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#han jisung fluff
spicyimagineifs · 20 hours ago
I Owe You
➟ pairing(s): Han Ji-Sung x Reader
➟ genre(s): Fluff
➟ word count: 963
➟ warnings: None
Tumblr media
"Oh no," you exclaimed checking your watch! "I'm late, I'm late," you chanted. Rounding the corner sharply, you checked your crumpled paper for the office number. "Suite 720. 720? Seventh floor. Must be." Skidding to a stop in from of the elevator you impatiently jabbed the up button.
Today had to be one of your worst days in a long time. First, your alarm didn't wake you up, then your hair curler broke, your roommate forgot to pick up your dry cleaning, and the last straw was your car had a flat tire. Now you were late for your job interview, which was out of character for you. Your motto was "You're on time if your early and late if you're one time."
The elevator doors slid open and you swiftly entered, pressing the 7 button. Just before the doors shut you heard some call out to hold them. Groaning, you stuck your hand out to keep the doors from shutting. A pair of hands opened pried the doors open to reveal an angelic smile.
"Thanks," he said breathlessly, "The seventh floor, please. I was worried I would have to wait for the next one." He ran his hand through his hair and smiled at you. "Nothing has gone right for me this morning. I'm Ji-Sung," he held a hand out to you.
"Y/N," you said, shaking his hand. You eyed his outfit. His ripped jeans, trainers, jacket, and unnatural hair color seemed out of place. He held your hand longer than usual. When your eyes met his, he licked his lips and smiled. Suddenly uncomfortable, you pulled your hand back.
"Do you work here," he asked, making small talk?
"No," you said simply. "Well not yet. Maybe. I have an interview that I'm late for." You laughed lightly. "You're not the only one that had a rough morning." He tilted his head and listened sympathetically.
As the elevator dinged, signaling you reached your destination, Ji-Sung reached out to hold the doors open. He swept his hand out to gesture you to go first. You quickly made your exit and headed towards the office labeled 720.
You slipped into the office and spoke to the receptionist, giving her your name and reason for being there. You took a deep breath and took a seat.
"Are you following me," you heard a familiar voice ask? Your gaze fell upon the trainers and ripped jeans that Ji-Sung wore.
"I was here first," you reminded him. He shook his head and smiled at you.
"This is where your interview is," he said pointing to the company logo. You nodded quickly,
"What are you doing here," you asked. Before he had a chance to answer, an older man in a suit entered the room.
"Ms. Y/L/N," he began, "You're late." His eyes looked you over.
"Yes, sir," you said softly, standing to bow. "This is out of character, and I am sorry. There was-"
"Excuses are not what we are looking for," the older man scolded you, "Maybe next time you can try and be on time. If you're serious about this position." You took a deep breath as your cheeks flushed red. "I'm sorry, I don't think this will be a good place for you." Tears stung your eyes.
"I'm sorry for wasting your time Mr. Han," you said bowing to the older man again. You understood that being late was unprofessional, but it was only a few minutes. "Excuse me," you said softly, brushing past Ji-Sung.
"Hey, hold on," the younger man said to you, grabbing your arm. "That's not fair." You shook your head, unable to meet his eyes. "She would have been on time if she didn't stop the elevator to help me."
"So you're the reason she's late," Mr. Han asked the younger man? His eyes narrowed on him and then you. Ji-Sung shook his head and guided you to stand by his side. "Ok," the older man sighed, "Ms. Y/L/N, can you follow me this way. It seems my son has caused you enough trouble today. The least I can do is allow you to interview." Your eyes darted to Ji-Sung who nodded his head for you to follow his father. You mouthed 'thank you' and quickly caught up with Mr. Han.
The next 45 minutes seemed to fly by. You felt confidant as you said goodbye to Mr. Han and thanked him again for taking the time to speak with you. Exiting into the hall, you were startled by that familiar voice again.
"How did it go," Ji-Sung asked, walking quickly to catch up with you? You spun and smiled at him.
"Are you following me," you teased him? He smiled bigger and paced himself to stay at your side. "I owe you for this. You didn't have to do that." You touched his arm. "Thank you." He shrugged and blushed.
"It was nothing," he said shyly, "Sometimes my dad can be a hard ass. You deserved a chance."
"I think it went well," you said to yourself. "Maybe I'll see you around if it did." You smiled and pressed the down button on the elevator. The doors opened almost instantly, allowing you to step in, alone. You pressed the floor button and watched as the doors slowly closed. Quickly, a pair of hands stopped the doors and opened them. Ji-Sung stood there, smiling bashfully.
"Can I take you to dinner," he asked? "We can celebrate if you get the job... Or celebrate if you don't... Or we can just get to know each other."
"I'd like that," you accepted. You pulled a pen and paper from your purse and wrote your number. Slipping the paper into his hands, you kissed his cheek. "Thanks again, I owe you big time."
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sunshinelixie-lee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like m8, stop procrastinating ch.5
a series by @0x1lovebot and @sunshinelixie-lee
Tumblr media
Felix and Jisung slunk into the living room of the Stray Kids dorm, looking like the personified image of sheepishness.
Chris, a dangerously world-weary expression on his face, only glanced at them.  Jisung was sure that if hyung only had a clipboard and a pen he’d look exactly like an intimidating professor done with life and its problems.  “Felix, Hannie, good of you to join us,” Chris deadpanned.
Felix blushed, backlighting his starry freckles with bright red.  “Sorry, hyung.  We were grabbing boba when we got your text.”
“We rushed over as fast as we could,” Jisung added earnestly.
Everyone sighed.
“Boba?” Innie echoed sarcastically.
“Why would you be getting boba when we have so much to do???!!!”  Hyunjin all but wailed into his knees.  He was seated on the couch, bent in half so that his face was buried in his legs.  Jisung observed that he somewhat resembled a taco.
Minho scrolled nonchalantly on his phone, seeming to give zero fucks.  “This is exactly why they still have two weeks’ worth of planning to do in three and a half days,” he commented mildly.
The other members, scattered around the room, all shook their heads.  Felix’s face turned approximately the same color as a beet.
“Right,” Chris sighed, glancing at the notes on his phone.  “I called this emergency meeting because, contrary to the twins’ belief” --he tossed them a combination of disappointed eyes and pursed lips-- “they cannot plan a party by themselves.”
Felix’s voice had dropped two octaves as he replied, “We’re really sorry, hyung.”  His eyes were glued to a patch of carpet in front of his feet.
The apology was met with heavy silence.  To his own humiliation, Jisung felt tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.  Neither twin could help recalling Changbin’s words from earlier that day: “you’ve let down the whole team…”
Finally, Chris spoke.  “It’s alright.  That’s what we’re here for.”  His deep brown eyes scanned the seven faces around the living space.  “We’re a team, right?  We always help each other.  No matter what.”
“More like a family,” Changbin piped up.  All eight heads nodded in agreement.
“But you’re still going to do most of the work,” Minho clarified, eyes still glued to his Snow app.  He snapped a selfie doing a fish face as if to punctuate the end of his sentence.
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, simultaneously shifting a safer distance away from Minho’s reach.  Under better circumstances Felix would have made an innocent observation about Hyunjin’s eye roll, thus prompting Minho to take disciplinary action.  Though he would never admit it (Felix was very proud of his angelic reputation), he rather enjoyed watching Minho chase after Hyunjin with a fist full of tissues.
“Okay, so here’s the deal,” Chris said, pulling Felix out of his thoughts.  “Each of us is going to plan an aspect of the twins’ party.  They’re going to have to do the most of the work, though, just like Lee Know said.”
Jisung and Felix nodded somberly.
Chris let out yet another sigh, this time raising one hand up to his temple to massage at the headache forming there.  “Okay, let’s get this thing over with,” he said, dropping his eyes to the notes on his phone.  “Lee Know is in charge of kitchen detail.”
At this, Minho finally raised his eyes from his phone.  His expression was one of disbelief.  “You want me to cook everything?”
Chris shook his head.  “I want you to decide what to cook and then make them do it.”
“Oh,” Minho said blankly.  Then an evil grin spread across his face.  “Oh.”
Innie rolled his eyes.  “We don’t need a three-course, five-star gourmet meal, though, hyung, so go easy on them.”
“Cookin’ like a chef, I’m a five-star michelin,” muttered Seungmin.
Chris nodded to Innie’s comment.  “They have a lot of work to do in three days, so pick some simpler recipes.”
“Yes, please,” Jisung said under his breath.
“You don’t get a vote,” Innie said pleasantly.
Jisung ducked his head.  He hadn’t really been counting on anyone hearing that.
Chris gave the room a glare.  “Can I finish?”
There was a universal muttering of ‘yes, hyung’.
He went off like a machine gun, rattling off each member’s name and their respective tasks.  “Changbin is in charge of ordering a cake--”
“Yes,” hissed Bin, doing a tiny fist pump.
“Hyunjin will plan the decor--”
Hyunjin let out a strange noise that could have been either a sound of joy or a middle-aged crow’s mating call.
“Seungmin will design the autograph book’s table--”
“Huh?” Seungmin said.
Felix piped up.  “You know, the table where all the guests will sign like--” he made little writing motions, seemingly lost for words.
“Like write a message?” Jisung prompted.
“Yes, that’s right!” Felix grinned.  “And usually that table is decorated with pictures of the celebrant!”
Immediately, Seungmin sat up straighter, his face brightening.  “I have to take pictures for the table?”
Chris smiled at his dongsaeng’s eagerness.  “Yes, you do.”
“Eyyy,” Seungmin crowed, grinning.
“And last but not least,” Chris said.  Innie leaned forward.  “Innie is in charge of finding a venue.”
Innie’s jaw dropped.  “Me?!”
Lee Know cackled gleefully.  “You’re the one always saying you could do anything we could better.”
Innie spluttered.  “Well, I can, but how do I know how to find a whole venue?”
“Guess you’ll have to figure it out on your own!” Lee Know replied happily.
Chris rolled his eyes.  “No, don’t listen to him.  I’m sure PD-nim will pull some strings if you ask him.”
Changbin made quiet gagging noises.
Chris swatted his shoulder even as he burst out laughing.
“Ya-a!” shouted Hyunjin dramatically, fake-pouting, “How could you make fun of PD-nim?”
That set off the entire dorm into gales of laughter.
Once the wheezes and chuckles had finally died down, Chris plastered his work face back on.  “All right,” he said in a tone of finality.  “We have three-and-a-half days.  Let’s get to work.”
“Cue the work montage,” Innie mumbled.
Tumblr media
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g0niki · a day ago
8 months
26. riding with the lesbians ig
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fizzydrink698 · a month ago
date a skater | jisung
Tumblr media
pairing: han jisung x reader
word-count: 6.3k
genre: romance, skater au, friends-to-lovers
warnings: swearing, making-out, honestly this is quite tame and adorable, just two young dorks in love
Tumblr media
“Of course I want to watch you skate,” you say, shaking your head in disbelief. “I’m not some kind of asshole. You’re my best friend.”
“And you’re mine,” Jisung replies automatically.
Tumblr media
part of the six month anniversary drabble event!
prompts: “the skirt is supposed to be this short” “hold my hand so he gets jealous”
Tumblr media
“Really? Do you mean it?” You ask, eyes wide.
Jisung rubs the back of his neck, gaze fixing on the smoothie in front of him. “Sure, if you really want to go. I know Chan’s there and, you…you know.”
It’s silly that your cheeks still warm at just the mention of Chan.
He’s the cool, older boy of Jisung’s skater group. He’s got this thick, Aussie accent that makes your insides melt and this annoying habit of smiling just enough times at you to make you wonder if something…if something could happen there.
And Jisung – your beautiful, bestest friend in the whole wide world – just invited you to the skate park this weekend to watch them all practise.
“You’re the best, Jisung,” you beam, already lost in daydreams about seeing Chan skate, cheering him on from the side, catching his eye across the park.
You’re oblivious to the way Jisung starts fidgeting, picking at the chipped black polish on his nails. “I’m gonna be there all day, but I think Chan can only make it in the afternoon…so if you wanted to drop by at lunch–”
“Wait, what? Lunch?” You repeat, breaking out of your Chan trance with a frown. “Do you not want me to see you skate?”
“No! I-I mean, yes! I…” Jisung pauses, trying to collect his thoughts. “I mean, I don’t mind if you want to watch me skate. That’s…that’s fine. Cool. Cool with me.”
“Of course I want to watch you skate,” you say, shaking your head in disbelief. “I’m not some kind of asshole. You’re my best friend.”
“And you’re mine,” Jisung replies automatically.
“Obviously. So, I’m going to watch you skate in the morning and cheer you on and loudly embarrass you in front of all your friends. Got it?”
People always say you two have this similar energy – this easy, loud confidence about you. Jisung never really knows how to respond to that, because in his mind, that couldn’t be further from the truth. His confidence always feels like a farce, a mask he puts up to hide how awkward he feels around people.
But yours is so genuine. If Jisung had to put it into words – and he’d written enough emo poetry in his awkward early teen years to master the art of pretentious, cringey metaphors – he’d probably compare it to sunshine. A beacon of light, warming him from the inside out.
Jisung likes it. A lot.
Probably because he likes you.
A lot.
“Got it,” he says, simply, and allows himself to bask in the sun for just a moment.
Tumblr media
You turn up on Jisung’s doorstep bright and early, with a smile on your face so wide it threatens to split your cheeks in two.
“Hey!” You greet him as soon as he opens the door, and hold up your car keys – complete with fuzzy pink keychain. “Do you mind if I–”
You break off halfway through your sentence, eyes widening in shock.
“…Blue,” you mutter, spellbound.
Jisung has…
Jisung’s hair is blue.
It’s a dark, almost navy shade – accented with little highlights of electric blue – and it suits him so well.
You struggle to form more coherent words. “Your hair’s blue.”
He bites his lip, hand nervously lifting to run through his newly dyed mop. “Yeah, I…wanted to try it. Does it look…?”
Jisung trails off, but you’re more than eager to answer his half-question.
“It looks great! Holy shit, it’s so cool!”
Jisung blinks once. Twice.
Before he smiles shyly, taking in the compliment.
It’s only then that he looks at you – really looks at you – and his face freezes.
You’ve made quite the effort today – your whole outfit is brand-new, except for your shoes. You’re wearing a pair of white sneakers – one might arguably call them plain, but they’re so comfortable and honestly, they’re one of your favourite pairs of shoes. When you look down at the toes, you can just about make out the little cartoon sun Jisung had drawn on them months ago.
Jisung’s attention, however, is not on your shoes.
“I like your skirt. The, um, the ruffle things are…” Jisung stammers over his words, hand moving forward to gesture to your skirt before freezing, and quickly withdrawing again. “Yeah.”
“Thanks. I bought it specially for today,” you beam, glancing down. “I didn’t realise that the skirt is supposed to be this short but…I think I like it.”
Jisung swallows. “I…yeah. Yeah, it’s nice.”
Your eyes flicker up to meet his gaze, and your smile widens. “Thank you.”
His cheeks pinken, and there’s a brief moment of quiet before you suddenly remember what you had been about to ask.
“Do you mind if I drive us today? You can pick the music if you want.”
“Uh…yeah, sure. I don’t mind,” Jisung says, briefly thrown by this sudden change of subject, but recovers well. “Give me, like, two minutes to grab my shit.”
He hurries back inside the house, leaving the front door wide open as he does – a move so characteristically Jisung that you can’t help but roll your eyes.
After a few minutes, he comes rushing out, backpack slung over his shoulder and board under his arm – and thankfully, he remembers to shut the front door behind him. For him, that’s progress. “OK, all good to go.”
There’s a nervous energy to him as the two of you walk to your car. You figure that makes sense – he’s competing soon, he’s probably got a thousand and one thoughts in his head.
“Are you excited for that competition thing next month?” You ask, as you tug open your car door.
“Kind of, I guess. I’m up against some really good guys. It’s gonna be tough. If I don’t make the 360, I’m probably gonna, like, finish somewhere in the middle.”
“Sounds like some stiff competition,” you muse, checking your mirrors and start up the car. “…What’s a 360?”
Jisung smiles at your question. “You know the vert? The vert ramp?”
“The thing you do the jumpy moves on, yes?”
This cracks Jisung up, his laughter loud and delighted – and you can’t help but smile at the sound of it. He’s still laughing when he finally replies. “A 360 is…yeah, a jumpy move. You go up, turn 360 degrees in the air, come back down.”
“What the fuck? That’s so cool.”
He grins, attempting to shrug off the compliment but doing very little to hide how flattered he is. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
“Does Chan do 360s?” You ask, excited.
Jisung pauses. “…Uh, I think so. He likes…yeah, he likes his aerials.”
His voice has turned quiet, thoughtful. You wait for him to elaborate, but instead he stays silent, fidgeting with the helmet in his lap – a birthday present from you, after much nagging from both you and his mother to be safe and wear a fucking helmet, Jisung.
There’s a moment of quiet as you pull out of Jisung’s driveway, and eventually, you move the conversation on.
“Is your mom coming to watch you compete?”
“No,” Jisung immediately says, panicking. “No, she’s got work that day, thank fuck.”
“Don’t be mean! I think it’s really sweet that she wants to see you skate.”
“I think you mean embarrassing,” Jisung insists, pouting, and slides further down into his seat. “She keeps trying to use slang. It’s horrifying.”
“She just wants to prove she’s down with the kids. She’s rad. She’s hip to the trends. She knows what’s the bomb and what’s totally lame.”
“I will pay you actual money to stop.”
You grin, before turning your attention back to the road – and you’re so focused on driving safely that you almost miss what Jisung says next.
“…She keeps asking about you.”
Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Your mom?”
“Yeah. I think she misses you coming over when we used to study.”
“Aww,” you smile, genuinely touched. “I love your mom. I have to visit more often.”
Jisung glances over to you, hands stilling. “…Yeah.”
And then, suddenly, he clears his throat.
“Well, you know, if you have to.”
“Don’t lie, you love having me over. Stealing all your food, taking up space on your couch. You can’t get enough of it.”
“…If you say so,” mumbles Jisung, turning away to look out at the road. “I guess.”
Tumblr media
Watching Jisung skate is captivating in its own way.
He gets so intense, so focused, as he works. You can just make out the little crease appearing in his brow as he concentrates on movement, on gathering and controlling speed, on tricks. Skateboarding is his craft, and he takes it very seriously.
It’s only when he stops to take a breather and get some water that your eyes turn to the rest of the skaters. There’s a few you recognise from Jisung’s circle of skater friends, and some you don’t.
You spot Seo Changbin nearby, warming up with a few circuits around the park. His movements are so fluid, so very natural – he makes it look effortless.
Your staring must eventually catch his attention, as Changbin glances up at you and – so smoothly – changes direction to make his way over to where you’re sat.
“Hey, didn’t expect to see you here,” Changbin greets, coming to a stop less than a foot away. “Did you come with Han?”
“Yeah, I had a free day. Thought I’d get some sun,” you reply, trying your best to sound cool and carefree. You know that these are Jisung’s friends – and therefore, by definition, have to be hiding some dorkiness – but you still find them a little intimidating. “You skate really well, by the way. Like, from an outsider’s perspective, at least.”
“Thanks! It’s always good to have your basics down,” Changbin says with a shrug. His attention suddenly shifts to something over your shoulder. “Isn’t that right, Han?”
You turn to see that Jisung has drifted over at some point, and is now standing just a little ways off behind you. There’s a grin on his face, despite the unsubtle jab in Changbin’s comment, as he responds.
“True. But not everyone had their parents buy them snowboard lessons as a kid. That probably helps with those basics, right?”
“Always with the rich kid jokes,” Changbin sighs. “One day, you’re gonna have to find some new material.”
“Maybe when you stop making it so easy, Bin,” Jisung retorts, words softened by the playful tone in his voice.
“Yeah, yeah. We’ll see who’s laughing next month when I kick your ass at regionals.”
“OK, sure. How’s your varial flip coming along?”
“About as well as your 360.”
Jisung pouts. “…Touché.”
“Eh. We’ll both get there,” Changbin laughs, before suddenly dropping his voice, growing just a touch more serious. “Did you hear about Chan?”
You blink, ears perking up at the mention of Chan.
Jisung frowns. “What about him?”
Changbin’s voice drops even lower. “He made a 540 last week.”
“What?” Jisung splutters, eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. “Fuck off.”
“No, seriously. Seungmin was there, saw it with his own eyes.”
Jisung pauses, absorbing this new information, and eventually sighs. “Fuck. Why does Chan have to be so…good?”
Changbin echoes that frustrated sigh. “Preaching to the choir here. It’s gonna be a tight race for silver, I guess.”
Meanwhile, you’re still reeling. From what you can tell, Chan is good. Great, even. Gold medal standard.
You struggle to keep your expression neutral, when inside you want so badly to squeal.
Changbin’s attention suddenly diverts, as does Jisung’s, as they watch a beaten old blue pick-up truck pull up by the park.
You freeze, chest going tight.
You know that car. And so do Jisung and Changbin.
“Speak of the fucking devil,” Changbin murmurs.
Chan’s here.
Chan’s here early.
You watch him from across the park, eyes transfixed on him as he gets out of the car. He slings his backpack over his shoulder, grabs his board with one hand and pulls on a black baseball cap with the other.
Your breath hitches when you see him put it on, watching him struggle against those gorgeous curls. He’s so broad, and sun-kissed from the hours he must spend practising outside, and the way he carries himself with such self-assurance as he approaches the park has you–
“Hello? Anyone in there?”
You blink, breaking out of your trance to find Jisung has taken a seat beside you, and is currently waving his hand over your face.
“S-sorry,” you mumble, not at all apologetic. “I got a little…distracted.”
Jisung doesn’t respond immediately. Instead, he glances over at Chan, before turning back to you. “Uh…I’ve been meaning to ask. How do you want to play this?”
“What do you mean?” You ask, confused.
“I…I don’t know if you wanted to…like, if you had a plan or something?”
“A plan?”
“Yeah, like if you wanted to do something like…” Jisung’s face is slowly turning red as he mumbles on. “I don’t know, hold my hand so he gets jealous or…something like that.”
You pause, thinking it over. “I mean, I hadn’t planned on doing anything scheme-y but…do you think that would work?”
Jisung looks down at his board, picking at the dirt that has lodged itself in the grooves of the wheels. “Maybe. I don’t know.”
“Hmm. Let’s make that Plan B.”
Jisung snorts, eyes still down. “Plan B. OK.”
Across the park, you see Chan leave his bag with the others, stopping to chat to a few people. You spot Changbin as one of those people, wandering over to greet Chan with a high-five and launches into some conversation you’re not close enough to make out. Probably something about the 540 thing?
Changbin suddenly gestures over his shoulder, pointing directly to where you and Jisung are sat. You freeze as Chan’s head turns towards the two of you, heart in your mouth.
Oh, shit.
Chan’s looking at you.
Chan’s looking at you.
And even worse – better? – he nods goodbye to Changbin, drops his board by his feet and sets off.
Skating directly towards you.
“He’s coming over!” You hiss, panicking, head turning to Jisung. “What do I do?”
Jisung looks at you, then to the approaching Chan, and then back to you. He swallows, before eventually shrugging. “Just…I dunno. Be yourself. You’re…yeah.”
He suddenly clears his throat, pushing himself up to his feet. “Uh…anyway, I’m gonna go practise some aerials. I’ll see you later.”
You stare, body tensing, as you’re hit with the knee-jerk impulse to grab Jisung’s arm and squeal something like don’t leave yet. For all your bravado in picking out this cute skirt and your big plan to win over Chan before summer ended, actually being around the real-life, living and breathing Chan is a very different matter and you’re panicking. Hard.
And you really need Jisung with you.
But how do you even….is that something you can put into words?
No. You shouldn’t have to need your best friend around to talk to a crush. You should be able to handle this alone.
So, you let him leave, watching as he exchanges a brief “hey, man” with Chan on his way.
And then, Chan turns to look at you. And smiles.
Holy shit.
“Hey,” Chan says, stopping just in front of you. He does some kind of cool trick of kicking up the front of the board to catch it with his hand, making it look so effortless as he brings it up to rest on his shoulders. “This is a nice surprise.”
Bang Chan just called you a nice surprise.
To your surprise, you manage to muster up a coherent response. “Hi! Yeah, I…Jisung mentioned that he was coming up this weekend to practise and I thought…you know, it would be fun to watch. And see people.”
“Yeah, like Changbin. And…you.”
Chan’s smile widens, and your attention is drawn straight to his dimples. “Me?”
“Y-yeah, I haven’t…uh, I haven’t seen you in a while,” you say, words stumbling a little in the face of that smile. “It sounds like you’re doing really well. Changbin said you did a 540 thingy?”
Chan laughs, looking a little bashful as he looks down at his feet. “It took, like, three hours of falling on my ass but…yeah, I finally made it.”
That’s a trait you really admire about Chan. He’s always humble.
“Maybe we should get you on a board,” Chan suggests, eyes flickering back up to meet your gaze.
You laugh, shaking your head. “I already tried a few years ago with Jisung. It…uh, it didn’t go so well.”
“Really. Did you ever wonder why I spent the first semester of freshman year with my arm in a cast?”
You still have very vivid memories of the day you broke your arm on Jisung’s skateboard. You’d managed to pick up the basics of starting and stopping, managing to ride across flat ground with ease – and, getting overconfident, you’d begged Jisung to teach you a trick. He eventually relented, and tried to teach you the most basic of tricks – the ollie.
And somehow, you’d still managed to come down hard, falling flat on your face and breaking your arm for good measure.
Looking back now, it was honestly kind of funny. You remember the horror on Jisung’s face, calling his mom in tears, asking her what to do.
“I learned my lesson,” you say, shrugging. “Me and skateboards don’t mix well.”
“Maybe you just need a different teacher,” Chan suggests, slipping one hand into his front pocket and tilting his head slightly. “Someone to go a little gentler on you. Ease you in.”
Your mind goes completely blank, eyes wide, because Chan is talking about gentle and easing in and you might actually explode.
Does he know? Does he know what he’s doing?
You feel your face grow hot. Your brain is now so suddenly uncooperative, as you stammer. “I-I…uh, that’s…that maybe could…if you…”
There’s a new look in Chan’s eye as he watches your reaction, and he opens his mouth to respond when–
A sickening thud echoes across the park.
It’s closely followed by the very panicked voice of Changbin. “Fuck! Dude, are you OK?!”
Your head snaps towards the source of the noise, and your stomach drops all the way to the floor.
There, in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the ramp, is Jisung.
You bolt up from your seat, legs already in motion as you sprint towards your friend without so much as a second thought. “Jisung!”
He’s shaking, and he lets out a cry of pain that punches you straight in the gut. You’re by his side in just a few seconds, dropping to your knees as you try to figure out what’s happening, what’s wrong–
Jisung’s whimpering, face screwed up in pain, biting his bottom lip to muffle his sounds as he clutches at his leg. His board lies upside-down a few feet away.
Changbin joins the two of you, his face pale with worry.
“What happened?!” You ask, in a frenzy. Tears of panic are already prickling at the back of your eyes.
“He landed wrong off the 360, it…fuck, it looked nasty,” Changbin tells you.
“Did he hit his head? How did he land?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t–”
“N-not head,” Jisung gasps, eyes squeezed shut. “It – fuck, it’s my ankle. Fuck.”
Ankle? Ankle. OK, an ankle injury, you can deal with.
OK, you can do this.
At this point, the tears are openly running down your face, but your expression is grim and determined as you look up at Changbin. “I can drive him to the hospital, I just need help carrying him to my car.”
“On it,” comes a voice behind you, and you turn to see Chan staring at Jisung with a grave expression, blatant concern in his eyes.
Changbin turns to yell to the cluster of skaters nearby. “Mingi! Yeonjun! Get the fuck over here and help us carry him!”
Jisung’s eyes finally open, bright with tears and a little unfocused as he meets your worried stare. On impulse, your hand finds his, gripping it tightly as you try to smile through the tears.
“It’s gonna be OK,” you promise, as he shakily squeezes your hand back. “It’s gonna be OK.”
Tumblr media
“My mom’s gonna kill me,” Jisung whines, wobbling on his hospital-issued crutches as he hands back the signed hospital discharge papers to the nurse.
“Probably,” you agree. “At least it’s just a sprain.”
“Hurts like a bitch though,” Jisung mutters, and manages to start hobbling along on his crutches. “She’s definitely not gonna let me compete next month.”
“Well, you definitely shouldn’t. The doctor said there’s a chance you could make it worse.”
Jisung makes a face at that reminder. “Yeah, yeah.”
“Han Jisung, if you try to compete next month, you won’t have to worry about your mom – because I will kill you.”
