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#hajime iwaizumi
nixcwen · a day ago
sweet things iwaizumi’d do for you...
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request by @cuppi06: 103 followers | a little present for y/n's presence ♡
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Tumblr media
You were his best friend, as you always like to claim. That is why it does not seem right to look at you when his heart is fluttering.
When did he start to feel this way for you, was something he was not able to notice. Maybe it was day by day, as he accumulated pieces of you that create your being, ever since your lives have been intertwined.
What was with you, seriously? That was the question that Iwaizumi wants to be answered. He kept the ball he was about to put away, holding it with both of his hands as he stare at you, listening to your melodious laugh.
His stoic face slowly formed a little smile. There is no way that he would consider his self lovesick... but he guesses he does love you. That, he admitted.
What is with you, a question he answered himself.
How could he not when you're there, being yourself, enjoying the team's company even going as far as helping them as a parent would to a child.
Iwaizumi knows you're just as drained as him, however, you're far more amazing. He can't help but admire everything about you, how beautiful your laugh is, how strong you can be, and how kind you are.
Add to it, your like for drawing.
"Hajime, look!" You enthusiastically showed him your art, with him as the subject.
Fine, he thought. He's going to do it.
"You're such a great artist, Y/n. However, you make it too obvious," Iwaizumi nonchalantly stated as he take your work from your hands, examining it closely.
On the other side, you were quite confused. "What do you mean?"
Almost immediately, smoothly without a hint of timidness, he replied. "That you're in love with me."
"What? I-i don't! What're you even-"
"Oh, well, I do."
Finally, he was able to admit his feelings for you as calmly as he could. After a few minutes of your silence though, he wasn't able to wait anymore.
"Oi, Y/n. Are you not going to say anything? Tell me what you think, it's okay if you feel completely different. We can just stay as friends."
While Iwaizumi contemplated, you were in deep thought as well. You disagreed with his previous statement just to protect yourself, it would make you a hypocrite if you are going to answer him differently.
However, who cares about that anyway? These last few years with him, walking together almost every day, watching the sunrise as you pass by the bridge, helping him in the gym which ensues the team's chaos early in the morning, the little competition every recitation, sharing and sometimes even making bento that you both share, the study sessions as well as the late-night practices, you enjoyed every single one of them. Although he can beat Oikawa at annoying you, you have come to... love it.
More days which you can spend together with him? You surely won't refuse it. "I think I just had a change of heart. Just ask me, Hajime. I'd definitely agree this time. Maybe even say yes."
Tumblr media
headcanons [a little surprise for you!]
your laugh, is Iwaizumi's favorite. he wouldn't loudly say that, but just so you know, he would be smiling from afar listening to you.
your helpful nature is something that he admires about you. in a way, it influences him. as they say, those who you spend time with is who you become. Iwaizumi definitely got that from you ;)
i can see him commenting on your works, although he would point out a few things to make it better, he would be hyping you up as well. he would support you the same way you support him.
lastly, you guys compliment each other. as distinct individuals, instead of clashing you'd be mixing well together. thus, I conclude you're a great couple! 💘
Tumblr media
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08coffeeshop · 2 days ago
Care package
Feel free to read this in whoever's pov you prefer! It might be a HQ x Y/N or a HQ ship. Enjoy your order.
[Prompt]- Long-distance relationship with Iwaizuimi x Olympics.
Tumblr media
Dear /name/,
Writing a letter is ridiculous but I heard that Akaashi often sends them to Koutarou to motivate him. So I hope, just a tiny bit okay? that you'll be happy to receive a hand written letter from me since we're miles apart for now.
Letters aren't really my thing because my writing isn't the easiest to read, hopefully you're not having too hard of a time deciphering this one.
The days have been awfully long, besides having to babysit a group of full grown adults and having to put up with their endless antics, I spend most of my time missing you.
I hope you're eating well and sleeping enough. It really isn't that huge of a surprise that you might stay up all night binge watching some random movie without me, but seriously /name/, take care of yourself a little. If I come back to see a panda impersonating my partner, I might have to make you stick to a solid curfew instead of a flexible one.
On the other hand, I am no stranger to your peculiar eating habits. I'm not forbidding you from munching on some snacks every now and then but at least have a proper meal. And before you can even think about it, a tube of ice-cream per day isn't a proper meal dumbass.
Lastly, remember to adjust the temperature before sliding into bed. I won't be able to change it for you once you're all cozy and lazy, you know?
Anyways, this letter isn't the star of the show. Open the box that I've sent too /name/. I've packed some necessities for you. Oh and I believe that a keychain of the Olympic village is also of utmost significance so I may or may not have included it in the list.
I even have some snacks which are way much more healthier than those over-salted chips of yours. Be sure to eat them darling. There's also a picture attached under the box cover. To be honest, I still hate taking photographs but Miya insisted on taking one for me at the entrance of the Olympic village, all the while saying something about how you would frame it. I mean, you really needn't frame the picture, it's just a lousy photo taken by the zestful setter anyways.
And I even added my sweater into the package along with the other goods. Is it weird? I thought it was eccentric considering Miya was the person who opined it, but I listened to him regardless. I still have a long way to go before I could meet you so can you wear my sweater around in case anyone wants to mess around with you? It has the Olympics' initial too so those douchebags would know their place and back away from my partner. Sorry, that came out a bit possessive, I just I care for you a lot.
Ah, /name/ why didn't you tell me about the good luck charm? I only found out that you had tied a charm on my bag zipper the last time we met when Shoyo pointed it out. It's really cute, with the little cats and all. They reminded me of you for some reason.
Before I end this lengthy letter (which I didn't know I could even write), I want to ensure you that the team is in good hands. We'll surely win this year /name/, with your good luck charm and you supporting us from a far, we will totally crush anyone hindering our way to the top.
