fannyrosie · a month ago
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Two weeks ago, I had a photoshoot in Shinjuku and wore something casual and easy to change out of and travel with. I liked the hairdo the hairdresser did for my second look and kept it (makeup was made by me, as you can see). I then visited Seibu Coffee while in Shinjuku and rode back home by bike (with a helmet). It's a miracle the hairdo and makeup lasted(ish) all the way back home, so I took some outfit pictures.
Photoshoot behind the scene and kissa pictures on my Instagram post.
Outfit rundown Dress: Anna Sui (a present from many years ago) Collar: second-hand Victorian Maiden Hat: vintage Tote bag: Valerie Bastille Shoes: Yosuke Brooch and ring: local artist markets Cardigan: second-hand Milk
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marzipanandminutiae · 22 days ago
The easiest (although not quite historically accurate) way to make rats with your own hair is using a hair net! They're super cheap and readily available. Just put the hair inside in the general shape you want and then wrap the net around itself to keep it closed, then massage it into a more specific shape. Kind of tricky to explain but very simple in practice. I've done this myself and they work great for everything from Georgian to Edwardian.
Thank you! That's very helpful.
I'm going to need them for the Doom Pleats (Lucille's park outfit from Crimson Peak) photoshoot, because while my hair may also be long and medium brown, it is MUCH finer than the character's. So I will make use of this advice quite soon.
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fanning-the-flames · 7 months ago
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You’ve been very good so have some more Hair Care!Jiang Cheng for the holidays!
Another inspiration from actually the same set of prompts as the previous drawing of Jiang Cheng doing hair. OH MY GOD this piece fought me! I must have nudged or outright redrawn this several times over at this point! I changed his body pose a couple of times, his clothes a few more, literally started from scratch…still doesn’t look right to me *yeets stylus across the room*
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brian-in-finance · 2 months ago
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Remember Thursday 20 May 2021? She was days away from maternity leave. 💙
Brian’s first post that day
Brian’s second post that day
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007blonded · 3 months ago
Traci Braxton at 50 years young gone but Not Forgotten
Traci Braxton at 50 years young gone but Not Forgotten
Traci Braxton Marley Twist Traci Braxton the oldest of the Braxton Family Values Bravo TV show has passed away. She is the singer and songwriter Toni and Tamar Braxton’s sister. She leaves her loving family, husband, son, and grandchild missing her dearly. Traci Braxton 🍋 Lemonade Braids
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dangitroomba-hcs · 7 months ago
while hajime would never grow his hair out as long as it was when he was izuru, he likes to let it grow to shoulder length before getting it cut because chiaki likes to braid it :)
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chubbybritneyspears · 7 months ago
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I got to get dressed up recently for the nw makeup/ hair awards 😃
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scienceart-everything · 8 months ago
Hairstyling While Queer
I’m considering cutting my long hair short and when looking at styles oooh boy did I notice some stuff! I though I’d share in a post I’m calling:
Hairstyling while Queer
(Small disclaimer: I am speaking only from my personal experience. I am white and therefore all these observations describe the experience of hairstyling among white folks. If anyone would like to describe their experience of Hair Styling while Queer and not white, please do! It would add to this post as a resource!)
Okay, to start, we live in a cis-specific heteronormative world and this was abundantly clear in everything I looked at with hairstyling. It took multiple steps to find even pictures of hairstyles that I liked at all. Of course, queerness is not determined by how you look (ever), but I know many queer people want styles that reflect the way they experience gender and the way they experience society. That’s what this post is about.
First, just a bit of advice to start filtering out all the aggressively heterosexual styles. I would suggest using descriptors when searching rather than the names that different hairstyles are given. Example: instead of saying bob say chin length haircut. Additionally, use the term haircut instead of hairstyle; it helped a lot! It helped a little to include the word queer in the search at times. I also would do two searches using the same descriptor and type women with one and men with the other this way I could see the (wildly) different language that was used to describe similar haircuts in men and women. These are general pieces of advice, but I am going to go into specifics below.
Second, many queer people are looking for styles that are to some degree androgynous or perhaps just play with the boundaries/expectations of binary gender. Society’s views of androgyny are SUPER out of date (no surprises there) and SUPER neurotypical. Let me explain:
Society is still very stuck on androgyny being based on ones perceived binary gender (like short hair for women, long hair for men). Additionally, the whole industry is female focused so androgynous ends up just being “people we perceive as women having short hair”. This is wildly unhelpful. Androgyny can be so many things - it doesn’t have to sit directly between the binary genders, it doesn’t have to be based on outside perception, and it just isn’t that simple.
