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#han smut
eightlee · 2 months ago
awkward sex moments with stray kids.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nothing serious i was just bored but 18+ only.
accidentally put castaways on the sex playlist. 
(do i need to elaborate)
he was going so hard with all his might
until he got a cramp 
until he got a cramp 
he’s fucking you against the cupboard
yes, there’s some suspicious sounds of cracking and creaking 
but both of you were too high and horny to think about it
and a moment of silence for the cupboard door everyone. 
it breaks and you are pushed into the cupboard, changbin on top of you as both of you try to grasp what the fuck just happened. 
you yanked his hair too hard 
and some strands of his dried crispy blonde snaps just like that
leaving you with a small bunch of his hair in your hands
0/1000 never again. 
it’s been awhile since you got to meet jisung in person 
and you have just noticed how much gains his arm has had
you’re gawking over it and he suddenly picks you up bridal style, walking to the room
“i’ll show you what i can do with this arms baby-”
his foot is interrupted by the leg of the bed as he stubs his toe against it
and both of you fall onto the bed with a thud and the loudest scream
the mood is the most vanilla thing that could possibly happen
he’s slowly thrusting into you, pecking soft fluttery kisses onto your lips
until you accidentally graze on his ticklish sides with your foot as you wrapped your legs around him 
and his weight falls flat onto you, arms that once supported his weight gives into the sudden tickle. 
the two of you end up laughing for a good 3 minutes before continuing
gave you a judgmental look because he thought you farted
turns out he never knew what queefs were. 
his phone just wouldn’t shut up, the annoying ring tone ripping though the heated atmosphere.
it was his mom, again and again
the both of you gave up trying to ignore it 
he finally picks up the call to find out she just wanted to know why the fuck his brother wasn’t attending extra classes again. 
a/n: will not be writing for the next few weeks because of finals but i’m practically addicted to this app and slightly fomo so i’m still pretty active <3… but not as much! i was half crying when castaways suddenly played as i was doing this.
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fawnlino · a month ago
sexy time with skz (maknae line)
—a study on stray kids' habits, kinks, likes, and/or dislikes during and after sex.
genre: smut with a hint of fluff
warnings: biting, hair grabbing, choking, sir kink, sadism & masochism themes, possessive themes, pet play, praise kink, a light bdsm notes: these are all assumptions based on stray kids' real habits and personalities. some are also based on things they've mentioned before. also didn't proof-read so sorry for typos and wrong grammar in some parts.
[hyung line]
jisung doesn't really like throwing that much attention to himself when he feels vulnerable so sexy time with him is very private; he would rarely do it when there are other people in the house or in a public place.
but that's good cause this boy can be loud. he's either letting out deep and breathy moans or he's loud and whiny.
he would talk a lot; along the lines of sweet talk "you look so pretty" "does it feel good?" to cocky talk "i can see you like that" "i'm better than you at this."
throws a lot of sweet nicknames like baby, honey, cutie, kitten, princess/prince (우리 공주님, 우리 왕자님).
despite being a seemingly helpless awkward boy, you can see that jisung's very in control of things (a natural born-leader), he sees everyone as cute, and he can get pretty cocky. so this is probably mirrored in the bedroom.
(he'd be a great sub but) i feel like he prefers being dominant.
would play a playlist he made specially for spicy time. (red velvet's be natural can be part of it)
holds you a lot by the shoulder, the neck, or the side of your chest. would cup your face too but sometimes that would lead to choking.
occasional hair-grabbing. both receiving and giving, though mostly giving.
and would constantly ask you to look at him. he either asks or he holds your chin.
after, there will be a lot of sweet kisses all over your face and both of you will just sing along to the songs.
this sunshine grew up with social media; he's always up to try things he finds/ he comes across on tiktok like that "pop it, pull it, bonk(?) it" trend (which i believe was initially meant for doggos but some use it on their boyfriends' dicks)
which would often lead to playful sex.
i think he's most likely a switch depending on his/your mood; he doesn't prefer one. he just really enjoys this time with you.
a lot of breathy giggles as well (but hella deep.)
when he holds you, he grabs. just his fingers digging into your skin like he doesn't want to let go of you.
his teasing won't be as torturing as the others, just a lot of chuckles after with a few "you're so cute."
and when you tease him, he puts on his 'scary' dom face and would degrade you a bit. "what did you say slut?"
would sometimes ask you to call him sir.
you can see how he loves trying new things on a daily basis so i think out of skz, he's the most experimental.
would hold your hand while you're fucking. he's cute like that. 🥺
would bite a lot. he doesn't care if it marks, he loves it.
and we all know felix loves cuddles. so after sexy time, even if it's burning hot, he'll hug you and hold your hand.
i've noticed seungmin loves pain (receiving and giving) so i think he's both a sadist and a masochist but he's surely a dom.
he would instruct his partner where to inflict pain and/or his partner is on the receiving end.
in past videos whenever asked to dance sexy, his hand would go up to his neck. so i believe he's into choking as well.
he also loves teasing, LOVES IT. so he's most likely to tease his partner to the point of humiliation.
could be into pet play since he loves saying "mong mong" and loves hearing other people say it. (he literally instructed the cashiers of skz cafe not to give stays the drink he named if they don't say the full name which includes mong mong)
would ask you to wear cat ears or any cute fluffy articles of clothing.
he won't be loud but he'd make sure you are so everyone knows who you belong to since he's a bit possessive. (ngl he's very sexy when he's jealous)
he'd have a favorite part of you; it depends on his partner; if you have beauty mark by your shoulder, etc. something very specific. and he would mark & kiss it a lot.
like felix, i think he would love biting.
he'd play with your hands after and tell you how pretty they are. he'd also compliment you how beautiful you are after sex every 👏 time👏 even though you've done it many times before.
would sing you to sleep with giving you head pats.
could also laugh at how cute you were begging him to touch you. "i didn't know you'd actually beg." but that's just him teasing you.
would also take cute couple photos with you after (like very closed up shots of your foreheads)
even if he's experienced, he's naturally clumsy so it could happen in the bedroom as well. he could fall off the bed or hit his head against yours.
if you two are just hanging out and he wants to do it, you can tell before he asks cause he's either poking you a lot or just straight up staring at you.
definitely a switch. depends if he's feeling himself that day.
cause when he feels himself, he FEELS himself. this boy loves being sexy.
he would buy you matching sexy outfits, take photos, then take it off of you.
like seungmin, he likes to tease. he could (possibly) literally laugh at you.
probably loves being praised like god.
being vocal is something that i think he likes; he prefers it when you use your words and he's also very responsive.
but i don't think he's into name-calling or cute nicknames. he loves calling you by your name and hearing his name from you.
i also do think he's into a bit of bondage; just tying his partner's hands and blindfolds, nothing too intricate or intense.
and like felix, he holds you intensely. literally pressing you against him.
he also love to leave marks for fun (rmb hyunjin's neck?); and he doesn't get shy when others ask about it later.
after isn't really as cute or as sexy, he either falls asleep quickly or talks to you excitedly.
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matryosika · 14 days ago
and your best friend too
Tumblr media
pairing – dom!jisung x reader
genre – smut, angst
wordcount – 5.3 k
warnings – possessiveness, graphoerotica, exhibitionism, consented videotaping, humiliation, degradation, use of petnames, mentions of the word "daddy", oral sex (m), deep throating, dirty talk, mentions of safeword, rough sex, unprotected sex, body cumshot.
note – i kind of have a thing for body writing (graphoerotica) as a form of humiliation so i wanted to write something about it. also, i apologize in advance if there are any mistakes, please remember that english is not my first language!
if you like my work and drabbles, and you want/are able to, please consider tipping me on my ko-fi. i will be extremely grateful! (, even a dollar will help me a lot!
[23:08, y/n]
*attachment: 1 video*
don't i look pretty like this, ji?
jisung's jaw tensed as soon as his digit pressed on the video you had sent him.
it was you, half of your face buried into the mattress while your arse was completely arched. your glossy gaze making direct contact with the camera as you recorded such a filthy moment, slightly sticking your tongue out, moaning and whining while getting fucked.
[23:09, y/n]
after all, i am no one, right?
i hope you don't mind i am taking it out on your best friend
he seemed so pleased with the idea of getting between my legs that i just had to let him inside of me
jisung's knuckles turned 3 shades paler as his eyes witnessed the rest of the clip. your pretty face, completely fucked out. eyes rolling to the back of your head while you pathetically moaned his best friend's name: hyunjin. biting your lips, sucking on your fingers, all of that while making direct eye-contact with the camera on your cellphone.
he licked his lips in exasperation, tongue pocking out in one of his cheeks while the blood underneath his veins boiled.
he had it coming, but he never guessed it would bother him this much.
[23:11, y/n]
don't worry, ji
he gave me permission to record our little session
and as hard as he tried to just delete that clip from his gallery and leave your messages without a reply, he couldn't do it. replaying it on loop over and over again, his heart raced at the image of your pretty body being used by someone else. his cock instinctively twitched under his pants as it grew harder, the sound of your whines and whimpers making him lose control as he was reminded that it wasn't him who was making you feel that good.
he was conflicted, feeling both enraged and turned on. the thought of you filming the whole thing out of revenge had him on edge, the lingering possibility of you thinking about him while getting fucked by no other than his best friend, and your sinful noises combined were exactly everything that was needed to rile him up immediately.
he fucked up, and this was the price that he was doomed to pay.
[23:16, y/n]
goodnight, ji
enraged, he locked his cellphone and threw it on the couch of his living room, the silhouette of his painfully hardened bulge becoming more and more prominent under his sweatpants as he rubbed both of his hands against his face.
his mind went back to the last heated argument you two shared at his studio. even though the relationship you two shared was merely sexual, you couldn't help but feel upset whenever he denied you in front of everyone, even his close friends. you knew he was a very reserved man and you respected that, but it wasn't until the day of the argument where you realized that he had completely fucked up.
the past few weeks he spent them ranting about how stressed he was and how much he needed you, talking about all the things he wanted to do with you and how bad he wanted to show you how much he desired you. as a good, compassionate friend you were, one day you decided to show up at his studio without telling him. you knew that one of his sexual fantasies was doing it there, where everyone could hear and, since he was very much stressed, you thought that helping him out could serve as a release for him.
however, the surprise was for you and not for him. hyunjin, his best friend, was inside the studio with him. once you recognized his voice, you thought hard and long about leaving and coming back later, but the sudden apparition of your name in the middle of the conversation made you stay right were you where.
"so, about y/n?" hyunjin questioned, your mind telling you to leave before it was too late but your legs were completely disconnected from your brain, "you don't know her?"
there was a pause before jisung's voice interrupted the silence again.
"not really man," he replied, "i've seen her around the building but we have never talked properly".
"i thought you guys were close" hyunjin stormed, his voice wrapped with genuine shock, "i swear i've seen you two talking a few times".
a faint laugh slipped out of jisung's lips, the despair of not being able to witness the scene with your own eyes was frustrating enough for you to feel any kind of emotions in the heat of the moment.
"nah," jisung mumbled, "she is literally no one, you must be confused".
no one.
you tried your best to fight the sadness and disgust but those two sentiments got the best of you. the way he expressed himself about you made you feel kind of dirty, like an object. and even though you enjoyed being treated like that in bed, it was much different to hear his voice talking about you with people outside of whatever dynamic you two had going on.
it just felt wrong.
"i think she is very attractive" hyunjin added, his voice snapping you out of your trail of thoughts, "i thought you two were friends so i was going to ask you to introduce me to her, but i guess i would have to do it myself".
after much consideration, a heated confrontation and an argument that lasted for barely 10 minutes, you decided to put an end to whatever it was that was going on between the both of you. all you wanted was for him to treat your name decently outside of bed but he was stubborn about "wanting to keep everything on private". of course, keeping things private meant one thing but completely denying your bond and devaluing you to a "nobody" were two different things, and you were too proud to continue on being treated like that.
the following days after the confrontation were mere history, returning back to the present point of jisung's rage. after clearing up his mind and reorganizing his thoughts, his gaze focused on the clock hanging on his living room wall. 23:31.
Tumblr media
[23:52, unknown number]
i am outside
a faint smirk appeared on your lips as you laid down your cellphone on top of your bed, both of your eyes lost in the ceiling of your apartment as you thought the situation through.
it took him only one small taste of revenge for him to loose his mind, ringing the doorbell of your apartment over and over again determined to get a response from you.
he was at your mercy, but you were at his too. you knew that as soon as you opened that door and saw his countenance, you were going to drop on your knees for him. you knew yourself too well, maybe, and that's why you were afraid of letting him inside.
[23:53, unknown number]
you have 10 seconds to open the door
don't do things you might regret later, princess
a small chill traveled along your body and spine, your skin getting covered in goosebumps at the soft threat he was giving you. with careful steps you approached the front door of your apartment and waited there for a couple of seconds in silence.
but, after much consideration, your hand turned the handle all the way to reveal the image of jisung's angry gaze laying on your vulnerable figure.
"what do you want?" you questioned so casually, ignoring the series of messages you had sent him only a few minutes prior, "i am about to sleep s-" without a warning his hand grabbed the sides of your neck while his body entered the apartment, forcing you inside by taking a step back.
"you planned this, didn't you?" he spitted while locking the door with his available hand, "you slept with him because you wanted to take revenge on me."
"and what if i did?" you inquired with broken words, a faint smile appearing as jisung's grip on your neck got tighter, "i enjoyed every second of it, you have no idea".
guiding you all the way to the nearest wall, his body pressed against yours cornering you into a very small place. there was absolutely no space in between the both of you, no air or small particles could ever pass through the middle of you.
"keep on talking" he threatened, his lips dangerously close to yours, "give me more reasons to shut that fucking mouth of yours".
and determined to push him to the edge, you did was you were told.
"he fucked me so good, ji" you panted, the lack of oxygen making you feel both dizzy and aroused, "he made me cum so many times i lost count".
"you know what you are doing" jisung hissed, his jaw clenched as his eyes looked down on you.
"his cock was so big," you whined, your nipples hardening at both the memory and the current situation. the light fabric of your pijamas did absolutely nothing to conceal both of your hardened buds, making jisung's erection much more prominent as soon as he spotted them, "i know you would've loved to see me riding his thick cock".
"you are pathetic" he groaned, softening the grip on your neck as soon as your half-lidded eyes started to slowly close shut, "trying to convince yourself that you don't need me".
"why would i need someone who can't even say my name out loud?" you teased, the words coming out with more resentment and anger than you intended to, "why would i need you when my name sounds so good coming out of hyunjin's lips?"
jisung's tongue poked out inside of his cheek, his eyes rolling slightly back at the comment being made while letting out a soft scoff. "you can fuck him all you want," the dark-haired mumbled laying his deep eyes on you, "you can fuck all the cocks you want, but your dumb little brain knows that they are not me".
"you think so highly of yourself, ji" you pouted, your whole body still pressing against the wall while feeling his growing bulge brushing against your abdomen, "you are not the only one who can fuck me good".
"see, that's where you are wrong" jisung teased, faking a moment of sympathy, "i am the only one who can fuck you the way you like to be fucked, and i am the only one who owns those pretty holes of you. no one is allowed to touch you the way i do and no one is allowed to play with what's mine".
"isn't it a little too late for you to say that, jisung?" you inquired, the corners of your lips rising up in a subtle, but mocking, smile. "or do i need to remind you that just a few nights ago i was in the bed of your best friend?".
"why do you think i came here?" he questioned, his lips brushing against yours without giving you any kind of solid contact, "the one that needs a reminder it's you, not me princess".
"a reminder of what exactly?" you replied softly, your needy eyes dragging along his perfect facial features that were darkened with anger, "a reminder that i shouldn't settle for someone like you?"
his hand traveled all the way to your nape and, with a swift movement, he buried his fingers in between your hair, pulling it harshly and forcing your head to roll slightly backwards.
"so my pretty slut wants to play dumb tonight?" he groaned, a devilish smirk appearing on the corners or his lips, "you are very smart yet you are choosing the most stupid decisions right now".
pulling you by your hair, he made you kneel in front of him, still being caught between his body and the wall.
you knew how things were going to end and you would be lying if you said they didn't turn you on. jisung, as sweet and fun guy he appeared to be on the outside, held very dark traits on the inside. looks can be deceiving, they say, but you knew him well.
holding you in place by grabbing a fistful of your hair, jisung lowered his sweatpants and underwear with his available hand, freeing his swollen cock that was already dripping with precum.
"it doesn't matter how much you beg for me to stop or to slow down," he warned, setting your head in position to slam his cock inside your warm hole, "you know the rules".
you swallowed hard and whimpered at the sharp pain of his grip, your heart feeling ten times heavier while it sinked inside you, "i will only stop if you use your safe word. do you understand?"
you nodded in agreement, knowing the thrill he got out of this whole situation. he wanted to drive you all the way to your breaking point, one that would make you beg for him to stop. he wanted to assert his dominance in you, and he also wanted to prove how submitted you were for him, reminding you about being able to use your safe word but knowing that you were not going to do so because you needed to be good for him and take absolutely everything he was about to give you.
"let's see if you have some decent manners," he hissed, parting your lips with the tip of his cock, "and stop talking with your mouth full".
his hips slammed his cock into your mouth with a rough movement, making you gag around him as you closed your eyes shut.
"what's wrong?" he pouted, slightly pulling himself out of you only to thrust his hips into you again, "you didn't practice enough with hyunjin?"
you looked up to him with teary eyes, the anger and rage transmitted by them only making jisung's cock harder inside of your mouth.
"good girl" he mocked, his available hand traveling all the way to your neck while the other one gripped a fistful of your hair, "all you need is a cock filling you up for you to shut up"
as he thrusted his cock inside you, the palm of his hand slightly wrapped around your neck, feeling how his cock reached the deepest spot in your throat and groaning every time he felt his own bulge there.
"did hyunjin fill you up like this?" he questioned, grinding his teeth in an attempt to repress any sinful or lewd noises that cojld escape his lips, "was his cock big like mine?"
you moaned around him at his words, your eyes rolling to the back of your head each time his length made its way inside your warm hole.
"i bet it wasn't" he groaned, holding your head deep down his cock for a few seconds before completely pulling himself out of you.
you coughed hard while drool dripped out of your mouth, staining your chin and pijama top.
"look at the fucking mess you made," he mumbled, taking your chin with a swift movement and forcing you to look up to him, "you filthy slut".
he stared at you for a few silent seconds, his gaze wandering around your facial features while the only sounds that could be heard inside of your apartment were your heavy breathing and loud heartbeats. one of his fingers brushed against your glistening lips, your mouth instinctively opening for him as he let out a soft scoff. your teary eyes, your red nose, the neediness in your gaze and the way your mouth was slightly parted made his cock twitch right then and there, the blood under his veins ablazing as the impulses of fucking were getting the best out of him.
you looked at him with lust, a faint smirk appearing in the corners of your lips as you realized that he was just as desperate as you were. he wanted to punish you, but the urge to give you exactly what you needed was driving him to the edge.
"look at you, all riled up and jealous" you whispered, biting your lower lip while you glanced at him, "acting like a fucking animal because you can't control your impulses".
he gave you a killer gaze, one that, for a minute, actually made you regret saying such thing. but you were hurt and you promised yourself to not hold back at all.
not tonight.
"if i am no one, why do you get so mad when other people get in between my legs daddy?"
as soon as he heard that petname, his eyes slightly closed as his tongue poked out inside his cheek.
the same petname you had used on hyunjin, whining and moaning his name along with that title on the video clip you sent to jisung earlier that day.
"don't you like it when i call you that?" you questioned, "hyunjin really likes it".
with no hesitation, and without a warning, you felt a sudden sharp pain in your right cheek. the sting and hot feeling of jisung's palm against your skin made you roll your hips against nothing, one of your hands traveling immediately to your face as you tried to soothe the pain.
"watch your fucking mouth when you are speaking to me" he groaned, cupping both of your cheeks with one of his hands as he forced your head back, "i'm not hyunjin nor any of the other cocks who will never be able to satisfy a pretty slut like you, don't forget who you are talking to".
with a mocking smile you slightly sticked your tongue out, finding the situation more amusing than intimidating. even so, you couldn't deny the spark of fear that ignited inside you every time you saw jisung.
he was unpredictable, but that was the thing you enjoyed about him the most.
his body took a step back from yours and you took it as signal to stand up from your knees, walking behind him around your apartment as he made his way to your bedroom, a place he had been in countless times.
he awaited for you at the door frame, only closing the door once you were inside the room with him. "get on your hands and knees on the bed" was the first order he gave you, roaming around your desk looking for something unknown to you. his hands opened and closed the small drawers that were placed on top of it, his eyes traveling around the whole space until they finally stopped at the item he was looking for: a marker pen.
without asking any questions, you followed his command. getting on all fours, with your wetted and clothed core at his full disposal, you waited for his next order or plea.
his body slowly approached yours, the mattress sinking slightly while he placed one of his knees on top of it, both of his hands dragging your pijama short that did absolutely nothing to cover your dripping core.
"were you expecting for me?" he questioned with an egocentric tone at the realization that you didn't have any underwear on, your juices coating and sticking to the thin fabric of your pink shorts.
he gulped at the sight of your glistening core, the way your cunt throbbed almost inviting him to use it as long as he pleased.
but, of course, he wasn't going to let you have fun without teaching you a lesson first.
"you fucked one cock and suddenly you forgot how to respect the man who owns this cunt" jisung hissed, his hand draggind along the skin of your asscheek only to land a sharp, but painful, spank, making your whole body tremble under him, "i guess i just need to remind you what your place is, in fase you have forgotten it".
he dragged the marker pen along the skin of your arse, writing something on it that was unknown to you.
the sight of such degrading word written on your body combined with the sight of your soaking cunt only made his cock ten times harder than it was before, if being possible.
rolling your hips as a way of begging for him, a faint laugh left his lips. "you don't think i am going to give you what you want that easily, do you?"
"what do you want me to do?" you questioned, still with your arse arched for him.
"turn around" he ordered, giving you one final spank before your ass landed on the mattress as well as your back, your whole body weight resting on your forearms while you spreaded your legs for him, "this is just a small reminder of who you belong to, in case your dumb little brain can't recall it".
he then dragged the marker along the skin of your tummy, between your lower abdomen and your pubic area, writing letters while his devilish gaze fixed concentrated on your body.
once he was done, you realized that what he wrote was his own name.
"you like it when i mark you, don't you?" he questioned with a deep tone, smiling at his own masterpiece once he finished it, "i am marking you in the most humiliating way i can think of".
your eyes dragged along the written word on your skin and, for some reason, your cheeks turned a shade red.
"you look way prettier when you submit to me rather than to him" he groaned, positioning himself between your legs while his arms moved all the way up to your chest, his hands ripping the thin fabric of your top, "i hope that having your pretty body being dirtied with such filthy words teaches you a lesson".
without parting his gaze from yours, he wrote another word on your chest, right above your breasts.
he gave you one final smile before slightly pulling away from you, your eyes automatically landing on each word that was written by him on your body.
you felt both embarrassed and aroused, having such distinctive marks along you made by no other than him. what turned you on the most was the lingering feeling behind that action and the jealousy involved.
he wouldn never admit it out loud, but he was madly possessive about you. back then in his studio, when hyunjin asked for his help to flirt with you, he felt an unfamiliar sensation building up inside of him. he didn't wanted hyunjin to get close to you and, in fact, the thought of him hitting up on you made him sick.
you were his, and only his.
even if he didn't want to admit it, and even if things between the two of you were never serious nor official, you belonged to him.
no one was allowed to play with you. no one was allow to praise you. no one was allowed to lay a finger on you. no one was allowed to kiss you. no one was allowed to even think of you in any type of way.
you belonged to him and he was determined to fuck you for hours on end until all you could say or think about was his name.
"you are so cute," you panted, both of your legs spreaded as you caught his eyes fixed on his name written on your skin, "you are so cute when you are jealous".
a mocking smirk appeared on his face while he undressed himself, "this is what you wanted, wasn't it?" he questioned, aligning the tip of his cock with your cunt, "you did everything to make me jealous, knowing that things were going to end up like this".
you let out a victorious smile, biting your lower lip as yout eyes fixed on jisung's.
"you won," he groaned, forcing himself inside of your tight cunt and earning a small whimper out of you, "but i am going to take all my anger and jealousy on you, because that's what filthy sluts like you deserve for misbehaving".
as soon as he finished his sentence, the pace on his thrusts increased almost dramatically, slamming his length inside of you with roughness as you closed your legs around him.
"fuck" you whined, your back arching at such aggressive movements while your eyes closed shut, feeling the delicious stretchness inside your whole while he rolled his hips against yours.
"did he fuck you like this, princess?" he groaned, his eyes fixed on the way your breasts bounced with every thrust, "his cock felt this big inside of you?"
you shook your head slightly, unable to articulate any sound that weren't whines or moans.
one of his hands traveled all the way to where his name was written, slightly pressing down on that area as his cock went inside of you. the feeling was new, feeling both painful and pleasent at the same time.
"my cock is right here" he groaned, pressing at your lower abdomen each time he thrusted himself inside you, "filling your pretty cunt".
"fuck, jisung" you moaned, one of your hands desperately sliding down the set of pillows underneath you. once your digits grazed against the material of the thing you were looking for, you pulled it from beneath and handed it to jisung.
it was your pink small vibrator.
"you are so fucking needy" he groaned, slowing his pace as he took the device from your hand, "i'm guessing your brain is already fucked dumb for you to use it on your own".
the familiar sound ringed into your ears as jisung's hand approached your throbbing clit, putting pressure on the vibrator as a series of cries and moans escaped your lips.
"i bet you use this often," he panted, the sight of tears streaming down your cheeks making his cock twitch inside of your pussy, "masturbating every single night wishing it was my cock filling you up instead".
you moaned at his words, knowing that he wasn't far from the truth.
"you look so fucking pathetic, y/n" he hissed, his eyes dragging along your heavenly body already covered in sweat, "weren't you being so bold just a few seconds ago? now you can't even speak properly without crying and whining like the cockslut you are".
"shut up" you whispered in between broken moans, the familiar sensation on your lower back and abdomen indicating that you were embarrassingly close to your release.
