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#han jisung smut
planetdream · a day ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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fullmoonstranger · 20 hours ago
PervBf!StrayKids | Drabbles
warnings: straykids as your perverted boyfriends. smut under the cut.
This is written with my amazing friend @kagomekirigiri! She's lovely and she claims to be an innocent lil bean but we all know she's not lol (mwa i love you lots)
anyway, enjoy! we enjoyed writing this, so we hope you guys enjoy reading our perv!skz agenda :D
Tumblr media
Chan is all about visuals. Any physical way to mark you as his, any view that he knows only he can see, it completely sets him on fire. The sight of you in one of his hoodies, the sleeves covering your precious hands because you’re smaller than him and he needs to protect you, uuugh it runs a shiver down his spine every time he sees it. And hickies. Hickies everywhere on your body. It gets to a point where even if you stand still and calculatedly wear an outfit that covers it all, you’re still only a centimeter or two from showing a DOZEN different love bites. His favorite sight of all is the place where you two connect when he’s pounding into you. The sight of his dick pistoning in and out of your sopping pussy is enough to make him blow his load. It’s also enough for him to immediately firm up again, eyes trained on his release oozing out of your tight entrance as he rearranges your guts for a second time (then a third time, then a fourth). Pervert Bang Chan certainly gets off on acting innocent and soft in front of everyone but when he comes back home to you, his dick instantly gets hard and sometimes, just sometimes, he would make you wear clothes that don’t cover the pretty dark purple love bites when he senses his members getting too chummy with you.
The Dom King who wants to be a Sub Prince. Deeply turned on by the idea of you taking control and having him submit to you, but is way too prideful to ever admit it. So he tries to subtly set you up to take the reins like it’s your idea. Pins you to the wall and leaves rough dark hickies on your neck, when you complain that they’re visible he asks “What are you gonna do about it?”. He barely sleeps that night from the glare you gave him in return for that. He gets really into it whenever you make out while you’re in his lap, but even more so because he can imagine you digging your nails into his scalp and pressing down on him with a harsh order not to move. Purposely fastens the handcuffs he uses to bind you to the headboard loosely, then proceeds to edge you for hours in hopes that you’ll break free and TAKE the pleasure he’s denying you. Pervert Boyfriend Lee Know actually loves making you angry and slapping your ass in front of the boys just to see how you would react. And best believe that he would get hard when he sees his members hiding their hard ons when you whine at your ass getting smacked in front of them. Because he knows you will definitely spank him back home and there’s nothing more appealing than that to subby Minho.
Changbin is a perverted boyfriend who loves it when you hold his arm because that man is buff af. And he loves loves loves your boobs. He wouldn't ever tell you, but he gets hard everytime your tits squish against his arm!!! Most of the time he would purposely squish his arm onto the side of your boobs. Waiting in line for food together? Oops squish. Walking at the park in the evenings? Mmm squish. He just loves your tits so much, one time when you wore a deep neckline dress that revealed A LOT OF CLEAVAGE he just makes you sit on his lap while he shakes his legs because when he thinks about your tits bouncing, he also automatically thinks about your pussy too, so wedging his shaking leg between yours gives him a good feeling of your pussy. Oh and he would playfully just unhook your bra in public (yes, he finds it easy, he’s had a lot of practice as a boob connoisseur) and would act like it’s an accident, his big hands would immediately palm your tits from behind, telling you to stay still as he tries to hook your bra up again. And of course Changbin would act like he can’t hook them back together for a few times just so that he can feel your tits up in public as you whine and whimper. Once he finally shows mercy and hooks you back up, his hands instead fall to your hips as high thigh flexes underneath you. You’re both so riled up, you can cum from just this friction before the other members notice, right?
We all know he loves his hair. And he loves it even more when you play with it. Caress it, tug on it - anything. Literally anything! He would innocently tell you to braid his hair and you would do it, not knowing that he had his hands inside his pants, wanting to feel himself - literally feel - himself get hard under that flimsy pillow he places on his lap. He would never tell you about it though, he just loves touching himself when you're playing with his hair innocently. But when one day you were searching for his hair tie and you lifted the pillow because you wouldn't believe it when he said he didn't hide it, you were beyond shocked to see Hyunjin with one hand in his pants with the hair tie tied around the head of his cock over his pants. Guess that's why you always receive the hair tie from him all wet and soggy, which he would usually blame on his dog. Looks like Hyunjin needs to find another way to fulfill his perverted hiding needs…though, if you want to scold him by harshly pulling on his hair and calling him a pervert, he’d make the prettiest noises for you.
Say it with us, folks: HE WANTS TO BE CAUGHT! He is doing the bare minimum to hide it, but it’s more like edging himself for that glorious moment when you see him in one of his “guilty pleasures”. Totally an underwear stealer, especially if that means you have to go commando for a day or two. Definitely spends at least two rehearsal breaks per week with your panties wrapped around his throbbing cock, while his other hand is clutching one of your bras to his face for him to sniff and lick. Touches himself whenever he gets hard, which is WHENEVER YOU DO ANYTHING. Waits until you’re not looking, but only just barely. Considers you looking at the screen while you two watch a movie to be “not looking”. Definitely jerks it in the shower and “accidentally” leaves the door slightly open just in case you hear his needy moans. When you finally do catch him you better call out sick for work the next day because he’s pinning you down and having you in every position until the sun comes up. And if you go to work the next day with his cum in your cunt? He’ll love you forever.
Felix ties romantic love and sexual love together. So it’s not as much that he’s a closeted perv, it’s that he’s an oblivious one. Holding your hand and watching ducks at the park make him so happy and giggly! They also make him rock hard. If you wear a new sundress, especially one he helped you pick out, his freckles cheeks will turn the prettiest shade of pink and he’ll kiss you on your cheek and tell you that you look like a princess. He’ll ALSO ask in the same breath if you can give him a titfuck while you wear it once you two are home. Be careful never to compliment his baking, it’s such a loving and intimate experience that it’ll have him eating you out for hours. Pervert Boyfriend Felix just wants to be sweet, hold your hand and then place it on his dick, there’s really no in between with this guy.
Seungmin never considered himself to be a pervert. Even at this moment as he's watching you shower and jerking himself off everytime you hiss when your hand comes in contact with your nipples, he still doesn't consider himself as a pervert. He's your boyfriend and you've told him that he can do absolutely anything he wants with and to you, so this is obviously just normal boyfriend things, right...? (Seungmin is in denial). He would come back from work, all tired and ready to just pass out but gets worked up when he realizes that you're showering with the door unlocked. And what's more intriguing is that the past owner had a big window installed in the bathroom, so that they could watch the view but Seungmin knows that they were into some kinky shit and he loves it! He loves it too much because you go standing in the tub to shower, stark naked and the whole fucking neighbourhood can see you but you don't fucking care. And that's so hot to him, makes him cum in record time. But Seungmin being Seungmin, he would scoldingly act like he wants you to close the window blinds yet he’s the one who would break the string everytime the both of you fix it. When you invite him to shower with you one day, resulting in him fucking you right up against the glass, you find the blinds completely destroyed in the dumpster the next morning.
Out of everyone, I.N is the most unpredictable. He's always so smiley and sweet, listens very well to his hyungs (ofc with occasional teasing) but overall he just doesn't seem like someone who would be into perverted stuff. But that's definitely untrue because ever since he became a legal adult, he just does not need to care anymore about his child-like innocent image. This man is now an A+ certified DILF wannabe. Just look at him!!! As a boyfriend, his number 1 ritual is cumming on the outside of your pussy every morning. Yes, you heard right!! I.N doesn’t have that much experience and sometimes he can get a little too shy to ask you when he's needy but he found out that you didn't mind him cumming on you the first time he did it. So now, every morning, he would watch you sleep, push up the fabric of the shirt you're wearing so that your bare pussy is exposed to him and he would jerk off until his warm loads of cum land on your cunt. Bonus points if you wake up from it, his perverted mind just loves seeing you all groggy but then gets all shy and happy when you realize he just gave you his cum.
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instachans · a day ago
“Yeah, just like that.” Jisung praises as he slips two fingers in you, smiling at how your body writhes under his sensual touches. “You look so good under me, don’t you think so?” He asks as his eyes look at your body’s reflection in the big mirror. You wanted to answer, you really did, but the way he curled his fingers deep inside you held you back from constructing a proper sentence, let alone say a single word.
Jisung smirks, leaning in to what you thought would be a kiss, but instead gave you a hickey on your neck. He didn’t care if anyone saw, he didn’t care if your boyfriend saw. The man’s been waiting for this since forever, one of the many reasons that he wanted you to himself right now.
His thumb rubs your clit before pulling out his fingers, leaving you empty and wanting more. “Cock,” were able to whisper. The man in front of you smiles and obliges. He too, would want his cock in you.
Ever so harshly, Jisung rammed his cock into you, well aware of the fact that you were already loose thanks to his fingers.
Now what was only left to do was to cum in you even if you were someone else’s.
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multifandomfantasies · 24 days ago
stray kids’ secret dirty fantasies (18+)
Tumblr media
warnings: hard kinks for some members, described fantasies mention somnophilia (dubcon), pain kink (hair pulling, slapping, scratching, slight choking), knife play, humiliation, praise kink, overstimulation, orgasm control/chastity, traditional gender roles as a kink, slight breeding kink.
this is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only.
bang chan
he realizes it the first time you take a nap on the sofa of chan’s studio. the moment his eyes fell on your sleeping form - face smooth and relaxed against his favorite pillow, chest rising and sinking slowly, your lips slightly parted like petals of a rose in bloom - chan’s thoughts run wild. sure, he has known about somnophilia for a while, he definitely remembers occasionally getting off on a clip of a tired sub getting used while drifting off to sleep, but he never got how some people could go crazy over it. not until now. a deep sigh leaves you as you turn into a more comfortable position, mouth opening ever so slightly and before he can think about it chan runs his thumb over your lower lip carefully. his breath gets caught in his throat when you don’t react, not even a shadow of irritation passing over your calm face. you trust him, chan realizes and he feels his heart squeeze as well as his cock swell, you trust him to look out for you and care for you that you can allow yourself to be entirely vulnerable. chan runs his thumb over your pliant lip again and imagines his hands trailing further. would you get wet enough for him if he touched you oh so softly in secret? would you gasp the same way you always do when he pressed his thick cock into you for the first time? maybe it would be the feeling of him burying himself inside of you completely that would have you waking up. chan can envision you so clearly, bleary eyes looking up at him as you squirm from the unexpected intrusion. “it’s just me, babygirl,” he’d whisper to you. “just relax and let me take care of you, yeah?” he imagines your arms and legs wrapping around him like you’re inviting him in, then your body slowly going limp as his gentle thrusts rock you back to dreamland. chan gets pulled from his imagination when you - the real you in front of him - stir again, eyes fluttering open to meet his intense stare. “what is it?” you ask, puzzled by the way he’s staring at you. chan shrugs. “nothing, baby. you just looked so cute i couldn’t stop staring at you.”
lee know
minho knows you’ve always suspected how kinky he is and there have been a lot of open conversations and long nights of exploring some of his favorite fantasies together. but somehow minho still can’t get himself to share his interest in knife play with you. he keeps catching himself thinking about dragging the dull, flat side of the sharp object along your skin. would goosebumps bloom on your skin wherever his blade touches you? if he cut your panties off of you, would he find your pussy wet for him? would you looks at him with lust in your eyes? disgust? fear? it’s the thought of the latter that makes minho’s cock throb in the confines of his jeans. all attempts of stopping are thrown to the side now. minho presses the heel of his palm to his aching erection as he lets his thoughts run wild. would you beg him to actually use the knife on you? or beg him not to use it - promising you’d let him do whatever he liked? and would be be willing to hold a knife to his throat and whisper cold, hard threats into his ear with your sweet voice, if he asked you to? surprisingly it’s this thought that makes minho cum, soiling his boxers with his release. by the time he’s cleaned up minho has made up his mind: he has to talk to you about this.
the first time you had sex with changbin you asked him to touch himself for you, so you could see how to make him feel good. you honestly didn’t think too much about it, but changbin felt like he just got gut-punched. he was so embarrassed, but he couldn’t deny the hot flush of arousal rushing through his body when he rid himself of his pants and boxers and immediately felt your eyes fixated on his hard cock. his ears turned a cute shade of red, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he played with himself for you, the humiliation of being watched while masturbating settling in his stomach and adding on to his arousal. greedy for your reaction he couldn’t stop himself from mumbling about how much he’s been thinking about fucking you and how he needs you to sit on his dick now before he cums in his hand. “fuck, you’re shameless,” you told him, scrambling over to settle in his lap. changbin felt like his nerve endings just got electrified. yes, he was shameless, he was a pervert, he loved the feeling of you humiliating him and you saw right through him from the start. but after this first time nothing like that happens again. you don’t realize what it was that got him so frenzied - probably writing it off as nervousness for your first time together. it hasn’t been too long, you’re still exploring the feeling of each others bodies, not playing with any roles or kinks yet - but already changbin wishes you could see how much he needs you to push his limits again. he wants you to purposefully embarrass him this time. changbin needs it so bad, he’s ready to show you how desperate he is for you to treat him like the pitiful pervert he is.
it’s no secret that hyunjin likes it when you play rough. there’s no use trying to hide it with the way he gasps and moans when you pull at strands of his hair or dig your nails into the skin of his back. but you still don’t know how much hyunjin truly gets off on you inflicting pain on him. when you run your fingers through his hair he can’t help but wish you would replace your gentle grip with a more vicious one, twisting and tugging at his roots until his eyes are brimming with tears and he can’t do anything but move exactly the way you want him to. he wishes you would grab his jaw with unyielding hands, nails digging into his soft cheeks so hard he can still feel the phantom of your touch afterwards. whenever he feels your fingers trailing down his back he can’t stop thinking about how your they would feel wrapped around his throat or mercilessly pushing down on his tongue until he has to fight his gag reflex and starts crying for you. and even out of the bedroom, hyunjin can’t stare at your hands for too long without imagining their red imprint on his face, his hot tears spilling down his stinging cheek as he begs you to hurt him more. he’s unsure if his fantasies are too intense for you. despite having an open mind, would you want to use up your precious energy to satisfy a depraved masochist like him? so hyunjin reserves this part of him for his alone time and settles for rutting his aching cock against a pillow, his own hands in his hair, his desperate cries of “i’m your painslut, i’m your painslut” ringing through the empty room.
jisung’s usually very vocal about what he wants and needs in bed. no matter how kinky or unusual his fantasies get, jisung is never too shy to show you something he saw in a porn video or heard another member talk about. it doesn’t matter if he’s domming or subbing, jisung is always running his mouth, letting you know just how to get him there. that’s why he can’t quite explain himself why he seems to be unable to tell you about his praise kink. maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to ask you to call him a good boy, he wants to deserve it. it’s so hard for him to follow rules though, even when he is in a submissive headspace he’s trying to tease you and rile you up to make sure you’re going to give it to him harder. and he loves getting roughed up and punished because of this, but most of the time he can’t help but wish he would have obeyed you just a little more, just so he can hear those two words - “good boy” - fall from your lips. little does jisung know that you already figured out this adorable fetish of his a long time ago - it’s kind of hard to miss with how he keeps asking you “do you like this? how does it feel for you? does it feel good, baby?” or the way his hips kick every time you even begin to whisper the word “good”. you already have started purposefully sprinkling in praises for the smallest acts of obedience, just to see jisung trying to hold back a desperate whine. how clueless he is makes abusing your newfound power even more fun than it is already is.
you’ve dabbled in orgasm control a bit, usually with him in your lap and your hands moving up and down his leaking cock, slowing down whenever he got close a couple of times before finally granting him that big orgasm that makes his eyes roll back in his head from the bliss of releasing all the pent up frustration. but this is not enough for him. felix wants to be able to last longer for you even when he gets his dick inside of you. despite you telling him it’s cute that he always cums so easily for you and you’re more than happy with him getting you off with his fingers and his mouth, felix just wants to be a good fuck for you - to satisfy you not only with his fingers, tongue or sex toys but to be able to make you cum with his cock as well. he knows he can, he just needs more time! so felix practices with his fleshlight, gripping the toy with both of his hands as he fucks it with sloppy, irregular thrusts. he tries to imagine you telling him to stop when he gets close, pulling out with a frustrated groan, hips jerkily humping into the air as his cock seeks the friction of his toy. he manages to hold off once, maybe even twice, but usually his brain immediately wanders to you telling him it’s okay, you know he gets overwhelmed, he can just let go for you now. because you’re so good to him. you always know what to say and how to touch him, whispering soft praises in his ear and guiding him through his high whenever the feeling of your soft, warm walls has him cumming in mere minutes again. he loves the way you take care of him but, fuck, sometimes he wishes you would just put him in chastity, lock his needy cock away in a cage so he can focus on purely giving pleasure to you. but bringing this up to you, sincerely begging you to not let him cum because he just can’t help it if you don’t take full control of his body? he can’t imagine anything more pathetic. so he doesn’t let himself do that, not yet. he’ll prove he can be good for you by finishing his own training first.
he loves all the cute and domestic aspects of your relationship. he loves texting you good morning and good night, loves holding your hand when you go grocery shopping, loves eating your homemade food when he’s come down with a cold. both of you have busy schedules though, so you can’t be with each other as much as you’d like. seungmin knows the two of you have all the time in the world to build your relationship more and he absolutely adores the independent person that you are. but sometimes, when he’s alone in another hotel room, with his hand on his cock and you on his mind, seungmin imagines your wedding night. he imagines you finally letting him fuck you raw, begging him to breed you. he imagines you waiting for him in his favorite skirt and an apron when he comes home from work every night. he imagines you being a good, pliant housewife who bends over and let’s him use you whenever he needs to relieve stress, whimpering for his cum. seungmin swears he loves your relationship just the way it is, but there’s something about that image that makes his orgasms so much more intense.
he’s not quite sure when it started, but jeongin knows he has an obsession with overstimulation. there’s really no denying it when he finds himself searching up those videos every day, fascinated with clips of desperate girls being rubbed and licked and played with until they’re squirting and crying only to then get touched some more. it seems so intense, so obscene to watch someone to be forced to let go like this, that jeongin feels his throat drying and the beginnings of a hard-on forming in his pants when he just thinks about it. is it really possible to give someone so much pleasure that it seems like their mind breaks? to make someone cum over and over again until they can’t think or speak or stop drooling? would he be able to do that to you if you let him try? one time, in a random surge of confidence jeongin had let his fingers brush over your clit after both of you already came, rubbing one, two, three messy circles against your throbbing bundle of nerves before you pushed his hand away. however he hadn’t missed the surprised sound you made at that first touch, your pussy suddenly clamping down on his softening dick that was still buried inside you and making both of you shiver with sensitivity. jeongin keeps replaying that moment in his mind, imagining what would have happened if you had just let him keep on touching you. but he has to consider that so far the two of you have had sex only on a handful of occasions. and you having to show him how to make you cum the first couple of times before he got the hang of it has him questioning whether or not he would be able to really get you to that point of overstimulation without your guidance. no, he decides, he has to wait until he knows your body better before suggesting this type of thing. for now it will remain his secret fantasy.
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seungisms · 7 months ago
sex with skz 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, overstimulation, edging, fingering, eating out, blowjobs, degradation, praise, body worship, thigh riding, cockwarming, corruption kink, exhibition kink, bulging kink, switch!skz
note: sorry that i haven’t been that active lately, i’ve been too busy simping over pixelated cowboys (yes red dead) 🥴 please enjoy some smutty goodness as an apology - smut straight under the cut, beware! also, this whole post is just an excuse for me to indulge in hard!seungmin
Tumblr media
the softest dom to ever exist™
he’ll worship every inch of your skin, muttered praises being left with every hot open-mouthed kiss he showers you in
low chuckles leave him as you rut and whine against him - practically melting at his touch
a l w a y s keeps a tight grip on you hips, just cause he loves seeing the small imprint dents his fingers leave in your soft flesh 
he’ll kiss down the expanse of your body as foreplay, smothering your face in loving pecks before making his way past your collarbones and stomach, stopping at your panties
his teeth will softly nip at the thin band before hooking his long fingers around the material and promptly tugging them down your thighs, mouth watering at the sight of your drenched cunt
he always takes his time before giving into your begs, loving the look of utter desperation coating your pretty features
makes you cum at least twice with just his fingers and mouth
laps up every last drop of wetness that seeps out of your core, holding your trembling thighs still with his strong hands as the muscles of his mouth eat away at your pussy
he’ll take your bud into his mouth, sucking the sensitive flesh and watching smugly as you hoarsely cry out into the room, hips rasing to follow his lips
he loves to intertwine his fingers with your own as he eats you out, each tight squeeze of your hand letting him know exactly how close you are
he also loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex
didn’t even realise he had a bulging kink until he met you
the first time he ever saw the outline of his dick jutting out against the flesh of your stomach he almost creamed inside you
presses the palm of his hand flat against the protrusion and softly groans once he feels himself with every sloppy thrust past your folds, the sounds of his cock meeting your wet sex making his head dizzy
he just loves how well you’re able to take him despite your tight hole being far too small to fit the entirety of his thick cock into
he rarely ever dirty talks during sex but when he does it’s always quiet praises
“thats my good girl, taking me so well.”
“you love this cock huh? you’re just begging me to ruin you, sweetheart.”
softly wraps a hand around your neck while sinking into you slowly, thumb reaching up to trace your bottom lip as small gasps of air slip past, focusing on the way he fills you up
cockwarming is a must with this man
especially in his studio
he’ll have you sit on his lap as he works away on a new song, back pressed against his hard chest while he continues to stuff your pussy full with his hard cock
curses softly in your ear everytime you dare clench around him
eventually gives into your needy pouts and the circling of you hips - bending you over his desk and pressing your head against the cold wood before his hips meet your ass once again
always falls into a cold sweat whenever someone asks him why he has to keep buying new studio chair and makes mental note to punish you later for being such a damn tease
sometimes he humours you and lets you ride him, but the hard grip on your thighs and brushing of his dick against your warm walls reminds you that he’s always the one in control
will always spoil you afterwards, feeling guilty for the aching of your pussy and marks he left on your skin
he’s such a fucking tease
overstimulates you until you’re practically sobbing against him
never once breaks eye contact with you, dark eyes boring into your own teary ones as his digits rub lazily at your bud, teasingly slipping past your folds and dipping into your wet core
he’s an expert at fingering you at this point
curls his fingers deep inside your cunt, your slick coating them and gushing down the flesh of your thighs as he continues to stretch you out
he’ll gather up some of your liquids once he removes his fingers, ignoring your small whines of disapproval before bringing them up to your lips, tapping the soft skin and urging you to suck
turns absolutely feral watching your tongue swirl slowly around his digits, making sure to lick them clean of your wetness as his dick stiffens against your thigh, wanting nothing more than to feel your pretty lips around his dick
l o v e s being in control
he’ll pin your hands above your head as he leaves soft kisses against the expanse of your collarbones - the gentleness of his lips contrasting greatly with the blunt nails digging into your wrists, not paying any mind to your bratty complaining
his mouth always makes sure to leave a few markings in their wake around your thighs, loving the thought of your skirt flipping up later and everyone seeing your pretty, kiss-bruised flesh
also a major giver
he’ll eat you out for hours on end, the sore muscles in his jaw working away at your dripping cunt was worth the pain as you tug onto his disheveled locks and legs trembling on either side of his head, making his hips rut down against the sheets beneath him, tongue impatiently luring you towards orgasm
his chin and lips will be shining with your wetness once he pulls away, not hesitating to place his mouth against yours and force you to taste yourself on his tongue
he gets off on rubbing the tip of his cock against your aching bud, the small pleas leaving your raw throat almost making him want to give in
but he’s a masochist, so he’ll draw every whine, whimper and beg from you before he even thinks about giving you what you want
seeing how much of a slut you turn into when begging for his dick makes dragging out his own pleasure worth it
he’ll edge you towards orgasm for hours if you dare disobey him - his length filling up each dent and crevice of your pussy before swiftly pulling out once he feels you clench tightly around him, reminding him how close you were
he continues his pleasurable torture on your abused cunt until you finally cry out for release, loud enough for the rest of the dorm to hear you
then he’ll fuck up into you until your pussy is raw and red, practically pulsating around him
he’ll make sure to fit thigh riding into his daily routine everyday too
the sight of your naked cunt dragging along the material of his rough jeans is too good not to savour
he won’t assist you either
prefers to sit back and watch you struggle to get yourself off, feeling your sticky wetness seep through the material of his trousers
he’ll only even think about helping you if you beg him enough, something about your voice dripping in sheer desperation is enough for him to fuck you right there on the dorms sofa
it doesn’t matter where you are or if the boy are near, he’ll find every opportunity to tease you and turn you into a complete mess with just his cruel words
he’s such a switch and i’ll take no other arguments
one minute he’ll be sobbing underneath you while begging for his release and the next he’ll have you on all fours, forcing you to bite into your pillow to muffle any whines or moans you dare to make
he only speaks in pouts and that translates into sex too
his lower lips will jut out into a cute little frown whenever you decide to tease him, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin as his hips resist the urge to rut against your own
he’s far too stubborn for his own good so he’ll let you drag out his pleasure for hours, refusing to give into your soft demands
eventually submits once your hand ‘accidentally’ brushes against his straining cock, the fleeting touch enough to make him jolt against your hold
turns into the most whiny boy afterwards, dick twitching against his stomach and damp hair falling into his eyes, words stumbling over eachother as you purposely continue to deny him
a connoisseur of face sitting <333
his fingers will grasp at any sort of flesh he can as soon as your legs settle on either side of his head, groaning lowly once your wet cunt comes into his view
he practically buries his head against you, nose nudging your bud before leaving a soft kiss on your folds, cursing lwoly when your hands tangle and tug his disheveled locks
eats you out throughly and eagerly, not letting one drop of your sweet wetness go to waste
he’ll ignore the desperate curving of his cock against his stomach, toes curling into the sheets below as you continue to grind your pussy against his mouth - the warmth of his flat tongue stroking your core combined with the strong grip on your thighs making your tummy twist with need
his tongue will eventually resort to fucking your tight hole, a satisfied moan being hummed against you once he feels your legs tremble in his hold
he’s also just as much of an enthusiast of blowjobs as he is with eating you out
becomes such a brat as soon as you teasingly lick away at his slit, the softest of whines falling from his lips and back arching off the bed with need
his mouth works before his brain, so expect a lot of rushed begs and stuttered pleas
feels himself malfunction once he hits the back of your throat, hands grasping at the covers beneath him while his hips raise in order to fuck your mouth harder and deeper
he has the biggest kink for cumplay so as soon as you stick your tongue out to catch his warm liquids while looking up at him through doe eyes his lips will be unable to form any coherent words, legs shaking and cock softening in your hold
as much as he loves submitting to you, theres no stopping this man whenever he’s jealous
as soon as he sees one of the boys getting too close for his liking he’ll instantly drag you to the nearest empty room, ignoring the questionable glances the others threw his way
he’ll fuck you right there against the wall, legs desperately clinging around his waist as he urges you to moan his name louder with every thrust he inflicts on your drenched cunt
he’ll leave marks in places you’re not able to cover them, stifling a smug chuckle when you glare towards him everytime someone points them out
also extremely fond of lingerie
lets his hands ghost over your body, admiring your glowing beauty in the sheer fabric and questioning how he got so lucky
before simply pushing your panties to the side and slipping his fat cock past your folds, the warmth and wetness of your pussy causing his face to slack with pleasure
he’s a H U G E cuddlier after sex and demands to be held, so leave some kisses on his forehead and lull him to sleep and he’ll be happy
he’s so giving during sex but not before edging you until you’re on the brink of tears
L O V E S using his mouth and fingers on you at the same time
he doesn’t rush while eating you out, hands pinning your thighs to bed to keep them spread as his tongue licks fat stripes up the centre of your pulsating pussy, tuning out your low whimpers of need
his long digits will circle your core, curving deep against your walls and feeling every crevice and twitch of your cunt
he’ll greedily lap up the liquids that seep from your hole until your sore, raw and shaking in his hold
pulls away with his lips drenched in your wetness before coaxing you into a open-mouthed kiss, tongue pushing against your own and sharing his salvia with you, urging you to taste yourself
he’ll constantly keep his mouth busy during sex
whether its nipping at your own lips, leaving markings against your neck or worshiping your perk breasts
he just loves the taste of you on his buds
also really into overstimulation 
once he finally gives into your pitiful begs of release there’s no stopping him
makes you cum again and again until you’re a absolute mess beneath him, legs trembling, tear stained cheeks and pussy aching from his torment
eats up every moan, plea and groan you emit
fills you up the brim and twitches deep against you, fingers reaching down to flick and pinch at your cunt - determined to draw out your sweet sounds of pleasure
he doesn’t pay any regard to anyone else in the dorm, if he wants to make you scream for them all to hear he will
he’ll coax you to sit on his lap with gentle words during move nights with the boys, hands splayed against your thighs as you try to focus on the screen
before they make their way down to your shorts, slipping past and brushing against your already soaked core
he’s quick to fill you to the brim with his veiny cock under the blanket, large hand pressed flat against your mouth to muffles your soft sighs
absolutely GETS OFF on the thought of being caught by one of the boys
so the movement and ruts of his hips will be exaggerated and sloppy, feeling you come undone quickly on his lap, the soft grind of your ass letting him know just how much you actually enjoyed it
softly flicks at your bud once you squeeze tightly around him, milking him dry before the others cast him a curious glance at his low growl
he won’t even acknowledge the eyes peering at you both, his long and thick cock continuing to stretch your small hole out
he’ll make sure to get you back for teasing him though
also l o v e s threesomes
he doesn’t mind sharing you, cause he always makes sure to remind you who you really belong to after
he never hesitates to invite jisung into the bedroom with you both -  watching his bestfriend fuck you until you’re sobbing and begging for more is one of his favourite sights
he’ll eventually join you both, but not before making a snide comment 
“you sure you can handle two cocks at once, honey?”
your wide eyes and flushed cheeks are more than answer for him, coaxing you onto all fours before slipping into your pussy, watching with hunger as you struggle to fit the younger boys cock past your lips, eyes filling up with unshed tears insides twitching with want
he knows just how innocent you were before you met him so he’ll sprinkle a few ‘darlings’ and ‘angels’ between his dirty words when you take his dick further into your mouth
as soon as you look up at him with big doe eyes and cum dribbling down the side of your mouth he knows he’s a goner
takes the crown for the brattiest sub ever
he’s so needy for your attention 24/7
he’s also extremely vocal during sex - whining and fussing against your hold until you finally give into his demands
teasing you is his favourite past-time
he’ll have you laying beneath him, fingers slowly drawing small circles on your clit as he admires your glassy eyes, the pad of his thumb resting against the top of your puffy cunt before he suddenly curls his digits against your walls
loving the look of frustration building up on your face as he continuously denies your release
constantly brings you to the brink of orgasm with his length, pulsating deep inside your core and leaking tip practically kissing your womb
just as he gets the sense you’re about to cum he’ll hastily remove himself, cruel chuckles leaving him as you almost sob beneath him
sends you videos of himself stroking his cock while he’s on tour just to be the tease that he is
his breathless whines are the only thing that slips past his lips, thumb pressing hard into his slit as he moans and begs for you
says things like, “wish you were here. need to be inside you.”
he’ll make a full show of it, hip raising to meet the desperate movements of his hand and softly muttering to himself, urging you to send something back
he also LOVES using toys on you
presses the vibrater harder against your hole, watching you fidget against the sheets and arch further into his body - nipples erect and sweat tracing your skin as your orgasm continued to build
just as you’re about to cum he’ll take the toy away, silencing your small complaints and furrowed brows once he replaces it with his leaking cock, the angry tip nudging past your entrance 
he fucks you slow and hard, cock brushing impossibly deep past your walls and filling you up so well, watching you come undone quickly beneath him
will literally trash talk your sex toys as if he hadn’t been using them on you five seconds before
“see? you don’t need some useless toy getting you off when i’m right here, darling.”
nothing gets him going quite like stockings
as soon as his eyes lay sight on the sheer fabric hugging your flesh he has the sudden urge to fuck you against the nearest wall
and will sit with a pout on his lips the entire night once you make him wait
he’s completely feral once he finally gets his hands on you, rutting against your panties and ripping every article of clothing off of your body except for the thigh-highs clinging perfectly to your flesh
he just thinks you look so pretty and angelic in them
only ever takes his time whenever he’s eating you out
kisses his way up your thighs as you watch him curiously, mouth settling against your clothed heat before mouthing against the soft fabric of your underwear - feeling your wetness seep through and onto his awaiting tongue
he’ll pay no mind to your embarrassed whimper, eager to lap up every ounce of wetness
simply pushes your panties to the side, mouth quickly attaching itself to your slit and sucking on your bud
he never leaves you unsatisfied, tongue softly nudging your hole and humming against your cunt as you quiver beneath him
tuts lowly as he forces you to keep your trembling legs spread open, cleaning up the wetness that pooled down your thighs and onto the bed
leaves a gentle kiss against your sensitive pussy once he’s done, the sight of his chin and lips shining in your liquids enough to make you hide your face shyly
he’ll pry your hands away from your eyes, pressing his mouth to your own and allowing you to taste yourself
he’s such an angel for you
he prefers being in control during sex but he’ll never complain when you take over
ride this man and he’ll do anything for you
something about the sight of you taking him so well as your palms lay flat against his sweat-glistened chest, eyes blown out with hunger and lips plump from his needy kisses really gets him going
also, the fact that it gives him the perfect view his length jutting out against the flesh of your stomach every time you grind down against him
he won’t comment on it, but he’s secretly proud that he’s big enough to leave a outline with every thrust of his cock
his eyes will stay glued to the bulge, thickness becoming impossibly harder against your cervix as your back arches off the bed, the jut becoming more prominat against your tummy with your movements
he gives into every small pout and plea you make almost instantly, the hopeful look in your eyes causing his dick to strain and twitch painfully against his thigh, your cunt almost begging him to bury himself inside you already
praises to the m a x
he’ll bury his face into your loose strands of hair, nose softly nudging your temple and closing his eyes in bliss - savouring the warmth of your pussy around him and the quiet mewls you let out
“you’re so pretty, feel so good taking me like this.”
