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daddyhausen · a month ago
Could I request normally being the one in control but Hangman suddenly finds his confidence in the bedroom?
dom!hangman, my beloved <3
• in control — hangman adam page •
Tumblr media
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{ warnings } — 18 + { minors do not interact }, fem!reader, submissive/dominant dynamic, thigh riding, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, male + female orgasms, hair pulling, degradation/name calling, oral sex { m receiving }, face fucking, throatpie, cock riding, rough sex, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, penetrative sex, creampie, cock warming
{ word count } — 2.3k
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @thebestintheworld @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian @wardlow @sammiejane22 @april-jeanette-wagner
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you eyed him curiously for the moment, his demeanour somewhat odd, his gaze fixated on your but eyes held an emptiness, not one of distaste or lack of attention. it was more as if he was questioning something, that of which you could not exactly tell behind those cornflower blues. he sat on the couch in waiting, chewing his bottom lip anxiously, your mind absent of the possible thoughts that could be running through his. he maintained his absent gaze, fixated on the blank t.v screen, an action which caused you to tilt your head with slight uncertainty. worry soon began to set in on your part.
“everything alright?” you questioned cautiously, your voice soft and soothing in his ears, wrapping your arms around his neck lightly, resting your chin upon his shoulder. the sudden action caused the cowboy to jolt abruptly, a soft sight leaving his lips upon realising it was you. adam had been rather on edge for about a week now, at first it did not seem to have any effect or plague your mind, but you’d never seen him this jittery around you, the poor cowboy stammering over his words just at the mere sight of you. 
‘i-i’m fine, d-doll…” he stuttered, swallowing a thick gulp that rose in his throat. his hand came up to cup the back of your palm, gently smoothing over the skin with the calloused pad of his thumb. adam knew you weren’t stupid, you could clearly see the anxiety wrecking his mind, tormenting your poor husband. he toyed with his wedding band for a moment, in hopes that it would quell the single persistent thought that raged in his mind. 
“c’mon cowboy, tell me what’s bothering you” you offered him a small smile, making your way around the couch, sitting in his lap, well…practically straddling his hips, arms still loosely wrapped around his neck, twirling his light, honey-blond curls around your fingertips. your movements were slow, gently, easing him out of the anxious spiral for a second. he avoided your gaze momentarily, peering back down to his wedding band, twirling it absentmindedly with his thumb. 
embarrassment was not even the word he could use to describe his feelings going into this conversation. he was downright mortified at your possible reaction. he only hoped you would not think of him as less of a man or husband at his request. he found a shred of confidence in that moment to meet your gaze, cornflower blues baring his soul into yours, a thick gulp rising in his throat once more as words failed to pass his lips.
“i…uhh…” he stammered, mind foggy, practically forgetting the words he so desperately wanted to say, not even sure if it was genuine forgetfulness, or an effort to conserve his embarrassment. you cupped his cheek lightly, bringing him back to reality for a moment, a silent reassurance on your part. he exhaled with a shaky breath followed by a heavy sigh. 
“y’know how uh…you’re always the one in control?” he paused for a moment, recollecting his words, his cheeks heated up with a soft pinkish hue, the contrast bright against the golden glow of his hair. “y’know… like in bed”
he seemingly shied away into himself in that moment, feeling the embarrassment taking over his muscles. you would not allow him the luxury of avoiding your gaze, cupping his cheeks in both your palms, almost forcing him to look up at you. you leaned in, planting quite a rough kiss to his lips, leaving the cowboy smiling softly into the kiss. he pulled back momentarily, his expression was subtle, he seemed taken aback by it for a second. 
“so you’re saying you want to dominate me?” you cocked your head in a questioning manner, the subtle sultry undertone in your words seemed to only arouse the embarrassed cowboy. he gave a soft nod, staring up at you, pupils dilated, mind absolutely consumed with lust. there was no shame in hiding it at this point, adam was already far beyond driven into this conversation, practically digging himself deeper into a hole without even saying anything. your fingers lightly tapped the back of his neck, the sensation subtle against his skin, arms still wrapped around him, keeping him in place for now.
“well…i’m all yours” your words lulled softly in his ear, as delicate as a daydream, as sinful as a nightmare. the sound flicked a switch in adam’s brain, an overwhelming sensation that he had not even acknowledged up until this point, it was raw, it was primal, pure dominance flooded his senses. he wasted no time acting upon them, having untangled your arms from around his neck, securing them above your head, managing to position himself atop of you, your back pressed against the cool faux leather of the couch in one swift motion.
the sight of adam’s new found confidence aroused you, his eyes glowed like sapphires in the dull, moon lit living room, thighs clenching together almost instinctively together, trying to quell the arousal that had quickly built, in the pit of your stomach, your panties essentially soaked through with your sweetness. he started down at you, eyes hungry, a man possessed, mouth slightly hung open with soft pants, hopelessly trying to hold back his urges until he waited for a verbal response. 
 a small smirk fell to his lips, his tongue swiping over his bottom lip, parting them slightly. it was your turn to shy away from him, hiding your heated cheeks into your biceps, hiding away from his gaze. he tutted softly, prying your face by your chin to once again meet his eyes
“y’know  i’m not going to go easy on you, right?”  he asked anyway, despite knowing your answer was going to be a resounding yes. you gave a soft nod, still far too stunned to speak, after having been trapped in such an arousing predicament. “good…”
he remained in that position for a few moments, just taking in the sight of you. never had you looked so vulnerable beneath him, so small, so fragile trapped between his palms, still your confidence remained, it never wavered, just hid itself beneath a mask of submissiveness, and by god if adam did not thing it was the most arousing thing. he retracted his palm from your wrists, resuming his sitting position on the couch. 
“strip.” he simply stated. he commanded. 
it was just your luck that the only clothing that shielded your modesty from his eyes was one of his shirts, the fabric thin, loosely hanging off your body, sitting mid-thigh on you. your breasts full and round, hardened nipples poking through the almost sheer fabric. quickly, you pried it from your body, the cowboy’s eyebrows raising with such faux surprise when it was revealed you were completely bare underneath. he licked his lips with such hunger that it could only be compared to that of a starving lion, so needy for his next meal as his scanned over your now naked frame.
he was quick to shed his clothing, making the scene far more intimate than it already was. you remained still before him, watching on as he resumed his sitting position, a pile of discarded clothing now resided in the centre of the living room. his actions were simple, petting his thigh, beckoning you to sit. no words, only actions, which seemed to resound more in your ears amongst the silence. 
slowly you made your way before him, taking your throne, your place on his thigh. his skin warm against your dripping cunt, the sensation made a small gasp emit from your lips, one of which earned a soft chuckle from the cowboy. his hands fell to your hips, pushing them down against his thigh, slowly rocking you back and forth. you followed his silent commands, slowly bucking your hips to meet his movements. his fingers digging into your skin, adding the pleasure slowly building inside you. your eyes met his for a moment, initially shocked by how sudden his demeanour had changed, he looked like a completely different man, it was as if there was this underlying dominance just waiting to be released. your stomach swelled with arousal, soft whimpers quietly ripping through your throat, hands wrapping around his neck once more to stabilise yourself, head buried into his shoulder, eyes squeezed shut, trying ever so hard to quell the orgasm that wanted to badly to rage through your veins.
he noticed this, how reserved you’d become in a matter of minutes, trying so hard to quiet yourself, only small mutters of his name filling his ears, he found the sight rather endearing, you acting so submissive and needy for him. his thigh glistened winder moonlight with your sweetness, god he was so enamoured with the sight, but he was not finished with you yet, not wanting you to cum right away, that would simply spoil the fun
unbeknownst to him, it was far too late for the scenario to unfold the way he wanted, for your hips had increased their speed, sweet cunt grinding against his thick thigh, the sight making his cock swell. before he could even open his lips to protest, your hips were shaking violently, sweetness coating his skin, orgasm completely wrecking your frame. before you could even comprehend your orgasm, he grabbed a fistful of your hair, tugging roughly, making you look up at him with hot tears beginning to well in your eyes. 
“did i fucking say you could cum, little slut?” he snarled, his lips pressed against your cheek. your semi-faux submissiveness claimed your exterior, on the inside you were smiling with glee at his dominance. he pried you off of his thigh, still with a fistfull of your hair, positioning you between his thighs. “i was gonna be nice to you doll, but now i think you need to learn a lesson in obedience…”
“open your fucking mouth.” you gulped thickly, mind still hazy from your first orgasm. still you obeyed, understanding his words enough to do so, opening your mouth, tongue poking out the slightest, spit lingering on the tip of it, awaiting his cock. he did not even prepare himself, his cock already fully erect, swollen and leaking with pre-cum. he too your head between his hands, tugging roughly at your scalp as he brought your lips to his cock. 
such a lovely action it was, his cock already forcing its way into the back of your throat, no warning whatsoever, already allowing such delicious pleasure to swell in your belly once more. his cock lathered in your spit, tongue swiping across every vein littering his shaft, a sick gagging sound left your lips, one of which left the cowboy shuddering with pleasure. 
“just because you’re normally in control doesn't mean you get to cum without my permission tonight, darlin”’ he gave a particularly rough thrust to the back of your throat, causing you to gag around his cock, in tears from how rough he was being, and you loved every damn second of it. you had to stabilise yourself, hands pressed against his thigh, peering up at him with red, teary eyes, begging for his release. you needed to taste him, feel his seed dripping down the back of your throat.
he was relentless, hips slamming against your lips, cock slipping deeper and deeper down your throat, he was not going to hold himself back, no way in hell. his fingers tightened their grip on your scalp, burying his cock deep in the back of your throat, animalistic grunts leaving his lips, with a single thrust he released on your tongue, a sensation which left your mind numb to everything else, your other senses completely diminished besides taste. he pried his cock from your lips, with a delighted sigh, some of his cum dripping down your lips, his thumb coming up to swipe it clean, placing the appendage back into your mouth, allowing you to lick it clean as you swallowed him gratefully. he returned to the couch, a laboured pant in his breath as he beckoned you to stand up.
“come ride my cock, darlin’”, his demeanour seemed to revert slightly, yet still holding such a dominant presence despite the lack of degradation in his words. you stood up with a bit too  much enthusiasm, not that he seemed to mind, you joined him on the couch, straddling his hips once more, lifting them up slightly, allowing him to position his cock at your entrance. he slipped into you with such ease, both hands holding you in position, letting you rest against his chest for a moment, he was being rather gentle despite his previous actions. 
he still held his dominance, although it was a lot more softer, more protective than the type displayed earlier. he allowed you to softly swirl your hips, although his thrusts were rough, they were slower, more controlled, more intimate. your face close to his, taking in the sight of each other. your hips bounced, pretty cunt taking his cock deep, each and every thrust felt like heaven. 
“feel so fuckin’ good for me, darlin’” his grunts were soft and shallow in your ear. his fingers entangled in your hair once more, not as rough as the last, it was more loving. pleasured whines slipped past your lips, flooding the air with the sweet sound, in tears from how overstimulated you were, your second orgasm on the brink of release. “gonna fill your pretty pussy up”
“adam…” you whimpered into his shoulder, tightening your grip around him. “gonna cum…”
his arms now wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer into the warmth of his chest. he remained silent for the moment, just revelling in the sweet sound of your moans. his hips bucked upward to meet your thrusts, bodies crashing together in such heated movements, his warmth flooding your void, filling you up so deliciously. your body collapsed in a feat of laboured breaths, chest heaving as your sweetness gushed around his thick cock, heavy, content sighs from both your lips. 
“i didn’t hurt you, did i?” adam’s voice perked up after a few moments of silence. you shook your head no, still coming down from such an exhilarating orgasm, leaning up to place a gentle peck to his lips. 
“please do that more often…”
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wardlowsbabydoll · 3 months ago
Cowgirl Shit
Hangman Adam Page x Fem! Reader
This was a request from the lovely @hungmanhorsecarriage sorry it's so late since you requested it hun!
Warnings: SMUT, 18+, MINORS DNI, riding, male and female orgasm, unprotected sex (use condoms please)
Word Count: 536 (sorry it's so short!)
The Prompts:
20. "I love the way you look when I'm inside you."
26. "Come here, you can sit on my lap 'til I'm finished."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was whining for what felt like the hundredth time in the past hour. My boyfriend Stephen had been focused on getting his schedule lined up for the next few months leading up to Revolution. Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of him for finally winning the championship after fighting to gain it, but I was upset that he seemed to just zone out on me after the fact. 
“Stop whining, princess.” My boyfriend’s southern drawl pulled me out of my whining stupor. “No! You keep saying ‘in a minute' but I want your attention! I didn’t know when you won the title that I would become second fiddle to a piece of leather!” I practically yelled, and before I could blink I was in Stephen’s arms as he kissed me with a sense of urgency and lust. He made me squeal when I felt a slap on my ass. “Tell me what you want.” He said as he rubbed the spot he just smacked. “I- I want you inside,” I begged. He gave me that familiar grin that told me he was up to no good. Without warning, I heard a rip and saw the shreds of my underwear in his hands. Before I could yell at him for ruining another pair of my underwear I let out a long moan when his cock was finally inside of me. I tried to lift my nightgown off but he smacked my hands away, “Leave it on,” and so I did. I began to bounce up and down on his cock, whining when I would feel the emptiness inside of me before I’d slam myself down on him once again. “Fuck. I love the way you look when I’m inside you, darlin’.” Stephen grunted as I continued to send us towards our orgasmic bliss. 
I let out a near pornographic moan when I felt his skilled fingers start to play with my clit. At this point, words had escaped me but Stephen knew me so well that he just continued to rub tighter circles on my clit making my eyes rolls back and my mouth open in a silent scream as I came. “That’s it. Good girl, make a mess on my cock.” And Few moments later, I shuddered when I felt his warm cum fill me. He helped ride out both of our orgasms before he kissed my shoulder. 
“That was what you wanted? You could’ve just asked me.” He chuckled as he picked his computer up from the coffee table where he had discarded it early. I sighed and decided not to argue the point that I had asked him and let out a whimper when I figured out his cock was still inside of me. I went to get off of him but Stephen just laid my head on his shoulder as he sat his warm laptop on my legs and began to type away. “It’s okay, princess, you can sit here in my lap ’til I’m finished, and then we’ll go take a bath together. How does that sound?” He asked rhetorically as he kissed my forehead. I gave him an exhausted nod which made him chuckle and get back to work.
(once again I'm sorry it's so short doll! I hope you like it)
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itjazzbicch · 4 months ago
Mess With The Bull? Get The Horns
Pairing:  "Hangman" Adam Page x Fem Reader
Summary: The reader has always been aligned with Adam Cole & RedDragon, but has hid the fact that she is friends with beneifits with Hangman Adam Page, taking the chance to look like she's helping her team, but is really firing up Adam Page during their, 'Championship Celebration'...
Warnings: SMUT! (18+ ONLY!) (Swearing, Unprotected sex, rough sex, bit of choking)
Requested by: No one (But I hope you all enjoy it!)
Word Count: 1157
Tag List: @demonqueen29 @peachy-satan00 @new-zealand-chic @crowleysqueenofhell @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @thatpanpal @hungmanhorsecarriage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @linziland13 @xxx-jazz-xxx @writtingrose @whenimakeitshine1234
Tumblr media
I sounded like a broken record trying to explain to Cole, Kyle and Bobby that we needed to be on guard. There was no way in hell that this “Championship Celebration” was going to go according to plan.
Figured by now that they would realize that Hangman wasn’t just going to sit around, but they just wouldn’t listen to me. During the “Celebration”, I let them do their things.
I did play along because of the crowd’s presences, but shortly after, Cole was left jaw dropped because my prediction was right.
Hangman pulled right up to the ramp-way in his Tesla, storming down and ready for a fight. It was three versus one so, while Hangman started unloading on Cole, Kyle, and Bobby, I snuck out of there, swiping the world title with me.
They were all so focused on the fight, especially when it became a little more hectic with Jungle Boy and Luchasaraus, no one noticed me slipping away. The guys were collecting themselves out on the floor while Jungle Boy and Luchasaraus reclaimed their titles and that’s when they all realized that I was gone and so was the world title.
Hangman had an even strong annoyance and rage in his eyes when the crowd started pointing toward the stage.
“Looking for this?!” I laughed, holding up the title.
“Don’t make me come up there, Y/N!” Hangman yelled, which only made me laugh more because I had plans of my own, testing first when I took a few steps back and when I saw him jump out of the ring, I booked it.
Hangman had our fair share of history, friends with benefits actually, and I will admit, I loved toying with him and this time wasn’t going to be any different.
I booked it to my private locker room, having a plan up my sleeve that I know would blindside him.
“You think I don’t know where your room is?!” I heard a pounding on my door, Hangman’s voice still expressing his anger, “Never thought that you would play into their shit too, Y/N! Now open this got damn door!”
Quickly, I unlocked it and got in place. Hangman never changed, quickly busting through the door and slamming it, but he wasn’t ready for me.
“This is how all the guys do it right?” I asked, watching his pupils expand, cheeks turning red a little when I turned to show him that I was completely naked,  title around my hips to cover my lower half, “Or should I do it like this?”
His eyes couldn’t help but follow my hands, pulling the title up to my breast to cover them, then dropping to watch my hips swaying.
“I must say, this title looks good on me,” I smirked in the mirror posing, “Maybe I’ll go to the mens division just for this.”
“You’re playing with fire,” Hangman warned with a deep growl, hand on his belt buckle trying to hide that he was hard from watching me.
