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detective1412d · an hour ago
Prompt: Legal Loopholes ASL siblings AU
Funny enough being the Gramps Marine lessons have came in handy from time to time. From how to fight and a bit about Marine protocol was ok but, all the ways that one could commit acts of piracy while staying with in the law was infinite. And it was such a crime that nobody has taken advantage of it....let's fix that.
Side part:
Ace, Sabo and Luffy taking advantage of Loopholes in The World Government laws to commit acts of piracy.. and teaching others much to the dismay of The World Government and Marines.
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commonwealthoccurences · 2 hours ago
Companions React: Finding An Abandoned Child
Request: Hi, I really love your writing! Could you maybe do companions react to finding a crying child hiding in like a car or an abandoned building?
TW: Child abandonment, trauma, PTSD in some characters, themes of child neglect and abuse
The Scenario: Sole and their companion are travelling through the wasteland, looking to collect scrap for the latest project. They were on high alert, of course, considering it was the wasteland, guns drawn by their hips as they crept forward into another abandoned building. It seemed to be relatively untouched, which was promising. That is, until the companion rounded a corner to head into one of the nearby doorways, and was met with the sight of a small child silently weeping in the corner. Alone.
The image of that child alone, covered in grime, their face coated in tears, is forever seared into her mind from that moment on
She wasn’t allowed to cry much as a child, it was considered whining, but if there was one scene that could represent how she felt her entire childhood, it was that
She was rushing forward before she could even think about it, almost failing to consider how frightening that may be to the child
Luckily, she remembered shortly after her impulsive actions, and slowed down, kneeling a few feet away
“Do you need help?”
As soon as she can coax the child into trusting her and letting her pick them up to get them out of there safely, she struggles to let go
Even when Sole’s trying to check the child for injuries, she has to fight herself internally to let go of them
After a long talk with Sole, that child becomes priority in her life; sometimes the people who’ll mean the most to you find you in confusing ways
She doesn’t think much about the possibility of accidentally frightening the child
She’s already in front of them and checking them over to make sure they don’t have any life threatening wounds
If she accidentally scares the crap out of the kid, she realizes her mistake and backtracks
Kind of forgets that Sole exists at that point until it’s time to carefully pick the child up and get them out of the building; they’re the designated body guard
Once they’re back at Sanctuary she confers with Sole on how to make the child most comfortable
They discuss whether or not it would be better for the kid to stay with them, or in Sanctuary in general, or to look for suitable adopters; their decision relies on where Curie’s at in figuring out herself and where Sole’s at in the main story (if Sole is canon-compliant)
There’s supposed to be a protocol for similar situations according to the Brotherhood
He has a moment of weakness, seeing a child so helpless like that
He gets hit with anger, surprisingly; he tries his best to remain detached, and he’d like to think he’s pretty damn good at it, but the idea that someone could abandon their child like that?
He suppresses it long enough to have Sole carefully approach and check the kid over (he knows his armor isn’t exactly the most relaxing sight)
He’s somewhat silent on the way back to the Prydwen
Handing them over to the medical staff is difficult for him and he needs to take a moment, but at the same time struggles to leave the child
He asks Sole to stay with them so they have a somewhat familiar face and steps outside for a moment
Pulls some strings to get them adopted onto the Prydwen: he tries to keep a semi-detached relationship moving forward but definitely has some bias towards the child as they grow up in the Brotherhood and checks in on them
Unfortunately, it’s not the first time this has happened; he’s travelled for most of his life, and hiding out in abandoned locations was part of that
Child abandonment is more common than other people would like to believe, so he’s gotten used to sorting things out, and honestly, it’s not all that different from his work in the Railroad
Regardless, he’s had practice
He approaches slowly and quietly, but talks so that the kid is aware of where he is
He walks them through what he’s doing as he checks for any obvious injuries, asks a few questions if they’re verbal and not completely dissociated, and wipes their tears
Asks Sole for any sort of blanket or spare shirt they may have and wraps the child in it for comfort before asking to pick them up
