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🟠The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ✨ 💖
🔵Always dream and believe 🙋‍♂️📝
🟢 Eleanor Roosevelt 🙋‍♀️✍📚

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“Dedicated” - an ecstatic, stream-of-consciousness free verse poem written 7/02/2020

I dedicate I dedicate I dedicate
All beautiful things to you,
Wilde, to you,
Villon when I am bad,
Baudelaire when I am mad,
Whitman when I am natural
For when Nature is good to me—
And when it is not,
(As it is often not),
Dedicated dedicated dedicated
Are the faux lights
of the Pre-Raphaelites,
The Artificiality
Which is more fit for my face—
I dedicate I dedicate I dedicate
All the angels to you,
All the religions I believe in all at once,
Every holy word I will never read
or understand,
As I hold your hand, in a fantasy—
Dedicated dedicated dedicated,
With nothing predicated,
Your figment in the air,
You pigment that I pair
In vanity. You.
You whom I love. If only you were true.

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Dear Larry–

Pardon, please, a postcard; it was the prettiest thing I could find in my desk to write on, and I felt that you deserved better than dime-store stationary for my rather too business-like letter.

I was rather in a fog (sleep + alcohol) when you called– if indeed it wasn’t just a dream– and didn’t remember to report that I have nothing to report about your blazer. I haven’t had a chance to talk to the owner, though, and I feel that if there’s anything to know, he– rather than the mindless trichologists– with know it.

What can I say– on a postcard, anyway– about New Year’s Eve? It was a most auspicious beginning to what I hope will be a great year for us both. (I hope you ate some black-eyed peas to counteract the ill omen of the possible loss of your Y. St. L.) I feel very proud to have met, and interacted, you after all these years. Will you write?

Yours with affection,


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handwriting class

thank you for tagging me @neverbeenskiing and @clowning-withlove !!

write, in your handwriting:

  • the letters A-Z, upper and lowercase
  • digits 0-9
  • your url
  • the sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
  • a quote/lyric
  • the urls of the people you’re tagging

you guys have such nice handwriting agh mine looks like a third grader’s ajdjsj im sorry i promise i can do calligraphy and shit

tags: @deathlax @candied-cream @roshans @my-friends-are-foxes

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