“You’d really do that to your best friend?”
“I’d do it because you’re my best friend.”
Jisung goes quiet at that, not even attempting to retort as he instead focuses on keeping steady on his crutches.
You stay close to his side, one bag slung over each shoulder.
Jisung’s mom is still at work – and Jisung had begged you not to call her boss until he got home because, in his words, this “isn’t an emergency, I don’t want her to freak out and leave halfway through her shift”. You only begrudgingly agreed, and made a mental note to tell Jisung’s mother that it was absolutely his idea to wait before calling her.
The two of you eventually made it to your car, and Jisung manages to slide into the passenger seat with minimal issue – barely even wincing. You stow both bags in the back, and throw Jisung’s skateboard the dirtiest of glares before heading over to the driver’s side.
The ride back to Jisung’s house is mostly silent, save for the occasional question of if he’s feeling ok, if he’s comfortable, if he wants any particular music on. But mostly, you just leave him be.
He’s had a very long day, and he’s probably trying to deal with the idea of having to drop out of the competition.
You feel the urgent, almost overpowering need to hug him, to tell him everything’s going to be fine.
Getting out of the car is a little more difficult. Jisung has to cling onto your shoulder for support as he manoeuvres himself out of the car, attempting to keep himself balanced on one foot. Your hand automatically goes to the small of his back to keep him steady, gently pressing the flat of your palm against him.
He swallows, eyes averted. “I’m…I’m good now, can you pass me the crutches?”
“…Sure,” you say hesitantly, turning to grab his crutches. You pass them over to him carefully, watching as he steadies himself before setting off on the journey from the car to his front door.
You grab both bags – and that treacherous skateboard – out of your car and follow him closely behind, keeping your eyes fixed on him, opening the front door for him once he manages to fish his keys out of his pocket and insert them into the lock.
“Want me to put these in your room?” You ask, holding up his bag and skateboard.
Jisung just nods, so quiet and looking so drained that something in your chest begins to ache.
You’ve never seen Jisung this upset before, and you don’t know how to react. You don’t know how to deal with this immediate urge to fix things, to cheer him back up, to make him not sad anymore.
He follows you into his room, dropping his crutches by the bed as soon as he could and clumsily crawling onto the bed – being very careful with his ankle.
You put down his bag, deciding to place it within arms’ reach should he need to grab something out of it. As for the skateboard, you stow it under his desk, out of sight. The last thing you want is to set up a painful reminder for him later.
Looking back over to Jisung, you see him lying prone on his back, staring blankly up at the ceiling.
“You want any food? I can make you food?”
Jisung doesn’t quite laugh, but there’s the slightest twitch to his lips as he glances over at you. “You’re offering to cook?”
“I’m offering to make cereal. Maybe microwave something if I’m feeling brave. Seungmin taught me not to put tin foil in there anymore, if that helps?”
“Surprisingly, it doesn’t.”
“Ah. Fair enough,” you nod. “So…food?”
Jisung shrugs. “Maybe later.”
You pause, shifting your weight awkwardly from foot to foot. You already know you’re staying here until Jisung’s mom comes back from work – leaving her only son alone in a state like this would probably have you banished from the Han family home for the rest of your natural life.
But are you really just going to wander outside and sit on the couch? Watch TV and eat snacks and try not to think about how miserable Jisung looks lying there, how lonely he seems?
Before you can even think to stop yourself, your feet are already propelling you towards Jisung’s bed. With all the grace you can muster, you crawl onto the bed, nestling into the empty space next to him, turning onto your side to face him. “You need a hug?”
Jisung doesn’t look at you, and you realise his whole body is tensed. Is he in that much pain? You see his adam’s-apple bob up and down in his throat as he swallows. “…No.”
“But what if I need a hug?” You ask, putting on a pout.
Jisung hesitates, as if thinking the idea over, before slowly shifting over – not quite going for a hug, but at least opening up his body language to you a little more.
You take what you can get, shuffling over to give him as tight a hug as you can manage. You bury your face into his shirt – breathing in that heady scent of cheap fabric softener and Jisung – and mumble to him. “I was really worried.”
You hear Jisung’s reply come from somewhere above your head. “Well, you know…I’m OK. Mostly. Everything’s mostly OK.”
You nod, closing your eyes, keeping your face pressed into him. You can just make out the sound of his breathing, each inhale and exhale so comforting on your frazzled nerves.
You feel Jisung swallow again. “I’m…I’m sorry you didn’t get to talk to Chan much.”
Your brow furrows slightly, pinching together in confusion even as your eyes remained shut. Because honestly?
You hadn’t even…you hadn’t even thought about Chan. From the second you saw Jisung hurt, you hadn’t spared one thought about Chan. Even now, the idea that you had been forced away from a conversation with him, from spending more time with him…
It seems so…unimportant.
Because all you can think about is Jisung. If Jisung is OK. If Jisung is happy.
“…It’s OK. No big deal.”
“Yeah, but…I know you like Chan.”
All you care about is Jisung.
Because Jisung…
Because you…
“I…I like you more,” you say, falteringly, almost testing how the words sound out loud.
Because you do. Jisung’s been your best friend – like, bestest best friend – since childhood. Of course you feel more affection towards him. Of course he’s more important to you than Chan.
So it hurts when you feel Jisung tense, and immediately snap back. “Don’t say that.”
You freeze, too shocked to even bring yourself to draw away. His words – his tone – stings in a way you’ve never felt before. Have you done something wrong? Crossed some kind of line? What had you done? Had he picked up on those burgeoning thoughts in your mind? Had he found you out before you’d even figured it out yourself?
You actually feel just a little bit sick, as these thoughts swirl around in your head, and all you can bring yourself to say is: “Why not?”
Jisung pauses – literally holding his breath as he hesitates.
“…Because it’s unfair.”
His response strikes something deep within your chest, forcing your head up to stare at him. In just a few words, the atmosphere between the two of you has changed so dramatically – and now every second of silence draws out into an age.
And already, the words he leaves unspoken are ringing loud and clear in your own mind.
You just have to make sure.
“W-why is it unfair?”
Jisung just stares at you, eyes so big and sad as his mouth parts.
His eyes dart away from you, like he can’t bear to look at you as he reveals something so vulnerable.
“You know why.”
…You do.
And you don’t know how to even…comprehend the intense need you have to hear him say the words out loud. That earlier tension, that anxiety that you had overstepped in some way, it has almost entirely faded away – replaced with this…anticipation. A nervousness. An excitement.
“Jisung…do you like me?”
His breath hitches – you’re close enough to hear it – and there’s a moment of silence as he visibly scrambles to figure out what to say. And eventually, in true Jisung form, even now at this late of a stage, he attempts to chicken out. “…No. No, I–”
On pure impulse, his gaze flickers back to you at the sound of his name – and catches. The two of you are locked in eye contact, faces so close. Your arms are still around him, you’re practically lying chest-to-chest. His own hand is lying on the sheets, just inches away from your hip.
It takes almost no effort at all to push yourself up closer to his face and – before you can second-guess your actions – you lean forward to gently press your lips to his.
The kiss is nothing dramatic, but you’d be forgiven for missing that in the face of Jisung’s shocked expression. His jaw actually drops, eyes widening as his brain takes a second to catch up to what just happened.
“I-I…but…you…you like Chan!” Jisung stammers, voice cracking in surprise.
You can’t resist a smile. “…Like I said. I like you more.”
Jisung is speechless, utterly unable to process this.
You decide to show him a little mercy, and elaborate. “Like, yeah, Chan’s cute but I don’t know him like I know you. If Chan fell off his board tomorrow, it would be sad but I wouldn’t…I mean, do you know how scared I was? You’re so important to me, there’s so much…so much of you in me. Of course I like you more.”
The shock is still very visible on his face, but there’s no hiding how red his cheeks are flushing at your words. “Y-yeah, but…I didn’t think…in that way?”
“Well, you know, that was a surprise to me too.”
Jisung blinks, your words sinking in, and splutters. “Hey!”
“I’m kidding. Mostly. You kind of crept up on me.”
He smiles at your confession, cheeks well and truly painted red as he mumbles his own. “…Same here.”
You shrug. “That’s understandable. I’m sneaky like that.”
Jisung lets out a laugh, the noise a little hoarse from being so genuinely unexpected. His expression relaxes, watching you with new eyes as he seems to finally register what this means. Where the two of you stand now.
He smiles.
And bites his lip. “Can I…so, can I kiss you again?”
“If you’d like,” you tease, grinning, already leaning in a little closer.
Jisung’s kiss is eager, a touch too excited to really be considered ‘gentle’, and yet perfectly sweet. His hand drifts to the small of your back, pulling you in closer, as his other hand rises up to cup your face.
Your own hands are curled up against his chest, propping you up to meet him at fae-level. You allow your hands to slowly uncurl, pressing flat against him, feeling the warmth of his skin and the firmness of his chest through his thin cotton t-shirt.
The pace set by the two of you is fairly slow, languid – well, as languid as Jisung gets, anyway. When he reluctantly pulls away for air, you slide one hand up his chest, drifting up and up until you reached his hair. Very gently, you ran the thick blue strands between your fingers, smiling faintly as you did.
You don’t notice Jisung grinning at you until he speaks up. “This is all because of the hair, isn’t it? You just like the blue.”
“It’s not just about the blue hair,” you correct him firmly, pouting even as you continue to run your fingers gently through the soft strands. “But…you know, it is a pretty good look. I like it.”
“Yeah?” Jisung asks, a mischievously delighted gleam in his eye. “How much do you like it?”
“Stop fishing for compliments.”
“Never,” Jisung retorts, and slowly, he starts to stroke your back, fingertips brushing and dipping into the sliver of bare skin between your top and your skirt. You shiver at the contact, trying your best to keep it inconspicuous and failing miserably. “So? How much?”
“Not as much as you like the skirt,” you countered.
“…Maybe,” Jisung admits, gaze drifting down to eye the article of clothing in question. And ogle the bare skin around it. “I do like that skirt. It’s nice.”
“It’s short, you mean.”
“In my book, those two are usually the same thing,” Jisung points out cheekily.
You roll your eyes. “At least you’re honest.”
“Mostly,” he says, teasing, already leaning in to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth.
You pull back just slightly, slowly, to look down at your skirt. If Jisung wants to tease, you’re determined to get the upper hand. “I wonder how much shorter it would get if…”
You trail off, while Jisung is hanging onto your every word. “If…?”
You glance up at him, and with one perfectly innocent smile, you throw one leg over him, pushing yourself up to sit astride his hips, skirt riding up almost obscenely high as you adjust. You keep your head down to give your skirt a cursory assessment. “Huh. Would you look at that?”
Jisung is entirely wordless. When you finally bring your head up to look at his face, you find him staring at you, eyes dark, lips parted. He’s drinking in the sight of you, utterly dazed. “…Fuck.”
His hands go straight to your thighs, and you jolt a little at the feeling of his hands on such sensitive skin – especially at your inner thighs, where the pads of his thumbs are just ever so slightly digging in. He runs his hands up and down your thighs, as if captivated by the way they feel under his touch.
And each time his hands travel upwards, they creep just a little higher, as he grows bolder and bolder. When his fingertips finally slip just under the hem of your skirt, your breath escaping you in one short gasp as you struggle for…for some kind of friction.
You catch Jisung’s lips curl up into a smile, as he watches you, just the tiniest bit smug. “You enjoying yourself there?”
You swallow, unable to stop yourself from squirming a little, just to get some relief.
The shifting of your weight directly over his crotch has an immediate effect on Jisung. You see his eyes snap shut for a moment, groaning gently at the feeling, his grip tightening on your thighs.
And then, his eyes open, and you’re very briefly disappointed to feel one of his hands withdraw from you – only to be assured when you watch him plant it into the mattress to push himself up into a seated position, allowing him to kiss you once more.
You throw yourself into it eagerly, slinging both of your arms around his neck, one hand reaching up to cradle the back of his head. There’s more urgency to your kisses now, broken up by quiet little pants. Jisung – either on purpose or just carried along by impulse – rolls his hips up into you, and you whine against his mouth, your hand curling tightly in his hair.
“How is this fucking real?” Jisung murmurs, more to himself than to you, sounding almost incredulous.
You don’t have much of a response to give, because he chooses that exact moment to roll his hips again, the rough denim material of his jeans dragging deliciously across the thin material of your underwear, and all thoughts promptly fly out of your head. You just pull him closer, grip him tighter, matching his hip-rolls with one of your own.
Jisung’s moan gets caught in his throat, low and desperate, and the hand on your thigh slides upwards as he shifts, sliding an arm around your waist, preparing to flip the two of you over–
Before yelping in pain, dropping you immediately as he flinched. “Fuck!”
“Shit, your ankle!” You gasp, freezing in place.
In the heat of the moment, you had somehow completely forgotten that Jisung had suffered a literal sprain today.
And by the looks of things, so had Jisung.
He relaxes just a touch, the shock of that sudden jolt of pain when he tried to move his legs subsiding.
“Are you OK?” You ask, tentatively, already moving to dismount.
He immediately grabs you by the hips, keeping you in place, and lets out a panicked reply. “I’m fine!”
You look up to see him…
And you can’t help but crack up – just at the sheer frustration in his expression. “Maybe we should take things slow. Stick to kissing.”
Jisung whines, pout deepening. “But…”
He breaks off, face flushing, as he tries to put into words exactly what his objection is. You have a suspicion that you’re sitting right on it, feeling the way it’s already pressing up into your thigh.
“I guess I’ll just have to be gentle, then,” you grin.
And just like that, Jisung’s pout disappears entirely. He drops his head back against his pillow, smile slowly creeping back onto his face. “…OK. I can get on board with this.”
And it is. It is very, very good.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids :: moments when they realized they were in love
Tumblr media
chan — he had such a horrible day one day and he came to see you, fully planning to rant about it. but the moment he saw you, it felt like a certain weight was being lifted off of his shoulders and he found himself feeling instantly better somehow. it only hits him the next morning that you didn’t even need to utter a single word or do anything, just seeing you was enough. that was when chan realized he was in love.
lee know — one day, you were teasing him so much that you both ended up play-fighting on the bed; at one point you managed to overpower him and your eyes met between laughter. he couldn’t help but think of how much of a pain in the ass you are but at the same time, he was overcame by this desire to protect you from anything that could even remotely make you sad or upset, feeling this odd, almost-sick feeling in his stomach. that was when minho realized he was in love.
changbin — it happened so randomly. one day you were eating breakfast together in the kitchen, having a casual conversation about your days ahead. when the blissful quietness filled the room as you both enjoyed the warm food, he looked at you and thought to himself with a soft smile that he wanted to have breakfast with you as many times as he can — as in the rest of his life. that was when he realized he was in love.
hyunjin — you were at a party and there was some stupid song about love playing. he glanced at you, thinking why you chose him when there were better people in the world, but then you grabbed his hand happily and led him to the dance floor for a clumsy little slow dance, then you told him unabashedly how every love song reminded you of him, and all the people better than him didn’t matter anymore because in that moment, he had never felt more loved and couldn’t be more in love with you.
jisung — it was after he got past the honeymoon phase; after the constant butterflies in his stomach are replaced by the feeling of familiarity and home that he found in you; after you got into your first big fight and it didn’t change his feelings for you one bit; after he came home from the bar just to sleep and wake up next to you; that was when he knew he was in love.
felix — it was while spending the mundane moments with you, like sitting on the opposite ends of the couch during sunny afternoons with your feet entwining as you watched random netflix shows together and playfully poking at each other with your toes to pass time when a boring scene is showing — and feeling that he couldn’t be more happy. that was when he realized he was in love.
seungmin — he realizes it only when he has to face the reality of almost losing you; when you’ve been best-friends for so long, it was daunting to admit or face his feelings for you even when you told him about yours. then you started distancing yourself and that hurt him so much; that was when seungmin realized he was in love. whenever he gets good news, you’re the first person he wants to tell (he doesn’t). whenever he sees something or hears a song he thinks to himself ‘y/n would love that’ (he keeps it to himself), and whenever he hears people describe or talk about love, you’re the one in his mind (and perhaps this time he’ll let you know).
i.n — one day you were just hanging out like usual and all of a sudden, he was looking at you and it dawned upon him, so much and so clearly that he could feel it in the bottom of his stomach. there is no one he would rather spend the entirety of his future with — he can but he doesn’t want to. that was when he knew he was in love and he ended up bursting out the words without even thinking because he just needed to let you know.
Tumblr media
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𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluffiest fluff, a bit suggestive
warning: noneee
Tumblr media
shy boiiiii, but it kinda depends on the situation if ya know what i mean? like if you kinda just- walk up to him, sit down on his lap and disturb him from whatever he was doing just moments prior, catching him in a sweet kiss before your lips travel further down he gets all giggly and starts blushing like crazy. he'd ask what exactly the reason for your attack was and if you answer with a simple "because i wanted to" he'd chuckle a bit, still flustered, before his hands would find themself on your waist, his work long in the back of his mind.
is honestly taken aback simply because you're rarely the one indicating kisses or tend to act clingy, and he lets you know of his confusion by giving you a questioning look which doesn't stop you from your antics tho. your lips keep tickling his sensitive skin and minho hates to admit how much his heart starts fluttering at the feeling and his cheeks uncontrollably tint a soft pink, which you're quick to notice and tease, making the boy defend himself which only makes you giggle more.
he LIVES for neck kisses, either it's him kissing you or the other way round, he just loves the intimacy of it all and the tickling and giddy feeling of fluttering touches on his skin. that's why this sort of affection isn't something unknown at all between the two of you, either of you just randomly, whenever you felt like it and had some time alone, walking up to the other and planting smooches all over. your hands, whenever you were the one showering your boyfriend in love, would never stay at the same place, always roaming around his body and ocassionally squeezing his arms, broad shoulders or sneaking under his shirt to dance around his chest and abs, making the male smirk down at your actions.
giggles and chuckles and small laughs would fill the whole room the moment your lips meet hyunjin's skin, his sweet sounds infecting you and making you chuckle slightly against him as well, which would cause goosebumps to form all over the boys' body, his heart swelling impossibly at your cuteness. he loves the softness you manage to create in those moments, loves how tenderly you kiss him as if he's the most precious thing you have ever laid your hands on, loves how you'd look up at him from underneath your lashes from time to time and his heart goes weak all over again. with him, different from changbin, it would be his hands always on you, stroking your hair, massaging your shoulders or simply caressing your hair and looking at you so lovingly that you get shy locking eyes with your boyfriend.
his reaction really a hundred percent depends on his mood only, either being insanly cocky and jokingly teasing about it, constantly saying stuff like "yo you really can't keep your hands off me for one second huh" making you roll your eyes, OR he'd just start blushing like crazy, eyes going wide and so so flustered that he just starts stuttering and giggling and you can't keep quite serious as well and your heart jumps a bit at how he reacts to a simple kiss from you onto his neck. you'd not waste an opportunity to tease him about it too, which only makes him even shyer, his heart pounding against his chest, hoping you won't hear it.
loveslovesLOVES the skinship and the touches and the closeness and everything about it. it's not even particularly the neck kisses only that make his heart go all soft for you, it's the whole sharing moments and loving each other in the sweetest way possible that gets him to smile all brightly when he feels your lips grazing over his skin as lightly as feather. you'd like- talk with him, just casually holding a conversation in between pecks and kisses which makes him chuckle a bit, finding everything about it just so adorable. he's also one to never not have his hands on you, always caressing you somehow, even in the most subtle way while your lips roam around his neck and throat and the back of his ear, making shivers run down his spine.
gets a bit surprised at your sudden actions since i feel like neither of you'd be all over each other all the time, showing your love to each other rather subtly, not as straightforward normally. so the moment you'd so casually, as if nothing is happening, trail your lips from his own ones down to his chin and across his jawline until finally meeting his neck, his eyes would widen just a little bit as he'd ask you what you're doing, and why all the while chuckling slightly. he wouldn't be one to wanting to show his flustereness too much, but after all he'd be helpless against the effect you have on him, his cheecks and ears tinting red as he tries to get you off him in embarrassment.
just starts laughing all shyly and tries to push you off cuz boy got shy at your sudden clingliness, wouldn't be able to deny how much his heart started fluttering though, the softest touch of your lips against his neck sending off butterflies in his stomach, your hot breath tickling his skin causing goosebumps to cover his whole body. you'd love teasing him about his ears that would start turning red, the defending and somewhat annoyed tone in his voice making you laugh a bit at the boy. after a while he'd finally shut up, deciding that he likes your kisses too much to refuse them.
Tumblr media
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HJS fic recs
here are some of my absolute favourite han jisung fics, this is my first ever proper post on here so i’ve only picked out some to figure out how things work. i will have add more later! and please support these amazing writers 🤍
eyes on me
author ➝ @spilledtee
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ mature, lots of angst, fluff, enemies to lovers, secret affairs, love triangles, university au
wc ➝ 127.1K (ongoing)
summary ➝ when your long time boyfriend decided to break up after 4 years together, you assume that your life is over, especially because you know that he’s chasing the true love that he’s longed for. how can you even be mad? you don’t chose who you love. however, your roommates and best firends, chan and felix are determined to get you out of your slump. they decided to bring you to a party. there you’re met with not only your ex, but your worst enemy han jisung. despite being in the same friend group you both have never gotten along... however tonight of all nights decided to take a turn and the start of an unlikely agreement. 
totally, completely, utterly in love with you 
author ➝ @/moonyskz (deactivated)
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem! reader
genre ➝ romance, mature, fluff, angst, college au
wc ➝ 9.8K
summary ➝ han jisung was no player, nor was he even remotely popular among the ladies. but, he did have more sexual experience than you did. and stupidly enough, he was the first person you decided to ask to teach you everything he knew about sex. 
young god
author ➝ @maatryoshkaa
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ thriller, serial killer!han jisung, lots of angst, university au
wc ➝ 87.5K
summary ➝ rumour has it a killer stalks your town, miroh heights – a cold, nameless hunter who strikes – seemingly – on a whim, leaving a sporadic trail of victims and baffled police in his wake. 
so when your best friend, felix, sets you up on a blind date with adorable medical student han jisung, you don’t know what to expect. you don’t know that you’ve come face to face with the key to the case, and you don’t know what jisung hides behind his sweet, angelic smile. what you do know, however, is that you’re falling for this strange, mysterious boy – and you’re falling fast. 
the tale of silver linings 
author ➝ @hhjs
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem reader 
genre ➝ suggestive, angst, drama, comedy, university au
wc ➝ 16.6K
sumarry ➝ “i don’t get it.” you cock your head to the side and investigating the painting at your feet with an obstinate want to understand how it’s supposed to depict love. “it just looks like they slapped on paint.” 
“look here, dummy!” he slaps your pointer finger jokingly, grumbling under his breath. taking your palm and slowly splaying out the digits. traces the rough pads against its silky texture, a map to somewhere, a blend of blue and pink, silhouettes reaching out for each other when the world intends to tear them apart. you sigh, contentedly and think this must be it; because never was love meant to be understood.It was meant to be felt. 
author ➝ @mostlycompetentwriter
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ mature, angst, marriage au
wc ➝ 12K
sumarry ➝ y/n has loved jisung for her entire life and she would never dream of marrying anyone else. of course, their life together isn’t always perfect, but they’ve always managed to overcome every obstacle standing in their way.
author ➝ @mostlycompetentwriter
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem reader
genre ➝ mature, romance, marriage au, angst, indecent proposal au
wc ➝ 11K
summary ➝ you love your husband more than anything else in the world, but the two of you have been arguing lately about your struggling financial situation. things seem bleak until one night when your husband’s new boss makes you both an offer that you can’t afford to refuse.
a truth universally (un)aknowledged 
author ➝ @moonlit-han
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ enemies to lovers, suggestive, angst, fluff, college au, theatre au
wc ➝ 35K
summary ➝ your rivalry with han jisung is the stuff of legends—or, at least, as much as it can be on a college campus. you’ve always tried to out-perform each other in all of your classes and theatre productions. the title of best actor in the department bounces between the two of you with surprising regularity. your witty repartee would probably be considered flirting if your rivalry wasn’t so strong. 
now, it’s your senior year and the eagerly awaited auditions for the spring production are here. the play? a stage adaptation of jane austen’s pride and prejudice. you and jisung find yourselves thrown into roles you’d never expect. what will you do? will your rivalry stand or will your roles become more than just for the characters in a play?
watching the bay
author ➝ @hanniiesuckle17
pairing ➝ jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ romance, comedy, angst, suggestive, lifeguard au (mentions drugs and violence)
wc ➝ 14.1K
summary ➝ based on the hit tv show and movie baywatch. y/n and her friends jeongin and hyunjin have been coming to cheonsa beach every summer since they met. this summer the steamy lifeguard y/n has had a crush on convinces them to join the watch. as the new guards of the baywatch join the force their lives are skyrocketed into a world of chaos, crime, sex, and lots of good ol’ beach vibes.
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mxxndreams · 16 days ago
Let You Love Me
Tumblr media
❥ pairing: han jisung x female reader ❥ genre: one-shot, fluff, angst, coworkers to lovers, slowburn, hospital!au ❥ warnings: mentions of cheating, mentions of food, there's a slap, not medically accurate, let me know if I'm missing something ❥ word count: 17.8k ❥ winning drabble of my first-ever weekend event! title submitted by @hannie-squirrel00 (thank you for participating!) ❥ summary: After dealing with a terrible breakup, you were finding it hard to let Jisung into your heart. ❥ A/N: Hello, how are you today? I didn't expect this one-shot to turn out this long, but here we are. The part in italic is the excerpt I shared during the weekend event. It's slightly different from the original one, but I kept most of it the same. Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts through an ask, if you feel like it; I am always appreciative of your feedback! As always, happy reading!
Tumblr media
Jisung walked the hospital corridors, a cup of espresso in his hand. He drank it as he walked, never wasting time. He took the elevator to the cardiology floor, watching as people left and entered it. Some were happy, others were devastated. Some had probably spent the night here, while others were ready to spend their time here. The elevator stopped on the pediatric floor, the neurology floor and finally, it reached Jisung’s floor. He chugged the rest of his coffee and as he exited, threw the paper cup in the bin, celebrating his perfect landing with a silent cheer.
“Someone’s happy today,” Seungmin stated from his desk, barely lifting his eyes from the computer screen.
“I have every right to be.” Jisung fixed his white coat, making sure his name was visible and leaned on the counter, peaking at what Seungmin was doing. The nurse sighed and looked at Jisung, fixing his glasses calmly.
“Minho’s already here. You should go and let me do my job.”
“Here?” Jisung checked the watch on his wrist. He thought he still had a couple of minutes before the briefing. “Already? I thought I was early today…”
“You should go, then. You don’t want to make him angry…” There was some irony in his voice that Jisung recognized too well. He wasn’t eager to hear Lee Minho yell at him about his lack of professionalism. That put him and everyone else in a bad mood.
“I doubt I’ll be the last one to arrive today…”
“You’re always the last one to arrive, Jisung. Always.”
“Well,” he sighed and leaned away from the desk, fixing his coat again. “I hope you’ll regret your words today.”
“That’s unlikely. Now go.” Seungmin gestured with his hand for Jisung to leave and he reluctantly did.
The elevator behind him opened and out of curiosity, Jisung stopped and turned around, seeing someone walk closer to Seungmin, smiling brightly.
“Good morning,” she greeted. She wore a coat just like Jisung, but he had never seen her here. Maybe she was from a different department. “I… hm…”
Jisung considered turning his back and walking to where he was supposed to go, but curiosity got the best of him. He leaned on one of the windowsills nearby, hands on his pockets and listened to the conversation discreetly. This was certainly better than whatever Minho had to say. At least, Jisung hoped that.
“What’s your name?” Seungmin asked in his drained voice. To Jisung, he always sounded tired.
“I’m doctor Y/L/N. I was told to be present at today’s morning briefing.”
Jisung’s eyes looked straight at her. Now that he took a better look at her, he understood where he knew her from. It wasn’t from this hospital, it was from the prestige and success of her career, the success rate she had with her patients.
“One second.” Seungmin dialled a number on the phone and fixed his glasses. “Yes, doctor Lee, a doctor named…”
“Y/L/N,” you added, smiling and he nodded, unbothered.
“A doctor named Y/L/N is here saying she was asked to be present at the morning briefing… Yes…” Seungmin glanced around the space and sighed. “No, I cannot leave my desk. There’s no one else here… I understand…”
Jisung cleared his throat and walked back to the desk, scratching the back of his neck. Seungmin finished his call and looked at Jisung, rolling his eyes.
“Weren’t you supposed to be at the morning briefing already?”
