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#haikyuu x reader

Fast Forward #8: Should we just do it?

Suna Rintarou: Should we just get married?

He watched you admire the ring on your finger. It hadn’t even been twelve hours since he had proposed and here you were ready to say something entirely stupid, “Let’s just get married today.” He knew you were like this, so impatient; even when dating him you were always one to make the first move.

“Sure.” Suna states, “Why not.”

That’s how he found himself putting on the nice clothes you had set out for him. A simple suit that he wore to practically every formal event and you, dressed in a simple white sundress. He draped his suit jacket over your shoulder; knowing the moment you stepped outside you would be cold and just as he’s closing the front door, his cell phone is ringing.

“Hey Suna, what are you doing today?” Osamu spoke casually, unaware of the shock about to hit him.

“I’m getting married.” You’re tugging Suna’s hand, trying to drag him to the elevators. So impatient he thinks.

Osamu hums, “Oh cool.” Then follows silence, “Wait what? You’re getting married?”

“Married?” There’s a small sound of shuffling, Suna can distinctively tell the voice of Atsumu fighting his brother for the phone, “Where? When?”

You’ve dragged your slow fiancé into the elevators, pressing the first floor button aggressively to the point that Suna has to slap your hand away because you just might break the button, “We’re going to city hall right now.”

“Wait!” Atsumu screams, “Samu get your shit, they’re going right now. Wait for us! It’s at city hall! I swear if you start without us, I will object to this marriage!”

You aren’t sure how, but his friends beat the two of you to the place, probably due to how slow Suna drives. And while you would have enjoyed the official documenting of marriage by yourself with Suna, you’ll make do with how Atsumu was breathing down your neck asking if you were sure you wanted to marry the slow poke.

Miya Osamu: Should we tell everyone we’re having a baby?

It was a secret obviously; you didn’t want to jinx anything until you were farther along. But your fiancé was just dying to let someone know. He doesn’t show it, but the way he’s looking at you, pouting with his eyes pleading if he could just tell his close friends at the dinner table. You squeeze his hand, shaking your head slightly as he deflates.

A problem seemed to grow, the mere suspicions of the men at the table grew when you refused a shot of alcohol and even declined Atsumu’s offer to buy you a cocktail instead. Everyone knew you were a drinker, so the fact that you weren’t drinking meant something.

“Here’s your drink.” The waitress sets down a cocktail in front of you.

You quickly turn to her, “Sorry, I didn’t order this.”

“It’s on the house, he paid for it.” Her finger points to Atsumu, now this man was staring basically egging you on to drink the cocktail.

Maybe if you could accidentally spill the drink you could get out of the situation but before your fingers can wrap around the class, Osamu takes he drink. All eyes staring at the way he begins to chug the drink, droplets spill from the side of his mouth. How were you going to explain this. As if it wasn’t suspicious that your lightweight fiancé was downing the most alcohol that he’s had that night.

“Samu.” You whisper a few minutes later as he hangs his head on the table, “Honey?” He groans, he can already feel the heat reaching up to his cheeks, “Why don’t we tell them? Hm?”

He’s standing straight up now, knocking the table back as he stands to his feet to gather everyone’s attention. Osamu almost falls over at how fast he stood up but he’s in top shape when he announces to everyone, “We’re having a baby!”

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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐞


𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Usuri Michiru x Reader

𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞; soft angst

𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 507

𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; none!

𝐚/𝐧; this was very self indulgent fnsnfksjd I just really love Usuri


Usuri Michiru.

The name lingers on your tongue not unlike the welcome flavour of tart morning coffee, softened by the warmth of added milk or cream. He always remembered that you never added sugar to your coffee; it was a pointless act to sweeten something you could never taste in comparison to the raw brew - a waste of sugar, a waste of words.

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Pairing: Hajime Iwaizumi x FEM! Reader

Description: You, Y/n L/n, are a second year at Aoba Johsai High. Not to mention, the rising star of the school’s softball team. Except this new popularity flings you into the lime light within the halls of your school which is something that you could really care less for. People are coming from left and right trying to be your friend, but you know it’s because they want to use you. Once you start screwing up in your games you know your peers will never blink an eye at you again.

Word Count: 1,415

A/N: I had such a problem starting this one because I was so nervous about writing characters OOC… Hopefully I didn’t lol anyway enjoy this chapter!

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📢 📢 📢

opening a special corner!

