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#hanamiya makoto

It depends on the person he’s dating.

Every once in a while, Hanamiya ends up dating someone he doesn’t particularly care about - perhaps he just wasn’t bothered to reject them, perhaps he thought it might be fun to mess around with them for a bit. But, regardless of the reason, with someone like this, he’ll definitely cheat. It’s just the most effective way of getting rid of them, once he’s bored.

The thing is Hanamiya’s hella smart, and he’s very good at both planning, and understanding what his actions insinuate. So if you spy him getting a little close to someone else, or letting someone be a little too touchy with him, or (if you’re really not getting the message) straight up kissing him: that’s not an accident. That’s Hanamiya following a foolproof strategy to make you want to split up with him. (And hurt your feelings, whilst he’s at it). 

Otherwise, he might fuck some other people if he doesn’t really care about you, but, again, you won’t know about it until he wants you to know about it - and, at that point, that’s when he’s warning you that the relationship’s over.

But he definitely wouldn’t cheat in a relationship where he genuinely cared for his partner, just cause he’s not the type to make a mistake like that; Hanamiya’s thinking is 90% from his head, 10% from his heart, and a negligible percentage from his dick.

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He didn’t particularly care what you looked like, at first. He just wanted you uncomfortable: wearing clothes that made you shy, watching you apply make up with a hawk’s gaze (ordering you over and over again to redo it, and smudging it across your face when you did it well), tugging on your hair, telling you how ugly your face looked with your hair up like that, but warning you to keep your hair in that style or else. Because, in the end, a good doll just has to do what he says. Regardless of what they want.

You don’t matter much. But he has a reputation, and he can’t have you ruining that. He can’t you have you appearing dishevelled in front of his mother - not that she’d mind, but because he wants to prove to her that he’ll have a well-organised household, to make her proud. And the clothes, the hair, the makeup: overtime, they’ve proved pretty good at hiding the various bruises he’s given you ‘lovingly’ (who’s he kidding - even he knows there’s nothing particularly loving about his emotions towards you). The bruises are for his eyes only. They’re sensual, in that way.

He likes staring at them when he takes pauses during afternoons of reading, when he’s comfortably stretched across the couch, and you’re sitting on your knees on the ground, on the other side of the room. Sometimes, he’ll toss a dart in your direction. It’s a test of your willpower - because willpower’s ever so important, provided it’s following his instructions - willpower that you’ll trust in his aim enough to not flinch. (If the dart hits you, it’s on purpose, and you deserved it.)

You’d better not move unless he tells you too. You’d better not forget your place.

For Hanamiya’s an introvert, you see; human company infuriates him, only the peace and quiet of having a doll as an ornament can do. And, with the doll aspect in mind, you really can’t move. That’s just not what dolls do - and any that do (move out of choice, that is) are probably haunted, and they’ll soon get thrown in the trash.

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On Monday, Hara’s already done with school, so he drags Yamazaki with him to go buy a maid costume. He wears the maid costume later that evening - motivation to get through his homework - as he reenacts Akutagawa’s ‘the Spider’s Thread’ in his room. Towards the end of the story, when he collapses to the floor dramatically, his younger brother lets out a cough. The boy has been watching Hara from the doorway for the last 5 minutes. There is silence, and neither of them ever bring it up again.

On Tuesday, Hara steals Furuhashi’s bento - it’s supposed to be a joke, but he drops it, and all of Furuhashi’s hard work is ruined. Hara spends the rest of lunch hiding from an increasingly pissed Furuhashi, until, eventually, Hanamiya catches him and forces him to stand still whilst Furuhashi scolds him. Furuhashi very much deserves to scold him. In the excitement, Hara has somehow eaten half of his teammates lunch too.

On Wednesday, to emphasise how much he hates this class, and enchanted by the concept of having absolutely no self preservation, Hara slams his head down on his desk - making his teacher and all his classmates stare at him (apart from Yamazaki who looks away in shame). Hara has a nosebleed for the rest of the lesson. Seto beside him punches him in the stomach when some of the blood gets on his notebook.