“I was,” Jisung confirmed and extended a hand to the woman next to him, smiling charmingly. “I couldn’t help but overhear your exchange. I’m Han Jisung, I’m a cardiologist.”
She extended her hand and shook it, studying Jisung’s expression. “Y/N Y/L/N. Cardiologist.”
“Nice to meet you,” Jisung kept a smile on his lips, but never saw one in hers. When she let go of his hand, he pointed to the corridor behind him. “I was on my way to the morning briefing. I could take you there.”
“I’d appreciate that.” She turned to look at Seungmin who watched the scene with arms crossed and glanced at the plaque on his chest. “Thank you for your help, Nurse Kim Seungmin.”
Seungmin quickly fixed his posture on his chair and smiled at her. This was the first time Jisung saw a reaction on him that wasn’t boredom.
“You’re welcome, doctor…?” He was surprised and somewhat confused.
“Here to help you in all of your medical needs, doctor Y/L/N.” Seungmin stood up from his chair and extended her a hand, shaking it excitedly.
Instead of answering, she turned to look at Jisung and pointed to the corridor behind him. “Is it that way?”
“Yes, it…” She fixed the bag on her shoulder and started to walk, not waiting for Jisung to join her. He raised an eyebrow, confused.
“I like her,” Seungmin sat back down, satisfied with the interaction. “She’s nice.”
“Is she, though?” Jisung asked, still appalled she hadn’t waited for him. “She’ll get lost, you know? She should’ve waited for me.”
“Well, I’m sure a woman like her can find her way around the hospital. If she gets lost, she can always rely on me.”
Jisung rolled his eyes and walked away from Seungmin, still looking at him. “Guess I’m not the last one to arrive today.”
“She’ll get there faster than you. I’m betting on her,” he was going back to his unbothered state, eyes fixed on the computer screen in front of him.
“You’ll pay tomorrow’s drinks at the bar if I win,” Jisung challenged, a grin on his face.
“Go do your job. Save her from an angry Lee Minho. We’ll discuss that later.”
Jisung assented and entered the corridor at a fast pace, seeing the doctor from earlier in the distance, glancing from side to side, looking for the right room to enter.
— 💙 —
This hospital was different from the one you used to work at, and you were sure it would take you some time to get used to it. The corridors here were slimmer, shorter in length and each room seemed smaller as well. However, this hospital was filled with natural lighting. There were multiple windows, some to the city outside, others to the patio inside the hospital where a couple of patients walked accompanied by nurses.
Still, this hospital didn’t have something your old place had: your ex-fiancé. Here, you could freely walk the corridors and enter the different rooms and you wouldn’t run into him. Here, you could go to the cafeteria and have a meal in peace and quiet, without having to see him in the distance, surrounded by his coworkers, laughing at something you once had laughed at with him.
You hoped this would mark a new beginning for you, one where you had a clean slate to write your story once again, where you wouldn’t have to answer awkward questions that only brought you pain.
After walking for a while, you finally found the room where the morning briefing would take place. The head of the department, Lee Minho, was already speaking to a small group of doctors. You entered the room under his stern gaze, and you bowed respectfully to him, before seating down. A few moments later, Jisung entered as well, and Lee Minho met him with the same gaze as he did to you.
“Late again, Han Jisung? How many times do I need to remind you that punctuality is important? Do you have no respect for your patients?”
“First of all,” Jisung smiled brightly at Lee Minho, “good morning to all of you, yes Minho, that includes you. Second of all, I was here right on time, this time. But… I decided to help doctor Y/L/N since she was quite lost. Our hospital can be confusing to some…”
You chuckled. You hadn’t been lost. You found the room on your own. And you were both late.
At the sound of your name, all faces in the room turned to look at you. Some were shocked, others surprised, but most were confused. You too were confused as to what kind of department was this and what kind of Doctor Han Jisung was. You couldn’t take him seriously for some reason.
“Ah yes,” Lee Minho sighed and turned on the lights of the room, the projection fading from view. “We have a new doctor in our department. Doctor Y/L/N. She is a very talented cardiologist and she’ll be working with us from now on.”
You bowed politely at everyone, avoiding thinking about what kind of questions they had. You were almost certain that there were a lot, but you just hoped that the people at this hospital wouldn’t know about your personal life.
“I look forward to work with you all,” you said after a while, trying to force out a smile. Now you knew what annoyed you in Jisung, he smiled too easily. You wished you had that, so you could smile through the constant pain you had been under recently.
“We look forward to working with you as well,” Lee Minho stated and clapped once, glancing at the small crowd in front of him. “I am sure someone will take you on a tour around the hospital. Maybe Jisung?”
“Sure,” he smiled and glanced at you. You avoided his gaze and crossed your arms, taking in a deep breath.
“Great then,” Lee Minho turned off the lights again and walked to the projection on the wall. “We’ll continue our meeting and afterwards, you can check the board to know your service for the week.”
The meeting lasted for a couple of minutes. You grabbed your notebook and took notes that you found relevant, from the information Lee Minho was sharing with you. Jisung did the same by your side, taking notes and doodling as well, occasionally asking questions that either annoyed the head of the department or that took him by surprise.
“There’s a chance they’ll cut our budget again,” Lee Minho announced, and everyone gave a collected disappointed sigh.
“For what?” Jisung asked irritated, not smiling for the first time. “What about the budget of the administration? They haven’t cut that one in years! We’re the ones that are always suffering.”
“That is a question that is out of my control, Jisung,” Lee Minho said solemnly. “Out of our control.”
You sighed and lifted your arm, Lee Minho pointing at you to give you a chance to speak. “I agree with what doctor Han is saying.”
“Jisung,” he whispered to you. “You can call me Jisung. No need to call me doctor Han.”
You ignored him and continued. “Even if the budget is out of our control, we should be able to express our concerns to the administration. And maybe work on a collective budget with other departments.”
There was a collective laugh in the room as if saying that you were ridiculous for even suggesting that. People shook their heads, but you didn’t let it get to you.
“At the hospital I used to work at-“
“You’re working here now, doctor Y/L/N.” Lee Minho’s voice was harsh, and his gaze even more grave. “Whatever you did there doesn’t matter now. Jisung will work on filling you in on how things work around here.”
“I understand.”
For the rest of the meeting, you barely paid any attention. You had to control your urge to raise your arm and share your thoughts and perspective, since most of them either started with at the hospital I worked at, or at my old job, and you didn’t want to see people laughing at your face once again.
Once was enough for you to learn the lesson. Once was enough for you to not do it again.
— 💙 —
When the meeting ended, you stayed behind. You told Jisung you’d like to have a word with Lee Minho before you went on your tour, so he stayed outside of the room, waiting for you. As always, curiosity took the best of him, and he overheard your conversation with the head of the department.
You were always polite, but too opinionated for Minho’s taste. He dismissed you as soon as you mentioned your old place.
“You are here now, doctor Y/L/N.” Minho had little patience in his voice. “You should adapt to our rules. I understand you want what’s best for the patients, but there is little I can do.”
“He just doesn’t want to move his ass,” Jisung mumbled under his breath, greeting a passing nurse with a smile.
The only reason why Minho was still the head of the department was not that he was the best for the job, it was because he was the easiest to control and keep in line with the administration.
When you left the room, Jisung could tell you were livid. You took a deep breath and looked at him, studying his expression.
“Just know that I agree with you,” he said when your eyes met. “Minho is…”
“Incompetent.” You did not hold back, Jisung thought, surprised. “Do you not collaborate between departments here?”
“Only when it’s strictly necessary.” Jisung leaned away from the wall and smiled at you. “Let’s go. I’ll show you around the hospital.”
“Let’s hope I don’t get lost again,” you said sarcastically, walking next to Jisung.
“I’ll make sure you won’t. I am just warning you right now that you are not on Minho’s good side.”
“I didn’t come here to be on anyone’s good side,” there was a sad look in your eyes as you said it, Jisung noticed. Whatever had caused your transfer to this hospital, it was something that wasn’t good, or at least didn’t bring you any happiness.
Still, Jisung didn’t dare to ask you for your reasonings. He barely knew you except that you excelled at your job and held strongly to your values, and that he wished to get to know you.
The two of you walked to the front desk again where Seungmin was standing over a couple of documents. He lifted his eyes to greet you and Jisung, fixing his glasses as he smiled.
“How did it go?” He asked, a teasing smile on his lips. “Who pays for the drinks?”
“I didn’t get there first,” Jisung admitted, slightly defeated. “I guess that means I’ll pay.”
“Will doctor Y/L/N join us?” Seungmin asked, gesturing with a pen at you.
You stood with your arms crossed, looking at the panel with the different floors and what department was on which. Jisung glanced at you, looking at your focused expression, as you mumbled the words under your breath. He shrugged and turned back at Seungmin.
“I’m not sure,” he shrugged. “Why don’t you ask her?”
“You should be the one asking. You’re her coworker.”
“So are you!” Jisung remarked. “Besides, you were the one that had the idea! It would only be fair if you asked her.”
Seungmin sighed and looked at Jisung, crossing his arms. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “You’re afraid she might say no to you, aren’t you?”
“Can you please stop talking as if I’m not here?” You slowly turned around to give them both an annoyed look. Jisung and Seungmin exchanged a guilty expression and the nurse promptly got back to his work as if this wasn’t his concern.
“I apologize,” Seungmin whispered when you joined them at the desk. “Jisung and I, we were-“
“We were wondering if you’d like to join us for a drink, at the end of our shift. We know a nice bar nearby, the owner gives us a discount. It would be nice for us to get to know each other.”
“We can do that in a professional setting,” you argued and smiled awkwardly at them.
Jisung and Seungmin exchanged a quick look and the nurse shrugged leaving his desk to go do some other task. You followed him until you lost sight of him and sighed, turning to look at Jisung again.
“I know, and I am sure we would learn a lot by working together.” He gestured between you and him, smiling politely. “But there are things we only learn in… other settings.”
“Such as…?” You crossed your arms and studied his expression. He was conflicted on what to say next, so he just chuckled and looked away from you, scratching the back of his head.
“You see, we don’t mingle a lot in the hospital with the other departments. However, at the bar… everyone knows everyone. There you’re not a cardiologist and I am not a cardiologist. There you are Y/N and I am Jisung.”
He said the words slowly as if he was explaining them to a child. He couldn’t get a read from your expression, he wasn’t sure if you were playing hard to get, or if this was how you truly wanted things to be.
“Doctor Han,” you said walking closer to him and patting his shoulder. “What you are trying to achieve, you are doing it through… manipulation tactics. It would be best for you if you just stated the obvious. It’s simpler, you see? Direct, concise, obvious.”
“What is the direct, concise, obvious?” He crossed his arms, not looking away from you.
“Well,” your hand fell from his shoulder, and Jisung noticed a shy playful smile on your lips. “You would like me to join you at said bar to get to know me in a not professional setting.”
“Well, doctor Y/L/N,” he licked his lips and chuckled, a playful smile on his lips. “You could also be direct, concise and obvious in your answer. It saves us time and,” he smiled, gesturing between the two of you, “whatever we’ve got going on here.”
“Of course,” you cleared your throat and kept your gaze on him. “I don’t go out with coworkers.”
That was not what Jisung expected to hear from you. Something about your expression told him you were conflicted as if what you were saying didn’t fully match what you were feeling. Still, he barely knew you so he couldn’t be certain of his observation. He gulped, trying to keep his true emotions at bay. Everyone tended to agree to go to the bar whenever Jisung asked them to. He was charming, so why weren’t you saying yes?
“You’re a tough one to crack, doctor Y/L/N. But I’ll get to your heart, eventually.”
You blinked slowly and Jisung could see you tense up slightly, taking a small step back, trying to keep your composure. Whatever words Jisung had said to you, they hadn’t been appropriate, even if they were a joke. This wasn’t going very well for him.
“That’s a cardiology joke, by the way,” he clarified at your frightened look. You slowly recovered your composure, shoving your hands in your pocket. “You know, hearts… get to your heart…”
“Explaining a joke makes it less fun,” Seungmin returned and fixed his glasses, extending a chart to Jisung. “You should get to this patient, those are the results of the tests you ordered.”
“I’ll see them during our rounds.” Jisung glanced over some of the information on the document and sighed, shaking his head. “His cholesterol is still high… I wonder what excuse he’ll find this week.”
“I’d say he just likes to see you, but the man already despises the fact that you’re his doctor.”
“He still hasn’t asked for a second opinion.” He returned the document to Seungmin who stored it in a pile with several others and turned to you, guiding you to the elevators. “I’ll show you around the hospital.”
“I could find my way around,” you reassured him. “I… Maybe it’s important you see your patient first.”
Jisung looked at you and blinked slowly, the expression on his face was sombre. “One thing you should know about me, doctor Y/L/N, is that I do not like people telling me what to do. Especially when it comes to my patients. Keep that in mind, please.”
“It won’t happen again, doctor Han.” You cleared your throat, reassuring him. “Should we… go, then?”
“Yes.” The elevator opened and Jisung gestured you to enter, and he followed suit. “And please, call me Jisung. I call all my coworkers by their first name.”
“I’ll… try.” Once again, you tried to smile at him, but you couldn’t. He cleared his throat and pressed the ground floor button, walking to the back of the elevator, you following him.
“We’ll start on the ground floor and go up from there.”
“Sounds good to me,” you answered and leaned on the back of the elevator, arms crossed as you looked at your feet.
— 💙 —
The cafeteria was loud and Jisung was already upset he hadn’t prepared his lunch today. He sat on a table next to one of the windows, glancing at the lush and vibrant tops of trees seen a few floors below on the hospital’s patio. It was a wonderful day so he could occasionally see the patients walking below in their hospital gowns, some with a slower pace than others, but all accompanied by one or two nurses.
After showing you the hospital and doing the rounds on his patients at the cardiology floor, he had found his way here to have a light meal before returning to his work in the afternoon. Here, he tried to focus on the peace and quiet the outside brought to him, instead of the chaos and loudness of what surrounded him.
His peace was short-lived when Bang Chan joined him, followed by Seo Changbin, both talking excitedly about whatever was gossip this week. Chan had his scrubs on, one with giraffes, lions, and other animals printed on it, something that the kids adored. Changbin wasn’t wearing his, but that wasn’t surprising, he rarely wore it outside of the pediatric floor.
The two continued their conversation, not including Jisung in it. He focused on his meal, a light salad with some meat, vegetables, and nuts. He had brought a yoghurt with him and an apple as well.
“How is she like?” Changbin suddenly turned to look at Jisung, expectantly.
“Who are we talking about?” Chan asked, glancing between Jisung and Changbin. “Is he seeing someone now?”
“Nah. I’m talking about the new doctor in his department. She transferred from the hospital in the bay area.”
“Ah, Y/N?” Chan said, getting back to his food. “She’s nice.”
“You know her?” Jisung asked curiously. Chan nodded. “How?”
“We did our residency together. I transferred here afterwards, but she stayed there, something to do with…” he pondered and shook his head. “I don’t remember exactly. She was nice though, from what I remember.”
“I heard she’s already giving Lee Minho a headache,” Changbin stated, taking a sip from his orange juice. “Apparently she’s feisty.”
“Oh, she’s fighting the wrong cat,” Chan laughed. “Minho is someone you do not want to mess with.”
Jisung’s last strand of peace disappeared as he dropped the fork to his plate, crossing his arms. The noise in the cafeteria was too loud so Changbin and Chan didn’t listen and continued to laugh with each other. Jisung prepared to call them to reason, but the voice he heard was not his.
“Why not?”
You placed your tray next to Jisung and sat down, looking at them both with a serious expression. “Why isn’t Lee Minho someone to mess with?”
This, Jisung wanted to see. He leaned back on his chair, glancing slightly at you, a smile on his lips. He truly hoped you could put those two on the line.
“For starters,” Chan cleaned his mouth with a napkin. “He’s the head of the department.”
“I am aware of that, Chan.” You sighed and leaned forward. “But you’re not one to abide by authority rules, from what I remember.”
“Nice to see you again, Y/N.” Chan tried to keep calm, but his eyes were slightly furious. He turned to the other people at the table. “And for the record, I always respected the rules. Always.”
You nodded and narrowed your eyes on him and leaned back, relaxing. Changbin cleared his throat and smiled at you.
“Minho, he… takes his job very seriously.”
“I also take my job very seriously,” you counter-argued, getting ready to eat your meal. “What else?”
“He… has a lot of power… when it comes to… the department…?” Changbin wasn’t quite confident in his claims.
“Makes sense.” You added the dressing to your salad. “He’s the head of the department. Anything else? So far you haven’t convinced me as to why he is… the wrong cat to fight.”
Chan and Changbin lowered their eyes and returned to their meals. Jisung did the same, a somewhat proud smile on his lips. He was going to have fun with you around, you did not leave any stone unturned.
The rest of the meal happened in silence, with Chan and Changbin leaving as soon as they could, saying their goodbyes and setting up their meeting at the bar later that evening. You ate in silence, frowning at the food occasionally, shaking your head when you tasted something you didn’t enjoy.
“You found the cafeteria,” Jisung stated, enjoying his apple. “How is the food?”
“Edible.” You wiped your mouth with a napkin and shrugged. “I will probably bring lunch tomorrow, though. This,” you gestured to the centre of the cafeteria, “is too loud. Even for me.”
“Is it too different from when you were at the bay hospital?”
You glanced around the space and Jisung kept his gaze on you as you did it. There was curiosity, worry, some sort of nostalgia in your eyes. And then, there was only sadness. You sighed and turned to look at him.
“Yes. But I’ll get used to it, eventually.”
You said that last part more to yourself than to him. Jisung nodded and returned to his apple, getting distracted by the view outside. Before heading home, he’d pay the garden a small visit.
“I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother with your friends. I just don’t like when people talk behind my back, it… makes me angry.”
“I could tell,” Jisung shrugged, trying to avoid the way you were looking at him. It was… too intense. “But they deserved it. Thank you for keeping them quiet.”
You rolled your eyes and for the first time since this morning, Jisung saw a natural smile on your face. And it was endearing, Jisung should add.
“I know you said you don’t hang out with coworkers,” you turned to look at him and he cleared his throat. “But you’re right about what you said. I… I’d like to get to know you better.”
“Why?” That was a genuine question, something that even Jisung was startled at. “What is so worthy about me that you want to get to know me better after knowing me for only a few hours?”
“What is so unworthy about me that you don’t want to get to know me better?” He answered back. Jisung also knew how to play your game if he had to. “Look, I’m not asking you on a date.” Although, he would. Maybe, he should. “Just come to the bar, stay for a while and leave when you feel like it. I think you’d like it.”
You sighed and leaned back on your chair, thinking about Jisung’s words. The truth was, he wanted to see you there. He wanted to see what it was like to know you when you weren’t at work. Would you smile more? Would you be as direct and inflexible? Or was there something else that Jisung hadn’t glimpsed yet? You were right, he only knew you for a couple of hours, but to him, that was enough to want to know you more.
After thinking for a while, you stood up from your chair and grabbed your tray, looking at him. Whatever was on your mind, he didn’t know, but it made you sad, anxious.
“I’ll… consider it. But… don’t get your hopes up. I might not show up.”
Jisung nodded satisfied with your answer as it was enough for him right now. Even if you didn’t show up tonight, at least you’d consider it. But if you did decide to show up, then that would be even better.
He truly wanted to get to know you. Maybe what he had said earlier about getting to your heart wasn’t such a joke after all. Maybe there was some kind of truth to it, even if he didn’t understand what it was right now.
— 💙 —
After your shift at the hospital, you went to the locker room to get your belongings and go home. You knew Jisung had asked you to join him this evening at the bar, but you weren’t in the mood to go. Everything still reminded you too much of what you had left behind, of your ex, and you didn’t want to deal with it. It was better this way.
Maybe you were avoiding having to deal with it. You were definitely avoiding it. It was ridiculous, all of it. You had gone to the extremes to avoid seeing him, being with him, and yet, everything still reminded you of him. Even this locker room was too familiar. You had to get out of here and go home.
Some other time, you’d bring decorations for your locker, just to make it more yours and more pleasant to look at. It was too bland and looking at the ones around, yours was the most boring one. You found yourself thinking which one would be Jisung’s and afterwards, your thoughts went back to his invitation. You shook your head and closed the locker. You were going home, that was it.
As you put on your jacket, the door to the locker room opened and Jisung entered, always carrying a bright smile on his features. He looked tired, though, his eyes didn’t carry the same enthusiasm as this morning.
“Good evening,” he greeted you and went to a locker decorated with stickers from bands, bad heart puns, and quotes from famous books. “Already leaving?”
“Yes,” you buttoned your jacket and took a deep breath. “I considered your offer, but I won’t go.”
Jisung sighed and took off his white coat and hung it on his locker. He got his jacket from the inside and closed it in a swift movement, checking his pockets to make sure he had everything. When he was done, he looked at you and shrugged.
“It’s fine, no need to look so grim. I’ll get going. Good evening.”
You watched as he passed by you, hands on his pockets, his steps somewhat slow and heavy. He stepped out of the locker room and a few moments later, you did the same and walked slowly behind him on your way to the elevator. The two of you stopped side by side, as you waited for it, in a silence that could only be described as awkward. Jisung would glance at you, and you pretended you didn’t see it, but after a few moments, it became too much.
“Is there anything you’d like to say, doctor Han?”
He opened his mouth to speak, stopped himself, and then closed it again. He shook his head and turned to look at you, but no words came out of his mouth.
The elevators doors opened, and people entered but you and Jisung remained behind, looking at each other as if your eyes could say more than whatever words came to mind.
“Jisung,” Seungmin called from the elevator. “Are you coming?”
He gulped while looking at you and nodded, turning his head to the elevator. He smiled and started to walk. “Let’s go.”
Jisung entered the elevator and you stayed behind, watching as everyone looked expectantly at you.
“I’ll… wait for the next one,” you tried to smile but couldn’t. “Enjoy your evening.”
Seungmin nodded, waving at you and you reciprocated the gesture, slowly and deprived of energy. You watched as the doors closed slowly, Jisung’s gaze always on you. At the last moment, you looked at him as well, watching as he disappeared behind the doors.
You took a deep breath and decided to take the stairs instead of waiting for the next elevator. You climbed them down slowly and left to the hospital’s patio instead of going home right away.
The wind blew in your face as you walked through the paved road, the floor lights casting shadows in the trees, the leaves blowing softly at the passage of the breeze. You moved the hair away from your face and sat on one of the benches, looking at the nature around you.
Out of instinct, you looked at your hand, where up until a couple of weeks ago, a ring had greeted your finger. It looked bare, naked, incomplete. Something was missing there and no matter how hard you tried to pretend that you were ok, you weren’t. There was this void in your chest, this emptiness that you longed to fill, and yet, you weren’t sure if you’d ever be able to do it again. The pain, the sorrow, all of that was still too recent, too raw for you to make some sense out of it, for you to completely move on. Slowly, you’d take the steps towards it. Slowly, you’d come to terms with these feelings.
You took the phone out of your bag and searched on your contacts list for his number. Where once was written love, now you could read his name. You took a deep breath and called him, waiting for him to pick up on the other side.
“Y/N?” You heard his voice on the other side, and your heart jumped out of your chest. “Why are you calling me?”
Because I miss you. Because this was a mistake. Because I forgive you. Because I can’t move on.
All these thoughts were jumping in your mind, asking you to let them out, to make some sense of them. But you knew that would be foolish. You didn’t mean what you were thinking about. You were simply scared by the fact you felt lonely.
“I… will drop by Monday to grab the rest of my stuff,” you announced. “Could you… not be home? I’ll leave the key on the entrance plate before I leave.”
He took a deep breath. You knew he found all of this childish, all of this too extreme. That you should talk this out, work things together, find a solution. He’d say what he always did, that you hadn’t given your five-year relationship a chance, that you quit when the first problem arose. That you jumped ship the first chance you had.
“Are you sure about that?” He remained calm. “We could talk, you know? It was a mistake, Y/N.”
“What was a mistake, Jaehyun?!” You asked, your voice failing you, painful memories in your mind. “The fact that we almost got married, or the fact that I found out you were cheating on me? What was it?”
“You’re being unfair,” he kept his calmness. Once you had loved that about him, but right now you just wanted to scream in frustration. “I’m not the only one to blame, you know? You’re to blame too.”
“Of course, I am,” you rolled your eyes, tapping with your foot on the ground. “I was distant, I was too focused on my work, I wasn’t giving you too much attention. So instead of talking it out with me, you went to sleep with someone else. Multiple times, I should add. Because it was my fault. I am the one to blame for your mistake!”
You hung up the call and wiped the tears from your eyes, anger and disappointment washing over you. This call had been a mistake. Coming here this evening had been a mistake. Jaehyun called again but you ignored his calls, again and again, letting the phone ring, letting it drown your thoughts as you tried to calm yourself down.
After a while, your breathing was normal again, and your heartbeat had stabilized as well. You took a deep breath and glanced at your watch, quickly standing up when you realized how late it was. As you walked back, you saw a familiar face seating at one of the benches near the entrance door. He looked up at you, half-surprised, half-shocked to see you here.
“I decided to check out the patio,” you gestured to the path behind you. “You?”
Jisung studied your expression, the smile he usually carried on his face gone, replaced by concern. “I came to think… for a bit before I go.”
You nodded and avoided his gaze but couldn’t help but join him on his bench. “Tough day?”
He chuckled and sighed. “Tell me about it.”
Jisung and you stood in silence, an ambulance siren filled the air for a moment, only to fade away and be replaced by the wind on the leaves.
“Are you ok?” His question took you by surprise.
“I’m… not.” You admitted. There was no need to pretend, no need to put on a shell and act as if this pain in your heart didn’t exist. Still, you reassured him, as a way to reassure yourself. “But I’ll be. Eventually.”
— 💙 —
As the weeks went by, Jisung got to know you better. He took every break he had to visit you at your office, every lunch to join you in the common doctor’s room, every end of shift to ride with you on the elevator. He enjoyed listening to your voice, whining to you about Lee Minho, just for you to agree with him, expressing his exact thoughts in that honest and endearing manner you had. But what Jisung enjoyed the most was seeing you smiling, with your cheeks slightly flushed in a genuine manner. Week by week, you grew closer to each other, not only as coworkers but as friends too.
“Are we going to the bar again tonight?” Jisung asked you, hanging his coat on his locker.
“Sure,” you turned to look at him and smiled. “Since I’m in good spirits today, I will pay for your drink.”
“How kind of you doctor Y/L/N. I am flattered by your generosity.”
You rolled your eyes and laughed. It had taken him a couple of attempts to convince you to join him at the bar, but you eventually accepted his request. And he was so glad you did.
“Too many compliments and I’ll reconsider my offer…” You said as a joke, closing your locker. You had decorated it with small magnets, that held lists and reminders and every day, there was also a new little sticky note Jisung had left in your locker this morning before heading to perform one of his surgeries. He had been doing this for the past couple of days and he always waited expectantly to see what your reaction was at this time of the day.
“What’s with all these sticky notes?” You removed it from the locker and read it out loud. “If you dream it, you can achieve it…” You lowered your arm and looked at him, a shy smile on your face. “This is nice, Jisung. Thank you.”
You opened your locker again and placed the sticky note on the inside, next to all the others. Your fingers traced them, your smile increasing slightly. He walked closer to you, glancing at the inside of your locker, his chest filled with joy. It was a small gesture, but it meant the world to him. And as he saw them all together, he wondered if they meant the world to you too.
“I thought you’d enjoy them. They are inspirational quotes, to help you feel better.”
“Ah,” you nodded and closed your locker, turning to look at him. “They are pretty cheesy, you know?”
“That’s the point.” He returned to his locker and closed it, joining you right after. “Would you like them if they were facts? No.”
“At least, I’d learn something.” You shrugged and the two of you exited the room, walking to the elevator together.
“Well, you learn all the cheesy quotes google can give me.”
You rolled your eyes. “Next week, share random but fun facts with me.”
“I will continue with my cheesy quotes. I might try puns next, just to shake things up a bit.”
This made you laugh, and he couldn’t help but smile at you. It was so wonderful to see you smile and laugh genuinely.
“Doctor Y/L/N,” Seungmin called from behind the counter, fixing his glasses. You greeted him with a smile. “There’s… someone here to see you.”
“Who?” You asked, checking your watch. “Is it a patient?”
“Hm… no. He introduced himself as your… ex… fiancé.”
Jisung lips parted in slight shock as he looked at you. The smile that once had greeted your face was gone and any signs of happiness had been drowned in sorrow and worry.
“I… tell him I’m busy. I don’t want to see him.”
“Yes, about that,” Seungmin gestured to a figure slowly standing up from one of the chairs in the waiting room next to his desk. “He’s… here.”
