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First two gifs <– Imagine Jealous professor Hangman hearing a rumor that you’re sleeping with someone else at college
Ugh, I love 🤤
@writtingrose , @theworldofotps , @hungmanhorsecarriage , @wrestlersownmyheart , @sassymox , @waywardwrestlewritingwaif , @new-zealand-chic , @sophiewolfheart-blog , @unusual-tomorrxw , @aerynscrichton , @thealliasylum , @sultryfandoms , @whenimakeitshine1234 , @crowleysqueenofhell , @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch
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Tumblr media
The rumors had started a couple of weeks ago
Rumor has it, you and Zack - the big, dumb quarterback - were hooking up for a while now
Ever since people saw you together at his fraternity party a month ago
The same one where you both mysteriously disappeared minutes after you arrived
And this was eating Hangman alive
The rumors paired up with the way Zack was constantly roaming around you
Made Hangman’s suspicions grow by the minute
Every Wednesday you went to the college library to study
So that’s where he was now
Staring, as you made your way towards the old part of the library
One that nobody goes to except for your nerdy ass
He carefully followed you there and when your back was facing him
He covered your mouth with his hand and pulled you farther down the hall
Where the lighting was poor and no one could see you - in case you were unfortunate enough of somebody going back there
“Is it true?” He growled in your ear “Answer me!”
The hand covering your mouth traveled down towards your neck
“What are you talking about?”
“Have you been fucking him? Huh? That’s the only thing everyone seems to be talking about”
“And why do you care?” You spat back “You were the one who said we were not together, therefore I don’t owe you any explanations about my personal life”
“Personal life?” He chuckled “Oh I would disagree on that, sweets. You see, the subject became quite public since he can’t stop drooling over you every time you walk by”
Hangman forcefully turned you around so you were now facing him
“Is it true, yes or no?” He asked again and when the only response he got from you was silence he growled
“What did you do with him, huh? Did you let him do even ⅓ of the things you let me do to you?”
His hand began to unbuckle his belt
“Did you suck him beneath the bleachers? Did you let him put a butt plug in you before first class and then let him fuck your ass in the parking lot before going back home?”
Hangman’s hand pushed your black yoga pants down your legs
“Did you let him fuck your tits during lunch break inside a random classroom?”
Amusement was written all over your features and a deep challenging fire burned in your eyes
It was calling for him
Daring him to do something
Challenging him to take this further
Hangman knelt down and freed you from your pants, tossing the black fabric to the side
He picked you up and you instantly hooked your legs around his waist
“I’m gonna ask you one more time: Are you fucking him?” He placed his tip against your entrance
“I don’t know, Professor. You tell me” You quirked your eyebrow at him “Am I?”
“Oh you fucking bitch” Hangman chuckled before entering your core with one swift motion
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Love that The Undisputed Elite had like 5 balloons and Hangman had a Tesla
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daddyhausen · 2 months ago
can i request reader receiving oral for the first time from hangman and feels embarrassed when she cums on his tongue?
of course love ! 🤍
• tongue-tied — hangman adam page •
Tumblr media
{ masterlists } | { aew masterlist } | { hangman adam page masterlist }
{ warnings } — smut, 18+, { minors do not interact }, oral sex { f receiving }, praise kink, squirting
{ word count } — 1.1k
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @codymania
you were unsure of how it happened, for the first thing you remember is arriving home from the dynamite taping, next thing you know adam’s head is buried between your thighs, pressing soft kisses to the bare flesh. the sensation of his lips, accompanied by the tickle of his beard made you shiver, your body naked and exposed to the chill of the winter air that had seemingly flooded throughout the bedroom. it was either that, or your nerves, you couldn’t exactly tell.
he took his time with you, as it was the first of many nights of him sampling your sweetness. his pupils blown wide with lust, complete void of those cornflower blues you were used to and oh so desperately loved, occasionally peering up at you, staring deep into your soul, almost like a man possessed, accompanied with the occasional flick of his tongue against your already sensitive clit. the appendage parting your soaked folds, exploring every crevice of your sweet cunt, the man was practically drooling at your taste.
