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#haikyuu x reader
i-softea-i · 14 minutes ago
My friend: why are you sad over Oikawa?
Me: *the knowledge that Oikawa almost played in an Italian team but he choose Argentina instead* nothing, I'm fine 🙂
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bluebirdwrites · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
> preferred methods of physical affection. pairings; oikawa, hinata, asahi, tanaka summary; preferred methods of physical affection that they prefer to give
Tumblr media
OIKAWA prefers to show his physical affection towards you, his s/o, by casual touches. Everyday actions that some people may overlook. A hand steadied against your waist as he shuffles past you, his arm bumping against yours as you walk side by side, hands running up and down your arms on a cold day to warm you up. But, he also enjoys more flamboyant gestures too- like flopping his weight against your at lunch if he feels that you’re not paying attention to him.
Tumblr media
HINATA likes giving his partner physical affection anytime. But he has a preference for resting his head on their shoulder, or their neck. The type to have a handshake with his partner, one that no one can ever work out except the two of you. Hinata’s physical affections are pure and warm, and come from a place that only wishes care upon his partner. Hinata also likes to wrap his arms tight around you if you hug him- good luck letting go.
Tumblr media
ASAHI is someone that loves quietly, but surely and this comes out in how he shows his physical affection towards his s/o. He will often be found neatening your hair, or the collar of your shirt, or allowing himself a moment to rest his cheek against the top of your head. In more private moments however, he likes running his hands up and down your back, just to feel present and there in the moment with you.
Tumblr media
TANAKA is loud, proud and will never be one to be ashamed with how he feels. He prefers to show his love through everything he does with you. Even actions as simple as holding hands, his thumb is rubbing circles into the back of your palm and you can be assured you’re walking close to him. He’s incredibly protective over you- so if you’re walking along the sidewalk, he’ll walk on the side closest to the road. He always has his hands on you in some way- on your knee, on your shoulder, tapping against your back.
Tumblr media
NOTES.. !!
Look it’s mE again hehe :D but !! i might add future parts if that’s what people want, lemme know anyway !! send reqs if you want, i’m always up to chat 😌 ++ likes and reblogs are very welcome :p
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justahoeforhaikyuu · 48 minutes ago
hello i wanted to participate in your event and yea sorry if this comes out sorta dry lol i’m so bad at requesting stuff. btw i’m 18 turning 19 soon!!
im a female, 18, 5’8 (172cm i think), and i would like to request this w tsukishima cus he’s my fav rn. i would describe myself as a very independent person, i don’t like talking about my feelings or my ‘deep’ stuff, stubborn, and i’m a very closed off person. but when i’m comfortable with someone, i talk more, laugh, etc. my favorite touch would be soft touches mixed with some groping. like if i’m cuddling with a guy and they touch me all over my body softly and every now and then grab my ass or something like that. i hope that makes sense. i also love it when my neck and throat is touched, it doesn’t have to be rough, but either way it feels nice.
thank you!!
CUDDLING AND COMFORT- Tsukishima x fem!reader (nsfw)
►Event details
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• You annoy the fuck out of Tsukishima but the best part of that is that he likes it.
• Uses your shoulders for resting his hands or arms😃
• When someone hurts you, you are really not ready to talk about the whole drama and feelings and neither is Kei that type of person.
• But he will eventually pull you in a hug. You don't even have to tell him anything.
• Will drive his hand along your body, maybe sometimes even under your tee to make you feel better.
• Definently grabs your butt and squeezes them when you're sitting on him.
• Will purposely pull away from kisses but when you frown, he plants them all over your body.
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stinggyshima · 48 minutes ago
Life with you
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Pure Fluff, 1k words
Warnings: non? Maybe cursing? Slight spoilers for the manga
(This scenario was inspired by the song “One Last Time” by Summer Salt. Listening to the beginning of it literally gave me a whole movie. If you can, listen to it while reading!)
After a long and stressful day at work Tsukishima could only think about coming home to you
After his shift at the museum was over he wasted no time in making his way home, only stopping at a nearby bakery to buy some desserts for later.
Entering the house he got hit by the delicious smell of homemade food and saw you standing there beautiful as always slowly swaying and humming along with the music playing from the speaker
All he could do at that moment was stare at you in adoration, how did he get so lucky?
He leaned against the door frame from the living room until you turned around and saw him, surprising you.
Tsukishima sighed as he sent the last email of the day. Working in a museum was always his dream and it still is, he feels very lucky to be able to get a job where he wanted, however that did not meant that he never got frustrated or stressed. He stretched a bit before getting up and bidding his coworkers a polite goodbye.
While driving back to your shared home he decided to make a quick stop to the bakery you loved. He would never in his life imagine that he would fall for someone so hard that they would have thoughts like these. He literally cringed at the thought of how he used to be back in high school. Ever since you declared your love for him while studying together that day, he has grown to be honest with his feelings and emotions. You were the one to help him be more open, he’s still an asshole tho, an asshole who is honest with his feelings.
Tsukishima arrived at your house and opened the door, immediately getting hit with the delicious smell of homemade food. He made his way to the kitchen where he assumed you would be and placed the bag of warm goods he had just gotten on the table. He leaned against the wall, crossing his arms and admiring how lovely you looked while cooking with a small on your face. That is until you turned around and saw him, making you jump.
