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Part 2 is finally here! A few people were asking if I would do a sequel and obviously the answer is yes, but this is the last part. I hope u enjoy reading it ! 😳💖 

here is the link to the first part: locked in.

Summary: ‘Missing Persons Case? Infamous Murderer Prime Suspect.’ ‘On October 31st, at 12:02 a.m., a phone call was made to the Haddonfield police department. When reporting to the scene several officers and the deputy reported signs of a struggle. Stray pieces of glass and an open back door lead to a possible B&E as well as a suspected kidnapping. Though usually that would be an apt assumption, because of Michael Myers’ suspected involvement, some speculate it may not even be a missing persons case. According to the leading officer on the case, the case may be an outlier but “Myers is definitely a suspect. If not him, at least a copycat”. The search for the Haddonfield resident continues but the chances of this particular victim being found alive have never been so low.’ 

WC: 3,835

Warnings: kidnapping, nsfw content (smut scene) , implied minor character death (he tries some funny business so he deserved it). A spider, Stockholm syndrome, Michael being a bastard. I will say that the smut is somewhere between dub con and consensual. This is Mikey so be careful.


You don’t know how long you’ve been inside of this dark room. The smell of dust and mildew makes you not want to breathe but you’re used to not having choices anymore. Everything you’ve tried to get out always ends in failure or worse: Letting your kidnapper know that you tried to get out. He’s caught you in the act and ripped you away from the windows many times. Crying and wailing don’t seem to appeal to his conscience at all so you’ve stopped wasting the water. You sit in the room and can only be glad that he hasn’t restrained you or tried to tie you up. But you understand it’s because he knows that he can always stop you from leaving. Can always drag you back.

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☾  “This has not been my night.

☾  Introducing ADRIANA KYES, she may remind some of ANNIE from HALLOWEEN, and others think she looks like BIANCA SANTOS. However, she is 24 years old and is a/an OCCUPATION UTP here in New Hamelin.

Strange things are happening…

Growing up as the daughter of a cop wasn’t exactly easy on Adriana. The long hours and demanding nature of his job essentially took her father away from her. Whenever he was home, he was either sleeping or bossing her around. At least, that’s how she saw it. Sure, she knew it was coming from a good place, he was trying to protect her. But, it was difficult for her to get past the feeling of a stranger telling her how to live her life.

Adriana acted out in some minor ways, enough to get attention, but not enough to get in actual real trouble. She’s a good person with a strong mind and quick witt. Her sarcasm is her best weapon and she can be nearly unbearable when she’s annoyed or angry. Despite their rocky relationship, she loves her father and she tries to spend time with him when she can, though they usually end up fighting. She may hate being told what to do, but she’s still cautious and tries to always be ready to protect herself.

☾  Select ADRIANA? Fortunately they are AVAILABLE.

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there’s no other season that captures a human being like autumn. yeah there’s summer with it’s long days and warm weather, but it has nothing on the feeling of mentally and physically being comforted by the thought of chilly weather, warm drinks, fall movies, cozy socks, fall colors, etc. like there’s so much, i get overwhelmed by just thinking about them. nobody does it like autumn and that’s on SPOOKY SEASON 💅🏾🍂🖤🎃

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Slasher Asa, Jesse, Hannibal, and Micheal with a s/o that helps them kill people. Like they have the smarts and help with traps or picking out the perfect victims?

Slashers with a s/o who help them kill

The Collector/Asa Emory


Originally posted by toloveakiwi

  • You want to do what with him? He is a little unsure because he is used to doing all the work and solo, besides he doesn’t know if you got the guts to kill, but there’s a first time for everything.
  • You wormed yourself in his life as Asa Emory, now you want to partake in the darker side of his life? Interesting. He wants to hear your reasons. Why? How did you come to this conclusion? Do you have any experience? He wants to hear all of it.
  • When he firsts put a victim before your eyes on a surgical table you cannot help, but to take a step back, bumping into his solid form. “No. No. No turning back.” he whispers in your ear, the grip on the scalpel deadly tight.
  • He will guide each cut you make on the poor soul, every word whispered in your ear in a low gentle voice that makes shivers run down your back. This is only the beginning.

Chromeskull/Jesse Cromeans


Originally posted by horrorseason

  • Are you serious? You really wanna take part in what he does when he is away? You sure you can handle all of this because his kills are pretty gruesome.
  • Jesse cannot help the grin forming on his scarred face, pretty excited about your proposal. Well then, let’s get going.
  • The first time he saw you kill he couldn’t help but feel himself get hotter; the way you looked handling these big knives, blood dripping down your face, your ragged breath and shiny eyes. In his eyes is the most gorgeous things ever, not to mention he got all on video!
  • After you kill he cannot help but put his camera aside, picking you up by your hips, your legs wrapping around his form, both your lips crashing into one another in a heavy make-out, the tiny camera recording everything. Talk about an R-Rated Exclusive part of the video.
  • Jesse loves that you help him kill because it means more time spending together with you!

Hannibal Lecter


Originally posted by wicked-murder

  • He is a bit unsure when you declare your idea. He knows how macabre and horrible it looks to the innocent eyes all the blood and guts, so he needs some time to think about it.
  • When he is done with his thoughts he will come at you, looking deeply into your eyes with a serious look “Are you sure about this? It’s not going to be a pretty sight.” You only nodded, trying to look as sure of yourself as ever.
  • First, he will teach you all the basic stuff; the vital points, what knife works best for the flesh, what works for the bones etc.
  • The first time it didn’t go as planned, because the victim runs away from Hannibals grasp only to have a meat hammer bash him straight in the head, blood and pieces of brains spilling out on the kitchen tiles.
  • Hannibal looked at you with wide eyes as he saw part of your face covered in blood, your eyes cold and deadly. He couldn’t stop himself, but to pull you into his arms, his lips covering your bloody ones, savoring the moment.

Michael Myers


Originally posted by scarymovies101

  • Most likely to say a no to you helping out to his killings. Michael is a lone wolf and does it solo, no help needed, because he is unstoppable, so you don’t need to lift a finger.
  • You are needed into his life because you provide him shelter, food, and other needs. In his eyes seeing you kill is impossible, he cannot picture it; you are so small and innocent.
  • That was until one night when he came after a killing spree that he saw a puddle of blood in the kitchen and his muscles tightened, his knife ready in hand, only for him to stiffen when he saw a corpse of a man close to the puddle of crimson liquid and your shaking form a few steps away with an ax in hand; the weapon and your hands covered in the sticky blood.
  • Your hard gaze moved up to Michael, dropping your weapon. “I told you I’m not helpless…Jerk.” you muttered, moving to the bathroom to clean yourself up. Michael was surprised and he saw you in a different light from that moment.
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