"i told you," he groaned, leaving the vibrator on the side and leaning his body on top of yours to cup both of your cheeks, "to watch your fucking mouth". he forced your lips open while he was still inside you, spitting inside of your mouth and closing it immediately afterwards, forcing you to swallow.
he pulled himself out of you and slightly slapped your inner thigh, commanding you to get on your hands and knees again. however, your body was already too weak and fucked out to maintain your body weight with your hands, so you opted for resting your whole chest and arms against the mattress.
"isn't this your favorite position?" jisung scoffed, realizing that you were laying just like that when you recorded the video getting fucked by his best friend.
you arched your arse for him, slightly swaying your hips from side to side as you awaited for him to be inside you again. however, the next thing he did wasn't precisely slamming his cock inside you.
instead, he handed you his cellphone with the camera app opened.
"since you like to show yourself that much," he mumbled, the coldness of his voice sending shivers down your spine, "why don't you record yourself getting completely ruined by me?"
you placed the device against the pillow, capturing a good shot of both your face and your arse. trough the screen, you noticed how he returned to his previous position between your legs and, immediately afterwards, you felt the tip of his cock tracing your wetted slit.
"don't worry princess," he said, slowly entering your tight cunt again, "i won't show it to anyone, unless you want me to".
bringing back the familiar noise of the vibrator, he dragged it underneath your body and pressed it down on your clit, the sudden sensation making your whole body tremble under his arms.
"eyes on the camera, y/n" he whispered, one of his hands working with the toy while the other one gripped your hip, "i want you to see how cute you look while being ruined by me".
even though you did your best, it was almost impossible to keep your eyes opened at such overwhelming sensations.
this position, in particular, made jisung's cock hit that sweet spot inside you, making your eyes roll back every time his cock grazed against that rough patch of skin inside of your walls.
"you are going to make me cum" you cried, feeling how the pressure of the vibrator against your clit intensified immediatly after your words.
"eyes on the fucking camera" he mumbled, his hand leaving your hip while leaning on towards your body to grab a fistful of your hair, harshly pulling your head to the direction of the camera while he pounded your cunt from behind, "be a pretty slut and show me how obedient you are".
the series of moans and lewd noises became more and more frequent as jisung's hips acquired a sloppy pace, his groans and grunts making you clench even harder around his thick cock.
"i need to cum" you whined, tears streaming down your eyes as you did your best to keep them opened for the camera.
"who do you belong to?" he groaned, moving the vibrator slightly in circular motions around your bundle of nerves.
"you, jisung" you moaned, your hips moving instinctively against his, "i am yours and only yours"
the knot was really close to coming undone, and he knew that. he knew that by the way you clenched around him and by the way your hips pathetically grinded against him like a needy cockslut, wanting more and more stimulation in order to cum.
"that's right, princess" he groaned, his thrusts becoming more and more intense, "you belong to me, your cunt, mouth and assholes are meant to please me and only me, do you understand?"
you nodded eagerly for the camera, your eyes tearing up and your mouth slightly drooling at the feeling of your promising orgasm.
"now be a good slut and cum for me" he grunted, replacing the vibrator with his own digits against your clit, "cum all over my cock and fingers, make a mess and show me how obedient you are".
and so you did. moaning his name over and over again, the knot on your stomach finally came undone, freeing your abdomen and lower back from the build up tension that was almost making you go insane.
your orgasm washed up over your whole body as your juices coated his cock and stained your bed sheets, your cunt soaking and dripping as jisung kept on fucking it to look for his release as well.
"give me the cellphone, princess" he demmanded, quickly changing the camera from front to back as he recorded your ass bouncing on his cock, the letters written on it still legible enough for the camera to capture them.
it took him only a few more seconds to reach his orgasm as well, pulling out of you and cumming all over your arse. he made sure to record every single second of it, his hot arousal decorating your ass along with the word written on it.
however, not completely satisfied with the scene, he turned your weak body around one more time. the rest of his hot cum landed on top of your pubic area where his name was written, a smirk appearing on his lips as he panted.
after a few seconds of recording your fucked out body, he turned off his cellphone and left it on the side of your bed, his gaze admiring your body covered with his cum.
"do you still have doubts on who you belong to?" he questioned with hitching breath, "or do i need to fuck you back to your senses again, princess?"
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huenjin · 7 months ago
the devil’s tango.
Tumblr media
summary — and when your demon boyfriend's best friends ruin your valentine's day plans with said demon boyfriend by lighting up a restaurant in flames, they make sure to apologise well. or, in which jisung, changbin and chan show you all the ways a devil can fuck a woman.
Tumblr media
pairing — 3racha x reader
genre — smut | demons!au
ratings — 18+
word count — 14.4k words
warnings — mentions of flame, indications of objectification, mentions of themes of afterlife, heaven and hell | smut specifications under the cut
note — the way this was written only thanks to @chaangbin​ and her sprinto discord thing pwp and is totally inspired from this one nsfw asmr i chanced upon on reddit. happy reading and sinning, babes.
Tumblr media
smut warnings —
i. groping, dirty talk, objectification, car sex, marking, slight temperature play, thigh riding, dirty talk, slight blood play (jisung gets a slight rush !!), grinding, fingering, sir kink, nipple play, clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, ruined orgasm;
ii. changbin calls you baby girl (!!), choking, cunnilingus, dirty talk, dumbification (changbin talks a loooot dirty, heads up !!) nipple play, breast play, pain kink, spitting, marking, so so so much marking omfg, intercrural sex, clitoral stimulation, unprotected sex (better safe than anything else irl okay?), squirting, overstimulation, reader slips into subspace, changbin's kinda hard on the reader; chan bring you back from subspace because he's protective like that !!!
iii. tattooed!chan — chan has this huge dark feathered wing tattoo in his back omf and the reader has a tattoo kink, of sorts— dick piercing!chan, tongue piercing!chan, so !! much !! making !! out !!, calls you princess throughout the story because you are one, nipple play, breast play, daddy kink, grinding, spanking, pain kink, degradation (but chan like gives reader heads up in such a nice way because chan best boy !!), teasing cause chan won't give it to you just like that !!!, so much begging, pussy slapping, clitoral stimulation, cunnilingus, fingering, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, squirting, penetration, unprotected sex (wrap it before you snap it!), bulge kink, creampie, slight after care.
Tumblr media
Chan thinks Valentine's Day is a marketing scheme by the very commercial, capitalistic world. 
Not that his devilish self cared when he could have all the luxuries in the world in his hand by the very thought of it. Chan doesn't care even more because you, his girlfriend, loved Valentine's Day more than anything in this world, second only to your love for him. If anything, you loved Valentine's Day this much because of him.
And that is exactly why he is driving down the neat lane to this newly opened restaurant, right across the town, that you have been hyping up for months now. His fingers wrap around the steering wheel, shoes pressed flat against the gas as his other hand lies gently on your exposed thigh, thanks to your little black skirt riding up to his delight.
"Thank you for doing this," you mumble, your right hand shifting to place itself on top of his hand and grip at it softly. "You know, even after you hate all the couples out there, ever to exist."
Chan laughs, a hearty one in fact. His thumb rubs against the palmar side of your hand — one of the many affectionate things your devil does for you, albeit all the times he reminds you he is second to Lucifer himself.
"I don't hate them all." Lie. Chan knows that's an obvious lie and so do you. You click your tongue and your boyfriend bites his lower lip in a sheepish action, momentarily glancing at you before bringing his attention back on the road. "I like us. We make such a power couple. If anything, we should be the only couple to exist. Valentine's Day should exist for only one couple and that should be us."
Raising your eyebrows before letting it fall, face softening up instantly as you gaze at your boyfriend's side profile, you coo, "Aw. I see finally that there are things the devil too doesn't get at his will."
"You were one amongst them," Chan sniggers, his hand slowly trailing upwards as they shift from underneath your hand's grip. "But look where we are now."
Your breath hitches as his fingers slightly trace parallel lines as they move upwards and your eyelids flutter a bit. The pads of his fingers are hot against the coldness of your skin and the temperature difference is great enough to raise goosebumps on them.
"Chan." It's a whisper. Almost as if a great amount of determination is required for you to make this decision to turn him down. "You are driving. Plus, let's not ruin the night already. You've booked us a nice table in this amazing restaurant on this beautiful night."
"But I could make it even better." Chan licks his lower lip as he presses on the brakes, the heavy traffic stopping him from proceeding further. His hand is now completely underneath your skirt, short enough to his pleasure, fingers edging so close to your panties that your head involuntarily shifts back and your lips part.
You have been dating him for months now and every single time he touches you, you feel like a starved woman craving for every drop of his affection, desiring every part of him. Chan has been more than willing to comply, however. Your body reacts to his touches and his kisses like you are on heat and every time your boyfriend points it out, you blame it on his extraterrestrial, hellish skills; that he had you in his control.
Little do you know that it is the other way round. That Chan chooses to stay in the mortal world for you, to be with you. That he knows he will have to part with you one day when you shift over to the other side and maybe you could have sinned enough to be with him in the other world too. However, Chan knows how much God loves playing his cards and for that, he'll seize every single moment he gets with you.
All because he loves you. He is in love with you. 
Chan realises this a few weeks back. Of course, he feels the weird thing humans call butterflies when you are so understanding of him being hell's very spawn. However, it is when you cook dinner for him as you wait for him to come, or how you ask him about his day and listen ardently that he realises: hell could never be worthy enough to have someone as beautiful as you. He shouldn't deserve you — fuck, the very act of him laying his filthy eyes on you should have sent your guardian angel into a frenzy but you chose him. You chose to be with him and for that, he'd mayhaps, thank that lousy old God up in the heavens. 
"Dinner first," you strictly say. You remove his hand from underneath your skirt, wrapping your hand around his as you hold it up to kiss his knuckles. "When we get back home, I promise. In fact, I'll be the one to jump at you as soon as we reach the doorsteps." Chan laughs, mumbling, "Ah, my baby girl, my princess," under his breath and turns to look at the signal that has changed to green. He presses on the gas, speeding to reach the place on time as per reservations. 
Having Chan's hand in yours roots you in confidence from your biggest fear deep down — that he would fade away from your life one day and worse, he'd take away the memories with him to rid you of the pain from his absence. His calloused hand grips onto yours and you hold it close to your chest, shutting your eyes for a minute because this is what Valentine's Day is all about for you. Bang Chan and everything your devil of a boyfriend is. He has shown you both heaven and hell and even though you did not believe in the afterlife, you do not mind going to hell, especially not if he is there with you. 
"Why is there smoke up in the air?" Chan asks himself in absolute confusion as he takes the right on the road to the restaurant. Upon finding a neat parking spot about a hundred meters away from the restaurant, he gets out of the car, rushing to your side to open the door for you like a true gentleman. 
"Why, thank you!" You giggle, hand slapping right across your lips at the unpleasant sound that leaves your mouth and Chan smiles so widely at you, almost as if he is looking at his whole world right before him. You get out of the car and Chan closes the door right behind you.
"You look so damn pretty today, baby," Chan hugs you by the waist temporarily and snuggles into your neck, only to leave a quick kiss against it. You push him slightly and Chan chuckles, raising his right hand, that is not held by you, to protest. "I'm not making a move. We did get dressed well so let's have a nice romantic dinner first and when we get back home—" His voice drops a note lower. "We'll have a hot night and let this Valentine's Day wrap up rightfully as it should."
"And what's the right way, Mr. Hotshot Devil?"
"With my dick wrapped around your sweet little pussy," he smiles, lips extending so wide across his face that your cheeks heat up. He leans closer, pressing his lips against the pinna of your ears as he whispers, "You'll be begging me over and over and I'll treat you like the good little girl you are for me."
Your breath hitches and a flustered broken gasp leaves your lips as your fingers dig into his forearm. Chan's harmonious laughter over having made you a flustered mess rings in your ear till it is cut off by loud screams and foggy vision thanks to dark grey smoke. 
"That's a lot of smoke," you comment worried as your boyfriend takes you by his hand and walks you down the road to the restaurant. He takes small strides to let you walk at ease. "I wonder if something is on— Fuck. The restaurant is in flames. It's on fire. Fuck."
Chan's eyes widen and he stares at the fire long enough to see two figures making their way towards you. Two very familiar faces too hard for him to ever forget, especially because Chan has spent more than a millennium with them. 
"Jisung? Changbin?"
"Do you know them, baby?" You whisper into his ears, hiding slightly behind him as you cower at the magnanimous presence of the two individuals before you. 
"Sometimes I wish I didn't," he rolls his eyes and folds his arms as he looks at the two younger demons in a gaze filled with doubt and suspicion. 
"You lie!" The taller of the two says. "We had ramen together and you know ramen is exactly the way for people to bond."
"That's Jisung," Chan introduces as he slightly brings you forward. Your fingers play with the end of your short skirt, trying to bring it further down as the two men — demons, you presumed — looked at you and almost seemed to be studying you. "And the one by his side is Changbin."
"We've been friends for a while," Jisung informs and judges at Changbin who still continues to stare at you in displeasure. Did one of Chan's friends already not like you? You guess it is normal but deep down you know it hurts. You have always had the innate tendency to make sure that everyone liked you and the very thought of Chan's friends disliking you puts you to this sorrow as much as you hate to agree to it. 
"Stop scaring my girlfriend, Bin," Chan glares back at the shorter of the two before drifting his attention to Jisung and enquiring, "How did this even happen?"
"That's on me. I crashed my car into the restaurant," Jisung rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. Your eyes widen and you look further beyond the two men to see a beautiful red Maserati driven into the restaurant, caught in flames just as the whole building is. 
"The people!" You scream, rushing forward. Chan holds your wrist in worry, holding you back, and you look at your boyfriend with eyebrows furrowed in concern. "They are my people."
Changbin scoffs, mumbling under his breath, "Stupid humans and their weird sense of morality at all the wrong times." Your heart drops at his words and Chan lets go of your hand, only to take a step forward in Changbin's direction, eyes narrowing at the demon. 
Jisung laughs hesitantly, slipping right between the two males and pushing them away. He looks at you and rushes forward to lean close to you. You are taken aback by the sudden invasion of your personal space but something in his eyes holds you fixed, enamored by his whole being. 
"There are no casualties, sweetheart. Don't worry!" 
Jisung leans back soon after, standing firm on his toes, and turns to look at your boyfriend. Smiling as wide as you've seen any devil smile, he prompts, "Since all our Valentine's Day plans got ruined, what if we spent it together?" He glances at you and you look away, eyes catching Changbin's who still looks at you in suspicion. 
"Jisung," Chan warns.
Jisung rushes to Changbin's side. Directing his attention towards you all while nudging the hell out of Changbin's side, he wiggles his eyebrows, "He may seem rude like this but trust me, he's the tsundere kind of lover."
"What the fuck," Changbin mumbles and turns his head away. "I'm not saying anything."
Your boyfriend is very flustered at the very happenings around him. Jisung suggesting a possibility of a wild night, the restaurant going into flames, and his girlfriend, albeit looking scared, positively looking at this whole proposal — maybe it has been too long since he has been away from hell for the mere chaos to fluster him.
Without a word said further to his friends, he pulls you away. You bite your lower lip, nibbling and pulling at the dead skin. Chan quickly takes your hand in his, eyes fixing on yours and staying in silence for a short while till he finally asks, "Are you okay?"
"Can I be honest?"
"Yes, please."
"Are all your friends this hot and a solid mess?"
"Should I be offended?" A soft chuckle leaves his lips when he sees you joke nervously. 
"No, no." You hit his arms, jokingly. You draw circles onto his arm and bring the topic forward finally. "I know I might have looked like I was taken aback — I was — but remember how we had this talk once about bringing people into our sex lives," you gulp, "I think this is a great moment to see if we'd like it in our relationship."
"Are you sure?" Chan's hand frames your face and you lean into it. 
"One hundred percent."
"These are demons, baby," he hesitates. 
"And you're a demon too. Stop stating the obvious, Chan. Plus, I have you."
"Are the two of you done?" Jisung asks loudly. You hold Chan's wrist and drag him towards his friends. Changbin raises an eyebrow at the sudden beam of confidence that radiates from you. 
"We are. I'm Y/N," you finally introduce yourself. "Sorry for being awkward in the beginning—"
"Oh, don't be," Changbin mumbles, gaze still wary of you. "Jisung tends to have that effect on people."
"Anyhow," Changbin finally smiles tonight. "Thanks to someone," He glares at Jisung, "We lost both our dinner and our car. So do you mind if we travel with you?"
"Oh, no," you clasp your hands together. "We'll give you a ride back to our place. Chan could cook us something," you smile at your boyfriend and he merely shrugs.
"And we can let the night roll into whatever it is, right?" Jisung's gaze is different, almost like he's insinuating a thousand different sex positions in one look. 
"Yes," you say after a long pause and an audible gulp. "We can let the night roll into whatever setting it turns to."
"Lead the way, princess," Jisung's arms move in abduction and you smile, skin wrinkling by your eyes at his chirpy self. You walk forward to the car and Chan slows down his strides to walk with the boys. 
His arms wrap around the shoulders of both the demons and he pulls them closer to sharply whisper. "You fucking hurt her and I'll have both your arses burning in the hottest flames in hell. I swear to Lucifer."
"What if she likes it?" Changbin raises an eyebrow, almost provoking Chan and your boyfriend glares back at him equally, gritting his teeth and almost growling. 
With clenched teeth, he restates, "Keep it tame," and lets go of them.
Chan should know better. Nothing is tame for the men in hell.
Tumblr media
Changbin calls shotgun, putting you next to Jisung in the back seat while Chan drives the car.
"This is consensual, right?" Jisung asks again. There is concern lacing his face and Changbin sighs, mumbling, "She has said she wants us more than ten times, Sungie."
"Chan, you're alright with me fucking your girlfriend in the back while you drive?"
Chan's breath hitches, coughs entailing and you smile at how lost he looks for a minute as he turns back in worry, slowing the car down. "In the back or in the back of the car?"
"You never know. Maybe she might like it."
"Don't you dare!"
"Fine," he begrudgingly agrees. 
"As long as she's okay with it. Do not make her uncomfortable at all, guys," Chan sighs and turns back, pressing on the gas and almost taking all his thoughts out on it. You blush, cheeks staining a shade lighter and heat rising up as soon as you feel Jisung edge closer to you. In the front seats, Changbin talks to Chan, catching up on every single thing they have missed out in these years.
In the back seat, however, Jisung has different plans. A whole different plan to break you down into putty in his hands. 
"So, it seems like you are the girl that Chan wouldn't stop talking about and fawning over," Jisung's voice is huskier in the low tone he chooses to speak in to keep the conversation just between the two of you. "Nice to meet you, lovely. I'm Jisung. Now that I see you, I realise what all the fuss is about. You really are breathtaking."
You giggle, "You flatter me. Do all demons sweet talk this well?"
"Only the finest," Jisung winks. His hand wraps around your forearm and he slowly asks again, "It is alright for me to fuck you, right?"
The crudeness of the word in front of not just you but also two other demons leaves you flustered. Jisung pushes your hair strands that have gotten loose and fall to cover your eyes, behind your ears. 
"Yes, it is," you repeat for what you have counted in your head as the eleventh time. "It's totally alright, Jisung."
"Then, can I come closer?" You nod and Jisung edges forward, closer than he already is. "You know how us demons work, right?"
"Uh," you look down at your hands on your skirt. "You get wild every now and then." Jisung hums in approval, cupping your face with his left hand.
"Bingo, you're right!" Jisung grips your face a little stronger than a second before. "We, demons, love to go wild." He scoffs and continues, "Your boyfriend loves to play nice and pretend like he doesn't lose control and has only virtuous thoughts. All a big fucking facade to hide the fact that he just wants to bend you over and fuck you—" Jisung kisses your neck right underneath your face. "—Again and," he kisses your jugular. "Again and again." 
"I however am not. I like to do a lot of things to you."
Jisung bites sharply into your neck, sucking at the skin. The lewd noises resonate in the locked car and you know your boyfriend can hear each moan and each sound that comes from the back seat. The car moves only faster and Jisung's action matches the pace. He lets go of your neck only to crash his lips against yours, sucking in your lower lip as he kisses your hard. His arms snake around your frame and push you against him. 
You moan against his lips. It's volatile, you realise. Jisung's kisses are volatile. One minute they are harsh against your lips, strong enough to bruise them with cuts, and the very next minute, there is nothing softer than his lips or the goosebumps that trail your skin that he touched after untucking your shirt.
His skin is hot against yours, hot enough to raise goosebumps again on your skin. His lips are warmth personified and his grip makes you want to go unhinged 
He pulls back, lips parting and looking sinfully delectable. "It's in moments like these, princess, I realise how different our body temperatures are. How much warmer demons always are compared to humans. It must feel nice to have warm hands over you, doesn't it?" Jisung removes his hand from your bare skin and from underneath your white shirt. You gasp at the lack of contact, your skin feeling irritably cold all over again, and move closer into him.
"What a needy human," Jisung chuckles, and in the very blink of your eyes, he unbuttons your first two ones, exposing your black bra, laced to perfection, to him. "That's a pretty one. You really did go all out for Chan, did you not, princess?"
"I did. I wanted him to fuck me stupid and make me his tonight," you agree boldly and the car jolts to a stop suddenly. You are pushed forward into Jisung's warmth, your half-naked self pressed against Jisung's nice shirt. Changbin chuckles, looking at Chan and you turn to the side to see the traffic. You whisper again, "I still want him to fuck me stupid tonight."
"Oh, you are going to be all of ours tonight. We are going to make you such a slut for demon cock, princess. Make you greedy and desperate for it."
You are in the public. You are on the road, visible for any child or adult to look into your car only to see all the lustful deeds out in the open. You should have felt embarrassed, quivering in nothing but shame. However, all these triggers are for you to get wetter, panties sticking to your core and your grip to tighten on Jisung's arms. 
Jisung's hand moves back to unhook your bra. He lets it fall off your shoulders slightly before taking your left breast in his arms and bringing his face closer to it. He sucks on your left nipple, nipping on the areola around. His hand massages the right breast over the black lace bra and your head lolls forward. Your hand tightens around his shoulder and you desperately crave some friction in your nether regions. 
"Can I sit on your thigh, please?" You beg and Jisung's mouth leaves your nipple only to look up at you. 
"Only if you call me sir."
Jisung has an immaculate grip on your waist as he lifts you slightly, holding you mid-air and not letting you settle down on his thigh until you call him by what he desires to be called.
"Please let me sit on your thigh, sir."
"You're a good girl," and Jisung drops you down on his thigh. You blush at how Jisung calls you a good girl. You like being called names. Be it a good girl or a slut, the words coming out from them right during sex made you feel unique and special. Your skirt rides up and your wet panties are pressed flat against his nice formal pants. He kisses your lips again, this time biting into your lower lip and drawing a bit of the blood. The copper taste does nothing for the demon exactly, besides indulging him in a slight high he could almost get off on. You seethe against him and your hips grind down on his thigh almost unknowingly. Your lips part behind your panties, the two materials underneath and his flexed thigh providing you enough to ease the lust and thirst of wanting to feel more. 
"Does this feel good?" You moan in response and Jisung's eyes sparkle. "Ah, look at the expressions you are making." His hands grip tightly on your hips as he resolves to go back to your breasts and suck on them till the nipples harden for him and the areola swells up. His hands help your hips to move against his thigh quickly, soaking his navy blue pants darker. Your covered clit rubs over and over against his flexed thighs and the moans that leave your lips are loud and unhinged.
"Sir, ah, ah—" Your hands drop to hover your palm over his covered cock that rubs against your outer thigh. "I want more, sir. Fuck, fuck, I want more. Please, sir." And just as you begged, Jisung bites slightly into your breast just when he lets go of your hips and plunges two fingers into your wet lips, pushing the panties and skirt aside slightly. With your pussy filled with his fingers, Jisung continues to suck on your breasts and little kisses and hickeys all over them. 
Your moan is the loudest so far this night in that minute. His fingers are long and bony and they hit your walls and push against them exactly the way you like. Your pain and pleasure senses, both activated, seemed to be mixing signals leaving you with a slow, slow path to euphoria. "You like that, princess? Tell me."
"Your fingers feel so good, sir." You move against his thighs quickly, grinding on it rough as your pussy is stuffed with his fingers. "Sir, sir— Fuck, sir. There." Jisung curves his fingers, the joints by his finger rubbing against your spot, deep inside that has your thighs shivering and your whole body aching for more. He rubs against the spot till you gasp over and over again and he's laughing like the very devil he is.
"Oh my god, you're so wet for me, princess. You are dripping." Jisung quickly stills you on his thighs, his other hand digging into your hips. "I'm going to go a little—" He pulls out slightly before thrusting his fingers back in. 
"Sir, oh my god," your voice pitches higher and Jisung takes the positive signs well. He pushes his fingers back in after pulling them out. His forefinger moves away from the middle all while they are deep inside of you, stretching your walls apart and the sensation rules you up further as you move down, pulling him deeper and making you feel fuller than a second before. His fingers scissors inside of you, enhancing the sensations against your soft wet walls 
"You're so needy, princess. You like that, huh? Does it feel nice to have my fingers wide apart inside of you? Do you like it when I curl them up?" And Jisung curls them, eliciting a loud groan from you and your head dropping into his shoulder as you can feel yourself edge closer. 
He thrusts them faster. The lewd noises from your arousal gushing out and being pushed back in thanks to his fingers is intensified in the small space and your moans are like spice. Jisung sucks on your neck as his fingers hit your spot over and over again till the knot tightens so much that tears well up in your eyes and you pray he pushes you over the boundary. 
"You like my fingers thrusting fast, princess?" You nod and Jisung orders, "Words, princess."
"Yes, sir. I love it. I love it. I love— Ah! Ungh—" 
His thumb brushes finally against your clit and you bite into his shoulder. "Such a good princess. You deserve to cum, don't you? You were such a good girl." Jisung's thumb presses into your clit. His thrusts stills for a short second and your impatient self slides yourself up to fuck his fingers. The obscene sounds get louder with every second as you move closer to your orgasm. 
