madpatti · a day ago
Couldn't decide if I want to draw slashers or animals so I combined them. Not finished of course I'd love to color them when I get the time
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adventurelandia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Mad Doctor (1933)
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brandnewhuman · 2 days ago
Can I request the slashers with an s/o who are obsessed with cats? Like they have almost a million rescues with them or at home. All the clothing they wear is cat themed, everything is cat themed. Cats ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
Michael Myers - Vincent Sinclair - Bo Sinclair - Jason Voorhees -
Tw: none? Maybe just canon violence, you never know if Michael ends up being more unhinged than usual
A/n: there's something so funny to me in forcing this menaces of men to put up with this type of things. Anyway, thanks for the request and I hope you enjoy it ^^ I basically picked the slashers with who you would be able to have many cats around without risking the victims hurting them
Bro almost stomped one of your cats when he broke into your house to kill you first time you met
In Michael's defence your cat was in the way
 your cat started making weird demon noises when Michael picked him up by the scruff 
Congratulations, you have adopted an unhinged stabby bastard to add to your collection of strays
Michael is surprisingly accepting of having cats around
That's until they scratch him. 
They will get thrown in the trash can and if you bring them inside again Michael could and will get offended 
What do you mean she didn't mean to? To him it seemed very much on purpose y/n 
You might find him sometimes laying on the couch stiff as a fucking tree  with your cats all over him. 
He's not even sleeping, he's just chilling and regretting his life decisions 
When he comes home late after doing his job he will take his time to pet every cat
Will spy you to see where you keep their treats 
So if you see your babies a little bit more chonky than usual is Michael's fault
He's basically a cat himself so after the initial shock of having around so many of them he will eventually get used to it
When he notice that you seemed to like cat themed things too he would bring anything he finds that he deems cat related 
What now, Michael has given you literally just a black rock? Y/N, silly little thing, he's Michael Myers. He doesn't have to explain anything, if you don't get that it looks like your black cat which happens to be Michael's favourite then that's a you problem
Would spend hours having staring contests with your cats. 
You will find him, not a single thought behind his or your cat's eyes, staring at each other 
If it's rz mikey he will make you a mask inspired by your cats. 
It all started when you one day came back covering something with your jacket that was suspiciously breathing 
He tried, he really tried to say no. But you gave him that puppy dog eyes stare and promised that it won't bother anyone and you would've take care of everything 
He hasn't known peace since 
All it took was one (1) single time of him saying yes for you it to become a menace with the whole stray cats thing
He had to give up in the end so now he's just helping you out with your little friends 
You kept your promise but he didn't want you to overworked yourself - and because honestly he's starting to love them too but you didn't hear it from- 
Now…I know what you all want to know
Vinny loves to have one of the kittens sleeping on his lap while he's working but would have to stop doing it because he gets distracted by petting and playing with them
The house of wax will suddenly be filled with cat themed things and even cat wax figures (none of them are your cat's dw. Vinny would never do that to you)
He knows and you know that Bo doesn't like the cats and the cats don't like Bo
So you both try your best to keep both parties away from each other. 
Ngl Vinny would shamelessly let the cats scratch the shit out of Bo when he starts acting like an asshole
What makes Vinny appreciate the cats even more is that they keep you company when he has to work all day.
At least he knows you're not alone
He has done countless drawings of you with your cats
Vincent is a simple man, if it makes his s/o happy then he doesn't have a problem with it. 
Besides, all of your cats really like Vincent. Cats are really sensitive to people's energies and vibes and Vincent has something that is simply irresistible to your kitties 
Bo absolutely despises them. 
