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do y’all ever go to check your inbox and then you see your follower count and you notice it went down and then you start wondering what it was that made them unfollow or if it was a specific post or if it was something you said or reblogged and then you just go in a downward spiral and start to rethink your whole personality or are you normal

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// 30.11.20 //

ah yes, another weekend has come and gone and i still hate school :)

i worked a lot this weekend so i didn’t have much time to do homework. i’ve been trying to go to bed earlier lately and get into the habit of drinking more water and tea rather than coffee and i am SAD. i miss it alright, let me be deprived in peace.

december is tomorrow so my family and i put up all our decorations and our christmas tree so at this point i’m just waiting for the christmas break. my course load has been like i’m drinking from a firehouse and it’s a lot to take in but i’m keeping up to the best thing f my ability

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