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royalhandmaidens · 3 months ago
As an American, I just can’t condone what you do for your holiday. Slaughtering animals en masse in a bloody ritual is barbaric, and I can NOT respect this.
by this logic, anon, you better be both vegan and an ardent boycotter of thanksgiving
y’know, that “barbaric” holiday us americans celebrate that involves the slaughter of millions of turkeys each year. smh just can’t condone it 😔
(also, just fyi, the meat from the animals is distributed amongst the poor and needy, as well as family and friends. nothing is wasted. it’s not like we’re just chasing down animals in the streets with knives lol. charity and gratitude are the main focus)
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writingwithcolor · 7 days ago
hi! when it comes to world building, what would do you do when you have something that affects the whole world but is problematic for a specific subset of people? for instance a virus that turns people into vampirism: would you say its better to find an alternate way for Muslim characters not to drink blood and say so explicitly, have them be immune to it, remove Muslim characters altogether so you don't face that problem, or smth else? thanks!
Vampires, Virus that affects whole world, & how Muslim [and Jewish] people factor into that
In the case of Muslims, it is tricky. Blood is absolutely forbidden. In extreme situations in which there is no other thing to eat, it becomes permissible, but only for survival reasons, which in this case does not apply. There is the possibility that you give your vampires a few things they may feed in, not just blood; for example, a chemical substance that would kill any ordinary being, or even oil, if you prefer a thick liquid. 
The other complicated concept is vampirism. Now, death has a huge significance in Islam; death and the dead are sacred. There is no coming back from it; and the classical vampire is a, basically, living dead. In the story I am writing, I have creatures that are similar in almost every aspect to vampires, but since there is this point, I erased the part that they are living dead and just made up a different process for people to become vampire.
Also, since living forever is, in Islam, one of Allah’s attributes, it can’t be a thing for any other living being. This, unless you give them an expiring date. And I mean – we believe that many Prophets, and subsequently, the people coexisting in their times, lived a lot of years. For example, Prophet Noah lived 900 years. And the life span of djinns (unseen creatures) is also much longer than that of humans. Your Muslim vampires can live 500 years if you want, just give an expiring date.
After all this, I am in no authority to tell you what to do with your story, but in this situation, you can choose between removing your Muslim characters (which would be sad since there is almost no representation in that sub-genre) or make them have a different process of turning vampire, being “vegan” vampires and having an expiring date. 
- Asmaa
[Mod team note, we wanted to add a Jewish POV since its relevant here too]
From a Jewish perspective (since we also can't consume blood), this is a sticky one. On the one hand, it can be frustrating to be constantly left out of post-apocalyptic fiction, or sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction... literature, romance... really all of it. On the other hand, consumption of blood is forbidden religiously, often avoided culturally, and particularly tricky when you consider the long, violent history of blood-libel accusations (and the murders they often bring). 
Covering this, at least for Jewish people, would require an incredibly delicate approach, and with the world's history with blood libel it probably would be inadvisable to try to tackle this as an outsider. Finding a way for us to not drink blood might be able to work, but you will want to be sure you don't step on other tropes to do it (government control, theft, being non-human etc), and get sensitivity readers during, and after writing.
-- Dierdra
ask published oct 2021
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paralyzed-99 · 4 months ago
Ha esetleg történne velem valami
Egy dolgot sose felejts el:
Nálad jobban senkit se szerettem
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bosnian-muslim · 5 months ago
Some sins have become so popular and normalised that if a Muslim doesn't partake in that act then they are seen as overly religious or too extreme when really and truly it's just basics.
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n0wfia · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
There is a tree that never loses its shade even though a bird flies for the rest of its life, Sidrat al-Muntaha, Heaven is near it,
‘ I will wait for you there...’
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tacelttil · 18 days ago
Egyszer visszakapom ezeket az elvesztegetett éveket?
~ spoiler: nem.
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andalus88 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Omg this plot twist and then actually making the halal term mainstream (us Muslims use regularly)
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writingwithcolor · 8 months ago
I have a plot point where the group needs to seek counsel from their friend immediately, but because of how the plot is laid, they would theoretically be interrupting her during Shabbat dinner due to the urgency of the matter. I also have a Muslim character. Can they be discussing the urgent issue while eating together and if so, is there anything the Muslim character would not do/eat in accordance with his religion? No meat I think? Or should they just meet outside/not eat?
Interrupted by friends during Shabbat dinner, emergency | Also the Muslim diet
I have to research this because I think there’s some overlap between halal and kosher but I can’t remember in which direction (edited later: kashrut seems to be stricter.) 
I’d be okay with the interruption, especially if it involves something life or death -- especially bc “but it’s Shabbat!” illustrates how urgent the urgent matter is.
So, I'm pretty sure kosher food is halal. I went to a Jewish primary school with a lot of Muslim students, and I remember that many Muslim parents liked that they didn't have to worry about the food there. Also, when I eat with my Muslim friends I can't have their food but I'm very used to knowing what kind of snacks I can pick up easily that don't rely on having kosher cutlery and crockery available. Glass is always kosher which is a very useful loophole, i.e. your Muslim character can have a glass plate and cup that they use for their food, put in their dishwasher etc and their Jewish friend can still use it. Hope that makes sense.
I'm also fine with Shabbat dinner being interrupted for something urgent. I'm sure everyone who keeps Shabbat regularly will have experienced that at some point. OP, you might want to look up the concept of pikuach nefesh, which is kind of an overriding principle of protecting life at the expense of other Torah commandments.
I just looked this up. Here’s a Muslim page explaining that kosher meat is usually considered halal, although not everyone agrees:
Is Kosher Meat Halal? A Comparison of the Halakhic and Shar’i Requirements for Animal Slaughter
The Muslim portion of this character is open to followers. 
Muslim mods are not active at this time. We’ll be recruiting for more mods soon; Muslim writers, feel free to apply anytime!
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halalhumour · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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