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amalthea-000 · 2 days ago
— want u to want me 2
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst, some type of fluff, fwb, timeskip! semi x reader
☞ 📍tw📍: unrequited love(??), swearing, mentions of sex, suggestive, internal struggle, pining (one sided, duh??)
☞ precis: as usual you caught feelings to the man who warms your bed. 
wc: 487 words
note: please dni if you are uncomfortable with topics like these, ur comfort first!! this is part of @ohajime collab check here for more. hope u like it <3
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Tumblr media
the signs were there but you're just too stubborn to accept it, you're in denial but you already knew that you were going to fall first. no matter how many pep talks you'd give yourself in front of a mirror, deep down, you knew that your heart was too soft, especially for him.
"I know you know how i feel, eita."
you didn't have the strength to face him, he was arms-length away but it feels like miles. you knew that he's gonna be hard to reach that's why you settled for this arrangement. at least you have him even at late hours of the night, warming each other's bed and sharing an intimate relationship without any strings. because no matter how you want to tie him to you, there was no string thick enough to tie him down.
you grip the sheets tighter to your body, waiting for his response.
"i don't wanna lose you."
five words you wanted to hear in another circumstance. your shaky hands wipe the stray tears away from your face. you wanted to believe that he was saying that sentimentally but no, you knew that he meant, you were a just great fuck. he never missed a day where he would voice out his feelings about how you were the best pussy he's ever had, even if sometimes you two were just joking around.
it wasn't a joke. because the only joke was you believing that his words meant something more.
you often told yourself that it feels like winning having semi eita beside you in bed, every night. an intimate act shared by the two of you, but there was no tenderness, because why would you feel so empty waking up alone in your bed, not even a sign of the night before, not even a sign of him. and day by day, you felt like losing to a game that you proposed in the first place.
is this what desperation feels like? if it is, then you want out. the shame crawling from your soles to the crown of your head makes you curl up, in hopes of being swallowed by the earth. the way you're always open for semi, ignoring all the rose-colored flags just to have him by your side. the thoughts running through your head sends you to overdrive, he puts you to overdrive, both in pleasure and in pain.
you took a deep breath, got up, and started to get dressed. you started this, you best be the one to end it.
"i think we should stop this, eita."
your eyes met his honey-colored ones, you always thought how good they looked on nights, he's on top of you, blown out with lust but still shines like he's giving you his all. unfortunately, that's the only time you get to gaze at them, 'cause he never spared you a glance even in broad daylight.
Tumblr media
note: thanks for 900!! well whadya think?? as usual my sup par writing is meh HAHAHAH but yeah i love this song sm!!! take care everyone. will edit this when i can hehe. if u want to join the taglist just send an ask!! thanks so much for reading huhu
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit @gayerthanthee @iiishaa @dai-tsukki-desu @kerokenma @edimeow @crapimahuman @samus-bub @kirakirasaku @bbyhaji @erinoikawa @miyadarling @singularly-gifted-witch @jesssobs
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milktyama · 20 hours ago
synopsis: it was time to move on to a new beginning outside of Japan.
a/n: this is part of @kohi-zeri change collab!! heavy references to bts' moving on. dividers show where the flashback starts and ends.
pairing: kageyama tobio x reader
genre: slight angst, fluff, established relationship, it is 70% flashbacks, manga spoilers
wc: 1.3k
Tumblr media
The sharp sound of packaging tape zipped through your ears for the nth time today. Kageyama was taping up the second last box in the room next to you, proceeding to carry it out and gently laid it down in the small living room.
You were organizing the last box in your shared room, putting away small items such as framed photos and notable decor items. Placing the last photo inside, you took a look around your now empty room. The appearance of the white empty walls reminded you of the first time you came inside the apartment.
Tumblr media
You excitedly pranced around the empty rooms. Spinning and twirling in the middle of them while your boyfriend was in the living room talking to the house dealer (is that what they were called?). Your eyes scanned around, already visualizing how you would set up the room.
A big bed in the middle, a desk over there, maybe some photos hanging in the opposite wall, a pretty mirror beside the closet, a-
“So how do you feel about the place?” Kageyama’s strong arms wrapped your figure from behind. His body matched the side-to-side movements of yours, slowly rotating a 360 as you softly hummed.
You thought that the place was perfect. It wasn’t too big or too small, and it was a reasonable walking distance from the station. There was enough sunlight that came into the bedroom and the living room, making sure that during the day the apartment had a lively aura to it. The kitchen was small but it had functional features.
“It’s great. I like it,” you turned your body so you were giving him a proper hug and smiled at him as you tilted your head up to meet his ocean eyes. Kageyama led you out of the bedroom into the living room and out into the connected balcony.
The soft west breeze kissed your skin as you were greeted by the early sunset. The place wasn’t luxurious or any kind of fancy. It was your average apartment complex in the middle of Tokyo, for your maybe not so average couple consisting of one of Japan’s up-and-coming top setters and a regular civilian.
It wasn’t luxurious or fancy whatsoever, but it was enough for the both of you. Simple but with all the pros of an apartment in Japan. It was perfect because you two liked the place.
Tumblr media
That was three years ago.
That memory seemed like it was just yesterday. Looking back, you two truly grew a lot. What once seemed big all those years ago, now your ambitions grew along with your achievements. The times you two sat on the couch watching replays on the TV are now fleeting memories that you want to keep a tight hold on. The familiar smell of the apartment mixed with your and his own was a scent you never want to forget.
Taping up the box, you carried it out of the room and headed towards the living room where Kageyama was sorting out the last bits of paperwork, looking at the stack of papers with a slightly confused expression. He was never the best at sorting them out but he always tried his best. Now that the two of you were about to move into a whole new country, you thought about all the new struggles that were about to come and how now you two needed the other even more to get through them together.
“Ok I think we got everything sorted out,” he said as he slid the pen in hand on top of his ear. Standing up from the chair, Kageyama’s hand went towards yours and tried to take the box from you. You gave him the box and gently rested your hand on his back, looking at the area where your couch in the living room used to lay.
Tumblr media
You laid across the couch in the dimly lit living room as you were watching whatever show that was playing on the television. It was late into the night and you were waiting for Kageyama to come back from his away game. He told you to go to sleep since you could simply see him in the morning but you insisted on waiting.
The show was gradually becoming more and more boring. The same old Japanese variety show with bizarre ideas that sometimes make you wonder how they got approved to be shown on TV. Then again no children would be awake at 3am in the morning watching these types of shows on a Sunday night.
Your eyes started to slowly droop and became heavy. Maybe a little nap wouldn’t hurt while you waited for him. You finally caved in to the fatigue that was started to spread throughout your body and shut your eyes, the burn from them bringing a strange relief.
As your mind was about to shut down, you heard the door creak open and a set of footsteps coming in. Kageyama’s soft voice echoed through the apartment but your eyes wouldn’t budge from their closed position anymore. The footsteps now approached your figure on the couch, a small giggle came from him as he stared at your half-sleeping figure.
“I told you to not wait for me. Don’t complain to me in the morning if you have a sore neck.”
As you were about to open your tired mouth to protest, you felt a strong pair of arms on your sides, picking you up from the couch and carefully trying to carry you without waking you up. His movements were slow and tender as if he really didn’t want to interrupt your sleep, though you were only half asleep.
Though his body warmth brought great comfort to you, your body melts into his touch and the tiredness spreaded more. Your mind felt a little dizzy but a secure arm around the back of your head soothed the slight uncomfort it had.
Kageyama laid your body into your shared bed and tucked into the blankets, making sure you wouldn't get cold but also leaving enough space for you to move around to get comfortable on your own. He pecked the center of your forehead and walked away to clean himself up before joining you in bed, looking forward to finally being able to wake up beside you once again.
Tumblr media
Small tears pricked your eyes at the sweet memory. You two have really grown attached to this place. After all, it held so many dear moments that you would never forget and it was in a place you call home, Japan. But now it was time to move on to higher places.
Kageyama had decided to play for another country, and you were going to follow him there. The place you now called home was a place you two would look back to and look at with fond eyes and wrenching hearts. Three years is a long time but it also felt so short. It was unmistakable that one day you two would move out into a bigger place whether it was in Japan or outside. But this was just another step in life you needed to take.
As daunting as the change may feel, it was something you two needed to do moving forward with your lives. The apartment was now empty and dusted clean, but now it was time to seek a new beginning. And as scary as change was a scary thing to face, what was important is that as long as you two were together, that anything that happens will turn out alright, in Japan or not.
As you took your last step outside of the apartment, you took one long last look inside. The bittersweet feeling filled up your throat but as you took a deep breath and exhaled, it wasn’t an unwelcome feeling.
“It is time to move on and into a new beginning,” you said to Kageyama as you listened to the last click of the door fill your ears one last time.
Tumblr media
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lilies-and-rosies · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
CONTENT: hugging them before they leave to work but not letting go with time-skip! Haikyuu
GENRE: fluff
READER: gender neutral
NOTE: reblogs and likes are very much appreciated (*´ω`*)
Tumblr media
Let’s you take your sweet time. They don’t mind if they go late to work, as long as you are happy with their warmth, they’re fine being a couple minutes late.
+ Sugawara, Bokuto, Aran, Aone, Tanaka, Hanamaki, Kuroo, Yachi, Asahi
Says 10 more seconds and then you have to let go. Those 10 seconds end up being 20 or more minutes
+ Kageyama, Semi, Suna, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Tsukishima, Akaashi
Let’s you hug them for a few more minutes but then gives you a strong squeeze and a kiss on top of your head and tells you that they really have to go now
+ Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Daichi, Ushijima, Osamu, Sakusa
Calls in sick and stays home with you. Cuddles you the whole day
+ Tendou, Bokuto, Hinata, Sugawara, Nishinoya, Atsumu, Lev, Konoha, Terushima
They promise you that when they get back home they’ll let you hug them as long as you want
+ Asahi, Daichi, Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Kyotani, Yamaguchi,
They let you hug them for a few more seconds but then let go and leave for work. As they’re driving to their way to work, they start to regret not letting you hug them for a couple of more minutes
+ Tsukishima, Kyotani, Kenma, Osamu, Semi, Sakusa
Tumblr media
© lilies-and-rosies 2021 ; do not repost or modify my work on any platform. 
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amjustagirl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Sakusa Kiyoomi loses his wedding ring. 
Pairing: Sakusa / f! reader
Genre: Unadulterated fluff
Wordcount: 600
Link to Masterlist
Previously: Sakusa Kiyoomi. Bokuto Koutaro. Kuroo Tetsuro. Akaashi Keiji
Tumblr media
You open the door to find your home in a complete mess. 
The sofa is slanted (Omi loves his right angles so he’s going to scream), the coffee table is upended (how did it even do that), hell, even your frying pans are scattered all over the kitchen floor. Your first thought is that you’ve been burgled. In hindsight, that’s a pretty laughable assumption – come on, no burgler would be take the trouble of excavating the contents of your fridge.  
But at this juncture, rational thought escapes you as you barge into the house with shoes askew, because Omi should be home by now and if anyone dares to harm even one precious, curly strand of hair on his head you will stab them with your sharpest stilettos– 
“Omi, what’s going on?” 
Sakusa Kiyoomi, all of six foot four, stares up at you from under your bedframe with the air of a mournful cat, one that’s lost its favourite toy and desperately needs its owner’s help to hunt it down.  
You stifle the demented laugh that’s threatening to tear its way through your chest, choosing instead to take a seat on the floor next to your husband, who only huffs instead of verbalizing his complaints. 
“You wanna tell me what happened, darling?” 
He wriggles out from beneath the bed, deliberately avoiding your gaze. “Hey, none of that”, you coo, cupping his cheeks to gently turn his face towards you. “You know you can tell me anything right? What’s bothering you, Omi?” 
You can feel the heat diffusing from his cheeks to the skin of your fingertips when he mumbles almost shamefacedly – “I lost my wedding ring”. 
“Oh”, you tilt your head, mildly confused. “Okay. Shall we get another one then?” 
Kiyoomi glances at you in surprise, mouth falling open. 
“You’re not mad?” 
Your brows pinch together. “No, not at all…Why would I be?” 
“My wedding ring is supposed to be a symbol of my commitment to you, to our marriage”, each syllable trembling with the stress he places on it. “And – and I lost it”. 
“Oh, Kiyoomi”. You drop an affectionate kiss to each dark mole on his face, your way of comforting your husband when he loses himself in his head, when worries plague his mind. 
“It’s just a piece of metal, sweetheart. Who cares if you lose it? Our vows to each other haven’t changed. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer –“
“I’ll love and honour you all the days of my life”, he murmurs, a soft smile on his face. 