Any conversation about the kid is done out of earshot- it’s not exactly comforting to hear strangers discuss how messed up you and your situation is
Instead he has Sole stay alert as he mindlessly tells lighthearted stories for the child to listen to if they can hear
Once they get back to Railroad HQ he stays nearby, tells jokes, can provide signing if they’re deaf, makes sure they give consent to every part of being treated, gets them some food, etc
Needs a moment once he’s told that they’ve found somewhere for the kid to go
One of the rare times he gives Sole a hug without prompting
Has no clue what to do or what’s going on
Makes Sole approach the kid; “What if it’s a tiny feral ghoul?” “Gage, you’re an idiot”
Keeps his distance for the most part unless Sole asks him for help
He will pass the child some food or water, silently, in order to try and bond or something
Very much uninvolved in the process as long as Sole has things covered, but he does get extremely vocal in the fact that the child needs to go to a good home
Uncertain in how to approach, but once Sole tells her what they plan to do, she’s willing to help
Asks a few questions about why they’re there and what happened to them, but if she’s not getting answers, she knows to back off and focus on what might be going on physically
Once they’re both sure the child has no injuries and can be moved, Haylen uses cloth they collected to fashion a sort of back-carrier; the most practical thing is for both of Sole’s arms to be free for protection
Has a long chat with Sole about what to do once they get back to the Prydwen and briefs the medical staff, but after that, she lets Sole take over
She knows that spending more time with the child means she’ll get attached and that’s the worst thing she could do to either of them
Will ask about what type of home/community the child went to after they’re gone and feel reassured once Sole explains
Sometimes she randomly thinks of them and reserves a moment to send them her best wishes, but other than that, tries not to care
His heart absolutely shatters, but he knows that approaching may make things worse; after all, they’ve probably run into feral ghouls depending on how long they’ve been on their own, and his appearance won’t help their distress
Instead, he sends Sole forward to check up on them and build some repertoire
Sole has to have a small chat with them about how they know that there’s bad ghouls, but there’s also very nice ghouls, and that Hancock is the nicest ghoul they’ll meet
If the kid freaks out once they spot him he feels sick to his stomach, but if they don’t, he’s relieved
Has Sole carry them just in case the child changes their mind and freaks out after calming down, but will talk to them
Doesn’t really want to bring them back to Goodneighbor, but if that’s the closer option, that’s where they go instead of Sanctuary
Either way, he finds himself extremely attached already, and once the child receives medical attention, he’s bending over backwards to get them whatever they want food, drink, and comfort wise
Once the kid falls asleep, he sits Sole down to talk; (if they’re close) do they think they could co-parent?
Really doesn’t want to let the child go to another home; he’s seen the shittiest of shitty of the wasteland, and doesn’t trust anyone else to raise the child right, but at the same time, he doesn’t think he’d be a good parent
If Sole reassures him and is willing to take on the job, the pair adopt the child. If not, they bring the child home to Sanctuary and discuss with different settlers there whether or not they’d be willing to take on a child
The Longs get first offer
While emotionally he’s destroyed by the sight, he knows how to deal with the situation
He’s a natural with children after Duncan, and so it’s easy for him to approach calmly with plenty of warning and go through the process of making sure the child isn’t fatally wounded before getting permission to move them
Asks some basic questions, if the child isn’t mute, and tells some stories about Dogmeat and the silly things he does
(If Duncan isn’t healthy and he and Sole are just friends) Mac knows that having to part with the child is going to break his heart the moment he sees them, but he can’t take on another kid with the way his life is; it wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved
(If Duncan is healthy, has been moved to Sanctuary, and he and Sole are either best friends or partners and co-parenting) He waits until they’ve gotten the kid settled and talks to Sole about whether or not they have the mental, physical, literal, etc resources to take on another child
If they agree he’s ecstatic, considering the child won’t have to go to another set of strangers before finding somewhere safe
Brings Duncan in on the conversation and explains what’s going on and asks his opinion
Like Hancock, despite the fact that he’d like to help right away, he knows that his appearance can be frightening to those who aren’t used to it
Instead, he tells Sole to go first and approaches afterwards
Whether he’s consciously aware of it or not, he tries to keep his face out of the child’s line of sight to avoid frightening them
