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No you don’t understand I dropped all of my WIPs for this forbidden fic with Alex and I can’t write anything else.

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I think Alexander is jealous of everyone because he’s stuck living forever and they eventually get to die. Life is almost meaningless for him. They might all get jealous of Usnavi being able to read minds or at least a bit put off knowing he can read their thoughts whenever he likes-there’s probably a big matter of trust there. Alvie’s not jealous but extremely impressed at how smart Ruben is and that he has the title of ‘doctor’. And I think Lee for the most part just once in a while (since they’re the closest in physical age and personality) challenges Alexander’s authority. If Alexander is technically in his late 30s, early 40s and so is Lee and the rest of them are in their 20s-early 30s, I can see Lee not wanting to be grouped with them under Alex’s authority. 

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“the world was wide enough” just came on shuffle

and yup, i DEFENITELY ruined it with all my hdm/lee scoresby jokes and now i can’t stop chuckling

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Can we talk about how ghostin by arianna grande is such a lams song like I can’t listen to it the same way. In conclusion, I’m ugly crying.

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[john walks in shirtless]

herc: hey topless

john: well you dont have to rub it in that im single

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Always happy to draw cute Hamlaf! I’m still getting used to my Samsung tablet, I got a free trial of Clip Studio on it so… I’m still getting used to it, please don’t hate me XD

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Imagine Hamilton finding out about Mount Rushmore

He´d see Washington’s enormous face carved in granite and be in absolute awe-

and then he´d see Jefferson’s face up there peaking out over Washington’s shoulder and just. SCREAM

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Whats Newtons third law of motion?
Every action has its equal opposite reaction
Why´d you say it like that
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- Aaron Burr sleeping through Valentines day

- Lafayette naming his ONLY son after George Washington

- Ben Franklin and John Adams once having to share a room with one bed and falling asleep arguing whether or not they should sleep with the window open or closed

- Bed Franklin taking ¨air baths¨ which consisted of him sitting naked in a bathtub for hours a day

- Aaron Burr having a knife hidden in the handle of his umbrella, then LOSING said umbrella 

- John Adams´ kid Charles once ran naked across Harvard yard

- Alexander Hamilton losing his checkbook and having to write the bank of New York for a new one, while also requesting his account balance which he didnt know, which he wrote in the checkbook, which is lost

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Day 1729

Lin-Manuel Miranda lost an Oscar to the White Broadway Establishment

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<div> How it actually happened #2 </div>
Lord, tell me how to say no to this
The Lord
pretend shes your wife asking you to go upstate for the summer hmMMMMMMM
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