I'll see you soon darling. I'll definitely call you once I sort out the chaos that Miya caused in the hallway. He's such a pain in the ass, though, I have a feeling that you both will be great friends.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Back to main menu *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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luvboku · 21 days ago
feat. atsumu miya, hajime iwaizumi, keiji akaashi, kōtarō bokuto, osamu miya, suna rintaro, tōru oikawa, tobio kageyama
mdni or else i'll cast a spell on you
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!atsumu, who’s addicted to your essence. he laps it up like a starved man, his strong hands pinning your waist down against the bed as you tremble and sob from overstimulation after he’s made you cum for the nth time of the night.
pussydrunk!hajime, who wakes up every morning with soiled boxers. every night, his dreams are filled with fantasies of you, your body, and fucking into your pretty pussy in every which way. the images of your frame beneath his and the sounds; god, the sounds he knows you would make while two of his fingers are knuckles deep inside you – they drive him to the brink of insanity.
pussydrunk!keiji, who can’t do anything but stay still as he bottoms out inside you. he feels your plush walls grip and squeeze every ridge, every vein, and lets out labored breaths when your cervix brushes over the slit on his head; his most sensitive part. he's afraid to move, even in the slightest, because he knows if he does, he'll blow his load inside you right away.
pussydrunk!kōtarō, who shows up at your house in the middle of the night without warning and begs you to let him have a taste, having gone the whole day salivating at the thought of your sweet essence spreading over his tongue and coating his cock. how could you refuse when he asks so sweetly?
pussydrunk!osamu, who licks slowly and deliberately at your folds while his index and middle fingers quirk against the one spot inside of you that has you seeing stars as you spill all over his face. he doesn’t mind at all, though, and takes it down his throat like the smoothest of fine wines.
pussydrunk!suna, who grunts sweet praises against your ear as he kisses your cervix with every agonizingly slow thrust into your velvety walls. grunts of "such a perfect pussy," and "taking my cock so well, this pussy's made for me" has your legs tightening around his waist and fingers clawing at his back as your vision goes white.
pussydrunk!tobio, who ruts into you like he’s never been in pussy before. his face is buried in your neck, soft whines and breathy babbles of how he's gonna cum escape his lips as he shakily rolls his hips against yours, chasing his high. he drowns in the feeling of your walls clamping down on him and your own voice calling out his name as you writhe beneath his frame.
pussydrunk!tōru, who excuses himself to the restroom every half an hour while at practice, just to fuck into his fist imagining that it's your cunt. his pants and moans of your name bounce off the walls as he cums over, and over, and over again. of course, it doesn't feel as good as your pussy; nothing does, but it'll have to do until the evening when he comes home to the real deal.
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are sooo appreciated (◕ᴥ◕)
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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fsrintaro · a month ago
## ft. suna rinataro, miya atsumu, hajime iwaizumi
## a/n. i had an idea for bokuto too but this was getting long :”( another time??
## warning(s). use of “princess” in iwa’s part
[masterlist - 002]
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO chuckled as he pinches the screen of his phone to zoom in, capturing you swaying aimlessly and singing cheesy teenage songs into the neighbourhood that was well past asleep.
“hey! i thod i told you to shtop follow me.” you slurred, pointing an accusatory finger at suna. earlier, suna had half your body lugged onto his as he tried to drag you out of the bar. instead of accepting the help of your boyfriend, you heaved yourself off of him, taking off in the opposite direction to scuttle away from the “stranger”.
“well, then who is going to make sure you get home safe?”
face immediately lighting up, you fished your phone out of your pocked to flash your home-screen to suna, showing him your wallpaper which was a photo of the two of you snuggled together. “my boyfwen! he ish sooooo cute! isn’t he so handsome? hup-up, don’t say anything. he is my rinnie.”
suna was happy that he at least got the chance to capture that moment — you shoving the phone to his face to boast about him, talking about how he has made you feel safe and constantly assured that he loves you with his entire being. it still has not settled upon you that you were boasting about your boyfriend to your very own boyfriend until suna seized your wrist, pulling you into his chest as firm arms wrapped around your body to pull you closer.
you were about to raise your knee up to fight back until his familiar smell wafted into your nose. your rin. looking up to his eyes that were gleaming under the light of the street lamp, the two of you basked in the moment of togetherness as warmth flowed between the two of you.
Tumblr media
“dun….don’t come near me! i have a boyfriend.” you stretched your arms out of you, creating a barrier between you and MIYA ATSUMU, the said “boyfriend” that was trying to help you.
atsumu found it adorable that you were trying to fend him off in your drunken state. as your arms were stretched out in front of you, it wobbled due to the shifting lightness flowing through your body, your eyes half-lidded and face flushed. although your words say one thing, your body implies the other by betraying you as your legs gave out under you.
swooping in to catch your inebriated body, atsumu chided you for drinking too much. no matter how strict his tone sounds, his soft fingers that were brushing your strands of your hair to the sides almost made you smile as the simple action screamed his love for you.
never forgetting your protests, you raised your small hands that now formed little fists as you attempted to punch atsumu, making punching sound effects as you jabbed the air between the two of you. “s-square square up, bitch.”
“woah, woah there. calm down, baby. what-what if i get hurt?” atsumu’s arms crossed over his chest in an attempt to protect himself.
“then don’t touch me because my boyfriend will hurt you even more.” you shimmied out of his arms, landing onto the floor with a soft thud and a yelp of pain. atsumu did not know what to feel then. was he supposed to feel rejected? honoured? or offended?
as you stuck your tongue out at him before you stumbled away to find your boyfriend, atsumu found what he felt. dumbfounded. absolutely dumbfounded at the way you were trying to fight your own boyfriend because of your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
HAJIME IWAIZUMI winced at the sting that pelleting down on his back — turns out it was your fists beating at away at his back. who could blame you? in your drunken state, you thought that you were being carried away on the back of an absolute stranger.
“p-put me down!” your whines were muffled as your face was buried in the crook of the man’s neck. slowly, your resolve started breaking away once you got comfortable hanging onto iwaizumi’s back.
“sorry princess, you’re way too drunk to walk on your own.” iwaizumi paused in his tracks to pull you onto his back securely, arms firmly hooking under your knees.
you let out a small humph as you buried your face once again in his neck. restlessness soon got the best of you as your hands started roaming to his cheeks, pinching and squeezing at the softness. sighing wistfully, playing with the “stranger” made you realise that you miss your hajime.