“Tsukishima Kei! Don’t do that! What if I was holding a knife huh?! Could’ve committed a crime right now.” You huffed and turned your attention back to the stove where you were preparing dinner. “Well you should be more aware of your surroundings, you do space out a lot.” “I’ll make it extra spicy if you keep that up.” You pointed at him with the wooden spoon. He let a soft laugh before making his way towards you.
“So what are you making tonight?” He asked while encasing you with his long arms and resting his head on your shoulder, you leaned back a bit against his chest to feel more of the warmth that you missed all day. “It’s a new recipe I saw online, it looked good so I wanted to try it out!” You exclaimed while leaning down to taste it and let out a satisfactory sound and raised it to Tsukishima’s face for him to try some. The blonde having a similar reaction to yours. “Even if it doesn’t come out good, I already see plan B on the table.” You eyed the paper bags that released a sweet aroma, your stomach reacting to it. Tsukishima gave you a light smack at the back of your head “Those are for dessert and dessert only.” You glared at him and sighed while he just shrugged.
There was a comfortable silence in the kitchen, you making sure the food didn’t burn and him just holding you, but you wanted to hear his voice more. “How was work?” You asked him while stirring the pot in front of you. “It was ok, the exhibition for today was one of my favorites so it made today more bearable, Yamaguchi also stopped by and had lunch with me.” You could hear the faintest smile when he mentioned his best friend. He could deny it but everyone knew how much he cared about him. “Sounds like you enjoyed today.” “More or less, until a kid decided to bring a balloon inside and let it go, they made me get on a ladder Y/N, a fucking ladder.” “Because you were the tallest?” “Because I was the tallest. I swear I’m gonna be standing at the entrance with a thumbtack.” You started laughing heartily at the image of your grumpy husband standing in front of the doors ready to pop some balloons. He stared in adoration, your laugh making his heart skip a beat, he was still the same simp as he was when you first met back in high school.
The song had changed to a slow, mellowed one and he took it as an opportunity. He swiftly turned off the stove and before you could protest grabbed your hands moving them up and wrapping them around his neck and placed his around your waist, pulling you close to him. You knew instantly what he wanted to do which surprised you a bit since this IS Tsukishima Kei we are talking about, but you decided to just follow his lead since the song also made you turn soft and mushy. You placed your head on his chest while he leaned his on yours, softly swaying along the soft and calm melody. “What’s this? You Initiating affection? This is new” you teased a bit “We can stop-“ “No! This is fine. I like this side of you.” You held him a little more tighter while smiling, closing your eyes to further enjoy this feeling. “I just want to appreciate my s/o once in a while, is it so bad?” He asked in a sarcastic tone “Nope, I love it when you’re like this.” You were truly lucky to be able to see this side of him. He stayed quiet for a while, enjoying the feeling of the person he loved in his arms, life was not so bad if you were there with him.
“Hey, y/n?” “Hmm?” “I love you” A smile made a way to your face. Yeah, you really were lucky to see this side no one else knew about. Lifting your face from his chest you looked at him, “I love you too.” He leaned down and you stood on your tiptoes.
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in6mak1 · 50 minutes ago
can u guys,, send in some requests 🙇🏻‍♀️ like uh- I really wanna try and make some content again bc I think i’ll have more time soon- but Idk what to create✨ 🤩
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luvoratomi · an hour ago
two lies and one truth (miya a.)
Tumblr media
“i hate you,” atsumu says, his voice far too serious for that small smile threatening to bloom on his lips. that’s a lie, you note.
“uh huh,” you snort, playing with the string of the hoodie he’d lent you — at rather, you stole it. you glance up at him, the corner of your lip quirking up in amusement when you meet his eyes.
“i want my hoodie back,” he breathes out. that’s the potential truth, you think.
you rest your chin on your hand, your head tilting ever so slightly to the side. you allow a grin to grow on your lips, your eyes twinkling with amusement as you stare at him.
“do you?” a devious smile dances on your lips. you’re not sure if your mind is playing tricks on you or not, but you swear you see atsumu’s eyes flicker to your lips for a split second before they snap back to yours, an audible gulp coming from his direction.
“or,” he pauses, his eyes fleeing back towards your lips, but he lets them linger there for longer than before. he shifts closer to you, closing that small gap between you two that felt like it was worlds apart.
“or?” you sigh, letting your face nuzzle into the hand that was now cupping your cheek. when had he even gotten there?
he lets your question hang in the air. for a moment all you can hear is the sound of your breathing. could he hear your heart thumping against your chest? you wonder.
he inches his face closer to yours, ever so slightly. an amused scoff falls from his mouth when he hears you gulp, your eyes locked with his, and he wonders what secrets they must hold for him to discover.
“or,” he whispers against your lips. your breath hitches when you feel how soft — how plush — his lips actually are. your eyes fluttered close before you have a chance to react, your mind barely registering the fact that atsumu had pulled back a bit. it isn’t until you feel his trailing his thumb along your lower lip that your eyes snap open to meet his.
a soft ‘tch’ makes its way past your lips as you turn away from him. atsumu’s laughter soon fills the room and it sends your heart racing. the frown on your face quickly transforms into shock when you feel his fingers gently guide your face back to his.
“or,” he repeats, letting his lips finally met yours into a kiss that sends sparks flying throughout your body. you melt into his touch, your body reacting faster than your mind as you tangle your fingers in his hair, a content sigh escaping your lips as all those years of yearning finally seem to pay off.
“or?” your voice sounds breathless, a dazed smile blooming on your lips. atsumu’s eyes fill with affection as he gazes at you.
“or, i Iove you.” and it seems like you’ve found his truth.
Tumblr media
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yonnawritingg · an hour ago
Y/n: I’m not gonna become the boys volleyball manager. I don’t wanna listen to boys bossing me around.
Kita: excuse me, would you like to join the volleyball club?
Y/n: of course! I’ll make sure to be there early!
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fail-big · an hour ago
To the lovely anon that requested this: 
I see you chose a fluffy scenerio and an angsty quote. This was really hard for me to come up with something. My apologies that this couldn’t come in an ask/ answer format- I remember seeing the request, but I don’t know where it went 😐
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this~
Tumblr media
[27] “We’re not dating anymore, y’know?” + stairwell kissing + oikawa tooru 
ft. oikawa tooru x gn!reader.
wc: 0.6k; angst to fluff.
prompt requests are open! send a number + character 💕
Tumblr media
“Oikawa, what are you doing here?” You huff when you spot Oikawa sitting on the stairwell just outside the front of your apartment door. The jingle of your keys ring in the silence as you turn it in the slot, double checking to make sure the door was locked before refocusing your attention to the pretty boy you once called yours in front of you.
“I came to say that I missed you,” he replies earnestly. 
You scoff, already predicting the direction this conversation was going. No. He doesn’t get to do this. He doesn’t get to come back into your life after breaking up with you for, in your humble opinion, the stupidest reason in the world. 
His words from the conversation from two weeks ago echo in your mind- the last words he said to you before today.
We should break up. 
I just need to focus more on volleyball.
You’re distracting me.
A distraction. He called you a distraction. How is it that you were not a distraction in a platonic best-friendship for the past four years, but suddenly the biggest source of distraction in a four month long relationship? 
How could he blame you for something you couldn’t control, something you knew to not even be true, and cut you off completely? Why was it so easy for him to forget about you?
You shake your head, not wanting to hear anything else he has to say. You attempt to push past him and make your way down the stairs, but he doesn’t budge. 
Lifting your head, you look directly into his eyes as you say your next words. “I don’t miss you.” 
It’s a lie. He knows it too by the fleeting scrunch of your nose. A silence follows as a staring contest ensues. It’s only until he breaks out into a goofy smile at your ill attempt to look intimidating that you realize how close you’re standing next to him. It’s only until you hear the rustle of shopping bags that you both divert your attention to your neighbor, an elderly woman in her late 60′s, hobbling up the stairs. Oikawa hurries down the steps to help her with the bags, and you follow.
She has a cheeky grin on her face. She doesn’t say anything, but the raise in her eyebrows reveal her thoughts, eyes darting between you and Oikawa and nodding in approval. 
Before she can make even more assumptions, you want to clear the air. 
“No, no, no. Oikawa and I... we’re not dating anymore, y’know?” You hastily explain, nearly fumbling over your words, gesturing between you and him.
Apart from a quick thanks, she gives you both a knowing look and shrugs her shoulders as if she didn’t hear you. 
When she closes the door, you let out a low, frustrated groan, which starkly contrasts the low chuckle that Oikawa lets out. 
By instinct, he brings you into his arms and rubs soothing circles on your back, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. 
You stay in his arms, but suddenly remember that you’re no longer in a relationship with him and attempt to pull away. Only, he holds you tighter- the only part you’re able to move is your head. 
There’s a sense of vulnerability in the air. 
“Babe, you’re not a distraction- you’re my purpose. I’m was scared of how easy it was being with you. I still am, but, I’d rather be scared with you than without you.” 
He releases you from his hold, but you don’t move. Instead, you move your hands so that they cup his cheeks and bring him into a soft kiss, only breaking when your neighbor opens the door to grab a forgotten grocery bag. 
Just before she closes the door, you hear her hum. 
“Doesn’t look like you’re not dating.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading!
if you liked this, feel free to check out more of my angst pieces here, fluff pieces here, or a complete list of my works here. 
Tumblr media
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fluoresence · an hour ago
the electronics of your heart ;
the fear of falling
@w-yuren i found it !! ahahahaha
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji is afraid of heights.
Scratch that.
He’s not afraid of the altitudes themselves; of the thinning air, or the sprawl of the world beneath him. That’s not what pulls the breath from his lungs. He’s afraid of what comes after; the inevitable tumbling of a body, accelerating until it contacts with where it began. Bones to fragments, flesh to liquid.
He’s afraid of falling. Of failing. Of trying his best to remain suspended in the air, but misstepping and plummeting anyway.
So when he meets you, he doesn’t leap at the chance for something more. He doesn’t even dare to peer over the edge, just to see what’s on the other side.
There’s no point in it. He doubts you’ll even care to see if he lands on his feet.
Days bleed into weeks and weeks flesh into months, but you’re still there. Pretty smiles and fretting hands, passing towels and water bottles when he needs them.