❄︎ 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 ❄︎

details/info: posting of headcanons or oneshots of Haikyuu spending Christmas/Holidays with you!

requests are absolutely open, click here to see about sending in requests! (send some in!)

posting of final works will be 3rd week of December! ♥️ 🥺

  • ps. this corner is specially just for you guys! this corner definitely relies on your requests!
  • a/n: hai hai guys! as I’ve said on the ps, this corner relies on your requests for Christmas or Holidays with Haikyuu shots! will be deleting this tho if no one will send and might have to work on other posts instead! hehe.
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A/N: I managed to finish up an assignment that I thought would take me at least another day more, for that I deserve a reward (or so I have decided)

Miya Atsumu was mostly useless when you were struggling with school work other than being here to boost morale, but we all know that he would probably end up being a distraction than any assistance.

He was, however, rather decent with providing rewards as an aftermath of your pain and agony.

”Told you not to crouch over your laptop.”

”Shut up tsumu…” you mumbled, rolling your neck as his warm palm pressed against the stiff muscles of your shoulders. A silent sigh of content fell off of your lips at the soothing heat on your cramped back. The click of his tongue did not bother you, you would let him run his mouth however he wanted as long as his hands don’t stop. Earnest digits dug into the dip where your neck extended down your spine, earning a shiver as the dull ache seeped into your bones until it spreaded as a numbing shock.

“Rude,” he chuckled against your skin, his thumb pressing along the nape of your neck skillfully. His lips brushed across where the strands of hair faded downwards, each contact making you melt as you finally succumbed to the tireness of your brain. The humming from the man sitting cross legged behind you rang in your ear like a luring buzz, each vibration from the back of his throat leading you one step further down the pool where your senses would no doubt drown.

God bless his setter hands.

You couldn’t help but arch back as sparks elicited on your scalp the moment his fingers weaved past your hair and rubbing gently on your scalp. Just the right amount of calloused, the ten digits that carried his whole heart and passion now serve you and only you.

One kiss at the delicate curve of your earlobe, for making sure your attention was on him.

A dredge of of his middle and ring finger at the sides of your head, just because he knew it could draw out the softest hum from your lips.

The swift pull on your shoulders so that your back was pressed up firmly against his chest, to wrap you up completely in his hold.

If he had a tail, it would probably be tilted up all the way towards the sky when you shifted in his arms to laid your head against his collarbone, your arms around his waist. He was grinning ear to ear, like a child, lips curling up like he wanted to say something but was fighting against it.

But as always, he could never really quite win over the urge to say what’s on his mind. “What should you say after I provided my services, hm?”

His eyes were fixed on you, head tilted to the side as he quirked up his eyebrows. You snorted, flicking the center of his forehead and laughing when he gave an accusatory wince.

“I love you.”

“Thank you, finally,” the exclaim got him a playful elbowing at the side, but his reflexes were always one step ahead of yours when he successfully held onto your wrists before you could retaliate. His face was right in front of yours in an instance, golden eyes looking you up and down, smiling in satisfaction at the brief flickering in your gaze.

“I love you too.”

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1. Christmas Decoration - Kuroo x male reader

2. Decorating Gingerbread houses - Atsumu x male reader

3. Mistletoe - Ushijima x reader

4. Miles away for Christmas - Kageyama x male reader

5. Last Christmas - Hinata x reader

6. Christmas songs - Bokuto x male reader

7. Coming home for Christmas - Akasshi x reader

8. We are gonna be Santa for a Kid - Yamamoto x male reader

9. Christmas Update - Kenma x reader

10. Sexy Santa - Oikawa x reader

11. Cuddling under a warm blanket - Akasshi x male reader

12. Tell me you ordered KFC in advance - Tanaka x reader

13. St Lucia’s day - Nishinoya x male reader

14. Snow angel - Sugawara x reader

15. Building a Snow Army - Lev x male reader

16. Ice skating - Karasuno x male reader

17. Santa’s little elf - Tsukishima x reader

18. You do have a family for Christmas - Sugawara x male reader

19. Christmas Confessions - Iwazumi x reader

20. Getting a Picture with Santa’s elf - Kiyoko x reader

21. Christmas party - Kyotani x male reader

22. Wrapping Presents - Tendou x reader

23. Secret Santa - Tsukishima x male reader

24. Christmas-ie date - Yamaguchi x reader

25. Lazy Mornings - Daichi x male reader

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i- i- i- i can explain? the explanation is i’m a slut for his hands


contains: f!reader, public sex, hopeful exhibitionism, praise, fingering, squirting, implication of facial, mild daddy kink
w/c: 998
listening to: pretty girl - hayley kiyoko

it’s a celebration!