Your eyes met his in what Jisung could only describe as pain. You stood by his side, your fists closed as you looked at the man that slowly walked towards you, an apologetic expression on his face. You chuckled.
“Just leave, Jaehyun.” You didn’t give him a chance to speak. “Just go. Pretend I don’t exist. Leave.”
“I wanted to talk, Y/N.”
Jisung didn’t know exactly what he was witnessing, but he felt like he shouldn’t be here. However, he couldn’t leave. Something glued him to the ground right next to you.
His eyes jumped from you to the man in front of you. When the realization of who he was hit Jisung, his eyes widened in shock. You had been engaged… to him. Part of that recognition messed with Jisung in ways he didn’t think possible. His heart crushed slightly in his chest, the air left his lungs.
“I don’t want to talk. And how dare you come to my workplace?” You took one step towards him. “I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be in the same room as you. I don’t want to…” you took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes. “Stop trying to make us happen again.”
“Y/N…” he tried to grab your hands, but you rejected his gesture. “Please… don’t do this.”
You were visibly upset, Jisung could tell. Such a wonderful evening ruined by this… jerk. Jisung had no other words to describe him, he resented him on your behalf, even if he didn’t know the reasons.
“I think doctor Y/L/N made it very clear where she stands,” Jisung spoke and for the first time, Jaehyun acknowledged him. “I would kindly ask you to leave. Please. This is a hospital, after all.”
Jaehyun gulped and looked at Jisung from head to toes, a distaste in his eyes as he did so. He gestured to him and looked back at you, shaking his head.
“Who is he to you?” He asked, spitting the words out like they were poisonous. “Your new partner? Are you sleeping with him to get back at me? You could’ve chosen better, you know? He’s-”
“Careful what you’re about to say,” Jisung warned, not liking the tone of his voice. He gestured to the elevators, never looking away from Jaehyun. “Please, leave. Otherwise, I’ll call security.”
“I just want to talk to my fiancée!” He raised his voice slightly, and you jumped beside Jisung. “Just stay out of it. This is between us.”
“She said-“
“I know what she said, I am right here. But she’s out of her mind. She’s not thinking straight right now. She’s-“
Jisung didn’t expect to see your hand meet Jaehyun’s cheek in a loud slap, but it shocked everyone around you. You looked at him, your cheeks red from the anger you were feeling, eyes filled with rage as you pointed a finger at him.
“Leave before I call security myself.”
“Y/N…” He was still in shock, both hands covering his red cheek, where your fingers were engraved on it. “You’re not like this…”
You shook your head and looked at Seungmin, trying to keep your composure. “Please, call security. I’ll wait for him to be gone somewhere else.”
“Of course,” Seungmin fixed his glasses and dialled a number, quickly getting on a call.
“If I ever set my eyes on you ever again,” you warned Jaehyun. “I’m not sure a slap is all you’ll get from me.”
You opened your purse and scavenged for something on the inside of it. When you did so, you pulled it out of your purse and grabbed one of Jaehyun’s hands placing it on his palm.
“Why are you giving me this?” He looked at the engagement ring on his hand. “This… Y/N-”
“Stop calling my name. Stop looking for me. Stop it. It’s over, Jaehyun. Over. And it’s not coming back, no matter how hard you try.”
Your voice was failing you, but you looked at him in the eyes one last time, before turning your back on him and walking back to the locker room, closing the door behind you slightly louder than what you probably intended.
“This is your fault,” Jaehyun said in between his teeth, his stern gaze on Jisung.
“It’s never your fault, is it?”
Jaehyun was probably the kind of person that made mistakes and expected everyone else to take the blame for them, to take his word as gospel. He was despicable. What did you see in him that made you want to marry him? Jisung saw nothing of you in him.
“You don’t know her as I do,” Jaehyun continued, always trying to be right, to stay on top of the argument. He truly loved to have the last word. “She’ll get bored of you eventually. Just wait and see.”
“We’re not dating,” Jisung explicitly said, hoping that this would end the argument. “And no, we’re not sleeping together either. But you won’t believe me, will you?”
“You could be lying to protect her.” There it was. Jisung rolled his eyes, letting out a disappointed sigh.
“Protecting her from what?” Seungmin asked, looking at him with disgust, always having that unbothered tone in his voice. “Probably from you, no?”
“Seungmin…” Jisung looked at him, shaking his head. “Don’t. Let’s wait for security.”
The two friends kept quiet, not taking their eyes from Jaehyun as he paced around, not leaving. He tried to make them both furious, maybe to have one of them punch him, or slap him, so he could press charges and feel victorious about it. But Seungmin and Jisung didn’t give in. Eventually, security got to their floor and escorted him out. He tried to complain, saying he’d go on his own, but it was no use.
When the elevator doors closed, both Seungmin and Jisung took a deep breath, relaxing from the tension of the situation from earlier.
“I’ll go check on her,” Jisung announced, slowly turning away to go to the locker room.
“What even was this?” Seungmin shook his head. “If I knew about it, I would’ve told him she wasn’t here.”
“Now you do,” Jisung patted his friend on the shoulder, offering a reassuring smile. “And please, avoid talking about this with other people. I’m sure Lee Minho will have a few words to tell her, let’s see if she won’t get suspended.”
“For slapping someone who treated her like that? Would he do that?”
“He would,” Jisung scratched the back of his neck. “She’s the only one that doesn’t say yes to everything he asks of us. He’ll find any excuse to get back at her. He’s… eager to do it, sadly.”
Seungmin nodded and slowly, Jisung made his way to the locker room, knocking before entering. When he got no answer, he opened it and peeked inside, finding you seating on one of the benches, your back turned to the door.
“He’s gone,” Jisung announced and closed the door behind him. He gulped, unsure of what to say. Should he comfort you, sit next to you, leave you alone? “Security just escorted him out.”
“Thank you,” your voice was weak, a whisper that Jisung almost missed.
He nodded and leaned on one of the lockers, keeping his distance from you. It pained him to see you like this, suffering for someone who didn’t seem aware of the discomfort they had caused you. You didn’t deserve it.
I’m glad you’re not marrying him, he wanted to say to you, but he knew how insensitive that was. However, that’s where his true feelings stood and he wasn’t going to deny them to himself.
He liked you. Maybe that was the reason why he wrote you sticky notes at the beginning of his shift, maybe that was why he enjoyed spending time with you, maybe that was why he enjoyed seeing you smile and laugh with him.
And what he had witnessed today hit him like a truck. All these feelings of worry, uncertainty, discomfort, of coming to terms with the fact that maybe you wouldn’t be his to love, it was something he didn’t expect to come to terms with tonight, maybe ever.
“Could you… stay?” You slowly turned around and looked at him, slightly calmer than before. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
Jisung nodded and slowly made his way to a bench next to you, seating down. He smiled at you, more out of kindness than anything else.
“I’ll stay,” he said, trying to keep the turmoil inside of him calm. “I’ll stay with you.”
You slowly nodded and moved closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder. He softly pressed a kiss on top of your head, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, feeling the warmth of your body next to him.
He looked at you kindly, watching as you slowly relaxed in his presence. Right now, Jisung only had one thought in his mind, one that he couldn’t say out loud, but one that he couldn’t deny to himself either.
Let me love you.
— 💙 —
After what happened with Jaehyun, coming to the hospital felt more and more like a chore and less like something you enjoyed. You tried your best to avoid people’s stares, but it was impossible. People talked, whispered, wondered whatever had happened that evening. You wanted to forget that moment, you wanted to forget him. But it was hard, you had made little to no progress on it.
You glanced at the board in front of you, checking if you were on call this week and saw your name written in red in a small square next to two other names. You would be on call during a twelve-hour shift on Thursday. You would stay at the hospital for longer than that, you already knew it.
“Twelve hours?” Jisung stood next to you, shaking his head. “That’s a little too excessive.”
“It’s my job, Jisung.” You turned and smiled at him. “But I guess we’ll have to schedule dinner for some other day.”
“I’ll wait,” he fixed his coat and looked at the board, pointing at one of the squares. “I’ll be doing my rounds, I can perfectly wait for you after I’m done.”
“It might take longer than that,” you warned him. “Complications arise and considering the time I’ll be on call, I’ll be busy. You should head home, get some rest.”
“I can get some rest while I wait for you. I want us to have dinner together, we haven’t shared a meal this week yet.”
You nodded. It was true, you and Jisung had barely seen each other this week and part of you missed that. He continued to leave sticky notes on your locker, and they were growing more elaborate each day. Some days they had facts, others puns, and there were also the cheesy quotes that made you roll your eyes. When Jisung had more time, he drew something on them, usually related to whatever was written on it.
Still, that was the only interaction you had with him. You missed seeing him, seating down and chatting properly with him, sharing a meal.
“I’ll go find you, then.” You patted his shoulder and smiled at him. “But if I take too long, go home and have dinner. We’ll go out some other time.”
“How about tomorrow?” He smiled at your confused expression and explained. “It’s your free day, and so is mine. We could go out, the two of us.”
Like on a date?, part of you wanted to ask but didn’t dare. Jisung and you were good friends, but that was it. However, as you looked at him, you wondered if there was something more between the two of you.
“Sure,” you tried not to sound too excited about it. “We’ll discuss details later?”
“Sounds good to me.” His smile widened and he leaned closer to you. “So that means we’ll have dinner together and we’ll go out in the same week?”
You rolled your eyes and leaned closer to him, his eyes widening. “Don’t stretch your luck, doctor Han. I might say no to your suggestion.”
“I am lucky, aren’t I?” he whispered to you and leaned away, leaving you to deal with your burning cheeks and jumpy heart.
“I don’t like this at all,” you mumbled under your breath, worried about what those words he had said to you might mean. “I don’t like this at all.”
“What don’t you like?” Chan asked, joining you on your way to the elevator. He kept glancing at a chart, a pen between his fingers, trying to keep up with your fast pace. “Maybe slow down? You look super flushed.”
You sighed and pressed the button to call the elevator several times as if that would make it come faster. Chan lowered his chart and looked at you, as you walked back, studying your expression with a grin.
“It’s Jisung, isn’t it?”
“What are you talking about?” You crossed your arms and avoided his gaze.
“The reason why you’re that… flustered. Don’t think I didn’t see you two back there.”
You followed Chan’s pen as he gestured to where you had been with Jisung earlier, now empty as everyone returned to work.
“We were talking.”
“I could tell,” he remarked, a playful edge to his voice. “You were very… close while talking.”
You rolled your eyes, wondering why the elevator was taking so long. One more comment from Chan and you’d take the stairs. After a few moments, the elevator doors opened and you entered, followed by Chan.
“You know, you could say you like him, it wouldn’t hurt.”
Oh, it certainly would hurt. You were not ready for that yet.
“Stop playing matchmaker, Chan,” you warned, slightly desperate. “You make a terrible job at it.”
“Oh… so there’s a match.” He raised his hands in defence when you glared at him. “Your words, not mine.”
It was frustrating to talk to him sometimes. The elevator doors opened, and a couple of people entered and very few exited. You moved closer to Chan, trying your best to pretend that what he was saying didn’t bother you.
“I’ve known Jisung for a while.” He continued, and you rolled your eyes. “He hasn’t dated anyone since I’ve been here.”
“I didn’t know you were a CCTV camera now, Chan. That’s quite the upgrade, I must say.”
“I see you didn’t lose your sense of humour.” He took a deep breath and looked at you. “What I’m trying to say is that he is a nice guy. And you can tell he cares about you.”
“I know.”
And you did. Jisung was more than nice, he was great. And you enjoyed his company, and how he made you smile and laugh. But you couldn’t get past the fact that you were still healing from a five-year relationship, one where you had been engaged.
You saw all of that, all the care, all the kindness, all the happiness you brought to Jisung whenever you were together. And yet, you couldn’t get past your breakup. You couldn’t… accept that maybe there was more to life without feeling like you’d be back here again, in another failing relationship, picking up the pieces slowly and trying to glue them together, only for your heart to fall from your hands, shattering once again.
The conversation died down when the elevator doors opened on your floor and you exited without saying a word. Seungmin was there to greet you with a smile, extending a couple of documents to you. You looked at the names of the patients, recognizing a few, but others were new. And then, there was one that wasn’t yours.
“Isn’t this Jisung’s patient?” You extended the chart to Seungmin who looked at it, nodding.
“He was. He requested to be seen by a new doctor. Doctor Lee Minho assigned him to you.”
You shook your head. Unbelievable. The man knew you and Jisung were allies who called him out on his incompetency, pressuring him to do more for the department. And here he was, trying to pin you against one another by giving you one of Jisung’s patients. He knew how Jisung felt about his patients, he knew.
You extended the chart back to Seungmin and he accepted it. “Is he at his office right now?”
“Why?” Seungmin asked, cautious.
“I need to talk to him about that patient. Did he inform Jisung of the change?”
“Not yet, but I’m sure he will.”
“Where is Jisung?” You wanted to talk to him first.
“At the locker room.” You turned your back on Seungmin and went to the locker room, finding Jisung excitedly adding a sticky note to your locker.
“Y/N, weren’t you supposed to be doing rounds?” He leaned on your locker as if to block the sticky notes from your view. Today he had added more than one.
“Doctor Lee Minho assigned me to one of your patients.” You watched as the smile faded from his face. “He’s trying to get in between us.”
You stepped aside to let someone else enter the room and Jisung leaned away from your locker and walked out of the room, towards Lee Minho’s office. You followed him, seeing how he was visibly upset. He opened the door without knocking, to find the head of the department seating by his desk, looking over a couple of documents.
“Learn how to knock, Han Jisung.”
“Since when do you take my patients from me and give them to someone else?!” Jisung was furious. “This is a decision I should take.”
You closed the door behind you and walked next to Jisung, looking down at an unbothered Lee Minho. “I also want to understand why I was the doctor selected. Looking over the patient’s medical record, it doesn’t seem I would be the first choice.”
Lee Minho stood up from his chair and glanced at both of you, serious. “I don’t need to give any of you an explanation. The patient wanted to change doctors, I thought doctor Y/N would be the best choice. Respect that. Now, get back to work.”
Jisung let out a nervous laugh, but you kept your gaze on Lee Minho as he sat down, turning to his work. You rolled your eyes and exchanged a quick look with Jisung, gesturing to the door. He made a confused look as you opened the door and followed you outside.
“Are you just following what he’s asking of you?” Jisung asked, lips slightly parted as he looked at you, shocked.
“No, of course not.” You started to walk back to Seungmin’s desk, Jisung following you closely. “I want to talk to your patient in your presence. He should be the one making the choice, not that guy.”
“Well, the patient will obviously choose you, Y/N.”
“I don’t think so. You’ve been following him for several years, I will find arguments in your favour.” You gestured to Seungmin to give you the patient’s chart again and you glanced at it, next to Jisung. “As a last resort, we could ask the patient if he wants us to work together. It isn’t rare and if I am being honest, I’d be more comfortable with that.”
“You should do that!” Seungmin spoke and you and Jisung lifted your eyes from the chart to look at him. He fixed his glasses and smiled. “You prove Lee Minho wrong, and once word gets out that you are working together, maybe more people will feel inspired to do the same. And that way, you might be able to get support from other departments on helping you with the administration.”
“You’re suggesting gossip, Seungmin?” Jisung asked and his friend shrugged. “I don’t like that.”
“Ah, it’s not like people don’t talk about you two already.” He sat on his chair, unbothered by your shocked expression. You didn’t want to know what people were talking about. The last thing you wanted right now was more ashes to the fire already burning in your chest.
“What do people say?” Jisung crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow at Seungmin.
“For starters, they say you look good together.” Seungmin glanced at you and then at Jisung. “I agree. You make a good-looking couple. But they also say that you’ve been dating for a couple of weeks now. And after the scene with-”
“Thank you, Seungmin.” Jisung pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. You noticed that his cheeks were flushed. “I got the message.”
What was the message you were missing?
“Always doing my best. Now I will return to my work while you two work together. Go, dream team!” He didn’t even try to sound excited as he cheered for the two of you.
You shook your head and walked away from Seungmin’s desk, the patient’s chart on your hands as you took a deep breath.
“I don’t disagree with him,” Jisung gestured to the desk, keeping up with your pace. “Working together might be a good thing.”
“I thought you didn’t like people telling you what to do, Jisung. Especially when it comes to your patients.”
You had heard him loud and clear the first time, and you weren’t sure working with him would be a good idea.
“Good thing he wouldn’t be my patient, then,” he smiled at you and kept his gaze on you for a while before looking at the corridor in front of you. “I value your opinion, Y/N and I value your work too.”
You stopped walking and Jisung did the same a few steps ahead, looking back at you. You gulped. “I am very on the fence about this, and I want you to know that from the get-go. But I will call you out if you don’t listen to me. And I will leave you on your own the second you disregard me as less important.” You walked towards him, your eyes never leaving his. “From the moment we pass that door, we are a team. We are equal. Our opinions matter, yes. But we should think on what’s best for the patient, not on what’s best for us.”
“Why are saying all of this?” Jisung asked, slightly scared. He knew why you were saying this. And you knew too.
It was getting harder for the two of you to just keep this as a professional relationship. You could feel it in his eyes, in the way he smiled at you. Right now, he was excited to work with you, to have you by his side.
But one day, he’d tell you how he felt towards you. You knew how he felt towards you. And part of you wanted to feel that way too, to love him, to reciprocate the kindness, the care, everything he deserves. But you couldn’t yet.
You looked at Jisung while you were still longing for Jaehyun.
And you would break his heart. And he would have to see you, to work with you, to listen to you. What would happen then?
“It’s for the best,” you stated, trying to shove all these thoughts away. “We should both be on the same page about this. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
“I do, yes.” He smiled and you did the same, but your smile didn’t reach your eyes. “Should we go now?”
He started to walk in front of you, and you followed a few steps behind, knowing that Jisung didn’t fully understand what you had just said to him. You didn’t want to break his heart, you really didn’t.
You also liked him and that was why this was harder. You just hoped he kept his confession tucked in a small drawer in his heart, waiting for the right moment to share it with you.
The moment where you’d be able to say yes to him, instead of not yet.
— 💙 —
A week passed and you and Jisung worked side by side almost every day with your patient. He was a lovely man in his sixties with high cholesterol. His heart was growing weaker, according to the information on his medical chart and the exams performed, and the medication was starting to have no result in his condition.
“Have you considered surgery?” You asked him, looking away from his chart.
His wife was next to him, a woman his age with grey hair and wrinkles in her smile lines. She looked frightened at her husband, and he reciprocated the look.
“We consider this to be the best solution, given everything we’ve done so far,” Jisung spoke, standing next to you.
“We…” The old man started, shaking his head. “I don’t want surgery, doctor.”
“Isn’t it too risky at his age?” His wife asked, looking at Jisung. “You told us that with medication, we could solve the problem!”
“He will have to continue to take this medication for the rest of his life,” Jisung looked at you and you nodded.
“Surgery would be a preventive measure to ensure you have a better quality of life. The risks associated with it are low, compared to other surgeries at his age. It has a high success rate and a fast recovery as well, and we’d monitor you to make sure your evolution is positive.”
“Doctor Y/L/N and I think this would be the best for you. The risk of heart failure keeps increasing day by day, and the medication is not stopping that.”
“We could change the dosage,” his wife suggested. “You’ve done it before, why can’t you do it again?”
“Increasing dosage would put other organs at risk such as the liver, as well as the kidneys. It would be detrimental to your husband’s health in the long run.”
They looked at each other, worried. You walked closer to them and extended a flyer to the patient, smiling kindly. “This might help you make your decision. We don’t want to pressure you as to giving us an answer right now, so we’ll give you some time to think.”
“Your husband will remain at the hospital in the meantime for observation,” Jisung announced. “We’ll give you a few days to think, and we’ll come to answer any questions you may have.”
The old woman nodded and softly caressed her husband’s cheek, planting a kiss on his forehead. He grabbed her hand on his and smiled at her. You felt your hand brush against Jisung’s and he grabbed it, squishing it softly in between his.
“Thank you for everything.”
You nodded and smiled at them. “We’ll be here if you need us.”
Jisung let go of your hand and the two of you walked out of the room, walking side by side. He glanced at you occasionally, but you avoided his gaze. Even though he was no longer holding your hand, it still felt like it.
“I think that went well,” he said after a while when you reached Seungmin’s desk. Today was his day off, so in his place was an older nurse. You returned the chart to her, ordered some more exams, and she smiled politely at all of your requests.
“Let’s wait for their answer. Then we’ll say if it went well or not.”
Jisung nodded, shoving his hands on his pockets, and after thanking the nurse, the two of you started to make your way to the locker room. However, your plans were interrupted when you were greeted by a livid Lee Minho, looking at both of you with rage.
“This can’t be good,” Jisung mumbled between his teeth.
“The two of you in my office right now!” Lee Minho spoke, and you took a deep breath, followed by Jisung.
“Anything he says is never good. I wonder what he’ll be complaining about this time.”
The two of you made your way to his office, Jisung entering behind you and closing the door. You turned to look at Lee Minho who paced around his office, massaging his temples.
“What have you done?” He asked and you didn’t know if he was serious or not.
“We’ve been doing our job, doctor.” You crossed your arms and he looked at you, furious.
“What did I say about the patient?!” He asked, looking directly at Jisung. “Do you know how many requests I have of other patients that want you two specifically to be their doctors? Do you have any idea?!”
You and Jisung exchanged a confused look, and you didn’t understand what that meant, exactly.
“Every patient has the right to ask for a second opinion,” you argued, and he stopped walking. “And we have been working together because it was in the best interest of the patient. I asked Doctor Han to assist me during this transition period, as I did not feel comfortable taking the patient from him the way you intended to.”
“Then maybe you should question your medical career, Doctor Y/L/N.” Your lips parted but you closed them, afraid of saying something you might regret later. “If you cannot follow simple instructions, how can I trust you’ll do a good job at my department? Ever since you got here I have to deal with issues after issues, problems after problems… no wonder they didn’t want you at the bay hospital. You probably only brought them problems with that arrogance of yours.”
He was enjoying this, you could tell. Below that layer of anger, there was satisfaction in his words, Lee Minho had been waiting for the perfect moment to let you know how he truly felt about you. He expected them to bother you, but you were used to this. Jisung however, was ready to throw hands at him. You grabbed his wrist to prevent him from leaving your side and doing something stupid.
“Old habits die hard, Doctor Lee Minho,” you kept your calm composure, just to make him even more furious. You also wanted to enjoy this as well. “I will not admit that you diminish my medical career just because I don’t follow your rules. I chose to leave the bay hospital for personal reasons. And you accepted me because you know I am good at my job, probably the best at what I do in this hospital. Offend me all you want, but do not offend my medical career. I worked hard to get where I am, and I will not change just because it does not fit your agenda.” You took a deep breath and let go of Jisung’s wrist, walking to the door. You opened it and turned around to look at Lee Minho. “I will keep being arrogant and bringing you issues and problems. I won’t change just because you expect me to. Have a good day.”
You left the office and closed the door behind you, glancing at a watch nearby. Your shift was about to end, but you wanted to eat something before heading home. You checked the change on your pocket as you walked to the vending machines on this floor of the hospital. Jisung left Lee Minho’s office and joined you, letting out an angry sigh.
“I can’t believe him,” he shook his head. “Like… what is his problem? Can’t he just let us do our job?”
“He’s jealous and upset,” you finally had enough change in your palm to buy something. “And he doesn’t like it when people tell him like it is.”
The two of you stopped by a vending machine and you bought something and asked Jisung if he wanted something. He shook his head and leaned on the wall, looking at you as you opened the package, struggling slightly. He let out a soft laugh and gestured to the package.
“Let me open it,” he said, walking closer to you. You extended it to him, and he quickly opened it. “There you have it.”
“Thank you.”
As you snacked on the food from the vending machine, Jisung remained silent, but he never left your side. People passed by the two of you and you would smile and greet them, and oftentimes they would whisper amongst themselves. You tried not to notice but it was becoming harder.
“Have dinner with me tomorrow,” Jisung spoke seemingly out of nowhere. “There’s this new restaurant and I’d like to go there with you.”
You gulped as his eyes remained on you, expecting an answer. Part of you hoped that this was just a dinner between friends, and not something more. You didn’t want to ruin what you had. What you had was good and it made you feel safe.
“Sure,” you said, smiling at him. “Let’s have dinner tomorrow.”
— 💙 —
The restaurant where Jisung had brought you to was a lovely place. It had a simple, but classic decoration and you were glad you had chosen to wear something more casual but elegant for tonight’s dinner. Jisung also had dressed up nicely, opting for a buttoned-up shirt and some denim jeans and a blazer. You were used to seeing him in a white coat, so this was pleasant. He was a stylish man, besides being all those other wonderful things that you had learned to appreciate over time.
Still, there was this strange atmosphere between the two of you that you couldn’t get past. The more you noticed, the more you realized what this dinner entailed, what would probably happen.
You chatted throughout the entire dinner about yourselves and the things you had in common and every time he had the chance, Jisung complimented you. First, it was your outfit, then your hair, and when those were already said, he moved to your smile, your eyes, your laugh.
“What are you doing, Jisung?” You asked him directly at one point, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he took a sip of his drink and shrugged, smiling at you.
“I am just stating what I see.”
But he didn’t see it, did he? He didn’t see that at each of his compliments the distance between you was growing, that you were smiling less, laughing less as dinner went on. You looked at him as if asking him to not say anything else, to not make this even harder than it had to be.
You were here having dinner with him, but your mind was constantly going to your past. As to how you could be sharing this meal with Jaehyun, how you could be laughing with him, holding hands with him.
And yes, you had asked him to leave you alone, to never find you again, and you had cut all ties with him, but it was hard to not admit to yourself that some part of you still longed for him. Part of you wondered if you weren’t trying to fill that void with Jisung, while you were thinking it came from someone else.
After dinner was over, you decided to walk for a while together, before each of you went your separate ways. You walked side by side, glancing at the window-shops and pointing at objects that made you smile. It was your first time exploring these streets, you hadn’t had the chance yet as you were always at the hospital, resting, or doing something else.
Everything around here was quieter than the bay area. There, at this time of the night, tourists had taken over the main streets and were constantly taking pictures and posing at the local landmarks, stalling most of the resident’s way home. Here, the streets were not as crowded and you could walk next to each other while listening to each other clearly. You enjoyed that, although it did make your thoughts a little too loud for your taste.
Jisung took you to some of his favourite places in the city. A bakery that was closed at this time of the day, but that he said had the best-baked goods he ever tasted. The local cinema had a few movies for you to watch, but none of them was interesting to the both of you. A small bookstore where Jisung introduced you to the owner, who promised to give you discounts from that moment forward. You ended up buying three books that Jisung gladly carried in a recyclable bag you always had with you.
Your final stop was a vinyl store where he gushed over his favourite artists and told you which albums he had bought and which ones he had on his wishlist. You tried to remember the album covers so you could come back here and buy him one as a birthday gift. Or just as a gift, for no special occasion.
When your tour ended, Jisung decided to drive you home. You insisted on taking public transportation, but he said that if he had his car, he could drive you home. He presented pretty good arguments, such as not having to wait for the bus to arrive, stopping right in front of your door, and of course, the company.
“And let’s not forget the comfort as well,” he said just as a last one if you weren’t convinced yet. “My car is very comfortable. You should test it for yourself.”
You rolled your eyes and nodded. “Fine. Drive me home, I’ll give you the directions.”
With Jisung on the driver’s seat and you next to him, the two of you made your way to your apartment. It didn’t take long before you recognized the building where your rented apartment stood.
“Over there,” you signalled a parking spot to Jisung and he nodded, driving there.
He parked the car and turned off the engine, the silence taking over. You gulped and slowly removed your seatbelt, and he did the same.
“Thank you for the ride,” you smiled at him. “I’ll… get going now. Good night.”
“I’ll go with you,” you tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary, but he was already opening the car door.
You took a deep breath and exited, Jisung following you as you walked to your building, hands in his pockets.
“I had fun tonight,” you said, trying to keep the silence at bay. “The food was nice, the tour was entertaining and you’re right, the seats of your car are comfortable.”
He nodded and the two of you stopped, and you turned to look at him, smiling. Jisung gulped and took a few steps closer to you, but you didn’t move backwards.
“I want to do this again,” he said, a shy smile on his lips. He didn’t take his eyes from yours as he said it. “But…”
He walked closer to you and grabbed your hand in his. You gulped, your eyes looking at your hands together.
Don’t say it, Jisung. Not yet. Don’t.
