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since i last spoke about how i fuked up my hair. i went to go get a haircut & added long layers. 

on that day after my haircut, i came home showered & fixed my hair myself.

i went out with my family & we had dinner at this new restaurant. the food was ok but honestly the waitress sucked. she rushed us w the order, didn’t come check up on us, rushed to give us the bill, and i think she expected a great tip in the end. i told my hubby to give her a 15% tip & to leave it at that bc he wasn’t happy either.

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Hi there, thank you so much for your kind words!

Typically, only Mages or those with Mage blood have unusual-colored hair and eyes, unless, of course, the hair is dyed, such as in Lavinet’s case. So Norms almost never have, say, red eyes or purple hair, though it can still happen due to having mixed blood somewhere in their ancestry. But not all Mages have unusual hair/eye colors, either: for example, Mimir and Ayla have “normal” hair colors.

Briony’s hair is natural since she has Mage blood! Thank you again for the very nice compliments! 😁

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Martha Hair

Price: Natural 310L, Colour 310L, Ombre 310L (all packs are 25% off for the duration of the event)

✓ copy / ✖ modify / ✖ transfer

Hair is unrigged mesh and includes accessory hat and bow with HUD.

Event open September 20th through to October 20th until event close.

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😎Haircut of the day💈thanks to all the clients for coming tru! Have a safe weekend. #juanAcut #Cosmetology #Barbering
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#animacao #animation #3danimation #brushrush #3d #maya #lookdev #render #2d #bluschool #art #characterdesign #characteranimation #ornatrix #hair #vray #3dsmaxvray #3dsmax #animationprogress (em Parauapebas)

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No no col I absolutely adore your asks please you can spam whenever hehe !! But Y E S okay??? Hair is so important to me period so just the fact that Bato probably does the single strands first (you know like straight down) and they’re not too small. To be honest they’re not perfect either but Hakoda wears them proudly and Bato finds it so embarrassing because he thinks they’re so bad but Hakoda is like nope I’m keeping them in. It takes a few months but soon enough he masters fixing the long braids. He’s lucky that Hakoda’s hair isn’t as long as his too so it doesn’t take to long to do the braids. Then !! He starts to do cornrows and it’s so challenging and so rewarding at the same time. The braids are so sloppy and Hakoda’s like what the hell? but in about six months Bato has perfected the braids, with little need for breaks when he’s braiding. He’s so so happy. And Hakoda loves wearing the cornrows with his two braids down and it’s so GOOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH please I love hair so much hehe

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