“adam…” a small moan passed through your pursed lips, a desperate yet futile attempt to silence yourself, an act of which did not sit well with the faux cowboy. he wanted to hear you scream in pleasure, to beg him for release. but still, you kept a hand firmly plastered across your lips, the other intertwining into his loose golden curls, a sensation that made his eyes roll into the back of his skull with desire.
“you’re doing so well for me, darlin’”, he let a low groan escape his lips, the sound reverberating against your tight walls. he licked a hot stripe up against your dripping core, his tongue twirling around your clit, teasing and torturing the sensitive bundle of nerves. “such a good girl…so fucking wet for me…”
in what sounded as him inhaling a deep breath, he dove into your core, nipping and sucking at your clit, tongue exploring deeper into the crevices of your void, holding your hips down for extra leverage. his large palms softly kneading the flesh, the skin sensitive as he traced his calloused palms across the silhouette of your figure, pulling you closer against him, closer against his tongue.
you couldn’t take much more, this you knew for a fact. between the sweet praises he muttered against your skin, the wondrous violence his tongue provided between your thighs, you were about to lose it all. electricity shot through your thighs as they began to shake, your mind was in a daze, haphazardly gripping his hair with one hand, the other still firmly planted across your lips. he reached up, grabbing the hand that had been previously silencing your moans, intertwining his fingers with yours, the intimate detail did not go unnoticed by you.
“let me hear you, darlin’” he muttered through a soft moan of his own, your back arching in pleasure at the recurring vibrations from his voice, only aiding your impending orgasm. “let me hear how good i make you feel”
you could only whimper in response, followed by small mutterings of his name. he just knew you were on the brink of release, so close he could practically feel the pulse rising against his tongue, clenching around the appendage as your hips bucked up to meet him. yet you seemed hesitant, trying to suppress the sudden influx of pleasure that coursed through you. he kept his free hand on your hip, sliding up your waist, gently, reassuringly rubbing the skin, his other hand, still holding yours, sweetly drawing circles into the back your hand, sweeping across your knuckles with the calloused pad of his thumb.
“don’t fight it, doll…be a good girl and cum for me” not being able to hold back any longer, and in addition to his soothing words, you let go, allowing floods of pleasure to course through your veins, crashing over your body in tidal waves. he continued to devour your cunt, lapping up your sweetness like a man dying of thirst up until you had finally come down from your high.
you laid back against the mattress, chest heaving with shallow breaths, his head perched upon the axis of your thigh, a content smile crossing his lips. your cheeks flushed with heat, more or less from the embarrassment coursing through you from having made a mess on his tongue, a hand propping up to shield your face from his gaze.
he took notice of your sudden, reserved exterior, cocking an eyebrow in confusion as he propped himself up onto his forearms, your face fully covered by your arms in an attempt to avoid the situation entirely. he made his way beside you, gently smoothing circles into your hip, a look of concern crossing his lips.
“darlin’, what’s the matter?” he questioned softly, pulling you up against his chest. his skin was warm, it offered a comforting feeling, a homely one at that. adam, for lack of a better term, was a safe haven for you, his warmth, his protectiveness, it made you feel sheltered in the best possible way, so the fact you became so embarrassed over something so trivial was odd to him, even for yourself. your finally gained the confidence to pry your hands from your face, your heated cheeks still flushed an unnatural shade of pink, how found the sight rather adorable, smiling down softly at you.
“i made a mess…” you muttered quietly into his chest, mentioning your juices that had dripped down your thighs to the wetness that gathered lightly in his beard. his heart swelled as you buried your head deeper into his chest, his strong arms wrapping around your frame, cradling you in his lap.
“baby…” he cooed softly against your earlobe, peppering gentle kisses to the skin. “don’t be embarrassed, it's a natural thing to happen”
“i love when you cum like that, doll. you know how good it makes me feel to know that i made you cum that hard!” he noticed the corners of your lips curve up into a small smile, his hands gently sweeping the hair that had fallen in front of your eyes.