"I think I should introduce another finger. Princess got my two fingers sopping wet." Jisung's third finger now plunges into you, pushing you apart even further and your breath hitches. He thrusts at a great speed, "We'll be faster, a little bit faster. That will be alright, right?" You know you are close, just a little bit of clitoral stimulation and Jisung's three bony fingers thrusting up into you, hitting the spots—
The electric motor revs and the garage door opens. Chan slowly moves the car into the garage, darkness seeping into the car. Jisung thrusts sloppily, once and then twice before pulling them away from your core, leaving your walls to clench on nothing desperately. You cry, "No, no, no, no—" 
His voice is husky as he says, "Looks like we are here, princess. We are home." Slowly, without breaking contact with your eyes, Jisung sucks on his forefinger and then the middle finger and then the third slowly, tongue wrapping across it, dancing almost like a whole orchestra was playing in the background. 
Chan rushes to open your door. He sees your haphazard hair, unbuttoned shirt and exposed breasts and he groans. You are insatiable just as he has always known. Your eyes are lost and mind far away at dreams of achieving orgasm. Chan buttons up your shirt and helps you get out of the car. His hold on your frame is tight and he kisses the side of  your forehead.
"Chan's making pasta," Changbin announces and walls towards you, raising an eyebrow at your sight. 
"We already have a whole meal here." Jisung licks your arousal from his lower lips. Chan rolls his eyes, before calling out loudly, "Jisung!"
"You're helping me with dinner."
"But why me? I want to fuck Y/N," he whines. "All I did was tease her in the back of the car." 
Chan leans into you and whispers, "Feel free to hit him when you want to. You'll have me to reason out and save you from anything." You laugh lightly, head slowly focusing on your boyfriend. He shifts his attention back to Jisung, "Because I said so and it's the least of hospitality you must show."
Jisung groans, before reluctantly agreeing, "I have a huge appetite, so heads up." You stare at Jisung, head with thoughts far in the past than in the present. 
Fuck appetite. Fuck Han Jisung. Figuratively, and if fortunate, quite literally. You have a ruined orgasm for the first time that night and all you have an appetite for is one — to be humble — mind-blowing orgasm to take you to the end of the world and back.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is a gentleman.
In the years you have known Chan, you know for sure that heaven and hell is nothing but a lie. Ironically. The stigmatization of having to be only bad or only good is so skin deep in humans that the very thought of a devil being nice seems like an illusion. That is, if the whole concept of heaven and hell is not an illusion already.
Chan is nice. He is nice to you and that is all that matters to you. He treats you like a princess because you are his princess — the only person worth staying on earth for. 
So when he lets the guys go ahead and pulls you behind a wall right before the huge living room of his apartment is in view, you know he has something to say. That, or he has a kiss to steal.
"Are you okay?" 
Chan's eyebrows are furrowed, eyes softening in worry as his hands lift up to cup your face, thumb rubbing circles into your cheek. You break a smile, leaning forward to brush the tip of your nose against his and you place a delicate peck on the same spot. 
"More than ever. I told you, baby, right? That I'll tap out the minute this gets too much for me."
"I'm just so worried. You've never—"
"Are you guys making out?" You hear Jisung's voice resonate against the walls and you turn your head, stifling the laughter that bubbles inside of you. Jisung yells again, "Chan, pasta!"
"I'm coming," he yells back, dropping his hand from your face. "I'm coming. Oh, if only Lucifer burnt you alive!" 
"I'd have to be alive for that, ha!"
"Go," you chuckle, kissing his lips only to pull back in a short second. "I'll hang out with Changbin."
"He's. . ." Chan sighs. "Just remember to be comfortable, baby, okay?"
"I know. I trust them. Beyond everything, I trust you."
You hold Chan's hand in yours and pull him away from the shadows of the wall, bring him before his friends. Changbin raises an eyebrow at the two of you, before taking a step forward as Chan follows Jisung to the kitchen.
"That leaves us together alone for a while," Changbin suggests, arms folded over each other as he takes quicker steps towards you. He doesn't tower over you much but his entire persona that he broods is enough to make you whimper, lips to part unknowingly and eyes to widen in want. "I should probably introduce myself properly. I'm Changbin. I've known your boyfriend since forever. We became demons around the same time."
"Oh," you respond, mouth patching up with the excessive want.
"I'd like to get to know you, sweetheart?" Changbin is close enough for you to feel the warmth that exudes from his body. His arms drop for a small second before his right one lifts up. His thumb and forefinger grips on your chin to angle it up slightly for you to look at him properly. The name he calls you by makes you gasp under your breath, loving the endearment and he notices. Changbin notices how much the term has its effect on you in this minute.
"Do you like being called a sweetheart, princess? An angel, maybe? Do you like dressing up in pretty pink lingerie for Chan? Maybe you want to be a baby doll on top of me for the night?" Changbin lets go of your chin before taking a step back and walking towards Chan's sofa. He sits down on it, thighs spread apart as his arm rests on the side. His attention drifts back to you, lips quirking up in brief excitement. "Or despite dating one of the most sinful creatures ever to exist, you like being called a good girl?"
Your thighs clench together and you grip at the end of your skirt. Changbin laughs at the reaction he draws out from you. He taps on his thighs and beckons for you, "Why don't you come be a good girl on my lap, hm?"
You take shy steps towards him, before sitting on his thighs that he now has pressed together. Either of your legs dangle on the sides of his body and Changbin holds your hips as he pulls you closer. Your skirt crumpled up, exposing so much more to him and Changbin is in delight at how pretty you look on top of him.
"May I?" And you nod, mumbling a soft yes. His hand slowly trails above, starting from the point right above your knee joint. It's slow and sensuous for a soft second as his fingers slowly climb up your thigh before the tables turn over and Changbin's hand rips the panties from underneath your skirt and throws it to the side. Your eyes widen, cheeks heating up as you hold onto his shoulder at the sudden force. 
"We won't be needing that for the night now, do we?"
You bite your lip and Changbin's hand hovers over your sodden lips from the previous encounter with Jisung. He rubs his palm over it as he locks his gaze with yours and asks, "Respond, princess. I need to hear you respond."
"No, we won't need that."
"That's my good girl," Changbin praises you and presses the heel of his palm into your clitoral region and you moan explicitly and unhinged. He rubs it slightly and your burning core oozes more of your arousal out into his hand, burning for that long forgotten orgasm you had hoped for. Using his other hand, he rips open your blouse, the top button letting free from the dress at all the harsh happenings it has been through for the night. 
"Oh dear, look at that," Changbin clicks his tongue repeatedly before plunging his fingers into your core and pulling your bra down with his teeth at the same time, grazing slightly at your breast that it leaves you thrusting yourself on his fingers that drive hard into you. 
You whimper, "Changbin, fuck," and he lets out an amused sound. He thrusts his two fingers in and out of you as he lips wrap around your nipple, lapping at it. He lets go momentarily, hot breath fanning all over your mound and he asks,
"Do you like this or maybe is it some pain that you like?" 
And within a second, Changbin's teeth bite into the flesh by your mound. His unoccupied hand cups your mound, massaging it before flicking your nipple. Harshly. You gasp, head dropping forward as you lean into Changbin's chest, whimpering repeatedly.
"Baby girl likes that, doesn't she?" He flicks it again, pain shooting up your nerves and you slightly bite into his neck. He speaks into your skin. "She likes it a lot."
Changbin says he likes art. He talks about how he loves the purple colours that blend into the pink and then, the colours of your skin. He sucks on your bosom, littering the area around your areola with pretty, pretty marks all while his fingers are plunged deep inside of you, pads of the same rubbing your walls while his palm rubs the collected arousal into your core, pressing into your clit and stimulating it 
Your senses are alert and every breath, every moan that is present in the air is hyperbolised in your ears. You can feel Changbin's rough fingers slowly pull out while his mouth trails down to wrap his lips around your areola, tongue wrapping around your nipple and he laps at it like a starved animal.
"Chan's too nice to you, too gentle, too kind to you. Treats you like some porcelain doll. I don't blame him for that," Changbin taunts you. He pulls his fingers out from your dripping core and his mouth leaves your breasts. Your walls contract at the sudden absence of his fingers and you grind down onto his thighs, expecting — begging more.
Changbin flicks at your stimulated clitoris. It sends a rush of both pain and pleasure intermingled up your spine, hitting your brain cells, leaving you lost and in a trance. He continues the mockery, "I usually don't fuck with humans. In fact, I even condoned Chan for doing that. No offense to you, baby girl, but humans are delicate, too fragile, for my taste. No matter how sex crazed or ravenous you are, you are still no match for a demon by comparison."
Changbin kisses up your neck, marking you up as he draws out his mockery. You think it is weird that this time round Changbin doesn't intimidate or anger you. Rather every word he says sends a trail of arousal shooting downwards, making you wetter with every passing second — making you anticipate for so much more. It is embarrassing at how wet you are from every single teasing you have been put throygh for the night. 
"You may think Chan is different but he isn't, baby girl. He's just as demonic as we are, just as fucked up as every creature from hell is. He might hold back for you, but when you push his buttons well enough, you know he'll unleash it all. Even Jisung. The only difference between them and yours truly is that—" Changbin pauses. His lips quirk up and his hand unbuckles his belt, metal clinging as it comes undone. He unzips the pant and shoves it down as he lifts himself up with you with such ease that your fragile, weak and overstimulated self is in surprise. He pulls his dick out from his formal pants and it is hot, hard and everything you crave at this point. 
You think it's unfair for a man with this big an ego to have this thick a cock and you were this close to blaming God for being unfair when you realise this isn't his territory. And history has proven that Lucifer has always been kind to his followers. 
Changbin strokes his cock, thumb rubbing at the slit at the hot head. You salivate, almost ready to drip from the corner of your mouth when Changbin cuts your thoughts — filthy thoughts, too dirty to be spoken of; filthy, filthy thoughts on how heavy his cock would be on your mouth, on how wide his cock would stretch your mouth and how deep he'd go, perhaps all the way to your throat — and holds your thighs, pulling you closer into him to position you in such a way that his cock is straddled right between the flesh of both your thighs.
"The only difference between me and the other two, baby girl, is that," Changbin's voice drops an octave lower as he almost growls, "I don't make a habit of suppressing it at all. I can grab you by the throat just like this—"  The demon holds you by your throat, his fingers wrapping around your neck hovering right across your jugular and carotid, pressing them slightly. It is scary how you are here trusting a demon fully aware that an inch deeper and you would be accompanying him in your journey to the other world. Or mayhaps it's your trust in your boyfriend. Changbin's fingers are wrapped deliciously around your neck and your pussy leaks juices, coating his dick that is pressed against it. "—and thrust my dick so deep into you and fuck you so hard that your body, mind and soul is broken beyond repair."
Your mouth opens wide, tongue resting against your lower lip and Changbin spits into your mouth, ordering you instantly, "Swallow," and when you do, he lets go of your neck for a second, caressing the roughened area and mumbling, "You're a good, good girl for me, aren't you, baby girl?"
You nod, voice hoarse as you beg like a kitten in her worst heat, "Please, please, please—"
"Please what, baby girl? Use your words like the good girl you are."
"Fuck me, Binnie. Fuck me, fuck me. Need your dick in me. I'll be a good girl." 
Changbin laughs loudly, almost as if he is mocking you. He is, because his fingers wrap around your neck once again as he thrusts his cock upwards. It slides against your wet lips, striking against your clit. "How could I fuck you when your thighs are this inviting? Look at how wet they are because of your arousal. You are leaking, baby. What a good whore."
"Binnie," you gasp, barely phrasing with his hold on your neck as he thrusts back upward. He holds your close as you equally grind on him. "Binnie, I want more. I want more."
"Be a good girl and I'll reward you, baby girl. Be a good girl and let me fuck your thighs." You nod and grind down. "How does it feel like, baby girl, to have my hard cock rubbing against you? Squeeze your legs tightly around me—" You wrap your legs around him, heels digging into his back. "Fuck, just like that." 
The squelching sounds are loud and prominent. The friction of his cock rubbing against your wet skin is amplified in the silence. Your hips move slightly trying to get as much as contact possible on your clit. Your head is empty, voices hindered and you can only think of how badly you want to get fucked, how badly you want Changbin to treat you more roughly. 
Changbin is vocal. Very, very vocal. He whimpers at every rub, moans loudly and grunts as you grind down on him. The filthy words that leave his mouth does not stop — "Your skin feels so warm and cool against my cock. Oh fuck, can you feel your clit throbbing against my dick, baby girl? You naughty little fucking thing."
His pace quickens as he thrusts further, grunting, "You are fucking delicious, baby girl. Chan's been keeping a whole asset away from us."
"Binnie, Binnie—" you moan, breasts rising and falling with every occasional jumping you do on his thighs to match the pace of his thrusts. "Choke me harder, please."
"I want you to choke me harder."
"Fuck," and Changbin listens clearly. His fingers dig a little deeper and you are gasping, arousal dripping even more and staining his navy blue formal pants after coating his cock further. "Fucking grind on my cock. Baby girl, you are making me rethink my policy on humans."
"Ungh," you whimper when his cock stills and grinds onto your clit, focusing only on that. Changbin chuckles. His voice is laced with tease, "Easy there, baby girl. If my cock were to accidentally slip into your pussy, who knows what I might do." 
"Please, please—" You barely speak out when Changbin's grip on your neck loosens for a bit.
"Did I fuck the words out of you, baby? Did I fuck you stupid? I haven't even fucked you with my dick yet and look at you already. You would want that right, baby girl? For me to fuck you dumb, fuck you stupid. I'll have you ride my cock till all you know is how to be a good girl for me and how to take my big fat cock."
"Yes, yes, yes—" 
Changbin stops right when your whimpering increases, pitch shooting up higher and your chest rises and falls as he halts. However, in one swift motion, he pins you on the sofa, him on top of you and he stares at you. You are a disoriented mess, hair spilling onto your face and everywhere, clothes open partially but enough to spill everything and your legs — thighs specifically — are glistening in the lights.
"It sucks that you are Chan's girl, sweetheart? Do you think he'd mind sharing more than once?"
Changbin does not wait for your response. With the support of his hands, he brings his body down, head in direct contact with your skirt stained with your arousal and the precum that oozed out from his cock. He sucks deep purple marks into your thighs, trailing them all the way to your glistening core. And then, his mouth is on your sodden lips.
It's a miracle at how you are able to keep your eyes open. All the teasing this night has made your body heavy and yet, like some starving woman on sex steroid, your pussy aches for more. His lips are on your wet ones as he licks at the lips, pushing it apart as he takes in your arousal, lapping in to take it all. It is merciless. The demon he is, is marvellous, hot and a sex god at that. His tongue licks your lips, tip teasing your entrance as he rubs your clit, slowly. he draws small circles over it, tapping at the engorged button till your toes curl in, knees lift up to bend for your feet to press down. Your eyes are squeezed shut and your fingers pull at his hair every time you feel the knot tightening. 
The room is filled with lewd noises and your moans are loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. Changbin licks stripes after stripes on your lips, lapping up your arousal as he hums in delight. Another stripe up your wet lips and he soon wraps his plump pair around your clit and sucks on it, loud noise of suckle resonating and causing you to move your hips slightly. 
Changbin's sharp teeth graze over your clit, nibbling slightly till you feel the knot clench in your stomach. The vortex forms deep within you again, the sign of an impending orgasm and you can only pray that he doesn't leave you begging like Jisung did. It's coming. You are so close, again, for the second time this night and you needed it. You are sure that you would go crazy if you did not receive the release you had so prayed for. Changbin rubs your clit furiously, lips moving back to your cunt as he eats you out. Changbin's tongue flicks to perfection, hitting your sensitised bud over and over again till you snap and come undone all over his face, arousal squirting out and over his entire face.
Your legs quiver as Changbin laps it all up, tongue swiping across your lips till he has drunk every single drop of your arousal. Your eyes that were squeezed shut opens and you see the mess you have made on his face. 
"Fuck, I'm sor—" You try to lift yourself up to help him when Changbin pulls you by your legs closer to him and wraps his lips on your clit, sucking on the bud till it borders overstimulation and you are screaming out in both pain and pleasure, your abdomen pitting at the sight of another orgasm with his actions.
"Binnie, fuck, oh fuck," Tears well up at the corner of your eyes on being overstimulated. You can feel your brain getting fuzzier, sense hyperbolic at everything around you. You are falling into something you are unfamiliar with. "I'm sensitive, fuck. I'm so sensitive."
He moves forward, overstimulating you and your eyes roll up at all your nerves being triggered to send the excess messages of stimulation to your brain, knots tightening and you are ready to combust once again until Jisung walks out of the kitchen, announcing, "Dinner's ready."
"Too bad I had my fill," Changbin sniggers, tongue extending out of his mouth to lick your arousal off the corners of his mouth. Your chest rises and falls and you try to focus in on something on the ceilings — ah, the spokes of the fan, yes. Three. Three. Three. Three. Changbin quickly notices the change in your demeanor, "Baby girl? You alright?"
"Princess?" Chan's rushing to your side as soon as he hears something is up with you. You giggle, laughing soon enough as you look up. Changbin stands up from your side, concern filling him when you start laughing. Jisung, on the other hand, walks to keep the pasta on the table behind the sofa. "Princess, are you there with me?"
It is the rush of endorphins that cloud your brain. Your heart beats fast, breathing rapid and it's a different kind of high you are in. You hold onto Chan's sleeve, giggles nonstop as you mumble in between, "Chan, uh, Chan! Chan!"
"I've got you, princess," he says softly, before wrapping his arm around your thighs and the other over your torso before lifting you up. "I've got you. I'm right here." You cling onto his shirt, snuggling into him as he verbally assures you. 
He stops midway in his path, turns to look at two of his friends, especially glaring at Changbin, before firmly saying, "Eat and leave. I'll talk to you later. I have to take care of her."
"We could hel—"
"Not today. Not now. I'll—" Chan sighs, holding you closer to him as you mumble words incoherently, smiling to yourself. His face softens, as if he's trying to comfort Changbin who looks guilty for the first time before Chan in eons of years together. "We'll talk to you later."
"And guys?"
"Thank you for tonight. I know she liked it. A bit too much, if anything."
Tumblr media
Chan holds you close.
So close to him that even the rush of endorphins in your brain isn't loud enough to hear how loud your own heart beats next to his faint beating one. 
His arms wrap around your frame, hand holding your head close into his chest as he soothingly rubs the back of it and at every short interval, he coos into your head, "I'm right here, baby." Your body shifts to a relaxed position from the very tensile state it was in that second thanks to his voice, at his words and at his very being.
"Relax, baby. This is going to pass. You did so well, so, so well."
And you giggle into his chest, eyes closing warmly for a fraction there before looking up at him. Chan believes if synesthesia was a thing for demons, he would see the colours behind your eyes. How the crimson red slowly — so, so slowly — turned to darkest shades of pink and then the softest ones and Chan knows. He knows for sure that this is it. This is his whole world.
Chan feels jealous of humankind for the first time.
He is envious about how it would not be him that grows old with you, has kids with you and gets to be physical with you at every point. He knows he can't do that with you forever. He cannot do this with you forever. And even if he did decide to fuck it and do it anyway, you'd leave him one day. 
Chan knows he could never do much. He cannot change fate or turn himself into human for you. That is impossible. And yet he hopes — ah, a dangerous thing for a demon to have, something they mustn't possess — that every moment he spends with you is infinite and never dies. 
Your body tightens up again, goes rigid in his hold and he worries for you. That is Chan's first mistake, or so he believed years back. He cares for you. He cares for you in ways a demon shouldn't. He cares for you enough to know that demons have feelings or at the very least, he does. He cares enough to call it love. 
"It's alright," he mumbles and you mumble back, "We couldn't spend time together tonight."
"It's still eight. We have time," Chan smiles and rubs the hair off your face, only to press a soft chaste kiss on your forehead. "We have a lot of time. You should rest. You were such a good girl tonight."
"I was," you hold onto his shirt before letting your hands trail underneath and Chan realises the endorphins are slowly calming down, keeping you in a safer position than you were minutes back. "Wasn't I, daddy?"
"Princess, you really had a lot today, do you—"
"I want to. I—" You kiss Chan, hands cupping his face and lips pulling at his before letting your tongue twine with his. You moan unknowingly as your body rises to lean further into him. Your fingers graze the small stubble by the side of his jaws as you find yourself getting lost in him, in the feeling of his hot tongue lapping around yours.
"Mmh," Chan moans before holding your jaw tighter, leg wrapping around your frame. In a swift motion, he pins you down underneath him as he still kisses you. His lips are beyond tempting as you draw every kiss out, draw every moan out from him. He pulls back the minute you lift your hips to grind onto his crotch, feeling himself against your bare core. "We should stop—"
"No. You're my Valentine. Not Changbin or Jisung. You'll always be my Valentine," you respond, tugging him down into you by his shirt. Chan's eyes widen before softening as he looks at you — looks at you like you are everything better than him, hell and afterlife. 
"But you really had it rough today and—"
"I want more. I want so much more rough and I want them from my boyfriend. No one else." Your hand grades the stubble again and Chan leans into your hold. "The fact that you've never been rough with me and that I had to hear about it from Changbin and Jisung did no good to my ego, baby."
"They were—" Chan pauses on his own this time. You don't interrupt or cut him. He knows he can't lie to you. He knows how much he holds back but Chan knows that he has no issue with that. It's a safer option for you and yet here you are tonight asking him to be himself, be everything he is and show you how far he can go — he was going to fucking lose it at that alone. 
"You know they were not lying," your voice lower. "They are demons, you had said, and that I should be careful. But Chan, baby, you are a demon too. So why do you hold back? Is it because I'm a human?"
"Yes," Chan reluctantly agrees and you sigh. You drop your hand from his face and Chan's lips pucker in response. "I don't want to hurt you."
"You know you won't," you reassure him. "You could never hurt me unknowingly and even if you did, you know you'd take care of me till I'm back to the same."
"There shouldn't be a situation that leads to the worst case scenario, Y/N."
"But I want that. I want you to show me everything and I want to know if I'd like that. Give me a choice. I—" You gulp, scared of telling it out loud finally now that you have come to a partial conclusion to it yourself. "I liked Changbin being rough on me. I liked it a lot. I liked Jisung edging me. I liked it so much that all I could think about till Changbin touched me was of Jisung giving me an orgasm."
Chan's hand presses down by the sheets adjacent to your face and he holds it tightly. If care was an emotion he shouldn't have felt, jealousy is another that should never have a place in a demon's mind. Especially not when they were all brought up with the thought of sharing. 
He hates how Changbin got to be rough with you before him. Something so petty and so, so territorial arises in him that he wasn't even aware for him to feel this. He knows he gave consent. He knows he was there to hear it all and yet hearing you say you liked it brought in exactly two emotions in him that conflicted each other so much that he knew he was going feral — a) delight, over you being so content and over you being so understanding of demonic natures and b) jealousy, over another demon having had you in ways only he had before. 
"You were lost there for a minute."
"You promise me you'll tell me to stop if it gets too much, right?"
"Always," you peck at his lips. "I'll always do that. I just want everything you are and you have to offer. I don't want to know stuff from others. I want to feel them through you."
And Chan kisses you again. This time however, it is a lot different from the previous kiss you drew out from him. His lips find home in yours as they come upon you, imperatively. The kiss gets deeper each time, tongues chasing and lapping each other, earning continuous whines and whimpers coming out from both of you. Your arms wrap themselves around his neck, your fingers trailing up his nape to his hair, gripping the small hair at his back and Chan kisses you passionately, his hands cupping and tilting your face, angling it so that he could intensify the kiss as he desired.
He's desperate to show you everything he is.
The very second your mouth had brushed his, Chan knows that you are the one for him. It had always been you. Even now, if he closed his eyes, he could feel the tingle over his lips and your warm breath wafting over his chin. It is exactly as he had carved in his mind, etched so deep that it could never fade away.
His hand is prominent on its grip on your neck, as you lift your chin higher — so you can press your lips harder into his —  while your hands fist into his shirt — white, clean and perfect all for the night only for it to be discarded to the very corner of the bedroom the two of you share. His free hand drops to wind around your waist, arm pressed between the bed and you and in one swift movement, he pulls your body flush against his.
Gasping at the motion, Chan seizes the opportunity to slip his tongue between your teeth, your lips parting further in response. His tongue swipes across yours, curling around your tongue and gently massaging it. The metal ball at the tip of his tongue provides a sharp coldness and you hiss into his mouth, only for him to provide more contact with the metal that it leaves you emitting moans into him. 
It is electrifying. Every single thing with Chan has been exciting, unpredictable and leaves you begging for more. It is perhaps mankind's adhesive nature towards sin itself that made you like this — that made you into such a moldable clay in his hands and you don't mind going to hell for this. Because every single moment you lived on earth, if it were with him, would be relentlessly passionate. You would never want to swap with anything, even if someone handed heaven to you on a platter.
Because Chan is your heaven. 
When you feel his tongue flick against yours, slightly, grazing it, your hands uncurl from his shirt - only to wind up his chest, along his throat, towards the nape of his neck. You find yourself lapping around the metal ball on his tongue, rolling your eyes shut. 
With every passing second, you find yourself drowning into Chan. His body is pressed flat against yours, chest against yours, his saccharine taste coating your senses till that is all you can think about, and his warm breath all over your face. You find yourself drowning into him — you always have — his entire presence encasing your senses as you lose yourself deep into his entire being.
Is this how people were dragged into hell? Tempting. 
Chan pulls back and you smile at your boyfriend, like a little girl happy to have received her candy. You glance down at your shirt that is half open as a result of everything that happened tonight and proceed to unbutton the rest and remove it off your body. Chan's eyes linger more than ever on the marks that Changbin has left all over your body — marks that have turned dark purplish red and he seethes at the very sight of it in anger. 
"If we do this again, on your request, of course," Chan kisses over all the marks slowly, taking his own time to lick it over with his tongue before pressing his lips against it. "I'm going to be physically present. Not going to let anyone mark my baby up like this. That's for me."
And Chan sucks over it. His hand goes behind your back to unhook your bra and toss it aside. His hand lands firm on your breast, fingers playing with your nipple as his mouth slowly moves down to kiss your other nipple before sucking on it, lewd sounds emitting from his mouth.
"Daddy, fuck—" Your back arches, hips jutting upwards into his pelvis only to feel his covered growing length rough against your sticky skin. Chan uses his free hand to hold onto your waist and lift you slightly, allowing you to hook your leg over his waist, tight enough to tease you.
Chan hums in approval as you grind up, exposed core moving and staining your favorite formal pants of his, all while his tongue laps at your areola. The metal ball right at the centre of the tip of his tongue is pressed to your nipple and the difference in temperature has your mind spiralling. 