He attempts to return your kindness, but the pleasantries always slip out stilted and awkward; his responses always a beat too late or his gaze avoidant. Even Bokuto can see that he doesn’t give as good as he gets.
“What did she do to you?” he asks, much too loud for regular conversation, after practice one day.
Akaashi blinks.
“Nothing,” he sighs, fiddling with the zipper of his jacket. Summer has come and gone and the early winds of autumn threaten to nip at every inch of exposed skin.
“Then why are you like that to her?”
“Like that?”
“You know,” Bokuto waves his hands in the air, fingers forming nonsensical shapes. “Like that. Cold. Why are you so cold to her?”
He runs his tongue over his bottom lip. In principle, the question is a simple one and the answer comes to mind almost immediately. However, he takes the time to pause, to fish for an answer not so damning to his pride.
Nothing bites.
“She makes me nervous,” he says finally, in confession. The words meet hesitance in his throat and fight reluctance through his teeth. But when he speaks them, he finds the tension in his abdomen begins to unwind. Just a bit.
Bokuto’s mouth widens into a grin; a perfect semi-circle like the first quarter moon. The subtext behind his admission is not lost on him.
“Leave it to me, ‘Kaashi!” he yells, almost as if in announcement to the surrounding city block.
Dread rises at this statement, bubbling like hot tar in his stomach. He places his head in his hands. The relief he had felt a minute ago takes a flying leap out of an open-doored jet, sans parachute. He watches it splatter on the pavement in slow motion.
A hand claps him on the back with enough strength to wind an adult male, but Akaashi hardly flinches. His ribcage must be made of steel now, a metal lattice that holds under the persistent, yet well-intentioned assaults from the ace.
However as resilient as it may be, he has a sinking suspicion that it cannot protect him forever. Even the strongest alloys crumple like paper when thrown from a great enough height.
You stop him one day during cleanup, your gaze settled on the painted lines of the court. He makes an unconscious effort not to toe them, maintaining the borders between you.
“Akaashi-san,” you begin, a stray volleyball cradled under your arm. “Can I— May I please speak to you afterwards?”
Panic wails in his chest like sirens. He turns immediately to look at Bokuto, who immediately turns away in response. He frowns and his gaze shifts again, this time bouncing between you and the volleyball in your grasp.
“Is it about the team?” he asks stiffly. He could at least pretend to be professional while his heart did a traitorous backflip off of a skyscraper.
“No,” you admit, stepping closer to him. Your sneakers are on the line now, broaching the imaginary boundaries he’d been keeping an eye on. “It’s something personal.”
“Something personal,” he parrots, a bit dumbly.
You nod and his mouth goes dry; sandy tongue against paper teeth.
He swallows a desert.
You confess your feelings to him under the shade of a solitary maple, its scarlet foliage ablaze with the sun’s last light.
He asks you to repeat yourself and you oblige, your cheeks as red as the leaves hanging above you.
When your words finally sink in, his stomach pitches. He feels the world tilt under him and suddenly, he’s thirty thousand feet in the air, standing on the precipice of the most harrowing drop of his life.
“You don’t have to say yes,” you tack on hastily after a moment of silence.
“But I want to,” he blurts out, completely foregoing careful thought.
Your eyes go wide.
“You do?”
He exhales, knowing this is his last out before the leap ahead of him. His heart hammers against the steel of his ribs.
He shuts his eyes and takes the jump.
“I do.”
It isn’t until one month into your relationship that he realizes the feeling in his gut is nothing like falling.
Rather, it’s much more like flying.
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everafterkeiji · an hour ago
you were once mine ft. atsumu miya
Tumblr media
It's been frequent to see you drowning in your own pool of miserableness.
Ever since he had left your apartment, the banging sound of the door haunting your ears as you stare at it. The home that you had shared began to radiate a grave for your brokeness, the warmth that embraced you for two years began to freeze on your skin, covering the room in speckles of ice sickles acting like a dagger that could go through your body.
By the time his feet led him to his own home, the setter began to wonder if his steps could just end up back to you. If another mile meant another waste of chance, how many more can he take just to accept the fact that he wasn't the man you were meant to wed?
He should've accepted it way before he was given the best opportunity in his life. The moment he had loved you was a sign that he was in it for the long run, no more take backs. He didn't want to leave, no amount of love could make him.
Alike volleyball, Atsumu has the ability to keep the ball as high as he can without allowing it to fall to the ground.
In the case of love, he had similar skills but even the universe doesn't guarantee him a win.
So when the blonde twin had realized that love was a play of dirty tricks and unexpected flaws, he began to fight against it— the duty of having to keep the romance as high as he can started to fall on his own hands, demanding that he try harder but it falls short as of usual.
It wasn't that his amor for you has subsided, it was the fact that he knows that once he stays longer, he'll never be able to suffice what you deserve.
The constant arguing, seeing you adjust your schedule just so you and him can have time, seeing you cuddled up in the couch all alone without a sight of food on the table, there wasn't any room for you to continue hurting yourself just to love him.
He knows he was the source of your baggy eyes, the growl of your stomach, the troubled body clock—why was he to stay when all that it causes you was rockbottom?
"I love you and I'm doing this for you."
His words were either a kiss of bliss or a strike to your heart. You needed him and he certainly felt the same. You were two pieces that fit like lost souls but the boy you love cannot withstand the damage that he has done.