“I… don’t want us to do it just as friends, Y/N. Or coworkers. I…” You looked back at him, knowing what he was about to say next. He smiled and took another step closer to you, caressing your cheek. “I love you, Y/N. And…”
He didn’t finish. Maybe it was the confusion in your eyes that caused him to take a step back, to drop your hand. Maybe it was your breathing that failed you or your trembling lip. Or maybe it was something else.
Not yet. Not yet. You shouldn’t have said it. Not yet.
Your thoughts were loud, and your lips were parted as if to let words out, but you couldn’t say anything. What were you supposed to say? What were you supposed to do?
“I…” You gulped and looked away from him. “I… don’t know what to do.”
It sounded like a cry for help because it was. You wanted to love Jisung, and you wanted to let him love you, but right now, in the back of your mind, you were struggling with doubt and insecurities.
What if you said yes to him, given him your all, and the same thing happened again? You couldn’t avoid thinking about Jaehyun and what had happened between the two of you. It wasn’t that you saw Jaehyun in Jisung, they couldn’t be more different. But you couldn’t help but fear that the same thing would happen. And you couldn’t love Jisung halfway. You didn’t want to love with doubt or fear. But if you said yes right now, that would happen.
Jisung was stunned as he looked at you. You gulped, looking him in the eyes, trying not to cry. You didn’t want to do this, but Jisung deserved better. Not some heartbroken woman who still hadn’t gotten over her ex-fiancé, who would use him to get over someone.
“We should keep things as they are,” you finally said, the words struggling to come out. “It’s for the best…”
There was so much you wanted to tell him. How you reciprocated his feelings, how you were feeling conflicted and confused. How you didn’t want to give him just half of you, how you were still healing, trying to get over everything that had happened. And yet, you didn’t say anything.
You watched as he gulped and let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his neck. He didn’t say anything else and just nodded as he turned around and walked back to his car. You waited to see him if he would turn around, be he didn’t. You wanted to go after him, but your feet were glued to the ground. You wanted to scream, ask him to come back, but the words didn’t come.
It was only when he drove away that something came out of your mouth. A sob that you couldn’t muffle with your hands.
You had broken his heart, you knew that was a given.
But you had broken yours too. And that you hadn’t expected. At least, not like this.
— 💙 —
When you got to the hospital, you went straight to the locker room, hoping you’d find Jisung there. Last night had been something that you couldn’t wrap your head around and for some reason, you wanted to see him. You had to see him, you had to explain yourself to him. You had spent most of your night thinking of the right way to say what you were feeling but every time you looked at yourself in the mirror, words didn’t come out. You were stunned, unable to express what you were thinking, feeling. It was frustrating.
The locker room remained quiet as a couple of your coworkers got ready for their shift, offering you polite smiles that you had a hard time reciprocating. You took your time getting ready, your heart jumping from your chest every time the door opened, only to get back to a normal heartbeat when you saw it wasn’t Jisung. People left to do their work and after waiting for more than enough, you decided you also had to go to work. You opened the door and walked outside, finding Seungmin at his desk.
“Good morning to you, doctor Y/L/N.” He looked at you and fixed his glasses, an inquiring expression on his face. “Did something happen? You look… distressed.”
That was too kind of him. You sighed and leaned on the counter. “Is Jisung here?”
“Date went well?” He asked curiously. The soft smile on his face faded and he gulped. “Date didn’t go well?”
“Is he here?” You asked, trying to keep the urgency away from your voice. “I need to talk to him.”
Seungmin shook his head, giving you a sympathetic look. “He’s… not coming today. Claimed he wasn’t feeling physically well.”
“Thank you, Seungmin.” You sighed and glanced at the charts on his desk. “I will make my rounds, then.”
He nodded and you tried your best to get distracted by work. You went to see a few of your patients that were recovering from surgeries, some that would have surgeries soon, and others who were paying a visit so you could see how they were doing, if they needed new medication or new exams ordered.
At lunch, you went to eat at the cafeteria, hoping that the noise would drown your thoughts. It didn’t work, because not even Changbin’s and Chan’s non-stop conversation was able to distract you from the loudness of your mind.
After your long shift at the hospital, you just wanted to go home. Today had been an exhausting day and your emotions were still on edge. Right now, you couldn’t wait to get home and eat something delicious and comforting.
You pressed the elevator button, and stepped back slightly, being careful to not get in the way of those who were working at this time of the day.
“Already on your way home?” Jisung’s voice made your heartbeat increase. You slowly turned around to find him glancing over a chart on his hand. He avoided your gaze, he didn’t even dare to look at you.
“My shift is over. I think I deserve some rest,” you spoke more harshly than you intended. Not wanting to give away your true feelings was becoming exhausting.
“Well, I can only wish you a happy rest, then.” Without adding anything else, he continued his way to the corridor and didn’t look back at you, not even once.
You sighed, watching as his figure moved away as if slipping through your fingers. So this was how it was going to be from now on? A strange atmosphere where you spoke in half words, didn’t share smiles or jokes, didn’t look at each other. Was this keeping things as they were before? No. It was the furthest thing from it.
This was pain. You weren’t even sure if you were thankful that at least he had spoken and acknowledged you, or if you should feel devastated because the good you shared with him was now gone.
Part of you wondered if he had moved on already. You were on the verge of letting the past go, maybe embracing the present. But it was going to take some time, you weren’t sure how long, but part of you wished you had that answer. Heartbreak is something you don’t get over quite easily.
However, you weren’t sure what heartbreak were you getting over right now. The one from last night, or the one from a couple of months ago.
— 💙 —
Jisung avoided you as much as he could. In the morning, he arrived earlier and stopped adding sticky notes to your locker. At lunch, he went your opposite way: if you were in the common room, he would go to the cafeteria. If you were at the cafeteria, he would go to the common room. It was painful for him to look at you, to try to make sense of what had happened.
He thought… he could’ve sworn you were on the same page about your feelings for each other. Jisung saw the way you looked at him, how you smiled at him, how you laughed with him. How you enjoyed his company, his presence as much as he did yours. So why didn’t you love him? What was the reason, what was he missing?
Wasn’t he enough when his heart was practically yours?
The hardest part of this all was the patients he shared with you. You oftentimes had discussions that turned into arguments about what was best. He didn’t listen to you, and he wondered if you listened to him. It became such a terrible environment that Jisung and you would often ask Seungmin to keep each other informed on what the other one was doing.
“You need to solve this,” Seungmin shook his head and gave Jisung some documentation for him to sign. “I am tired of acting like a messenger. I didn’t become a nurse to deal with this.”
“Do you have a better idea?” Jisung signed the papers and returned them to Seungmin. “I think we’re doing well. It could be worst.”
“Oh, it certainly could be worse, of course! Like you could come to work crying and pouting, and she could be screaming at you every day and refuse to work with you! It could be worse!” Seungmin rolled his eyes and fixed his glasses, looking Jisung in the eyes. “Are you a mature adult or a big child?”
Jisung sighed, taking in the comment of his friend. It was true, the way you two were behaving was probably extremely embarrassing to look at from the outside. There was an effort from both of you to look past what had happened, but some things are not easily forgotten. When Jisung looked at you, he went back to that night, to your rejection at his raw feelings that he thought you reciprocated.
How could something so wonderful crash down so violently like this?
He didn’t know if he was an idiot for not getting over you. Even if he avoided you, he still couldn’t help but glance your way when you were smiling, he couldn’t help but feel his heart getting wilder when he heard your laugh, he couldn’t help but long for you. Whenever you found him looking at you, your expression would quickly change into something that Jisung could only describe as pain, sorrow, or sadness. He would quickly look away, but your eyes remained on him. He didn’t dare to look back at you, afraid of what looking into your eyes would cause in him.
“I’ll think about it,” He eventually answered Seungmin, who was back on his chair, typing on his computer. “Is she at the locker room?”
Seungmin gave Jisung a glare and rolled his eyes. “I don’t know. My job is not to keep track of Y/N’s movements, you know? Figure it out yourself. I won’t help any of you anymore.”
Jisung rolled his eyes and walked to the locker room, hoping that he wouldn’t find you there and that his return home would be somewhat peaceful. When he entered, he found the small space empty and took a deep breath. He walked to his locker and opened it but quickly noticed a small, folded paper on the bottom, something he didn’t have there this morning. He looked around the room, making sure he was alone, and after grabbing it, he unfolded it.
It didn’t take him long to recognize your handwriting. You had made an effort to make it readable, and part of him couldn’t help but appreciate the effort, even if he couldn’t smile at it. He sighed, his eyes going over what you had written him. It wasn’t a pun, or a fact, or a terrible drawing. It was something that he had said to you the first time you two met.
I may be tough to crack, and hard to understand, but you did get to my heart.
Jisung gulped, reading your words over and over again, trying to make some sense of it. What was this supposed to mean? He wasn’t sure if this was a cruel joke from you or what it meant. He took a deep breath and as he exhaled, he ripped the paper in half and without thinking twice, threw it in the trash.
He got ready to go home and exited the locker room as quickly as he could, not looking back when he closed the door. He pressed the elevator button and waited for it to get to his floor. When it arrived, he stepped aside, giving space so people could exit and he noticed you in the small crowd.
His heart sunk in his chest as you passed by him, oblivious to his presence. He watched as you greeted Seungmin, a polite smile on your face your eyes still sad. You continued to move to the corridor and passed the locker room, causing Jisung to take a deep breath when he saw your figure disappear in the distance.
“Looking like a lost puppy won’t get her to talk to you, you know?” Seungmin’s voice brought Jisung back to reality. He cleared his throat and waved his friend goodbye and entered the elevator, watching the doors close in front of him.
He shook his head, finally understanding what he had done. Your source of contact to him, your small attempt to express your raw feelings, Jisung had thrown them in the trash like they meant nothing. He gulped, thinking again of that night.
He had told you he loved you and you asked him for everything to remain the same. And now, you had given him something, some sort of chance, and he had thrown it away, ignored it, disregarded it.
But the words remained. The message lingered. The pain settled in.
You did get to my heart, you had written him. What were you trying to tell him?
Jisung wanted to know. He needed to know if this pain was fear of closure, struggling to move on, or hope for something more.
— 💙 —
Everything in your body screamed that you needed to rest, after the long surgery in the operating room. After letting the patient's family know how everything went well and seeing their relieved faces, you went to your floor, taking the stairs. You stayed still for too long and needed to stretch your legs.
With each step, you thought about what you were going to do next. Part of you wanted to stay behind and get something from the cafeteria and eat in the common room. Another wanted to go home, shower and then go out for a drink at the local bar. Maybe that last one wasn’t such a good idea as there was a chance you might see Jisung and you didn’t want the mood to get strange.
You wondered how he was doing. He hadn’t mentioned anything about the note you dropped on his locker a couple of days ago, but you saw that he dropped it in the trash. The sight of it made you cry, but you understood Jisung’s decision. After all, hadn’t you done something similar to him? Maybe this was his way of telling you that he had moved on and that now you were only coworkers, people who saw each other in corridors, patient’s rooms, but had nothing in common other than their job.
Wasn’t it sad? Your insecurities, your worries of falling in love with someone who would break your heart had that exact effect on you. Because even if you hadn’t told Jisung you loved him, you did love him, more than you initially expected. And all of this was absolutely heartbreaking.
Still, now you knew you had missed your window. Whatever feelings Jisung had for you, they were no longer there, you were certain of it. You had to once again, move on from heartbreak, heal on your own, and hope that the next time you would fall in love wouldn’t lead to heartbreak.
After getting your stuff from the locker room, you climbed down the stairs again, avoiding the desk near the elevators. You were happy for the silence you carried with you, it helped you make sense of your thoughts for the rest of the day.
As you climbed the stairs slowly, you started to regret your decision. There were too many steps, split into many floors and you even considered catching the elevator on another floor and using it to get to the ground floor. Eventually, you reached the end of the stairs and smiled.
Mission accomplished, you thought to yourself.
You continued to walk, seeing the hospital’s main doors in front of you. A couple more steps and you would go home and rest. That’s what you needed today.
“Why the stairs?” You turned around to find Jisung catching his breath behind you. “You could’ve taken the elevator, you know?”
“I wanted to stretch my legs,” you justified, noticing how flushed his cheeks were. “Good night, Jisung.”
You turned around and started to walk, leaving him behind. Still, you heard his steps echoing behind you and you turned around once again, causing Jisung to almost fall on you. He stopped startled, and your eyes widened.
“Are you ok?” You asked him.
Spending some time away from Jisung caused you to notice how tired he looked. His cheeks were less full, and his eyes sad, not to mention that he looked distressed. You couldn’t help but be worried about him. You softly grabbed his chin and tilted his head to the side, noticing a cut on his eyebrow.
“What happened?” His lip was also slightly swollen, you noticed. “Did you get into a fight?”
“I had too much to drink,” he admitted, looking at you as you observed his face. “And I fought someone at the bar yesterday. And before you say anything,” he warned and you looked into his eyes, lips slightly parted. “I am not proud of what I did.”
You weren’t sure if his words were referring to the fight or something else. You slowly dropped your hand from his chin but didn’t move back. Part of you had missed being this close to him and you were afraid of what would happen if you stepped away from him.
“You shouldn’t be,” you answered. “You look like a wreck, you know?”
“So do you, Y/N.” Now he was the one worried, looking over your face as if looking for something.
You nodded and sighed. “I know, Jisung. I… feel like one.”
For a while, none of you said anything. There was so much you wanted to ask him, so much you wanted to explain to him, but you weren’t sure where to start or what was important right now. Everything seemed meaningful and worth sharing with him.
You missed him so much. The feeling hit in such a way that you could barely hold it together as you looked at him. Did you really have to get over him? You didn’t want to. Still, you were almost certain he had moved on and you should that too. It was for the best.
“What do you need?” You asked him, gesturing to the stairs behind him. “What is so urgent that you had to come running?”
“I… We… This…” he gestured between the two of you with a finger and sighed in desperation. “We need to solve this.”
“What do you mean?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Y/N…” He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I can’t keep doing this. I can’t… pretend that what I said to you meant nothing. I can’t… ignore what you left at my locker. I want to but… but I can’t.”
“Jisung…” He messed his hair and sighed.
“It’s hard, you know?” His eyes met yours, trying to keep his emotions to himself. But you knew him. Certain things he could no longer hide from you. “All that time, I thought you… you liked me too. And then you say that everything should remain the same. That… it was better this way. But is it?”
You opened your mouth to speak but Jisung kept going. “But then, you look at me like that. As if you… as if you didn’t mean what you said. As if… as if…”
“As if I love you.” The words left your lips as a soft whisper. You watched as Jisung nodded, all the hurt and suffering those words brought to him. He had said them to you once, but you had never said them to him.
“Yes, as if you… love me,” he concluded, the words foreign to him. “But do you? I thought you didn’t, but then you wrote me that note and now I don’t know what to think anymore. Am I seeing things? Or do you… love me… too?”
You nodded and took a step closer to him. Your fingers traced the buttons on his shirt, and you looked him in the eyes, nodding again. “I love you, Jisung. You’re not seeing things.”
There was so much more you wanted to tell him, so much you wanted to explain but right now, that didn’t matter. He cupped your face and pulled closer, brushing his lips slowly against yours before kissing you softly. He flinched and the two of you parted ways, an apologetic expression in his eyes.
“My lip…” he reminded you and you smiled softly. You kissed his cheek and his smile widened before he winced again, shaking his head. You let out a soft giggle.
“We’ll repeat this some other time.”
“Yes,” he nodded and caressed your cheek, looking into your eyes fondly. “Many more times.”
— 💙 —
Things at the hospital were better than they had been. Jisung and you were trying to find your pace between having a relationship and working together which led to a lot of stolen kisses in the locker room, and some more private notes in each other’s lockers, now hidden from everyone’s eyes.
You had expressed your feelings to Jisung and explained why on that night, you had said what you did. He had never considered your fears, or what you might have been going through, but he was glad that now he knew. You had been conflicted, worried, scared of what loving Jisung could mean to you. He wasn’t going to break your heart, that was for sure. He was yours now for you to love and to care.
Oh, and how wonderful it was to be loved by you. Jisung was so happy that he was by your side now, that he didn’t have to pretend that he didn’t admire you, or that his smile wasn’t only for you. You had to remind him that you were at your workplace, but sometimes he didn’t care.
“Just give me a kiss,” he whined, wrapping his arms around your waist behind you. “And then I’ll leave.”
“You know we’re at work, right?” You turned your head to look at him and he kissed your cheek. “Jisung!”
“It was a friendly kiss! And it’s not like people don’t know about us… in fact, I want them to know.”
You closed your locker and Jisung let go of your waist waiting for you to turn around and look at him.
“Well, people can know, but I still want our patients to trust us. We should control ourselves a little bit more.”
“Right…” Jisung walked towards you and you leaned on the locker behind you. He grinned, moving his head close to yours. “So I can’t do this here?”
“What-” He kissed your jaw softly and you slapped him on the shoulder, eyes widened. “Jisung!”
“Nobody is coming!” He pointed to the door. “Just a kiss, please.” You shook your head and crossed your arms. “Just one.”
“It’s never just one, and we know it.”
“That’s because you’re irresistible,” he whispered to your ear, and you rolled your eyes. He pouted when you looked at him. “Just one, please.”
“Fine,” you pulled him closer and kissed him softly and then let go of him, fixing the collar of his white coat, satisfied with your control. You smiled at him and warned. “Just one.”
“Yes.” He wanted more, though. He opened his mouth to speak but you quickly placed a finger on his lips.
“No, I won’t open an exception right now.”
He chuckled and shook his head, watching as you walked towards the locker room, trying to open it. You gave Jisung an upset look and he shrugged, joining you and unlocking the door.
“I told you, no one was coming…”
“I can’t believe you did this, Jisung.” You opened the door, shaking your head.
“It won’t be the last time, I can assure you of that,” he whispered to you and saw your cheeks blushing. He smiled. “I’ll let you know next time so you can… relax.”
“Jisung…” You warned. “We’re at work.”
He nodded, understanding your tone. You were right, but Jisung didn’t mind making you a little flustered in the morning. You also had your ways of teasing him, which were sometimes worse than his.
“Good morning, lovebirds.” Seungmin greeted in his unbothered tone. He studied you and then Jisung and fixed his glasses. “I have some good news for you.”
“What is it?” You asked expectantly and leaned on the counter as if to listen to him better.
“Well,” Seungmin started, glancing at Jisung again. “Lee Minho has said no to the board about them reducing the department’s budget.”
“Finally, the man does something,” you whispered so only Jisung and Seungmin could hear. “Why did he do that, though?”
“That, I don’t know. Chan told me the meeting with the administration was pretty intense.”
“Well,” Jisung cleared his throat and looked at you. “I’m sure he realized you and I would riot if he didn’t do anything, so he did something this time.”
“I’m sure it was the power of love that compelled Lee Minho to stand up to the administration…” Seungmin rolled his eyes and sighed. “Have you listened to yourself lately, Jisung?”
You laughed and patted Jisung on the shoulder, starting to walk away. He pouted as you moved away from him. “We’ll have lunch together?”
You nodded and gave him a thumbs-up before waving at him. “I’ll meet you in the common room, ok?”
“I’ll start heating your lunch for you!” He waved you goodbye, smiling brightly.
He watched as you disappeared in the corridor, already missing you.
“Just get out of my sight,” Seungmin said, gesturing with his head to the corridor. “All of this in the morning is making me sick.”
“Good thing you work at a hospital, then,” Jisung shrugged and smiled. “I feel like Y/N and I should check up on your heart, you know? I think you have a rock there instead.”
“Ha Ha, very funny doctor Han.” Seungmin rolled his eyes and returned to his work.
Jisung took this cue and did the same, looking at the clock more often than he’d like to admit, always counting down the minutes before he could be with you again.
Tumblr media
©mxxndreams 2021 Copying, reposting, translating and/or modifications of my work is strictly prohibited. Moodboard images from Pinterest. I do not own the rights to any of them, credit goes to rightful owners. If any of the images featured is yours and you’d want for it to be credited/removed, message me.
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wishingyouback · 18 days ago
memories and secrets; h. jisung
Tumblr media
warning(s): none
(not proofread either, so apologies if there are any mistakes)
"on a scale of one to ten, rate your first kiss."
it's funny to you that you're sat in the middle of your best friend's living room, with people you aren't close to but know well enough to list off their favourite colours, but you find it even more ironic that you're in the same room with someone you once used to hate with all your heart, and now don't.
"my first kiss?"
"come on, don't be shy y/n!" felix, your roommate, nudges your elbow. if you didn't love your freckled faced friend, you would've glared at him already but even if you did so, it would have no impact.
"don't pressure her 'lix, maybe she doesn't know what it is since she's never had one."
the voice from across the room makes you send daggers straight at him, but all he does is smile mockingly, even making the extra effort to wave his fingers at you.
kim seungmin was the person you used to hate.
used to, because now you find him more tolerable.
"last i checked hyunjin was asking me," you smile sarcastically. "not you."
"ouch," jisung walks back into the living room with your soda in one hand. "nice one."
"thank you," the grin jisung gives you makes your stomach do flips but you brush it off by tucking your hair behind your ear. it was the adrenaline kicking in, or maybe the sugar from your lemonade (felix was always generous).
"okay okay --" a girl you recognise from your class speaks up. her hair is bright red tonight, different from the vibrant colour she wore a day before. "come on, rate it."
you bite down the temptation to comment on her eagerness and think to yourself.
"a nine," you shrug.
"a nine?!" hyunjin seems the most surprised out of everyone, leaning forward as if he had heard you wrong. you laugh at the blond and shake your head.
"why're you so surprised!" you laugh.
jisung, who's sat next to you looks with an eyebrow raised, the feeling of his arm laying on the sofa you're leaning on doesn't go unnoticed. it makes your cheeks heat up a thousand times more, making you feel thankful that your long hair could cover it.
"are you sure you're talking about him or yourself?" he's teasing you, but the thought of him implying that you were a good kisser doesn't fly over your head. "or her, whatever your preference is."
this makes you look at him, "i'd be laughing if i talked about myself," you reply to his first comment, "it was a guy, but yeah he was a good kisser."
"wow looks like there'll be some competition." hyunjin hollers.
"i beg your pardon?" you chuckle, "the guy's a year older than me i doubt he even remembers it."
"okay so that doesn't count then," seungmin shrugs. you jerk your head back in annoyance.
"come again? who made you in charge of the rules?"
"let's spice things up," hyunjin smirks. upon hearing this, you immediately turn to glare at seungmin who feigns obliviousness.
"oh dear god," felix says beside you and you can't help but agree.
"y/n, pick one of these lovely boys to be your second, first kiss."
"my what-- second first kiss?"
"are you up for it, though?" felix, being the ever so thoughtful angel he is, checks in with you with concern. it makes your heart warm up at the gesture.
"don't worry lix, i'll be alright." you reassure, "i just don't get why that's an option."
you must've missed something because the moment you turn back to look at hyunjin his wide eyes return to their normal size and he looks like he's trying to come up with something on the spot.
too obvious.
"hyunjin," you laugh. "you good?"
"me? what- pfft, yeah! great, dandy -- seungmin could you help me carry more beer in the kitchen?" before said boy can reply, hes being pulled up by the collar and dragged into the hallway leading to the kitchen.
the others seem to follow suit, muttering up different excuses as they walk outt of te room and coincidentally, felix so happens to get a phone call from his friend back home.
"you need anything?"
"no i'm good, go ahead" you smile up at him as he pecks the top of your head and walks out of the room.
he doesn't go far, standing in the middle of the hallway that connects the living room to the dining room, but his back is facing you.
you're greeted with comforting silence as the others mingle around the house, doing god knows what. you weren't oblivious, hyunjin was obviously planning something but you were too content with sitting on the floor that you seemed to forget the person sitting on your other side.
"don't fall asleep on me now,"
jisung's raspy voice pulls you out of your thoughts, making you chuckle.
"sorry, forgot you were here for a minute."
he pouts, "ow." he places a hand on his heart in exaggeration, making you roll your eyes.
"stop that," you laugh. jisung and you have been friends for as long as you can remember, but as you grew up the two of naturally drifted apart, until college came around and you found yourself hanging out with him in between classes and even on some occasions, calling him on his breaks at work.
"so," he turns his body to face you, an arm still hanging on the sofa behind you as you look up at him. to strangers, the two of you would've looked like a couple who were enjoying the little moments together, but you weren't.
you were just two close friends, sitting in an empty living room of your friend's apartment, with the music playing softly in the background as you talked.
"so," you repeat.
the grin on his face could be described as nothing more than attractive.
extremely, attractive.
maybe it was the dim lighting behind you two.
"who's the lucky guy who got to kiss you?"
the wording of his question sends butterflies straight to your stomach, but this was jisung, you were talking to. it was natural to feel this way around him -- you think.
his question makes you stifle a laugh, "you actually wanna know?"
he looks at you as if you've asked the worlds dumbest question. "y/n, come on. i know the guys you know, i'd like to be let in on this little secret."
"it's not little," you softly laugh. "it was just a kiss with someone."
"way to narrow it down," he teases. "does felix know who it is?"
"what, no he doesn't." you turn to check if he's by the living room and he is, still on his phone. "i've never told anyone about it." you shrug.
"so i'd be the first person you'd tell?" he smirked.
"not like this you won't," you joke. after a second, you lay your head back so it's resting on his bicep.
you purse your lips to one side, contemplating the amount of hints you'd give him to make him guess.
"i thought you would've known," you start off. "i'm pretty sure it happened during senior year of high school."
his eyes widen comically, "come on, don't tease me like this." he whines.
"i'm not! i'll drop hints, okay?" he looks at you as if you're serious. "that's the most you'll get. i don't wanna explain it in full detail."
he whistles lowly, "details, alright. shoot,"
"you're pretty close to him,"
"okay," he thinks to himself. "senior year, right?"
"yep." you pop the 'p.' "narrowed it down?" there were only a handful of people jisung and you hung out with, so it wouldn't be too hard.
"okay," the way he furrows his eyebrows tells you enough about how hard he's thinking. "yeah, i have."
"i'll just give you three hints, okay?"
"this'll be easy to guess," he chuckles.
"we used to walk home together."
when the arm behind you moves, you turn to it, only to see it's jisung's fingers tapping against the sofa to count down the hints you're giving.
"ooh, i think i know who it is."
you chuckle, "good." you ponder the next question, "he used to wear this shirt all the time and i think you told him it was ugly."
at this, jisung jerks his head back. "now why would i tell someone their shirt is ugly?"
you shrug, "i don't know, i said it but you agreed to it at the time."
"sure," he sits up properly. "last hint?"
"we went to homecoming together too,"
you wait for jisung to think through his options first, cancelling out the ones he had ready in his head until he suddenly tilts his head down to look at you. somehow the way he's holding your gaze makes you feel ten times smaller but at the same time, it makes your heart beat quicker than it does when you're running.
you take a second, out of hesitation, to reply but then you nod your head as you bite your lip.
"and it happened during homecoming?"
you nod your head again.
the atmosphere around you feels thick and it suddenly becomes ten times hotter, but you think that's because hyunjin switched off the air-conditioning after he walked out of the room, leaving you and jisung to sit here with no cool air.
if there was any way to describe how you feel right now, it would be worried, embarrassed and maybe even upset for telling him, because right now, he hasn't given any reaction which isn't like him at all -- not even in the slightest.
"did i say something wrong?" his eyes are scanning your face, as if trying to find out if you're lying or not but when they return to look into your eyes, he finally breaks out into a smile.
"you didn't," he breathes out and it makes you release a breath too, not even realising you were holding it. "so he really you kissed at homecoming?"
you hum.
"alright," he turns his body to face you completely, "would you do it again?"
his question makes you feel taken aback, but despite the surprise on your face you slowly nod your head.
"i guess so," you furrow you're eyebrows, "i would."
"wow," he goes back to his carefree attitude and jokingly pokes your sides. "rated him a nine and even said you'd kiss him again. you sure you're not being kind?"
you scoff, "my first kiss could've gone way worse okay? i'm just glad he doesn't remember it."
"how do you know that?" he raises an eyebrow.
"i just do," you laugh. "if he remembered it i'm sure it'd be pretty awkward right now."
"stop talking."
and before you could even register what was happening, the han jisung was gliding his hand up your chin, letting it rest on your jawline as he cupped it so gently that it felt almost comforting to lean into his palm as his plump lips landed directly on your lightly glossed lips.
this was without a doubt, a huge turn from the conversation you were previously having, but you find yourself kissing him back, moving your hand up to hold his wrist as his arm that's behind you, moves to wrap around your shoulder. you don't know how long it's been since you last kissed jisung, in fact, you weren't even sure if your first kiss with him was even at homecoming, you just knew it was at a dance, but the one thing you remembered, despite the long years spent apart, was that jisung was a good kisser, and nothing had changed since then.