His palm squeezes your breast, thumb running over your nipple before he purposefully leans down and gives you a taste of his warm mouth. You gape open at the contact of his mouth on your nipple, teeth purposely grazing against the skin only for the metal ball to soothe over the burn.
Puckering his lips, he presses them to the sensitive spot by your jugular before sucking harshly. Responsively, a low mew resounds from your lips, leaving them in the open for just you and him to hear to.
"Do you remember the safe word?"
You nod, "Red for you to stop, yellow for you to give me time and green for you to proceed."
"Perfect," and Chan moves so quickly to remove your skirt off your body as he hovers over your completely naked self, fully clothed. You have always wondered if Chan would ever be into power play, especially with how he could project himself sometimes. Like in moments like these. You make a note in your head to ask him about the very thing. 
Chan kisses your lips, tugging at your lip before dipping himself further, getting lost in you. He rubs his tongue across your lower lip, metal ball harsh against your coral lips. He kisses your cheek and then, your pinna.
You feel his warm breath against your ear, shuddering in impact. You are about to ask him to stop teasing you — that you've had enough foreplay the whole night. However, in the next second, his hand lowers and lands on your inner thighs in a loud spank and you gasp, not expecting it. He hits the same skin almost a second after before the pain recedes and you are moaning out loud, brain wiring differently as heat pools between your legs.
“Fuck," he swears under his breath. His hand edges closer to you, dangling so close to your core that he can feel your arousal by your thighs, all over again and over the dried ones by your thighs. "You’re so dripping wet,” Chan mutters, only to laugh and comment, "At least I can credit this to myself."
Chan leans forward, next to your ear again and mumbles, "Baby, I'll be using words that would come off as very demeaning but I need you to know that I would never use them unless we are in the mood. You are and will be my baby girl, my princess forever. Is that alright?"
"It is," you blush, heat shooting straight to the core and you can feel yourself leak further, embarrassingly, right when Chan's hand is so close to your lips.
"Fuck, you are dripping. Such a filthy whore," Chan taunts and you feel it, deep in your gut. You've never seen this side to Chan but fuck, you love it. You love it more than Changbin having called you a good girl. You want to be called a whore, a slut — as long as you were his whore, his slut. 
Chan collects the arousal that you drip out, coating his fingers and palm. Moving his fingers, he collects your arousal that leaks from your gaping hole and watches the transparent stick to his fingers. The bulge in his pants is hard and seems too painful to be confined. You gulp evidently, throat parched. Chan's hand edges closer towards your lips and languidly strokes your slit with his fingers coating in your arousal. The pads of his finger circles your hole and you mewl, clutching slightly onto his shoulder. 
"Daddy, please, need your fingers in me."
"You've been fucked by two demons already and you are still so horny," he scoffs. "Impressive." He raises an eyebrow. Almost like he is teasing you further, he continues to play with your cunt. You whimper, gasping and hoping to feel the burn of the stretch that would come with him thrusting his fingers up.
Each small action Chan does has you moving forward in pleasure, hoping for the same as you try to move with his hand, all in an attempt to drive his digit deeper into you. Nonetheless, Chan controls the pressure and the pace and no matter how hard you try to move, he never lets you have his way, clearly showing that it was him in power here, not you. Growing tired of his teasing, anticipation filling you to insanity, tears brimming your eyes, you whine, “Fucking hell, Ch— Daddy, come on."
Chan chuckles, kissing your clavicle, biting into the skin above and sucking furiously enough to mark you. You sigh, breath exhaled out desperately. "Please, please, pl— Ah!"
Chan hits your core with the pads of his finger, labia silently flapping in impact and you moan at the pain that shoots up from your sensitive core. This causes you to moan, body moving forwards in a surprised reaction. The palm hitting the clit sends electric sparks throughout your body, your brain almost fusing. The sound is sharp as it rings through the air before you feel pain along the vulva. Crying in pain, you mumble softly out before holding to him softly, “Please,” you implore. "I need you, daddy." 
The sensation of the pad of his thumb swiping against your swollen, needy bud causes you to buck into him, your cunt soon contracting around nothing. Chan mumbles as he lowers his body silently, kissing your skin on his way. He kisses the skin right above your acetabulum, tracing his lips down till he kisses your core, a soft peck over it. 
It is a stark difference in your clothing that takes you aback; of how you were completely naked while Chan was completely clothed and yet that excited you. The power he has is enough to have you ooze out more arousal that would prompt the sheets to stain further. 
Chan licks at your core, once, twice and then he is sucking at your clit, like a man walking days in a desert with no water source. His mouth is against your core, licking on it, the cold wet metal ball pressing against it, before he sucks on your engorged button. The lewd noises that leave your mouth are pornographic and your legs have lost their strength.
You are about to say a word before Chan curls his fingers up into you and your back arches slightly at the feeling of his fingers in you. "D-Daddy!" 
You feel Chan searching your walls for the spot he has felt enough that he finds it in a few minutes. He rubs against the same spot that brings the loudest reaction from you before dragging his fingers back slowly only to slip his fingers easily into you again, the slick of your arousal dripping down your thighs. The sheets are stained. His pants are stained and so is his white shirt. 
"No demon I've fucked before would have sex this close to being out of the world. Fuck, princess. Your slutty pussy is clutching onto my fingers." He rubs your walls and your enlarged button. Your hips gyrate with him, thrusting and chasing after his fingers desperately as you press into him. 
Chan's fingers are fast as they thrust in and out of your core. You could find yourself getting wetter and wetter with the lewd sounds that resonate the walls. The demon presses his metal piercing flat against your clit and you gasp. "F-Fuck, Daddy!"
And as Chan sucks on your button of nerves, his fingers thrusts into you at a relentless pace, pushing right at the spot that has you feeling the endorphins spilling into your bloodstream. You feel the knot that tightens in your stomach, ready to fall over the cliff till Chan's teeth graze your clit and you lose it.
“Come for me, my princess,” Chan urges. His command, paired with the way his tongue dances across your clit and how his rough thick fingers drags against your sweet spot, has you careening off of the brink of pleasure and into an oblivion. You can feel your bloodstream soaking slowly with the rush of endorphins. You need a moment to calm down from how good that orgasm is, as Chan slowly rubs you through your high. 
You think Chan is about to drag his fingers out of you and away when he picks up the speed of his fingers. He toys with your sensitive clit. 
"Daddy, ah—" You feel the pain slightly of being overstimulated, slowly getting intense and intense. You are crying and he slows down, looking into your eyes, expecting a colour to be screamed and when you don't, smiling softly, he continues, kissing you and swallowing every cry you have. 
You feel your skin standing at the very precipice of being sensitive to anything. In a split second without any warning, his mouth still on you, Chan holds your clit between his forefinger and thumb before twisting it and instantly, you feel something deep within you tighten up.
That was it. Your breath is disoriented. Your jaw falls loose and you let out a loud cry as a powerful orgasm cuts right through you. Chan drops his hand on to the bed as you squirt on being overstimulated. Your arousal soaks his shirt, fabric sticking to his body and he is amused. Your thighs shake, quivering uncontrollably as your back curves, body lifting up. Chan's other arm wraps around you as he kisses you through this. Your muscles tremble, ache and are sour. Eventually, you find your hips stopping gradually as you fall victim to the pleasure, squirting slowly receding. His hand is covered in your juices and he chuckles against your lips after pulling back, placing you lightly on your back.
"That was so fucking hot," he looks at you proudly, pressing his forehead against yours. Your eyes are closed, post that powerful orgasm, tears staining your cheeks. He moves only after your eyes open, making sure you are alright and are able to breath right.
"Daddy," you smile and Chan smiles brighter. That's his girl. That's his girl, alright.
"You've got my shirt messy, princess." He chuckles and your cheeks heat up in embarrassment as your head drops to the side to look away. Chan holds your face with his messy hands and kisses you, drawing out another long kiss to rid you away from any other thoughts besides ones of fucking him tonight. 
You pull away and mumble, "It's not fair that you were dressed completely in the first place."
"Is that so now?"
"Yes," you huff and your hand trails up Chan's arm, fingers digging into his arm. "It's a damn bother." 
Chan unbuttons his shirt, taking his own time with it as his fingers roll against them before popping the material out of hold from the button. Your hand lies in wait by his waist, fingers rubbing against the curve of his ass and you stare up at him. With every button that he maneuvers his shirt out of, you can see his tattoos more and more clearly.
The feathers that poke out through the corner of his shoulder, flat on the coracoid process, more present superficially right above his clavicle, are detailed. You can see the feathers variant in their styles as they fall from a greater source that lies behind him.
Chan's tattoo had always been magnificent, as if they were rebuking the almighty as he acknowledged his very being. The ends of the black feathers also tease into the head of his biceps. Two beautiful wings, bold and powerful, arise from his spine and exhibit loudly on his back.
Your mouth gapes open at the sight of it as Chan bends forward to unbutton his pants, the wings clearly visible to you and your heart leaps at the sight of it. Chan raises an eyebrow at you, staring down at his tattoo, as soon as he pulls down his pants. 
"Ah, the tattoo kink," he chuckles. "How could I forget."
"It's not a thing," you blush.
"Please," he laughs, eyes wrinkling soon. "There's no way you could lie to me, princess." 
You blush. Crunching forward, you stretch your arms, fingers pointing to draw against the outline of the wings. "It's beautiful," you whisper. "It's so fucking beautiful, Chan." He chooses to ignore the call of his name because nothing else would sound sweeter in this moment than his name itself. What you would do to give everything in wrapping your lips around his flesh by the corners of the wings and to ruin it with your own marks.
He unsheathes himself off the confines of his undergarment. Chan has always been bigger in comparison to every single one you had seen, girth firmer than you had envisioned and the frenum piercing has you salivating. It shines under the dim lighting of your room, your eyes unable to drift away from it, lips parted slightly.
You let out a small mewl — the walls of your core throbs against his member at the sensations of the piercings rubbing against the same — enhancing both your senses. Chan notices how your thighs quiver and he raises his eyebrows in sheer amusement.
"You really don't fail to surprise me, princess," Chan sniggers. "Look at you eye fucking me all while I just unstrip."
"Please," your eyes glisten and Chan coos. "Please. Need your cock in me, daddy. Need your big fat cock to fill me up and stuff me stupid." Your hands move down to hold his engorged length in your hand, rubbing the metal balls on the head with your fingers and feeling the coldness in a sharp contrast to his hot girth.
"You've been such a good, good whore tonight. Daddy's going to reward you well. So well." His hand trails down your frame and you shudder as they move down your sides.
Chan moves slightly, his hands bracing on either side of yours. The strong muscles of his arms twitch as he bears the entirety of his body weight on them. You push your body upwards and you stretch your arms up. You run your hands over his naked shoulders and his back, grazing his tattoo a little more before tangling your fingers into his hair as you tug him further over you. 
A soft gasp slips from your mouth when his weight presses over you: his defined chest over yours and his hips pressing into yours in the most enticing way. His cock brushes against your thighs slicken in your arousal and you moan. The metal ladder framing underneath his shaft is cold against your skin and you can feel the goosebumps that arise atop your skin all the way to spread the heat to your core.
Chan's arms wrap around your body, holding you so close to him that your chests brush against each other. You feel his hardened erection sharp against your thighs, brushing against your core and you whimper in his hold. "Please."
"Please what, princess?"
"Fuck me, daddy."
Chan's lips crash onto your swollen ones with a force that has to be reckoned. He grinds his heavy cock into your core, rubbing over your clit. It leaves you moaning, holding onto his deltoids with a ferocious grip, fingers digging into the muscle.
Holding onto the opportunity that presents itself to him, Chan seizes and dives his tongue right into your mouth. They glide across your tongue, your body arching in pleasure. You feel the metallic ball of his piercing run over your tongue in a wistful want, you wrap your own around it before kissing him at the same intensity. Chan's groan hits back through the air in barely a whisper as you swallow most of the sound. Immediately, you let go of his lips and your hand reaches out for his cock slowly coated in precum, you squeeze it softly.
Before you can think straight, you can sense Chan holding his cock in his hand to position himself and with a mere grunt, he enters through your twitching core. His thick girth pushes your walls apart as they move further down into you. Your grip on his deltoid slips to his biceps, desperate to catch hold of something. All that leaves your mouth are parched breaths and desperate moans. 
The lewd noises from his dick seeping through your wetness to enter you and stretch you out resonates through the wall only to hit back to both of your ears. Chan's gaze shifts downwards to watch his cock spread open your lips and disappear into your being — all it does to the demon is excite him more. 
You feel the piercings against your wall, dragging across your softness. The slight dentations cause you to moan as Chan moves it against it over and over again, ensuring to hit your spot as much as possible with every thrust. 
"You're dripping all over my cock, fuck," he grunts as he slips out only to thrust back in carefully. You grind back this time round, trying to match his pace with your fragile body. It takes you aback when you feel Chan grow into his complete girth inside you, stretching you out with an intense burn.
"Daddy," you choke out, words caught in the back of your throat. "Too big, ah."
“No, it’s not, princess," he bites his lip. "We both know you can take it. You're doing so well,” Chan coos. You find him slowing down with every thrust, making sure you are alright. His fingers ghosts right adjacent to your side, caressing your breasts with affectionate touches. 
Slowly, the pain fades away, only to be replaced by a rush of pleasure with every thrust. The hard metal of his piercings drag against the sensitive nerves of your wet core, enough to stimulate every other nerve in your body, rubbing it over and over again. 
Chan notices your face calming and how you were truly living in the moment. He takes this as a sign enough to thrust quicker, metal piercings striking the spot furiously. The sudden intrusion has your lips parting, eyes rolling back and tongue falling out in ecstasy. Your thighs, that quake, spread apart to take more of him, to let him have more control over you. Your walls clamp down on him, holding his cock tightly and magnifying the thick length of his. The moment his length pokes at the end of your cervix, you jerk, throat drying up instantly as a reaction. He was so thick and so full that he reached all the way to your cervix, ready to show you what it truly is like being fucked by a demon.
Chan grunts as he presses his hand down on your belly after pressing a short kiss. There is a slight bulge and Chan loves how you are, almost as if you are made for him. This leads your wall to press around him. His length pulses against your walls and you feel him completely, in his length and girth. Your walls ripple around his length accepting him completely — in his large, engorged, thick length.
"Fuck, I love this. Hell, I love how your juices coat my length and your lips kiss around my cock. Perfectly fitting my cock as if you were made for me,” he mutters. "Aren't you? You're mine. All mine." 
“So pretty, princess,” he coos. With every thrust of his length into you, your body is jolted back and forth, rocking the bed loudly, at an impeccable strength along with your boyfriend's.
In between all the thrusts of his cock, the way his piercings mercilessly drags inside you, triggering every single nerve bundle ever to exist in your body, you feel the clouds of euphoria come at your being. You slowly find yourself losing your being into the sheer bliss of Chan's actions.
With one more rough thrust, you are unable to hold back and with a loud cry, you come undone around Chan's cock. Feeling your walls clamp vigorously around his length, he lets out a deep growl and continues to thrust his hips into you. It is these thrusts that draw out your orgasm, bringing forth waves of bliss and euphoria, slowly seeming to shut down all your senses. The results of your intense orgasm still fluctuate through you. Your thighs tremble and toes curl. Your walls wrap so tightly around his cock that it drives him close.
His cock pulsates in your warmth and you know it too. "Oh fuck! That’s it, princess,” Chan groans out. He thrusts back into you messily, trying to keep up with the same initial pace. However, he falls out of the same relentless thrusting in the pursuit of his own orgasm. Burying his cock as deep into you, he erupts inside of you. He plays with your clit and comes undone in your core as he swears under breath, unfiltered compliments showered upon you. 
His thick cum fills you up. Buried deep, he empties everything of his load, coating your walls with thick stripes of his residue. Slowly, you find yourself back to your senses, body more alive, having ridden yourself of the giddiness of your orgasm. Your body shudders under him in your haze of orgasm.
Chan pulls out his softened cock out from you, glistening under the coated mixture of yours and his orgasm. He holds you close and rubs the side of your face gently as he compliments you, "You did so well, princess. I'm proud of you."
You kiss his lips in response, a soft, chaste one. Chan continues showering you with compliments as he falls by your side, holding you close into his sweaty naked being. He lifts himself soon enough to attend to you when you pull him down, locking him with your grip on his wrist.
"Let me take care of you, baby."
"Five minutes more, please." You look at him with a puppy like expression and Chan sighs, knowing fully well that there would be no way that he could deny your request. 
"Fine, princess," he rubs your hair away from your forehead and pulls you impossibly closer into his chest. 
"Happy Valentine's Day, baby."
Chan chuckles, kissing the top of your head and then your forehead as he teases, "You worked too much for a Valentine's Day, baby."
"Please," you stretch the syllable and speak into Chan's chest. "If anything, it is the wildest one I've ever lived to attend."
And as Chan holds you through the night, attending and taking care of you, his phone beeps soon enough,
[1] Voicemail from Changbin Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful and to you too, Chan. Call me back when you hear this. Bye.
[1] Message from Jisung This is how technology works??!!!! Oh my God. Fancy. Anyhow, Happy Valentine's Day. This goes down in my history as best Valentine's Day ever, bitches. P.S. Best sex ever too. Let's have a foursome sometime soon.
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spilledtee · 24 days ago
𝐓𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞
Word Count: 2.6k
Warning: smut, mentions of alcohol, porn without a plot, mentions of piercings, mentions of work stress, implied friends to lovers, fingering, oral (f.receiving), praise kink, slight dom!Jisung, 
Synopsis: Stress leads you to Jisung, who is more than willing to help, especially with his new accessory 
A/N: I didn’t proof read this and I wrote it while in class but I still hope you enjoy this :) Just wanted to write Jisung with a tongue piercing because well... look at his tongue. Also this is coming from another scraped fic idea
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alcohol, the showing off of his new piercing and the incessant flirty comments, on top of all the work stress you had been feeling. That was all it took for Jisung to lower himself onto you, placing his hands on either of your shoulders and tentatively placing his lips on yours. It was a clumsy kiss, one he nearly missed, his lips a tad too far left and his nose bumping against yours, but he persisted. His eyes were closed, like his and Jisung could hear the crinkling of your smile as you maneuvered your mouth into position, tilting your head so that both of your lips could meet firmly and happily at last. You considered a moment. Though completely not unexpected, his touch and kisses were everything you had welcomed. With this in mind, you tilted your heads towards him, closing your eyes. He took the hint, mouth descending onto yours. 
The once gentle and timid actions disappeared, now turning the kiss into something fiery, ravenous even. It sent a rush all the way down to your core as you tightened your arms around him. Without giving you the chance to change your mind about the kiss, his tongue traced along the seam of your lips. The feeling of the cold metal touching your lips immediately coaxing them opening. You responded approvingly, allowing him to deepen the kiss, your own tongue meeting his. His tongue easily slipped inside your mouth, brushing the metal ball along your own tongue before taking charge once more. He had forced you back out, making a soft moan escape from your mouth to which he easily swallowed the sound. Suddenly, he pulled away, eyes slightly dazed, chest heaving and a coy smile playing on the edge of his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He admitted, practically breathless. 
It was strange to see him shyly confessing like this. Most of the time, Jisung was the definition of confidence, even coming off a little cocky sometimes. He was always quick witted, making flippant remarks and he was definitely charismatic, even to a fault. However, in this moment, his softer side had appeared, one that you had been accustomed to after getting to know him throughout the years. This was the crack in the persona that he presented to others. Looking up at him through your lashes, your hand reached up to caress his face. “Then, don’t stop.” You reassured him.
That was the only green light he needed to start up again. His lips immediately went to your neck, kissing, trying to find your sweet spot as his lips left a blazing trail everywhere they pressed against your exposed skin. When you squirmed, he knew that he found it, licking the sensitive spot. His hand trailed down to your collarbones, one moving to the first button of your shirt. He unfastened it, his lips finding the newly exposed skin and pressing a kiss there. That was what the pattern he followed. With each button his unfasted he would place a kiss there. Jisung, despite being rather shy, seemed to know exactly what he was doing with you. The sweet thought suddenly disappeared when you let out a small gasp, a sting of pain and pleasure coursing through you. He had nipped at the skin of your collarbone, marking you for the first time tonight. His tongue was quick though, the cool sensation of his piercing and his warm tongue soothing the now reddened mark, as he pulled back far enough to look at you.
As your felt the shift in weight, you had opened your eyes, not even realizing they had been closed until you were returning his intense gaze. You found your hand coming up, hooking your fingers beneath the hem of his shirt. Slowly, you pulled it upwards, fingers trailing over the muscles there and stopping right behind his ribcage. “You’re so hot Ji.” You confessed, finding your hands not only roaming the muscles of his abdomen but also along the taut muscles of his rather broad chest. 
A shiver ran through him, hearing the praise coming from your mouth. All your words, all your actions was the only encouragement he needed to return the favour. With all the impatience he had to offer, Jisung ripped the rest of your shirt opening, buttons flying around the room. His gaze was riveted to you. Or rather your bra. Through the fabric of your bra, he found your nipples. They had already stiffened, begging for attention, something that he would happily provide. “You’re one to talk...especially looking like this. However, I think I’d rather have this off.” He hummed. Even though seeing you in sheer red was beautiful, the bra was still fabric that covered you. It was in the way and it would have to go. His hand slid up around your sides, again tentatively, making sure you did protest. When he was moving too slowly, you nudged his hand, drawing attention to you as you nodded in approval. He worked quicker now, fumbling a moment before unclasping the bra and swiftly removing it. “You’re so beautiful…”
“I-!” Your words died in your throat, turning into a rather desperate gasp. Jisung hadn’t given you a chance to reply back as he flicked his tongue over your nipple without warning. His tongue circled the bud, letting you feel his new piercing before lightly scraping the sensitive skin with his teeth, causing you to cry out again. His other hand came to squeeze you other breast, fingers tweaking your nipple hard enough for you to feel a slight sting. Despite what would normally be painful, his actions were causing small electric waves of pleasure to surge through it. He could easily sense this, repeating the action a few times over before pulling away from you again. When he released you, he peppered kisses along the sensitive flesh, sucking around the mounted flesh. You were sure there would be multiple marks before the night was through. You didn’t mind though. You wanted to be marked, you wanted to be known as Jisung’s.
His lips trailed upward along the center of your chest before he found your mouth again. The moment his lips touched yours, you found yourself being pushed upwards. Jisung was now settling between your thighs, preventing you from closing them. Sitting back, he ran a hand up your legs, dragging his fingers along the bare flesh. When he reached your hip, his hand went right to the button of your pants, pausing to glance up at you, asking for permission. You nodded silently again, giving him the approval to continue. It was touching that he was concerned for you, not wanting to push you beyond what your limit was.
As the garment slipped down your legs, Jisung was treated to the last remaining item of clothing that had covered you. He had moved back to draw your underwear down, taking them completely off and as soon as the came free, he resumed to his former position. “Wait, Jisung.” You muttered out, so quietly, you weren’t even sure if he actually heard you.
Though you were sure he heard when he paused in his action. “Yes?” He asked, thumb tracing circles over your hips.
“What about you? Don’t you want me to do anything for you?”
He let out a low chuckle, eyes burning into you. “You’re so cute. This is about you, we can focus on me after.” With that he lightly placed his hand over your pussy, his fingers beginning to caress your, watching you intently for every reaction. Your body stiffened, a moan escaping our parted lips as a faint burst of pleasure exploded within you. He smirked, noticing how wet you already were. His hand traced along the slit of your core once more, this time, dipping slightly into your folds and feeling you jolt from the contact. Pulling back to see the evidence of your work, Jisung’s eyes looked up at you innocently. “Can I have a taste?”
“Please.” You nearly begged, unable to come up with a better reply in the wake of knowing what he meant and what you were about to experience.
A brilliant smile appeared on his face as he bent down. He had settled fully down on  his stomach so that he could rest between your legs once again. Instead of tasting you, like he had asked, Jisung traced over your fold with his fingers. His index finger barely brushed against the hidden bundle of nerves. A ragged moan tore from your throat as he did so. It made your body burn in anticipation for his mouth to descend on you, especially with the metal ball that he had newly acquired. The thought made you buck your hips, wanting more contact between the both of you. That only made the grin on his face linger, his expression rather cocky now, as he repeated the motion with a little more pressure this time. “Feels good right?” He asked, already noticing the way that you had been trembling from such a small action.
“Yes.” You managed to breathe out before crying out once again. 
Jisung was completely unrelenting, enjoying the power that he had over you. It had only been a single that he had slid into you, but your hips jerked forward nonetheless. “So responsive. And what if I did this?” He circled the clutter of nerves at the top of your entrance, pressing down on it as his fingers stroked your inner wall. You could only mewl from the action, pulling at the sheets beneath you and calling for him. He was quick to give into what you wanted, adding a second finger inside of you, smiling when you groaned.
You let out another shuddering exhale as the motion of his fingers continued to speed up. You were experiencing a hot pleasure within you and you never wanted the feeling to cease. “Keep doing that.” You practically commanded him.
“Hm, but I think you’d like this.” He said as his thumb traced circles against your clit, this time fully touching the bundle of nerves. 
Your hips twisted, back arching odd the bed as nodded. “Yes, please. More.” You moaned, begging for more. You hadn’t expected him to be gentle yet so aggressive at the same time. You were in complete ecstasy and all you craved from him was more. You wanted more, you needed more. 
He seemed to understand this, as his hot breath finally fanned against your core. You could hear him snickering as you squirmed in place, but you hardly cared. Jisung didn’t keep you waiting, which was nice of him, as he flattened out his tongue, repeating the motion of rolling the cold metal ball right against the swollen head of your clit several times. A rough tug on his scalp pulled his attention to you, refocusing his eyes on you for a second before doubling his efforts of his mouth and fingers working within you. His free hand spayed flat against the outside of your quivering thighs, fingers indenting in the flesh as he pressed harder against you. “Jisung I’m-”
You braced yourself as you felt the knot tightening within you all too quickly. You can only chant his name out, feeling weak as you continue to ride out your high on his tongue. Jisung, as unrelenting as ever, doesn’t stop. His mouth lacked onto the sensitive bundle of nerves, making the feeling of another orgasm soon come over you again. He sucked hard, all the while curling her fingers in you, causing you to arch up off the bed when the pleasure in your core had spiked. His tongue flicked rapidly over the bud, circling and prodding at it before she applied more suction. After a few moments, she removed her fingers, trailing down and tracing your opening. You tugged at his hair again, warning him once again. He gave a soft hum in response, not removing his mouth from you, sustaining the confusing mixture of pleasure and not-so-quite pain that he was giving you. His tongue laved over the flesh, causing you to jerk against him and another orgasm soon pushed through you. Instinctively, you tried to get away from the stimulation, but he held your hips tightly, not letting you have any relief.
