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#hanamiya makoto

i gotchu, i hope you enjoy )))

ps. IN NO WAY DO I THINK KAGAMI IS AN UGLY IDIOT THAT’S BENEATH ANYONE. IT’S JUST FOR THE STORY LOL. but i mean ,,,, he kinda is an idiot ya know ?

akashi stays calm. he’s confident + sure of himself. he knows that you love him + that you’d never even consider cheating on him,,,especially with kagami taiga. he might feel a small pinch of jealousy + it bothers him that he’d even feel jealous of such a huge idiot. he knows he’s way better than kagami in every single way + he knows your tastes are refined.

“Pardon me?” Akashi turned to you slowly, his eyebrows raised in slight surprise.

“Kagami’s kinda hot, don’t you think?” You said again, a grin plastered onto your face. Akashi feels the jealousy leave almost immediately upon the realization that you were trying to get a rise up out of him.

“Not particularly. I’d prefer you.” He chuckled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you close to him.  

hanamiya is so amused. he’s like pfft kagami ? hot ? in her fucking dreams. this girl wouldn’t know hot if it hit her in the face. he can’t deny, though, that he’s a little bit jealous. he starts to wonder if you like tall guys or less intelligent guys, and he hates that he’s even started to think about it. he’d probably make fun of you for it to make himself feel better

“Bro, Kagami? Seriously, you could do so much better.” Hanamiya scoffs and puts his hands behind his head, refusing to meet your gaze and keeping his eyes on the court below. He watched the aggressive red-head dunk on Yosen’s center and wrinkled his nose in disgust. “God, he just…sucks.”

You turned to him, an eyebrow raised in amusement. “He sucks?”


“Is that the best you could come up with?” 

“I mean, can you really have a crush on an idiot who sucks?” Hanamiya folded his arms over his chest and angled himself away from you ever so slightly. You rolled your eyes.

“Oh my god, Makoto, I don’t have a crush on him. I was just being stupid.” 

“I know.” He turned back to you with a wide smirk playing on his lips.

“Then why’re you acting like a baby?”

“I just wanted to hear you say that you were stupid.” He poked your cheek before stretching an arm out on the back of your chair and leaning into you. “Stupid.” 

hara could not bring himself to care. he didn’t give two shits about kagami or your opinion of him. he knew that if you had a real interest in kagami, which you couldn’t possibly, you would be with him. plus, hara and kagami were so different, hara knew there was no way in hell you could be interested in the both of them in the same lifetime

“Kagami? Sure. If you like idiots.” Hara blew a bubble and continued to watch the court with mild interest. You scowled at him and poked his bubble, popping it on his lips.

“Aren’t you at least a little jealous?” 

“Not at all, babe.” He smiled lazily. 

“Why not?”

“Because I know that if you’d like an idiot like him, there’s no way you could like a fine man like myself.”

nijimura, frankly, doesn’t know who the hell that is. he gets a little bent out of shape thinking that you think some dude on the court is hot enough to say it out loud in front of your boyfriend, but he doesn’t show it on his face. he just calmly keeps watching the game on the court below him. but his curiosity gets the better of him + he can’t help but ask

“So…who’s Kagami?” Nijimura asked, a lilt in his voice. He was trying his best to mask his jealousy in the form of teasing, but he wasn’t too confident in his ability to keep up the charade.

“That amazing power forward with the red hair. Look how high he jumps! It’s probably because of those amazing legs he’s got.” You pointed down to the court where Seirin’s number ten was currently making a fast break for the opponent’s basket and dunking the ball. 

“Amazing power forward, huh?”

“Yeah. Not better than you, though, baby.” You leaned over to press a kiss to Nijimura’s cheek and he relaxed, splaying his fingers out on your thigh. He’d let it go this time. 

seto unfortunately has his sleeping mask on and appears to be snoozing. your attempt to make him jealous goes totally unnoticed. you decide to leave him alone. but little do you know that he secretly hears you + sees your tiny hissy fit as you return to watching the game peacefully

“Wow, Kagami’s so hot!” You said, keeping your eyes on Seirin’s sweaty power forward. You give it a few minutes to let the words pierce Seto’s heart before turning to him to see the damage you had done. Or the damage you thought you had done. 