Akaashi had dragged you with him to practice with Bokuto and Hinata, promising to set for them long after Atsumu had gone home for the night, unable to put up with their insane practice schedule for so many nights in a row. You’d seen him play before, sure, but seeing him in an official professional court, the sounds of sneakers against polished gym floors echoing throughout the empty stands, watching his hands expertly accept and return the ball so easily, fingertips extending and stretching, you were rubbing your thighs together, trying to quell your desire from the bench.

Time felt achingly slow while you waited for the olympic level athletes to release your boyfriend so you could claim him for yourself, all but bouncing in your seat and sitting on your hands to stop you from going to the bathroom to touch yourself. Finally, fucking finally, Akaashi said it. “Bokuto-san, Shouyou-kun. It’s getting late. I’m going home.” You easily ignored the cries and complaints of the wing spikers, instead opting to sling Akaashi’s gym bag over your shoulder and skip towards him with a completely filled and chilly water bottle.

“Good game out there,” you complimented, eyes sparkling with the want for something more. Akaashi took a sip from the yellow plastic, wiping the dribble off the lips with the back of his hand as he tried to figure out what it was you wanted.

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𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫


Day one: “Hey, that was really nice of you to do for me”

warning! sexual harrassment (in school)


taglist state: December 1st; Still open. lmao prepare to be disappointed

taglist “witch pot”: @samusimp @hai-q-haikyuu @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @bellesowl @ha-ha-ha-ha-stayin-alive

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TWINKLETOES | kunimi a.


chapter eighteen: good pair

summary: spotting a basic pair of white air forces making their way into the gym has led to her making excuses to step on over and speak to the owner but she finds herself in a knot when worlds collide.


series masterlist | previous | next


“ Aw, you’re going on a little date. “ Hanamaki squeezed you in a hug, babying his voice to how you are finally growing up. His beaming smile darkened into a smirk, his hand went to your cheek, “ Nap date, huh? That sounds like an excuse to fuc— “

You slapped the pink haired male while Matsukawa snickered, his arm was thrown around your shoulders with his finger wiggling in front of your face, “ Tell me if that excuse works, I have to try it out. “ He joked which gained a cackle from his best friend and a groan from you.

Your eyes averted away from the two males and landed onto Kunimi who was folding his arms across his chest with a drowsy expression. Quirking your eyebrow at the sight, you couldn’t help but wonder if he was already tired.

Escaping your best friends while ignoring their beckoning calls, you caught up to Kunimi who spared a weak smile before yawning quietly.

“ Come on, hurry up— Mattsun and Makki are teasing me. “ You tugged on his hand as he yawned once more into his free palm before waving lazily at the two best friends who were cackling at the sight of you and Kunimi.

He pouted down at you with a drained expression, “ We’re just going to nap together, what is the hurry? “ He discreetly started to tighten the grip of your collided hands while you led him out of the school gate.

Throwing your head back to meet with his gaze, “ The moment we step into my house— we are dating. That is the hurry Kunimi, the hurry is that. “ He rolled his eyes at your statement, still allowing you to drag him behind you.

The silence was comfortable but it didn’t help that he was already growing sleepy by the thought of napping as a date.

Kunimi tried to distract himself from growing any more tired that his eyes averted onto the small shops that were by and one stood out to him— a convenience store.

He stepped forward to which you raised your eyebrow at the sudden gain of speed he had taken and he guided you into the small shop. The bell chimed the moment the two of you entered and greeted the worker behind the cashier, he pulled you into the isles and released your hand, “ Choose what you want, I will be getting meat buns. “

With that he walked out but you quickly shouted for him to get some for you too, you started to scan the isles with a sharp eye to what seemed good for you two. Choosing the items, you made your way to him who was already digging into his backpack.

You also started to follow suit and dug into your bag but he snatched your items, paying for them already with a teasing expression with his tongue out. “ You didn’t have to do that.. “ You frowned at the bag that was being handed into his hand but his free hand took yours and he shrugged, “ Don’t worry about it, this won’t be the first time this happens. “

Your eyes sparkled on how sweet he was but he took notice of your gaze that he let go of your hand to— flick your forehead. Returning his hand into the rightful position of your palm, he led the way to your house.

“ Wait, won’t be the first time.. You mean you’re actually committing to this marriage with me. “ You grinned at him and he nodded his head with a soft sigh, muttering a quiet yes.


