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allelitewrestlings · 18 hours ago
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arnavot · 2 days ago
every time Ghost Town Triumph starts playing
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a2zillustration · 2 days ago
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I tweeted this with “I just want this man to be happy” and Hangman replied with “yeah you adn me both buddy” and he seems like a swell dude I wish him all the best in life
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cuil-meleth · a day ago
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Mini-Comic: The Curse of the Elite
Can they ever escape the cycle?
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hangmangang · a day ago
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adampage · a day ago
obSESSED with the way jay white just SLINGS hangy to the floor when he hears the coin drop
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look at that dramatic bitch fall to the ground im losign it
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hangmanheelturn · 2 days ago
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feralmox · 2 days ago
hangman should really consider a septum piercing. it’d be a very good look, very powerful look on hangman adam page
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daddyhausen · 23 hours ago
Could I request normally being the one in control but Hangman suddenly finds his confidence in the bedroom?
dom!hangman, my beloved <3
• in control — hangman adam page •
Tumblr media
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{ warnings } — 18 + { minors do not interact }, fem!reader, submissive/dominant dynamic, thigh riding, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, male + female orgasms, hair pulling, degradation/name calling, oral sex { m receiving }, face fucking, throatpie, cock riding, rough sex, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, penetrative sex, creampie, cock warming
{ word count } — 2.3k
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @thebestintheworld @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian @wardlow @sammiejane22 @april-jeanette-wagner
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you eyed him curiously for the moment, his demeanour somewhat odd, his gaze fixated on your but eyes held an emptiness, not one of distaste or lack of attention. it was more as if he was questioning something, that of which you could not exactly tell behind those cornflower blues. he sat on the couch in waiting, chewing his bottom lip anxiously, your mind absent of the possible thoughts that could be running through his. he maintained his absent gaze, fixated on the blank t.v screen, an action which caused you to tilt your head with slight uncertainty. worry soon began to set in on your part.
“everything alright?” you questioned cautiously, your voice soft and soothing in his ears, wrapping your arms around his neck lightly, resting your chin upon his shoulder. the sudden action caused the cowboy to jolt abruptly, a soft sight leaving his lips upon realising it was you. adam had been rather on edge for about a week now, at first it did not seem to have any effect or plague your mind, but you’d never seen him this jittery around you, the poor cowboy stammering over his words just at the mere sight of you. 
‘i-i’m fine, d-doll…” he stuttered, swallowing a thick gulp that rose in his throat. his hand came up to cup the back of your palm, gently smoothing over the skin with the calloused pad of his thumb. adam knew you weren’t stupid, you could clearly see the anxiety wrecking his mind, tormenting your poor husband. he toyed with his wedding band for a moment, in hopes that it would quell the single persistent thought that raged in his mind. 
“c’mon cowboy, tell me what’s bothering you” you offered him a small smile, making your way around the couch, sitting in his lap, well…practically straddling his hips, arms still loosely wrapped around his neck, twirling his light, honey-blond curls around your fingertips. your movements were slow, gently, easing him out of the anxious spiral for a second. he avoided your gaze momentarily, peering back down to his wedding band, twirling it absentmindedly with his thumb. 
embarrassment was not even the word he could use to describe his feelings going into this conversation. he was downright mortified at your possible reaction. he only hoped you would not think of him as less of a man or husband at his request. he found a shred of confidence in that moment to meet your gaze, cornflower blues baring his soul into yours, a thick gulp rising in his throat once more as words failed to pass his lips.
“i…uhh…” he stammered, mind foggy, practically forgetting the words he so desperately wanted to say, not even sure if it was genuine forgetfulness, or an effort to conserve his embarrassment. you cupped his cheek lightly, bringing him back to reality for a moment, a silent reassurance on your part. he exhaled with a shaky breath followed by a heavy sigh. 
“y’know how uh…you’re always the one in control?” he paused for a moment, recollecting his words, his cheeks heated up with a soft pinkish hue, the contrast bright against the golden glow of his hair. “y’know… like in bed”
he seemingly shied away into himself in that moment, feeling the embarrassment taking over his muscles. you would not allow him the luxury of avoiding your gaze, cupping his cheeks in both your palms, almost forcing him to look up at you. you leaned in, planting quite a rough kiss to his lips, leaving the cowboy smiling softly into the kiss. he pulled back momentarily, his expression was subtle, he seemed taken aback by it for a second. 
“so you’re saying you want to dominate me?” you cocked your head in a questioning manner, the subtle sultry undertone in your words seemed to only arouse the embarrassed cowboy. he gave a soft nod, staring up at you, pupils dilated, mind absolutely consumed with lust. there was no shame in hiding it at this point, adam was already far beyond driven into this conversation, practically digging himself deeper into a hole without even saying anything. your fingers lightly tapped the back of his neck, the sensation subtle against his skin, arms still wrapped around him, keeping him in place for now.