"trust me sweetheart, i'd never forget a kiss like that."
the blush is now evident on your cheeks, and jisung coos at how adorable you look under the dim lighting the two of you are sat in as he tucks away your baby hairs behind your ear.
"how was this one?"
"hm," you grin playfully as his thumb caresses your jaw. "an eight."
"only?" you nod your head, making him sigh. "guess my skills haven't improved have they?"
"it's alright," you shrug and play with the hem of his shirt, "you're already my second first kiss so i won't forget you so easily." your comment makes him want to hide his head in the nape of your neck but instead he pushes his tongue against his cheek.
"and also," you look up at him, finding the closeness of his face to yours slightly intimidating, "that shirt wasn't ugly."
you're unable to stop the giggle that's leaving your lips, and jisung has to fight back the urge to kiss you again.
"it was to me."
"i'm sure it was, i'm sure."
a/n: written also on a whim because i couldn't sleep. i don't think this was one of my 'best' works, but still i've been meaning to write a han imagine so im quite content with it ^^
like always, if you've read this far; thank you so much, i hope you enjoyed it x
you are loved, always
and ily, always
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gdaychan · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
cocoa | han jisung
pairing: han jisung x gender neutral reader genre: romance, established relationship, it’s soft yall wc: 650 warnings: excessive softness
a/n: will she ever stop writing soft jisung they ask. the answer is no
I didn’t finish this on time for jisung’s birthday so happy belated bday baby ❤️ (sorry felix)
Tumblr media
It’s still dark out when you wake, hand reaching out across the sheets and finding nothing but empty space. Sleepy and confused, you pull yourself over to the edge of the bed and stumble to your feet. There’s a faint light right at the end of the hall, and the familiar low hum of the microwave. One hand running along the wall to guide you in the dark, you follow the sound all the way to your dimly lit kitchen.
Jisung sits at the table in semi-darkness, his hair falling across his eyes as he scrolls through his phone without really seeing. At the sound of your approaching footsteps, he looks up, eyes wide and apologetic.
“Hi, baby,” he says in a soft voice. He reaches for you as you trail towards him and slip easily into the circle of his arms as he pulls you onto his lap.
You let out a hum, and gently nose into his hair before pressing a sleepy kiss to the side of his head. “Everything okay?” You murmur.
“Mm,” is all he says, and tightens his arms around your middle to settle your weight more firmly against him.
You lightly graze your fingernails against the back of his head. He leans into the touch with a long exhale, his eyes falling shut. You stay there for a few moments, just breathing quietly against each other as the microwave drones softly behind you. When it starts to beep, Jisung runs a hand up your back to encourage you to sit up.
“Want some cocoa?” He asks when you’ve lifted your face to look at him. You debate your answer for a moment. On one hand—yes, you would very much like some cocoa. On the other hand—the idea of moving from your current position is not appealing at all.
Jisung seems to understand this without being told. He leans in and smiles against your lips before hoisting you up and standing with you bundled in his arms, legs around his waist. You can’t help the giddy laugh that overcomes you as you’re carried over to the kitchen counter.
He sets you down without really letting go, reaching over your head to get the cocoa mix out from the cupboard. You watch as he takes the mug from the microwave, spooning chocolate into hot milk on the counter next to you.
“What woke you up?” You ask quietly as the dark cocoa swirls into the milk.
Jisung shrugs. “Brain just going too fast, I guess.”
You push his hair back from his face, waiting for him to look up before giving him a reassuring smile.
“Sorry if I woke you,” he murmurs.
You shake your head, pulling him in to nuzzle his cheek. “You didn’t. My Jisung senses were tingling.”
Jisung huffs out a breathy laugh. His hand squeezes your hip. “Your Jisung senses were right.”
“Mm, they're never wrong.”
He pulls back after leaving a soft kiss at the corner of your mouth. You smile, and his whole face brightens in response. As he lifts the mug of hot cocoa off the counter and holds it between you, you wrap your hands around the bottom half of the mug, shivering with the sudden warmth.
Steam curls in the air in front of you, rich and sweet with chocolate. You take turns sipping from either side of the mug, laughing occasionally when chocolate ends up on someone’s lip.
It’s still dark out by the time the mug is cold and empty, abandoned somewhere to the side in exchange for cocoa-flavoured kisses. Your fingers press gently behind Jisung’s ears, and he breathes out slowly before catching your lips in another quiet kiss.
“Ready to go back to bed?”
Jisung nods, eyes still closed, his forehead resting against yours. You take him by the hand, and he lets himself be pulled along, back to bed and tucked into your arms.
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lemon-boy-stan · a month ago
you're on your period - skz reaction
even more sweet and caring than usual
he makes sure to stock up with all your favourite foods and comfort items (eg. pillows, blankets, hot water bottles, plushies)
he babies you a lot too
he's not uncomfortable getting you pads or tampons, he knows your favourite brands.
he does his best to cater for you, whether it be movies or meals
he'll either give you lots of space or lots of cuddles, depending on what you want.
Tumblr media
spends as much time with you as he can
tries to get your mind off things when you have bad cramps
lets you do what you want and gives you as much space as you need
holds your hand a lot, if you want to
remains calm when you yell at him because he knows you don't mean it
lets you hog the cats
and the food
and the couch
and literally everything else in the vicinity
he doesn't care, so long as you're happy.
he's pretty chill.
Tumblr media
doesn't really get this period stuff
he's a total guy about it
he just kind of leaves you to your own devices
he'll get you pads and tampons, though
he lets you wear his clothes because he knows the smell comforts you when you have cramps
in all honesty, he thinks it's cute and you should definitely steal his clothes more.
he doesn't mind period sex, but only if you're comfortable.
sometimes he may get frustrated with your mood swings
but he gets used to them eventually
he probably has your cycle marked on his phone as a reminder
Tumblr media
he uses humor as a coping mechanism
so his goal is to make you laugh and smile even when you feel like shit
but that's not surprising
he doesn't mind running around to get you things
he likes to cuddle with you, too
spooning with jisung is the best kind of spooning when he's the big spoon
when you have bad cramps, he's literally a human hot water bottle.
Tumblr media
he's still a sweet guy
he'll make sure to tread lightly around you, though, in case you suddenly yell at him, uwu
he wouldn't even think of period sex
"i'm sorry, baby, but i think we've gotta wait. just to be safe, okay?"
he looks after you like a nurse looks after their patient
he may get hurt or upset when you yell at him but he comes to his senses and cuddles you immeadietly
he's so cute
Tumblr media
honestly, he's really childish about periods
he thinks you have cooties
he won't go near you at all, which is really annoying when all you want him to do is flop his long body on you and keep you safe and warm
hyunjin just doesn't like the idea of blood coming out of the same place he puts his tongue and dick, that's all
he's kind of useless, tbh
Tumblr media
brownie boy to the rescue
felix is here to bake you the best sweet treats and delicacies
he also likes to cover you in cuddles and kisses
he'll watch all your favourite shows and eat all your favourite foods
he'll buy lots of ice cream
sure, he can be annoying at times but his kindness makes up for it
Tumblr media
freaks out the first few times
but gradually, he gets better
he buys lots of ice cream and lollies
he follows you around even more than usual
he's not phased at all when you yell at him because he knows you don't mean it
he offers to cook for you but you end up getting takeaway instead, innie isn't the best chef out there.
he sees your period as the biggest opportunity to spoil you, so you can expect lots of gifts and cuddles.
Tumblr media
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staysuki · 22 days ago
the best friend code | han jisung fic
Tumblr media
pairing: reader x han jisung | bestfriends to lovers
genre: fluff, non idol au
word count: 1.6k
warnings: suggestive remarks
synopsis: you and your best friend have a set of rules you follow to maintain your boundary of friendship. it's always been easier that way, but rules have always been meant to be broken.
Tumblr media
back when you two were young and impressionable pre-pubescent children, you've always been left to your own devices by your parents. both trustworthy kids who just like to play with each other and not cause any trouble.
by the time you two got tired of playing house, you remember lounging on the couch, turning on the tv and snickering to each other whenever you'd switch to the "adult" channels.
and no, not that kind of adult.
the kind of "adult" channel filled with boring news segments and wacky game shows— but the part you and jisung always waited for were the primetime shows: the cheesy afternoon dramas and the angsty telenovelas about broken families that had plot twists per episode.
because of this, your young minds had been plagued with unrealistic standards of how relationships work.
what scarred the two of you the most were the never ending reruns of classic romantic tragedies.
you guys always see two people start as friends then fall in love then end up breaking up, hearts broken, friendship no longer mended.
you remember finishing a certain movie and the two of you cried for minutes before deciding on a pact:
don't fall in love with each other so that you'd stay together.
as you grew up side by side, you kept true to the rules, though as you started developing mature minds, you realized how ridiculous that pact was. it was a contract written by two 7 year olds, it was bound to be childish.
nonetheless, it ended up with the two of you being a bit awkward when having to navigate through these rules as adults.
Tumblr media
rule number one: no cuddling at all whatsoever, touching is gross and weird
"wanna huddle up on the couch while we watch rick and morty?" jisung asked, spreading his arms over the couch, urging you to sit beside him.
"that's not even a cuddle-together type of show."
"bitch, who said we were cuddling?"
you rolled your eyes, plopping down on the empty space right next to him and he immediately wrapped his arms over your shoulder, pulling you into his body. though jisung was naturally affectionate, the times he'd do this kind of thing was closer to being rare— not that he didn't like cuddling, you two just grew up not ever touching each other at all.
"this is cuddling."
"really? i couldn't tell."
Tumblr media
rule number two: don't cook for each other, only husband and wife do that!!
"y/n~ when are you gonna make me ramdon?"
"jisung, they're literally just two different kinds of instant noodles mixed together, i think you can make that on your own." you replied, barely looking away from the tv as he whined beside you.
"you sure about that?" he challenged, making you pause for a bit. you knew how abhorrent he was in the kitchen and god-forbid he tries to burn down his apartment.
that night, you found yourself grumbling to yourself as you watched han jisung devour an entire plate of ramdon in front of you, not bothering to offer you some as you see his cheeks getting stuffed full with the noodles.
out of spite, you grabbed a fork and took all of the chopped steak that you added in, doing so in an insane speed that even your best friend couldn't stop.
he started to protest, "yah! that's mine!"
"i'm literally the one who made this."
Tumblr media
rule number three: don't do anything to each other that you'd do with a love partner
"happy anniversary!!" jisung appeared from the door, a conniving smile on his face as he gave you a tight hug, spinning you around as if you haven't seen each other in years— it's only been five hours.
"it's our 21st anniversary, since we started being friends."
"don't we already celebrate this. twice a year. on our, you know, birthdays." you remarked, knowing that you were one of those rare people that have been together since you were born. quite literally so.
"well yeah, but y'know."
"how do you even know the exact date of our friendship."
"i asked my mom when they started introducing us and apparently it was a few months after you were born, specifically today."
"ahhuh, and you chose to start celebrating this today because?" doubt dripped from your voice as you addressed this question.
"can i have some money for subway."
"fuck you, no."
"but it's our anniversary!"
you ended up ordering subway sandwiches and binging netflix together on the couch.
Tumblr media
rule number four: dates should come first before friendship
you walked out your room for the first time after 12 hours, cramming on procrastinated studies although mostly just taking power naps to keep your motivation for school going. you weren't sick, but you were definitely stressed out.
you see a well-dressed jisung raiding your kitchen, watching him snack on your groceries.
you knew this routine of his, it's his 'eat first so that i don't look like a slob during a date and also i don't have to pay for an expensive meal for myself'—also known as jisung's life hack to dating in college.
"special night?" you asked, catching the whiff of his special perfume reserved for date nights. he's the kind who gets different scents for different occasions. one time, he even had a different cologne for hook-ups.
"yup. someone from a different department. you good?"
you shrug, feeling meh. "yeah, just stressing out with homework and projects."
"how you holding up?"
"after one day, i've done an admirable job with two out of thirteen assessments."
"bitch, this is why i told you to like, stop procrastinating, mate."
you flipped him off, thoroughly ashamed with being caught in 4k at being bad in school.
"get your laptop, i'll help you out." he says, making your eyebrows shot up in surprise. you know that jisung had always been the smarter one between the two of you, and the more hardworking one at that.
"wouldn't you be late for your date?"
he shrugs off his jacket, waving you off nonchalantly. "i'll reschedule, it's fine."
it wasn't rare that he'd help you out, but it was the first time he'd blow off a date to do so.
Tumblr media
rule number five: no sleeping on the same bed
it was a cold night, the storm booming outside your window as thunder sounded every so often. you cozied up on your blanket, finding comfort in the warmth before you slowly start drifting back to sleep— until you heard the door creak open, footsteps following the sound and a shifting of the other side of your bed as the figure had finally approached.
you knew exactly who it was as your bestfriend always crashed on your couch whenever he felt like it. however, you didn't know why he suddenly cuddled up next to you.
he let out a small hum as you felt the vibration from his speech behind your back as he snuggled up closer, big spooning you, "mm."
"is the couch too uncomfortable for you now?"
"no. i just thought you wanted to be next to someone, you're afraid of thunder right?"
all drowsiness seemed to drain away from your brain as you sat up to turn around and face him with a confused expression, slightly taken aback with how he forgot something about you, "i— what. i stopped being scared of thunder ever since we were ten, idiot."
"is that so? oh well, i'm here now anyways, too lazy to get up." he shrugged, pulling you back to your sleeping position, though this time, you were now too wide awake to attempt going back to sleep.
"whatever, dork."
—rule number six: always be together forever
the noise of the storm was drowned out by the sound of your beating heart. wild and fast as it treaded on uncharted territory— cuddling in bed during a storm with han jisung.
you felt like you needed to say something to ease the awkwardness but quite frankly, you didn't want to embarrass yourself in case he was already asleep. but you were proven false when he decided to speak up instead. "i lied."
"what now."
"i know you're not afraid of thunder anymore." he said, and you could almost hear the cheeky grin on his face.
"if you wanted the bed, you could've just said so."
"no, i wanted to sleep next to you."
"i wonder why."
"i don't know, idiot," you rolled your eyes, though with your back turned to him, he wouldn't even be able to tell. instead, you felt his arms wrap tighter around your waist, pulling you even impossibly closer to his space.
"because i love you, that's why."
"well, i love you too, i mean, we've been together since—"
"no, y/n, i'm in love with you."
"wha— b-but the rules—" the confession making you sit up and turn towards him, your eyes almost bulging out of it's socket as you stumbled over your words. you felt like if you spoke any more, you'd feel your heart be thrown up from your chest with it's erratic beating, you swear it's moving out of place.
"y/n, screw the rules, we made those when we were literal children. i think we're enough of an adult at this point to know what we both want and how to make it work."
"i guess?"
"pshh, please, i know you want me too." once again, he pulled you down towards him, but this time, you were facing each other, your noses inches apart from touching as your breaths mingled in the small space between.
if you kept the eye contact with him, you were pretty sure you'd lose your composure more than it already is so you opted to roll your eyes once again because this time he could actually see you do it, "well, maybe, but if you keep being cocky about it then i might change my mind."
"i'm kidding~ can i have a good night kiss now."
"you can kiss my ass."
"patience, y/n, we'll get to that."
Tumblr media
a/n: just writing the short one-shot fics while i'm on break ^^;
mastertag: @leagreenly @geniejunn @90s-belladonna @loveliebri
networks: @ficscafe
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sunshinelixie-lee · 2 days ago
your vote pt.1
like m8, stop procrastinating ch.4
a series by @0x1lovebot and @sunshinelixie-lee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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taglist: @danielol @grassbutneo @taecup-ontrack @oifelixcmerebrou @0x1lovebot @zenzedana
♡taglist is open♡
© 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. 0x1lovebot and sunshinelixie-lee.
♡☂︎✿☁♡☂︎✿☁♡☂︎✿☁♡☂︎✿☁♡☂︎✿☁ {{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}} ♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡ -Xie💫
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sage-brownie · 17 days ago
with Han (SKZ)
warnings: fluff. couldn’t get fluffier, mood/sad Han
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you had just arrived at the JYP Entertainment Studio, and as you greeted the staff, you were led to the Stray Kids dance room, making sure not to get noticed by the other artists, because your relationship with Han wasn’t very public yet. You arrived and noticed the whole team training, except Han, who sat idly on the floor, typing aggressively on his phone. it was odd, usually he’d be the one yelling at everyone, making them all laugh by doing something goofy, or training as well. and of course taking a break was necessary but something seemed off about him, he seemed out of it as his furrowed eyebrows and pout on his lips were visible from where you stood
was he okay? you thought. Han didn’t seem to notice you at first, so you took that as an opportunity to talk to Chan
“hi Chan” you whispered, tapping him 
He looked up at you, back at Han, then at you again, before he smiled
“Hey Y/n” he said pointing with his thumb towards Han “Han’s over there y’know”
“i know that” you smiled “is he...okay?”
“i don’t know” Chan sighed “none of us do really, he’s been like that all day” 
“ah, i see” you said “i’ll go talk to him then”
“okay, bye” Chan said with a smile (he’s so cute pls i can’t☹︎) 
you waved goodbye to him and smiled and waved to the others as you made your way to Han, who finally noticed you as he saw a pair of converse pause before his own. he looked up at you, face without any emotion as he said nothing waiting for you to speak
yeah. something was definitely wrong with him 
“hey baby, let’s go” you said, stretching your hand out for him
he put his phone in his pocket and took your hand as you pulled him up. he immediately brought you into a hug and placed his head in your shoulder, mumbling inaudible words
“i missed you too” you laughed 
he broke apart from you and gave you a small smile
“let’s get out of here”
after he had said goodbye to his teammates, who were still worried about him, and dragged you aside telling you to make sure you tell them everything, you got home at 6:15pm. Han didn’t let you take your shoes off as he dragged you to the bed, making it comfortable for him to sit on before he placed you on his lap. he then buried his head in the crook of your neck, you ran your hand through his hair as he sighed in content
“i really missed you” he mumbled into your neck 
you hummed in agreement and kissed his temple
“do you wanna talk about…what happened?”
he gently shook his head as you said an ‘okay’ and began telling him about your day, rubbing his head throughout. you even added a couple of jokes and silly remarks just to make him snort, smile or laugh, so he rewarded you with smooches to your neck and shoulder after each one. when you were done he finally lifted his head and looked at you with the most adorable face ever, he put his hands out in the space between you, a code you both knew for when he wanted to hold your cheeks but was to shy to do so, so you complied, placing your face in his hands
“i love you, i really needed that” he whispered as he glanced back and forth at your eyes and lips
“i love you too” you smiled “just make sure you tell me what’s going on with you later, i only want to help, kay?”
“kay” he said before going in for your lips
after you broke apart, you let go of his hair, before you placed chaste kisses on his nose and cheeks making noises like ‘mwah, mwah!’ in the act, he laughed as he lay you both down, holding you to his chest
“i really love you, Y/n, you know that?”
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dwaekkilftv · 2 months ago
Hi! Could I please request a skz reaction to their s/o fainting easily? Like just from standing up too long, being on her period, heat etc. Thank you so much and have a nice day!! ❤️❤️
hi!!! i hope this turned out the way you wanted, sorry if it feels kind of rushed i had to write it twice because i literally clicked the discard button right after i finished it the first time 🧍‍♀️
regardless, i actually enjoyed this quite a lot
tysm for requesting and i hope you have a great day as well !!! <3
☆ warnings: none, fluffy asf
☆ requests are open !
he'd be quick to react if he saw you starting to get dizzy because he's always paying attention and the fact that he knows its a regular occurence just makes him pay even more attention to you
he'll find a nice soft place to lay you down like your bed or the couch
even though he knows its nothing severe he still can't help getting a little worried
waits for you to wake up and makes sure he's keeping the mood calm so its peaceful
it's routine for him to ask "are you feeling okay?" when you seem alert again
if you do need something he zooms off to get it so fast you barely even realize he left
holds your hand extra tight to help you up and doesn't let go until he's positive you're fine
the first time you'd faint around him would be right as he walked into your shared room so he convinces himself it was because of his "sexiness"
remembers you mentioning something about it so he doesn't panic
hurries over to you and ensures your head doesn't hit anything
if he knows you're on your period he'll lay you down on the bed and leave to get chocolates and a heating pad so they'll be ready for you when you wake up
once you do wake up he'll be right beside you with a smirk on his face
you'd ask him what tf he finds so funny and he just goes,,
"i'd faint if i were you too. i almost knock myself out walking past the mirror each morning"
you two would be having a beach day
walking on the sidewalk wearing your bathing suits with quick coverups on top
it's not the hottest day of the year but it's borderline unbearable to be outside and doing anything else other than staying still
you'd be on the way to get some ice-cream and your hands would be interlocked, swinging between you both
when you stop and nudge him lightly his instincts kick in and he immediately holds onto you well enough to keep you upright
he takes you to a nearby bench and sits you down so your head can rest on his shoulder
holds your hand in his lap and makes sure the water he has on hand is chilled so when you wake up you can feel refreshed
you'll slowly become concious and he'll stare at you with his shiny eyes and then he'll suddenly turn and be holding the water bottle with the cap off "here's some water,"
it'd be one of those days where hyunjin drags you to the practice room
at first he'd be content with you just watching but he starts thinking too much and decides you look lonely sitting by yourself
so, he "forces" you to dance with him
he'll be teaching you one of the easier songs he knows which doesn't really mean much considering how talented he is
you'd both be rehearsing what you had learned so far when you begin to feel dizzy
considering it was the middle of summer the dance room was quite warm
when you stop dancing suddenly he just halts and looks at you like :0 until he realizes what's happening
he'll rush over to you and take lay you down on with your head on his lap, fingers running through you hair
once you wake up he'll look super apologetic and go "i shouldn't have made you dance with me, i didn't know this would happen,"
and he feels better when you laugh a little and remind him that it's not anywhere near his fault that you passed out
he'd know without having to talk to you that you were on your period
it's almost like his sixth sense
or it's how you subconciously scrunch your face up while coming out of the bathroom that morning we'll never know
nonetheless, he'll plan a lazy day with you, where you two can pig out and watch netflix until you fall back to sleep
his laptop would be on his thighs, while your head is resting on his chest, the two of you focused on the movie playing
he'd feel you move a little bit, but he assumes it's to get comfortable until he takes notice of how you're not holding onto him as tight as usual
he'd look at your face and realize you passed out, making a frown present itself on his face
he can't help but feel bad that you have to deal with this
he reaches over to pause the movie and then wraps his arms tightly around you until you wake up
once you're awake he buries his head in your neck and says little i love you's until you push him off of you
it'd be some ridiculous time in the morning and the two of you would be in the kitchen
he insisted on giving you an inside scoop on how he makes his superior brownies
responds with "my baking skills are at their peak when i'm sleepy," when you complain about the ungodly hour
almost an hour would pass and the oven will still be sitting there, empty
somehow you both managed to spill an entire bowl of brownie mix, and break a plate
lots of whispering and tiptoes around the house later and the mop and broom were found stashed away somewhere extremely odd from the lack of use
eventually, the brownies are in the oven, leaving you to stand around and wait
that's when the dizziness hits you
you'd tug on felix's sleeve to get his attention and his eyes will go wide when he sees you
immediately he finds a place for you to sit down and he waits by your side until you gain consciousness
when you wake up he doesn't say anything and just hugs you to death
you had bought him day6 tickets a few months ago and the time had finally come when they could be used
you figured you might as well go big or go home so you invested in front row
it did cross your mind if it would be a good idea to put yourself in a situation where it'd be hot and you'd have to stand for a while
you decided to ensure you drank and ate enough and call it good
well, about halfway through the concert you started to feel lightheaded
when it got to the point that the music was starting to sound distant you reached over and held onto seungmins arm, gaining his attention
luckily with a few exchanged words, seungmin got everyone to make a little bit of room for you two
you woke up and took a few moments to process what had just happened, and then you went on to apologize for "ruining it"
he automatically shuts you down and reprimands you for thinking he'd blame you for something you can't control
you to would be on a date at a karaoke room
doing anything and everything between having rap battles and singing romantic duets
being the broke losers you are, you opted for the room without air conditioning that goes for a cheaper price
initially, it didn't seem like something too bothersome, a little sweat never hurt anyone
however, after you had finished singing your solo the heat was starting to really get to you
since jeongin was watching you the whole time he was quick to react when something seemed off
he'd have you laying down before you completely passed out
he'll look you over to make sure you're okay before turning down the music
will sit there fanning you to his best abilities until you finally wake up
the first thing you'd see would be his hands waving in all sorts of directions in front of your face in an attempt to cool you down
take him a second to realize you're up but when he does he halts all movements and peaks down at you
"oh- hi there"
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soleilsuhh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
stray kids reaction : them coming home late to find s/o asleep on the couch
request : hey faye i hope you’re well can i ask for a skz reaction to them coming home late and finding s/o asleep on the couch and maybe carrying them into bed? thank you, i love your works a lot! <3
Tumblr media
chan — making his way towards the couch in the living room, he feels himself smile at the sight of your peacefully sleeping face, your book open in your lap. he closes it for you and gently puts his arms around your shoulder, carrying you into the bedroom. after lowering you down on the bed, he takes a moment to gaze at your features with a soft smile and press a kiss on your forehead. “sleep well, love,” he says quietly before making his way into the bathroom to wash up for bed.
minho — he has a slight upturn to his lips when he finds you dozing off on the couch, your phone still in your hand. his hand reaches towards you, taking the phone before it falls and replacing the empty space with his hand. he watches you for a while, tired but unable to hide the smile on his face. when you stir and your eyes open slowly, he seems unfazed but apologetically rubs soothing circles on your knuckle, “i said not to wait up,” he scolds softly, tsk-ing at your previous awkward sleeping position and the neck pain you might end up having. the smile never leaving his face, he helps you up and leads you to the bedroom.
changbin — as much as he appreciates you staying up to wait for him, you being well-rested was also important to him. he frowns a little, seeing you on the couch. from the back, he doesn’t see you dozing off, just that you’re sitting. he blurts out, his voice coming out in the tone of a concerned whine that gets louder with each word, “yahh, y/n, don’t stay up this late — oh sorry,” he blinks as you’re startled awake by his voice. you both laugh a little after a moment, realising the situation. he presses a soft peck on your lips before slinging his arms around your shoulders as, both tiredly making your ways into the bedroom. “don’t wait up next time, okay?” he says, pressing a kiss on your cheek.
hyunjin — he beams as he notices you asleep on the couch, lying sideways. he tries his best to be extra quiet as he takes his shoes off and tip-toes his way towards you and takes a seat on the floor in front of the couch. he has such a soft look on his face as he watches your serene expression. with a smile, he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. as soon as you start stirring and mumbling something he couldn’t quite hear, he simply places a kiss on your hairline, whispering softly, “i got you, baby,”
jisung — his heart melts at the sight of you fast asleep on the couch. he quietly crouches down in front of it and fondly looks at you for a while, his chin resting against his forearm. in an attempt to wake you from your slumber, he gently flicks your forehead and cheeks. when you finally open your eyes, he greets you with a beaming smile. “come on, let’s get you to bed, yeah?” he says as he helps you get up, his voice laced with softness.
felix — he chuckles softly, taking off his jacket, as he sees that you’ve fallen asleep on the couch. the loving expression on his face is evident as he takes a moment to admire how peaceful and innocent you look in your sleep. he decides to join you on the couch, gently scooting you over and snuggling into your figure and making sure you’re comfortable. when you sleepily cuddle closer into his arms, warmth blooms in his chest and he presses a kiss on top of your head, murmuring a good night y/n.
seungmin — he doesn’t realize he’s smiling because at the moment, while looking at you, all he can focus on is this strange feeling in his heart. he lightly pushes a few strands of hair back from your face. when you start to wake, he cups your face, his thumb brushing your skin. “hi, you’re home,” you greet with a sleepy smile and hazy eyes. he hums softly with agreement, “yes, i am,” he says, because it’s true; he found a home in you.
jeongin — already tired, he would be touched that you waited up for him and his heart would swell with emotions as he looks at you with a such a fond expression, softly stroking your cheek. he brings the pillows and blankets — yours and his — from the bedroom before gently placing the former under your head and covering the latter over your sleeping figure. he presses a lazy yet loving kiss on your forehead and falls sleeps on the floor in front of the couch while holding your hand.