So now when he holds the ball in his hands, a memory taunts him of his decisions.
"You're my world." He whispers as his hands cup your cheeks as you smile at his words while he places a kiss on your forehead. You leaned onto his hand, bringing him closer to you as Atsumu feels his heart explode when you embraced him, your hands going into his hair, comforting him with your promise to be with him forever.
He serves the ball with immense force, before the tears rim around his eyes as he looks to the empty seat in the crowd where you used to belong.
And now you're the star I can only love from afar.
Tumblr media
A/N: brb sending angst before a cute possible drabble for bakugo the bday bb
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midnightlee25 · an hour ago
Bear cave (yandere asahi x reader x yandere aone)
Tumblr media
Asahi watched as the winter wonderland outside continued to build as soft snow was still falling from the sky. While outside was cold and gray the inside of the cottage was warm and bright. Tearing his eyes away from the window he looked over at the couch where you sat with aone your head resting on his shoulder, fast asleep while he was still somewhat awake. He smiled to himself seeing how peaceful you are now compared to how you were back then.  
When he first met you, he swore it was love at first sight and over time it deepen. Evey time you two would touch it set fire to his skin, every time you would look his way, he felt like the luckiest man alive but no matter how sweet those moments were he soon found that he was not the only one cherishing all the little moments.
Aone was another gentle giant who also felt his heart beat ever so faster when you were around. Even if his face didn't show it, expect for a faint blush every now and again, he loved whenever you would smile at him or show him any kindness.
However, it all came to a head when you three were at a party. You had no idea they were even there, they didn't know that about each other either, when someone started messing with you. At first you tried to play it off but then they really started to scare you that's when they came in shielding you until the person went away. That was the moment they knew they were not alone and they didn't like it very much. After that it seemed that they would randomly pop up even one after the other or at the same time you thought nothing of, they thought it was a pain but seeing you happy to be around them made the tension ease a bit.
Years passed and all seemed fine until one day you came to them crying that you had a break up, they didn't even know you were dating which angered them but put that aside to comfort you in every way they know how. Seeing the tears run down your face crushed them yet two thoughts started in their minds, dark thoughts that took over until nothing was left. The first one was taking care of your so-called ‘lover’ and the other one was simply protecting you from ever being hurt again.
And so, they did by always being by your side just like they should. You did start to feel suffocated by the giants at the same time however you also know that they meant will besides its not hurting anything so you went along with it. One weekend they took you to a cottage they had found and wanted to get away from life for a while so you went with them.
It was hard but eventually they showed you how nice it was to stay here as well as it being a happy new home for you three. Luckily at least one of them was able to stay here and work online, only leave for a short time to either go into the city or for food, but the other has to go in for months at a time but it all works out in the end.  
All of it was worth it for moments like those, where you feel as if you're the only three in the whole world and they wouldn't want anything different. Asahi walked over to the couch sitting down while pulling part of the blanket over himself. He wrapped his arms around you before laying his head on your shoulder being lulled by the crackling of the fire. No matter what they have done it was more than worth it to get to this point of having you laying with them safe and sound.
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wisterix · an hour ago
《 be good 》
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing » atsumu x gn!reader
content warnings » dom!reader; choking; humiliation/degradation; thigh riding
notes » i’m back! let’s just hope i don’t vanish again
Tumblr media
"i thought you said you were going to be good, tsumu," you hissed in his ear as you practically dragged him inside, the door slamming shut behind you. "and yet you pushed your luck anyways." all of his previous cockiness was wiped off of his face in an instant.
"'m sorry, i didn't mean-" he cut himself off when your hand went to his throat, making him step back until he hit the wall behind him. the look you gave him was the same one you always used when he had pushed the limit, and it made him want to fall to his knees and beg for you to forgive him.
"don't start that, miya." he whined at the use of his last name, and his head fell back against the wall with a quiet thunk. "you knew exactly what you were doing."
you pushed your leg in between his and it just made him whine all the louder. the pressure you put against his dick was enough to make him shudder and for his knees to go weak.
"sorry! 'm sorry, i'll be good next time," his words devolved into a moan at the feeling of your thigh tensing, and his hands gripped onto your forearm harshly.
you grinned at him and his reaction, lifting your leg up slightly to put more pressure on him. his hips bucked slightly, and your hand moved to press over the very quickly growing bulge in his pants and wet patch of fabric.
"look at you," you teased, and his eyes rolled back into his head, already knowing where this was going. "can't believe you got this hard," your hand squeezed the bulge for emphasis, "all because i pushed you up against a wall."
"that's not-" he was cut off by your hand tightening around his throat. the whimper he let out was a quiet one, but it didn't deter you in the slightest. if he was going to talk back, then he would get what was coming to him.
"don't talk back, tsumu," you spoke, and he didn't even have to look at you to know that you were sneering at him and his poor attempts at an apology. just knowing that you were teasing him for it got his hips to jerk forward and forced a low moan past his lips.
"what a dirty boy," he nodded at your words, his eyebrows pinching together when he shifted his hips forward again, "getting off on humping my leg like a bitch in heat." god, it felt so good and he wasn't sure he'd be able to stop if you asked him to.