“haji would sooo kill us if he sees this. so please?”
iwaizumi immediately stopped in his tracks at your words, arms releasing from under your knees to set you down. he can’t believe that you did not realise that it was him, your boyfriend, who was piggybacking you home.
“uh wooooooh…big scary man angwyy.” you slurred, turning your back to run away from iwaizumi who was glowering at you.
“fuckin’ hell, y/n. can’t you recognise me?”
squinting your eyes, your thoughts still can’t seem to fathom the image before you. appearance and details of the stranger started overwhelming you but beyond your foggy state of mind, you could somewhat make out the spiky tips of the person’s hair. “h-haji? when did you get here?”
just how much alcohol did you drink? shaking his head, hajime spun on his heel to continue making his way to your shared home, leaving you desperately apologising and calling him back. god, you were a handful but iwaizumi would never trade you for anything else in this world.
Tumblr media
(◕‿◕)♡ likes and rbs are always appreciated !!
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cellotonin · a month ago
destress ➳ h. iwaizumi
Tumblr media
day 6 ➼ cockwarming
Tumblr media
⤷ { when hajime usually returns from work with pent-up tension, you’re always eager to help him destress. this time, though, he has slightly different plans. }
wc: 1.8k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (mdni !!), fem!reader, cockwarming, edging, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, established relationship
a/n: no bc - bc when i tell y’all the way iwaizumi hajime (27) athletic trainer has slowly been infiltrating my brain,,,,,,,, like idk when this even started but god damn i am Looking 😳🕶👌🏾 ahjdxhjsdf anyways something abt usual hard dom iwa suddenly going soft but still being a massive tease is making my head spin 😵😵 hope y’all enjoyy <33
Tumblr media
When Hajime returns home from another long day at work, there are several things you expect to happen.
You expect him to groan as he kicks off his shoes, grumbling a series of complaints about the excruciating day he’s had. You expect him to wander into your shared bedroom with his shirt already halfway over his head, searching for you to help him relieve all the pent-up tension that’s been piling up for almost a week. You expect him to practically pounce on you the instant you give him the okay, tearing away whatever clothing blocks his path as he litters your neck and collarbone in sloppy kisses. You expect him to stuff you with his cock, fucking you hard and deep until you lose the ability to say anything other than his name.
To your surprise, none of that happens.
If it weren’t for the gentle click of the front door as it closes, you might not have even realized he’s back. You slowly get up from your spot on the bed, poking your head outside the bedroom to see if you can hear him muttering to himself as he normally does. But he’s unusually silent, removing his shoes without a word before turning in your direction. The moment you catch his eye, you flash him a welcoming smile. He mirrors your smile, but it’s nowhere near as bright as your own. You then disappear back into the room, returning to your bed to see if he’ll continue his usual routine.
A moment passes before he finally enters, but he’s not in the middle of tugging off his shirt the way he always does. You scan his face, searching for any sign of lust or tension that craves to be taken care of, but you fail to find it.
He just looks tired.
You frown, standing back up and meeting him halfway. “Welcome back, Hajime,” you start, reaching up to press your hand against his cheek. “Everything okay at work?”
“Yeah,” is his simple answer, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that he’s lying.
“Are you sure? You sound a little more tired than usual…”
His shoulders slump in response, and he drops his head down to your shoulder as he buries his face in the crook of your neck. “Because I am…” he mumbles.
Your fingers gently comb through his dark strands as his arms snake around your waist, slowly making their way under your shirt towards the hook of your bra. “Need to destress a little?” you offer, quickly putting two and two together.
He nods without a word, walking you backwards until the back of your knees bump into the bed behind you. You quickly comply, breaking free from his hold momentarily to pull your shirt over your head and discard your shorts before lying down. Hajime follows suit, leaving the two of you bare as he hovers over you.
But when you begin to part your thighs for him, he closes them back.
“Hajime…?” You tilt your head in confusion, but he doesn’t give you an answer. Instead, he gently pushes your shoulder, rolling you over until you’re laying on your side. He then slides in behind you, pulling the blanket over both of you. You can’t help the soft chuckle that escapes from you as his lips leave a trail of faint kisses down to your shoulder blades. “Going soft today, are we?” you tease.
Not that you’re complaining. You’ve always liked it when Hajime slows things down every once in a while, loves you gently as he reminds you that you’re all he needs. He becomes more vulnerable then, granting you access to the deepest parts of his mind that he keeps hidden from everyone else. Soft whispers of “I love you” or “want you to be mine forever” would fill your ears as he coaxes you towards your high, muttering something about how pretty you look when you’re in pure bliss because of him. 
Your thighs tingle in anticipation as he gently spreads your lips with his fingers, your cunt already grasping at nothing as the tip of his cock brushes against your slit. Slowly, he eases himself into you, inch by inch as you eagerly take him in. A quiet moan falls from your lips as your walls gradually stretch out from his girth, and he groans in response as his fingers gently press into the flesh of your hips. “Fuck… so big…” you sigh in contentment.
When he finally bottoms out, he stills his movement. Five seconds pass, and he doesn’t move. Ten seconds pass, then twenty, then forty. “Hajime, you know you can move now.”
You’re sure he heard you, but you’re still offered no response. You squirm, attempting to move yourself up the length of his cock. His arms are faster, latching themselves around your waist and holding you flush to his chest before you can even budge. “Don’t,” he finally says, “Stay here.”
“Wh—” you whine, making a second attempt to wriggle out of his grasp. But Hajime’s hold on you tightens, preventing you from moving an inch. “Did I do something…?” you then ask.
“It’s not a punishment,” he counters, pressing his face against your back. “Just wanna stay like this, that’s all.”
“Please…” He cuts you off before you can start to protest. “I just.. I just wanna be close to you right now. I’ll fuck ya real good tomorrow morning to make up for it, I promise. Let’s just stay here for today…”
Hajime’s voice is hushed, his tone so pleading that you just can’t find it in you to say no. So with a sigh, you eventually give in and stop squirming, allowing yourself to relax. You feel him smile against your skin as he nestles his head between your neck and shoulder, pressing himself as close to you as possible.