he barely gets his words out, coming out choked and muttered as he struggles to focus on anything but the wither in your legs and the clenching of your tight hole around him
he absolutely melts at the thought of soft sex
and is a firm believer of constantly confessing his love for you while your pussy is milking him dry
leaves soft pecks anywhere his lips can reach
and he won’t be satisfied until your entire body is covered in his doting praises
he’s so overly gentle with you, hands ghosting over your curves and hips barely brushing against your own, taking his time to feel every twitch and clench of your inner walls
looks at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes while stretching you out
has his forehead pressed against your own, breathing heavily and brushing his lips against yours as you mewl beneath him
softly rubs at your clit while being deep inside you, just to see you arch further into him and grasp at his shoulders, lips parting to beg for more
marking is one of his love languages so expect your thighs and collarbones to be covered in bruises and love bites
he’ll kiss them for you afterwards though 🥺
he’s constantly in awe of your beauty and never fails to tell you just how pretty you look with your pussy stuffed full of him, a milky line connecting the head of his cock to your glistening pussy each time he pulls away - only to inflict more forceful grinds past your walls
calls you his ‘pretty angel’ constantly, the lovingness of his words unable to match the burning his fat cock caused while stretching you out, feeling your velvety walls close in around him
also lives for the intimacy of cockwarming
simply collapses ontop of your spent body, curling into your chest and not paying any mind to the stickiness of both your bodies, softened cock still buried inside you
he just absolutely loves the feeling of your warm walls twitching around him all night and sleep better when connected to you
he may look like the sweetest boy alive but that doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to make you sob and scream for the entire dorm to hear
always starts out slow and loving, taking his time to worship and praise you in every possible way
ghosting his lips over the entirety of your body, not paying any mind to your sharp intakes off breath everytime he brushes over your pert tits 
he’ll leave the most affectionate of kisses against your heated skin, goosebumps appearing in their wake as he showers you in love, length coming to a hilt inside of you and kissing deliously against your knotted womb
it drives him wild knowing the effect he has on you
and his desire for you is shown through the twitching of his needy head against your convulsing walls
but as soon as you start pouting and squirming in his hold his eyes will darken with hunger, not hesitating to push his cock further into your tight hole and stretch you open more, watching your face twitch slightly from the sensitivity of your aching pussy
he loves watching your face slack with pleasure once he gently wraps his hand around your neck, eyes falling shut and whimper threatening to spill from your pouted lips as he barely applies any pressure - hips grinding against your own and the sounds of your slick arousal meeting his own filling the room
gulps quietly while he watches you make a fuss beneath him, adams apple bobbing in his throat as his pre-cum dripped out of your pretty cunt, coating your folds in the white liquids and staining the pristen sheets
exhibition kink™
his need to fuck you against the nearest hard surface is constant and he makes sure to let you know
he gets especially riled up after shows, sweat dripping from his hairline and adrenaline pumping through his veins
he won’t hesitate to drag you into the nearest dressing room, ignoring every confused quiry falling form your kissable lips
pushes you up against the door roughly, lips immediately finding yours before his hands slip up your skirt, taking your lower lip between his teeth softly as the tips of his fingers brush against the soft skin of your thighs before stopping at your core, teasing you through your panties - barely giving you any time to respond to his hungry kisses, tongue pushing against your own
he’ll practically force your begs out of you, fingers curling deep inside of you without warning while eating up every moan you hummed against his mouth hungrily, the sloppiness of the kiss making him press harder against you
constantly reminds you how much of a slut you are for him and how willing you are to fuck him anywhere between pants, tuning out the chatter of the other boys on the other side of the door and focusing on how tight your hole spasmed around him
he’ll eventually have to shove his fingers into your mouth, eyes coaxing you to suck on them to silence your whimpers, his cock continuing its torment on your cunt
LOVES to cum inside you before shoving his fingers into your core, plugging up his liquids and making sure they stayed coated against your walls
simply knowing that you were walking around and chatting to others with his cum seeping out of you and leaking down your thighs makes him so territorial 
he loves to watch you crumble when he whispers into your ear, eyes catching the way your thighs clench and rub together with need
he’ll keep his hand gripping your leg tightly, dangerously close to where you most needed him
but he also loves it when you tease him back, making a point to remind him of your lack of underwear under your skirt when around the others, a playful glint in your eye and petty smile tugging at your lips
cue to a few hours later and he’ll be fucking you into the matress without compassion, legs thrown hastily over his shoulders for his cock to reach the deepest parts of your warmth
he’ll make you regret ever teasing him in the first place, edging you until your on the verge of tears 
okay but he also has a soft spot for more gentle sex and thats the tea
he especially loves it on his lazy days off, spooning your from behind and lazily thrusting into your core, your liquids mixing together and trailing down the expanse of your leg
peppers small pecks across your bare shoulders, hand reaching down to stimulate you along with his cock
buries his face into the crook of your neck and lets out the most prettiest gasps as he’s about to cum, warm breath hitting your heated skin
he’ll slump against you once he brings you over the edge - failing to care about the mess your wetness made on the sheets as he snuggles against your back, leaving small kisses against it every now and then as he drifts in and out of slumber
the goodest boy ever™
he’ll listen to every demand you make happily, only wanting to please you
and if that means dragging out his own pleasure then so be it
he fully believes his life purpose is to satisfy you
ruts against you greedily when you continuously deny his pleasure, the cutest little begs falling from his kiss-bruised lips and glassy eyes staring into your own - glinting with hope and watching your every move
the epitome of ‘🥺’ during sex
he knows how much of a tease you are and how far you like to take it with your dirty words and fleeting touchs - so he’ll warn you to tone it down everytime you stay the night at the dorm, already knowing his words are going in over your head
he secretly looks forward to it though, the thought of sneaking around the others really gets him going and he knows he’ll do just about anything to feel you around him
he’ll have to bite the back of his fist, being careful not to wake the other sleeping member in the room as you leave soft kisses down the column of his neck, hips rocking against his and breathy moans being shared between you
he gets a little carried away though, hands fisting at the sheets and head thrown back against his pillow, choked moans and stuttered begs leaving his throat as you drag your cunt along the underside of his cock, taking in his flushed skin and wide eyes with pride
his stare will stay pinned to your core, watching it drip onto his stomach and practically begging him to fill it up with his length
he’s a complete mess once you finally lower yourself onto his waiting thickness, pussy stretching out slowly and coaxing a string of curses from the breathless boy beneath you - his attempts to be quiet thrown out the window once you convulse around him, delberiatly rocking your hips down against him 
in summary, you’re now banned from having sex in the dorm after jisung woke up and screamed once he saw jeongin fucking you into the mattress after your teasing got the better of him
poor boy™
he’s always too insecure and hesitant to ask you to suck him off, usually just stuttering over his words and fidgeting with his sleeves, avoiding your prying stare at all costs
but once you slowly lower yourself to your knees and have your tongue greedily lap up the pre-cum oozing out of his twitching head after picking up his hints, he’s convinced he can see stars
his legs will tremble and sweat will gather above his brow once you eagerly suck on his tip, taking him inch-by-inch into your mouth
he won’t know what to do with his hands, settling with cupping your face gently as you took your tongue took its time moving around him
the soft graze of your teeth along the soft flesh makes him weak, hips follow the movement of your mouth and nudging the back of your throat with each rut 
almost collapses when you swallow his cum eagerly, thumb reaching down to catch the messy drops that seeped past your lips
before softly gasping when you take it into your mouth, sucking around the digit greedily and cleaning off the sticky wetness he managed to catch
he becomes so needy and shy when you praise him
he just LOVES hearing your whispered praises as you worship his heated skin, tongue dragging across his neck before leaving a searing kiss against the flesh
his favourite time to have sex is the morning after you both just wake up
his lazy thrusts combined with the sloppy kisses you leave against his mouth makes him so soft
he’s a such a simp for you inside and outside of the bedroom <333
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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feliix · 3 months ago
skz scenarios : when they’re in the mood
Tumblr media
⤖ genre: smut (18+ only), fluff aspects
⤖ warnings: explicit & implicit sexual content
⤖ a/n: this drabble was written based on requests I have received! I am still accepting other requests like this one as well as mtls, if you’d like to suggest something for me to write let me know here♡
Tumblr media
~ nsfw under the cut ~
chan always shows that he’s in the mood by leaving touches that linger behind. each kiss would last a little longer than usual and his fingertips would never leave the surface of your skin until you know just what he wants. a satisfied smile sits perfectly on his lips as he watches you get worked up from his small movements, just the way he likes it.
minho clenches his jaw, showing off his perfect jawline with small veins protruding on his neck. his eyes visibly darken, drinking in each of your features with such fervor while he sizes you up. he isn't able to keep his hands off of you for very long, always finding his hand gripped to your thigh and inching its way upwards with each heated kiss placed to your lips.
you can tell when changbin is in the mood by just the look in his eye. his gaze noticeably darkens and you can feel the sexual tension radiates off his muscular frame. his body language turns into a series of fidgets and adjustments, the physical sensations from his growing need for you taking control of his movements.
its clear when hyunjin is needer than usual by the tone of his voice. the pitch of his voice deepens and the last syllable in each of his words always ends in a whine. the adams apple in his throat bobs with each harsh swallow that slowly trails down his neck.
jisung often pouts when he’s needy for your touch, his frame shrinking closer into your body as his face buries in your neck. he’d rather mumble about how badly he wants you into your ear than look you right in the eye and say so; only for him to pull away and laugh at how flustered you’ve become from his filthy words.
felix isn’t always good at communicating what he needs, so he would keep making small advances until you take notice. it starts with innocent kissing, leading to more tender touches. the build up is the most important part for him, worshipping over ever new inch of skin that becomes exposed as you lead up to the act.
seungmin becomes very tense when he’s in the mood. he may not come out and say it to you, but the frustration evident on his face makes it easy to tell. his fists grip into small fists and each of his movements become more rash. but as soon as your hands find him he instantly relaxes, knowing how good you always manage to make him feel.
jeongin needs to feel your touch when he's in the mood, doing anything he can to feel the contact of his skin on yours. whether its drawing small circles on your arm with his fingertips or snaking his arm up your shirt, you know he’s needy when he’s more touchy than usual.
Tumblr media
this work is copyright 2021 @sungiest, all rights reserved. do not repost, translate, or rewrite on any platform without permission.
Tumblr media
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fawnlino · a month ago
sexy time with skz (maknae line)
—a study on stray kids' habits, kinks, likes, and/or dislikes during and after sex.
genre: smut with a hint of fluff
warnings: biting, hair grabbing, choking, sir kink, sadism & masochism themes, possessive themes, pet play, praise kink, a light bdsm notes: these are all assumptions based on stray kids' real habits and personalities. some are also based on things they've mentioned before. also didn't proof-read so sorry for typos and wrong grammar in some parts.
[hyung line]
jisung doesn't really like throwing that much attention to himself when he feels vulnerable so sexy time with him is very private; he would rarely do it when there are other people in the house or in a public place.
but that's good cause this boy can be loud. he's either letting out deep and breathy moans or he's loud and whiny.
he would talk a lot; along the lines of sweet talk "you look so pretty" "does it feel good?" to cocky talk "i can see you like that" "i'm better than you at this."
throws a lot of sweet nicknames like baby, honey, cutie, kitten, princess/prince (우리 공주님, 우리 왕자님).
despite being a seemingly helpless awkward boy, you can see that jisung's very in control of things (a natural born-leader), he sees everyone as cute, and he can get pretty cocky. so this is probably mirrored in the bedroom.
(he'd be a great sub but) i feel like he prefers being dominant.
would play a playlist he made specially for spicy time. (red velvet's be natural can be part of it)
holds you a lot by the shoulder, the neck, or the side of your chest. would cup your face too but sometimes that would lead to choking.
occasional hair-grabbing. both receiving and giving, though mostly giving.
and would constantly ask you to look at him. he either asks or he holds your chin.
after, there will be a lot of sweet kisses all over your face and both of you will just sing along to the songs.
this sunshine grew up with social media; he's always up to try things he finds/ he comes across on tiktok like that "pop it, pull it, bonk(?) it" trend (which i believe was initially meant for doggos but some use it on their boyfriends' dicks)
which would often lead to playful sex.
i think he's most likely a switch depending on his/your mood; he doesn't prefer one. he just really enjoys this time with you.
a lot of breathy giggles as well (but hella deep.)
when he holds you, he grabs. just his fingers digging into your skin like he doesn't want to let go of you.
his teasing won't be as torturing as the others, just a lot of chuckles after with a few "you're so cute."
and when you tease him, he puts on his 'scary' dom face and would degrade you a bit. "what did you say slut?"
would sometimes ask you to call him sir.
you can see how he loves trying new things on a daily basis so i think out of skz, he's the most experimental.
would hold your hand while you're fucking. he's cute like that. 🥺
would bite a lot. he doesn't care if it marks, he loves it.
and we all know felix loves cuddles. so after sexy time, even if it's burning hot, he'll hug you and hold your hand.
i've noticed seungmin loves pain (receiving and giving) so i think he's both a sadist and a masochist but he's surely a dom.
he would instruct his partner where to inflict pain and/or his partner is on the receiving end.
in past videos whenever asked to dance sexy, his hand would go up to his neck. so i believe he's into choking as well.
he also loves teasing, LOVES IT. so he's most likely to tease his partner to the point of humiliation.
could be into pet play since he loves saying "mong mong" and loves hearing other people say it. (he literally instructed the cashiers of skz cafe not to give stays the drink he named if they don't say the full name which includes mong mong)
would ask you to wear cat ears or any cute fluffy articles of clothing.
he won't be loud but he'd make sure you are so everyone knows who you belong to since he's a bit possessive. (ngl he's very sexy when he's jealous)
he'd have a favorite part of you; it depends on his partner; if you have beauty mark by your shoulder, etc. something very specific. and he would mark & kiss it a lot.
like felix, i think he would love biting.
he'd play with your hands after and tell you how pretty they are. he'd also compliment you how beautiful you are after sex every 👏 time👏 even though you've done it many times before.
would sing you to sleep with giving you head pats.
could also laugh at how cute you were begging him to touch you. "i didn't know you'd actually beg." but that's just him teasing you.
would also take cute couple photos with you after (like very closed up shots of your foreheads)
even if he's experienced, he's naturally clumsy so it could happen in the bedroom as well. he could fall off the bed or hit his head against yours.
if you two are just hanging out and he wants to do it, you can tell before he asks cause he's either poking you a lot or just straight up staring at you.
definitely a switch. depends if he's feeling himself that day.
cause when he feels himself, he FEELS himself. this boy loves being sexy.
he would buy you matching sexy outfits, take photos, then take it off of you.
like seungmin, he likes to tease. he could (possibly) literally laugh at you.
probably loves being praised like god.
being vocal is something that i think he likes; he prefers it when you use your words and he's also very responsive.
but i don't think he's into name-calling or cute nicknames. he loves calling you by your name and hearing his name from you.
i also do think he's into a bit of bondage; just tying his partner's hands and blindfolds, nothing too intricate or intense.
and like felix, he holds you intensely. literally pressing you against him.
he also love to leave marks for fun (rmb hyunjin's neck?); and he doesn't get shy when others ask about it later.
after isn't really as cute or as sexy, he either falls asleep quickly or talks to you excitedly.
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jsung01 · a month ago
Slow Down // h.j.s
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut, Eventual Angst
Word Count: 4.0k words
Contains: Frat boy!Han Jisung x Female reader, unprotected sex (both Jisung and reader are intoxicated), dirty talk, slight finger sucking, cream pie, exhibition kink, very very slight possession kink (like it’s only really implied, not mentioned very much)
A/N: This is inspired by Chase Atlantic’s music (hence why I’m naming the chapter’s after CA songs) as well as the new Skz teaser video ^^, there will also most likely be multiple parts to this, hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
It all began the second semester of college, during finals season. You had been practically glued to your textbooks all week - after all, you were paying for your entire college tuition, and you were not about to waste all of your hard-earned money by winging it. You were so stressed as you had barely given yourself any breaks, and even your friends had begun to see that you had become sleep deprived and irritated. Your job wasn’t helping either, that was taking up any ounce of free time you had left. 
In an attempt to get you away from your books for a night, your friend informed you of a party happening at one of the student’s houses. Now, you weren’t usually one for getting drunk, especially during finals. In fact, you hadn’t gotten super drunk since senior year of high school, when you managed to drink so much Malibu Rum that you ended up tripping and falling over the side of your friend’s porch, and flat on your face. At least, that’s what your best friend had told you the next day, and what your headache was further proving.
After much thought and convincing from your friend, you ultimately decided to attend this upcoming party. Maybe it was good to get out, and take a break from studying to let loose for once. What could go wrong? Going out for one night wouldn’t ruin your chances at passing finals. Not to mention, there was no way it could be any worse than last time, that you were sure of.
But when you finally arrived at the party that night dressed in a casual top, denim shorts and light makeup, you were met with an environment entirely unfamiliar to you.
About 40 individuals, all crammed into one medium-sized apartment, all talking and definitely all intoxicated. The dimmed lighting in the room made it difficult to see properly, but you swear you could see some people making out in the corner, others getting high from a blunt. Looking to your side, you noticed a group of guys who, based on their behaviour and overall appearance, appeared to be the occupants of the flat. They were all huddled together on the floor, passing around a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and laughing amongst themselves about something you couldn’t comprehend over the music. They all had messy hair, and practically every one of them had a facial piercing or tattoo. Basically everything you'd be intimidated by, but strangely fascinated at the same time.
You chose to ignore them though, not wanting to interfere with their drunken conversation. Instead, you left the room, opting for some drinks with your friend in the kitchen.
You were approximately halfway through a bottle of alcohol you had been handed by some random college student when you started to feel its effects, and the room was slowly becoming dizzy in front of your eyes. You had suddenly begun to feel lightheaded, not enough for it to be of concern, but enough for it to affect the way you behaved and talked. You became much more giggly and outgoing than you were sober - a feeling you hadn't experienced since high school. Except this time, there were no porches, so the chances that you’d be falling over on was very, very slim.
You were laughing next to your classmate who you had run into by mere coincidence. She had said something particularly funny about your teacher, making you to jump backwards, falling into whoever had happened to have been standing behind you at that exact moment. 
You felt a hand suddenly grab onto your arm as you both tried to maintain your balance. You looked over, making eye contact with a face you had never seen before. A young boy, around your age, maybe a year or two off. He had dark brown eyes, now blown out in a worried expression. His hair was blonde, and he had two piercings on his face: a lip piercing and a brow piercing. He was definitely attractive, even a sober person could see that.
“Woah, are you alright?”, the boy’s voice slurred, his hand still gripping tightly onto your arm. He was clearly as drunk as you were, you could tell by the sound of his voice. 
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine”, you said, standing up and adjusting your outfit. “Are you?”
“Yeah”, he replied.
You and him stared at each other for a few awkward moments before he finally looked down, at the bottle of alcohol you held tightly in your hands.
“That’s where my alcohol went, I’ve been looking for that all night”
Your eyes widened once you realized. This must be his apartment, and so this must’ve been his alcohol.
Of course, this was a party, and it wasn’t a crime to have alcohol at a party. But you had clearly crossed a line, taking alcohol that apparently wasn’t yours to take, from a boy you didn’t even know.
“I didn’t know, someone just gave it to me!”, you argued, although there wasn’t much your mind could come up with while drunk. You looked behind you in hopes that your classmate who had been standing behind you could defend you, but you soon discovered that they had left, and you were now left to deal with things on your own.
“I can buy you another one, I promise!”
The boy simply laughed, finally letting go of your arm and leaning back against the kitchen counter with a smirk. He looked you up and down before squinting his eyes. “I’ll let it slide, but only because you’re cute”
You felt your cheeks heating up at his words. Cute? He thought you were cute?
"I-.", you stammered your words. You placed the bottle on the counter, mumbling a hurried "sorry" as you turned to walk away, flustered and uncertain of how else to reply. You almost got by him as well, but he grabbed your arms again and pinned you against the counter.
The boy was now standing close to you, his body towering over yours. Granted, he wasn’t that tall, but his demeanour and attitude made up for that. 
“I don’t think I’ve met you before, what’s your name?”
“Uh, it's y/n...” you replied, fighting to keep eye contact with his strong stare.
“Hm, well, y/n...” he said, practically fumbling over his words as he leaned in close to your face. “I'm Han Jisung.”
You wanted to respond, but the words were caught in your throat. Instead, you could only nod in acknowledgment.
You'd nearly forgotten that you and him were both in public. In any normal circumstance, the current position you both were in would result in some strange looks from your peers. However, considering the fact that you had walked in to people making out and borderline fucking on the couch, you probably weren’t drawing too much attention to yourselves right now.
After not-so-subtly looking you up and down once more, Jisung finally spoke up again, this time in a whisper.
“I think I wanna get to know you more, what do you think?”
You were slightly taken aback by his proposal, but even more so when you realized that you found yourself liking it. His body was noticeably close to yours, you could even smell the Grey Goose he had consumed in the living room earlier that night. It was, without a doubt, intimidating, but in a way that you found so insanely attractive. If you weren’t so drunk right now, you would have already left. But the way he was looking at you, with an expression you could only describe as lust, had you thinking about things you could not even imagine doing sober. He was drawing you in within a few minutes of knowing you.
And yet, you couldn't think of anything to say to him. All you knew was that this boy was obviously drunk. You were as well. Apparently so much so, that you felt yourself slowly leaning in closer to him, longing for a taste of his lips and the alcohol that stained them. And so you did, connecting your lips with his in a tender but yearning kiss.
Jisung responded the moment your lips touched his, pressing his body against yours as he kissed you back.
After holding the kiss for a few moments, he pulled away. This time, his eyes held something you hadn’t seen before - passion. You could see how much your kiss had affected him. Jisung leaned in close to you, delicately brushing his lips against your ear and letting you feel the cool metal of his lip piercing against your skin.
“I need to hear you say it, pretty girl. Can I get to know you better?”
You smiled, placing a hand on his chest and dragging it down slowly, all the way down to his crotch.
Where the hell did this confidence come from? You were never usually one for having sex with strangers, but the way Jisung spoke to you, the way his body felt against yours, had you craving more of it. That, and the alcohol was clouding your senses more than you had expected. Regardless, you needed him right here, right now. 
“Yes”, you finally responded, provoking Jisung to bite his bottom lip at the sound of your voice. He placed one last kiss on your neck, before pulling you along with him, past all the people in his apartment and down the hallway.
You didn’t have much time to rationalize your thoughts, whether this was actually a good idea or not. To be quite honest, you didn’t want to rationalize anything. All you knew was how much you needed him, this man named Jisung, who you had met only a few minutes ago.
He finally unlocked the door to what you assumed was his bedroom, pulling you inside, and closing it behind him. The noises of loud music and shouting could still be heard from outside the door, but they had become much more unintelligible. A good sign, because what you and Jisung were about to do definitely required some kind of soundproofing.
Without wasting a minute more, Jisung pushed you backwards, causing you to fall onto his bed sheets in a rather rough manner. He pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side and ruffling his hair over his eyes.
You had almost no time to admire his figure, only managing to catch sight of the silver chain that hung around his neck, before he was leaning over you again, this time leaving messy kisses all around your neck.
“So. So. Pretty.”, he mumbled in between kisses.
“I’m not pretty, Han”, you sighed, tilting your head to the side to allow him more room while his lips pressed against your hair and his hair tickled your skin.
“Yeah you are”, Jisung cooed. There was no point arguing, it would only stall what you so desperately craved right now, and that was him. Jisung bit down onto what happened to be one of the more sensitive parts of your neck, causing you to let out a gasp.
“Oh, you liked that?”, he chuckled against you, although he already knew the answer.
You nodded, shifting your body towards him to encourage him to continue.
“I can show you more, if you let me”, he whispered, slipping a hand in between your bodies and rubbing along your thigh.
“Then show me”
Jisung’s lips immediately started to travel down your neck, moving to suck on the skin of your chest. You knew it would leave marks you’d have to cover tomorrow, but to no surprise, you didn’t even care.
The room was dark and your mind was clouded; the only thing you could process was the feeling of Jisung’s wet lips, and the cold metal of his piercing on your sensitive skin.
“God I’m so drunk right now”, you moaned out playfully, giggling at nothing in particular.
Jisung hummed against you, moving further and further down your body until he reached your stomach. He kissed along your hips and your tummy before gliding his tongue all the way back up to your neck. It was hot, so hot that you felt your body shiver at his touch.
“Tell me that you need it, just as much as I do right now”, he asked in between the crook of your neck.
“I need it, Jisung. I need it so bad, please”, you said, already out of breath.
Jisung smiled, bringing his head up to place his lips against yours in a passionate and lustful kiss. He moaned against your mouth, tasting the alcohol on your lips and feeling himself becoming more and more needier with every moment that he wasn’t inside you.
With your lips still connected, Jisung slid his hand down to his pants, fumbling with the zipper but struggling to actually unzip it.
“Fuck”, he cursed against your lips, both embarrassed and frustrated at how long it was taking him to get undressed. You giggled and moved your lips from his to assist him with the zipper. You tugged his pants down, as well as his boxers, and tossed them to the side. You then took off your own clothes within a matter of seconds, throwing them over his shoulder and away from your sight.
Jisung brought his face back down to your neck, stroking his cock and grinding himself against your wet core. He continued leaving kisses and soft bites along your neck, and every now and then you felt the cold metal of his lip piercing brushing against your skin, giving you even more pleasure. 
“God”, he groaned. “I need to fuck you so bad”
You wrapped your leg around Jisung’s waist, pulling his lower body towards you. You let out the loudest moan your throat could muster once you felt the tip of his cock slipping inside of you.
“Oh fuck, baby”, he groaned loudly in response to both your moans, and the feeling of your wet pussy wrapped around his cock.
It took everything in him not to fuck the life out of you right then and there. But he could tell that you needed time to adjust to his size, so he braced himself by gripping onto the sheets next to you. Even though the alcohol he had consumed was clouding most of his coherent thoughts, he still made sure to be gentle with you at first. He wanted you to enjoy this as much as he was, and he wasn’t going to let his eagerness get in the way of that, even though he had skipped out on foreplay in the rush of things.
“Holy fuck, if you keep clenching around my cock like that,”, Jisung groaned, finding it harder and harder to stay still every second. “I swear I’ll cum right fucking now”
You nodded, reaching up to tug on his chain so you could connect your lips with his once more.
“Then fuck me, Jisung”, you whispered against his lips, urging him to start moving.
Jisung began to roll his hips against yours, gradually speeding up his pace as he felt your body becoming more comfortable. You could feel his pelvic bone hitting your core, and his lower stomach grazing yours with every thrust.
By the time Jisung’s hips sped up as much as they allowed him to, you were practically tangled together. He had his hands placed on each side of you on the bed, while your arms wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist. Jisung’s body was lowered so that he could feel your body grazing his chest while he fucked you.
“It feels good, hm? Tell me how it feels, baby. Tell me everything”, Jisung slurred, letting the words slip from his mouth with ease.
“You feel so good”, you confirmed with a sigh, letting your head fall back into the pillowcase and allowing yourself to become immersed in the pleasure and the lightheaded feeling you were experiencing from the alcohol.
Jisung lifted himself up from your grasp and angled his hips so that he could fuck you even deeper, hitting a spot that caused your moans to raise in volume. “Yeah, just like that, Jisung”
Jisung moaned at the sound of his name, knowing it was coming from your lips. It was him, fucking you as if you had never been fucked before. He didn’t even know you, and yet he was thriving off the sounds you were making, the wet sounds your pussy was making with every snap of his hips. As if it was only him who was capable of this, regardless of whether or not that was actually true, he didn’t care.
“Open your mouth”, he suddenly demanded. You weren’t sure what he was planning on doing, until you felt him sticking two of his fingers in your mouth, resting them on your tongue. “Suck.”
You obliged, wrapping your lips around his fingers and sucking just as he told you to. You moaned, but this time your moan was muffled, and Jisung absolutely loved that.
“Now tell me how much you love my cock, baby”, Jisung smirked down at you, speeding up his thrusts more and more. It was filthy, sucking on a stranger’s fingers while they fucked you in a house full of other people you didn’t know. But you couldn’t help but to love it at the same time.
“I love your cock, Jisung”, you said with his fingers still down your throat. “I love it so much, don’t stop fucking me”
“Wasn’t planning on it, pretty girl”, he shook his head, taking his fingers out of your mouth and gripping onto your hips as though his life depended on it. “You feel so damn good, I could fuck this pussy all night”
You knew that you would let him too, if it weren’t for the fact that Jisung’s dirty talk was bringing you closer and closer to your orgasm, and you knew you wouldn't last much longer. Not only that, but the way Jisung looked on top of you, with his chain bouncing against his chest and his face contorted on pleasure - that alone could turn you on. 
“Baby, I’m gonna cum, oh my god, I’m gonna cum”, you warned him by squeezing onto his arms that had been gripping your hips.
“Yeah? You’re gonna cum all over my cock, pretty girl?”, he groaned as he looked down at how incredibly hot your body looked from underneath him while he fucked you. He lowered his gaze to your chest, which only prompted Jisung to go harder so he could watch the way your tits bounced with each thrust. It was incredibly filthy, the way the two of you were frantically grabbing onto each other and moaning as though no one else was home, but of course, neither of you cared in your current mindset. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have cared even if someone happened to walk in.
You finally came, moaning out his name once more as you threw your head back in pleasure. Jisung’s thrusts never slowed down, desperate to make himself finish after watching the sinful sight of you cumming all over his cock.
“I’m so close, fuck, where do I cum?”, Jisung groaned, quickly running out of time. He figured you were on the pill, being an adult in college and all, but the last thing he wanted was to do something in the moment that he’d regret later. Oh, how ironic was that, given the situation you two were both currently in.
“Cum inside me, baby”
That was all the confirmation he needed, allowing his cum to spill inside of you with one final broken groan. Jisung could feel your pussy pulsating around his cock, only adding to the stimulation he was currently feeling.
Once his orgasm subsided, he pulled out, looking down to watch as some of his cum began to spill out of you.
“Holy fuckk”, Jisung moaned, his jaw slack and his eyes hooded. It was so incredibly filthy to him, and if you both weren’t so fucked out right now, he would’ve slipped himself back inside of you and gone another round. Instead, Jisung fell down beside you with a pleasant, almost goofy smile on his face.
You, along with Jisung, were completely fucked out, nearly falling asleep on the spot before Jisung spoke up again.
“Are you alright?”, he asked you, his voice much raspier than it had been earlier that evening. You found the strength to nod your head before shifting your body back towards him in an attempt to cuddle with him. If you both had been sober, you most likely would’ve left by now. However, it seemed as though all of your decisions thus far had been far from rational, so cuddling was not that odd of a thing to do.
Jisung quickly got the message, and in one swift movement, pulled you closer to him in a tight hug.
You knew that if you had been sober, you also would have been quick to go home so you could clean yourself, possibly take a shower. But you were utterly worn out, and knew that you didn’t have nearly enough strength to pull yourself out of bed, let alone getting yourself home. The door was locked, and you knew that Jisung’s friends were also here overnight, therefore it wasn’t a huge deal that you were as well.
You soon fell asleep in Jisung’s embrace, not a single thought or worry in your mind about what might possibly happen the next day.
And then the next day came.
You woke up with the blinding light from the window in your eyes. You groaned, gradually becoming aware of where you were. A desk. A closet with clothes unfamiliar to you. 
And then, an arm, wrapped around your waist. Jisung’s arm.
Oh my god, you thought. You had just woken up next to Han Jisung, the man you had met just last night.
You knew you had to get out of there. Carefully, you climbed out of bed, making sure not to wake Jisung up. You tried to ignore the sticky feeling on your body from last night as you walked over to grab your clothing off of the floor. Slowly, you dressed yourself, occasionally checking to see if Jisung had woken up and feeling relieved to find that he was still sound asleep each time.
Finally, you left his room, walking past the empty bottles surrounding the room and his friends who were passed out on the floor, some of them his roommates and others were strangers.
You walked out the door, calling an uber and making it home. You were quick to shower, wanting to wash away any remaining part of last night from your body. As your hangover began to fade away, your mind finally started to process the events of last night.
You fucked Jisung. The college fratboy you had met only that night, you had just slept with. You knew nothing about him, you could barely even recall what had happened last night.
You had fucked Jisung last night in his bed, your mind kept repeating. And you couldn’t deny that you had actually enjoyed it, despite having no emotional connection whatsoever to this boy.
Your heart began to race. Should you have stayed at his place until he woke up? Maybe you should have talked things through, about what this could mean for your newly formed friendship.
The next few days were spent the same way, thinking about that night off and on. You couldn’t help the weird feeling that fled your stomach at the thought of him, of that night. You contemplated reaching out to him, but you didn’t have his number, and you weren’t sure where to look for him on campus. Not that you would be confident enough to approach him anyways, but it would’ve been nice to at least have that option.
It was only until a few days later during one of your study sessions that your phone dinged, indicating that you had received a text message. You picked up your phone, and your heart nearly dropped once you read the message.
Maybe: Jisung: Hey, it’s Jisung, from the other night. 
Tumblr media
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formidxble · 5 months ago
𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕𝒔, 𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒂, 𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏!
Tumblr media
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: why is the room of han jisung’s best friend in a cam girl site and why is his hand making its way down his boxers? 
Tumblr media
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: han jisung x fem!reader
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 13.1k
𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: smut and fluff and a sprinkle of angst || camgirl!au || best friends to lovers
𝒔𝒎𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: camming, teledildonics, use of sex toys, masturbation, fist fucking, tension and pining (jisung just really has a lot of dirty thoughts), semi-public, dry humping/grinding, dirty talk
a/n: this is my first time writing in a member’s perspective ! (y’all notice how in my fics there are always firsts? HAHAHA sorry for that) 
constructive criticism and feedback are most definitely welcome!!
i do hope you enjoy, dear reader!
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ masterlist 
Tumblr media
taglist: @meow-minho @bobateastay @bxngchxn @hyunjeongins @my-blueprint-haven @eggbutnotyolk @yutaalove @creatichee @seungstarss @jisungsplatforms @fangirlnation @2chanmin @ikykwklk @sailorhyunjinz @cyberskz @chaangbin @binniesthighs @freckledberries @http-hyxnjxn @minholuvs @frzenhans @hanflix
cannot tag: @wewuuu @kayannainsworth15 @alonelychix11
please don’t interact with this post if you are under the age of 18!
Tumblr media
jisung grunts as he puts his phone down for the nth time tonight. his cock, red and angry on his stomach, continued to be ignored, also for the nth time tonight. he runs a hand through his hair, throwing his head back onto his pillows.
it’s been like this for the whole week.
the porn on the featured page is starting to become staler and staler by the day. jisung looks up at the ceiling and he wonders if he has a problem, jerking himself off nearly everyday to relieve stress. or, maybe he doesn’t have a problem and it’s just because he’s seen it all now. who wouldn’t get tired of the constant stepfamily trope or the faux amateur porn with clunky camera work? sure, he cums to them, but at some point it gets predictable, almost like clockwork.
jisung hums as he tilts his head, fingertips tapping on his clothed chest gently. there’s something missing, he’s just not sure what. he winces when his cock twitches below him, cock still painfully erect. he felt like a teenager, like someone who’s just discovered porn for the first time, but nevertheless, he grabs his phone beside him, opens up the previous tab, and spits on his free hand before wrapping it around his dick. he exhales through his nose, settling into his bed.
jisung lazily starts to stroke his cock, humming to himself as he continues to scroll on the featured page. nothing on the page catches his eye, but the ad on the side of the browser calls for his attention.
“TIRED OF PORN?” it reads. jisung snickers, rolling his eyes before continuing. “Watch live shows now!”
jisung blinks, strokes slowing to focus on the gifs in the ad— women pleasuring themselves in front of an audience. he sits up on the bed. maybe this is what he’s missing, the human essence of sexuality. porn is hot, porn is pleasurable, but at the end of the day, these are merely videos of actors having sex for public consumption. no interaction, but rather the viewer’s just an outsider looking in. jisung runs a hand down his face, groaning softly as he realized what that meant for him.
jisung’s craving for intimacy or some form of interaction as he pumps his cock during evenings he had for himself. the moans don’t do it for him anymore because now, he wants someone to say his name in ragged breaths, in whines only for him to hear. and even if it sounds impossible, he wants to be part of someone’s pleasure even if they were miles away.
that’s why jisung finds himself in the “Join us!”page, trying to think of a good username. it takes him a few minutes before deciding to use ‘’. ‘hj00’ was too obvious and the last thing he wanted was for someone he knew recognizing him on a cam girl site, of all things. he swallows, clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the bottom of the form. he squints when the site asks him for his card details.
jisung leans back on his headboard, debating whether or not he’s willing to pay a monthly fee. he doesn’t need to think too hard about it because his cock answers his question with a slight twitch.
yes, he’s willing to pay for it.
besides, if he feels as if watching cam girls is not his thing after all, he can always cancel the subscription. the fee’s not that expensive either or maybe he’s just too horny to think about the costs. either way, he’s inputting his details before he could convince himself not to.
even after the site manages to con his life savings away from him, jisung feels the sides of his lips quirk up into an absent minded smile as his eyes land on the plethora of live videos. if he could compare it to something he’s familiar with, he would say that it’s like Twitch, but instead of video games, you get to watch ass and tits. a site where you could indulge yourself in your deepest desires in real time, interact with women by sending them tips and praising them in the chat.
maybe that was the charm of it all.
jisung swallows, mouth drying up and cock throbbing, as his eyes scanned the page. there were multiple women live, but one stood out in the sea of videos. he tilts his head slightly.
it felt oddly familiar, like something he’s seen and somewhere he’s been before.
jisung ignores his heart beat in his ears and the sweat starting to form on his palm as he presses on the video feed, anyway.
