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heartaro · 2 days ago
Hiiii , i really like your blog! your hurt/comfort r so well written i swearrr !!
so , i wanted to ask u of you could do a angst to fluff /hurt comfort with tsukishima, iwaizumi, and osamu plz ! Any prompt i dont really care lmaooo
Have a great day :)) <3
hi hi darling!! thank you so much :((( 💓💓 you’re so sweet and thank YOU for sending this in! i’ve been having crazy writer’s block, so this gave me some motivation to write!!
Tumblr media
— tsukishima, iwaizumi, & osamu x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, arguments, the boys mention their ex in an argument </3 oh also these r so long & dramatic (bc i’m dramatic lmfao i’m a leo)
note from heart: ugh i kno these prompts are so common, but i love reading these kinds of stories/drabbles!! i hope you enjoy 💓
Tumblr media
» we all know tsukishima kei isn’t the best at expressing his emotions; especially those of love & kindness
» but you know better than anyone else that he loved you more than anything & that his love for you is unconditional
» however, there are definitely moments where you both fight and things can get out of hand
» like this current argument that sprung up once he got home from work
» he came home a lot later than you had expected, but he didn’t even bother to respond to any of your text messages or return any of your calls
» and so now, about an hour later, you two were still arguing
“kei, i’m really not asking for much! if you’re gonna be home late, could you at least let me know? like answer my texts or something?” you say exasperatedly. you were starting to feel exhausted from all the bickering that’s happened in the past hour, but your words just didn’t seem to get past your boyfriend’s bitter mood.
“look, y/n, i don’t need to constantly tell you my every move and where i’m at, and you don’t need to keep waiting up for me! i swear to god, it’s like you treat me like a fucking kid!” he shouts back, throwing his hands in the air before taking a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose.
he didn’t have the best day at work; too much paperwork, idiots causing a ruckus, his manager doing nothing but hounding him all day. tsukishima was ready to just go to sleep, but here he was.
“sorry for wanting to make sure you’re safe? sorry i care about my boyfriend? why is that so bad?”
“because it’s fucking annoying, y/n! you’re constantly hovering over me, smothering me all the fucking time!” he responds, turning away from you. he sighs, shaking his head, “mei was never this clingy.”
despite his tone being more hushed and quiet, you still heard him loud and clear. his words rang in your ears, practically screaming back at you in your mind in a constant loop. “mei was never this ‘clingy’ because she didn’t love you,” you let out, your voice wavering as you fought to hold your tears back.
you turned in the opposite direction, making your way to your shared bedroom and slamming the door shut. at the sound, tsukishima flinched. he didn’t mean to let those words slip, and the second they fell from his mouth he instantly regretted it.
it was true, mei never loved him, but he didn’t care much for it after he met you. you showed him nothing but love, always caring for him whether that was packing his lunch for work and leaving cute, little notes for him to see during his break or staying by his side whenever he was feeling unwell. your love was genuine and never-ending, you always had so much of it to give to him. but now he’s shut that out, refusing to accept your love all because he had a bad day at work.
he sighs again, turning around to see your bedroom door shut. he felt a pang of guilt in his chest. he knew he had to make this better, but he was never good at these kinds of things. usually when the two of you argued and things went south, you both would give each other space and then come back together to have a more civil conversation. but now it seemed that you wanted to just completely be away from him, and a conversation about this didn’t seem like an option.
on your end, you sat on the edge of the bed, letting your tears fall down your cheeks. you kept wiping them away, gasping for air after each stifled sob. you knew tsukishima didn’t care for his ex anymore, you knew he was way over her when your relationship with him progressed. he had even opened up to you about how his relationship with you has made him the happiest he’s ever been. but now you’re unsure.
you asked for one, simple thing, but it just seemed like an annoyance to him. you love tsukishima and you’d do anything to make him comfortable in your relationship, so maybe you will decide to give him space because maybe- deep down- he wishes that you were just a bit like mei. if he said it, then surely part of him meant it.
the rest of the night was silent and lonely for the both of you. you eventually got ready for bed and fell asleep, wondering if he’d even come to bed with you. but in his head, he thought it’d be best to leave you be, and so he slept on the couch.
the next morning you woke, reaching over to feel the cold sheets on his side of the bed. you scrunch your eyebrows together, feeling your heart ache knowing that he didn’t even bother to come back to bed. you sat up, rubbing your puffy eyes before making your way into the kitchen. on your way there, you heard familiar soft snores from the couch. you peek over to see your boyfriend, still in his work clothes, fast asleep.
you frown slightly. he didn’t even bother changing into comfortable clothes- he must have slept horribly last night. but you decide to give him his space, not wanting to smother him so early in the morning.
you begin making breakfast, doing your best to keep the noise down so that he could continue sleeping. you prepared a quick meal for the both of you, making sure to set aside his plate before eating on your own. you figured you’d eat before him so that he could eat his breakfast in peace.
as you finished, you began to walk out of the kitchen, noticing tsukishima rise from the couch. he stretched, wincing at the aching feeling in his back. your eyes widened, wanting to make a quick exit so that you wouldn’t disturb him. you start walking towards the bedroom, greeting him quietly and letting him know that his plate is on the table.
he barely registers what you say, but the second he sees you walking quickly back to your bedroom, he follows you.
“y/n,” he says, finally catching up to you before you can shut the door. you don’t turn around, instead beginning to fix the bed in attempts to not have a conversation with him. “y/n,” he tries again, this time his tone more calm and soft.
you want to, so badly, turn around and talk to him; to resolve everything that happened the night prior, but you were still so hurt that he mentioned his ex.
he sighs, watching you sadly, waiting for you to turn in his direction. “y/n.. baby, i-i’m sorry,” he stumbles over his words, taking a few steps closer to you. you stop your actions, wondering if you had heard him correctly. “i’m so sorry,” he says again, standing behind you, unsure if he’s allowed to touch you.
you slowly turn around, tears welling up in your eyes again at the sight of him. you’re just reminded of his cruel words, but you’re fighting between pulling him in for a hug or turning back around to ignore him. his heart drops at the sight of the tears glossing over your eyes, bringing a hand to yours.
“i’m sorry for last night.. i know,” he takes a breath, just letting his thoughts pour out of his mouth. “i know i should’ve just texted you, and i know you’re just looking out for me. i was having a bad day, but i was being a total dick about it. i’m really sorry.”
you stare at him sadly, “but why did you have to bring up her?” you sniffle, turning away from him, “am i really that annoying?” your voice was timid, droplets of tears falling onto the sheets. his heart aches even more at the sight of you and knowing that he’s made you cry once again.
he’s never thought of you as annoying, he loves the affection you give him. tsukishima isn’t the best at expressing his emotions, but he truly loves everything about you. he loves the way you care about him, loves the way you shower him with love every morning and night, loves the way you give him kisses at any given moment; he loves you.
he pulls you in for a hug, squeezing you gently. he shuts his eyes, never wanting to let you go. “i don’t think that of you. i don’t think you’re annoying or that you smother me. i love you and everything that you do for me, and you’re right. mei never loved me, but you do and that’s what matters to me,” he pulls away to look at you. you’re crying even more which makes him panic internally.
he brings a hand to cup your cheek, “you matter to me. not mei, not my coworkers, not anyone else. only you. i don’t know why i even brought her up.. i was just in a shitty mood, but that’s not an excuse to be a shit boyfriend to you.”
you smile, nuzzling your face into his hand. “you’re an asshole, kei.”
he scrunches his nose before leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. “yeah, well, this asshole’s in love with you.”
» arguments with iwaizumi were rare but were always quickly resolved
» you both were quite hot-headed, so sometimes these arguments could escalate rather quickly
» it would result to screaming matches, but whenever it got to that point, you both knew immediately to drop it and give each other some space
» you two loved each other dearly and always wanted the other to remember that
» no matter what was said or done, you always found a way to comfort one another
» but this time it’s different and now you’re unsure if this can be fixed
you and iwaizumi have been going at it for the past two hours. you offered to pick him up from work today, going in a bit early to see him in action at his job. you knew he had many clients, a whole variety really. but you didn’t expect to see a woman all over him, running her hands up and down his arms and smiling flirtatiously at him. and you certainly didn’t expect to see him smiling back at her, completely unfazed at another woman’s touch.
“why is it such a big deal, y/n? she’s my client! what do you want me to do, tell her i can’t see her anymore because my girlfriend said so?” he says incredulously, his expression full of frustration. you roll your eyes, “i just want to know why the hell she had her hands on you like that, hajime! and why were you just letting it fucking happen?”
you were seething, both of you were. your chests heaving up and down as you glared at one another. you both remained silent, the only sound being the both of you breathing heavily.
you scoff, beginning to turn away from him, “if you can’t tell me why then i’m going the fuck to sleep.” he lets a short laugh, “of course you are. you were always one to never finish what they started.” you ignore him, beginning to make your way back to your room, but something stops you.
“at least sonnie could actually finish an argument,” he mutters, making you snap your neck to look at him. “sonnie only finished an argument with you when they decided to leave you for good!” you shout, getting in his face.
he looks at you in shock, processing his words while guilt gradually flowed throughout his body. “wait, babe, i-“
“don’t,” you say, your tone more quiet. he opens and closes his mouth as he tries to find something to say, but nothing comes out. you turn away, continuing to walk back to your room. you enter the bedroom, slamming the door shut, making iwaizumi flinch at the sound.
he sighs in defeat, instantly regretting his words. he runs a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. usually, at this point, you two would take a step back and try to have a calmer discussion about everything, but now you’ve shut him out and he can’t find a solution. you want nothing to do with him right now, and he knows that trying to comfort you will only frustrate you more. so he decides he’ll stay away.
but, here you are, sitting on the floor in front of your bed wishing nothing but for iwaizumi to walk into your shared bedroom and comfort you. you want him to hold you, to remind you that you are his and he is yours, to shower you with his unconditional love, and to be there to rid you of the feeling of sadness and hurt. you let yourself cry, but you feel yourself become numb to it, your tears trickling down your face as you stare at the door mindlessly.
the mention of his ex’s name hit you, and it hurt so much. you knew of his past relationship. sonnie was the only other person iwaizumi had been with. they were together for almost four years and then suddenly broke up after a tragic fight. you were there to comfort him because he was your best friend, and now he was your lover. after four years of pining, he had finally become yours.
but since he mentioned them, his first ever love, you can’t help but feel as though you were just a rebound. you feel as though he had just settled for you to fill the emptiness in his heart. you feel as though he probably doesn’t love you as much as he loved sonnie. and these thoughts and feelings alone only worsen your pain.
after what seemed like an eternity, iwaizumi decides it’s finally time to meet you and fix this. he walks cautiously towards the closed door, knocking on it softly before calling out to you. “y/n? baby? can i come in?” he asks, his voice calm and gentle. he gets no response, the feeling of his guilt once again weighing in his chest. “i’m coming in, okay?” he says again, opening the door to find coming out of the bathroom.
you had just showered, your eyes red and puffy from crying for the past couple hours. you don’t acknowledge his presence and instead make your way to the bed, laying down with your back turned to him.
he looks at you sadly, wanting nothing more than to fix this. “babe, i.. i’m really sorry. i was tired and angry and i just let it slip. i shouldn’t have done that, i was only letting my temper get the best of me. i’m so sorry, y/n,” he apologizes, cautiously taking steps closer to you.
he walks over to your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. you cast your gaze away from him, and iwaizumi feels his heart drop. “baby, can you look at me? please?” he pleads, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. you still don’t respond, laying before him as if you were just existing.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers, reaching out to you, cupping your cheek and letting his thumb gently caress your skin. and that’s when you break, your tears pouring over once more, broken sobs leaving past your lips. you curl further into yourself, pushing his hand away from you. he watches you with a pained look, unsure of what to do next. “y/n, i-“
“why did you have to say their name?” you cry quietly. he drops his head, feeling so ashamed of himself. “i-i don’t know, y/n.. i was angry and-“
“and you took your anger out on me? just because i asked you why you didn’t set a boundary with your client?”
he looks back at you, finding your glossy eyes. he watches your lips tremble, your tears flowing down the side of your face. you look so heartbroken and betrayed, and iwaizumi’s heart begins to shatter.
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done that. i should’ve listened to you instead of getting angry with you. i’m so sorry, baby.. i really didn’t mean any of what i said to you,” he says, gripping the bed sheets in attempts to keep himself from crying. you take in a shaky breath, shutting your eyes again. “am i enough for you?”
iwaizumi’s eyes widen at your question. he immediately stands up and scoops you into his arms, holding you close and letting you cry into his chest. he rubs your arm soothingly, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. “of course you are, y/n. you’re more than enough for me. you’ll always be more than enough, and i’m so happy to call you mine,” he whispers, letting his own tears fall.
he always feared that you may insecure in your relationship with him. he only ever wanted you to know that your relationship with him is important and that he cherishes it so much; that he cherishes you. he only wants you to feel love from him and to always remember that you are his end game; that he will only ever want you.
