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isengard · 10 minutes ago
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little doodle to go with the arishawke fic im working on rn for all the 3 people who still ship it :D
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jellilyy · 11 minutes ago
ranboo pls i beg u fuse the tabbies and the pinks
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elektrosonix · 12 minutes ago
i wait
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warnings/content: no warnings, angst, 400 words
based on the song by day6, thank you @kohi-zeri for the request!
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In an invisible wall
Don't lock me in, no
If you're not going to have me then let me go
Oikawa liked to think that he was good at coming across as charming and patient to most. But it was the most important to him that he made a good impression on you — because he was so interested in you, and he valued your opinion more than anyone’s.
He knew for a fact that you didn’t hate him. You greeted him with a smile, and were willing to talk to him.
Talk to him. Not with him. This was what he had realized.
You didn’t asked about him. You didn’t have any longing to get to know him. You treated him like a stranger, someone you were willing to be around but didn’t desire to learn about.
It hurt so much that he wished you would just hate him instead.
“How are you today, lovely?” he would ask you. “How did your test go yesterday?” or sometimes “did you ever buy that poster you wanted?” and even once “I got you flowers! Do you like them?”
You would often smile and respond. It wasn’t as if you brushed him off. You told him all about the mark you got on that test, or how you couldn’t get that poster, or how thankful you were for the flowers and how you’d take them home and put them in a nice vase and that the colors matched your room and you appreciated everything he did for you.
That was it. Everything he did for you. But nothing back. Because you’d never asked for all this from him, except by being something he loved.
You never asked.
Not once did you say, “Oh, Oikawa! How’s volleyball?”
You never asked, “Where’d you get that hoodie?”
Not even, “How are you?”
You didn’t care. It was obvious, now, after all these weeks.
So, would you ever let him in? Or would you keep keeping him out — letting him remain a stranger?
He wished you would make up your mind. He wished you’d stop giving him hope that he could ever get closer to you. Because it hurt, every day, to want to talk to you and to know that you wouldn’t be annoyed, but still have no interest.
You were sweet and attractive and interesting. But you weren’t, despite all his efforts and hoping, the one for him.
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an: 🤡 please show up in tags. i am on my knees tumblr.
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sems-diarie · 17 minutes ago
hold me >:( please? 🥺
c’mere 🥺
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radialintrepid · 17 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
idk why but these pictures go well together for me. taken same day nov 9, 2015
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charleyparkhurst · 18 minutes ago
THREE days in a row in the late afternoon I’ve gotten suddenly nauseous and just Too Hot and stayed like that for hours afterwards. What the fuck is happing (short for happening).
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hecckyeah · 20 minutes ago
I started watching leverage with my brother when i was twelve, and it ages so well. Eight years later and it's still on my top three favorite shows. What a classic.
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sunchascd · 23 minutes ago
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                      Simping softness prompts. // ACCEPTING. 
@always-chosen​ sent. " you're shivering. here, take my jacket. " - for Elora (Origins)
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Startled dark hues grew large at the sudden heaviness pressed against lithe shoulders, it took a breath, a small hint of panic, fight of flight instinct buzzing within her pulse, before the warmness eased her && a small smile flicked across her lips.  Sitting up, now more awake than she had been before, she attempted to shrug off the warm jacket. ❝ --- NO, NO !   I can't if I take this, won't you be cold ? I'm fine, the fire is warm enough.  ❞
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toadpaws · 23 minutes ago
had a final today..... finalzzzzzz..... fuck i think it should be a hate crime, ableist and homophobic, double homicide, to make me sit for a four hour exam
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nobrashfestivity · 27 minutes ago
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Käthe Kollwitz, Woman with Dead Child, 1903
Barber institute of fine arts
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osnes-tveit · 28 minutes ago
Ya’ll do you ever have a person that posts on an actors social media that your are just like ughhhhhh why would you say that?!?!?!? Cause I have that person and I wanted to smack them during the live today.
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vagomvndo · 30 minutes ago
♡ albedo and tarquin!
FRIENDS. childhood friends  /  work friends  /  family friends  /  recently friends  /  turning antagonistic  /  turning into something romantic  /  stable  /  falling apart  /  friendship of need  /  friendship of circumstance  pen - pals or internet friends  /  coworkers  /  partners  /  other .
ROMANCE. childhood sweethearts  /  newly entered  /  soulmates  /  skinny love  /  unrequited from my muses side  /  unrequited from your muses side  /  friends with benefits  /  awkward  /  fading  /  turning  toxic  /  toxic  and  destructive  /  other .
FAMILIAL BOND. sibling bond  /  older sibling figure to your muse  /  younger sibling figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal  guardian  /  other .
ENEMIES. dangerous to themselves  /  dangerous to others  /  unpredictable  /  passionate  /  rivals  /  petty  /  developing into a sexual tension  /  developing into a romantic tension  /  based off family matters  /  based of circumstance  /  based of professional matters  /  based of misunderstandings or lies  /  other .
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tymharper · 31 minutes ago
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Got some designs up for grabs DM be for detail. #eyes #hands #cats #lions #tigers #flowers #illustration #artowork #designs digitaldesigns #tattoodesigns #tattooconcepts #ideas #tattooideas #drawings #draw #sketching #sketch (at West Allis Tattoo & Gallery)
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bunnpup · 32 minutes ago
What never fails to turn you on?
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whumpdaydreamerx · 34 minutes ago
Caretaker finding Whumpee sprawled out on a warehouse floor, with multiple gunshot wounds. They can see the rapid movements of their chest rising and falling with an irregular rhythm.
When they rush closer, they see crimson everywhere. Whumpee is gurgling/choking on their own blood, their hooded eyes unable to focus on anything.
Seeing Whumpee struggling so much breaks Caretaker’s heart as they’re immediately brought to tears. The faint whimpers that escape Whumpee are like pins and needles in Caretaker’s chest.
Caretaker telling Whumpee that they’re going to get them out of there. That they’re going to be alright. Whumpee can’t speak, but they show their acknowledgment by stretching a weak bloody hand towards Caretaker’s. They shut their eyes at the agonizing pain that wracks their body.
“Stay with me, alright. Just stay with me!”
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