For the next few minutes, there’s nothing but silence. The gentle whir of the air conditioner is the only sound that weaves through the silence, occasionally accompanied by a slight creaking of the bed whenever either of you adjusts your position. And as time passes, you slowly have to admit that this is actually quite comfortable. Just the feeling of having him inside you makes you feel complete in some way, as if the two of you are each other’s missing puzzle pieces. Your eyelids gradually become heavy as the combined warmth of Hajime’s skin and the blanket around you start to lull you to sleep.
Something brushes against your clit, jolting you awake before you can drift off.
Your eyes dart behind you as you shoot a confused glance in his direction. “Hajime - did you just…?”
His eyes are still closed as he mumbles his reply, and it’s hard for you to tell if he knows what you’re trying to ask. “Ah, never mind,” you sigh, deciding to drop the question rather than push any further. It could have just been an accident, you conclude, settling back into his hold.
But just as you start to close your eyes for the second time, his finger presses against your clit again.
This time, you’re sure that it was no accident, and Hajime confirms your suspicion when his finger begins to trace small circles around your bud. “Hajime…” you mewl, squirming in your position as small waves of pleasure steadily ripple through your core.
“Shh… told ya to be still…” If he’s aware of what his finger is up to between your legs, he does a damn good job of pretending as if he isn’t. “Still want me to fuck you properly tomorrow, yeah?”
You open your mouth to protest, but his presence suddenly disappears from your clit before you can get in a word. With a huff, you slowly nod as you begin to relax again. “Good girl…” you hear him mumble as he places a light kiss on your shoulder.
Not even a minute passes before his finger returns. “Hajime,” you whine in frustration, squeezing your thighs together in an attempt to shoo him away. “It’s kinda hard to stay still when you keep doing that… are you messing with me?”
Silence is the response you’re met with as you complain. But then his hand slowly wedges itself between your legs, and you can feel his lips curl into a small smirk as they press against your skin. Suddenly, you have your answer.
He’s messing with you, no doubt about it.
“Just relax for me, baby… just want you to keep me warm…” he says as he starts to press against your clit again. “You can do that for me, right?”
In all honesty, you’re not entirely sure that you can. A part of you has half a mind to flip him over and take him yourself, but you doubt you’ll be able to hold your own as long as you’d hope. So instead, you reluctantly decide to go the obedient route, letting your eyes fall shut as you do your best to tune out the mischievous finger that continues to circle around your clit. Maybe if you hold out long enough, he’ll spare you any further teasing or give you the release you crave right away.
Of course, that’s so much easier said than done.
It’s challenging to keep up your defenses when the man on the offense knows exactly how to tear them down. He’s perfectly still elsewhere, and if not for his hand, you could even be led to believe that he’s fallen asleep. But his finger is skillful, an expert at knowing exactly how to flick at your clit to pull a startled gasp from your lips.
The teasing eventually becomes too much for you to handle, each swipe across your sensitive bud inching you closer and closer towards the peak you know you’ll never reach at this rate. Frustrated and desperate for even a little more stimulation, you attempt to grind your hips against his hand to seek out some more friction. Hajime lets out a quiet groan behind you but says nothing, so you continue to chase his hand with your hips, sucking in your lips between your teeth to muffle out your soft moans.
After what feels like ages, the coil in your lower abdomen starts to tighten, and you can feel yourself slowly making it to the edge, so, so close to finally tipping over.
But just before you can make it over, Hajime pulls away.
“Oh, come on… why’d you stop then?” you cry out as his hands hold you still. “I was so close…”
“Didn’t stay still like I asked you to,” he responds. “Just wanted to relax, but now you got me all worked up…”
The hand that was previously teasing your clit hooks under your knee and pulls your legs apart, and you let out a contented moan as he slowly starts to thrust his hips into yours. “Oh god… feels so good…” you keen, leaning back into his chest.
“Oh, don’t be mistaken, baby,” he chuckles, tilting your chin towards him as he nips at your neck. “You couldn’t follow such a simple request that I asked of you, so don’t think you’ll get to cum tonight~”
Tumblr media
➟ kinktober taglist status: open !!
➟ kinktober masterlist
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sluttsumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu, suna, iwaizumi, bokuto x f!reader
warnings: 18+, use of recreational marijuana, use of the pet name “princess” (atsumu), bokuto being funny asf, suna’s is a lil sad if you really look into it
wc: 0.8??
a/n: i queued this yesterday but it didn’t work, so here it is your faves while high, suna’s was not supposed to be angsty i don’t know what happened LOL also not proofread lol.
Tumblr media
atsumu is horny.
the only thing on his mind is making you cum as many times as humanly possible. you thought smoking with him would be fun, which it was, till he started laughing and chasing you around your apartment with grabby hands.
“pretty baby, c’mere, i wanna taste ya”
you thought it was hilarious, but he was serious. staring at you with pink, half lidded eyes from the other side of the kitchen counter. he was gonna get you, no matter what. you couldn’t contain your laughter as you thought of how to escape him from catching you and never letting go. he stared intensely, palms face down on the marble.
he’d definitely caught you in a rock and a hard place. you falsely run to one side, meanwhile he flinches thinking that you’d actually run that way. he chuckles at your face as you try and think of how to get out of this predicament. thinking his distracted you run this time, but you athlete boyfriend’s quick reflexes were something you were no match for.
“HA! I GOTCHA” he yelled engulfing you in his arms as you playfully squirmed in his grasp. “ugh you’re too fast for me” you whine as he carried you walking towards your bedroom.
“‘tsumu you smell like weed”
“ ‘m gonna make ya cum sooo much princess ” he chuckled, closing your room door. atsumu was gone, his mind could not be saved from becoming a horny hell.
“did you even hear what i said?”
“let’s make some pretty babies, baby”
now that he had you his mind was clouded everything went in one ear and out the other. he didn’t hear a damn thing you just said.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi is sleepy.
at first when you brought up the idea of him getting high with you for once and, he wasn’t all for it. back in college when he went to UCI he was definitely a cigarette smoker, and didn’t find weed all that interesting. having a background in nutrition he knew all about the drug and didn’t think it’d be a good idea.
but then you made edibles…..and he ate them.
it was a complete accident, he just saw cookies and thought to eat them. you walk into the kitchen to see him on his third cookie, lord have mercy. “hajime— are those my…” you couldn’t bring yourself to finish you sentence in fear he’d frantically freak out. he arched a brow giving you a confused look as he continued to eat the sweet treat.