“i’m so sorry, baby.. i love you more than anything, okay? i love you and only you. i promise i’ll do better to set boundaries with my clients and to be a better boyfriend to you. i’m so sorry,” he cries softly, holding you just a bit tighter, never wanting to let you go.
you continue to cry, gripping onto his shirt, hoping and praying that he never leaves you. you two stay like this, grasping onto each other for dear life.
“i love you so much, y/n. you’re all i need.”
» ever since Onigiri Miya has shot up in popularity, osamu’s been really busy
» at first you really didn’t mind!! you were so proud of him for making his dreams come true
» but now it’s become something more of you two being roommates rather than you two being a couple
» he comes home late, too tired and exhausted to even greet you with a kiss
» it had even gotten to the point where you didn’t wait up for him like you usually would
» and now here you both were, arguing all because you had asked him to spend more time with you
“why are ya makin’ this such a big deal, y/n? we live together, isn’t that enough?” he shouts, sitting down on the couch and resting his head in his hands. you move to stand in front of him, your hands crossed over your chest. “samu, we are engaged! we’re going to get married eventually, and i’m just saying it would be nice if we just spent more time together!”
“and i’m sayin’ that we live together, y/n! i see ya every single day! why is it now that yer havin’ such a problem with this?” he looks up at you incredulously, eyebrows raised at you as if he were in pure shock. you shake your head, letting out a bitter laugh, “how am i supposed to get this through your thick skull, osamu? we. are. engaged.” you point out the ring on your finger, the same ring that he proposed to you with, the same ring that signified your promise to be with each other always.
he lets out a heavy sigh, leaning back against the couch, “i know that, y/n! yer actin’ like i’m not fuckin’ aware of that! seriously, what do you want me to do? just close down my restaurant after i worked so hard to-“
“i didn’t say that, osamu! i’m happy for you, and i’m so beyond proud of you, but i’m just asking for a little bit more time with you! you’re barely home these days, and it just doesn’t feel like we’re even a couple anymore!” you cry out, your voice starting to break. you were so frustrated, all you wanted was more time with him, to lay in his arms and to kiss him good morning and good night. but now it just seems like such a bother to him, like your love for him was just an annoyance and a distraction.
he looks away from you, standing up from the couch and beginning to make his way into the bedroom. “i’m done with this conversation, y/n,” he says firmly, his voice suddenly quiet and cold. “maya never had a fuckin’ problem with me being out all the time.”
you stare at his figure in shock, your heart wrenching at the words that fell from his lips. you inhaled, looking down at the ring on your finger then back up at him. he didn’t spare you even a glance, and without a second thought, you slipped the ring off your finger and set it down on the coffee table. turning on your heels, you made your way to the entrance, grabbing your bag and keys.
you turn back around one more time, hoping that osamu would have chased after you, but he wasn’t there. your hand met the handle, turning it as you opened the door. “maya didn’t mind since she was always with another man when you were gone,” you mutter, slamming the door shut and making your way to your car.
osamu heard the loud sound from inside the bedroom, his body quickly turning back around to make his way to the living room. when he enters he notices that you’re gone. your bag and keys missing from the entrance, your shoes no longer near the door, and your ring placed sadly on the table.
he panics, mentally berating himself for even uttering his ex’s name. he frantically looks for his phone, searching for your contact name and calling you. “pick up, pick up, pick up.. please, baby, please,” he begs quietly as he listens to the never ending rings. he’s hurrying to slip on his shoes, grabbing his own car keys to make his way out to find you. but before he leaves, he snatches the ring off the table, slipping it inside his pocket.
you’ve reached y/n’s phone! please leave a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!
“fuck,” he mutters, trying once more, hoping that this time you answer his call. but this time it immediately goes to voicemail, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach.
“baby? y/n, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, i shouldn’t have said that. i’m so sorry, baby.. where are ya? please call me back… please come home, i’m so sorry,” he says, his voice wavering.
he ends his message and quickly goes to send you a text, only to be interrupted by a call from his brother.
“what, tsumu?” he asks, irritated. “cut the attitude, samu. the hell is yer problem?” atsumu responds.
“my problem is that i’m tryin’ to contact my fiancé, but ya fuckin’ interrupted me-“
“y/n’s coming to my place right now. what the hell did ya say to them?” atsumu argues, his voice stern. osamu’s guilt overflows. you called his own brother, you went to atsumu for comfort. osamu swallows the sudden lump in his throat, unsure of what to say. he knew his brother would lecture him for speaking poorly to you, and he didn’t want to hear especially from him. “if ya can’t tell me what ya said to them, ‘m not lettin’ ya come see them,” his brother says over the line.
osamu panics, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “i.. i brought up maya,” he confesses, hearing his brother sigh with disappointment. “i didn’t mean to, it just-“
“if ya didn’t mean to, then why’d ya say it at all?”
osamu knew his brother was right, closing his eyes as he rested his head against the wheel. “please, tsumu, i just wanna talk to y/n,” he mutters, wishing that he could at least hear your voice. atsumu sighs, a feint knock coming from his end of the call. “well, head over then ‘cause they’re here.”
osamu was practically speeding the entire drive there, almost running two red lights before finally making it to his brother’s apartment. he rushed out of the car and knocked on the door. atsumu answered, giving his twin a pointed look, but osamu ignored him. he pushed past, looking around for you.
“ya know ya should be thanking me for lettin’ ya in my house,” the blonde tries to joke, but osamu isn’t having it. despite his brother’s attempt to try and lighten his mood, osamu wanted nothing more than to just talk to you. atsumu sighs, pointing towards the direction of his guest bedroom, “y/n’s in there. be good to them, samu.”
osamu’s eyes dart towards the door, his body cautiously moving towards it. he opens the door gently, peeking in to see you sitting down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door. “tsumu, i really want to be left alone right now, i’m sorry, but thank-“
“wrong twin, baby,” osamu tries, smiling apologetically. you turn around, scowling at the man before you. “what the hell do you want? don’t you wanna be with maya?” you seethe, turning away from him. he walks over to you, kneeling down in front of you. he gently places a hand onto yours, hoping that you’ll allow him to be there with you. but you remove your hand from his touch, making his heart fall to the pit of his stomach.
“i’m sorry, y/n. it was stupid of me to have said that, but please know that i love ya. i want to marry ya. i want to be with you, and only you. i’m so sorry,” he slowly loses his accent, he’s always done that whenever he became serious about things.
he looks at you, hoping that you’d look at him and accept his apology. you sniffle, suppressing your sobs. “samu, you’re so mean sometimes, you know?” you cry, gripping the hem of your shirt. he sighs, going to hold your hand again, and this time you don’t push him away.
“i’m sorry, baby. i’ll do better, i promise. i love you so much. maya means nothing to me now, and i know it doesn’t seem that way, but i promise that you that you are all i ever want.”
you turn your head to face him, your glossed over eyes meeting his. “i love you, samu.. i just don’t want to lose you,” you whisper, and he nods, smiling up at you. you watch as he carefully pulls something from his pocket, revealing your ring. he adjusts himself so that he’s down on one knee, holding the ring up to you.
“will ya marry me, y/n? will ya stay with me forever and let me love ya forever?”
you smile, laughing lightly. he chuckles, happy to hear that sweet sound again, “well? will ya marry me?” you can’t help but laugh more, nodding your head and allowing him to place the ring back on your finger.
osamu sits down next to you, pulling you in for a kiss. “i love you, y/n,” he says against your lips, smiling when you utter the same words back to him.
“ew, seriously?” atsumu interrupts. you and osamu turn around, fighting back your fits of laughter as you watch the blonde stand back in disgust. “in my house too? yer both disgusting!” he pauses, his expression softening a bit, “but ‘m glad ya made up.. now, ya want me to make dinner or are ya both gonna just makeout in my guest bedroom?”
Tumblr media
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detetsu · a day ago
Tumblr media
you start calling kuroo 'tetsurou' the night you meet his family.
and, truthfully, after three whole months of dating, you probably should've said it once or twice by now, but it isn't until you're surrounded by a bunch of kuroo's (three generations of them to be exact) that it's started to feel important.
"tetsurou," his grandfather says, you're not sure what it is—the lilt in his voice, the look on his face, or the tuft to his hair—but the presence of him feels a little more kuroo than you'd ever expected it to be. "a glass of water, please. with ice this time."
he motions towards the kitchen and, though you're not entirely sure why, when your boyfriend gets up to fulfill his little grandfather's request, you find yourself following him.
"you like him," kuroo—your kuroo—takes a glass from the cabinet as you settle yourself against the counter. "i could see it on your face."
and you hum, "he reminds me of you."
"sure, me but cranky and old, right?"
"no." a little smirk pulls across your face. "just you."
he shifts over to the fridge, mumbling something about how that man is nothing like him! nowhere near as young and spry and funny! and he pulls a pitcher out of the back.
"uh-huh. young and spry and funny are truly the words of a man of his youth." you smile, and you're sure you can see the eye roll from the back of his head.
"they are." he pulls the glass towards him and shifts the pitcher in his hand. "they're words of my youth—and yours by affiliation."
"a-ffil-i-a-tion," you repeat, letting each syllable fall off your tongue in its own little holding of breath.
"oh, so we're mocking the way i speak now, are we?" he grumbles—all lovingly and old-man-like as he always does.
"of course not." he eyes you. "only a little."
"didn't you just use the phrase 'man of his youth?' like, in normal conversation?"
"i did." you further nudge yourself into the counter, finding your little spot just beyond his reach. "but i'm not the topic at hand."
and he smirks—a little tug at his lips that swallows his side profile, "topic at hand."
you open your mouth to murmur a little oh, shut the fuck up in reply, but you hesitate, watching kuroo hold the pitcher just above the glass and tilt it forward, a little stream slipping into the rim of the glass.
this, you decide, must be your golden opportunity.
"don't forget the ice, tetsurou," you say, and, if you didn't know any better, you would swear he almost drops the pitcher.
he fumbles with both the pitcher and the glass, his hands sliding across the counter as he drops them down, and stifles out a cough before making his way to the freezer.
"the ice!" the tips of his ears are red and you come to realize that your boyfriend is terrible at hiding things. "how could i forget!"
"truly, how could you?" a little lilt of faux betrayal drips from the edges of your lips. "so foolish of you, tetsurou."
he slams the fridge—and if you had to guess by the way he jumps after doing so—completely unintentionally.
"i'm leaving the kitchen." he announces, ice cubes in his bare hand and glass barely full.
"like that?" kuroo glances down, shuffling the little cubes around as they start to melt in his hand.
"no, i—" he groans. "i give up."
"on?" oh, how you live to toy with him.
"the ice, the drink, the stupid fucking puddle in my hand, the—" he drops the ice into the glass before looking back up at you. "just say it again—please?"
and perhaps a little part of you wants to keep playing around with him. a little part that wants to ask what, my love? and drag this on until you can't anymore but, god, he looks so sweet like this. nervous and red and a puddle in your hands as much as what's left of the ice in his own, so, you choose to indulge him.
"tet-su-rou." you drag the syllables out again, the same smile drawn across your face and the same devilish little look in your eyes, but kuroo smiles.
"again," he says, dropping the glass onto the counter and desperately trying to ignore the sound of his grandfather's voice piping up from the dining room.
"really?" he plods over to you, resting his hands on your hips.
"really," he grins.
your boyfriend—your tall, stupid little boyfriend—is lovesick over his own first name. and if you weren't so hell-bent on watching the look on his face, you would probably drool over it a little.
but you don't; you lean in, pushing yourself onto the counter so your faces are close enough that your breath intertwines with his own, and you say it again.
"tetsurou," you say, as if it's rapture in your voice and heaven in your breath, and before you can even try to say it again, he kisses you.
he kisses you, not like kuroo—not like summer rain and sneaking out and getting to know someone for the first time—but like tetsurou. like familiarity and family dinners and the feeling of the heat of his cheeks between the palms of your hands. he kisses you like you are his and he is yours and like you're anywhere but the counter of his dad's kitchen, getting his grandfather a forgotten glass of ice water.
"say it more often," he breathes, gaze a little heavy. "say it like it's yours to keep"
and you are nothing if not in love with him, "anything for you tetsurou."
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bbysamu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ oikawa toru, masukawa issei, tsukishima kei 
Tumblr media
ʚɞ OIKAWA Toru
this man is gone when you grab onto the hem of his shirt
whether that’s when you guys are outside or in private
when he feels that little *tug tug* at his shirt, Oikawa immediately gives you his full attention
you guys are with the rest of the Seijoh team, at an after-practice dinner
as usual, your boyfriend is blabbering on and on about something
you check your phone, it was getting late
you had tried texting him to remind him of the time, but oikawa was paying no attention to his phone
next you tapped him on the shoulder, he gives you a small smile, “princess, I'm almost done with this story.”
another ten minute passes and you were getting impatient
you wrap your fingers around the hem of his jacket, giving it a little tug
oikawa stops talking, his eyes softening as he turns to you
“simp alert!” Makki coughs
Oikawa ignores him, “are you okay?”