You find yourself blinking away tears.
“Until death do us part, Omi. Nothing is going to change that. Not you losing your ring, nothing.” 
You gather him into your arms, let him tuck his head under your chin. You count your lucky stars that this beautiful, sweet man has deemed you fit to be the caretaker of his heart for life. 
You both stay that way for a while, Omi curled up in your arms, pliant and completely content until your stomach growls in protest. 
“We’re gonna need to clean the kitchen up so I can feed myself, as much as I love snuggling on the floor.”
Omi makes a sound of protest. 
“Come on, up! Hey, maybe the vacuum cleaner got hungry too and ate your ring – “
You regret your words as Omi strides off, snapping on a pair of gloves, glaring malevolently at the innocent robot vacuum. 
Tumblr media
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elektrosonix · 2 months ago
— they hug you out of the blue.
[angst/comfort. gn!reader.] [note: go read similar thing by @lilies-and-rosies]
Tumblr media
BOKUTO KOTARO — wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you closely into his embrace. you’re slightly taken off guard but you comply, feeling his chin on the top of your head. “i miss you a lot sometimes,” he says quietly. “even if it’s only been a few hours.” you hum into his warm chest to indicate you feel that way too, and you let him hold you.
TANAKA RYUUNOSUKE — reached out to you — you didn’t realize he had been planning to hug you until he’d pulled you all the way into his embrace. “i love you so much. how are you… how are you real?” you could feel him gently burrowing his face into your neck and you tightened your arms around his back. you wanted to tell him that you were real and that you loved him back with everything you had, but it felt like the best way to do that was to just stay right there in his arms.
SUGAWARA KOUSHI — was hiding his tears from you, hooking his chin over your shoulder. you felt him take a shaky breath — his chest was against you, so it was hard to miss — and then he said, “i’m sorry i can’t be good enough for you.” you could feel tears in your own eyes as you assured him that he was good enough — that you didn’t expect him to be perfect, that you couldn’t ask for more from him. his arms around yours tightened and he thanked you for everything.
OIKAWA TOORU — couldn’t kiss you anymore. his lips were quivering and he didn’t want you to notice, so he brushed his mouth down your cheek and squeezed you into his arms. he sniffled and you knew what it meant. “i love you. you know that, right?” you said, and you received no response except a quiet gasp and a firmer hold into your body. you knew things could get hard for him — but you wanted to be there every step of the way.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI — was never the biggest fan of physical touch, but he felt like his words weren’t enough right now. you appeared to be almost defensive at first, unsure of why he was coming towards you, but you melted instantly once you figured it out. he ran his hands up and down your back, forgetting everything but the feeling of you in his arms. he’d missed this.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME — seemed mad. you had told him he shouldn’t have worried, that you could take care of yourself, but from the way he pulled you tightly into his chest and kissed the top of your head several times, it was clear that he hadn’t managed to do as you said. “you can’t just disappear like that,” he said. “what if something happened?” you assured him that no matter what, you’d always come back to him, and he didn’t have to worry. “i don’t want to lose you,” he whispered.
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI — usually asked if it was okay to touch you, but today he embraced you out of the blue. it wasn’t uncomfortable — only strange, because he was usually so predictable. something must be going on, from what you could tell by the way his hands strongly held your back and he kissed your cheek and nose and the top of your head and his breathing was deep. you could even feel his heart beating much faster than normal. “i love you, y/n,” he murmured. you didn’t know what to say, but whatever was happening, you would stand by him in every way you could.
Tumblr media
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inuhmaki · 3 months ago
captains + yachi
yachi hitoka | kuroo tetsurō | bokuto kōtarō | daishō suguru | ushijima wakatoshi | daichi sawamura
they accidentally confess to you
(CREDIT TO ORIGINAL; NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA [pls lmk bc i know i’ve seen it before but i can’t find it ;-;])
Tumblr media
#; *YACHI HITOKA* [<3]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reblogs help others see my work xx
feedback and notes are HIGHLY APPRECIATED~
requests are open!!
i love you MWAH
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ellewords · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys + grocery shopping
Tumblr media
fic notes : timeskip!kuroo, ushijima, oikawa + gn!reader, pure fluff, headcanons, wc: ~0.35k each
contains : mentions of food, swearing
from elle !  i’m not even joking when i say grocery dates are one of my ideal dates :<< there’s just something so domestic and comforting about them idk?? just the idea of buying things together for your home ugh !! this and like assembling furniture + decorating (which now that i mention it, i might make hcs for too) just lives in my head rent free :(( i have not been able to escape yesterday’s domestic brainrot it seems ;-;
Tumblr media
➹  kuroo t.
i just know this mf sneaks things into the cart when you’re not looking >:( and he’s good at it too !! you don’t even notice until checkout or when you get home and at that point you’re kind of impressed so you can’t be too mad.
sometimes you wonder why you take him on these grocery shopping trips but then you remember,, height ; ask him to reach anything from the top shelves please it makes him feel nice when you ask for help even if he’s a lil shit about it sometimes
king of cheesy food related pick up lines !! you’re convinced he actually looks up a few before your little trips
you’re in the produce section when kuroo calls out your name, “hey yn!”
“what is it tetsu?” you sigh, knowing exactly where this was headed.
“i love you from my head tomatoes.” kuroo grins, holding up a couple of tomatoes to your face.
give him a lil peck on the cheek and his face will match the tomatoes >:)
gets super excited when you walk down the pets section/aisle
“any reason why you’re staring at dog food? you know we can’t eat that right, tetsu?”
“i’m just saying, no harm in getting a little friend.”
“we’re gone most of the day for work, who’s going to take care of it?”
“…the ghosts in our apartment?”
pats your head when you find a good deal on something ;-; like he’s actually so proud that you’re saving money ?? 
making fun of weird brand names !!! please your laughter can be heard from three aisles down sigh
holds your hand the entire time !! you better practice grabbing items with just one hand because he’s not letting you go asdfgh
stares at you constantly,, you’d be looking at two different cans of soup and to him it’s the most interesting sight in the world because wow have you always been this adorable?
you carry an equal amount of grocery bags, but he lets you have the lightest ones so he can show off how strong he is ;-; you try to make it a one trip thing as much as possible though.
➹  ushijima w.
okay first of all, why does he strike me as the type to shop at those super expensive, mostly organic grocery stores (yk the ones)
has one of those loyalty / points cards,, makes sure you don’t leave your place without it !! he will turn the car around even if you’re already in the parking lot when you realize that you had forgotten it at home >:(  
if you have a list, don’t expect on buying items that aren’t on it ; will give you the look™ if he sees you eyeing something up that you have no original intentions of buying / isn’t on the list
hit him with the 🥺 and maybe he’ll reconsider
“do we really need a bag of extra large marshmallows, yn?”
“we have graham crackers and chocolate, we can make s’mores!”
ushijima’s the one to push the cart and you kind of just present him with the items that you needed to buy, don’t ask to ride the cart he will say no:<< 
“come on toshi, just for a few seconds?”
“isn’t that for little kids, yn? 
he’s actually just afraid of his own strength and fears that you’ll crash into a display or something awe :’(
also he strikes me as the insanely loyal to one particular brand and if you buy anything else he looks at you all confused like ???
but ushijima is honestly such a sweetheart though, constantly asking you if you’re tired from all the walking around and constantly assuring you that it won’t take any longer, that you only had a few more aisles to go. <3
sometime he cracks a small blink-and-you’ll-miss-it smile when you’re down in the dessert aisle because your eyes really just lit up and woah he loves you a lot doesn’t he? fine, you can get an extra tub of ice cream
the journey from your car to the apartment is just one quick trip because he can carry all those plastic bags on his own. we stan a strong boy, won’t let you lift a single finger he also pretty much considers it as a workout >:)
➹  oikawa t. 
you think getting groceries will take an hour maybe two tops?? nope, not with oikawa. four hours is the minimum.
he takes his self-care shopping very seriously okay ?? genuinely reads everything on the labels and thoughtfully weighing out the pros and cons of every single product. 
you lose him in the toiletries section ; he’s on a quest to find the best smelling body wash and who were you to stop him from doing so,, you kind of get to benefit from it too ???
“he’s a grown man, he can find his way back.” you mutter to yourself, noticing that he was no longer trailing behind you.
“f/n l/n, please come to the customer service center, your child is here.”
“but i don’t have a child???” 
oh no…he wouldn’t…
oh, yes, he would. you’ll see oikawa with a pout on his lips and his arms crossed over his chest. “you left me…”
don’t worry, he’s not actually upset, he’s just messing with you grrr >:( the people at customer service had to keep from laughing when making the announcement,, he sends them a lil wink when you come to pick him up ugh get your mans already
easily swayed by nice packaging when it comes to food !! you threatened to have him blindfolded once because of this and he just wiggled his brows at you. 
and if you ever come across a product he endorses… good luck :<<
“baby! we have to buy this!!”
“and why is that, tooru?”
“it has my signature on the box, look!!”
“don’t they send twenty of these to our house every month?”
he really wants to ride the cart, but the pr team wouldn’t like that so he settles on offering to push you instead… and please do, it would make him so so happy all his fans go soft over it too because awe !!! <33
in terms of how many trips it takes to get all your groceries inside: multiple. he’s not breaking his arms carrying all those bags at the same time and you insist on carrying a few as well,, oikawa sees it as an extension of your date so he does it with a smile <3
Tumblr media
—  see if you can request something here.
Tumblr media
taglist : @haikyuutothetop @crystal-lilac​ @tobioespresso @sushijimawakatoshi @itsmeaudrieee @pantherhappy
join my hq taglist here. <3
Tumblr media
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bokutosworld · 4 months ago
unexpected visit | sakusa k. 
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x f!reader word count, genre: 1.3k words, family au, fluff. warning: pregnancy mention.  summary: what was supposed to be an ordinary training day became a day full of surprises when sakusa’s little girl came running through the gym doors.
Tumblr media
It’s almost lunchtime when the doors to the MSBY training gym opens and a shrill, cheery shout takes the attention of the players away from the practice match. 
“Papa!” The source of the voice comes running inside, her little feet taking her from across the door to the middle of the court where Sakusa was standing dumbfounded. His eyes are blown wide and it wasn’t until Atsumu chuckles and nudges his shoulder that he comes back to reality and catches his daughter in his arms. 
Shiomi’s eyes are sparkling with delight and her smile is as bright as the sun that the mere sight of it is enough to rid Kiyoomi of his exhaustion. He finds himself letting out his own chuckle, wiping her face of sweat and brushing away few strands of hair that have fallen astray on her face. 
“What are you doing here? Where’s your Mom?” 
As if on cue, heavy footsteps echo in the gym, you stop by the doors, panting as you’ve just tried to keep up with your energetic child. You fix your stance, ready to scold Shiomi who was now nuzzled close to your husband’s chest when Bokuto and Hinata come to your side. They help take the heavy bag slung on your shoulders and lead you towards a bench. 
Your husband catches the piercing look in your eyes and turns to his daughter, “What did you do?”
But when she lets out an innocent grin and her pleading eyes, Sakusa could not find it in himself anymore to get mad at her.
Due to the sudden but welcome interruption, the coaches decided to let the team have an early break. The players dispersed, some sprawled out on the floor and others exiting the venue to head towards the cafeteria. 
However, much to Sakusa’s dismay, his three buddies—Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata—insisted on tagging along on his supposed alone time with his family. Shiomi, on the other hand, was very excited to play and spend time with her uncles. In fact, the four-year-old was very much taken with the setter who always seemed to entertain her and shower her with affection. 
The group of you settled on having lunch by the park just across the gym. The boys were surprised by your preparedness, having brought a blanket which you laid on the grass and took out different bento boxes. 
As the boys gasped in awe of the food sitting right before their eyes, you apologized, “I don’t know if I made enough. We just came here on a whim because someone,” your eyes narrowed at your girl who only hid behind Atsumu. “Was crying so much and wanted to go see her father. I just used whatever’s left in our refrigerator, I hope this is okay.” 
Bokuto clapped his hands and said a quick thank you, “Don’t sweat it, Sakusa-san. This is more than enough.” 
“Besides, we also have our own lunch. We’ll just have a taste of some,” Hinata added and the boys proceeded to eat. 
You felt a hand slide around your waist, pulling you close and before you knew it, you were leaning on Sakusa’s side. He presses a kiss on your temple, “Thanks for this.” 
“No problem.” 