Once they’re on the move he’s already gotten in a debate with himself on whether or not he’s willing to put on his Detective hat and look for the child’s parents
Of course, it could be a misunderstanding, and they could’ve gotten split up during an attack or something
But at the same time there’s a visceral anger in him that someone would let their child end up like this; it’s not rational, he knows, especially since it could be an accident, but he can’t really help it
He knows where he could place the child already if Sole and he aren’t in a place to handle the responsibility (and it takes a long while into their friendship/relationship for him to even think about co parenting) due to the many families he’s met during his work
She thinks with her heart and not her head, so she’s already scooping up the child before it even registers in her that that may be a bad idea
Panicked, trying to soothe the kid as she’s shooting Sole a frantic expression of what the hell
Has no idea what to do, really, and looks to Sole to help her out
Once they’re on their way to somewhere safe she discusses the fact that (unless she and Sole have moved to Sanctuary and are past the main questline) they probably can’t take on a child
They’re consistently travelling due to her work, Sole’s fighting their battles, etc
If they’ve settled, they already have both Shaun and Nat to worry about, so she’s not quite sure how another child will work in their lives
But if they do decide to take on the responsibility, the decision is made when she goes to get food for the child back in Sanctuary and finds them fast asleep against Sole’s chest
Something about that image seals the deal for her and she knows she and Sole need to have a long talk
Unfortunately, like Deacon, this isn’t quite an uncommon sight for him
He approaches and talks his way into trust with practiced ease that’s quite telling of how things go in the wasteland
He’s picked them up and is already on his way out by the time Sole registers what they may want to do about the situation
It’s not really a question to him that the child’s coming back to Sanctuary; he knows that someone will take them in, even if he specifically can’t
He’s had enough field training (and practice) that he knows how to check for injuries and treat some basic ones, so that’s done swiftly and as painlessly as possible
Doesn’t really see the point in getting involved, but if Sole wants to do something about it, then he doesn’t protest; after all, he’s there to protect them, no matter what antics they get up to, no matter how unadvisable
He keeps his distance and pays no mind to what they’re doing with the child, he’s simply there to keep guard
Wants no part in the matter
Really isn’t sure what to do at all
He lets Sole approach first and takes cues from them; their cautious body language, quiet voice, etc
Pretty much just follows their lead the entire time due to his uncertainty of the situation, but he adapts eventually
Offers them water pretty much right away because he knows how threatening dehydration can be especially since they’ve been crying
No matter how much he may want it, he doesn’t bring up the idea of him and Sole co-parenting first; they would have to say something first for him to discuss the idea
He is one of the most protective when it comes to finding a family for the child, if that’s what he and Sole decide to do, though
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toxickimi · 3 hours ago
Fallout 4 AU Ch1 Pathetic
This is the first of many chapters of an AU(alternate universe) of Fallout 4. It is purely out of fun and weebness. Please don't come at me saying it doesn't make sense for Fallout 4, it's not suppose to.  I welcome feedback! Please check out my other works!
The morning was bright, with birds chirping. Azumiral had woken up long before dawn just as all servants did. She dressed herself then gathered her books heading to her sisters' rooms. She walked into the first room waking Kigra up. "It's time to wake, princess." Azumiral drew the curtains back, allowing the sun to enter the room. This caused Kigra to let out a hiss, before pulling the covers over her face. "Must you wake me in such a fashion!?" Azumiral sighed, placing paper work down. "Just because I renounced my title doesn't make me any less of your older sister and doesn't give you the right to talk to me as such. Now, get up." Azumiral waved her hand towards Kigra's bed causing a gust of wind to blow the covers off. "Fine! Send in the maids." Kigra sat up, grumbling in anger. Azumiral had nodded and left, going to Kimikyo's room next. Kimikyo was already awake, sitting at her bay window, staring out the window. "Good morning, Kimikyo." Kimikyo looked over at Azumiral before looking back out the window. "Another restless night?" "Yes." Azumiral walked over to Kimikyo's desk placing papers and books down. "The nightmares?" Kimikyo remained silent before she got up. "I'll send in your maids to get you ready." "No thank you...I'd rather them not see me today."