You look at him like 🥺, your fingers still around his jacket, “I think we should go soon, it’s getting late.”
melts at your adorableness, will quickly wrap up his story in the next few minutes
“alright, the love of my life is getting sleepy. good night boys. I’ll see you guys tomorrow”
Mattsun goes absolutely feral when he sees you dwarfed in his hoodies / t-shirts
Issei is a tall man, so all his clothes are automatically over-sized on you
“’sei, i'm kind of cold.”
immediately takes off his hoodie and gives them to you
you put it on, inhaling the familiar scent to your boyfriend
“thanks babe, so much warmer.”
Issei is unable to stop himself from staring as you hugged yourself 
you’re just. so. cute
bonus points if you do that Ariana Grande hoodie hand thing, where have your hands kind of disappear under the sleeves
“Issei whats wrong?”
coughs to hide the embarrassment, “nothing, you're cute.”
pulls you close to him, nuzzling you in the crook of your neck
“wear my stuff more often kay?”
its no secret tsukishima loves music, but his taste in music has always been kinda...special so its hard to find someone to share his music with
sure, yamaguchi will listen to them and give him a thumbs up, but he knows his best friend don’t like the same type of music
“whatcha listening to?” without waiting for his response, you swiftly takes his headphone, putting it over your ears
tsukishima protests, wanting his headphones back, but you stop him in track with your “hey, this is pretty good tsukki!” 
he was so embarassed, so ready for your “ew, what is this!” he never anticipated this reaction from you
and he suddenly likes you so much more that it might even be love 
he’ll never admit it, but whenever you make his legs feel a bit like jelly everytime you compliment his music taste or ask him to recommend some songs 
Tumblr media
reblogs are wildly appreciated <3
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hyeque · a day ago
Tumblr media
vows [kuroo tetsurō]
notes: based off of kuroo’s background and well, my own. one of the reasons why i love kuroo sm is bc i resonate with him and his childhood. seeing how he grows beyond that is so admirable though. so this is so self indulgent yall are pretty much at our wedding so 🤕‼️
“what are you doing? get out!” you squeal, seeing your fiancé, kuroo tetsurō enter the room your in. you quickly move to hide from his view, tugging on your dress to conceal it.
“relax, my eyes are closed.” he assures, honoring said tradition of not looking at you—his bride.
you glance from behind the wall and surely enough, kuroo has his eyes squinted shut. he curses softly when feeling his way around and nearly trips on something lying on the ground.
you don’t hesitate to run out to steady him, worried that he’ll fall over. you don’t want to explain how you need to take the groom to the hospital on your wedding day.
“what brings you here?” you ask, still grasping onto his large, calloused hands. he squeezes them tightly in return.
kuroo swallows thickly, “rumor has it that the bride is getting cold feet,” he looks down at where he presumes your face is, “is that true?”
your eyes widen with shock, “n-no, of course not!”
he seems to be waiting for something, “but?”
you’re silent for a moment and look to your feet.
“but i’m scared. god, tetsu, im terrified right now.” you tell him, your voice trembling slightly.
he pulls you closer to him, his body warmth enveloping you and providing comfort. “i’m scared too. you think i know the first thing about how any of this is supposed to work? look at my parents.” he jokes.
“and look at mine.” you say, both of you laughing.
both of you come from rough backgrounds growing up. neither of your parents remained together, the years of arguing and yelling deeply imbedded in both of your fleshes. it’s easy to think that something that happened to you when you were so young wouldn’t have an effect on your later life, but you were wrong. having rarely any sign of good relationships in your lives you wondered: is love even real?
“i don’t…what if we don’t stay together?” you blurt. “what if we hate each other so much we can’t stand the sight of one another?”
“no,” he blurts, “i could never hate you. so that’s impossible.”
“i would never hate you either, but,” he covers your mouth, stopping you.
when you look up at him you notice there are tears coming out of his eyes despite being squeezed shut. you wipe them away gently.
“i don’t know what to say, im not the best with words. but…” he leans in your touch, collecting his words.
“if you’re willing to give your all for our relationship the same way i am, what more do we have to lose? we can only do so much about the future, and that’s not to say i expect something bad to happen.” his tears wet your hands now. “but i love you so fucking much i’d die for you. i’d give you anything so i think it’s fucking impossible for me to stop loving you. if i ever do, i’ve been kidnapped and replaced with a clone.”
you laugh, tears transpiring on your eyes as he speaks. “i’d die for you too, tetsu. i’m willing to give anything and all for you as well, and even in death i would never part from you.”
“good, or i’d haunt you.” he cackles when you punch his arm.
“i know that may not be the answer you’re looking for but we’ve come a long way. i’ve waited for this day…since we were kids.” he speaks softly, his slight sternness returning. even without him looking at you, you feel the sincerity in his voice.
kuroo tetsurō is always a man of his words. you’ve seen and known that forever. despite only having a dad, he’s allowed himself to be gentle, to be caring and nurturing. to be vulnerable in a way most men struggle with. of course it wasn’t easy—it still isn’t. but he’s always said that he’s been thankful that you’d been there, just in the same way he was there for you. you didn’t grow up with the best father figure, and he was barely present. your mother worried endlessly about what type of person you’d end up with and kuroo having to plop in your lap like a present out of the sky was a gift beyond all gifts. you don’t know what you’d do without him.
“truthfully, i only want the best for you. and if…if letting you go provides you happiness then i can’t be selfish and not let you go.” kuroo says. “but, i don’t think we’ll ever reach that. part of marriage is fighting together right? never leaving each other behind?”
“right.” you whisper, snuggling into his chest.
he kisses the top of your head, his large hands holding your face gently and opens his eyes.
your face burns as he stares at you, stunned to silence. “you weren’t supposed to look.”
“i had to make sure you were okay.” he blinks and more tears fall, “and it seems you’re doing better than me.”
“barely.” you laugh, sniffling.
he smirks, sucking in his breath, “god, you’re so beautiful. have i told you that today? i don’t think i have, you’re beautiful.”
“you did in your good morning text, and on the phone with me earlier.” you roll your eyes, amused at how dramatic he is. “you tell me everyday.”
his eyes scan all over you repeatedly, eyes filled with love and adoration. “i hope you’re the last thing i see when i die so your image is forever engraved.” he says, hands fidgeting, “i would so kiss you right now, but i’ll wait until after the vows.”
“you’re not making it any easier with the sweet talking.” you pout, looking up at him. kuroo always looks handsome but something is different about today, besides his bed head being more well maintained, you wonder if the idea of kuroo as your husband makes him even more appealing and attractive.
and god, do you want to kiss him too.
“starin’ at me like you have a crush on me or something,” he jokes, cheeks flushing.
“maybe i do.” you reply, and before you can say anything else there’s a sharp knock on the door.
“crap, guess they found me.” he says, hearing yaku scream behind the door that ‘he knows kuroo is in the room’ and that he’s going to ‘kick his ass as soon as he busts down the door’.
“y-you snuck pass the security?” remembering kuroo snuck in hits you.
“if security is yamamota and lev, then yes. kenma and tsukishima didn’t even try stopping me. they knew it was hopeless.” he boasts, puffing out his chest.
you giggle and push him towards the door. “well get out of here, trouble maker. yaku is about to huff puff and blow the door down.”
kuroo grabs your hand again, “so…are we okay?” he seems to be shy when he asks the question and it reminds you of six year old kuroo who shyly told you you’re pretty.
you squeeze his hand back. “of course. the next time i’ll see you, i’ll be reciting our vows.”
“feels like we just did that kinda, maybe we can skip that part—ow! okay, nevermind!” he rubs his should where you slapped it. he looks back at you, anxious, “i’m going now. i love you.”
“love you too, tetsu.” you smile, moving back.
you both don’t really know how you’ll navigate marriage but the best part about all of that is not doing it alone. like your vows say, you two are the missing voids in each others hearts and you promise to keep it full. to love and cherish one another to the ends of the Earth.
so when you see kuroo again right in front of you, there’s no doubt in your mind that everything feels right.
Tumblr media
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antihajime · a day ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi’s driving both of you home—
and there was a part of you that thought, just maybe, tonight would be the night that he would propose. and maybe it was all just silly, to let the thought twirl around in your little head until it fell on the floor in front of you.
maybe you would say it shattered—all over your heels and the dress you know he likes and the floor of his buick.
and maybe, because every single one of your thoughts seems to start with that right now, maybe this is all just a little bit your fault. there were so many of those nights, curled into the sheets of your bed, the taste of liquor still resting on both of your tongues, that you’d asked him if he’d ever marry you.
and back then, he said yes. he’d laugh, an arm resting above his head, the other holding your lower back—his fingers would dip beneath your clothes and leave little searing paths of what you could only call home, but it was all to hold you close. his hand kept you steady atop of him, legs twined together, your chin resting on his chest.
but you could feel the laughter bloom in his chest and tumble past his lips, an absolutely sure to follow his tongue.
but then a few weeks would pass, five years of dating, both of you just past the age of 23 now, and you’d ask again. and maybe it had started the same, the same laughter, the same reply, the same graze of fingertips against flesh. and maybe the reply had never really changed, beyond a question of didn’t you ask this last week? or why wouldn’t i want to marry you?
but maybe that did it. maybe it finally got him thinking about all the reasons he shouldn’t marry you, and those started pile up until suddenly the cost-benefit analysis of it all didn’t really seem to stack in your favor.
because tonight, when you’re both now settled in 24, you thought would be the night. and if it wasn’t tonight—well, you don’t think it’s going to happen at all. and, of course, you’re driving home. so part of you is starting to accept this as your last drive home with iwaizumi. no matter how much it hurts.
he’s been playing a bit of beach rock on the radio, those old little tunes that you’d picked up through your college years, but it’s quiet and hardly does anything to mask the silence of the car. he’s not tapping his thumb against the steering wheel—he’s hardly spoken for most of the night, and back at the restaurant and on your walk around the pier, you’d put that all down as him being nervous.
who knows what the hell to think of it now.
you take a breath and smooth out the material of your dress as you roll to a stop at a light. it’s the one that iwaizumi hates—a gross intersection with too long of a red, and no one really ever seems to understand the design of it all, so he’s always been one to avoid this light when he can—but he’s here now, and you watch him stretch his hands on the wheel and tap his fingers against it in one little rhythmic motion. it’s not to the song, and you know it’s the motion he does when he’s about to say something.
and you, desperately, want it all to stop. because you know the next words out of his mouth are going to be somewhere along the lines of maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore or i’ve been thinking about this for a while, or maybe it’ll just be your name. but you know it’s nothing good and if you let him speak, then it ruins it all. if you let iwaizumi say your name you’re sure that your soul will escape with every last breath you give to him.
if you let him say your name, you’re sure that with it, he’ll take every last memory you could muster—the air from your lungs, every whisper he’s ever laid across your skin, every murmur of affection that you savored behind those closed doors.
if you let him say your name, it’ll all be gone, and you want to stay in his stupid buick for a moment longer as his girlfriend, even if it means prolonging the inevitable.
so you scan the cars around you, you look at the crosswalk until you see someone—a middle-aged man, a neon green cap on his head and orange sneakers hitting the pavement. iwaizumi takes a breath to say something, and you know he’s always hated being interrupted but god you don’t think you can stand not doing it now.
“man, what’s that guy wearing?” you say. it sounds less half-hearted than it feels. there’s a lilt to your voice and, if you couldn’t feel the weight in your chest, you’re sure it would sound like you’re clueless. you point to the man at the crosswalk, and iwaizumi’s gaze flicks there for only a moment before settling back on you.
“no, really, who would’ve guessed that neon was making such a comeback,” you interrupt again, and you hate it. it sounds unnatural, like there’s a joke somewhere in there that you just can’t find yet—and you both know you won’t ever get the chance to say it.
iwaizumi tries again.
“i’ve been thinking-”
“well i guess we can really see him in the dark-”
and iwaizumi says your name.
you’ve always hated the way time catches up to you.
you stop criticizing the poor man on the crosswalk, and then look over at iwaizumi—hajime as you’ve called him for years now, as you’ve said under the quake of your breath and between lilts of ardor.
you hum in reply to him, let the embarrassment of it all melt beneath his gaze, hope that maybe this break-up won’t be as bad as you always thought it would be. that he won’t be the one that got away for the rest of your life, that you won’t say his name in moonlight, starlight, and sunlight, hoping some divine power will hear it all and bring him back to you. more deeply, you hope you won’t have to move on without him—that the life you’ve built with him, from your home, to your friends, to your damn wardrobe won’t all burn to ash.
he takes a breath, he says your name again.
