Might cry if asked to go back to his job, like no joke, he hates just thinking about it. And it’s not like his income compared to yours, so it’s not as if you’ve lost any money from him not working so please don’t scare him by telling him he might need to work again.
- Insists you two get a pet to keep him company, so he got you two a cat and named her “Blanca”, she’s now your daughter. Carries her everywhere, literally everywhere. He goes grocery shopping with her, dusts the shelves while she’s in a baby carrier, it’s embarrassing.
- He’s not the best cook, he’s not not going to lie, but he’s fucking amazing at making homemade Pizza and soups. His soups are so good? He can make almost anything into a soup.
- The best thing is that Tetsu actually enjoys this so much, like, all of them do, but there’s an inherit joy to him about being able to be… well, home to you, and maybe it’s because his parents were divorced, but being able to be such a pillar in a house is something he treasures more than he thought he would.
- Kuroo enjoys having guests over, it’s his way of 1) bragging about you and his nice ass house and 2) showing how good he is at being your husband. Man, he just loves this, he loves you.
- He’ll literally brag his ass off about you, like this man? Carries your picture anywhere and probably waits until someone points it out so he can go “Oh this? So funny you ask, like oh my god how did you notice? Anyway this is my spouse and this is how we met and-“
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kenma
- How do you make more money than he used to? We don’t know but honestly? He’s kind of in love with it. Sure, he has a few stocks (ew) but he’s retired from pro-gaming and his position as a CEO and just chills as your husband.
- Like, don’t get him wrong though, he hired a bunch of people to help and shit but it’s the thought that counts <3
- They take care of cleaning the house and cooking, while he spends most of his time playing games or making sure things run smoothly (or playing with your cats).
- However, he does know how to cook your breakfast in a very specific way and that’s kind of the one thing he doesn’t let anyone help him with. It’s his thing, he knows what you like for breakfast and will get pouty (and kinda pissed off) if someone else tries doing it for you. Kenma knows he’s not the best at cleaning and baking or cooking, but he’s very fucking good making breakfast the way you like it and he’s super specific about it too. Like, he’s mastered the art of doing it and insists on making you breakfast, especially on weekends or mornings before long business trips.
- Most of his time is still spent gaming, he just doesn’t do it professionally, he still spends his time bullying kids on Apex and bothering Kuroo (and the rest of Nekoma).
- Talking about Kuroo, he’s probably over at your house pretty often lol. Kenma and him will chill while playing with the cats, they’ll also invite Kai and Yaku to shit talk other househusbands because we all know Kodzume knows some shit about some of the other guys…
- Honestly? He mostly sits there playing games looking pretty waiting for you to come home so you two can cuddle and play Mario Kart together, and he loves it.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Sakusa
- Your house is so fucking clean, you could eat from the floor and it’d be cleaner than most people’s plates.
- Sakusa is such a health junkie, he’s constantly worrying over your health and making sure you’re eating right and not risking yourself.
- Like, this man finds out you went to McDonalds and he’s shitting himself; “Babe? Babe? What’s this? I- You know I work my ass off to make you some food, healthy food - mind you -, and you do this? To me?”
- Other than his protectiveness over you eating his lunch, he’s super chill. He’s very understanding, especially whenever you arrive late at home due to work.
- More than interested in your workplace gossip, he’s got it all figured out… extend that to the neighborhood. He knows everything that’s going on at all times, which is so crazy because he’s like constantly at home making sure things are nice and tidy, so where does he get the time? Like?
- His speciality is probably like… salad, but fancy salads. Oh, oh! He also makes you the cutest bentos for work <3 They’re all super healthy too… yes sir!
- He’s probably a master at washing and ironing clothes, he’d rather die than see you wear a creased blouse. Probably teaches you to tie a tie, and then proceeds to buy you a bunch of different ties even if you didn’t learn so he can tie them in front of the door when you leave for work so he can give you a kiss on the lips… I’m sad now.
- One of the few things I don’t see him doing is gardening, though he probably really likes having a garden, he just isn’t fond of the work so it’s one of the few things he’ll hire someone to help with.
- He’s too prideful to let anyone try and help him, like, he’s genuinely so proud of the way he keeps the house (compliment him on it, now!). He even goes shopping for fresh flowers for the different vases in the house.
- Also super particular about the candles you two use in the house and the cleaning supplies, if they’re scented they gotta smell good and fit in with the house or else he’s simply not using them.
- Also has a collection of gloves (cleaning gloves), different supplies he uses, and aprons he stores. So imagine him picking out his favorite gloves and putting on an apron as he gets to work, probably looks hot as fuck doing it… damn it, Kiyoomi, stop being hot.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Osamu
- One of the best househusbands, hands down. He always greets you with a hug and asks you about your day while taking your jacket off and kissing your cheek.