“i know…but i still feel bad about it,” you mumbled, avoiding his gaze for the second time that night. he gripped your chin gently, placing a sweet kiss to your lips.
“darlin’...” he began with a small chuckle “how many times do i gotta eat you out to prove that i adore you?”
you chuckled softly at his remark, lightly tracing shapes into his skin.
“maybe…once more?” you responded with a little more confidence than previously noticed. the faux cowboy leaned down, placing a much more heated kiss to your lips.
“well then, lay back, doll”
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Kenny and Adam going over their main event match before the Full Gear PPV
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lilyfnrose · 7 months ago
How am I supposed to calmly study after watching that Hangman and Kenny contract signing, especially with the knowledge that Ibushi liked a gif captioned “golden” when he was mentioned
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Finally finished another sketchbook! This a peek at the end of 2020, thru 2021, and start of 2022 pt 1.
In that time there was COVID, I finished school, and started a new job, crazy crazy!
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completed = 𓆩♡𓆪
unfinished = ♡
in the works = ➳
oneshots = ★
series = ☆
Tumblr media
carmelo hayes
i love you ★ 𓆩♡𓆪
—carmelo loses you when he really didn’t want to.
mine ★ 𓆩♡𓆪
—carmelo wants to be more than a quick fuck to you.
bron breakker
the only exception ★ 𓆩♡𓆪
Bron confesses he likes you after Grayson Waller ruins your promo.
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He's back
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Letter From The Road
AEW Superstar: Adam Page Word Count: 452 ~A series in which I write letters from a superstar to their partner or friends back home while they’re on tour.~
They’re back and here is the first one that was especially written for @hungmanhorsecarriage I know how much she’s wanted Adam to win the title and now that he finally has I couldn’t be more happy that he has it and that she gets to celebrate it with all his other supporters. Babes I really hope you enjoy this letter and congrats once again to your cowboy champ! __________ Tag list: @hungmanhorsecarriage @writtingrose @omg-im-such-a-masochist @sjwrites22 @sassymox @new-zealand-chic @mrsacklesevansmgk @xladyxfatex @biforrollynch @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @demonqueen29 @itsicantbelievethis666 @xbreezymeadowsx @rebellious-desires @thiccc-rider-mcintyre @melblacc @letsgivethisonemoreshot @alination @ava-valerie @shortyiceheart @serpantscorpio8497 @thatnerdwriter @thatpanpal @wrestlersownmyheart @vebner37 
AEW tag list: @wheelergrealish  If you wanna be added to the list lemme know. __________ Dear Princess, By now you’re on your way back home from the show, and I’m sitting here in my hotel room looking at my brand new title. I’ve actually done it, baby. The brand NEW AEW champion. Me, like I’m still trying to process that this has actually happened.
I woke up this morning as the number one contender for the AEW championship and now I’m champ. It’s absolutely wild how that all happened. That match was something else but we both put our all into it.
Kenny is one hell of an opponent and I’m glad that I was able to face him for this title. He’s had a lot to do in my career and it’s been great. I will definitely be feeling everything tomorrow. But it’ll be worth it.
And having you there to watch me win it was perfect. I honestly don’t think you have any idea on just how much that meant to me. Having my girl there to witness one of the greatest achievements of my life, just made it that more special. Thank you for coming out to surprise me. Thank you for helping me keep fighting for this. I know that the distance at times can be too much. But your support and encouragement have been a huge help.
I always love having you in the crowd for shows. It makes me so happy seeing you out there cheering for me. I love how much you get into all the matches and feuds. And I know that fans love seeing you out there, more then once I’ve had people mention to me your support. Especially regarding the title.
I’ve spent so long chasing this damn thing. Had it slip through my fingers time and time again. But now it’s finally mine. I hope I made you proud. I know you said it when we were backstage but I really really hope I did. To be honest I’m proud of myself. Despite everything thrown my way I still kept going instead of giving up.