“well…i’m all yours” your words lulled softly in his ear, as delicate as a daydream, as sinful as a nightmare. the sound flicked a switch in adam’s brain, an overwhelming sensation that he had not even acknowledged up until this point, it was raw, it was primal, pure dominance flooded his senses. he wasted no time acting upon them, having untangled your arms from around his neck, securing them above your head, managing to position himself atop of you, your back pressed against the cool faux leather of the couch in one swift motion.
the sight of adam’s new found confidence aroused you, his eyes glowed like sapphires in the dull, moon lit living room, thighs clenching together almost instinctively together, trying to quell the arousal that had quickly built, in the pit of your stomach, your panties essentially soaked through with your sweetness. he started down at you, eyes hungry, a man possessed, mouth slightly hung open with soft pants, hopelessly trying to hold back his urges until he waited for a verbal response. 
 a small smirk fell to his lips, his tongue swiping over his bottom lip, parting them slightly. it was your turn to shy away from him, hiding your heated cheeks into your biceps, hiding away from his gaze. he tutted softly, prying your face by your chin to once again meet his eyes
“y’know  i’m not going to go easy on you, right?”  he asked anyway, despite knowing your answer was going to be a resounding yes. you gave a soft nod, still far too stunned to speak, after having been trapped in such an arousing predicament. “good…”
he remained in that position for a few moments, just taking in the sight of you. never had you looked so vulnerable beneath him, so small, so fragile trapped between his palms, still your confidence remained, it never wavered, just hid itself beneath a mask of submissiveness, and by god if adam did not thing it was the most arousing thing. he retracted his palm from your wrists, resuming his sitting position on the couch. 
“strip.” he simply stated. he commanded. 
it was just your luck that the only clothing that shielded your modesty from his eyes was one of his shirts, the fabric thin, loosely hanging off your body, sitting mid-thigh on you. your breasts full and round, hardened nipples poking through the almost sheer fabric. quickly, you pried it from your body, the cowboy’s eyebrows raising with such faux surprise when it was revealed you were completely bare underneath. he licked his lips with such hunger that it could only be compared to that of a starving lion, so needy for his next meal as his scanned over your now naked frame.
he was quick to shed his clothing, making the scene far more intimate than it already was. you remained still before him, watching on as he resumed his sitting position, a pile of discarded clothing now resided in the centre of the living room. his actions were simple, petting his thigh, beckoning you to sit. no words, only actions, which seemed to resound more in your ears amongst the silence. 
slowly you made your way before him, taking your throne, your place on his thigh. his skin warm against your dripping cunt, the sensation made a small gasp emit from your lips, one of which earned a soft chuckle from the cowboy. his hands fell to your hips, pushing them down against his thigh, slowly rocking you back and forth. you followed his silent commands, slowly bucking your hips to meet his movements. his fingers digging into your skin, adding the pleasure slowly building inside you. your eyes met his for a moment, initially shocked by how sudden his demeanour had changed, he looked like a completely different man, it was as if there was this underlying dominance just waiting to be released. your stomach swelled with arousal, soft whimpers quietly ripping through your throat, hands wrapping around his neck once more to stabilise yourself, head buried into his shoulder, eyes squeezed shut, trying ever so hard to quell the orgasm that wanted to badly to rage through your veins.
he noticed this, how reserved you’d become in a matter of minutes, trying so hard to quiet yourself, only small mutters of his name filling his ears, he found the sight rather endearing, you acting so submissive and needy for him. his thigh glistened winder moonlight with your sweetness, god he was so enamoured with the sight, but he was not finished with you yet, not wanting you to cum right away, that would simply spoil the fun
unbeknownst to him, it was far too late for the scenario to unfold the way he wanted, for your hips had increased their speed, sweet cunt grinding against his thick thigh, the sight making his cock swell. before he could even open his lips to protest, your hips were shaking violently, sweetness coating his skin, orgasm completely wrecking your frame. before you could even comprehend your orgasm, he grabbed a fistful of your hair, tugging roughly, making you look up at him with hot tears beginning to well in your eyes. 
“did i fucking say you could cum, little slut?” he snarled, his lips pressed against your cheek. your semi-faux submissiveness claimed your exterior, on the inside you were smiling with glee at his dominance. he pried you off of his thigh, still with a fistfull of your hair, positioning you between his thighs. “i was gonna be nice to you doll, but now i think you need to learn a lesson in obedience…”
“open your fucking mouth.” you gulped thickly, mind still hazy from your first orgasm. still you obeyed, understanding his words enough to do so, opening your mouth, tongue poking out the slightest, spit lingering on the tip of it, awaiting his cock. he did not even prepare himself, his cock already fully erect, swollen and leaking with pre-cum. he too your head between his hands, tugging roughly at your scalp as he brought your lips to his cock. 
such a lovely action it was, his cock already forcing its way into the back of your throat, no warning whatsoever, already allowing such delicious pleasure to swell in your belly once more. his cock lathered in your spit, tongue swiping across every vein littering his shaft, a sick gagging sound left your lips, one of which left the cowboy shuddering with pleasure. 