The whole lunch break passed by in a blink of an eye. Shiomi truly enjoyed the presence of her three uncles who indulged her childish stories. Atsumu kept her close by, placing her on his lap as she talked about the cartoon that she watched that morning. Bokuto and Hinata were listening intently, occasionally making her double over in laughter with their jokes. 
Meanwhile, you and your husband were cuddling and taking shade under the tree. The two of you sat in silence, with Kiyoomi’s arms wrapped around you and his hand caressing your arm was making you sleepy. The soft breeze from the wind makes you slightly shiver and Kiyoomi notices this. 
“Are you cold?” 
“What do you think,” you playfully retort. 
You catch the way his eyes crinkle in amusement at your reply. He shakes his head, “And you wonder where our kid gets her sarcastic side.” 
“I hate you.” 
He hums, “You love me.” In a rare display of public affection, he tilts your face toward his, pulling you close to him and leaning until his lips are only few centimeters away from yours. 
Only then, Shiomi comes tumbling in to Sakusa’s lap. 
“Papa, let’s go! Uncle Atsumu says it’s time for practice again!” 
Sakusa groans, sending a glare towards Atsumu who only responded with a shrug of his shoulders. 
“Okay, sweetheart,” he stands up and takes Shiomi by her hand. “Why don’t you go ahead with them? I’ll help Mommy with the bags.” 
She pouts and pretends to think it over a minute before bouncing on her heels and going to Atsumu’s side. 
You snicker, “I swear, Shiomi only listens to you. It’s clear that you’re her favorite parent.” 
Sakusa is taking the lunch boxes and placing them neatly inside the eco-bag. “Can’t beat Atsumu, though. If he offered to take her away for the weekend, I’m sure Shiomi will go with him. No questions asked.” 
“Hm, that wouldn’t be so bad though.” You easily slip your hand in his, giving it a little squeeze before leaving the park. “We could ask Atsumu to babysit for one weekend, and we could, you know.” You send a teasing smirk his way and he catches on, tugging you closer by the waist.
“Oh? I like the sound of that.” 
The two of you continue walk in sync, a few steps behind Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata who were all taking turns holding Shiomi’s hand. You smiled at the sight, thankful that Kiyoomi’s friends adored your daughter. 
You jump in surprise when you feel a hand on your stomach. Stopping in your tracks, you watch Sakusa feel for your tiny bump. 
“You shouldn’t tire yourself out anymore,” he worries, remembering how disheveled you look earlier when you appeared in the gym. “It’s bad for you and the baby.” 
It was honestly cute and touching how Sakusa often fusses over you over the littlest things. Your heart warms thinking about how he has been the greatest husband when you were pregnant with Shiomi. Not once did he take his eyes off you, making sure that you didn’t work as hard, and always tried his best to give in to your cravings. When Shiomi was born, Sakusa was over the moon and it amazed you how he doted on and cared for her. 
And with a second child on the way, you could only look forward to see how else Sakusa would exceed your expectations. 
“I know. I’m sorry,” you place your hand on top of his. “But it wasn’t just Shiomi who wanted to see you today, you know.” Reaching inside your bag, you pull out a familiar brown envelope. Sakusa looks at you expectantly, his eyes glued to the paper you were holding. 
“I went to the doctor yesterday and got an ultrasound.” He gasps and turns the paper over his hands, scanning over the sonogram. “We’re having a boy.” 
Sakusa feels warm all over. And he’s embracing you, careful as he wraps his arms around your fragile body, and catches your lips with his. You feel him smile in the kiss and you melt further in to his touch. 
When he breaks away, he leans his forehead on yours, whispering the words you’ve heard hundreds of times but it were words that you will never get tired of, 
“I love you. Always.” 
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sincerelyjuuzou · 3 months ago
the captains with a sleepy s/o
Tumblr media
includes: daichi, oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, ushijima, and kita
warnings: fluff, maybe some crack..? gn!reader
author’s note: i piggy off my sleepy s/o headcanon from my old blog on kuroo and bokuto’s part! (haha i’m plagiarizing myself 😂) this isn’t proofread and kita’s drabble was short bc i was running out of ideas.
Tumblr media
at first he’s kinda confused and a bit concerned too, bc you can literally fall asleep anywhere. overtime he gets used to you taking random naps during the day and finding you during said naps in very unusual places.
he will have someone like kiyoko, asahi, or suga watch over you whenever you fall asleep when he isn’t around just in case.
daichi was on the hunt, he was looking for his dear lover who has the tendency to fall asleep anywhere. while searching he runs into suga who smiles knowingly at him, “if you’re looking for them, they’re in the library on one of the couches in the back.” daichi thanks suga before rushing off towards the library.
he find you exactly where suga said you were. he shakes his head at the sight of you, dead asleep to the world with a book laying on your tummy. “hey babe, wake up it’s time to go home.” he gently shakes you. you let out a few mumbles and grumble before waking up.
“can we nap when we get to your place?” he laughs a bit before nodding. you two left the library hand in hand.
there are two reacts from this man. 1) he would swoon over how cute you look and get his ass beat by iwa or 2) this man is cheeky little bastard and will like scare or startle you. then get his ass beat by iwa.
he really only trust iwaizumi to watch over you if needed. as much as he likes to tease you when randomly fall asleep, he doesn’t like when other people do it.
oikawa chuckled at the sight of you curled up with his jacket on the bench after practice. my my weren’t you just the cutest thing ever? makki walked over, “they’re asleep again? how about we wake them up.” saying as he picked up one of the balls on the court. oikawa glared at him slightly, “no, leave them to me.” makki sighed and walked off. he walks up, quietly making sure not to make any noise before scaring you awake.
“tooru!” you whine as he nearly falls over laughing along with a few of the third years. iwaizumi walks over, smacking oikawa on the head, “let’s go shittykawa, we’ve still got to clean up.” iwa grabs him by his collar before giving you an apologetic look.
oikawa made sure to make it up to you with plenty of kisses and cuddles when you guys got home.
he finds it both hilarious and adorable that you can fall asleep anywhere. but he does worry about your neck and back due to the amount of times he’s found you asleep in the most weird positions.
he tries to keep a watch on you so he doesn’t like leave somewhere (100% has done that before) while he also watches over kenma at times too.
kuroo was trying to help you study for an upcoming exam. he has you working on a few questions each one a little harder than the last. you yawned for what it seemed like the hundredth time wiping away the hot tears that rolled down your cheek. “are you crying?” kuroo asked slightly concerned. “no, ‘m just tired.” you yawned yet again. he chuckled, “just a few more question then we can take a break.”
you nod, both of you getting back to work. you can’t seem to focus on the questions as your eyes struggle to stay open any longer, before closing. kuroo looking through the corner of his eyes, had seen your pencil stop moving. he turned to get a better and saw your head laying to table with you dead alseep.
kuroo shakes his head at you as he started to pack up the books and cleaning the table off. he then picks you up, laying you on his bed before laying with you for a very much needed nap.
will drop everything to take a nap with you. you’re just too cute, how can he not want to take a nap with you, when you look like that! akaashi has to stop bokuto from scooping you into his arms and falling asleep next to you. (has done that once and nearly missed practice bc of that. konoha nearly killed him)
akaashi has to keep an eye on both of you bc once you fall asleep somewhere, bokuto’s not too far behind you.
you had gone to one of their games and was now riding home with them. you and bokuto were cuddling and talking a bit near the back of the bus along with konoha, akaashi, and a few others. you were more listening then talking while you played with his hands.
the rumbling of the bus was soothing enough to bring you to a sleeping state. it wasn’t long until you were asleep cuddled up to bokuto who noticed and had stopped mid-sentence to coo at you a bit.
“akaashi!! akaashi look! look at how cute they are!!” akaashi and others chuckled at him. “yes, bokuto-san, i see. please lower your voice so you don’t wake them.” bokuto nodded eagerly before pulling you closer and continuing to talk with the others.
thinks you’re adorable, he thinks that all the time but you’re cuter asleep. does worry about if you’re getting enough sleep or wonders if it’s a health condition. once you tell him that it’s neither and you can just fall asleep anywhere at anytime, he does worry less about you.
has someone like tendou, reon, or semi to look after you when he’s not around.
practice had just ended and everyone was cleaning up. ushijima looked over to where you were sitting, now alseep. “asleep as usual. say why don’t we wake them?” tendou said eyeing one of the volleyballs on the court, dangerously. ushijima brushed him off befor walking over towards you. “hey love, wake up you fell asleep again.”
you only shuffled a bit before settling. ushijima shakes his head at you. he carefully picks you, bridal style and starts walking towards the dorms.
is used to it with suna but still worries 24/7 about you. the same as ushijima wonders if you have a health condition, or wacky sleep schedule. does calm down a tiny bit after you reassure that is neither and you just fall asleep easier than most.
trusts only aran to watch over you if needed, would never leave you in the hands on the twins or suna.
kita was finishing up some homework he had left as you laid in his bed behind him. you had finished your homework a little bit after him and decided to take nap waiting for him to finish up. once he finishes, he cleans up his desk before joining you a napping session.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tsumushima @shinsousdarling @littlekev @lyricumsabiaflos @littletamaki (if you want to be added, check out the form linked in my pinned/directory!)
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kureyama · 4 months ago
★ accidental love confessions.
Tumblr media
⤹ REQUEST. So maybe the boys accidently confess their love to you via text? 🥺? With Kuroo, Suna, Sakusa and Osamu 🥺? And if you want a fifth one you choose 🥺
⤹ PAIRINGS. gn! reader x kuroo tetsurou, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi and miya osamu
⤹ GENRES. crack, fluff
⤹ WARNINGS. swearing
a/n: tysm for the request anon !!! <3 this is really cute djksks also i did it gn cause you didn’t specify. hope u like it !! ❤️
also a lil reminder that requests are open❕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smolmo · 24 days ago
HQ Boys reacting to you simping over EURO 2020 Football players
Tumblr media
ft. Osamu, Ushijima, Oikawa, Sakusa
Genre: Fluff, Crack, Slightly suggestive (Ushijima)
Warnings: Slightly Jealous BF, Time Skip Spoilers,
Tumblr media
» Osamu Miya -
Your legs were dangling off the high chair late at night at the counter of Onigiri Miya, watching the screen as Osamu was busy prepping the kitchen for the next day. His back was turned so you could not see the frown on his face as you kept commenting on the Portuguese National Team. "He gets a lot of hate," you explained watching as Ronaldo, shake hands with the other team's captain, "It's probably because he is good looking and has amazing can't deny that."
Osamu didn't reply, so you ventured on "Damn he is handsome...that jawline...and muscles...ohhh I sure hope that he takes of his shirt after the game."
Osamu made a grunt turning around to see your eyes glinting, not at the screen but at himself. Mischief danced in your eyes.
"Bet he is super hot without his shirt on," you continued, winking at him and Osamu slowly dried his hands on the apron.
"Is he now?", he said voice low and careful.
"Mhh," you looked at the screen again. You were so focused on the game that had started that you didn't see Osamu making his way over to you. He turned your head towards him, firmly. Curling his thumb and index fingers under your chin and made you look at his grey eyes.
"You know that his guy only eats dry rice and unseasoned chicken and works out nonstop..." he grunted resting his forearm on the counter and leaned forward.
"Mhh...that is indeed a minus point for him," you breathed against his lips.
"Mhhh," he parroted your tone, brushing his thumb over your lips."Indeed."
"Soooo it's good to have a boyfriend who also has the bonus of being an amazing cook," your lips twitched in amusement as Osamu's exasperated huff and bonked his forehead against yours.
"That's it..." he said in defeat and held up his hand, his voice was teasing and playful as he said, "No special leftovers for ya. Go and try to dm Ronaldo if your hungry."
"Babe come back!" your hands reached out in a grabby motion, "Ronaldo can have all the unseasoned chicken he wants...I just want your food and you."
"My food?"
"And you Samu!"
Tumblr media
» Ushijima Wakatoshi -
Ushijima came out of the shower, dabbing his damp hair with the towel around his neck when he heard you talking to your friend over the phone. He was not paying attention to the chatter, smiled a little as your voice got excited, and proceeded to pour himself a glass of milk. There was nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of organic milk out of the fridge after a shower.
Wakatoshi ventured over to the living room when he saw you sitting, no bouncing cross-legged on the couch watching a game on the screen, and saw that it was the football tournament. He had been offered some tickets to a game in Budapest and had asked you if you wanted to go with him since Warshaw was not too far of a plane ride away. But you had declined. So why were you getting excited over the tournament?
