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#half cold and half hot

Two hair color and a ponytail are valid , aesthetic , healthy ships on the edge of self esteem and subtle crushes

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It’s a bit difficult right now since my laptop is on its last legs and a couple keys on the keyboard don’t work so I had to reformat the keyboard to place the letters “s” and “e” elsewhere on the keyboard. The charger port is super broken too so my computer is currently taped up and at an awkward like 70 degree angle and suffering from a strange duct tape surrounded by fabric cabbage mess where the charger is plugged in. (My new laptop comes tomorrow allegedly so we’ll see how twice the capacity and my special new keyboard work). 

I like playlists for my stories. If I hear new songs and music, I’ll sometimes add them to playlists and let my mind wander when I brainstorm. I take notes, but they’re not necessarily linear. I like to try to find plotholes with my stories and I reread a lot (which is painful because I sometimes find grammar mistakes or find I got a little caught up in saying the vibes were vibin’). 

it’s nice to do one story at a time, but i have found that doing more than one allows for more creativity and it allows me to take more of what I learn about the original lore and about the fate lore and place it in stories as they’re ongoing.

Plus, a few stories are just done. That makes having so many really just having a few.

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New Quirk Name: Thermophase

This Emitter type Quirk allows the user to alter the state and shape of matter they touch with their hands. In practice, the user can change matter between liquid, solid, or some state in between. For instance, the user could touch the ground and cause it to become all muddy, only to change it back to normal when someone steps in it. They could also turn that same dirt into a semi-liquid state, only to mold it into something that may need, such as a making it into a wall and causing it to become solid. This opens up a wide variety of uses for the user, giving them a great amount of control over their environment and anything they can get their hands on. They can melt the weapons of their opponents, splash something on to someone before freezing it into ice, bypass any sort of liquid obstacles, alter the ground to the user’s convenience, or cause someone’s defenses to collapse with a simple touch. Besides needing physical contact to function, specifically the user’s hands, the Quirk only works on solids and liquids and can only be a change in between those two. The user’s body heat seems to alter with the solidifying and liquefying, getting colder and hotter respectively.

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New Quirk Name: Thermotherapy

This Mutant type Quirk gives the user regenerative properties, able to heal whenever they are injured. This includes minor injuries like scratches, bruises, and missing fingers can be returned to normal. The true power of this Quirk comes when the user is exposed to instances of heat or cold. When exposed to such conditions, the user’s body begins to heal more in correlation to the amount of heat or cold present, as if it fuels the Quirk’s power. Just having it be nearby can be useful. Even small instances or it, such as ice cubes or a lighter, can activate the higher abilities of the Quirk. So if the user was in the middle of a snow storm or a raging inferno, it would seem the user is next to invincible with how quickly they can heal. This gives the user a great deal of survivability, even healing older wounds when the Quirk is active. This also gives the user a massive advantage over ice and fire Quirks, only becoming harder to hurt the more damage an opponent tries to do them. However, this kind of regeneration can only be achieved in extreme conditions, or at least some conditions like this, making it so the Quirk only offers a minor benefit more often than not.

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My friend @tayayayayaya and I had a heart to heart text at midnight about Todoroki’s pubes. You’re welcome.

I told her that Kuroko no Baske wouldn’t exist. Then she backfired me with Todoroki not existing because:



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Have you done Shoto Todoroki and Tsuyu Asui for Quirk Marriage???

New Quirk Name: Body Heat

This Transformation type Quirk allows the user to safety alter their body heat, able to raise or lower their body temperature at a moment’s notice. Either version alters the user’s appearance and has different results on the body. When raised, the user’s skin will take on a red hue, when lowered, their body will take on a blue hue. With higher heat, the user’s physical abilities will increase as their body essentially goes into overdrive, making them much faster and stronger. When lowered, the body slows down, helping them control their body. This also gives the user a strong advantage against opponents that are reliant on heat or cold, as the user can resist those. This gives the user a helpful mix, with heat helping in battle and cold to help them out of battle. With a high body heat, improving the user physically, improving their awareness, and sharpening their focus. With a low body heat, the user can remove their heat signature, restrict their body to slow processes down, or even put themselves into a comatose state to help them heal. With enough training, the user could even spread their heat and cold outside their body. However, extreme uses of the Quirk can have an adverse effect on the user’s body, with high levels exhausting them faster and at lower levels making them sluggish. Swap between the two states can be difficult.

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