- All of your meals are homemade just for you, they’re warm and tasty and you can taste the love he has for you in each bite. Makes you bentos for work because he hates the idea of his baby getting hungry and he knows what you like, he doesn’t trust casinos to feed you well like he can and he will fight God if he so much as hears you had to eat anything that wasn’t cooked by him.
- Loves going grocery shopping because it gives him so many ideas of what to make for you, it’s where he spends all of his money – also has shelves upon shelves of cooking books and recipes for you.
- Gets kind of pissed off if you go out to dinner or eat someone else’s food, it’s his love language to you, so please tell him so he doesn’t have a mini heart attack when you turn down his food - like he’d cry, solid tears.
- Likes keeping the house clean, the house isn’t always spotless, unlike with some of the other HH, but it always smells clean and it’s tidy. He likes it being kind of messy, Osamu thinks it makes it look lived in and homely.
- The silver-head likes chilling around at home and testing recipes for you. It’s one of those things he treasures a lot, keeps imagining your happy face as you taste his cooking and he’s running around the kitchen to finish it quickly so you can come home to his warm cooking. My man is in love, love.
- He doesn’t talk to many HH unless they’re Atsumu (who’s bugging his ass for help with cleaning) or trading recipes with Kita.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kita
- Everyone is so fucking jealous of you, oh my god… how did you find him and do you agree to him marrying someone else once you (mysteriously) die?
- No, but seriously… he was made for this, all of his years with his grandma have helped raise the perfect househusband.
- He cooks and cleans, he gardens in the evenings, he enjoys baking for you, and he’s always just… so excited about being there for you I’m in tears.
- He has a bunch of recepies his grandma and mother have given him throughout the years in a little box and he loves taking them out and preparing you food, they’ll all be handwritten and he treasures them so much.
- Kita admires the fact you’re providing for both of you so well, so he’s constantly trying to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed at home.
- Someone has probably tried breaking into the house to steal his recipes, so he keeps them super hidden and only shares them with Aran or Osamu.
- Has a morning routine for the two of you which basically consists of him waking up early and making you breakfast, he’ll wake you up with a kiss and eat with you, he’ll then help you get ready and kiss you goodbye at the door.
- He spends most of his time cleaning and cooking, but he’ll also spare some to the garden and going over to his grandma’s place.
- He has a very precise way of doing things, like, he’ll always open the windows immediately after you leave to air the whole house. Then, he’ll check the laundry and quickly finish it and divide it into what needs to be ironed and what not, then he’ll plug in the vacuum and spend the next hour making sure the floors are crumb-free, he’ll finish at like, 10 and get ready to shower. After that, he’ll go buy fresh ingredients for lunch and dinner, come back, start prepping lunch, he’ll invite his grandma over, have lunch at exactly 1:15 and take her home, tend to the garden from 2:30-3:45, and then go inside, iron the clothes. He then has the rest of the afternoon off and depending on the day of the week he’ll go over to his grandma’s, tend to the garden some more, go over to Osamu’s place and share recipes, or just stay inside reading. He’ll then start dinner a few hours before you come home, so that when you’re back there’s a warm plate of food waiting for you. He’ll also wait to dine with you too and kiss you goodnight, that’s probably the most important part of the day; the good morning, the goodbye, the hello, and the goodnight kisses.
- Someone, marry him or else I will!
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sexyandcringe · 2 days ago
Accidentally touching his dick while falling
Tumblr media
Warning: Suggestive, use of words like dick, balls, willy etc. The boys are reader's friends and have a crush on the reader (it's a mutual pining ig)
A/n: this happened to me with ma middle school crush bbsorhrvs we were just messing around and I fell with my hands barely touching his willy wonka and I was 1. Embarrassed as fuck and 2. A tsundere with issues so I started to smack his head to get out of that awkward situation 💀 Do NOT act like me.
Tumblr media
LMAO this mf 😭
Ok so y'all were having a pick-nick and he stole your last cookie, rude.
He knows you're short so he stretches up his arm with the cookie in his hand so you won't be able to snatch it back
You didn't wanna get up because you knew that if you did, he would also get up and you will never get your cookie back
So you tried to get on your knees hurrily to reach his hand and take your cookie back
But you lost your balance while you were stretching out your arm <\3
You grabbed Tsumu's shoulder to prevent yourself from falling but the other hand automatically went between his legs
You not so gently pressed on his junior and he shrieked lmao
You retrieve your hand quickly, heat creeping up your neck. Well, who wouldn't feel like this when they just touched The Miya Atsumu's dick
He, on the other side, composes himself real quick, like you were there embarrassed asf and he had that ugly smug grin
"Didn't know ya were that eager fer me y/n, ya coulda just asked fer it sooner" but you can see a hint of pink on his ears
"If you don't stfu, next time I'll fall with a knife in my hands, Miya".
