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Karasuno holds a school dance at the same time as hosting a training camp with Fukurodani and Nekoma. And due to a bet between Hinata and Konoha, things might not go as planned…

Read here:  AO3  FFN

Length: 5,552 words
Rating: General Audiences
AO3 Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Relationships: Michimiya Yui/Sawamura Daichi
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio, Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, Azumane Asahi, Michimiya Yui, Aihara Mao, Shimizu Kiyoko, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Yachi Hitoka, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Nishinoya Yuu, Yamamoto Taketora, Kuroo Tetsurou, Kozume Kenma, Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji, Konoha Akinori, Shirofuku Yukie
Additional Tags: School Dances, Humor

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could I request an Usuri drabble with Shirabu or Yahaba?

Usuri and Yahaba it is! :3

(Rules for requests are at the end)


“Shigeru, your cousin is here!” cried the teenager’s mom from downstairs. The younger Yahaba wanted to ignore it, on the bed flipping aimlessly through a Shonen Jump mag, not at all engaged by any of the content he hadn’t read already. He grumbled off the bed and trudged to the top of the stairs.

He was supposed to be playing at Sendai City Gymnasium right now and not see his cousin Michiru until evening.

“Thanks, Aunt Akemi,” Michiru Usuri greeted Shigeru’s mom, holding his bags. Yahaba emerged at the top of the steps, downcast.

The woman caught sight of her boy lollygagging. “Shigeru, help Michiru-kun take his luggage up.”

Yahaba didn’t want to share his room for the duration that his cousin was in town, but such was the agreement with his aunt and uncle in Kyushu. He dumped the bags at the foot of the bed, ensuring enough space remained in the middle of the floor for the futon that would be dragged out after dark.

Usuri, coming off a prefectural regionals win just a few days ago, looked to be on cloud nine.

“Did you win?” he cheerily asked his cousin.

Yahaba’s fists tightened.

“No,” Shigeru whispered. Admitting the truth was enough to unclench his fingers at least….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

(744 words)

Rules for drabble requests:

  • Submit an ask containing a Haikyuu pairing featuring Usuri
  • Drabble will be gen and SFW
  • Specify if you don’t want angst
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Ch.13: H-Hour

While Shimada summoned the invitees to the forthcoming meeting, Yamaguchi sulked.

After hearing Bokuto describe Kenma’s lifesaving operation, Tsukishima discreetly reached out to Tobio Kageyama. His question to the disillusioned creator of SHOYO was simple: if Dr. Kageyama had access to Kenma Kozume, would he be able to restart the military’s SHOYO program?

As much as Kageyama wasn’t interested in the endeavor per se, he would not turn down the chance to study such a special subject’s DNA.

In response, Sugawara and Sawamura recommended that Karasuno acquire Akaashi and Kozume after the mission’s completion.

“Yachi, how do you feel about this?” Tadashi asked his vice-president.

Hitoka sat forlornly, the same concerns plaguing her. “I think it’s awful to save these people only to exploit them ourselves.”

Yamaguchi hated it. Kenma Kozume, Keiji Akaashi, Yuuji Terushima, Kenji Futakuchi—they had all been taken advantage of by successive different governments. To “save” them from Inarizaki only to exploit them for Karasuno’s own gain was no nobler.

But whoever Karasuno didn’t take custody of, Shiratorizawa or Seijoh certainly would. And that said nothing about the futures of Atsumu Miya and Tetsurou Kuroo (who had been designated secondary targets for capture) or of Taketora Yamamoto and Shigeru Yahaba for that matter. None of them would ever be free of the mess they were mixed up in.

His phone rang. Tadashi and Yachi recognized the caller’s number.

After Yamaguchi answered, he couldn’t believe what the caller offered.

Perhaps there was an alternative after all….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

(Chapter length: 5,761 words)
Timeline, Character List and Maps (ch.13 spoilers to be added 5 April, 2020)
Chs.1-13 in Chronological Order
Chapter 1 links: AO3 FFN 

AO3 Tags below

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Tendou pranced through the arena, his mind in another world. He sang to himself, a bit more loudly than usual, a little ditty that he occasionally belted out in the middle of matches. That he sang it now, while they filed through the halls of the inter-prefectural training camp, exuded how much Tendou was on cloud nine.

Keep on breaking them. What, you say? Their hearts, that’s what.” He skipped to the beat, paying no mind to what the rest of the squad behind him might think. He decided that on the next line, he’d spin around and challenge his nearest teammate to finish the lyric.

Keep on shattering them.”  He whipped his body around. “What, you say??

He cut himself off when he pointed.

At some point, Tendou had wandered so far ahead his team had lost track of him.

Instead, at a loss how to explain himself, Satori found himself pointing at two complete strangers: a second-year setter from Kyushu carrying gym bags and a second-year captain from Miyagi passing by after a stop at the bathroom.

And even more surprising, they proceeded to answer….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

Length: 348 words
(AO3 tags below)

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Relationship(s): bokuaka

Rating: G

Word count: 705

It’s Yachi’s second day as a new cupid, and it can’t get any worse than her first day. Can it?

A/N: A gift/pinch hit for @rosevtea for the @fantasyhaikyuuexchange love-struck mini exchange! Happy belated Valentine’s Day <3
(This is also the second piece about Yachi’s adventures as cupid)

[Read on AO3]

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Relationship(s): Kagehina

Rating: T 

Word count: 3282

Summary: “Dumbass,” says Tobio, again. Hinata had ignored him the first time, which is utterly unacceptable. “You’re a dumbass if you think this’ll work.”

Hinata huffs. “I know it will!”

“Okay, then you’re just a dumbass.”

“I’ve done research, y’know,” says Hinata. As if that changes anything.

Tobio flicks Hinata’s ear—it’s a punishment, an evil gesture, it is definitely not the result of Tobio itching to put his hands on him. “Shitty research.”

Or, Hinata decides to start hunting demons, and Kageyama wonders how the hell any of them will survive.

A/N: uh soo… hi, i’m mod s! initially, this was going to be something quite different, but it took on a life of its own and, well… it’s done. what a great first fic in this fandom, huh!

[Read on AO3]

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Title: saudade
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei/Hinata Shouyou
Word count: 1111
Rating: teen and up

Tsukishima finds himself questioning all of his life decisions as someone bumps into his armrest for the tenth time. Fifteen minutes sitting on the aisle seat of a plane had been enough for him to decide he dislikes flying—now that he’s been trapped in one for almost twenty-six hours with only an hour-long stopover to stretch his legs, he knows he never wants to do this again.

(Or: Flying all the way to Brazil might be worth it if it means Tsukishima gets to see everything he’s been missing.)

Read on AO3

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Relationship: daisuga

Rating: T

Word count: 6.2k

Summary: Daichi and Suga have both started working as teachers. They meet one fateful Monday morning and maybe by Friday, they’ll be in love?

A/N: Our first chaptered fic is finally complete! Here’s the masterpost with links to all the chapters (under the cut)!

[Complete fic on AO3]

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Relationship: daisuga

Rating: T

Word count: 1.5k this chapter, 6.2k overall 

Summary: Daichi and Suga have both started working as teachers. They meet one fateful Monday morning and maybe by Friday, they’ll be in love?

A/N: Happy New Year guys! This is the fifth and final chapter of this story - we hope you enjoy! Thank you for sticking with it <3

[Read on AO3]

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Title: wrap yourself around me (i admit defeat)
Pairing: Shirabu Kenjirou/Goshiki Tsutomu
Word count: 1745
Rating: teen and up

Shirabu knows this is a mistake. Nothing could ever go right on a Christmas get-together planned by Tendou. Why did they even let him take the initiative? Why not just… not do anything? His original plan of staying home reading all night by the fireplace was so much better. But now he’s stuck inside a tiny one-room apartment.

A tiny one-room apartment with mistletoe hanging from every light and every doorway.

(Or: Tendou’s plan might not be so terrible, after all.)

Read on AO3

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Title: of paws and presents
Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Akaashi Keiji
Word count: 1229
Rating: teen and up

Working late on Christmas Eve wasn’t how Akaashi had expected his day to go. He hadn’t expected, either, that the first thing he’d see upon finally getting back home would be his Christmas tree on the floor, decorations scattered all around the living room, the still lit-up fairy lights hanging from the back of the couch, not to mention a long trail of paw prints. He followed the trail to find Kuroo peeking inside their bedroom.

Curiosity outweighing his patience, Akaashi cleared his throat, relishing in the way it made Kuroo freeze on the spot as he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Hi,” Kuroo breathed out, turning to face him with the look of someone who knows he’s about to be scolded. “You’re early.”

“It’s 10 p.m. on a Sunday,” Akaashi noted. “How is that early?”

Kuroo let out a nervous laugh that was immediately followed by a meow from behind the door.

(Or: Akaashi’s Christmas present might be fluffier than expected.)

Read on AO3

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@daisugaweek2019 Day One: Journey or Technology
Rating: G
Summary:  Daichi and Koushi rarely had time for little trips those days between Daichi juggling his time between being a math teacher and volleyball club advisor and Koushi’s fulltime librarian job, but they had managed to find time for an overnight camping trip before the school year resumed for the fall.
Read on AO3:

Fic under the cut!

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Like Always

Pairing: Kagehina

Rating: Teen

Tags: Fluff, Confession, Getting Together, Post-Chapter 370, Manga Spoilers


Their last walk home together as teammates started out not that much different from all the others before it.

There’s that distinct smell of sakura from the trees that lined up Karasuno’s perimeter—sweet, but not the kind that itches Shouyou’s nose. The scrunch of the cement as they walk produces the same grinding sound, familiarly solid and firm under Shouyou’s shoes, the only thing out of the normal is the missing clicking sound of his bike.

It’s all so ordinary that if Shouyou closes his eyes, he could visualize that this is just one normal afternoon after practice, could feel the same satisfying mix of exhaustion and contentment seeping through his bone.

Read on AO3

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