Azumiral titled her head at Kimikyo before nodding. "Very well. We have studies in thirty minutes. Don't be late."Azumiral left the room, leaving Kimikyo alone in her room. Kimikyo walked over to her closet, pulling out a clean dress. She put it on then put on a circlet that had diamonds and emeralds. She walked out of the room, carrying her shoes in her hand. As she walked, the servants bowed to her and greeting her to which she bowed and greeted back. She walked into the kitchen that was bustling with cooks moving around quickly. "Good morning little princess." "Good morning." "Are you not joining your mother, the queen, this morning?" Kimikyo shook her head. "No...not today. May I have some tea and cookies?" "I'll have them sent to the study room. Azumiral already stopped by and urged us to make sure you arrive on time today." Kimikyo groaned before nodding. The cook tossed an apple to Kimikyo, who caught it. "Fret not, little princess, she means well. They all do." "I suppose." Kimikyo left the kitchen, walking down the long halls towards the study room. Azumiral and Kigra were already there, discussing some papers. Kimikyo took her seat, waiting for the two to be finished. Azumiral began the lesson she had for the two, transformation. Azumiral led the two to a court yard where she instructed the two to transform. Kigra went first, transforming into a silvered unicorn. "Very good, Kigra." Kigra lifted her head up in a gloating manner. "Let's see yours Kimikyo." Kigra sneared, as she turned back into a human. "Kigra. Enough...Kimikyo do you think you can try today?" Kimikyo looked at her two sisters before looking away. She walked over to the small pond. She sighed and transformed into a koi fish, causing Kigra to laugh. Kimikyo turned back into her human form, but stayed in the pond. "A pathetic fish! That's the best you can do?" Azumiral sighed, walking away to allow the two sisters to argue as usual. "It's better then a unicorn with a fat butt!" Kigra gasped. "You take that back!" "No way! That flank of yours can take out an army the second you turn around." "Well at least I'm not some washed up princess who can only become a fish. I mean really? You're royalty at least become a mermaid or something use full." "Yea..well..I never wanted to be some princess anyways!" Kimikyo took her circlet off, tossing it to the ground. "What are you saying? You'd rather be a peasant?" Kimikyo stepped out of the pond, her gown heavy with water.
The two began to argue more aggressively then normal this causing Azumiral to step in. "Enough." The two ignored her, Kigra forming a ball of Earthly energy in her hand to toss at Kimikyo. Kimikyo also formed a ball of magic but it had swirls of purple in it. The two hurled the magic at each other but in an attempt to stop Kimikyo's Azumiral through up a shield causing a the magics to split, sending a shock wave to know the three down. Kimikyo was the first to get up, she was rubbing her head. She looked over to see a portal had opened. She walked over to it, placing her hand through it then pulling it out. "Interesting..." She looked back to see Kigra, sitting up. "What the...? Kimikyo get away from that." "Or what? You'll have my head?" Kimikyo looked back at it as Kigra walked up. "This...could lead to a new land...a faster way to travel." "Then we'll have the captain of the guard look. Let's get Azumiral and go." "Kigra don't you see? This is my chance, I could prove to mama that I'm just as capable as the captain and-" "This again? You're a princess! Not a soldier! Just let this go Kimikyo." "No way. I'm going in!" Kimikyo took a deep breath before walking through the portal. The world around her was much different from her own. The air stung her lungs and burned her eyes. She squinted, seeing soldiers in armor staring back at her. She stumbled back, tripping on a rock. "Halt. Who are you?" "Where did you come from." She didn't open her mouth, she simply walked up to the examining them before leaving through the portal.
Aiko was stood on the other side, along with a small army behind her. "Kimikyo!" Aiko wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Mama..?" "Kigra explained that this portal opened and you were dragged inside. You had us so worried." Aiko sent the troops through the portal as Azumiral and Aiko led Kimikyo to the bathing quarters. The maids had helped her cleaned her of the radiation that collected on her skin. "Kimikyo?" "Kigra..?" Kimikyo looked over, seeing Kigra standing by the door. "Oh thank the divines. You were gone in that horrid place for so long." " was only a couple minutes." Kimikyo looked at the maids who were uneasy. "Kimikyo..your were gone for over an hour..." Kimikyo was dried off then dressed in new clothing. "Strange. Have the troops returned?" Kigra shook her head, walking with Kimikyo to wander the castle. "No. Mother sent them to gather intel and their leader if possible. That portal isn't apart of this world. Hell not even this universe. Mother's pretty pissed that it opened and is having that whole courtyard locked down." "Typical." "Typical..? Kimikyo you're naïve, I get it. Your the youngest of us all and you act all grown up but you don't get it. There were high amounts of radiation and who else knows what. You could have died." Kimikyo rolled her eyes walking the opposite way. "Kimikyo. Another thing. The Prince of Windhelm is here...mother wants you to greet him in the dining hall." Kimikyo sighed before turning back around to follow her sister. The two walked in silence with Kimikyo sighing before the two walked into the dining hall. "Ah daughters, so glad you could grace us." Kigra bowed to Aiko, taking her place next to her. Kimikyo bowed as well but didn't move from her spot. "Kimikyo I'd like you to meet-" "No. I decline this union." Kimikyo looked at the prince who had women swooning around him. "Kimikyo." "He's going to cheat on me anyways." She did not look away once from the man. "Yet you can't take your eyes off me dear princess." "Don't take it as flattery. You are argent and vain. Tell me, how many woman enter your chambers at night?" "Plenty." Kimikyo turned away from him, looking at Aiko who was composed but Kimikyo could tell she's furious. Kimikyo left the dining hall, hearing Aiko talking to the prince's dad who could only chuckle. "Quite a princess isn't she?" "I do apologize my lord. She's not taken to any men since her brother left." "Oh think nothing of it. My son is very much a ladies man. He's had more lovers then I can count." "I still give you my deepest apologies."