“Well, when it comes to you,” I turned and purred to him, “I like the burn. Why so nervous? Not like it’s the first time you’ve seen my birthday suit.”
“You think this is really funny huh?” He breathed with a red face, stepping up to me, “That’s mine. Now give it up or things aren’t going to swing your way.”
“Face me for it then,” I snickered, stepping up closer, “You. Me. Title match. Let’s go.”
“You know what-“ He whispered, looking me up and down again, then to the title, “You mess with the bull. You’re gonna get the horns.”
“Give ‘em to me then, baby,” I whispered back, not expecting the steam in his hand when he took me by the throat, kissing me hard, tongue fighting me and winning while his free hand took the title, unhooking it and tossing it to the floor.
His grip only grew tighter, growling while pushing me down into the couch, “You want your “title match”?”
I nodded slightly, watching him ripping off his clothes with impatience, “I’m not afraid to admit that you’re a great champion and that you know how to put a fight, especially when you’re all fired up.”
It was cute watching him trying to hide his small smile, my eyes dropping to the sight of his cock in his hand, throwing my legs wide open, “Whether if I pin you or make you tap out, I’m still gonna be champ.”
“Is that righ-“ I went to throw some sass just for a sharp gasp to jump out of me, body not prepared for his cock to split me so wide, giving all of it and smacking right into my cervix already.
“Already told you,” He growled with a sexy smirk on his face, pulling me by the thighs and off the edge of the couch a bite, “Mess with the bull, get the horns.”
Quickly, I sat up a little, rolling my hips toward him to show that he didn’t get the better of me entirely just yet, humming at the feeling, “I thought you were more of a fighter than a talker, cowboy.”
“Oh, so you want some cowboy shit, huh?” He snarled, biting his lower lip and not tolerating my back talk no longer, hips pounding hard into mine to cancel out what little momentum I had, giving me one slow thrust, pulling to just his tip then going off on me.
I couldn’t stop nodding my head with a heaving chest full of moans, walls already squeezing him so tight, “Yeah, baby. Give it to me like that!”
“Spittin’ commands now?” He chuckled, hand wrapped around my throat again to pull me up into him, thrusts growing stronger and kissing, “Be lucky I’m even giving it to you after you stole my title and ran.”
“Don’t be like that,” I whined, kissing back, “Just wanted to see you fired up is all. I fucking love it.”
“You wanted to be a bad girl, ‘challenge’ me, and so?” He bit my lower lip, pulling my hips into his to make the impact even more intense, creating more friction, “It’s my way or the highway, girl.”
“Gladly take it your way, baby. Fuck!” I cried out loud, holding onto his shoulders tight and sinking my nails in, lip popping free while I threw my head back, eyes rolling to the back of my head.
“You know you can’t resist me,” He laughed, throwing his hair back while he sat up again, pushing my legs all the way back, picking up his hips a little to push in even deeper, some how increasing his speed greater than what it was.
There was no way I was going to stay together with all my nerves going crazy, hips starting to jerk uncontrollably, his head leaning down to me again, leaving bites along my breasts and chest, making me up all the way to my neck.
“Adam! You’re gonna make me-“ I began to whine, losing my breath completely and gasping hard for air, not getting a break when he bit my lip, kisses sloppy but adding to my mess when his voice grew deep, making me breakout with goosebumps:
“Make you what? Also, I pinned you for a lot longer than three seconds.”
“You’re gonna make me cum, Adam! Stop playing around,” I whined even harder, core beginning to curl and tighten more, “I’m so damn close!”
“You started it all!” He laughed, but grew serious, doubling his efforts, “I’m going to make you cum, alright.”
With a loud groan, he stood up straight again, hips at double speed and bring me toward him again, able to feel his cock getting some throbs while smacking my cervix again.
It made the air in my chest suddenly stop, jaw dropping and vision gone white, the spasming of my walls hectic and then gushing all over him, messy and all over us, showing he was the winner and continuing to fuck me right through it all.
“Sweet fucking jesus, Adam!” I suddenly yelled out of nowhere, sweat on my face when every bit of sensitive pleasure hit me like a truck.
“You ain’t done!” Adam hurried, holding his cock still then pulling me by the hair a little, taking the tip of his cock in my mouth, humming at his heat flooding my mouth, dripping down to my chin a little as I was a bit slow to swallow it down.
Taking a deep breath was so relieving, smiling up at him softly when he had his eyes closed for a moment, thighs tense and his cock letting out one last, small throb. “Do you think I take this all as a punishment or something?”
I giggled, licking the tip of his cock clean, “Believe me, I could do this all night.”
“Never gonna learn,” His head shook, letting out a laugh to show we were on the same page, letting out all the built up emotion doing us both good.
“Nope,” I kissed one more time, “Don’t act like you don’t like it.”
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allelitesmut · 9 months ago
Things We Never Say
A year after a fight that drove them apart, Adam is forced to confront his feelings for her when The Elite uses her as a distraction.
Pairing: Adam Page x OFC
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Smut (minors dni), Angst, Intergender Violence, Oral (f receiving), Fingering, Overstimulation
Tumblr media
One more week. Just one week until everything Adam had ever worked for finally paid off. He was so close to the title that he could taste it, and this win over Matt Jackson was going to make the win that much sweeter. Matt had been pressing on more and more personal buttons for longer than he could track now and it was time to shut him up. And he almost had him now.
His emotions were running high but his determination was higher. The betrayal by Matt almost hurt more than Kenny’s and every drop kick, every boot, brought him closer to his closure. A neck breaker bought him the time and space he needed to get the the apron. The second Matt had shakily risen to his feet, Adam slingshot over the rope and caught him with the Buckshot Lariat, turning him inside out. Towering above Matt’s heaving frame, he savored the thunderous roar of the crowd with a fist in the air. But he wasn’t finished.
Hangman egged Matt on, daring him to get to his feet again - the Deadeye the perfect exclamation point for this win. He wanted Matt embarrassed and slinking to the back after everything they had been through. And he wanted to send a message to Kenny backstage: his championship reign was on borrowed time and Adam was ready to collect.
But as Matt began to stir, the enormous screen at the top of the stage fizzled away from the footage of their match, fading to black and pulling Adam’s attention away. It only took a beat for the screen to spring to life, a hallway backstage coming into view. He squinted at the screen as the picture came into focus, Kenny, Nick, and Adam Cole crowded around a figure on the ground, their voices a mess of taunts that he could hardly make out.
Adam’s thumb idly hooked into the waist of his trunks as he watched, Matt still squirming on the mat below him. But his blood ran cold when the boys stepped back enough to reveal who was laid out at their feet, stumbling back a step. Her long, dark hair was obscuring most of her face but he’d recognize her anywhere. Her soft features and tight jeans were unmistakeable. It had been almost a year to the day since he’d seen her; he had no idea she was in town, never mind backstage. His breath caught in his throat, a whirlwind of memories flooding his brain.
Adam flinched when Kenny delivered a sharp kick to her gut and she cried out in pain. His fists balled tight at his sides, watching helplessly as she attempted to shield herself to no avail. All three of the boys jeered as Nick ground the bottom of his foot into her face, leaving a shoe print across her cheek. Adam couldn’t stop himself from storming around the ring, his brain foggy with rage. Finally the camera panned back up, centering on Kenny’s smug expression.
“Poor, hopeless Hangman. Can’t get the big wins, can’t take home the title, can’t get the girl! Can’t even protect the people he cares about!” Kenny taunted, his brows drawn and his lips curled into a vindictive smirk. “Take a look at where years of failures have got you.”
The camera panned back down as Kenny squatted down over her, face down on the floor now and writhing as she gripped her stomach. Adam was paralyzed, all thoughts of his match and Matt a million miles from his brain. His breathing grated to a ragged pace, tongue sliding over his lips, when Kenny yanked hard at a handful of her hair, forcing her to look into the camera. He reached around with a spare hand and gripped her face, cheeks squeezed tight between his thick fingers.
“How’s it feel, knowing it’s your fault that she’s going to end up back on the shelf for good before she even got a chance to make that triumphant return?” He forcefully wagged her face as her eyes connected with the camera, her pain penetrating straight through to Hangman’s bones. Kenny aggressively shoved her back to the ground as the screen went dark again and Adam’s eyes strayed, catching movement from the corner of the ring at the last moment. It bought him just enough time to sidestep Matt’s superkick.
The situation rattled through every inch of him, a wave of guilt washed through with bubbling, red hot anger, and he snatched Matt by the throat. Adam easily hoisted him into the air, Matt’s eyes blowing wide in the brief moment before he was rammed against the ring post and sent tumbling out of the ring.
Adam didn’t stop to look at him or drag him back to officially end the match. He stormed his way back up the ramp, straight through the tunnel. The anger pulsing in his ears all but blocked out the sound of Tony Khan calling out to him in an attempt to calm him. But there was no breaking through his fog. His mouth was pushed into an unforgiving snarl as he whirled around the corner and Kenny’s arrogant face came into view at the end of a long hallway.
The boys were still hovering above her crumpled frame. Adam’s breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of her, legs curled defensively into herself. Kenny nudged her again with his foot, not having spotted Adam yet.
“You know, you really should have stuck with us, sweetheart.” Kenny taunted her and Adam moved toward them on autopilot, hardly aware of his movements anymore. “Was Hangman worth it? You could’ve had everything. You could’ve been woman’s champion, side by side with me as we dominated this company. But now look at you.” She fought against the sharp pain in her gut, pushing herself to sit up, her disgust written so plainly across her face that Adam could see it down the hall. “Your career is over and for what? Because of him? He turned his back on you all those months ago and now, when you need him, he’s nowhere to be seen.”
Kenny motioned for the boys to move her into place, holding her down on the ground as they trapped her arm in a steel chair. His heart slammed against his rib cage, watching as Kenny positioned himself over the chair. He raised his foot into the air when the sound of Adam’s heavy footsteps drawing closer had Kenny’s head snapping in his direction and a broad smile wrapped across his face.
“I spoke too soon. Apparently, he’s stupider than I thought.” Kenny turned to watch Hangman’s path toward them, her arm momentarily forgotten.
That’s when she finally caught sight of him, their eyes connecting across the hall and almost stopping him in his tracks. The emotion that stormed across her face was palpable, that same heart wrenching, devastated look from a year ago - fresh as if it had been yesterday. He swallowed hard, not aware of the way his steps began to drag. He also didn’t realize that Nick had closed the distance between them, the feeling of his fist colliding with his mouth being his first clue.
Adam stumbled back a step before blinking back to reality, attention forcefully torn from her face. And it only took a moment for two years of frustration to bubble to the surface. The disappointment, the pain, the betrayal. The regret - so much regret. He bitterly wiped a knuckle across his lip, smearing blood across his hand. His eyes flicked up, connecting with Nick’s for a loaded second, danger flashing brightly enough for Nick to step a half step back. But it wasn’t enough, Adam lurched forward and grabbed his shirt with one hand, fist cracking against his cheek with the other.
Nick went to crumble but Adam didn’t allow it, holding him up as he fired off another three punches before letting him collapse. Adrenaline pumping heavy under his skin, he didn’t stop in his path, charging forward and knocking Cole onto his ass. His boot made a satisfying thud when he jammed it into his stomach, the noise driving him to kick over and over. Twice to his stomach, once against his back when he tried to squirm away, then followed up by a stomp on his arm, a sickening crack reverberating up Adam’s leg. His discipline had slipped away completely and there was nothing stopping him now as he turned his attention to Kenny, nerves in his eyes as he attempted to back away from the situation.
Adam’s pace was eerily slow now as he stalked toward Kenny until he attempted to break away. One hand around his throat, Adam slammed him against the brick wall, a hoarse croak passing his lips as he struggled to breathe.
“You’re one stupid mother fucker.” Adam’s voice was a ragged growl and Kenny stammered emptily for a response. “You think you can put your greasy hands on her and get away with it?” Kenny attempted to get his hands up in between them but Adam’s fist drove hard into his gut and all he could manage was an attempt to double over, the breath pushed out of his lungs. But Adam didn’t grant him a reprieve, punishing him again and again until his knuckles were busted open and staining Kenny’s tee. “You don’t get to fucking touch her. Do you hear me?”
A delicate hand, crooked around his elbow, stopped his onslaught, and he let Kenny drop, whirling on his heel. He hadn’t heard her get to her feet or the way she had silently padded over to him. But her, suddenly inches from him, after all these months, had his heart seizing in his chest. His hand shook when he reached between them to brush her hair behind her ear before cradling her face. She allowed herself the briefest moment to lean into it before snapping out of the daze he always left her in, and shaking her head with a step back. She had only wanted to stop him from going too far; she had no intention of sticking around to be drawn back into his gravity field. She spent years there, she couldn’t go back.
“Darlin’…” His honeyed voice wasn’t much more than a breath passed between them. He’d missed her so much more than he knew how to express. He’d picked up the phone every night since she left, daring himself to call her - to apologize for that night - but the few times he’d been drunk enough to manage it, she didn’t answer. When she took another step away, shaking her head all the while, as if to remind herself of her decision, he took a step toward her. “Darlin’…” He repeated. “Please. Just talk to me…I’m sorry.” His apology was months late, though, and they both knew it.
“It’s late, Adam. I need to go.” Her voice was hoarse and thick with emotion.
“At least let me get you over to see Doc Sampson. You really need to get your ribs looked at.” A glance down at where her shirt had ridden up was all it took to see the bruise that was already beginning to form on her skin. She hastily pushed it back down, shaking her head.
“I’m fine. I just want to get back to my hotel and forget about this entire night.” This entire year was more like it but there was no point. Her memories of the past year were seared into her brain. “Coming back was a mistake.” Offers from other companies were ever-present and ever-tempting. She’d been stupid to pretend there was anything left here for her; her friends were long gone and it was time to accept it.
But he’d watched her turn and leave before - watched her walk away for months. And the sickly feeling in his stomach told him that if he let her walk away this time, it would be the last. He couldn’t let this be the last time he saw her. And so his hand shot out before he could even pause to consider the action, wrapping around her elbow and sending a jolt so powerful through her skin that it stopped her in her tracks.
“Let me drive you back.” He held her gaze and she went to voice her protests but he stopped her. “It wasn’t a request, doll.” Her lips pressed together tight, eyes narrowed. She glanced from his face, brow heavy and eyes trying to communicate everything he didn’t know how to voice, to his large hand wrapped around her arm. A slow nod was all she could manage and he let out a sigh of relief.
It wasn’t over yet. The hotel was ten minutes away. He had ten minutes to convince her not to leave again - to finally put words to the way he’d felt since they met back in ROH all those years back. Everything he’d been too scared to admit, even to himself, until it was too late.
She waited for him to change out of his ring gear before they headed out. They moved in silence to his rental car, his hand hovering by her lower back, desperate to feel that spark again but worried about pushing his luck too far. He opened her door for her and she hesitated before finally sliding into the passenger seat. As he came around to the drivers side, the tightness in her chest made her wonder why she was doing this. She had promised herself she wasn’t going to fall into this trap but in the end, it hadn’t taken more than his hand on her to sway her into hearing him out.
Sitting down, his eyes were drawn to her, unable to help but notice the way her seatbelt was still unbuckled and her fingers were curled around the door handle, ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. He clicked his belt into place, hoping it would encourage her to follow suit but she didn’t budge, eyes trained on the dashboard. The air in the car was suffocatingly quiet, a million unsaid words clouding the space between them. He wanted to start the car but couldn’t force his hands to move into position; couldn’t take his eyes off her. His tongue slid across his lips anxiously, hoping some words, any words, would come to him.
“I’ve missed you.” His gruff voice shattered the silence and her head snapped to him, expression softer than she would have liked. But her words were caught in her throat. She’d missed him too, whether or not she wanted to admit it. No matter how many times she told herself she needed to keep her distance, she would only be lying to herself if she said he wasn’t half the reason she was back here. “Things aren’t the same without you around.”
“Well you told me to stay away, Adam.” Her voice was quiet, not quite cold, but he flinched regardless. He’d been drunk when he said that - drunk and feeling abysmally sorry for himself - but that was no excuse. She was the only one that stayed by his side when the Elite fractured; the only one that tried to save him from himself. But he couldn’t stop from pushing her away too. Kenny had beaten him in his number one contenders match and Hangman spiraled hard. He hadn’t deserved her loyalty and it had suffocated him until he couldn’t breathe, until he snapped under the pressure to be worthy of it. “I was just doing what you told me.”
“I’m sorry, darlin’.” His sincerity was undeniable and she swallowed hard, studying the subtle curves of his face as if she would ever be able to forget them. Even in the darkness of the evening, moonlight showcasing his silhouette, he looked better than he had the last time they spoke. The bags under his eyes were noticeably relieved, that sunken look all but washed away. Maybe her time away had been good. Maybe he’d been better off without her. She forced her eyes back to the dashboard, chest clenched. “I regret saying that the moment you left. I tried to go after you but you were already gone.”
“Well I didn’t see the point in sticking around when I was clearly not wanted.” Her voice was notably more bitter that time. She’d thought about the things she would say to him a hundred times since she went back home. Some days it was all she thought about. Sometimes it played out that she yelled until her throat ached - telling him that he was an idiot for sending away the only person left that cared. Sometimes she broke down and admit how much he’d hurt her, how she was in love with him and had been for as long as she could remember; how she thought he might have felt the same way only to have him throw it all back in her face. Every day ended the same though - with her ignoring his missed calls and pretending her life felt right without him.