“hajime, what’s wro-”
“dammit, i’m trying to ask you to marry me.”
the red of the stoplight is reflecting on his face, the car smells a little like his cologne, and iwaizumi is looking at you—hands still tapping against the wheel.
you watch the tips of his ears turn red as they start to blend in with the light. he turns back to the road, swallows and lets his tongue poke at his cheeks as he breathes again.
“sorry, that was-” he sighs, “not how i wanted to do that.”
you want to laugh at him a little bit, to let it all shake out of you in a quick moment of relief, but there’s a stutter in your chest that you can’t quite let go. it holds you close and churns your heart and your lungs until you can’t be sure what part of you is burning the most.
so you choose to whisper.
“how did you want to do it?”
and then iwaizumi laughs.
“preferably, a year ago.” you eye him. “i didn’t want you to think i was doing it just because you kept asking.”
you look forward to the light, you beg it not to turn green with everything you have—you hope with all that it’s worth that iwaizumi can hate this intersection for just a little longer.
“and what about tonight?”
he sighs again, in his old man way that you’ve always teased him for, and then he leans back—one hand on the wheel, the other finding its way to your thigh.
“at first, when you were getting ready. and then on the way to the restaurant, and again when you picked that one piece of broccoli off my plate, and then at the end of the pier, when you pulled me to the railing.” he laughs a little bit, and then his thumb rubs into your skin. “i didn’t know what to say, i just knew i wanted to ask you to marry me.”
the light turns green, and without ever really thinking about it, you say no. 
it’s not to him, it’s to the light and the situation of all things, but as he starts to drive you watch the blood drain from his face.
“what?” he asks, and you want to crawl into something much worse than just a hole in the ground.
“no, not like- sorry it was the light- yes, yes i want to marry you.”
“the damn stoplight made you say no to my proposal?” he asks, and though there’s that bit of scolding in his tone, you can feel the laughter rising in his voice as he speaks.
“no it wasn’t like that! you dick, i-”
“yeah, yeah, whatever, i’ll just return the ring then-”
“the ring?”
you both pause, and iwaizumi keeps driving, but he takes his hand off of you and, a little awkwardly, you might add, reaches into the pocket of his slacks—desperately trying to stay the speed limit (or, a little over), the whole time. 
but he pulls out a little black box and gestures towards you, and then flips it open with his thumb.
“i wasn’t kidding,” he starts, and then glances over at you. “marry me.”
and maybe you were right before. with just your name, iwaizumi could pull your soul and everything it carries with it out of your body. and maybe, in all that he is, you give it to him if only he were to ask—memories, whispers, murmurs, you’d give it all with only the raise of his brow.
“yes,” you reply. “of course.”
iwaizumi smiles, and at the next red light (one he hates just a little less, where the wait’s a little shorter and the intersection just a little less confusing), he puts the ring on your finger. and at that red light, he kisses you until you have to tell him it’s green.
Tumblr media
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134340am · a day ago
gentle giant ushijima who’s afraid to touch you, hovers around you uncertainly when you’re nearby, but listens with rapt attention whenever you have something to say. he steers you away from anything potentially dangerous (lampposts, puddles, the shiratorizawa boys) with a gentle hand on your elbow, and makes sure you stay on the inside of the sidewalk while he takes the street side.
gentle giant ushijima who blushes a bright poppy red when you kiss him for the first time, who uses tongue sparingly and is always breathless after a kiss, who has to rely on you to guide his hands from your shoulders to your waist. (he squeezes your butt once, indulging in the plush feel of your body finally in his arms, and shyly apologises afterwards for his boner.)
gentle giant ushijima who fucks you hard, spitting in your mouth and tugging on your hair and slapping your clit until you cry. he loves the look of his jersey on you, pushed up over your tits and stuffed between your lips as a makeshift gag. he makes you cum once, twice, thrice, maybe more, until you’re crying and clawing at his back for him to slow down, baby please, i can’t i can’t i can’t anymore— and at the end of it all, when your eyes are closing on their own and your legs are trembling, he drops a tender kiss to your forehead and whispers that he loves you.
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kairakeiji · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“what are we?”
a question that’s been plaguing your mind rather frequently recently, considering your current circumstance with your supposed best friend. if anything, he’s not really your best friend and more of a “no one knows if we’re together” kind of relationship, so much so that you didn’t even know how he truly felt about you. sure, kuroo had his arm wrapped around you while you rest your head on your shoulder but no one ever confessed, no one asked the other out. it was all rather ambiguous, built off of assumptions and inferences about the other side.
and you wanted answers, you wanted them before your heart exploded with questions.
kuroo thinks for a moment, “i’m,” he hesitates, “not too sure myself honestly.”
“alright,” you nod, shuffling to face the boy properly.
“what do i call you then?”
kuroo only stares on hearing your question, “what do you mean?”
“well,” you start. “am i your friend?”
“yes of course.”
you think for a minute, pursing your lips together, “what if i called my baby?”
and that catches him off guard.
“you know how i call all my friends terms of endearment and stuff?” you question, your shoulders slumping a bit at his reaction.
“yes, i do.”
“what if i started calling you some of them?”
kuroo blinks before a small smile appears on his face, “okay.”
“what about my honey, my daisy, my only. kuroo tetsurou the love of my life.”
“okay,” he blinks shaking his head as the tips of his ears turn pink, “that’s a bit much.”
you can’t help but laugh at his flustered state, “do you mind it though?”
“i don’t,” he mumbles softly before meeting your gaze.
“okay,” you nod. “that’s good then.”
“and what if i called you my lover?” kuroo questions.
and you smile, “i wouldn’t be super opposed to that either.”
“what about my sunshine? my sweetheart? my beloved?”
and this time your cheeks flush red, “okay tetsu i get it,” you tell him to which he only laughs.
“so what are we then?” you question.
“definitely not friends that’s for sure.”
“we’re the farthest thing from friends,” you add with a small laugh.
but you’re not sure if you’re any closer to being called lovers.
“okay fuck this,” you mumble, “i like you, like you in a more than a friend way, like you in a way where i say terms like that and mean it romantically not just platonically like everyone else.”
“yes tetsu?”
“i swear i told you i liked you last week.”
you blink, “what?”
“when i asked you out for dinner at that one nice restaurant,” kuroo mumbles.
“oh is that why you looked so nervous last week?” you laugh.
“pretty much,” he sighs, “especially since you didn’t really give me an answer.”
“that’s because you didn’t tell me tetsu.”
“i didn’t?”
you shake your head rather confused, “i would certainly remember if you did.”
“oh?” kuroo blinks before giving you an apologetic smile. “well then i like you too. i alwa- ow!” you flick his forehead before a small smile appears on your lips.
“i guess that answers my initial question then,” you sigh.
“it does yes,” kuroo nods. “sorry.”
“no no don’t be,” you tell him. “well then i guess i can call you mine then?”
“as long as i get to have you,” he smiles.
Tumblr media
what is this? i’m not too sure either i’m ngl lol
thanks for reading! reblogs and interaction are always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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kewrai · a day ago
Tumblr media
characters: vamp!suna rintarou x gn!reader
contents: vamp suna. brief mentions of blood (nothing in depth or gorey).
notes: found this gem in the drafts from before i went on hiatus from this blog n decided to finish it so
Tumblr media
your boyfriend is weird.
he rolls up the sleeves of his hoodie but wears another sweatshirt underneath it with the sleeves left down because he’s cold. he has to open an app, close out of it, then open it again before he can actually use it. he brushes his teeth with his non-dominant hand and won’t stop until the foam is bubbling out of his mouth.
oh, and he’s a vampire; but that’s not the weird part.
“rin,” you whine as you feel the familiar chill of palms pressing to the inside of your knees, your legs being spread, the phone being yanked out of your hands and tossed somewhere on the other side of the bed, and then—
yeah, now you suddenly have a very cold, slightly heavy vampire laying between your legs and burying his face into your neck.
the weird part?
he yawns. minty breath fanning against your skin before he clicks his tongue twice and burrows impossibly closer.
“‘m sleepy,” rintaro mumbles, hands wedging themselves between you and the mattress, slipping under the back of your shirt making you jerk at the sudden chill. “‘nd cold.”
seriously, what kind of vampire gets sleepy?
“that’s because your normal body temperature is a solid negative two,” you grumble as you try to shift a bit to get more comfortable. you fist the back of his hair to make him lean up and look at you. a little fang protrudes from his pout. “and have no blood in your damn heavy body.”
“rude. i don’t call you heavy when you lay on me,” suna huffs, and with one minute jerk of his head tears his hair out of your grasp so he can go back to burrowing. “‘m not mean when you’re sleepy either. double rude.”
you roll your eyes, trying to stretch for your phone where it’s been tossed just out of arms reach. your boyfriend somehow makes himself heavier at your movement; effectively pinning you and ruining any chance of retrieving your distraction device.
“it’s not rude if it’s the truth,” you sigh, a pout of your own tugging at your lips now. “and if you’re going to pass out and trap me here for hours while you nap on top of me like an undead cat, the least you can do is let me have my one source of entertainment.”
rintarou’s quiet for a moment, like he’s actually mulling it over, then he clicks his tongue again.
“nah, don’t wanna.”
seriously. how weird.
“for being frozen above the toddler stage, you really are such a brat,” you groan, throwing your head back against the headboard behind you. at the thump, suna lifts his head again, propping his chin on your chest.
he looks at you in a way that’s so very soft; one he uses often and that really makes you wish he would actually show up in the pictures you try to capture of it. but it’s a fleeting thing, one that gets tainted far too quickly more often than not, and it seems that today is no exception to the plight poison of your boyfriend’s pale green irises.
“do you love me?”
you wonder if all vampires are masters of guilt tripping, or if that’s just rintarou.
“no,” you answer without missing a beat—and you watch the crinkle of suna’s nose as he glares at you, fangs peeking out more now as his frown deepens.
“liar.” he debunks it immediately, and is quick to wipe the spiteful look off his face too, painting on his soft pout once again as he bats his lashes in a way that is far too innocent for suna rintarou. “do you love me?”
“if i say yes will you get off of me?” you counter, but it’s lost its edge some. your fingers find their way back to his hair; but this time they’re gentle, combing through the buzz at the base of his neck. you’d like to blame it on the given—vampire charm doing its numbers on you—but you know better. it’s just the rintarou effect, no vampy vices necessary.
“no.” and at least he’s truthful. you’ll give him that. “since you love me more than life itself and osamu’s onigiri on day two—“
“i dunno, osamu’s onigiri’s pretty—“
“since you love me more,” he repeats, and his eyes swirl a bit, but not in the metaphorical way. he really is sleepy, you deduce, if his little vampire tricks are trying to dirty up pale green with dark red. but it’s no malintent, and it clears out before you even blink twice. “will you go get my blood from the kitchen?”
oh, you might just kill him for the second time in his unearthly extended life.
“why didn’t you grab some before you came in here!” you whine, head thumping back against the headboard again, but this time a bit harder due to your frustration. “first you don’t even let me move an inch, now you want me to go all the way to the kitchen?”
“i love you,” he smiles (though it looks more like a cheeky smirk to you), slides his hands out from under you to cradle the back of your head and bring your face closer. “you’re the love of my life, couldn’t live without you—“
“why? because you wouldn’t have a pillow to sleep on all day or a delivery service from the kitchen because you’re too lazy to get out of bed?”
and rintarou’s lips just curl wider, because even as you’re spewing it you’re still leaning in too, pressing into his touch as he lines your lips up.
he kisses you, and you really hate that you love sleepy rintarou kisses so much.
he pulls back, a beat passes, then two—and suddenly another groan is being ripped out of your throat as suna finally releases you from your stone cold confinements just to do him a service.
“if you really love me you’ll get me a purple straw,” he calls as he watches you walk away.
you throw him a glare over your shoulder, throwing up the bird while you’re at it. “too bad i hate you,” you retort before disappearing down the hall.
you end up getting him a purple straw.
no, not because he asked—you? enabling his bratty tendencies? as if—it was just the first one you pulled out of the container, okay? and your boyfriend needs to wipe that smug look off his face about it too.
he’s spoiled, you’ve come to that conclusion a long time ago. and he proves it true now, as he snuggles into your side, a leg thrown over your own as he sips on his freshly poured cup of blood through his dumb little totally-not-intentionally-picked purple straw and hums and grunts as you scroll through movies to watch.
“mm, that one,” he smacks, another little immature habit of his that you for some reason find more endearing than annoying, and he looks up at you with half lidded eyes.