Kimikyo had lingered by the door before walking back towards the courtyard. There stood two unknown men. He looked human but had holes in his skin showing machinery. Soon another man walked through he too looked human but his skin was wrinkled and was missing his nose and ears, but had curly golden hair. "Whoa, Nicky just where are we?" "No clue, but my guess we're not in Kansas." Kimikyo stood and stared at them before they noticed her. "You live here kid?" Kimikyo looked terrified but nodded to them. "I'm...I'm princess Kimikyo." "Princess! Well allow me to dust off my manners." The curly haired man chuckled taking his hat off and bowing to her. "Name's Hancock and this is Nick." Kimikyo could hear knights walking down the hall before she looked back at the men. "You mustn't be here. They will imprison you." "Nonsense. We're harmless." Before the two could speak any further the knights captured the two. "Hancock you really need to learn to listen to other people." The two were taken to the dungeon. The night soon fell and Aiko had requested Kimikyo to the throne room. "Just when do plan on growing up? You've denied or ran off any prince or duke that I bring here." Kimikyo stared at the ground, listening to Aiko. "Do you want to bring dishonor to our kingdom? Do you think I like arranging these meetings? Kimikyo are you listening?" "Yes, mama." "Then why do you keep doing this?" Kimikyo looked up at Aiko, seeing Kigra standing behind her. "Why does it matter? You have Kigra to be queen after you, why does my life concern you?" "Excuse me? Just because Kigra is being groomed as queen, doesn't mean I don't care about your future. You are princess of this kingdom and as such I will not have you running around doing whatever." "What if...what if I --?" "This again?" Aiko turned, glaring down at Kimikyo. "You are a lady. Being a knight is no place for you. You will act as a princess and be next in line after Kigra, should something happen. Please Kimikyo, this kingdom has already lost one heir...don't allow it to loose another." Kimikyo went to go speak before bowing and leaving. Aiko sat on her throne sighing. "Give her time mother. She'll come around." "Will she though Kigra? Ever since Kai went missing she's been distant." Kigra looked over at the empty throne next to her mother's. "In her defense on the marriage've ruled for years without a husband. I'll be married soon enough and I don't plan on dying so...why not ease up on finding her a husband?" Aiko looked at Kigra before nodding. "Very well...promise you'll help her if I die before she takes a husband." "I promise mother. Now about those two intruders."
Kimikyo had looked around before going to the dungeon where only the two from before were. "Pretty empty joint huh?" "Shut up, Hancock." "What? I'm just saying an empty jail is a good sign." Kimikyo listened to the two before making her self known. "Jesus! Has anyone thought of getting you a bell?" "It's been discussed before. Are you two mythicals?" Nick and Hancock looked at each other before back at the girl. "Are we what?" "You know...mythical creatures? Like dragons, unicorns, in your case a golem?" Kimikyo pointed at Nick. "I'm a synth and he's a ghoul." "Do those things live here?! I've never seen a unicorn ever!" Kimikyo looked at Hancock before back at Nick. "You're not from this world?" "Sorry toots we're not even sure where we are. We just saw this white light and walked into it." "Which was something stupid to do even for you Hancock.." The two went back and forth before looking at Kimikyo. "Can you help us get back to our place?" Kimikyo looked around before handing Nick the cell key. "You can't leave yet. Mama will want to talk to you. Are you hungry, thirsty?" "We don't really need to eat like normal humans." Kimikyo nodded before leaving. Soon enough the two were escorted to Aiko. They were questioned extensively for hours before they were sent back to the cell. Waiting in the cell was a tray of food and drink along with a note. "I know you said you didn't eat but one of you looks like he needs food or at least water. Also there's a map on the back." Nick turned over the note, seeing a crudely drawn map. The two quickly left the dungeon, taking the note with them.