“those are my edibles…”
the rest of the cookie was now on the floor. iwaizumi’s eyes went wide but instead of the panicking reaction you expected out of him, he laughed. he laughed? you now stood confused at your boyfriends contagious laughter, which causes you to laugh along with him.
five minutes later, iwaizumi is slumped. dead asleep as if you weren’t just laughing with him a few minutes ago. though being 5’11 and probably 190+ pounds of raw muscle, he’s a complete lightweight. you rolled your eyes at him taking up your entire bed. taking out your phone to snap a picture of him, knowing that he will not remember any of this tomorrow.
Tumblr media
bokuto is a mess.
this man is laughing, crying, yelling, saying the stupidest shit. just all of the above. he’s the type to make crazy conspiracy theories that actually….make sense.
“kou— what’s the colour of my shirt again?” you snicker barely able to make it through your sentence. “i-it’s, dark white” the silence is loud as the two of you stare at one another before absolutely dying of loud, boisterous laughter. bokuto is on the floor, crying meanwhile you hold your stomach from laughing so hard.
“what— the FUCK, is dark white?” you yell, tears brimming in your eyes. before he answers you finish by saying “THIS IS GREY” in all technicalities bokuto was right, grey essentially is….dark white. everything in this moment was just too funny, getting high with him was the right decision.
“THAT IS NOT GREY, DARK WHITE.” his face and neck are flushed pink attempting to prove his point.
“OKAY SO WHATS LIGHT GREY?” you question giving him a look of ‘let’s see what you say this time’.
“UHM— I-ITS…..LIGHT DARK WHITE?” he answered nothing short of confidence and confusion in his tone. you quickly arched a brow thinking about the stupidity the you just heard. light. dark. white. he was wrong so wrong, but also so fucking right.
“kou lets go to bed, you are tired very tired” he looked at you confused as you attempted to pick him up off the floor and miserably failing falling o to him..
“you’re a fucking idiot”
“your idiot babe”
Tumblr media
suna is touchy.
he wants to feel on your body, and have you close to him. he has a very nonchalant and horny high. he definitely has you seated in his lap while blowing smoke in your face. he certainly was nicer under the influence, you wished he was like that all the time.
“you look so pretty like this” he smiles eyes blinking slowly. his hands secured themselves on the sides of your waist, he was just staring at your as if you were the most precious gem in the world. his eyes wavered back and fourth from your lips to your eyes, he wants to kiss you, he wants to show his pretty girl all the affection he has to offer. “you always do this” you sigh eyes steering away from his.
“what’re you talking about?” did he really have the audacity to ask you that question? this was an endless cycle one that seems to never stop. he grabs your face bringing you eyes back to meet his low red ones. “you only compliment me when you’re high.”
his hands run up and down your sides, caressing all the parts of your body that he loved so much. “that’s not true pretty baby.” but whether you stuck to your gut feeling or not, he always talked you out of it every time. you felt stupid for doubting yourself after his words, but each time you managed to convince yourself that you were wrong.
“i want a kiss” he pouts, and what rin wants rin gets. no matter the cost.
he encases your lips in a kiss in which you immediately try to pull away from before feeling his hand of your neck forcing your head in place, you hated that you loved it, loved him. the way he touched you telling you how much he loved you and to an extent he did.
suna rintarō was your drug, and you needed your daily fix.
Tumblr media
sluttsumu 2021
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kyojurosflame · 4 days ago
sitting on iwaizumi hajime's (27 athletic trainer) lap while hanging out at a restaurant with him and the team, his strong hands resting comfortably on your hips. there's casual conversation and laughter happening around you as you lean back on your boyfriend. when you giggle at bokuto's silly joke, you feel iwaizumi's grip tighten on you.
"stop your wiggling." he leans close to your ear whispers, a warning tone showing even in his hushed voice. you pout, giving your hips another quick wiggle just to bother him. iwaizumi all but growls in your ear this time, fingertips digging into the flesh just above your hipbone. "are you being for real right now?" he asks. you can barely pick up on the breathiness in his voice, but it's there.
and then you feel it, his cock twitching just below the demin of his jeans. there's a sudden wave of heat that flows through you and your thighs close tightly together. you're hoping it wasn't too noticable, that the table covers you enough but you feel your cheeks turn a deep shade of red anyway. you can feel hajime's breath warm on your neck, can feel how he slowly rolls his hips up against your ass.
his hands push you down on his growing hard on, making you bite your lip to suppress a soft whine from escaping. he glances around the table before sliding you off of his lap. you're sure the tent in his jeans is more than visible as he gets up and walks to the bathroom, but not before he glances at you. there was no way of conspicuously following him, so you just give it a minute before getting up as well.
you silently thank the restaurant for single bathrooms, knocking on the door you watched him walk into. the sight you enter to is enough to make your mouth water. hajime stands leaning against the sink, pants unbuttoned and his cock sitting pretty in his hand. "see what you did?" he grunts, his skilled hand working himself close to release. "this is your fault, doll." his breath is wavering as he looks over at you through his eyelashes.
you're stepping towards him without another word, sinking to the ground in front of him. "be a good girl and fix it now." his fingers find your hair and he tugs you forward.
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kairakeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you know there’s a line of people who are just waiting for the chance to be with you?”
iwaizumi laughed "that's quite a random thought."
"i wouldn't say it's random," you reply. "i for one believe it's quite true."
and iwaizumi simply shakes his head “i think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”
you rolled your eyes at his response, not missing the blatant reference to his best friend and your cousin. "no i don't think i have."
the boy scoffed at your supposed joke, "ok where's the line?"
"right here!" you chimed happily, pointing at yourself.
"not this again," he started, his heartbeat picking up at your response. "your straightforwardness is going to get you in trouble one day."
"so what?" you shrugged. "i mean you know i like you."