On Thursday, practice is too much for Hara. When it’s over, he lies down on the changing room’s floor and refuses to move. No one wants to give him a piggyback home, though all the boy’s whining irritates Hanamiya enough that the captain says he’ll drag Hara to the station - quite literally. He’s true to his word, pulling along Hara down campus, even as the boy complains that Hanamiya’s steel grip is going to rip the skin off his wrist. It’s only when they reach the school gates, that they realise 4 teachers have been watching them this whole time. Both boys freeze, then scammer off, and, if the teacher’s hadn’t heard Hara’s whining, they definitely hear Hanamiya yell that he’s going to kill this fuck.

On Friday, the team goes to a basketball match. They win (obviously), and Hara gets a little drunk (less because of the win, more because his older brother’s coming over with his girlfriend, and Hara can’t stand either of them nor the formal dinner sober). In the excitement, Hara kisses Matsumoto on the cheek, when the centre tells him he played well. Everyone laughs, except Matsumoto, who isn’t paid nearly enough to deal with Hara, and who promptly pours the rest of his water bottle’s contents on Hara. Hara says something about ‘you always make me wet’. Matsumoto gets off the coach there and then, and hasn’t complimented Hara since.

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Hanamiya Makoto

  • not really a halloween person, wasn’t even into trick or treating as a kid
  • his type of halloween celebration is just reading a couple gothic classics together, or watching a few horror movies
  • for the record, hanamiya’s shit to watch horror movies with; he just spends the whole movie commenting how poor quality the effects are, and then he’ll spend the rest of the night terrifying his s/o with spooky stories and just generally messing with your head

Furuhashi Kojiro

  • like hanamiya, not particularly interested in halloween, but you’d best bet that he’s been growing pumpkins for you and him for ages
  • (and he’s very passionate about how superior his pumpkins are to everyone else’s. if you take him to a pumpkin patch, he’ll just mock the quality the whole time)
  • in general, he wouldn’t usually do anything beyond just growing those pumpkins (and usually he wouldn’t even carve them; they’re too precious to him), but he doesn’t mind doing food-y halloween activities, if you want to celebrate more
  • making halloween biscuits, roasting pumpkin seeds: all that type stuff (and it all tastes damn good too, though you’re the one who decorates the biscuits, cause furu loses patience with it quickly)

Hara Kazuya

  • big fan of halloween for the chance to mess around as much as possible
  • will go to a lotta parties with his s/o, and he rarely wears the same costume more than once. his costumes vary from the most hideous onesies that he found on the dark web to skimpy nurse costumes, which usually end up with hanamiya yelling at him for 10 minutes straight
  • awful at carving pumpkins, but especially good at sabotaging everyone else’s pumpkins
  • big fan of scaring his younger brother and mother, but hiding plastic rats and stuff around the house 
  • and also a big fan of visiting haunted houses with his s/o, even though he’s seen so many by now, that most of them don’t even faze him

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • zaki’s a wuss and yet, whenever halloween rolls around, either hara or zaki’s s/o drag him around to all the usual halloween activities
  • somehow he always gets stuck watching horror films with people, and every single time, a jumpscare makes him scream - and he gets bullied over how girly his scream is
  • honestly, the only halloween activity he does on his own/willingly is whatever halloween event activities his favourite video games offer
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  • gaslighting, so much gaslighting 
  • “no one else could ever be interested in you; leave me now and you’ll die alone” or “what would you be without me?” or “you think so-and-so cares for you? don’t you know the things they say behind your back?”
  • will try his very best to convince you that the cheating never happened, completely messing with your mind, trying to persuade you that you just imagined it, and that you’re the one ruining the relationship - and how dare you treat him like you can just get rid of him?
  • (yeah, he starts yelling. he’s still too immature to control his emotions in high intensity/emotion situations like this) 
  • but, if all that doesn’t work, then he won’t physically trap you
  • he’ll bid you farewell, but there’s something in this eyes that warns that this won’t be the last time you see him
  • from there, hanamiya works in the shadows to ruin any friendships, or support systems you might have had, to ostracise you from any classmates who might have supported you
  • he won’t stalk you, but he’ll use hara or someone (whoever is on the team, and shares some classes with you) to have updates on how you’re doing mentally
  • and then, when it appears that you’re absolutely broken and shattered from all the isolation, that’s when hanamiya will appear in front of you
  • with his arms open, and a cruel grin on his face, like
  • “did you miss me?”
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(note: i’m presuming that the stalker is someone they don’t know well, like a classmate they’ve been assigned to a project with, rather than a s/o or summat)

