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Standing now in the mirror that I built myself

And I can’t remember why the decision wasn’t mine

But it seems I’m only clinging to an idea now

Took my heart and sold it out

To a vision that I wrote myself

And I don’t want to be somebody in America

Just fighting the hysteria

I only wanna die someday

Someday, someday

When I burst into flames

I’ll leave you the dust, my love

Hope a bit of it will be enough

To help remember the days

When we came to this place

I told you I’d spill my guts

I left you to clean it up

I’m bursting out of the

Seems like now it’s impossible to work this out

I’m so committed to an old ghost town

Is it really that strange if I always wanna change?

And if only the time and space between us wasn’t lonely

I’d disintegrate into a thousand pieces

I think I’m making a mistake

But if I decide to break, who will fill the empty space?

So now if I figure this out

Apart from my beating heart

It’s a muscle but it’s still not strong enough

To carry the weight of the choices I’ve made

I told you I’d ride this out

It’s getting harder every day somehow

I’m bursting out of myself

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                                song titles tag meme                                              

rules: only using song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and tag some people (if you want)

I was tagged by @ginger-canary

artist: halsey

what’s your gender: walk the line

how are you feeling: forever… (is a long time)

if you could go anywhere: new americana

favorite mode of transportation: drive

your best friend: alone

favorite time of day: good mourning

if your life was a tv show: still learning

relationship status: love yourself

i’m gonna tag @kryptons-lesbian

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This is not about to be a coherent post tbh but. I’m just thinking about how like….Yungblud doesn’t live in Los Angeles. He doesn’t even live in America.

But, he happened to be in LA, for business, when the pandemic hit. So now, because of the quarantine, he’s been trapped there for months, with no way to return home to England.

But because he happens to be there, he’s had the opportunity to play a critical role in the Los Angeles BLM protests. Think of how many injured protesters he’s helped. Would they have gotten the medical attention they needed, if Fate had not put him there? I just feel like….everything happens for a reason.

I remember reading in an interview somewhere, that one of the main reasons he and Halsey broke up, was because he didn’t want to move to Los Angeles full time. She didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship.

But, now he is in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future, whether he likes it or not. And he and Halsey have been working very closely together, as street medics.

I’m not saying they’re back together. Because neither of them have confirmed that. I’m just saying. Fate works in mysterious ways.

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I’m stepping away from this blog being a solely Taylor blog. I will still reblog Taylor edits but I want it to focus more on Halsey and civil rights. There is a queue and nearly 2,000 drafts of Taylor edits to work through so this change is going to be really gradual. I don’t know what my blog is going to look like yet but if you post or reblog any Halsey content please let me know so I can follow some of you!

Silence is not enough. Silence is not allyship and after Miss Americana I expected better.

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Hii, I figured making a 7-day edit challenge is a great excuse for me to make more Halsey edits, so here it is!! If you like her works and would like to participate, here are the rules :

  • Reblog this post (you don’t have to participate, a signal boost is also appreciated)
  • Tag your edits with #HalseyEditChallenge and, if you want to, you can also tag me in your edits - I track #tsusermeggie
  • All types of edits - gifs, images, artworks are allowed!
  • There is so time limit and if you miss a day, you don’t have to worry about that either!!
  • Have fun and bless the fandom with some lovely edits <3

Here are the prompts :

  • Day 1 : favourite album
  • Day 2 : favourite lyrics
  • Day 3 : favourite music video
  • Day 4 : your personal fave Halsey anthem
  • Day 5 : favourite live performance (award shows, tour, etc)
  • Day 6 : favourite collab
  • Day 7 : favourite song

Hopefully some of you guys will participate and/or like the challenge ♥

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