His olive eyes peered at the screen and saw that the game was taking place in Munich and Germany was playing. Wakatoshi was not aware that you were a fan of either of the teams...or, in fact, that you were interested in football at all. Maybe he should have paid attention to that. Football was a nice game, but for Wakatoshi, it didn't make much sense why there was a game where you weren't allowed to use your hands. Unless you were a goalkeeper, that is.
"He is so tall...omg..." you giggled over the phone, "Look at those guns..."
Germany's goalkeeper Neuer was on the screen in a slow-motion replay. Saving a goal-scoring attempt from the other team. Yes, he was tall, objectively good-looking, and muscular. Wakatoshi might check out if the player had any videos or articles about his training regime.
"I agree," your continued giggle made him focus on you again. "Gosh...I would love to be his potato sack, thrown over his shoulder and all...."
Ushijima put his glass of milk down on the counter, making a noise that made you turn around. Surprise and amusement flickering over your face as you saw Ushijima's slightly clenched jaw.
"I'll call you back, Wakatoshi is back...haven't seen him all day," you chirped, ending the call and turned around with a smile, "Toshi! How was practice? What's up..."
"That's irrellevent," he pouted. He rested his arms on the backrest of the sofa and leaned down to hook his chin on your shoulder. "Why do you want to be his potato sack when you can be mine...I'm just as tall...and frankly more muscular..."
"It was a joke," you laughed, reaching out a hand to gently run a hand through his damp hair, "You smell nice..."
Wakatoshi was still pouting as you patted his cheek. "C'mon it's a joke between friends...I'd much rather be your potato sack."
Ushijima grunted, standing up to his full height before he reached down and picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder as if you were a ragdoll. "Alright," he grunted, turning around and walked in the direction of your bedroom. "As you wish..."
Tumblr media
» Oikawa Tooru -
"No," your terrified voice early in the morning made Oikawa look up from the bender her was currently making a smoothie with.
"Babey, what's wrong," he yelled over to the living room , where you had been setting up the couch table with breakfast items. He made quick of pouring two glasses of smoothie and came over to see you glaring angrily and a bit frustrated at the television screen. Biting on the nail of your thumb as the tv showed a short documentary of the French Football team that was about to enter in the Euro2020.
"It can't be," you whined hiding your face into your hands.
"Yeah, football sucks...." Tooru nodded "Horrible really..."
"Not football," you groaned into your palms "Griezmann's hair!"
"Greaseman's what now?"
"Antoine Griezman," you rolled your eyes, "French National team player, he was so handsome...but he let his hair grown out."
"So?" Oikawa plopped down on the sofa, scornfully watching the players on the screen.
"You don't understand,!" you moved your hands in exasperation, "I used to have such a crush on him! I mean look at him."
You grabbed your phone and opened Pinterest where you had an old folder( titled: Hotties! ) saved with a bunch of pictures of attractive people. Athletes, Actors, and some more. Tooru grimaced at the lack of Oikawa pictures in that folder.
"Why am I not in the hotties folder?" he accused, crossing his arms "I'm way better looking that Greasemann."
He paused, running a hand through his fluffy brown locks "And I got better hair."
You chuckled at him not so subtly flexing his biceps in the process and sat down on his lap, resting your back against his chest.
"You do..."
"Yes, Narcissus," you chuckled and showed him your phone, voice softer as you then said, "Besides I have a special folder just with pictures of you..."
Oikawa hooked his chin on your shoulder and glanced at the My Hottie <3 folder with grim satisfaction. "So you're saying you have a crush on me?" He nibbled your shoulder.
"Sort of...but if you decide to grow out your hair like that..." you once more glared at the TV screen, "that can quickly change."
"So shall get a buzzcut then?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
» Sakusa Kiyoomi -
"He's a child."
"Omi he is 22."
"So? He is still a child."
"But look at him," you cooed as the camera panned in on Kai Havertz, "He is good looking."
Kiyoomi huffed, crossing his arms, and glared at the young football player from Germany. "I don't see it."
The both of you were watching a game from the European Football Championship, and the young man with the number seven on his jersey had just landed in the net of the goal. Kiyoomi had grunted in amusement, claiming that Hinata also had a tendency to land in nets and that these young players were eager like puppies.
You had calmly told him that Haverz and Hinata both were not much younger than he was and continued irking Sakusa by claiming that the football player was attractive.
"Kiyoomi," you rolled your eyes. "His curly hair, the eyes, and his jawline...not to mention his skills...they are attractive.
Kiyomi rolled his eyes, lips contorted into a pout, a thin line appearing between his brows. As if he was thinking hard. You giggled, poking his sides with your index finger urging him to think faster.
"Ki-yo-mi," you accentuated every syllable with a jab of your fingers, "I'm just listing up things I find attractive in a guy."
"Curly hair, eyes...jawline," Kiyoomi recalled, sucking on a tooth.
"Add pouty face and grumpy personality," you reached up to peck his temple. Kiyoomi groaned, reaching his hand over push your head into his side, so he didn't have to see the grin on your face.
"I have made you jealous," you sang into his side, fingers trailing across his chest.
"You have not," he argued, poking your forehead with his fingers. You happily raised your head to peck the tip of his nose and cackled. "I did. Didn't I? Admit that I did Kiyooomiiii. Omiiiii"
Sakusa groaned and quickly grabbed your face in his hand, squishing your cheek in his hand so your lips puckered up.
"I will kiss that sweet evil mouth of yours."
Tumblr media
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amalthea-000 · 2 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex  i ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! atsumu, osamu x f!reader
wc: 1111 words 
note: please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) have a good one !! 
| masterlist | pt. 2 iwa & suna | pt 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° miya atsumu: 
- the moment both of you got in your shared apartment, you were at each others’ throats. words were flying out of your mouths, some were meant, some were not, can’t even tell which is which due to the heated predicament you were in.
you weren’t even sure how long you’ve been arguing but now you just wanted to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, when both of you have had a rest. “’tsumu, let’s just call it a night, okay? I’m tired” you huff. atsumu looked at you incredulously. “no, we’re finishing this now.” he stood his ground and kept berating you, your mind was exhausted and can’t even comprehend the words properly. 
“–are you even listening? god hayami never gave me a hard time, but ya’? yer a piece of work, y/n” your eyes widen at his words, even at your state, suddenly his words were loud and clear, and your heart clenched at the mention of his ex’s name. you shrunk at his words but shook your head, you look up at him hurt evident in your eyes, “ok then, go back to her, miya. i don’t care anymore“
 atsumu was speechless and was cursing himself internally. he never meant to go that far, it was the heat of the moment, the fatigue and your stubbornness. he was frozen as he watched you grab a blanket and slam the sliding door to the balcony. your sobs were muffled but hearing it broke his heart.
 guilt flooded his system, it was suffocating but with a heavy heart he peeked at your figure on the balcony, he was never good at apologizing, but he knows this was entirely his fault. you hear the door slide, refusing to look at the blonde setter, “what are you still doing here, miya?” ouch. he kneeled in front of you, regret reflects in his eyes but you were taken aback by his tears. the silence meant he could touch you, “that was really hurtful,” you said “i try so hard to be enough for you, to be the best for you but to compare me to her? not cool miya” he holds you close to his chest “i know, i’m a jerk. i’m really sorry, but can ya’ not call me that, i’m yer ‘tsumu.” he grumbled.
 “am i really that difficult?“ you whisper vulnerably, atsumu lets go of you and cups your face delicately “no ‘yer not, princess“ he loved that you gave him a challege, he admired how you stood up to him, how you matched his energy, how you remind him to humble himself— 
“it was an honest mistake, that will haunt me the rest of my life” he kissed your forehead, then your nose “i love ya’, i really do, ya’ made me a better man, princess” he looks down at you and suddenly the tension lifts and his heart wasn’t as heavy as before “are ya’ still mad at me?“ a soft smile grazed your lips, you pinch his side, “depends, are you going to kiss me?” ah there she is, he thought, atsumu lifts your chin and gaves you the most honest and loving kiss that sealed your forever with him. 
° miya osamu:
- you and osamu weren’t on good terms, you were arguing all week and it all started when you scolded him for overworking himself. so you were walking on egg shells with each other. fights with osamu would usually end immediately, so you can’t fathom how this particular fight lasted this long. 
“yer giving me a headache, y/n“ you turn to look at him “this argument has gone too far, osamu“ you say “i just want to get this over with“ you hear him huff, his grip on the steering wheel tightening “look we’ll talk about this when we get home, right now don’t make this all about you“ you scoffed at his comment. he parks the car near the restaurant, both of you were invited to celebrate MSBY’s win. as he was getting out of the car he mumbled something that made your heart drop.
“yuri wasn’t this selfish and stubborn, tsk. so difficult.“
 your face hardened as soon as you heard it, osamu didn’t notice your change in demeanor. your heart was breaking but you have to put on a brave front for your friends. from a distance you see a tall blonde waving at you, “congratulations,’tsumu” you hug him. “ya’ alright, y/n?” he looks at you with concern, “of course, you oaf ” you dismiss. he gives his twin a hug and three of you entered the restaurant.
 the car ride home was silent, osamu was quite worried, you’ve been silent since dinner, only answering questions in short sentences. even atsumu and bokuto noticed your odd behaviour. he knows that things haven’t been okay between the two of you, the altercation was taking a toll on your relationship. deep down he understands that you only wanted him healthy, it’s just that pride got in his way and let it do the talking. 
 as soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom, leaving osamu behind. you layed on your side of the bed, gripping your pillow, finally letting your tears down. your mind was full of doubts. yuri was great this, yuri was amazing that. how about you? were you even enough? did osamu really love you? are you really that selfish? 
“osamu?“ a small whispher broke the ravenettes’ thoughts, he hummed in response, “do you want me to be more like her?“ the question confused him but it dawned on him, she heard, shit. “angel, look at me“ you weren’t budging but when you finally do, his heart twisted in pain at your gloomy expression. “oh my god, angel no, no, i don’t want that” he held you tightly while you were sobbing against his chest, “i just want to take care of you, ‘samu” your words were muffled, “i- does that make me selfish? i’m sorry if-” he cut you off “don’t you dare say sorry, angel” he wiped your tears “it’s my fault ok? i’m the one who should be sorry” he leaned his forhead to yours “and I am, you’re so good to me, angel.” 
 you fell asleep on osamu’s chest, he looks down at your peaceful expression that matched the state of his heart. it hurt to think how his words and actions made you feel that way and so he made a mental note to be better. he promised himself that he’ll take care of you, himself and this relationship. he embraced you tighter, and you nuzzle into his warmth, “we’re gonna be ok, angel.”