"'m your—h-ah—i'm your dirty boy," he recited back to you in a breathless voice that hardly sounded like his own, not entirely sure why he said it to begin with, but it made the hand around his throat tighten.
"oh yeah?" you pushed your hand against his dick again, "is this mine too?" he couldn't help but nod at your words, his mind clouding over with need as he sped up his own pace against your thigh.
it devolved into mindless rutting against your thigh almost as quickly as it began, his pace growing sloppy and quick in an effort to get himself off. clear moans were pouring past his open lips, and he was doing everything in his power to keep himself from begging. but with every uneven jerk of his hips, his resolve dwindled.
"gonna cum, tsumu?" his voice cracked around a sound that you supposed was a 'yes.' "then cum like the dirty little bitch you are."
that was all it took for him to cum, and fuck did it feel good. his hips stuttered and he let out a string of choked off moans and pants. the fabric of his pants was uncomfortably wet, but he couldn't do much more than shake ever so slightly in your hold and open his eyes to look at you, waiting for his vision to fade in from white.
"you didn't think that was all, did you?" you smiled sweetly at him while your hand rubbed against the growing wetness in his pants, and he let out a whine, knowing that you had a lot more in store for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dreampathic · an hour ago
Tumblr media
┇haikyuu boys and their soundcloud rapper names┇
❥characters: nishinoya, atsumu, kuroo, and bokuto
❥warnings: the whole post
❥genre: crack
❥a/n: i got this idea bc my brother was rapping 😐 it’s not very long but ya know the vibes✌🏼
Tumblr media
NISHINOYA; rollin’ thunder—tanaka would make the beats and noya would make all his raps abt kiyoko and every other line has ‘girl’ and ‘baby’ in it
ATSUMU; lil rocket—starts every rap with ‘yuh, les get ittt’ and uses free beats from the internet. osamu and suna hype him up constantly and genuinely think it’s good and even are on some tracks. (spoiler alert: he’s ass.)
KUROO & BOKUTO; B1RD$—rap duo. they have shitty mics and only two songs out. kenma and akaashi refuse to listen to them but they force them anyways.
Tumblr media
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keijitimes · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Scenario - awkward sleep antics
ft. Oikawa, Akaashi and Kenma
Tumblr media
It was a bad start for an otherwise beautiful morning.
It was an accident, you never meant to kick Oikawa straight in the crotch, in fact, you could add on to your wall of defence that you were not even conscious while that happened. Heck you were sleeping.
But what had happened has happened and you couldn’t think of way in which you would be of any help.
Oikawa pulls his knees closer to his chest as he turns to his side, groaning in pain all the way along.
“You’ve almost just ended my bloodline!”
You bite the insides of your cheek, the image of a few miniature Oikawas running around, a byproduct of your wild imagination, making you want to laugh. That thought, however, was soon replaced by guilt and you try to offer some solace.
“I’m so so so sorry.”
He pouts, looking all the more like a 5 year old who had lost his balloon.
“On a scale of 1-10 how sorry are you Y/n L/n?”
You blink, your mind taking a moment to register the usage of your full name, “10 of course.”
“Prove it then.” 
You don’t stop the smile from taking over your features this time. You pull him into a hug, softy tracing his back while doing so, later proceeding to pepper his face with kisses when he lets out a satisfactory hum. 
After all, you really are very sorry.
Akaashi couldn’t even complain.
It was around 3 in the morning, the heater in the room had conked off and he had no proper blanket to shield himself from the cold temperature. 
He couldn’t even complain.
Especially not when you had wrapped yourself in the blanket, subconsciously having made a temporary cocoon for yourself with only your face popping out, looking so breathtaking, cute and vulnerable. 
Akaashi restrained himself from taking a picture, absentmindedly musing over how instead of thinking of you as a blanket-hogger, he instead pondered over ways to attack you with a bear hug without waking you up.
“So this is what it is like to love someone huh.” He whispers as he slowly drapes his arm over your body and moves closer to you, your head now leaning against his chest.
Glad that you would not be able to hear his heartbeat, he lets his hand rest behind your neck and pecks your forehead, knowing well that you would never let him live such moments of softness down if you were awake. But this time he had his reasons, the more logical one being that he needed some form of warmth, while the other, more honest reason was that he just wanted to cuddle.
“I can take the couch.”
You say this with a nervous tinge to your voice, your predicament after all was blush worthy and cliché. 
With Kenma accidentally staying late at your house because of getting carried away with a new game, Kuroo, from his point of view, suspiciously forgetting about picking him up and finally, the icing on the cake, the heavy rain that had caused a power outage leaving the two of you alone in the dark.
“You don’t have to, I mean-” Kenma silently hopes for the earth to swallow him up whole. A whole night with you, in the dark, with only one bed to use. Not to mention the fact that he was your boyfriend, which takes things to a whole new level.
“Not that I just have a-a little problem, sort of.”
He flashes the beam of light from his phone over your room, the bed covered with soft toys and cushions of all sorts. You were someone who hugs a lot while sleeping and if that wasn’t a give away, he didn’t know what else would be.
“I am soft too you know.” Though a whisper that could barely be heard, it caused his own ears to flame up. he didn’t like the way it slipped of his tongue, much unlike himself. The last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable.
“You…wouldn’t mind?” 