Seto’s arms were bent behind his head and cradling the back of his head comfortably. A small, satisfied smile was on his lips as he snoozed. You huffed and turned back to the game upon realizing that he did not hear you, and, therefore, your attempt to make him jealous was completely thwarted. 

A couple of minutes later, unbeknownst to you, Seto carefully unbent one arm and lifted up one side of his sleeping mask to peer at you. His smile grew wider once he caught sight of your pouting face turned toward the court, and he peacefully dozed off, satisfied with his work.

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- sighs at her explanation, clearly sensing that something was much worse than just a bad day

- he tries to persuade her to admit it, but when she curls up into a ball he decides to stop

- leaves her for a while to give her time, but shows up again and gets her out of school

- doesn’t like seeing his s/o down, it makes him feel uneasy

- brings her home and suggests watching a movie to get her mind off of things


- plops down onto the floor beside her, trying to meet her gaze while she’s hiding behind her knees

- with a light but soft tone asks what’s wrong

- it’d help a lot if she decided to tell him, otherwise he’s clueless on what to do

- eventually decides to pat her head and grab her hand, pulling her out of the school building

- asks a lot of questions to trick her into giving him some hints

- takes her on a walk, maybe for ice-cream to cheer her up


- tells her to stop hiding and definitely doesn’t believe any excuses

- his mind immediately starts working on full speed, searching for things that might’ve caused her mood to drop

- it makes him worried that she’s avoiding explaining anything because he doesn’t know how to help

- decides to sit there with her in silence, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and waits until she either gets better or wants to talk

- there’s no way he’s gonna leave her alone


- no need to tell him anything, it’s obvious from her pose and look that she’s not at her best

- doesn’t question her much because he doesn’t want to trigger anything even more

- asks if she wants to be left alone and acts from there, but would prefer to stay

- definitely doesn’t want her to “just be fine after a while”, no way, he wants to see her smile right now

- but doesn’t push

- he’s not the best with words of comfort, so instead tells her about his day and hopefully cheers her up


- he’s the one to shrug at first and take her words for granted, because everyone has some bad days and why would she lie to him?

- but doesn’t want her to just sit there, so he decides to take her to practice or to just spend the time doing something together

- treats her to her favorite meal and acts more goofy than usual

- understands if she wants to be alone for a while instead, but texts her often to check if she’s alright

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Send me a character and I will tell you

  • their biggest strength

What else aside of not having no morals at all? I only can imagine how could it be. Zero overthinking, zero regrets. Just enjoying to watch the world burn. Awesome.

  • their greatest weakness

He’s not really that smart, I remember him losing a match by purpose for go watching another team and ending up being eliminated from the tournament. Dude. Buy a recording camera and send your cousin.

  • a headcanon about their childhood

He was probably the kinda kid that was chosen as the class representative because he was so diligent and well behaved and then blackmailed 6-years-olds in the bathrooms for they pocket money.

  • a headcanon about their future (if they have one)

I can literally see him picking up one typical villain job like property speculator or drug dealer. In society with Imayoshi of course. Garbage Inc.
And when he will be asked “how do you even sleep at night”, he’ll reply “on silk sheets, rolling naked in money”.

  • a small detail/scene that leaves a great impact

I literally watched KNB 5 years ago I wish I could remember.

  • their philosophy/worldview (or part of it) described in one neat little sentence

“Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.”

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ahhh yes i will 100% write this. i’ll do headcanons )

furuhashi koujirou

  • this is gonna be short
  • he would not care at all. not even for a second
  • he knows that when you’re finished w whatever you’re doing your attention will be his again 
  • he just finds something else to do or even leaves or sleeps
  • it’s really not that complicated to him

hanamiya makoto

  • he would notttt handle this well
  • he’d get so jealous lol
  • would be super spiteful + start ignoring you because he thinks you’re trying to ignore him on purpose
  • he’d be such a fucking baby about it oh my god
  • after a while, he’d get tired of ignoring you + would start picking on you
  • “whatcha doing whatcha doing whatcha doing whatcha doing ???”
  • he’d start poking you + ticking you + really just try to bother you
  • he’ll only stop once you start paying attention to him again + put down whatever you’re doing
  • listen, he’s just a little bit jealous of whatever you’re giving all of your attention to
  • once he finally gets your attention, he would deny that he was ever trying to get it + would 100% deny ever being needy