“Jisung please…” You begged him, feeling quite limp. 
At last, he raised his head, lips glistening with proof of your orgasm, which he licked away. His fingers never stopped working within you, a smirk plastered on his face. “I’m not done with you yet, pretty girl.” And with that his ministrations started up once again. “I never want to stop making you cum on my tongue.”
Before you can respond, he was hoisting your legs over his broad shoulders. You could only comply with being folded like this, body feeling limp. The sensation of his warm, wet tongue right against your clit made you tense. Your body jerked as the pressure resumed, and you cried out, trying to close your legs once again. You ddn’t know how much more of this you could take. Your whole body felt completely raw. “Ji… please I can’t take it anymore.” You could feel the muscles in your thighs beginning to tense, closing around his head. That only made him double in his efforts, determined to make you reach your high. Reaching up, he used his free hand to press down on your stomach attempting to keep you still. Intense pleasure, stronger than before, burned through your veins, causing every muscle to twitch as Jisung continued to work you with his tongue, refusing to let you go till you climaxed once again.
“Keep your legs opening.” He instructed, lust filled gaze looking down on you. “You’re doing so good and I just want one more of you.”
You could only nod, earning a chuckle from him. His mouth clamped over you again, sucking hard enough to make you cry out, the tears forming in your eyes and the sparks flared in your core. With each flick of his tongue, he pushed you higher, your frayed nerves sparking in your body. Your back arched off the bed, nails digging shallow crescents into the sheets beneath you. Shudders racked into you, making you shake and tremble beneath him. A sharp, high pitched string of moans left your lips as he pulled you closer to his face, tongue and fingers only going deeper within you. Tightly gripping his hair, you throw your head back, eyes tearing up as you released with a final cry. Your hips involuntarily grinding against his face in a last ditch effort to prolong the waves of your pleasure. He held his tongue flat, allowing you to use his face as you pleased, his eyes watching you intently. 
Once you stilled, he released you with a pop. He eagerly lapped up the liquid proof of your release, devouring your taste, just as he did before. When he finished cleaning the traces of your release away, Jisung sat back on the balls of his feet, his gaze softly looking down at your limp figure. “You okay?”
You nodded, weakly. “That was...amazing. That piercing of yours...”
With a swipe of his tongue, he couldn’t help but feel some pride having made you cum three times. He definitely had to thank Hyunjin for convincing to get this piercing. “Love that much huh?”
Your hand came up and pulled him closer. “Love it so much I think we could go again.”
“Then what are we waiting for?”
Tumblr media
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jsung01 · a month ago
hello!! can i request a soft dom jisung drabble where he helps inexperienced reader ride him? if you could include a corruption kink would be great as well!! ty in advance :)
Of course you can! I wrote this during a car ride today, so I hope it turned out okay! 
Word count: 1.5k (I told myself to write less than 1k but clearly that didn’t work out as planned)
Contains: Soft dom!Jisung, inexperienced female reader, unestablished relationship (Jisung x reader are best friends), unprotected sex, riding, corruption kink, praise kink
Tumblr media
You had originally invited Jisung over for a movie marathon night at your place. It had been a long time since you'd seen each other, with work and ordinary life often getting in the way. Luckily, you had managed to find time where both of you were free, so of course you made plans to have him spend the night so you and him would have plenty of time to catch up.
You two spent a majority of the night chatting through most of the movies you put on, discussing your daily lives - your unpleasant coworkers, recent dating experiences, and eventually turning to your sex lives. Even that conversation seemed casual at first, not too explicit and not too awkward. 
But when your best friend found out that you never experienced pleasure further than from your own hands, he had made it his mission to rectify that. You couldn’t even remember when the conversation had turned sexual, or why the conversation had changed in the first place. But with the flip of a switch, Jisung was suddenly determined to be your first, to be the one to show exactly what real pleasure was.
“I can teach you,” he had said nonchalantly, despite his heart racing at the prospect of corrupting you, of being the first to make you feel good, seeing you come undone on top of him. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't thought about it before, late at night in the comfort of his own bed.
You couldn’t deny that you had also thought about it before, what it would be like to be touched by him and how he would feel inside of you. So after little deliberation, you agreed.
And that's how you ended up in this scenario, laying on his couch with half your clothing discarded and the movies still playing in the background.
“That’s it, you’re doing so good”
Jisung spoke with a soft voice, almost dropping to a whisper. His hands were positioned delicately at your sides, fitting right in the space between your thighs and your hips. Your hands were placed on his chest, gripping onto his hoodie for balance while your legs rested on either side of his hips.
The couch you'd both been lying on was cramped, with only enough room for the two of you when Jisung sat upright with his head and shoulders resting on the arm rest and his legs bent. It was tight, but you didn't protest, as it provided you an excuse to cling to his clothing while you adjusted to his size. Even though you had nothing to compare him to, Jisung still felt big, and it had taken you a while for the feeling to turn from bearable pain into pleasure. 
Now, the feeling was unlike anything you had ever experienced before. Sure, you had touched yourself many times, in the privacy of your own room where no one could hear you. But the real thing? You couldn’t even find the words to describe it, unless those words were incoherent groans. Even the slightest of movements caused your throat to let out sounds that you couldn’t control.
Jisung moved your hips forward once he felt your body relaxing, guiding them against his own. You gasped, the friction causing your walls to clench around him repeatedly. It took everything in him not to fuck you harder, to wrap his arms around your waist and thrust himself into you while you whined into the crook of his neck, begging him for more. But he knew this was your first time, and so he pushed that thought into the back of his mind for the time being.
“You’re okay, baby, you’re doing great”, he reassured you as he rubbed your hips in his palms. “Think you can start moving on your own now?”
He spoke with such gentleness that you could feel your heart physically melting at his tone. You nodded, closing your eyes as you began moving your hips back and forth, this time at your own pace.
“Like that?”, you asked him, your eyes still closed shut and your hands still gripping onto his hoodie.
“Yeah baby, just like that”, he nodded as he bit his lip, taking his hands off of your hips to watch them as they rolled smoothly against his cock. “Back and forth. There you go, taking me so well”
His words were only encouraging you more, and soon, you were moving completely on your own.
“Feels a little bit different than your fingers, huh?”, he teased, recalling the moment when you told him that the only pleasure you had ever felt came from your own fingers.
You opened your eyes to look down at him, taking in the sight of your best friend below you. His eyes were dazed, a slight smirk present on his face. Despite the baggy hoodie he was wearing, you could still see his chest rising and falling from beneath it. You had never truly expected to see him this way.
But of course, neither did he. Only in his dreams could he imagine being able to see his best friend on top of him like this, let alone being the first one to do so. He was your first, the first one to ruin you for anyone else to come. Before tonight, you had always been so innocent to him, always keeping your sex life private and blushing whenever someone brought up the topic. It was adorable to him, the way you turned away at the mention of sex, like you barely even knew what it was. Of course, he knew you weren’t as innocent as you led others to believe, and deep down, he always wanted to be the one to pull all those dirty little thoughts from behind that innocent face of yours. It wasn’t until tonight where he finally got the chance to, and he was soaking in every single moment he could.
You groaned from on top of him. “Feels better”
“Better?”, he chuckled, repeating your words back to you. 
You hummed in response, moving your hips quicker as the pleasure grew in intensity. “Yes, so good”
Before long, you felt a knot growing in your lower stomach, a feeling you had never managed to bring yourself to on your own. You knew you were close, that was the only thing this feeling could mean. 
“Jisung, I-“, you gasped, your hips stuttering just slightly as you clenched around him. “I think I’m gonna-“
“I know, baby”, he cooed as his breath caught in his throat, the thought of seeing you cum causing him to feel his own orgasm quickly approaching. He wanted to ruin you completely, feel your walls squeeze around him while you moaned out his name. His name, only his name. 
He couldn’t take it anymore. His thoughts were running wild with the sight of you taking his cock inside of you, when only yesterday you’d blush if someone had even mentioned the topic altogether. 
His hips thrusted up into your core as his nails dug into your skin, now chasing his own high with the sounds of your loud moans ringing pleasantly in his ear. He opened his mouth to speak, giving you one last instruction before you finished.
“Say my name when you cum”, he asked, sounding more like a plead than a command. But the pleasure was getting to be too much for him, clouding his thoughts and preventing him from speaking in anything more than unsteady groans.
With one final strained moan of his name, you came around him. Your whole body shook on top of him as your hands scrambled to find something else to hang onto, eventually falling on his hands which had been gripping onto your hips.
Jisung quickly lifted his hoodie up just before he pulled out, stroking his length as he came all over his stomach. The substance coated his abs, dripping down his hand and even falling on his thighs. 
The sight was so filthy to you - watching your best friend cum because of you, because of the way you felt around him. You would never admit it to him, but you had often fantasized about this very scenario yourself.
Jisung’s breathing slowed down as his orgasm eventually passed, looking back up at you with a dazed look of admiration plastered on his face. He rubbed his clean hand along your side, not in a sexual manner, but more of a relaxed manner, like he was trying to calm you down. Your body was still shaking, not used to the sensation of pleasure not self-inflicted.
“You’re so beautiful like this”, he mumbled. “And all because of me”
You blushed at his words. Even though you were only friends, you were sure this would become a reoccurring event for the both of you. Jisung had ruined you, both mentally and physically, for any person yet to come. But you weren’t complaining, especially when he had the ability to pleasure you in ways you couldn’t have imagined prior to tonight. He had indeed ruined you, in the best way possible.
“All because of you”, you confirmed.
Tumblr media
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bngchnsi · a month ago
bad puppies | l.m, h.j
Tumblr media
synopsis: you knew better than to go behind minho’s back, but god damn did jisung make a good bargain.
Tumblr media
pairing: hard dom!minho x sub!reader x brat!jisung
warnings: afab reader, boy x boy, poly relationship, pansexual!jisung, bisexual!minho, smut, dirty talk, praise, unprotected vaginal sex (don’t do this pls i beg of thee), mentions of previous sexual encounters, mentions of the pandemic, creampie, voyeurism, degradation, light overstimulation, name calling, slut shaming, pet play, dumbification, humiliation kink, mentions of punishment, pussy slapping, mentions of jisung bottoming, mentions of oral (receiving), open ending.
word count: 2.7k
authors note: this is a reupload from http-chan. i am not stealing, i am reuploading my own work.
Tumblr media
You moan helplessly into your pillow, choking on your own spit as Jisung pounds into you mercilessly from behind. Your cunt is dripping onto the mattress below you, leaving a wet mess on the blankets, but you can’t find it within yourself to care right now with the way one of your boyfriend’s is fucking you into next week.
“Always such a good girl, never breaking any rules Minho gives us,” Jisung grits out, grip tight on your hips as he brings your sopping cunt back on his aching cock. “And here you are now, letting me fuck you like a stupid pup knowing full well that Minho didn’t give us permission to cum without him.” You whither at the pet name, pussy twitching around Jisung’s dick pathetically.
The boy behind you whimpers softly at the feeling, and it’s that sound that reminds you that, although he is currently dominating you, he’s still just as much of a sub as you are: you just don’t have an ounce of dom in you.
That’s where Minho comes in. Or, well, where he usually comes in.
You and Jisung had been dating for almost two years when he had met Lee Minho at work one day, looking intimidatingly beautiful as he ordered one black coffee. They had gotten to talking and, once Jisung’s shift was over, decided to exchange phone numbers.
“He was just so charming, like straight out of a movie.” Jisung had later explained that night, bright red faced and clutching his phone to his chest like it now held very valuable information.
You and Jisung had what some would call an “unusual” relationship in that it was pretty open. You two both allowed the other to fool around with other people every now and then, considering Jisung was extremely pansexual and had very limited sexual experience with the same sex while also not wanting you to be all alone when you wanted some company, and so you both had created the deal. 
While most people would find it weird, it worked for you both.
Things changed once Minho and Jisung had started sleeping together more than a few times, a first for one of your boyfriend’s flings. It ended with Jisung admitting that he felt that he was starting to fall in love with Minho, while also still being very much in love with you.
“It’s like my heart belongs to two people now.” He had shyly admitted and, although you didn’t quite understand at first, it only took a first meeting with Minho to fully understand exactly what he meant.
All three of you had a talk together on what this all meant, and whether if all you being in a relationship could even work. Minho and you both agreed on going on a few dates together, just to see if you both could even mix, and when you ended up in his bed after the second date and had one of the most mind blowing orgasms of your life, it was almost automatically decided what things were from then on.
It had been eight months since all that happened and now you, Minho, and Jisung had all officially became a couple. Your previous deal with Jisung was done without any words having to be said, as Jisung couldn’t find any reason to need it anymore; he had two people he loved, and definitely more than enough experience under his belt to feel satisfied.
Not that Minho wasn’t glad to give him more.
But right now Minho was busy with work. Once this stay-at-home order was put in place, the older man had started working his office job at home, locked up in his office space with his nose constantly in his computer. He was too busy getting used to changing the way he did his job, now at home, to even entertain the idea of help getting you two off.
That still didn’t mean that the most important rule wasn’t still in place: and here you and Jisung were, breaking it.
To be fair, it had been almost two weeks since you and Jisung had gotten any sort of pleasure, which was a record considering how needy you two were and how much stamina Minho had, but you were more than willing to wait. You had been using all of your energy to ignore the burning need between your thighs until the taller man found the spare time and energy to tend to both of you and so far you had been doing well!
Until now, that is.
You cried out once Jisung started circling his finger on your swollen bud, your body inches away from cumming all over his cock. Jisung moaned highly at the feeling of your walls starting to clench more desperately around him, thrusting into you harder as his other hand on your hip moved away from you. When he didn’t put his hand anywhere else on your body, you turned your head to the side to see him sucking on three of his fingers; whether that was to keep himself quiet or to replace the feeling of Minho’s cock that would usually be in his mouth right now, you weren’t entirely sure. All you did know was that the sight was too much for your eyes and was the tipping point for your tightly wound body, walls pulsating erratically around Jisung and causing his hips to stutter. You watched as his eyes rolled back in pure pleasure before feeling his cum shoot inside you, painting your greedy walls.
You both panted, your body relaxing into the mattress as you both tried to catch your breath. Jisung rubbed soothing circles into your bruising hips, his own spit being rubbed onto your skin, but you couldn’t find it within yourself to care.
Right when he was starting to pull out of your sensitive core, a cold voice on the other side of the room had you both freezing.
“Don’t you dare move Jisung.” You felt ice enter your bloodstream, all color draining your face as you turned your face towards the doorway where your other boyfriend stood, arms crossed and the muscle in his jaw twitching in irritation.
Neither you nor Jisung had broken this rule in the entire eight months you had all been together, and it was clear Minho wasn’t ever expecting this sort of behavior from either of you.
Before you could speak, Jisung was already responding. “And why not? Are you finally going to do something about it?” You felt your eyes widen what probably looked comically large, somehow still surprised by Jisung’s bold attitude despite being with him for nearly three years now.
Minho cocked a brow at your other boyfriend, clearly unimpressed. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you Sungie?” He chuckled, leaning his hip against the bedroom’s doorway. “Don’t act like I didn’t just see you sucking on your fingers like it was my cock a few minutes ago.” You felt the cock inside of you twitch in interest, clearly liking the way the other man was talking, and you barely bit back a whimper at the feeling against your hypersensitive walls.
“H-How long were you watching?” You managed to stutter out, feeling meek and small under Minho’s cold gaze. It was insane the effect he could have on you without even being near you, unfair almost, but you definitely didn’t not love it.
You were sure Minho knew that too.
“With how loud you two were being? Almost the entire time. I just wanted to see if you were both so disrespectful that you’d both actually cum without me.” He tsked disappointedly, the sound causing your pussy to already start gushing with arousal again, and Jisung groaned quietly at the feeling. Minho raised his brows, lips twitching into a self-satisfied smirk. “What, are you enjoying this Sungie? Oh wait,” Minho snapped his fingers, smiling widely as if he had just remembered something, and you already knew before he spoke that it could not have been anything good. “Let me correct myself, are my little sluts enjoying me talking down to them like they’re nothing but some stupid mutts?”
This time neither you nor Jisung could quite hold back the pathetic whimpers, Jisung’s cock already half-hard inside you as you started to squeeze around him, and Minho cooed at both of you as if it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. The false sympathy was clear in his tone as he continued to speak. “Poor puppies, already getting needy after just cumming not even five minutes ago.” He smirked. “How pathetic.” You clung onto the bed sheets underneath you, trying to keep yourself from rocking back against Jisung’s dick no matter how much you wanted to, but Jisung apparently did not have the same self restraint (go figures).
Jisung whimpered as he slightly pulled out of you before pushing back inside, shallowly fucking you as your eyes watered from the mouthwatering oversensitivity. You hadn’t felt this needy in weeks, and that was saying a lot considering you.
“Stop it,” Minho said shortly and the boy behind you whined, starting to pull out more and fuck you harder, and you moaned highly as he brushed against your g spot. You began arching your back a little, despite your obedient brain telling you to follow Minho’s orders, and that little movement made his dick go just that much deeper.
You don’t know when Minho had walked next to the bed, all you know was that he was tugging Jisung off and out of you by the hair, causing both of you to yelp by the sudden action. The not so gentle tug didn’t waver Jisung’s horniness however, if anything it made his dick even harder as he was forced out of your dripping cunt, but that wasn’t anything to shocking for either of you.
“You really are stupid, aren’t you pup?” Minho hissed and you slumped on your side to see Jisung’s head being forced back, his teary eyes staring up at Minho’s cold ones. Jisung squirmed under his hold, cock bobbing heavily between his thighs and tip oozing a steady trail of precum, and the taller man sneered down at him. Disgust was clear in his beautiful features. “Disgusting,” he hissed, letting go of the other boy and pushing him back onto the mattress. Jisung whimpered, all the fight visibly taken out of his small body as he collapsed next to your shaking body.
Minho’s gaze was then turned to you, eyes narrowed slightly as he eyed you up and down as if weighing his options. After a few seconds of contemplating, he brought a hand up, crooking two fingers towards himself in a silent demand to kneel before him. You obeyed quickly, eager to apologize to your master before he punished you even worse than you already were going to be, and your skin tingled at the small laugh from the intimidating man before you.
Minho brought his two fingers under your chin, jerking your head up to look him in his cold and icy eyes. The look made your face heat up in embarrassment, arousal pooling thickly in your tummy as he ignored Jisung’s quiet whimpers and whines only few inches away from you both.
Your master sighed. “You’re usually such a good puppy, what happened?” Minho cocked his head to the side, almost pouting as your brain grasped at straws to find a good answer. “J-Jisung made me d-do it,” you explained quietly, remembering the way he cornered you and teased at all your extra sensitive points, making you forget all logic as he brought you to your shared bedroom. Minho hummed in understanding, but his grip did not loosen around your chin. Not a good sign.
“And how is that a good excuse, hmm? Aren’t you my pet, not Sungies?”
Yep, not a good sign at all.
You felt your throat dry at his words, lips flapping open and closed as you tried to find words but to no avail. Minho smirked down at you, clearly pleased at himself over your obvious turmoil. “What, can my poor puppy not think of a good retort to that?” He tsked sadly down at you, lower lip jutted out into a mocking pout. “Aww, so sad.”
“Save it mutt, I wasn’t expecting anything else from a dirty whore like you.” Minho’s words left you feeling almost breathless, cunt clenching around nothing at such harsh words. Usually it was your other boyfriend getting degraded so much, his brat tendencies getting him in loads of trouble with the elder while you, however needy you were, never dared to disobey your master.
Until now.
Minho’s eyes softened down at you. “Color?” he asked softly, mistaking your shell shocked expression for one of hurt. He rubbed his thumb over your chin as his eyes also went to Jisung, just to be safe despite the sniveling boy having been told much worse.
“Green,” you both said in unison and Minho nodded, letting himself smile down at both of you before his features returned to their previous coldness.
Minho returned his gaze to you, eyes dark and calculating as he looked you up and down with almost distaste. “Lay down on your back with your head on the pillows puppy, it’s time I taught both of you a punishment.” You whimpered at his hushed words, body erupting in goosebumps as you did as you were told without complaint. “Spread your thighs a bit more,” he added and, when you did, he swatted at the soaked area between your legs just to hear your yelp.
“So wet,” he remarked, reaching out a hand to just barely graze over your soaking slit. You gasped, arching your hips into his touch in hopes of maybe his fingers slipping inside of you, but you were met with another harsh slap to your clit in retaliation. You whined highly at the pain, little bolts of lightning spreading throughout your body and settling deep into your skin and making you just that much more sensitive than before. “And here I thought I had trained you so well y/n.
“Or maybe my other puppy,” Minho said, bringing his attention back to Jisung’s curled up form, “has just been a bad influence on them.” Jisung whimpered, the sound so obviously proving his guilt if it wasn’t so clear before.
Minho chuckled. “Is that it, Sungie? Have you been teaching y/n how to be a disobedient whore like yourself?” Both you and Jisung whimpered at that, the harsh words making both of you that much needier, and you numbly found it amazing how a few mean words could make someone feel lower than the other.
You both were addicted to it. Had been addicted to it since the elder man entered your lifes.
“What’s my punishment?” Jisung whimpered, staring up at Minho with doe eyes. Your master hummed thoughtfully at your shared boyfriends words, bringing his hand over to run his fingers through his hair. Jisung leaned into it, body relaxing until Minho curled his fingers at the base of his skull, bringing his head back slightly just so his throat was fully exposed to him.
“You’re going to eat y/n out until they cum at least five times, all while I prep your pretty ass and fuck you raw. You can cum as much as you want, but I won’t stop until they cum that many times and you’re so fucked out that you can barely speak.” You and Jisung both gaped up at your boyfriend, not expecting that response at all. If anything, you were thinking you two were going to be denied for the next month for your disobedience, not fucked until you both couldn’t even remember your own names.
Minho smirked at both of your reactions, clearly amused. “I figured since my dumb little pups love cumming so much that they’d disobey me, they should cum so much that they can’t anymore. Now,” Minho paused, eyes trained on Jisung as he smiled too sweetly for someone so evil, “lay between their thighs with your ass up. I would expect to be there for a while.”
Tumblr media
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seungisms · 9 months ago
skz reaction: overstimulating you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, overstimulation, edging, eating out, fingering, degradation, bulging kink, exhibition kink, sub!reader, dom!skz
Tumblr media
Chan pinned your hips to the bed with his large palms, tongue eagerly lapping up your wetness while you withered and whined beneath his touch. Choked moans left your bitten lips as he continued to overstimulate your sensitive clit, pumping his long digits into your tight core while his wet muscle sucked lightly on your folds, darkened eyes boring into your own. Small tears ran down your face, cheeks flushed while sobs escaped past your lips as he finally ceased his relentless teasing on your tender pussy, your wetness shining on his lips when he regarded you with a cocky smirk.
“Think you can handle more sweetheart?”
Your legs wrapped themselves around Minho’s slim waist, causing his thick cock to push further into your leaking slit, edging you towards yet another orgasm. His length throbbed desperately inside your core making you clench tightly around him, your warm cunt engulfing him completely while milking his tip dry as your liquids seeped out of your hole. Dark eyes stared intently at your folds, focusing on the way his shaft disappeared into you, continuing his rough pace as you came undone beneath. He rested his sweaty forehead against your own, savouring the sounds of your needy begs as his dick twitched against your sore walls.
“You want to cum again baby? Beg for it.”
Changbin was relentless with his pleasurable abuse on your cunt, ignoring the pitiful begs that left your parted, kiss-bruised lips as your clit became unbearably overstimulated. He slipped into your pussy with ease, his cock becoming coated in your juices once you squirted around him, drenching both your thighs. He attached his lips to your own in a hot, open-mouthed kiss, devouring every last whimper and moan you released, twitching beneath him as he panted heavily against you. His thick fingers reached down to toy with your aching bud, hurriedly coaxing you towards another orgasm while his length twitched deep inside your heat.
“You’re such a slut for me. I bet you’re just begging to cum again, huh?”
Hyunjin dipped his long fingers past your folds, watching with an intense gaze as your back arched off the bed, small mewls leaving you as he stretched your tight hole out. He absolutely loves seeing you like this, your fucked out form begging for more as he relentlessly overstimulated your heat, he almost wanted to give into your pleas once you tightened around his digits. His fingers continued to pump in and out of your wetness, your breath catching in your throat while your legs shook once you felt another orgasm attack your raw pussy, covering his hand in your juices. Hyunjin brought his fingers up to your lips, humming lowly as you sucked on them greedily, feeling his cock stiffen against your thigh.
“We’re not done yet baby.”
Jisung groaned deeply against your mouth once your slickness dripped down his cock, nails digging into the plush flesh of your thighs as he continued to fuck up into your pussy, supporting your body against his own when you weakly slumped against him. Small whimpers emitted from your lips, sore cunt throbbing around his needy length once he pressed a flat palm down hard on your stomach, feeling the small bulge of his cock jutting out against your skin with each desperate thrust of his dick. He felt you wither from the immense stimulation, your nails clawing at his shoulders while his hips raised to meet your own, strangled pleas falling from your tongue.
“Tell me what you want baby, use your words.”
Felix’s hands held a tight grip on your thighs, keeping you fully seated on his face while his tongue teased your drenched folds, his lustfilled eyes gazing up at you between your legs, savouring each scrunch and twitch of your face. He ignored your small pleas to stop, continuing to suck on your clit until his tongue prodded at your oozing hole, coaxing another orgasm out of your spent form before cleaning up the wetness that seeped onto his lips, his palms grabbing fistfuls of your ass. You cried out against him, hands tugging at his already disheveled hair once he hummed against your pussy, the vibrations causing your legs to quiver on each side of his smug face. You felt greedy hands tug you up, placing you in his lap so you were able to feel the hard, desperate cock rub against your cunt.  