Tumblr media
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hanniracha · 25 days ago
losing heart | hjs
pairing: gamer!jisung x female reader
genre: f2l, fluff, romance, angst
warnings: slight language
word count: 10.2k
summary: after meeting and starting to date your close online friend of a few months, you start to realize that maybe you might have been better off staying online.
a/n: this is my first fic and I really hope it's enjoyable, I worked really hard on it and hope it meets any expectations. I also wanted to thank
for being so kind as to help me proofread this and actually help me expand upon it, I'm really thankful for their help and this probably wouldn't be half of what it is without them helping me out. I am indebted to them /j. I also had another friend help me read over this and I promised them a jeongin x reader in return, so expect that in the near future!
Tumblr media
Video games had never been an issue for you before. You enjoyed them yourself normally, occupying yourself with various titles and genres of video games. Growing up you were known as the nerdy kid, finding interest in things that the other kids deemed ‘weird’. Really it was just that they were closed minded and couldn’t accept anything that was different or new. Anime and video games were entertaining, it didn't matter to you what other people thought about it. It was something that had helped you bond with some of your family members, and had helped you make a few friends over the years, one of them being your current boyfriend, Han Jisung.
The two of you had met online in a game you both enjoyed, Genshin Impact. Normally conversation in this game wasn’t much, just asking what the other needed and helping the other out with it. Things like domains, bosses, etc. After that was all said and done, you said your goodbyes and left, more than likely never encountering the other player ever again. When you and Jisung had met in the game however, things had gone much differently. It was only after about an hour of grinding domains that he had asked for your Discord, the two of you chatting on there for a few weeks before you both mustered up the courage to voice call. A few weeks after that, it was video calls. Only a couple months later, you two were very close friends, playing games and hanging out whenever you both had free time.
How quickly you two had clicked was a mystery to the both of you, but even your online friends were surprised at how fast you had let Han Jisung into your circle. Normally you were very particular about who you spoke to, let alone on a daily basis. Whenever you first met someone you usually spent the first few weeks getting a read on their personality and getting to know them before even thinking about actually getting close to them. It seemed Jisung had just rubbed off on you so quickly you hadn’t had a chance to actually go through your usual process.
When Jisung had suddenly brought up the idea of meeting in person just six months after first meeting each other online, it came as a shock to you, not expecting him to be the one to suggest it since you had learned he was actually an introvert despite his online persona. You had both learned that you lived relatively close to each other, having discussed where you lived previously. It was still about a two hour trip from your house though. Jisung of course had suggested he be the one to travel, but you didn’t want to cause him any more anxiety than he already had and told him you’d be more than willing to do the traveling.
A week was all it had taken for you to get on a bus and travel from your hometown to his. Jisung was texting you the entire ride there, clearly nervous with how many questions he was asking, probably wondering to himself if he should just call it all off. Your other online friends had gotten quite jealous since you hadn’t even met them yet, but you had to remind them just how much further away they were compared to him. They couldn’t argue with that. The two hour ride hadn’t felt long, your legs relieved to be standing upright as you exited the bus, holding your bag close as you looked around nervously. You had never done something like this before, and you honestly hadn’t even realized just how nervous you were up until now.
Scanning the busy sidewalk, you squinted, nibbling on your bottom lip as you struggled to focus, your heart slamming against your chest. Having to wear masks didn’t make things any easier, only being able to see the top half of people's faces really limited your ability to recognize someone you had only ever seen over the phone. After a few minutes, you had begun to wonder if Jisung had up and ditched you. Scrambling for your phone, you nearly dropped it, hissing as you unlocked it and looked over your messages with Jisung. He had said he was on his way to the bus stop a half an hour ago. It couldn’t take him that long could it?
About to call him, you walked over to the bench and sat yourself down, pressing the dial button and placing the phone up to your ear, looking around sheepishly, silently wondering if you were going to be ghosted and have to take another two hour drive home. Faintly you could hear the sound of a phone ringing, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion, you turned your attention to the source, seeing a rather short male with bleach blonde hair running towards the bus stop with a motorcycle helmet in hand. It was only moments before the male wearing all black actually reached the stop, looking around, locking eyes with you for a moment before pulling out his phone that was ringing and taking less than a second to look at the caller ID before answering.
“Y/n? I just got here- Where are you?” He questioned, nearly making you scoff into your phone’s receiver as you stood up, looking directly at him and cocking an eyebrow.
“Right in front of you.”
The slow turn and the look of realization was more than comical. Jisung’s eyes widening and then scrunching as he smiled under his mask. Hanging up the phone he slowly walked over, rubbing the back of his neck as he cleared his throat, shaking slightly with anxiety. “I uh, I’m sorry for getting here late. I kind of ran into an issue and had to do some last minute problem solving.” He explained, earning a head tilt from you. “What kind of problem?” You asked, wanting him to elaborate.
A quiet chuckle left his lips as he held up the motorcycle helmet he was holding, motioning back towards a bike that was parked on the side of the road. “I only had one. So I had to go and buy another.” You were sure your expression had matched Jisung’s from just moments before, in shock as you realized the motorcycle was his. If he was slow at realizing you were right in front of him, you were slow in realizing something much more obvious. “You never told me you drive a motorcycle…” You trailed off, Jisung nodding slowly in agreement.
“Ride a motorcycle but yeah. It never really came up and I’m not one of those people who constantly brags about riding one. It’s just a mode of transportation and happens to be cheaper than a car.” He shrugged, and honestly, you couldn’t argue with his reasoning. Clearing your throat, you shrugged your bag further up onto your shoulder, shifting your weight back and forth on your feet. “Well, I’m here. Now what?”
Jisung paused for a moment, seemingly processing your words before motioning towards his bike once more. “I figured we could go back to my place. I figured I’d order food since I’m not the best cook as you know. Almost burnt down my apartment on multiple occasions. My roommate is there, but he’s really chill. You’ve heard him every now and then on call or on mic. He normally keeps to himself, but I already told him about you coming and he doesn’t mind.” He stopped, thinking about whether or not that was everything he was wanting to say. “...Yeah. Unless you don’t feel comfortable with that of course. We can always go somewhere public and just hang out like that.” He offered, clearly not wanting to make you do anything you didn’t want to do.
“No, that sounds great.” You assured him, seeing his eyes scrunch as he smiled again, nodding happily. “Okay cool, let me just-” He stepped forward, getting alarmingly close and leaning forward. It felt as if your heart had stopped beating and the world was moving in slow motion around you. But before you could let your mind wander too far, Jisung placed the helmet he had been holding on your head, knocking you right out of your trance. “-ouch…” You mumbled, Jisung leaning back just slightly to look you in the eyes.
“Sorry, it’s kind of heavy, but it’ll keep your head intact.” He joked quietly, making sure everything was tight, locked and secure before stepping back and flipping the shield to cover your face, smirking slightly as he smacked the top of the helmet. “You good in there?”
Rolling your eyes, you flipped the shield back up to glare at him, smacking his arm as he laughed. “So you’re an ass in person too?” Jisung clicked his tongue before snapping his fingers and shooting finger guns at you. “You know it.” You were internally cringing, but before you could even think about teasing him for it, he was walking over to his bike and you had no choice but to follow, trailing behind him like a lost puppy.
You watched as he got on his bike, pulling his helmet on with ease and starting the engine, the loud sound making you flinch. If Jisung noticed this he didn’t comment on it, simply looking over at you and moving his head to the side, signaling for you to get on the bike. You had never rode one before, so this was a nerve wracking situation. What happened if you fell off? What if you got into an accident? Your mom had always told you just how dangerous motorcycles were. What if this was a bad idea?
Suddenly, Jisung was off of his bike and his hands were on your waist, lifting you up and onto the motorcycle, flipping your face shield back down before getting back on himself. He kicked the stand up so he was now balancing the bike himself. Looking back at you, he raised his voice so you could hear him over the sound of the motor. “I’d suggest you put your arms around me unless you wanna fall off.” Mean, but you knew he was just trying to tease you. You didn’t waste any time to wrap your arms securely around his waist, your head resting against his back. You swear you could feel him laugh as he flipped his face shield down, but you didn’t have any time to really think about it before he was off, riding down the streets of Incheon with you clinging to him for dear life.
The ride to his apartment felt like forever when in reality it only took a few minutes. Your grip on him hadn’t loosened in the slightest, far too afraid of falling from the motorcycle. Even after he had parked and turned off the engine, you were still sticking to him, an audible laugh leaving his lips as he took off his helmet. “You plan on letting go anytime soon?” He teased, you only shaking your head in response. He snickered before carefully prying your hands off of his waist, getting off of the bike and helping you off before taking your helmet and tilting his head slightly, noting your expression. “Was it that bad? I tried to be a little less reckless than normal.” His tone was joking, but you could tell he was genuinely concerned he had scared you.
“N-No it wasn’t that bad, just not used to it.” You assured him, stumbling slightly as you tried to take a step forward, his arms quickly reaching forward and holding you so you didn’t fall. “Jeez, we’re lucky you don’t have very far to walk.” Again with the teasing. You weren’t surprised by it though, Jisung had always been like that when you two talked. You scoffed, hanging on to his arm as you steadied yourself. “Shut up Ji. Where’s your place?” You questioned, Jisung smirking before leading you towards the building, letting you hang on to his arm without much thought. He didn’t seem bothered by it in the slightest despite having told you that physical contact made him nervous. You wondered what had changed. Carefully leading you inside and through the building, the both of you made it to his apartment, you finally letting go of him as he pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. If his roommate was home you weren’t sure why the door was locked, but you didn’t bother to question it as the door opened and Jisung motioned inside. “Ladies first.”
“When have you ever considered me a lady?” You joked, stepping into the apartment and looking around curiously, Jisung scoffing at your question as he shut the door behind the both of you. “Since always. You are one are you not?”
Shrugging, you didn’t answer his question, tugging at the straps on your bag as you walked further into the apartment. For some reason the decor didn’t really feel like it matched Jisung. After all, he had this whole e-boy/rocker look going on and you had fully expected the apartment to be messy and unorganized, but it was the complete opposite. It was clean, spotless even, and it made you wonder if he had cleaned simply because he knew you were coming to visit. Turning to look over your shoulder, Jisung smiled sheepishly, fiddling with a zipper on his leather jacket. “My roommate helped clean everything up. It doesn’t usually look like this.” He admitted, making you laugh and shake your head. “I figured as much.”
As if on cue, another male stepped out of a room in the hall, locking eyes with you and giving you a questioning look before noticing Jisung standing beside you, putting two and two together as a smile started to form on his face. “Oh, you must be Y/n-ssi.” He stated matter-of-factly, making his way down the hall towards the both of you and holding out his hand to you in greeting. You gingerly grasped his hand, smiling softly as he began to introduce himself while shaking your hand. “I’m Yang Jeongin, 01’ liner.”
Your eyes lit up at the realization that you were both the same age, “L/n Y/n, also 01’ liner.” You stated, watching as he relaxed a little realizing that he no longer needed to be so formal with you. The two of you let go of each other's hands, “Ah, well it’s nice to meet you Y/n. Jisung hyung has talked about you a lot.”
Raising an eyebrow, you glanced back at Jisung who smiled and shrugged as if to say he didn’t know what Jeongin was referring to. “I hope it was only good things.” You returned your attention to the male in front of you, watching as he chuckled and quickly nodded his head in agreement with your words. “Only good things. He’s always going on about how much he enjoys your company and how pr-”
“Yang Jeongin- '' Jisung cut him off suddenly, the younger male’s eyes widening before a mischievous smile crossed his face. The two males exchanged various expressions, you watching in confusion as they had a silent conversation with their faces. After a few moments, you cleared your throat, feeling awkward just standing between the two as they acted as if you weren’t right there. Snapping out of it, Jisung looked at you, quickly putting on a smile as he placed a hand on the small of your back, leading you towards the hall. “How about we hang out in my room, hm?”
“Wha- but I thought-” You trailed off, Jeongin following behind the two of you. “Seriously Jisung hyung? I thought we were all gonna hang out-” He mumbled, Jisung shaking his head as he practically pushed you into his room, stepping inside and shutting the door on Jeongin before the younger could hold it open. Locking it, Jisung turned to you, noticing your quizzical expression. He chuckled nervously, placing his hands in his pockets as he averted his gaze. “I just thought it might be better to hang out alone for a little while.” He stated, though his words sounded off, like he was only partly telling the truth.
You decided not to pry however, glancing at the door behind him. “What about Jeongin? He seemed upset.” Jisung shook his head, moving away from the door and closer to you. “He’ll be fine. He’s only being like that since we don’t normally have people over. After we hang out on our own for a while and go back out there he’ll forget about it.” He sounded so sure of himself that you had no reason not to believe him, nodding slowly as Jisung bit down on his bottom lip, seemingly debating something in his head.
“What’s up Ji?” You questioned, said male letting out a breathy laugh, not at all surprised that you had noticed something was going on in his head. “I uh- well I didn’t want to make it weird or anything but… I was wondering if I could give you a hug?” He sounded like he was nervous, and that suspicion was confirmed when you noticed how he was refusing to look at you, shifting back and forth on his feet. You found this cute, giggling quietly as you looked him over. You had just been practically glued to him while he was taking you back to his place on his motorcycle and now he was all shy and nervous because he wanted a hug?
Wordlessly, you crossed the remaining space between the two of you, wrapping your arms around his waist and looking up at him. Jisung tensed up slightly at your touch, remaining still for a moment before wrapping his arms around you, holding you close and resting his head on top of yours. “I made that weird didn’t I?” Snickering, you nodded, still keeping your hold on him but closing your eyes. “Just a little, but it’s fine. You make everything weird.”
An offended sound left his lips, earning a laugh from you as he pouted. “I do not make everything weird.” He mumbled, watching as you slowly pulled away and sat down on his bed, glancing around the room to actually take everything in. The decor in his room definitely made more sense, anime posters and figurines, manga, various instruments, LED lights adorning the ceiling, his gaming setup. It was all very Han Jisung. A light blush adorned Jisung’s cheeks as he cleared his throat and sat down beside you, nibbling the inside of his cheek. “Sailor Moon huh?” You teased, watching as his ears turned red with embarrassment.
“You’re gonna make me take all of this down right now I swear.” He huffed, eyeing you as you took your bag off and set it on the floor before falling back onto his bed, looking up at the ceiling and kicking your feet. “I think it’s cute. I like Sailor Moon too, she’s pretty.” You admitted, meeting his gaze to show that you were being honest.
“I mean, what’s not to like about her? She’s funny, sweet, caring, cute- plus she has a cute cat and super powers. Not only that but her outfit when she transforms is adorable. I’d wear that if I could.” You trailed off, watching as Jisung’s expression changed. You couldn’t read what it was, but there was a slight sparkle in his eyes as you spoke about his favorite anime character. “What are you thinking about?” You pondered, Jisung smiling as he snapped out of his trance, laying down beside you. “I just didn’t expect you to like Sailor Moon too. We never talked about that before so I didn’t even know you liked anime.” You considered his words before realizing that he was right, nodding slowly.
“I do. I watch it every now and then when I have time, but I grew up watching it. Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Naruto, the essentials.” The two of you talked about anime and your other interests besides gaming for a while, simply laying on Jisung’s bed as you both relaxed and spent time together, getting to know each other a little more. It was almost comical how easily you two got comfortable with each other despite having never met in person up until then. You both stayed there for about an hour before Jisung had brought up his music, asking you if you wanted to hear what he had been working on. Of course you obliged, sitting up as he grabbed his guitar and made his way back over, playing a few songs for you after getting over his initial nervousness to sing in front of you.
You praised him for how good he was at singing and playing the guitar, also mentioning just how thoughtful and beautiful his lyrics were. He turned bright red at your compliments, shaking his head as he put his guitar back, holding out his hand to you as he came back over, asking if you wanted to go out into the living room and watch some TV and order some food. Of course you agreed and took his hand, getting up and following him out of his room and into the living room where Jeongin was sitting, his eyes moving from the TV to the both of you. “Oh, are you finally gonna come out here and hang out?” You could tell he was upset, but not enough to cause his voice to sound angry.
Jisung simply nodded at his roommate, going over to the couch and scooting him over before sitting down himself and patting the empty spot beside him for you to sit. You made your way over to the two males, slowly sitting down as you looked at what Jeongin had been watching, some YouTuber playing a game you had never seen before. Looked like both of the boys were gamers, which made sense. Jisung took the remote from Jeongin, switching it from YouTube to Netflix and clicking his account before handing you the remote. “You can watch whatever you want.” He told you, pulling out his phone so he could order food, Jeongin looking over his shoulder as he mumbled to the older male what he felt like eating. You laughed quietly, shaking your head before returning your focus to the TV.
You picked out an animated movie you hadn’t seen in a while, reaching forward and setting the  TV remote down on the small table situated in front of the couch. Leaning back you noticed Jisung’s eyes glued to the TV, confused at his expression until Jeongin also looked up. “Ah, Jisung hyung watches this all the time. I think I’ve seen it at least twenty times.” He mumbled, your eyes widening as you leaned forward to grab the remote. “I can pick something else if you both have already seen this-” Jisung quickly reached forward, shaking his head as he took the remote and set it back down.
“No, it’s fine. If you want to watch it, we can watch it.” There was something different about his voice, but you couldn’t quite place what. Nodding, you went back to your previous sitting position, Jisung mumbling something you didn’t catch before handing you his phone. “What do you feel like eating?”
The three of you debated over what to eat for a while, mainly because you would suggest something, they would agree and you would go right back to asking them if they were really okay with what you had picked and then you were back to square one. Eventually you actually managed to decide on something, Jisung ordering for all three of you and then focusing on the movie. The three of you sat in silence, enjoying each other’s company. It was about halfway through the movie that the food arrived, Jeongin getting up before Jisung could, opening the door and thanking the delivery person before bringing the food in and shutting the door behind him. He quickly sorted out the food in the kitchen before bringing it all over, handing both you and Jisung yours before sitting down and starting to eat his own, not even bothering to wait or thank Jisung.
Giggling, you quietly thanked Jisung who shrugged it off, saying it wasn’t a big deal as he began to eat. The rest of the night was spent pretty much the same, the three of you watching various movies before Jeongin decided to retire for the night, saying goodnight to both you and Jisung before shutting himself in his room, leaving you and Jisung alone in the living room. Once the movie you were watching was over, Jisung cleared his throat, causing you to look over at him, feeling a little tired, but not trying to show it. Of course, it seemed like Jisung knew even with you trying to hide it, a soft smile on his lips as he slowly stood up. “You can sleep in my bed. I’ll take the couch.” Always the gentleman.
You opened your mouth to argue but he shook his head before you could, “I’m not letting you take the couch. So either you take the bed, or I end up on the floor. If you sleep on the couch I’m sleeping on the floor, so either way I’m not sleeping in my bed. Would you rather me sleep on the couch or the floor?” He didn’t give you much choice, but you knew he wasn’t bluffing. Groaning, you lifted yourself off the couch, ignoring his cheeky laugh as he led you back to his room, turning on the light and showing you where everything was in case you needed it. He then reminded you that he’d be on the couch in the event you needed him for anything, saying goodnight and giving you another hug before leaving his room and shutting the door to give you some privacy.
Everything felt like a daydream up until that point, a sigh leaving your lips now that you were alone in his bedroom. You locked the door so you could change into your nightclothes. After you had done so, you moved to unlock the door, your attention grabbed by an out of place manga just after. You walked over, picking it up and moving to put it back in its place, only for pages to fall out of it, your eyes widening when you thought you had accidentally ruined something of his, only to notice when going to pick them up that they were song lyrics and different ideas for songs. You felt like you were invading his privacy, quickly trying to stuff the pages back into the manga before your eyes fell upon your name. Furrowing your eyebrows, you couldn’t help but look over the page, eyes widening.
There was a knock on the bedroom door and before you could react Jisung was already in the room. “Sorry I forgot that I need to get my clothes-” He stopped once he caught sight of you, clearly in shock with how he simply stood there. You smiled sheepishly, placing the paper you held back into the manga and closing it. “I didn’t mean to look through it. I was going to put it up because I saw that it wasn’t where it was supposed to be and then a bunch of pages fell out.” You tried to explain, Jisung finally moved to take the manga from you, setting it back down on his desk before looking you in the eyes.
“You read it didn’t you?” His voice was calm, but you could tell by how quickly his eyes were scanning your face that he was anxious to hear your answer. Nodding, you bit down on your bottom lip, unsure of what to say or do. Jisung sighed, taking a step back and running a hand through his bleached locks, “God- I didn’t want you to find that… I meant to tell you, like actually tell you. I wanted to send you that song once I had finished it.” He mumbled, his admission making your cheeks heat up a little. So you weren’t reading too much into everything.
Reaching forward, you pulled Jisung into a hug, clearly surprising him as he squeaked in surprise. “Wh-” Before he could even finish his question, you interjected. “I like you too Ji.” It was simple, it was to the point, it was the truth.  You felt Jisung tense in your grip before relaxing completely only seconds later, pulling you closer to him as he let out a breathy chuckle. “So, I don’t need to send you that song?” He questioned, looking down at you as you smiled. “I’d still love to hear it.” Smiling, Jisung leaned down, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I think I’ll finally be able to finish it now.”
Tumblr media
That was how everything had started, and that was what got you here. Laying in your shared bed staring up at the ceiling as the subtle sound of clicking and the drag of a computer mouse filled the room. You weren’t sure how long you had been laying here, but it had been a while. Slowly, you turned your body to the side, seeing your boyfriend's back turned towards you, facing his monitors, headphones over his ears. You weren’t sure when was the last time the two of you had actually spent any time together. In between work and his constant gaming addiction, it seemed you were always left to occupy yourself. When you got back from your job, he was usually asleep, so you’d climb into bed with him and sleep yourself. Almost every time when you would get up, he’d either be gone or sitting at his desk and playing video games. That was when your dislike for video games began.
Today was no different it seemed, a quiet sigh leaving your lips as you reached over to your nightstand, picking up your phone and checking the time. It was late. Though you could have guessed that by how dark the room was, the LEDs on the ceiling the only thing illuminating the room. They had been Jisung’s idea, but you hadn’t objected since you figured it would be both of your living space and he ought to have some things of his own as well. You felt a sinking in your chest as you came to the realization that your fear was more than likely true. You had gone off to work that morning hoping, praying that Jisung would at least remember your birthday. But it seemed he hadn’t, far too engrossed in his video games to even notice you were awake.
Gulping, you pulled yourself off of the mattress, deciding you weren’t going to make a big scene. You left the bedroom in silence, going out to the small living room of the apartment and sitting yourself down on the couch in front of the TV. You could feel tears pricking at your eyes, but you wouldn’t let them fall. Reaching forward, you turned on the TV, figuring a distraction would help keep all of your emotions at bay. That or it would drown out the sound of you crying once you finally broke, knowing it was only a matter of time before that actually became reality. You didn’t even bother to actually pay attention to what you had put on the screen, merely turning up the volume as you pulled your knees up to your chest, lowering your head so you could no longer see.
You weren’t sure where things had gone wrong. Really, nothing had. You and Jisung had been very happy from the beginning, and you had no issues up until you both actually decided to move in together. You thought that living together would have actually made it easier on the both of you, not having to manage your work/life load as much. Trying to date while living two hours away from each other and having jobs on top of that made things harder, but now that you two were actually living in the same apartment, it felt like you actually spent less time with each other. Odd how that worked.
In the moment, you were tempted to just grab your things and leave, overwhelmed with the amount of emotions you were feeling. Anger, sadness, betrayal, loneliness… it was all just piling on. It probably didn’t help that you never expressed how you were feeling, pretending everything was just fine when you knew it wasn’t. You were just never one to create a problem, opting to just suffer than make anyone else uncomfortable or feel bad. The sound of someone knocking on the door had forced any tears that were about to fall back into your tear ducts. You knew Jisung couldn’t hear with his headphones on, so you begrudgingly picked yourself off of the sofa, sulking over to the door and prying it open, looking out with a dead expression up until your eyes met ones you hadn’t seen in months.
“Chan?” You breathed, unable to believe he was actually standing in front of your apartment. When you had moved in with Jisung, you had moved to Incheon in order to not make it hard on him. This had caused you to leave your family and friends behind, including your friend since middle school, Bang Chan. He always had impeccable timing. Beaming, Chan held out a box that held a cake in it, a present in his other hand as he tilted his head sweetly, his curls falling just slightly. “Happy birthday Y/n! Surprised you didn’t I?” He chuckled slightly, watching as you took a step back, a hand over your mouth as you tried to contain yourself.
It seemed to be just enough to send you over the edge however, tears spilling from your eyes before you could stop them, a broken sob leaving your lips as Chan’s happy expression quickly changed to one of concern. “Oh God-'' He didn’t even ask to be let in despite having never visited yours and Jisung’s apartment before, stepping in, he shut the door with his foot. It took him only seconds to find a place to set down the cake and present he held, bending down slightly as he held your arms and tried to look you in the eyes, seemingly searching them for an answer. “Y/n what’s wrong?” He had known you for so long, there was no getting out of this one.
He knew that you never cried in front of anyone unless something was really wrong. That or you had been holding in your emotions for too long. This time it happened to be both. You weren’t able to blame it on being happy to see him, he’d be able to tell you were lying immediately. God why had he decided to visit you now of all times? Sniffling, you tried your best to stop crying, shakily wiping away your tears before Chan wiped the remainder away with his thumb, arching an eyebrow as he awaited an answer.
“I-I just… God…” You fumbled over your words, not exactly sure how to explain what was going through your head to Chan. Of course, it seemed he could sense this, taking your wrist and leading you over to the couch you had previously been curled up on, sitting you both down and smiling softly. “You can take your time Y/n. I’m not gonna rush you. Just tell me what’s going on and why you’re so upset.” He always had to be so understanding and kind. You just weren’t sure if he would be as understanding and kind to your boyfriend after you told him what was bothering you. He had always been overprotective and had even tried to talk you out of moving in with Jisung in the first place.
“O-Okay well, it’s really not that big of a deal. It’s just Jisung and I haven’t been spending much time together lately. I’m just lonely and upset.” You mumbled, watching Chan’s jaw harden at the mention of Jisung, his eyes narrowing and growing dark as he tried to put the pieces together. There were things you weren’t telling him and he knew it. “Is he busy with work?” He questioned, your heart clenching. Chan really was just going to get to the root of the issue wasn’t he?
“He is sometimes…” You trailed off, nibbling on your bottom lip as you avoided Chan’s gaze. You hated it when he got angry. It was rare for him to do so, but when he did, he was terrifying. “What about other times?” His voice was cool and even, showing no signs of anger, but you knew better. You knew he was probably itching to get his hands on Jisung and in your mind you were wondering whether letting him in was a good idea.
“Well… when he gets back from work he usually sleeps or plays his games. When I get back from work he’s either at his job, sleeping or gaming. I mean, gaming is his form of stress relief so… I get it. It used to be mine so I can’t really be upset with him for that. I can’t be mad at him for sleeping or going to work either. It’s not that big of a deal.” You were making excuses for him and you knew it. But you didn’t want Chan to lose his cool. The thought was more scary than spending your birthday alone. “So he’s choosing video games over you.” Chan stated bluntly, anger creeping into his voice.
Slowly, you decided to look at him, only to see he wasn’t even looking at you now, but rather around the apartment, one of his fists clenched as he tapped his foot against the hardwood floor. You didn’t respond to his statement, so it was only a few moments before he looked you in the eyes, giving you a look that told you to correct him if he was wrong. You searched your mind for something, anything, but you came up with nothing, gulping as you slowly lowered your head, sighing shakily. “I-I guess.” You whispered, feeling your body grow cold as you admitted it to yourself aloud. Chan cleared his throat, nodding as he looked around the apartment once again. “Is he at work right now?” The silence that filled the apartment was his only indication of that, but when you looked around, unsure, he could tell that he was wrong in his assumption.
“He’s here right now isn’t he?” He scoffed, the anger he had been holding back making a swift appearance as he got to his feet. Eyes widening, you quickly grabbed onto your friend's arm, knowing he could easily overpower you and do what he wanted, but he wouldn’t. He may know you like the back of his hand, but you knew him just as well. “Chan please. Don’t make this a big thing. I’m already upset and things getting out of hand is only going to make it worse.”
“Y/n-” Chan started, looking back at you, anger fading as he looked into your eyes, knowing that ultimately he was going to do whatever it was you asked of him. “Can I just talk to him? You and I both know that you don’t deserve to be treated like this.” He bargained, only causing you to shake your head in disagreement. “You know for a fact that you won’t be able to hold yourself back if you ‘just talk to him’.” You gave him a knowing look and he simply huffed, averting his gaze. He knew you were right.