Imayoshi Shouichi

  • straight up confronts the classmate about this
  • he speaks teasingly, but with that slight almost-intimidating grin which warns (even when his words don’t) that he’s unimpressed, though almost intrigued at the same time
  • from then on, all pictures his stalker takes of him feature him looking straight at the camera - it’s like some kind of sixth sense, he always knows when they’re there

Hanamiya Makoto

  • he’s of course somewhat creeped out, but the big idea in his mind is “how can i take advantage of this?”
  • starts very casually flirting with the stalker-classmate, enjoys watching their reactions, and how easy it is to have them wrapped around his finger
  • in short, his stalker is practically his slave, just another person to do his dirty work for him

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • incredibly uncomfortable
  • he’s not bold enough to leave straight away, but he starts hesitating when talking to the stalker, shifts away from them when they try sit closer to him and so on
  • from then on, doesn’t want to be near them alone - latches onto hara, when it’s just the three of them in the classroom, and changes seats if he was previously sitting next to the stalker

Seto Kentaro

  • straight up just leaves; he’s not paid enough to deal with this bullshit
  • he’s not scared in any way, knowing that he’s very tall and pretty fit and that this stalker classmate is unlikely to be able to overpower him or do anything to him
  • but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to hang out with someone who’s clearly not quite right in the head
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  • he’s already interested in you, before you become manager - why else would he offer you the position, pinning you against your classroom wall at the end of school, not letting you leave until you agree to his proposal?
  • hanamiya’s no fool. as much as he wants to completely isolate you, he knows that acting too quickly will push you away, so he stays in the background - directing the others of the team to make you feel ‘welcome’, whilst also starting rumours across the school to start pushing your classmates away from you
  • and the others in the team know that hanamiya’s affection for you (if you can even call it affection) is a little excessive at best, so, although they’re friendly, they know not to overstep the boundaries
  • especially when hanamiya ‘jokingly’ twists hara’s ear, after he swung his arm around your shoulders, and tells the team, after practice, that “they don’t need to try so hard to make friends with the manager. a manager’s only purpose is to get along with the captain” 
  • what this means is that you’ll end up finding that the only person available for you to talk to, to be proper ‘friends’ with, is captain hanamiya makoto :)
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And what kind of players they are. Super super self-indulgent since Among Us has been a recent addiction of mine(and part of why I haven’t posted recently). In order of Most likely to Least likely to play (I kept shifting around Yama, Hara, and Hanamiya, and i’m still not sure of the order still)

Most Likely to Play

Hara Kazuya

  • Color choices: Cyan, Purple, Yellow/Black
  • Role Preference: Imposter >>> Crewmate
  • A player with “that” kind of username (junior-high humor, if you know you know)
  • The kind that leaves right away if he’s not the imposter, or leaves right after getting killed as a crewmate
  • Tends to self-report as an imposter, but uses it strategically Actually pretty convincing at pointing the finger at others. Even when he is a crewmate and he knows the person he’s accusing is innocent. Laughs when the innocent player gets voted out.
  • Would definitely say  “How do I vent like x color?” in chat
  • More so plays to mess around, but he is actually pretty decent at the game when he takes it a tiny more seriously, imposter wise.
  • When he is imposter, he utilizes the lights sabotage the most. Stack kills are used a lot too.
  • If he sets up his own room, he’ll set the lighting to the lowest, since it’s more interesting.
  • As I’m typing this, I realize I picture Hara as the exact kind of Among Us player that I hate