As soon as you bring one cat home he's already throwing it out
He's going to mercilessly make fun of how obsessed you're with cats 
Tho everytime he goes to run some errands he brings something that has a cat on it for you
One of your favourite gifts that Bo has brought you is a cat shaped mug. You always and only use that mug for everything 
Everytime he sees you drinking from it he just smirks proud of himself 
Type of person who argues with you about how cats sucks just out of spite 
That's until you bring home a specific cat 
It's black but has white paws and he's missing one eye
It was love at first sight 
That cat tolerated you at most but with Bo? That little fucker just acts like an angel
Bo's not gonna let you forget it not now not ever
Much like with jonesy, he started with the whole "I ain't gonna care for that little shit" just for you to find him on the couch cuddling with the cat
He's the kitty's dad now and you can't do anything about it
He'll pretend he doesn't know what you're talking about when reminding him of how he used to hate cats
Mh? Hating cats? Couldn't be him y/n. He's a father now, what you're talking about
It's basically the "I hate everyone but you" trope just with a cat that has anger issues as big as bo's 
Jason loves animals, I'm pretty sure we're all aware of that
Now if we're talking about normal Jason then there's no problem
Zombie Jason on the other side… at these point your cats are straight up bullying him
Animals tend to avoid Jason now that he's not alive 
Every single one of your cats is weirded out by jason. Every Time he's near them it's like peace has never been an option in their life 
Please try to cheer him up cause he's getting his feeling obliterated by a bunch of merciless mini demons
Even if your cats are a fucking menace in this man's life he's going to care about them as much as you do
He treats them like they're the most precious thing in the world just because they're important to you
He's building them all little beds and things where they can play safely
He's going to be careful none of them gets out of the cabin and if they do he's immediately bringing them back inside looking at them with concern and silently scolding them
He makes you wooden cat themed things too 
Like he has made mini wood figures of all your cats 
The only time the cats are comfortable around Jason is when he sits still on the couch or bed and just let them approach him.
He doesn't even dares to look at the little thing as it curls on himself on Jason lap to sleep
That's it, he's never going to get up again. Oh well, it's not like he has anything to do right?
Both normal Jason and zombie Jason would help you rescue stray cats. 
He's overall so happy of having them around but they are literally the meanest things he has ever seen
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70s-pop-80s · a day ago
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Halloween  by Jason Edmiston
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redvampirerose · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Art by  sideshowmonkey
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val-is-angry · a day ago
Tumblr media
Dying, rotting, decaying etc.
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urvashiwrites · 2 days ago
Just realised I was reading Dracula on Friday the 13th during a full moon yesterday
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slasher-male-wife · a day ago
Billy, Stu, Michael (og) with a s/o who’s extremely sensitive to being yelled at? That they’ll start crying? Something I struggle with ☠️
Omg anon this goes for me too. Since I was a kid if I get yelled at my first instinct is to cry. I hate it so so much and I'd love to do this for you. Always down to write some comfort for my boys. Reader is gn
Included are: Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, og Michael Myers
Warnings: Harsh language, yelling, violence, mentions of unhealty relationships, implied murder 
Billy Loomis
You and Billy are at a party. You're not really the party type, unless you know a good amount of people there but you feel better knowing Billy's here. You're talking with a girl Billy introduced you too. Her name is Carrie. You spot your ex River over near the living room. He wasn't the best guy. He was very manipuative and would constantly gaslight you. When he wasn't doing that he was just ignoring you. Whenever you expressed wanting to break up he threatened suicide and would guilt you into staying. You look back to Carrie and hope Billy's gonna be back soon. Unfortunatly for you River comes over and grabs your wrist. "We need to talk now." He says sternly. You squrim in his grip.
"Let go of me."
"No you're going to listen to me Y/N!" He yells, "You're an awful person for what you did to me you know? I loved you and I needed you! How dare you break up with me!" He continues to shout. Carrie yells something at him but you can't hear her. Tears are swelling in your eyes. "God of course, you always hang out with annoying cunts! You're such a useless person without me!" The tears start to fall as your wrist throbs with pain. You sob but it doesn't stop him from pulling you away. As you start walking Billy wraps his arm around you and pulls you away from River. You cry into his shirt as he yells at him.
"Keep your hands off my partner you asshole!"
"Fuck you! They're just some whore who doesn't appriciate a good guy when they meet one! I regret not beating some sense into you!" He gets up in your face and Billy pushes him back. He punches him to the ground and grabs you. He walks you out of the house and drives you back home. Once there he puts ice on your bruised wrist and calls up Stu. He snagged Rivers ID off him before he left. Rivers not gonna hurt anyone anymore.
Stu Macher
You're eating dinner with your parents and Stu. They wanted to meet him and you were stressing the entire day to clean up the house and make it look presentable. Your parents were constantly talking about how much you're failing in life and how your siblings are doing so much better. Stu is clearly upset with them but you keep him calm. "Y/N honey you should have joined the family company. You could make so much more money doing that than writing those silly little horror stories. They aren't very good dear." Your mom comments.
"Neither is this cooking. Are you good at anything besides being a disappointment?" Your father comments. You stay silent. "I asked you a question and you answer me when I ask you something!" Your father raises his voice.
"You can leave if you don't like it that much." You comment. Your mother drops her fork.
"How dare you talk to us like that! We are your parents you selfish brat! We raised you to be better than this! How dare you disrespect us like this!" Your mother shouts. Tears start to form and Stu clears his throat.
"I do think it's best if you two leave." He says.
"You're good for nothing Y/N! I knew we should have put you up for adoption when we had the chance! You're going nowhere in life! You're gonna end up dead in a ditch homeless because of how stupid you are!" Your father shouts. As the tears fall Stu stands up.
"Get the fuck out or I call the cops!" Stu yells. You cover your ears while they yell back and forth but eventually Stu is hugging you, letting you sob into his shirt. "It's ok Y/N. I'm here for you." He rubs his hand on your back and comforts you. He’s already coming up with a plan of his own. 
Michael Myers 
You’re leaving work when you head down an ally you use as a short cut. It’s not an intimidating ally, it’s well lit and pretty wide. “Hey Myers bitch!” You hear a familiar voice call. It’s your coworker Meg. She’s always giving you shit about living in the Myers house. You turn around and glare at her. “I’m upset Michael hasn’t killed you yet. It would really help clean up the town you know?” She says. 
“Leave me alone. Everyone knows about how you harassed that girl to the point she had to go to the hospital. We all know about how you’re a mean bitch who can’t keep a boyfriend.” Meg squints at you. 
“Well guess what hun? I’m not some ugly weirdo who lives in a haunted house! You’re the worst part about this town! Everyone here hates you and you should just let Michael kill you already!” You feel tears stream down your face as she laughs. “Yeah cry hun, cry! We all know that you’re a poor loser who can’t handle being yelled at! Like oh my god fucking grow up you dumb bitch!” You turn and walk away, tears still falling. You hear Meg scream and you look back to see Michael with his hands wrapped around her throat, lifting her up. He keeps her there until she falls limp. He drops her to the ground and walks over to you. He wipes away your tears and walks you back home. 
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ash-arts-a-thing · a day ago
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Maskless Bubba, Michael and Jason, for the fun of it
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halloweentrickortreat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Stranger Things theme by Lizzy Rainey 🍂
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machetelanding · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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booopthesnoot · a day ago
nick & charlie at halloween. that’s it , that’s the post 🎃🍂
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jetva · a day ago
Songs/ Song Lines That Make The Slashers Think Of You. <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝓥𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓢𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓻: The Song: "Everybody Talks" By Neon Trees, The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "And that was when I kissed her, and then she made my lips hurt."
𝓛𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓢𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓻: The Song: "Why Don't We Just Dance?" By Josh Turner. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "So baby, why don't we just dance? Down the hall, maybe up the stairs? Bouncing off the wall, floatin on air?"
𝓑𝓸 𝓢𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓻: The Song: "Free" By Zac Brown Band. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "Drive until the city lights dissolve into a county sky. Me and You."
𝓞𝓖! 𝓜𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓮𝓵 𝓜𝔂𝓮𝓻𝓼: The Song: "Bury A Friend." By Billie Eilish. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "Why don't you run from me?"
𝓡𝓩! 𝓜𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓵 𝓜𝔂𝓮𝓻𝓼: The Song: "Worst In Me." By, Unlike Pluto. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "I decided to play when I knew you were fire."
𝓟𝓮𝓮𝓟𝓪𝔀 𝓜𝔂𝓮𝓻𝓼: let us be honest, he doesn't listen to much music, he's stalking yo ass, when does he have time to listen to music? But, when he does... The Song: "Feeling Good." By Michael Bumble. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "You know how I feel."
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽𝓯𝓪𝓬𝓮: The Song: "Sexy Drug." By Falling In Reverse. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "I'm looking for reasons, I'm begging and pleading, I'm dreaming of calling you mine."
𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓱𝓶𝓼 𝓗𝓮𝓮𝓵𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓮: This guy listens to nothing but classical music, but when he does listen to something from the 20th/21st century it's more romantic songs. The Song: "Put Your Head On My Shoulder." By Paul Anka. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "Hold me in your arms, Baby."
𝓣𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓗𝓮𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓽: This here is a COUNTRY boy, damnit he's from texas so I'm giving his cute ass a country song. The Song: "Would You Go With Me?" By Josh Turner. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "If I gave you my hand, would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world?"
𝓑𝓾𝓫𝓫𝓪 𝓢𝓪𝔀𝔂𝓮𝓻: Another great country boy. The Song: "Meant To Be." By Bebe Rexha and Georgia Florida Line. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "As long as your right here next to me everything is gonna be alright."
𝓙𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷 𝓥𝓸𝓸𝓻𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼: The Song: "Cool For The Summer." By Demi Lovato. The Line That Makes Him Always Think Of You: "Got my mind on your body, and your body on my mind, got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite. Don't tell your mother."
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brandnewhuman · 2 days ago
Hello! I really like your blog! What about friday 13? Did you have any bad luck?
Well, I would like to ask if the requirements are open? (I'm new to tumbler, so I don't know much here yet, so if there are no open requirements, I'm sorry) I would really like Leatherface (I prefer Tommy more), Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Brahms Heelshire with S / O, who often faints due to lowering blood pressure and can't affect it in any way.
Thomas Hewitt - Jason Voorhees - Michael Myers - Brahms Heelshire
TW: canon violence, mention of cannibalism, fainting, mature language. If I've missed something just tell me!
A/N: hiya! Lucky for me, Fridays the 13th are never bad days for me lmao. The request are open ^^ I will always put in my bio whether they are or not!. Now onto the fun stuff, thank you for the request ^^. I love this kind of request, they're like super fun to write. Okay I'll shut up now, hope you enjoy it^^
Chances are that you have fainted in front of Thomas before, probably when you were still meant to be dinner
That doesn't stop Tommy from going through all the 5 stages of grief everytime you faint now
Y/N is really out there being a menace to this poor man peace
Listen, Texas is really beautiful and all but the heat? Sucks fuckin ass when you're a person with this type of health problems
You were probably helping Luda Mae in the kitchen, today has been hotter than usual outside 
You already woke up this morning not feeling all that great so that, you not remembering to drink your freaking water and the heat, you were bound to faint at any moment. 
Mama Luda has been asking you all day if you were sure you're alright.
Being the good s/o you are, you didn't want to worry anyone. You were used to living your life feeling dizzy as fuck. 
And then you bent down to pick up something from the floor
That's when Tommy walks in, just in fucking time to catch you before you bang your head against the counter while fainting.
You folded like a piece of paper and Thomas is losing his marbles, worry to death that you might have died of something 
Worry not cause Mama Luda doesn't let the panic take control and tells Thomas to carry to your room while she brings some water for you and a wet cloth to put on your forehead 
When you do wake up Thomas is going to be smothering you in affection, frantically patting you everywhere to check if you got hurt and looking at you with those puppy dog eyes filled with concern
Please tell him you just fainted for low pressure cause he can and will just assume the worst otherwise. 