I wanna get a picture of you holding it. I think that would be so damn cute. We need to properly celebrate when I come home in two weeks. I’m talking about you, me, maybe a nice dinner. Possibly some hot tub time and whatever else we get up to then.
I know the guys wanna go out to celebrate tomorrow morning with brunch or something. So I should probably try and get some sleep. I am exhausted after such a busy day and then the match. I’ll text you when I wake up. I love you so much baby thank you for everything.
                       Your cowboy champ loves you princess                                               Adam
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omg-im-such-a-masochist · 4 months ago
Secretly sucking Teacher/professor!Hangman dick underneath his desk when he’s in a meeting 😭😫
Oh my fuck 🥵💦 I can already see that Mr. Hangman will be a current theme in this blog and I love it 😈 Fuck this got so long 😩 Sorry
@theworldofotps , @writtingrose , @sophiewolfheart-blog , @hungmanhorsecarriage , @wrestlersownmyheart , @aerynscrichton , @crowleysqueenofhell , @new-zealand-chic , @whenimakeitshine1234 , @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch , @ava-valerie
Tumblr media
You quickly checked the hallway again
To make sure no one could see you sneaking into Professor Hangman’s office
He was in a phone call with Principal Jones
About the upcoming charity events your university always hosted every year
“Yes, I was thinking that maybe we could do something fun for the students so they can engage in the activities as well” Adam talked while keeping his gaze glued to your every move
You placed your bag on top of his small couch and locked the door
Adam crooked an eyebrow at you
As if to ask “what are you up to?”
To which your only response was a confident grin
“Yeah, yeah. I definitely think that’s a great idea” He answered to the man on the other side of the phone
You knelt down, before placing yourself on all fours and so you began to crawl towards him
“That’s a perfect view, indeed” He smirked at you and caressed your hair when you finally reached him and placed your head on his thick thigh
You trailed a trail of kisses from his clothed thigh to his semi hard bulge
“I think we should start it off easy, because we don’t want to end it too quickly” He responded and you chuckled at his answer
Already understanding that his words were also a warning for you
You unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the fly down torturously slow
Grabbing his length on your warm hand
You freed him out of his black boxers and began to pump his hard length slowly
“We must not forget to be a little harsh too” He spoke and closed his hand on top of yours, encouraging you to pump him harder
“These kids need to learn some discipline, otherwise they’ll become spoiled brats” Adam grabbed a handful of your hair and gave it a hard tug
You gasped at the sharp pain and smiled in pleasure when you saw his satisfied grin
Adam used his free hand to guide his cock to your mouth
Resting the pink heart-shaped tip against your soft lips
“I know” He laughed “We need to keep them busy because we all know these kids have quite the mouth”
Adam suppressed a moan when your hot tongue made contact with his sensitive tip
You engulfed his length into your mouth
Closing your lips and hollowing your cheeks to provide him the amount of pressure he loved
“Oh yes, that’s heavenly” He stated and softly tugged on your hair to make you look up
“Keep your eyes on me” He mouthed and then continued with a laugh “That’s definitely the best feeling ever”
Adam kept his hand on your head and his blue gaze on your face
You pulled back, grabbed him with your two hands and began to pump them up and down his thick shaft
Adam leaned forward and slipped his hand inside your leggings. Quickly finding your damp folds
His thick finger slowly slid in your core and soon after a second one followed the first
“Oh yes, it will be a tight fit, but we’ll make it work” He grinned and crooked his fingers to find your sweet spot
When your lips opened to let a soft moan out
Adam quickly muffled your whimper with his mouth
“Mhm” He mumbled in agreement as his tongue softly battled yours for dominance
He pulled back and stated “Alright, then. See you on Monday. Bye, Pat”
Adam ended the call in a hurry and opened the camera of his phone
He pressed play on the red button of the video setting and grunted
“Oh you naughty little girl! Show Professor Hangman how well you can use that mouth, baby”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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daddyhausen · 4 months ago
can i request phone sex or video chat sex with hangman adam page?
• phone calls from the road — ‘hangman’ adam page •
Tumblr media
{ warnings } — 18+ { minors do not interact } smut, phone sex, video/facetime sex, male masturbation, female masturbation, handjob, fingering, daddy kink, male orgasm, female orgasm, squirting, cumshot
{ word count } — 1k
{ genre } — smut
as much as he enjoyed being on the road, travelling from town to town, taking in the sights and the bright smiles on the fans’ faces, it all seemed so mundane with you not around. adam treasured your company more than any pay check or title opportunity that was offered to him. and tonight, it seemed that he missed said company even more than usual.
as the hours grew thick into the early morning, you were the only thing on his mind, your presence only a phone call away, teasing and tantalising to his touch. adam had felt rather sex-deprived you could say, now more that ever as the european tour was reaching its final leg, and rubbing one out in the locker room wasn’t exactly pleasing to the other guy’s eyes or ears.
his phone laid beside him on the shitty hotel bed, the mattress springs popping against his back accompanied by the itchiness of the cheap blankets did not exactly provide an arousing setting. though despite his circumstances, his cock rested half hard in his jeans, simply thinking of you.
he contemplated the thought for a moment, staring down at his phone, a picture of you as his lock screen popped up, displaying the time. phone sex was not a new thing in your relationships, what with adam being on the road for than half the year, you could say it happens more often than regular sex.
his calloused hands gripped his phone, unlocking it and dialing your number, all the while prepping himself for the erotic ride ahead of him by palming his half-hard cock through his jeans
“c’mon, darling…pick up…” he grumbled, with slight frustration, he had not been able to hear your sweet moans in days! he needed that relief, needed to hear you scream and beg his name, even if it was through the phone.
“adam…? why are you calling me this late shouldn’t you be sleeping right now?” you sweet voice blessed his ears, he let out a soft sigh of relief, slowly beginning to unbuckle his belt in the process.
“i know doll, i keep forgetting about the time zones and everything…” he breathed out heavily, trying to stifle his breathy moans as he freed himself from his jeans, now palming his thick cock through his boxers. “i missed your voice…i need you, darling…i need you so fucking bad”
you went silent on the other end of the phone for a moment, merely contemplating the proposition you had gone over so many times before. he could practically see you smiling through the phone, knowing how much you enjoyed a session like this, despite being countries apart separated by sea and land, it always felt so intimate.
“hold on a second love, i’ll call you back” with that you hung up the call, leaving the faux cowboy stunned, practically fully erect, waiting for the sound of your voice again. no less that five minutes later you had called back, this time a video chat. he grabbed his phone in such a hurry that he almost ended the call.
he answered, his breath catching in his throat. you, in all your glory, seated on the edge of your shared bed, body clad in lacy red lingerie, the set that he had bought you for valentine’s day the previous year. your cleavage in full view of his gaze, you having pushed your breast together with your forearms to accentuate their fullness.
“fuck…” he groaned, swallowing thickly, only earning a small giggle from you in response, his cock pulsated against his palm, yearning to be inside of your tight, dripping cunt.
“like what you see, daddy” your voice pitched up an octave, teasing him with he prospect of not being able to fuck you in person. he could only offer a nod in return, fearing that it he were to open his mouth, moans would spill instead of words.
slowly, you began to strip before his eyes, adam took the opportunity to free his cock from the restraint of his boxers, slowly beginning to pump his thick shaft. you started with your bra, unclamping the lace, staring into the lens of your phone camera, revealing your perky breasts to him, you let out a low moan, gripping the mound of flesh between your palms, pinching and twirling your nipples as you moaned his name.
“adam…i miss your cock so much” you whined, slowly sliding your hands down towards your panties, wanting to quickly dispose of the soaked material. you began lightly teasing your clit, rubbing circles into your sensitive bundle of nerves, all while adam watched in awe.
“that’s it doll, play with your sweet, little pussy for daddy” he let out a guttural moan as you slipped two fingers deep into your wet cunt, pretending that they were his fingers, or better yet, his cock.
he increased his speed, loving the sight of your fingers filling your tight pussy, disappearing with every pump you gave, you kept one hand firmly on your breasts, twisting and pinching your hardened nipple between your thumb and index finger.
