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1. Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki

2. Josak from Kyo Kara Maoh!

3. Papyrus from Undertale

4. Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z

5. Suga from The Forest of Drizzling Rain

6. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho

7. Luigi from Super Mario Brothers

8. Sirius Black from Harry Potter

9. Lin Koujo from Ghost Hunt

10. Noboru Yoshikawa from Onizuka

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Sept 21, Hakkai’s birthday, yaay!

Gojyo tried to surprise the bday boy, but… failed. You know, Hakkai is the ace of dodging (?)

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Saiyuki headcanons for Hakkai, what would he be like with an S/O that experiences bouts of depression?

■ Will want you to feel comfortable with him and be able to be open and honest with him, because he won’t want you to deal with your depression all on your own.

■ Even though he’ll want you to come to him when you are feeling down, he’ll understand if you can’t bring yourself to. He will be very observant and will notice if you start acting differently and generally can tell if you are feeling down.

■ Is very comforting mostly physically, hugging you, cuddling with you, patting or rubbing mostly your back, running his fingers through your hair or just holding you whatever you need, he can also be verbally comforting if you need it.

■ Is a great listener and will encourage you to talk to him or vent when you are upset or depressed. He is very supportive and assuring and will help you however he can because he can be very sympathetic towards your feelings.

■ He won’t leave your side unless he’s convinced that you are feeling better or have been cheered up otherwise he’ll stay with you all day or days if he has to, but he won’t want to leave you while you are feeling down.

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