“That was only the beginning.”
Seungmin held you up against the wall of the small dressing room, cock drilling into your leaking sex as he clamped a hand over your mouth, silencing your small cries with his palm. He breathed heavily against you while his needy dick throbbed deep inside your cunt, brushing against your warm, abused walls. Damp hair fell into his dark eyes, watching your face contort with pleasure as he stimulated your aching heat, pinching your bud between his fingers all the while his cock stretched you out, his pleaureable torture sending you over the edge. He kept his thrusts up after you spilled onto his length, your pussy raw and sore as he continued to use your hole, filling you to the brim with his hot thickness.
“Be quiet. I haven’t finished with you yet.”
Jeongin guided his cock past your dripping folds as you arched your back against his chest, hands tightly grasping the bedsheets beneath you while he slipped into your already sensitive cunt. He kept a tight grip on your hips, your ass flush against his thighs as he bottomed out, using his other hands to tease your tender, red bud. A cruel smiled graced his pretty lips, focusing on how you smothered your face into the pillows, muffling your quiet sobs as you needly pulsated around his shaft, feeling your head spin from the stimulation and torture he was putting you through, while simultaneously begging for him to fuck you harder and deeper.
“You like this? You like being my little whore?”
Tumblr media
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crispbang · 4 months ago
i’ve been taking a lot of baths recently and all i can think about is
how skz would take a bath with you
he’d definitely sit either behind you, and wrap his arms behind with his legs on either side
in front of you with your legs over his lap :((
and he’ll rub and massage your hair (like he did for felix in that episode of All Night 😫)
and when he gets hard “accidentally” he wants you to suck him off so slow and good in the tub 🥵
his poor muscles are so tired from performing for so long so sometimes he lays in front of you and you rub his shoulders, and arms feeling him relax and his eyes close :((
poor baby works so hard, someone’s gotta take care of that overworked body
🔗lee know
honestly i can only envision minho sitting in front of you, his legs intertwining with yours as he presses your feet sweetly
he knows how hard you work too, so he just wants to help you relax a bit
and who knows, maybe you just start rubbing his lap with your leg, giving him some friction
but if he wasn’t in the mood, he’d definitely throw handfuls of bubbles at you to make you stop
“yah! i’m trying to help you relax and all you think about is sex!”
you turn an embarrassing shade of red,
sinking down into the tub to let the bubbles hide you
and he smirks at you from across, pulling your leg so your head goes underwater
you gasp and choke your way back to the surface, leaning forward to slap his arm and he just laughs
“ahahahaha haaa” [i know you read that in his laughing voice😏]
binnie is literally the softest person ever
like i don’t just mean his personality in the tub, but PHYSICALLY he has the most beautiful skin omg
he loves holding you in his arms and letting your fingers run along his arms and thighs,
feeling his strong, soft skin in the warmth of the water
you grab a chunk of fluffy bubbles and rub it on his chest and collarbone, making him let out that adorable lil giggle of his :((((
you know the one where he goes heeheeheeheee>.<
he’s all about intimacy in the tub
like he physically can’t take a bath with you without it leading to some sort of sexy act
his personal favorite is having you ride him while he rubs and massages bubbles over your tits/chest and neck :((
just makes his brain go all fuzzy like
damn all of this to myself
you run your fingers through his hair while bouncing on him slowly and he grips you so tight as if you’d melt in the water
if the tub is big enough, jisung loves sitting next to you and wrapping his arms around you
he nuzzles his face into your neck, while you pat his cheekies and hair with the hand closest to him
his hand rubs along your thigh, melting the bubbles against your warm skin
he likes to play some anime show in the background while you both relax
you sit in comfortable silence, enjoying the presence of each other while unwinding at the end of the day :)
he’s all about the scents and experience
he lights candles, sets up little floating lights in the water, scented bubbles, dimmed lights
he just wants to do the best for you ^.^
and then you knock on the door asking if it’s ok to come in and he goes
“noo not yet! be patient, darling 🙄”
and then when he’s finally done, he adorably jogs to you, picking you up bridal style into the bathroom
he slowly removes each piece of your clothing, folding it and setting it on the counter :(
then he lays you in the tub and sits behind the tub, gathering your hair to brush and take care of
>:( i want a felix of my own
he likes sitting behind you, kissing your temple and resting his chin against your hair
he huns a quiet tune in your ear from behind,
which instantly relaxes you 😖
your hand subconsciously rests on his thigh next to yours
which makes him tense up a bit, and you can feel him getting harder underneath the water ;)
he pulls you onto his lap, hooking his arms around your waist, grabbing his opposite wrist
your head falls onto his shoulder, and he takes this opportunity to place sloppy, wet kisses on your collarbone and neck
his warm, wet tongue resembles the water surrounding you
you slowly start to grind your hips against his, gripping his muscular arms for support
he bites his lip and closes his eyes, leaning back against the edge of the tub, feeling your wet folds over the underside of his shaft
let’s just say it gets even hotter and steamier in there than it began with 😏🔥
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hyunsuks-beanie · 23 days ago
[11:30 PM]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Felix x reader; smut; mirror sex
You look at your reflection in the practice room mirror, a sweating, panting mess, moaning as Felix slams himself into you from behind, while rubbing his fingers over your heat.
Feeling yourself edging dangerously close to your climax, you moan out, "F-Felix, I-I'm close," only to have him slap your heat as he mutters in your ear, "Close already? Damn, you're such a hoe for me."
How did you get yourself into this situation, you might be wondering. Call it a misunderstanding on Felix's part, or being bratty on your part, but you hadn't expected him to be this rough on you. This wasn't your sweet, vanilla, softy boyfriend. This was someone who had already made you cum twice before, in his animalistic hunger to show you whom you belong to.
You getting a little too touchy with Changbin, and praising his body, had affected Felix more than he would care to admit, but you saw through his anger. You knew he was jealous, and while you enjoyed being punished, you knew you would have to apologize to him later.
Pushed over the edge by your fucked out reflection and your lewd thought, you moan his name again, to which he replies, "That's right bitch, scream my name. You are mine, and mine only. Cum for me," you ride out your high as he continues thrusting into you, his moves becoming sloppy as he nears his own climax. You close your eyes from the overstimulation, only to have him bite down harshly upon your shoulder. "Open your eyes, and see you pretty you look taking me. Tell me, can Changbin ever make you feel this good? Hmm?," he growls, only receiving moans in reply.
Soon enough, he reaches his climax, cumming into you before pulling out. You turn around to apologize, but you can barely mutter out out weak "Sorry," before all but collapsing onto his shoulder from how tires you are. To your surprise, you feel Felix's warm arms wrapping around your form, as he returns back to his vanilla self.
"Shhh. I know, love. You did so well for me, and now, you just need to rest," he says, kissing your head softly.
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binnie-m00n · 8 months ago
Make out sessions w/Stray Kids
Warnings: suggestive?, smut, fluff
A/N: my ask box is open, feel free to tell me whats on your mind; smutty & fluffy thoughts are welcomed! ♡
* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧
I for sure think chan would be a soft, slow, smooth, passionate kisser. He likes to really FEEL your lips and how they move so in sync with his. I don't think he'd be a dom or a sub when it comes to make out sessions (he can be at times a switch) but for the most part he's just so into making you feel good and showing how much he loves you in a non dom or sub way yk (i hope that made sense) Chan is very "clingy" loves touching you everywhere just to make you moan onto his lips. Wether it be groping your ass or feeling your boobs, chan just loves it! Would mumble sweet compliments like "i love you princess" or "your so beautiful"
It's a given that minho would be a total tease at any moment or opportunity he has. Minho likes to be either painfully slow or a bit rough. He wants to make you as needy as possible for him. Likes to ghost his fingers around your thighs and chest. Bearly being able to feel his touch drives you mad, and he knows it! Likes to hear you whine and beg for him to fully touch you. Minho slowly slips his tongue into your mouth just to fiddle and play with yours drives you insane. If minho is feelings a bit extra spicy he'll kiss you with so much hunger, lips devouring yours. Likes to wrap his fingers around your throat because he knows it makes you ferral. Gets cocky when he feels your damped panties "my little slut getting wet from one kiss?"
When i say he loves it when you straddle him, i mean it!!! Its just perfect! Your arms are wrapped around his neck as you give into the deep passionate kiss. Changbin enjoys getting his lips bitten a little too much that you feel his cock harden. You grind on him just to give him a little tease. Changbin breathlessly moans into your lips, he holds onto your waist as you feel his cock harden even more by your actions. He gets back at you by playing with your boobs. You sigh at the familiar touch as his hands kneed your breasts. Make our sessions with changbin always, if not 99% of the time end with you getting your little cunt stuffed with his cock
Lots of lip bitting and lip sucking!! you bite onto his sweet, soft, plump, luscious, juicy lips, earning a lustful moan from Hyunjin. He responds back with sucking on your bottom lip as his hands make their way to your wet panties. Very vocal and somewhat loud. Lots of grunts, moans and sighs from both of yall. Hyunjin feels his cock twitch when you whine for him to bite you harder. Wanting to satisfy your needs he digs his teeth into your soft lips a little harder while his fingers trail along your aching, wet core. Both your lips and his will be super bruised afterwards.
I just know for a fact Jisung would be a complete switch during make out sessions. Like one moment he'd be a whiny and moaning mess when you dom his lips and your hand is slowly stroking his cock to the point his pre cum is dripping down his cute dick <3 then next thing you know he sees how your thighs are rubbing against each other and realises how baddly you want him. Jisung would pull a dom in a matter of seconds and have your lips be devoured in no time followed by him parting your thighs to get to your heated core, maybe slipping two or three fingers in. Jisung will give you what you need!! He's just like that!
Much like chan i think felix would like to pleasure you in a non dom or sub way (at least during make out sessions he will *wink wink*) Felix wants to make you feel loved and care for! Baby boy would give you the most tender, soft, sweet, passsionate kiss. Making your mind go blurry and fuzzy. Felix likes to hold onto your waist or trail his hands along your back or shoulders because he's sweet like that! You moan into his lips when he nibbles on your bottom lip. You can feel felix smiling onto the kiss because of how adorable you sounded. None the less it enough to give him a boner. Making him think of how badly he wants you to wrap your pretty lips around his cock and suck him off
Personally i think seungmin would be a combination of minho and chan. Seungmin is a soft dom that enjoys teasing you but makes you feel extremely loved by him. When he deepens the kiss he wraps his hand around your neck and sweetly whispers into your lips "such a pretty slut aren't you?" Making your core ache in anticipation "i'm a pretty slut, just for you seungmin" you whisper innocently before he attacks your lips a bit rougher than before, this time he make sures to make you moan and whimper his name. Likes to play with your tits, gently pinches your sensitive buds so you can let out those erotic moans that he enjoys so much
Pleaseee!!! I just know Jeongin would be so soft !!! He babies you so much! Make sure you wear his favorite strawberry lip gloss it'll make him wanna eat your lips from how good they taste!! Jeongin would be the type that goes from soft pecks to a kiss to a smooch to devouring you and leaving you breathless; wanting more than just his lips. He calls you baby & love a lot. Things get a bit heated when sit on his lap during the make out session. Your lips are hooked on his when he feels the urge to closing the distance between the two of you so he pulls you closer and down to the mattress where he's hovering on top of you. Trapping you between his arms, making sure he has you all to himself
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eboyhan · 3 months ago
HJS fic recs
here are some of my absolute favourite han jisung fics, this is my first ever proper post on here so i’ve only picked out some to figure out how things work. i will have add more later! and please support these amazing writers 🤍
eyes on me
author ➝ @spilledtee
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ mature, lots of angst, fluff, enemies to lovers, secret affairs, love triangles, university au
wc ➝ 127.1K (ongoing)
summary ➝ when your long time boyfriend decided to break up after 4 years together, you assume that your life is over, especially because you know that he’s chasing the true love that he’s longed for. how can you even be mad? you don’t chose who you love. however, your roommates and best firends, chan and felix are determined to get you out of your slump. they decided to bring you to a party. there you’re met with not only your ex, but your worst enemy han jisung. despite being in the same friend group you both have never gotten along... however tonight of all nights decided to take a turn and the start of an unlikely agreement. 
totally, completely, utterly in love with you 
author ➝ @/moonyskz (deactivated)
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem! reader
genre ➝ romance, mature, fluff, angst, college au
wc ➝ 9.8K
summary ➝ han jisung was no player, nor was he even remotely popular among the ladies. but, he did have more sexual experience than you did. and stupidly enough, he was the first person you decided to ask to teach you everything he knew about sex. 
young god
author ➝ @maatryoshkaa
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ thriller, serial killer!han jisung, lots of angst, university au
wc ➝ 87.5K
summary ➝ rumour has it a killer stalks your town, miroh heights – a cold, nameless hunter who strikes – seemingly – on a whim, leaving a sporadic trail of victims and baffled police in his wake. 
so when your best friend, felix, sets you up on a blind date with adorable medical student han jisung, you don’t know what to expect. you don’t know that you’ve come face to face with the key to the case, and you don’t know what jisung hides behind his sweet, angelic smile. what you do know, however, is that you’re falling for this strange, mysterious boy – and you’re falling fast. 
the tale of silver linings 
author ➝ @hhjs
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem reader 
genre ➝ suggestive, angst, drama, comedy, university au
wc ➝ 16.6K
sumarry ➝ “i don’t get it.” you cock your head to the side and investigating the painting at your feet with an obstinate want to understand how it’s supposed to depict love. “it just looks like they slapped on paint.” 
“look here, dummy!” he slaps your pointer finger jokingly, grumbling under his breath. taking your palm and slowly splaying out the digits. traces the rough pads against its silky texture, a map to somewhere, a blend of blue and pink, silhouettes reaching out for each other when the world intends to tear them apart. you sigh, contentedly and think this must be it; because never was love meant to be understood.It was meant to be felt. 
author ➝ @mostlycompetentwriter
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ mature, angst, marriage au
wc ➝ 12K
sumarry ➝ y/n has loved jisung for her entire life and she would never dream of marrying anyone else. of course, their life together isn’t always perfect, but they’ve always managed to overcome every obstacle standing in their way.
author ➝ @mostlycompetentwriter
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ fem reader
genre ➝ mature, romance, marriage au, angst, indecent proposal au
wc ➝ 11K
summary ➝ you love your husband more than anything else in the world, but the two of you have been arguing lately about your struggling financial situation. things seem bleak until one night when your husband’s new boss makes you both an offer that you can’t afford to refuse.
a truth universally (un)aknowledged 
author ➝ @moonlit-han
pairing ➝ han jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ enemies to lovers, suggestive, angst, fluff, college au, theatre au
wc ➝ 35K
summary ➝ your rivalry with han jisung is the stuff of legends—or, at least, as much as it can be on a college campus. you’ve always tried to out-perform each other in all of your classes and theatre productions. the title of best actor in the department bounces between the two of you with surprising regularity. your witty repartee would probably be considered flirting if your rivalry wasn’t so strong. 
now, it’s your senior year and the eagerly awaited auditions for the spring production are here. the play? a stage adaptation of jane austen’s pride and prejudice. you and jisung find yourselves thrown into roles you’d never expect. what will you do? will your rivalry stand or will your roles become more than just for the characters in a play?
watching the bay
author ➝ @hanniiesuckle17
pairing ➝ jisung ✗ reader
genre ➝ romance, comedy, angst, suggestive, lifeguard au (mentions drugs and violence)
wc ➝ 14.1K
summary ➝ based on the hit tv show and movie baywatch. y/n and her friends jeongin and hyunjin have been coming to cheonsa beach every summer since they met. this summer the steamy lifeguard y/n has had a crush on convinces them to join the watch. as the new guards of the baywatch join the force their lives are skyrocketed into a world of chaos, crime, sex, and lots of good ol’ beach vibes.
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sailorhyunjinz · 6 months ago
It just always feels so good and overwhelming to have fat cock inside of your tiny pussy 🥺
Also ilysm <33 hry ?
KITTEN! how are youuu~? i’m doing just fine, thank you for asking ^^
also... wish i could relate but do i get dick? no, none. ASHAHSHSA
OK QUICK REACTION (aka cherry word vomits) LEGO
warnings; dom!skz x gn!reader, dacryphilia, explicit sexual scenes, slight impact play, moaning, sex (well no fucking shit), orgasm,,, uh what more,,
before starting lemme just say this; as a collective THEY LOVE IT, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM LOVES IT but sure... some more than others 
nah mate you got him whipped 
just imagine holding him close and rubbing your face against his muscles while he’s just going at it OH LORD-
he already likes being in control
and when you show that you are weak in the presence of this dominant aura it just boosts that aura tenfolds.
i dont think he’d go as far as to see you cry but like tear up yk?
your toes curling as you try to move away from his touch, him already beginning on your fourth orgasm that night
you try to hold on to anything which is most likely his broad shoulders (oop drooling a bit)
which he does... a lot 
but he would always ask if you felt comfortable and would remind you to use the safeword because caring dom shit 
whine his name and BYE- he cums
would ask you to say it louder
“let everyone hear how good im making my baby feel”
SKSKASK all of you guys are going to say that i’m stereotyping minho
he likes it to a certain extent
if you belong to the more extremely squirmy people chances are he would get kinda annoyed having to hold you down LMAO
nononono honey... this man is corruption kink in human form
crying >>>>> moaning
he’d be all cocky about it
“only i can make you feel like that baby?” 
he has a whole ass folder on his phone that’s just pictures of you being completely wrecked 
he uses them to jerk off 110%
it can really be any kind of pictures but his favorite is the one where you have both cum and tears running down your face
somebody take the internet away from me 
awh binnie baby likes it v v much 
it let’s him know how much you are enjoying it which is more important then getting his own pleasure
oof service top binnie?? ok stop cherry dont LMAO
weak for your whining 100%
especially if it’s all like,, high pitched and cute I CANT-
ngl it gets him even hornier 
you’re feeding his horny monster by holding onto him, scratching his back and leaving all kinds of marks. 
just gonna say it; he likes seeing you desperate
“binnie~ i need you inside of m-me..”
say that and HE A GONER
BECAUSE HE LIKES SEEING OTHERS WANT HIM (i know all your secrets dont even try to hide it you smug hot mf)
because of his buff arms he would have no problem pinning you down if you squirmed around too much 
his sturdy arms in contrast with your quivering body OH GAWD
“you want me? beg then” 
and you can’t simply ask 
you need to whine it
just desperate ;)))
the whole fucking rubbing your face and hair against him; in love
it doesnt even have to be against him
against the bed or against a pillow is enough to keep him going
your hair all disheveled when you look at him :((
“do i fuck you that good, baby?” he cooed at you, your head burried in a multitude of pillows. you nod, your hair in your face as your whole body jerks forward from his powerful thrust
we all know that this boy is vocal 
so you would have to be EVEN LOUDER to get him off
which you were
god you know the dance lives??
when he’s all sweaty and is heaving for air?
head empty. only that
yeah... he would like a clingy s/o
because then he can go around and be proud of himself that he made you cry in bed LMAO
he wouldnt tell it to anyone, seeing it more as a personal achievement HASHASH
a sucker of you being squirmy
gives him more reason to use force when pinning you down 
showing himself off a lil...
blushing mess if you compliment him on his muscles tho... 
you know that video where felix bites a banana with the peel still on and jisung goes all “SPIT IT OUT YOU FUCK” 
yeah thats what happens when you start crying from how hard he’s going
he thinks he fucked up real bad
no dude you just hitting it too good (HASHASH bye im yeeting myself off a cliff)
crying in bed makes him scared but do you know what really gets him?
he loves how they go from small murmurs to full out long whines that are all uneven
some incoherent words mixed into them together with his name
he also loves how they sound mixed with his moans and growls
i feel like he’s very moved by sound
the mf that would record your moans no cap
i feel like he would be the one to rub his head against you??
yk missonary (wow cherry has nothing else to come with LMAO) he drops his head when he’s close to cumming, shaking his head slightly against your shoulder, his soft hair tickling you
he would be the one tearing up when he’s close
BECAUSE you feel too good wrapped around his aching dick :((
can we really blame him? 
he loves it
more than he should
all of it; the crying, the rubbing against him, the whining, the hair in your face LIkE OOF
why? because it gives him a sense of being in control 
he has you under his control which IS RARE FOR HIM
OK he subs for you a lot and then he does the same thing, probably even more than you do
yk the whole rubbing his hair against your chest as he’s whining at the top of his lungs
which is perfect because then its a give and take situation
happy sexy times
where the both of you are enjoying it waaay to much
imagine him pounding you in missionary right.... and both of you cry!?!?!
two overwhelmed babies :(((
Puppyboy is all for it 
let me just say,,, he has a corruption kink SAHSSAHS 
“cherry he’s so neat and tidy, how could he possibly have a corruption kink?”
but god forbid nighttime because then you are nothing but a drooling and crying mess, holding onto him for dear life as he mercilessly pounds into you 
i swear this dude is all about drastic changes like duality is in his DNA
and i feel like he likes people that have that same charm??!?
you’re riding him, tired and fucked out of your mind, eventually leaning down to his chest and nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck, crying from overstimulation
AND THIS MF lifts you up slightly and starts thrusting up into you 
thats it. 
i love him AHSHASH
it would take a while for him to get used to you crying in bed 
first time it happened he got scared, stopped and hugged you, apologizing like a thousand times
you all like “ was just getting good?”
he doesn’t understand shit at first???
“b-but why are you crying then? tell me the truth y/n”
“but i am?” 
after you explained that it just happens to you he’d nod and continue
after a while... he starts liking it
and if you one time don’t cry he’d be confused again, this time saying;
“did you not l-like it?” 
“dork, of course i did” you say ruffling his hair and he feels relieved hearing you say that 
ah cutie :(((
ALSO the whining and the squirming; total sucker for that LMAO 
OK IMMA SLEEP NOW holy shit my back is scoliosis central rn and im so damn nervous for my exam tomorrow AAAAAAH fuck fuck fuck 
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matryosika · a month ago
[17:49 p.m.]
pairing – soft dom!jisung, hard dom!minho x reader
word count – 1.8 k
warnings – overstimulation, use of toys, anal sex, double penetration, praising, use of petnames, daddy kink, sie kink, mild dirty talk, mild humiliation, unprotected sex and creampie
note – english is not my first language so i apologize in advance for any mistakes made!
Tumblr media
"i don't know if she can keep on going, hyung" jisung mumbled as his arms held you tight against his body, the sweat of your back mixing with the sweat decorating his chest while he wrapped you in completely.
"she knows her safe word," minho replied, his hands applying more pressure to the vibrator and intensifying the feeling of the toy against your bundle of nerves "and she also knows the rules, right kitten?"
your head rolled back and rested on jisung's shoulders, your eyes closed shut while you bit your lips to repress the lewd noises coming out of your mouth. "minho asked you something, baby" jisung's soft voice cooed into your ear while his hands kept your thighs opened "i suggest you reply to him if you don't want to get in any more trouble"
"yes, sir" you whispered, almost an inaudible cry.
what could've been a lovely dinner with your boyfriends and the rest of their friends ended up being an absolute hell for both jisung and minho. they gave you looks throughout the dinner, their gazes practically begging for you to stop teasing them in public, but you just couldn't get enough of it. you couldn't get enough of jisung's needy and desperate gaze while his eyes were glued to your exposed cleavage, and you definitely couldn't get bored of how minho's body tensed everytime your hand caressed his thigh, clenching his jaw and licking his lips as he tried to continue talking with his friends.
"you are not as bold as you were a few hours ago" minho scoffed, his glistening chest moving frantically while the bulge on his pants grew harder and harder every time he looked at you "are you always that desperate for us to fill you up that you can't even behave in public? "
there it was again, your third consecutive orgasm of the night approaching. you arched your back on jisung's chest while you tried to close both of your legs, but he held them wide open for minho. "apologize to us, kitten" jisung panted, his breath near your neck sending shivers all over your body "be good and apologize, can you do that?"
"i am sorry" you whined, the mixture between pain and pleasure making you dizzy while you tried your best to bear the sensations "i am so sorry".
"you should be" minho groaned, looking at your throbbing cunt glistening with your own juices, pushing the vibrator against you as you approached your high.
"fuck" you painfully screamed once the waves of pain and pleasure traveled through your body, your toes curling up as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. minho, however, never withdrew the toy from you "sir, it hurts"
jisung looked at minho with a worried gaze, hugging you thight as your whole body trembled under his arms. however, as worried as he was, the both of them loved to have you like this: completely mindless, your whole body shaking under their care, your hands holding on for dear life to the bed sheets while you made a mess of yourself, moaning and whining in between pleasure and pain.
"you are doing so good for us, kitten" jisung praised, his hands gripping your inner thighs harshly and marking them in the process "i don't like punishing you, but you need to learn to behave".
"daddy, i'm sorry" you cried as your face lifted up to look at him, your glossy, half-lidded eyes sending him straight to cloud 9 while his hips bucked involuntarily against you. "i won't do it again".
"have you learned your lesson?" minho's raspy voice inquired, taking off his pants along with his underwear to positioning himself in front of your aching core, lifting your hips slightly so your other boyfriend could remove his underwear as well "or do we have to keep punishing you more?"
you shook your head weakly as you tried to catch your breath, gasping as soon as you felt jisung's cock against your ass.
"now, it's only fair for us to have fun as well" minho mumbled as he took the little bottle of lube from the bed, removing the lid and pouring some on jisung's cock, stroking him while your other boyfriend held you in place. "just look what you did".
jisung's head fell slightly back hitting the bed frame, letting out small sighs and groans as minho stroked his length, covering him in lube. "someone has to fuck the slut out of you," minho continued, positioning jisung's cock in your ass making you gasp "lucky for you, there's 2 of us".
as soon as you felt jisung's cock stretching your ass, you couldn't help but cry again. no matter how many times you had taken your boyfriends there, the first moments were always painful. "shhhh, princess" jisung cooed with hitching breath, sinking inside you while the grip on your hips became harsher "i know you can take me, be good and take me".
you closed your eyes and focused on your breath, tears still streaming down your eyes. "does it feel good, kitten?" minho asked, faking empathy "is this what you had in mind during dinner? having your two boyfriends fucking both of your holes at the same time?"
jisung withdrew from your ass only to slam his cock back again, every time a little bit more faster than the last one. soon, the pain became pleasure, your hips moving involuntary against his cock while he fucked you on your ass.
