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#half albino
jjjjjjjjeffrey · a month ago
Enderman-rabbit Ranboo headcanon is funny bc hes constantly like "Yeah Idk what my other half is" meanwhile hes got like. A whole bunny ear
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sunstar121 · 3 months ago
What if...Ranboo’s other half is just an albino piglin that’s why he really likes golden carrots and gold in general even though he has no real use for it
he doesn't have. very many physical piglin traits- not only is his enderman half a lot more dominant, but he has a small amount of shapeshifting magic that allows him to shift the more obvious parts away. it's already bad enough that hes half enderman, but if everyone knew his other half was not only another hostile mob, but a piglin? well. he sees how they treat technoblade, and he doesn't want that for himself.
he keeps his red eye, the small tusks that look enough like the fangs protruding from his top gums to be played off as 'just another pair of fangs', and long ear. hes lucky both endermen and piglins are semi-digitigrade and have long ears, because man would it be a hassle to move around with two different types of legs, and he can only imagine the audio hell that would come from having one long ear and one short ear.
most of his traits come out in his personality and habits. he finds himself eating golden foods more often than any other type, grunting and snorting in response to questions, and- most importantly- hoarding gold.
hed compare it to how he feels about picking up blocks. theres a safety in it, a warmth. when he holds gold his chest and veins bubble with warmth, and his entire body fills with a buzzing energy. keeping that gold safe and sound feels as natural to him as keeping a small child safe. he needs to protect it, otherwise he'd feel like a failure of a human being.
the only other people who are allowed to even see his gold are the people he trusts wholeheartedly. tubbos been allowed to see it for a good long while, and niki and fundy were able to as well before.... well. you know. it shocks him a little, one day, when he sees phil and techno next to a piece of gold he left out and he feels perfectly fine with them being near it.
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yourhourisup · 3 months ago
Listen I know you guys have theories that ranboo is half enderman half ghast but I keep seeing
Tumblr media
That little gray line and it looks like a whisker and all I can think of is
Tumblr media
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prince-opossum · 3 months ago
ive been thinking abt ranboos other half and hm. what if the other half is just an albino?
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sp-ud · 4 months ago
What if ranboos other half isn't even something that's naturally white, its just albino
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theroguerowan · 4 months ago
nothing like a crisis at 2 am about whether i should breed Hagrid again before he’s too old or go ahead with my plans to breed to a younger, but not as good, male. 🙃
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nex-has-gender-envy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Another version of this because he is ✧fine✧ man
And I love shading
Zoom in for better quality
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night-of-the-living-shred · 11 months ago
Y’all can I complain for a second?
I’ve never been part of the light skin vs dark skin bullshit. I’ve never seen the favoritism or any of the shit that comes along with colorism. I have been mistaken for a white woman though when I got my car accident in 2019. (It’s in the police report. Maybe they thought I was a culture vulture when my hair was whole ass in box braids, but whatever.)
And so I just wanna say, I fucking WISH I had more melanin in my skin. I fucking hate having to defend my blackness because I’m light and not biracial (my nephew is, and he and I look pretty goddamn similar). I hate that after 32 years, I still have to tell muthafuckas that neither of my parents are white OR as light as me and them dead ass not believing me.
And then every time I feel like this, I think about my cousin. She told me a while ago that, I wouldn’t look like me if I was darker. And basically it was just a message to embrace and love myself as I am.
I still be feeling some type of way though, because at the end of the day, physically, my body my face and damn skin, (minus my hair which doesn’t even help really at this point unless you’re black and know we all come in different shades and we fucking know why), I’m never gonna be considered black enough. And I really really really really wish it wasn’t something that bothered me so much.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i dont play bideo bames but ive just built @damodos​ a packing peanut which frankly i think came out as well as it could have. his name is Fat Fuck and he doesnt fit in the box
Tumblr media
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depressionandchaos · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Kiwi, I call him Kubert for short. He is both a god and a legend in a man's elongated shoe and he is better than you.
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What kind of hybrids are the bench husands in ur au?
Tubbo is a Ram (ie a sheep) becuase the fandom has infected me and im attached at this point LOL Also im not immune to Dadschaltt propaganda  Ranboo is Half Human, Part enderman and part something else per my personal headcanons! The ‘other’ part is a smaller percentage then the human and ender sides. His ‘white’ half looks more human and has human skin but fun fact his human half is albino to boot!  Tommy? He’s totally human :) im sure :) but :) you’ll have to see i guess :) Totallyyyyy human :)
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