"Eeeek! " he screams childishly and eats your last cookie right in front of you 😐
Tumblr media
Pour soul just wanted to cut his nails in the gym
And you were just waiting for him to finish his practice since he was leaving earlier than usual
But waiting for him while hoshiumi practiced his spikes wasn't a good idea
"Y/N!!!" you heard a loud voice and just barely managed to save your head from the speedy ball coming over you
But while you were dodging the ball, you lost your balance and fell over Tobio
You are still tryna understand what the heck just happened when you notice something... Soft yet hard in your hand
"OHBWISHEIEJE I'M SORRY" u jump back all flustered and are bowing and apologizing like crazy
He is RED like a tomato and doesn't even know what to do in this kinda situation
It wasn't even painful when you fell over so there wasn't even the pain to distract him wjdhdbr
Someone help him
Fortunately Hoshiumi comes running towards you to apologize so the awkward tension is over
But you two still have to hang out later- he won't be able to look at you in the eyes for a while lmao
Tumblr media
You were just chilling with your best friend Suna on the couch on a Saturday evening
You both wanted to watch a nice anime, but you wanted to watch a sports anime (Haikyuu) while he wanted to watch to watch a Shonen like Kemono Jihen
This is how you both started to play-fight, throwing pillows at each other and stealing the remote when the other tries to put the other anime
He was able to steal the remote from you and you were tryna steal it back, but you slipped on the couch (damn socks)
Dude GASPED when you pressed on his willy 😭😶
You backed off at record speed and gasped with him
"Oh my god I'm sorry Rintaro" you are apologizing but also laughing cause he is covering his nuts with both hands, as if he just got kicked in the balls
"I thought my entire bloodline was gonna end here" he said with furrowed eyebrows and a dramatic voice
"now you're exaggerating, I BARELY pressed on it, don't be such a drama king oh God"
He laughs at you and the flustered, yet pouty, mess that you are, his own cheeks getting warmer.
You don't let this moment go to waste and snatch the remote, finally putting on your favourite show
Rintarou doesn't try to change it, but that's mostly because he knows that both of you are down bad and need some distraction
Tumblr media
🙄 Dramatic king pt. 2
You, Oiks and Iwa were playing in an arcade, specifically that game where you have to keep up with the dancing steps shown on the screen in front of you
Iwa was out to get drinks for you and Oiks while you two were having a passionate match against each other
Oikawa hates losing so he does his best to keep up with the steps, while you were getting tired and the steps were getting difficult
But you are an unfair and cheater little shit, so you tried to push Oikawa off his dance floor so his points won't be counted it
Ur bold bold, he may look all delicate but he's stronger than you, have you seen his serves 🙄
So ofc when you try to push him off, he doesn't budge, but he does lose his balance while he tries to kick your ass outta his playzone
Long short story your legs get entagles with each other and you romantically fall on top of him and not so romantically squeeze his wee wee
This mf MOANS, like, he legit goes "AHNNG Y/N!!" bye 😭😭😭
You look at him with the most disgusted expression ever widbri lmao and he looks so hurt at that he covers his body as if you have violated him
"Asshole" you murmur, as if it's his fault you fell on him, but anyway
"that's not the part you touched Y/N- chan"
Will never let you live it down, always brings it up when he wants you to do something!! "Remember that time you harassed me in the arcade..."
Punch him pls
Tumblr media
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bokutea · 2 days ago
warnings: nsfw!! minors DNI.
oral (m!receiving)
wc: 275
Tumblr media
sakusa who just got out of the shower and refuses to gets dirty, but you’re so needy he lets you use your mouth on him. you can’t help but feast on his cock, your hands sliding up from his thighs to his balls.
“n- fuck, just keep your hands here,” he grabs them to reposition your devilish fingers back on his thighs. he knows if he lets you any closer to them, he’ll need to wash up again. you pout, a long stride of your tongue travelling from his base to the tip of his cock. “god— i’m c-i’m so close,” his hips start bucking up. he tries to calm down, because the last thing he needs is to make a complete mess. but you’re so good to him… he can’t help it.
you try your best to keep all of him in your mouth but he won’t stop cumming. your lips fall off his spilling cock, unable to handle more.
your chest is now sticky and so are his thighs and tummy. “fuck, baby— i just showered,” he grunts annoyed at himself, not at you. you smirk at the sight in front of your eyes: your fucked out boyfriend, his hands covering his face and his heavy breathing the only audible sound in the room. the best sound.
you slowly place your hands on his thighs again, the tips of your fingers meeting the sticky texture. your mouth hangs slightly open on top of his aching cock. “don’t worry, omi— i’ll clean you up again.”
Tumblr media
a/n: I KNOW this is bad but (・_・; first ever actual smut my fingers shaking above the post button. trying to get better at writing but this shit hard 🫂 anyways kiyoomi overflowing king
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