Tumblr media
hello again! here’s a subpar series i wrote lol, i get compared a lot so i present to you my coping mechanism, writing lol! but yeah uhm i hope you like this!! wah writer’s block sucks but i’m trying haha i know this is not so good but i will be better <3 please take care everyone, drink water, eat right and sanitize - khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​
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milktyama · 3 months ago
synopsis: just some wholesome and midly suggestive moments with big tiddie hq men. the four horsemen of the big tiddie committee if you may
a/n: ... do i even need to say anything—
— jjk version
includes: bokuto kotaro, ushijima wakatoshi, miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime (all timeskip)
genre: fluff, some crack, suggestive, self-indulgent lmao
total wc: 746
❥︎ suggestive, if you dont like this content or under 16 block the #— hot-drink tag, manga spoilers
Tumblr media
who needs a pillow when you can cuddle with bokuto and lay on his tiddies
cuddles with him are always so comfortable and it’s because he always like laying your head on his chest and then he would caress your head lovingly
and his chest is just so,,, squishy
it’s just so comfortable and warm and honestly he loves how much you love his tiddies lmfao
bokuto also loves it when you lay in between and nuzzle into his chest
his chest area is like kinda sensitive? like it’s very ticklish
but when you subconsciously bite onto his tiddies, no matter how much he wants to pull away from the tingly sensation he just does his best to suppress his urge to maybe elbow your face away
… ((bonus if you bite hard enough to leave a very light mark so when he goes to the bathroom he can see the mark on his reflection))
anyways in conclusion, bokuto adores it very much when you pay attention to his tiddies; he’ll believe his hard work training paid off haha
honestly he has no clue about how built his chest area is until he notices that you tend to spend a little more time and attention towards them
you shamelessly would linger your gaze towards his chest area whenever he’s stretching from sitting too long or when he wears a shirt that’s a little on the tighter side
and you wouldn’t be shy on complimenting on the physique of him
funniest part is that he would take it as constructive criticism towards his work out routine
this 100% leads to you needing to be a little more blunt like you literally have to straightforwardly say “your tiddies are very nice can we cuddle now”
nono the funniest part really is when he just has a poker face and says “ok” in the most monotone voice
so um yea
i’ll leave it up to your imagination of cuddling with him with your head against his tiddies
**bonus he’s shirtless so you can really indulge in the beefiness of him AHAFDJL
MIYA OSAMU — wc: 189
all the work needed for onigiri miya really paid off
osamu remained well built even after quitting volleyball
he 100% wears tighter shirts whenever you’re around when he’s working, and then you would stare at him for a little longer than normal
and that was def the effect he was going for, and he will tease you SO MUCH for it even though he was purposefully trying to get you to look at him
after work, he loves hugging you and ofc you would take this chance and snuggle into his chest, his muscles would still be warm from the blood pumping through his body from working
and that was the optimal time for cuddling him and getting the most potential of his tiddies
as much as he loves teasing you about your hyperfixation on his chest muscles, he himself gets kinda flustered when you focus so much on his tiddies
but he doesn’t stop you so it’s a win-win situation
his favorite thing you do when you’re focused on his chest is you drawing small circles around them
it’s comforting and the slight tickling sensation warms his heart
he loves/hates the large amount of attention you just seem to give to his chest muscles
he never knew that people could get so attached to a human body part and he went into sports med and encountered some people with… strange interests
that aside, he can’t deny how much he not-so-subtly adores the attention
especially when you are doing something for him; i feel pretty confident that one of iwa’s love language is acts of service
and as a trainer, his muscles are often sore and tired
you often offer him massages
he will NEVER ever admit that he feels a little warmer when you reach around and on his tiddies and then start moving your hands in circular motions, giving his pecs a nice massage
((sometimes he goes for extra reps on the pecs so you can massage his tiddies))
he would feel a little sheepish sometimes, but it also warms his heart whenever you do
though the sheepishness disappears when you become a little bold and like to… um let’s say play around a little with them hehe
bonus if you do it when you two are bathing together in the bath or the shower; it just feels more intimate and he loves that feeling
honourable committee memebers: daichi, brazil hinata, atsumu, kuroo, aone, MEIAN <3333 (i wouldve incl meian but i dont think i can characterize him but meian is so ☹😩💓)
Tumblr media
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lilies-and-rosies · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: none :)
CONTENT: when you call haikyuu characters by their last name
GENRE: fluff
READER: gender neutral
NOTE: I’m trying a new style because I’m never satisfied ( ˙-˙ ) Reblogs and likes are greatly appreciated! <33
Tumblr media
Stares at you, process what you just called them and starts thinking about what they did that made you call them by their last name. End up overthinking the whole situation
+ Iwaizumi, Sugawara, Akaashi, Goshiki, Tendo, Yamaguchi, Kageyama
Aren’t fazed for the first 2 times but if you keep going they’ll start to get a bit irritated and politely ask you to stop
+ Daichi, Ushijima, Kita, Alisa
Starts calling you by your last name as well and if you tell them to stop they won’t because they are petty like that
+ Matsukawa, Kuroo, Konoha, Suna, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Osamu
Thinks you’re mad at them so they start begging for forgiveness
+ Yachi, Bokuto, Konoha, Lev, Aone, Asahi
Gives you the silent treatment until you call them by their name
+ Sakusa, Kenma, Semi, Kyotani, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Yaku
Sits you down and has a full on conversation on why you had the need to call them by their last name
+ Ushijima, Akaashi, Daichi, Kiyoko, Kita
Plays along but if it keeps going for way too long they’ll start to get pouty
+ Nishinoya, Oikawa, Tanaka, Kuroo, Atsumu, Terushima, Hanamaki, Daishou
Tumblr media
© lilies-and-rosies 2021 ; do not repost or modify my work on any platform. 
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amjustagirl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Love knows not its depth (until the hour of separation) 
Tumblr media
pairing: Kuroo x f! reader  genre: angst / fluff, post timeskip! warnings: a tiny smudge of suggestive content wc: 4.9k m.list ~ taglist. ~
a/n: this is my rendition of a grown up Kuroo. life has been a little hectic for me recently, so i’m only getting around to posting it now. pls be kind and i hope y’all love it <3 
Tumblr media
“I need a break.”
Kuroo continues to snore. You are unsurprised he doesn’t hear you. After all, he came home glassy eyed, smelling strongly of alcohol after yet another night of drinks with his boss before quickly falling asleep in bed. It’s what he does most weekday nights, leaving you alone at home to manage your two daughters and tuck them into bed. 
“I’m tired, Tetsuro.”
You are too tired to even tell him how you feel. You have a career of your own, two daughters to raise, a never ending list of chores and errands that must be done. You are a mother, a wife, a career woman. You have so many roles to play yet there is no space for you. 
You must do something, anything or risk your heart imploding in your very chest. 
You cannot survive that. 
The next morning, you call your boss, ask for a day off. Then you pack your girls off to your mother’s place with two little suitcases with toys and clothes enough for a long weekend before you take the train to Hakone, check yourself into the ryokan with a view of Mt. Fuji that you spent your honeymoon at - except this time, you’re alone (but then again, you’ve been lonely for so long, you hardly notice the difference anymore).
You dip yourself into the hot waters of the onsens, watch bamboo sway in the breeze. It’s been at least a year since you’ve been even able to take a bath uninterrupted. There’s always something - Aiko needing help with her homework, Fumiko whining for another piece of mochi, your boss calling to chase for yet another report, so all you’ve ever had time for is a hurried shower before placating your daughters or seating yourself in front of your laptop to deal with your boss. 
Finally, you’ve stolen a day to yourself. It’s absolute bliss. 
The water is kind to you. Its heat soothes your aching muscles, the rising steam steadies your breath. You walk out of the baths feeling refreshed, renewed, but when you enter your room you find Kuroo Tetsuro waiting for you. 
“I’ve been calling your phone all afternoon”, he says, face pinched. “I was worried.”
“Were you?” you say before you can stop yourself. “Really?” 
“Of course”, he says, uncrossing his legs to stand. “You’re my wife and the mother of my children, of course I care.”
Wife. Mother. Employee. 
The roles that life has handed you haunts you again. There is no escape for you. 
Your skin suddenly feels as if it’s stretched too tight over your frame. Your bones rattle, brittle. They threaten to break if you take another breath. Yet you laugh and laugh and laugh, the sound spilling from your lips filling the room, suffocating the pounding of your heartbeat in your ears. 
“If you really cared, you would have noticed that your wife is broken”, you tell him between bouts of laughter. “I tried fixing myself with a break but you can’t even give me that.” 
Kuroo stares at you, equal parts horrified and confused. He takes a hesitant step forward towards you before thinking the better of it, swerving over to the kettle instead, clutching it as if it holds the cure to your madness. 
“Calm down”, he says, “take a seat”, and you do. He offers you a cup of tea. You accept it, even though you’re still shaking from the aftershock of your laughter. “Drink”, he says, and you bring the cup to your lips, though you wonder absently why you taste salt in the bitter tea. 
“Tell me what’s wrong”, he begs. “Tell me what I can do to fix you.” 
You want to tell him that you’re not strong enough to do what’s expected of you. You want to tell him that you’re drowning from the weight of being his wife, the mother of his kids, from being a working woman that he can be proud of. You want to tell him that you understand his career is important, but so is yours, and you can’t carry the weight of the world alone. 
But that would take too many words, and you are far, far too tired for that. 
So you say blankly - “I can’t do this anymore, Tetsuro.”
His face falls. 
You should remember that Kuroo Tetsuro, first and foremost, is a child scarred by his parents’ divorce. You should remember that you made promises that you and he would never put your daughters through that. But you’ve floated beyond hysteria into a grey indifference, your mind too broken, too tired, too numb to consider him when you can barely even hold on to yourself. 
You don’t even notice the hot tears soaking through your yukata. You are deaf to his pleas to give him another chance. There is nothing left in you to give because you’ve poured all you’ve had into him, into your family, into your job. You are so, so empty, and you just sit and sip your tea and wonder idly if the warmth from the liquid you’re ingesting will make you feel a little more alive, or if it’s possible to ease the dull ache in your heart. 
Tumblr media
It is only when you wake up the next day and the sun is high in the sky that you register that he rolled out your futon for you, tucked you into bed, and kissed your forehead as a goodnight and goodbye. But all of this is washed away by the relief you feel when you read the note he’s left behind telling you that he’s returned to Tokyo, and to enjoy your break. 
So you do. 
You relish every bite of the meals you have at the ryokan. It’s nice not having to cook or scarf down your food at your office desk for once. You fill your time flitting between the onsens and curling up in your room with a book, taking frequent cat naps until tomorrow comes around again and it’s time to check out and head home. 
There’s a brief moment of surprise when the reception informs you politely that your husband already paid your bill - but you suppose that’s just Tetsuro being efficient at racking up credit card points. The bullet train takes you back to Tokyo, and a couple stops on the subway takes you home.  
“Okaeri”, you call softly out of habit, not expecting anyone to respond, but Kuroo responds with an even softer ‘Tadaima’, striding over to take your bags from you and usher you into the apartment. There are pink roses sitting in a vase, but you pay it no mind. 
“The girls?” you ask, already headed in the direction of their room. 
“I picked them up from your mom”, Kuroo responds. “Don’t wake them up, I just put them to bed”.
A peek into their room and it settles your mind to see that your girls are safe and sound asleep. 
“Thanks,” you say, back in the kitchen, checking the fridge for what you can whip up for breakfast for you and the girls tomorrow. “By the way, I’ll pay you back for the hotel room from my own money, don’t worry.”
“It’s fine”, Kuroo answers, scratching his head. His hair seems a little more rumpled than usual. “I’ll cover it. I should’ve realised you needed a break.”
“You sure? You don’t have to pay for me, I’ve got money of my own.”
“No, let me pay for it, please. It’s the least I can do.” 
You shrug. “Okay”, you say gracelessly. “Thank you.”
He continues to watch you over the kitchen counter as you lay out bread, eggs, ham, cheese. It’ll do for a quick breakfast for the girls tomorrow, never mind the guilt eating away at you that you really should do better than feeding them processed food all the time. You’re so preoccupied with planning the morning rush, the best way to clear the stack of reports that must have piled up on your desk at work by now that you miss Kuroo rounding the counter to stare down at you worriedly. 
“You haven’t had dinner?” 
“Oh no, I had a bento on the train on the way back.” It’s second nature to you to brush away anyone’s concern. “It’s for the girls’ breakfast.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take them to childcare before work tomorrow. Sleep in and take a break.”
“Really?” You stare back at him, confused. He doesn't even take charge of the girls in the mornings when you’re sick, your mother always has to fill in your place. He only ever turns up on the first day of school each year. 
“Yes, of course. In fact, I’ve rearranged my work schedule so I can take them to school all of this week at least.”
“Oh”, you say, brows furrowed in confusion. “Okay, I guess. Wake me up if you need my help.”
“I won’t”, he replies, with a cocky smirk that seems almost false. “Goodnight, love.”
You don’t think of Kuroo’s strange behaviour overmuch, falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 
Tumblr media
Kuroo continues to act strangely all of next week. 
As promised, he takes charge of getting the girls out of bed and ready for school. But you’re taken aback when he starts coming home for dinner, completely floored when he hands you a whole armful of bath salts and orders you to take a relaxing, hot bath while he wrangles both the girls and the washing machine into submission. 
He even calls your mother to ask her to babysit on a Saturday evening so he can take you out for dinner at a fancy restaurant that serves foam instead of food. You manage to stumble through conversation with him - a commendable effort, since it’s been so long since you’ve even held a proper conversation with him besides snatches of discussion about the girls. 
At least until he states during dessert - “we can make it work if you want to quit your job and stay home full time with the children.”
The mousse on your spoon melts by the time you put it down on your plate. 
“Did the guys at work tell you it’s easier to have a housewife instead of a working wife? Are you saying this because you don’t think I’m a good enough mother to our girls? Is that what this is about?”
Kuroo shakes his head frantically, reaches across the table for your hand, but you yank it away with a glare. The extra rest you’ve gotten this week has injected a little more fight in you. 
“I try my best to be a good wife and mother, but I’m sorry I can’t be perfect and be there for you and the girls 24/7.” You press down on the sliver of cake with a vengeance. Clink! goes the flat of your spoon against the porcelain plate. “I’m sorry for being selfish, but I don’t want to be reliant on you.”
You regret your harsh words when Kuroo slumps back into his chair, murmuring “I just wanted you to be happy. Forget I ever said that.”