“I was an idiot.” He admit. “I couldn’t see past the end of my glass and I said so many things I didn’t mean. I care so much about you, darlin’, you have to know that.” He couldn’t physically stop himself from reaching across and brushing his knuckles down the length of her arm, sending fizzles of electricity through her skin. She jerked away from him, clutching the door handle tight in her hand. She couldn’t let him use their connection to make her forgive and forget. “I am so sorry if I made you doubt that.”
“If?” Her voice cracked on the word, head swiveling back to him, and he swallowed hard. “Adam, you couldn’t have been more clear. You told me that we were only even friends because of Kenny. You told me outright that I was stupid for following you around after they left you. You said I should have accepted when Kenny asked me out - when you knew - you knew -“ she couldn’t continue the sentence, anger and hurt wringing her dry. “You told me I needed to get a life and stay out of yours. There was no ‘if’ about it. You told me yourself that you didn’t care about me. No room for doubt.”
Adam ruffled a hand through his hair, head falling back against the headrest. His words had been on repeat in his head since they left his mouth but it was infinitely harder hearing them come from hers.
“I don’t…I…” He stammered, tongue sliding across his lip. “I don’t know what to say. I’m just so fucking sorry.”
She shook her head, leaning way back in her seat, and crossing her arms over her chest. It didn’t matter anymore. The damage was done.
“Can we just go? I’m tired and I have an early flight tomorrow.” She muttered dismissively. Adam didn’t miss that she hadn’t accepted his apology. She wouldn’t even look at him. He was going to need to do a lot better than that and was starting to understand that a ten minute drive might not be enough to undo the damage he had done.
He started the car with a sigh, taking one last lingering look at her before pulling out of the parking lot and attempting to focus on the road. The tension crept back in quickly and she let her gaze wander over to his hands gripped tight around the wheel, veins raised and straining against his skin.
Minutes passed in a stifling quiet before he couldn’t hold back any more. He didn’t have the time to wait for a better opportunity. If he didn’t push his luck, he was going to miss his chance.
“It wasn’t about you…not really.” His voice drew her attention up from where she was fiddling with her hands. When she didn’t respond, he pressed on. “I was so twisted up, darlin’. I felt…toxic. I didn’t want my failures to poison you too. So I said anything I could to drive you away.” Her breathing faltered, coming out shaky, and she reached a hand up to her lips, fingers feathering across them. He spared a glance at her to gauge her reaction. But her head was spinning.
“You were never toxic…” Was all she could manage, barely even audible beyond her fingers. Hangman almost mustered a half smile at that but ended up closer to a grimace.
“Not sure there’s anything in the world that could have convinced me of that.” He riffled a hand through his hair, trying to push past the walls that kept trying to form around his vulnerability. “I knew you deserved better than the worthless pile of self destruction that I’d become. I was only going to drag you down.”
“Adam…” She breathed out.
“I’m not tryin’ to make excuses, I just wanted to explain myself…explain that it was always because I wasn’t good enough. Not because you…” He cut himself off and she blinked, waiting for the rest of the sentence that never came. His hands flexed around the wheel as they came to a stoplight, the colors shining across her face. He’d never gotten used to how striking she was; his breath had stopped short in his chest when he first saw her and that never really stopped. “I never wanted to hurt you.”
And she believed him. Even at her lowest moments, at her most angry, she never believed he actually wanted to cause that much pain. He was drunk and callous but he was still her Adam.
She could feel her defenses eroding with every passing second and it was exactly what she had been worried about. She’d always been so susceptible to Adam’s exact brand of charm and sincerity. It was why she told herself to keep her distance now that she was back but she should have known that was never going to be possible. Hell, she was surprised that ignoring his calls worked for as long as it did. He was all too liable to show up on her front step with those puppy dog eyes and that smile that made her stomach hurt, to convince her to forgive him.
“It’s been miserable without you.” He pressed. She hadn’t been saying much during this conversation and her face was too hard for him to read in this lighting. He assumed that no response was better than yelling but, at this point, he would have taken the yelling just for some clarity.
“You look like you’ve been doing okay for yourself.” It wasn’t a yell. She was exceedingly calm. He swallowed hard, giving another swipe of his tongue across his lips in that way she couldn’t look away from. “Almost seem like you’re better off since I left.” Those words came out a bit more strangled than she’d meant to. She was happy he was doing better - she just hated to think that she had been the thing holding him back all this time.
He gaped at her, the idea that he’d been better in any way in her absence was beyond foreign to him. These had been the longest, most difficult months of his career - none of it felt right without her.
“I don’t…I mean, yeah I’ve finally got my career back on track but that’s not because you’re gone. If anything, it’s in spite of it.” He struggled to keep his eyes on the road as he spoke, needing these words to really reach her. “It took me almost a full year to get back to where I started when you left. I guarantee you, if you’d been by my side all this time, I would have gotten here six months ago.”
“Adam-“ Her tone was dismissive and he cut her off before she could protest.
“Don’t ‘Adam’ me! You have been pushing me to be the best version of myself for years now. And I was punishing myself when I said those things to you - so caught up in hating myself that I ruined the one thing in my life that was ever really worth a damn.” He’d gotten louder and wasn’t sure when that started to happen. He just couldn’t let her think that any of this bullshit meant anything without her. “I can’t tell you how many times I picked up the phone after a big match because the only person in the world that I wanted to talk to about it was you.”
Her breathing was coming in unevenly now as they crept closer to the heart of it. Dancing around the things they never said to each other. Her blood heated beneath her skin and she was certain that if there was enough light, he would have seen the way color tinted her cheeks.
“Nothing is right without you in my life, darlin’.” His voice was softer now, hazy with emotion and barely restrained thoughts that had been swirling since their fight. “I need you around. You’re my… my partner.” His brow furrowed as he met her eyes with an intensity that she had to look away from. “I need my partner back.”
“I don’t think I can be that person for you anymore.” Even if he hadn’t hurt her, even if she did agree to forgive him for everything he’d said, things between them were too complicated now. There was too much history for her to move forward.
Adam’s face fell, heart plummeting to his feet. The sharp pain that ripped through his chest hit harder than he expected. He couldn’t stomach the idea of seeing her every week and not being able to talk to her.
“Please, I’m so god damn sorry about the shit that I said. I can’t say that enough, love. Just let me make it up to you. I swear to god, I’ll do anything!”
“It’s not that simple!” She tried to interject into his pleading but he didn’t care to hear it.
“It can be! Darlin’ come on! I can’t just pass you backstage every week and pretend that we’re strangers. You’re my best friend - I won’t just act like-“
“Adam, I’m leaving!” Her voice finally broke through his pleading and he stopped short. He wet his lips again, blinking back at her, physically incapable of keeping his eyes on the road now. She could feel her heart racing out of control with her admission, the look on his face striking down to her core, all confusion and heartbreak, probably not dissimilar to the look she imagined she’d had the night of their fight. “That’s why I was here tonight…I came to meet with Tony, to thank him for how understanding he’d been about my time away…and to tell him I needed out of my contract.”
“Out of your…” He shook his head, fingers raking through his beard as his mind wrapped around her words. “You can’t be serious. You’re leaving AEW?” She nodded and the lump in his throat grew, making it difficult to speak over, choking his words. “Look, I know things have been tough, between Kenny, and the Bucks, and…and me…I know but, sweetheart, you’re so much better than Impact. I’ve watched what you’ve been doing there this past year and you’re a star. You should be here, kicking ass and wracking up a title reign that no one can touch.”
“WWE offered me a contract.” The sentence felt dirty coming out of her mouth. She’d been original to this company and thought she’d be with them until the end. The betrayal on Adam’s face was a punch to her chest. “A generous one.” It wasn’t about the money but it definitely didn’t hurt. “My flight in the morning is headed to Stanford. I’m supposed to be signing a contract at ten.”
“Darlin’, don’t do this…” His voice was a warning, barely a rumble, as they pulled into the hotel parking lot. He’d been wrong when they left. He was already out of time.
“It’s already done, Adam. Tony granted me my release while you were getting changed.”
“Well then lets turn around now! We’ll go back to the venue and tell him you changed your mind! He’ll take you back in a second, you know that!” His voice was loud but not angry. Just firmly in denial, shaking his head over and over. She couldn’t stand the wild look in his eyes, desperate and frantic, so she yanked the door open, heading into the lot. There was no way she could sit still in that car, that close to him. He followed after her, his long legs quickly allowing him to catch up.
“There’s nothing left for me there for me. It’s time for a fresh start.” She barely spared a look back at him and he groaned.
“I’m here! Stay with me! Please, don’t go. I need you…” He was begging now but he didn’t care. She was exasperated, though. This decision was hard enough as it was, he had no right to stand here and make it harder for her.
“Why? Because you need someone to talk to after your matches go well? Or someone to take it out on when you lose? That’s not a reason to stay.”
“Then stay because I’m in love with you!” He shouted into the quiet of the night, knocking the air out of her lungs and stopping her dead in her tracks. She didn’t turn at first but he took the final steps toward her until she could feel the heat of his chest against her back. “And I think you might be in love with me too.” His breath tickled against the back of her neck, raising goosebumps down the full length of her spine.
“I…I…don’t know what…I…” All she could manage was an incoherent stammer and Adam moved in closer, fully pressed against her now until neither of them could breathe. He’d had countless dreams about being this close to her over the last year. But being here while he was awake was so much more dizzying. The smell of her shampoo, the warmth of her body, the way her form fit perfectly against his - it was overwhelming and took every ounce of self control he had not to wrap his arms around her like he always did in his dreams.
“Give us a chance…please. We owe it ourselves to give this an actual shot, darlin’, please.” His voice was a low rumble against her ear, his honeyed drawl irresistible as ever, heating her from the inside. She wasn’t even conscious of herself turning around until their faces were a breath apart. “Don’t leave me. Not again.”
His warm, calloused hand dwarfed her face as it settled against her cheek, cradling her jaw. She leaned into his palm, turning just enough for her lips to press against his skin, sending a spark up Adam’s arm. His thumb stroked her face, not letting his eyes drift from hers, watching the war that raged behind them.
“I swear to god, baby, just give me one chance to prove how good we could be and I will never hurt you again.” He brushed her hair behind her ear before gripping her face with both hands. If there was any chance this could be last time he got to feel her, he needed as much as he could get.
Swallowing the lump in her throat, she scrambled to remember all the reasons she had this morning for staying away from him. But it was pointless, one look into those magnetic blue eyes that were piercing down into her soul, and she was stuck. Adam Page was so deep in her veins, there was no getting him out now. Her lips parted in an attempt to steady her breathing and his gaze drifted down to them.
“Adam, please…” But she wasn’t really even sure what she was asking for. Her chest rose and fell, brushing against his each time and he stepped into her, urging her back a step until her back bumped against a car. The cold metal of the car door sent a shiver through her body. “Show me.”
He hardly let her get the whispered words out before he pulled her face to his, lips colliding in a soft but needy kiss. Electricity crackled between them, the sensation of her lips on his after all this time was sweet and intoxicating. He pulled back after what felt like a lifetime but had realistically only been a few moments, eyes frantically scanning her for her reaction. His tongue traced his lips, savoring the way her taste lingered. Her effect on him was stronger than a double shot of whiskey and ten times more addicting.
Her eyes widened while she gasped for air. But air wasn’t as important as getting more of him. Her hands moved up into his hair, tugging him back to her and he reacted in an instant, hips pinning her to the car. When his lips met hers this time, it was different, hungry, something he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to stop now that it’d started.
He didn’t have the patience to be gentle anymore, devouring her. Her fingers tangled in his curls, pulling sharply, and he growled into her mouth, snapping his hips against hers. When his tongue slipped past her lips, she let out a breathy moan that wound every nerve in his body tight, blood rushing between his legs. His hand skated down to her waist, bunching her shirt beneath his fingers. She arched into him, her brain a total fog now, the only thing left was him, every bit of her common sense out the window.
His free hand curled around her thigh, guiding it up around his hip, leaning her further back against the car and allowing him the space to step between her legs. Their tongues twirled around each other’s while he ground into her core. Heat pooled low in her belly and her nails dug into his scalp. His hand slid under her shirt, burning a trail across her skin before palming at her chest. She rocked up into him, his erection straining against his jeans and heavy against her thigh. His lips travelled across the line of her jaw and down her throat, sucking hard at the soft skin and pulling a lofty moan from her mouth.
That noise was setting fire to Hangman’s brain, driving out everything around them, his entire world shifting on its axis. The only thing that mattered anymore was hearing more of that noise. He dragged the cup of her bra out of his way, thumb brushing over her, nipple pebbling under his touch. Capturing it between his fingers, he pinched and rolled the sensitive skin, teeth scraping over her neck. Her hips moved rhythmically now, desperate for friction, her helpless whimpers penetrating through the silence of the night air.
His lips wandered lower, dipping into her collarbone and sucking hard enough to leave a mark. She was his - even if it was only for tonight - she was all his and he was going to leave proof of it. His hand flittered down in time with his lips, teeth dragging the neckline of her shirt out of his way as he toyed with the button of her jeans. She gripped hard at his hair as his fingers slipped beneath her waistband, flirting with the lacy edges of her panties.
The flash of headlights pulling into the lot had them jumping apart, reality crashing into them in a powerful wave. Panting and plastered against the car, she ran a shaky hand through her hair. She’d entirely disappeared into their moment, the fact that they were still in a very public parking lot the furthest thought from her mind until then. She watched Adam’s tongue dart across his lips, eyes several shades darker than they’d been minutes before, his need palpable and etched into every hard line of his face. It was a look she had never seen on him before and it sent a pulse through her core, her panties entirely soaked through.
“Adam,” Her voice was hoarse and he raked his eyes over her disheveled clothes, “take me upstairs.”
“Yes ma’am.” He took her hand in his, pulling her after him into the hotel lobby. Blood pulsing in his ears, he couldn’t slow down long enough to wait for the elevator to come, leading her straight to the stairs but only made it as far as the first landing before pressing her against the wall and kissing her breathless again. She gasped into his mouth and his fingers tangled in the hair behind her ear, thumb brushing over her cheek when he pulled back. “Darlin, if you don’t stop making those noises, I’m never going to be able to make it to your room.”
She pressed her body back into him with a brief kiss before nudging past his arm. Leading him by the hand, she glanced back, struck by the look in his eyes - so much deeper than just the lust and need than she expected. This was really, finally happening. Her stomach fluttered in an entirely new way.
When they arrived at her door, he sandwiched his body tightly against her back while he waited for her to fish her key out of her purse. A muscular arm wrapped around her waist to hold her to him and his lips dancing across her neck, she could hardly focus on the task at hand, fumbling with the door. She finally got it open and he all but shoved her inside, kicking the door closed impatiently behind him.
He didn’t waste any time, spinning her around to face him and pushing her against the wall. Hoisting her up, he tapped at her thighs to encourage her to wrap them around his waist while he met her lips in a demanding kiss. One hand against the wall and the other tight around her upper thigh, he rocked into her once before carrying her to the bed.
He dropped her onto the mattress and she leaned back onto her elbows, looking up at where he stood between her legs. His movements were more deliberate this time, slowly leaning down to kiss her with his fingers buried in her hair, the other hand creeping up her inner thigh.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He breathed the words against her lips, fingers creeping toward the button of her jeans. She worked at undoing the snaps of his shirt, desperate to feel his bare chest beneath her fingers.
“Me too, Adam. Since the day I met you.” Her head tipped back when his lips made the journey down her neck. His fingers curled around the hem of her shirt, clenching and unclenching before finally peeling it off her and tossing it aside. As she got the last snap on his shirt, she pushed it off his shoulders, one hand traversing over the hard muscles of his chest while her legs wrapped around his waist.
His lips moved uninhibited down to her chest, his beard rough against the skin, and her arm looped around his neck. He dragged the strap of her bra down so he could kiss and nip his way over her cleavage. She didn’t bother to waste time, reaching behind her back to unhook the bra and pull it out of his way. His tongue traced across his lips as he finally took in the sight of her exposed chest and the hunger in his eyes sent pangs of need spiking through her. Dipping his head down, he traced his tongue in circles over her nipple, a rough hand kneading at the other breast. He raked his teeth over the sensitive bud and she moaned out, fingers digging into his shoulder blade.
“God, Adam.” The sound of his name on her lips when he touched her was enough to make him throb, his jeans uncomfortably tight. Sucking on her nipple, he rolled the other between his fingers as his hips rutted against her.
His tongue traced its way from her breast, down her sternum, dipping into her naval as he sank to his knees. He unbuttoned her jeans before using both hands to tug them off her legs so they pooled below him and gripped her thighs, yanking her to the edge of the bed. His kisses trailed over her stomach, hesitating as he arrived at the bruise Kenny’s boot had left on her earlier that evening. It felt like a million years ago now but sent an instant rush of rage and guilt bubbling through him.
His eyes flicked up to her but her face was all softness and want. She brushed a hand over the side of his face.
“I’m fine. I promise, it’s nothing I can’t handle.” She assured him and he let out a conflicted breath across her skin. Eyes pinned to her, he placed ginger kisses over every inch of bruising, thumbs dug into her inner thighs.
After ensuring he had covered every bit of skin, his lips travelled lower, tongue tracing the waistband of her panties while his thumb edged up to circle over the soaked fabric covering her core. Her hips rocked against him, seeking out his touch, and he pressed down more firmly, drawing a whiny moan from her lips. He savored the moment, his control over her pleasure, laving his tongue over her lace covered core.