Hancock stopped before they got to the portal. "Wait, don't you think we should thank the girl?" Nick rolled his eyes before sighing. "We don't even know where or who she is." "Then let's look!" Hancock dragged the unwilling Nick around the castle, until they made it outside near the animal wing of the castle. "Whoa! I must have hit some really good jet earlier." "Hancock this isn't one of your drugged induced trips! This is actually happening." Just as Nick finished speaking a basilisk cobra coiled around the two, lightly squeezing them. It let out a roaring hiss, alerting Kimikyo who was luckily in the feed pins. "Iza!" She rushed over to her pet, inspecting what had him angered. "Iza, it's okay...put them down." At her command the basilisk released them before going over to Kimikyo, staying behind her. "I thought I told you to leave. Do you know how dangerous this place is?" Kimikyo was glaring at Hancock who was grinning. "Look, lady this is all just one big trip." Nick facepalmed as Kimikyo's eye twitched. "I'll wake up and be back at Good Neighbor in no time." Kimikyo looked over at Nick, waiting an explanation. "I was trying to get out but this knuckle head think this is a drug induce dream." "Well convince him it is not! You need to leave before my mother finds you two." "Look, if I could I would have already." Kimikyo looked around before huffing. "I hope you two aren't afraid of spiders." She dragged the two to the feeding pen where a husky sized black window was enjoying a meal. Instead of an hour glass symbol there was a obvious rose. "Rose..." Kimikyo slowly walked over to the spider, patting her head. "Can you wrap that one in your web?" She pointed over to Hancock. The spider threw it's front two legs up in excitement. "That's quite a lively pet." While Rose chased a terrified Hancock around Kimikyo and Nick watched. "I've raised her since she hatched, she's only a baby." Rose had finally caught Hancock, wrapping him in her web. "Rose, leave his head uncovered. No killing." After about fifteen minutes, Rose finished wrapping Hancock up, leaving a long enough piece of web for Nick to drag him back. "Now you guys need to leave." Kimikyo handed the web over to Nick. "Thanks. Maybe we'll meet up again." "Perhaps. Now go." Nick dragged Hancock back through the portal as Kimikyo stayed by her pets. Rose returned to her meal as Kimikyo finished feeding the other animals.
As the night continued Aiko had already sent troops through the portal to bring back any willing king, prince, or leader. She then wrote and sent letters to the mages of the court requesting their assistance to relocate the portal. Aiko had stayed awake through the night with a locate builder to began a strong hold to be built for the portal. It was to have an alarm system should anyone walk through it as well as fortified walls and an area for guards to be posted. The building of the string hold and moving of the portal would take a weeks time. Before Aiko could receive any type of sleep one of the knights sent a note through the portal informing her of four people who will be coming through the portal. She sighed and sent additional knights to guard the portal before increasing the patrol to ensure the safety of everyone in the castle.
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mechanicalism · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Almost done! Not bad for a first ghoul drawing.
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kaizokuwritings · 3 hours ago
can you make gifs reactions to the OTPs you know from One Piece please? love you 🌸
of course and ilu more <3 remember, it's subjective and it's only my opinion 🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ghoulifiedowl · 4 hours ago
Free him
Tumblr media
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ghoulja · 6 hours ago
hancock had real nerve being mayor of milf town. irma kleo bobbi and magnolia were not that sexy for nothing.
Hancock is the biggest MILF of them all. now you might be asking yourself “Oloros, he is a man, how can he be a MILF?” and to that I say Hancock is absolutely flexible and can fit to any standard he needs to in order to be the Dominant MILF.
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bakugouplsloveme · 7 hours ago
Companions react to someone saying something Insanely insulting to them and a usually calm Sole loses their shit, as in whoops their ass?
In their pre-war profession, Sole learned to take a lot of shit. They even had a retail job when they were a teenager, so most of what the average wastelander could spit out was usually nothing in comparison.
They'd just pretend the person in front of them was a usual customer and tune them out until they were done. Most regarded them as having the patience of a saint. They just thought it was due to not growing up in an overly impatient wasteland.
Either way, Sole had never even come close to the volume that they used on this idiot.
No one talked bad about their friends, no one. So when they heard the insults thrown at one of their best friends? They went off. Hurling anything and everything that came to mind at the dumb wastelander that thought it was a good idea to mess with them and theirs.