He pays the bill and you walk home in silence. He bids you goodnight with a crumpled smile. 
Tumblr media
It finally clicks when you are startled awake by Kuroo’s shout of alarm. 
You roll over, grabbing his shoulder to shake him awake from the nightmare that has him in its grip. His eyes jolt open, and the sight of your face makes him sink back into the pillow with a sigh of relief. 
“Thank the gods you haven’t left.”
“Why would I leave? This is my home, isn’t it?” You mumble, turning your back to him again. 
You feel the bed shift as Kuroo sits up. 
“No”, he rasps, voice rough with sleep. “I was afraid you left me”. 
Oh. So that’s what all of this is about. 
You must stay quiet for far too long, because he gingerly crawls over to you. 
“Dearest”, he says, your heart suddenly aching because you don’t remember the last time you heard him use that pet name with any amount of affection. “Darling”, he tries again, pawing at your back. You shut your eyes resolutely and refuse to turn to face him. 
He doesn’t give up, even though the distance between you seems to yawn wide and wider with each passing second. 
“Are you?” he asks, his words small, shrunken in the still, dark room. “Going to leave me, I mean.” 
No, you’re about to say, the word balancing at the tip of your tongue but it feels wrong. Your break has given you the space to breathe, the time to think. It’s made you realise what you’ve said to him in the ryokan that night remains true. 
This week has shown you that Kuroo can do better as a husband, as a father if he wants to. But he’s poisoned your marriage with neglect, forced you to dress up your sadness in silence, allowed your resentment to fester and simmer into frigid indifference. If you reassure him that you aren’t going to leave him, it’s only because you’re too tired to, not because you actually love him anymore. 
“I don’t know, Tetsuro. Our daughters deserve to grow up with both their parents, but I’m not sure I want them to learn from my example that it’s okay to shoulder the weight of marriage, parenthood and a full time job all by themselves. Your dreams and career are important, I know, but I’m just so tired of being alone in this marriage when it was always supposed to be a partnership between me and you.” 
You hear him choke back a sob. You should comfort him, but the exhaustion you feel at being honest with him, with yourself, weighs your bones down, forces you to sink further down into your mattress. 
“I’m sorry”, he finally says. 
“I’m tired, Tetsuro”, you whisper brokenly, clutching the blankets to your chin. “I think I deserve better.”
“I know. I’ll make it better, I promise.” 
You want to ask him how, but your eyelids grow heavy, and you allow yourself to submerge into slumber. 
Tumblr media
You’re not sure what to expect, but the ground beneath your feet shifts. Things start to change. 
Kuroo continues to take your daughters to childcare in the morning on the way to work as he did last week. That very weekend, he straps Fumiko to his chest, takes Aiko by her hand, and within an hour at the department store aided by a flash of his credit card, he purchases a dishwasher and robot vacuum for the house. He loads the dishes without you asking, runs the robot vacuum remotely once a day. It buys you time to breathe, a little more time to sleep. 
He doesn’t always make it home in time for dinner, but he tries his best to rush home so he can read the girls a bedtime story and tuck them into bed. 
“Dada”, Fumiko lisps, chubby fists wound around Kuroo’s tie. ‘I wanna hear another princess story!” 
“No Fumiko! Papa promised to tell us how he met mama!” Aiko prods Kuroo’s side with the wooden doll Yaku sent from Russia that you know he abhors. ‘Keep your promises, papa!” 
“Alright, settle down you monsters. I’ll tell you two stories if you promise to go to sleep right after that.” The girls cheer. “Now. Let’s see. A long, long time ago, your papa met your mama when she decided to beat him up because she thought he was trying to steal her food.” 
“You were trying to steal my food”, you interrupt, leaning against the doorway amused. “You didn’t stop til I stabbed you with my fork.”
He glances up, surprised when you sit beside him on the bed. Then he grins. 
“You left it on the table, dearest. What was a guy supposed to think?” 
“Mama, please let dada tell the story”, Aiko interjects with a huff. 
“Hurry up, dada! I want the princess story next!” Fumiko pulls at her silly dada’s shirt, pouting. 
You both laugh. There’s a soft smile playing on his lips when his eyes meet yours. 
Tumblr media
Travelling all around Japan is still part of his job as a marketing director of the Japanese Volleyball Association. But now Kuroo pares it down to the bare minimum, makes sure he’s always back by the weekend at the very least to sweep the girls in his arms and shoo you off for a break of afternoon tea with your friends or shopping with your mom. 
“Will you be ok when I’m gone?”
You hand him his suitcase, a flask of his favourite tea. “I’ve always managed fine. Nothing’s changed.”
He bends down to kiss Aiko on her forehead, pinch Fumiko’s cheek playfully. 
“Yes. Well. I’ll come home soon”, he says, quietly. You startle slightly as he brushes his thumb over your wrist, lets it drift over your pulse point. “Please wait for me.” 
You glance up at him from beneath your lashes. “I’ll see you soon then”, you reply. His smile widens, his eyes are hopeful, bright. 
On the weekends, he stops flitting off for work functions and events. Instead, now he joins you for lunches at the kaiten zushi near your house, indulging the girls by ordering yet another plate of sushi just so Aiko has another chance to win a toy from the gachapon and Fumiko has another chance at feeling grown up when she lifts the plate from the conveyor belt. He stops ducking out from dinners at the grandparents’ place - both his and yours. Your mom stops giving him dirty looks when he actually turns up more than three times in a row with sake in hand. 
Once every so often, he even throws little parties for your family of four, going so far as to buy a frilly pink apron that makes your daughters giggle when he whips it out for the first time. After a few mishaps (and a number of frantic calls to Fukunaga), he masters how to make takoyaki and okonomiyaki, and in the colder months, he makes steaming pots of nabe and shabu shabu. 
“Itadakimasu” you murmur, and the girls follow suit. “It tastes good”, you say. 
He ducks his head bashfully, pink dusting the column of his neck. 
“Thank you”, he replies. “That means a lot, coming from you.” 
You start to savour the bubbles of happiness in your chest when you see how your daughters’ eyes shine when they see their papa whip out the pink apron. You learn to laugh when you hear the pitter patter of little feet, their delighted squeals and shrieks when they tell you the latest exploits their silly papa is cooking up - sparklers under the stars one weekend, a nerf gun fight, the next.
The weight on your shoulders grows lighter and lighter until one day you hardly notice it at all. 
Tumblr media
“What’s wrong?” you frown at the sight of your husband dashing out of your bedroom, hair a frazzled mess. 
He whips around at the sound of your voice. “Oh. Oh.” He approaches you, slowly, carefully. “You’re still here.”
Your frown deepens. “My boss called and asked me to send out an urgent email. I was just about to go back to bed. Tetsuro, is everything alright?” 
He nods. “It’s fine - I just... I just woke up and thought you were gone.” 
You take a closer look. It’s dark, but the shadows of the night fail to hide the purple smudges beneath his eyes, the fine lines carved into his brow. His shoulders are bowed, his lips downturned and he looks broken, battered.    
Your heart hurts for him. 
“I’m here”, you say, beckoning him towards you. Physical affection has been scarce between you two for so, so long but he looks so distraught it’s only natural to pull him close, let him rest his head on your lap. “I’m here, Tetsuro. I’m not about to run off into the night – you know I don’t like the cold.”
He doesn’t laugh at your feeble joke. “Are you happier now? Are things better for you?” 
“Yes”, you say firmly, combing your fingers through his hair, rubbing circles along his back. “Thank you, Tetsuro. I appreciate it. I really do.”
You can feel him sag in relief. 
“You don’t have to work yourself to the bone for me. That’s – that’s never what I was asking for. If you’re tired, you need to take a break.”
He shakes his head stubbornly. “I’m fine. I can bear it as long as you don’t leave me.” 
“Tetsuro –“ 
He sits up abruptly, takes your hands in his. 
“Promise you won’t leave me”, he begs, head bowed. “I know I’ve been a shit husband to you for so long. It’s no excuse, but I thought - ” he swallows heavily, waits until his voice stops wavering. “I thought we were ok, ‘cos we didn’t fight, not like my parents did before – before my mother left.”
“I was too tired to fight with you”, you say simply. 
He nods once, jerkily. “I know – I know that now. When you disappeared that day, I didn’t know what to do. I went to your mom’s place and she reamed me out, screamed at me in front of the neighbours. I took the kids back, and it made me realise how fucking hard it was for you to do it all alone.” He inhales, closing his eyes as if the memory aches. “I know it’s late but I’ve changed, I swear. The girls need you. I need you. I’ll do anything as long as you stay.”
His fingers are freezing, but you do not pull away. Not when the desperation reflected in his irises makes your heart lurch in pain.
“It was hard”, you confess, and he shudders, struck in the chest by your honesty. “It was so hard, Tetsuro. You hurt me so damn much that I think I became numb to the pain. I don’t think I was really functioning for a while. For a long while.”  
“I’m sorry”, he whispers, and you nod shakily. 
“I know”, you reply, reaching out a hand to cup his face, a bittersweet twist to your lips as he melts into your touch. “That’s a chapter of my life, of our marriage that can’t be re-written. We can’t rewind that. But the past few months have been so different. I – you’ve shown me you’ve changed. And I think –“
You fall silent. 
He prompts you. “Dearest?” 
You recall the glimmer of light in your daughters’ eyes every morning when he takes their hands to walks them to school. You hear the echoes of their laughter, the lilt in their sweet voices every night when they welcome him home. You think of the tea parties he throws, the blanket forts he builds, the frilly pink apron he wears without shame and the bedtime stories he weaves every night.
“I think”, you say, with a smile that reminds him of the rising sun. “I think we can make this work again.” 
He stares at you until the weight of your words dawns upon him, and he surges forward to fold you into his arms. 
“Thank you”, he whispers into the shell of your ear. “I won’t fuck this up again, I promise.” 
“Don’t thank me, you silly man”, you nuzzle into his neck sleepily, draping your arms around his waist. “Thank yourself for making me believe in you.”
He laughs wetly, cradling you close as you fall asleep against his chest, soothed by his heartbeat and the tenderness in his gaze.  
Tumblr media
Fumiko wakes you up unceremoniously before the sun even rises by climbing into your lap, and you open your eyes to Aiko pouting, hands on hips, demanding to know what’s for breakfast, and dada, dada, make a ham sandwich, pretty please with a cherry on the top. 
“You guys are little monsters”, Kuroo teases with dancing eyes. “Can’t even give your papa a break to snuggle up to your mama.” 
The girls shriek in dismay. “Don’t be mean”, you admonish him gently. 
He mock sniffs. “I’m cranky in the mornings unless I get a morning kiss.”
Aiko and Fumiko crowd the sofa, clamouring to give their papa a kiss, but he stalls them with an imperious wave of his hand. 
“This morning, only a kiss from your mama can chase my crankiness away”. His tone is teasing, but his shoulders remain tense.  
“Nonsense. You make it sound as if kisses contain caffeine”, you scold, swatting his arm lightly as the girls giggle. 
“Yours do!” he protests, and you roll your eyes as you press your lips to the corner of his lips, laughing when he puffs out his chest and declares his day can now start, that everything’ll be as right as rain.
Tumblr media
Some days are full of sunshine, whilst others are full of rain. That’s life – but it’s bearable, enjoyable even, now that you and Kuroo face each day together, thanking the sun when it shines, and splashing through puddles on rainy days. 
Things recalibrate. 
The mornings are his domain now – he’s a master at concocting the most random breakfast items to satisfy your finnicky daughters. Aiko sniffs when she informs you that she’d prefer her papa to braid her hair, thank you very much, and when you shoot a look of death at Kuroo, he can’t even keep his face straight, his trademark hyena laugh erupting from his chest. 
You cook dinner in the evenings, appreciating the times when he can join you at the table, not counting the nights he can’t against him because you know he’s trying his best. The girls clamour for his stories every night, laughing when he teasingly scolds them for yanking on his tie, demanding goodnight kisses from both him and you. 
Now you force Kuroo to take some time to himself, shoo him off for lunches with Kenma, get-togethers with his Nekoma schoolmates. “I know you can manage it”, you tell him archly, “but you need breaks  so you don’t burn out, or worse – you’ll lose your hair and we don’t want that”. When he opens and closes his mouth without a smart retort, you smirk. You get your way. 
Both of you organise parties and playdates, inviting your shared friends – Kenma, of course, is a frequent guest, Bokuto, who brings along Akaashi and his sweet tempered little son (who Aiko always manages to pick a fight with, much to Kuroo’s amusement). You host Kai, who always brings offerings of flowers from his garden, Yaku, when he’s in town with his daughter, son and alarmingly fat cat. The adults congregate in the kitchen with food and alcohol, cracking good natured jokes at Kuroo and his frilly pink apron, watching the children cause a ruckus in the living room. 