hara kazuya

  • honestly he’d be kinda okay w it
  • he’s a really chill dude + if you wanna spend some time doing what you’re passionate about it, who is he to stop you
  • it would bother him a little bit if this continued for longer than he liked
  • he’d start asking you what you’re doing + why you’re doing it + what’s so special about it + why you like it so much
  • he’d just bombard you with questions + make you answer them so that your attention is now on him
  • it’s actually pretty clever the way he gets your attention lol
  • if he didn’t get bothered by it though, he’d probably just chill alongside you
  • he’d grab something to occupy himself with + just sit there w you
  • or he’d just start doing whatever you’re doing since it seems to fun to you
  • either way, he’s not really all over you about it. he doesn’t get jealous often

seto kentarou

  • he can either be really chill about it + not care OR he can be an absolute dick about it
  • if he was feeling relaxed + you weren’t paying attention to him, he’d just chill w you
  • kinda like where hara where he’ll just grab something to occupy himself or he’ll do whatever you’re doing
  • if you’re drawing or painting he’ll possibly even start painting/drawing w you or might even be like “draw me”
  • like if you’re watching a movie he’d stand right in front of the tv or if you’re reading a book he’d put his hand on the pages
  • he’d be a t o t a l dick about it you’d want to kill him
  • but it does get attention back so he’s okay w it

yamazaki hiroshi

  • he’d be totally okay w it
  • he’d actually think it was kinda cute that you were passionate about something to the extent of it taking up all of your attention
  • he’d find something else to do or wait for you to finish
  • he’s also a really chill guy + not needy/clingy at all 
  • he’s really easy to deal w
  • it wouldn’t be a problem at all lol
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anon you’re too sweet :’) i mixed up the jobs a tad but i hope you still like this lil drabble i did as writing practice today!

Pirate!Kiridai and Their Ship: “The Spider”

The one thing Hanamiya liked about the sea, more than anything else, was the bleakness of it all: the violent waves, angry without purpose; the darkness of the sky overhanging; the silhouette of occasional bird that flew past, always flying alone. It was one of the reasons he’d become a pirate. Land had felt too - what was a good word - too tame, too stable. With the sea, you never knew when you’d drown; you could try your very best to survive on bits of wood they called ships, but, in the end, you could die tomorrow and you wouldn’t know till the waves came up to greet you.

But Hanamiya had never shared this more nihilistic approach to the sea with his shipmates. For one thing, he wouldn’t have been able to get Yamazaki (who’d signed up to be a sealer, thinking it was a chance make a man of himself, only to discover he’d been tricked into joining pirates instead) to take one step on the starboard, had the man thought his lie would end in the water below. For another, Hanamiya doubted any of them shared the same feeling of bitter kinship with the sea. Unlike Hanamiya, a vile bastard by all accounts, they were good guys. Pirates, sure, but good guys. Hell, somedays, Hanamiya felt like he was the only real pirate aboard the Spider.

“Oi Captain,” that was Hara now, stumbling onto the deck with a bottle in one hand and the stains of rum dribbling down his chin, “come join us! The sea’s calm tonight.”

Hanamiya said nothing, just raising his hand to acknowledge the quartermaster’s call, continuing to stare out across the waves. Hara was a funny one. Born to some of the richest fuckers on land, instead of enjoying the cushy life that would have been offered to him, he’d taken to rebelling instead: joining various private crews (first as a navigator - which apparently he’d failed at - then as a musician - which he’d also been impressively shit at, for a rich kid) till he came across Hanamiya, still with that dumb smirk on his lips, as if he hadn’t heard of the Spider’s reputation, telling his future captain that,

“I’ve never been a quartermaster, but I’ll be a damn good one if you let me.”