ADA: Although she wasn't hurt by the random human she didn't even care to know, she was touched by Sole's anger on her behalf. She was a tad surprised that her usually mellow was acting in such a way, but quickly adapted to the situation. She allowed Sole to continue their loud ranting for a few moments longer until gently stopping them. "Before he urinated on himself." Was her excuse. Sole snorted and told her it'd be funny, but ultimately let him go because Ada was probably right.
CAIT: The only thing that could've stopped her from punching the waster's lights out herself was the shock she saw from her well mannered friend. It literally stopped her mid-punch. All she could do was look slack mouthed as Sole ripped into the man in front of them verbally. They were usually the one who told her to ease up on her aggression, so seeing this was a treat indeed.
CODSWORTH: The only other time he saw his sir/mum blow up so.... Loudly. Was when they thought their spouse was cheating on them. To see them so upset over someone calling a mere Mr Handy was truly moving. He was sure to clean up around their settlement extra meticulously as thanks.
CURIE: Sole was a sweet person, particularly to her who didn't know the ways of the wasteland quite yet. They were always calm and collected and Curie always admired them for it. Especially in a proverbial hell hole such as this. So the loud, started gasp she let out at Sole's outburst was very much granted. She had a million questions running through her mind that she had to ask as soon as possible. And she did, right after Sole drove away the rude man that sparked their wrath.
DANSE: He was very grateful to his friend for sticking up for him so readily. He didn't have the best mental state, and it seemed Sole picked up on how the insults were affecting him. He guessed that someone that would save his life would care enough to stand up for him, but seeing it - especially from such a nice person - was something else. He gave them a very long hug afterwards.
DEACON: He feels like he should be most surprised of all, seeing as he had been following them up until they discovered the railroad. Not once has Sole ever raised their voice that high, let alone rudely and directed towards another person. He was frozen in place, completely shell shocked. It was only later that he realized they blew a fuse because of what that nobody waster was saying about him. He felt tears as he thought about how much Sole has to care about him even though they don't really know him. He vowed to tell them the real, genuine truth next time he saw them.
DOGMEAT: He was a smart dog, but not even he could keep up with all the strange words Sole used. He had no idea what a "mutfruit humper" was, but he did recognize the angry tone his owner was using. He decided to help by growling alongside Sole to back them up. He kept rapt attention to the now distressed waster that was the object of their wrath in case they tried anything funny. After the whole ordeal was over, Sole spoiled him a little harder than usual, much to his immense pleasure. Extra snacks are always a good thing in his book.
HANCOCK: "I always knew you had in in ya Sole!" He proceeds to laugh until his stomach hurts. Seeing someone as calm as Sole losing it? Comedy gold in his eyes. He does give his best friend a hug when they're done though. He appreciates them so, so much for caring about a worthless ghoul like him. Doesn't mean he's not gonna retell this story to each and everyone of Sole's friends though.
GAGE: When he heard the yelling, he just thought it was more raiders causing a ruckus as usual. But when he identified the voice as his one and only calm overboss, he did a double take. Even as the boss of raiders, he had never seen Sole blow up at anybody, let alone raise their voice. He knew they were loyal sort, but he didn't know it was to this extent. It made his otherwise cold heart warm a bit at the thought that he was one of the people his boss was fiercely loyal to.
LONGFELLOW: He didn't have many people close in his life, so Sole was like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise foggy world. They were very pleasant to get along with and actually seemed to enjoy his stories, which was rare with people that young. They would often sit next to each other in complete silence and just relax without any awkwardness whatsoever. He didn't believe what the others told him about them going ape-shit on people who've insulted their friends until he saw it himself. Now... He enjoyed the calm and quiet, but he would be a liar if this wasn't the funniest shit he'd ever seen. When they were done scaring away the waster that had the bad luck of running into them, he pat an out of breath Sole with a smile on his face.
MACCREADY: He always thought himself as a pretty laid-back guy, but not even he could hold a candle to have chill Sole was. He never ever ever thought he'd EVER see them yell at somebody over a couple insults. Sure, they were directed at a close friend, but it was still jarring. Heck, seeing them flip reminded him of his younger years when the Lone Wanderer would scold him for being rude. He almost let out a few involuntary sorrys himself.