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • Color choices: Red, Orange, Lime
  • Role Preference: Crewmate >>>> Imposter
  • Was reluctant to play since it looked weird, but he finally gave it a try after seeing it everywhere, and seeing the premise,  and got hooked.
  • A terrible imposter, we know Yama is not good at schemes. You have to be witty to be a good imposter.
  • The kind of imposter who gets caught right away. Either caught in the act, seen venting, or a terrible liar.
  • But as a crewmate, Yama has a good time. Get excited when he gets a visual task.
  • Played it enough times to the point he pretty much speedruns his tasks.
  • Enjoys the buddy-up system and will back up someone if he knows for a fact they’re innocent.
  • Does stick around if he gets killed and does his tasks still (like a good bb). Also so he can see the outcome.
  • Has trouble choosing who to vote for, unless it’s like REALLY REALLY obvious who it is. Tends to just choose to skip. Can get easily swayed by the others’ words.
  • Tends to play in the same room over and over again, as long as he can. Gets a tiny bit sad knowing he’ll likely never see the other players again, since he had a good time with these strangers. May or may not exchange info with some of them.

Hanamiya Makoto

  • Color choices: Black, Dark Green, White
  • Role Preference: Imposter >>> Crewmate
  • Mainly plays in single imposter games
  • On the flip side, a good crewmate as well. Co-op games aren’t really his thing though, so it’s not as enjoyable as being imposter.  Prefers working alone cause the other players can be useless to him. Good at deducing who is the imposter, or keeping an eye on everyone or the vents. Memorizes who he passed by and where.
  • Sometimes if he figures out who the imposter is, especially early on, he’ll purposely let them go. The idea of the imposter thinking they’re getting away with it and may win, only for Hanamiya to expose them with all of the evidence he gathered, excites him.
  • However if he is the imposter, he will use the buddy system well to gain someone’s trust, and enjoys seeing their shocked reaction when they learn he is the imposter or one of them.
  • If he sets up his own room, he turns off visual tasks, since those usually prove someone’s innocence right away. Players have to prove their innocence better than that.
  • Will leave if he is killed, but usually survives if he is a crewmate.
  • Would never admit that he ended up staying up really late playing.

Furuhashi Kojiro

  • Color choices: Black, Blue, Dark Green
  • Role Preference: Imposter > Crewmate (doesn’t really have a heavy preference)
  • A quiet player, doesn’t really contribute much to chat, if not necessary.
  • Only uses visual tasks for when there is a witness
  • An average imposter, tends to win more via sabotages (the reactor or oxygen)
  • Doesn’t like the buddy-system, since he can’t trust anybody. Not to mention it makes the game boring when there’s only a few players left, and so the imposter wouldn’t be able to do anything really. Same when he is the imposter.
  • Sticks around even when he is killed, since he kinda enjoys the secret chat box for the ghosts. Doesn’t mind talking crap about the dense living players. Doesn’t really do his tasks though.
  • The game really isn’t his thing though so won’t really get too invested in it. A day or two of it would suffice before it gets repetitive.

Seto Kentaro

  • Color choices: Brown, White, Black
  • Role Preference: Crewmate >> Imposter
  • Prefers figuring out who the imposter is
  • Would be a good imposter though, utilizes the sabotages effectively and efficiently.
  • Will most likely leave if he is killed off
  • Doesn’t contribute much to chat, but when he does, he brings up good points.
  • Quits the game after a few rounds cause he got annoyed at how hopelessly stupid and immature the other players are.

Least Likely to Play

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Hara only notices the tension in the gym when he strolls in, shirt untucked and inside out, bib tossed over his shoulder.

“Where is everyone-“ he starts to say, but the silence warns him not to continue, and he halts where he’s standing.

“They’ve all gone back to the changing room. I should have told you, Hara,” Hanamiya has a habit of his voice going down low when he threatens, but, usually, there’s a hint of humour in it; today’s there’s not even a hint of a smile, and, when he finishes his sentence, his words are almost a growl, “we don’t have practice today.”