"that i do know," he answered with a sigh.
and iwaizumi also knew that he liked you, that was a fact he recently learned to start accepting, especially with your initial confessions and frequent passes at him. and while he was certain his best friend would be ok with him dating his cousin, there was a thought in the back of my mind that it wasn't right, that oikawa wouldn't be as happy for you both as he would give off. as much as he wanted to be with you, he didn't want to hurt his best friend. but ever since your confession and the fact that he did express that he felt the same, you've been notorious with every pass you made, dramatic almost in the way you talked with him.
you were like oikawa in that way, maybe it ran in the family.
"and are you gonna do anything about it?" you asked. "you don't wanna keep this line of people waiting."
"it's just you," he deadpanned.
you jokingly turned around and sure enough, no one was there. "they'll be here soon," you said with a rather coy smile.
"isn't it better if you don't have a line?" he asked. "it is less competition for you after all."
"i like the line though," you said happily "plus when you finally ask me out, it'll be so satisfying to see their sad faces."
"you sadist."
"then you better ask me out before everyone gets here hajime."
his hand hit his forehead, almost in hopes of hiding the blush on his cheeks. "i hate you."
"no you don't."
"but oi-"
"is fine with it!" you reassured for the nth time. "i swear i asked him about this a thousand times just to make you feel better. he's sick of it."
iwaizumi sighed "but-"
"no more buts, no more what ifs," you interrupted stepping closer to him. "i like you, you like me, we know this." your heart was racing. in all your moments with iwaizumi, you had never been this forward.
it was thrilling.
"so are you gonna do anything about it or not?" you smiled. "i mean that line's gonna be here any minute."
"you give me migraines," he responded.
"and you make me bang my head against my desk with your indecisiveness," you countered. "but you don't hear me complaining about it."
he laughed, "i can't believe i fell for you."
you sighed, "you must've fallen hard."
and he paused, thinking to himself for a moment before finally saying "alright you win."
you blinked, "wait i win what?"
iwaizumi smiled, "after all that flirting you can't understand what i'm getting at?" he stepped closer to you, your back hitting the wall behind you. "i give up, you win!" he said once more, holding his hands up in surrender.
"i win what?" you mumbled.
and he kisses you.
your eyes widen before fluttering closed, wanting to savor every second of this. his fingertips trace your jaw, wanting to map every inch, every critical detail of this moment. you smelled like vanilla, your lips tasted like cherry.
and iwaizumi just couldn't get enough.
you pulled away with a smile, the sweet sound of your laughter leaving your lips as iwaizumi deemed it music to his ears. he met your gaze and despite the red on his cheeks, there wasn't an ounce of nerves in him as he said the words it felt as if you waited an eternity for.
"go out with me."
Tumblr media
this sat in the drafts for AGES HOLY HELL
anyway thank u for reading, reblogs are sp appreciated!! <33
Tumblr media
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bunniewon · 7 months ago
# the list. series m!list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: after starting your freshman year in university you’re introduced to something called “the list.” the list consists of the top 10 most wanted girls and is constantly updated throughout the semester. sadly you’ve somehow found your way to the top of this fucked up list, but it can’t be that bad? right?
pairing: various hq x fem reader
genre: university!au, drama, angst? fluff? suggestive themes, multi x reader
warnings: toxic friendships, sexual content but no smut
status: on hold
taglist: closed
Tumblr media
# cast:
y/n and besties
the boys
Tumblr media
# chapter index:
# bonus chapters
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · a month ago
types of hearts that they would give you
## ft. suna rintaro, miya atsumu, akaashi keiji, bokuto koutaro, iwaizumi hajime
## a/n. i would honestly cry everytime someone gives me a physical heart <3 (honey stop putting suna in every hc challenge pt 21483943)
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO would be the guy that tries to surprise you from the opposite side of the window. from the outside, his knuckles lightly rapped against the window, the hollow echo jolting you in your seat. with a small smile on his face, suna offers a small wave of the hand before he moves closer to the glass between the two of you. suna took a deep breath in before exhaling at the glass, his finger tracing a small heart at the fogged up spot that he breathed out. gold flecks flickered to meet yours as he mouthed the words ‘for you’.
MIYA ATSUMU desperately looks for you in the crowd, his heart close to beating out of his chest. you can’t possibly miss his game, right? were you stuck in traffic? did you have something come up? everything around him started to slow as his ears picked up on a faint voice calling out to him. whipping around, he faced your little figure from the crowded bleachers, waving desperately to catch his attention. “Y/N!” atsumu beams, his bulky arms curving to meet at his head, forming a big heart just for you.
AKAASHI KEIJI tries to focus whenever he studies with you in cafes, or at least he claims he did. who could fault him when you were sitting just in front of him? nevertheless, you had work to do which lead to keiji feeling dejected. quietly, keiji watches with his head perched on his hand as you work, eyebrows scrunched in frustration. whenever you looked up, his hand curved at his cheek while his lips curved to the sides. with the chub of his cheeks and the curve of his palm, keiji offers a cheeky heart in hopes that you focus on him this time.
on dates, photo-booths with BOKUTO KOUTARO was always an essential. in his wallet, bokuto would always keep small cut-outs of the pictures just so that he could take a little peek in the middle of his busy day. to him, the pictures were a gem as it is so filled with love. both of you would pose with your arms curling up to form one half of a heart each, the two of your coming together to form one whole. because the love that the two of you have is so whole and carries such passion, bokuto will always treasure the gift of physical presents to remind him of you at every second of the day. he is even considering getting a pendant with the picture in it.
“hajiiii.” you dragged his name out in a whine, begging him to do it. “just this once!” HAJIME IWAIZUMI cleared his throat and squared his shoulders to prepare for the eternal embarrassment that is about to settle upon him, he hesitantly crossed his thumb and index finger to form a finger heart. your hands shot up melodramatically to your chest, acting as if you have been attacked by his finger hearts. a wide grin cracked on iwaizumi’s face as he started pumping out more finger hearts with both of his hands. soon enough, iwaizumi could careless about being embarrassed because at the end of the day, he could relish in the wonderful feeling of hearing you giggle uncontrollably.