He senses your hesitancy and shakes his head, then realising that you probably would not be able to see him, he reaches out for your hand, entwining his fingers with yours, comforting you unknowingly.
“No I wouldn’t.”
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haikyooot · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hoshiumi x gn!reader
WC: 920
Genre/Tags: soulmate au, fluff
A/N: For @osamusstraycat​. Thank you for participating in the MYML event and taking a leap-of-faith! Your descriptions were really poetic and perfect, by the way; I incorporated a few lines from you in the story. Hope you enjoy and take care too! <3 Happy belated seagull face! 
Tumblr media
It’s said that the song of your soulmate can only be felt in your heart when the time is right. When you ask others who already found their soulmate what the song is like, the only answer you ever get is usually something along the lines of, You’ll find out.
They say that the song is different for everybody. For some, steady like a drum. For others, playful like a babbling brook. You are left wondering when you’ll hear a song that will be yours. You wonder if it’ll be a tune and pace that is harmonious. Yours and also another’s.
You have been to so many places, seen so many stories. You’re on a journey, searching and wandering. Sometimes you are longing, but you’re still doing alright going about your own merry way. There are days you think that you won’t need a soulmate if you’re happy on your own. You are most definitely content, but there are also moments when you see a beautiful scene and think about what it would be like to share the sunset with someone who hears the same song as you.
This time, your journey leads you to the beach. At this place where the ocean meets shore, you close your eyes and take a deep breath. You can smell the ocean air with the salt in the top notes. Right beneath it is the fresh smell of baked goods from a bakery nearby. Accompanying, are the gentle cries of seagulls and rippling waves. It’s dusk and the last of the sun's rays are vanishing into the horizon line, leaving the center stage to the twinkling stars above.
“Woah there!” A panicked voice and a horse’s neigh cut into your meditation.
You open your eyes and see a young man on a galloping horse coming full-speed your way. The man’s white hair flutters in the wind. Although his expression is both nervous and tight, you can’t help but notice his eyes. Bright, gleaming, and beautiful. 
“Get out of the way!” Hoshiumi yells, trying to get your attention. You’re frozen in your spot as the man and horse come closer and closer. It feels so surreal and absurd at the same time. 
“Stop, stop, stop!” Hoshiumi pleads, tugging on the reins in vain. He’s both scared of hurting the horse, but all the more terrified that he’ll run over the random person standing on the beach alone, that is you.
Suddenly, the horse slows to a trot and comes to a stop right in front of you, avoiding disaster altogether. Dark eyes observe you as if they are trying to decipher if you are the one they are looking for. The horse drags his hooves through the sand once and shakes his mane of some loose sand. He grunts, as if saying, “My work is done”. 
Hoshiumi lets out a sigh of relief. Earlier, he really was at wits end thinking he had lost control over the horse. All he wanted was to have some fun in-between volleyball season, not veer on the edge of being responsible for a terrible accident. 
You hesitantly take a step closer to caress the horse and whisper a few calming words of affirmation. Hoshiumi watches in awe at how you handle the horse so effortlessly. A few scratches on the ridge between the horse’s shoulder blades seem to have the horse in a good mood.
“Thank goodness, I’m so sorry,” Hoshiumi apologizes. “I really didn’t expect this guy to just take off on his own.”
“That’s alright! No one got hurt,” you tell him with a smile.
Hoshiumi awkwardly tries to get off of the horse. You can tell that he doesn’t ride very often from the funny way he can’t seem to make up his mind from which side of the horse he should get off from.
“Don’t worry,” you reassure him after stifling a laugh. You grip the horse reins to steady the animal, and  extend a hand out to Hoshiumi. “Here take my hand. I got you.”
Hoshiumi raises an eyebrow at your waiting hand, swallows his pride, and puts his hand in yours, allowing you to help him out.
The glimmer of starlights dotting the night sky reflect in his eyes. Dilated pupils meet with yours, as Hoshiumi stares at you, eyes wide and mouth open in wonder. He hears the fleeting skips of firework beats, an exciting tale that has always been stitched into the fabrics of time.
It's a moment of realization that those eyes you gaze into are a lot more familiar than they seem. Something like a page out of a really old fairytale. You hear the whispers of a melody, erupting from a spark from your palm where his palms also meet. From the depths of your heart, the song then rumbles loud and true. You know him. He knows you.
If in the future someone asks you what the song of a soulmate is like, you’ll also have a difficult time putting all those feelings into words. You can certainly try, but everyone’s song is different. If you and Hoshiumi have to describe this must be one that soars free. It’s a song about 1 AM in a new city; getting lost in the maze of neon lights, but feeling at home because home is you and home is him. It’s a song about lazy days under blankets with takeout and video games. It’s a song about a whole lot of experiences—countless like the stars.
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · an hour ago
Helloo, can I request telling any of the Haikyuu boys (your choice) that they’re your f a v o r i t e boyfriend? IMPLYING YOU HAVE OTHERSDJDJKS, joking around of course!
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
a/n — this is such a good request AAAAAAAA <3 hope you enjoy hottie !!