Only now does Hara see their manager - on the opposite end of the court to Hanamiya, with her arms crossed, as if putting on a front, but Hara’s sure she flinches when Hanamiya takes a step forward. Not once have the captain’s eyes moved from her form.

“Want to know why we don’t have practice, Hara?”

Hara says nothing. It’s something unique about Hanamiya - the way he can make your whole body go into some kind of survival state, even when you’re not the one caught in his glare.

“I did what I had to do,” interjects the manager, and there’s genuine sorrow in her voice, mixed with some half-hearted justice, which is trying to keep her fear at edge, “I couldn’t let you continue what you were doing-“

“Of course not.” Hanamiya’s shivering. He’s clenched his fists so hard that, even from the distance, Hara can see how his knuckles have gone red. “Because you’re such an angel, that you couldn’t possibly look away from these bad guys, and how they were ‘dangerous’ - was that the word you used, ‘dangerous’? Or was it something else? My mother may not have been too accurate with your exact terminology when she recounted to me what you’d told her.”

In an instant, Hara understands. And he can feel his own anger rising up too, painful in his veins, like it doesn’t want to be angry at her but knows it has to be.

“But that wasn’t enough, was it, angel-girl?” Hanamiya continues, “no, you just had to tell the school authorities too. And, that, Hara, is why we don’t have practice.”

“You snitched.” Hara murmurs, and his tone rises just a touch, as if he’s asking a question, hoping she’ll shake her head.

“I did what I had to do.”

“It’s funny though.” Seto strolls in, with his hair messy across his forehead, and a cool, unimpressed gaze. Beside him, stand Yamazaki and Furuhashi - Yamazaki’s expression looks as torn, if not more, as Hara feels, whilst there is just malice in Furuhashi’s scowl and narrowed eyes. “I was under the impression, as I believe we all were, that you were one of the team?”

“Please don’t misunderstand,” their manager’s head drops, and her arms fall to her sides, dangling limply, “I did this for you. I saw how it was affecting you - I saw what you were becoming - I knew I needed to save you before it was too late.”

“Save us from ourselves?” Hanamiya mocks, forcing a taunting grin, walking forward again - and, with every step he takes, their manager takes one step back.

“Save you from-“

“And what made you think,” surprisingly, it’s Yamazaki’s tone filled with all that hostility, all that disgust, “that you were in a position to make that call?”

He looks across the gym, then at her again, and then makes as if to turn.

“You don’t know what this place means to me,” he whispers - and it’s only the silence of the gym that makes his voice audible, “you don’t know what it means to us.”

Then, the only sound is his walking away - the clicking of his school shoes against the gym floor, and Furuhashi’s brisk pace beside him, as Seto mutters something to the newly-arrived Matsumoto (with a basketball tucked under his arm, bib already on). Hara finds himself pulling Hanamiya towards the exit, though he can’t find it in himself to look at her - to see betrayal stare so clearly in his eye. He can only hope his avoidance of her gaze makes his warning clear: that she’s not safe around these parts anymore, that the next time they see her, they might not be able to control their anger this well. That, banned from releasing their stress on the court, they’ll just have to release it all on her.

And, as if to prove Hara’s point, as he’s thinking this, Matsumoto tosses the ball. It slams against the wall behind their manager, and ricochets right into her back. She crumples to the floor. No one turns around.


(happy to go into more detail on this, in another ask, but tdlr: there is nothing that could hurt the boys more, i think, than this type of betrayal - it hurts each of them differently, and some more than others, but, in general, this type of blatant backstabbing, where they’ve let the backstabber in, where they’ve spent time with the backstabber, where they’ve thought the backstabber had their back would be unforgivable. especially if it came with a holier-than-thou attitude of “i’m doing this for you”. and i’m not saying that they’d injure the manager, but, if i were the manager, i’d keep an eye open, and, until the worst of the storm was over, i wouldn’t spent too much time alone.)

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