I personally didn’t want a super short haircut. I am insecure about my ears and there are times when I have to put my hair up and away as a sensory matter. It’s just harder if the look you are searching for is not what society sees as traditionally feminine, traditionally masculine, or traditionally androgynous.
Furthermore, even if you do find some looks which are different than that ridiculously narrow view of androgyny. No one explains why those looks are considered androgynous or queer. (Which for many neurodivergent folks especially, this is incredibly unhelpful).
So, now we come to the observations which are particularly my own and helped me a lot in searching for a style that I like (in particular an androgynous one)
The internet’s information on haircuts that are “right for your face” are about making you face look more of the ideal version of a particular binary gender (and since it’s hairstyling, it’s almost always more ideally feminine).
Example, I have a very long (oblong) face. Many things I read told me to pick styles that would make my face look rounder so it wouldn’t look “out of proportion”. However, I found the styles that I liked most were not the ones they suggested and were, in fact, some of the ones they cautioned against. I wondered if they would look bad on me until I realized that having a rounder, fuller face would get me closer to the ideals of feminine facial structure. I wasn’t wrong in thinking those other hairstyles would look good on me (or that I looked similar to some of the queer people rocking those styles) because I was simply trying to accentuate different features than the “right for your face” people were.
I realize the reason that so few hairstyles appealed to me or felt queer, as it were, when I was searching was because they were being used on folks who were trying to accentuate their binary gendered features and that’s not what I wanted.
All that is to say that instead of asking if a particular hairstyle is right for my face, I researched the features that that a particular hairstyle accentuates. Then I could see how that translated to the gender presentation that I wanted. I personally want to mix and match feminine and masculine features. Others may want to minimize any particularly gendered features. Other still may not want an androgynous look particularly, but want to accentuate the features that align with their gender identity. The point is that not many of the resources out there are specific about how style is connected with gender presentation. They are vague, using terms like “right for your face”. The way I solved this problem involved pulling the information from suggestions without subscribing to the advice and piecing that info together with information on, say, gendered facial features.
Finally, queer style is not just about a relationship with gender; it is also about community, about signaling, and about a relationship with society as a whole.
For this, my advice is a little less specific. However, the broad answer is fairly obvious. I researched specifically queer creators and communities to begin to piece together the popular styles and the styles that are signals. These styles may not be what you are looking for and that’s okay too, but you might be able to place styles into a queer context rather than the aggressively heteronormative context that comes from just googling hairstyles.
All of this is just taken from my personal experience with exploring hairstyles. I encourage others, if you are interested, to fill in the gaps in my experience with your own experiences of hairstyling while queer. For instance, I didn’t touch on finding places that will give you the style you want which I know is a whole other mess! Additionally, this is very likely different, and no doubt harder, if you aren’t white. If you want, I would love it if you share your experiences and advice on that too! I found this process hard to navigate so I wanted to share what I observed and discovered. Hopefully, it’ll help even one person even if that person is just me when I have to do this again!
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stylebets02 · 22 days ago
How much does inverted bob hairstyles cost?
The new trendsetter hairstyle is here. The all-new inverted bob haircuts and haircuts are all about chopping your smart haircut into a short one for a refreshing, flattering, and utterly wild chic look. If you wonder what’s so new about this bob from other numerous bob haircuts you often hear and see, let us tell you the secret. This inverted bob haircuts has small stacked layers at the back and extended curved lines of hair towards the front, which gives a dramatic and ultra-modern style statement. For more information visit here https://bit.ly/3awxXWK
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marzipanandminutiae · 8 months ago
Hi Marzi! Since you have long hair, do you wear it up/braided regularly? Do you have any favorite styles you'd like to share? (I love braided styles but I foolishly cut my hair short!)
I do! Whenever I leave the house, it's up. Partially for The Aesthetic(TM); partially as a protective measure to avoid getting it caught on bag straps, etc.
(Seriously, SO MANY Long Hair Problems you read about online can be solved by just...wearing your hair up when you go out. But I realize that's not everyone's thing, so I accept the validity of people's complaints.)