"god, you are so. fucking. thight" jisung panted with a clenched jaw, pounding his length inside you at the end of every word. you opened your eyes only to find minho posistioned in front of you, stroking his cock while watching the scene of his boyfriend ruining his girlfriend completely.
"aren't you going to fuck me-" your broken voice questioned, your glossy eyes finding his in the dim light of the bedroom "sir?"
he let out a deep laugh, the sound getting mixed with jisung's heavy breathing and your moans. "one cock is not enough for you?" he scoffed, the tip of his length rubbing against your wet slit "you are such a cock slut, y/n".
and, without a warning, he slammed his cock inside your tight cunt earning a painful moan out of your lips "fuck, sir-"
"isn't this what you wanted?" he asked, setting a rough pace "you beg for our cocks and you can't even take them properly and without whining?"
the feeling provided by the both of them was heavenly, jisung's hands gripping the back of your knees to keep your legs opened for minho while his hot breath caressed your neck.
"you can't even have your legs opened for us on your own" minho scoffed, one of his hands gripping your hair from the top of your head and forcing you to watch how his length disappeared inside you "can a slut only take three orgasms a night?"
"she can take more" jisung mumbled in between groans, loosing the pace on his thrusts "right y/n?"
"y-yes" you whined, almost screamed. the position was rather uncomfortable but having minho's cold gaze fixed on yours was the push you needed to chase your 4th orgasm of the night, your cunt clenching around him every time his eyes met yours.
"you are such a slut" minho grunted, the hand that was once gripping your hair traveling all the way to your pulsating clit, rubbing it in circular motions as their cocks ruined you completely.
"oh my god" you moaned, your eyes going completely blank as soon as you felt his touch on your bundle of nerves.
"how does that feel, kitten?" jisung asked as soon as he heard your loud moans.
"heavenly" you muttered, your head falling back "i am so wet".
"yes, you are y/n" jisung replied, trying to repress the lewd noises coming out of him "you are such a pretty slut, taking the both of us so well".
"i don't think i'll last long" you admitted in between whines, both of your holes clenching around them every time they slammed their lengths into you.
"you can cum" minho encouraged, still working on your clit "orgasm denial was not your punishment today, baby".
"i don't know if i can take it" you cried once again, the overwhelming feeling of the knot coming undone making you feel dizzy. "fuck-"
"you know your safeword, y/n" jisung repeated, sloppily thrusting himself inside you "say it and we will stop".
you shook your head, moaning and crying as you felt the arousal flooding all your senses once again. "that's our pretty slut" minho cooed, losing the pace on his hips as soon as he felt your orgasm "you are such a good slut".
"fuck, fuck, fuck" jisung grunted as you tried to catch your breath, the feeling of his hot cum leaking out of your ass making you moan once again. however, jisung continued on pounding his cum back inside your asshole, the sound of his moans and groans getting engraved ln your brain.
minho's arousal came in next, milking himself inside you and painting your walls white. just like jisung, he kept on fucking you even after cumming, making sure to fuck his cum back inside your thight hole as a proof of the dominance they both had on you.
"fuck" you cried, the overstimulation becoming too strong to handle it "i am done".
after catching their breaths and overcoming their high, both minho and jisung withdrew from you, their cum leaking out of your holes and mixing together. your weak body rested on your shared bed, your legs too sore and numb to even attempt to walk.
"you are amazing" jisung praised near your ear, peppering soft kisses on your cheeks before getting out of the bed. "i love how well your pretty body can take us both".
you looked at him with half-lidded eyes, giving him a soft smile.
"come here, y/n" minho mumbled while pulling your body closer to the edge of the bed, having a towel soaked in warm water to clean you up. after doing so, he looked at you with loving eyes, no trace of the cold gaze he had on before "i am proud of you".
you gave him another weak smile, your aching body just wishing to be cuddled up against both of your boyfriends.
"we will give you a warm bath," minho added, lifting you from the bed and carrying you to the bathroom of the apartment "but have you learned your lesson, kitten?"
"i did" you whispered without strength, your gazed fixed on jisung's naked back setting the water temperature while minho held you on his arms "but not in the way you wanted me to".
a mischievous grin appeared on his face while he kissed your forehead, getting ready to place you on the bath tub where jisung was already sitting. "if you want us to ruin you, you don't have to misbehave. all you have to do is ask".
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seungmoomin · 2 months ago
Pathetic // Han Jisung
Tumblr media
perv!sub!jisung, dom!reader, upskirt photos, mentions of stepping on hannie’s uhhh, spitting, smacking, choking, mentions of eventual face sitting
something short because I’m horny inspired
You stood still, leaning against a pillar with yours pretty little skirt flowing around mid-thigh length. Despite it being the middle of the day, you were seemingly alone, waiting for your friend to pick you up from the street corner near your apartment complex. Little did you know, your friendly neighbor, Han Jisung, was right behind you.
Jisung’s hand shook as he positioned his phone, the camera facing upwards while the phone itself was low to the ground. He leaned forward, careful not to make it too obvious what the camera was aimed at: your underwear. They were a pretty pair of regular white, cotton panties you didn’t think much about wearing that morning since you were just going out with a friend to the mall. On the other hand, Jisung thought about them a lot.
He was almost entirely erect in his pants as he watched the reflection of the image on his phone screen. Your thighs were pressed together, giving him a perfect view of your perky ass and what seemed to be a feint wet spot in your panties. God, you were absolutely to die for. As he snapped the photo, you shifted your stance so you could step forward and look farther down the street. With your legs apart, the visual was even clearer. The way the cotton just barely hid what he wanted the most. It was truly absurd what your presence did to this man.
Jisung leans forward to match your distance, him getting a little over zealous with his “photoshoot” and losing balance, falling onto the cement pavement. Obviously, you’re startled, thinking you were alone, and turn around to see your neighbor wiping the dirt from the palms of his hands, eyes wide and bottom lip between his teeth as he struggles to react.
“Han Jisung?!” You step back from him as he stands up, his phone still on the ground from the tumble. The camera app is still open, and in the corner you can vaguely see a photo of some girls underwear- wait a minute… “is that…”
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to-” before Jisung can reach his phone, you beat him to it, grabbing the device from the pavement and holding it close to yourself to keep him away. His hands reach to you, but he knows it’s too late. You tap the bottom corner and you’re horrified to see exactly what you thought it was: a picture of your ass from under your skirt. “I can explain!”
“Oh my fucking God, you are unbelievable!” You pull his phone back as he tries to snatch it out of your hands, holding the screen against your chest. “You were sneaking behind me and taking lewd pictures of my body?! I should call the cops on you!”
“P-please don’t!” Jisung’s heart is beating out of his chest, his arms stiffly at his sides as he turns as red as a tomato from the sheer embarrassment of this situation. “I just think you’re… pretty.”
“Pretty? Pretty?!” You’re beyond pissed at this point. “If I’m so pretty, then why didn’t you just compliment me instead of being a fucking pervert and getting off to these photos? Are there more, Jisung?” You tap out of the camera app and search for his photos, quickly noticing a folder with the same title as your name. Jisung is frozen as you skim through just under 100 photos of you getting your mail, doing your laundry in the laundry room, and unlocking your front door. There’s even photos from the few times you’ve invited him over into your apartment just because you thought he was nice. “What the fuck?”
“I’m sorry, okay? Please give me my phone back!” Jisung holds his hand out, eager to run away and move as far away from you as possible. “I’ll delete all of these pictures, I swear!”
Ignoring him, you continue to scroll. “Oh, what’s this?” You stop at a video and turn the volume all the way up so you’re sure to hear the audio. Jisung’s ready to cry as you watch the video of him cumming onto a pair of your panties you thought went missing over a month ago. His cock is in full frame, and his moans are laughably high pitched and pathetic. You can’t help but snicker at how ridiculous Jisung looks, covering his reddened face as you both listen to his whines. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the cops on your sorry ass.”
“Please let me go! I’ll do anything, let you do anything to me, just please let me go,” he pleads for forgiveness, “I’ll never bother you again!”
“Oh, let me do anything to you, huh?” Taking this chance to get your own rocks off, you push him down onto the pavement. His ass hits the ground and he sits up with his hands against the ground. “You want me to step on your cock, pretty boy, huh? Maybe you could be useful for once.”
Jisung gulps, painfully nervous and also painfully turned on. The pictures he jerks off to are nothing compared to hearing you say these filthy things to him. His legs involuntarily spread as he sniffs, tears lining the bottom of his eyes. You can tell he’s hard by the bulge in his pants, but you’d just seen his cock moments ago in that video, so you’re only a little shocked by the size.
“Fuck, you’re so goddamn pathetic, Sungie.” He has never had anyone call him that before, but he likes it when you do. “Do you like when I’m mean to you? Do you think you really deserve anything else?”
“No! N-no, I don’t deserve anything else.” Jisung’s response is automatic, although he’s never been in this position before. He looks up into your eyes, the darkened hue of your iris making him shiver. His cock is throbbing at the sight.
You take a moment before spitting on Jisung’s cheek, your drool dripping down his face as he bites his lip harshly. He’s wanted this for so long, and it certainly isn’t the first time he’s thought of you spitting on him. You’d be lying if you said this wasn’t turning you on as well.
Leaning down to Jisung’s level, you put your non-dominant hand around his neck as force him to sit up slightly, bringing him close to your face. You smile as you look down at him before reeling back and slapping his spit-covered cheek, the sound making you physically recoil at your harshness. Still, Jisung moans loudly on the street corner, his legs trembling as he cums in his pants.
“I’m not done with you, Han.” Simply being called his family name makes him quiver in fear. “I was going to sit on your face so you could see what you wanted, but it looks like my ride is on it’s way.” You look back and see your friend’s silver car approaching down the street. “Go inside before I have to explain what you did to my friend.”
“Not d-done…”
“Go inside!”
Jisung squeaks like a mouse as he hops up and goes a block down to your apartment building, running inside like a puppy with his tail between his legs. You sigh as your friend pulls up and waves to you with a big smile on their face.
“Who was that?”
“Just my neighbor.”
This was a lot longer than expected oops I hope you appreciate it lol
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spilledtee · 14 days ago
𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡 𝐁𝐲 𝐘𝐨𝐮
Word Count: 4.4k
Warning: smut, recreational use of drugs, use of alcohol, shotgunning, sex under the influence, mention of virginity lose, mentions of skinny dipping, mentions of exhibitionism, fingering, basically fucking on a yacht, oral (m. and f.receiving), fingering, choking, some nipple play, degradation, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), creampie, dom!Jisung
Synopsis: : You and Han decide to have a private party for his birthday.
A/N: I didn’t proof read this but I still hope you enjoy this :) Kinda part 2 of Study Session but not really. Also I used another scraped fic to write this haha. Also happy birthday lovely Hannie <3 can’t believe he’s 21 now. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sweet sweet sound of the engine purring when the captain started the motor up was music to everyone’s ears. Thanks to the lovely strings that Chan pulled, he managed to get you both a yacht for his birthday and not only that, a private one for your friends and Jisung. Or rather a celebration of both Felix’s and Jisung’s birthday. You, to his surprise, agreed to go out and have some private time for the two of you. The two of you had hung out a couple times after with your group of friends, even studying together (which you called a “date” but it was not), but you hadn’t been alone since the last study session. Well other than the day prior. The two of you had gone shopping for his birthday, but with all the crowded people it was nice to just have time alone, just the two of you. Once the two of you settled on a spot, he handed over the steering to the captain to park the yacht and settled down where you had been sitting, which was between a cooler full of soju, canned iced americano, and a whole stash of weed.
You had been rolling the paper, placing your tongue flat against it and quickly rolling, as not to spill any of your stash onto the deck. He made a loud groan watching you. Your attention turned towards him, he had seen you naked already, but nothing beat a girl in a swimsuit and rolling paper. “What?” You questioned, a soft smile on your face.
“You know you’re hot when you do things like that.” He admitted.
“Like what?” You questioned, starting to roll another joint. “Oh, you mean stuff that you don’t expect me to usually do. Like agreeing to go on this date with you right?”
He smirked at you. You were definitely smart, but then again after fucking you and studying with you, that was already evident to him. “Actually you would have agreed either way cause it’s my birthday. Regardless though, that’s why you’re the best.” The confession came out smoothly, but there was a small blush that dusted his cheeks when he admitted that to you.
You rolled your eyes. “I bet you say that to all the girls that roll joints for you.”
“Nah. Just the pretty ones like you.” He reached down to grab the joint, only to have you nudge him away which caused him to frown. “Hey…” He whined out.
“That’s what you get for saying I’m the best but mentioning other girls. You don’t get the first hit.” You teased, though you felt a little hurt that he would even be thinking about other girls while you were right there. You quickly composed yourself though, not wanting to think about how you could just be another one of his flings.
Jisung frowned at your reply. “Seriously? It’s the truth, you see me with anyone as good as you huh?”
“Well, no.” You replied, lighting the joint and taking a drag. You took your time to inhale, loving the sensation of the heat that was rising through your chest. Jisung must have gotten, or rather grew himself, some strong stuff because you already felt the haze of the substance wash over your body almost immediately.
“Exactly. Besides, I have standards. I won’t just fuck anybody. Besides, you already know how much I like you.” He told you, taking the joint from your hand and placing it between his lips, following suit in your actions. “Shit, this is strong.” Jisung coughed, holding out his hand to pass you the joint from where he had been sitting.
You reached over the cooler to grab the joint, giving him a good view of your swimsuit cladded chest. As far as boobs go, he had to admit, there were definitely his favourite things. Whether big, small, medium. Boobs were beautiful in his eyes, a woman’s defining feature. Especially, on you. “So, you haven’t tried to hook up with...say any of your other friends?”
He let out a dramatic laugh, pretending to fall out of his seat, before giving a sarcastic huff. “You kidding? That door is closed after you, believe I don’t just try to hook up with any female out there. Why? Jealous of my past or something?” He stared at you intently, watching your lips curl around the joint. Those lips he had seen cover his mouth, his body, his bare skin, his everything. It made the blood immediately rush downward in his body, so much so that the toe curling feeling he had the first time the two of you had been alone to study came rushing back. He’d never imagine hooking up with a girl more than once, much less someone he considered his close friend.
Once you finished, you reached over and held the joint to him. “Just curious.” You said through the smoke you had exhaled. “I just assumed since everyone seems to love you.”
Instead of taking the joint between his fingers, he turned the joint over, leaning over so that his lips were brushing against your fingers as he took another drag. The action seemed to have taken you by surprise, however you didn’t pull away, which caused him to smile. “Yeah well, just assume what you want. Although I am a little offended.”
“You can’t be offended. I know when we first got together that I wasn’t the only girl you were hooking up with.” You said sitting on the cooler, where your legs were settled on either side of him now, as you retracted your hand so that the rolled paper was back to you. You sucked in the air and turned to face him. “Besides, I’m not the first girl you slept with either.”
“Well, I’m not the first guy you slept with.” He retorted back, looking rather smug.
To that you clicked your tongue, realizing that he had gotten you there. “Come here.” You said, gesturing for him to come closer. You didn’t have to ask him twice as you opened your mouth against his, pushing the smoke that you had in your mouth into his. Jisung had expected a simple kiss but the passion you had set into your lips completely phased him. His hand immediately held onto your waist, pulling you closer. When the two of you broke apart both of your lips were plump, red, and swollen and the blood that had rushed to his cock, had increased ten fold. “You’re so hot.” The words slipped from his mouth through the daze of the smoke.
You had gotten up to return to your seat, winking at him while doing so and letting out a giggle. Your laugh was the most angelic sound he had heard, but he was too shy to admit it. He knew that you would definitely hold that against him, at least calling you was valid. “You’re not so bad yourself.” You said as the last bit of the first blunt disappeared and you reached for the other, handing it to him. “First hits on you this time.” 
Jisung happily obliged to that offer, first getting up to take a bottle of soju from the coiler and then the lighter. However, he decided instead to sit next to you rather than across from you. A cloud rolled from Jisung’s lips, before it could even fully form its shape he sucked it back in sharply. A hum escaped his lips as he brought the jint back to his lips to take another slow drag. He adjusted his seating position so that he was now facing toward you. Your eyes staring back at him, he immediately blew the rings of smoke in your face.
You swatted them away, nose scrunching from the smell of them directly hitting you. “You fucking jerk.”
“You love me for it.” He replied, a smirk dancing on his lips.
Again you bit down on your lip. You turned to face him, legs crossed over his and a blush painting your cheeks. “You wish.”
He chuckled slightly, the feeling rumbling through your chest and he almost thought that you could feel it too by the way you had been smiling at him. “So, sexual experiences…”
Your hand reached out and ever so lightly shoved him. “Really? Are you jealous now?” You questioned back at him, repeating his own words.
“Just curious.” He answered, doing the same.
Not to his surprise, you were debating on whether or not to tell him. Just like you had done before when you were thinking about fucking him or not. Instead of answering however, you took the joint staring out of his lips and pressed it to your lips. A silence settled over the two of them, the only sounds were the waves crashing beneath the yacht and the clan of the soju bottles in the cooler. It felt like forever before you finally chose to speak. “What are you curious about, birthday boy?” Maybe it had been the influence of weed or maybe it was Jisung himself but you always seemed to feel comfortable in a setting like this. 
“Everything.” He answered truthfully. His dark, round, brown eyes meeting yours and suddenly the air filled with the same tension that had settled over the two of you the last time you were alone. Although you weren sure if it was because you both were high or it was just the effect that you had on him. The sensation made his skin come to life with heat. That was all he could think about. It was that odd, rather hazy feeling creeping back up on him. Chan called it love. Jisung couldn’t say it was that though. Actually, he definitely could but not out loud.
You tilted your head, resting it in your palm. “You trying to get to know me now? You have never asked this question before.”
“A lover, and potential boyfriend, can be curious about what his lover has been up to. I’m sure you’re dying to know something about me.” Jisung pointed out.
“Fine, I’ll answer.” You replied, taking another hit. “Only if you answer back.”
“Deal.” He said, at the challenge. “So, your first time?”
“Starting right away I see.” It didn’t take much time to think about it for you. “Not the best but not the worst.” A nervous laugh escaped your lips when you said this.
You earned a laugh from him, as he copied your actions by resting his head against his hands. “Explain.” Suddenly curious if you would reveal more.
Your face turned sour at his request, however you still managed to reply. “He couldn’t find where to put it.” You motioned with your hand at what your partner at the time had attempted to do, earning a giggle from him and you soon laughed after him. “I didn’t even cum. I sucked his dick without the favour being returned.” 
“Ouch. Seems like a lame guy.”
You rolled your eyes. “He was. How about you?”
Jisung smirked, as he plucked the joint from your lips. “Awesome. My dick tingled for like a week straight.” 
You raised your eyebrows at him. “That doesn’t seem right. But hey, all the more power to you.”
He locked eyes with you, studying your expression for a moment. There was that hazy feeling again. Like the first time the two of you had been intimate with each other. It was like this weird rose coloured gloss that had been surrounding you, making time seem to stand still. “Weirdest place you had sex?” The question seemed to fall right off his lips.
“An empty bathroom in a club. You?” As the words escaped your lips, you popped open the cooler, grabbing a bottle of soju for yourself. “Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?”
“In a pool-”
“Skinny dipping and rubbing your stuff together doesn’t count.” You scoffed.
He smirked as he absentmindedly ran a hand through his hair. “You didn’t let me finish. It was during a frat party, the height of the party actually, there was a shit load of people around. I don’t think that it gets weirder than that.”
You shrugged in agreement. Who knew that nervous little Jisung could have been a little exhibitionist. Maybe one day you would have to test that out with him. Though you decided not to give him any hint of that as you took another hit, while shaking his head. “You’re a wild one.”
“It’s fine. I am tamed, if that’s what you like.” He told in a rather flirty tone.
A face of mock disgust was etched on your face but you remained silent, shifting slightly in your so that your legs stretched laxly onto his lap. “You mind?”
“Not at all.” His hand, out of instinct, found its way to your thigh as calloused fingers runniver over your skin. “You ever fuck in public other than that bathroom?”
“Hey, it’s a question.”
You rolled your eyes, as you straightened up in your seat. “Yes. I am assuming you have too.”
“Assume what you want.” He said, still nodding agreement as a response. “How about a boat? Or even a yacht like this?” The question came to you as a surprise. Jisung had asked it so nonchalantly, all the while his beautiful eyes were staring straight into you. It had made you freeze in your seat even, your body tensed and the smoke you had swallowed was now tickling your throat to the point where you were coughing up a storm. “Well, that’s a no.” He said rather smuggly.
You hadn’t noticed this before but you two were quite close to each other. It was even enough that your breath could fan his face and vice versa. Your legs that had rested on top of his now moved to straggle around Jisung’s hips, again the air had gone completely silent, just both you and Jisung staring at each other, waiting for the other to make a move. You were the first to break eye contact, but instead of moving, you turned over, settling yourself between his legs, your back pressing against his chest. “You hungry? Chan said that they made food here.”
“Yeah...for you.” He remarked, wrapping his arms around you before you attempted to push him off and leave to where the food might have been.
“You’re really gonna leave me here wondering why you’ve never fucked on a boat before?” After the words left his lips, he pressed a kiss on your neck. The spot was healing from the last time the two of you had hooked up and he was planting more marks there, making them as visible as possible.
A soft moan escaped your mouth when he kissed the junction between your shoulder and neck, but you wouldn’t be tempted. Nudging him away gently, you sighed. “Ji, stop it.” You said, finally escaping his arms quickly. “We’re in public and there are staff here.”
He shrugged. “You said you fucked someone in public before. The water is empty, everyone is focused on the part, who’s gonna see us? Plus I’m super stoned right now and you look super hot.”
You chewed on your lip. “Yeah well, I’m super hungry.” You said standing up and heading towards the exit to the lower deck.
“You’re gonna ditch me for food?” He questioned standing up to follow you down the steps.
When he arrived at the rather empty lower deck, you had turned around to face him, a French fry already in hand from the tray of food that the staff had made hours ago. “Have some.” You offered, leaning against the table and extending out a hand to him.
“Don’t mind if I do.” Jisung pushed away your extended hand. The confused, and rather cute, expression you wore for a second was something he would savour for later as he lips met your feverishly. The perks of being high in moments like these was that ever little touch had sent a crackle of lightning shooting through his skin and when you had moaned out his name, he knew that you had felt it too. 
Your body had easily reacted to his, just as it always did. Your legs wrapping around his lower torso, arms draped around neck and head tilted ever so slightly so that he could pepper your neck with more of his kisses. You gasped as Jisung pushed his hand against your bathing suit. “Fuck Ji…” You managed. There it was again. The hazy feeling the both of you felt whenever the two of you so much as brushed fingers. It happened the first time, and now this time, this weird feeling seemed to be following the two of you around.
The two of you had to pause, parting for a second as if to get permission from each other for the go head. You nearly pushed Jisung to the floor as you began kissing him again, grinding against the swim trunks he had worn to feel that he was already hard. His hands moved to the back of your tops, pulling at the bikini strings and watching it fall lawls onto his chest. You let out a giddy sound, breaking the kiss to sit up and toss the material away. He sat up soon after clamping his mouth on one of your brets, his hand going to the other. You moaned at the sensation of his tongue. This time you were sure someone was going to hear that. “Ji...Ji let suck you off.” You said already breathless as he released you from his grasp. “It’s your birthday after all.” You said, smirking.
He was about to speak but he was silenced with a kiss, then another and another… each time getting lower until your reached just above the waistband of his pants. You had unzipped them, working swiftly to pull them down along with his boxers. Your eyes turned up to him as you kissing the tip of his cock, saliva pooling at your mouth. “Oh fuck…” Jisung hadn’t expected himself to gasp out loud when you had hollowed out your cheeks, taking him fully in your mouth without hesitation. His hand threaded through your hair to guide your movements, pushing down on your slightly, causing you to gag slightly but not enough to make you stop.
“You look so good sucking my cock, pretty girl.” He hummed, locking eyes with you as you pulled yourself up, shopping at his tip and sucking. The sensation made his whole body shudder, as you continued working at a slow pace until you wrapped a hand around his length, your tongue swirling each bob of your head. Your mouth and hand worked in sync to pleasure him, he felt like he was in heaven with this steady pace. His body tensed, his voice crying out your name as his cock throbbed against your mouth. He was going to cum soon and you were eyeing him, telling him it was okay. Nevertheless, the hand that was in your hair moved to your chin, lifting you off of him. “You’re so fucking hot.” He said, placing his lips on yours. “So good to me.”
“Ji-” Though your voice was filled with lust, you still managed to frown at him when he filled the two of you over. “Asshole I was gonna ride you.”
“And that would be amazing but I have to return the favour.” He winked as he followed in your actions in kissing down your body till he reached your bikini bottoms. “I’m a gentleman like that.”
“You really don’t-ah!” You could hardly contain the way that your body reacted when Jisung’s tongue had licked up the stripe of your pussy, causing your body to arch into his face. 
“Last time you milked my cock.” He stated rather cockily. You would have retorted back, but another moan had escaped your mouth when his lips sucked against the sensitive bundle of nerves, making your legs squeeze his head, trying to escape the intense pleasure.
Your hand reached for his hair, as he continued to tease you with tongue. “Jisung...I want your fingers.”
As if he read your mind he stopped and you whined from the loss of contact. Another thing for him to commit to memory was how disheveled you had already looked and he had barely touched you. Holding up his ring cladded finger, he offered you a look of innocence. “You mean these? What about my fingers?”
“Jisung please…” You practically begged, pulling at his hair once again. 
He didn’t mind though, he loved to tease you, especially during moments like these. “Use your words baby.”
“Put your fucking fingers in me, asshole.”
“Now, that’s not nice.”
“Do it or I’m going back to the party.”
He chuckled, sighing. “Suck on them first.” You shot him a glare, regardless of the fact you still clamped your mouth around his two fingers. You sucked his fingers, the same way you had done with his cock earlier, but the look on your face was clear that you were getting impatient. Even in your moments of weakness, you still could be yourself.