Tumblr media
°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° likes and rbs are always appreciated!!
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isseikuns · a month ago
hide & seek
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime x f!reader
genre: fluff, smut, forbidden relationship
warnings: nsfw, inexperienced f!reader, dry humping, praise, handjob, soft iwaizumi
Tumblr media
Going out and partying with friends, sleeping over at your boyfriend’s, or even having a boyfriend at all. You always thought you simply weren’t destined to experience all these kind of things in your life. You wanted to. But being raised in a strict household, your overprotective parents always watching over you and keeping you away from any possible “harm”, you never had the normal, exciting life all your friends had. Not even now as a first year university student.
But no matter how restricted your freedom was, your heart could not be restrained, especially not after you’ve met Iwaizumi Hajime; second year sports science student. Brown hair, strong, defined arms, and olive green eyes which would always bore into yours when you two had seminars together. And after many exchanged innocent smiles and shy “hellos”, Iwaizumi eventually one day asked if the seat next to you was free. It was also the day you offered him to fill the free place in your heart.
You took it slow; your first dates being simple study dates at the library or some random cafe. After a few weeks he started taking you out to restaurants, the cinema, or late night drives. And every time you spend time with your boyfriend, your parents were convinced that you’d be with your bestfriend, because their innocent, truthful and honest daughter would never lie to them, wouldn’t she? 
But all these secret dates were a burden to you, as you were plagued by constant guilty conscience and fear that your parents would some day, somehow find out. Finding excuses for your parents was not that hard, but finding excuses for someone as attentive as Iwaizumi was much more difficult. So when he’d noticed you always looking around as if you were scared of someone seeing you with him, or nervously fidgeting with your fingers, you had to explain everything to him. 
You were grateful that he was understanding and patient, because you knew that most men would not wait for you. They would maybe even make fun of you for having to act like a fifteen year old, having to keep everything a secret. However, you hated the fact that nobody, except some close friends, knew about your relationship. It was painful seeing how random girls would cling onto Iwaizumi, flirt with him, even try to ask him out on dates, while you quietly just stood next to them and tried to keep your composure.
But one evening when he had invited you to one of his close friends' party, your composure crumbled. Even though you could clearly see that Iwaizumi was trying to shake her off, that one girl from his year just couldn’t keep her hands to herself, constantly hugging him and holding onto his arm. And when she even tried to lean over and kiss him, you stormed off, not being able to hold back your tears anymore.
“Bab- Y/n? Wait!” Iwaizumi called after you, quickly correcting his little slip, but you had already left through the frontdoor.
It was already past 1a.m. when you walked over to Iwaizumi’s car and checked your phone for any possible calls or messages from your mom. Even though, your tears kept flowing, you laughed pathetically at the fact that your parents thought that you were sound asleep at your bestfriend’s house, while you were actually here in the cold; crying because no matter how close your relationship with Iwaizumi was, you still felt as if he was miles away from you. 
“I’m so sorry.” Iwaizumi’s gentle voice suddenly pulled you out of your thoughts, “I really tried getting rid of her bu-”
“It’s okay. I know, Haji.” you reassured him, leaning against his car as you wiped your tears away. He took another step towards you, cupping your cheek with his hand while the other found it’s way to your waist, pulling you closer to him. 
“Then why are you crying?” He wrapped his arms around you, trying to shield your shivering body from the cold breeze.
“Aren’t you getting tired?” you asked with a shaky voice, as you slightly pulled away from him to look into his eyes, which turned into small slits, not understanding what you were talking about.
“What do you mean? Tired of what?”
“Tired of me! Of me, Hajime! Why are you doing this to yourself?” you cried, your voice filled with despair. You wriggled yourself out of his embrace, as you started pacing back and forth in front of him. “Don’t you wish yourself a normal relationship with a normal s/o? God, Hajime, how long have we been together? We aren’t even able to sleep together like a normal couple! How long will you be able to play with me this hide and seek game?! Because, I’m not sure if I can keep doing this...”
You gasped when he suddenly grabbed you by your arms, pulling you flush against him. “Hey, hey calm down. What are you talking about? What do you mean you can’t keep doing this? You want to... break up?” he asked hesitantly, the hurt in his eyes evident.
“Of course not! But, I’m scared that you will be the one to break up. I guess, that’s what every normal guy would-”
Iwaizumi roughly pressed his lips against yours. His warm and erratic breathing and strong grip on your waist clearly telling that he was upset. It was quiet for a few seconds when he pulled back, only the howling wind and your pants audible as you tried to catch your breaths. 
“Normal, normal, normal... I don’t care if what we have is normal. I don’t care about how long I’ll have to wait. I love you, idiot.” his hands moved up, cupping your cheeks and his warm thumbs caressing your cold apple cheeks. “Besides, I love playing hide and seek. Especially because I can have you all to myself.” 
A grin adorned his features when your pout changed into a small smile.
“Did you really mean what you said earlier?” he asked, his expression getting more serious again as he averted his gaze to the side, almost as if he was a bit... flustered?
“When you said that we can’t.. sleep together?”
Your eyes widened a bit, feeling heat creep up in your face. “No? I-I don’t know, I just said it out of frustration. I mean, if you don’t want to- you know I never really..” 
Your awkward stuttering was cut off by Iwaizumi’s quiet, lighthearted laugh, making you look up at him, and your flustered state quickly turned into an annoyed one. “Well, thanks for laughing at me, Hajime.” you mumbled, crossing your arms in front of your chest. 
“Okay, okay, I‘m sorry. You’re just too cute.” he chuckled, “You know, we don’t have to rush anything. But right now-” he paused, taking his keys out of his pockets to unlock the car, “-I really need to show you how much I meant what I said and how serious I am.”
You gulped nervously when he dragged you behind him, opening the door to the backseats and helping you get inside. He let out a breathy laugh when he saw you shyly sitting next to him, fiddling with the hem of your shirt, as if you were sitting next to a stranger and not your boyfriend of almost five months. 
“Come here.” 
He took your hand in his, guiding your over to sit on his lap. His hands gently caressed your thighs up and down as he leaned up to place soft, fluttering kisses over your jaw. 