“ Why are you already on my bed.. “

You stared at Kunimi already curled up under the comforter of your bed with a teddy bear in his arms. He was staring over at you while you folded your uniform neatly by your desk and he simply shrugged, “ You said to get comfortable. “

Rolling your hues at his retort, you finished your clothing and patted it once as a task successfully done and made your way over to sit beside him and his arms immediately let go of the stuffed animal and wrapped themselves around your waist.

You stifled a small laugh under your breath, placing your hand into the roots of his locks of hair and started to play with the dark strands, “ For someone who never hugged me, you’re quite cuddly already. “ You teased with a smug grin but he was quick to pinch your thigh causing you to yelp.

“ Get under the blanket and hug me. “

“ So you’re finally taking the husband role, good for you. “

“ Nevermind. “

Joining him under the comforter, not even a second later his head was already on your chest and his gaze flickered up to meet with yours, “ We’re premaritally cuddling, we’re going to hell. “ He muttered and you nodded your head in agreement with a content sigh, “ Finally, you are accepting that we are going to die together. “

He deadpanned at your comment, realizing that you aren’t going to end your joke of being together forever soon but he wasn’t complaining. Kunimi shifted himself from your chest to lay on the pillow with an arm behind his head, throwing his free arm to extend around your shoulders and pull you to his side.

Blinking at the sudden action he had done, you beamed, “ You want me to be little spoon now? “ And he glared down at you with an intense stare, initially he wanted to be little spoon but he wanted you to be cuddled against him and not him against you.

Just for the moment.

He felt your legs be thrown over his own, having your nose dig deep into the crook of his neck and he yawned, “ You’re pretty slow if you think I’m going to let you be little spoon the whole day. “

Shrugging your shoulders as you quickly peck his check, “ All I heard is that you think I’m pretty. “ You said once you returned to your rightful spot to inhale his scent that you were already hooked on. He closed his eyes with his arm tightening around your form, “ Oh 100%. “



fun fact <3:

— tooru took more photos of kunimi and y/n and sent it to the volleyball club gc

— kindaichi went emo when he found out that kunimi skipped WITH PERMISSION for a girl 😔

— y/n slapped a piece of tape on her forehead earlier that day saying “ soon to be taken “ tooru ripped it off.


tags-list <3: [OPEN]

@kageyama-i-want-tobiors @alyssasteaparty @mint-mai @runningwitches @lovinnoya @goopy465 @that-chick212 @tachiharaa @moronsuke @thatonearieschild @vvenusblue @envy-brr @tadashi-simp @onthestxrs @sunakissses

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I shouldn’t be picky but usually I like to look at the guys eyes first because that’s usually the most attractive part for me.

Like I said before my favorite thing is heterochromia, I know some people are insecure about it but I feel like it’s so beautiful. You don’t just have one color you have two and it’s amazing

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Halloween Special Masterlist


Tsukishima Kei always does his job.

In the very beginning, if you could possibly create a timeline in the loneliness of his existence alongside the living, he felt what he had learn humans call resentment. 

Every life he took, he felt what could only be described as guilt running through his empty vessel, coating every part of his existence. Every panicked pair of eyes he spotted, every tear shed by the friends and family, they all added to the immense culpability on his shoulders. 

It left an interesting question, one that he had been able to wonder about at the time - was it truly his fault? After all, it’s not as if he chose who died and who lived, he simply moved mechanically through the world as the clocks above everyone’s heads ran out. He didn’t just wander around and glance at someone and suddenly decided their time had ran out, that would go against how meticulous he had grown to be.


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This is my third Haikyuu!! server collab!\(*^▽^*)/

The prompt for this is “You woke me up at 3am for this?” I wanted to do something fluffy and maybe a bit crack-y, so here it is heheh. Since it’s been getting cold lately, I thought it would be nice to write a little something about knitting because colder weather is knitting weather heheh.

Thank you to Bri @sempiternal-amour​ for the wonderful idea about Futakuchi and knitting and being himself heheh! (ω゜) Your mind works in such beautiful ways!

I always had a small crush on Futakuchi, but when you talk about him, I suddenly find myself liking him more. What’s one more boy living in my head without paying for rent, right? Heheh! (• ε •)

The other fics in this collab can be found here! Please check out the rest of the fics and send our server’s many talented writers your love.

This got a little long, so it’s under the cut!

Character(s): Futakuchi Kenji
Relationship: Futakuchi/Female Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warning(s): -

You may or may not have a hoarding problem when it comes to purple yarn. Either way, your boyfriend just thinks knitting is lame and tells you as much.

Word Count: 2.5k

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