“—ank you so much for the tips, much appreciated!”
jisung slightly jumps as the voice comes through his phone speaker. he could hear a soft, faint buzzing in the background and he gasps when he sees it. no build up to it or anything, just a vibrator inside this girl’s pussy as she’s sat on her chair, all out in display for her viewers to gawk at. he lets out a soft whine, cock already leaking with pre-cum, embarrassingly enough.
jisung leans back on his pillows, chest bubbling with a pre-pubescent teen’s excitement as he wets his free hand once more. he wraps it around his cock and he fights the urge to smile. he felt giddy, he felt filthy, but this is what he wanted, this is what he was looking for, shamelessly. he bites his lip as he starts moving his hand slowly.
he watches the woman on the screen gasp when a tip comes through. he furrows his eyebrows as the sound of the vibrations got a tad bit louder. the movement of his hand halts when another tip comes through, followed by the woman moaning a soft thank you as the buzzing grew louder again. his eyes grow wide as his cock pulses in his hand.
her vibrator’s connected to the notifications of her tips. the more tips, the more intense the vibrations will be.
when jisung asked for interaction, he never thought it’d be like this. he’s not complaining, however, as his hand resumes its movements from moments ago. he moans softly and his hand moves slightly faster when she opens up her legs, showing off the vibrator inside her. her breathless chuckle fills his ears and his breath hitches.
it reminds him of someone he’s close to and admittedly, someone he adores, someone he spends his days thinking about. he might have hit the jackpot here with this specific cam girl.
before he can delve deep in his thoughts, the woman’s chair squeaks as she leans back. his cheeks heat up as he realizes he never looked back up from her dripping pussy. he clears his throat softly, eyes travelling to the woman’s lips. he freezes.
those lips, that exact shade of lipstick. he knew it all too well.
but it couldn’t be. it just couldn’t be.
“fuck, wait—“ he rambles to himself as he sits up on the bed, eyes quickly scanning the room behind her. there’s the fairy lights he helped set up months ago, the familiar wallpaper, the posters, the small chair in her room, and worse? the teddy bear he bought just days ago, displayed on the aforementioned chair.
no wonder he was drawn to her immediately. this was not any cam girl. the woman whose legs were spread, with a vibrator inside her, is his best friend—
“y/n,” jisung breathes out, chest heavy with guilt and shame. he drops his phone on the bed as another tip gets sent to you. your moan rings out in the dead silent room and he feels goosebumps forming on his skin, sweat forming on his back. if he felt hot before, he definitely felt hotter now, body burning up at the thought of almost jerking off to his best friend.
jisung has always seen you as something more, but you’ve made it perfectly clear to him that he’s only your best friend, nothing more. his romantic advances were always shut down even before they were even set in motion. at some point, he gave up, romantic feelings forcedly being thrown out of the window. it hurt, but he’d rather have you as his best friend, than nothing at all.
he grabs his phone beside him, inhaling as he’s greeted by your dripping core once more. the vibrations have been in the same speed for a few minutes now as the tips have stopped coming in. jisung sighs as he watches you struggle in your chair. he reads the chat, noticing that your viewers are asking you to beg for tips.
his finger hovers on the “Tip” button and he bites his lip. before he could decide fully, he’s pressing the button, opting to donate anyway, not because he wanted to see you squirm, but because he respected the hustle, he respected the craft.
that’s what he tells himself to justify the $10 tip he gives you. the way his pre-cum leaks out begs to differ, however. his cock aches as he sees you arch your back,  vibrations finally increasing in speed. he bites his lip as his finger hovers over the exit button. he’ll just look for another cam girl.
his plan crumbles when you let out a soft, breathless laugh, head turning toward the camera.
“thank you, welcome to the show. i hope you enjoy your stay.”
your voice travels throughout his body in waves, but its main destination is the head of his cock. he relaxes his back on the headboard, hand travelling down his torso again. he hisses to himself as his hand makes contact, his cock now sensitive from all of the foreplay, though said foreplay was only him watching you and hearing you say his username. he chews on the inside of his cheek before shaking his head.
fuck it. you wouldn’t know.
he closes his eyes, hand moving slowly on his cock for the third time tonight. jisung blinks when he hears the tip notification ring out, your moan following soon after. the sound brings him back to reality.
he wasn’t the only one in this show.
you weren’t doing this for him. other men and women could see you like this and the only way he could make his presence known is by tipping. the shame in his chest slowly turns into jealousy and into a sense of possessiveness as the notification sound dings. your back arches off of the chair again, hands gripping the arm rests of your chair.
he didn’t have to think twice as he presses the “Tip”button, deciding to tip you two consecutive times. he grunts when you thank him, voice a pitch higher than usual.
god, he should feel bad. he should feel awful. he’s pumping his cock to the sight of his best friend. but he doesn’t stop, the sight of your legs open and your cunt dripping with desire makes him long for more, cock now becoming hotter and heavier as he continues to jerk himself off.
the movement on his cock grows faster as he hears your breaths becoming shallower and before anyone else could tip and pleasure you better than he can, he presses the button once more, tipping you four more times, consecutively.
his eyes travel to your lips, red and wet with desire as you bite down on your bottom lip. he watches as your chest heaves, tits fully displayed for everyone to see. he wonders what that would look like if it was littered with hickeys he left. the thought makes him buck up into his fist, hand starting to move faster as he hears your breath hitch.
“’s being needy tonight. you want to see me cum so badly, don’t you?”
“fuck yes, i do,” he moans, heart pounding in his chest as he twists his hand around his cock, the sound of his slick, being spread all over the base, echoing in the room. he focuses on your pussy, wet and dripping, walls wrapped tightly around the vibrator continuing to vibrate inside you. he tightens his grip on his cock as he braces himself on the bed.
jisung presses the button one last time before he had you begging for him to stop donating. he watches as your mouth falls open, moans ringing out into his room as if you were there, on top of him, riding him with no inhibitions. he lets out a soft, smug laugh as you bite your lip and whimper, hips grinding the air for some sort of friction on your hard nub.
what he’d give to have his tongue on your heat. pre-cum leaks out of his tip and he uses this as a way to wet his cock even further. he breathes out your name as his eyes follow your hand finding its way to your pussy. your core is glistening under your studio lights and the sight is heaven sent. he can only imagine what you feel like, how you smell, and how you taste. his mouth dries up as you start playing with yourself, fingers circling your clit to bring yourself to ecstasy.
jisung’s hips bucks up, but this time, he doesn’t deny himself the pleasure. he closes his eyes, thrusting his cock up into his fist. the sound it makes is obscene and though his eyes are closed, he swears he sees you on him, your walls wrapped around his cock instead of his hand. he opens his eyes, panting as he continued to fuck up into his fist like his life depended on it. jisung groans when he sees you pressing your fingers down onto your wet clit.
you were about to cum because of him and you didn’t even know it.
“shit,” he hears you whine, “i’m so fucking close.”
the sound of his fist meeting his skin as he fucks up into it makes him groan, the thought of you bouncing on him becoming more and more prominent. he swears he’s hallucinating, but the way his heartbeat is growing faster as he hears your soft moans, ringing out from his phone, grounds him in reality. he grunts your name as he throws his head back, sweat starting to form on his chest and on his forehead.
“i’m gonna cum, fuck—“
“cum for me, baby,” he groans, to no one in particular.
he focuses on the video again, catching the way your orgasm envelopes your body. if the sight of your pussy was heaven sent, the way you cum is a sight that transcends heaven. he almost tears up at the sight of your body shaking, the way your legs close as your back arches. never in a million years did he think he would see you in bliss.
he whimpers when you throw you head back, legs shaking, chest heaving as you try and come down from your high. he sees the sweat on your tits glisten and he feels filthy for even thinking about it, but he wants to lick it all off from you. he moans, thrusts growing erratic and balls tightening up at his impending orgasm. he tightens his fist around his cock as he imagines your walls gripping his cock as you continue to ride your high out.
through heavy lids, he watches you on the screen again. the way your lips are parted does it for him and he feels as if his soul leaves his body as he arches his back, transcending to the place higher than heaven. ecstacy, nirvana, whatever they call it. all he knows is that he’s there and he doesn’t want to leave it anytime soon.
both of his heads feel heavy as his cum spurts out onto his stomach, some even landing on the back of his hand that’s holding his phone. he’s moaning and whining your name, followed by a string of yeses and a mess of other incoherent praises. it’s the strongest orgasm he’s ever experienced and when his ass falls back down on his mattress, he’s seeing white.
was this the light at the end of the tunnel or did he cum that hard it hit his face?
your giggle fills his senses and though he’s still reeling from his orgasm, he feels the shame creeping up into his skin and in every fiber of his being. he lies in his bed, chest, stomach, and hand covered in his release, as a mess of thoughts and apologies flood his mind. he shivers when he sees you blow a kiss to the camera.
“thank you, i hope you enjoyed tonight’s show as much as i did.”
jisung raises his head from his pillow, grimacing at the mess he’s made, and before you could even say goodbye, he’s closing the browser and dimming his phone. he runs his clean hand through his hair. 
“fuck, dude,” he breathes, closing his eyes as he sucks his lips in. the guilt and shame is immeasurable, but it’ll eventually dissipate. 
he’s never doing this again.
Tumblr media
so, that was a lie.
jisung has lost track of how much he spent on tips. you didn’t have to be using the vibrator connected to the notifications. he’s tipping you because you’re immaculate when you bite your lip, when you whine, when your back arches, when you cup your tits and play with your nipples, when your hips circle and grind on the dildo you’re thrusting inside, when your legs clos— everything about you, everything you did in front of the camera, he loved watching.
maybe he’s gotten too greedy and too horny for his own good, but nothing compares to the sight of you crumbling and cumming for everyone to see. most importantly, for him to see. he couldn’t get enough of you. before he would only see you like this in his wet dreams, but now, here you were, on his screen, fingers circling your clit as you ride the dildo you had propped up on your bed.
jisung’s on the site almost every night and sometimes he wonders, as his dick throbs in his hand, if one could die by the sheer amount of cum that’s being pumped out of them. but then again, he’s still here, on his bed, jerking his cock to the pleasing sound of your moans. if he was about to die, then at least he’s watching who he loves. it’s a filthy thought, but nothing else pops up in his head as his cock spurts his cum on his stomach for the sixth time this week.
the orgasms you give him always upstage the ones before it.  and though his cock is absolutely spent, weakly twitching on his stomach, he knows he’ll be doing it again tomorrow, the next day after that, and the next day, and the next, until you decide to stop doing live videos for your audience.
it was supposed to easy. you wouldn’t ever have to know that he was the user making you cum every night, but jisung forgot to consider one key detail in this whole ordeal.
you’re his best friend.
he had to interact with you and pretend that he didn’t know a thing about your side job. he had to answer your calls and laugh at the memes you send him. he had to sit in the passenger seat of your car, banter with you, and fight the urge to fuck you then and there. to say that it’s hard avoiding the nagging feeling in his chest (and in the middle of his thighs) is an understatement.
the first time he step foot inside your apartment again, he felt like he was going straight to hell. his heart beat was fast enough to make his head light and when you hugged him for the first time after he started jerking off to you, he almost passed out. how was he supposed to tell you he already memorized what made you tick in bed? that he already memorized your body more than your exes ever did? 
it was supposed to be easy, but now, he has to live with his perverted and selfish decision to keep watching you at night. it doesn’t help when chan calls him up to let him know that the friend group would be getting together to celebrate his job promotion. if he had a hard time keeping it in his pants when he was alone with you, it’ll be harder, both literally and figuratively, when he’s out with you in public.
“hey dude,” changbin greets, a smile on his lips, as jisung gets in his passenger seat.
“what’s up?” jisung hums, extending his hand for changbin to take. like always, the older male pulls jisung in for a bro hug and jisung chuckles against changbin’s shoulder when changbin pats his back gently.
“it’s been so long since we saw each other,” changbin jokes. jisung rolls his eyes as he pulls away and puts his seatbelt on.
“bro, we literally saw each other a few hours ago.” “still,” changbin laughs, putting his foot on the gas to start driving to the restaurant they’re all supposed to meet at. “i’m your clingy best friend.”
“i thought chan was my clingy best friend.”
“well, chan lied,” changbin snickers. “if he was, he would be the one picking you up.”
jisung scoffs playfully, relaxing his back on the passenger seat. “chan’s the one celebrating tonight.”
“exactly, dumb ass. he should be picking all of us up.”
jisung laughs, punching changbin’s shoulder. the older male grimaces as he removes one hand from the steering wheel to rub the spot jisung hit.
silence falls in the car as jisung makes himself comfortable on the passenger seat. his right arm’s sore from all the jerking off he’s been doing and he hasn’t noticed if his right arm is still proportional to his left. he looks out the window beside him as changbin hums.  
“why didn’t y/n offer to drive you?” changbin asks. jisung tenses up at the mention of your name, but he laughs it off with a shrug.
“she’s busy,” jisung starts, “plus, i don’t want her to be driving me around all the time. she has a life too, dude.”
and a side job that no one else knows about.
“you guys always came together, you know?”
jisung’s cheeks heat up, throat tightening. it’s not what changbin meant, but he couldn’t help but let his mind travel to the previous nights where the both of you literally came together. he closes his eyes as he tries not to pop a boner. it’s not possible tonight, not when he’s with his friends, not when he’s about to see you again.
“y-yeah,” jisung stutters, “but we’re fine. i just didn’t want to disturb her.” jisung waves to dismiss the topic, cheeks still red from the thoughts popping up in his head.
changbin glances at jisung, a confused look on his face before shrugging.
“whatever you say, my guy.”
Tumblr media
when he and changbin arrive at the restaurant, the both of them notice that they’re the only ones missing in the friend group. as changbin turns the car engine off, jisung’s eyes travel to the windows of the restaurant. his breath stops when he sees you sitting next to jeongin, both laughing about something he can’t hear yet. 
your skin is glowing underneath the restaurant lights and your shirt is hugging your body in ways that has jisung’s head spinning. his eyes travel down your shirt and before he could go any further, he feels pain on his left shoulder. jisung recoils in his seat, moving away from changbin with his eyebrows scrunched. 
“what the fuck was that for?”
changbin motions with his hand, eyebrows mimicking jisung’s. “are you deaf?” 
“i heard you the first time!” jisung huffs as he unbuckles his seatbelt. 
“nah,” changbin teases, “nah, you were too busy eye fucking your best friend the first time i called you.” 
“fuck you,” jisung sighs, punching changbin’s shoulder one last time before getting out of the passenger seat. 
“fuck her, you mean,” changbin chuckles, rounding his car to stand with jisung on the other side. jisung nudges changbin’s side and the older male laughs, motioning for jisung to follow as he starts walking to the entrance of the restaurant. 
jisung’s heart is pounding in his chest and his palms are starting to sweat. his knees grow weak as he walks in, distinguishing your laugh out of every one in the place. it was as if the ground will eat him up any minute now and the worse part? he would welcome it wholeheartedly. he doesn’t know how he managed to be alone with you the other day because now, in public, he couldn’t bear to be in the same room as you, too guilty and too ashamed to even show his face to his circle of friends. 
jisung feels changbin’s arm drape over his shoulder and he blinks, looking over at the older male beside him. 
“it’s just a dinner party, don’t worry about it,” changbin mumbles to him as they make their way to the table. 
“i’m not nervous,” jisung whispers back, smiling at you when your eyes lock. 
“sure, you aren’t,” changbin mocks as he stops walking. jisung’s forced to tear his eyes away from you to look at changbin. “fix that boner though, that’ll be awkward.” 
jisung pulls away from changbin in a panic. if he had a boner, wouldn’t he have known? wouldn’t he have felt it? he quickly looks down, huffing when he sees nothing. he looks back up at changbin, clenching his jaw as he prepares to give him a stern talking to. it would have been funny if he wasn’t actually trying to stop a boner from popping up. 
but before jisung could do so, he hears chan’s voice, ever so cheery, calling the both of them over to the table. the other boys holler their names and changbin, that asshole, merely laughs, winking at jisung before making his way over to the group. 
jisung trudges behind changbin, putting on a smile. his hands were sweating and his body is already starting to heat up, but he wraps his arms around chan when the man envelopes him and changbin in a tight hug. jisung chuckles, tightening his embrace before they all pull away. 
“congrats on the promotion, dude,” jisung starts, smiling when chan nods. jisung watches as a soft blush creeps up on chan’s cheeks. chan opens his mouth to speak, but changbin beats him to it. 
“it was a long time coming,” changbin jokes, taking a seat next to chan. 
“ah,” chan chuckles, scratching the back of his neck, “don’t say that.” 
jisung takes his seat next to jeongin, thanking the heavens that the younger male took the seat next to you. 
“you dressed up tonight, jeongin,” jisung teases. jeongin chuckles softly as he shakes his head. 
“it’s a special occasion,” jeongin responds, “plus, y/n dressed up too, so i’m not overdressed.” 
you lean toward the table, giving jisung a wave. “i wore my best clothes for this, you know,” you click your tongue as you move your chair back, “if we arrived together, you would have been the first one to see.”
jisung gulps, eyes scanning your figure. were you really doing this tonight? teasing him? he knew it was friendly banter, but as he took you in, your shape perfectly accentuated by your shirt and your ass shown off by your skinny jeans, your words are slowly becoming into a whole other thing that made his cock start to harden. he snaps his eyes back to yours, giving you a sheepish smile as he tried to keep his composure. 
jisung clears his throat as he pulls his chair into the table. “you look bad in everything, anyway,” he jokes albeit shakily. his hand reaches out to grab his glass of water, taking a few big gulps. when he puts the glass down, it’s half empty, and chan’s eyes are on him. 
“...are you okay?” the older male questions. 
he’s making a fool out of himself just because he’s in the same room as his best friend, the one he jerks off to at night. though his cock is starting to tent his pants, he fakes a smile, waving to dismiss chan’s question, his words failing to express what he was actually feeling.
chan blinks. before anyone else could question him, specifically you and jeongin, the waiter arrives with the food chan ordered beforehand. 
he’s never been more thankful in his life.
Tumblr media
the night was relatively easier after that, the group falling into the same rhythm jisung was very much used to. he just wasn’t expecting that chan ordered soju to accompany their dinner party. now, here he was, sat in between two men who were already tipsy. jeongin’s resting his head on the table, a lopsided smile on his lips, while felix’s leaning back on his chair, looking up at the ceiling to, presumably, keep himself sober.  jisung chuckles as he watches changbin and chan take a shot.
“man,” changbin coughs, leaning back on his seat, “do you think we would have been successful if we pursued that music thing?”
in the corner of jisung’s eye, he sees you lean forward on the table, propping an elbow up. “oh?” you start, “you guys wanted to form a band or something?”
chan giggles as he nods, his cheeks turning into a redder color. “yeah. the three of us wanted to be called—“ he snaps his fingers before averting his eyes to jisung, who raises an eyebrow.
“our group’s name, what—“
“3racha,” jisung laughs, grabbing his shot glass to fill it up with alcohol.
“we had stage names for it and everything,” chan laughs.
“oh god,” jisung breathes as he closes the bottle of soju, turning to you to offer it. you shake your head, so he decides to put it in front of jeongin, who seemed to be asleep.
“i can’t believe i didn’t know this,” you turn to jisung, “why didn’t you tell me about this?”
“you’re never going to let me live it down, that’s why,” jisung responds, hand wrapping around his shot glass.
he’s thankful, that even for just a few hours, he’s able to forget about his crippling addiction to watching your shows online. at the end of the day, you’re still his best friend. your side job shouldn’t get in the way of that friendship. jisung relaxes into his seat as he observes his friends, content.
“now, i just want to know,” you smile, eyes moving from the said trio, “so tell me before i beat it out of you guys.”
chan snickers, nudging changbin with his elbow. changbin groans as he throws his head back.
“if we’re talking about stage names, you should start,” changbin mumbles to chan, “you’re the eldest.”
chan’s smile falls into a small frown, “i’m not that old.”  
“are you really going to keep saying that until you’re like...a 100 years old?” jisung teases.
“you’re overreacting, i’m 23,” chan mutters.
“that’s 23 years closer to 10-“ changbin is cut off by chan, who shakes his head in mock disbelief. chan turns his attention to you, eyes twinkling with amusement and excitement.
“i wanted to be called CB97,” chan answers. the men who are still up and going snickers at the name. hyunjin’s the first to laugh, followed by jisung himself. jisung hears you giggling and he tries not to look over your way.
“that sounds so old,” you joke.
“that’s what i said,” jisung giggles, fingers tapping on the side of his shot glass. he glances at you, anyway, wanting to get even just a small sight of you. this was how it was for years now, stealing glances and longing stares. this is how he loves you, admiring you even in the simplest of conversations, even in the tiniest details. his thoughts are interrupted by chan, who exclaims—
“changbin wanted to be called SpearB!” chan laughs as changbin downs another shot.
“what about it?” changbin deadpans, “it sounds badass.”
“i’m giving it to him,” jisung hears you say, “it does sound badass.”
“thank you y/n,” changbin breathes exasperatedly, “you guys just don’t have tas—”
“bad taste is what it is,” jisung interjects. he turns to you when you whip your head toward his direction. your eyes lock and he watches as your face contorts into playful disgust.
“are you saying i have no taste?”
“no. what i said is that you have b—“ before jisung could continue, changbin rises up from his chair, his neck now a shade redder, and he puts his hands on his waist. jisung’s eyes don’t leave yours, however, admiring its color as you flash him a soft, but curious smile.
“okay, you guys,” the older male chuckles, “no flirting while we’re still here. we don’t want to be third wheels again.”
you’re the first to look away, blush starting on the tip of your ears. jisung’s face heats up, as well, shooting a glare along changbin’s way. changbin sits down again before nudging chan’s shoulder. silence falls between the group and it was as if everyone knew about a tension that the two of you weren’t aware of.
jisung eyes the shot glass in his hand, the alcohol becoming more and more tempting as this conversation went on.
a few beats of silence pass before you’re asking chan, “w-what about ji? what name?”
“” chan replies as he pours another shot for himself.
once the name left chan’s mouth, jisung feels as if the world has swallowed him whole. if the past nights were him getting a touch of heaven, tonight was the exact opposite. as he sat there, body heating up and heart pounding in his chest, one loud thought made its presence known:
did you know?’s the first user you greet during your shows because he’s the first one to join.’s your top donor for the week, totalling over 300 dollars in tips.’s the user that you thank multiple times during your shows.’s the username you breathe when you’re close.
j. one’s the user that’s making you cum.
of course you fucking knew. of course you did.  
jisung takes the shot he’s been putting off and he slams the glass down on the table, the impact ringing throughout the whole table. the alcohol travels down his body and while it burns him, nothing could compare to how hot his skin feels.
jisung feels awful, disgusted, and absolutely filthy when he sees you slowly turn to him, face devoid of any color. turns out, the amount of cum being milked out of him will not be the one killing him, but it will be his own guilt, his own shame, that will eat him up whole.
jisung turns to you and the world around him grows silent. it’s his own fault that he’s even in this position. in the first place, his “inconspicuous” username was his preferred stage name. if 3racha was ever brought up in a conversation, like what just happened, he’d be found out immediately.
second, why didn’t he just tell you? come clean? that would have been easier than having to pretend everything was just fine and dandy. he exhales as you look away. even though he knows he’s done wrong, he finds himself selfishly longing for one more look.
instead, your laugh, though shaky and unsure, echoes in the almost empty restaurant. chan laughs with you and soon enough, changbin’s chuckling in his seat. jisung furrows his eyebrows, overwhelmed and confused with the abrupt change in atmosphere. he watches as you pour another shot for yourself.
“that’s a pretty stupid stage name,” you snicker, eyes not leaving the alcohol pouring into the shot glass. “i’m glad you guys didn’t push through with it.” changbin points at you playfully before he nods, giggling.
chan chuckles as he shakes his head, blissfully unaware of the shit he’d put jisung in, “we would have been successful, i think.”
“i bet,” you joke, emotions unreadable as you down your shot. jisung keeps his eyes on you, wondering how he’ll be able to keep his friendship with you after this.
would things be different or would you both continue on without mentioning this to each other? his eyes follow you as you stand up to start gathering your things. jisung and chan look at each other.
“are you leaving already?” chan asks, standing up from his seat to try and help you out. jisung stays frozen in his seat, but he catches the way your hand is shaking as you pick up your phone from the table.
“i have work tomorrow,” you sigh.
“on a weekend?” chan furrows his eyebrows. jisung locks eyes with you again after you nod to chan, but this time, he’s the one who turns away, blush taking over the entirety of his cheeks.
“well,” chan starts, rounding the table quickly to give you a quick hug, “thanks for coming.”
“i wouldn’t miss it for the world, chan, you know that,” you smile as the both of you pull away, “congrats again.”
chan grins as he mutters a soft thank you. jisung turns back to look at you and he sees your car keys in your hands. your eyes lock again and he wonders what’s running in your mind as you look at him.
“i’m off,” you announce to the group, “anyone want a ride home?”
“go take jisung,” changbin mumbles, “i won’t be able to drive tonight.”
“but—“ jisung scrambles, standing up from his chair, “i can just walk home—“
chan tilts his head at jisung’s words, crossing his arms in front of his chest. jisung bites the inside of his cheeks as chan stares at him. your eyes are on him too. jisung’s knees start to grow weak and he finds himself gripping his chair to keep himself upright.
“it’s late,” chan blinks, “and i’m sure y/n would be willing to drive you home? you guys always did that be—“
“alright,” you breathe, “come on ji, don’t be shy. it’s just me.” jisung jumps when he feels your hand wrap around his arm, words failing him as you drag him away to the entrance. your touch sends him reeling and he feels light-headed again. it’s embarrassing how his pants are starting to tent already.
“b-bye!” jisung calls out to the group, squinting when the night air hits his skin. your hand on his arm keeps him warm, though, and the next thing he knows, he’s in the passenger side of your car, buckling himself in as you start the engine.  
back at the restaurant, changbin turns to chan as the entrance shuts.
“they’re gonna fuck tonight,” changbin mumbles, head heavy.
“you think so?” chan asks, chuckling as he pours himself another shot.
“god,” changbin breathes, “i hope so.”
Tumblr media
the air inside the car was heavy with neither of its passengers speaking to each other. the music on the radio fills the deadly silence and jisung swears he hasn’t seen you move since the first time you started driving. or maybe he was too busy looking out of the window beside him that he doesn’t notice you. either way, he’s 100% sure you’ve been frozen in your seat for the entirety of the car ride. he doesn’t know if this is better than talking about the fact that he’s been jerking off to you this whole week.
but then again, if you did end up asking him, where would he begin? would he begin at the fact that he was too horny one night that’s why he ended up on your live show? or begin at the fact that he only really stayed to watched because he’s not sure if he’ll be able to see you like that in this specific lifetime? would you call him selfish? a pervert? would you cut him out of your life because of one particular decision he can end just by cancelling his subscriptio—
“so,” he hears you breathe, hand reaching over to the radio to lower the volume, “i’m sure you have a lot of questions.”
jisung exhales a breath he’s been holding as he turns to look at you, his heartbeat almost making him deaf as it continues to ring through his ears. the temperature in the car seems to increase as he watches your hand resume its position on the steering wheel. he bites his lip as he leans back on the passenger seat. fuck, he thinks to himself, the places that hand has been.  
he covers his face with his hands, skin burning up more than he’d like to admit. it’s not an issue of  “maybe” anymore. he’s definitely too horny for his own good. and the enclosed space is not helping.
you chuckle beside him as the car stops at a red light. “calm down, i’m not mad.”
jisung feels your hand on his knee and he, embarrassingly enough, shivers. before he could get used to your hand on his knee, you pull away and his skin is left with the remnants of your touch.
“i’m not judging you,” you shake your head, hand gripping the steering wheel.
the traffic light turns green in front of them and it flips a switch in jisung. his mouth opens in its on accord, effectively word vomiting all over the car as it moves forward.
“i’m not judging you either! in fact, i respect the shit you do, i wouldn’t be able to do that myself, and like, y-yeah, it’s not a common job, but it doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of it you know? but i’m sorry, i didn’t tell you that i was the one tipping you and that i was watching you, i just didn’t want our friendship to be jeopardized and before you ask, yes, yes, i’ve jerked off to you on more than one occa—“
“whoa,” you laugh, turning to him. it shuts jisung up immediately and his shoulders drop to his sides, huffing as he rests his back on the seat again. “slow down.”
“sorry,” jisung breathes, running a hand down his face, “it-it’s the soju.”
“is it?” you tease. “is it really?”
jisung huffs, leaning over to turn the radio volume up again. talking about his endeavours is not the best idea, after all. he hears you sigh before turning the radio off altogether.
“ji, don’t make this more awkward than it has to be.”
jisung groans as he throws his head back on the head rest. “me?” his eyes widen as he points to his chest,  “me? i’m making it awkward?”
“yes,” you scoff playfully, “yes, you are. you jerked off to me, great, let’s talk about it.”
“i’m not talking about it! what the fuck—“
“see? you’re making it weird again,” you motion with your hand. “just say it like it is. you found out i was a camgirl and you’ve spent the whole week jacking off to me.”
jisung almost sobs at the statement, hunching over on his seat as he buries his face in his hands. while it’s the truth, it’s different coming out of your mouth—his best friend’s mouth / favorite camgirl’s mouth. it was supposed to be his secret. you wouldn’t ever have to find out because you had no way of finding out, anyway. but here he was, in the passenger seat of your car, being put on the spot about said secret.
“when did this even start?” jisung asks, turning to you. your eyes don’t leave the road, but jisung watches as your eyebrows furrow before you glance up briefly.
“9...10 months ago?”
jisung gasps and it startles him and you in the process. “that’s why you always cancel plans last minute!”
it’s your turn to blush, hands gripping your steering wheel a little bit tighter. you give him a sheepish nod and jisung groans, leaning back on the passenger seat again. he’s absolutely going crazy, but he knows the conversation hasn’t actually started yet. you and him were just getting to the core and his apartment is a few more minutes away.
that meant that he had to stay in this car for a few more minutes. he loves you, he really does, but he wants to stop the car and get out. it’s starting to suffocate him, like the drama king he was, but who wouldn’t want to run away from a conversation such as this?
he feels like he’s about to have an asthma attack and he doesn't even have asthma.
jisung reaches out for the radio again and before he could turn it on once more, your hand is on his, giving it a soft squeeze before moving it away. the touch gives him goosebumps, electricity surging throughout his whole body.
“since you won’t ask,” you start, giving jisung a quick glance, “i’ll just tell you.”
“tell me what?”
“why i started doing it.” you hum nonchalantly. the car comes to a halt when another traffic light turns red. jisung rests his cheek on the window beside him as he lets out a soft whine, hands completely sweaty.
“remember when i got fired from my job a few months ago?”
“of course i do,” jisung mumbles, “you came to my apartment literally every night and cried about it until you passed out.”
“yeah,” you laugh, “so, that’s why i started doing it. a job until i got hired again.”
jisung raises an eyebrow, turning to you again. “but, you have a job now. why keep doing it?”
jisung watches you as you shrug and relax on your own seat, one hand on the steering wheel as your other elbow rested on the window beside you. “why not?”
jisung almost chokes on his own spit and he catches the way you turn to him in concern. he waves to dismiss it, clearing his throat. “what do you mean?”
you giggle as you shake your head, looking outside the windshield to look up at the traffic light. you let out a soft hum as you tap on the steering wheel. “what i mean is,” you chuckle, “i don’t see any reason why i would stop.”
“besides”—you look up again as the traffic light turns green—“i enjoy doing it.”
“you do?” jisung questions, an eyebrow raised. you nod at his question, giving him a quick glance again as you pull up in his apartment’s parking lot.
“i get to explore my kinks, my sexuality, my body,” you shrug, “not many people can say that they have full control of their body, you know?”
jisung’s never really thought of it that way. his horniness always got in the way of his rational and critical thinking that he never thought of looking deeper into the whole activity. it always starts with the money and he won’t deny that it really is a lucrative job, but cam girls always tend to stay because they also learn something about themselves in the process. 
and you’re right, because even though he’s tugged on his cock for years now, he’s still not really sure what he’s into. it’s a privilege not many can have. 
he turns to you when he hears the car engine turn off. 
“wait,” jisung extends his hand to grab your wrist, “you don’t have to walk me up to my apartment.”
“it’s late.”
“exactly. you still have work tomorrow. plus, i won’t get mugged on the way up there.” jisung frowns, unbuckling his seatbelt.
“if someone pulls a knife on you in the elevator, what would you do?” you ask, unbuckling your seatbelt to turn to him.
“y/n, i—“ jisung motions with his hands as he shrugs, “fuck, i don’t know? that’s never happened to me before.”
“it can still happen, so let me make sure you get up there safe.”
Tumblr media
jisung presses the ‘up’ button on the elevator before leaning on the wall beside it. he puts his hands in his pockets as he lets his eyes travel down your figure. he takes you in, biting the inside of his cheek when you rest your back on the wall behind you. the air has gotten heavier again and the only sound echoing in the hallway is your soft hum as the both of you wait for the elevator. he wonders what’s running through your mind. 
jisung would be stupid to deny that there wasn’t any tension lingering between the two of you as you stood there. if it was overwhelming for him, it might be more overwhelming for you. he thinks about what he’d be like if he was in your position. maybe he’d understand you more, get inside your head. he hangs his head, closing his eyes as he makes a fist in his pocket.
a few beats of silence pass before you breathe, “ji.” 
jisung raises his head quickly, raising an eyebrow as your eyes lock. before you could continue, the elevator dings and the doors open. you motion toward the elevator with a tilt of your head and he nods, following inside. his hand starts to shake in his pocket at the thought of being alone with you in the elevator. but, if he made it outside the car unscathed, then he can bear a few more minutes with you. alone. 
he removes one hand from his pocket to press his floor’s button. the elevator doors close and it creaks. he groans. 
“what’s wrong?”
jisung turns to you before making his way to your side, the elevator not moving. “elevator’s been so slow this week,” he mumbles, resting his back on the wall behind him, “so, it takes long before i get to my floor.”
you snicker as you glance up at the ceiling. “see? i told you, you could get mugged in here,” you tease. “aren’t you glad i’m with you?”
oh, he is. he’s just not sure if he should tell you the extent. though he has many fantasies about you (all ending with you in his bed), you’re still his best friend. he’s just glad you didn’t judge him or sever ties with him right then and there. for some reason, you understood and you just shrugged it off. he didn’t lose his best friend and that’s all that mattered.
he chuckles as a response, sighing when the elevator starts moving.
will he stop watching you? he’ll definitely try to. that’s the least he could do, right? respect boundaries and hopefully it’ll return to normal. whatever normal means. he has enough images of you in his mind that it’ll probably keep him a—
“did you enjoy?” jisung hears you ask beside him, interrupting his train of thought. he raises his eyebrows as he turns his head to you. you’re already looking at him and his cheeks heat up, your eyes twinkling with curiosity.
“what do y—“
“you know what i mean,” you giggle. “did you enjoy watching me?”
the question almost gives him whiplash. he thought he was out of hell the moment he stepped out of your car, but it turns out, he’s still one leg in the pool of shit he voluntarily jumped in. he makes a fist in his pocket as he inhales shakily.
“what even is that question?” jisung jokes.
“it’s a perfectly valid one.”
jisung exhales, tearing his eyes away from you to check what floor the elevator is currently in. the 2nd floor. his apartment’s at the 5th floor. he has no way of getting out of this conversation unless he suddenly gets strong enough to open the elevator doors. he hangs his head as he nods slowly. he hears you laugh.
“you did?”
jisung nods once more.
“you did enjoy?” he hears the teasing in your voice. jisung nods again, though more aggressively than he would like to.
“i need to hear you say it beca—“
“fuck,” jisung sighs exasperatedly, removing his hands from his pockets, “i did enjoy! i enjoyed every single time i watched you, okay?” he pauses to catch his breath. “are you happy?”
“i could ask you the same question.”
“y/n,” he breathes, burying his face in his hands. “i enjoy. i enjoy watching you do the things you do. i’m happy i get to see you like that and as perverted as that sounds, i would do it aga—”
“do what?”
“jerk off to you!” jisung exclaims. “i used to do it before anyway, but—“ he pauses to groan, throwing his head back to the wall behind him, face burning up at his admission.
“but this one’s different, okay? the y/n in my dreams doesn’t do half the shit i see you doing in your videos.” in the corner of jisung’s eyes, he sees you bite your lip.
“i’m going crazy,” jisung whines, “because i have to pretend that i don’t want to fuck you and that i don’t jerk off to you every night!”
silence fills the elevator and jisung glances at the floor number again as he pants. 4th floor. you open your mouth to speak and jisung panics, heart pounding in his chest as he searches for the right words to say, to try and get himself out of the hole he’s still digging himself in.
“and the worse part, i have to pretend that i don’t love you every time we’re together! i have to pretend that i’m not absolutely crazy over you and that i would do anything for you! like yeah, you’re sexy, you’re hot, i love your body and all that, but i still want to love you first. god,” jisung ends his speech, running a hand through his hair as he huffs.
“what if you don’t have to pretend anymore?”