My favorite style at the moment is basically just doing two braids and wrapping them around my head, crossing one over the other at the top and creating an inner "crown" inside the first. I then pin the ends under the inner braid loop to hide them. It's great for fine hair like mine, because I get equal volume in the braids on both sides, as opposed to one big pinned braid where the volume decreases near the ends and makes the style asymmetrical. If that makes sense.
Although I do the One Big Pinned Braid deal if I'm in a hurry. And if I'm in a really big hurry, I just twist it up in a claw clip. Not a good solution longterm, because those clips don't seem great at containing very long hair, no matter how fine it may be. But if I only need to dash down to the convenience store, it'll do.
Basically, lazy crown braid variants are my jam. Much better weight distribution, I find, than a bun or similar.
The interesting thing about always wearing your hair up is that taking it down becomes another version of removing your bra for the night. Once the pins are out, I'm staying in. I wonder if women in eras where it was an expected convention felt the same way?
Also, I'm sure your hair is lovely! One can admire styles and not necessarily want them for oneself. I love the look of victory rolls, for example, but they're not something I'd personally do. If, however, you do want to try fancy braided styles, I'm sure your hair will be long enough for some before you know it.
Hope this was informative, or at least entertaining!
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realbsogood · 22 days ago
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A Good Hairdresser is Hard to Come By. Browse a Range of Verified Professionals Local to You Without Entering Any Personal Details at Bsogood.com - Quick, Easy and FREE! 💇
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eroticlizardfiction · a year ago
Reminder that I have a tiktok
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dangitroomba-hcs · 8 months ago
Miu gets bored of her long hair and cuts it herself at some point. It’s really messy, though, so Rantaro gives it a finishing touch
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cocopiecurls · 7 months ago
The memories !!! #blackgirl
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stylebets02 · a month ago
What does a black hair with caramel highlights mean?
To make your black hair with caramel highlights research simpler, we've done the schoolwork and tracked down the hottest shades. Read on for the black hair with caramel highlights ideas. For more information visit here https://bit.ly/3Nv2Klb
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moult · a year ago
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trusted stylist
Candice and Okabe are Starknight321's characters - thanks for the commission!
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edsonlnoe · 2 months ago
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P⬤21 Diseño de Producción Dune Zsuzsanna Sipos, Patrice Vermette First Cow Anthony Gasparro, Vanessa Knoll, Lisa Ward The French Dispatch Rena DeAngelo, Adam Stockhausen Luca Paul Abadilla, Noah Klocek, Nathaniel McLaughlin, Kristian Norelius, Don Shank, Garrett Taylor No Time to Die Véronique Melery, Mark Tildesley Swan Song Annie Beauchamp, Michael Diner, Shannon Gottlieb Diseño de Vestuario Cruella Jenny Beavan Dune Bob Morgan, Jacqueline West Encanto Neysa Bove The French Dispatch Milena Canonero The Green Knight Malgosia Turzanska West Side Story Paul Tazewell Make-Up & Hairstyling Cruella Naomi Donne, Nadia Stacey, Julia Vernon Dune Love Larson, Donald Mowat, Eva Von Bahr The Green Knight Eileen Buggy, Audrey Doyle, Barrie Gower No Time to Die Daniel Phillips Old Michelle Diamantides, Thomas Floutz, Cristina Waltz Titane Olivier Afonso, Antoine Mancini, Flore Masson
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marzipanandminutiae · 8 months ago
i wanted to share my personal favorite Lazy Long Thick Hair Updo! hair gets separated into top + bottom; top half is twisted around and pinned. sometimes i just leave it half-up-half-down like that, but usually i separate the bottom hair into two sections, twist them into ropes, then wrap them around the top bun so that they cross over each other. if you want to get fancy u can braid instead of twisting but the twisted version i can do in less than a minute w no mirror and a minimum of pins!
Sounds lovely! My hair's probably not thick enough for that, but I might have to give it a try.
And of course, if any followers are interested, here's an idea for you.
(That also sounds like a tutorial I saw for- what else? -Lucille's "home" style from Crimson Peak. Because when I fandom spiral, I fandom spiral HARD. In that case, the bottom section is braided and pinned around one's head, crown-fashion. Technically there should also be tiny braids crisscrossing over the bun, but we don't all have hair to rival Empress Sissi, so...)
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