PIPER: As someone who liked getting Intel on everyone and everything, Piper was curious to what Sole looked like when they got truly mad. She heard everything from amusing to scary and just about everything in between, but all she wanted to do was see it for herself. It took a while of her tagging along whenever Sole went, but it was well worth it when some rando finally picked on her bad enough that it send Sole over the edge. Seeing it for herself, she could attest that all of their comments were correct ones.
PRESTON: He didn't like yelling at all, which is part of the reason he enjoyed Sole's company so much. He had never seen anyone so composed while face danger or the rare rude retort. They always took care of it gracefully. No one glanced twice at a mere minuteman soldier like himself, so he had never been witness to one of Sole's rare "blow ups" that he had heard from some of their other friends. But the day it happened.... Well let's just say he was very humbled for not only being cared about so much, but also the sheer force of their yelling was scary enough to remind him of him mother whenever his siblings got into trouble.
STRONG: Needless to say, he is very happy with these turn of events even if he doesn't quite grasp why Sole is doing this. As it stands, it hypes him up to the point that he joins in the yelling and the two of them make whoever was foolish enough to insult him in front of Sole scared out of their minds.
VALENTINE: He always appreciated how calm and collected his friend was. They were always on the same page in that sense. Never letting anything bother them for too long, even if it was truly personal. Just looking ahead and forgetting about things that could sway them from their goals. Nothing could have surprised him more than Sole suddenly started screaming at a particularly rude waster that would not leave him alone. He didn't even know his friend was there until they started screaming. It made him happy to know that the one time they lose their cool, it was for him.
X6-88: No one admires Sole like he does. There's no one else that could earn his respect, let alone friendship. His friend was always on his wavelength - serene and collected in even the most stressful situations. Sure, no one had insulted him quite like the random waster, but he was ready to scoff and brush him off like any other. He refused to admit that he was hurt even slightly, but it seemed like Sole was as sharp as ever and picked up on it. He never in a million years would've guessed that they could carefully and precisely cut into a person with mere words. But he also never guessed that Sole would ever raise their voice so he supposes surprises are a given. As he watched his one and only friend defend him, he let a small, rare smile show on his face.
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Jorge López de Guereñu: Sun Ra, de Saturno a Bilbao [Entrevista de jazz] Por Pachi Tapiz
Jorge López de Guereñu: Sun Ra, de Saturno a Bilbao [Entrevista de jazz] Por Pachi Tapiz
En abril de 2021 se ha inaugurado en la tienda de discos Power Records de Bilbao, la exposición Sun Rays In Saturn. A tribute to Sun Ra realizada por Jorge López de Guereñu en homenaje al gran creador Sun Ra (1914-1993). La muestra es una magnífica excusa entrevistar por correo electrónico al artista responsable de esta exposición, aficionado a muchos estilos distintos, soñaba con ser pianista…
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mechanicalism · 15 hours ago
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1st update: ghouls are fun af to draw.
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mechanicalism · 16 hours ago
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Welp, in honor of Hot Ghoul Summer, I guess imma learn how to draw Hancock!
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silverhand-hoe · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am not active much because school and hyperfixations but have a photo dump of screenshots i found of my Railroad Fallout 4 character Isabella who i miss daily because why not
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4ugk · 21 hours ago
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TT Studios
PU + Resin
1/6 Scale:Height 40cm Estimated
1/4 Scale:Height 62cm Estimated
1/6 Scale Purple Clothes:Limited to 200pcs
1/6 Scale Black Gold Clothes:Limited to 99pcs
1/4 Scale Purple Clothes:Limited to 80pcs
1/4 Scale Black Gold Clothes:Limited to 40pcs
Shipping Date:Q3 2021 Estimated  
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fallout-drabbles-n-stuff · 21 hours ago
What college jobs would the Fo4 gang have? Also I've been thinking and I suspect Curie might join a cult without realising it's a cult
Bartender that's unafraid to take over when the bouncer doesn't do what they're supposed to.
She works as an intern at a research facility..but yeah..maybe accidentally ends up joining a cult.
Mechanic of some kind.
He works in retail, but doesn't actually do his job.
Bouncer at a bar
Works with deacon in retail but just sits out back and smokes for the entirety of his shift and no one tells him off.
Tax preparer..what? He's decent with money
He fortunately has the luxury of not needing a job. However he occasionally gets some extra cash working as a private tutor.
Administrative assistant
Old Longfellow:
Fishing instructor? Is that a thing?
I honestly see him being some kind of babysitter
Fitness instructor
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