“don’t fucking start,” jisung laughs dryly. you turn to him, mouth open and eyebrows furrowed.
“what do you m—“
“oh, you know,” jisung nods, shoulders dropping as elevator dings, finally. the door opens and he walks out into his floor with you not far behind.
“ji!” you call out, jogging to keep up with him. jisung fumbles with his keys in his pocket.
“ji,” you pant as you grab onto his arm, turning him around just as he was about to unlock his door. “what are you on about?”
“i’ve”—he runs a hand down his face—“i’ve confessed to you so many times and now, when you learn that i support you with your cam girl ende—“
“it’s not about the damn cam girl shit!” you bellow, hand tightening around his arm. jisung looks around the apartment hallway. you lower your eyes to the floor and move in closer to him to the point that it makes his head spin.
jisung’s eyes search for the answers in your eyes, heart pounding in his chest for what you’re about to tell him. he hopes it’s what he wants to hear.
“i like you,” you whine. jisung’s knees buckle under him and he reaches out to grab his door frame. his head is spinning as he swallows. he feels you remove your hand around his arm. is he going to pass out? will he pass out? he’s going to pass out. he is definitely going to pass out.
jisung’s lied in his bed before, envisioning how it would feel like when you press your lips on his. he’s always imagined how soft your lips would be and how sweet it would taste once his tongue swipes on them. in his daydream, the kiss would take place after a date, preferably in a place the both of you deemed special. maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in him, but he just didn’t expect that it’ll be in front of his apartment door, with you pushing him onto it, hands gripping his shirt. his hand finds their way on your waist, gripping it gently as your lips moved against each other.
it was sloppy, your teeth almost clashing. though this first kiss was less than ideal, he doesn’t want more, he’s not looking for more. your lips are sweeter than he could have ever imagined and it’s like an aphrodisiac he’ll never find himself getting tired of. he could cry at the feeling, at the taste, but the night was just getting started.
he has to get himself together. fuck, he has to get himself together.
jisung pulls you closer to him and you both pull away, panting. you’re so close to him that he feels your breath on his lips and he’s almost tempted to lean back in. he wants nothing more but to run his hand through the skin under your shirt and make love to you in the bed in his apartment. he exhales shakily when you put a hand on his cheek.
“good?” jisung blinks as the question rings through his ears. you tilt your head and you smile. jisung almost melts where he’s standing. he wraps his arms around your waist, tilting his head as well.
“not really,” jisung hums. you scrunch your nose as you lean back from his embrace.
“are you kidding?”
“no,” he looks up at the ceiling, raising an eyebrow playfully, “it was all teeth and spit. it’s the worse kiss i’ve ever had,” jisung pauses to shiver. “it was gross.”
you remove your hand on his cheek before slapping his chest playfully. “you fucking suck. i hate being with you.”
“do you?” jisung clicks his tongue. “last i checked, i wasn’t the one who initiated the kiss.”
his chuckle is cut off when you lean in for another kiss. it’s even better than the first time, your lips moving at a slower pace this time around. it makes him breathless, still, as if he was about to have another asthma attack. maybe he wasn’t too horny or too far gone.
maybe he was just in love with you.
“yep,” he mumbles when you pull away from him, “you’re definitely in love with me.”
“says the one who’s jerking off to me every night.”
“god,” jisung groans, throwing his head back onto his door. “i know you’re going to be thinking of that image when you get home.” he teases, cheeks burning once the words leave his mouth. he’s glad you’re in front of him because he sees the way your eyes dilate in real time.
jisung’s eyes drift down to your lips. “who said i haven’t thought about it?” he hears you mumble. he licks his bottom lip and before he could decide not to push through with it, his lips are on yours for the third time tonight.
the kiss is different from the two that came before it, needy, but slow enough that he can feel every curve of your lips. he unwraps his arms around you, his hand making its way to the back of your head to push you in deeper. it may be the soju flowing through your veins that’s convinced you to kiss him, but he’s not in the position to think about it right now. all he knows is, the woman he loves is on him, kissing him like there was no tomorrow.
you moan into the kiss when he swipes his tongue over your lips and he swears it’s even better hearing it in person. when you both pull away, both of you are panting into each other’s skin. sweat starts to form on jisung’s back, his mind a mess of things he wanted to ask and say to you. what comes out of his mouth is one for the records, that he knew for sure.
“fuck,” jisung pants, “i want to fuck you so bad.”
“i know you do,” you whisper, capturing his lips again. he’s going crazy, mind going in places he never knew was possible. his pants are tighter than when you both started kissing and it’s probably because of your moan from earlier, but knowing himself, it’s probably because of you in general. his breath hitches when you trail your hand down his torso, a breathless, “can i?” leaving your lips once you pull away.
what was he going to do? say no?
when jisung opens his eyes, panic runs through his veins when you start to palm him through his pants. the both of you were still in the apartment hallway and if someone decides to come out, the both of you will easily be caught. he grabs your wrist before turning the both of you around. you rest your back on the door, eyebrows raised.
jisung lets go of your wrist and you’re back on him before he could blink. your lips attach themselves on his neck, kissing up to his jaw. your hand’s back on his dick and he’s about to go absolutely feral.
“h-hey—oh fuck,” he whispers shakily, “we can do this ins—“
“no,” you interrupt, “it’s going to mean something.”
jisung pulls away from you as he furrows his eyebrows.
“when you let me in, it’s gonna mean something,” you repeat. jisung tilts his head, mouth opening and closing immediately as he struggles to comprehend what you just told him.
“but,” jisung starts, “you’ve been in my apartment be—“
you roll your eyes playfully, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “this is different.”
jisung feels a pang in his chest and he takes a step back. it definitely was the soju that convinced you to kiss him. you frown gently, arms dropping to your sides and your eyes scan his face.
“y-you don’t want this to mean anything?” jisung motions between the two of you.
“n-no, oh god,” you scramble, “it’s just...” you pause to sigh, putting a hand on your waist and the other on your forehead. “i want to do it inside when we’ve talked about us.”
jisung raises an eyebrow.
you huff, “properly.”
jisung blinks before opening his mouth, “let’s talk about it no—“
“god, jisung—“
“please, i just want to fu— ”
“fuck, i don’t have time for this, i have work tomor—“
“you want me to fuck you here?” jisung asks, louder than he intended to. you drop your hands as you furrow your eyebrows. “like, here? right now?”
“do you have a condom?” you ask nonchalantly, arms folding in front of your chest again.
jisung bites his lip at the casualness of everything. it takes him a second to realize that this was really happening, that he’s about to fuck you in this dingy apartment hallway with the possibility of getting caught while he’s balls deep inside you. that’s not stopping him, though.
one problem. he doesn’t have a condom.
he shakes his head and you sigh. “too bad.”
“w-what?” jisung whisper yells, moving in to close the space between the two of you, “i can go down to the store and buy some—“
“god, “ you groan, turning around to face the door. your hand grabs his hip to pull him into you and—
oh my god.
jisung groans when he collides into you, his cock perfectly sandwiched in between your ass cheeks. his hand trails down the curve of your ass and his mouth dries up. you were his fantasy only just days ago, but now you’re bent over on his door, legs slightly spread to accommodate his weight behind you. he could cum at this sight alone, but he wants this to last longer than 5 seconds. he wants this to last all night if he can. jisung moans softly when you move your ass against his aching member.
“let’s just go inside,” jisung grunts. “there’s a bed in my apartment, you know?”
“no,” you moan softly, “it’s better this way.”
“what,” jisung starts to move his hips into yours, hissing at the friction on his hard cock, “you’d rather get caught out here?”
“maybe,” you look behind to smile at him. “that would be fun, hm?”
jisung groans before biting his lip. he grips your hip as he adjusts behind you, whining to himself when you press your ass on his cock again. if this feels good already, what would it feel like when he’s inside you? when he’s rubbing the head of his cock on your wet folds? he looks down, imagining what it’d look like if you weren’t wearing your skinny jeans.
“fuck,” he whines as he ruts against your clothed ass. “you look so good like this.”
“you’ve thought about me like this?” you ask, looking behind. he raises his eyes to meet yours. you’re biting your lip, cheeks red, lips wet with lust and it reminds him of the time he first watched you on his screen. he nods at the question and his cock twitches in his pants when you throw your head back.
“of course, i have,” he moans. jisung removes a hand from your hip to put on your waist. “i’ve seen you in so many positions already,” he grunts. “it’s fucking insane.”
you hum as you lean back, pressing your back on his chest. he shivers at the contact, but he puts his head on your shoulder as he continues to move his member in between your ass cheeks. you intertwine your fingers with his fingers on your hip and he exhales shakily, momentarily losing his rhythm.
“what if we get caught?” jisung breathes as you gather your hair to put on the other side of your neck. he immediately latches his lips on the exposed side, kissing and biting on it as he continues to rut against you. he swallows when you moan out his name softly and the sound becomes music to his ears. he feels you snake your arms around his neck as you throw your head back onto his shoulder. jisung takes this opportunity to put his hands on your tits, your whole torso now exposed for him to roam his hands around.
“then, we say we’re just talking,” you exhale, ass moving to the rhythm of jisung’s thrusts. he chuckles on your skin.
“is this what talking is?” he teases. “grinding against each other?”
“well, do you want to stop?” you moan as jisung starts kneading your tits.
jisung grunts as he sucks a hickey onto your neck. “no,” jisung mumbles after, pressing a kiss on the mark he left. “no, i don’t.”
“me neither.”
jisung makes a map with his hand as he trails it down from your tits to your waist. your body is more heavenly in person than through the screen. he wonders what he did in his past life that’s allowing him to experience you like this, his dick pressed on your ass and your back on his chest.
“can i,” jisung chokes out, “put my hand under your shirt?”
“just do it,” you whine.
“needy,” he chuckles. jisung slows his thrusts as he raises your shirt slightly. when his hand comes in contact with your skin, he almost sobs. your skin is hot against his fingertips and when he slowly inches his hand up, he feels your goosebumps. he tightens his grip on your hip as he resumes the rhythm he had earlier.
“god,” he moans, “your tits are so soft.”
you giggle and it feels like he’s in heaven. he puts his hand under your bra and he starts kneading gently, moaning when you grind back at him. he gently pinches your nipple in between his pointer finger and his thumb and you moan loudly. it flips a switch in him and he pulls away to push himself into your clothed behind, the both of you moaning at the sudden change in pace.
“tell me what you think of when you jerk off,” you sob. jisung quickens his pace, his hand still kneading your tit. he grunts against your skin before licking his bottom lip.
“i think about you riding me,” he moans. “your walls clenching around my dick, your tits bouncing while you ride me, your chest with hickeys.” jisung presses himself onto your ass, the friction on his cock becoming more and more pleasurable as he continued to speak.
he cries softly, “i think about your mouth on my cock, taking me, gagging on it, and—oh fuck— the vibrations that come after it, holy shit.”
you moan his name as he continues to grind his cock onto you. the tugs on his cock as he moves are more pleasurable than the tugs he could ever give himself. he’s going crazy, mind growing fuzzy. he finds himself withdrawing his hand from under your shirt and he brings his two fingers into his mouth, wetting it with his spit. his hand resumes its position under your shirt and you moan when you feel his wet fingers ghost your nipple.
“what else?” you whimper as he starts rolling your nipple.
“me fucking you, making you cum, licking your clit and sucking on it,” jisung pants. “i think about you, y/n. all of you. your tongue, your tits, your pussy—oh god, your pussy—“
you gasp at his words, his cock moving faster. he couldn’t believe the effect you had on him. he’s only grinding on you, yet he feels like he’s fucking you. jisung closes his eyes as he imagines your dripping heat. he groans, resting his forehead on your shoulder.
“you’re always so wet when i watch you,” he grunts. “i want to taste you so fucking bad, make you feel good with my tongue, fuck.”
you’re moaning his name as you slam your hand on his apartment door, hips moving in time with his. he removes his hand on your tits, planting it on your hip again to keep himself stable as he grinds onto you. his thrusts grow faster and he’s grunting your name when his heart beat starts echoing in his ears. his skin’s burning up at the thought of cumming with you in front of him. if only he could cum on your face, right? that would be the dream.
instead, he’s grinding on you like he’d die if he didn’t. at this point, he thinks that’s the case. he watches as your free hand makes it way down to the front of your skinny jeans, fingers circling your clothed clit.
“shit,” jisung moans. “you’re so fucking hot, y/n. you’re so fucking—“
“ji,” you cry softly, throwing your head back and closing your eyes as you continue to rub on your nub. “you’re so big—“
“wait ‘til this is in you and then we’ll talk about size,” he jokes, albeit shaky and pitchy. you giggle breathlessly.
“i can’t wait,” you tease. your smile falls as your mouth falls open. jisung goes faster, rhythm becoming erratic. “are you near?”
“y-yeah,” jisung admits, cheeks heating up. in front of him, you nod, spreading your legs further as he continues to rut against you. “fuck—“
“i want to cum with you,” you mewl. “please.”
jisung throws his head back, mouth opening as he struggles to catch his breath. he’s already light headed, but the way his cock aches in his pants brings him back to reality. “you don’t need to beg, babe,” jisung pants.
you moan his name and it’s something he records in the back of his mind, tucked away for sessions when he’s alone with his hand. his chest’s heaving and his balls are tightening as his body prepares for his impending climax.
“y/n,” he grunts, “i—“
you whimper, “want you to cum, ji.”
jisung’s breath hitches, thrusts losing their rhythm as he feels the coil in stomach starting to unravel. “i’m right there with you, baby,” he mutters.  
jisung grips your hips like it’s his lifeline. the both of you are panting and he sees your legs starting to shake. he wraps his arm around your waist before pulling you up to his chest. below, your fingers continue to pleasure you and he moans at the sight. you’re fully clothed and yet, this was hotter than watching you in front of the screen. he bites down on your shoulder.
jisung presses a soft kiss on the back of your ear before uttering, “cum with me, babe.”
“yes,” you whine. “ji, i’m gonna—“
jisung sucks on the skin on your neck and that’s what brings you to edge. your back arches and you throw your head back, hips gyrating on his cock as you try and ride out your high. it was a shame that he didn’t get to hear you fully, but then again, the way you shiver in his hold is enough for him.
jisung thrusts twice, thrice, before he’s cumming all over his boxers, hands squeezing your tits gently. he buries his face in your nape, grunting your name. his legs buckle under him and he leans over to grab onto his doorframe. he didn’t think you would upstage his previous orgasms, but here he was, mind blank and white filling his vision even if his eyes were closed. he shivers when you circle your hips one last time before pulling away from him slowly.
you turn around and you rest your back on his apartment door. jisung’s trying to catch his breath, but he leans in to take your lips into his. your lips move in synch, like your hips did earlier. once the both of you pull away, a string of spit follows and you giggle sheepishly.
“you’re drooling,” you tease.
“no, you’re drooling,” he retorts before standing up straighter. his cheeks flush red when he feels the stickiness in his boxers. he looks up at you. you’re so beautiful after you cum, your eyes glossy, your lips red with the memory of him, and your skin a shade of red. what he’d give to see you like this in bed, hair disheveled, body covered in sweat and cu—
“you, um,” jisung scratches the back of his neck as he tries to push away his thoughts,  “want to come inside my place now?”
you shake your head before leaning back in to give him a kiss. it was soft and sensual and jisung’s mind is reeling again, his whole body heating up once more. “i have work tomorrow,” you mumble against his lips once you pull away.
jisung nods as he removes his hand on his doorframe. you step out, standing beside him before pressing a soft kiss on his cheek.
“thank you,” you breathe against his skin. he furrows his eyebrows as he turns to you.
“what for?”
“for taking such good care of me.”
jisung smiles fondly. after everything that’s happened and everything he’s seen the past few days, you’re still the y/n he knew, soft and sweet. he reaches out to you and he wraps you in a soft embrace.
“don’t get all sappy on me though,” he hears you mumble. “we just had sex.”
“not quite,” jisung chuckles, pulling away to get a good look at you. “it’ll be better next time.” he kisses your forehead and he hears you sigh.
when you pull away from his embrace, his arms feel empty. maybe it’s the post-nut euphoria wearing off, but he doesn’t want you to leave tonight. he grabs the apartment key in his pants and he shows you. 
“last call.”
“no,” you chuckle. “next time.”
“alright,” jisung raises his hands up playfully, “your loss.”
the two of you stand in the apartment hallway for a few more seconds before you’re waving him goodbye, though a bit awkward. he blinks when he sees you stumble on your feet.
“call me!” jisung whisper yells, miming a phone on his hands. you laugh as you press the  ‘down’ button on the elevator. you merely nod, a huge smile on your face as you get inside the elevator. you wave back before the elevator doors close.
jisung immediately unlocks his door and enters his apartment, closing the door and leaning his back on it. he runs a hand down his face as he laughs at himself. this night started for chan, but it ended up with you confessing to him and grinding on him until the both of you came. he lets out a sigh as he throws his head back on the door, a blush on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
the next morning, chan and changbin invite jisung for breakfast in the cafe near his place. it's the weekend and though he wanted to share the morning with you, he couldn’t say no to his other best friends.
“so,” changbin starts, leaning back on his chair, “how was last night, ji?”
jisung looks up from his plate before raising an eyebrow. memories of last night came flooding back to him, but he doesn’t need to share the details. after all, it’s only between the two of you. he smiles to himself as he puts down his utensils.
“it was okay,” he hums. “y/n drove me home and we talked. you know, all that stuff. nothing too important.”
chan tilts his head as he folds his arms in front of his chest. “that’s it?”
“yeah,” jisung laughs. “what were you guys expecting? that we fucked?”
changbin laughs softly, raising his hands, “hey, your words, man. we didn’t even bring that up.”
jisung rolls his eyes, shaking his head as he stands up. “you guys want anything else? i’m gonna go order coffee.”
chan and changbin shake their head and they watch jisung walk over to the counter, a hop in his step and a small smile on his lips. chan scrunches his nose and squints his eyes as he looks at changbin.
“they fucked last night,” chan whispers. changbin throws his head back to groan before getting his wallet and giving chan the amount they agreed upon.
“honestly,” changbin chuckles, “i’m glad they did.” chan laughs as he puts the money in his wallet.
jisung feels his phone vibrate while he stands in line. he grabs it from his pocket and he smiles, the text from you reading:
i can’t believe you left a hickey. my viewers will see it.
he grins, cheeks flushing as he composes a quick message.
i think it’ll be hot to see. i’ll see it later in the live too. win-win!
his mind travels to what the night has in store for him later. him watching you will feel different now, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. he bites his lip as he reads your next message.
i really hope you enjoy tonight’s show, ;) 
oh, he definitely will.
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lemon-boy-stan · a month ago
sex with skz (headcanon)
The soft dom
He likes to tease you
He also likes to be able to touch you, so sometimes he might tie you up, but this only happens a few months (or even years) into the relationship, depending on how comfortable you are
"sir" kink
"call me sir if you ever want to cum again, babygirl,"
chan can also go really hard for really long, seeing how fucking jacked he is
He's not turned off from sharing you, either, so long as he gets to remind you who you belong to after
Sex with chan can be rough and sweet at the same time, kid has a lot of duality
Tumblr media
Hot, twisted mf
Obviously, he's a switch
Preffers to dom, though
Loves it when you mewl under him
Defiently loves calling you "kitten"
Not afraid to use a sex toy
Loves overstimulating you
Likes it when you ride his thighs or face, either one is fine for him
His main goal in life is to make you squirt
He's a devil with his tongue
Likes seeing you swallow all his cum, even if you choke, thinks it's hot
Also likes it when you're squirming, sobbing, covered in sweat and just about to reach your climax, screaming his name, but don't we all?
Tumblr media
I don't know how many times I have to express this.
Changbin is a literal fucking daddy.
He's hottest when he's angry; so the best sex happens after a long, hard, frustrating day at work
Size kink
Loves seeing your tiny body all fucked out beneath his hulk of a body
Loves hearing you whine
The type to record your moans and use it in a song
Doesn't hesitate to fuck you in the studio
He loves to fuck your bare pussy, so you're on birth control
Tumblr media
Still a joker, even in bed
Doesn't mean he's not rutheless
He's a switch, though, so sometimes he likes to be pampered
Likes to fuck you in front of a mirror
Watching your juices mix and spill out in the glass front of him is his favourite thing ever, and gets him hard just thinking about it
But when you suck him off he accidentally moans instead of the loud masculine groans he usually lets out
Also enjoys the casual act of voyerisum
(Loves fucking you while one or two of his members watch)
Brags a lot
A total dick about it sometimes
But it's hot, so who cares
Tumblr media
Flexible little shithead
Loves eating you out
Buys you expensive lingerie just to fuck it off you the same night
Loves to fuck you in public places, he gets off at the thought of getting caught
He definetly has multiple sex tapes
Deepest groans but softest whines
When he subs, is a sucker for blindfolds
Hottest kisses a man could ever give
His deep voice is even sexier during sex
Tumblr media
Seungmin may look like he wouldn't hurt a fly, but he's actually a dark horse
Innocent kink
Loves "teaching" you how to do things
Virgin roleplay ^^
Has a sex playlist
Likes it when you wear cute clothes
Gets you pastel lingerie because it makes you look sweet
That means he can ruin you in them
Lets out the prettiest moans, my mans has a killer voice
When he subs, he begs and begs for you to let him cum and cries when you don't
Pounds you after and scolds you for being a naughty girl
He's so hot
Tumblr media
Looooves fucking you in the dance studio
Eats you out on the barre
Loves seeing your juices squirt on the mirror, so I guess he has a different kind of mirror kink
Teases you ruthlessly in front of the guys
It's no surprise that Hyunjin has long fingers, he could finger you for hours on the sink and you'd cum right in the basin just from his hand.
Sends you audio clips of him groaning and whispering dirty things
Comes down on you with one of his dances
Best at rolling his hips against your skin just to make you squirm
Never fails to make you cum, cry, and squirt
Can and will over-stimulate you
Tumblr media
Uses a vibrator first
Food kink
Likes to play games with the food
"If you get this guess wrong, I'm going to slap your pussy until it stings, be careful, flower,"
"Flower" may seem like a weird nickname, but it's really hot coming from him and is an instant turn on, gets your heart beating at an unnatural pace as soon as the word leaves his mouth
Giggles a lot at the start
Practically jacks off to the thought of you calling him baby boy when he subs
Doesn't like to fuck while the others are around
Tumblr media
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sailorhyunjinz · 12 days ago
~ ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴄʀᴇᴇɴ ~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 ; dom!3racha x sub!fem!reader
𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵 ; college!au, music major!skz, college dorm, reader pov/ third person pov, strangers to acquaintances, ot8, nonidol!au, bestfriend!felix, explicit language.
𝘕𝘚𝘍𝘞 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵 ; foursome, camming, teledilconics, foursome, masturbation (m/f), use of toys, slight daddy kink, dirty talk, blowjob, fingering, nipple play, skullfucking, titjob? titfucking? (what is it even called?), degradation, use of lube, marking, spit kink, unprotected sex (wrap before u tap), piv, dp (oh god-), nicknames, anal, cockwarming, cum, orgasm (m/f), hair pulling, creampie, cuddles at the end. 
𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 ; 10,5 k 
𝘕𝘰𝘵𝘦 ; writing this with chase atlantics “ohmami” in the background was an experience- also writing this was,,, an ✨EXPERIENCE✨ 
Tumblr media
𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘦𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘥.
𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘦 𝘰𝘧 18
Tumblr media
𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨 ; The voice, the body and the tattoo. It really was you. You were the girl that these three aspiring musicians had jerked off to so many times, the girl of their wildest imaginations. Here you were, sitting in a cafe beside their roommate. 
Tumblr media
[LOG IN: smiley_cutie]
[PASSWORD: *********]
This was your dirty secret. You sighed as you pressed the blue “log in” button and being greeted by a screen full of girls with their legs spread wide, using whatever toys vibrated or resembled dicks. The red dot next to whatever lewd username indicated the camera rolling, all this being shot in live time. You shifted uncomfortably in your costume. A tiny cheerleader costume with a skirt that barely covered anything and instead displayed your lacy thong, the tiny bra covering only the skin around your nipples, the valley of your tits billowing out the sides of the thin fabric. 
You looked to the right on the screen and clicked on “broadcast”, needing to get in money for the week since living alone was more expensive than you could have ever imagined. But you didn’t mind it either, getting attention by a bunch of horny men behind their screens and getting money wasn’t a bad combo. 
The new page loaded and you flinched by seeing yourself on the screen, your webcam propped up at an angle downwards so that only the portion beneath your neck is shown. That was your only rule. 
Never show your face.
You never knew who could be watching and you didn’t want any confrontation from anyone in your life that may have accidentally stumbled upon your content. However you did have one thing that distinguished you. A small smiley face tattoo on your collarbone. It was your trademark. Your identification. 
You made sure to not have any objects that could give you away in the background, a soft pink descending over your figure as the LED-light on the wall above your computer shone mellowly, your chair creaking slightly as you adjusted the camera, clicking something on the settings on the screen to make sure that your live was different from anyone else's. In a small box on the display were your top payers of the month and for three consecutive months it was the exact same usernames. You never suspected anything at first, thinking they were willing to pay an insane amount of money to make you squirm in your pink office chair but when the three users logged into your streams one after the other every time you were live you started getting interested. 
Of course you would never meet them or anyone else that religiously watch your live streams but part of the fun was to imagine who was hiding behind those usernames. You threw a quick glance over to the array of toys you had on your desk amongst the cute action figures and other collectibles, the half empty bottle of lube standing behind your monitor. With a quick hand you grabbed it, squeezing a dollop of the clear slippery liquid on the pink egg shaped toy that had a tail made out of silicone. This was the moneymaker.
Why? Because it vibrated with the amount of balloons you got, the balloons symbolized tips. The higher the sum, the stronger the vibration. With your middle finger you rubbed the lube around the toy before leaning back in your chair, pushing the white fabric of your thong to the side and pushing in the toy in your tight hole, using the webcam preview display as a guide to see your pussy better. The vibrant pink end of the toy poked out of you, barely being visible as you covered yourself with the thong once again. It was supposed to be a tease for the viewers.
You grabbed the black vibrator wand from your desk, turning it on to see if it worked and as usual the toy started vibrating with a low hum in your hand, you put your finger against the black cushioned part where your clit usually was and shuddered as the judder surged through your hand. Everything was ready. 
With a long gaze you stared at the “start broadcast” button. It was like this every time, a sudden wave of shame washing over you, you didn’t know how long you could continue this sketchy business before somebody noticed or unveiled your true identity. You inhaled deeply, mouse hovering over that red dreaded button. You were one click away from putting yourself on display for thousands of people once again and at this point you didn’t even know if it was worth it. 
“Fuck, just click it y/n” you told yourself, feeling the toy shift inside of you as you rubbed your thighs together in both nervousness and anticipation. A tiny click sound was heard as you pressed the left mouse button and the countdown started on the screen.
“She’s live! Quick, quick! My computer!” Jisung yelled across the studio, flapping his hands like an excited child in a candy shop. Changbin handed Jisung his laptop and with eager hands he logged into his account. Changbin sat next to Jisung, doing the same whilst Chan logged in on the stationary computer on his desk so that the live could play on the big monitor that was above the desktop so that the your pussy could be shown in full display, making the dream of fucking you seem just that bit realer.
[Spear.9in entered]
[channieee__ entered]
[01.sung entered]
The chat blew up with emoticons and other greetings making the boys blood boil, the fact that they had to share you with others when they wanted you all to themselves. Your voice sounded even prettier coming from Chan’s speakers, serenading the three males that were already palming themselves through the rough fabric of their jeans.
“Oh! Hi~ Even my three top payers are here!” You joked, giggling your infamous laughter making the comments flood with hearts, multiple comments calling you their “smiley face” because of the tattoo. You giggled once again, the innocent action making Jisung, Chan and Changbin even harder, the tent between their legs growing bigger with each second. The low hum of the vibrator was heard making Jisung’s eyes dilate, sitting on the edge of the leather sofa in the studio and with a swift hand freeing himself from his jeans, a clink sound echoing as the belt buckle hit the floor, Jisung holding his already leaking cock in his hands after he’d pulled his boxers down midthigh. 
Chan and Changbin gulped as you pressed the vibrator towards your clothed clit, squirming at first contact but letting out a moan of pleasure as the pink vibrator inside of you started vibrating with the tips rolling in. You giggled again, reminding the viewers about the amount of balloons that was needed for you to take off your panties, you needed to have some standards.
“Quick, tip for fuck sa- jisung how the fuck are you already jerking off?” Chan asked to which jisung whimpered, fucking his fist in a even pace, his veiny cock twitching in his hand. 
“I c-can’t help myself, fuck! Tip then you ass, hurry!” Jisung pleaded to which Changbin complied, pushing the tip button three times and Chan doing the same, getting ready to take off their pants at the same time as you took off your thong. You smiled even though it wasn’t visible to the viewers, the toy vibrating inside of you with varying intensity and you letting out small whimpers between your lips.
“Thank you Spear.9in and channieee__, my two eager puppies want to see me cum, right~?” You coo as you try your hardest to not close your legs in stimulation, your hand descending down your body, caressing your supple skin before stopping at your clit, rubbing it in small circles and spreading your pussy lips, teasing your viewers even more, reminding them that they could never have you. 
Changbin and Chan nodded as if you were talking to them in real life, already wrapping their hands around their throbbing cocks and slowly lowering the hand up and down their shafts. This wasn’t a weird occurrence. Quite the contrary, this happened every time they got the notification that you went live, all three boys ogling your curves and valleys,,, and of course the places they couldn’t say. They were all infatuated with you. Your thighs quivered slightly as more tips rolled in from other viewers, your pretty moans stringing out into the thin air of your bedroom, you reading the comments through half-closed eyes. 
[fuck youre such a goddess]
[im so hard]
[i would destroy your tight little hole] 
You couldn’t help but to smile at the blunt comments, they were all so thirsty, yearning to get a taste of the pretty pussy you were flaunting for countless individuals but then only more comments appeared, complimenting your cheeky smile. You hummed softly as your slapped your clit a couple of times before pulling off your tiny top, leaving you fully exposed for everyone to devour with their eyes. The way your boobs bounced as you played with them made the three horny boys head spin, Changbin grunting as he layed sprawled out on the leather couch, Chan watching the big tv screen with his head against the wall, legs spread and his veiny hand pumping his length, swiping his thumb over his leaking tip. Jisung was already close, biting down on his knuckles as he teased the tip of his cock, the leaking precum lubricating his fingers. The sweaty pieces of stray hair acting as a curtain for his eyes as he leaned back into the office chair, watching your cunt ache for release, eyes fixed on the screen as the black vibrator entered again, pressing against your fleshy clit. You moaned loudly as you pressed it harder against your burning sex, the stimulation from the vibrations thorugh your clit echoing together with the occasional buzz from the pink device. 
For anyone looking at the rather strange situation occurring in the studio this would seem vile. The fact that three friends were sitting and jerking off when they should be working, watching the girl they all adored touching herself inappropriately, all three jealous of the others that watched your naked body wiggling in the chair, impossible to keep still from the pure arousal that rushed through your blood. With Jisung’s free hand he pressed the tip button 4 more times, his username climbing higher and higher up on the scoreboard to the right of the screen. You thanked him with a mewl, using the black wand vibrator again and pressing it against your clit, rubbing in small circles as you felt your orgasm building up in the pit of your core. 
And you weren’t alone in this.
Jisung could barely hold on any longer, giving his cock a final couple of pumps before his hot cum spurt all over his hand, the sheer force causing a couple of droplets to land on the floor beneath him. The youngest let out a long whimper as he fucked his fist through his orgasm that washed over him, the other two males not being so eager to cum directly, they wanted to enjoy more of the show. There was a rule to all of this - as soon as all three of them came they had to turn off the livestream. It was a stupid rule Chan had set up so that they didn’t waste all afternoon jerking off when they were supposed to compose some new raps which many times ended up in one of them asleep on the couch as the other two were poking fun of the third one. Jisung thought it was bullshit, already teasing the tip of his leaking cock again and flinching in overstimulation but quite quickly earning a hiss of disapproval from the oldest. Changbin was completely oblivious of Jisung’s tricks, focusing on your moans that stringed out through the speakers, not worried about anyone from outside noticing since the room was both soundproof and locked. He tightened the grip around his shaft, his hips bucking upwards every time his tip hit his fist. Changbin laughed as his eyes diverted from the screen to the lonely drops of cum that soiled the floor. 
“Jisung-ah” he teased, “you’re so desperate”
Jisung tsked in response, followed by a tiny grunt, the boy scrunching his nose as he started going up and down his shaft once again with his hand. 
“I’m sorry I don’t have a cock made of fucking rock” he said back in a weak comeback, causing Chan to laugh in embarrassment. You arched your back against the chair, pressing your head on the headrest and barely opening your legs,  curling your toes that were propped up on either side beside the monitor that displayed your swollen pussy. The viewer count increased with each moment the comments rushing past your eyes.
[dont cum yet babygirl]
[shes so fucking cute] 
[beg for daddy]  
You giggled at the last one, it was adorable how they thought that you belonged to them but you couldn’t lie, it made the fire in your core burn brighter, the arousal pooling in your pussy that was glistening with slick in the harsh studio lights. 
“You want me to beg for you daddy?” you said with a teasing voice, biting your bottom lip. Chan unintentionally nodded even if it wasn’t him that wrote the comment. You uttering those words made him even harder if that’s even possible, his cock twitching in his hand as he grunted, quickening the pace of his previously languid strokes. He inhaled harshly between his teeth, jaw clenched and teeth gritting as the tip of his dick appeared between his thumb and pointer finger only to disappear again. WIth faster and faster strokes the room filled with your moans together with the two older males grunting, a low sound of their cocks rubbing against the rough surface of their hands. 
“Well if you want me to beg then you have to tip~" you said with a erotic tone at the end, the words slurring into a moan. As soon as you uttered those words Chan pressed at the tip button, many of the other viewers doing the same and causing you to flinch in your chair, the sudden outburst of stimulation making you hold onto the back of your chair. It was like every single movement you did earned you more tips, just by simply moaning there would be a plethora of balloons that lit up on your screen, you smiling as each one expanded your bank savings. Sure, it was a rather unconventional way of earning coins but it got the job done and why not use the assets you had, the said asset being your body. You snickered, you had to beg since your viewers were all desperate and masturbating together with you. 
“hmm,,, since everyone is behaving so well maybe I should beg” you said, smiling widely. “Could daddy fuck me like the bad girl I am? I’ve been missing daddy’s big cock inside me”
Chan shuddered, he couldn’t hold back from typing on his keyboard with his one free hand, the other one wrapped snugly around his cock and quickly jerked off. 
[could our pretty baby cum for daddy?] 
The dark haired male pressed send, your eyes diverting all over the screen and finally landing on his comment. You shrugged your shoulders in a bratty manner.
“Only if daddy cums first” your voice got higher in pitch as the pink vibrator inside you vibrated in eruptions, the little pink tail attached to the toy wiggling. Chan grunted upon hearing your words, the delicate timbre of your voice ringing through his ears and tipping him from the edge of his pinnacle, causing his very sought-after orgasm to finally wash over him, the boy not being very audible when he came, the delicate drops of cum decorating the complexion of his hand. All of this while your moans got louder in the background. The oldest let out a string of curses as he looked down at the sticky mess he had caused, throwing a pillow at the youngest head whose eyes were still stuck on the big screen in front of him.
“Han Jisung, paper and clean up your fucking cum off the floor” he said with a tsk, Jisung grabbing the roll of toiletpaper that was neatly placed on the desk along with stacks of music sheets and other trinkets. So that’s what the roll was for. He nodded, gently ripping off a couple of sheets of the paper before throwing it at Chan that thanked him with a low voice, trying to maneuver the toilet paper and not tip his hand all over the place, wiping off the hot liquid. 
Changbin didn’t even bat an eye at the two other males in the room, entranced by the way you moved the wand vibrator in circles and being tempted to make you moan even more by pushing the golden button. As Jisung and Chan bickered back and forth, Chan being displeased with the way Jisung wiped the floor and arguing about how he couldn’t even jerk off properly without causing chaos in the studio, Changbin hushed them both, throwing an intense stare at both of them. Changbin was the last person someone ever wanted to mess with. 