But you cherish the quiet moments you share with Kuroo at night when the children are asleep in bed. The chats you have whilst soaking in a hot bath about your day at work, the snippets of stories he shares about his boss, his crazy colleagues, the warmth of his arm around you as you stay up to clear emails late into the night, the heated kisses he presses to the nape of your neck to distract you when he thinks you’re working too hard. 
It’s a good life. You’re happy, and so is he. 
Tumblr media
A year slips by. 
The seasons come full circle. You return to the ryokan, finding peace in soaking yourself in steaming pools, watching the bamboo sway, the sun rise over Mt. Fuji. But this time, you’re not alone. You persuade Kuroo that he, too, needs a break - deserves one, truly. So you leave the girls with your mother and take the bullet train down to Hakone. 
He shoots you a smirk as you both emerge from the private bath he’d insisted on booking. You swat at him, pulling your yukata higher up your neck, scowling as he winds an arm around your waist to press you into his side. 
“You couldn’t wait til we got back to our room?” you hiss at him. 
He chuckles lowly in response. “Didn’t hear you complaining”, he retorts. 
“We were in an onsen, Tetsuro!” 
“A private one”, he says with a waggle of his eyebrows, laughing aloud when you try and fail to slap your hand over his mouth. “What d’you think I was going to do with my lovely wife? I’m not a monk, sweetheart”
You try your best to shush him, but his cackling manages to capture the attention of everyone in the lift.  
“What a happy couple”, an old lady remarks, within your earshot. “They must be newly married” 
You think she must be a little senile. Or a little blind. 
Neither of you are in your first flush of youth anymore - there are streaks of grey in Tetsuro’s mop of hair, extra weight in your hips and lines in your faces. No one could conceivably mistake you for a pair of newlyweds.
“Nah”, Kuroo drawls easily into your ear. “Just your regular old, married couple.”
You don’t speak until you’re safely in your room. 
“A regular, old, happily married couple”, you say, as he hands you a cup of tea. “That obaa-san got that part right at least.”
Kuroo chokes on the lump of emotion in his throat as you serenely sip your tea. 
The tea tastes bitter (as it always does), but the kisses that follow are so very, very sweet. 
Tumblr media
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elektrosonix · 2 months ago
— they break down in front of you.
-> sugawara, iwaizumi, tendou, akaashi, kuroo, bokuto, daichi
[ angst, gn!reader, sad emotions ] [note: you’re not alone, whatever you’re going through. there will always be someone willing to listen. ]
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA KOUSHI — tells you he’s sorry he’s never good enough, pressing you into his embrace as if he’s afraid you’ll leave. he wishes that he could do better, and make you want to stay with him forever, but he’s afraid that no matter what, he won’t be able to get what he has been working for. he wishes you didn’t have to see him like this. as you assure him that he’s everything to you, you can hear him quietly sob and you know he’s trying his hardest to hide it.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME — finally explains that he’s tired of feeling underappreciated. he’s worked so hard to be where he is and do everything he’s done; he’s come so far, and yet it always always feels like there’s someone out there to outshine him. he turns away from you, but you see the tears escape his eyes and you pull him close. you remind him that no matter what, he’s the brightest star you see and he doesn’t have to be the best of the best to be perfect. he nods, and you can tell he wishes he knew what to say.
TENDOU SATORI — won’t say it, but it’s clear he’s tired of feeling like an abnormality. he quietly describes how lonely it is to feel misunderstood, that he just wants to be loved but feels like anything you’ve done for him has been out of pity. you embrace him and smile encouragingly, telling him that you love him for who he is, that he doesn’t have to fit in to have a place in your life. he kisses you because he’s afraid that he’ll say something more to disappoint you.
AKAASHI KEIJI — is exhausted. he’s tired of working every day, of waking up in the morning, of putting up with everything as life seems to go on endlessly. he wishes that he could say he wasn’t tired of you, but he explains that every moment with you is a reminder that he can’t do anything right anymore. he laughs quietly at how he sounds to himself; helpless, useless, as-good-as-dead. you say with trembling lips that he’s doing so well and that you’re sorry he feels this way. you assure him that he’ll get it back, that fervor he’s looking for. you tell him you’ll stand by his side and help him get through this. he thanks you from the bottom of his heart, and the next day you find a more in depth note from him with all the words he couldn’t say at the time.
KUROO TETSURO — wishes he knew how to process emotions better. he tells you that he knows he’s been feeling off, but he doesn’t know what to do with it or who to talk to or whether it will pass on its own. after a moment’s hesitation, he murmurs that he’s afraid of this unknown, afraid it will catch him off guard at the wrong moment and take over. you tell him that you’ve felt that way many times yourself and that that darkness inside him isn’t going to consume him if he confronts it like he is now. he admires you with tears forming in your eyes, unsure where’d he be without you.
BOKUTO KOTARO — finally divulges in you through many tears that he frequently hates himself, that he has so many regrets about the way he’s treated others that it makes everyday harder. he’s so filled with self-doubt that he doesn’t know what he’ll ever be able to do to rewrite his actions. he wish he could do things right the first time. you assure him that his mistakes make him human, that you wouldn’t love him just because he does everything right. you promise that you don’t hold anything against him and that many people love him for who he is, and that he can’t change the past. he pulls you into his arms, whispering his love for you into your shoulder.
SAWAMURA DAICHI — explains steadily that he feels so much weight and pressure that he’s afraid to let himself feel any more emotions than he’s supposed to. he smiles at you, saying that this just comes with his duties that he chose to take up, that it’s no one’s fault but his own. you shake your head at him and plead with him to let himself be human sometimes. he looks surprised that you don’t treat it the way he does, but as you continue to beg him to feel, he feels like his heart is shattering and he embraces you. you can feel his chest heaving, and you realize that he must have been holding this in for so long — too long.
Tumblr media
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inuhmaki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n - imagine slapping kyoken’s butt BDHKSKS
oikawa toru | matsukawa issei | hanamaki takahiro | iwaizumi hajime | kunimi akira | kyotani kentaro (aoba johsai)
crack, established relationship x gn! reader
warnings - butt slapping, swearing, NOT PROOFREAD
Tumblr media
#1; *OIKAWA TŌRU* [!]
-> is so OFFENDED! when he turns to face you and sees you trying to hide your laughter, he tries to give you a blank stare and feign intimidating vibes. although, your infectious laughter causes him to laugh too. as your running away to try and escape, he grabs your arm to pull you closer to him, “get over here, love, you’re not getting away that easily” and then proceeds to really ‘hit it till he breaks’. probably starts laughing at you when he sees you rubbing your butt to soothe your pain.
-> he friking laughs. like, you hit him pretty hard too, and you were so confused when you heard his laughter. yea, he jumps forward a little, but for the most part, he just shakes it off like nothing and continues on with what he’s been doing. literal weeks later (bc he’s petty like that), when you're talking to a good friend of yours, he decides to come up behind you and slap your butt. hard too. you let out a yelp of surprise while mattsun and your friend burst out laughing.
-> you don’t even get to slap his butt, HE KNEW BEFORE YOU HAD THE CHANCE- curiosity plagued your thoughts when your hand slapped nothing but thin air, as you looked up to meet his stupid grin. “this is definitely interesting, isn’t it darling?” he asked playfully, before grabbing your suspended hand and dragging you along his way. when you let your guard down and relaxed after a short time walking, he playfully slapped your butt when you least expected it. betrayal.
-> after he didn’t see you pass him in the hall, you decided to slap his butt and run away. immediately blaming oikawa, he yelled profanities at him before makki and mattsun ratted you out. queue him looking around his surroundings, spotting you, saying “there you are,” rolling up his sleeves, and fast-walking towards you. by the end of the passing period, the two of you ended up at the guidance counselor’s office, promising to not slap each other’s butts on school grounds- while you iced your butt.
#13; *KUNIMI AKIRA* [!]
-> poor boy was just laying on his tummy, chilling in bed and scrolling thru his phone, when you came up behind him to smack his butt before laying down next to him. while rubbing his butt, he looked over and asked “the fuck did you do that for?” he didn’t expect for you to say that his butt was nice and squishy- giving you a soft smile, and calling you a “weirdo” under his breath. he sets his phone down and pulls you closer, taking an unexpected nap together.
-> after losing a bet against mattsun and makki, you had to go slap your boyfriend’s butt, as punishment. with him having a soft spot for you, you thought that you could get away with that unharmed. although, kyoken did not hesitate to throw a volleyball at you (not that hard tho- but it was also a head shot). “why are you like this, babe?” he asks, before letting you get a head running start because swiggity swooty, he’s coming for that booty.
Tumblr media
this shifted from how they’d react to scenarios whoops
reblogs help others see my work! notes and feedback is highly appreciated too <3
gen. taglist (open) - @zeyyackerman @myoyachi @kac-chowsballs @kaleidoscopekai @kawaii-angelanne @elektrosonix @mypainistemporary
slap a butt today* <3 MWAH
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haikyuu boys + domestic family moments
Tumblr media
request from anon : hello my goddess, may i request domestic family moments with akaashi, oikawa, and kuroo ? idk maybe something cute like them being the perfect dads or maybe them hanging out with their wife and baby/child ? fem! reader would be preferred, but if gender neutral is easier you can go for it ! lots of love, you’re incredible :) <33
fic notes : timeskip!akaashi, oikawa, kuroo x f!reader, very small injury in akaashi’s, not anything graphic, just pure fluff, wc: ~0.5k each
from elle !  i screamed when i got this in my inbox, the speed in which ideas came to my mind for the three of them…unreal. def gave me baby fever for a hot moment hngg kinda went tender feral over these ;-; anyways, thank you for requesting + i hope you enjoy <33
Tumblr media
➹  akaashi k.
akaashi didn’t know how to act when his son ran to him crying one summer afternoon. his mind already racing through the worst case scenarios : had he gotten into a fight? was he hurt? oh god, who hurt him? 
his thoughts come to a screeching halt when he looks into his pleading, tear filled eyes, bottom lip formed into a pout and trembling.
akaashi kneels in front of him so he matched his height, holding his son’s face in his hands.
“hey, buddy. what’s wrong? why are you crying?” he asked, making sure to keep his voice calm and even so he doesn’t stress the boy out even further.
“i fell off my bike.” your son cried out, showing akaashi his left arm
akaashi lets out a sigh of relief, thankful that it wasn’t anything too serious. the cut on his arm wasn’t deep, barely even a graze, with practically little to no bleeding.
still, he knew that it must’ve hurt a lot. akaashi knew his son was supposed to be spending the afternoon playing with his friends — he must’ve felt a little embarrassed.
he was now more than grateful for all the time he spent on volleyball in his younger years as it had him carrying around a first aid kit everywhere and having to know how to use it.
there’s one in your home too — though you’ve barely ever used it — hidden in one of the bathroom cabinets.
“this is going to sting a little, okay?” akaashi spoke softly, waiting for your son to give him a little nod as a go signal. he then applies a disinfectant to the small scratch, mumbling an apology when he hears his son hiss in pain.
the last thing you expected when you come home from a day out with your friends is your husband applying first aid to your eight year old kid.
akaashi had insisted that you take the day off, spend some time on yourself. he apparently had everything under control, or so you thought.
“oh no, my angel! what’s happened to you?” you exclaimed, worry very clear in your eyes as you made your way over to them.
“he fell off his bike, it’s nothing too serious though.” your husband spoke, applying an iodine solution before covering it with a small adhesive gauze pad.
you let out a sigh of relief, turning to akaashi to tease him, “is this having everything under control, keiji?”
“mom, don’t get mad at dad. i’m better now, see?” your son spoke, showing off his arm, “all you have to do is kiss it better.”
you chuckle, giving him a very quick peck on the cheek before asking him if he’d like to continue playing with his friends or just stay home with the two of you. like most children do, he chose his friends.
you wait until your son was out of the room before lightly hitting akaashi’s shoulder, “really can’t get a break, huh?”
“you wound me, my love.” your husband pouted, feigning hurt before he places his hands on your waist, “it seems like i’m injured too…”
you shake your head, blushing as he pulls you closer, “want me to kiss you better, keiji?”
“yes, please.” akaashi murmured with a smile, lips already near yours. 
“mom, dad i forgot someth— ewww!”