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you lay on the couch with him as you watch the tv, his hand smoothing up and down your back under your shirt as you lay ontop of him, you shuffle on top of him - placing your chin against his chest as you look up at him, his gaze turning to you as he smiles lazily before leaning into place a quick kiss against your lips, his voice raspy as he speaks “ya alright, angel?” “you’re my favourite boyfriend ‘tsumu.” he grins momentarily, his head moving to turn back to the tv until you watch him realise, his head whips back around so quick he almost throws you both of the couch “baby, what the hell d’ya mean yer favourite? AM YER ONLY!” grabs you and flips you so you’re underneath him, he literally flops ontop of you while whining into your neck about how “am the best boyfriend, ya said so yerself! cant believe ma baby is a traitor!” while literally squishing you, is all pouty and floppy until you apologise.
☾ BOKUTO he’s got up to go to the bathroom during a movie night, youd mentioned youd been hungry so he had grabbed your favourite snacks from the kitchen on his way back, padding into the living room with a giddy smile, shaking the snacks as he sits back down beside “baby! you said you were hungry right? i got you snacks!” you grinned as his lips jutted out, leaning towards you, asking for a kiss as thanks for being “the best boyfriend ever!” to which you agreed to, leaning into place a kiss against them before pulling away “you’re my favourite boyfriend kou!” “REALLY?” he’s so excited at first until he basically deflates, doesn’t even speak until you poke him, his lips all pouty “you okay?” “but baby, does that mean you have more? i even got you your favourites see!” you end up feeling so bad as he talks you through your favourite snacks with glassy eyes and a few sniffles so you tell him he’s your only.
☾ OIKAWA you were both getting starbucks, sitting in the drive through after he’d ordered, gossiping about random people that walked by before he paid at the window, he was literally about to hand over your drink lmao “you’re my favourite boyfriend tōru.” he snatched it back so fast, with the most offended gasp “y/n-chan your favourite? im your only boyfriend, take it back!” the girl at the window is just standing there while he whines, he even turns to her to ask if she heard how rude you were being lmao “i’m the prettiest one too! i know the rest are ugly!” you eventually get him to drive away to save you the embarrassment, everytime you go to take your drink from the holder he slaps your hand away with a huff tho lmao, like you can’t have it until he’s been showered in kisses and best boyfriend compliments.
☾ SAKUSA he’d brought you back some food on his way back from practice because youd mentioned you hadn’t eaten yet. a little smile on his face as he brought down his mask, his arm wrapping around you as you met him at the door “thank you omi, you’re my favourite boyfriend.” his grip loosens around you a little before he freezes, frowning down at you with a pout before he speaks “what do you mean?” “huh? you’re my favourite.” “i’m your only.” his tone sounds deeper now, his arm tightening around you again as he pulls you into him, but you giggle even with how big he looks, causing him to blush, his cheeks and lips all puffy because he’s pouting before he playfully shoves you away “stop laughing, brat.” before he pads away to hide his blush.
☾ SUNA groaned as you crawled into bed next him, still a little hazy with sleep as he swung his arm around your figure, nuzzling into your warmth. “how did my favourite boyfriend sleep?” there’s a beat of silence before his head rises up from the pillow, it’s still a little dark but you can feel his glare and pout, before he literally just turns away from you, sighing dramatically as he does so before yanking the covers out from underneath you. you keep trying to shake him but he literally just stays like that because he’s petty and you know what you did. you eventually give up and tell him he’s your only boyfriend, which makes him turn back around and flop his whole body on top of you, his lips moving against your skin “that’s what i thought. brat.”
Tumblr media
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rrntaro · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— cuddling with Suna Rintarō
+ gender neutral reader, fluff
Tumblr media
In terms of cuddling, Suna would love to be the little spoon as he likes being held. Although is favorite position is where he’s facing your chest while one of your hand is running through his hair.
What makes him like this position is how close to your heart he is, listening to its steady beat would more often than not, lull him to sleep.
While facing your chest, Suna would wrap his arms over your waist. One hand would be caressing your back up and down gently and slowly.
With the comfortable and cozy atmosphere, Suna would be rather touchy with you. He’d gently backup as his hand guides your chin lower so he can apply kisses all over your face and mouth. In between kisses he’d repeatedly tell you how much he loves you and keeps one hand on your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.
Sometimes it would lead to making out when everything gets heated, he’d sit up and have you sit on his lap with his hands on your waist but that’s a story for another time ;)
On the contrary, he could get on top of you, one hand by your head and lean in close to your face. He then gets closer and closer to your ear and whispers “wenis” before going back to sleep in your arms. How romantic <3
© rrntaro 2021
Tumblr media
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dom-yn-fics · an hour ago
Call yamaguchi "baby boy" in ur dom vpice and he creams his pants
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Hii congrats on 300!!! May I request a crystal matchup? My personality is introverted but makes friends easily (but I just prefer to stay at home). I act playful, look at the positive side of things, and like to give people lots of support. I'm an ISTJ which is Kageyama and Sakusa and that kind of scares me but I think it's because we're logic oriented, do things by the book, cautious, and expect people to do their best. I'm also like permanently tired rip. 
My aesthetic is soft girl or classy I think? Like owning pink/pastels, sparkly things like hair accessories, peter pan collars etc..
Thank youuuu <3
ℂ𝕣𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝 𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕦𝕡
Bokuto + Celestite
Celestite is a crystal that makes people find happiness and peace in simple things such as a clear blue sky. You have definitely taught Bokuto to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, starting with you.
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