“Come on now daddy~ Cum for me!” you coaxed as your moans got more frequent, not knowing if you were caught up in the euphoria of seeing the money pile up or your orgasm that was within close reach. Just as Changbin was on his final harsh stroke down the twitching shaft of his cock the monotonous vibrations of the wand mixed with the unexpected movements of the pink teledildonic made your hips buck, knees bending inwards as you moaned loudly, your release seizing your entire body causing your thighs to shake slightly. This was a magical moment. The moment where the most tips rolled in and to which Changbin fell victim to, diligently pressing the tip button like he’d done so many lonely nights before, aimlessly jerking off to your body that was the epitome of beauty. Just as your orgasm started to fleet away like waves on a shore, Changbin wasn’t too far from his own elation. As Chan and Jisung were zipping their pants back, throwing the used tissue paper in the bin, Changbin took the time to jerk off faster, wrist almost hurting but he was determined to cum together with you. And he did.
The rather bulky boy closed his eyes, lulling his head backwards and almost knocking it against the grey walls of the small stuffy room as the quick movements of his hand slowed down, the cum dripping down the side of his veiny girthy cock. Before he could open his eyes again Jisung threw the sheets of paper that were covered in his sticky cum at Changbin, landing on his pants and causing both Chan and Jisung to burst out in laughter. Only after Changbin put away his hand, panting as his heart thumped in his chest did his hands brush against the nasty paper.
“I’m gonna break your neck” Changbin growled, only adding to Jisung’s almost hyena-like laugh. The oldest ruffled his hair with his hand, slamming the computer next to him shut and making his way over to the desk to mess with the youngest’s computer, disconnecting the live stream from the big tv-screen, patting Jisung on the back. 
“Fucking give me the paper before I smear my cum on your face” Changbin said with a chuckle, your whimpers could still be heard from the computer closest to Changbin. Jisung poked out his tongue before shimmying over to the burly boy in his office chair, the plastic wheels shrieking against the floorboards, removing the dirty toilet paper from his ripped jeans and instead handing him the entire roll.
“Now we at least know what gets Chan going” Changbin says with a smirk, looking him up and down. “Daddy~ Will you cum if I talk like this~" Changbin said in a mocking high tone, trying to imitate every female pornstar ever. Chan glared at Changbin that was now pulling up his pants. 
“Yah,,, enough of teasing Chan for his raging daddy kink, let’s get some work done” Jisung said, Chan snapping his neck towards the youngest that was now profusely apologizing, not wanting to be the next person to get a taste of his knuckles, Changbin being the last one for acting up while producing.
“Alright then,,, work”
They called it work but what they all were in reality was three broke college students, living in one dorm together with five other music majors and having to stay up until the late hours of the day in order to turn in their assignments if they even wanted a chance in the music industry. But until then, they needed to survive whether it was resolving the root of their stress and burnout or overcoming the addictive thought of refreshing your page hundreds of times in a day.
Tumblr media
“How was the studio? Did you guys get anything done?” Felix said, mixing a bowl of brown goo, making brownies for the third time this week. Jisung casted a mischievous smile at Chan before they all three said “Not much” in unison, Felix scoffing. 
“What do you guys do in there? Every time I ask you neither have you done the work required” he said, licking the spoon before throwing it in the sink that was already piled up with other dirty plates and cups. Chan shrugged.
“Procrastinating. Don’t act as if you do everything you need to do, you’re making fucking brownies at this hour, probably trying to push away the fact that you should be working on your musical theatre essay.”
Felix’s eyes widened as he poured the batter into a baking tray.
“H-how did you know?” he said, furrowing his eyebrows.
“You’re quite predictable, Lixie. You fell asleep in the living room with your computer wide open, not to mention the amount of tabs that I assume didn’t have anything to do with the assignment itself” Chan said with a smirk, leaning against the door frame that led to the kitchen, observing the boy scurrying over from kitchen counter to oven with a tray in his hands. He rolled his eyes after he had finished putting the brownies in the oven, closing the oven door diligently. 
“Ok and what about it? I swear the three of you are probably jerking each other off in that studio” Felix tsked, turning his back to do the dishes. Chan froze in position. The young boy wasn’t too far from the truth although it wasn’t them jerking each other but rather themselves. Luckily Jisung and Changbin had already gone into their rooms that they shared with the others, not hearing this conversation. Chan sighed before turning around just like Felix, planning on falling down on his bed and inhale the scent of sleep but before he could do so he needed to remind Felix - “Save some brownies for me, brownie boy” 
Tumblr media
Changbin woke up with a groan. The red numbers of the digital clock shined in his face as it stood mere inches away from his face on his make-shift nightstand that was a plastic stool. 
For fuck sake, he was late. Again. He took the same classes as Jisung and Chan but yet they refused to wake him up from his slumber. They had many times earlier insisted that they do try to wake the weary man but he didn’t budge no matter how much they shook his shoulder or called him by his full name.
He flew out of bed, not caring if he woke up his roommate Minho that didn’t have classes this early, at least not this Wednesday. Changbin threw on the first thing he could fetch off the floor of the rather small room, knocking stuff over as he grabbed his cologne, spritzing it all over himself and earning a couple of swear words from his roommate that was always grumpy in the morning. Without saying anything he exited the room, grabbing his backpack that was thankfully packed the day prior, containing nothing more than his computer, a couple of crumpled up paper and his wallet. He slammed the white bedroom door but reopened it, only then remembering that his phone was still in the comfort of his sheets. With a quick hand he grabbed it and once again shut the door with force causing Minho to complain, his voice muffled from the other side of the door. There was no time for breakfast, him waving at Jeongin and Seungmin that were sitting and eating toast, laughing at something on the tv. 
Once outside he started to run. The apartment wasn’t too far away from campus but he would still be late, no matter how fast he ran. He cursed Jisung and Chan in his mind, panting as he ran to the lecture hall with his black backpack slung over his shoulder, sweat beading around his temples. After what seemed like forever did he finally push open the big sluggish doors and was met with a couple of eyes, two of them belonging to his dormmates. Changbin sneaked in, sliding into the seat next to Chan that sat alongside Jisung, both of them snickering quietly as their eyes diverted back to the lecturer. 
“Has cinderella finally woken up” Chan whispered causing Jisung to laugh a bit louder before covering his mouth with his hand, Changbin muttering something inaudible under his breath as he unzipped his backpack, retrieving his computer and pulling up an empty document to take notes. 
“What did I miss?” Changbin said quietly, his eyes perceiving the other students that sat all around the lecture hall. 
“Not much, I’ll share my notes after, let’s go work in a cafe” Chan said, a student turning around and glaring at him to which he bowed his head slightly, mouthing an apology. The males on either side nodded, Changbin mindlessly typing away on his keyboard, not really taking in what’s being said. Understanding the material is a task for another day. 
An hour and half passed, all filled with the three boys quietly giggling at cat gifs and writing something down on the document that sat beside the tab of endless cat content. Whatever the professor said went in one ear and through the other, Chan couldn’t wait until he was done and he could finally produce a tune. Even if it was his job it was also his hobby and something he was passionate about, not only producing but also rapping but he put the dream of becoming a world renowned rapper on the shelf. Just when he was about to doze off the professor clapped his hands loudly.
“Remember the analytical essay of a piece from the Victorian era, it is very important that you tie your arguments together with the history of that specific era and how it could have influenced the instruments used and the stories that could be told. Turn it in no later than next Thursday at 12 am sharp.!
As soon as the old professor stopped talking did the students start to pack their things, the chatting overtaking the hall and people exiting from the two big doors that were on the wall right to Changbin. 
“Let’s go to the one closest from here, alright?” Jisung said, packing his belongings into his canvas bag.
“I’ll pay” Chan said nonchalantly to which the two other boys started smirking, both going “ooh~" at the oldest. “Is the extra job paying off?” Jisung asked to which Chan nodded. It wasn’t much but he loved to do everything for his two best friends whether it was paying for food or fucking a girl. The weather was pleasant, maybe a bit chilly for just a t-shirt but Changbin didn’t have much of a choice as he ran out the door earlier in the morning. The cafe was only a couple minutes away from the B-building which was where the lecture was held. 
“Don’t we need to buy bread and milk and whatnot?” Changbin said to which, not getting a response from either one of them. “Them fuckers eat it all up”
“Who?” Jisung asks with a confused face.
“Jeongin in particular, he sneaks around like some sort of nocturnal animal. Half the goddamn fridge is gone in the morning, he even has the audacity to eat stuff that has others name on it” 
“Oh yeah!!” Jisung adds. “He drank my banana milk, I wrote my name in both english and korean unless some dumbass doesn’t understand and well,,, I think Jeongin is that dumbass” Changbin chuckled, Chan finding the fox-like boy adorable in his rather chaotic antics. 
The three males stepped into the cafe, being greeted by the smell of newly roasted coffee beans and the small chattering of other students, some sitting with their computers in front of them and discussing something with the people sitting closeby. Over at a small two seat table you saw the infamous blonde hair that could be no other than Felix but the person next to him Chan didn’t recognize. Neither did the two others since they only waved at Felix and not the girl that turned around. 
“Ya, 3 americanos?” Jisung nodded, Changbin patted Chan on the shoulder as the two made their way over to the table, moving chairs and sitting down next to Felix and you. You had never met these guys before, you knew that Felix lived in a rather cramped dorm but you only knew Felix since the two of you were friends since highschool. 
“Hi, oh right! y/n, this is Jisung and Changbin. Jisung is my roommate and Changbin is just... another idiot that lives under our roof. 
“Since when was it your roof?” Changbin said, crossing his arms. 
“I pay rent, split the roof in eight pieces then, asshole”
You chuckled before you introduced yourself. 
“Oh, I’m y/n, nice to meet you, hope you take good care of Lixie” you said with a bright smile.
Jisung and Changbin looked suspiciously at each other, their eyes as big as saucers. The voice, it was really familiar, almost too familiar. Jisung shook the thought out of his head but his deep brown eyes couldn’t help but to land on your shoulder and very fittingly you wore a off the shoulder top today, displaying the signature yellow smiley face that was tattooed on your skin, no bigger than a penny. Jisung nearly jumped in his chair as Chan appeared in his peripheral view, being so caught up in his thoughts.
It couldn’t be.
“Here you go, god I feel like a fucking dad to you guys. Anyways, who do we have here?” he asked with a smile, you clearing your throat before you answered. 
“I’m y/n, a friend of Felix. I’m guessing you’re a dormmate too?” you said, taking a sip from your drink. Chan nodded, not noticing the obvious voice that could easily be differentiated. 
“Sure you’re not his girlfriend?” he said, casting a teasing look at Felix that was about to pounce on the older. You shook your head and started giggling to which Chan furrowed his eyebrows. Now he knew why Jisung and Changbin were so astonished, mixing the ice in their drinks with the black straw while staring at your shoulder. Only when Chan got seated and took a sip of his drink did he almost choke as he realized.
“Jesus, how are you, yall high or something?” Felix asked, fiddling with his dangly earrings. Chan shook his head, coughing hysterically. When he finally calmed down after Changbin gave him a harsh pat on the back he looked at you with teary eyes.
“No,,, Felix and I are highschool friends” you said. Chan shook his head as if he was some sort of bobble head figure. 
“Wait that tattoo, is it real?” Jisung had to ask, curiosity was killing him. 
“Oh this?” You said pointing at the small tattoo that decorated your skin, “yeah, I got it maybe two years ago. I love it, it’s like a part of me.” A part that had a totally different meaning when you were in the safety of your own apartment.
All three of the horny males nodded, Felix observing their hungry gazes. 
“Do you work with anything? I mean affording your own place is quite big money” Jisung asked, sipping on the cold bitter coffee that had visible droplets of water on the outside of the tall glass. 
“yeah,,, I work with some online stuff for a company, like boring paperwork stuff” you shrugged, smiling to cover the lie. 
“You know what gets a lot of money? Camming probably” Changbin said, Chan almost choking on his drink once again. You looked up at him, glaring before breaking out in a bittersweet chuckle. Had they caught up to you?
“Camming? Never heard of that before” you said playfully.
“Ya, how do you know? Oh right, because you watch it all the time” Felix said, slapping the table in laughter. Changbin’s ears turned red, him smiling awkwardly and not denying Felix’s statement. 
“That’s beside the fucking point. If we should earn money we should start camming!” Changbin said in excitement. The situation was rather absurd.
“What you mean ‘we’? And besides, who the fuck would watch you jerking off?” Felix said, causing Jisung to laugh, holding his stomach. Chan blanking out, still in shock. 
“I don’t know but maybe there’s a demand for camboys, right y/n?” he said with a smirk. You played it off by furrowing your eyebrows.
“How would I know? oh shoot, the time!” you exclaimed, looking at the time on your lockscreen. “Need to head to class”
“Alright! Be safe on your way” Felix said, the three other boys at the table bowing their heads with a smile on their lips. You waved back at them, casting a final glance at your phone as you exited the establishment, the wind blowing in your hair.
“Felix, don’t freak out, yeah?” Chan started, glancing at Changbin and Jisung that had the same serious expression on their face.
“What is it?” he asked. Chan drew in air quickly between his teeth, feeling the cold air descending into his mouth. “Before I tell you, you need to give me her number”
“She’s my friend, you can’t just fuck all of my friends?”
“That was Jisung alright, now hand it over” Chan said, Jisung swearing at Chan.
“Don’t bring my ex into this!” Jisung insisted, pouting like a child. 
“Ugh fine but if I get shit because of this all three of you are in deep shit. I take no responsibility, you know?” Felix snarked, pulling up his phone and handing it over to Chan, the contact name being “y/n bestie”
“Since when are you guys besties?” Jisung asked, glancing over at Chan’s shoulder to sneak a peek at the number.
“Since highschool duh. You remember how I told you about my photographer major friend, that’s her!” Felix said “She’s really talented in what she does” he nodded.
Changbin leaned over the table with a smirk as soon as Chan was done typing your number on his phone, saving it simply as “y/n”.
“Ok now,,, Felix” Changbin said, rubbing his palms together as the two other boys looked at Felix with great anticipation.
“Just fucking say it. Felix, we think y/n is a camgirl” Chan blurted out, clenching his jaw. The youngest blinked a couple of times before laughing.
“y/n? She’s like the most innocent person I know,,, beside, she told you guys she didn’t know anything about that.”
Well if Felix didn’t believe their words he would have to show them, Changbin sitting next to the boy in order to avoid an unknowing stranger accidentally seeing the rather inappropriate sight. Both Chan and Jisung joined close by, almost squishing the boy between them as Changbin lowered the volume on his phone and pulled up your camming page, dozens of videos popping up, those being previous live streams. Felix almost yelped as he didn’t expect seeing this many vaginas stuffed with questionable toys, especially not in a cafe.
“Here, look!” he said, clicking on one of your videos with you sitting in your office chair, a soft pink light descending over you as your legs were widely spread in front of the camera, the pink antenna from the vibrator sticking out from your slick covered pussy, your fingers teasing your clit. “Look, the tattoo”
“That’s fucking ridiculous, anyone could have that tattoo!” Felix said, not believing his dormmates that made him watch porn in a cafe. 
“No because right,,, here, take these!” Chan said, fetching his headphones from his bag and handing them to Felix that plugged them in to Changbin’s phone, slowly increasing the volume. 
“Listen to her voice and her laugh and everything, just listen” Changbin demanded, going quiet as Felix’s expression changed from amused to disturbed. It was strikingly similar, the voice especially. The way you pronounced your words and the tiny giggles you made after every dirty word. His gaze drifted away from your spread open pussy and instead focused on the background, him bringing a hand to cover his mouth in shock. That was the office chair he carried when you moved into your apartment, him assisting you with the move. The walls and the pink light that layed on you, it was familiar. 
“Ok, now that we’ve established that my best friend is a camgirl, what was the meaning of showing it to me? It’s not like I think any differently of her, a-are you guys jealous or something? Jealous of our-” Felix started rambling, his eyes flickering between the three males. Chan interrupted him. 
“No, that’s not it,,, we just,, wanted to get to know her” he said.
“Alright,,, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all but be my guest but if I find out that any one of you assholes put a hand on her it’s over for you guys.” Felix didn’t sound intimidating at all causing the three boys to shrug, smirking mischievously at each other, reading their promiscuous intentions.
Later that day when dawn had fallen upon the sky did Chan take his chance, gathering Jisung and Changbin in his room. 
“What do you write as the first message to a cute person?” Chan said as if he was some teenage boy messaging his crush for the first time.
“I don’t know,,, Start off by saying who you are?” Jisung suggested. “You don’t want to freak her out by a random ass number messaging her.” Chan nodded quickly typing something down.
[Hi! It’s Chan here, Felix’s dormmate, uhm hopefully it’s ok that lix gave me your number...]
“Do you add a compliment?” Chan asked, Changbin shaking his head.
“Who the fuck are you? A pervert? No, just ask her to,,, meet up and I don’t fucking know,,, hang out in the dorms?” 
“That’s the worst idea ever, that’s even worse than when you decided to wear those ugly ass shoes so you’d look taller” Chan snickered, Jisung staring into outer space with his lips parted.
“I LIKED THOSE SHOES!! You don’t know fashion you frat boy-wannabe” Changbin sneered, pushing Jisung on the shoulder. “Ya, help us out”
“What if we went to the camgirl dungeon?” Jisung said, looking deadly serious.
“That’s an even worse idea, let’s just ask y/n where she’d be comfortable meeting alright?” Chan said, continuing to type on his message. 
[Hi! It’s Chan here, Felix’s dormmate, uhm hopefully it’s ok that lix gave me your number. What do you say about hanging out in a couple of days?] 
He pressed send, nervous to the pit of his stomach.
“What if she only thinks that Chan is going to hang out with her?” Changbin says, Jisung groaning in frustration. 
“Fuuuuck!! Why didn’t I ask Felix for her number? Now this douche is going to become her friend, Changbin-ah, we’ve lost.” A ding from Chan’s phone distracted the three boys that all intently looked at the screen that lit up, Chan reading the message out loud.
[Hi! I don’t mind oh and also that sounds great! Only the two of us or are your other little friends tagging along?]
“Who is she calling little?” Changbin said in a confused tone.
“Probably you” Jisung added, causing the buff male to raise a fist, Jisung covering his face with his hands and falling on the soft bed that smelled of musky college boy.
[I mean if that’s fine by you they can join] 
Chan typed, clicking send. The two others bickered in the background as he read the next message to himself.
[Sure, does my place sound good? ;))] 
“SHE INVITED US TO THE CAMGIRL DUNGEON” Chan screeched, flapping his arms in excitement. 
“Seriously?! Wait let me see!” Changbin said, throwing himself over Chan’s phone, snatching it out of his hand. 
“Oh my god, she even sent a winky face, bro she wants to fuck you.”
“I don’t think that’s what it means,,,” Chan hesitated, chuckling at his friends rather interesting comment. “But whatever it means we’re meeting her on,,, oh shit I didn’t even ask what day” He quickly grabbed the phone again.
[How about Friday at like,,, 8 pm]
You replied pretty fast.
[Sounds great! See you then boys]
It was almost like you knew that they all sat around the phone, anxiously waiting for every reply and well, playing with boys' hearts was your favorite game. 
Friday eventually rolled around, you did your usual thing which was rolling out of bed, going to the nearest coffee shop and getting an iced latte before you headed to your classes, there being surprisingly a lot of theory work for such a practical major.You actually were looking forward to meeting the boys again. The impression you got from them was of three very needy boys, you could tell by the way they stared at your open shoulders and how the tips of their ears adapted to the shade of red.
You yawned as you were dismissed from your last class of the day, you threw away a text to Chan, you secretly saving his number as “Felix dormmates”.
[This is my address, bring snacks]
You typed down your address in a separate message as you walked back home, pulling up your homework on the computer in your bedroom and just staring at the tiny clock that ticked away in the corner of the screen. Luckily you didn’t have to livestream today, you usually stuck to a schedule and Friday was one of your days off. While you waited for the hesitant knock on the door you typed away on the essay you had in front of you, the vertical dash on the white document flashed, begging for you to put some words down but you were sighing, ruffling your hair. 
Tumblr media
Hours passed and were mostly filled with you going to the fridge and opening it for the fifth time in an hour only to blankly stare into it, as if you were hoping for food to magically appear. Just when you started getting into the swing of things, your fingers dancing over the keyboard did you hear the ringing of your doorbell. You jumped at the loud sound, making your way over to the old door of your apartment and being greeted by the three guys you had talked to in the campus cafe just a couple of days prior, one of them twiddling with his fingers.
“What are you guys standing there for? Come in!” you said with a smile that made their hearts seemingly melt. “No need to be shy, if you guys are friends of Felix’s then we are practically friends as well” 
They chuckled, looking timidly around the apartment and their eyes widening as you opened the door to your bedroom. It was exactly how they’ve seen it before except that the room was much bigger than they anticipated, a couch by the computer that wasn’t captured by the camera but everything else was just where it had been on your livestream yesterday. The double bed that had a canopy gently draped over the bedpost, the light pink fairy lights and the fluffy rug a distance away from the office chair where the magic happened. It was almost as if they didn’t want to enter the room, you tilted your head in confusion. Were they always this shy?
“Woah,,, so it really exists” Jisung said, his mouth wide open as his gaze lurked all around, with careful steps sitting down on the couch in the bedroom, the two others following. 
“W-what exists?” you asked, stumbling on your words. Do they know? And most importantly, have they told Felix?
“Nothing nothing!” Chan said, slapping JIsung’s shoulder in order for him to shut up. The couch was getting crammed, you sitting on the floor instead and leaving the boys with multiple mental images of you doing other things in that position, your doe eyes looking up at them. You had a hunch about them knowing about your funny business in the privacy of these walls so you decided to test them. 
“I’ve been thinking about that camming stuff a lot since we talked about it, you guys seem to have some knowledge”
You swore you could hear Changbin choking on his saliva, their eyes glued on you as their cheeks tinted with crimson. You giggled after your sentence, finding their reactions amusing. 
“I mean,,, some of it’s common knowledge” Chan started but he couldn’t continue speaking by the way you looked at him, your eyelashes fluttering.
“Oh really? What types of camgirls do you guys watch then?”
Changbin cleared his throat, Jisung awkwardly shifting in his seat. This was the perfect time to address the elephant in the room.
“Maybe girls like me?” you said in a playful tone, all three pairs of eyes landing on your figure that was almost sprawled out on the floor, you leaning back on the fleshy pads of your hands. “Or maybe it is me?”. A smirk formed on your face, your plushy lips glistening in the softly lit room. Chan gulped loudly, the nerve wracking situation made it difficult for him to sit still, the tent in his pants growing by the minute. He wasn’t alone with this odd yet familiar feeling, Jisung trying to think about anything else his mind could muster in order to calm the raging boner that formed. 
“Does Felix know?” you asked to which they nodded.
“We h-had to show him just so that he would believe us” Jisung muttered. You scoffed, embarrassed by the thought of meeting your best friend again and having him know about your secret. Your deepest secret.
“Well if he knows they he won’t mind me helping his little friends?” you said with a smug grin, biting your lip. Changbin looked around confused before he got the right message, you scanning their pants that were sitting awfully tight by this point. “Well that is of course if you don’t mind” you said, getting up from your seat, your butt hurting slightly from the direct contact with the wood flooring, you moving to the bed and falling down on it, the momentum knocking the breath out of your lungs. “Don’t act shy, I know that you’ve been thinking about it and I really don’t mind” you said, staring up at the point where the canopy gathered on the ceiling, you supported yourself on your elbows as you peeked over at the three boys. “I even give you permission.”
The boys looked at each other in pure disbelief, this could be nothing more than a sweet sweet dream but it was indeed reality, the air hitting the nape of their necks by the ventilation system in the room, a scent of fresh air and desperation. Those last words made it impossible to not act, the opportunity was here and they had to seize it. They all tiptoed over to you, Chan being the bold one in the situation and attaching his lips on yours as you layed back down on the bed, your legs dangling over the edge and Chan being on his knees, the weight of the bed shifting. Changbin and Jisung couldn’t just stand and stare, they started taking off their clothes, stripping themselves of their clothing one by one and letting it fall on the floor in a pile until they stood exposed, climbing onto the bed and having their hands explore the curves of your body, slowly tugging on your thin t-shirt where your nipples poked out from pure arousal, your thighs clenching together in order to keep in the juices that were leaking out of you, staining your the thin fabric of your panties. Chan cupped your cheek, you couldn’t help but to touch his surprisingly well-sculpted body through his clothes, sliding your hands under his shirt causing him to crack a smile, his dimples making an appearance. Jisung pulled down the small cozy shorts you wore when you lounged around the apartment, you shuddering from the feeling of so many warm hands that groped your body. Together with the shorts he pulled down your soaked panties as Chan’s tongue coaxed yours until they collided, the wet surfaces gliding across each other as you pursed your lips. 
You broke the kiss, kicking off the shorts and panties that were pooling at your ankles and pulling your shirt above your head, leaving you fully naked in front of their hungry gazes. You shimmied up the bed, resting your head on one of the multiple pillows that decorated the cozy sleeping place. With the gentle sensation of Chan’s hand stroking your inner thigh you squirmed in anticipation, whimpering as his big hand came closer and closer to your heat. Your tiny sounds of desperation soon came to an end as Changbin rubbed the tip of his dick against your lips, you enveloping his sex between your lips, hollowing your cheeks as he pushed further down your throat, the way your throat stretched out visible from the outside. Spit bubbled around his cock as your lips were perfectly matched to his girth, his even thrusts into your mouth causing him to hiss, lulling his head back. At the same time the unknown sensation of another pair of hands were present, Jisung fondling your warm breasts and licking a stripe up one of your nipples before sucking on the supple skin, leaving purple marks on your chest and circling his tongue around your sensitive nipple, the other hand still kneading the valley of your boob. Chan’s hand inched closer to your burning core, his fingers running over your wet folds, him letting out a deep chuckle.
“You’re so wet, fuck,,, you want us to fuck you so bad, huh? Can’t help but to seduce us with your naughty little tricks?”
Chan’s words were like bullets that fired through your core, you usually pleasure yourself but you weren’t a stranger to playing around with others but maybe not with three at the same time, the subtle sensation of all their hands all around your body driving you crazy. You tried to nod with Changbin’s dick in your mouth, you ran your lips on his head as you sucked gently, his cock leaking with precum. Chan inserted one finger into your wet entrance followed by another finger, your cunt clenching around them. With vigorous movements he moved the fingers inside you, you whining against Changbin’s cock that sent vibrations through him, his one hand leaning against the wall so that his weakened knees wouldn’t buck. As Chan was busy fingering you into oblivion, Jisung was getting needy, he had to relieve the tension that was building up in his nether region. He pressed together your tits, the grove that formed between them being where he put his dick, spitting between them so that his cock would glide easier along your skin and please his twitching leaking cock. The position was rather awkward, his back hurting from how he was standing on his knees but the pleasure was far much better not to mention the visual, how your tits softly engulfed his veiny cock and how your chest had small marks all over it. 
Changbin was close by the way he was loudly exhaling, his groans bubbling in the pit of his stomach as your hand grabbed the shaft of his cock, licking a long stripe up the underside of his cock from the balls to the tip, circling your tongue around the round spit-covered tip. You licked along his slit and he grabbed your hair, pulling it closer to him, he wanted to cum in your mouth so bad but he couldn’t cum this quickly, not yet he thought. And so were your thoughts as Chan started curling his fingers upwards, the rough pad of his thumb stimulating your swollen clit, your hands landed on Jisung’s that was pressing your tits together, getting lost in the feeling. His hands were warm, knuckles protruding as bulky rings decorated his fingers, cold metal against mellow skin.
Chan could no longer bare to see how your pussy wrapped around his fingers so easily, he needed to fuck you, rail you into the matress. He momentarily removes his fingers leaving you wriggling your lower body for more, the lack of stimulation making you desperate. The male haphazardly licked his slick-covered fingers before he started undressing, the sound of undoing his belt buckle bouncing off the walls. He pulls off his pants and underwear in a swift motion, his thick cock springing free from it’s clothed prison. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing that perfectly sculpted body that could make any girl salivate. With careful hands he stroked your inner thighs, goosebumps erupting on your skin, one hand continued the motion as the other one jerked off his cock, the precum beading on his slit. With a firm grasp on his shaft he rubbed the tip of his cock against your folds, slowly pushing into your tight entrance and letting out a breathy groan as your velvety walls felt better than he could have ever imagined. He held your legs apart as he slowly rolled his hips towards yours, you shutting your eyes tightly and choking on Changbin’s cock as he went deep down your throat for the last time before pulling out, a string of hot saliva separating him and your swollen lips. He wasn’t too fond of Chan being the one that fucked you, glaring at the oldest as you desperately tried to run your tongue along the veins of his shaft. Jisung noticed his, shaking his head in an attempt to move the sweaty pieces of stray hair out of his face. The room was filled with the scent of pure lust, sounds of skin slapping and moans merging together into a serenade of titillation. Both Changbin and Jisung moved away, Chan asking you to be on top to which you complied.
Your knees were on either side of his body and the dark eyed boy helped you sink down on his cock, his length filling you up to the brim despite not bottoming out. He cooed at how adorable you looked like this, with your warm cheeks and semi-erotic expression.
“Look at what a pretty whore she is.” Jisung said as you started to slowly grind against Chan, your tits bouncing in front of his face as your hair was pushed behind your ears. Your hands were firmly planted on his chest, feeling his heavy breaths as his chest heaved up and down, his neck red and decorated with a silver chain. He chuckled, his smirk being oddly attractive. 
“Shouldn’t we stretch out all her little holes, that’s what good girls like you deserve” he said with a deep voice to which Jisung didn’t hesitate, coming up behind you and slowly running his fingers along your waist, up to your shoulders, pressing kisses on your neck, you giving him access by tilting your head towards the opposite side, the beautiful silhouette of the sensual curve only pressuring Jisung into more temptation, sucking delicate marks as if he hadn’t done that earlier. You heard Changbin walking around which you thought was odd but all thoughts were knocked from your head as Chan’s hand firmly grasped your hips, slamming you down on his hard cock, making you almost scream in pleasure, your head rolling back and almost colliding with Jisung’s. 
“Maybe you need this” you heard Changbin say to the youngest, him passing over the same bottle of lube that sat behind your computer monitor. Jisung smirked, opening the bottle and applying a generous amount on both his cock and his fingers that teased your other hole, the sticky substance and anticipation making you clench around Chan’s cock, him groaning with each thrust upwards. Changbin wasn’t too far away from the scene, placing himself strategically in order to see the scene that was going unfolding in front of his eyes, moving his hand up and down the shaft of his member, aching for a release. Jisung’s chest was practically touching your back, the boy putting the tip of his cock against your asshole, the tightness of it making his head spin, he could cum right then and there. You leaned forward, kissing Chan in a heated embrace, lips smacking against each other as he continued his even pace up into your cunt, reaching the places where you needed him the most but you couldn’t help but to moan loudly into the kiss as you felt JIsung’s cock deeper inside you, both holes filled up to an extent where you felt your core burning with need, the familiar knot in your stomach getting tighter and tighter with each thrust the both boys did. Everytime you moved back from riding Chan’s cock, Jisung’s dick burrowed deeper inside you, your body beginning to become limp in the presence of their cocks that could send you over the edge and soon enough they did.
Chan’s hands almost shaking as he used every bit of energy he had left to ram into your wet cunt, the squelching sound of your juices coating his cock causing him to tip over his pinnacle, with a final groan releasing his hot cum inside your puffy hole, your thighs wanting to lock him in. It was almost as if Jisung could feel Chan’s dick inside you, you slowing down your riding movement as you ran a hand through your hair to push it out of your sweaty face. Chan squirmed as you didn’t pull away, nearly grasping your climax and grinding down on his dick before your core ignited like rapid fire spreading, your loud breathy moans sounding like music to their ears. Your head hung down as Jisung didn’t stop his relentless pace, thrusting harder inside you as he grabbed your hair and twisted it around his wrist, pulling your head backwards and arching your back, Chan’s cum secured inside you as you cockwarmed him. Changbin quickened his strokes, dick twitching in his hand as he swiped his thumb over the leaking glossy tip, him hissing as he balanced on his knees, spurting his thick white cum on your back and side. The pretty strings of almost silken cum decorated your hot skin, Jisung pulling your hair harder and bending you towards him, Chan’s dick flopping out of you, causing his cum to drip down your quivering thigh. Your hands tried to grab onto Jisung, flaling behind you in desperation, you flinched as Changbin harshly grabbed onto your jaw, prying your mouth open. 
“Open up babygirl” he said, Chan chuckling behind him, admiring your fucked out face where tears were teasing the corners of your glossy eyes, your body jerking forward at the sheer momentum of Jisung’s thrusts. You parted your lips, poking out your tongue and feeling his spit running down the sides of your throat, some of it running down the tip of your tongue and glistening on your chin. He stroked you chin as you swallowed.
“Such a good girl, hm? Must hurt to have your holes abused like that? You are doing so good baby” he whispered close to your ear before wrapping his hand around your exposed throat, pressing appropriately and putting his slightly rough lips on yours, his tongue interlocking with yours, noses accidentally bumping into each other. His hands cupped your jaw but it was getting pretty difficult to breathe as you felt the air being knocked out of you because of Jisung, Changbin’s hand around your throat not helping. He pulled away as he heard Jisung’s whiny pitch, without warning dumping his cum into you, the hand in your hair loosening and him instead grabbing you by the waist, his lips so close to your neck you could feel his breath on you. The warm feeling spread, the cum dripping from your cunt getting colder, the subtle difference in temperature hitting you only when Jisung pulled out of you, his cock growing limp as the intense orgasm that hit the poor boy like a ton of bricks, sending a hot flash through him. 
You fell down on the bed as if in defeat, your cheek landing on the soft sheets, your chest heaving up and down as you lied down, catching your breath. The boys didn’t hesitate to lie down next to you, it being a bit weird to lie naked with their closest bros but it wasn’t something they hadn’t done before. Your mind was blank, you didn’t know it was possible to fuck all thoughts from a persons head but they just proved themselves. There was complete silence in the room, only whispered breaths being heard but when you hummed all their eyes flew to you.
“Wait,,, h-how long have you known? Not me being a camgirl just,,, watching me” you asked, your voice slightly raspy causing you to clear your throat. The boys were deep in thought, they couldn’t remember exactly, it’s been that long.
“No idea,,, but a while and a lot of money later” Chan chuckled, looking over at the boys that were blushing now, being more embarrassed over that fact than that they fucked you like animals just moments prior. 
“huh,,, didn’t know,,, well I never expected to fuck any of my followers but I’m guessing you guys are only like,,, casualy viewers” you said, your words slowly trailing from your mouth. 
“If you count top three payers casual then we are” Changbin said with a unreadable smirk, your facial expression changing to pure shock. You bolted up into a sitting position, casting a glance back at them. 
“N-no way,,,” you said in a breathy manner, sighing. Not from disappointment but from sheer unexpectancy. “Never knew lix had such perverted friends” you laughed in mortification. This would need an explanation, unless the boys were quicker, shouting that they fucked their most beloved camgirl from the rooftops. Jisung pulled you down by the arm, snuggling closer to you, his sweaty body sticking to yours. 
“But now we are friends” Chan said, “kinda,,,”. You nodded timidly, his eyes locking with yours. 
“I’m sure my followers wouldn’t mind some friends joining the live someday” you giggled, the three boys not knowing what to say but when you tilted your head in confusion, thinking that you might have crossed the line they all nodded their heads, their cute grins making your heart beat. 
They weren’t gonna let that opportunity pass either.
Tumblr media
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matryosika · 11 days ago
and your best friend too
Tumblr media
pairing – dom!jisung x reader
genre – smut, angst
wordcount – 5.3 k
warnings – possessiveness, graphoerotica, exhibitionism, consented videotaping, humiliation, degradation, use of petnames, mentions of the word "daddy", oral sex (m), deep throating, dirty talk, mentions of safeword, rough sex, unprotected sex, body cumshot.
note – i kind of have a thing for body writing (graphoerotica) as a form of humiliation so i wanted to write something about it. also, i apologize in advance if there are any mistakes, please remember that english is not my first language!
if you like my work and drabbles, and you want/are able to, please consider tipping me on my ko-fi. i will be extremely grateful! (, even a dollar will help me a lot!
[23:08, y/n]
*attachment: 1 video*
don't i look pretty like this, ji?
jisung's jaw tensed as soon as his digit pressed on the video you had sent him.
it was you, half of your face buried into the mattress while your arse was completely arched. your glossy gaze making direct contact with the camera as you recorded such a filthy moment, slightly sticking your tongue out, moaning and whining while getting fucked.