➹   oikawa t. 
if there’s one thing you need to know about oikawa, it’s that he’s the biggest stage dad on the entire planet.
this little fact was unlocked the minute your daughter expressed interest in performing, particularly ballet.
enrolled her immediately in the best dance classes money could buy, bought the fanciest pointe shoes and the most expensive tutus maybe there were a few advantages to having a pro-athlete dad
he was just as nervous as your little girl the night before her very first recital. made sure that everyone knew not to contact him the night before and the day of the recital, will literally fight anyone who makes him miss it.
anyways, you and oikawa were currently moving the coffee table in your living room aside, pushing away most of the furniture to the walls as well. why were you doing this?
well, your daughter insisted that she perform for the two of you as practice before the big day :’)
“ah, my baby!” oikawa swooned, holding a hand over his heart as your daughter twirled around the living room to show off her costume for the following day, “you are the most adorable little girl, no one could compare.”
the music starts and you and oikawa’s jaws are on the floor. both of you just dropped her off and picked her up at practice, neither of you had any idea what exactly was going on in her classes. yeah, all the money you spent on ballet was definitely worth it.  
“look at her go,” oikawa whispers to you, though his eyes were glued on her as she moved about the limited space in your living room. despite the quietness in his voice, an excited kind of pride was evident in his tone, “we made her!”
you let out a chuckle, shaking your head at your husband, “yes, we did.”
“maybe we should make another one.” oikawa teased, gently elbowing your side.
you rolled your eyes, but your husband could see the flush on your face, “are you asking to sleep on the couch tonight?”
“baby, so mean.”
your daughter ends her practice performance with a grin, oikawa immediately leaping from his seat to pick her up and spin her around the room.
“you’re going to be amazing, my princess. the best dancer ever, mom and dad are already so proud of you.” 
he spends majority of the car ride to her performance hyping your little girl up, telling her how he didn’t have to watch the other kids to know that she was the best. 
oikawa really bought a brand new video camera to record the performance, and you bet he’s going to be bragging about it to anyone who’d listen. 
sends your daughter an encouraging thumbs up whenever their eyes would meet awe <3
oikawa definitely teared up a little when she took a bow and blew him a kiss + his claps and cheers were the loudest no doubt. the other parents were definitely giving him the side-eye throughout the entire thing, but he couldn’t really care less about them. 
“are you crying tooru?”
“no, i just have something in my eye. hey! don’t laugh at me hmph.”
“aw come on, you know i love you.”
“yeah yeah, i love you too.”
➹   kuroo t. 
it had been a particularly tiring day of work, all you wanted to do was relax and spend the rest of the day eating takeout and watching movies with your boys.
but with your luck, you went home to screaming coming from the dining room table. the voices definitely belonging to your twin sons and your husband, kuroo. yes, your household was absolute chaos all the time. 
“i’m telling you, dad, you have to add two to this side to balance out the equation!” the older of the twins pointed out, practically shoving the book in front of your husband’s face.  
your younger son shakes his head furiously, forcefully shoving his brother away, “and i’m saying that you have to add three on the other side next to hydrogen.”
“neither of you are correct and this book isn’t either because there’s a typo and that’s why we can’t figure it out.” kuroo groaned, hands practically pulling at his hair, frustration clearly lacing his words.  
part of you almost felt bad for leaving him alone with your two little demons as kuroo affectionately calls them as he sat in between them while they argued — you’re sure that you would receive complaints from your neighbors the following morning.
you’re just left there, standing in the doorway, wondering how you got so lucky (and unlucky at the same time). a smile graces your face as you watch your husband deal with the only two people as loud and argumentative as he was.
your eldest was the first to notice you, waving at you excitedly, inviting you to join them.
“what’s going on here?” you asked, smirking at your husband as he hit his head on the open textbook with a gentle thud.
“dad’s helping us study for our exam tomorrow!”
“mhmm.” you hummed, seeing the array of notebooks, highlighters, pens, and other study materials spread out across the wooden table, “how’s that working out for all of you?”
kuroo could only respond with a groan while your sons continuously poked and prodded at his shoulders.
“what subject is this?”
“oh, your dad loved that when we were in high school. this shouldn’t be that difficult.”
“this is different, why is this so difficult? they’re torturing our kids, babe!” your husband exclaimed, finally lifting his head from the textbook.
you shook your head at him, moving to stand behind your husband and rubbing his shoulders. kuroo leans his head on your arm, clearly tired.
looking at your sons, you could see the same kind of tiredness and frustration on their faces. 
in an attempt to raise their spirits, you promised to cook them anything they wanted for dinner for the next few days — no request too big or small — if they got through the reviewing + exams.
with kuroo and your sons being huge fans of your cooking, their motivation increased tenfold. 
the younger twin watches as his father breezed through different problem sets, “hey mom, did you know you married a nerd?”
kuroo huffed in fake offence, “hey! i brought you into this world, show me some respect.” 
“technically mom did that. mom brought us here.” the elder of your sons retorted.
“i did marry a nerd, huh?” you smiled, giving your husband a peck on the cheek, “wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“thanks, babe.”
“thanks, we hate it.”
Tumblr media
—   request something here.
Tumblr media
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messenger | oikawa tooru
pairing: oikawa x gn!reader word count, genre: 1.1k words. fluff. warnings: none! summary: oikawa is popular and, unfortunately, you're the one who's always giving him presents from his admirers.
Tumblr media
“Excuse me. Can you give this to Oikawa?”
You’re stopped by an unfamiliar voice just as you were about to enter the classroom. Turning to the side, there’s a girl holding a paper bag. Her head is slightly bowed as she waits for your reply.
“What’s your name and class?” You pry the gift from her hands. Peeking inside, there is a box with cupcakes topped with colorful frostings.
She beams and an excited energy surrounds her. “Mayu! I’m from Class 2-B!”
The bell loudly sounds through the speakers, signaling the start of the day.
“I should go.” She grabs your hands and looks at you hopefully. “I’m counting on you. Thanks!” She turns on her heels and runs to her room which was probably located below the seniors’ floor.
It was the fourth time that week that someone had asked you to pass something to Oikawa. Sighing, you make your way to his desk and drop the bag on the table.
Startled, he pauses his writing and looks at you wide-eyed. Before he could say something, you point to the item in front of him.
“Mayu from Class 2-B asked to give this to you.”
It took everything you had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes. It was getting ridiculous at this point. Couldn’t his fangirls find someone else to bother with their requests?
Oikawa chuckles, “Another delivery, huh?” He takes the box out and admires the sweets. “Would you like to try some?”
This time, you couldn’t stop yourself from scoffing. “I’m going to my seat now.” As you turned your back and walked away, you could hear Oikawa teasing you about how you’re probably missing out on the best cupcakes ever made.
Luckily, the teacher came in before you could even hit him with your bag.
“Next week, we’re having an activity in pairs. I want you to decide on your partners already so we can save time in class.”
The class erupts in cheers and the students are already talking over one another before the teacher could even finish her announcement. She tries to silence everyone but to no avail.
To her luck, the lunch bell chimes, and everyone stands up almost too quickly as they say their goodbyes and vacate the laboratory. Just before she exits the room, she reminds you to collect the papers and drop them at the faculty.
Which is how you found yourself currently alone at the room, going over the names written in each of them to make sure everyone has turned in their assignment.
“Aren’t you going to eat?”
You hear his voice as Oikawa plops himself beside you. He moves closer with absolutely no regard of space between the two of you.
“What are you doing here?”
“What are you still doing here?” He retorts, opting to place his arm on the table and rest his chin on his open palm.
“I need to submit these papers first.” You pause in your task to glance at him. “Did you already send yours in?”
He surprises you when he dramatically slams the table. “Of course, do you think so lowly of me?” A hand goes to rest on his chest, his head hangs low as he feigns betrayal and pain.
You stare at him unamused, “You’re a terrible actor.”
He grins, a playful glint behind his eyes as he watches you. “So are you.”
Oikawa stays rooted in his position as you gather the papers. He follows your every move and when you’re about to head for the door, he grabs your wrist and pulls you back to his chest.
He hums as he wraps his arms around you, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck as he breathes in your scent.
You tense under his clutches but eventually relax when you realize that it was only the two of you in the room. Hidden from the prying eyes and judging whispers of the student body.
In his arms, you were safe.
“How were the cupcakes earlier?” You joked as you got comfortable in his embrace. Oikawa laughs and separates himself from you, turning you to face him and you stood under his gaze.
“It was the most delicious cupcakes that I’ve ever tasted,” he chides. “Honestly, it made me realize that yours could use more work. You should get some tips from... Wait. What was her name?”
He’s backing away from you the minute he catches your eyes narrowing. Oikawa could practically feel you seething with annoyance and he was right when you started advancing towards him and punching his arms.
“Was it Yumi? Or Kimi?” He sputters out as he’s doubled in laughter.
“It’s Mayu!” You almost shout before groaning and stomping away, but he catches you once again.
“If you loved those sweets so bad, why don’t you go to her right now?” You try to look at anywhere but him.
But he’s already cupping your cheeks, his voice low when he confesses, “Why would I do that when I’ve got my perfect, smart, and extraordinary partner right here?”
“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.” You scoff, remembering how it was the same exact words he’d used when he first admitted his feelings for you.
“It already worked though.” He presses a kiss on your forehead. “I have you.”
You were speechless yet again. Flustered at his words which Oikawa always knew had an effect on you.
“God, how would your fangirls react if they found out you were this cheesy?” You run your hands along his chest, smoothing out the creases in his shirt and fixing his collar.
“Well, they wouldn’t because I’m yours. You’re the only one allowed to hear my corny jokes and pick-up lines.”
You found yourself laughing along with him in the middle of the quiet room. Being with Oikawa definitely wasn’t easy, especially when no one knew that he was already off the market.
The constant favors from different students from different classes. The weekly rumors that would pop up about him being seen with other people. About him being confessed to almost every day.
However, one thing kept you sane and it was him. Next to volleyball, the other thing he loves is you.
When he brought up the topic of keeping your relationship on the down low, you had your doubts whether he really wanted to be with you. But as someone who has all his business known to the public, you were the one thing he wanted to keep for himself.
Moments like these, when you would be hiding from others and stealing kisses and touches, belonged only to you and him. Oikawa savored these little things and so did you.
“I really should go give this to the teacher already,” you muttered. “Are you still coming by the house after practice?”
Oikawa detaches from you and heads to the door to exit first. “Yeah, want me to bring anything?”
“Just bring yourself.”
He smirks, “See you.”
I love you, he mouths. He doesn’t even wait for your reply anymore as he leaves the room because he knows.
You love him too.
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haikyuutothetop · 20 days ago
in my arms
Tumblr media
a/n: blame dai (@babydai) for the hq dad brainrot.
prompt: he holds your baby in his arms for the first time.
characters: ushijima wakatoshi
warnings: none
Tumblr media
They say words can't possibly describe the feelings blossoming in your chest upon seeing your child for the first time.
The instant Ushijima lays his eyes on your figure, cradling a gurgling bundle in your arms, he knows that said statement rings true.
After all, how could he ever encapsulate the pure joy brimming in his chest, along with the bursting pride, the unbounded wonder, the immeasurable love?
You glance up from your baby to your husband by the doorway, beckoning him to come closer to the bed. He obliges, heavy footfalls echoing throughout the room. The warmth in his eyes as he studies your daughter's features is one you've never seen before—her nose is Ushijima's, but her eyes are undoubtedly yours.
"Do you want to hold her?"
The soft smile etched on your husband's face turns into one marred with reservation: Ushijima is well-aware of the power lying dormant in his hands. Smashes the public likens to the viciousness of a beast, balls hitting the court with the crack of a gunshot, the label of "Monster Generation" plastered on every headline featuring him and his teammates.
He doesn't say it outright, but you know the cause of the palpable fear rising in the air—Ushijima Wakatoshi, opposite hitter renowned for his strength, is afraid of hurting your daughter by holding her in his arms.
You sway your legs from underneath the sheets to stand beside your husband, a hand grazing his shoulder in comfort while the other carries your baby securely. "It's okay, Toshi," you whisper, passing your daughter into his arms. "You won't hurt her."
Ushijima is still wracked with uneasiness when he feels the baby's weight in his grasp, yet all nerves dissipate upon seeing a small hand reaching out from behind the swaddle of fleece blankets. His hand instinctively rise to meet his daughter's, and at his touch, she wraps her fingers around his.
The moment is ethereal, and Ushijima doesn't know whether to laugh or cry as he makes the first of many promises to his daughter:
"Don't worry, little one. I'll always protect you."
Tumblr media
— masterlist.
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