“Adammmm,” She whined, “don’t tease.” But he had no intention of stopping. He’d promised to show her exactly how good they could be together and he was damn well going to show her how thigh-shakingly good it could be until she was begging for release.
Wrapping his arm around her thigh, he brought her in closer to him, sinking his teeth into the thick flesh of her inner thigh. She squealed, hands clenching and unclenching in his curls before he soothed the spot with his tongue. Arching toward him, she attempted to guide his head to where she needed him the most but he didn’t budge, sucking her soft skin between his lips until she squirmed, another mark proving she was his.
He nosed against the crook where thigh met lace before trailing his tongue over her heat. She scrambled to attempt to pull her panties out of the way but he only untwined their fingers, pinning her hand to the mattress.
“Patience, darlin’.” He cooed, the tickle of his breath making her whimper. She’d never needed anything in her life as much as she needed him right now. She didn’t realize it was possible to need anything this much but her head was spinning and fuzzy and, Jesus, he was the only thing that could fix it.
He pressed his tongue down hard enough to part her folds through the lace, working it up and down. Her head fell back, a breathy moan his reward as he moved. His pace picked up quickly, the lace rough against her center, and she couldn’t stop from rocking her hips up toward him. She kept a firm hand in his hair, urging him to hit all the right spot. Releasing her hand, he reached up to grope at her chest, tweaking her nipple between his fingers, and she cried out in response. He could feel her desperation as she got closer, already wound so tight for him. The pressure in her lower belly was swelling out of control and she struggled not to chase the inevitable high; she wasn’t ready for it to end.
“Let go for me, beautiful. Let me taste you. I’m not even close to done with you yet.” The rumble of his words against her core was enough to make her cry out, wobbling on the edge of relief. He pinched harder at her nipple, sucking at her clit through the lace, and she snapped, hands grasping wildly for any support she could get as she arched off the mattress.
Adam gave a satisfied hum as her body settled back into the mattress, arms laid out heavy at her sides. He kissed over the lace one last time before hooking his thumbs into the waist and rolling her panties off her body, flinging them somewhere behind him. Kissing a trail up and down her inner thigh, he waited for her to catch her breath before smoothing his hands over her hips. He shifted just enough to meet her eyes before slipping his hands down to her soaked, sensitive core. Using both thumbs, he spread her lips wide for him and ran the flat of his tongue in a broad stroke across her, groaning at the sweet taste of her orgasm. A shaky, high pitched cry echoed around the room at the sensation and he repeated the action.
“God, you taste so fuckin’ good, darlin’.” His remark was a near moan as he coated his tongue with her slick, using just the tip to trace through every inch of her folds, memorizing her. If she left tomorrow, he never wanted to forget a single detail of her body and the way it reacted to him.
Her moans filled the room quickly as his tongue flicked over her clit, her fingers in her hair for support more than anything because it was clear that he knew what she needed more than she ever did. His ministrations had her barreling toward a second climax faster than she had ever experienced, hardly even aware of herself anymore. She ground against his face without thought, head tipped back with broken cries.
“Adam, fuck, I - fuck! Please!” Her legs shook when his moan vibrated against her core, the coil inside her snapping and sending her over the edge. Every muscle in her body tensed before relaxing and her chest heaved trying to regain her breath.
He grinned against her glistening folds, gently lapping at her while she twitched. But he wasn’t satisfied. He was going to wring every orgasm he could out of her. Slipping her leg up onto his shoulder, he dragged his index finger up and down her folds, delighting in the way her entire body shuddered, a breathless whine squeaking out of her.
“Such a pretty little pussy.” His dirty mouth had her involuntarily clenching around air and he chuckled. Fuck, he loved watching her react to him. He used two fingers, swirling around her clit before slipping down to her entrance, and she gasped. He pushed his thick digits inside her slowly, feeling the way she squeezed around them. “So tight and needy for me, baby. Think my cock will fit in this sweet cunt?” He pumped his fingers teasingly slow and she arched toward him.
“God, please, Adam. I need it so bad, please.” Her voice was raked over coals, desperate and breathy, and made him throb in the tight confines of his jeans.
“Not yet. Be a good girl and let me taste you one last time. Cum for me again and I’ll give you what you need, baby.” He moved his fingers faster now and she trembled, muscles weak. A jolt shot through her spine when he brought his lips to her clit, sucking hard at the overstimulated bundle of nerves. She bucked against him, his fingers curling up to find her g-spot, a steady stream of cries and curses filling his ears. His tongue circled around her, his beard rough against her core while he worked her over.
Her hand gripped the sheets beneath her, the other tugging hard at his hair and making him growl against her. She whimpered when he lifted her hips up off the mattress to hold her closer. Her head spun as he stroked over her spot again and again, tongue lashing against her clit. Eyes rolled back, her entire body trembled, another orgasm closing in on her. He could feel her walls fluttering around his fingers and picked up his pace. When he raked his teeth over her clit, her back arched her completely off the bed, orgasm crashing violently into her and whiting out her vision.
Her muscles went limp in his arms but he didn’t slow down, not giving her a chance to breathe or ready herself. He kept up his pace, sucking at her clit and driving shuddering, jolted cries from her. Her body shook and twitched from the stimulation until it rolled right into another toppling orgasm. She gasped for breaths that couldn’t come fast enough and he finally lowered her body back down to the mattress, easing his fingers out of her.
He let her breathe as he gently kissed up her body, his bare chest pressed against hers. When she finally regained a semblance of her brain, her fingers knotted back into his hair, dragging him into a kiss that she hadn’t fully prepared for. She gasped against him and his tongue reunited with hers, the taste of her still strong on his tongue and his beard dripping with her orgasms.
“You’re fucking incredible.” He whispered against her, jean clad erection pressed to her core. She didn’t bother to think, fingers fumbling between their bodies to get him fully undressed. He let out a chuckle, the rumbling noise hitting deep in her center. “I’ve got it, sweetheart.”
He urged her back and she watched, lips parted, as he tugged at his belt. She could see him straining against his jeans, thick and beyond ready for her. Licking her lips, she waited impatiently for him to slide it fully out of his belt loops and undo his button. Thumbs hooked into his waist, he pulled jeans and boxers down over his thick thighs and she swallowed hard. He was hard as steel, a large vein wrapping along the thick length.
Crawling onto the bed, between her legs, he hovered over her frame. Brushing the hair back from her face, his lips brushed her forehead before settling on her lips. She leaned up into him, his cock heavy against her center.
“Ready, love?” He dragged his tip through her folds and she nodded. She had never been so ready. His big blue eyes were intense on hers, searching her for any hesitance but found nothing but want. Her hands laced up into his curls, pulling him back to her lips as her leg wrapped around his waist.
He notched his crown at her entrance, a strained arm holding himself up over her. Slowly, he pushed forward, stretching her walls and sliding deep inside until he was fully seated, giving her a chance to adjust to his size. She squeezed around him and he bunched the sheets beneath his fingers, cursing. Her moan mingled with his, indulgent and throaty, her eyes rolling back.
“So fucking good, darlin’. Fuck, baby. You’re squeezing me so tight.” He groaned into the nook of her neck. Her arms wound around his shoulders and he pulled out to the tip before thrusting back into her.
He tried to go slowly for her but couldn’t stop himself after a few more thrusts, his need for her swelling out of control. His hips snapped against hers, deep and fast, and she arched into him, her nails raking down his back only driving him more. He rocked in and out, bottoming out and trying to savor every second, every noise, every inch of her blissed out face.
His fingers curled around the bars of the headboard, shifting up onto knees, slamming into the wall with each thrust.
She flipped them over, pushing him backwards as she crawled over his lap. He tried to sit up with her but she pressed his chest back down into the mattress. Licking his lips, he admired her body, out on display for him. She ground against his cock a hand on his chest to steady herself. Using her other hand, she reached between their bodies, lining him up with her entrance and sinking down on his length with a groan. Adam’s head fell back, eyes shuddering closed as she stretched around him. He smoothed a hand up the curve of her waist and thumbed over her nipple.
She quickly fell back into a rhythm, bouncing on his cock. He pinched her nipple, eyes glued to the way her tits moved. She ran a hand through her hair and rolled her hips, taking every inch of him. His hands slipped down, gripping hard enough at her hips to leave marks, encouraging her movements.
“Squeeze those tits for me, pretty girl. You’re so god damn perfect.” He growled when she did as he asked, committing the sight to memory. Her thighs quivered when he circled his thumb over her clit. She began to pulse around his cock, her movements becoming jerky and irregular.
Adam pushed himself up enough for his back to lean against the bed frame. His arms wound tight around her, holding her in place as he snapped up into her. Her face buried in his neck, she cried out against him as he hammered deep inside. She tugged hard at his hair and he groaned, his cock twitching when her body trembled beyond control. He crashed his lips into hers for a messy, open mouthed kiss, her moans sharp and rhythmic until she fell over the edge and they became a noiseless breath. Her walls clenched like a vice around him, pulsing and pulling him into a wild climax, his hot release filling her up with a strangled groan.
Their motions slowed until they were finally still, their bodies tangled together, hands tangled in each other’s hair. He scattered kisses over every inch of her face.
“Fuckin’ hell, darlin’.” He groaned, rolling his hips, still deep inside her. “You’ve got me so far in over my head.” He hadn’t even really meant to say it, it just slipped out, his forehead pressed to hers. Her chest fluttered, kissing him once before leaning her head against his shoulder. He rubbed large, rough hands over her back, kissing the top of her head. “I love you, baby.”
She didn’t stir, the reality of the evening crashing over her. She’d dreamed of this night for so many years, it felt unreal now that it happened. But it was so much more complicated now. He cupped her face, forcing her to look up at him. Her eyes landed heavy on his, trapped once again in that magnetic gaze. She couldn’t breath under that gaze and she couldn’t deny the way he made her feel.
“I love you too, Adam.” The admission was heavy and hung between them for a few beats before a bright smile rose to his face. He smoothed her hair down.
“Stay with me, then. Be with me.” He insisted and she let out a shaky sigh.
“I’m supposed to be in Stanford in the morning…”
“So what? Blow them off. We’ll go talk to Tony. Together.” He wasn’t dissuaded by her hesitance. He knew he had her now - she loved him and that was all he needed. He could do anything now that he had that.
“Adam…” She struggled to summon a single reason not to. She’d spent so long denying herself - denying that they could actually be together but here he was, in love with her and willing to do what it took to make it work.
“Be with me. It’s time we both stop overthinking this.” His thumb stroked her cheek, the last of her defenses ebbing away by the second. “Come back and be my partner again. Don’t walk away from this. Not when we’re finally this close.” Her heart hammered in her chest, her throat dry. “Tell me you’ll stay, darlin’. Please. I don’t think I could take it if you left now.” She nodded before she could stop herself and he angled his head down at her. “Yeah?”
“Yeah…” She finally conceded. “Yeah. Okay. Let’s give it a shot.” Her voice was more confident that time, the decision settling more warmly in her gut. His smile stretched broadly across his face as he dove into her, trapping her beneath him once again as he kissed her, smile melded against her lips.
“That’s my girl.” His voice was soft, forehead pressed to hers. She liked the sound of that.
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pvnkfaerie · 4 months ago
All The Right Moves
AU in which Adam Page is the King of Hearts and you’re the Queen of Spades (Fem!Nameless Reader)
Dedicated to @mercedesmartinez bc this is her lover boy and the way he describes him like… who better to play my ‘the world turned against him so he turned against the world but He Messed Everything Up and-‘ I’m sORRY IN ADVANCE I LOVE YOU
Pls be kind, it has been a hot minute since I’ve written SO I k n o w the beginning is a BIT rushed, I’ve never been too good at them. Maybe I’ll go back and edit but for the time being, I’m content. 
Warnings; smut ahead please don’t read if you don’t like that or ur under 18 thanksies, angst. It’s. It’s angst LMAO, death, blood uh. Violence is mentioned, guns, etc. This Does Not Have A Happy Ending (but I mean I could be convinced to write a second part mayhaps but ehem.) 
This is mainly written from Adam’s POV, it just felt RIGHT. 
Welp, let’s start the show buckaroos 
Everything was numb. He was now certain that numbness was crueler than pain, quickly finding himself wishing he could feel something, anything over the nothingness he felt. 
“Hey!”  Strong, unyielding. “Leave him alone, don’t you have anything better to do?!” The sound of her voice made him almost want to fight back. Almost. “I mean it, back off before I go and let Mick know what you’re actually doing.” 
“You got lucky,” one last kick to his stomach seemed to trigger the stranger as he heard the small shuffle of feet and small little ‘humph’ as she pushed his assailant away. “You’re dead if we ever see you here again, you hear?!” 
The silence etched on for what felt like hours before the voice turned soft, the breath he had been holding finally being released at the mere promise of safety her tone held. 
“They’re gone now, it’s okay, we’re okay,” he didn’t mean to flinch away, his eyes shot open at the little gasp he received in response, nearly chasing the warmth of her now retreating hand. “Can you walk? Should get you out of here before they come back, I’m not too far.” 
An angel. She was an angel he didn’t deserve, that last thought echoing in his head before everything went dark. 
He couldn’t help the groan that left him as he awoke, couldn’t help his eyes widening at the small hand holding his down, couldn’t help himself from brushing the small strand that hid her face from him away, giving him a clear view of her sleeping expression. He supposed it was rather odd how at peace this stranger made him feel by simply being in her presence and yet… And yet; he quickly withdrew his hand at the sudden movement, watching with awe as her nose scrunched up before she opened her eyes, meeting with his after a split second. 
He swore she could hear the beating of his heart once she smiled at him, how could she not? 
“You’re up,” she kept his hand in hers, squeezing it lightly before getting up. He mourned her hand in his, almost cursing himself for waking her up and not allowing himself more time to simply bask in her warmth. “How do you feel?” 
“‘m alright, been worse,” A quick once over of his bandages left him content, pushing himself to get out of the comfort of her bed, one that smelled vaguely of wildflowers. 
“Oh no you don’t, do not get out of that bed,” a boyish smile popped on his features as she turned towards him, catching him in the act. 
“Angel, please, I promise I’m fi-” A wince. He just had to fucking wince. 
“Don’t give me that, I don’t care who you are, you will lay there until the doctor gets here,” she crossed her arms across her chest, the little wrinkles on the top of her nose returning as she left no room for argument. “Are we clear?” 
“Crystal,” a smile lit up on her face that he couldn’t help but return. 
“Listen angel, I appreciate the sentiment, really, I do, but I can’t just stay here,” he watched her from his spot at the little table she had, chuckling at the position she placed herself in. 
“The doctor said-” her hands pressed against either side of the door frame, feet firm against the floor to keep him from escaping before she said her piece. 
“The doctor said, as long as I don’t strain myself, it will heal quickly,” he could easily move her if he really wanted, even with one arm tied in an almost improper sling, especially compared to what he was used to. “I have to get home, I have things to-”
“One month. Just one month,” he was powerless to those eyes, so easily powerless against her. “Please, I won’t ask you to stay any longer.”
“What is this,” he could feel the chill in the air at his mumbled inquiry, the smile on his face saddening as he looked up at her, “You don’t even know me angel, why is this so important to you?”
“I know you,” she held his gaze for a split second before burning holes in the ground beneath her. “The King of Hearts, you were the King of Hearts.” 
“I no longer have my wealth so if you’re expecting some payment of sort, I-” 
“I was there. When it happened, I was there,” he waited with bated breath as she lowered her arms, her fingers nervously twining together as she continued. “I couldn’t do anything but watch even though you didn’t do anything wrong, you just accepted it. I need to know why,” her eyes finally met his, the fire nearly burning him. 
“One month,” the shock on her face was clear as the light of day as he already began to question his decision to humor her. “I will stay one month.” 
She asked every day about what happened, every day bringing up the memories of a former life, one that still haunted his every breath, every movement dedicated to a fight he no longer cared to win so long as the people who hurt him suffered along with him. She was persistent yet with every moment spent within her light, he felt he was worthy of being saved, worthy of being loved. Worthy of a life better than the one forced upon him.
“Let me tell you a story,” he began one night as her fingers danced across his chest, her eyes meeting his with curiosity, as he decided to finally share the gory details of his life with her, with a little more than a week left in his stay. 
There was once a prince born unto the Kingdom of Hearts, the most unforgiving of the four kingdoms under the rule of the Kingdom of Spades. Even with the title, he was still made to earn his keep, abused by the power tied to him by birthright. One that was made to stand by as the citizens he swore to protect were used as pawns, all to protect the innocence of the Kingdom of Spades. His father always cursed him, saying that the bit of ‘save the world,’ that ran through his being would one day be his downfall, would one day have him killed. His mother made him swear to keep his head down, kept him complacent with the promise that things would only get worse for everyone if he were to speak out against the higher powers. So he did. He would keep his head down while in the presence of royalty. But when the sun would set and the eyes that watched his every move slept, he would sneak into town and help heal whatever abuse his citizens had suffered that day. It was safer this way, he would tell himself. 
Until the day his parents were murdered, taken from him right in front of his eyes. The blame ended up falling to a nameless citizen, a leader of a freshly formed rebellion. But the prince knew. He knew it had been an order sent by the King of Hearts. He knew his parents were used as an example, knew it was solely because they had dared to question the King.
So that’s how it started, the prince becoming the King of Hearts and keeping his head down in order to avoid the same fate of his late father and mother, ignoring the ‘save the world’ that screamed at him for change. 