[23:09, y/n]
after all, i am no one, right?
i hope you don't mind i am taking it out on your best friend
he seemed so pleased with the idea of getting between my legs that i just had to let him inside of me
jisung's knuckles turned 3 shades paler as his eyes witnessed the rest of the clip. your pretty face, completely fucked out. eyes rolling to the back of your head while you pathetically moaned his best friend's name: hyunjin. biting your lips, sucking on your fingers, all of that while making direct eye-contact with the camera on your cellphone.
he licked his lips in exasperation, tongue pocking out in one of his cheeks while the blood underneath his veins boiled.
he had it coming, but he never guessed it would bother him this much.
[23:11, y/n]
don't worry, ji
he gave me permission to record our little session
and as hard as he tried to just delete that clip from his gallery and leave your messages without a reply, he couldn't do it. replaying it on loop over and over again, his heart raced at the image of your pretty body being used by someone else. his cock instinctively twitched under his pants as it grew harder, the sound of your whines and whimpers making him lose control as he was reminded that it wasn't him who was making you feel that good.
he was conflicted, feeling both enraged and turned on. the thought of you filming the whole thing out of revenge had him on edge, the lingering possibility of you thinking about him while getting fucked by no other than his best friend, and your sinful noises combined were exactly everything that was needed to rile him up immediately.
he fucked up, and this was the price that he was doomed to pay.
[23:16, y/n]
goodnight, ji
enraged, he locked his cellphone and threw it on the couch of his living room, the silhouette of his painfully hardened bulge becoming more and more prominent under his sweatpants as he rubbed both of his hands against his face.
his mind went back to the last heated argument you two shared at his studio. even though the relationship you two shared was merely sexual, you couldn't help but feel upset whenever he denied you in front of everyone, even his close friends. you knew he was a very reserved man and you respected that, but it wasn't until the day of the argument where you realized that he had completely fucked up.
the past few weeks he spent them ranting about how stressed he was and how much he needed you, talking about all the things he wanted to do with you and how bad he wanted to show you how much he desired you. as a good, compassionate friend you were, one day you decided to show up at his studio without telling him. you knew that one of his sexual fantasies was doing it there, where everyone could hear and, since he was very much stressed, you thought that helping him out could serve as a release for him.
however, the surprise was for you and not for him. hyunjin, his best friend, was inside the studio with him. once you recognized his voice, you thought hard and long about leaving and coming back later, but the sudden apparition of your name in the middle of the conversation made you stay right were you where.
"so, about y/n?" hyunjin questioned, your mind telling you to leave before it was too late but your legs were completely disconnected from your brain, "you don't know her?"
there was a pause before jisung's voice interrupted the silence again.
"not really man," he replied, "i've seen her around the building but we have never talked properly".
"i thought you guys were close" hyunjin stormed, his voice wrapped with genuine shock, "i swear i've seen you two talking a few times".
a faint laugh slipped out of jisung's lips, the despair of not being able to witness the scene with your own eyes was frustrating enough for you to feel any kind of emotions in the heat of the moment.
"nah," jisung mumbled, "she is literally no one, you must be confused".
no one.
you tried your best to fight the sadness and disgust but those two sentiments got the best of you. the way he expressed himself about you made you feel kind of dirty, like an object. and even though you enjoyed being treated like that in bed, it was much different to hear his voice talking about you with people outside of whatever dynamic you two had going on.
it just felt wrong.
"i think she is very attractive" hyunjin added, his voice snapping you out of your trail of thoughts, "i thought you two were friends so i was going to ask you to introduce me to her, but i guess i would have to do it myself".
after much consideration, a heated confrontation and an argument that lasted for barely 10 minutes, you decided to put an end to whatever it was that was going on between the both of you. all you wanted was for him to treat your name decently outside of bed but he was stubborn about "wanting to keep everything on private". of course, keeping things private meant one thing but completely denying your bond and devaluing you to a "nobody" were two different things, and you were too proud to continue on being treated like that.
the following days after the confrontation were mere history, returning back to the present point of jisung's rage. after clearing up his mind and reorganizing his thoughts, his gaze focused on the clock hanging on his living room wall. 23:31.
Tumblr media
[23:52, unknown number]
i am outside
a faint smirk appeared on your lips as you laid down your cellphone on top of your bed, both of your eyes lost in the ceiling of your apartment as you thought the situation through.
it took him only one small taste of revenge for him to loose his mind, ringing the doorbell of your apartment over and over again determined to get a response from you.
he was at your mercy, but you were at his too. you knew that as soon as you opened that door and saw his countenance, you were going to drop on your knees for him. you knew yourself too well, maybe, and that's why you were afraid of letting him inside.
[23:53, unknown number]
you have 10 seconds to open the door
don't do things you might regret later, princess
a small chill traveled along your body and spine, your skin getting covered in goosebumps at the soft threat he was giving you. with careful steps you approached the front door of your apartment and waited there for a couple of seconds in silence.
but, after much consideration, your hand turned the handle all the way to reveal the image of jisung's angry gaze laying on your vulnerable figure.
"what do you want?" you questioned so casually, ignoring the series of messages you had sent him only a few minutes prior, "i am about to sleep s-" without a warning his hand grabbed the sides of your neck while his body entered the apartment, forcing you inside by taking a step back.
"you planned this, didn't you?" he spitted while locking the door with his available hand, "you slept with him because you wanted to take revenge on me."
"and what if i did?" you inquired with broken words, a faint smile appearing as jisung's grip on your neck got tighter, "i enjoyed every second of it, you have no idea".
guiding you all the way to the nearest wall, his body pressed against yours cornering you into a very small place. there was absolutely no space in between the both of you, no air or small particles could ever pass through the middle of you.
"keep on talking" he threatened, his lips dangerously close to yours, "give me more reasons to shut that fucking mouth of yours".
and determined to push him to the edge, you did was you were told.
"he fucked me so good, ji" you panted, the lack of oxygen making you feel both dizzy and aroused, "he made me cum so many times i lost count".
"you know what you are doing" jisung hissed, his jaw clenched as his eyes looked down on you.
"his cock was so big," you whined, your nipples hardening at both the memory and the current situation. the light fabric of your pijamas did absolutely nothing to conceal both of your hardened buds, making jisung's erection much more prominent as soon as he spotted them, "i know you would've loved to see me riding his thick cock".
"you are pathetic" he groaned, softening the grip on your neck as soon as your half-lidded eyes started to slowly close shut, "trying to convince yourself that you don't need me".
"why would i need someone who can't even say my name out loud?" you teased, the words coming out with more resentment and anger than you intended to, "why would i need you when my name sounds so good coming out of hyunjin's lips?"
jisung's tongue poked out inside of his cheek, his eyes rolling slightly back at the comment being made while letting out a soft scoff. "you can fuck him all you want," the dark-haired mumbled laying his deep eyes on you, "you can fuck all the cocks you want, but your dumb little brain knows that they are not me".
"you think so highly of yourself, ji" you pouted, your whole body still pressing against the wall while feeling his growing bulge brushing against your abdomen, "you are not the only one who can fuck me good".
"see, that's where you are wrong" jisung teased, faking a moment of sympathy, "i am the only one who can fuck you the way you like to be fucked, and i am the only one who owns those pretty holes of you. no one is allowed to touch you the way i do and no one is allowed to play with what's mine".
"isn't it a little too late for you to say that, jisung?" you inquired, the corners of your lips rising up in a subtle, but mocking, smile. "or do i need to remind you that just a few nights ago i was in the bed of your best friend?".
"why do you think i came here?" he questioned, his lips brushing against yours without giving you any kind of solid contact, "the one that needs a reminder it's you, not me princess".
"a reminder of what exactly?" you replied softly, your needy eyes dragging along his perfect facial features that were darkened with anger, "a reminder that i shouldn't settle for someone like you?"
his hand traveled all the way to your nape and, with a swift movement, he buried his fingers in between your hair, pulling it harshly and forcing your head to roll slightly backwards.
"so my pretty slut wants to play dumb tonight?" he groaned, a devilish smirk appearing on the corners or his lips, "you are very smart yet you are choosing the most stupid decisions right now".
pulling you by your hair, he made you kneel in front of him, still being caught between his body and the wall.
you knew how things were going to end and you would be lying if you said they didn't turn you on. jisung, as sweet and fun guy he appeared to be on the outside, held very dark traits on the inside. looks can be deceiving, they say, but you knew him well.
holding you in place by grabbing a fistful of your hair, jisung lowered his sweatpants and underwear with his available hand, freeing his swollen cock that was already dripping with precum.
"it doesn't matter how much you beg for me to stop or to slow down," he warned, setting your head in position to slam his cock inside your warm hole, "you know the rules".
you swallowed hard and whimpered at the sharp pain of his grip, your heart feeling ten times heavier while it sinked inside you, "i will only stop if you use your safe word. do you understand?"
you nodded in agreement, knowing the thrill he got out of this whole situation. he wanted to drive you all the way to your breaking point, one that would make you beg for him to stop. he wanted to assert his dominance in you, and he also wanted to prove how submitted you were for him, reminding you about being able to use your safe word but knowing that you were not going to do so because you needed to be good for him and take absolutely everything he was about to give you.
"let's see if you have some decent manners," he hissed, parting your lips with the tip of his cock, "and stop talking with your mouth full".
his hips slammed his cock into your mouth with a rough movement, making you gag around him as you closed your eyes shut.
"what's wrong?" he pouted, slightly pulling himself out of you only to thrust his hips into you again, "you didn't practice enough with hyunjin?"
you looked up to him with teary eyes, the anger and rage transmitted by them only making jisung's cock harder inside of your mouth.
"good girl" he mocked, his available hand traveling all the way to your neck while the other one gripped a fistful of your hair, "all you need is a cock filling you up for you to shut up"
as he thrusted his cock inside you, the palm of his hand slightly wrapped around your neck, feeling how his cock reached the deepest spot in your throat and groaning every time he felt his own bulge there.
"did hyunjin fill you up like this?" he questioned, grinding his teeth in an attempt to repress any sinful or lewd noises that cojld escape his lips, "was his cock big like mine?"
you moaned around him at his words, your eyes rolling to the back of your head each time his length made its way inside your warm hole.
"i bet it wasn't" he groaned, holding your head deep down his cock for a few seconds before completely pulling himself out of you.
you coughed hard while drool dripped out of your mouth, staining your chin and pijama top.
"look at the fucking mess you made," he mumbled, taking your chin with a swift movement and forcing you to look up to him, "you filthy slut".
he stared at you for a few silent seconds, his gaze wandering around your facial features while the only sounds that could be heard inside of your apartment were your heavy breathing and loud heartbeats. one of his fingers brushed against your glistening lips, your mouth instinctively opening for him as he let out a soft scoff. your teary eyes, your red nose, the neediness in your gaze and the way your mouth was slightly parted made his cock twitch right then and there, the blood under his veins ablazing as the impulses of fucking were getting the best out of him.
you looked at him with lust, a faint smirk appearing in the corners of your lips as you realized that he was just as desperate as you were. he wanted to punish you, but the urge to give you exactly what you needed was driving him to the edge.
"look at you, all riled up and jealous" you whispered, biting your lower lip while you glanced at him, "acting like a fucking animal because you can't control your impulses".
he gave you a killer gaze, one that, for a minute, actually made you regret saying such thing. but you were hurt and you promised yourself to not hold back at all.
not tonight.
"if i am no one, why do you get so mad when other people get in between my legs daddy?"
as soon as he heard that petname, his eyes slightly closed as his tongue poked out inside his cheek.
the same petname you had used on hyunjin, whining and moaning his name along with that title on the video clip you sent to jisung earlier that day.
"don't you like it when i call you that?" you questioned, "hyunjin really likes it".
with no hesitation, and without a warning, you felt a sudden sharp pain in your right cheek. the sting and hot feeling of jisung's palm against your skin made you roll your hips against nothing, one of your hands traveling immediately to your face as you tried to soothe the pain.
"watch your fucking mouth when you are speaking to me" he groaned, cupping both of your cheeks with one of his hands as he forced your head back, "i'm not hyunjin nor any of the other cocks who will never be able to satisfy a pretty slut like you, don't forget who you are talking to".
with a mocking smile you slightly sticked your tongue out, finding the situation more amusing than intimidating. even so, you couldn't deny the spark of fear that ignited inside you every time you saw jisung.
he was unpredictable, but that was the thing you enjoyed about him the most.
his body took a step back from yours and you took it as signal to stand up from your knees, walking behind him around your apartment as he made his way to your bedroom, a place he had been in countless times.
he awaited for you at the door frame, only closing the door once you were inside the room with him. "get on your hands and knees on the bed" was the first order he gave you, roaming around your desk looking for something unknown to you. his hands opened and closed the small drawers that were placed on top of it, his eyes traveling around the whole space until they finally stopped at the item he was looking for: a marker pen.
without asking any questions, you followed his command. getting on all fours, with your wetted and clothed core at his full disposal, you waited for his next order or plea.
his body slowly approached yours, the mattress sinking slightly while he placed one of his knees on top of it, both of his hands dragging your pijama short that did absolutely nothing to cover your dripping core.
"were you expecting for me?" he questioned with an egocentric tone at the realization that you didn't have any underwear on, your juices coating and sticking to the thin fabric of your pink shorts.
he gulped at the sight of your glistening core, the way your cunt throbbed almost inviting him to use it as long as he pleased.
but, of course, he wasn't going to let you have fun without teaching you a lesson first.
"you fucked one cock and suddenly you forgot how to respect the man who owns this cunt" jisung hissed, his hand draggind along the skin of your asscheek only to land a sharp, but painful, spank, making your whole body tremble under him, "i guess i just need to remind you what your place is, in fase you have forgotten it".
he dragged the marker pen along the skin of your arse, writing something on it that was unknown to you.
the sight of such degrading word written on your body combined with the sight of your soaking cunt only made his cock ten times harder than it was before, if being possible.
rolling your hips as a way of begging for him, a faint laugh left his lips. "you don't think i am going to give you what you want that easily, do you?"
"what do you want me to do?" you questioned, still with your arse arched for him.
"turn around" he ordered, giving you one final spank before your ass landed on the mattress as well as your back, your whole body weight resting on your forearms while you spreaded your legs for him, "this is just a small reminder of who you belong to, in case your dumb little brain can't recall it".
he then dragged the marker along the skin of your tummy, between your lower abdomen and your pubic area, writing letters while his devilish gaze fixed concentrated on your body.
once he was done, you realized that what he wrote was his own name.
"you like it when i mark you, don't you?" he questioned with a deep tone, smiling at his own masterpiece once he finished it, "i am marking you in the most humiliating way i can think of".
your eyes dragged along the written word on your skin and, for some reason, your cheeks turned a shade red.
"you look way prettier when you submit to me rather than to him" he groaned, positioning himself between your legs while his arms moved all the way up to your chest, his hands ripping the thin fabric of your top, "i hope that having your pretty body being dirtied with such filthy words teaches you a lesson".
without parting his gaze from yours, he wrote another word on your chest, right above your breasts.
he gave you one final smile before slightly pulling away from you, your eyes automatically landing on each word that was written by him on your body.
you felt both embarrassed and aroused, having such distinctive marks along you made by no other than him. what turned you on the most was the lingering feeling behind that action and the jealousy involved.
he wouldn never admit it out loud, but he was madly possessive about you. back then in his studio, when hyunjin asked for his help to flirt with you, he felt an unfamiliar sensation building up inside of him. he didn't wanted hyunjin to get close to you and, in fact, the thought of him hitting up on you made him sick.
you were his, and only his.
even if he didn't want to admit it, and even if things between the two of you were never serious nor official, you belonged to him.
no one was allowed to play with you. no one was allow to praise you. no one was allowed to lay a finger on you. no one was allowed to kiss you. no one was allowed to even think of you in any type of way.
you belonged to him and he was determined to fuck you for hours on end until all you could say or think about was his name.
"you are so cute," you panted, both of your legs spreaded as you caught his eyes fixed on his name written on your skin, "you are so cute when you are jealous".
a mocking smirk appeared on his face while he undressed himself, "this is what you wanted, wasn't it?" he questioned, aligning the tip of his cock with your cunt, "you did everything to make me jealous, knowing that things were going to end up like this".
you let out a victorious smile, biting your lower lip as yout eyes fixed on jisung's.
"you won," he groaned, forcing himself inside of your tight cunt and earning a small whimper out of you, "but i am going to take all my anger and jealousy on you, because that's what filthy sluts like you deserve for misbehaving".
as soon as he finished his sentence, the pace on his thrusts increased almost dramatically, slamming his length inside of you with roughness as you closed your legs around him.
"fuck" you whined, your back arching at such aggressive movements while your eyes closed shut, feeling the delicious stretchness inside your whole while he rolled his hips against yours.
"did he fuck you like this, princess?" he groaned, his eyes fixed on the way your breasts bounced with every thrust, "his cock felt this big inside of you?"
you shook your head slightly, unable to articulate any sound that weren't whines or moans.
one of his hands traveled all the way to where his name was written, slightly pressing down on that area as his cock went inside of you. the feeling was new, feeling both painful and pleasent at the same time.
"my cock is right here" he groaned, pressing at your lower abdomen each time he thrusted himself inside you, "filling your pretty cunt".
"fuck, jisung" you moaned, one of your hands desperately sliding down the set of pillows underneath you. once your digits grazed against the material of the thing you were looking for, you pulled it from beneath and handed it to jisung.
it was your pink small vibrator.
"you are so fucking needy" he groaned, slowing his pace as he took the device from your hand, "i'm guessing your brain is already fucked dumb for you to use it on your own".
the familiar sound ringed into your ears as jisung's hand approached your throbbing clit, putting pressure on the vibrator as a series of cries and moans escaped your lips.
"i bet you use this often," he panted, the sight of tears streaming down your cheeks making his cock twitch inside of your pussy, "masturbating every single night wishing it was my cock filling you up instead".
you moaned at his words, knowing that he wasn't far from the truth.
"you look so fucking pathetic, y/n" he hissed, his eyes dragging along your heavenly body already covered in sweat, "weren't you being so bold just a few seconds ago? now you can't even speak properly without crying and whining like the cockslut you are".
"shut up" you whispered in between broken moans, the familiar sensation on your lower back and abdomen indicating that you were embarrassingly close to your release.
"i told you," he groaned, leaving the vibrator on the side and leaning his body on top of yours to cup both of your cheeks, "to watch your fucking mouth". he forced your lips open while he was still inside you, spitting inside of your mouth and closing it immediately afterwards, forcing you to swallow.
he pulled himself out of you and slightly slapped your inner thigh, commanding you to get on your hands and knees again. however, your body was already too weak and fucked out to maintain your body weight with your hands, so you opted for resting your whole chest and arms against the mattress.
"isn't this your favorite position?" jisung scoffed, realizing that you were laying just like that when you recorded the video getting fucked by his best friend.
you arched your arse for him, slightly swaying your hips from side to side as you awaited for him to be inside you again. however, the next thing he did wasn't precisely slamming his cock inside you.
instead, he handed you his cellphone with the camera app opened.
"since you like to show yourself that much," he mumbled, the coldness of his voice sending shivers down your spine, "why don't you record yourself getting completely ruined by me?"
you placed the device against the pillow, capturing a good shot of both your face and your arse. trough the screen, you noticed how he returned to his previous position between your legs and, immediately afterwards, you felt the tip of his cock tracing your wetted slit.
"don't worry princess," he said, slowly entering your tight cunt again, "i won't show it to anyone, unless you want me to".
bringing back the familiar noise of the vibrator, he dragged it underneath your body and pressed it down on your clit, the sudden sensation making your whole body tremble under his arms.
"eyes on the camera, y/n" he whispered, one of his hands working with the toy while the other one gripped your hip, "i want you to see how cute you look while being ruined by me".
even though you did your best, it was almost impossible to keep your eyes opened at such overwhelming sensations.
this position, in particular, made jisung's cock hit that sweet spot inside you, making your eyes roll back every time his cock grazed against that rough patch of skin inside of your walls.
"you are going to make me cum" you cried, feeling how the pressure of the vibrator against your clit intensified immediatly after your words.
"eyes on the fucking camera" he mumbled, his hand leaving your hip while leaning on towards your body to grab a fistful of your hair, harshly pulling your head to the direction of the camera while he pounded your cunt from behind, "be a pretty slut and show me how obedient you are".
the series of moans and lewd noises became more and more frequent as jisung's hips acquired a sloppy pace, his groans and grunts making you clench even harder around his thick cock.
"i need to cum" you whined, tears streaming down your eyes as you did your best to keep them opened for the camera.
"who do you belong to?" he groaned, moving the vibrator slightly in circular motions around your bundle of nerves.
"you, jisung" you moaned, your hips moving instinctively against his, "i am yours and only yours"
the knot was really close to coming undone, and he knew that. he knew that by the way you clenched around him and by the way your hips pathetically grinded against him like a needy cockslut, wanting more and more stimulation in order to cum.
"that's right, princess" he groaned, his thrusts becoming more and more intense, "you belong to me, your cunt, mouth and assholes are meant to please me and only me, do you understand?"
you nodded eagerly for the camera, your eyes tearing up and your mouth slightly drooling at the feeling of your promising orgasm.
"now be a good slut and cum for me" he grunted, replacing the vibrator with his own digits against your clit, "cum all over my cock and fingers, make a mess and show me how obedient you are".
and so you did. moaning his name over and over again, the knot on your stomach finally came undone, freeing your abdomen and lower back from the build up tension that was almost making you go insane.
your orgasm washed up over your whole body as your juices coated his cock and stained your bed sheets, your cunt soaking and dripping as jisung kept on fucking it to look for his release as well.
"give me the cellphone, princess" he demmanded, quickly changing the camera from front to back as he recorded your ass bouncing on his cock, the letters written on it still legible enough for the camera to capture them.
it took him only a few more seconds to reach his orgasm as well, pulling out of you and cumming all over your arse. he made sure to record every single second of it, his hot arousal decorating your ass along with the word written on it.
however, not completely satisfied with the scene, he turned your weak body around one more time. the rest of his hot cum landed on top of your pubic area where his name was written, a smirk appearing on his lips as he panted.
after a few seconds of recording your fucked out body, he turned off his cellphone and left it on the side of your bed, his gaze admiring your body covered with his cum.
"do you still have doubts on who you belong to?" he questioned with hitching breath, "or do i need to fuck you back to your senses again, princess?"
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fullmoonstranger · a day ago
Fuck Me Dumb
Characters: Han Jisung x Reader
Warnings: smut, fingering, slight tit slapping, recording kink, han calls reader pup/puppy, creampie, soft!dom jisung, usage of the word 'slut'. basically horny stress reader wanting cock
Written for the lovely @spilledtee. i hope you like this! mwa
(pssst not proofread yet, so idhidhfih bye)
Jisung’s talking to Minho on the phone. Talking about some - now most probably the most unimportant, considering your current pissed off state - schedule issues they have for tomorrow. You just got back from class and needless to say, you’re exhausted. The professor went on and on and on about plagiarism like you’re some kind of first year student just because some kid in class decided to be a dumbass and copy the work that you oh so kindly let them look at for reference.
Sure, your professor ends up knowing who the real plagiarizer is but that does not erase the fact that you’ve been accused of doing something you would never do and being lectured for 30 minutes straight in front of your whole class.
Fucking piece of shit, you muttered to yourself as the scene replays in your head.
“I guess we should just let manager hyung know. Okay, thanks Minho hyung, bye,” Jisung finally ends the call, turning his swivel chair around and finally notices you.
“My baby’s back!” he exclaims happily, a sweet smile adorning his face. You immediately throw your bag on the sofa and run towards him.
“Baby,” you whine for him, now standing in between his man-spread legs as he buries his face on your lower tummy.
“Hi, cute tummy. I can sense some upsetting energy from miles away, is it because you’re hungry or is it because something else, I wonder,” Jisung playfully talks to your tummy, hands rubbing softly over the material of your blouse.
“Not because of hunger,” you cutely answer him in a cartoonish voice, making him laugh. Jisung immediately makes you sit on his lap, legs dangling in between his.
“Then what is it about, baby? Wanna talk about it?” the beautiful man asks but all you do is sigh and bury your face into the crook of his neck. “Oh baby, my pretty baby, you had a tough day, didn’t you?” he coos softly, caressing the back of your head as his other hand rubs your back gently.
“Mhm,” you hum in agreement to what he said, not having the energy to tell him anything. He always knows how to calm you down and feeling him close to you makes you feel loved more than ever. But there’s just something about feeling upset and having Jisung’s bulge right on your pussy that makes you wet. Maybe he can calm you down in a way that he only knows how.
“Sungie..” you mewl and he hums in acknowledgement, probably already knowing where this is going as your hips start grinding down on him.
“What is it, baby? Is there anything that you need?” he still asks, not wanting to jump to conclusions. He can feel himself getting hot but he wants to make sure you’re okay first.
“Need you. Had a bad day. Don’t wanna -- don’t wanna think,” your voice cracks a little, finally feeling yourself letting it go in front of your beloved boyfriend. Your sweet, understanding and amazing boyfriend who not only knows when to listen to but also knows how to fuck your worries away.
“Hmm? Don’t wanna think? That’s okay, baby. You don’t have to. You have me, I’ll do the thinking for the both of us,” he tells you, bringing you comfort but also giggling at the thought. You do trust Jisung with all your life but if you let him do all the might be eating fast food everyday.
“Why are you giggling, hmm, pretty girl? You don’t trust me?” he feigns a pout, pulling you away from his neck so he could tease you some more.
You look at him, his squishy cheeks, beautiful eyes and his amazing, amazing, mouth. Your fingers eagerly come up to trace his lips, slowly and carefully, like you’re calculating your steps. But in reality, your mind is already filled with how Jisung can use his mouth to make you feel better from the day’s stress.
“I trust you,” you breathe out, eyes looking into his. Jisung gets the message behind your words, knowing that this time, you want to be taken care of by him in the most pleasurable way possible.
“Oh, baby. You trust me to do what? Use your words,” he demands softly, tongue playfully brushing against the tip of your wandering fingers.
“Trust you to take care of me like the way you only know how,” you tell him rather confidently, feeling sexy, especially when you’re in nothing but his hoodie and a cute little skirt he certainly loves on you.
“Such a good little angel you are. Want me to take care of you, hmm? Don’t wanna think because you’re my dumb little pup, huh?” Jisung says, the nickname makes you gulp. You nod desperately, squirming on his lap.
“Words, pup. Use your words,” Jisung demands, hands holding your wrists away from his face as he waits for you to tell him what he wants to hear.
“Want you to take care of me because I don’t wanna think and I’m your dumb little pup,” you say with a whine, biting your lips as soon as you finish because Jisung is now smirking and he looks so sexy like this, hair a bit messy since he’s been at home, wearing a tank top that shows of his beautiful arms and most importantly wearing his favourite thin sweatpants which you think has no layer of underwear under because you can feel his cock growing under you.
“That’s it, my pretty girl. Let me take care of you,” Jisung gives you a sweet smile, leaning back onto his chair as his hands hold you in place on his lap.
“Jisungie,” you can help but moan, wanting him to do something to you. The man just watches you as he sits back, his mind filled with all the things he wants to do to help you release your stress.
“You’re so beautiful like this, needy and asking for me so politely,” he teases, his right hand pulling your hoodie up slowly, brushing against the side of your breast as he does, making you hiss at the sudden touch.
“So sensitive. My baby does have sensitive boobs, huh?” he continues to tease, your hoodie now bunched up until he can see your bra-clad breasts, his mouth watering at the pretty white lace you’re wearing.
“Look at yourself. Wearing white like a little angel but I know you’re nothing but a horny little puppy who wants nothing but my cock, aren’t you?” Jisung chuckles, hands playing with your bra strap before ditching it to grope your tits with both of his hands. “Fuck, such soft tits you have, baby. I can sit here and suck on them all day,” he rasps, continuing his little massage before he reaches to your back and unclasps your bra to present your bare tits to him.
“Nggh,” you whine, your tits now out from the confines of your bra, your whine now accompanied with a breath of relief. Jisung wastes no time, he immediately uses his thumb to circle your nipples, rubbing them in circular motions, making you throw your head back at the pleasure.
“Oh you like this, don’t you? Like it when I touch you like the filthy slut you are. So fucking pretty for me,” he says, voice low. He stops rubbing your nipples once in a while to add some soft slaps to your tits, wanting to tease you further. “You’re getting wetter just from me playing with your pretty tits, aren’t you, baby girl? I can fucking feel you seeping thorugh your panties,” he tells you in a breathy voice, feeling himself get harder by the second.
All you can do is nod because your mind is just filled with the thought of his cock in your cunt. And he’s only getting started, so you’re in for a long ride.
“Pull up your skirt. Let me see your panties,” Jisung instructs, leaning back on his chair, hands off your tits. You want to complain but the thought of showing off your panties to your boyfriend makes you feel fucking euphoric. You love it when he gets so demanding.
“Like this?” you ask him, hands slowly pulling up your skirt and he groans when he sees the soft patch on your white lace panties.
“Might as well not wear anything, pup. I can see your cunt from here, fuck you’re so fucking wet,” Jisung groans, a finger coming up to poke your wet pussy over your panties.
“Wet,” you repeat like your mind can only compute what he says.
“Yes you are, so wet for me, aren’t you?” he chuckles, swiping your panties onto the side, making you yelp and if it weren’t for his quick reflexes, you would have fallen onto the floor by now.
“Careful, pup. I don’t want to unnecessarily hurt you,” Jisung chastises softly, hand gripping onto your waist again and letting you go when he makes sure you have your hand securely wrapped around his neck. This position brings your perfect tits closer to his face and he can’t help but wrap his lips around your right nipple while his finger prodes your tight cunt, sliding in with minimal effort considering how wet you are.
“Ah, Sung-Sungie-” you moan, feeling so sensitive, so good. Your hips move on its own accord, slowly feeling his thick finger sliding in and out of you. You can hear Jisung chuckling against your breast but at this point, you were immune to any sort of humiliation. All you feel is pleasure. All you feel is pretty lips wrapped around your hard nipple, switching from one to the other and his thick finger sliding in and out of you at the pace that he would usually deny but he’s letting you control the pace, letting you use him as much as he’s using you.
“You can take another finger for me, can’t you?” Jisung asks, but it actually sounds more like a statement than it is a question and honestly, you don’t fucking care. You want him to use you. You answer him by spreading your legs wider and bringing down your hand so you can control his wrist as he fingers you open with his two fingers.
“S’good, s’good Jisung,” you moan, loving how he’s now controlling the pace even when you have your small hand around his wrist. He fucks you with his two fingers, hard and deep as his mouth leaves hickies around your beautiful breasts.
“You’re so pretty, fuck, my pretty puppy. So tight too. Have I not fucked you enough?” Jisung groans, mind clouded with ecstasy as he feels every inch of the inside of your pussy, wet, tight and he can just imagine how good you’ll feel wrapped around his hard cock. He wants nothing but to fuck you dumb with his cock.
He can feel you tightening around his fingers and he smirks. It’s sometimes too easy to get you to cum and he loves it. He loves that you’re so sensitive. He loves overstimulating you. And edging you when he needs to. But right now, he wants you to get maximum pleasure.
“You’re gonna cum aren’t you? Gonna cum around my fingers like the dumb puppy you are?” Jisung coaxes, letting you know that he wants you to cum for him, only then he’ll let you have his cock.
“Mmm yes, yes, I’m gonna cum, wanna cum, I need, Jisung please please,” your sentence might not make sense but your mind is clouded with lust and the knot in your stomach makes you shake. “Just a lil more Sungie, please, oh fuck!”
You come the moment he uses his thumb to rub your clit. Jisung praises you, calling you his good girl as you ride out your high, his fingers still slowly fucking into you.
“Doing so well for me, so well for me,” he tells you, taking out his fingers when you whine, sucking on your cum. “You made a mess on my pants, pup,” Jisung chuckles, making you look sleepily at the wet patch on his pants, painfully near his hard on.
Your eyes are fixed on the outline of his fat cock. It looks so big and the precum seeping through his pants makes you salivate. “Want cock, please,” you tell him, making puppy eyes.
“You want my cock, baby? Want my cock in your cunt? Want me to ruin your pussy and cum in you?” Jisung says, scooping some of your cum and smearing it onto your breasts. He traces his fingers onto the sticky liquid, writing the word ‘S L U T’.
Jisung is uncaring when he takes his phone with his sticky hand, taking your picture, wanting to save it so that he can jerk off to it when you’re not around. You mewl shyly under his gaze, the sound of the camera snapping pictures of your dirty self makes you squirm. Here you are, on your boyfriend’s lap, looking away shyly with your hoodie still hunched up, not even off all the way, your bra not even fully off as well, tits shining with your own juices and pussy glistening with cum. Jisung has to lean back as much as he can to capture your beauty.
“Time for my cock, pup,” he chuckles, throwing his phone on the table behind him carelessly. He brings you off of his lap, making you stand on your wobbly legs as he does the same. Jisung takes off your shirt and bra, takes off your panties but leaves your skirt on. He takes off his clothes as well, presenting you with the sight of his abs and most importantly, his fat, veiny cock.
“Cock,” you dumbly say, looking at your boyfriend’s dick as he groans.
“Want my cock?” he asks again, wanting to hear you tell him.
“Want your cock,” you tell him, hands reaching to touch his dick only to be stopped by him. He pulls you to him, pushes the chair away from the table and he bends you over, placing your hands on the edge of the table, stretched because he wants to make sure when he records himself fucking you, the webcam can get at least half of lower body.
Jisung toggles with his computer, turning on the webcam in record time as he rubs your ass softly when you whine for him to hurry and shove your cock into your cunt. He lands a sharp spank when you start rubbing your ass on his hard dick.
“Behave, pup. If not, I’ll video call Minho hyung so he can watch you be a whore for my cock,” he tries to threaten and just ends up chuckling to himself when you turn your head to look at him with teary eyes as you moan and ask for his cock again and again.
“Fuck, you’re already so dumb for my cock, aren’t you? Did you even listen to what I said?” Jisung asks rhetorically, finally setting up the recording and angling the web cam to where he wants to film. He can see your body clearly from the monitor and he can feel himself get harder than he thought is possible.
“Want your cock, please, I need it please, Jisung,” you start begging and Jisung being the softie that he is, finally lets you have what you want. Without a warning, he shoves his dick into your tight little cunt, the both of you moaning at the stretch.
“Fuck, puppy, you feel so good around me,” he praises, one hand coming up to pinch your nipples while he instantly starts moving when you push your hips back onto his.
Jisung tries to start slow but with your slutty moans and how wet you are, he can’t help but just fuck you into another dimension, pace fast and rough, hitting the spot he knows would make you see stars.
“Fucking slut, ah fuck you feel so good baby,” he moans, mixing with your own whimpers.
His cocks feels so big inside you, his two fingers doing no justice to his veiny cock pounding inside your cunt. You beg him to go faster, harder, rougher and Jisung is nothing if not a pleaser. He gives you everything you want, cock pistoning in and out of your pussy with much vigor while you moan his name over and over.
You’re clenching on him so tight, he has to literally force himself out before pushing back into your tight pussy. The squelching sounds paired with your moans and skin slapping echoes throughout the living room and Jisung can see his computer setup shakes with how hard he’s fucking into you. It boosts his ego and makes him fuck you deeper, wanting nothing more but to pleasure you and make you cum around his cock.
“Jisung, so good, so big, so so big, cock i love your cock,” you moan, saliva running at the corner of your mouth as you hold onto the edge of the table for your dear life.
“You love my cock, baby? Love how i- ah fuck - how i fuck your cunt?” Jisung tries to reply, but your pussy feels so good around him, he’s having a hard time trying to recollect himself.
“Yes yes please i wanna cum, can i? Can i cum?” you beg, earning a growl from Jisung. The man does not stop thrusting into you and rubs your clit, making sure you’ll cum around his cock and make him shoot his load in you.
“You can, pup. You can. Cum for me. Cum for me, pup,” he finally permits you and you finally let loose, feeling the stress finally leaving your body as you let yourself release, cunt throbbing at how hard you’re cumming around your boyfriend’s cock.
“Ah, Jisung, Jisung, cum, cum, cum in me,” you tell him, looking back to him, wanting to feel him cum into your battered pussy while you’re still cumming around his dick.