No one had ever willingly joined the Spider; no one had ever wanted to be that close to Hanamiya. And Hanamiya had never thought his closest ally on the seas (after his ship, of course, there was nothing more important to a captain than his ship) would be a rich town kid gone rogue, but, nonetheless, Hara proved to be one hell of a quartermaster. He’d joined Hanamiya at just the right time too: the Spider’s previous crew had attempted a mutiny, had thus had their chests carved out and their bodies thrown aboard (what kind of captain lets such disloyalty go unpunished), and so Hanamiya had spent two months alone on the Spider, in the middle of the seven seas, till he reached the shore again. (Two months alone did a lot to a man. There had been nights where he thought the creaking of the wood was the ship speaking to him, often cursing him for the stains of blood aboard her deck, and sometimes, singing to him too.) Without having Hara approached him, Hanamiya would have spent at least another year alone.

It was Hara who assembled a new crew. Seto: the disillusioned navy man, who, despite sleeping most the day, could determine the ship’s location from just one look at the sky - a catch of a navigator, by all means. Furuhashi: a seasoned pirate and a jack of all trades. He took care of the crew’s food, kept look out without complaint, and (a man after Hanamiya’s own heart) could slice a person’s torso in two without a second thought. Matsumoto: the carpenter, another quiet one with his own reasons to seek the money piracy provided, but at least his debt made him loyal. And then Yamazaki - a friend of Hara’s from the rich childhood - a man who knew too little about ships to warrant having a job title, but he learnt quickly and could communicate with landlubbers (unlike Hara, who made enemies from his quick, snarky wit faster than Hanamiya could) during the rare occasions the Spider would dock to trade.

“You’ve looked after us well, these last years, haven’t you my girl?”

There was a nostalgia in Hanamiya’s tone as he started to walk from the Spider’s bow, a sentiment, almost a sensation that he’d be nothing without her: her the bundle of timber who could let him die any day now, who’d discard him into the water, where he’d be just a common man, and then just a common corpse.

But, so far, she hadn’t let him die.

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right well Buckle Up Folks.

first off, i’ve written a lot about hanamiya’s relationship with his mother before (if anyone’s interested, have a look here, here, and here) so i’ll just address the whole father thing instead. personally, i think hanamiya’s father was an absolute dick, who got hanamiya’s mother pregnant and then ditched her. so she ended up raising hanamiya largely on her own - with the exception of her own parents supporting her every once in a while (people which hanamiya only got along with till around the age of 10 - after that, he started throwing fusses about having to go see his grandparents). however, hanamiya does know his father: they’ve met once (his mother thought it would be a good idea; she was worried she wasn’t enough for hanamiya) and hanamiya jumped at him so viciously that his mother made sure to keep the two apart from then on. (it doesn’t help that they share the same bad tempers.) instead, she’s given hanamiya his father’s contact information if he does want a father figure in his life, but hanamiya’s perfectly happy having just a family of two.

regarding furuhashi and his younger sister, it’s a somewhat typical sibling relationship. since furu was young, he’s looked after his sister - when they started playing with other kids in the area, he always made sure to make sure no one was playing too rough with her; for a while, he was the only person who she allowed to brush/plait her hair; their parents paid him minimally to babysit her etc. however, once he got into his teenager years, like most teenage boys, he grew to not wanting to spend time with his sister. she annoys him to death, and she knows it. so now they’re less close than they used to be, but, nevertheless, he’s still a very protective big brother TM - lord knows her s/o will have a very awkward dinner when they first meet her family - and, whenever she feels down, will offer her a bowl of pieces of fruit silently: his way of saying “i’ll fuck up whoever hurt you also enjoy this fruit i grew”

before we move on to the middle child hara, let’s just have a moment of silence for his mother, for having to put up with 3 haras (and you thought hanamiya having to put up with one hara was bad enough). the three boys are pretty close age-wise, which has resulted in them being thick as thieves and annoying as hell. the mischief they cause? unimaginable. prank wars have been going on since the oldest reached the age of 6, april fool’s day in the hara household is the closest thing to hell you can find on earth, if there’s ever an argument, you’d best believe they just pounce on each other and wrestle in the middle of the hallway (all three of them: even if the argument was between just two)… hara’s mother needs a pay rise y’all. (three haras. i cannot emphasis that enough. hara’s personality but tripled and slightly taller.)