"Tommy, hun please stop worrying I'm okay. I was just feeling dizzy" as soon as you say that Thomas is going to shush you
No, you were dying and now he's going to keep a close eye on you. He's having none of this 'I just feel dizzy'  fuckery 
From that day he's going to always remind you to drink plenty of water and take small breaks. 
You can use this to force him to take some breaks too cause baby boy is worse than you in taking care of himself
He would always carry around some sort of candy or any snack to give to you when he sees you're feeling dizzy
Lets you lean on him when you feel lightheaded. 
Oh yeah, that pulling your weight thing where you have to have to overwork yourself? You're not allowed anymore
In fact he almost tried to keep you in bed all day but when you told him it would only be worse if you did that then he settles for you doing light house chores
You're allowed in the basement only if the victims are all dead. He's not gonna take the risk of someone trying to hurt you or you fainting in front of a victim
He agrees to have you in only because is cooler down there and he has been told that helps
He's so worried about you, poor guy thought you just dropped dead in front of him
When you feel so dizzy that you can feel you're about to faint He's gonna pick you up and hold you close to him until you don't feel better.
Don't worry y/n you can faint now, Tommy's got you.
He's so careful with you,  I'm gonna cry. Best chonky man ever
Jason should be suing your low pressure for attempting at his life, scaring him like this. 
Everytime you faint he's going to assume you have just died. I'm talking about tears, holding you close to his chest, shaking and all that jazz
So you'd probably wake up seeing the behemoth of a man holding you like a fucking human Teddy bear, rocking back and forwards and sobbing like a baby
"Baby are you okay?? Why are you crying? Why are we on the floor??" Leave me suffer for I have lost my- oh you're alive y/n!!! Oh god!!
Bro is going to squeeze you so tight you'll feel dizzy all over again. 
He lets you dry his tears while he, in his own way, tries to explain that you just dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. He thought you've died y/n!! Don't laugh!
What do you mean you've already told him that you don't die, you just faint? You can't be 100% sure!! 
You fainting will mean three or four days of Jason not letting you as much as lift a single finger. 
Obviously going out without him is forbidden. He just doesn't want you to get hurt! 
Will even consider going with you when you need to run errands far from the camp. He has literally nightmares about you being away, fainting and hitting your head on something without him there to help you.  
Since you would probably actually love for him to come with you always, you can be naughty and play the "I feel a little dizzy" card before going out so he has to tag along. 
If he's zombie Jason that's…well, that's not going to work. He would love to but he just can't. Probably try to convince you to stay instead. 
When normal jason comes with you, he's going to make you get plenty of snacks and things that could help with low pressure
When has to leave you alone in the cabin he makes sure to leave near you a glass of water, something to eat ecc. Makes you promise you will stay on bed until he comes back (you won't but he doesn't have to know)
Both versions of Jason are gonna panic when anything happens to you cause you're the only light of their lives. He has to see the only other person who loved him die in front of him so it's perfectly reasonable for him to be fussing about any little thing. 
He just doesn't want you to go where he can't follow you y/n, let the big guy take care of you ♡ 
I made a post about Michael being anaemic and not only people have agreed with me (as they should cause I'm right) but they pointed out mikey here might have low pressure too
I know you all think Michael is an emotional constipated bastard, and he is. BUT  I just know he falls into that trope of "mean to anyone but them" 
Only difference is that mean for Michael is disrespectfully stabbing people 
Now, you've managed to make the shape of haddonfield fall in love with you.
That means that your low pressure is now his problem too.
You're both two lightheaded babes living your best life feeling dizzy as fuck
The first time you actually fainted was while making dinner for him. You were cutting something and Michael was right beside you, watching you cook. He finds it relaxing y/n, he doesn't mean to be creepy. 
When you suddenly stopped  he looked at you, tilting his head slightly as if he was asking what's wrong. 
You didn't open your mouth when you already started passing out. 
When i tell you Michael has never moved so fast in his life you have to fucking believe me
She's a runner She's track star kinda moment 
Congratulations, now you are both seated on the floor, you're out and he has the world fucking spinning at the speed of light while he holds you tight 
How dare you make him feel dizzy too?
While Michael is having the time of his life trying to not throw up and pass out too simultaneously, he's petting your head awkwardly trying to wake you up
If he didn't happen to feel dizzy he would've shaken the shit out of you as worried as he can get. 
When you finally wake up he forces himself to focus on how you feel and what happen to you
If you tell him you suffer from low pressure then he's going to be relieved but annoyed
Couldn't you, like I don't know, before so he didn't have to almost faint too catching you? 
When you both feel better (after you gave him a sweet to help him with the dizziness and he brought you a glass of water, holding it out towards you with his arm awkwardly stiff) he's going to pretend nothing had happen and is going to ignore you for making him worry so much
Hey, at least now you know he's capable of getting dizzy. 
After that Michael will always keep an eye on you. 
Making you drink water, forcing you to walk slowly and avoid sudden movements, even keeping a spare piece of candy for you in his pocket just in case
He's giving you all his tricks y/n, just because he doesn't want to have to carry you around if you faint again certainly not because he cares about you and your wellbeing nono
The point is, he is emotionally constipated but that doesn't mean he doesn't give a flying fuck about his s/o getting hurt ecc. He acts tough but he really loves you, more than what he would like to admit. 
I repeat, he's the living trope of mean to everyone but them and you can't fucking change my mind. 
Funnily enough you having low pressure that leads you to faint is what made brahms come out of the wall. 
You were doing your chorus, Brahms was spying on you like the wall gremlin he is. 
Then you  just..plopped on the ground. 
Mate chose violence and just busted out the fucking wall right there right now. 
He got scared about how still and pale you seemed. 
He just holds you until you wake up, cradling you against his chest and trying to calm himself. 
Needless to say you almost fainted again when you saw him
Now however, you've been together for months but he still worries a lot about your health. 
He tries to spend less time inside the wall cause he doesn't want to risk not being able to reach you on time if you don't feel well
Ah, that wall he so nicely decided to bust? You had to fix it. Obviously he helped (well at least with things that were too heavy for you) 
He tries to learn as much as he can reading about low blood pressure and how to prevent it.
He puts little notes all over the house with cutesy little reminders of drinking water or taking a break 
When you're too tired or feel too weak he's the one doing the chores 
He's going to treat you like you're made of glass. 
He just can't allow his dear y/n to get hurt, how are they going to take care of him otherwise? 
He cares okay? He's not just a selfish stinky man who needs attention 
You're his to love and care for after all
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slasherthrill · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I never draw him with the mask off and I really need to 😩💖
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ghostedlulu · a day ago
168 days til halloween!!
Tumblr media
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bbbastardchild · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Friday the 13th!! Kinda late😭 but hey I’m back on onlyfans❣️
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mara-xx217 · a day ago
Hello !
May I offer you ,
Tumblr media
A friend
Something had disturbed you in your dream, like a hole being drilled right between your eyes. Eyes fluttering open, you realize with a startled shout exactly why you were so uneasy.
"MICHAEL?! What the actual FUCK DUDE?!"
He was somehow more annoyed than you were about being woken up. It wasn't even the mask that startled you, but his fucking kitchen knife that he always carried around like a safety blanket that scared the shit out of you.
"In bed? AGAIN??? REALLY???"
You never get a response, but he does silently place it on the nightstand just behind him without breaking eye contact.
Fucking hell... sometimes you wonder how or why you put up with him...
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slasher-male-wife · 8 hours ago
Me: I’m gonna watch some slasher movies tonight . You know for the plot
The “plot” being the stabby men who I’m in love with
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zwahkmuchoney · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
To see more work by this creator tap the link above.
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