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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Halfie is 100% correct! Damn ask word count limit held me back but I was only attempting to make an example rather than show a fact, as that would be spoilery-ish. So I picked a cgaracter that you displayed doubts about and applied a particular concept, but my explanation was faulty. So, as to not make stuff more confusing than it needs to be, maybe just disregard that one ask and read away! I am very excited for your journey going forwards

aw, it was just a misunderstanding, gotcha! glad we cleared it up, and you got the point about powers across either way so we’re good 👌

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Benjamin-Button-ing. But: I wear high-SPF sunscreen and know from peels, acids, hydration and @Crest #Whitestrips, so the aged images are completely inaccurate. 😆 Also: Interesting that this app makes me look totally white in my senior years and totally Asian as a kid. Amusing to see that in the middle I look like the half-Asian/half-European that I am.
#faceapp #agingchallenge #benjaminbutton #halfie #alwaysSPF #SPF50isthenewSPF30 #crest #ThisIs50 #Beautygeeks

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Learned a fascinating thing about my culture today!

Apparently in the Creoles of Color community, I am what they call a “Quadroon” and there were community-wide dances specifically thrown to present quarter-blood women such as myself as prospective concubines to rich, white landowners called “Quadroon Balls” and these white men would be able to take their pick of girls and set them up as mistresses, which was considered to be a privilege 😀🔪

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No filter today, I got a new foundation and wondering if I applied it right. I know that sounds stupid because applying just foundation is easy but I barely ever wear make up and I’m basically just learning how to do basic makeup stuff now that I feel more confident. I’ll probably look up tutorials and stuff on how to get the right converage and all that. Thank god for the internet and YouTube lol!

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