“again?” you sigh, even as you click on it. you don’t even know why you give him an option since he always falls asleep two minutes in anyways. “we’ve already watched it three times in the past two weeks. do you not get bored of—“
“no,” he replies instantly with a snaggle tooth pout, scootching your hand away to hit play himself and pressing further into your side. “lost boys is fuckin’ sick and anyone who disagrees is lame.”
he takes another sip from his definitely-not-purposely-picked-out purple staw, a slow one that’s oh so telling, and hums in content as the movie starts.
“don’t be lame, baby.”
seriously. he’s lucky he’s already dead.
“call me lame again and i’m inviting atsumu over for dinner tomorrow,” you threaten, pinching rintarou’s cheek. he grabs your hand after, and you can tell he’s pouting still even if you can’t see it. he places your hand in his hair.
“and people call me the most evil creature on the planet,” he grumbles, socked foot digging into your calf.
“mhm, absolutely evil,” you hum, grazing your nails over his scalp as you lean your heads together. “buys the supermarket outta chupets. writes on public bathroom mirrors with sharpies. bribes bloodbanks outta o-positive…”
the first soft snore drifts through the air, and you can’t help the smile that traces your lips at the sound.
“takes five naps a day like an eighty year old man.”
suna’s hand bunches up your shirt into his fist as he falls into slumber, like he’s scared you’d dare leave when he’s asleep—like you could after being trapped under his dead weight again. more of his body weight shifts onto you, leg draping over more and chest nearly pressing fully to yours. he’s so snuggly in his sleep. you’d almost coo if you weren’t afraid he’d actually hear you.
instead you brush the hair out his eyes so it doesn’t tickle his nose whilst he sleeps, something he’s told you he hates because he can feel it tenfold (vampire senses or whatever).
he’s cute, when his smooshed cheek is preventing him from having his lips curled in a smug grin.
“yeah,” you hum, leaning back to put the both of you into a more comfortable position before kissing the top of rintarou’s head. “nap time is so evil.”
and maybe it is a little weird, when every other vampire you know hardly sleeps once a week—if at all—and your boyfriend is falling asleep three minutes in to some movie you’ve already watched a million times. but that’s fine. you still love your weird, perpetually tired, spoiled brat vampire boyfriend regardless.
even if he does drive you a bit crazy.
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strawberrykake · 2 days ago
awkward hq boys first time trying to cheer up their manager
Ushijima, Kageyama, Sakusa || manager!reader
warnings: cursing, slight angst, fluff
notes: Reader is the club’s manager, kinda went overboard with each of them (long reading GLHF), all takes place in the gym, relationships are up for interpretation!!
Tumblr media
your (now ex) boyfriend had broken up with you over text
it was so sudden
and the timing was AWFUL
because you were about to have a little meeting with the team at the gym
Where you always needed to be focused on taking notes for what the team needs
There is no space for distraction. Nationals is soon
Sniffing away snot and wiping tears away from your face, you stand up straight and walk into the gym, a clipboard in your hand
As usual, you were one of the first to arrive
And as usual, the captain of the vb club sits at on the second row of the bleachers changing his shoes
Before you could leave to find some space to recollect yourself, Ushijima calls you over
He probably heard your loud squeaky shoes sliding against the floor when your turned to leave
“[Y/N]-chan,” his voice fills the silent gym.
You clear your throat before sending a big smile. “Hey, Ushijima-san!”
Walking over, you wave at him. “Can I help you with something?”
“I know the meeting hasn’t started yet, but I wanted to ask you to—” he pauses mid-sentence when his eyes found yours.
Your heart rises a little, feeling anxious
Oh no. Did he notice?
“Um,” he starts. “Are you alright?”
fuck, he did.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” You say, nonchalantly. You made sure there is no hint of emotion in your voice, although, in doing so, it almost came off rude.
“Ok, then,” Ushijima says, hesitating. “Well, as I was saying…”
You tried your best to focus
But his question rings in your head over and over again
Are you alright?
It is enough to have you burst into tears once again
Those tears quickly escalate and your shoulders start to shake as you drop, squatting on the floor
You begin to cry quietly into the palm of your free hand, the other clutching the clipboard tightly to your chest
It makes his eyes widen and mouth slightly part in surprise
He jumps over the bleachers and squats down beside you
“I-if that’s too much to ask for, then I apologize. You don’t need to find other managers! I-I’m sorry if that offended you. You’re a great manager. We’re all grateful for all the work that you do for us.” Ushijima scratches his head, unsure if what to say next as you try to muffle cries in your hand.
He gives you a moment to calm yourself, awkwardly patting your shoulder.
He wishes he could think of a way to make you stop crying but other than giving you pats, he’s out of ideas
You shake your head, letting out a small “no”, sniffing a bit
Pulling his hand away, he continues to wait for more from you.
You finally speak up after wiping your face again, but your eyes remain toward the ground
“Sorry, it’s just…My boyfriend just broke up with me. And I guess I’m being too emotional right now. I think your idea is great. I will keep that in mind,” you say, before wiping your eyes w the back of your hand on again, and standing up.
He quickly stands up, mirroring your actions
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asks quietly, eyes still never leaving your puffy ones.
“Um…” you think about it for a second. “No, but thank you though. P-please excuse me for a minute.” You walk to the bathroom to wash your face, leaving Ushijima alone on the bleachers again.
He paces back and forth, thinking what to do
Nothing comes to mind so he texts Tendou
His text: Tendou, [y/n] is crying. What do I do. Please answer ASAP. She’s in the bathroom right now and will return any minute.
Tendou: I’m almost there, just wait.
Ushijima taps his feet impatiently
When you return, he quickly freezes, facing you
The first thing he says: “could you help me gather the balls?”
He thought maybe having a duty will distract you from sad thoughts
During the meeting, he would steal glances at you, checking on you
For the rest of the day, he would do the same thing: ask you to do a favor
But never alone, he would join you in completing task
And make conversation while he’s at it
“Did you know that in 1996, beach volleyball became a part of the Olympics? Really cool.”
And by conversation, mostly him teaching you volleyball stuff
Sometimes would say stuff you already know like: “Can you believe no high school in our district can compete with us, so we have to compete against colleges or schools outside the Miyagi Prefecture?” he’d say while helping you mop up the gym floor
Even though it wasn’t his duty to mop today
But his absurd questions would literally make you start laughing
Like, why is he telling me all this stuff that I already know??
Sadness no longer lingers in your eyes
It makes Ushijima chuckle, proud to see you smile again
He knows what he’s saying is nonsense but if it gets you to smile again, he’ll keep doing it
Tumblr media
You stare at the grade you’ve got: 54 out of 100
Chemistry was not an easy class
You really tried but you probably just needed to study more
What made you extremely upset was the fact that you have As in every other class except this one
You just have to do better
but you always tell yourself this which makes you frustrated
It leaves your heart feeling heavy
You walk into the gym with heavy footsteps, shoulders drooped down
The sound of a ball bouncing against hardwood can be heard
You look up and see the familiar tall figure
Kageyama Tobio
He’s practicing his serves by himself, throwing a number of volleyballs over the net
He notices you and gives a slight nod, holding one volleyball to his chest
You send a smile and wave
He grunts before continuing his practice
You look back at your phone and scroll through your test answers provided by the teacher
When you notice a lot of minor mistake you made, you groaned
Really? I’m so stupid! OMG, you internally complain, giving yourself a facepalm
Being the perfectionist, this made you frustrated
To the point where you had to click your phone off, placing your head in your hands as you sat on the bench
Some tears threaten to escape
With your face hidden in your hands, you hear the sound of bouncing balls stop
Footsteps slowly approach you
and you hear a familiar deep voice:
“[Y/N], did Hitoka-chan and Kiyoko-san not come with you?” the setter asks, flipping the ball in his hand.
“Uhh, no,” you say, your voice croaking a bit. Your face doesn’t leave from your hands and it makes Kageyama concerned
“Uh, are you okay?” Kageyama asks, his eyebrow raised and confused by your current state
“I’m fine,” you answer. But when you start sniffing, he realizes that you were crying
He pauses, not knowing what to do.
After a minute of silence, you feel a presence sit next to you
A cough makes you jump a little
“Oh, s-sorry,” Kageyama mutters, looking over at your hunched figure.
“No, your good,” you say, quietly.
You clear your throat, filling the awkward silence that follows your words.
“Actually, I failed my Chem test. So…I guess, that’s why I’m feeling a bit down.”
“Huh,” he starts. “Do you like Chem?”
“Well, no.”
“Then, why take it?”
“Because, all the top students who took Biology took Chem the next year. I guess I wanted to fit in.”
When did this turn into a therapy session
“That’s interesting, considering the fact that you joined this club for the opposite reason, if i remember correctly?”
It’s true. None of your class friends were associated with the schools vb club, they weren’t interested in the “jock” stuff and only focused on academics
you, on the other hand, had some interest in volleyball and joined on a whim
that’s where you met the best people in your life, your best friends
“Yeah…” you respond. It leaves you thinking about certain things.
Kageyama huffs, getting up.
“Can you help me with some sets, before the others arrive?” He changes the subject, hoping to clear your mind.
“Sure.” You nod, getting up and wiping tears from your face.
“Oh, wait.” Kageyama rushes to his bag and pulls out some tissues. “Here.”
Your cheeks turn pink from embarrassment. “Thank you.”
“N-no problem,” he replies awkwardly.
And with that, you begin tossing the balls for him
He would usually ask Hinata to do this and would always complain at how Hinata’s throwing them
But he didn’t complain once with you
Even when you’d throw the ball under the net
You’d apologize and he’d wave his hand off, saying that it’s okay.
He probably assumed that you were having fun bc anything volleyball = fun
and honestly, it was a little fun
fun and satisfying to see how much Kageyama’s improved
And it got you to smile here and there
He silently celebrates when he finally sees you smile
That’s when other club members finally hop into the room
And you quickly turn into your usual “manager mode”, getting to work
Thanks to Kageyama, you feel more at ease
Tumblr media
It just happens to be one of those days
You had a lot on your plate
So much that you felt no motivation to complete your responsibilities
But the day must go on
After a long round of volleyball practice after school, it was finally time for a break
Everyone walks out of the gym to grab a small snack from the vending machine or converse with friends
Sakusa, on the other hand, remains on the court alone, doing some serves
Which leaves you two left in the gym
But no one seemed to notice as you both went along with your businesses
Feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally, you sit on the bleachers, leaning your back as you face at the walls, with a faraway look on your face
Thinking Sakusa wouldn’t notice your unusually apathetic state, since he’s always hyper-focused during practice, it surprises you when he walks over to you, concern filling his eyes
“You, ok?” Sakusa places a hand into his jacket pocket, the other hand was attached to a volleyball that was held against his hip
The voice startles you for a second, and reality hits you
“I don’t really know,” you say truthfully, sighing.
Sakusa hums, thinking
He slips off his jacket and places it neatly folded into his duffel.
“Be right back,” he mutters loud enough for you to hear, before walking away
You raise an eyebrow watching his back as he walks out the door
Ok then…
You weren’t very surprised by his odd behavior because that’s just how he is
After a couple minutes and few echoes of laughter from outside, he returns with a bottle of water, most likely from the vending machine
You look at the bottle and then back up at him. “Oh, need me to open it?” You take it, before he could answer, finding it easy to pop the lid.
“No, its yours.” He places his hands into his pockets as he takes a seat next to you. “I have my own right here.”
“Oh.” You look down at the bottle. “Thank you, Sakusa-kun.”
You take a huge gulp.
“If you were that thirsty, you should’ve brought your own jug,” he says bluntly.
“You’ve got a point.” He’s got a point.
He pauses for a sec. “Anyway, are you feeling a little better?” His eyes drift over to you.
In a way, his actions are really thoughtful
Simply just handing you something to drink, even though he doesn’t know the reason why you’re feeling down
He was never one to be good at consoling a friend with their words
But little acts of care like these
“Well, definitely not thirsty anymore if that’s what you’re asking,” you say, chuckling.
“Hmm, I guess that is an improvement,” he smirks.
He feels a bit more at ease seeing your face light up.
Ooh, this is a new side of Sakusa. It’s interesting to see.
The fact that he stopped his practice, the hard-working Sakusa, just to give you some company was a shock.
If there’s one thing that everyone knows about Sakusa is that he hates being interrupted during practice
Once he starts something, he intends to complete the task, even if it’s time for a break
Yet, here he is, relaxing on the bleachers with you, chatting abt mundane things
I could use a break, anyway, is what he thinks in his head when he starts to relax.
In truth, he doesn’t mind having a chat with you
And seeing his manager/friend in low spirits puts a bad feeling in his stomach
Being the competitive, determined person he is, Sakusa will make sure that your mood is increased by at least 70% before the day is over.
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oikawas-milk-bread · a day ago
Haikyuu Boys + “Would You Still Love Me If I Were A Worm?”