He began working in secret to better his country, creating a place he could be proud of before introducing it to the King in hopes that this would lead to a different outcome. In hopes that it would bring his ever racing mind a bit of peace, if even for a moment. 
The day had come when he could finally show off his work, the improvements of his country, how the people now thrived in an environment that once only promised poverty and death. He explained to the King that the fight was far from over, that his people just needed a bit more of a push to become something great once again.
All fight left his body at the first mention of treason, confusion replacing it before he could so much as speak. It quickly turned to fear as he was stripped of his title, let off ‘easy,’ as the King swore he would never be safe to show his face in any of the four kingdoms again. 
“Now that fear is nothing but resentment towards a broken system,” he had felt her fingers pause early into his story, his eyes finding hers as he finished, chuckling at the soft tears that fell down her cheeks, making quick work of wiping them away. “It’s okay angel, I have a plan.”
“A plan?” She sat up at this, her nose crinkling in the way he now held so dear. “What kind of plan?” 
“A plan to solve everything. To make sure no one ever has to suffer under a some damn royal who doesn’t even care what happens to them. To become King, rule over all four kingdoms. Bring about real change, angel. Put everything as it should be.”
“And when you’re done and everything is how it should, would you,” a blush dusted her cheeks yet her eyes remained firm. “Could we be happy?”
In another life, he was never royalty. He was just a normal man who had a simple life. In another life, he could have met her under different circumstances and they could be happy together. He could allow himself to get used to watching her dance around the small kitchen, to her feet bumping against his under the small table, to the way her body molded against his as they slept in her small bed only to pretend it never happened the next morning. He was someone that wouldn’t just bring her life pain and misery. 
“You’re still leaving,” it was more a statement than a question, one that immediately broke his already battered heart, reminding him that it still had a beat to it. She was right. His arm had healed a little over a week ago, his final day finally upon them. “I selfishly thought I would be enough, that I could convince you to just stay here and be with me,” he kept himself from lurching forward, pulling her into his arms and kissing her until she knew just how enough she was to him. She was everything, his very heart and soul. “You’ll at least say goodbye, won’t you?” 
The sadness he felt at the slight break in her voice caused him to look up, the tears now welling up in her eyes causing him to act. In two swift steps, he was at her, angling her face to his as he kissed her with all the words he couldn’t say, all the love he felt for her, the promises he was determined to keep, to come back for her when all of this was over and he could make her happy. 
She kissed back with the same veracity, the same promise flavoring her lips that she would wait for him, she would fight for him until he could achieve his happiness. It allowed him the sanctuary he so desperately craved all of his life, allowed his thoughts to slow with his motions, placing soft kisses against the side of her neck, groaning against her as she pressed against him, fingers tangling in his hair to hold him to her. 
She stayed right with him, legs draped around his middle as he moved her over to her bed, their bed. His kisses grew heated as he pulled down the front of her dress, revealing her bare chest. He felt himself grow hard at the little whine that left her as he lavished her breasts in kisses and small bites. He watched her face crumple with pleasure as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, switching between rolling it against his tongue and light sucks. He made quick work of the ties holding her dress together, her hips raising in a silent blessing to remove the offending dress. 
“Dammit angel,” she was like a painting come to life, an ethereal glow almost too much for him to handle before he hid his face in the crook of her neck, quieting her soft whines as he just breathed her in, fighting with the reminder that this would be the last time he could ever see her like this and it would be his own damn fault. 
“Adam, please, touch me,” her hips pressed into his, a moan bringing him back to life in reply to his involuntary groan. He pressed kisses against the small of her throat once more, finding immediate pleasure in marking the small area as his fingers found her core easily, a rewarding bite placed on her skin once he found how wet she had been. “Please.” 
“‘m already touching you angel,” he couldn’t help himself, the noises she made from his teasing lighting up his nerves, all his concerns and anxiety melting into ‘more, more, more.’ “What else do you want, hm?” 
“Don’t be cruel, s’not fair,” he pressed his lips to hers at the mere thought of ever causing her strife, pressed himself closer to her as he finally sank his fingers inside, taking his time, locking the look on her face as he did in his memory. 
“Cruel with you? I could never,” his lips once again found hers, catching the small moans that managed to escape, his fingers now finding their rhythm inside her, slow enough for him to savor the moment yet rough enough for her hips to twitch against his hold. “Do you even know how enough you are to me? Could never be cruel to you.” 
He held her as she finally came, her hand wrapped tightly around his wrist to press him away as he worked her into overstimulation, completely enamored with everything she was and would ever be. She held firm as he finally went to pull away, escaping only to press his fingers against his tongue, watching as her cheeks reddened at the erotic action. 
“Please,” he found his favorite thing in the world was kissing her and who was to deny her when she asked so nicely, shaky legs widening, inviting him in as he stripped himself, cock springing up almost immediately as his pants joined the pile on the floor. He rubbed himself with his still slickened fingers, his breath shaking along with her at the feeling. “Don’t leave me, please,” 
“How could I ever leave you?” He knew he was being selfish as he pressed another kiss to her already bruising lips, his arms holding his weight away from her as he teased himself against her center, a beautiful harmony escaping their lips. He waited as she spoke her consent, begging to be swallowed up by him, to become fully one with his heart and soul before holding himself steady as he pressed into her center. 
He took his time, savoring each pleasurable second as he sunk fully into her, releasing the breath he had been holding once his hips pressed completely against hers. She fit like a damn glove, like she had been made solely for him and him alone. He wasn’t sure if it was cruelty or love on the universe’s part, sending her to him, but now? Now he couldn’t be bothered with any other thought but how to make her cum once again, to feel her surround his every nerve. 
“Adam, please,” 
“I know angel, I know, I’ve got you,” he moved carefully, pulling out slowly before snapping his hips back to hers. He once again found solace in the crook of her neck, making quick work of marking her as his thrusts fell into a rhythm completely motivated by the soft moans. He couldn’t find himself caring about his lack of room as her legs wrapped around him, fingers once again pressing against his scalp, encouraging him to continue as she held his body tight against hers, his cock pressing into her in the most delicious way possible. He refused to falter, refused to give her anything but what she needed from him. 
He only faltered as she tightened around him, her orgasm pouring over them without so much as a warning, lips pressing against one anothers as he allowed himself to follow after her, pressing himself further into her as he filled her, allowing themselves a few moments of blissful peace before he pulled out. 
He swore he could go another round as he eyed the mess they had made, promising himself there would be a next time before laying back against the plush mattress, pulling her into his arms. A happy sigh left her as she rested against his chest, the pitter patter of his heartbeat lulling her to a deep slumber. 
She felt a pit in her stomach as she awoke to the lack of warmth, a broken sob already forming before she could open her eyes. She pressed her face into the pillow that still smelled like him, allowing herself to succumb to her tears.
The silence that filled the air once she was done was suffocating. She winced at the bright light that hit her as she opened her eyes, the tears she had thought she emptied forming once again at the small note left on her bedside table.
Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve had to do but now is the time. I have to get back and prepare for my next move and I refuse to allow you to get caught in the crossfires. You have to stay safe for me but I promise you, I will come back for you. I will always come back for you, if it is the last thing I do. Once I can provide you the life you deserve, the life we’ve promised to one another. 
Wait for me.’
It had been a year. A horrible, longing year filled with nothing but plans for revenge, plans that quickly evolved at the news of the King’s untimely death. It filled him with rage, imagining the people mourning a King who truly did not care whether they lived or died. 
But it would be different soon enough. He would make sure they never again had a ruler bred for nothing more than simply being, someone who would never understand the real issues that plagued their kingdom. 
At the announcement of a newly elected royal taking the position of the late king, he knew his plan would need to be enacted sooner rather than later. He knew he would need to return to the kingdom that wronged him so many times before so he may take what was rightfully his. 
For the first time, the whispers made him feel powerful, the knowledge that all eyes were truly on him. He entered the ball with the same grace he had been taught by his mother yet this time, he would hold his head high. Scrutiny and distrust had turned to fear, respect that he dared return here after all that’s happened. A slight of the hand sent the two men accompanying him to their agreed-upon positions, the smirk playing on his lips a near snarl as he made his way through the ballroom towards the little crowd that had formed around who he would assume to be the newly elected king or queen. 
The sneer gracing his features quickly turned to shock as he saw her, the familiar smile gracing her features as she turned his way, one that matched his shock as her eyes finally landed on him. The eyes of the crowd no longer brought him the same thrill as they peered at him at the sound of her small gasp. 
“It’s you,” the words left him before he could prevent them, an exchange for his hands keeping themselves pressed against his sides at the sight of her. She was still as beautiful as the day he left her. 
“I must excuse myself,” all eyes returned to her, giving Adam the small break he much needed. “I was promised a dance and now that my partner has returned, I’m afraid I must act on it before he escapes me once more.” He was putty under her fingertips, following along where she pulled him, a little private spot on the ever-growing dance floor. He winced away at the sharp slap to his cheek once she knew they had been alone.
"I cannot believe you left me that morning, do you understand how much it hurt me to wake up to you just gone?" He stood there quietly, still processing that she was here, she was right in front of him, close enough to touch. "Why couldn't you just wake me?"
"I wouldn't have left. I would have stayed behind and forgotten everything, left it all behind. It can't end like that for me, I have to see this through, I have to finish what I started." He was already exasperated by the situation, every thought screaming at him all at once, thoughts that only silenced as she pressed herself against him, face burying into his chest carefully.
“You came back for me,” he stiffened under her touch for a split second before his body relaxed into hers, craving the touch that he’d been absent from for far too long. “You actually came back for me.” 
“What are you doing here angel,” he couldn’t help the kiss placed on the top of her head, couldn’t help the inhale of her calming scent that made him forget what he had planned to do here tonight. “Not supposed to be here.” 
“I did it for you, for us,” she mumbled into his chest before remembering where they were and backing off a bit yet still refusing to let go. “It would haunt you everyday for the rest of our lives if you were to go through with this Adam, I couldn’t let you do it.” 
“How did this even happen,” it truly was unbelievable, the one thing he had been desperate to achieve and she made it seem so easy, like she had just waltzed in and asked for what was hers. Her hair was longer, curls more at the ends. 
“I’ll tell you later, for now,” his face lit up at the small curtsy, holding back a laugh as he returned the gesture, taking one hand in his while the other slipped around her waist. “The Queen is requesting a dance from her King. Do you accept?” God, how he had missed her.
“I guess I have no other choice, do I?” Even if he had, the answer would always be yes for her. He’d tell her as many times as she needed to hear it, she could have all of him, every whole piece of him he had left along with all his shattered bits. She would use them for good, all she was was good and light. “Y’know I’m powerless when it comes to you.” 
“Don’t say that,” her laughter pulsed around him, louder than the music around them, keeping him in her light. “I’ll let it get to my head, I swear it.” 
“Then so be it my love,” the slight reflection of light caught his attention, bringing him back down to earth at the reminder that his plan was still in effect. That the next steps were to be enacted soon enough, a plan he needed to stop before it was too late. He gravitated them further into the crowd, pulling himself away just as quickly. “I need you to stay right here, do you understand?” 
“Adam, what-” 
“Do not move,” he could only hope the crowd would make it that much harder to see her, would give him the time to find where one of his men hid away. “I’ll be right back angel, don’t make that face,” he pressed a small kiss against her forehead, hoping to rid of the wrinkled brow that filled his chest with anguish. He breathed a sigh of relief at the little nod she gave him, leaving as soon as she did.
He followed the light of the little mirror, the signal that the area was clear, that no innocents would be harmed in the act that followed. He moved without paying mind to the people now cursing him as he passed through, breaking into a run as he finally locked on to his target, his yelling catching the guard’s attention, sending the man before him into a panic as he took aim before he could be tackled to the ground. 
You came back for me. 
He was running the second the shot fired, praying to the gods that his plan had failed, the shot had missed her. His ears rang with muffled screams as he watched her eyes grow wide, confirming his greatest fear as the world around him worked in slow motion. His eyes followed hers, locking on the ever growing red against what was once a stark white gown, his body moving on its own against the escaping crowd to catch her before she could hit the floor.
“It’s okay, it’s okay angel, I’m here, it’s going to be okay,” his hand warming as he pressed against her wound. He could hear her repeating his name, reminding him that this was his fault, he did this to her. He glared at the knights now surrounding him, barking orders to ‘fetch the doctor.’ “We’re okay, ‘m gonna fix this, I’ll fix it.” 
“Adam, look at me,” his eyes immediately shot to hers, horrified that her usual stern voice could sound this weak. “You have to promise me you’ll do everything you said you would, make something good for us.” 
“Don’t talk like that, they’re getting the doctor now, everything will be-” he couldn’t help the glare as her eyes flickered towards where one of the knights was standing. 
“You’re going to follow Moxley to my chambers, in the right drawer of the desk I’ve already signed into place that you’re named King in the event I can no longer rule.” 
“You have to find it before anyone else can, show them you are not the stories they’ve created you to be, show them who I fell in love with,” his hand held her own tightly as she reached to cup his cheeks, the chill of her fingertips cutting him off. He could feel his chest lurch at the sight of tears now filling her eyes, her smile refusing to meet them. “Promise me Adam, please,” he found himself nodding without thinking, no longer focused on anything but giving her anything she asked him for. 
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he followed her instantly as she held him to her, no longer caring to hold back his tears that now stained her chest, sobs pulling from his chest with every gentle shushing, every promise that it was okay, she forgave him, he would be okay, that he would still be one of the greatest Kings this country would ever see. His hand held on tighter as he felt hers start to slip, panic pulsing through his veins. 
“No, no no, angel, come on, please,” he pulled her body to him, rocking as his hands took hold of her face already paling in color, eyes refusing to open at his pleas. “Please don’t leave me, you can’t leave me.” 
The next few seconds blurred together as the doctor finally arrived, her cold body forcibly pulled from his before he folded in on himself. Before he was forced up by Jon, given a small golden key that revealed the last words he would ever have of hers. Before he was given a mere second to try and keep it together long enough to fulfill his promise. Their promise. 
Everything was numb.
He was certain now, more than ever, numbness was crueler than pain, finding himself praying to any god that would listen to just let him feel something, anything, over the nothingness that now threatened to pull him under.
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munsinner · a year ago
Christmas Party [Darby Allin x Female Reader x Adam Page]
Tumblr media
GIF disclaimer: I do not own the GIF above! Full credit goes to its creator. If you’re the owner of the GIF above please PM me for credit or if you’d like it removed.
— co-written by: @writtingrose​​
— pairing: Darby Allin x Female Reader x Adam Page
— word count: 2.3k+
— summary: you and your boyfriend, Darby Allin, go to Adam Page’s annual Christmas party where one thing leads to another...
— warnings: nsfw 18+, smut, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sharing
Tumblr media
“Y/N, you ready to go inside?” Darby questioned his girlfriend as she stared at her reflection in their car.
“Yeah, of course, but you don’t think it’s too much. Do you?” she questioned him back, eyes not leaving her reflection. 
She was mainly focused on the new dress she wore; the dark fabric was tight around her curves and dipped down over her breasts to reveal her cleavage. It wasn’t something she’d normally wear, but Darby bought it  as an early Christmas present and asked her to wear..
“Of course not, you look perfect.” Darby reassured her, snapping her out of her deep thoughts. “Let’s get inside before the party’s over with.”
“If anyone knows Hangman, you know his parties never end.” she spun around to face him now, laughing lightly as she continued, “Hangman knows how to party.”
“Oh, I’m sure of it.” Darby smirked and took her hand, leading her to the front door. 
knock knock kn-
Hangman opened the door before Darby could finish knocking.
“Hey, you guys!” He greeted them; the extra cheer in his voice was no doubt fueled by whiskey. “Come in!”
She followed quickly behind Darby as they filed into Adam’s place.
“Thanks for inviting us, Adam.” Darby greeted him now, a brotherly hug in place before Adam turned his attention over to her. His lips opened, but closed temporarily as if he couldn’t find words to speak as he looked over her slowly; he had never seen her dressed so beautifully before.
“W-wow, you, uh, look great...” he finally found words as he shifted from Darby to her, pulling her in for a hug.
“Thank you and Merry Christmas, Hangman.” she spoke with a smile once he pulled away; the smile that lit up Adam’s world, but she was clueless to that.
“I’m going to go say hi to some of the other guys. Adam, mind fixing her a drink?” Darby spoke directly to Adam, but disappeared before Adam could respond.
“Follow me.” Adam smiled softly, taking a swig of his drink before putting out his free hand for hers, which she gladly took and followed behind him into the semi crowded kitchen. “What do you fancy?"
"You got more Jack?" she questioned him, knowing that's all Hangman drank.
"Darling, do I ever." A wider smile spread across his lips as he spoke, "I got regular and Fire."
"Fire." she smiled back as Adam grabbed the bottle and a glass that matched his and poured.
"You've got good taste." Adam complimented her as she took her first swig.
"I suppose I do." she agreed, taking a second swig and nearly finishing the half glass he poured. “Gonna' need more than that Hangman."
"You'll never call me Adam, huh?" he teased her, pouring her glass more full this time.
"Nope, never, Hangman." she teased back, a smirk in place before she took a sip of her freshly refilled drink.
Adam couldn't help but smirk every time she said Hangman. Sure he'd been called Hangman by other people, thousands of times, but something about the way she said it.
He wanted to say something, but he bit his tongue and sipped on his drink instead; his thoughts running to places they shouldn't have.