“oh fuck, daddy! it feels so good…i wish your thick cock was buried deep inside me!” you cried out, orgasm on the brink of release, adam could sense it, the way your moans heightened, the speed of your fingers increased, the way your legs would shake and body would convolve with arousal, it was pure erotica at its finest.
“good girl, imagine my thick cock filling up your little cunt, fuck baby. i wanna cum in you so bad!” he could only hope for that endeavour when he returned home but for now he only had the comfort of his hand to provide him release.
“fuck, adam! i’m gonna cum-“ you announced, your legs began to shake violently, your pussy quivering around your fingers as the bed sheets became soaked with your essence. he could not take the sight any longer, his cock began to pulse in his palm, hot ropes of his seed grace the pads of his calloused fingertips, coating his knuckles with glossy white.
the both of you remained quiet for a moment, reveling in each others orgasms and the sweet stench of sex in the air. he let out a content sigh, resting his back up against the headboard.
“i’ll be home soon, doll” he began, trying to stabilise his breathing. “and the first thing i’m doing when i get home is ruining that pretty little cunt of yours”
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legolasion1 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lilyfnrose · 7 months ago
Kenny revealing that he felt happy that Hangman beat him and Matt beginning to say “I mean now that you…” and being immediately cut off by Adam Cole was a fantastic detail.
Tumblr media
Adam doesn’t want the bucks to be honest with Kenny, he wants to have an advantage, he wants Kenny to feel betrayed. There has been an obvious disconnect between Adam and Kenny since the second Adam stepped foot in an AEW ring for the first time, with the bucks doing the ever so iconic cheek kisses and Kenny left kissing the back on Adams head being cut out of the shot.
Tumblr media
Adam Cole doesn’t want there to be heathy communication between the bucks and Kenny because that puts his plan in harms way. Due to the contract situations of both Kevin Steen and Kyle O’Reilly we could possibly get a Mount Rushmore reunion, an Undisputed Era reunion, or even the creation of something entirely new under the instructions of Adam Cole. If the elite, that being Kenny, Matt and Nick, the original 3 man team who made the name what it is, are communicating well and are honest with each other that is detrimental for Adam Cole because Kenny Omega was never in his plans but he is always in the bucks’ plans because to them he’s family.
Tumblr media
If, in that moment, the bucks had told Kenny that they walked out at Full Gear and gave Hangman the approval and support to beat him then maybe it would have been okay, this new mindset Kenny seems to be in is that it’s not all about him but about the elite. It’s like he’s being honest with himself and back to thinking the way he did when hangman and himself first became a team, and If you look even further it’s as though he’s thinking the way he was back when the golden elite was formed as it’s not all about winning and having to be the best but is about being there for those you love.
Tumblr media
However, Adam Cole swiftly blocked this communication, he stopped Matt from being honest with Kenny. If Kenny doesn’t trust the bucks that is perfect for Adam to play the hero to them, someone they can confide in and help win big whilst he just learns even more about their relationship with Kenny and how to take advantage of it and manipulate it, similar to the way Cody was back in 2018.
Tumblr media
A big question is what will this lead to once Kenny is all healed up (wishing him well and hoping he takes a good amount of time off<3) . Well there’s a few ways it could go, either Cole has aligned the bucks and other friends of his to create this new mega faction, or possibly the bucks and Cole are simply a dominant 3 man team. When Kenny comes back who will his allies be, will we get to see Kenny lose those he loves and see it break him leading to his former friend and partner Hangman picking him up and dusting him off, maybe it even leads to that long awaited golden lovers reunion. It once felt absurd to suggest The Golden lovers and Hangman Adam Page vs The Young Bucks and Adam Cole but with Kenny probably needing new allies, and Cole gunning for gold, then a feud between these two groups with Hangman and Cole in a battle for the belt is not impossible.
Tumblr media
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wwenhlimagines · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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danthetubadude · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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