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Bokuto Kōtarō || Miya Atsumu || Kuroo Tetsurō || Ushijima Wakatoshi x gn!reader
“Would you still love me if I were a worm?” you ask with evident curiosity, tilting your head slightly as you look at your boyfriend.
Bokuto freezes for a second with the rim of the glass his holding against his lips and blinks at you a couple times, then mimics you.
“I’m gonna need a little bit of context,” he replies, setting his glass down on the counter. He pops his lips and presses his index finger against his chin, deep in thought. After a second, he asks, “In this scenario, were you always a worm or did you just suddenly become one?”
You snort, shaking your head softly as you watch him with humor.
“Why would I suddenly become a worm?”
“I don’t know.” He shrugs, a soft smile on his lips. He honestly has no idea why you’re asking such a random question, but it’s so ridiculous that he loves it.
“Let’s say I became one suddenly,” you finally say, leaning forward with expectation.
He hums, nodding a couple times as he stares off into the distance. After a moment, his eyes fall back on you.
“And did I meet you before or after becoming a worm?”
“Before,” you say.
He breaks off into a big smile, straightening up and making his way toward you. Bokuto places his hands on your shoulders, looks you in the eye and, with all the certainty in the world, he says, “Then yeah, I’d still love you.” 
“You sound so sure of it,” you chuckle, wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your forehead against his chest.
He presses his lips against the crown of your head in a gentle kiss, and you can feel him smiling against you.
“I am. I’m sure I’d love you in any possible scenario. And that includes if you suddenly became a worm.”
“Good.” After a quiet moment, he laughs heartedly. “What?”
“Would you still love me if I were a worm?”
Atsumu looks at you with puzzlement, and you purse your lips as you wait for his answer. 
“What?” he asks, pretty sure if he heard you wrong.
“I asked if you’d still love me if I were a worm.”
He pulls a face, looking up as he thinks. After a second, he shakes his head.
“I’m honestly not a big fan of worms,” he says, letting out a deep breath.
“But what would you do then?”
Atsumu hesitates for a second, drumming his fingers on the table. You’re about to ask him a second time when he looks at you, slightly wide-eyed.
“Wait, do I know it’s you?”
“Yeah!” you chirp, bouncing on your seat.
His grimace deepens, and he averts his eyes. Then, in a low voice, he says, “I really don’t like worms.”
You blink at him, lips parted open as you think. Atsumu doesn’t know why you’re suddenly asking this, and he was honestly not prepared at all. Would you break up with him if he said no? He scoffs softly. That’d be ridiculous! You’d never be a worm, why should he even consider it?
“Let’s say we’re talking and all of a sudden you hear a pop and boom, you look down and I’m a worm. What would you do?” you insist; you’re not dropping it until he gives you a concrete answer.
“I mean… I guess I’d… try not to squish you?” 
You let out a dramatic gasp, placing a hand over your chest.
“Wow, Tsumu. Wow. So you’d just break up with me?”
Atsumu can’t stop the laugh that bubbles out of him, and he claps a hand over his mouth a second too late. You glare at him.
“Can you really break up with a worm? Would you even understand me? I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a conversation with a worm.” When your expression doesn’t change, he laughs again, leaning a little bit closer. “Well, would you love me if I were a worm?”
You roll your eyes, folding your arms across your chest.
“We’re not talking about you right now.”
“Rude,” he mutters, brow furrowed.
“You’d really do it?” you ask after a moment’s silence, pursing your lips.
He blinks once more. Surely you can’t be serious.
“Well, I’m sorry, I’ve never had a pet worm before. Shouldn’t I just, like, leave you outside or something? You know, so you can go live your best worm life or whatever.”
You huff.
“That’s as good as killing me. I’ve never been a worm before, I wouldn’t know what to do!”
“Well, what, you really want me to date you as a worm?” he asks, disbelief evident on his face. “Wouldn’t that make me some weird kind of furry or something?”
You hesitate, stifling a laugh behind your hand. 
“Well, I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t think worms count, tho.” Atsumu gives you an extremely unimpressed look, and it looks like it’s taking everything in him not to snap; even his eye twitches a little. You throw your head back with laughter, and Atsumu mutters something under his breath, shoulders slumped. “Fine, you wouldn’t. That’s all I wanted to hear.”
Once he’s done grumbling, he shoots you a sideways glance and squints at you.
“I do love you as a human, though. Very much.”
You smile, cupping his chin and turning his head so he’d look at you. He complies, struggling to suppress the smile threatening to make an appearance.
“And I love you.” You pause, grinning at him. “And honestly… I wouldn’t want to date a worm either.”
Kuroo is used to your weird, random questions, but he thinks this one is one of the weirdest you’ve come up with in the span of your relationship. However, he seems to be always ready for whatever you throw at him, the smartass. It’s a little infuriating how he seems to have an answer for everything.
“Question, do I know it’s you?” he asks, leaning his weight against the doorframe.
You think for a second, wondering if you should mess with him a little. You end up deciding against it, too curious to wait for an answer.
“Then yes,” he says with no hesitation. He gives your head a soft pat, and smiles. “I bet you’d be the cutest worm ever. I’d feed you, and walk you. I could even build you a small terrarium and everything; there are so many cool plants I could put in it for you to chill.”
You open your mouth, pausing for a second before speaking. Then, you frown as you look up at him.
“How’d you walk a worm?”
“I’d put you on my shoulder,” he says with a bright grin, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Gotta get that vitamin D.”
“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” you deadpan.
“You know what’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard?” He leans down until his face is right in front of yours, and talks in a slow, slightly mocking kind of voice. “If I’d still love you if you were a worm.”
“…but you would?”
He snorts, pulling you in for a hug. Kuroo looks down at you, a fond smile on his lips. No matter how ridiculous your questions are, he wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. After all, they’re part of what makes you you.
“I would, yeah.” After a solid second, he quietly adds, “I’ve always wanted a pet worm.”
“Would you still love me if I were a worm?” you ask suddenly, peering at Ushijima closely to gauge his reaction.
He looks up from his book, eyebrows drawn as he studies your face. He probably thinks you’re trying to be funny, but you honestly want to know what his answer would be. Is it a stupid question? Yes. Do you care? Not at all.
Ushijima sighs, closes his book, and turns to face you.
“Why would you become a worm?” he asks, seeming genuinely confused.
“I don’t know,” you say with a light shrug. “I just want to know what you’d do.”
“It’s not possible for you to become a worm, is it?” he murmurs, frown deepening. He looks at you as though he’s expecting you to shrink into a worm at any second.
“Then why would I pretend that you can?”
“It’s hypothetical,” you say with a smile. “I’m just asking what you’d do.”
“We wouldn’t know unless you became a worm.”
His answer appears to be final, and you stare at him for a couple seconds before pulling out your phone.
“You know what, never mind,” you say with humor, hoping he never changes.
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admiringlove · 2 days ago
part one | part two.
Tumblr media
atsumu's scared. he sees you after years of no contact at osamu's restaurant, and now the three of you are making half-awkward conversations. atsumu stays quiet for the most of it, but he watches you. he watches your body language, the way you laugh, the way you smile—and god, does it feel good to see and hear it again.
he wants you again. he wants you in his arms, in his embrace—you haven't left his mind ever since the day when you got in a fight with him and he said the harshest things he could to you. he regrets it all, of course. but would you want him again after he caused you so much pain? and you moved away from hyogo and didn't even spare him an explanation after that, so how was he supposed to feel anything but regret and guilt?
you get up from your spot now, and osamu smiles as he says goodbye. atsumu shakes himself out of his trance, and looks up. you're walking away. you're walking out of the restaurant. holy shit, you're gone.
"oi," he hears osamu say.
he blinks profusely, looking up in a panicked state. osamu slaps the side of his face lightly, "go get 'em, moron."
"right," he gets up, fumbling towards the door as he runs out, "i'll pay ya for the food later, i promise!"
"we all know you won't!"
atsumu sees you. you're around twenty paces from the restaurant. god, why do you still walk so fast? his mind is filled with fog, yet somehow there's a billion thoughts just floating around. would you even talk to him? would you forgive him? would you stay this time? would you give him another chance? would you perhaps fall in love with him again?
you stop when you hear his hurried footsteps. atsumu almost crashes into you, and is now standing with his hands on his thighs as he pants. you look at him with furrowed brows and inquisitive eyes, as he says, "i parked my car 'round the corner, lemme drop you home."
"atsumu, that's not necessary-"
"please, 's the least i can do," he smiles, standing up straight. you nod awkwardly, and then the two of you begin walking side-by-side when he decides to break the silence, "how've ya been?"
"good. i got a job right after college so the pay's been great too. mom and dad visit whenever they can—speaking of, they're actually coming tomorrow. all my coworkers are nice and we go drinking every now and-"
"i asked how you were. not yer coworkers, or yer job, or yer parents. you. how are you?" his look is of sincerity, and you sigh.
"i guess i'm okay," you say. there's a long pause, and then, "i'm sorry."
"why're ya sorry?" he questions. you had no reason to be sorry. if anything, he was sorry. he drove you away with his arrogant personality and crude behavior. he called you multiple times after you left, but you never answered them. and after he changed his number, he tried to keep you off his mind. but he ended up failing anyway. he would ask osamu how you were, because apparently his brother was the only person you kept in touch with.
"i... left without telling you. i got into tokyo university and my dad got a big raise and a transfer. so we had to come here either way. even if you hadn't yelled at me that day, i wouldn't have told you that i was leaving because i didn't want to hurt you," you mumble. but then you chuckle dryly, "i guess you would've been hurt either way. because me leaving without saying anything is worse than me confronting you about it. you must've felt horrible. and i'm sorry for being a dysfunctional coward."
"so ya weren't mad at me all these years?" he asks in disbelief, "why'd ya never return my calls?"
"because i'm an idiot who wanted you to find someone better," you admit, "i didn't want to hold you back from volleyball. or string you along while i live a thousand miles away."
"i can't believe you were never mad at me."
"you thought i was mad at you?" you ask, eyes big and blinking up at him as the two of you stop. he nods, swallowing a hard breath. a huge weight had just decided to drop off his shoulders. and he was so, so glad it did.
"i thought ya hated me. i yelled at ya, that too for no good reason. i was irritated that i didn't win a game. and ta make things worse, i blamed ya for things ya didn't even do."
"atsumu," you halt. the yellow light above the two of you fixating on your eyes as he looks down, "i'm so sorry."
"it's not yer fault," he reasons. you give him a melancholic smile before you get knocked out of your daze, "i’m gonna take the train, don't worry about dropping me home. if i hurry, i can catch the one that leaves in ten minutes."
you're about to leave, and atsumu feels like you're sand rushing out of the palm of his hands. and then, his voice takes action on its own.
"if i can't drop ya, can i buy ya coffee sometime?"
you stop, widening your eyes. he's doing the same—there's a blush on his cheeks too, and he slaps a hand over his mouth before you throw him the happiest grin he's ever seen, "i would love that very much, 'tsum."
he smiles as if this is the most joyous day of his life as he says, "g'night."
"i'll ask 'samu for your number when i get home!" you yell before going down the subway stairs.
i would love that very much, 'tsum.
he punches the air and jumps around like he’s a teenager again. your voice rings in his ears as he unlocks his car, and he sleeps like a baby that night.
Tumblr media
© all works belong to admiringlove on tumblr. plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
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wakatshi · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i know for a fact wakatoshi smells amazing. his cologne suits him too well, perfectly. i don’t think it’s too strong, but does it do the job? absolutely. it’s a woody cologne, though i believe fresher notes suit him just fine. think of him and aftershave. clean, uncomplicated, elegant. dare i say somehow mysterious in public (on him only!) it adds to his charm, his status, his public image. wakatoshi takes good care of himself, he’s well-groomed and it’s not forced, he does it effortlessly.
and he’s been using the same cologne for years—it’s his signature scent, it’s not the only one he owns, but it’s his. and it’s just.. nice. attractive. fitting for someone like him. and as his girlfriend.. you can’t resist it. you want to lift his shirt up and bury your face in his chest and glue yourself to him for the rest of your life. and wakatoshi refuses to stop you, you’re cute and you feel nice on his chest. he’s got you weak in the knees </3
your boyfriend didn’t even know. he wasn’t aware you’re keen on his cologne. not like that. not until you tell him. it completely changes the way he applies his cologne. wakatoshi starts thinking of you, when to use it— what to buy, he goes as far as letting you choose a cologne for him. not that you’d change the one he uses. i’m also convinced he smells warm. something about him that’s just.. warm. opposite to the freshness plenty of his fragrances and products have. it’s hot!