then there’s the two youngest children, though they’ve had pretty different family lives. seto’s older brother is quite a bit older than him - he had long graduated university at the time when seto had entered high school - and, as a result, seto’s been treated as very much an only child for most of his older life. the two brothers have never been particularly close. if anything, they have more of the relationship of a nephew and an uncle, and, arguably, it’s one of the reasons seto matured earlier than most guys: when he was younger, he wanted to be seen as an equal to his brother. luckily, seto’s equally as smart as his brother - if not more - which has meant he’s never felt resentment against his brother for being compared to him. so they get along decently well, when his brother stops by the house. plus his brother’s pretty darn successful and has promised seto he’ll be able to get a job at the company he works out, if that’s what seto wants.

in contrast, yamazaki is pretty close to his siblings, age-wise, which as resulted in him being mercilessly teased since he was young. frankly, when you consider just how much his older brother + sister enjoyed using him as a toy, it’s a miracle he survived his childhood intact. his brother dared him to do things he knew would get zaki in trouble, his sister used him as a doll to play dress-up with etc. only now that zaki is in high school (and his siblings have left for uni) can he experience peace at home, though hara does his best to wreck havoc elsewhere. and speaking of hara, i’m sure you can guess who was Ever So Delighted to meet yamazaki’s sister, when she came home from the holidays, who took great pleasure in showing him her extensive collection of photos of zaki looking like an idiot.

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Technically my limit is 6 characters per request, but I’m thinking about changing this rule a bit. So instead I’m going to write it in a little bit shorter form than a regular scenario. If you’d want me to expand it in the future, please choose max 6 characters and I’ll write something more detailed for them.

Kise: He turned his head so quickly something must’ve snapped in his neck.

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden? Am I not hot to you?” he whined, attaching himself to his girlfriend’s arm, earning a small laugh from her.

“Don’t be silly, I’m just kidding. Unless…”

“Y/N-cchi, you’re so mean!” with these words he became pouty for the rest of the game. Wanting it or not, he’s going to look at Kagami as a possible rival from now on.

Midorima: “Are you serious?” was his reaction, voice no different from usual, with just a tiny hint of jealousy that he was trying so hard to hide from her. “I thought you were focused on the game, not looking for hot players”

His slightly offended tone made her smile as she kept on teasing him for it, resulting in a small blush appearing on his face.

Aomine: “Why him from all the people?” he asked, visibly tired of her shenanigans, furrowing brows at oblivious Kagami on the court.

“Then is it okay if I say it about someone else?” she teased, poking his side a little and watching him slightly jump in his seat.

“What, no” he replied, protecting himself from yet another poke from her and sending her a smirk. “Why don’t you focus more on the real hot guy right beside you?”

Murasakibara: “Huuuh” he tried to avoid her piercing gaze as she looked for his reaction. His pride hurt a bit from the comment said out loud so casually, the boy promised himself to watch out for Kagami and make sure his girlfriend won’t be close to him.

“Aw, don’t worry” she leaned on him a bit. “I only have my eyes on you”

“I guess. Otherwise someone will have to get crushed”

Akashi: He wanted to ignore the little comment she made, but seeing her gaze constantly following Kagami on the court, he decided to intervene.

“Is that the only thing you’ve got out of this game?” he asked with a cold tone, tensing up feeling her hand on his.

“Not really. The other one is that you’d look even hotter beating them all” she replied playfully, receiving a look.

“I think I should remind you about it so that you never talk like this about other men ever again”

Nijimura: “Oh my God” he sighed and rolled his eyes. “Just focus on the game for once”

“I am focused” she pouted, linking arms with her boyfriend. “Why, are you jealous?”

“You’re being childish” he replied with a stern look, making it clear that he didn’t like her words. After that he becomes overprotective, even though he knows she’s just trying to tease him. But it’s never bad to be on the safe side.

Himuro: Laughing genuinely at his girlfriend’s statement, he held her hand and squeezed it lightly.

“Is he better than me?” tone teasing he looked at her and laughed again at the look she gave him.


“Good to hear” he winked. “You don’t want to make me jealous, believe me”.

Hanamiya: With a brow raised, he looked at his girlfriend with amusement.

“What did you just say?” he asked not taking her words seriously. However hearing her repeat it made him roll his eyes.

“Disgusting” was his reaction as he glued his eyes back to the game. There were no words exchanged between them for the next few minutes, until his quiet voice broke the silence. “You’re going to regret this later”

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Unfortunately at the moment I don’t write for Nash as I’m not that familiar with his personality. Somehow I’ve never got to see the movie and I’m also not reading the manga. I’ll skip him for now and try to fix it in the future, please bear with me.