All you hear is a groan and him holding onto your waist so tight, and a few seconds later you feel warm spurts of cum unloading inside of you, his hips stuttering and slowing down as he finally cums inside your pussy.
“Good pup, fuck, you made me cum so hard, baby,” Jisung says, his body now bending over to chase your lips, kissing you when you turn your head his way.
“My pretty angel. My good fucking puppy,” he praises between kisses, making you moan and shy away from his intense gaze.
“‘M gonna fall,” you giggle, your legs feeling wobbly, finally coming down from your high.
“Not gonna let that happen,” Jisung chuckles, holding onto your waist as he pulls you up, cock still nestled inside you.
He makes you look at the monitor, your face instantly blush at the sight. Your tits are marked with Jisung’s bites and sucks, your pussy puffy with his cock still nestled inside you.
“Mmm, Sungie..” you mewl shyly, making him laugh at how cute you’re being.
“Did I take care of you, pup? Did I take your mind off of your problems and made you my dumb puppy?” he asks, clearly wanting to let your answer be on record.
You turn your head to look at him, biting your lips.
“You did. You took care of me, made me your dumb pup like I wanted,” you say, making sure it’s loud enough for the microphone to catch.
“You bet. And here’s the evidence, if you ever doubt it,” Jisung chuckles, pulling his cock out from your cunt, making you moan and hold onto him for dear life as your mixed cum trickle down your thighs.
Needless to say, Jisung did indeed, fucked you dumb.
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instachans · a day ago
Perv!Jisung struggled to calm himself down, watching his hands drag one of your panties against his cock. This wasn’t right, cumming because of your friend’s panties wasn’t right. But he couldn’t stop himself after you invite him into your apartment to hang out after you come home from work and he arrives early, then proceeds to raid your laundry.
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multifandomfantasies · 10 days ago
AYE‼️‼️ can we get a MTL of who in skz enjoys eating pussy the most‼️‼️
stray kids most to least likely to enjoy eating pussy (18+)
Tumblr media
warnings: oral (f receiving), hair pulling, praise kink, edging, overstimulation, mention of d/s dynamics, mentions of oral (m receiving).
this is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only.
1. hyunjin
he can and will spend hours between your thighs whenever you let him. hyunjin wants you to have a steady grip on his hair and guide him exactly where you need him, he wants you to sit on his face and work yourself all over his tongue, he wants to make you cum again and again until you’re truly satisfied. and who are you to deny him when hyunjin looks so pretty when he’s breathless, red lips shining with your cum, quietly asking you to just let him give you one more orgasm, please, he loves tasting you so much. hyunjin gets so unbelievably worked up from pleasuring you with his tongue, he’s definitely the type that needs a lot of self restraint to not just jerk himself off to the sounds you make.
2. jisung
his tongue is so long and quick, luckily for you jisung loves using it. jisung is a dog when it comes to eating you out, so eager to taste all of you, running his flattened tongue from your holes over your clit again and again until you’re throbbing and soaking in his drool. he wants it messy and he wants it all the time. he loves it when you grab his head and grind up against his soft tongue until your wetness is smeared all over his face and you can’t take any more of his overstimulation. it’s only then that he let’s himself whine for your attention for his neglected cock, too focused on only bringing you pleasure before.
3. bang chan
he simply adores slow oral (both giving and receiving). he likes really drawing it out, gently and thoroughly running his mouth over your most sensitive spots, slowly kissing, licking and sucking while his veiny hands hold you in place for him. he can’t have you wriggling around and ruining his fun now; chan wants you to completely relax while he pampers you with his tongue. chan doesn’t try to chase your orgasm, he just focuses on what’s making you feel good in the moment until you can’t help but cum naturally from his ministrations.
4. felix
he’s a bit of a pillow prince and enjoys being on the receiving end a lot of the time, but felix is eager to eat you out nonetheless. you don’t have to bring it up with him, he’ll definitely ask for a taste from time to time. he doesn’t really have a fixed technique yet and might get a little messy. he still wants you to tell him he’s doing good and whenever you do, well, he’s just about ready to cum just from shifting his hips against the bed.
5. changbin
eating pussy is not necessarily a kink of his, it’s just part of making you feel good. he enjoys going down on you and he does it a lot, if you let him. changbin likes to make you cum with his mouth at least twice before fucking you, loving the way your relaxed, dripping walls flutter around his cock from sensitivity. changbin also likes to 69, because him getting head is one of his favorite things - and you getting pleasure at the same time is the perfect win-win to him.
6. leeknow
he doesn’t dislike it - not at all - but he’s definitely not like hyunjin or jisung who eat pussy for their own pleasure. no, with minho you only get to feel his mouth on you as a reward. when you’ve finally earned the privilege of getting head from him, make sure to be ready for him to torture you a bit. minho likes to tease, edge and overstimulate you until you’re dripping with your arousal and his spit. “you wanted my tongue on your greedy pussy, so take it”
7. i.n
jeongin is more confident in fingering you than his oral skills. he’ll gladly spend hours with two, three, four fingers rubbing and prodding at your most sensitive spots until your arousal runs down his wrist, but he can’t bring up the same enthusiasm when it comes to using his mouth. he will go down on you whenever you ask him to, but eating pussy just doesn’t really turn him on like a lot of other things the two of you do. he won’t expect you to suck him off a lot either. it’s not that he minds giving or receiving head - he definitely enjoys it from time to time - but oral simply isn’t his favorite thing.
8. seungmin
if he had to pick, he would immediately go for receiving head rather that giving. seungmin absolutely adores it when you suck him off. there’s nothing that’s more arousing to him than you on your knees in front of him, letting him use your throat. that doesn’t mean seungmin would never go down on you, but he mostly keeps it as a foreplay activity, making sure you’re wet and relaxed enough for his cock rather than trying to make you cum with his tongue if you don’t ask him to.
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seungisms · 4 months ago
skz reaction: cockwarming
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, cockwarming, bulging kink, slight exhibition kink, dom!jeongin is a warning in itself
note: this was just one huge excuse for me to indulge in some more soft!felix - smut straight under the cut!!
Tumblr media
Chan huffed lowly against the heated skin of your neck, fingers warningly digging into your hips once you started to rut down against him - the feeling of his throbbing cock stilled against your plush walls enough to leave you an unsatisfied, whiny mess. Every inch of your being was cursing yourself for even suggesting the idea to him in the first place, your cunt aching for stimulation and clenching tightly around his veiny length. He didn’t pay any mind to your soft begs, the grip he held on you growing tighter as his thick tip prodded against your womb, your slick hole wrapping around him and squeezing perfectly. Chan tutted mockingly as the pace of your hips slowed into a sloppy grind, fucking yourself on his cock before a large hand reached down to rub at your dripping bud, the sensation of his fingers teasing your puffy clit combined with the stretching of your heat coaxing silent whimpers from your lips. His dominating grip coaxed you onto his lap, ass flush against his thighs as he filled you to the brim with his dick, lifting you easily before grinding up into your harder and deeper than before.
“You’re so impatient.”
Minho shifted uncomfortably against you, a crease appearing between his furrowed brows as he resisted the urge to press deeper inside your warm pussy. His cock strained deeply against your pulsating walls, the thick head pressing firmly into your cervix. Strangled curses were muffled by the flushed skin of your neck, burying his head deeper into the crook to soften his whimpers as your core continued to clench tightly around him. You could feel his restraint start to slip, hips rutting rutting slowly up into you while the filthy sounds of your wetness coating his veiny length filled the room - the spasming of your dripping cunt never ceasing. Minho was quick to hover above you, the feral look in his eye pinning you down while his fingers tightly gripped the pillow on either side of your head, cock staying seated inside you and stretching you out perfectly. A ghost of smile tugged at his kiss-bruised lips as he began rocking into you painfully slow, fucking you steadily and stretching out your tight hole further while watching you mewl and wither beneath him.
“You’re such a tease for making me do this.”
Changbin let your spent body collapse against his own, holding you flush against his heaving chest as his cock softened deep within your throbbing heat, keeping his hot liquids coated against your plush walls and plugged inside your cunt. He was quick in stopping you as you started to stir out of his strong hold, thick arms tightening around your bare body before pressing his hips firmly against your own, a pout landing on his plump lips as he refused to let you go, the heat of your pussy continuing to close in around him. Feeling your tiny hole clench and stretch out around his thick dick was like bliss, warmth engulfing his entire being and the soft kisses you sleepily decorated his chest in easing him further into slumber. His cock was soon completely limp against your walls, filling you up to the brim and making you feel so deliciously full of him, juices mixing with his own and staining the expanse of your thighs. Sleepy mummers was the only thing to meet your ears, long fingers threading through your disheveled strands of hair as he let you snuggle against him, the intimacy of his cock prodding against your womb sending you both to sleep.
“Just stay like this for awhile.”
Hyunjin stilled your fidgeting hips with strong hands, fingers pinching into the soft flesh before he pressed teasingly further into your aching heat, paying no mind to the needy whimpers or begs that spilled from your lips. Low tuts sounded from him once he noticed you desperately clawing at the sheets, knuckles turning white as the the urge to rut down against him overwhelmed you. Your cunt tightened and spasmed around his softened dick, the cum that he had pumped into your begging pussy and coated your walls with earlier now leaking out of your tiny hole and dripping onto the bed below, the sight enough to have him twitch deep against your womb. He watched with hungry anticipation as you guided his free hand to your puffy clit, coaxing him to tease your wet bud while you his cock slowly stiffened - the tightening of your pussy allowing him to feel every crevice and dent of your warm walls. His long fingers never ceased their abuse on your fucked out slit, rubbing slowly as his hips grinded up into you, your back arching into him while his lips left hot open-mouthed kisses against your shoulders, cock throbbing with every whine you let slip.
“You’re always so needy for me.”
Jisung quivered on top of your spent form, head buried deeply into your neck as he groaned lowly against the flushed skin, hips pressing sloppily into your own and the twitching of his cock curving deep within your core. He was still achingly hard and straining, the heat and clench of your pussy around him effectively reducing him to a needy, trembling mess above you - settling further between your thighs only to jolt forward with a whine once your dripping cunt gripped tightly around his veiny length. His incessant squirming caused his thick tip to repeatedly nudge against the sensitive slit of your cervix , the slight burn of your tiny hole stretching around his base coaxing silent cries to fall from your lips before being muffled by his greedy mouth, teeth scraping against your lower lip and tongue pushing into your own. Your wetness spilled around his cock with every slow grind once he started to fuck up into you, fingers digging into the plush flesh of your thighs as the kiss you shared became increasingly more messy and desperate, mouths parted and drinking eachother in. The throbbing of his cock never ceased against your plush walls, allowing you to feel every dip and hollow of his thickness as you raised your hips to meet his own, walls completely engulfing him while sleep was long forgotten.
“Please, I can’t do this much longer.”
Felix curled closer into you, tiredly gazing down at your relaxed face and admiring your pretty features that were slacked with sleep while his cock slowly softened in your abused cunt. His chest was pressed flush against your own, chasing after your warmth as your legs tangled together and fingers intertwined, completely engulfing your hand with his larger one. His hips pressed themselves deeper into you, chaste kisses being placed onto your lips with short confessions of love muttered into the chapped flesh, nose nuzzling into your own while you slipped into a slumber. He stayed buried deep inside your core, his thick length ceasing it’s throbbing against your walls that fit so snug around him, continuing to milk him dry as your juices stained the skin of your thighs, the both of you too busy basking in the intimate tranquility to care. Felix felt your warm breath even out against the skin of his shoulder, the feeling of being so full of him and connected lulling you into a deep sleep, the freckled boy smiling softly as your grasp around him tightened, your loving touch and the clench of your velvety pussy around his fat cock making him dizzy with adoration.
“Get some rest sweetheart.”
Seungmin softly traced small circles on your bare back as you slept soundly on his chest, small puffs of air escaping past the slight gap between your lips and meeting his heated chest in steady breaths, the tight squeezing of your dripping walls around his cock that was buried to the brim inside you forcing him awake. He cursed silently as he tried to desperately ignore the heavy pulsating that smothered his thickness, length straining and nudging against your womb, filling up each crevice and dip inside your cunt perfectly. The sticky wetness of his cum dripped out and coated your sensitive folds, seeping down your thighs and onto his own but he failed to pay it any mind, instead gazing down at your slumbering figure fondly once you snuggled closer to him, hand splayed across his chest and lashes fluttering against your cheeks with every deep twitch of his fat tip that prodded further into your core, unable to stop the slight grind of his hips. Small, content sighs fell from your parted lips at the feeling of your pussy being stuffed full of him, stilled to hilt inside of you and brushing against the sensitive barrier of your cervix. Seungmin let himself relax under your weight, cock eventually softening against your heated walls as he joined you in sleep, light kisses being pressed against your forehead.
“Sleep well angel.”
Jeongin couldn’t resist the urge to grind further into your quivering heat, cock rocking into you slowly as the clenching of your hole subdued him into a whimpering mess behind you, his strong grip lifting your thighs slightly to fuck into you deeper, hips flush against your ass. His length jutted out against the skin of your stomach with every swift rut he abused your cunt with, the swell of his hot thickness filling you to the brim and stretching you out so well as you arched into him. Soft whines sounded from your lips before being silenced by his large hand clamping over your mouth, being mindful of the sleeping members a room over yet continuing to inflict your sensitive core with deep strokes, the friction of your plushy pussy surrounding his straining cock. Bringing his free hand down to rub at your aching bud before spreading your wetness across your folds, allowing him to slip in and out of your begging cunt with ease. He pinched and rolled your clit between the tips of his fingers, eating up the cries that were muffled against his palm while his teeth sunk into the soft skin of your shoulder, his tongue hot and wet against the flesh. His thick tip prodded against your womb with each thrust, the tightening of your entrance around him coaxing him further towards orgasm as the warmth of your core dripped out of you and coated his cock - his voice coming out strangled and rushed against your neck.
“Well, we suck at that.”
Tumblr media
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ch4nb4ng · 20 days ago
Ruined Silk
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prince!Jisung x fem!servant reader
Contains: virgin reader, cocky jisung, fingering, corruption, praise, penetration, abuse of power (?), unprotected sex (don't be silly wrap your willy !), soft!dom jisung, virgin!inexperienced reader
Word Count: 6.9k (this was only meant to be like 3k LMAO)
Summary: Being a servant to the royal family was everything you had dreamed of since you could remember. But what happens when you become the servant of the prestigious prince? Only time will tell.
Tagged: @changbinscypher !
You were finally at the age. The grand age where you could work at the palace of the superior. The highest kingdom in all of the land. The Han’s. It felt like a dream; something you aspired to do since being a little girl. Working for the most royal of royal families was your future.
“Rise and Shine everybody!”
You arose from your slumber, head foggy and eyes drowsy as you quickly jumped out of bed, heading to the shower for another day of housework. The feeling of the hot water on your skin, the absorption of the scorching liquid pouring into your muscles was an extremely soothing feeling. It was hard work, aching muscles and sore joints since you had begun your employment at the Han residence. Nevertheless, it was a rewarding job once all of the necessary work was completed. A clean palace, food served, royalty satisfied; was there anything better than that?
A knock was heard at the door.
“Just a minute!”
You quickly turned the handle, covering yourself with the somewhat rugged towel as you opened the door, but only enough for the head maid to see your face only.
“Good morning y/n, hope you slumber was decent.”
Master Chan was one of the nicest people you ever had the pleasure of meeting. Yes, he was strict about work, but he was fair. You were grateful that he took you under his wing when you had arrived, especially since you were the only one chosen from your hometown. Most of the new maid’s knew each other, so it was difficult at first to get into the groove. But it was when Master Chan introduced himself to you on the first day, that it wouldn’t be as difficult as you had previously thought it would be.
“Morning Master Chan.”
You smiled, keeping a conscious effort to not embarrass yourself by accidentally letting the towel fall to the floor, or pushing the door too far open. His smile was pure, innocent. The kindest one you had ever laid your eyes on.
“On the house chores again today?”
“Uhm, no actually,” he paused, clearing his throat, unsure if he should explain now or when you were fully dressed, “Why don’t you get dressed and we chat about today outside?”
“Oh, uhm, sure, I’ll be out in a minute!”
You were slightly confused, unsure what else you could possibly do around the house as a new maid. Nonetheless, you were just as enthusiastic. Making quick use of your hands, you dressed yourself promptly, mastering your appearance in the mirror, before stepping out of the bathroom. You grinned as you saw Master Chan sitting on the edge of your bed. His hand moved with grace, lightly patting the material next to him as an invitation for you to sit down.
He began, letting you get comfortable first.
“You have been doing fantastic. At first I was nervous, seeing as you were the only person selected from your hometown, but you truly have surprised me with how fast you are learning.”
“Oh wow” you gasped, taken aback by the large compliment, “thank you so much, that really means a lot.”
“Of course y/n, but that’s not it. I want to put you up a few ranks.”
Oh my god. Oh my god. Already? Wow was all you could think to yourself. This was definitely going to be a big step.
“Wow Master Chan, are you sure y-”
“Yes,” he interjected, patting you on the back, “I know you are more than capable of doing such a task. There’s just a few things we have to discuss before you do this.”
“No worries,” you beamed, still over the moon at the abruptness of your work status changing, “I’m more than happy to discuss anything of course.”
“Great! Now follow me.”
And on your trek did you begin.The layout of the castle was pretty straightforward. The first and second floors of the mansion were accessible to everybody; it was the standard. Third for house cleaners, forth for food servers, and fifth level for servants strictly for the royals. The fifth level was a no go zone. That was the level where the royals resided. Only Master Chan and a handful of servants were allowed up there. There were all kinds of stories that would come about level 5. The royals seemed nice enough though, anything you had previously heard tended to go through one ear and out the other.
He pressed the button on the elevator, motioning his hand for you to enter first. You turned around, back resting against the exterior as the doors closed. You looked at Master Chan’s fingers; were you seeing this correctly? Because you swore you could have just seen him press the number 5.
“Master Chan,” you gasped, grabbing his wrist in an attempt to pull his hand away from what you thought was a big, big mistake, “why did you press 5? This has to be a mistake”
“Well, I was going to wait until we got up there, but it’s probably best for me to tell you now thaaaat, we are meeting with the king and queen.”
“The WHAT?”
If you had a mouth full of water, the perfect time to do a spit take would be right about now. The king and queen? You weren’t ready. You could feel the droplets of sweat encasing your palms, a large gulp following as you tried to calm yourself down from the sudden panic caused by Master Chan’s statement. A silence had fallen over the elevator.
“Relax y/n,” he chuckled, like he didn't notice how obvious your nerves were, “they are very nice people.”
“Why on earth would they want to speak to me?”
“Because y/n, they want you to be the prince’s personal servant.”
What? As in, Prince Han Jisung? You had to do a double take, trying to find any form of comedic relief across Master Chan’s face. There was no way he could possibly be telling the truth. A special fact of the kingdom was only those who were employed there got to see the prince of the Han family. Everyone knew the king and queen, but no one got to see the heir that would take over the throne until they were crowned. It was a very sacred event. It was mainly for security purposes. If other people outside the Han kingdom knew who the future king would be, it would pose a great risk that they simply did not need.
“Oh would you look at that, we are here!”
The elevator made its usual sound to symbol the arrival of the designated floor. As soon as the doors began to open, your eyes squinted with discern. It was bright, shiny, you name it. You had never been in such an indescribable environment. Filled with so much beauty. You were truly speechless.
“Y/n? Y/n, come on.”
He quickly snapped you out of your wondrous thoughts, gently grabbing your wrist and walking you to your destination. That destination being two very, very large golden doors. As soon as Master Chan knocked, the grandest sound that you imagined to be luxury had erupted. Your eyes widened as you looked to see both the King and Queen of Han kingdom sitting on their esteemed throne.
Every part of your being was doing it’s best to keep your jaw glued shut as you looked at them. God, they looked so rich, like it was oozing out of the walls. All you could do was stare, Master Chan huffing at you silently to follow him. You nodded, barely as you followed him, now only a small distance from them.
“Hello, miss y/l/n, is it?”
The King began speaking and wow, was his voice mesmerising. Yes, you had previously heard it on announcements on the TV from home, but usually it was much louder and higher pitched. Now, he spoke with such calmness. Such elegance. You had almost forgotten to bow in front of them.
“You are correct, your highness,” Master Chan answered for you, “This is the one I have been talking to you about.”
The side eyes you had given Master Chan was well acknowledged by him. You plastered a smile across your face, hands over your chest as you bowed once more.
“Hello, your highness, I am miss. y/l/n, but please, call my y/n.”
A fancy chuckle came from the queen.
“Y/n, it’s lovely to meet you, but you don’t need to worry about the way we address you. That will be the prince’s job.”
The heat creeping on your skin was becoming a great concern to you as you nodded at their orders. Master Chan was right, they were very nice people. Kind, not intimidating in the slightest. You kind of wished that you were becoming their personal servant, then there definitely wouldn’t have been anything to be concerned about. It was the fact that the prince was now your job. The truth was, you hadn’t even met him yet. None of the new servants have. You were still in the dark, just like everybody else.
“Oh yes,” you chuckled politely, “thank you so much for the opportunity.”
You paused, placing your hands across your chest.
“I promise I will do the best job I can to take care of your son and make sure he is happy at all times.”
An innocent chuckle could be heard from both the king and queen.
“Your enthusiasm is fantastic, quite refreshing, isn’t that right my dear?”
“Oh yes,” the queen smiled, “It’s very nice to hear. We know that he can be a handful sometimes.”
A handful? You ignored her comment. You’re sure it wouldn't be that difficult, especially if his parents were this nice. Master Chan had bowed to them both, patting your shoulder as a sign to start leaving. A quiet ‘oh’ left your mouth as you turned around, slowly making your exit. You smiled once more at the king and queen, before continuing your steps back to the main headquarters. Your nerves were slowly disappearing, excitement replacing them instead. Getting to see a part of the palace that only a handful of people get to see? This was what you wanted, this is what you had imagined your life to be.
You accidentally bumped into Master Chan as he abruptly stopped at another unfamiliar door. Your eyebrows furrowed, looking at the absurd pattern he had just knocked on the door. A faint ‘come in’ could be heard from the other side, and that was when your heart dropped to your ass. This is it, this is it. You and the prince in the same room. The door finally opened, leading you to what looked to be a very large room, a long table situated on the other side. You began to pace forward, adrenaline starting to kick in as you got closer and closer to the esteemed hair sitting in front of you.
But it wasn’t until you were finally up close, and pretty much personal with the prince. You finally looked up, tearing your eyes away at an instant, his own gaze knocking the wind out of you. He began to smirk at your intimidation. As if it wasn’t obvious enough how nervous you were, and how attractive he was. Soft brown hair that was pushed up, forehead exposed and glistening under the chandelier as he kept his eyes on your frame. You could feel your knees becoming weaker by the second, and if he didn’t offer you a seat soon, you would just be embarrassed. You had to do yourself the courtesy to look away as he began to spread his legs, sinking into his precious as his way of getting comfortable.
“You must be y/n.”
He finally spoke. God his voice was sexy. So deep and soothing, ears burning the longer he stared at you. Your throat was caught, unable to speak, even a squeak barely audible as you attempted to introduce yourself.
“Ah yes-”
“Yes sir,” Chan interjected, graciously saving your life, “this is y/n, who is also your new personal servant.”
He stood, frame standing almost over you as he took your wrist, letting your hand fall flat against his lips. The soft contact made you blush even more. Everything about him was so tantalizing. His aura was very strong, the complete opposite from when you had interacted with his parents prior. A small scoff could be heard from Master Chan. He was very used to this by now. After working for the Han family for such a long time, he was bored, very used to the princes ‘tactics .
He pulled his lips away, eyes raking across your entire figure as he bit down on his bottom lip, a hand running through his hair. It was like he was a wizard. He was casting a spell on you. Leaving you completely hypnotized.
“It’s really, really nice to meet you miss y/n.”
The prince returned to his seat, motioning his hand to the other end of the table.
“Have a seat, we should get to know each other so this can be a smooth process, shall we?”
“Y-yes sir.”
Thank god you though, following his orders and taking the empty seat across from him. You waited patiently, the awkward silence getting louder as you kept your eyes on the floor, way too fearful to fall back into the prince's hypnosis.
“Well, Chan, it was nice seeing you again, but shoo please. I’m busy getting to know my new favourite star pupil.”
Master Chan rolled his eyes as the prince snickered, raising the glass of champagne winking at him , sending him off in a rather abrupt manner. Master Chan was always taken aback to a new level at how cocky the prince truly was. Born into wealth and royalty, heir to the throne. The prince lived a life that most people could simply not visualise. Master Chan liked him, but he wouldn’t say that the prince had never got on his nerves.
“Sure thing sir,” he smiled politely, “take good care of y/n, she’s a good one.”
“Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, I’ll be the judge of that,” the prince mocked, shooing him away with his hand, “now get out please.”
Master Chan followed, leaving you, with the prince, alone. Your heart rate accelerated at the shutting sound of the doors; you truly had no one to save you now. Your hands stayed in your lap, fingers fidgeting as you waited in anticipation for the prince to say something, anything.
“So,” he perked up, snapping you out of your anxious thoughts, “what made you want to work for the richest people in the land?”
“Is it the money? Do you need money?”
“What? I mean, no sir.”
Such an arrogant smirk was plastered across his face as you resumed your eye contact with the hubristic individual as he continued with his blunt questioning style.
“Are you sure? You seem like the type.”
He brought his glass to his lips, chugging the champagne like it was a glass of water as he stood up out of his throne, striding towards you.
“You barely know me,” you mumbled, beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable with his presence.
“Of course I know you y/n.”
He chuckled to himself, kneeling down in front of you. The look of confusion on your face became more suspicious to the prince.
Wow, was he close to your face? He looked even better up close. Soft skin, piercing eyes, lips. Plush pillows of moisture came to your head as you continued to stare, unable to hide your mesmerisation with the soft flesh attached to his face.
“You’re like all the other maids I have ever had. Doing whatever you can to get a look at the top secret prince that is locked away in a castle. Am I just like Rapunzel to you?”
“Uhm no sir,” you replied, “I’ve actually wanted to be a part of the service for the royals since I was little.”
“Aww,” he cooed, standing on his feet, “how cute.”
His eyes were squinted as he brought his fingers to your cheek, caressing your skin softly with his thumb.
“I’m sorry,” he pouted, ingenue, “you’re a sweet little girl, aren’t you?”
“Uhm, I’d like to think so sir.”
You could feel your left leg beginning to shake restlessly the longer you felt the pads of his finger tips lingering on your skin, heat rising under his caress. You had never been this close to a man before. It was a combination of exciting, intimidating, mortifying, arousing. You had never felt this before. It felt something like a dull ache between your legs. You wanted to run as your lack of control grew between your legs. You weren’t sure if you were suddenly suffering from some kind of medical condition, seeing as the tenderness between your legs was an unfamiliar territory. All you knew right now, was that the closer the prince got to you, the deeper the pitter pat on your core intensified.
“Master Chan has spoken very highly of you miss y/n,” he smirked, leaning in closer and closer to you, foreheads almost touching, “are you willing to do anything to make me happy?”
“Of c-course, sir, I-”
“Shhh,” he whispered, peering at your slightly agape lips, “I know you can. That old man doesn’t just recommend any kind of maid to me: he offers the special ones. The ones who really have potential, and aren’t you lucky that you get to serve me?”
You couldn’t answer, afraid that if you did that your lips would touch, which would be completely against protocol. Your temptations were gradually getting the better of you as the prince would not let his position up. The prince’s eyes stayed glued to your lips. The ache was growing, becoming an acute throb. You could feel the prince’s breath fanning across your face. It was sweet, the smell of the light champagne he had previously consumed evident. You leaned in closer, almost becoming desperate to feel those lips against yours. You wanted to, you really really wanted to, but it was against the rules. Unless he initiated it, fraternising with royals was strictly prohibited. You didn’t want to lose your dream job, but the longer he lingered, the more delectable his lips were really starting to look.
“I’m just joking, pretty girl,” he chuckled, standing up with perfect posture, “that was all a test, I know you’re more than capable.”
His sarcasm was infectious as he walked back to his seat. You sat up, desperate to see the way his body sunk into the chair, man spreading as much as he could with his voluptuous long legs. You prayed that the prince did not notice the sigh of disappointment once he created distance between your bodies.
“Get on your knees and crawl under the table to me.”
You began to choke as he requested his demand halfway through a glass of water. Were you hearing right? Are you sure you heard them correctly? Did he really just ask you to, crawl to him?”
“Yes, you heard me correctly princess. Get on all fours, and crawl to me.”
You froze in your seat. Was he just playing another prank? How could he seriously ask you to do such a thing?
“Come onnnn,” he whined, “didn’t you say you would do anything to please the royals?”
“Yes but,” you replied, completely flustered at this point, “are you sure sir?”
His sudden change in tone proved that he was definitely not joking. So, with reluctance, you dropped to the ground, lifting the table cloth over your head as you made your way to the prince on all fours. Giggles erupted among the room as the other servants looked at how ludicrous his command was. All they could do was laugh. Knowing the prince, it seemed like this was typical behaviour to do such things to belittle the ones he came into contact with.
The end of the table was near, and another surge of adrenaline coursed through your body as his feet got closer. Almost there. Almost out of this super embarrassing demand. The way he was exerting maximum dominance over you at such as his first impression was bold. If anything, the way it was making you feel was quite the opposite of embarrassed. The ache between your legs was deepening, becoming of some concern to you. It was a very unfamiliar sensation that you really could not recall feeling. The feeling that you needed to bring it up to the prince was looking like a better idea once you had reached his ankles.
“Sir,” you whispered, waiting for him to lift the cloth and reveal you hiding, “I think there’s a problem.”
Number two rule: always notify the closest person if you weren’t not feeling up to standard. The prince huffed at your statement, completely aware of how humiliated you must feel by obeying such a callous order. He looked down, the sight of you below him, eyes ogling with concern was sending him into a lustrous head spin. You looked so delicate, so pure; all he could think about was ripping it all away, corrupting you in a way that he was sure no one had ever done.
“What is it baby?”
“I d-don’t feel well, sir.”
“Shhh,” he purred once more, reaching out his hand to you, “why don’t you sit on my lap so I can examine you?”
He didn’t have to ask you twice this time, finding comfort in the way he grabbed you by the waist and placed you across both of his legs. He tucked a loose strand behind your ear, replacing the tips from your lobe to your chin. The colour in his eyes had suddenly changed. The lust filled, dark energy that clouded them before disappearing as genuine worry filled his brain. Yes, it was fun for him to make his servants do whatever he could, but at the end of the day, he would protect them with his life if he had to. The prince was rough around the edges personality wise, but he just wasn’t good at expressing his true emotions well. He cared deeply, and he wanted to make sure you were okay, regardless of if you were new or old. You were now part of his family.
“Now what seems to be the problem darling?”
“It’s well, it’s kind of embarrassing sir.”
You heed was now buried in his chest. How on earth were you supposed to admit that you were having a medical emergency because your private parts were throbbing at an uncontrollable rate?
“Jisung, darling.”
“Pardon sir?”
“Please call me Jisung from now on. Not the prince, not sir, not your highness. Just Jisung, okay?”
“Yes sir-I mean, Jisung.”
A smile of content was noticeable on his lips, eyes still full of concern as his thumb moved from your chin to your cheek, soothingly stroking your sensitive skin.
“Now, y/n, tell me what is wrong incase I need to call the ambulance.”
“O-okay, well, there’s a, well, there’s a pulsating sensation,” You paused, looking down at yourself, “down here.”
Jisung closed his eyes shut, reopening them in complete disbelief. The sinister smirk crept back onto his lips, realising exactly what you meant, well aware that he was also beginning to feel a similar sensation coming from himself. He grabbed your hands, manipulating your fingertips to now have them wrapped around his wrist.
“Tell me sweetheart,” he purred, lips moving closer as he spoke, “where is this, pulsating sensation coming from.”
“Please sir, don't make-”
“Shhh pretty girl,” he whispered, pressing his lips against yours in between every word, “use my hand, show me where it hurts.”
The reluctance to let Jisung help you was slowly disappearing as the sensation grew every time you felt his lips on your skin. On your lips first, then gently scattering all over; your cheeks, chin, jaw, neck. It was overwhelming, yes, but the throbbing was starting to feel really good. His hand, which you were controlling by the way, was inching closer and closer to your heat, a small whine escaping your lips as the faintest touch of his digits brushed against you. A deep chuckle left Jisung’s lips as you buried your face in his chest once more.
“Right here, huh princess?”
“Mhm,” you mumbled against his chest, “how do I fix it?”
“Don't worry y/n, I know exactly how to fix it.”
Jiusng’s digits left your core for a brief moment, instead, they were felt on either sides of your body, grazing down into your sides, turning your body around so your back was flush with his chest. You gasped, somewhat impressed by how attentive and swift Jisung’s movements were. His hands began to roam once more, travelling back down your stomach, past your waist, fidgeting with the hem of your dress. You jolted forward, putting your hand on top of his to stop him. What the hell was he doing? He turned to look at you, your face full of uncertainty. He pressed a kiss once more, allowing you to ease before he spoke again.
“Do you trust me y/n?”
“Y-yes Jisung, I trust you.”
Your reply was almost instant, you even surprised yourself at the blind trust you had suddenly developed.
“Okay then baby, listen,” he purred into your ear, “I know what is happening to your body. Let me fix it like I know how, okay?”
You nodded, releasing his hand and letting him continue his dirty ways. The edge of your dress was moving out of his frame, a small gasp flew out of your lips when you felt his fingers exactly where you wanted them. They moved tantalisingly, Jisung adding to the overwhelming sensation by attaching his lips to your neck. Your hips began to buckle, slightly pushing against his fingers.
“Tell me baby, tell me how it feels when my fingers touch you like that.”
“R-really nice sir,” you whined, letting your body completely relax against him. A deep hum bellowed from his chest as he watched you completely submit to him; and that was what got him off. The way you could make such a filthy act so sweet. He wasn’t used to it. If anything, he was the one who always previously submitted, and it made him frustrated. He was the prince; he wanted power. The ability to dominate anybody. And oh my were you giving him the power.
His fingers travelled to the edge of your panties, pushing them to the side as he ran his fingers through your folds, digits heavily becoming coated in your juices as he circled them around your bud.
“Oh my god,” was all you could say, heavily breathing into his neck. Such filthy profanities left your mouth as he continued his playful assault . Another hum of satisfaction came from the prince beside you. He lifted his middle finger from your sopping core, tapping you on the shoulder so you could look at the way he stuck his tongue out, licking a long stripe all the way down. Your eyes became wide as he engulfed your juices in his mouth. He was very adamant, repeatedly bobbing his head in a fast rhythmic motion. His spit overpowered the wetness of you as you dived right back into you, rubbing your clit back and forth in a painfully slow matter.
“MMM,” Jisung vibrated, teeth pressing against your lobe, “you’re so wet for me baby.”
“Is that normal?”
“Of course baby,” he smiled, voice diving into a new, deeper octave, “I’m so good at making you feel good, aren't I?”
“Yes Jisung,” you moaned, somewhat embarrassed. How could such a simple motion make you feel so good? His touch was super light. To anyone else, this would be nothing. They would be begging, squirming at the waist for more friction, greater pressure.
And boy, did he want to do more. Jisung wanted to throw you onto the table, flip you over and pound you until the whole castle was overbearing with the lewd sound of skin clapping together. His goal was to destroy you, but right now, it wasn’t taking much.
His fingers were sliding closer to your hole, your legs beginning to shake vigorously the closer he got. You weren’t sure if it was the room, or the face that Jisung touching you vigorously, but your body temperature was now reaching an all time high, an uncontrollable whisper of pleasure escaping your lips as he slowly slid one finger into you, your pussy involuntary clenching against him, taking Jisung by surprise.
“You’re such a good girl,” Jisung groaned against your lobe, biting down gently, “so responsive to me.”
A string of powerless cries broke from your lips. His touch was so magical, so fucking good. The selfish part of your body was telling you to ask for more. You knew what that was supposed to lead to, but you were clueless on how to approach it. You had almost forgotten that this was the first time someone has ever kissed you, touched you like this. You had heard stories from your married friends, but the conversations would end quickly, making you too embarrassed to even talk about. All you could think about now was him sliding inside of you; not just his miraculous fingers, but more.
