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#hannah rose
igglywiggly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My designs for the women on the dsmp :]
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wetchickenbreast · 14 days ago
I think the dsmp should end with all the ccs going on it at the same time and finishing their character arcs in the worst way possible. And they only have an hour to do it. Beeduo divorces, Ranboo is given custody of Michael, who promptly dies because Ranboo forgets about him. Techno gets bored and murders Dream, then escapes and sets off all his withers. Him and Phil lose their canon lives to a wither. Jack Manifold gets lost in the desert and dies of dehydration. Quackity and Wilbur make out while blowing up all of Las Nevadas. Tubbo was wordlessly flipping burgers the entire stream before dying in the explosion. Ponk, and Sam decide to get married. They die in the Las Nevadas explosion during the wedding. Badboyhalo swallows The Egg whole and then is murdered by Puffy, who is murdered by Antfrost, who is murdered by Foolish, who is murdered by Hannah, who is murdered by Skeppy when he crawls out of BBH’s dead body (he was inside the egg again for an unexplained reason). Eret suddenly gets all their memories back and spontaneously combusts. Sapnap goes on a rampage killing as many people and animals as he can before setting Kinoko kingdom and himself on fire. Velvet and TapL show up and immediately lose all their canon lives due to the Las Nevadas explosion, being hunted down and killed by Sapnap, and Techno’s withers. Karl time travels back in time and never returns. