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OK Squad Let's Be Heroes
I've heard OK KO has plenty of DtS bases, and it does!
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Thank you so much to @hains-mae For this wonderfully adorable commission of Catriona and Alistair.
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Marco鈥檚 Corpse Bride (Starcoween, Corpse Bride AU)
Hello everyone! Mr.E here with the first of my starcoween stories (Starcoween was a holiday event i made up to write slightly darker stories during Halloween but i missed it this year and i still wanted to write some so here we are). Today鈥檚 story is the winner of the poll and inspired by @disney-n-stuff corpse bride au drawings. if you have not check them out, you should they are awesome!
So it鈥檚 the corpse bride. I mean it鈥檚 not a one to one. I cut off some parts, rewrote dialogue, added my own stuff and fit as much of Disney-n-stuff鈥檚 version of the story in here as I could. Also this is not the full version. I purposely left out the ending so you all could fill in how you want to this story to end and I won鈥檛 be giving this a proper end either. I mean I kinda hinted at an ending where jarco and starco both win but like i said, i wanted you to fill in your own ending.聽
So that鈥檚 it aside for a very special thank you to my good friend @hains-mae who really did something amazing for this story. She made one epic cover page that is featured below (she鈥檚 taking commissions people *cough cough* just saying) that I am really grateful for. Thanks mae!
That鈥檚 it for me, I need to go work on the next nova chapter and Monster Hunter au part 1 which was the second highest voted from the straw poll (thank you so much for voting btw I really appreciate the help) have an awesome week and I hope you enjoy the story!
Notification squad: @artgirllullaby @ladyxgilex @hipster-rapunzel @thefandombytes @minthia-ren @isolated-frequencies @nerdymetalhead
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Marco sighed tiredly, the muffled yet thick twangs of an out of tune piano floated sadly from beyond the door frame yet sleep eluded the young man.
He rose to a sitting position and folded the moth eaten blanket that his hosts so graciously gave him to sleep with. It was faded and worn with the odd hole here and there but Marco was grateful for it all the same. Once upon a time it must've been so elegant, so revered among its owners. Marco's family would've had saved many months to purchase such a treasure but down here it was as unnecessary as it was old.
The dead had no need for such things....
Marco stood, the guilt weighing heavily on his shoulders as he began to pace the room anxiously.
If you had told Marco that in one day's time (Oh lord it had only been a day hasn't it?) he would've been betrothed to his childhood crush without warning, foolishly wandered into the forest as a queasy and rather humiliating mess and subsequently asked the hand of a corpse bride in marriage accidentally only to be whisked away to the land of the dead.....well he would've called you a rather loony lot.
Yet that is exactly how the still living young man's day began and has currently ended.
Marco awoke the same as he did every other day: Cranky, sleepy and cold.
The Diaz's were a simple, humble middle class family. They lived within their means and the trio were content if not comfortable. Marco's father Mr. Diaz worked as the owner of a modest shop in the heart of town and while the larger, more well off family held an iron grip on the market, Rafael still made reasonable profits. Marco's mother Angie was a seamstress and thanks to a vast network of friends and friends of friends, she often patched and sewed for those who were not afraid to part with their money. 聽Marco himself had just turned 18 a few months ago and while his parents hadn't spoken of it, he was expected to seek his fortune and secure his future...by the way of marriage.
Marco felt ill at the idea of marriage. It wasn't that he didn't want to get married. The problem, rather, was he pinning for a specific woman to marry. A woman he had never even spoken to in his entire life: Miss Jackie Lynn Thomas.
Miss Thomas was the daughter of a local fisherman and a baker. She was a few months younger than Marco (Her birthday had been yesterday if he recalled correctly) though her family was marginally better off than Marco's (only by slim margin).
He known of her since childhood and while the two would occasional cross paths within the city and attended the same events, Marco could not bring himself to speak to the lovely Jackie. The few times he attempted such a thing either ended in an awkward, tense silence or him droning and babbling about nonsensical topics that ranged from the differences between a major and minor key to the rather disgusting digestive systems of livestock.
Needless to say Marco's chances with Miss Thomas were looking rather grim and while there were several other wonderful women in town, none carried the spark that lit his cheeks ablaze like she did.
Marco groggily made his way downstairs, the dreary weather of his beloved hometown the same as it had been 95% of the time: Cloudy, cold and bleak.
Marco sensed something was off when he found his parents speaking in tense, hushed voices as he approached the kitchen. When he entered the room, the conversation died at once and their gaze shifted from each other to squarely on him, their smiles well meaning but tight. Bad news it seems and bad news that would directly affect Marco.
鈥淢orning鈥 Marco muttered carefully, eying their uneaten food warily 鈥淚s something the matter? You both seem rather.....serious.鈥
鈥淢ijo鈥 Rafael began quietly 鈥淲e have some news to share...with you.鈥
Marco nodded like he understood (he really didn't) 鈥淚 see. And what news is that?鈥
鈥淎s you know mijo my shop has been getting a lot of new customers.鈥
鈥淎nd I thought鈥 Rafael went on sheepishly 鈥淚t might be wise...to...merge my business....with someone else's....鈥
Marco blinked in confusion, unsure where this conversation was heading. Initially he was under the impression someone in the family had died but this wildly veering off into 聽a rather surprising turn of events.
鈥淚...see?鈥 he was unable to keep the confusion out of his response.
Rafael fidgeted guiltily though his son was still unsure why. His father was expanding his business, that was good news....right? Then why were his parents acting like they were planning for his funeral?
鈥淲hat your father is trying to say鈥 Angie spoke up 鈥渋s that he has found someone who is willing to cooperate and share resources...under...a certain condition.鈥
鈥淲hat condition?鈥 Marco asked slowly.
Marco stood before the altar, still awestruck and dazed from the sudden revelation that he was to marry his father's future business partner's daughter.
The church was drafty as always with its muted unassuming gray brick walls and pale brown pews.
Marco was dressed in his Sunday best: an old, elegant black suit once owned by his abuelo and handed down from Diaz to Diaz for special occasions. Marco himself added a pale, faded white collared shirt with a dark red vest and the most valuable of his possessions, a jet black ascot tie tucked perfectly within his outfit.聽聽
His parents were more informal in their choice of attire but that was only because today was the rehearsal rather than the actual wedding.
Marco tried to keep his breath steady but his stomach churned unhappily. The ground swayed uneasily under his feet. The walls seemed to close in on him, the air stale and stuffy despite the frigid weather that always blanketed the town as the realization that he was to be married to someone he's never even met! HE WAS GOING TO MARRY SOMONE HE HAS NEVER EVEN LAID EYES UPON!
The old church door creaked as an icy breeze filled the halls for brief moment before slamming closed with a dull thud.
Marco could hear his parents gleefully greet the bride's family, content tones and friendly banter filling the once silent halls.
The unexpected groom tried to will his body to follow his parents example but his nerves were frayed and despite his best attempts, he simply remained frozen in fear as soft, timid footsteps approached him.
He could feel the presence of someone behind where 聽he stood, waiting and watching for his greeting though if it was his future wife or his future in laws the young man couldn't hazard a guess.
Marco gulped down as much air as he could. He breathed slowly, rigidly turning in an attempt to make up for previously rude behavior.
鈥淚 am very sorry鈥 Marco apologized, pivoting on his heels with all the effort he could muster 鈥淚t's a bit drafty you see and I....I...I....I....鈥
His heart skidded to halt, his cheeks burned with an intensity that matched the glow of the sun as his eyes laid upon the last person he ever expected to see and the one whom he longed for.
Miss Jackie Lynn Thomas stood there, hair wrapped up in a neat yet enchanting bun (her blue streak visible) and a gentle smile danced on her lips. She wore one of the simple dresses she preferred when attending to errands in the city (Evidently it seems Marco was the only one who did not receive the notice that casual wear was allowed for the rehearsal) but to Marco she was as breathtaking up close as she had been from afar.
鈥淕ood morning Mr. Diaz鈥 Jackie gave a polite curtsey.
Marco chuckled dumbly in reply 鈥淥h it's just Marco. Mr. Diaz is my father.鈥
Marco mentally flinched upon realizing the words that escaped his lips but his ears only grew red when he heard Jackie giggle in response.
鈥淎s you wish...Marco.鈥 She answered playfully.
Marco rubbed the back of his neck nervously, his anxiety growing each passing moment 鈥淒id you know that owls are often considered an ill omen in many cultures?鈥
鈥淚 did not鈥
Marco gave another timid laugh 鈥測eah...it's silly really. I mean they're just birds! They go hoot, you know? Hoot hoot!鈥
Marco died the moment he began flapping his arms. He wish he could slap himself but he was afraid to appear more crazed to his future spouse than he already was.
But Jackie nodded as if it was the most interesting thing she had heard all morning 鈥淗ow fascinating Marco.鈥
Jackie gave him a soft smile while she nodded in agreement.
鈥淚 see everyone is present?鈥 The dull, gravelly voice of the priest snapped everyone out of their respective conversations
鈥淪i鈥 Rafael quickly made his way to the young couple's side 鈥 everyone is present.鈥
鈥淭hen shall we proceed?鈥 The priest looked thoughtfully towards Marco and Jackie.
鈥淥f course Father鈥 Jackie said respectfully.
鈥減roceed?鈥 Marco questioned 鈥淧roceed with what?鈥
鈥淭he rehearsal鈥 The priest replied 鈥淵ou do know the vows, correct?鈥
鈥淚...umm vows?鈥
鈥淵es鈥 The priest continued 鈥淭he traditional vows that every groom speaks to their brides. The vows that bind you to each other as husband and wife. The vows that are spoken at every wedding. Those vows.鈥
鈥淩iiiiight鈥 Marco chuckled 鈥淥f course you meant those vows! I confused myself for a moment, believed you were speaking about some other...umm vows! But yes I do remember the vows. The vows I must speak as to marry Jackie...the vows I shall speak after I...I....I receive the ring! Oh no!鈥 Marco's face fell into mock worry 鈥淒arn, I must've left the ring at home! Clumsy me and my forgetfulness. Drat, I suppose we'll have to postpone the rehearsal. Can't practice my vows without a....鈥
Marco sighed as his father produced a ring from within his vest pocket
鈥淭hanks dad鈥 Marco said with the most deadpan voice he could muster.
鈥淎nything for you mijo.鈥
鈥淣ow鈥 the priest loomed over the young man menacingly 鈥淭he vows.鈥
鈥淩-right...鈥 Marco coughed timidly 鈥淭he...vows....I.....Marco Ubaldo Diaz.....鈥
The old rotten trees of the forest swayed back and forth as a chilly breeze howled through, the crunching of the dried dead leaves filled the air as Marco angrily and embarrassingly stomped his way deeper into the woods.
鈥淚 didn't know the vows鈥 he scolded himself, pulling at his neat hair in frustration 鈥渙f course I didn't know the vows! How could I know the vows when I barely found out I was getting married 10 minutes before! And dad had a ring?! DAD HAD A RING!? How long had they known about this little arrangement?! Why couldn't they tell me ahead of time?鈥
Marco let loose his emotions into a powerful yell but hardly a sound was heard as his voice was swallowed whole by dense forest.
鈥淥kay Diaz鈥 Marco told himself, taking a deep breath to relax himself 鈥淵ou're getting married to the girl of your dreams and you are utterly confused by this strange turn of events. That's okay! That's...normal? But you will make the best of it! You messed up the rehearsal but not the wedding! That's...something.鈥
Jackie's smile flashed into his mind.
鈥淰ows...鈥 Marco whispered as he pulled the ring from his coat pocket 鈥淰ows....everyone knows them. They are spoken at every wedding....鈥
Marco closed his eyes, clutching the tiny band tightly in his grasp.
His mind began to fill with thoughts of the wedding, of those who would be attending: His parents and Jackie's would be there because they had to. Ferguson and Al, two of Marco's best friends, would no doubt show though he was certain the promise of free food would lure them, not the actual event itself. Janna may catch wind of Jackie's attempt to marry her favorite target though he suspected she would behave herself for the sake of her best friend. And Jackie.....Jackie would be there, looking as lovely as the day Marco first laid eyes on her.....she would be waiting by the altar, patiently for him....
the young man took a breath, his nerves calm and steely as the words poured of his mouth.
鈥淲ith this hand, I will cut off your...鈥 Marco flinched 鈥渘o no, that's...that's so wrong. Umm with this.....candle? Was there a candle? I'm remembering a candle but I do not remember why I am remembering a candle. Why is there a...am I suppose to light her candle with mine? I am almost certain the ceremony involves a....OH! Yes, there is a candle. Umm with this...candle? Candle. Candle! I shall....light...light.....light...your mother ablaze? That's more than likely....鈥
Marco opened his eyes as a sigh escaped his lips. The trees towered over him, swaying back and forth under the gentle yet cold breeze while their shade basked him in darkness.
鈥淲ith this hand鈥 Marco gestured high into the air 鈥淚 will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty for I will be your wine.鈥
Marco strolled confidently over to the nearest tree trunk, bowing respectfully towards it 鈥淢rs. Thomas, you look absolutely lovely this evening鈥
Marco nudged at another tree with a sly 鈥淲hat's that Mr. Thomas? Call you dad? Well I suppose if you are alright with it.鈥
鈥淲ith this candle? Candle!鈥 Marco repeated, tearing a branch off to use as a makeshift prop 鈥淚 will light your way in darkness.鈥
鈥淲ith this ring鈥 Marco glanced at the simple, plain brand that lay in the palm of his hand 鈥淚 ask you....to be mine.鈥 and in one fluent movement, he slipped the token of his love onto a finger-like branch.
The wind moaned softly yet Marco made no motion to retrieve the accessory, uncertainty and fear swirling about his head: were the vows correct? They must've been because those were the only ones he could remember.
"Okay" he told himself with a nod " That was perfect and all I have to do is perform it the exact same way with Jackie.
Marco let out a terrified whimper
Marco groaned loudly, clutching at his hair tightly "What am I thinking?! I can't do this in front of Jackie!
Marco sighed disappointingly " She's...she's...and I'm....and I.....I talked about owls! OWLS! I hooted. Who does that?!鈥
Marco caught the dull gleam of the ring as it swayed teasingly in the breeze, the solitary 聽cawing of a crow echoed throughout the empty forest.聽聽
鈥淎nd give me back my ring tree branch!" Marco tugged at the ring but the branch refused to let go, its gripped tight and firm.
鈥淚'm losing to a tree鈥 Marco murmured sadly 鈥淚 am losing to an inanimate object.....This can't get much worse....鈥
A chill ran down Marco's spine as, without warning, the branches curled around his wrist.
鈥淥h? The branches seem to be grabbing at me.鈥 Marco laughed for a moment before the weight of his statement hit him full force 鈥淭HE BRANCHES ARE GRABBING ME!?鈥
Marco pulled away but the branches held fast, its grip on the young man growing tighter and tighter with each moment.
鈥淟ET ME GO NATURE!鈥 Marco shouted as he frantically tugged at his wrist 鈥淚 DID NOT MARRY YOU! I WAS JUST PRACTICING annnnd I can't believe I am actually having this conversation....鈥
The trapped young man planted his feet firmly on the dusty forest floor and prepared to throw his weight backwards in an attempt to free himself when the branches snapped and freed their grip Marco who was thrown back full force.
Marco tumbled to the ground, his suit torn and ripped from the various roots and low branches that littered the forest floor.
鈥淲ell that was unexpected.鈥 Marco muttered to himself, rubbing the tension out of his neck.
He rose to his feet, wiping the dirt and any leaves that managed to glue themselves onto his clothing. This was absolutely disastrous. There's no way he could....
Marco felt his blood chill as the earth before him cracked open and without warning, a thin, pale blue bruised arm reached upwards, its hand grasping wildly at the air.
鈥淥h dear....鈥 Marco murmured, his stomach groaning unhappily as a skeleton arm reached out from the depths of the earth itself and planted itself firmly on the dirt covered ground 鈥淵eah, I think it's time I call it a day.鈥
The terrified man broke into a fevered sprint, wincing in pain as he collided with the odd branch and tree trunk in his mad dash to freedom.
鈥渢he church鈥 he comforted himself 鈥渢he church is nearby! If I can make it, surely I'll be safe.鈥
Fear bit at his resolve as the trees seem to elongate before his eyes, towering over him in strange, unnatural angles.
North was West, East was West, South was North. Despite the countless times he had ventured safely into the forest alone, in this moment he had never been so lost and confused. the soft crunching of dry leaves could be barely heard over his heavy breathing as something closed the distance between itself and him.聽聽
Marco flailed wildly in surprise as his foot caught a tree root and he suddenly tripped forward, tumbling and skidding across the ground. Everything ached but terror and adrenaline dulled the pain. He scampered to his feet, unsteadily swaying back and forth as he saw the old stone bridge stretched out before him and beyond the lonely church beckoning him in the distance.聽聽
Marco hardly crossed the bridge when the soft patter of footsteps filled his ears and despite the fright that enthralled him, curiosity called to him. He paused and turned to gaze upon his purser.
He was unaware of the gasp that escaped his lips as he found himself staring at the figure of a woman no older than he....maybe.
Her long flowing blonde hair was done up in an elegant pun with blue butterfly clips and a wedding veil adorning her head. Her eyes were a pale sky blue that seemed to pierce past his mortal shell and into his very soul. 聽Her outfit of choice was a torn, ripped strapless sleeveless wedding dress with white roses that had seen far better days The skirt split open at the bottom and revealed she was wearing boot-like shoes with heels. At least that's what Marco thought they were. But what had made Marco stop, what made him gasp was not her choice of attire but rather her appearance.
She was deathly thin, her skin a pale blue as if air no longer flowed through her body. One arm was nothing more than bone and while the other still possessed what Marco assumed to be skin, her fingers were long and skeletal. The most curious aspect, however, were the pale pink hearts that covered either cheek upon her face. She was hauntingly beautiful and she was slowly approaching the trapped man.
Marco wish he could say he did something amazing. He wish he could tell some extraordinary tale of heroism and bravery in the face of danger, that he fended off the ghostly beauty, that he was safe in and sound in the church with nary a fearful thought in his mind.
He wish but he'd be lying....
The truth of the matter was as the unearthly specter cupped his face with her surprisingly soft, warm bony fingers, his ring glimmering in the darkness at him, he fainted. Just up and passed out.
The land of the dead was a rather strange place if Marco was going to be honest. For one, he was still alive in such a location and for something that people talked about with such anxiety and dread, it was a rather lovely location.
It was no different than the local pub within the city though it felt brighter, more joyful than any establishment Marco had been to (not that he would've gone to such places of ill repute of course.)
The varied dead from all walks of life and ages long passed laughed and sung. They drank (which was strange in itself) and they told stories of their former lives, not with a tone of regret and longing but with one of satisfaction and contentment.
Well they did before Marco ran a small Napoleonic character through with a sword and began waving the tiny impaled man as some sort of deterrent.
He was quickly caught up to speed by a rather charming, bowler hat wearing, one eyed, strange jawed skeleton named Bonejangles who sang a delightful yet slightly uneven tune in a style Marco had never heard of before. One that told the story of his undead bride.
Her name in life was Star Butterfly. She was peasant girl who did not have much but always gave what she could. She was set to marry Tom Lucitor, the adoptive son of a local merchant and while the two had not exactly gotten off to the warmest of starts, the two gradually fell in love and made plans for their wedding day. Until Tom's adoptive father Toffee had gotten wind of Star's less than noble background. Father and son argued and Tom had decided he was going to marry Star regardless of what his father wanted even if that meant leaving his fortune behind and running away with his bride.
Toffee did not take that well and his revenge was a cruel as it had been cold. He forged 聽a letter in Tom's name asking Star to meet him deep in the woods where they would elope and as Star waited, alone and unsuspecting, Toffee murdered her.
Her soul did not rest, however, and she waited for the day her greatest wish would come true: To become a bride.
She waited. She waited decades upon decades, through scorching sun and freezing night in her makeshift grave for someone to speak the vows she's always longed to hear.
Which was today it turns out when Marco foolishly recited them and placed his ring upon her finger.
How someone could mange to fit such a large and rather deep lore into a three minute song was pretty impressive and while he wasn't sure how one skeleton could use another as musical instrument, he had to admit that was a sight he would not soon forget.
So Marco's proposal was valid and he was now engaged to lovely corpse of a woman (a statement that really brought rather conflicting emotions to the young groom.) and while he wasn't completely sold, he had to admit Star had this energy that was intoxicating.
Despite her tragic back story, she was vibrant and cheerful. As she readjusted herself to the world of the living (or was it the living dead?) once more, she greeted old and new friends with an eager fever. She asked countless question about everyone was doing, what she had missed as she slept. Laughs, jokes, unnecessary battle cries and fighting stances. It was...nice. For someone so dead, Star breathed life.
And since things were going so well, naturally Marco had to mess it all up.聽聽
It was a tiny lie. A tiny, harmless white lie that shouldn't have hurt anyone....except it had and the person he'd hurt was his new wife.
He hadn't actually expected Star to readily agree to his casual comment about visiting Jackie and letting her know about the new situation he found himself. 聽Of course she meant it as informing his friends and family about their future wedding while Marco saw it as a chance to find a way to escape the Land of the dead and figure out how to break his oath to the undead bride.
In retrospect, barging into Jackie's home, rambling in a panicked, stuttering mess was probably not the best idea especially given the current circumstances and once the weight of his choice began to dawning on him, his voice slowed, words ceased to flow out of his lips and the crippling shyness began to grip him tightly. What was once a fantastical story about how he married a tree branch and found himself being serenaded by a deep voice skeleton became a murmur about how it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be before finally drifting into an awkward silence once he realized he was currently alone with his fiance.
She was as beautiful as ever but the reality began to creep up on the awestruck groom as he realized she was dressed in a wedding gown. A wedding gown she was supposed to use for their wedding.
It was traditional as most outfits but Jackie was absolutely angelic in it: A modest yet well kept wedding veil tied to her bun. The fabric that covered her neck and shoulders held simple ruffles, the sleeves were long enough to cover her bare arms but Marco could see her exposed fingers reaching out for him in concern. The bottom of the attire was bell shaped with layers upon layers of cloth cascading downwards like waves upon the ocean and like Marco, Jackie had decided to wear her most prized possession for their union: 聽a small belt hugged her waist composed of fine string and beads that held her beloved sea shell in the center of the dress.
鈥淢arco?鈥 she asked softly, approaching the shell shocked groom slowly 鈥淢arco, I don't understand....what are you talking about? You speak of the dead and corpses singing and marrying trees? And you seem pale....paler than usual.鈥
鈥淥h!鈥 Marco snapped out of his stupor 鈥淣o no no. I didn't marry a tree, I married a corpse that was buried in the ground whose fingers resembled tree branches. I-it's...ah....very, very easy thing to mistake...or....not believe....鈥
鈥淚....I'm not sure I follow.鈥
Marco and Jackie jumped as, without warning, the door flew open and in walked Star, her pleasant, polite smile melting into shock and anger.
Looking back, Marco could only fathom how bad it had seemed at the time: Here he was, a groom Star had been waiting for all of her dead life for and he was talking to another woman dressed in a wedding attire.
And instead of trying to clear up the situation when Star revealed that she was in fact Marco's bride, he had dug his grave (so to speak). It turns out the dead are not fond of people reminding them they are no longer among the living or that there were other women that he was supposed to marry.
And for someone who hadn't been alive in such a long time, Star was rather strong. She effortlessly dragged him away from the home and as Marco called to Jackie one last time, a swarm of crows blinded his sight.
The following scolding was no doubt the worst moment in his life: Star was nearly in hysterics, alternating between anger and sorrow as it all came forth: his lies, his broken promises, his real intentions and if he truly cared for his corpse bride.
He said nothing. Courage had left him and in its void, shame filled its place. Guilt weighed heavily on his shoulders as he realized Star had feelings and he hurt her in ways far worse than her death had.
Star finally stopped and sent him away, too distraught to continue the conversation further and thus we are where we began: A human consumed by his guilt and his bride, pained by his actions.
Marco sat up in his bed. He hadn't meant for all this to turn out this way and hadn't the slightest idea how to fix it all. Star was far more fun and wonderful than he'd expected and his moment of deceit cost something he was unaware he valued.
The once lively, cheery tune of the untuned piano was now somber and melancholy and while Marco knew it was simply a song composed in a minor key, he couldn't help but feel sadness at each note held.聽聽
Marco took a deep, calming breath. He needed to fix this. He wasn't acting out of malice but fear wasn't an excuse either.
He made his way out of the bedroom and peeked fearfully into the next room.
The Ball and Socket pub was empty save two occupants: Bonejangles, leaning lazily on his stool and Star, head laid against the aged wood of the piano, her skeletal fingers dancing across the ivory keys.
She made no indication she heard him as she continued to play the same note over and over again while she refused to meet his gaze.
鈥淟ook....鈥 Marco began slowly 鈥淚....I know you're mad at me....鈥
鈥淣o kidding鈥 She muttered sarcastically 鈥淚 let my fiancee go invite people to our wedding and I find you with another woman.鈥
鈥淲ell...I mean...鈥
鈥淪HE WAS WEARING A WEDDING DRESS MARCO!鈥 Star glared 鈥淲hy was she wearing a wedding dress?鈥
鈥淯mm...鈥 Marco awkwardly paused 鈥淲ell....鈥
鈥淲ere you planning on marrying her? After you proposed to me?鈥
鈥...that's not quite....鈥
Star let out a defeated sigh 鈥淟ook Marco, that hurt. A lot.鈥
鈥...I know....鈥
鈥淚 mean...鈥 Star uneasily said 鈥淚 get it. She's alive, she's cute, you obviously have history with her..鈥
鈥淚 do?鈥 Marco rose a confused eyebrow 鈥淚 mean I-I do! If you count staring creepily at her from afar...鈥
鈥淲hat was that?鈥
Star sat up though she still refused to look his way.
Marco inched his way closer under the watchful eye of Bonejangles and took a seat neat to Star.
The air was thick with an awkward silence that Star refused to break and Marco was unsure how to. This situation had wildly span out of his control and for once, the safe kid had no idea how to get out of it. Jackie still made his heart skip but...Star was slowly doing the same.....
Marco sighed, halfheartedly pressing a random key over and over when an idea formed in his mind.
Carefully keeping one eye one Star and the other on the keys, Marco slowly began to play an upbeat duet his parents would often perform at home. His fingers effortlessly ran up and down the upper register of the instrument, the upbeat song filling the air before Marco paused, glancing towards Star in hopes she continue the call and response aspect of the piece.
She did not.
Marco bit his lip nervously, deciding to go on with his next part of the musical piece. He'd never played this particular song before and was rather surprised how naturally it came to him: E to F, F to D with an E sharp chord coming up next measure. Each note rang with a longing twang as he poured his apologizes, his guilt, his heart into this song.
Star did not respond.
Marco felt dejected. His best effort was not enough and no matter how hard he tried, it seems he could never heal the pain he caused Star.
His masterfully playing devolved into playing the same lonesome note over and over as Star once had. He saw why she'd done it: It was oddly therapeutic in a way. An endless repetitive action that numbed the mind and the regret.
Marco blinked as his single note was joined by another and another. Note after note filled the air as Star's skeletal fingers played.
Marco smiled softly as their individual parts forming into a beautiful symphony. When she rose, he followed. When he played a chord, she filled it. And each note brought the two closer into their own world and before they knew it, what had been a few minutes had stretched into hours as Star's hand escaped her wrist and began running across the keys wildly.
鈥淲hoops鈥 she nervously chuckled while Marco caught the escaping appendage 鈥淢ust've been a bit too enthusiastic.鈥
鈥淭hat's okay鈥 Marco muttered, his warm hand in hers as he reattached it to the wrist 鈥淚 like your enthusiasm. It's fun鈥
The two shared a small grin
鈥淚t's late鈥 Star stood up 鈥淚 don't need to sleep but you are still alive so off to bed.鈥
鈥淚 don't know how to feel about getting curfews from my wife鈥 Marco snickered as he made his way past.
Star could feel her cold dead heart thump loudly in her ears, a pale blue blush warming her cheeks as she realized what he had said but as she whirled around to speak, Marco had vanished beyond the door frame and a moment later, darkness plunged his room.
She stood, dumbfounded as shame began to pour into her undead body.
鈥淪o鈥 croaked Bonejangles 鈥済etting cold feet?鈥
Star scoffed 鈥淎ll of me is cold Bones.鈥
鈥淭hat's not what I mean princess.鈥
鈥淚 know...鈥 she frowned thoughtfully 鈥淚...I've waited so long...and he's just so...鈥 The pale blush worsen 鈥淏ut I'm stealing him from the living and he's already got fiancee waiting for him.....Can I really just....?鈥
Bonejangles leapt off the stool 鈥淵ou can't marry the living darling and he ain't dead. That's gotta change.鈥
Star remained silent.
鈥淏esides鈥 Bonejangles shrugged casually 鈥淢ost marriage vows break when death does them part.鈥
Star was unsure what he was getting at 鈥淏ones, I don't understand....鈥
鈥淛ust saying鈥 he waved her away 鈥淲ho says he can't remarry when he gets down here?鈥
Star pursed her lips as the skeleton's song filled the air, her longing and guilt pulling at her resolve.
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cid331 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Protect The Cinnamon Roll
It鈥檚 not much but I needed to show my gratitude.
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cherlosity 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Birthday present for @hains-mae鈥!! Remember when you had that dream where you married KEITH KOGANE? Yeah, me too. Now it鈥檚 official~~ 銉(銉烩垁銉)锞
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teentitansbrokenyouth a month ago
Tumblr media
@hains-mae made this beautiful piece for our Teen Titans: Broken Youth zine! Raise your hand if you'd watch a Titans school days cartoon? I WOULD!! The zine goes on sale 5/20! All the profits from it will go to the UNICEF charity to help children in need around the world! 馃槉
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loubuggins 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Combined the themes for this commissioned piece drawn by @hains-mae. Inspired by @lilytimbers designs. Happy BBRae Week!
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bat-boys-zine 9 months ago
So here鈥檚 a little look into our zine, featuring our gorgeous cover by @hains-mae and some beautiful art by @calladraws101 a letter from Dick Grayson by @watchtower-feed and a fic by @superhero--imagines
With over 50 pages, this is truly a gorgeous zine, get a physical (or digital) copy here!
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fireflyxrebel-writes 10 months ago
Tumblr media
BBRae Week Day 7 by @hains-mae
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artypurrs a year ago
Tumblr media
Lovely art of the half year queen made by @hains-mae 馃槂 I highly recommend getting art from her
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hains-mae 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bath time 馃泚馃
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cartooniste2z 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Draw the Squad - Remote @hains-mae @prettylittlerock123 @cid331
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misterewrites 7 months ago
Brawl at the Salt-Irons
Hello everyone, E back with the next chapter! I hope you are all doing well.
I just want to say thank you to everyone reading this story. I really appreciate it. I know original works aren't usually everyone's speed so it means so much that this story is doing so well. Thank you all. and thank you especially for reblogging it and liking it and if you鈥檙e like my best friend @hains-mae spoiling the crap out of me with sketches and art. Seriously she鈥檚 the best and she does amazing work, go check her out! For real though thank you.聽
So have fun with the next chapter. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, fucking vaccinate yourself if you can please and keep your loved ones safe. We really need to get this all over the world cuz come on. Have a great whatever amount of time it takes between updates and feel free to leave comments with feedback or share it with friends. reblogs, likes or even just reading its all good and I'll appreciate it forever. Literally forever. Bye now!
Here鈥檚 the chapter over at AO3 for ease of reading-聽https://archiveofourown.org/works/30599756/chapters/87183850
Here鈥檚 the last chapter if you forgot what happened cuz lord knows I write way too much and have no consistent updating schedule-聽聽https://archiveofourown.org/works/30599756/chapters/85394095
Here鈥檚 the story from the beginning if you are utterly confused by whatever is going on here-聽https://archiveofourown.org/works/30599756/chapters/75486005
and here鈥檚 my profile in case you wanna take a look at the other stories or fandoms I have written for-聽https://archiveofourown.org/users/MrE42/pseuds/MrE42
Summary is underneath the fancy keep reading tab!聽
Summary:聽 So it hasn't been a good day for Finnrick the wizarding detective so far: Strange necromancy, a giant fae creature on the loose and two people missing with no real clue where they could be. All that was before Finnrick found himself being thrown out a window 5 stories up. But Finnrick is an old hand at this and it'll take more than fall to stop him. The strange creature attacking might just do it though.
Disorientation was dangerous in any situation: Humans relied on clear and concise information to make rational choices especially when danger was present. The first few seconds were critical to identifying and preventing fatal consequences.
Of course that was for the average person and Finnrick Drift was not an average person.
Finnrick had been playing detective for a number of years now and he learned multiple lessons over the course of his career. Two of which were ironically very valuable in this particular freefall towards the ground.
Firstly Finnrick was more or less used to being tossed out a window, either by his own choice or unwillingly. Sometimes you needed to leave a place as fast as you possibly can and that meant chucking yourself out a window full sprint. Other times people thought if you simply threw something out the nearest window the ground would take care of the problem for you.
The other skill was less normal utility and more distinguishing how badly something wanted to kill you. A really specific skill set but necessary in his line of work.
As the world whirled about him, shifting between concrete pavement and dark thunderous skies, Finnrick began trying to figure out how much danger he was currently in.
Something crashed into him and sent him tumbling out the window five stories up from the ground. Okay that was a point in the bad category.
On the other hand there had been that voice who warned him to watch out before slamming into him. So that鈥檚 a point in the good column.
Rain gently pelted his face and made it very hard to keep track of the ground. That鈥檚 bad.
The figure falling near him was, more or less, flailing in a panic and did not attempt to kill him as they both fell. Good.
That complicated things.
Finnrick grabbed what he thought was the figure鈥檚 arm. It was hard to tell but there wasn鈥檛 really time to ask what body part he was currently holding onto.
A muffle voice let out a squeak of surprise but Finnrick hadn鈥檛 heard it, too focused on the task at hand.
Finnrick stretched out his hand, his fingers blazing with blue magic. He inhaled slowly and, with a flick of his wrist, yelled 鈥淰entus descen!鈥
Magic flared around them, magical runes forming and surrounding the two as the pseudo Latin words were lost among the tremendous boom of thunder overheard. The pair slowed, their rapid descent towards the floor now gentle and airy like a feather on the wind.
鈥淟et go of my leg!鈥 someone shouted, a hint of embarrassment in her tone.
Finnrick took a clear look at the person he had evidently held onto onto like an umbrella.
The figure wasn鈥檛 too much shorter than him, half an inch or so. Maybe? It was hard to tell with the dark red motorcycle helmet they had chosen to wear. Brown skin, fairly lean muscle and a flash of hair dyed a bubble gum pink hair is all he could figure for physical features.
She shivered from the cold as her black tank top/strangely crop top dark red leather jacket were wildly impractical for the rain (Seriously it was half a jacket. Who would buy half of anything for full price?) She wore thick dark blue work jeans that Finn currently held onto.
Finnrick glanced downwards, mentally counting the amount of feet left till they both reached the ground.
Finnrick spoke but between the thunder and the rain he could barely hear his own voice.
鈥淚鈥檓 warning you!鈥 the woman yelled, fist raised 鈥淚 will beat the shit out of you if you don鈥檛 let go!鈥
Finnrick raised his voice 鈥淲e鈥檙e twenty feet up. If I let go you鈥檙e going to hit the cement with a fair amount of speed. Your head might be okay but I doubt the rest of you will be.鈥
She paused for a moment, seemingly taking notice of the swirling runes around them.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not shitting me right?鈥
鈥淣ope!鈥 he responded 鈥淐ourse if you鈥檙e gonna start swinging, I can let go and you can find out yourself.鈥
She rose her hands in surrender 鈥淭ruce. Least till we reach the ground.鈥
鈥淪ounds great!鈥
It only took a handful of seconds to reach the ground and both landed safely on their feet.
The woman pulled away from him, body tensed for some sort of conflict but Finnrick remained where he stood.
Definitely shorter than him though not by much.
鈥淭hanks鈥 she murmured awkwardly.
鈥淭hank you for the warning before you crashed into me.鈥 Finnrick replied with a thankful nod.
鈥淓r no prob. You need to go though. Not safe.鈥
Finnrick chuckled cheerfully 鈥淚 hadn鈥檛 noticed with the sudden thunderstorm that seems to be hovering over us or the fact something was scratching the walls up chasing after you.鈥
鈥淚鈥︹ she began when a horrible shriek cut through the boom of thunder.
Something exploded the window out, frame and all. It was hard to tell what it was from this far down but it was fast. It leapt out and Finnrick lost track of it amidst the black stormy clouds.
Both Finnrick and the woman surged forward, bumping into each other awkwardly as the debris headed straight for them.
鈥淗ey, watch it dude!鈥
鈥淟et a professional handle this.鈥
Finnrick could feel the daggers she was glaring his way from under the helmet but while she wasted time, he sprung into action.
He rose his hands as arcane power flowed through him. He caught the angle and trajectory of the bricks and wooden window frame sailing through the air. He took notice of the distance between himself and the biker woman from Mars.
Runes formed around him as he thrust his hands upwards and screamed 鈥淧roto-infinium!鈥
The runes exploded into a shower of sparks hung in the air for a moment before stretching and meshing together into a light blue protective sphere, blanketing the two as rubble smashed and bounce harmlessly off the spell. Finnrick flinched a moment when the frame slammed into the shield and caused the entire thing to shift downwards half an inch.
The woman sheepishly kicked at the ground, murmur softly under her breath 鈥淚 was about to do that.鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 Finnrick replied, his voice strained as he focused on keeping the magic going 鈥渂ut you didn鈥檛.鈥
The woman opened her mouth to retort when something else crashed into the sphere.
A blot of some sort of dark liquid splattered across the translucent dome. There was a lot of it, about the size of a child, and it seemed to be moving. The black liquid shimmered, catching the light of the thunder overhead across its surface. It shifted back and forth unevenly as if it had trouble keeping its form in the light rainfall.
What the actual fuck is that?
Finnrick鈥檚 brown eyes went wide 鈥淲hat the actual fucking hell is that?!鈥
鈥淣o idea.鈥 The woman shifted her weight, dropping into a fighting pose 鈥渂ut it tried to take a chunk of me inside. I was patrolling when it jumped me.鈥
鈥淧atrolling? What are you Batm鈥?鈥
The inky blot leaned back and smashed itself against sphere. Ice formed in the pit of Finn鈥檚 stomach when thin tendrils began squirmed their way through and found nonexistent cracks in his magic.
鈥淥kay that鈥檚 bad.鈥 Finnrick paled as the possible options of what exactly this thing was started to dawn on him 鈥淢OVE!鈥
鈥淚 said鈥 Finnrick repeated despite the fact he鈥檇 already dropped his hands, bumping the woman to the side as he forgo the spell completely 鈥淢OVE!鈥
The woman had been ready and caught herself mid-tumble, pivoting on her heels and steadying her balance.
Finnrick threw himself backwards as far as he could, narrowly avoiding the flailing inkblot reaching for him.
He lost track of it as it fell and disappeared into the pavement, blending into the darkness of the street.
Finnrick raised his hand again, magic runes forming into existence around him once more
He hurled his palm outward. The runes gathered in his hand before bursting forth as a fireball no bigger than a fist.
Finn missed it by a few inches: The flame hit the road and vanished in a flurry but the attack lit up the dark enough for him to catch sight of the blot shuffling sideways. It was trying to flank him but Finnrick wasn鈥檛 going to give it the chance.
鈥淔urgo! Furgo! Furgo!鈥
Finnrick shot spell after spell after it, switching between his right and left hand to keep up the attack but the inkblot dodged and weaved the wizard鈥檚 assault, using the shadows to its advantage.
鈥淔urgo!鈥漈he attack spiraled into the dark but there was no sight of the inkblot.
Finnrick let out a breath he hadn鈥檛 realized he鈥檇 been holding in. Quiet aside the odd thunder crack and the gentle pattering of rain.
He stood still in the rainfall, trying to keep his breathing under control as he listened for any sign of the creature.
There was pause before it attacked, shrieking loudly from behind as it lunged at him.
Finnrick whirled around, gathering magic when the woman finally decided to act.
She slid in between himself and the inkblot, hurriedly pressing down on something on her wrist. Finnrick鈥檚 eyes widened as a translucent rose colored wall formed in front of her.
He recognized a shield spell but unlike the woman standing confidently before him, he knew it would did little to nothing to stop the ink from getting through.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not going to work!鈥 He screamed, grabbing her shoulder.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
Finn said nothing and instead decided that pulling her out of the way of the attack was more important than shouting another warning.
She was jerked backwards just in time for the inkblot to hit the wall. She nearly cussed out the wizard when she noticed the cracks form across the shield鈥檚 surface before shattering into harmless sparks, the ink blot sailed past unimpeded.
It landed amidst the darkness once more but Finnrick was ready this time.
鈥淚ncindus Ferno!鈥
Magic did not gather around his hands this time but rather at the spot the inkblot lay. The runes appeared only for a moment before exploding in a fiery column that rose high into the air.
The inkblot let out a terrible strangled noise, flames spreading across its body. It flailed back and forth before diving into a nearby puddle. Its form stretched like it was being diluted in the pool of water. Finnrick caught sight of some blacken surface he managed to char before the inkblot pulled itself out and slowly began reform.
Finnrick narrowed his eyes, raising his hand to deliver the final blow.
He didn鈥檛 get a chance.
The ground cracked and broke apart as a dozen or so rotten undead flesh reached up and began wildly grasping at air.
Finnrick pulled back, unsure if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.
Zombies of various shapes and sizes crawled their way out from the cracks, decay affecting each differently. They moaned and groaned as they began to circle around the inkblot. The cracks vanished like they had never existed but the scent of dead flesh was all too real to Finnrick.
Whatever this was supposed to do, it did the opposite. The inkblot, sensing detective鈥檚 distraction and untouchable by undead hands, vanished. Finnrick tried to keep track of its movements but between the sea of bodies and the thunderous storm, it had escaped. The sudden stillness of the zombies gave Finn all the confirmation he needed that it was gone.
鈥淔ucking hell.鈥 Finnrick murmured, rubbing the tension out of his neck.
鈥淵ou should not be here.鈥
Figures appeared without warning, trapping Finnrick and the woman in a loose circle. They were identical in every way: Long bellowing black cloaks that hid their forms, smooth featureless white masks that hid their faces with the same sword at their sides.
They stood silently, watching both very carefully for any sign of aggression.
Finnrick glanced at the zombies once more before eyeing the group 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know Gatekeepers were using necromancy nowadays.鈥
No one replied.
The Gatekeepers is the single oldest organization in Newton Haven, predating the M.R.R.D or even the Council. Their goal was simple really: Protect the city.
The real issue was that the organization had tacked on the 鈥渁t all costs鈥 part onto that little motto. What was once a noble goal for the greater good had been twisted into a sort of dysfunctional family too busy trying to knock each other down than work together.
Like siblings.
On the surface The Gatekeepers were a single group that operated within the city but over the last few decades the group splintered off into various factions, each named after one of the cardinal directions.
The Northern Gatekeepers were the most fanatical about their duty. They believed whatever cost that could be paid should be to ensure the city remained. The problem with that particular level of devotion was the misguided intention. When they say 鈥減rotect the city鈥 they really do mean the city itself. People were more or less expendable to The Northern Gatekeepers and Finnrick heard rumors that some of their corpses were conscripted into the great undead army the group was rumored to use.
Well not so much a rumor now.
鈥淲e will ask only once.鈥 a cloaked figure to the side spoke after a moment.
The next, in an almost perfectly identical voice, called from behind 鈥淲hat were you both doing here?鈥
鈥淒etective work for the M.R.R.D鈥 Finnrick spoke clearly yet calmly 鈥淪he鈥檚 my assistant.鈥
He gestured to the woman who was too busy keeping an eye on everyone she didn鈥檛 trust . So everyone present.
The figures let out a cruel laugh as one.
鈥淓ncroaching on our territory.鈥
鈥淥ur jurisdiction!鈥
Finnrick rose his hands 鈥淟ast I checked we were all supposed to be on the same side.鈥
鈥淲e protect the city.鈥
鈥淲e protect every brick and mortar.鈥
鈥淲e protect the soul, the heart of Newton Haven!鈥
鈥淩ight sure.鈥 Finnrick bit down a scathing remark 鈥淲ell you let the inky monster of death loose sooooo not doing a great job guys.鈥
The figures remained silent though the detective suspected they were sharing awkward glances with one another.
鈥淵eah. Yeah鈥 Finnrick waved them off 鈥淵ou鈥檙e interfering in an official investigation. Do we need to involve The Council? Cause I can call and get this all sorted.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 the voices cried at once.
One broke rank, clearing their throat before motioning for Finnrick to wait 鈥淲e will leave you be but do not cause trouble while you remain.鈥
鈥淢e? Cause trouble?鈥 Finnrick gestured to himself playfully 鈥淣ever. Now if trouble finds me鈥︹
The Gatekeepers did not answer. Instead, they rose their hands to the storm above and snapped their fingers in perfect unison. A blinding light flashed from within their cloaks and a moment later it was all gone: The zombie hoard, the gatekeepers, even the thunderstorm had simply disappeared into thin air.
鈥淲ooooow.鈥 Finnrick rubbed his eyes tiredly 鈥淐reepy and incompetent. That鈥檚 a new one. Heading out already?鈥
He turned to find the woman mid-step, trying to sneak away among the confusing exchange.
鈥淚鈥︹ she straightened her stance 鈥淲ell you looked like you had a handle on things so I thought I鈥檇 just get out of your hair.鈥
鈥淩ight of course. Not at all because you鈥檙e a vigilante and Gatekeepers aren鈥檛 really fond of people operating on their turf.鈥
The woman chuckled nervously 鈥淲hat? Me? Vigilante? I...just...that鈥檚鈥.what gave it away?鈥
鈥淲ell鈥︹ Finn scratched his chin thoughtfully 鈥淵our whole get up: Motorcycle helmet for hiding, half a leather jacket for protection given leather is very good at softening sharp and blunt objects. You know how to fight given how bouncy you are on your feet. Boxing right?鈥
She nodded sheepishly.
Finnrick glanced at the device strapped on her wrist: it was a rough disc shape made of a smooth blue metallic material. A light in the center was flashing red which probably meant it was low on whatever energy sourced it used for its magical properties.
Artificing was a relatively new field given how old everything else is. The art of fusing science, technology and magic. For an accomplished wizard such as Finnrick the whole idea was very unappealing given the general limited nature and power of the magic replicated with these devices but average nonmagical folks could find a lot of practical uses out of the them.
鈥淲ell you did good. For the most part.鈥
The woman placed her hands on her hips angrily 鈥淚 think did great!鈥
鈥淵ou nearly died miss.鈥
鈥淚鈥.did, didn鈥檛 I?鈥
Finnrick saw her woman鈥檚 shoulders sag as if the realization was weighing her down.
鈥淵ou need to study more.鈥 Finnrick offered helpfully 鈥淵ou did do good and in normal circumstances it would鈥檝e been enough.
The woman sighed 鈥淏ut this wasn鈥檛 a normal circumstance right?鈥
Finnrick shook his head grimly 鈥淢y shield barely slowed it down and I鈥檓 a fully trained wizard. Your little device wasn鈥檛 going to do anything to it.鈥
The woman covered the device with her other hand.
鈥淟ook miss鈥?鈥
鈥淭he Crimson Sentinel鈥
鈥淗ey! It鈥檚 hard to come up with a hero name that sounds good!鈥
鈥淚 think just Sentinel would work better.鈥
Finnrick could imagine the frown on Sentinel鈥檚 face as she struggled to admit that it did sound better.
鈥淎nyway.鈥 she continued, ignoring his advice 鈥淚 need to go.鈥
Finnrick gave a polite bow 鈥淲ord of advice: Dye the rest of your hair.鈥
鈥淲izards鈥 He motioned to himself 鈥淐an use hair to track down and spy on people but it鈥檚 got be pure. Dye hair really messes up the magical connection the hair has between the spell and yourself so if you like that bubble gum pink shade, you might as well go all in. You鈥檇 never know when your heroism is gonna piss off an evil wizard鈥.or warlock. Maybe a cleric depending on which god they serving but for sure wizards.鈥
She took a pause before admitting 鈥淵eah this is too much I鈥檓 going to go.鈥
鈥淕ood work.鈥 Finnrick offered his hand to her.
She looked at it for a moment before shaking it.
She pulled away, carefully watching Finn for any sign of treachery. Sentinel gave an awkward wave before launching into the sky, jets of flames from her boots propelling upwards. She landed on the edge of a roof, teetered uneasily for a moment before sprinting out of sight.
Finnrick chuckled to himself as he looked a the strain of pink hair he managed to swipe off her jacket.
鈥淲ell that鈥檚 a mysterious mystery for another day.鈥 he mumbled to himself and pocketing the hair before turning back to the Salt-Irons Apartment 鈥淣ow let鈥檚 see what I missed.鈥
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ollycloud 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Fanart for @hains-mae's Mari
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saimatheworrier 6 months ago
Jo mohabbat ko khel samjhty hain akhir mae harty bhe wohi hain 馃
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tarisilmarwen 7 months ago
Little BBRae son is a kindly little gentleman. He likes picking flowers and gives them to his mother. And yes of course Raven treasures those gifts for the rest of her life and saves those flowers by pressing them in her books.
Gkjghhg like I know these are mostly for @hains-mae's Jasper but I'm picturing my sweet little Anthony doing it and dying of cute how dare you.
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griffle-musings a year ago
Now with Illustrations! Thank you to the lovely @hains-mae and @leendraws for allowing me to commission them!! Please go check out their lovely artwork and their Ko-Fi/Patreons!
Leen's Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/leendraws
H. Mae's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hainsmae
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loubuggins 11 months ago
Tumblr media
BBRae Week Sneak Preview
Art by @hains-mae
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river-bottom-nightmare a year ago
tim could hear the pounding bass coming from under his feet. the ceiling of the club wasn鈥檛 exactly soundproof, and the steady hum of people was a constant background noise. tim crept along the roof, aware of where he was. he tended to melt into the shadows on instinct, but he was taking extra care to remain hidden this time, given his decidedly not weapon-filled and bulletproof clothing.
peering over the edge of the building, he scanned the alley for a certain figure. there was a nondescript couple pressed against one of the walls, and a grimy man at the head of the alley watching them, but not what tim was looking for. letting out the quietest of frustrated sounds, tim slipped away from the edge of the roof, scurrying over to the center again.聽
near another edge, there was a wall of concrete, probably where the boiler was. it was there that tim leaned against the hard surface, head tipped back, just breathing in the air. he was trying not to be impatient, he really was.聽
then, a voice from behind.聽鈥渓ooks like someone鈥檚 a little restless.鈥 it was low, but with an undercurrent of teasing that made tim shiver. he whipped around just in time to see kon land on the roof with a sort of graceful ease tim didn鈥檛 think he got nearly enough credit for. hut just as he was about to stride up to the man, probably to smack him for making him wait, but kon stalked forward instead, backing tim against the concrete.聽鈥渃hanged my mind,鈥 kon鈥檚 eyes raked down tim.聽鈥測ou don鈥檛 look restless, you look darling.鈥澛
that brought a flush to tim鈥檚 cheeks, because he himself was scanning every inch of kon, and kon looked the furthest thing from darling one could possibly imagine. the bodysuit and leather jacket were an easy familiarity. the jeans he had on top were tight, the chains looped around kon鈥檚 belt clinking. tim was the one who鈥檇 dared kon to buy those chains a couple months ago, laughing. he wasn鈥檛 exactly laughing now. kon鈥檚 hair was windswept, his piercings were glinting, his eyeliner was dark, and as he pressed close to tim, the fingerless gloves that tilted his chin up were rough.
鈥渓ook at you,鈥 kon whispered, which tim thought was unfair. he wanted to argue back聽look at me? no, look at you kon, but somehow his attention wandered to tracing kon鈥檚 lips with his eyes instead. robin could pull a confident and reckless smirk easy, it coming to tim as second nature as he pulled superboy down to meet his lips. even to tim drake, dressed in ratty old t-shirts he thought looked cool and winking at girls he knew looked cool. but tonight, comfortable with his best friend and boyfriend, he couldn鈥檛 bring his classic cheekiness up to the surface. instead, as kon moved closer and closer, tim found himself unconsciously tilting his head up, lips parting, baring his throat.
still, he wasn鈥檛 just going to roll over, so his hands came up to tug the zipper on kon鈥檚 sleeve, and he managed a snort.聽鈥渋鈥檓 not darling.鈥
kon鈥檚 chuckle vibrated through him.聽鈥測es you are. you鈥檙e wearing a sweater vest and your hair is adorable and you blush so pretty, rob.鈥 well. that just made tim turn red even more.聽鈥渁nd you鈥檙e wearing glasses.鈥 kon鈥檚 fingers came up to trace the rims, but instead of pulling away, that large hand cradled his jaw rough聽and forced it up.聽
he kissed tim fierce, just the way tim had been imagining since he saw kon that night. his other hand went to tim鈥檚 hip in a bruising grip, which the fucker took as invitation to slip his tongue into tim鈥檚 mouth.聽for a second, tim poised to fight back, to tangle their tongues together in the messy way tim knew kon loved, to move out of kon鈥檚 hold and push him hard聽against the wall, to put some bite聽into the kiss.聽
then, kon sucked on his tongue, and tim decided nah, fuck that,聽instead practically melting into the his boyfriend in front of him.聽just as tim let out a soft noise at the feeling of metal on the roof of his mouth, kon pulled back. the boy raised his eyebrows in a confused little expression, surprised at how docile tim was acting.
tim just shrugged in response.
鈥渁lright then,鈥 kon said, his gaze switching back to hunger so fast it made tim wonder whether or not he was really surprised.聽鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna spend our entire night on this stupid roof.聽let鈥檚 have a little fun first.鈥
鈥渙h yeah? got any ideas?鈥
kon raised an eyebrow, then looked pointedly at the ceiling they were standing on. 鈥渨e could always go downstairs.鈥 the beat of the song had changed, but it was no less deep, no less pounding. the vibrations made their way through the concrete and tim, who was still leaning against the wall, shuddered.聽
kon鈥檚 voice was as deep as the bass when he held out his hand and asked tim,聽鈥渨ell?鈥 it wasn鈥檛 like he was subtle, he was giving tim a choice. kon could either fly tim to wherever struck their fancy that night, and have it be another one of their lovely little dates. tim took a second to remember how kon would always tangle their feet together, his eyes mischievous yet soft as he looked at tim. then he thought about tonight, how much fun it was to have kon pinning him against something, how the way kon was acting tonight took his breath away.
tim reached out to grab the outstretched hand and tucked himself against his boyfriend鈥檚 side. he pushed himself up to his toes and whispered in kon鈥檚 ear,聽鈥渋鈥檓 game. let鈥檚 go downstairs.鈥
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This fic was inspired by those two amazing works of art up there. Tim鈥檚 by @hains-mae , and Kon鈥檚 by @daddyschlongleg 聽and i love their works of art an unhealthy amount. 鈥
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