"What?" she questioned him, noticing his smirk when he pulled his drink from his lips.
"Oh, nothing." Adam avoided the question as his eyes began to drift down and traced over her body again.
She caught that; how couldn't she? It must've been the dress, right? Either way, her face turned red and she bit down on her lip. She wasn't used to this attention from Adam, but for some reason she didn't mind it. She even wanted to say something but, as she was going to, Darby snuck up behind her.
"You look a little flustered, princess." Darby whispered by her ear.
"W-what?" her eyes went wide as she questioned her boyfriend while trying to look back at him. Darby, however, grabbed the back of her neck and focused it forward.
“Look at Hangman.” Darby’s voice came out in a breathless murmur. His deep tone left no room for argument as she felt his eyes bore into the back of her head; his fingers tightening their grip.
She knew better than to disobey Darby. She looked back up at Hangman. His eyes were different now, filled with lust and need. She knew he wanted something more than just eye contact.
"Y/N, you look so fucking stunning." Adam whispered, his tone lower than before.
Darby pressed a kiss to her neck before responding for her, "doesn’t she?" His warm breath was felt against her neck now, sending a shiver down her body.
Darby moved his hand achingly slow along her body, before landing in the fabric that dipped down over her breasts. He pulled the fabric down slowly, revealing her breasts more.
She could feel her cheeks heating when Adam finally broke eye contact and looked down at her chest.
He licked over his bottom lip at the sight, earning a deep chuckle from Darby.
"Want me to keep pulling it down, Hangman?" Darby questioned him.
Adam only responded with an eager nod, keeping his eyes on her chest as Darby teased him further.
She could feel Darby's hard length pressed against her backside as he continued to pull the fabric down more. He stopped just before her breasts threatened to spill.
Adam growled as he shook his head. 
“No,” he licked his lips, eyes burning into hers. “Let’s get her upstairs. The party is in full swing; no one will ever know.”
A low moan rose from her throat as she pressed her hips back against Darby. She could hardly believe this was happening. 
Sure, Adam and her had been exchanging flirty banter back and forth for the better part of two weeks. However, she didn’t think anything about it. After all, she was with Darby, nothing could happen. 
At least, she’d thought so until that moment. Was it possible Adam felt something for her? And Darby was okay with it?
Darby took a step back, chuckling darkly as he tapped her ass a few times. 
“You heard the cowboy, baby. Follow him.”
Half stunned and half intoxicated off the two of them; she wordlessly followed Adam towards the stairs. Once they reached the top, he led them down the hall and into the first room on the right. 
The door had hardly shut before their hands were on her body. Adam’s hands roamed over her stomach, working their way up and over her breasts. He smirked at her, making sure their eyes were locked as he hooked his fingers just inside the cleavage of her dress and…
Tore it down the middle. 
She gasped as Darby did the same from the bottom, her body now exposed to them. 
A growl forced its way up his throat and out of his mouth as his hands reached out for her. Just as he began to connect with her skin, Darby’s hand slapped his away.
“Remember the deal, Page. You don’t so much as fucking breath without my permission.”
His hand retracted as he nodded, licking his lips. 
“Sorry.” A faint blush covered his cheeks. “It won’t happen again.”
She shook her head as she looked between the two of them.
“Wait, what the fuck is happening here?” She gestured between the three of them. “Not that I’m ungrateful, because I want this. But, ” her eyes burn into Darby’s. “Are you really okay with this?”
“Am I okay with the idea of watching you choke on him while I take your pretty little pussy from behind?” Darby licked his lips as he stepped around her. His long, slender fingers caressing her sides, up to the soft underside of her breasts as he walked all the way around her. “Am I okay with the idea of watching him take you exactly how I tell him?”
His fingers moved over her nipples, pinching the hardened flesh just a little. 
“Fuck yes, I am. Why don’t you go ahead and help him remove his clothes, baby?”
She sucked in a breath as she stepped towards Adam. She braced her hands on his chest as their eyes met. Adam offered her a friendly smile, but his eyes spoke volumes. 
When Darby had come to him only a few days earlier and pitched the idea, he had called him crazy. Sure, Y/N and him had shared a fair amount of flirty comments but he had always been careful not to step over the boundary. It had seemed ridiculous when he pitched it and Adam had taken almost two days to think about it. Matter of fact, it had only been that morning the men had gotten together to discuss exactly what would happen.
“Don’t worry, princess, I won’t bite.” Adam smirks as his eyes darken further. “Well, unless he tells me too.”
Darby chuckled as he settled himself in the armchair across from the bed. In the short amount of time she had been paying attention to Adam, Darby had removed his own clothes. His cock, swollen and dripping pre-cum, stood proudly as his hand wrapped around it. 
“Touch her.”
The command came out breathless but Adam heard it just the same. His hands found her hips, pulling her to him as her hands slid his shirt up. Her hands ran over his bare skin as the shirt joined what was left of her dress on the floor. A soft moan fell from her lips as her hands ran over the solid muscle.
 Adam’s knee slid up between her legs as her shaking hands moved to his belt buckle. After fumbling a little in the start, she finally gets the clasp loosened and the zipper down. She tugs on the waistband of his jeans, signaling for him to lift his hips so she could pull them off.
Behind her, Darby groaned. His hand slid slowly over his own cock as hooded eyes watched the two on the bed. 
“Suck his cock, baby.”
He didn’t have to tell her twice. 
She moved quickly, setting herself between Adam’s legs as he peered at her with hooded eyes. He winked down at her as his hand came to tangle in her hair. He guided her towards the swollen tip of his cock and watched as her red lips wrapped around it. 
Adam threw his head back as a deep, guttural moan ripped up his throat. Feeding off the sounds he made, Y/N took more or his cock, only stopping when she would feel it brushing the back of her throat.
Behind them, Darby panted as he watched them. Moisture oozed from his tip, easing the movement of his hand. With his other, he gripped the arm of the chair. Watching was just as arousing as Adam had assured him it would be. Yet, just as maddening, too. 
“That’s right, sweetheart.” His words came as a growl, his teeth grit as he tried to remain in his seat. “Take more. I know you can handle it all.”
“Such a perfect mouth. Warm and velvety smooth.” Adam’s hold on her hair tightened as he experimentally rocked his hips up, forcing her to take more of his cock. “I bet you’re pussy feels even better.” 
“You’re going to keep betting too, Page.”
Darby’s snarl came from right behind them, a second sooner than his hand met the skin of her ass. 
Y/N’s gasp of shock was muffled by the feel of Adam’s cock sliding down her throat. 
“Look at you,” Darby laughed as he slid his finger between her sodden folds. “ A fucking mess for someone other than your boyfriend. Maybe I need to remind you who you’re going home with.” 
No reply came, not that he had expected one. The only sounds in the room, other than his own taking, were that of his girlfriend as she moaned around his friend's cock. Over her shoulder, Adam and Darby shared a look, slow smirks spreading across their face. This hadn’t been part of the plan, but now, as he stood there, temptation was too much.     
Darby steadied himself, one hand on her ass as the other stoked his cock through her folds. He relished in her moans as more moisture rolled down her inner thigh. 
“What a pretty little pussy; all shiny for me.” 
He pushed his cock into her slowly, savoring the feeling of her walls stretching for him. Adam hissed as her moan reverberated off his cock; already hanging on by a thread. 
He kept the same rhythm at first, pulling almost completely out before thrusting back into her. Each rocked her, causing Hangman to thrust deeper into her mouth. She couldn’t help but moan as her walls pulsed around Darby; a chain reaction starting as they groaned. 
Darby growled as his cock swelled, her hips pushing back to meet his. His palm came down on her ass as his other hand moved around to rub her clit. 
“That’s my girl,” he panted. “Do you want to cum for me, princess? Want to soak my cock?”
He slapped her ass again as his hips began to stutter, cock pushing deeper.
“You’re going to swallow his first, understand?” He licked his lips before looking up at Adam. “Get that? I want you to cum down her throat.”
Adam sucked in a sharp breath before doing just that. Ribbon after ribbon filled her mouth as she struggled to swallow it; eyes connected with his through her lashes. She cried out a he moved, Darby filling her one more time before he, too, came. 
Her head flew back as she came; her legs shaking gently as she struggled to support herself. Darby continues to roll his hips, riding each of their highs out as Adam smiled cheekily from the pillows.
“A second round?”
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plentyoffandoms · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Adam Page x f/Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Some swearing. Descriptive sexual acts. Minors do not read. Spiting, unprotected sex. Degrading names.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs and photos do not belong to me.
Hope you like it @thenerdybaker523
Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ WWE NXT Masterlist ♡ Your Body is a Wonderland Masterlist ♡ Adam Page Masterlist
17: Respect me. Adore me. Dominate me.
Stephen - Adam Page
I am absolutely fuming as I watch Stephen interact with some of the new talent. The talent that I hired.
These women can not seem to keep their hands to themselves and since Stephen is such a gentleman, he isn't telling them to back off because he considers that "too rude."
But there is one that just keeps putting her hands all over him and even though he keeps moving her hands, she keeps putting them back.
And he knew I was angry. He can clearly tell by the look on my face and he knows that there will be a fight about this later.
Tumblr media
"Okay ladies, it is time for you to leave and get ready for tonight's show." His southern drawl made them all swoon, but did they move?
"You heard him. Time to go, you got a job to do." I said as nicely as I could.
"Stephen, please follow me." I said to him sternly. The one who had her hands on him gave me a dirty look but did I fucking care? Hell no.
"Coming Ma'am." We try to keep it as professional as we can at work but that will not be happening today.
He followed behind me, the sounds of our footsteps seemed to be bouncing off the walls at each step.
My heels were slamming with each step it felt like as we walked to my office that I have here st Daily's Place.
When we got closer to my office, he walked ahead of me and opened the door for me. I nodded my head in thanks as I walked past him.
He quickly closed the door behind him and made sure it was locked. The moment I heard the click I went to open my mouth but he just smashed his lips against mine and pulled be flushed against his body.
I moaned into the kiss when I felt how hard he was. His kisses were rough and demanding and I was loving every second of it.
He pulled his lips away and he just stood there, staring at me. "Now YN, that wasn't really nice of you to be glaring at those young women." He said to me in a mocking tone.
That made me angry and I tried to pull away from him, but his grip got tighter. His one hand wove into my hair and gave it a nice tug, making me gasp.
"Did I say you could move YN?" I tried to shake my head no, but had a hard time with his hand gripping my hair.
"No buts YN. You know they are just being friendly and you should know that I am yours and no one can ever take me away from you."
"Then maybe do something to actually show them that I am yours. I am sick of us hiding our relationship just to keep your fans happy Stephen."
"And what do you suppose we do about that?" He said as started to kiss up and down my neck, making sure not to leave any marks.
"Respect me. Adore me. Dominate me."
He seemed to pause at that and I knew he was thinning about what I said. Then I felt his teeth sink into my skin, actually breaking it.
I moaned loudly as I clung to his shirt. This is all new with him. Stephen only ever leaves marks when he knows we won't be seen anywhere.
"You want me to dominate you?"
"More than anything." I told him, without missing a beat. Didn't want him to think I wasn't sure.
With those magic words it was like something went off his head. A growl left his mouth and he wad lifting me into his arms to place me on my desk.
He went to work on undoing his jeans and I just leaned back on my elbows, watching as he is about to become feral.
This side I only see in the privacy of our room. I have no idea what the hell he is going to do.
Now his hands were sliding up my legs and under my skirt as I am working to undo his shirt and I was expecting him to just push my panties aside but what he did had me soaked.
He ripped my panties in half and after he checked to make sure I was wet enough, he slammed into me and I moaned so loud I am sure people heard me on the other side of the building.
"Is this what you wanted?" He spit out through clenched teeth.
"Uh huh." Was the only answer I could muster as my mind got taken over by what he was doing to my body.
His cock kept hitting that spot in me and I couldn't think straight. "Fuck, can feel you already. You gonna cum on my dick huh? My little slut."
His thrusts were so hard and fast that he was actually moving my desk backwards and he didn't give a shit.
"Gotta seem them tits YN." I went to undo my shirt but I wasn't moving fast enough for him because without even missing a beat, he ripped my shirt in half.
His leaned down and started to bite and kiss me chest, making sure to leave plenty of marks.
"Fuck, you're gonna look so good with me dripping down your legs, isn't that right baby?"
I couldn't even answer him. I am so focused on my pleasure and just finishing.
But Stephen wrapped his hand around my neck and squeezed. My mouth fell open as this is something he has never done with me and I am loving every single moment of it.
He took that time to spit into my mouth. "Swallow it you little fucking whore." He said that by thrusting into me faster if possible.
I tried to swallow as best as I could and I opened my mouth to show it was all gone. He growled and he leaned down and gave me a sloppy kiss, with his hand still around my neck.
"Now answer me."
"Yes." I cried out.
"Yes what?"
"Gonna look good with your cum," I couldn't even finish my sentence as it all became too much for me.
I cried out his name as my pussy started to spasm around his cock. My whole body was shaking and I am pretty sure I blacked out there for a moment.
When I came too, Stephen's thrusts were sloppy and with a cry of my name he stilled and came in me.
"Shit YN." He said as he tried to catch his breath. He slowly pulled out of me and I groaned as I felt our combined juices leak out of me and onto my desk.
He handed me his shirt so I can wear it and he put himself away.
"We good?"
"We are good Stephen." I said as I tried to fix myself up. My back was facing him at this point. I felt his arms wrap around me.
"You know YN, I love you and only you. No need to get jealous." I relaxed into his body.
"I know, I just don't like it."
"Neither do I but this happens. I am not going anywhere. You are it for me." He said as I turned my head to look at him.
We gently kissed one another and I knew in my heart he wasn't going anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @wwenhlimagines @hungmanhorsecarriage @anaeve @crowleysqueenofhell @thenerdybaker523 @eddie-kingstons-wifey @cuzimacomedian @ecarroll1978
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josiewrites · 10 days ago
🎤🍌 hangman (either together or separate)
🎤- how loud they can be
🍌- sex toy headcanon
Tag List Babes:
@writtingrose, @munsinner , @rubyred1980, @letmebeawesome, @unlikelywrestlingfan , @rollynchwhore, @cuzimacomedian, @demonqueen29, @auburnwrites, @thebestintheworld, @elitehoe, @wwenhlimagines , @omg-im-such-a-masochist , @seeingstarks , @damnnhausen
His moans and gasps grew louder as I moved the fleshlight, stroking him just the way he liked. “Faster, baby,” he murmured, struggling against the cuffs behind his back. 
I smirked, the tease audible in my voice. “What was that, baby? I can’t hear you.” I licked a trail along his neck as I kept up the same pace, my breasts pressing against his back. “Ask for what you want.”
“Baby, please,” he whimpered, louder this time. The way his hips bucked up into the toy, I knew he’d break. “Please-fuck-please, I need you.” 
I stood and moved around him, kissing his cheek before removing the toy. “That’s my good cowboy,” I cooed as I slid myself down onto his aching cock. 
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omegahime · 2 months ago
random aew sex headcanons pt.2
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (minors dni), more filthy things. i tried to be as neutral as possible so, gn!reader. mentions of breeding kink, brat taming, daddy kink, marking, exhibitionism, and size kink.
adam page
still on the boat of adam being a bit vanilla but the greatest thing abt him is how he can be so sweet while pummeling you to pieces
stroking your hair, rubbing his thumb over your cheeks, smiling and telling you how gorgeous you look like this all while balls deep in you
it’s like he doesn’t know his own strength sometimes bc the way he just slams into you like he’ll have the bed rattling against the wall
i also get major brat tamer vibes from him as well though
you almost cant even commit to being too much of a brat bc god it’s the way his voice kind of gets rlly deep and he stares right through your soul, “watch your tone, you don’t know what you’re getting into.”
but yeah major praise kink likes his hair pulled too
not super loud but the occasional grunt or moan of “good god, you feel amazing.”
big big breeding kink but also loves the sight of your face covered in his cum
is wall sex a kink? idk he likes fucking you up against walls
like there’s a lot of times where you don’t make it to the bed so you’re pressed up against a wall or leaning over a counter
ricky starks
he’s cocky but not in an asshole way
he just knows ur body so well he knows exactly what to do to get you off, ur every little tick
and it makes sex incredible bc he always does it right
also .. obligatory stroke daddy reference bc duh stroke game go dummy
loves some hair pulling, loves it when you scratch his back or dig ur nails into his his thighs in particular
ricky gives you the kind of sex that puts you right to sleep fr and then u wake up to him cooking breakfast he’s husband material truly
but god does he love it it makes him feel great that he can just tire you out like that he lowkey has a couple pictures of you just slumped drooling on ur pillow
haha daddy kink go brr
“you like how daddy fucks you, baby? tell me how much you love it.”
likes you in doggy so he can grab your waist. knows he’s in really deep and finds it amusing when you naturally start to scoot away but can’t you guys just imagine him in your ear like “stop running.”
jungle boy
listen don’t kill me but .. very very vanilla
at the most i could see him liking outdoors sex (there was this fic i read, it was rlly good but i can’t remember who wrote it so if you know feel free to rb with the link!!)
but he’s kind of shy, lowkey, doesn’t like to do a lot of the crazy shit when it comes to sex
i have this theory he’s loud af in bed though
like that’s one of the places he feels most comfortable, in bed with you, so he doesn’t censor himself in the slightest. you’ll know he’s enjoying himself
big dick energy like a mf he loves it when you ride him but it feels like sitting on a spear
when you two first had sex it took a lot to get used to his length
loves to give head, just loves putting his mouth on you
likes to kiss you right as you’re hitting your climax, loves the way you moan into his mouth
really likes it when you’re all dressed up, takes a lot for him not to just rip your clothes off and fuck you
god the amount of times you’ve had to choose a different outfit or redo your hair bc he couldn’t keep his hands off you before an event
call me a clown fucker if u want but 2018 danhausen lives rent free in my head
(i have an idea for a fic i wanna write but ANYWAYS)
so very loving 🥺
also very talkative likes to hear that he’s doing well wants to tell you that you’re doing well
praise kink vibes whew
also lowkey a massive pervert in the best way like he just is so attracted to you
not above some back of the arena sex, or car sex, or bathroom sex
he would love like surprise blowjobs like u just drop to ur knees as he’s getting ready for a match or you wake him up with one
god he’s so loud though that’s the crazy thing about him liking the exhibitionist stuff he’ll just rat y’all out 💀
there’s been many a time you’re riding him in the backseat of a car and you have to put your hand over his mouth bc he will not shut up
but it makes your heart bloom to know he’s enjoying himself so much
Tumblr media
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omg-im-such-a-masochist · 4 months ago
First two gifs <– Imagine Jealous professor Hangman hearing a rumor that you’re sleeping with someone else at college
Ugh, I love 🤤
@writtingrose , @theworldofotps , @hungmanhorsecarriage , @wrestlersownmyheart , @sassymox , @waywardwrestlewritingwaif , @new-zealand-chic , @sophiewolfheart-blog , @unusual-tomorrxw , @aerynscrichton , @thealliasylum , @sultryfandoms , @whenimakeitshine1234 , @crowleysqueenofhell , @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The rumors had started a couple of weeks ago
Rumor has it, you and Zack - the big, dumb quarterback - were hooking up for a while now
Ever since people saw you together at his fraternity party a month ago
The same one where you both mysteriously disappeared minutes after you arrived
And this was eating Hangman alive
The rumors paired up with the way Zack was constantly roaming around you
Made Hangman’s suspicions grow by the minute
Every Wednesday you went to the college library to study
So that’s where he was now
Staring, as you made your way towards the old part of the library
One that nobody goes to except for your nerdy ass
He carefully followed you there and when your back was facing him
He covered your mouth with his hand and pulled you farther down the hall
Where the lighting was poor and no one could see you - in case you were unfortunate enough of somebody going back there
“Is it true?” He growled in your ear “Answer me!”