“just because you’re normally in control doesn't mean you get to cum without my permission tonight, darlin”’ he gave a particularly rough thrust to the back of your throat, causing you to gag around his cock, in tears from how rough he was being, and you loved every damn second of it. you had to stabilise yourself, hands pressed against his thigh, peering up at him with red, teary eyes, begging for his release. you needed to taste him, feel his seed dripping down the back of your throat.
he was relentless, hips slamming against your lips, cock slipping deeper and deeper down your throat, he was not going to hold himself back, no way in hell. his fingers tightened their grip on your scalp, burying his cock deep in the back of your throat, animalistic grunts leaving his lips, with a single thrust he released on your tongue, a sensation which left your mind numb to everything else, your other senses completely diminished besides taste. he pried his cock from your lips, with a delighted sigh, some of his cum dripping down your lips, his thumb coming up to swipe it clean, placing the appendage back into your mouth, allowing you to lick it clean as you swallowed him gratefully. he returned to the couch, a laboured pant in his breath as he beckoned you to stand up.
“come ride my cock, darlin’”, his demeanour seemed to revert slightly, yet still holding such a dominant presence despite the lack of degradation in his words. you stood up with a bit too  much enthusiasm, not that he seemed to mind, you joined him on the couch, straddling his hips once more, lifting them up slightly, allowing him to position his cock at your entrance. he slipped into you with such ease, both hands holding you in position, letting you rest against his chest for a moment, he was being rather gentle despite his previous actions. 
he still held his dominance, although it was a lot more softer, more protective than the type displayed earlier. he allowed you to softly swirl your hips, although his thrusts were rough, they were slower, more controlled, more intimate. your face close to his, taking in the sight of each other. your hips bounced, pretty cunt taking his cock deep, each and every thrust felt like heaven. 
“feel so fuckin’ good for me, darlin’” his grunts were soft and shallow in your ear. his fingers entangled in your hair once more, not as rough as the last, it was more loving. pleasured whines slipped past your lips, flooding the air with the sweet sound, in tears from how overstimulated you were, your second orgasm on the brink of release. “gonna fill your pretty pussy up”
“adam…” you whimpered into his shoulder, tightening your grip around him. “gonna cum…”
his arms now wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer into the warmth of his chest. he remained silent for the moment, just revelling in the sweet sound of your moans. his hips bucked upward to meet your thrusts, bodies crashing together in such heated movements, his warmth flooding your void, filling you up so deliciously. your body collapsed in a feat of laboured breaths, chest heaving as your sweetness gushed around his thick cock, heavy, content sighs from both your lips. 
“i didn’t hurt you, did i?” adam’s voice perked up after a few moments of silence. you shook your head no, still coming down from such an exhilarating orgasm, leaning up to place a gentle peck to his lips. 
“please do that more often…”
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maineventshinku · 2 days ago
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Is Evil Uno just a guy in a mask???? Let’s find out!
Inspired by this
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Cowboy sh*t
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Can I please get #31 for Adam Page?
31.) “I’ll never not think about how you moan my name”
Not proofread
Stephen- Adam Page
Tumblr media
It was one of the rare days Stephen had off. You had been traveling with him non stop for about a month after you decided to quit your job. Your job had been one of those stupid ass 9-5 jobs but when Stephen decided to ask you to be his manager, you quickly accepted and he talked to you about leaving your shitty job. His offer was a saving grace to say the least.
Anyway, you had managed to convince Stephen to take you to an amusement park. You had a thrill for chasing adrenaline, and this was right up your alley. He understood it because doing wrestling was like chasing his adrenaline.
You managed to get him on a roller coaster but not just any regular roller coaster, you got him on one that had loops upon loops and flew upside down.
You and Stephen get seated next to each other and he looks at you with a grin. The ride had started and within seconds you and the rest of the train car was screaming, well except Stephen because he would never want to show his scream in public, it tended to be a little high pitched from your experience scaring the shit out of him backstage.
Unfortunately throughout the ride the seats belting and bars where grinding into your groin just the right way and with certain turns and jerks, it made you moan more than once. The first time you didn’t think much about it thinking it just slipped but then it continued to happen and you felt eyes on you the whole time….Stephens to be exact. He was watching you like a hawk, not even phased by the ride anymore. Luckily the screams of the others mostly masked your moans, at least you had hoped.
Upon getting off the ride, he grabs your hand and you both walk off, away from the crowds of people. He was quiet as your were walking and you were starting to worry. You looked up at him from your smaller stature and saw he was in a zoned out state.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” You cautiously ask squeezing his hand. He looked down at you with lust blazed eyes.
“Just thinking” he said with a smirk. A smirk you knew all to well. A smirk that was always plastered on his face when you two were in bed and he made you moan endless amounts. You cheeks heat.
“Can you not” you harshly whispered. This was not the place for you two to have any erotic conversations, specially when your guys’s appetite for each other was insatiable.
“I’ll never not think about how you moan my name, it’s so hot” he whispered sultry in your ear. You shot him a glare.
“I swear to god Stephen…” you muttered. He chuckled deeply while your face continued to redden.
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prove me wrong i dare u
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I showed my pal some pictures of aew wrestlers and here are his thoughts:
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Hangman tweeted 5 dead 19 injured
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