Also, this request is so old oh my god. Happy New Year 2020 to you too (though it’s not happy at all as of now hah)

Kise: Would definitely make small jokes about them being stuck there together, and tease her to hopefully make both of them less nervous. He’d try not to panic but if there was no one coming even after a while, he’d try and call his teammates for help. In the end his girlfriend would probably need to calm him down more than the other way round. “What if we’re stuck forever? Does anyone even know about it? Oh my God, we’re going to die”

Aomine: Would be annoyed that they had to spend the next while in such a small space. He wouldn’t react that differently to his girlfriend being there with him, though he might try and make use of the weird situation and make a move. “Looks like we’re doomed. There’s nothing else better to do, don’t you think?”

Akashi: Would give her as much space as possible in the small room, not wanting to make the whole situation even more uncomfortable than it already was. Attempting some small talk, he’d try to take her mind off the matter and also maybe get closer to her, respecting it if she’d be too scared to keep it up. He’d give her logical reassurance and make sure that someone’d let them out as soon as possible. “Don’t worry Y/N, I already contacted the right people. We’ll be free in no time”

Hanamiya: Would be both annoyed and amused at the irony of the situation. They were stuck here for who knows how long exactly at that time when he was in a rush. Both of them sitting on the floor in the opposite corners of the narrow space, they’d either wait in silence or exchange sarcastic comments about it. If his girlfriend would be scared, he’d try to get them out as soon as possible. “What a romantic situation, how about we make use of it somehow?”

Hara: Would most likely brighten up the mood with some jokes and make sure the time spent together wasn’t awkward. After all, what else were they supposed to do there rather than talk? He may not be best at comforting if she’d feel uncomfortable by the small space, but his light tone would quickly help take her mind off the problem. “You’re lucky I’m the one with you here. It’s like you’ve won the lottery, you know”.

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HI sweetie! Of course I can do this for you C: Hope you like them!



  • He pays very little attention to you, not liking the idea of being a ‘babysitter’
  • However, he’s protective in his own ways. The moment he learns someone has any form of crush on you, he crushes them with words. 
  • He secretly enjoys spending time with you, but never lets you know, not wanting to show he ‘cares’.


  • Constantly picks on you. Reminds you how ‘inferior’ you are because you’re the youngest. Makes you cry lots and calls you tons of names.
  • However, he doesn’t like it when anyone else bullies you around. As your older brother, it’s HIS job to make you feel low. No one else gets to see you in tears.
  • Doesn’t hesitate to crush anyone who oversteps their bounds, attacking their weaknesses. He’ll never admit seeing you cry leaves him weak in the knees if it’s from someone else.


  • Like Hanamiya, he enjoys picking on you. However, he’s less harsh than him and knows his limits with you. For the most part, you reply with the same words, if not better insults than him. (Making him secretly proud)
  • He’s hopeless when it comes to comforting you during bad times. But he’s always there to give you a pat on the head. (Sometimes a little too roughly, making you glare at him.)
  • Constantly complaining about your nagging, finding it too much of a chore.. You seem to think he needs to be reminded of simple things (to be fair, he has a tendency to forget.) But he doesn’t like being hounded to do meaningless tasks.


  • Has the most patience out of the whole team, and doesn’t hide the fact he cares about you. Even missing games to take care of you.
  • He makes a great study partner, especially during exam time. Doesn’t hesitate to lend you a hand, because seeing you succeed makes him proud. He never wants to see you lose.
  • When you do lose, he’s there to comfort you, even if it’s something embarrassing. He spoils you in ways no other brother would, but also teaches you the value of receiving something, (even if he doesn’t show it towards his teammates.)