“You brought cake right? How about we just have that and hang out? That’d make me feel better.” Chan’s tension had eased slightly at your request, taking a deep breath as he nodded, deciding he was simply going to appease you since it was your birthday after all. Getting off of the couch, Chan grabbed the cake and present he had set down in a hurry, going into the kitchen and setting it down once again. You followed shortly after him, looking over as he opened the box, a soft smile gracing your lips. He had remembered your favorite color. “It’s very pretty.” You praised. Chan clicked his tongue as he opened a pack of candles, starting to place them on the top of the cake. “Of course it is, I picked it out.” He teased, causing you to roll your eyes and smack his arm. “God you’re annoying.”
Snickering he shrugged his shoulders, pulling a lighter out of his pocket and carefully lighting the candles. “Yet you still miss me. Crazy how that works.” Looks like you two were right back to how you had always been. He wasn’t wrong though, you had really missed him. Being pulled away from everything you knew just for Jisung had been hard, but it had been something you were willing to do for your relationship. One you weren’t even sure was there anymore. Pulling you from your thoughts, Chan started singing. His voice had always been amazing. After he had finished, you blew out the candles, Chan grinning and ruffling your hair before pulling out the candles and starting to search the kitchen for something to cut the cake with. “So, what did you wish for?”
He always asked that question. Every single birthday of yours without fail. You always responded with the same thing. “You know I can’t tell you that. If I tell you it won’t come true.” Laughing, Chan shook his head, amazed that you still stuck by that. “You actually think that matters?” He questioned, earning a nod from you as you opened the drawer that held your kitchen utensils, pulling out a knife and handing it to Chan who thanked you before getting to work on cutting the cake. “Have any of your wishes come true that you haven’t told anyone about?” He pondered, the question making you think back on your previous birthday wishes.
“Mmm, there have been a few actually.” Chan gave you a questioning look, pausing as he did so. “Like what? Since they’ve already happened you should be able to tell me right?” You considered it before figuring that he was probably right, pulling out two plates and forks before sitting yourself down on one of the barstools that were placed along the island in the kitchen. “For my sixteenth birthday I wished for a skateboard and I ended up getting it that day.” You stated, Chan smirking as he continued to cut the cake, shaking his head.
“Maybe because you had been bugging your parents for it for a whole year. Only to never use it despite me telling you I’d teach you how to ride it.” He added in the last part just to chastise you, placing a piece of cake on a plate before handing it to you along with a fork. “I highly doubt that had anything to do with your wish.” You rolled your eyes as you took a bite of cake, humming quietly. He had remembered your favorite flavor of cake too. Of course he had.
“You don’t have to hate on me for believing in birthday wishes just because you don’t Chan. I get it, you’re too grown up to believe in something silly and childish like birthday wishes.” You could tell he got slightly irked by your words, scoffing as he got himself a piece of cake. “That’s not even it-”
“Then what is it?” You cut him off before he could finish, tilting your head slightly as you stared at him. Chan slowly took a bite of cake, looking you in the eyes, considering his next words carefully. “None of my birthday wishes ever came true. So I stopped believing in things like that. I think it’s endearing that you still do though.” He admitted, causing you to frown. “None of them? Not one?” You questioned, Chan seeming to think back on it as he stood there in silence, looking down at the cake. “Mm, I guess there was one that came true?” He sounded unsure, but you leaned forward in your seat, smiling as you waited for him to elaborate.
“I think it was my eighth birthday? The memory is kind of foggy, but I remember wishing for another sibling. It’s kind of dumb now that I think about it, but it did come true.” He shrugged, looking back up at you as you giggled while taking another bite of cake. “I’d say that’s a pretty big wish. The stars probably just figured that wish was enough for a while.” Chan rolled his eyes, snickering as he shook his head. “Yeah sure, whatever you say Y/n.”
The two of you enjoyed each other’s presence for a while, seeming to forget about the issue at hand which was exactly what you had been wanting. Not wanting to confront it or make a big deal out of anything. Chan was helping you ignore your problems and you were more than grateful, the male stating that he wanted to watch you open the present he had got you, so you both moved from the kitchen to the living room, the TV still playing whatever it was you had put on. Gingerly, Chan set the present on your lap, waiting patiently for you to open it.
You had always gotten nervous when it came to opening gifts. You were never a fan of surprises and presents were just wrapped surprises. Slowly, you pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, peeking inside. Your eyes widened once you realized what it was he had gotten you, gasping as you practically ripped it out of the bag, looking it over with wide eyes. “Oh my god- This is so expensive Chan. You really shouldn’t have.” You pried your eyes from the present to meet his gaze, seeing just how happy he was with your reaction to the gift. “I knew you’d like it. I’m sure you’ve been eyeing it for a while now. You always do that with the new lines.” He stated, making you nod in agreement.
“I actually had this in my cart for when I could afford it. It still scares me how well you know me. I never even told you about the new line.” Chan simply shrugged, acting as if it was no big deal. “What can I say, I’m just that good.” He chuckled, already leaning back as you reached forward to smack him.
For a few hours the two of you just sat and talked, not even realizing just how late it was getting. The two of you were making up for lost time, only able to talk over the phone or text, sometimes video call depending on just how busy the two of you were. Life as a producer was busy, that was also part of the reason you were so surprised he had shown up at your front door. It was the last thing you had been expecting. Just like you hadn’t been expecting Jisung to leave your bedroom. It seemed he and Chan had noticed each other’s presence before you had even noticed Jisung, standing silently in the hallway as he looked between the two of you. You immediately turned your gaze to Chan, seeing the look that was on his face before had returned. That wasn’t good.
“Who is that-?” Jisung finally spoke, looking at you with confusion and slight fear. It was then you remembered that Jisung and Chan had never officially met, your eyes widening as you motioned over to your childhood friend. “Chan. Bang Chan. I’ve told you about him, remember? My best friend since middle school.” You explained, Jisung’s expression growing more relaxed as he slowly nodded, remembering discussing him before. “Ah, yeah. We’ve never met before.” Jisung smiled, making his way over to the couch and holding out his hand.
Chan stared at it for a moment before deciding not to be a total ass. He took his hand and shook it, gripping it tightly before paying Jisung a sickeningly sweet smile. “No we haven’t. I’m sorry for not telling you before coming over but I thought I’d surprise Y/n for her birthday.” There it was. You had been expecting him to say something, but you hadn’t been expecting him to say it right out of the gate like that. Confusion was written on Jisung’s face for a moment before his eyes widened in realization, his gaze quickly flitting to yours. “O-Oh…” It seemed he finally understood the tension coming from Chan.
Slowly you lowered your gaze, fiddling with the present Chan had gotten you. Jisung took a moment to look at it before looking to the kitchen, seeing the cake sitting on the counter. “Y/n… I’m… I-I didn’t realize…” He stammered, unsure of what to say or do. After all, there wasn’t much he could do now. “It’s fine.” You mumbled out, forcing a smile as you looked up at him, hating to see just how upset and guilty he looked. Chan on the other hand, wasn’t having it.
“Look, I know it’s our first time meeting and Y/n told me not to make a scene, so I won’t. However, it’s not fine. You should know Y/n well enough to know that she doesn’t like to voice what’s upsetting her. You may be busy with work, or stressed, or whatever, but you ignoring her for your video games is something that shouldn’t be happening. Forgetting her birthday? Don’t you think that’s a little much? Do you see the problem? Y/n shouldn’t have to beg you for attention. You should be paying attention to your girlfriend regardless of what your work life is like and if you can’t handle that, you shouldn’t be stringing her along. She doesn’t deserve that and you know it.” His words were harsh and to the point, but he got across what he wanted to. Jisung gulped, biting on his lower lip as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“You’re right.” Jisung mumbled, hanging his head. “I’ve gotten so absorbed in gaming because of stress from work, but that’s not an excuse. I should have been paying more attention to Y/n, so much more attention. I-I honestly can’t believe I forgot her birthday. I didn’t even realize just how bad I was getting… I just…” He sighed, stopping himself as he turned from Chan to look at you, taking a few steps closer before bending down slightly to look you in the eyes. “I’m so sorry Y/n. Really I am. I don’t have any excuses. How I’ve been treating you is wrong and I realize that. I promise I’ll change.” He spoke softly, searching your eyes as he apologized.
You could tell he was being genuine, seeing tears pricking at his eyes as he spoke to you. “You’d better or I’ll come right back here and take her home with me.” Chan muttered, causing you to roll your eyes at him. “Chan-” You chided, earning a sigh from him as he stood up, placing his hands in the air as a sign of defeat as he made his way into the kitchen. “Sorry, I’ll give you guys a minute.” It was clear he didn’t want to, but he would do it for you.
Sighing quietly once Chan had left the room, you looked to Jisung and patted the part of the couch Chan had just been sitting on, waiting for Jisung to take his place before sitting crisscrossed and facing him. “Ji… I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not upset. I am. I’m really upset. I had honestly thought that you would pull through and remember my birthday but you didn’t. It honestly felt like a stab to the heart. However, I’m also not going to say you’re completely at fault since I haven’t been honest and voiced how I was feeling to you. Keeping quiet and just letting things get worse was my own doing and I’m sorry I didn’t communicate with you.” You mumbled, Jisung furrowing his eyebrows and shaking his head as he reached forward, taking hold of both of your hands. “Hey, no. You’re not taking the blame for this. You shouldn’t be apologizing to me when you haven’t done anything wrong. You never once forgot anything important to me and I forgot your birthday. That’s huge and I’m gonna be apologizing for it forever. I should have realized what I was doing to you. That was my fault not yours, okay?”
You frowned, getting ready to disagree. “I’m not budging on this one. You have no reason to be apologizing to me. You know I’m right.” You didn’t, but you weren’t going to argue with him. Once Jisung saw you were done trying to blame yourself, he sighed, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your forehead, the memory of the day you had first met in person coming back to you. “I’m really really sorry and I’m gonna make it up to you somehow, I promise.” You hummed, closing your eyes as Jisung pulled you into his chest. This was more contact than you had with him over the past few months.
“You’re making a lot of promises tonight Han Jisung.” You mumbled, wrapping your arms around him and looking up as he nodded in agreement. “I know, but I plan to keep them. I’m going to change and I’m going to make it up to you.” Smiling faintly, you hummed again, not wanting to say anything else as you rested against your boyfriend's chest, closing your eyes as you allowed yourself to relish in his presence. You hadn’t fully forgiven him, you were sure he knew that as well, but you were just glad the biggest thing was out of the way and you wouldn’t have to tiptoe around the issue anymore. The rest of it would be him regaining your trust and fulfilling his promises. “Happy birthday baby.” A quiet mumble left Jisung’s lips as he kissed the top of your head, earning a smile from you.
“Technically her birthday has already passed. It’s nearly two in the morning.” Chan suddenly cut in, causing both you and Jisung to turn and look at him, you with a glare and Jisung with a questioning gaze. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I see you two have made up for the most part so uh, seeing as I traveled two hours to get here, you both mind if I crash on the couch?” You opened your mouth to speak, but Jisung beat you to it. “Sure, it actually pulls out into a bed since my old roommate comes over sometimes and crashes. I can set it up for you.” His sudden agreement surprised you, but you decided not to question it, Chan nodding as he motioned towards the door.
“Cool. My stuff’s in my car so I’ll be back.” He then left without another word, Jisung watching him go before looking back at you. “Am I sleeping on the floor then?” He questioned, causing you to roll your eyes. “Ji, when have I ever made you sleep on the couch or anything like that?”
He smiled faintly, shrugging his shoulders as he lifted himself off the couch before helping you up. “Well technically the first day we met.” Shaking your head you went to the kitchen, putting the cake and everything else away as Jisung moved things around in the living room before pulling the couch out into a bed. “You were the one that didn’t let me sleep on the couch. I was going to, but you forced me to sleep on your bed.” As Jisung was fixing the pillows, Chan walked back into the apartment, this time locking the door behind him. He set his things down by the couch, giving Jisung a sideways look when their eyes met. “What-?” Jisung trailed off, looking down at the bed before looking back up at Chan.
“Blankets?” Jisung’s eyes widened. “Oh. Oh yeah right, sorry.” He swiftly turned and walked down the hall towards the small closet that held clean blankets and pillows they kept aside. From the kitchen, you gave Chan a look that told him to knock it off, the male deciding to act like he had no idea what you were looking at him like that for. Jisung returned with blankets in hand, setting them down on the bed. “There, is this enough?” He questioned, Chan looking them over for a moment before simply nodding. “Yeah, that’s fine.” No thank you, no ounce of appreciation in his voice.
Jisung cleared his throat, nodding slowly before turning around and making his way into the kitchen where you were cleaning up and telling you that he’d do it. It took a bit of convincing, but eventually he had kicked you out of the kitchen, finishing up by himself. You huffed as you went over to Chan who was fixing his bed for the night. “You know you don’t have to be such an ass to him. He apologized.” You mumbled, keeping your voice quiet so Jisung didn’t hear. Chan sighed, straightening out the blankets before grabbing his bag and setting it on the bed, looking through his things. “I’m still pissed at him. He’s lucky I didn’t beat him into the ground. The only reason I didn’t is because you told me not to.”
“And I appreciate that, but he is still my boyfriend and I would like for you two to get along. I don’t want to have to play mediator any time you two are around each other.” There was silence for a moment before Chan sighed, nodding in agreement. “Fine. I’ll tone it down.” Smiling, you gave him a small hug, “Thank you.” You peeped, him only groaning in acknowledgement.
“Where’s your bathroom so I can change?” You showed him to the bathroom before starting back down the hall towards the kitchen, only to meet Jisung halfway, him holding your gift from Chan in his arm, folded nicely. He lifted it, smiling sheepishly. “He’s really good with gifts huh? I know you’ve been eyeing this thing since the new line came out.” You were genuinely surprised he had known that since he had been so preoccupied the last few months. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he seemed to notice. “You leave your tabs open a lot on your laptop. When I wake up for work you usually leave it out, so I noticed that you were looking at it fairly often.” He explained, your eyes widening slightly. “Oh… I didn’t even realize.” You half-whispered, Jisung chuckling quietly.
“I’ll go put this up.” He smiled before brushing past you and into your room. Chan left the bathroom only moments after, changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants much like Jisung had been wearing as long as you’d been awake. “You should sleep. It’s late.” He spoke, causing you to nod before watching him make his way down the hall towards the living room. “Are you going to sleep?” You asked, knowing that he had issues sleeping, always had.
“I’m gonna try, but don’t let me keep you up. I’ll be fine out here, I’m a grown man you know.” He teased, earning a quiet laugh from you. “Okay, well thank you for everything tonight Chan. I really appreciate it.” Turning, he smiled, his signature dimple smile. “No need to thank me. I just expect you to travel two hours for my birthday now. I’ve set the bar high.”
Your playful banter went on for a while longer before you both said goodnight and you retired to your shared room with Jisung. Stepping inside you shut the door behind you, immediately noticing Jisung busy unplugging all of his gaming stuff. Your eyes widened, “Ji- This isn’t… I didn’t mean you had to-” You couldn’t even form words, Jisung turning to look back at you. “I know. I just think it would be best for me to stop completely for now. Get things back in order before I even think about introducing this back into my life. It got way out of hand and I don’t want that to happen again. So I’m prioritizing.”
“B-But that’s… don’t you think it’s too much?” Your voice was quiet, unsure as Jisung shook his head, unplugging one final cord and picking himself up off of the floor, dusting himself off. “No. Considering I’ve put you on the side burner for months now, I think it’s more than enough. Gaming will always be there, but I don’t want to lose you because of it.” Shifting uncomfortably, you picked at your fingers, unsure about the whole thing. Jisung walked over, pulling you into his arms and resting his head on top of yours. “I’m sure about this okay? So don’t worry about it.”
“Okay…” You trailed off, deciding that if it was Jisung’s decision, you didn’t have any reason to argue with him. “Okay. Well, how about we go to sleep, and since you’re off tomorrow, I can take tomorrow off, probably call in sick-- and we can go do something, just me and you? There’s a fashion show downtown I believe. You can wear your new present from Chan and you’ll be the best dressed person, along with the best looking. Then we can go out to eat, or before. Whatever you wanna do baby.” Smiling you relaxed in his grasp, “That sounds great Ji.”
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lvlychns · a month ago
Apple Tea
Pairing: Han Jisung x GN!Reader
Word count: .8k
Warnings: none
A/N: this started out as a timestamp then it got really long lol
Summary: You can't sleep. Maybe a cup of tea (along with a very cuddly boyfriend) will help.
Tumblr media
Rolling your eyes in exasperation, you turn over for what feels like the billionth time. It's winter, and in Korea, that means brittle, chill wind that slips in through the windows and bests even the fluffiest comforter. You've always been a light sleeper, and the cold is preventing you from nodding off.
Giving up on any prospect of sleep, you slowly sit up and step out of bed, careful to not disturb Jisung. His brow furrows as your foot lands quietly on the carpet and you freeze, worried you've woken him, but the moment passes as he rolls over with a content expression on his face, and you sigh with relief.
You walk quietly to the door, picking up your sweater on the way and slipping it over your head.
You flip on the kitchen light, blinking rapidly to adjust to the bright glow. You bend over, touching the tips of your fingers to your toes to relieve some of the tension in your back lingering from work today. Straightening up, you decide to make something warm to drink.
You purse your lips as you survey the wide array of teas in your cabinet, hand hovering over the brightly covered tins. You choose an apple cinnamon tea Felix had given you earlier this month. You haven't been able to try it yet, but now is as good a time as ever.
You fill up the kettle at the sink, then set it on the stove to boil. You pull out a mug from the shelf next to the fridge, yawning as you measure out your tea leaves and pour them into one of the many reusable tea bags you keep on hand, tsking as you spill some on the counter. You sweep them up with your hand and toss them into the rubbish bin.
The kettle emits a shrill whistle, and you quickly snatch it off the burner, cursing yourself for the loud noise.
You pour the hot water into your cup and put away the tea box while you wait for the drink to steep. Standing on your tiptoes to place it back on the shelf, you groan slightly.
You nearly shout in surprise as a pair of arms wraps around your waist, holding you tightly.
Whipping around, your wide eyes soften as they meet Jisung's. He chuckles softly, taking your hand and pressing his lips to it softly.
"Can't sleep?" he asks, and you nod.
"Too cold."
He frowns, holding out his arms. Butterflies explode in your stomach as you take up his offer and let him embrace you. "I know this really isn't the time," he whispers in your ear, "But is there enough water for another cup?"
You laugh warmly, nodding into his shoulder.
"Yeah, go grab a mug," you say. He does an excited dance as he makes his way over to the cabinet and you laugh even harder, shaking your head.
You retrieve the tea from where you'd stored it, measuring out another bag and tying the string.
Jisung places a purple mug with small yellow flowers on the counter - one he'd bought for you a few months back - and once again wraps his arms around you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder as you pour the water.
"Thank you," he mumbles into your shoulder.
"Of course," you reply, smiling as you turn your head to lean it against his.
"I'm sorry you can't sleep," he says, but you wave him off.
"It's fine, I'm used to it."
"That's worse," he whines. "You're just like Channie hyung."
You chuckle.
"Chan stays up working. I stay up because the weather hates me."
You smile, lifting your head up and clapping your hands excitedly. "Tea's ready!"
The two of you decide to sit on the couch, quietly sipping your tea. The warm flavor envelops you in a pocket of coziness, and you sigh contentedly.
It's not long before your eyelids grow heavy, and you place your now empty mug onto the small coffee table next to you before stretching your legs out and resting your head on Jisung's thigh. He smiles down at you, bringing a hand to your hair and tracing delicate patterns across the strands.
"I have to go to the studio tomorrow afternoon before I come over," he says quietly, placing his own mug on the table. "I could pick up dinner on the way here from that place near the office. That ok?" There's a pause, and his brows furrow. "Love?" he murmurs, glancing down at you.
His heart melts as he takes in your sleeping form. Smiling softly, he slips his arms under you and carries you back to bed, tucking you into the comforter. He quickly goes back into the kitchen to flip off the light, then crawls into bed next to you, yawning.
You register somewhere in your mind that there's a comfortable weight across your waist, smiling sleepily as Jisung pulls you closer.
"I love you," you mumble, words stumbling over one another, slurred with exhaustion.
"I love you more," he whispers, pressing a kiss to your temple. "Get some rest, I'm here if you need me."
You drift off to sleep, warm and content.
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binnie-m00n · 6 months ago
Dating Stray Kids + their cute little dating habits
Warnings: slightly suggestive but over all fluff and gender neutral
A/N: this has been in drafts for a while coz I've been procrastinating so haha hope yall like it :)
Chan 🐺
He's an overall cutie!! Chan would be the type to be into skinship, he likes keeping you close. He's big into forehead kisses. He likes taking you on outdoor, laid back and romantic dates: picnics, parks, lakes, or homestyle restaurants. Thinks its cute to give piggyback rides when you get tired of walking around the park.
Habits: Chan likes letting you borrow his hoodies! Not only because you look cute in them but because he likes the way your scent and perfume lingers on his clothes, he cuddles with the hoodie he let you borrow once he drops you off at your place >////<
Minho 🐰
Minho would be such a goofy bf, likes to tease you! You have a funny laugh? He'll tease you. You're shorter than him? He'll tease you. Minho just likes to play around. If you and minho decide to watch a horror movie, you best believe he's gonna try to scare you during or after the movie, But he means well, he likes to show his affection by messing around
Habits: Minho likes buying you flavored lip balms! He'd attack your lips and would try to guess the flavor, if he doesn't get it right he keeps kissing you until he guesses the right flavor. Minho would constantly taste you lips and steal kisses from you
Changbin 🐷🐰
Okay so based off skz themselves voting on Changbin being the most romantic AND changbin's lyrics on 'on track' i can conclude that he'd be so SO sweet and romantic! He'd do special reservations for dinner, spoil you with flowers and buying you stuff AND he has a way with words making you blush at any given moment
Habits: This man loves it when you straddle him and pepper his face with kisses. His hands trail up & down your thighs as he pulls you into a sweet kiss. The kiss may be sweet but his hands on your thigh are rough. Changbin also likes laying on your thighs while your fingers play and tug on his hair
Hyunjin 🦙
Hyunjin would be very caring and a softie! Holding your hand or wrapping his arm around your shoulder is a must for him!! If anyone tries making moves on you he'd immediately step up and makes sure everyone knows your his by pecking your lips and pulling you into his arms
Habits: Hyunjin likes to takes pictures of you posing or off guard, but his favorite ones are you being off guard. He also takes pictures of you while your napping coz he finds it extremely cuteeee. He shows you the pictures once you've woken up and like always you fail at your attempt to delete them from his phone . Oop and also he likes taking those cliché couple goal pictures, like hand holding or mirror pictures of you sitting on his lap in just his hoodie or shirt
Jisung 🐿
I'm sorry but I feel like he'd have no experience in dating!!! Poor boy would google stuff like "how to know if my lover isn't mad at me" or "top 10 gifts for your significant other" Jisung would eventually get the hang of dating and he'd pull up to your place with all your fav goodies, he likes it when you kiss his neck or when you nuzzle your face onto the crook of his neck >///<
Habits: this man would be so clingy!! (In a good way) especially when yall are watching something. Anime, movies or better yet an anime movie! This man would hold you close, his favorite cuddle position would be where you sit between his legs, your back pressed against his chest with his arms wrapped around you, jisung presses soft kisses along your jawline to your cheeks 🥺
Felix 🐥
A total sweetheart, super cuddle and clingy all the time. Felix just wants to be by your side, prefers to call than to text you because he just wants to hear your voice. Likes sweet home dates, staying at home, watching a movie and baking together just makes his heart warm and fuzzy.
Habits: when yall are waiting for the brownies to bake in the oven felix likes to back hug you and place soft and warm kisses on your neck. You'd sit on the kitchen counter and felix would hug you, his face nuzzle on your chest and your wrap you arms and legs around him 🥺 lots of sweet whispers and compliments from him
Seungmin 🐶
Kinda similar to minho. Seungmin likes to tease you and might even give you tough love, but he tends to soften up when yall are alone together ;) watching you pout when he teases you or get flustered when he suddenly gets flirty with you makes his heart flutter.
Habits: pinning you against the wall has become a habit of his. Its just a perfect mix of flirty and teasing, he gets such a reaction from you. Pinned against the wall with one of his arms trapping you in and the other tracing your lips. You blush at his smirking and the way he slowly bites his bottom lip makes your heart flutter. Seungmin can't help but to give you sweet smile and place a kiss at the top of your forehead and leave you on the spot. He's such a tease
Jeongin 🦊
Jeongin would just baby you all the timeee! He gets constantly babied by everyone else in the group so he'd wanna try and babie someone else yk. Calls you honey, love or baby 110% of the time, he's so darn cute :[ jeongin gets a little shy when the members tease him about you but overall he doesn't mind too much because he has you :')
Habits: okay so hear me out! Yall remember how jeongin "bit" hyunjins neck and left little purple marks and we all joked around saying they where hickies! Well imagine laying in bed with jeongin just talking about life or your goals and dreams and he just nuzzle him face on the crook of your neck and what starts as a soft kisses ends up as small love bites. The thing is that jeongin doesn't realize he leaves them until you jokingly say "hey im running out of makeup to cover those up" :')
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pastelracha · a month ago
Pregnancy with Jisung
Tumblr media
☾ Title : Pregnancy with Jisung
☾ Pairing: Jisung x fem!reader
☾ Genre: fluff, established relationship, pregnangcy
☾ Prompt: just a head canon of pregnancy with Jisung. 
☾ A/N: request : Hiii! Love the pregnancy series😁 could you do one with Han if that's okay?? Lots of love💖 sorry I was bit long to post, but I didn’t feel like writing for the last couples of days, and I'll not be able to post request/ scenarios on the 9th for a week, but I'll still take request, only posting them when I'll back from holidays.
☾ Other : Chan’s version : ☾ Felix’s version : ☾ Hyunjin’s version : ☾
☾ Word Count: 0.565K
masterlist | ask or request
Is the most happy dad to be. Sending everyone texts : “I am going to be a daddy!1!!’’
Celebrate with you, going to the restaurant and threat you like the queen you are, carrying his baby. 
When your belly start showing, being the meme that shows with hands your belly like : THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS PREGNANT WITH MY BABY!
Create a ballad for his unborn child and plays it to your belly. 
You are the center of his world, even before but now even more, he wonders if you’ll like a cake or anything just to bring it home after his day, to make you happy. 
Just find you ethereal the more your belly is growing. 
“Babe, you are creating life, don’t ever say you look bad right now’’ 
Once fell asleep on the studio couch and Chan laughed : “welcome to your future dad’s life bro’’ 
Ran all over the house after he learned it’s a baby girl, his mission protect and make her the most happy girl in the world. 
Cried during the ultrasound, seeing his baby on the screen, “it’s mine ? My baby ! Can I hear the heartbeat ?“
“The guys told me the speak to your belly, it’s the best for her to know my voice, hi baby it’s daddy’’ 
Just bought a lot of rose gold things for the baby room, cause she is a princess and rose gold is princess ok ! 
Yes your wedding day was the best day of his life, but the day his princess going to be born gonna top it. 
Thanks you everyday for this breath taking gift. 
“We should totally adopt a dog or a cat to grow up with her and being her bff’’ 
Announced it with something like : “we adopted this little fur baby, to grow up with our human baby and yes mini SKZ is coming lol’’ 
Just like chan even if she isn’t born yet, would have Jisung wrapped around her finger. (Just imagine skz as fathers .. my heart !!!!)
His smiles is getting bigger and bigger at each ultrasounds. 
Put his hands on your tummy, and just whispers things to the baby. 
Shopping for baby clothes with Jisung, is an olympic sport ! He just want to buy everything. 
Runs you baths and take photos of your bump, in pink water. 
Created a photo book of your whole pregnancy with polaroids. 
Text you to show him your bump cause he miss it. 
Is jealous of your pregnancy pillow, so sleep behind you and hug you every nights. Hands on your belly. 
Had your hospital bag ready, but you're just at your 5th month of pregnancy. 
Yes you now have stretch marks, but he loves them cause it shows you are pregnant and remind him of your love, creating a tiny mix of both of you. 
Calls you the most beautiful woman in the world, every minutes of your pregnancy. 
“Is she gonna do dance, football, we need to think about it !’’
“Baby isn’t even born, let me breath’’ 
Can’t wait to see her grows, but no boyfriend until she is at least 30 ! He is not even joking. 
“Or he gonna have to past tests, we already did it with Chan’s, she had a dude’’
“She is 3 what you guys did to this poor child ??’’
SKZ are scary uncles/dads to the girls, ready to fight 3years old for them.  
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