“M-More,” you whimpered. You wanted to mentally facepalm yourself. This was humiliating. The thoughts of your currently impacted brain accidentally falling out into sound.
“You want more do you? Of course you y/n, I tend to have that effect on people.”
His arrogance was starting to get on your nerves, but you truly could care less. Your mind was falling into bliss, nothing but the sounds of squelching and blissful moans filling the room as Jisung touched you with more vigour, doing everything in his power to help you enjoy the touch of him.
“Tell me baby,” Jisung moaned, the smallest of friction against his clothed crotch igniting his own pleasure. The way your ass grinded against his hard on was one thing, but the way your body reacted to him, so submissive, so powerless, so fragile. He could cum on the spot if he really wanted to.
Nonetheless, he waited, patiently telling him what more you wanted from him.
“Please,” you whispered, “I want you to, to, ah, you know.”
Jisung’s eyes went wide. His hands moved quickly, ripping away from your slit and flipping you around. His fingers became nimble, barely unable to unbutton your dress, eventually just giving up and ripping it apart, buttons flying everywhere.
“Jisung please be carefu-”
“Shhh pretty girl, let me give you what you want okay? You haven’t done this before, have you?”
Your face heated up. You wanted to lie, make yourself look better. Pretend to know what you are doing. Maybe you should stop. It was getting really far now, and for a moment you had forgotten that you were now his personal servant. You would have to see him everyday. Maybe things would be awkward now. Your mind was in a frenzy, thought running a million miles an hour as you contemplated how you should approach this.
“No,” you blurted out, “I’m a.. a.. I’m a virgin.”
Your head became buried in his chest once more. Your body was working as a completely separate entity from your brain, executing the polar opposite of what you were thinking. You couldn’t bear to look at him, feeling ashamed and embarrassed was an understatement. Jisung chuckled, placing his index finger underneath your chin as he lifted your head to make eye contact with him.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart.”
He pulled you closer, attaching his lips to yours. This kiss was extremely sensual, full of need and desperation from both parties as Jisung reached down to his belt simultaneously. You had no idea how to kiss, with tongue, but Jisung could tell you were a fast learner, especially at how you moved with this tongue at a thrilling pace.
The belt was off, his pants were down; all that was left was his boxers. It was prominent. His erection was pressing hard against his right leg. Your mouth opened at how big it seemed to be. Not that you had anything to compare it to, but you were lying if the thought of being inside of you didn’t terrify you a little bit. Nevertheless, Jisung read you like a book, cupping your face and fixing your gaze onto him.
“Y/n, do you trust me?”
You nodded again, grabbing one of his wrists and placing it back on your heat. A smirk, almost a look of pride clouding his features wiped across his face. Corrupting you was a lot easier than he thought it would be.
“Good, now be a good girl and touch it for me.”
You gulped nervously as your mind became possessed, hand lightly brushed across his hard on, a blunt hiss erupting from Jisung’s lips. The small, yet detailed veins you could already feel through the thin fabric of clothing was sending you into a head spin. Hands trailing to the elastic band, you pull down on it slowly, the animation of his dick springing free becoming very entertaining. The pulsating veins, swollen tip, oozing liquid from said tip. It was a mesmerising sight that you truly were unaware of missing out on.
“Can I?”
He nodded, guiding your hand to his base. A deep bellow of a groan escaped from Jisung’s lips as you gently slid your fingers up and down. He had previous handjobs, many, many times; but nothing had ever felt so good.
“F-fuck, baby,” he sighed, enjoying your face of concentration and commitment to make him feel good. Every muscle on his body was doing it’s best to keep him still. Refrain him from bucking his hips into yours. He really wanted to, but his thoughts were focused on not pushing any boundaries and making sure you were comfortable.
You snapped him out of thought, moving your hips in anticipation, lifting yourself off of him for just a moment, lining yourself up with his cock. He resumed his position at your sides, very taken aback by the way you were taking initiative, helping you slowly, very slowly, as you slid down onto. A high pitched moan, mixed with pleasure and pain erupted from your lips, eyes screwing shut and how thick he was, stretching you out completely. Jisung made an attempt to muffle his moans, not wanting to scare you but god, did his cock feel good being buried inside of you.
“Fuck you’re so tight,” he blurted out, “are you okay? Is it hurting too much?”
“It d-did at first, but now it feels really good.”
A sigh of relief was heard from the prince. The green light was given to move. Knowing you were unsure what to do, seeing as you did not think this far ahead, he assisted, lifting your hips just slightly off of him, pushing you back down soon after. A small moan escaped your lips at the feeling, already clenching around him and he continued his playful pace. Your eyes were screwed shut, hand placed on his chest as you rode him.
“God,” Jisung growled, “you’re so fucking tight. Does it feel good baby?”
“Mhm,” you stifled, barely able to vocalise anything coherent to your partner. But he was not satisfied with this answer.
“Louder baby, let me know how you really feel.”
He let one hand leave your sides, thumb returning to your throbbing clit. A loud moan ripped from your chest, satisfying Jisung’s need for validation that he was good at what he does.
“That’s it baby,” he purred, stealing your lips for a quick kiss, “I’m the one that’s making you like this.”
He let go of your hips, resting his palms against the back of his head, leaning back on his chair of superiority as he watched you calculate your careful movements. The satisfying sound of skin on skin echoing through the large room as you quickened the pace, continuing the unconsciously clenching around him with every thrust.
“Look at you, such a quick learner aren’t you? So dirty, Just for me huh?”
“Hmm, j-just for you sir.”
The noises that dribbled from your mouth were becoming louder and louder, Jisung enjoying every moment. He was getting close, but he was quiet, trying not to put any pressure on you, but he could tell that you were feeling it. The way your hips slowed, movements became sporadic. To him, the idea of being your first orgasm was the hottest thing ever. Knowing he has the ability to do something that would make you explode with pleasure, it was all he ever wanted. And as sick as it was, the want to use you like a sex toy was triggering his deeply rooted fantasies; you just happened to be the perfect candidate.
“Can you feel it baby? Can you feel that knot in the out of your stomach as you ride my cock like the good little girl you are?”
“Yes! Jisung please.”
Your whines are turning into plain screams now. You were helpless. Completely helpless and at the prince’s mercy, feeling the supposed curl in your stomach. This was inappropriate. Super inappropriate, but the hunger for Jisung’s cock was escalating at a rate out of your control. Your legs were shaking helplessly now, earning a snicker from the prince as he placed his hands on your side, coaxing you through the intense feelings of arousal coursing through your veins.
“Such a good girl,” he hummed, slowly bucking his hips into you, “you’re gonna cum, okay?”
“H-how will I k-know?”
“Because you’ll feel it. Oh my god,” he moaned, feeling his cock beginning to twitch against your walls, “it will keep building, and building, and building until it reaches a point of eternal bliss, my little sweetheart.”
Your heart fluttered at his gentle nicknames. But you took little notice in the moment, paying attention solely to the way Jisung accurately described this feeling deeply situated in your stomach. Your face began to contort, eyes rolling back to your head as you felt yourself reach your climax. All of your muscles that were previously tensed now loose.
“That’s it baby,” he murmured, “let yourself fall into the ecstasy of my cock.”
Fingernails carved into the prince’s shoulders as he cooed you through your high, rolling your hips over his cock as your body spasmed against him. It was like pure paradise. The aching that was previously overriding your thoughts was replaced with a large shudder.
“Oh my god.” He gasped, unable to make any attempt of pulling out, filling you dumb with white spurts of liquid. The tenderness of your pussy was critical, too out of it to see the way you had soaked the prince’s prestige pants. The silk that was once glistening now faded.
Jisung helped you to your feet, asking one of the servants to fetch you a new pair of panties and a towel, especially since he had failed to get them off, way too keen to ruin your once innocent pussy. You could barely stand, losing your balance for a split moment as you looked up at him.
“Did you need anything else from me sir?”
“Huh? Oh, No baby girl,” he smiled with content, standing up and pulling you into his waist, “I forgot for one second that you were my little maid now.”
He snapped his fingers at you, reaching for your attention as he pointed to the mess across his pants.
“You know you did this to me right?”
The heat that drained from your face previously had returned in moments. It hadn’t been one hour and you were already ruining things. The sudden thought of being fired popped into your mind. Your life would be over. You would have to go back to your hometown, find a regular job that brought you no thrill or satisfaction. Regret and guilt began to bubble in your throat as the urge to burst out crying was becoming a reality.
“I’m very sorry sir. I can have the dry cleaned for you-”
“I think you misunderstood me. I don’t mind it, I mean I have plenty of other pants like these ones.”
“Oh,” you sighed, feeling like a massive weight had just been lifted off of your shoulders, “I thought you were going to fire me.” Jisung chuckled with admiration for you.
“Silly girl, I would never do anything of the sort.”
He paused, letting his finger tips linger across your chest, playing an abstract pattern.
“It’s a nice little reminder for me of how good I could make you feel.”
He gave you one last kiss, lingering on your lips as you giggled and pulled away, fixing yourself to a presentable manner as you stood in front of him, waiting for your next order.
“Is there anything else I can do for you today sir?”
“Hmm, not today, I can tell you’re pretty fucked out right now. But can you promise me one thing?”
“Of course sir, I am at your service!”
Jisung beamed, the smile of innocence coming back to your face.
“Promise you’ll come to me the next time you feel that throbbing sensation again?”
A small giggle came from your lips as you listened to his cheeky request.
“Of course sir, I think it’s already starting to come back.”
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spilledtee · 21 days ago
𝐓𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞
Word Count: 2.6k
Warning: smut, mentions of alcohol, porn without a plot, mentions of piercings, mentions of work stress, implied friends to lovers, fingering, oral (f.receiving), praise kink, slight dom!Jisung, 
Synopsis: Stress leads you to Jisung, who is more than willing to help, especially with his new accessory 
A/N: I didn’t proof read this and I wrote it while in class but I still hope you enjoy this :) Just wanted to write Jisung with a tongue piercing because well... look at his tongue. Also this is coming from another scraped fic idea
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alcohol, the showing off of his new piercing and the incessant flirty comments, on top of all the work stress you had been feeling. That was all it took for Jisung to lower himself onto you, placing his hands on either of your shoulders and tentatively placing his lips on yours. It was a clumsy kiss, one he nearly missed, his lips a tad too far left and his nose bumping against yours, but he persisted. His eyes were closed, like his and Jisung could hear the crinkling of your smile as you maneuvered your mouth into position, tilting your head so that both of your lips could meet firmly and happily at last. You considered a moment. Though completely not unexpected, his touch and kisses were everything you had welcomed. With this in mind, you tilted your heads towards him, closing your eyes. He took the hint, mouth descending onto yours. 
The once gentle and timid actions disappeared, now turning the kiss into something fiery, ravenous even. It sent a rush all the way down to your core as you tightened your arms around him. Without giving you the chance to change your mind about the kiss, his tongue traced along the seam of your lips. The feeling of the cold metal touching your lips immediately coaxing them opening. You responded approvingly, allowing him to deepen the kiss, your own tongue meeting his. His tongue easily slipped inside your mouth, brushing the metal ball along your own tongue before taking charge once more. He had forced you back out, making a soft moan escape from your mouth to which he easily swallowed the sound. Suddenly, he pulled away, eyes slightly dazed, chest heaving and a coy smile playing on the edge of his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He admitted, practically breathless. 
It was strange to see him shyly confessing like this. Most of the time, Jisung was the definition of confidence, even coming off a little cocky sometimes. He was always quick witted, making flippant remarks and he was definitely charismatic, even to a fault. However, in this moment, his softer side had appeared, one that you had been accustomed to after getting to know him throughout the years. This was the crack in the persona that he presented to others. Looking up at him through your lashes, your hand reached up to caress his face. “Then, don’t stop.” You reassured him.
That was the only green light he needed to start up again. His lips immediately went to your neck, kissing, trying to find your sweet spot as his lips left a blazing trail everywhere they pressed against your exposed skin. When you squirmed, he knew that he found it, licking the sensitive spot. His hand trailed down to your collarbones, one moving to the first button of your shirt. He unfastened it, his lips finding the newly exposed skin and pressing a kiss there. That was what the pattern he followed. With each button his unfasted he would place a kiss there. Jisung, despite being rather shy, seemed to know exactly what he was doing with you. The sweet thought suddenly disappeared when you let out a small gasp, a sting of pain and pleasure coursing through you. He had nipped at the skin of your collarbone, marking you for the first time tonight. His tongue was quick though, the cool sensation of his piercing and his warm tongue soothing the now reddened mark, as he pulled back far enough to look at you.
As your felt the shift in weight, you had opened your eyes, not even realizing they had been closed until you were returning his intense gaze. You found your hand coming up, hooking your fingers beneath the hem of his shirt. Slowly, you pulled it upwards, fingers trailing over the muscles there and stopping right behind his ribcage. “You’re so hot Ji.” You confessed, finding your hands not only roaming the muscles of his abdomen but also along the taut muscles of his rather broad chest. 
A shiver ran through him, hearing the praise coming from your mouth. All your words, all your actions was the only encouragement he needed to return the favour. With all the impatience he had to offer, Jisung ripped the rest of your shirt opening, buttons flying around the room. His gaze was riveted to you. Or rather your bra. Through the fabric of your bra, he found your nipples. They had already stiffened, begging for attention, something that he would happily provide. “You’re one to talk...especially looking like this. However, I think I’d rather have this off.” He hummed. Even though seeing you in sheer red was beautiful, the bra was still fabric that covered you. It was in the way and it would have to go. His hand slid up around your sides, again tentatively, making sure you did protest. When he was moving too slowly, you nudged his hand, drawing attention to you as you nodded in approval. He worked quicker now, fumbling a moment before unclasping the bra and swiftly removing it. “You’re so beautiful…”
“I-!” Your words died in your throat, turning into a rather desperate gasp. Jisung hadn’t given you a chance to reply back as he flicked his tongue over your nipple without warning. His tongue circled the bud, letting you feel his new piercing before lightly scraping the sensitive skin with his teeth, causing you to cry out again. His other hand came to squeeze you other breast, fingers tweaking your nipple hard enough for you to feel a slight sting. Despite what would normally be painful, his actions were causing small electric waves of pleasure to surge through it. He could easily sense this, repeating the action a few times over before pulling away from you again. When he released you, he peppered kisses along the sensitive flesh, sucking around the mounted flesh. You were sure there would be multiple marks before the night was through. You didn’t mind though. You wanted to be marked, you wanted to be known as Jisung’s.
His lips trailed upward along the center of your chest before he found your mouth again. The moment his lips touched yours, you found yourself being pushed upwards. Jisung was now settling between your thighs, preventing you from closing them. Sitting back, he ran a hand up your legs, dragging his fingers along the bare flesh. When he reached your hip, his hand went right to the button of your pants, pausing to glance up at you, asking for permission. You nodded silently again, giving him the approval to continue. It was touching that he was concerned for you, not wanting to push you beyond what your limit was.
As the garment slipped down your legs, Jisung was treated to the last remaining item of clothing that had covered you. He had moved back to draw your underwear down, taking them completely off and as soon as the came free, he resumed to his former position. “Wait, Jisung.” You muttered out, so quietly, you weren’t even sure if he actually heard you.
Though you were sure he heard when he paused in his action. “Yes?” He asked, thumb tracing circles over your hips.
“What about you? Don’t you want me to do anything for you?”
He let out a low chuckle, eyes burning into you. “You’re so cute. This is about you, we can focus on me after.” With that he lightly placed his hand over your pussy, his fingers beginning to caress your, watching you intently for every reaction. Your body stiffened, a moan escaping our parted lips as a faint burst of pleasure exploded within you. He smirked, noticing how wet you already were. His hand traced along the slit of your core once more, this time, dipping slightly into your folds and feeling you jolt from the contact. Pulling back to see the evidence of your work, Jisung’s eyes looked up at you innocently. “Can I have a taste?”
“Please.” You nearly begged, unable to come up with a better reply in the wake of knowing what he meant and what you were about to experience.
A brilliant smile appeared on his face as he bent down. He had settled fully down on  his stomach so that he could rest between your legs once again. Instead of tasting you, like he had asked, Jisung traced over your fold with his fingers. His index finger barely brushed against the hidden bundle of nerves. A ragged moan tore from your throat as he did so. It made your body burn in anticipation for his mouth to descend on you, especially with the metal ball that he had newly acquired. The thought made you buck your hips, wanting more contact between the both of you. That only made the grin on his face linger, his expression rather cocky now, as he repeated the motion with a little more pressure this time. “Feels good right?” He asked, already noticing the way that you had been trembling from such a small action.
“Yes.” You managed to breathe out before crying out once again. 
Jisung was completely unrelenting, enjoying the power that he had over you. It had only been a single that he had slid into you, but your hips jerked forward nonetheless. “So responsive. And what if I did this?” He circled the clutter of nerves at the top of your entrance, pressing down on it as his fingers stroked your inner wall. You could only mewl from the action, pulling at the sheets beneath you and calling for him. He was quick to give into what you wanted, adding a second finger inside of you, smiling when you groaned.
You let out another shuddering exhale as the motion of his fingers continued to speed up. You were experiencing a hot pleasure within you and you never wanted the feeling to cease. “Keep doing that.” You practically commanded him.
“Hm, but I think you’d like this.” He said as his thumb traced circles against your clit, this time fully touching the bundle of nerves. 
Your hips twisted, back arching odd the bed as nodded. “Yes, please. More.” You moaned, begging for more. You hadn’t expected him to be gentle yet so aggressive at the same time. You were in complete ecstasy and all you craved from him was more. You wanted more, you needed more. 
He seemed to understand this, as his hot breath finally fanned against your core. You could hear him snickering as you squirmed in place, but you hardly cared. Jisung didn’t keep you waiting, which was nice of him, as he flattened out his tongue, repeating the motion of rolling the cold metal ball right against the swollen head of your clit several times. A rough tug on his scalp pulled his attention to you, refocusing his eyes on you for a second before doubling his efforts of his mouth and fingers working within you. His free hand spayed flat against the outside of your quivering thighs, fingers indenting in the flesh as he pressed harder against you. “Jisung I’m-”
You braced yourself as you felt the knot tightening within you all too quickly. You can only chant his name out, feeling weak as you continue to ride out your high on his tongue. Jisung, as unrelenting as ever, doesn’t stop. His mouth lacked onto the sensitive bundle of nerves, making the feeling of another orgasm soon come over you again. He sucked hard, all the while curling her fingers in you, causing you to arch up off the bed when the pleasure in your core had spiked. His tongue flicked rapidly over the bud, circling and prodding at it before she applied more suction. After a few moments, she removed her fingers, trailing down and tracing your opening. You tugged at his hair again, warning him once again. He gave a soft hum in response, not removing his mouth from you, sustaining the confusing mixture of pleasure and not-so-quite pain that he was giving you. His tongue laved over the flesh, causing you to jerk against him and another orgasm soon pushed through you. Instinctively, you tried to get away from the stimulation, but he held your hips tightly, not letting you have any relief.
“Jisung please…” You begged him, feeling quite limp. 
At last, he raised his head, lips glistening with proof of your orgasm, which he licked away. His fingers never stopped working within you, a smirk plastered on his face. “I’m not done with you yet, pretty girl.” And with that his ministrations started up once again. “I never want to stop making you cum on my tongue.”
Before you can respond, he was hoisting your legs over his broad shoulders. You could only comply with being folded like this, body feeling limp. The sensation of his warm, wet tongue right against your clit made you tense. Your body jerked as the pressure resumed, and you cried out, trying to close your legs once again. You ddn’t know how much more of this you could take. Your whole body felt completely raw. “Ji… please I can’t take it anymore.” You could feel the muscles in your thighs beginning to tense, closing around his head. That only made him double in his efforts, determined to make you reach your high. Reaching up, he used his free hand to press down on your stomach attempting to keep you still. Intense pleasure, stronger than before, burned through your veins, causing every muscle to twitch as Jisung continued to work you with his tongue, refusing to let you go till you climaxed once again.
“Keep your legs opening.” He instructed, lust filled gaze looking down on you. “You’re doing so good and I just want one more of you.”
You could only nod, earning a chuckle from him. His mouth clamped over you again, sucking hard enough to make you cry out, the tears forming in your eyes and the sparks flared in your core. With each flick of his tongue, he pushed you higher, your frayed nerves sparking in your body. Your back arched off the bed, nails digging shallow crescents into the sheets beneath you. Shudders racked into you, making you shake and tremble beneath him. A sharp, high pitched string of moans left your lips as he pulled you closer to his face, tongue and fingers only going deeper within you. Tightly gripping his hair, you throw your head back, eyes tearing up as you released with a final cry. Your hips involuntarily grinding against his face in a last ditch effort to prolong the waves of your pleasure. He held his tongue flat, allowing you to use his face as you pleased, his eyes watching you intently. 
Once you stilled, he released you with a pop. He eagerly lapped up the liquid proof of your release, devouring your taste, just as he did before. When he finished cleaning the traces of your release away, Jisung sat back on the balls of his feet, his gaze softly looking down at your limp figure. “You okay?”
You nodded, weakly. “That was...amazing. That piercing of yours...”
With a swipe of his tongue, he couldn’t help but feel some pride having made you cum three times. He definitely had to thank Hyunjin for convincing to get this piercing. “Love that much huh?”
Your hand came up and pulled him closer. “Love it so much I think we could go again.”
“Then what are we waiting for?”
Tumblr media
taglist: @geniejunn @jsung01 @woofwoofbangbang @hanjiswaq @ofsake @flightoftheflightrisk @jonecb-97 @yutaalove @changbinscypher @eunoia-kth
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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jiminbbyboy · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m going to do 8 days of Stray Kids one shots. I already have some reworked from older writing I’ve done in the past ready to go. I also have some other ideas I would love to post.
If you want to be tagged in any let me know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Featuring: Han Jisung x f.reader
↳ He was the boys next door with a heart of gold and she was a girl who had learned to love herself but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to let someone love her.
Warnings: angst, fluff, smut, and self conscious feelings.
Tumblr media
feat: bang chan x f.reader
fake dating au
↳ She had to attend her estrange fathers wedding, and didn’t want to go alone. Chan offers to go as her fake boyfriend so she doesn’t have to face the wedding alone.
Warnings: 3rd person reader insert, angst, fluff, smut, and self conscious feelings.
Tumblr media
featuring: Yang Jeongin x f.reader
↳ She didn’t believe in love until she met him. He wanted to break down the walls she built up around her heart.
warnings: none, pretty fluffy maybe a little angst.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Seo Changbin x f.reader
acquaintances to lovers au
↳ there an air of innocence to him. Curiosity leads to both you discovering more and more about yourself.
warnings: smut, sexual self discovery.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Lee Felix x f.reader
established relationship au
↳ He tries to show he would be an amazing wedding date, and show why he’s the perfect guy.
warnings: cussing, smut, explicit sexual content, body insecurity, body worship
Tumblr media
featuring: Lee Know (Minho) x f.reader
rich boy au
↳ Your mother ask for Minho to be your date to a charity event and you get to spend a lot of time talking about the past and the what they want in the future
warnings: smut, angst, cussing
Tumblr media
featuring: Hwang Hyunjin x f.reader
college au
↳ Hyunjin drinks too much and some how always ends up knocking on the girl who lives across the hall door. They have fallen into a routine of her taking care of him.
warnings: mentions of alcoholism, cussing, angst, sadness
Tumblr media
featuring: Kim Seungmin x f.reader
↳ His voice was sweetest thing she had ever heard. Everything he did seemed to captivate her.
warnings: some cute fluff, oral both male and female receiving, and then unprotected sex
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xxbangchansidedishxx · 2 months ago
How the members would react to catching you masturbating.
Trigger warning: pet names, shy, overstimulation, teasing, degrading, choking kink, corruption.
-Not proof read. It’s literally half 2 in the morning😭-
Bang Chan-
Tumblr media
You are lay on your bed with your legs spread wide open and a vibrator held to your sensitive clit.
You weren’t expecting Chan to be home from practice for another few hours but you were so desperate for him.
The buzzing had you completely overwhelmed with pleasure and whimpered shaking as your 3rd orgasm washed over you.
No matter how many times you cum it wasn’t enough, you were just desperate for his cock to to filling you up so perfectly.
You continue to overstimulate yourself when you hear clapping come from the doorway.
“Well kitten that was quite the show.”
He walks over to you smirking, taking the vibrator and turning it on again pressing it to one of your hard nipples causing you to let out a whine. You bite your hand trying to hold back moans.
“But I never remembered telling you that you could touch yourself so I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you kitten.”
- That night he edged you over and over again before slamming into your tight little hole with no mercy.
- Fills you with so much cum and takes pictures zooming in as it leaks out of your hole down your thighs.
- “such a little whore. You love when daddy fills you with cum don’t you? You love being my little cumslut.” He trailed his fingers through your folds collecting his cum on them before bringing them up to your mouth and demanding you to suck. You obeyed the man as he wrapped his other hand around your throat applying light pressure. Loving what a pathetic little mess you became under his touch.
Lee Know-
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is busy taking calls for work so you chill out on your bed scrolling through Twitter.
One tweet in particular catches your eye.
It’s a picture of Lee Know’s hands. For some reason your brain trails off. You can’t stop thinking about his long fingers rubbing your folds and slowly pressing into your heat.
You rub your thighs together whimpering at the thought as you trail a hand down to your chest, kneading them in your small hands before flicking at your stiff buds, biting your lip at the sensation. After a while of teasing them through the fabric of your shirt you lift it up letting your tits bounce free, the cold air making your nipples even more sensitive. You begin to roll them between your fingers letting out soft moans.
“Babe is it okay if I….” When he noticed what you were doing he went completely silent. His eyes immediately turned dark and you were quick to stop your actions realising he was still on the phone.
“I’ll call you back. I need to talk to my girlfriend about the matter.” He hung up the phone smirking and walking towards you.
-“What do you think you were doing having fun without me babygirl?”
- Trails hickies down your perky tits before taking one of the buds into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and gently nipping at it while he massaged the other in his hand.
- Guides you onto his cock so that you can ride him while he watches your pretty hickey covered tits bounce with every thrust.
- “Mmh so pretty riding my cock princess. Fuck making daddy feel so good.” The lewd sound of skin slapping skin filled the room making the experience feel even more dirty and heated. You couldn’t get enough of feeling his thick cock fill you up so well.
Tumblr media
Changbin was still at practice and you were feeling extra needy so you decided to relieve yourself.
You teased your wet folds with a dildo, squirming at the sensation before you slowly pressed it in. Almost instantly you took it back, slapping it against your dripping cunt and moaning out when it touched your clit. You think of the buff man slapping your heat causing you to tear up with desperation before you slid the dildo back inside. You bit your lip feeling it stretch you out as you began to thrust it in and out of your tight hole . The sound of your wetness turned you on even more. You were so lost in your pleasure that you didn’t hear when your boyfriend came in. Infact you only noticed when you felt his hand brush yours away and take control of the dildo. He began to thrust it into at an impossible paste making scream and cum all over the toy but he still didn’t stop.
- “Awe how cute. Such a pathetic slut thinking this you could fuck you anywhere near as good as my cock.” You can’t do anything but whimper as he takes out the toy before lining himself up with your dripping entrance.
- As he thrusted into you he rubbed your clit in fast circles. “Mmh look at your pretty little pussy stretched around my thick cock so well.” The way your tight pussy squeezed around him made him let out a low groan.
- He picked up his pace repeatedly slamming into you at the right angle causing you to squirt making a mess all over the bedsheets. You turn red with embarrassment. “Oh fuck I gotta see you do that again princess.” He proceeded to overstimulate you over and over again until your entire body shook with pleasure.
Tumblr media
You are asleep next to your boyfriend Hyunjin but your mind was going everywhere. You dreamed of him touching your most intimate parts. Your lips were parted as you unconsciously grinded your clothed pussy against his leg. He woke up from the movement looking at you with a face of concern. When he had come to his senses he realised what was happening. Soft pants left your parted lips and he could feel the wetness of your panties slick on his leg. He could feel his own length harden before he lightly shook you awake.
- “Hm was my little kitten trying to get off on masters leg while she was sleeping.” Your face flushed red as you tried to stutter out an excuse but he interrupted you, pulling you onto his muscly thigh pushing your panties aside so that your swollen clit came into direct contact with his skin.
- You whimpered as you felt him flex his thigh Beneath you, rolling your hips against him desperately as he chuckled. “So desperate kitten, but you gotta be quiet. You don’t want the others to hear you.” You didn’t want to admit but the thought of one of the other members walking in and catching you looking like such a fucked out whore just from grinding against his thigh really turned you on.
- He attached his lips to yours, swallowing your moans and placing his hands on your hips to make you grind onto him faster. You could feel your high coming and Hyunjin could tell by the way your pussy pulsed against him. “Don’t be shy my little toy. Be a good girl and come all over masters thigh.” You let out a high pitched Yelp as your body spasmed and you collapsed against him breathlessly.
Tumblr media
You were relaxing in bed until your mind began to wonder. Thoughts of Jisung filled your head. This morning before he went to practice the two of you had been lazily making out but he had to leave suddenly which meant you had been needy all day. You still had a while before he was meant to be home so you decided it wouldn’t hurt to relieve yourself… just a little.
Your hand trailed down to your throbbing clit as you slowly began to rub circles into the bundle of nerves, biting your lip at the pleasurable feeling.
You felt your heat get wetter and wetter as your thoughts just became more lewd.
“J- jisungie I need you.” You moaned out as you sped up your movements. That’s when you noticed his presence.
- “ Was my baby really that desperate?” He chuckled before walking towards you. You begged him to help you. At this point you didn’t care how pathetic you sounded. You just needed to cum.
- “awe my needy little slut is so cute.” He positioned himself between your legs. You shuddered feeling his hot breath against your heat. Teasingly he licked at your folds, swirling his tongue around your clit making you gasp.
- you already felt so close but when he began to suck at your bundle of nerves that was it for you. You couldn’t hold back your moans anymore. His wet tongue exploring your folds and his plump lips on your swollen clit sent you over edge. You gripped the bedsheets as you came. Whining as you felt him lap it up with his tongue. He brought his head up to look you in the eyes with a smirk. His lips were glistening with wet. “Mmh taste so good darling.” He licked his lips before bringing you into a heated kiss making you cringe when you could taste yourself on his tongue.
Tumblr media
You were completely lost in pleasure as you ran the bullet vibrator over your sensitive nipples. You weren’t busy today so you could take the time to tease yourself before finally letting your body come undone. After you were finished toying with your chest you ran the vibrator down to your clothed pussy. You lightly let it brush over your clit, sucking in a sharp breath at the feeling. You slowly began to circle the bundle of nerves getting your body even more hot and worked up. What you didn’t know is that your best friend had messaged you telling you that he was coming over.
Oblivious to this fact you carried on pleasuring yourself, whimpering each time you denied to let yourself orgasm. Meanwhile Felix had let himself into your house with the spare key. He was planning to scare you but when he heard strained noises coming from your room he thought you were hurt so he burst in. Immediately you screamed, throwing the vibrator away from you without turning it off and covering your body. “Felix what the fuck don’t look at me!” Your face burned crimson red after being caught by your friend.
- “Mmh but you looked so pretty like that kitten.” He walked towards you picking up the vibrator and smirking before grabbing your chin and forcing you to look up at him. He gently brushed a finger against your plump lips waving the vibrator infront of you. “Look at you, so shy to be caught with this.” He chuckled lightly.
- “How about you spread those legs for daddy hm? Let me see that pretty little pussy of yours.” You shyly obeyed the freckled boy. Slightly spreading them too embarrassed to open them fully. You gasped when you felt his strong hands harshly spread you wider. “I know you can spread them more than that slut.” He pushed aside your panties before rubbing a finger against your wet folds. You whimpered in embarrassment. You felt so exposed infront of him like this.
- “Suck Daddy’s fingers kitten.” You opened your mouth as he brought two fingers up to your lips and you began to swirl your tongue around them. You felt him press the vibrator against your throbbing clit moaning out in pleasure. Eventually he removed his fingers from your mouth and stuffed them into your tight hole with no warning. Thrusting them into you harshly. The pleasure from the vibrations mixed with the embarrassment and feeling of his fingers pumping into your tight hole was sending you over edge. “You are so fucking tight kitten. Taking my fingers so well.” He turned the vibrator onto the highest setting, biting his lip as he watched your body shake in pleasure. “That’s it kitten, fucking cum all over daddy’s fingers. Such a good little slut.” He praised as squirted with a loud whine.
Tumblr media
It was as one of those days. It was raining outside and your boyfriend had gone to the store to get snacks for a movie marathon. You’d be lying if you said that Seungmin wasn’t incredibly hot but you’d never gone further with him than a make out session. He had never seen you naked. Lately you had just been feeling so needy but you didn’t want to bring it up to him. You figured you had a little time before he would be back so you stacked the pillows from his side of the bed and stripped before mounting them and beginning to rock back and fourth. This was admittedly your favourite way to get off. The fact that you were using his pillows made you feel dirty in the best way and they were just enough to make you feel good but tease by the way they would get you all heated up before you could release. You desperately rocked your hips back and fourth at a faster pace whining out your boyfriends name. “F- fuck seungmin ugh p-please.” You were stopped in your tracks when you heard a loud Yelp.
- “B-babe I didn’t meant to walk in I-I’ll just come back later.” His face turned Scarlett red seeing you like that and he could feel himself get hard in his boxers. “You know Seungminnie… you don’t have to leave.” Your voice was shy yet seductive. The boy let himself look at your naked form again, shyly taking in the sight before walking towards you timidly.
- “ A-are those my pillows?” Now it was your time to blush. You explained that you liked getting off on them and watched as the boy readjusted his tight pants. He seemed lost for words and bit his lip shyly trying to muster up the courage to ask his request. He took a deep breath before stuttering “ D- Do you think I could watch?” He his his face embarrassed by his words before shooting it back up when he felt the bed begin to move. You had already began grinding against them again smirking.
- After a while he got more confident. He was palming himself through his jeans letting out deep groans as he watched you desperately and pathetically hump against the pillows. “F- fuck darling. You don’t know how much I’ve thought about this.” He rubbed the head of his cock through the material hissing at the feeling before reaching out to toy with your hard sensitive nipples.
Tumblr media
You were staying at your friends empty house for the week. You had gotten into an argument with your parents and wanted some time away from them. You were lay in your bed in the spare room whimpering. It had been a while since you’d done this. You let the vibrating dildo rub at your folds as you worked yourself up. You didn’t need to worry about being quiet since you knew you were alone. Your friend was away after all. You let one hand grope your sensitive tits as the other slowly pushed the thick toy into your desperate hole. You moaned out at the sensation not hearing the jingle of keys in the door.
Jeongin walked into the house. He knew his sisters friend was staying over but he had left something there and he needed to come to grab it. As he walked up the stairs he heard soft moans. Thinking that you had hurt yourself he ran into your room bursting through the door, his face turning red when he saw it.
- “ I - I’m so sorry I thought you were hurt.” He shrieked closing his eyes and running into the doorframe and bashing his head in a panic. You covered your body from the younger boy. Your face now flushed red too. “Innie I’m covered up now you can open your eyes.” The boy shyly opened his eyes blinking at at you with innocent eyes. He had a million questions in his head. “W- why were you putting that thing in your….” He trailed off unable to finish his sentence. His innocence was adorable and made you want to just corrupt the boy.
- “Why don’t you come over here hm and I’ll explain?” He shyly complied and sat on the edge of the bed. You began to explain and watched as his expression became one of shock. “S-so it feels good when you put it inside?” His cheeks were unbelievably red now but he felt a heat rise up in his stomach. He knew what he wanted but he didn’t know why. You just nodded at his question. “D- do you think I could … um I could maybe see you do it again?” His voice stuttered as he hid his embarrassed face and smirked at his request. You uncovered your body and began to put on a show for the boy . You thrusted the vibrating toy in and out of your sensitive hole watching the boy squirm as his pants tightened.
- You offered to let him pump the toy in and out of you and he shyly complied. His pace was fast and he didn’t understand why you were moaning and shaking so much. “W-wow you look so cute when I do this noona… your body reacts so much and your noises are so pretty.” Soon enough you were cumming all over the toy as the innocent boy watched biting his lip. He was desperate for friction, palming his erection though his jeans. “Mmh baby boy, how about I take care of you now?” He nodded eagerly as you began to unzip his jeans.
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