The hand covering your mouth traveled down towards your neck
“What are you talking about?”
“Have you been fucking him? Huh? That’s the only thing everyone seems to be talking about”
“And why do you care?” You spat back “You were the one who said we were not together, therefore I don’t owe you any explanations about my personal life”
“Personal life?” He chuckled “Oh I would disagree on that, sweets. You see, the subject became quite public since he can’t stop drooling over you every time you walk by”
Hangman forcefully turned you around so you were now facing him
“Is it true, yes or no?” He asked again and when the only response he got from you was silence he growled
“What did you do with him, huh? Did you let him do even ⅓ of the things you let me do to you?”
His hand began to unbuckle his belt
“Did you suck him beneath the bleachers? Did you let him put a butt plug in you before first class and then let him fuck your ass in the parking lot before going back home?”
Hangman’s hand pushed your black yoga pants down your legs
“Did you let him fuck your tits during lunch break inside a random classroom?”
Amusement was written all over your features and a deep challenging fire burned in your eyes
It was calling for him
Daring him to do something
Challenging him to take this further
Hangman knelt down and freed you from your pants, tossing the black fabric to the side
He picked you up and you instantly hooked your legs around his waist
“I’m gonna ask you one more time: Are you fucking him?” He placed his tip against your entrance
“I don’t know, Professor. You tell me” You quirked your eyebrow at him “Am I?”
“Oh you fucking bitch” Hangman chuckled before entering your core with one swift motion
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writtingrose · 8 months ago
Smutmas Day 1
Tumblr media
SUMMARY; Secret Santa with a ‘Daddy’ twist with Adam Page
WARNINGS; restraints, smut
REQUESTED BY; @hungmanhorsecarriage​
BETA’D BY; @abadamn​  
Her heart sped up as she stared at the key card and neatly written note.
‘Daddies Waiting.’
Around her, friends opened and shared their gifts as they tried to guess who their secret Santa was. She, however, kept her box close and the lid only cracked. She couldn’t show them this. Her cheeks reddened at the thought. They’d ask questions; questions that she either didn’t know the answer too or didn’t want to answer. 
She knew it had to be one of the boys. Or was it a prank? The voices around her started to fade as she lost herself in thought. 
“Y/N?” Kris’ voice pulled her from her thoughts.
“Yes?” She answered as she shook her head, trying to clear it.
“I asked what you got?”
Again, her heart thudded as she tried to figure out what to say. However, it was too late. Kris had already leaned over and seen the note.
“Oh, my God.” She gasped and looked up at Y/N before smirking. “What are you still doing here, staring at it?” She bumped her shoulder and wiggled her eyebrows. “I’d take that key and go figure out who ‘daddy’ is.” 
Y/N gave her a skeptical look before rolling her eyes. “Please, I’m sure it’s just a prank from some of the girls. I never should have told you guys about me having a daddy kink.”
Kris threw her head back and laughed. While it did sound like something they would do. She had helped him set it up and knew otherwise. “Here, this is the second gift.” She held a box out that Y/N hadn’t noticed her holding. “Put this on, and go find out who it is.”
Y/N raised an eyebrow as Kris smiled and walked away. Opening the box, she was surprised to see a green lace lingerie set, complete with garter belt, on a bed of tissue paper. Whoever it was, Kris knew them and that helped her relax. Shrugging her shoulders, she stood and headed for her room to change. After all, what did she have to lose?
In the room, Adam paced nervously as he waited for her. His cock strained already against the black boxers he wore, precum oozing from the tip. Needing a distraction, he turned his attention to the silk rope on the foot of the bed and ran his fingers over the soft material. If (and that was a big if) she showed, he’d take his time wrapping the material around her. 
It wasn’t but a few moments later when he heard feet stop outside the door. He froze for a second, listening as she fumbled with the key card, before moving into the shadows between the bed and bathroom. Waiting.
Y/N sucked in a deep breath as she wiggled the card between her fingers. Looking down, she checked herself, and the red robe she wore, one last time. Deciding it would have to do, she slid the key into the door and stepped inside.
Behind her, the door clicked shut and she gave herself a second to adjust to the dimmed lights. Stepping further into the room she looked around, trying to catch a glimpse of something that would tell her who it was.
“Hello?” She called out gently as she stepped to the edge of the bed. “I-I know you’re in here.”
Adam stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her arms, rubbing them gently as she jumped. “I was starting to think you wouldn’t come, sweetheart.”
Her heart hammered and stopped all at once as his voice filled the room. She swallowed, knees nearly buckling at his Virginian twang. 
The one man who unsettled her in every way and the one she never would have expected. 
“I wasn’t sure if it was a prank or not.”
Adam chuckles as he pressed himself against her, cock against her ass as he reaches up to cup her breasts through her robe. “No, sweetheart. Not a prank.”
Y/N moaned gently as she ground back against him. 
“Good. Makes me twice as glad I decided to change.”
Adam raised an eyebrow as his hands slid down to the tie of her robe, pulling it show. “That's so, baby? Gonna let me unwrap you like a present?”
She gasped and nodded as she reached around to tangle a hand into his hair. “Please, Adam.”
He growled, barely audible, as he slid the garment from her shoulders. “Do you know how beautiful you are, Y/N?” Adam groaned as his hands slid around to cup her breasts. “You’re going to look even prettier wearing my mark on your neck, too.”
He grabbed her hands quickly, followed by the silk rope from the bed and wrapped it around her hands. Once he’d finished binding them, he pushed her knee, causing her to fall face first onto the bed. 
Y/N gasped gently and bit her lip as she wiggled to lay on her back, hands under her. Her lust hazed eyes stared into his as she lifted her lips. “Give it to me, daddy.”
Adam snapped, yanking his boxers down before tearing her panties in two. His body covered hers as he kissed her roughly. His teeth pulled at her bottom lip as he lifted her leg and wrapped it around him. Groaning, he ground himself against her, sliding through her slick folds as he gently pant into her ear. 
“Think you can handle the ride, sweetheart?” He chuckled before flipping her over, pulling her hips back until her ass poked in the air. “Think you can be good for me, and take it all?”
He leant forward, cock pressing against her cunt as he wrapped a hand in her hair. Fingers dug into her hip as he kissed the shell of her ear and thrust into her. “Guess we’ll have to find out.”
Y/N gasped as her head snapped back and her walls stretched around his cock. Fingernails dug into the sheets as her back arched. 
“A-Adam,” she choked out as she pushed her hips against his. “Yes!”
His hips rolled against hers, the sound filling the room. Hands slipped from her hair and hip to her breasts where he fondled them before grabbing the material in his hands. “Look so good in this, baby.” He chuckled lightly against your shoulder before tearing the flimsy fabric down the center. “Guess I’ll just have to buy you more.”
He pinched and rolled her nippled between his fingers as he thrust., moaning against her ear. “So good for me, princess.” 
His hands slid over her stomach and hips before coming down on her ass, the sound echoing around the room. He angled his hips inside her, cock sliding against her sweet spot as he played with her clit.
 Y/n moaned and shuttered as she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. Biting her lip, she began to push her hips back, meeting him in the middle of each thrust. Her eyes rolled as her walls clenched around his length and he slapped her ass again.
With each stroke of his cock inside her, the pressure grew until she fell over the edge. Her toes tingle as her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Adam buried himself inside her, holding her hips as he filled her with ropes of warmth. 
After a moment, he pressed a kiss to her shoulder and freed her arms from the silk ropes. Slowly, he stretched and rubbed her arms to ease the soreness. He moved back, pressing soft kisses to her back before flipping her over.
 Y/N laid back against the pillows, panting gently as she tried to catch her breath. Adam, however, had other plans as he once again wrapped her leg around him. 
“Adam,” her voice came out soft and breathless as she lifted her hips against him.
“Hush, princess.” He leaned down to press a soft kiss to her lips as his cock, hardening once more, pressed against her. “Daddy has plans for you.”
Headcannon Tag List; @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @exe-darbyallin-exe @sophiewolfheart-blog @drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan @shayscorpio @dive-in-head-first-cant-lose @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @abadamn @shortyiceheart @lghockey @ava-valerie @susanleann1 @omg-im-such-a-masochist @heelbucks @kloveswrestling
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daddyhausen · 2 months ago
Cockwarm headcanons for Hangman Page please 🤞
another god tier concept for hangy <3
• headcannon — cockwarming — hangman adam page •
Tumblr media
{ masterlists } | { aew masterlists } | { hangman adam page masterlist }
{ warnings } — 18 + { minors do not interact }, fem!reader, cockwarming
{ word count } — 268
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @thebestintheworld @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian @wardlow @sammiejane22 @april-jeanette-wagner
{ comment if you want to be added to the taglist }
the act would be far more intimate that most would think.
he’d have you propped on his lap or either cuddling you from behind
the sweet scent of sex still lingering in the air
his seed buried deep inside your warmth
your head would be resting upon his chest or in the crook of his neck
his arms wrapped protectively around your waist, hands most likely playing with your hair.
the both of you are purely content.
just relishing the warmth of each other’s bodies.
his cock filling your void, your hips would give a slow swirl as you would adjust yourself on his size
he’d smile down at you fondly, just pure adoration across his handsome features.
he was completely enamoured and captivated by you and your beauty.
sleep would follow soon after, most likely you first, mind and body completely full with such love for him
it would be a common occurrence, most nights than not.
he just adores the sensation, and he knows you did just as much as he.
maybe even more than him.
it would not just occur within the confined walls of your home
sometimes after a particularly strenuous match, he’d simply have you sit on his cock
no sex, just enjoying the comfortable warmth of your cunt
sometimes he’s neediness for the act have gotten the two of you into trouble
poor john silver had caught the two of you more times than once in the dark order clubhouse
you could not tell who was more embarrassed, him or yourself.
although it never really seemed to bother the cowboy too much
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wardlowsbabydoll · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Hangman Page Masterlist
Cowgirl Shit (Smut)
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itjazzbicch · 9 months ago
Just F*ck It
Pairing: "Hangman" Adam Page x Fem Reader
Summary: The reader is a part of the Dark Order and due to her reputation, she pretends that she dislikes Hangman Adam Page, but after having to wrestle alongside him, Adam notices the sudden change of attitude, getting that truth out of her...
Warnings: SMUT (18+ ONLY!)(Unprotected Sex)
Requested by: No One (But I hope you all enjoy it!)
Word Count: 1660
Tag List: @demonqueen29 @jessiebean00 @new-zealand-chic @crowleysqueenofhell @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @thatpanpal @hungmanhorsecarriage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  @linziland13 @xxx-jazz-xxx @writtingrose
Tumblr media
"And after a confrontation with the Dark Order, it is now official! Adam Cole and Britt Baker versus Hangman Adam Page and Y/N!"
You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.
"WHY ME?" I scoffed at Evil Uno, showing my disapproval of this match-up.
"You are feuding with Britt! It's the perfect match-up," Uno explained, making me roll my eyes, "Now go get in gear! Your match is soon."
"This is some bullshit!" I snapped, storming off and getting ready for the match. I'm sure everyone could hear my throwing and frustration behind the closed door. It's not that I disliked Adam, it was because I liked him, in a very particular way.
I was anxious and tried to hide it by acting like a hard-ass because, throughout my whole wrestling career, I was a badass.
*Knock* *Knock*
"Hey, Y/N. I'm ready when you are," Adam informed.
All of the anxious feelings came back, breathing heavily a few times, then opening the door and finding Adam, looking me up and down with a smile, smile disappearing when my face went straight.
"Before we go out there," Adam looked around to see were alone in the all, whispering, "Did I ever do something wrong towards you?"
My face stayed the same, with no reaction and no intention to respond.
"Why do you act this way towards me?" He wondered, "If I have ever done something wrong, please just tell me."
"Let's just get this match over with," I mumbled, walking out and he followed behind, having our entrances and getting in the ring to meet Cole Britt.
There was one good thing about this. Although it was the first time we've ever wrestled as a team, we had great chemistry. Adam was full of smiles the whole time, seeing me interact with him and be happy, having a good time even when this match was pretty serious.
At the climax of our match, I was down in the outside corner for a minute, Hangman and Cole on the outside fighting, right by the ring ropes. When I looked up, I saw Britt in the ring, ready to suicide dive into Hangman, but the second her head came from the ropes, I ran up and super kicked the life out of her.
Hangman was dazed, but aware enough to move out of the way to let me superkick Cole too.
"Get him in the ring!" I commanded, rushing to throw her in, then go to the ring apron.
Hangman did the same thing, reading my mind and smiling on the apron. Cole and Britt slowly rose to their feet and Hangman yelled to me:
"You can do it! Let's go!"
Right after, we both did a buckshot lariat, turning Cole and Britt inside out, getting a double pin, and winning the match. The crowd went absolutely nuts when we hit that finish. It was too perfect and it all made me so happy, hugging Hangman when we stood up.
Our fun didn't stop there. He was just as happy, hugging me back, picking me up with one arm and catching a beer with his free hand, handing it to me, then catching another.
"The least you can do now is have a beer with me," He panted, opening his beer and I opened my, smacking it against his, both of us pouring right over us and chugging it.
Adam was impressed that I could chug a beer like how I did, smiling more when I said, "Get another."
He called for two more and we had it while walking up the ramp, letting the fans act a little crazy and yell cowboy shit. They were electric and it was contagious, which was always a good feeling.
Our beers were empty by the time we got backstage, throwing them away. I was just going to head back to the locker room, till Adam said:
"I have a question."
"Hmm?" I turned around to stop, getting beyond nervous when observed:
"You always act like you hate me or something, but out there? It was like we were made to be tag partners! That Buckshot Lariat? Hell, you did it just as good as me! What's the deal? What's up with these mixed emotions?"
I went to speak, but nothing came out, started sweating a bit. There was no way I could admit it, turning to walk away till he took my wrist, pulling me back.
"Oh no, no, no. You're not walking away from me," He chuckled, keeping me next to him, looking down into my eyes, "I want an answer."
Adam grew a little worried when I started shaking. My crush was so hard that my body was ready to lose it. I knew my feelings were serious because I never felt this way before.
"Hey," He cooed, pulling me to the dark side of the hallway, "I'm not trying to come off as harsh or anything, I jus-"
There was a mentality I had, no matter the situation and it was the only thing I could think of, so I took my shot:
"Oh, just fuck it!"
With no other way to explain, I held him by the face, kissing him. That was the only way I could express all my feelings. Lips so soft, heating up with every touch, having him shaking when my tongue slipped in a little, staying tender.
"I mean, I can fuck something," He chuckled against my lips, "If you keep kissing me like that."
"Oh yeah?" I smirked, not afraid anymore, "Remind me not to stop."
"You better not," He murmured, arm wrapping around my neck, taking a handful of my ass, keeping me close so our bodies were stuck together.
I had no thoughts about stopping, almost ready to strip down right then and there, but we both froze at the sound of Stu's voice:
"Did they not come back yet?"
"Hop on," Adam whispered, jumping on his back and he ran around, taking the long way to his locker room, rushing in and locking the door.
I was giggling, needing a breath because he was running so fast.