  • Challenges you to bets over everything. From video games, to getting higher test scores, to racing each other home. He treats you much more nicer than anyone else, because you’ve always held a special place in his heart.
  • That said, he doesn’t hesitate to tease you when the situation calls for it. Of course, he never pushes you too far, unless you start it first, in which case all bets are off. He wouldn’t hesitate to snap someone’s head off for treating you the same way.
  • Tries his best not to need you, but when it comes to studying, he sucks at it. He knows he shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help, but it still takes him several hours to ask for it, because he wouldn’t want his teammates finding out.. That said, he’s always there for you when you need it, putting your needs above his own.
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the kirisaki vs seirin game is the hardest arc for me to watch bc hanamiya makoto is literally the most disgusting character but also the most pathetic bc there couldn’t be a more blatant display of weakness as hurting your opponent to get ahead. you’re literally saying you can’t beat them unless they’re at their worst bc you’re a weak little shit. you say it’s creepy how they’re all goody two shoes?? well I think it’s creepier how you can just admit you’re fucking weak like that.

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Hanamiya Makoto and Seto Kentaro

  • they study together A Lot
  • hanamiya just really appreciates seto’s company - it’s not that hanging around more talkative people (hara) irritates him, but every once in a while he enjoys spending time with someone who won’t talk his ear off
  • whilst seto likes having someone around who’ll also not bother him too much, but who he can ask decently intellectual conversations with and having a nice conversation with
  • studying together will either take the form of sitting in the library or going for walks together to quiz each other on the exam material
  • they met in their first year; at first hanamiya wasn’t a fan of seto, for fear seto would be trying to compete with him for getting top scores in the class, but, upon realising seto couldn’t care less, they ended up becoming pretty good friends
  • back in their first year, they also used to visit each other’s houses to study
  • this occasionally included hanamiya challenging seto to a game of darts, however seto would always lose miserably and, now that they’re in their second year, they refuse to play
  • other headcanons:
  • hanamiya always rants to seto. seto has a tendency of getting drowsy during these rants - something hanamiya has repeatedly punched him for
  • seto’s older brother and hanamiya really don’t get along; no one knows why, and, frankly, at this point, it’s just a habit of theirs to argue when they see each other
  • one of seto and hanamiya’s bonding points is criticising people who like sweet foods; they pride themselves on being bitter-food fans
  • if hanamiya ever gets too annoying, seto likes to make a point of resting his chin on said captain’s head, just to get him even more riled up ;)
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Hi! I’m really excited because I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time now!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) May I please request fluffy headcannons of how seto, izuki, himuro, imayoshi, okumura and hanamiya would react if their S/O had dimples on their face? I think dimples are really cute! Also please ignore any thing that Ive sent before this; I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m essentially an old lady trapped in a young person’s body. ಥ_ಥ

Hi sweetie!! Thank you for this ! I hope you’re having a good day and staying safe! I hope it’s to your liking!! :)

Hanamiya: He hates them. Not because they’re ugly or anything. It’s because they’re childish. They make you look younger than what your true age is… Anytime they appear, he will say a crude remark to wipe the smile off your face.. He feels a small amount of guilt for making you cry. But it’ll take him being on his death bed to confess he likes the dimples (He’ll deny the blushing as well..).

Himuro: He thinks they’re adorable and will do everything in his power to make them visible. Some days, they’re so adorable, he has to hide a small blush at seeing your happiness. But when all’s said and done, he generally has the last laugh (which results in you being a stuttering mess about them.) 

Imayoshi: He constantly makes jokes about them, but secretly adores them. During cuddle sessions, he will trace your cheek where the dimples are and place multiple kisses where the dimple lays. He’ll then whisper soft nothings into your ear, making you fluster and laugh at how easy you get riled up. Who knew you’d be self-conscious of those dimples?

Izuki: He will gush about them until you get tired of hearing about it. He pulls out every trick in the book to make you smile and laugh, between lame jokes or tickle fights. He will even poke them every time they appear, giving them cute nicknames just to see you blush.

Okamura: He blushes like crazy every time he sees them. To know you’re happy being with him, despite what he thinks of himself, gives him confidence he didn’t know he had. His favourite feature is your dimples, because they show the type of happiness you feel. He’d give anything to see them on a regular basis. 

Seto: He thinks your cuteness is ridiculous.. Especially those dimples.. (He’s like Hanamiya, but less aggressive.) If you show those dimples in public, he gets super protective and angry (because he doesn’t want anyone else seeing you happy.) He’s quick to usher you to the nearest secluded place to wipe that grin off your lips. (In ways you didn’t think he would)

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