Wasting no further time, Jisung placed his fingers against your entrance before slowly pushing them in. His thumb went to gently rub your clit, mixing his spit and your juices together. You moaned slightly from the pressure but that wasn’t enough for him. He curled his fingers, twitter the digits within you, beginning to pump them slowly, while his thumb continued its work above, driving you slowly towards your peak. Suddenly, you yelped at the feeling of his mouth replacing his thumb on your clit hitting you. He swirled his tongue around it, flattening it out and pressing down with it before retreating with featherlight licks that made you mewl as pleasure coursed through your blood. His tongue lapping at your clit and his fingers curling within you made you clench. It was like you were being devoured entirely, your climax soon coming faster than you had expected. You felt your walls clench and unclench against his fingers, eyes squeezing shut and a moan ripping through your throat, as you called for Jisung. Biting down on your bottom lip didn’t seem to help as you screamed his name. You threw your head back, eyes rolling to your skull as the pleasure overtook you, your hand practically clawing at Jisung’s scalp. His actions worked you through it, till the trembling in your body halted. There was a small tingle in your core and in the pit of your stomach as you came down from your high, your heart hammer against your rib cage.
As he pulled his fingers out from you, they were drenched, your cum painting his fingers. “Pretty girl, you really are something.” He praised, leaning over to kiss you. His lips had tasted like you, and part of you hated that he had already worked you to orgasm before you could and it was his birthday. It seemed that he could tell you were upset, because his hand came to caress your cheek. “Don’t make that face.”
You draped your arms over your eyes. “Just fucl me already, please. I need you inside of me.” You were acting nice, pleading with him in need.
If Jisung wasn’t already hard, that would have definitely done it for him. “Come here then.” He told, pulling you against him.
You easily obliged, spreading your legs so that he could settle perfectly between them. Jisung let out a soft chuckle knowing you must have been toor tired to even argue with him. A gasp of delight escaped you as he grunted, feeling the blunt tip of his cock nestle into your pussy slow.y You felt amazing. The crackle of lightning, had turned into a full storm now, as he sheathed himself fully in you. Usually, missionary wasn’t his style, he had much preferred doggy like the last time you two had been like this. However, you were different though. He wanted to capture each expression, every word, every sound, simply everything that you had to offer him. Even the simple way that his chain dangled just right above you to frame your face as you screamed for him, was enough to send him into a whirlwind of pleasure.
To no surprise, there was no build up to Jisung’s speed. It was a completely driving force as his hands gripped onto his hips while thrusting into you. Jisung fucked like how he was. Loud, hard, fast paced, but thorough, making sure that you would cum and be brought to tears before he was finished with you. It was something that you loved to admit that you enjoyed. “Choke me.” You told him, touching his bicep to signal which hand was to wrap around your neck. He didn’t even bother to respond, only wrapping the ring cladded fingers around the lower column of your throat. 
“You’re so naughty. Getting fucked like this while there is a party going on. I bet you love this.” He managed through heavy grunts and gasps. You nodded, whining in return to his words. Jisung continued his harsh pace, despite feeling you clench around him once again. His body tense and it felt like he was going to explode. Everything around him was consuming him. So tight, so heat induced. His own high met him, as he came inside of you, grunting out profanities and gripping onto your neck a little bit tight. He wouldn’t stop though, feeling you about to reach your second high as well. It was completely worth it when you came for the second time. He bit his lip, body stilling as he watched the spectacle before him, you crying out, eyes tightly shut as you allowed the waves of euphoria to course through your veins. You clamped up completely, making him grit his teeth as he continued to fuck his cum into you. 
He fell beside you, lung on fire, feeling like he had forgotten how to breathe. “Fuck…”
You wrapped your arms around him, head between the crook of his neck. He cuddled up to you, not wanting this moment to leave ever. Your presence was comforting to him, especially after moments like these. “Happy birthday Ji.” You said, kissing his, sweat drenched, temple.
“Thank you for making it an amazing birthday.” He exhaled, trying to regain some composure. “Let’s wait to go back to the party. I just want to enjoy...the two of us.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @geniejunn @jsung01 @woofwoofbangbang @hanjiswaq @ofsake @flightoftheflightrisk @jonecb-97 @yutaalove @changbinscypher @eunoia-kth @lemon-boy-stan​
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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yuta-senpai · 2 months ago
Recording Time | Han Jisung
Tumblr media
This was privately requested by a friend.  
Han Jisung 60, 27, and 35
“Let me hear those pretty moans.”
“I'm gonna record your moans and use them on the new album."
“Oh fuck, did we just break the bed?”
- Pairing: Dom Han Jisung x Female reader
- Genre: Smut
- Warnings: Recording of moans, fingering, clothes ripping/cutting,  and unprotected sex.
- Word Count: 2k 
Tumblr media
Jisung stood above you smiling, “Babyyyy can you come into the studio for the moment?  I want to ask your opinion about something.”
You arched your eyebrow at him, “What’s up?”
“Ahh, I just need you to hear this and see if you agree with me.”
He was acting odd so you knew something was up.  He grabbed your hand and pulled you to stand, leading you to the studio.  He sat down in his chair and pulled you down onto his lap. 
“Okay listen to this.”
He played the song, it was a solo rap, and it honestly sounded really good.
You listened and he watched you. 
“What do you think?”
“I think it sounds perfect Jisung.”
He sighed and moved to a certain part of the song, “Something is missing right here.”
He played it and tapped his fingers along to the music against your thigh.
“Hmm, I see what you mean.  What are you wanting to add there?”
“I have an idea but I will need your help.”
“My help?  With what?”
He leaned close to your ear “I'm gonna record your moans and use them.  I think they would fit perfectly right here.”
Your face heated up, “Yah, no way Jisung.”
He wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you back closer against him, you could feel his boner poking against your ass.
“Come on, it would be hot.  Plus you would be able to help me.  Please baby.”
“But it’s embarrassing.”
“No, it’s not, your moans are so pretty.”
You bit your lip and thought for a moment, weighing your options.
He kissed your neck and lightly sucked, “Let’s get started then.”
You gasped and he smirked against the skin, his fingers slid from your waist down to your inner thigh.  He grabbed the skin roughly and then slapped his hand down on it.
“Oh shit.”
His other hand moved to grab your breast.  Massaging it through your shirt.  He moved your right thigh to hook it over his leg, forcing you to spread your legs.
“Ah, shouldn’t we move to the bedroom?”
“Let me get some recordings in here and there, you know different resonation.”
“You need to record it then.”
He groaned and opened a file and pressed record, “There.”
“Where is the mic?”
He pointed to the microphone sitting on his desk, it was one meant to easily pick up sounds.  
“I set it up ahead of time.”
His hand went back to your thigh, massaging the skin and then slapping it.  Each time it pulled a moan from your lips.
“Yes, let me hear those pretty moans.  Loud and clear for the microphone baby.”
He moved his hand up right to where the leg of your shorts ended, teasing the fabric away and grazing over your panties then he moved his hand back down your thigh.
You groaned and he chuckled.
“So impatient.”
“No, you are just teasing.”
“Maybe, but you are also impatient.”
His lips moved back to your neck and he finally moved his hand up and pushed your panties and shorts to the side.  You leaned your head back and moaned when he lightly ran his finger across your clit.
“So wet for me.”
He quickly rubbed your clit and you closed your leg around his hand.
“Now that’s not going to work baby.”
He resituated you in his lap and moved your left leg over his thigh, so you were forced to stay open.
He spread his legs more, spreading you.
“There we go.”
He flicked your clit and you jumped in his hold, “Oh fuck Jisung.”
He chuckled lowly and rubbed his fingers quickly over your clit, making your legs shake “Ahhh too sensitive.”
“You know you can handle it.”
“Ahhhh, no.  It’s too much.”
Your whole body shook and you whimpered and moaned loudly.
“Such pretty moans for the song.”
“Jisung please slow down.”
He slowed down and moved to just rolling your clit back and forth.
You nodded and he moved his other hand to grab your cheeks, squishing them “You know to use your words, don’t you?”
“Yes, Jisung.”
“Good girl.”
He let your face go and moved that hand to your breast, the other one still rubbed slow circles on your clit.  You moaned quietly. “This isn’t going to do.”
He started to move his hand fast again and you moaned loudly, shaking in his hold, the pleasure overwhelming.  You couldn’t help but moan loudly.
“Go ahead and cum for me.  Your moans are prettiest when cumming.”
You grabbed onto his arm, digging your nails into the flesh.  
“Come on, you can do it, let go, baby.”
You closed your eyes tightly, throwing your head back on his shoulder, he held you tightly against him as you shook in his hold.  His fingers continuing the same torturous pace that made your whole body shake.
You let out breathy loud moans as you came, your body shaking against his.
“Good girl.”
You whimpered when he continued rubbing his fingers quickly.  He finally slowed down and you relaxed in his hold, heavy breaths leaving your lips.
“Your moans sounded so pretty, will definitely use some of those in the song.”
He grabbed your chin and turned your head.  He kissed your cheek, you turned further and kissed him on the lips.  He smiled against your lips and wrapped his hand up in your hair.  He pulled it back and you moaned.  
“Don’t think we are done, we are just getting started.”
You bit your lip and nodded.
Your left leg had slipped from around his, so he moved it back spreading you again.
He grabbed at your shorts trying to rip them and groaned when he couldn’t.
“Don’t you dare rip them Jisung.”
He reached over, opened a drawer, and grabbed scissors.
“No, don’t you dare.”
He grabbed the material and cut them and your panties then he ripped them off.
“Ahh Jisung, I could have taken them off.”
“No, it’s more fun this way.”
The crotch of your shorts and panties ripped apart and it was only attached to your waist.
“Might as well cut them all the way off.”
He snipped the waistband of your shorts and panties then ripped them too, the material falling from you and he pushed it into the floor.
“Why do you like doing that Jisung?”
“Why not?  I’ll just buy you new ones.”
“Stop cutting off and ripping my damn clothes Jisung.”
He grabbed your shirt and ripped it making you gasp.
“Don’t tell me what to do.”
You rolled your eyes and sighed.  He pushed the shirt off, leaving you in nothing. 
“I like you best naked.”
“Yeah, and how am I going to get back to the room naked without getting caught by another member?”
“Oh shit, I didn’t think about that.  Oh well.”
He grabbed your breast suddenly and moved his hand back down your thigh.
“We will worry about that later, I think everybody is out anyways.”
He slid his fingers along your core, collecting your wetness, then he pushed two fingers inside.  You moaned and arched your back.  You tightened around his fingers and he groaned, “So tight for me.”
He curled his fingers up into you, rubbing his fingers over your most sensitive spot.  He had done this so many times he knew exactly where to hit to make you see white.
He curled his fingers quickly, not wasting any time in trying to get you to cum. You grabbed his arm again and dug your nails in “Fuck, Jisung.”
Labored breaths and moans left your lips as you were overwhelmed with pleasure.  Your toes curled and you moaned out as an orgasm washed over you.  He continued to move his fingers quickly, making you stop breathing as you reached behind you, grabbing his neck.  He pushed you over the edge within seconds of the last orgasm and you moaned so loud if anybody was in the dorm they definitely heard you.
“Fuck, that was hot baby.”
He kissed your exposed shoulder and slowed his fingers down, waiting for you to finally relax in his arms.
You let out a heavy breath you had been holding and finally relaxed.
He ran his hands over your stomach and thighs, letting you catch your breath.  He was trying to help you ground yourself and calm you down.
“You did good baby.”
He leaned over you and paused the recording, saving it.
“Okay, let’s go to the bedroom.”
He took his shirt off and handed it to you, so you could be covered if somebody was home.
He grabbed his phone and followed you as you led him to the bedroom.
You smiled at him and he smiled back.  You laid down in bed and he locked the door behind you.  You had removed his shirt and thrown it elsewhere.
He eyed you and smirked.
“You look so good laid out like that for me.  I want to ruin you.  I would love to have you ride my thigh or my fingers again but fuck I need you. ”
He gripped his prominent bulge through his sweats and shook it, really showing you how hard he was. 
“I need you Jisung.”
“One moment baby.”
He threw his phone onto the bed and pushed his sweats off, fully naked for you.
He climbed onto the bed and hovered over you, kissing you quickly.  He leaned back and grabbed his phone.
“What are you doing?”
“Hmm, oh turning on a voice recording app.”
He started it then set the phone next to your head.
He grabbed your legs and pulled you down the bed towards him making you gasp.
He chuckled and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
You reached between the two of you and stroked his dick.  He groaned and threw his head back.  Precum leaked from the tip and you rubbed it against your clit.
He moved your hand and grabbed it himself, positioning himself.  He teased the tip in and then pulled back out.  He did this a few more times until one time you used your legs to pull him forward.
He groaned as he sunk all the way in. “Fucckkkk.”
You moaned and grabbed onto his arms.
He leaned forward and grabbed your hands, holding them above your head as he thrust into you slowly.  
“I am gonna be rough, want to get those sweet moans from your lips.”
He thrust in especially hard and you moaned loudly, tightening your legs around his waist.
He grabbed one of your legs and moved it up to his shoulder, making the stretch even more apparent.
You dug your nails into your own hand, as he still had your hands pinned above your head.
After a while, he let go of your hands and leaned back.  He grabbed your legs and moved them together, your thighs touching, and he bent you nearly in half.  He kept thrusting slow and hard, pulling loud whiny moans from you with nearly every thrust.  
The drag of his cock against your walls was intense in this position.
“Fuck, Jisung I can’t.  Too much.”
“You keep saying you can’t handle things but I know you can.”
He started to thrust faster and you dug your nails into the sheets.  The world was blurry from the pleasure, or maybe tears.
“Aww, are you crying baby?  Fucking you so good, you are crying.  How cute.”
You wiped the tears from your eyes as he continued to fuck into you quickly.  His bed frame hit up against the wall with each thrust.  His thrusts got particularly hard and this finally sent you over the edge as your screamed out.  He groaned lowly and started to thrust faster.  He thrust one final hard time as he came and when he did the bed made a cracking sound and the end by your head tipped down, a leg breaking.  You nearly screamed and he held onto you as you both slid down.
You suddenly started laughing and his eyes were wide.
“Oh fuck, did we just break the bed?”
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boyzwrld · 4 months ago
work out, bang chan.
smut , 979. i was reading @skzcre stuff and got inspired. so dedication to you! bf!chan, exhibition, masturbation, fingering.@spookybias !
Tumblr media
“almost there y/n,” chan groans, laying on the floor and claps for you. you were doing pull ups and you were almost to a hundred of them. he noticed you struggling so he got up and stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your legs and lifting you up. “ninety-eight… ninety-nine-.”
you let go of the bar and slouched over “no more, for the sake of my sanity and my arms.” you groaned and leaned on him as he placed you down. he chuckled at your reaction to this all. when you said you wanted to work out with him this isn’t what you expected. “it’s my first time and you already have me working like a dog.”
“you know you could’ve done sets right?” he asked, raising an eyebrow causing you to slap his arm. he laughed, rubbing his arm. “you might look a little weak but that hurts! how about you take a break and i’ll do my set of sit ups?” he sat you down and walked over to begin his work out.
you watched your boyfriend from a distance, tilting your head at how he did everything so easily. it kinda, turned you on. the way his arm veins, stood up shook something in you, it aroused you. the sweating did help either. “and this, this is how you do a pull up.” chan said, you only nodded.
you got an idea as your eyes traveled down his chest, abs and stopped at his print. was he even wearing boxers? this makes a rush of emotions in your panties flow. “hey channie?” you asked, rubbing your legs together. “can we um.. get out of here, i’m pretty tired now.”
chan raised his eyebrow, noticing your legs and he smirked to himself. “sure thing, i’ll grab our stuff.” he smiles leaning down over your resting body and kissed your lips. by now you were already drenched, his effect on you was different from any other time. he pulled away, you definitely didn’t like that, sending a whine or two his way only so he’d chuckle and grab your bags. “come on baby.”
you stood up and walked behind him like a child, crossing your arms since you felt teased. he could only laugh and question you. he coos opening the door for you, helping you in. “why the long face? upset i’m not giving you what you want hm?” he leaned against your door like some kid in high school would. you only scoffed and rolled your eyes. ignoring him.
“ahh~ i see.” he rubbed your thigh, we’ll be home soon. “better hope traffic isn’t heavy.” he snickered and got in. he started the car and just to your luck, traffic was the heaviest it could be, there was no way you’d be able to make it that long.
“fuck this.”
you slouched down and pulled your leggings down, pulling your panties with them. chan gave you wide eyes and moved his hand to cover you, “baby what the hell are you doing?!” he looked around and made sure no one was looking.
“helping myself.” you moved his hand and swiped your finger down your clit. a small sigh of relief left your throat as you leaned against the door, facing chan. your finger went in slow circles, letting out soft groans. he sighed and wiped his face, he didn’t know if he should help you or if he should ignore.
your free hand moved to your chest, kneading your breast as you slipped a single finger in. you felt the chills run down your body with a better sense of relief. “chan..” you softly moaned out his name, causing him to look over at you. he gently put his foot on the gas, moving up just a bit.
he couldn’t help himself, he moved his free hand over to lay on your stomach, using his thumb to softly rub your clit. your eyes shut tight and pumped your finger slowly. “does that feel good baby?” chan teases as he occasionally pulls away to get a reaction out of you. your whines only made him chuckle, "faster." he relaxes into his seat.
your fingers moved faster, just like he told you to. letting your jaw drop as you slightly panted, shutting your eyes and imagining those were his fingers instead. “f-ahh.” you moaned softly to yourself. chan palmed his bulge and bit his lip while watching you. “good girl.” he grumbles, rubbing your thighs.
your moans progressively got louder as your fingers pumped faster, chan was helping you, the thought of him and his thumb rubbing your clit for you. the louder you got, the faster he went. had you clenching around nothing, “c-chan. fuck, don’t stop.” you rut your hips with his hands.
the traffic cleared, he was gonna make you numb. chan put his foot on the gas and started to drive again, removing your fingers completely and replacing them with his own. he pumped his fingers with a pace, a quick one. you moaned loud, cursing out whines and clenching around his two fingers.
he, now, paid you no attention. as if nothing were even going on, only the fact that his fingers were slamming into your leaking hole. becoming drenched in your own essence, the sweat and heat rose from your body as that familiar feeling built up in your stomach.
“c-cumming. i’m cumming.” you whimper, rolling your hips as your juices slowly flow down your ass. chan listened to your high pitched whimpers that you let out as you came softly around his fingers. he hummed and slowly pulled them away, licking them clean and stopping at a red light.
be reached into the glove department and grabbed a few wipes cleaning you up and rubbing his hands down your thigh. “you’ll get something even better once we get home.”
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seungisms · 8 months ago
skz reaction: you being tight
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, fingering, cum play, eating out, degradation
Tumblr media
Heavy pants left Chan’s lips, hovering above your quivering mess of a body, desperately struggling to stuff his thick, hot cock into your tightness. Small whimpers emitted from your fucked out form, feeling the sharp burn of your hole being stretched around the dick that was throbbing deep against your warm walls. Needy lips attached themselves to your own, eating up your moans and begs as your core clenched tightly around him, causing his gushing tip to twitch against your cervix. His hips continued to grind down into you, large hands pinning your own against the bed while his cock curled against your stomach, pulsating from the tightness of your cunt.
“You’re so tight.”
Long fingers curled deep inside your tiny cunt, arching further into his demanding touch while your hands tugged firmly on his disheveled locks, his dark stare fixed on your spasming hole, watching as your liquids seeped out of your pussy and around his digits. Minho added another, a cruel chuckle leaving him as strangled pleas flew past your lips, clenching incredibly tight around him as he pumped into you at an agonisingly slow pace, basking in the sounds of your tortured moans. He edged you further towards orgasm, abruptly removing his fingers from your drenched core, ignoring your loud whine before guiding his cock past your folds, groaning lowly once your tight heat engulf him.
“You like being stretched out by my fat cock?”
Changbin threw his head back against the pillows beneath him, low groans slipping past his pouty lips as you sunk further down onto his awaiting, hard cock, your small cunt being stretched around his thick shaft. Your hands splayed across his heaving chest, raising your hips to fuck yourself on his dick before a rough grip on your hips caused you to cease your movements. His strong hold kept you fully seated on his twitching length, pussy pulsating from the stimulation of being filled to the brim, his hungry gaze pinned to your clit, watching as your hole continued to stretch around him. Small pants huffed against your warm skin, the fat head of his cock kissing your womb causing you to further tighten around him, milking him dry.
“Please don’t move, you’re too tight.”
Sweat glistened across Hyunjin’s pale skin, watching you smother your face into the bedsheets below you, hushing your begs as your back arched into his chest. He slowly filled you up with his eager cock, hardly being able to fit his entire length inside your tight, aching heat. Your futile pleas and sobs were continuously ignored, cunt burning and tender as he eventually bottomed out, hips flush against your raised ass and cock curved deep inside your throbbing heat. His hot mouth left searing kisses on the back of your neck, tongue trailing and teeth nipping against your warm skin when he grunted softly, feeling his dick throb in your core, coated completely in your wetness as you clenched around him even more.
“You feel so perfect around me.”
Jisung fisted your hair into a firm grip, coaxing you closer only to press his lips to yours in a desperate kiss, raising his hips to push himself deeper inside your practically begging pussy. You mewled against his mouth, his tongue prodding past your lips, ignoring your insistent sobs that your cunt couldn’t take any more of his thick length. His hips only ground against you even more, his veiny dick fucking into you slowly, stretching your hole out to the point you were sobbing beneath him, swearing he was going to break you with every relentless pound of his shaft. Jisung swore beneath your trembling form, hissing at the sharp sting of your nails breaking his skin as he continued to use your cunt.
“Fuck, how are you still this tight?”
Felix circled your clit slowly with his long digits, dark eyes glinting with want and longing as he gathered up your wetness, using your liquids to lubreacte his painfully hard cock. He guided his needy length into your dripping folds, brushing past your sensitive clit and filling your cunt to the brim, greedily drinking up the sight of his cock disappearing into your aching pussy. He groaned lowly as your hole looked like it was about to tear around the sheer size of him, pinning your quivering hips down to the bed with ease to cease your trembling. His dick pumped against your small core, continuing to stretch you out until you were a whimpering mess, muffling your sobs with your palm.
“Do you like being stretched out like this, slut?”
Seungmin gazed down at you with want, watching you wriggle and whine against the mattress while he struggled to fit his length into your tiny, gushing hole. He slowly eased himself further into your clenching cunt, burying himself to the peak of your tightness while your toes curled against the sheets, the pleasurable sting of your pussy being stretched springing tears to your eyes. His lips pressed against yours, momentarily distracting you from the ache your small cunt was going through, feeling his long fingers dip down to coat his dick in your wetness, causing him to slip further into you with ease, tongue pushing against your own while he groaned softly against you.
“You’re so good, feel so good.”
His tongue keenly licked away at your wet core, humming against your slit as your liquids hit his tastebuds. His tongue nudged against your clenching hole, slipping into it to savour your wetness even more. Jeongin eagerly gave into your begs just to fuck you already, replacing his tongue with his angry, red dick, small sighs brushing past his lips and adam apple bobbing once he felt how tight you truly are, finding it hard to stuff his lengthy cock into your small heat. You raised your hips to meet the slow thrusts of his own, the filthy squelching sounds of his cock pounding into you making your head dizzy, your cunt further tightening around him causing him to pant heavily above you, arms trembling beneath his weight.
“You’re always so tight and good for me.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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toomuchbuttahh · a month ago
Stray Kids NSFW Hcs
a/n: I don't really like reading or writing for irl people bc it makes me uncomfortable most of the time bc they are REAL people and a lot of the time it's very cringey and they would most definitely not do that but here I am being a hypocrite 😊. Also these are headcanons I don't think any of them would actually be like this tbh so don't take this seriously and if there's anything you'd like to contribute or think differently, I'd love to see! Also reblogs are very appreciated :)
genre: smut
warnings: obviously, nsfw
Tumblr media
soft dom
not really into degrading, restraints or being mean in anyway though he might come back from work and want to take it out on you so sometimes he can be quite rough
really good at aftercare
he really wasn't lying when he said "You know what else is big?…" 😳😳
Lee Know:
oh boy
is a complete sadist and masochist, likes degrading and humiliating you
also likes seeing you tied up
might sub but very rarely and is so fucking bratty it's annoying
into thigh riding bc have u seen his thighs oh my fuck
i love lee know
dom most of the time he might sub but like once every 5 years or something😒
you have to convince him so hard to sub and you have to give him lots of gifts, treats, dates, cuddles, chocolate for him to say yeah
he wont admit he quite likes being the sub
praise kink
so whinyyy
also into thigh riding have you seen his thighs
switch prefers being sub most of the time though
likes being tied up
pretty bratty but the good amount😌
although sometimes he'll come back from work, exhausted as shit and the only thing on his mind is you domming him, being fucked out of his head, letting you handle everything that he can't be bothered to be bratty and just wants praise and serious aftercare
likes being degraded only lightly and HAS to be coupled with praise
REALLY vocal and his moans are actually so pretty
also loves when you pull his hair i mean come on this is obvious
if you put your hand on his jaw and make him look at you while you're fucking him he actually dies. turns to putty. cums like 5 times more.
also have u seen his hands !?? he loves fucking you with his fingers
also a switch
but he doesn't like showing his submissive side to anyone. He has to really trust them bc I think he might be a bit insecure about it
likes bondage both ways
likes to be degraded
also likes hair pulling both ways
needs good aftercare
whiny bitch
not really bratty
can be 😈🥴😏👺😈😈🔪🥀⛓ and 🥺🥰😊😩😳🐥🌻✨💕 he does both so well
depends on his mood
if you prefer being dom most of the time, he really doesn't mind being the sub
and if you prefer being the sub, he certainly doesn't mind being the dom
pretty experimental and likes to try things at least once if you want to too
has a thing for chokers/collars like he gets so weak if he's wearing one and you're tugging at it or the other way round and he's doing the tugging
definitely uses his really low/deep stage voice in bed
moans are actually the prettiest
loves eye contact but also lowkey likes being blindfolded
EVIL BITCH you think he's like really nice and sweet but he is not
likes degrading, doesn't really like being degraded
switch, if he had to pick he'd probably say dom though
pretty bratty if sub
when they were saying he's the main vocalist in the group they weren't lying-
BRATTY before anything else
switch, doesn't really mind being either
definitely has a praise kink
also likes being blindfolded
he loves receiving aftercare
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