“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t do anything you don’t like. You trust me, don’t you?” he asked, his lips lightly brushing over yours. You nodded, still a bit unsure and nervous, but when he finally kissed you, all your anxious thoughts vanished, not being able to think straight anymore, but instead just feeling his body and lips against you.
The kiss was slow and passionate as he held you by your hips, and soon his hands moved under your shirt, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles over your sides. 
You parted, both quickly getting rid of your jackets, before he moved over to your neck, sucking and nibbling on your skin as your hands moved up to his hair, brushing through his brown locks. 
Feeling unfamiliar heat and fluttering in your lower part, you instinctively started grinding against him, making Iwaizumi even suck harder on your skin. 
“Fuck baby, you’re so beautiful.” he moaned, peppering your collarbone with kisses. 
“Ngh.. Babe, please.” you whimpered, feeling him grow hard underneath you but no matter how hard you grinded against him, it didn’t help to get rid of the growing coil inside you. 
He started unbuttoning your pants and lowered them as far as he could, finally having access to your underwear. A small wet patch had already formed on them and Iwaizumi really gave his all to not just rip them off and start pounding into you.
Cautiously, his hand travelled over your stomach, and down to the hem of your panties but you immediately grabbed his wrist when you felt his fingers slide underneath them. “C-Could I...keep them on?” you shyly asked, stilling your movements.
“’S okay, doll. Let me take care of you.” he whispered against your ear, moving his hand over your clothed cunt. His thumb slid over your slick, covered folds, before he started to rub the bundle of nerves, the fabric of your panties adding even more friction to it. “So wet for me.”
He couldn’t keep his eyes away from your face, your eyebrows furrowed in concentration, chasing your release with your hips rolling over him, pressing further against his hand, and soft lips slightly agape, letting out quiet moans and whimpers.
“Haji, feels w-weird...” 
“Good or bad weird?” he asked breathless, his circles over your clit getting faster, while his other hand palmed your breast. You buried your head in the crook of his neck, too embarrassed of how he managed to make a complete mess out of you. 
“G-Good, aah, so good.”
Your grip on him tightened when you felt like you were about to fall apart, your whole body trembling and convulsing. “That‘s it, baby. Cum for me, I‘ve got you..”
You cried out at your first ever orgasm, which Iwaizumi tried to keep as long as possible, continuing to tease your clit with slow and gentle rubs. Your head rested on his shoulders, trying to catch your breath, your body still shuddering lightly, and walls clenching around nothing.
When you lifted your head, you just looked at each other, a gentle smile creeping up on your face as he smirked proudly at you. “Was it good?” he asked, his clean hand tucking your hair behind your ear.
“Oh yes, but..” you trailed off, lifting his shirt a bit up as you started unbuckling his belt, “Wanna make you feel good too, Haji.”
Of course the sight of your moaning and orgasming state made Iwaizumi hard, but he had figured that he would take care of it himself later at home, since he didn’t want to overwhelm you or scare you off. But the way you looked at him with your eyes, glossy from the immense pleasure you had experienced just now, and slightly pouting as you waited for his consent; how was he supposed to say no?
He helped you to take of his pants, rolling them down to his thighs so that his underpants and erection were free to your display. You gulped, only now realising what you were about to do, and again you got a bit nervous and scared that you’d make something wrong. 
Iwaizumi immediately noticed how your body got tense, and cupped your cheeks in his palms, smiling reassuringly at you. “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to force yourself. Just watching you was already enough fun for me..”
But you ignored him and let your hand glide over his underwear, slowly pulling it to the side to let his cock spring free. Hesitantly you wrapped your hands around it and clumsily started stroking him. Iwaizumi wrapped his hand around yours, slowly guiding you up and down his length, while you kept staring at each other. Your heart fluttered at this intimate moment; his eyes never leaving your gaze, quiet praises leavings his mouth as you both just kept stroking him
His breathing got deeper, jaw clenching, as he moved his hand away and gripped your hips tightly. Your touch felt heavenly to him and you were fascinated about the fact that pleasuring someone else could be so satisfying.
“You’re doing so good, doll. J-Just, squeeze it here a bit mor- Shit.” he let his head slump against your chest, his fingers digging into your soft flesh. 
“Like t-this?” you asked timidly, taking his instructions and thumbing his tip to spread the precum. He nodded, groaning “faster” under his breath and feeling his release get closer.
“Fuck, doll. Gonna make me cum.” His breath got more and more erratic as you kept pumping him with the same fast pace, until you felt warm liquid pour down your fingers. One hand caressed his cheek, which he took in his to place a peck on your palm, while the other kept stroking him, his groans and moans muffled by your shirt.  
But then he hissed suddenly through gritted teeth and lifted his head up, quickly pulling your wrist away from his messy crotch. “Shit, not too much, baby. Sensitive.” he laughed breathily, and placed his hand on your neck to pull you closer. Before you could even apologise for the accidental overstimulation, he had already pressed his lips against yours. 
“Damn baby, that was good.” Iwaizumi chuckled after you parted, and leaned his forehead against yours. You both didn’t saying anything for a while, keeping your eyes closed and dwelling in each others touch and the after orgasm bliss.
“Look at me.” Iwaizumi suddenly broke the comfortable silence, his green eyes staring right into yours. You both held each others faces so delicately in your hands as if too scared to even let go for a single second. “I don’t know how often I’ll have to say it, but I won’t give up on you just because of your parents. If it’s for you, I can wait as long as you want me to. And some day, when you feel ready, you’ll introduce me to them, ‘kay?”  
Tears pooled up in your eyes at his loving words and you couldn’t help yourself but jump further into his embrace, wrapping your arms tightly around him.
Iwaizumi placed tender kisses over your neck, inhaling your sweet and addicting scent. For you, your relationship was not normal, but for him, it was something he cherished. The simple fact of not being able to be constantly with you, made his yearning for you grow even more.
You both knew that he meant every single word, and that he will be there with you, no matter if there would be any more hide and seek games or not. Because he was ready to accept them, if it meant that he could be with you, hold you in his arms and feel your warmth.
Tumblr media
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