"Jesus, you can really step on it, huh?" I laughed; mouth shut with a kiss, Adam breathing:
"More than you know, girl."
My arms latched around his neck, smiles on our faces when he picked me up against the wall, our hips meeting and letting me feel his cock that was fighting with his tights.
"How about we get out of this gear then and you let me find out?" I offered and when he let my legs down, everything was pedal to the metal. Clothes were flying, laughs when Adam about fell over, but once all of that was out of the way, I was in for it.
"If you've liked me this whole time, I wonder how wet you are," He chuckled, spreading my legs wide open, slapping his cock against my clit, earning his first moan while rolling his tip through my folds, getting it slicked, "Oh damn, girl. Now, that's fucking wet."
"Mhm," I whined at the good feeling, getting lost in bliss when he did it some more, teasing my entrance.
"That feel good?" He smiled down at me, seeing my head nod, "How about this?"
At first, his tip pop right in, but with a slight push, I was learning how thick he was. The sharp moans were enough for him to know to take it a little slow, feeding me inch by inch with slow rolls of his hips.
"Put it in deeper," I purred; Adam leaned down to me, kissing:
"You want all of it?"
"ALL of it," I smirked, biting his lower lip, moans sharp when he pulled his hips back, slamming his entire cock in, hips smacking off of mine, "Adam, oh my god!"
"You said to go deeper," He recalled, slamming his cock again, "That you wanted all of it. Just giving you what you want, baby girl."
"Keep giving it to me," I cooed, hands wandering over his chest and back, "G-give it to me!"
All of the impact and wetness hit my clit hard, having me shuddering, a pinch past my sweet spot making my moans grow louder, which made him work even harder.
Wet kisses all over my neck, biting at it a little, smiling when I was scratching at his back a little, noticing how I was so close to losing it all, walls clamping and making him ask:
"Trying to tell me something?"
"F-Fu," I choked, eyes rolling a little because he went harder like he wanted me to choke on my words, but I was able to say, "I am so close to cuming, fuck."
"How close?" He wondered, sitting up straight and managing to move quicker too, finding his eyes through his golden locks, letting him know:
"So close, Adam! I'm almost there!"
"Come on, baby girl," He panted, bottoming out on every thrust, "Get there. I wanna feel you cuming, already."
"I'm cuming now!" I moaned, whining, "Adam! I'm cuming so hard, got damn it!"
"Hell yeah," He smirked, closing his eyes and groaning at the death grip my walls had on his cock, squeezing my thighs hard and shaking at the feeling of my orgasm gushing hard all around him.
"Y-you good?" I panted, getting a few slow thrusts, watching his drenched cock slowly withdraw, holding it tight, tip so swollen, throbbing hard then all of his seed shooting out, all over my stomach and up to my breasts, it so hot that it made me shudder a little.
"Sorry about that," He laughed, biting his lip when I shook:
"Don't be sorry. That was so fucking hot."
"Next time we have a round-" He began, but I interrupted:
"Next time?"
"Next time, since you think that was hot," He repeated, kissing me, "I am going to show you why they call me Hangman."
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moxleyunstable · 2 months ago
Don't Test Daddy
Tumblr media
Requested by @damnnhausen
Warning: explicit sexual content, degradation kink, daddy kink, exhibitionism, katoptronophilia, spanking, hair pulling, sex tape being made, blowjob, cum eating
The music was loud in the club that everyone agreed to go to after the show. People were drinking, dancing, and having a good time. I was humming to the music as I shook my hips on the dancefloor, enjoying the night. Adam was sitting in the distance, beer in hand, watching me intently, something he loved to do when we went out, only to make sure that no one touched what's his. Sipping his beer, he watched my every move, watching my hips each time I shook them, licking his lips as my skirt swayed just enough for him to see my butt and black panties underneath. I looked over at him and flashed him a smile, rolling my hips as he stared, rubbing his denim covered thigh.
The music changed and more people got on the dancefloor, Evil Uno and John Silver joining me for a dance. Adam sat up straight in his chair, watching the three of us, making sure that they respected boundaries. John grabbed my hips and spun me around, making me laugh as Evil Uno did the robot. Adam glared as he watched his friends danced with me, his girlfriend, and carelessly touched me. He sat back as the gears in his head started turning as he continued to watch us.
The song ended, changing to a new one as I waved at Evil Uno and John before leaving the dancefloor and walked over to Adam. "One dance," I asked as he stood up, clearing his throat. "Seems like you had fun dancing with those two," he said, a serious look on his face. "Adam, it was just for fun," I shrugged as he stepped closer and reached around, giving my ass a squeeze. "That's not how you're supposed to address me, sweetheart. Why did you allow another male to touch your hips? I'm the only one who touches them. Not anyone else," he said firmly. "Sorry, Daddy. I was just having fun," I said as he sighed. "Guess I need to remind you of who you belong to," he smirked. "No, Daddy. I'll be your good girl. No one can touch me, but you."
He shook his head, a smirk on his face as he looked around before looking at me, "knees. Now." I raised an eyebrow as he stared at me, "here?" "Did I fucking stutter? Knees. Right now." I sunk down to the floor, propping myself up on my knees as he unzipped his pants, pulling out his semihard cock through his jeans. "Open up." I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out before he plunged into my mouth, raking his hand through my hair before gripping it as he slowly thrust into my mouth. I whined softly, trying to look around to make sure that no one was watching us, but he kept thrusting, pushing my head closer to him without a care in the world. A bright light flashed before my eyes, making me look up to see Adam holding his phone, groaning as he continued to move in and out of my mouth. "Look at my good little slut. Sucking my dick while there's so many people around," he groaned, "she just couldn't wait to have me in her pretty little mouth." I looked up at him with pleading eyes, ready to get up before anyone caught us. He paused the recording, pulling out of my mouth and helped me up before pulling me to his chair and sat down, "sit."
I climbed up onto his lap, straddling his lap as he hiked up my skirt and pushed my panties to the side, lining himself up before pushing inside of me. "Ride me, baby," he groaned as he started recording me once more as I started moving up and down slowly. I squeezed his shoulders as I moaned, picking up speed as the pleasure filled me. "That's a good girl. Get Daddy's cock wet," he groaned, pointing the camera at his cock as I moved, watching himself disappear inside of me and reappear. I no longer cared if anyone caught us. I just wanted my sweet release. Adam licked his thumb and rubbed circles on my clit, my gasps heightening as my orgasm neared. "My pretty slut is gonna cum on Daddy, but I don't want this fun to end yet. Don't cum. You haven't earned it yet." I pout and started to slow down, but he smacked my ass, making me yelp out as I picked up the pace. "Don't slow down now, princess. If you want to cum, you have to work for it," he smirked as he rubbed my clit faster. I cried out in pleasure as I squeezed his shoulders, trying not to cum. He stopped the recording once more before stopping me, "let's go somewhere else so I can have my fun."
He fixed my skirt before tucking himself back in his jeans before we stood up and he grabbed my hand, pulling me through the crowd of people before we reached the men's bathroom. He looked around and went inside, pulling me with him before checking the stalls and quickly locked the door. He walked me over to the sink and bent me over in front of the mirror, pushing up my skirt once more as he dropped his pants and boxers, sliding my panties down before pushing back inside of me. He held up his phone and started the recording once more as he thrust harder into me. My mouth fell open as my moans echoed as he pound into me. "My perfect slut loves taking Daddy's dick anywhere and anytime she can. She doesn't care who hears us. She just wants to feel Daddy inside of her, don't you slut?" "Yes, Daddy. I love your cock so much," I moaned, delirious from the pleasure. He leaned down and kissed on my neck, sucking a bruise onto my tender skin as he groaned, "I'm so fucking close." The door handle began to jiggle, but that didn't stop him from pounding into me, my moans still echoing as the person banged on the door. "Someone must really want to see my cock buried deep inside of you," he smirked, "maybe they want to watch me fill that pretty pussy with my cum." I whimpered, moaning at the thought of someone watching him fuck me senseless, "Daddy....need to cum." He hummed in response, pointing the camera down as he continued to thrust, my cries increasing as I came, coating his cock as he groaned at the sight. "My turn," he grinned, slamming into me before pulling half way out, recording his twitching cock as he started to cum, watching it drip as he pushed back inside of me, complete emptying himself before pulling out, recording my dripping wet cunt before he ended the video. "Now when I'm on the road and need a stress reliever, I can watch this and record myself jerking off and send it to you," he whispered in my ear before fixing his jeans and boxers. "Umm what about me," I asked, feeling cum dripping out. He smirked and shoved two fingers inside of me, pushing as much of the cum back inside of me before pulling his fingers out and shoved them in my mouth, my tongue swirling as I licked his digits clean. "Good girl," he praised, kissing me as he helped me fix my clothes, "now let's get out of here so we can have round two at the hotel." He took my hand and unlocked the door, opening it to see John standing there with wide eyes. Adam gave him a wink before walking past his, John and I glancing at each other before I hurried after Adam, embarrassment filling me as Adam chuckled to himself.
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darkorderaf · 8 months ago
Can I request the reader celebrating Adam Page's return and victory in the Casino ladder match?
Yes, of course! <3 So sorry for the wait on this; I hope you like it! Because of recentish developments and my tortoise ass, I added a little celebration for his title win. ;) Please enjoy!
Pairing: Adam Page x OFC. Rating: M. Warnings/Content: Mostly fluff at the beginning and a bit of filthy smut at the end, (1) confident cowboy. Word Count: 1811.
Tag List: @alyhull @beingthelite @simoneinside @sillynilly27
(I don’t own gif; all credit to cowboyshit!)
Tumblr media
It was hard to keep her smile away as she watched him with the rest of the Dark Order, all smiles and congratulations and affection that they had no intention of hiding. It wasn’t how they were. Adam caught her eye from time to time, all smiles and baby blue eyes that lit up when he looked at her. Anna stood by her and gently squeezed her hand, hidden from prying eyes. A small smirk lit the younger woman’s face up.
“Should I pinch you?”
“Hush,” the smiling woman said as she squeezed Anna’s hand back. “Let me have this, Anna.”
“Of course, I wouldn’t dream of taking it away from you. Or him.”
Anna rejoined the others with a wink and the swell of joyous sound jumped even higher. Somewhere in all the cheer, the group had agreed to take the celebration to the local barcade per Uno’s suggestion. Adam wasn’t much of an arcade man and truthfully, drinking wasn’t on his mind as much anymore. But the others were so thrilled at the suggestion that he heartily agreed. Uno led the charge to the barcade but Adam hung back as she gathered her things. She turned into him and his hand slid up her arm to hold her face. His blue eyes were soft and hopeful.
“You coming, darlin’?”
“Of course.”
Adam kissed her, a fire in him that made her knees weak as he wrapped an arm around the small of her back to support her against him. His stubble tickled her face as he kissed the corner of her mouth, her cheekbone, just under her ear and further down her neck. She sighed with content as he wrapped his strong arms around her. That nervous, worried energy that he had held her with weeks ago had been momentarily put to rest. But she knew it was still a part of him and she looked at him with love as she pulled away. Always had.
“Adam, we should–”
“I know,” he said as he kissed her forehead. She shut her eyes and smiled. “We’ve got some celebrating to do. Just wanna hold you for a second.”
His hand slipped into hers and they stayed that way for most of the night. They sat at the bartop together and watched as John challenged Alex to Street Fighter. Uno kindly offered him commentating services and before long, a crowd had gathered. Adam smiled as he watched but when his eyes shifted to look at her, there was a heat in them that went straight to her core. She shifted in her seat. He got her attention by settling his hand on her thigh and tracing the outer seam of her jeans with his thumb. He leaned into her and his warm breath caressed her neck, her bare shoulder.
“Y’know, I had a thought just now. Or earlier, if I’m bein’ honest.”
“Oh? What’s that?”
She raised a brow as she continued to look forward and he answered it with a small smirk.
“Tell me if I’m bein’ too bold but,” Adam paused and she encouraged him with a nod. His soft voice lowered. “I don’t think that belt will look half as good on me as you might.”
Her face flushed and she wet her lips. Another shift in her seat, a squeeze of her thighs, before she looked at him from the corner of her eye. Adam’s eyes drifted from her wet lips to her eyes. His victory at the Royale hadn’t only just lit a fire under his ass. She could feel it in his hand that rested on her leg and it traveled up to the junction between her thighs. Her heart hammered in her chest and the thought crossed her mind for them to walk out, go back to the hotel and discuss it further.
Feeling bold, she smirked at Adam and his eyes flashed.
“In that case,” she started as she hooked a finger through the belt loop at his hip, hidden under the dark of the bartop. She gently tugged at it. “You better beat Kenny’s ass, Hangman.”
He leaned his head back and eyed her before he took a small sip of his whiskey. The blonde gave her a knowing, confident smile as he tipped his head.
“It’s as good as mine, darlin’.”
The belt clattered loudly against the table in his hotel room. Her and Adam weren't far behind it. He grunted into her mouth, his heart racing with victorious post-match adrenaline as their tongues met. Her hands slid up his back to lace through his hair. She tugged at the base of his head and his hips bucked against hers. His hot, calloused hands slid under her shirt and they parted long enough for him to toss it across the room. Her bra wasn’t far behind it and she arched against him, her bare chest against his. His hand slid up her chest to cup her breast. Tease a nipple with his blunt thumbnail. She didn’t waste time undoing the buckle of his gear and cheekily cupped him through his tights. He groaned against her and laid hot kisses along her collarbone.
“Keep teasin’ me like that and we won’t be able to test my hypothesis.”
Effortlessly, he lifted her up from the table and set her back against the bed with a small bounce. His pupils were blown wide as he looked at her and went through the motions of taking his gear off. She barely caught a glimpse at Adam before he dropped down and tugged her skirt off her hips, her panties going the same way.
“Wanna get you ready,” he said as he set her knees on his shoulders. His hot breath spread across her wetness and she set her head back against the bed. She could hear the restraint in his voice. “God, I wanna fuck you so bad but I gotta get you ready.”
He huffed against her and traced her with his hungry tongue. His stubble scratched along her thighs as he pushed his face into her. Her hips jumped and her legs tightened around his head when his nose nudged against her clit. She lifted her head up to watch as he pumped two fingers into her. He was noisy as he ate her, moans and grunts of approval when she sighed and whimpered at the way he played with her. Adam chased the way she squeezed around his fingers and when she came, he kept his eyes on her. The intensity of his gaze nearly coaxed a second one out of her.
She reached for him and he went up to her willingly. Hot and heavy and leaking, he was hard against her thigh. He smoothed her hair away from her face and kissed her gently. Their bellies touched as they breathed each other in for a moment, the first slow minute of their night. She smiled at him and he returned it.
“Lay back, Adam.”
He scooted back against the headboard, half sitting up as she straddled his waist. His hair was a wild halo around his head and his eyes hungry, wide as he took her in. She smiled at him and his hand slid down her side to settle on her thigh. A low moan rumbled in his chest that she felt under her hands as she took her time sinking onto him. Her thighs quaked and when she seated him fully inside of her, both of them groaned in an unspoken and mutual finally. Adam huffed and smirked, his eyes half-lidded as he leaned back against the headboard. Seemingly satisfied that his theory had been right.
She rode him in earnest and he urged her on with light slaps to her ass and a tight grip. He noted for later use that she seemed to like that quite a bit. She teased him by swirling her hips, almost sitting up completely only to take him in as deep as she could. The adrenaline of the night brought him close to the end much quicker than he wanted and he groaned. Warned her with a frantic squeeze of her hips.
She panted against his mouth and he sloppily kissed her before he answered.
“Yeah, darlin’?”
“I had a thought too,” she said and somehow, her skin warmed even further. She repeated his words as she slowed down. “And tell me–oh– if I’m being too bold.”
“Shit, sweetheart, I can feel your heartbeat where I am,” he said with a rise of his hips into her. He eyed where he slipped in and out of her. “Nothin’s too bold right now.”
“What if you gave me a belt of my own?”
His eyes shot up to hers and his brows almost shot into his hairline. The look of surprise at the filthiness of what she suggested made her pause but then he tugged her against him and slid his tongue into her mouth. He held her hips with his hands and lifted her off him. Eagerly, she settled back where he had been and squeezed her breasts as she watched him get on his knees, his hand wrapped around himself. She slid a hand between her thighs and he bit his lip.
“Yeah? You want one too?”
She nodded. Adam grunted and wrapped a hand around the headboard as he worked himself. His eyes squeezed shut in focus and his hips jerked as he came hard on her waist. His lips parted around an unabashed, drawn out moan that filled the room. The sight of him so undone broke her and she came with a quiet moan of her own. He held himself up on shaky arms and set his forehead against hers as they both breathed hard.
“Oh, hell,” he said as he opened his eyes after a long minute. His breath was ragged but there was a tired, bright smile on his face as he saw the one on hers. “Christ.”
He fell to her side and threw an arm over his eyes as they caught their breath, too caught up in the afterglow to say anything. His touch along her arm opened her eyes and she looked up at him, eyes half-lidded with delicious exhaustion. Adam rolled onto his side and looked at her, his skin flushed. The heat in his eyes had cooled to adoration and she looked at him just the same.
Too tired for words, he kissed her temple and got up from the bed to grab a washcloth. She settled back against the bed, half asleep herself, and hummed contentedly as Adam cleaned her up, then settled back beside her. She turned and he carefully pulled her against him.
In the morning, when she woke up still in his arms, she whispered love to him and he answered in kind.
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