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demxnscous · 3 days ago
Omg I’m loving the bsf Atsugi thing so so much. What if he had to look for something in a drawer in your room and ended up finding your vibrator and sort of short circuits bc he remembers that this was like… in her. Ugh I would love to see him just malfunction a little hahaha.
he’s malfunctioned so many times in this series, I’m afraid he’ll stop working at some point 😅
pairings: timeskip!atsumu x gn!reader (no pronouns used, fem anatomy)
wc: 0.4k
contains: bestfriend!atsumu, atsumu’s inner monologue, he finds your vibrator, mentions of masturbation (f.), his dirty thoughts of you, smut (from his thoughts)
warnings: minors dni
[more about bestfriend!atsumu here]
Tumblr media
“It’s probably either sitting on my desk or plugged-in underneath my nightstand,” you tell him from the couch, rifling through different movies on the TV.
Atsumu rises from beside you, stretching as he says, “Alright, I’ll go see if I can find it.”
He walks to your bedroom, lazily pushing open the door before he looks around your desk for a phone charger; it’s not there. Atsumu crouches down, peering underneath your nightstand; the charger isn’t plugged into an outlet, either.
Sighing, he gets up. It’s possible you may have misplaced it, forgotten where you had last used it; Atsumu checks your desk again before returning to the nightstand.
He stares at it a moment: there’s an old coffee mug, a few hair ties, and a small plant. You must’ve moved the polaroid of him elsewhere. Atsumu takes hold of the nightstand drawer’s knob, sliding it open.
He remembers then something his teachers in primary school always chided him for: don’t touch things that aren’t yours. Because there was, apparently, a reason you hadn’t mentioned for him to check inside of the nightstand.
Tucked away in the drawer, a vibrator sits there.
Atsumu has the sudden thought to close it immediately, except he’s thoroughly stunned and reeling. He’s staring at the vibrator, his mouth a little slack as his cheeks pinken.
Is this what you used when you climaxed with his name between your teeth?
It’s as if he can never quite rid himself of that night; as if, when the guilt begins to wane, he’s given another palpable reminder to bring it anew.
Then the images come, intrusive and taunting and consuming.
They’re of you, of course, pushing the vibrator in, moving it to your clit. You, on your stomach, holding onto a pillow when you begin to move yourself against it, sighing pleasurably. You, imagining that it’s him.
He wonders, ashamedly and subconsciously, what would have happened if he had walked into your room that night. Would you have panicked, startling upright as you told him off? Or would you have let him help make you feel good?
He thinks of how he would have used it on you simultaneously with his own mouth and fingers, had it been the latter. But, promptly, Atsumu shoves those thoughts away, gathering them in his metaphorical arms to toss them aside.
The TV is playing something from the living room. Perhaps you found a movie to watch with him.
Atsumu closes the drawer, breathes out steadily, and returns to you.
“Couldn’t find it?” you ask, adjusting your blankets on the couch.
He shakes his head and hopes you don’t see the tense line of his shoulders. “No.”
Tumblr media
Taglist [open]: @flycloudddd @hyeongjjun @erinoikawa @inumakilove @zitabob @onigirintarou @on-crows-wings @bloombb @yaexure @voidshoutsback @ti-mame
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bbysamu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢  husband!oikawa toru, bokuto kotaro, kuroo tetsuro, kita shinsuke, terushima yuji, daichi sawamura
inspired by: this tiktok
⚠️ suggestive
Tumblr media
ʚɞ OIKAWA Toru | looks up at you as you walk into the room fanning yourself. “hey beautiful.” You ignore him, “toru, it’s so hot in here.” he lets his body feel the temperature but before he could respond, your shirt is halfway over your head. finally free of your shirt, you notice his shocked stares. “you should take off yours too, babe, don’t want you to get a heat stroke.” oikawa stands up, one hand lifting his shirt over his head, the other pulling you in by the waist. “thanks for being so considerate, princess. how about we make this room just a bit hotter?”
ʚɞ BOKUTO Kotaro | honestly, bokuto is a walking human furnace. he is such a ray of sunlight, he literally makes anyone around him sweat. as you sit next to him, you couldn’t help but squirm away from his touch to cool down your body. but the more you squirm, the tighter he wraps his arms around you. “what’s wrong?” he pouts, looking down at you. poor baby. all he ever wants is to hold you in his arms. “ko, it’s so hot in here.” he pouts and walks over to the window, opening it wider. bokuto is rooted in place when he sees you nearly naked on the sofa. with one swift motion, his own t-shirt disappeared from his body. returning to the sofa, he once again resumes the original postion. “is this better?” “yup!” bokuto hums happily as he pulls you closer to his chest. like I said, all this man wants to do is hold you as close to him as possible as you guys mindlessly waste the afternoon away watching whatever was on the screen.
ʚɞ KUROO Tetsuro | sighs, terribly bored out his mind. “y/n!” “what!” “come play with me!” you run into the living room and sees your husband sitting leg spread on the soft couch. “what should we do? I’m so bored.” “wanna go swimming?” kuroo looks out the window, “right now?” “yeah, it’s so hot in here.” without waiting for a response, you strip down to your bikini, already hidden underneath. “princess, you’ve basically decided without me.” you giggle as you run to the backyard. “hurry!” kuroo chuckles to himself before following you. “you know what? since you said it’s so hot today. why don’t we try skinny dipping? that’s a cooler idea.” 
ʚɞ KITA Shinsuke | you hear Kita come through the door. “honey?” “I’m here.” he walks in and plops down next to you. “how was your day, baby?” “before I dive into the detail, it’s hot in here yeah?” kita looks around, squinting to check the thermostat and when he turns around, you’re already stripped down to your undergarments. kita stands up and holds out a hand invitingly. “I know how you can cool down.” you look up at his questionably, “how?” “join me in the shower. I’ll make sure to run the water extra cold, just for you.” “won’t you be cold then?” “I think we’ve can find another way to warm ourselves up in there.”
ʚɞ TERUSHIMA Yuji | licks his lips when you walk into the living room, hips swaying with each step. “hi hottie.” “yuji, why is it so hot in here?” terushima looks at you confused. You’re already in a tank top and some shorts and you’re still hot? “it must be because I'm here,” he jokes, sending a wink your way. You roll your eyes and remove your tank top. “woahh baby!” your husband exclaims, leaning back against the sofa as if enjoying a show. you look down at him as he pats his lap. “come here, princess. you’re about to feel a whole lot warmer.”
ʚɞ DAICHI Sawamura | was folding the laundry when you leaned against the frame of the door. “hi,” he sneaks a glance at you, smiling as he continued to carefully put away the t-shirts. “It’s hot in here.” Daichi reaches for the AC remote and turns down the temperature. “it’ll be cooler soon.” his eyes widens at the sight of you out of your shirt and pants. he nervously glances at the door and immediately runs over to close it. “darling! what if my parents saw you. you really want your in-laws to see you in your bra and underwear?” “oops.” his expression darkens at the sight of you in front. In one swift motion, daichi was towering over you. “what about laundry?” “laundry can wait.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are wildly appreciated <3 
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youta · a day ago
suna’s head rests on your lap, your fingers are tangled in his hair. both of you are on your phones, occasionally showing each other funny tiktoks or posts you think the other would like. 
“are you hungry?” you speak up, after coming across several food recipe videos.
“kinda,” he replies, putting his phone on his chest and looking up at you. you cup his cheek with your hand; he leans into your touch, a sweet smile sits on his lips.
“we should make this,” you suggest, and show him what you have on your mind. it’s a type of dish neither of you have tried before, and seemed easy enough to make.
“i’m in,” he nods, and sits up from his previous position. “you’ll do most of the work, though.”
you laugh, agreeing with what he said; he’s horrible at cooking. he usually sticks to making simple meals when it comes to that, because otherwise... it would be a disaster. he settles down on the counter to watch you cook, occasionally passing some ingredients or seasonings to you. until the water’s boiling, you step to him and wrap your hands around his torso.
“shouldn’t our positions be switched?” rin laughs, pulling you closer to him, while you are standing between his legs. you let out a chuckle, and lay your head on his chest.
“i like it like this,” you shrug your shoulders, enjoying the warmth of his body and his embrace. he rests his chin on the top of your head, and his lips tug into the warmest smile. he likes it too.
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jxbsbokuto · a day ago
calling them pretty
feat.: iwaizumi hajime, aone takanobu, meian shugo, kuroo tetsurou, tendou satori, daichi sawamura
genre: fluff, humor, sfw
haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
♡ IWAIZUMI eats his bento like usual. There’s nothing odd about it, but for some reason that you can’t quite figure out why, he just looks extremely attractive today. Maybe it’s the sun hitting his skin and making him glow? Or the way his eyes seem greener than usual?
“You’re pretty.”
Hajime turns to you with the most confused expression you’ve ever seen.
“You are pretty, Iwa.”
You catch the way his cheeks slowly turn into a light shade of pink, only adding to the eye-pleasing sight that is Iwaizumi Hajime.
“I’m not pretty.” He mumbles, turning back to face forward and continue eating.
“Yes, you are.” You sing.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“At least say I’m handsome.”
You lean closer to him with a shit-eating grin that makes him roll his eyes.
“You are very much handsome, Iwa. But you’re way prettier than that.”
"What's gotten into you?"
"What? Can't I tell my friend he looks pretty when he does?"
"Say that again and you'll be more than just a friend." He whispers.
"What was that?"
♡ AONE takes his pet turtle gently in his hands to show him to you. You've been insisting that he lets you meet his pet since you found out he had one, so after your exams were done, Takanobu invited you over so you could hang out and meet his turtle.
You find adorable the way he handles the tiny animal with so much care, it's funny seeing someone so big being so delicate.
You stare at him while he caresses the turtle with his index finger. His face is relaxed, his eyes are kind, and during the time you analyze his face with more focus and detail you realize something that it’s quite obvious but never caught your attention before.
“You’re pretty, Aone.”
“Yeah, he’s pretty.” He responded, thinking you were talking about his pet.
“No. I mean, yes, he’s pretty, but I meant you.”
“Me?” He asked, pointing at himself.
“Yes, you.”
His face quickly tuned into a dark shade of red while you smiled at his reaction.
“You’re prettier, Y/n.” He says, avoiding eye contact with you.
“Aw, thank you, Aone.”
“Um, can I hug you?”
Aone put the turtle on its aquarium and wrapped his arms around your waist, burning his face on your neck to hide how he turned even more flustered when you rubbed your hands up and down his back.
♡ MEIAN has you laying on his chest while he rests. He has his eyes closed but you know he’s not sleeping since he keeps a hand playing with your hair.
Shugo never really lets you stare at him, and how couldn’t he? You have a whole hot ass boyfriend right in front of you and he expects you to not admire him? The audacity.
You take advantage of the moment and position to stare as long as you want. Then you bring a hand to his face, softly tracing his features.
“You like the view?” He teases.
“Very much, yes. You’re so pretty, Shugo.”
Median’s eyes go wide on that instant, tints of red slowly creeping into his cheeks and ears.
“What did you say?”
“I said that you are so so pretty. The prettiest boy out there. My pretty boy.”
He hugs your waist and flips you over to get on top of you. Meian blows raspberries in your neck while tickling your sides, causing you to laugh loudly.
“Call me pretty boy again, I dare you.”
“Okay, Pretty Boy.”
“Oh, you asked for it.”
Needless to say he kept tickling you until you were both breathless and his blush had tuned down a bit.
♡ KUROO is going through your homework to see if you answered all the questions right. Your chemistry teacher advised you to get tutoring lessons with him since you were having some difficulty with the class’s recent theme. Kuroo is indeed a good teacher and he had an easy method to help you understand better the topics, as your study sessions progressed you became friends and you couldn’t deny you found the volleyball club captain attractive.
You noticed how he slightly narrows his eyes and pouts when he’s concentrated on something and started finding it adorable, something unique of him.
“You know, you’re really pretty, Kuroo.”
“I said what I said. And I’m probably not saying it again so just enjoy it.” You say, trying to brush off the obvious blush on your cheeks. You didn’t really think before you said it, it was more of a thinking out loud kind of situation.
But Kuroo wasn’t off the hook either, his ear tips were scarlet and his hands started to get a little sweaty, although you don’t know that.
“Oh, so you find me attractive, Y/n-chan?” He asks teasingly while leaning towards your side.
“I never said that.”
“But you said I’m pretty. Really pretty.”
“Okay then, I find you attractive, so what?”
Tetsurou smiles. There’s a tiny trace of a smirk there, but it’s definitely a smile. He tucks a stand off hair behind your ear gently and dips his head down to kiss your cheek.
“I find you attractive too, Y/n. And also really, really pretty.”
♡ TENDOU raises the hairbrush to his mouth and sings with the top of his lungs while pointing at you. You don’t know exactly how your little karaoke session in the middle of your room began, but you never thought you needed to see and hear Satori singing Lady Gaga songs until now.
“Let’s have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick-”
“don’t think too much just bust that kick-”
“I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!”
You sing and laugh as he dances with you around the floor. The only light source is your tv that keeps playing the song’s videoclip, painting your faces with flashing lights and bright colors.
At some point a slower song comes on, and Tendou playfully asks you do dance with him like a gentleman from the previous century. You lock your hands around his neck and he pulls you closer by the waist, softly rocking you side to side.
You take a good look at his features, his colorful hair, his big and soft eyes, you become hypnotized by him, and suddenly you pull him down for a kiss.
You smile at his flustered and confused state and play with his neck hair.
“You’re pretty.”
His blush only seems to get more intense and he avoids eye contact.
“I’m not p-”
You shut him off with another kiss and Tendo swears he’ll melt inside your arms anytime.
“You are the prettiest, Satori.”
♡ DAICHI practices his receives while you watch from the bleachers. You two were going to the movies after class so you were waiting for him to finish.
Your original plan was to do your homework while you waited, but for some reason seeing your best friend practice seemsway more interesting than some math problems.
Maybe it’s the confidence that he shows when he’s on court, or the way he leads the team, or just his practice clothes that suddenly made him look even more attractive. You thanked God he was too involved in the game to notice you staring at him the whole time.
“Okay, I’m done, let’s go?”
You two walk together on the sidewalk in a comforting silence. The sun is setting beside Sawamura and the temperature dropping a little, sending a refreshing breeze to your skin.
You turn to look at him, his beauty continues the same, his strong features, determined eyes, that you just blur it out as if it was the most normal thing ever.
“Daichi, you’re very pretty.”
He stops in his tracks, looking at you with wide eyes. He thinks he must’ve heard it wrong.
“You’re very pretty.” You repeat.
“Are you calling me pretty?”
“Well, we’re the only ones in the street right now so yeah.”
Daichi blinks a couple of times still in a mix of disbelief and flusteredness.
“I guess I could say you’re beautiful, too.”
“You guess?” You smirk.
“Okay. You’re beautiful, Y/n.”
“Thank you, My Kind Sir. Now let’s go, or we’ll be late for the session.”
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are more than appreciated!<3
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134340am · a day ago
“ow, that— that hurts a little bit.”
“fuck, sorry. i’ll pull out.”
“NO!" you hiss, before self-consciously lowering your volume. "as in— hang on, i think we just need to change positions. i feel like i’m getting… impaled.”
tobio lets out a sound that was halfway between a laugh and a snort. “woah, impaled." he stares up at you through his sweaty bangs. "almost sounds like a compliment.”
“shut up.”
you climb off your boyfriend's lap, wincing at the soft ‘pop’ of his cock slipping out of your tight hole before getting on all fours, letting him manoeuvre you until you had your butt flush against his hips.
“'m gonna put it in now," tobio mumbles behind you, hand stroking down your back firmly.
you shiver at the lick of heat that flares in your core. “okay. go slow.”
a moment passes with kageyama shifting behind you anxiously. the heat in your stomach dissipates quickly when you feel your partner pull away from you completely.
"...tobio?" you ask hesitantly, craning your neck around awkwardly to get a glimpse of his face. "everything okay?"
“wait, hang on— can’t see.”
“huh?” beyond your shoulder, you catch kageyama frowning down at your behind. a wave of self-consciousness washes over you, but fades quickly when you feel his hands back on your hips and his cock glide up and down your folds.
the pair of you sigh at the friction. while this felt good too, you were starting to get impatient and kind of hungry, so you wiggle your hips back against your boyfriend's. you were met with a slight pressure on your labia. then you winced again when you felt kageyama's wet cock slip and smear your slick on your thigh.
“sorry," he chokes out, breathless now. "just wanted to make sure i got the right hole.”
“there are only two, tobio. it’s fifty-fifty, and i’m pretty sure you know which one it is," you bite back. you notice a hangnail on your left index finger, which you pick at absentmindedly.
“there’s technically three, babe.”
“...be quiet and hurry up.”
“you told me to go slow!”
“yeah, but—" you arch your back and push back against kageyama once more, revelling in the wet slide of his cock against your folds and the pained groan that escapes his lips. "i'm gonna go crazy if you don't impale me soon. and i'm getting hungry, actually."
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What are you personal thoughts on the HQ Kusuo boys + Coach Ukai's first time eating out their s/o? And I mean it's their first time doing this at all, not just with their s/o
Ooohh I love the thought of some pussy eating virgins 😌
Includes: Timeskip Karasuno + Coach Ukai and Takeda
Warnings: Pussy eating, saliva, fingering, humping, cum eating, afab reader, praise
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Note: I know you asked for the boys but I also added the girls ;) (I used ‘guys’ as a neutral term)
Tumblr media
These guys would be the hesitant, shy ones. They’ll slowly open your legs with reddened cheeks and a flustered expression while they gaze down at your beautifully wet pussy. They’ll slowly look up at you and your nod is all the confirmation they need to bend down and get a closer look at your dripping hole. They stare marvelled at the bare sight of you, unable to comprehend how much they want to taste you and how a mere body part can look so appetising. However while their mind screams at them to devour you, they’re still nervous because all they want to do is make you feel good and they don’t want to fuck that up.
So with shaky hands they’ll grip your legs and bring their mouth closer to where you both want it and tentatively give a kitten lick to your clit. Your surprised moan and twitching body has their head snapping up to look at you, so afraid they fucked up and hurt you. Your velvety smooth voice reassuring them it felt good has their tense body calming down and returning to the task at hand. While they may have been new to this, they were a quick learner and after seeing your reaction to their tongue on your clit they knew that was where to focus. Slightly less hesitant than before, they placed a gentle kiss on your puffy clit before lapping at it with soft strokes that slowly got bolder the longer they heard your whiny moans and voice telling them how good it feels. Your hands snaking themselves into their hair further encourages them to pick up the pace, alternating between using their tongue on your clit to sucking it into their mouth - both of which had you crying out their name.
They take a break from your clit to lap at the juices leaking out of your hole, the taste of you transporting them to a place of total euphoria and has them groaning into you “taste so fucking good baby and its all for me”. The once shy demeanour has now morphed into a self-assured one that would make you think they’ve been eating pussy for years, their movements are confident and every lick and suck is well placed - as if their body is now perfectly in-tune with yours and they know what you need. That seems to be the case as it doesn’t take long for them to make you come on their tongue and greedily lap at your release and refuse to release your thighs until they’re satisfied, “that was so hot baby, can we do that again?”
Daichi, Asahi, Kinoshita, Hinata, Kageyama, Tadashi, Takeda, Yachi
Tumblr media
These are the fake confident guys. They’ll act all assertive and pretend they know what they’re doing but on the inside they’re terrified - because just like the other guys they want to make you feel good but are insecure about being bad at it. However one thing they do have that gives them a bit of a leg up is exposure to these acts, they’ve read and watched plenty and are confident they can replicate what they’ve seen or read.
So with bold movements they’ll grip your legs and drag you towards them while throwing a self-assured smirk your way but unbeknown to them you can feel the slight tremble in their hands that they’ve tried to suppress. When their eyes move from yours to your pussy, the brave facade they previously wore crumbles for a few seconds, they sit gaping at the sight of your pretty pussy covered in a sheen of slick and they swallow the saliva gathering in their mouths - no pussy has got them as turned on as yours just did. Full of curiosity and desperateness, they bring their face level to your cunt and spread your sticky lips apart with two fingers, softly blowing on your throbbing clit. The jump of your hips and low whine has them lowly chuckling and there’s no hesitance in sight.
Licking their suddenly dry lips, they waste no time in enveloping you into their mouth, their tongue licking the length of you while paying special attention to your clit, swirling it with their tongue before gently sucking it. They’re full of curiosity and can’t wait to try out everything they’ve read and heard about and with that thought they gather a glob of saliva before letting it dribble down your pussy, making sure they rub the wetness into you. You cry out at the feeling of their warm spit and it’s contrast to the cool air, trying to close your legs in pleasure. They softly tut you while holding your thighs apart as they resume eating you out. Their noses grind against your clit while their tongue experimentally makes its way inside you, curling it upwards as you grip the sheets and hump their face. They’ll playfully pull away and tease you “see I knew I’d make you feel good baby” before inserting a finger and harshly flicking your clit with their tongue- the dual feeling has you spasming around them in no time, chanting their name while you hold them against your clit “you taste better than I could ever imagine”
Sugawara, Ennoshita, Tsukishima, Kiyoko, Coach Ukai
Tumblr media
Whiny subby little babies that’ll do anything to make you feel good and don’t trust themselves so they’ll just lie there and let you sit on their face and hump their tongue and nose to get off. They’re fully in heaven when your juices smear across their face and you grip their hair/head to get better leverage.
While you hump his face with your head thrown back, they’re grinding against air as their hard dicks strain to be released. They’ll have their tongue lolled out while you grind your clit against it and then guide him to to insert it into your hole- something that took a bit of time because they’re new to this after all. After their tongue is inside you probing your walls, you slowly lift yourself up and down, fucking yourself on his thankfully long tongue. Every time you bounce back down their nose deliciously hits your clit and has you clenching around his muscle- the foreign feeling has his eyes rolling back and hand making its way to his cock. It doesn’t take long for you to cum, clenching around him one last time as he happily sucks your release into his mouth and licks you clean. Once you move yourself of him, he lies their in a daze with a fucked out smile and wet pants fresh with his release “thank you, thank you baby for letting me make you feel good”
Nishinoya and Tanaka
Tumblr media
🏷: @ashisbored @crystal-lilac @tendo-sxtori @lmaoimagine90 @lynvshuji  @tirzamisu @ray-lol @sugarpeaches65 @pshwaa @jacksonhope @princessatoru @milk-and-cherryjuice @itsmeteiiteii @the-massive-simp @momoewn @euryale16
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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tetsushida · 2 days ago
Head empty just thinking about:
Sex with Husband! kuroo but more in a comfort/ soft way 🥹
Warning: MDNI!!, talking about v card, talking about virgin kuroo l and just talking about soft sex :) no proofreading , it’s late and it just a little thought that I had in my mind hehe
I alwaysssss like to think of him as one of the hq men who is inexperienced and the person he ever had sex was with you! The reason is, that he was just not ready and he always liked the thought to do it with someone he can trust. He rlly took it seriously with losing his v card and he didn’t regret it a little after waiting it to lose it to/ with you <3
So after years, only having sex with you , he still never ever gets boring to do it with you! Also never gets boring to see your beautiful body! Yes, your body is beautiful and sexy to him! If you lose or gain weight, chubby or having abs, anything on you is so pretty that he could look at you for hours
So after along day, husband! kuroo fucks you on your big,comfy bed. even if he is maybe tired, he never gets tired to have this moment with you, to feel his partner and his soulmate this close and making love. He loves the missionary because as cheesy as it sounds, he likes to look at your face and kiss every inch of it. To your forehead, to your nose, cheeks and ofc your lips. He likes to have a little make out season with his position and still trust in you with his cock and how you cry underneath him because it just feel so good !
To have sex with you is just one of the best thing for him and he loves to do it with you. He is just so happy that he waited to have sex with the right person, you. And it makes it more better with the thought that he can do it as your handsome husband ! :)
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chaoticevilorange · a day ago
Haikyuu x reader
First time spending the night with you
Time flies when you're with him, after the movie you noticed how late it was you tell him he should stay, it will be so much fun! Everything was nice and easy until you both get sleepy
He's nervous, he says he can sleep on the couch, dies a little on the inside when you tell him it's okay if he sleeps with you in the bed, blushes bright red refusing several times mumbling something about waiting until marriage or something, you're pretty sure you broke him
Yamaguchi, Asahi, Ennoshita, Yamamoto, Goshiki, Koganegawa
Respectfully declines, but then he changes his mind when you give him puppy eyes and a small pout, cuddles you wrapping his arms around your middle asking if you're comfortable before drifting to sleep
Daichi, Sugawara, Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, Yaku, Aran, Kita, Aone
He's the one who asks if he can sleep with you, he wants to hold you and wants to know if you trust him enough to take this big new step in your relationship, he doesn't show excitement but you can see his eyes light up when you tell him to follow you to your room
Hanamaki, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Ushijima, Kenma, Akaashi, Suna, Sakusa
He gives you puppy eyes saying he is sleepy and asks if he can use you as his personal blanket while holds you on the couch, you chuckle saying he can sleep with you on your bed, he wiggles his eyebrows making you blush and punch his arm, he has to promise you he won't get handsy "scouts promise" he never was an scout...
Matsukawa, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Satori, Kuroo, Atsumu, Osamu
Even if you're both sleepy you have energy left to 'watch another movie' you decided to grab a blanket for you both, neither of you noticed when did you fall asleep so you find yourself next morning squished against his chest while he snores softly
Kyotani, Tanaka, Hinata, Lev, Bokuto, Futakuchi, Semi
Yes, I'm alive! Had to take a break to hype about Dr Strange ✨✨✨
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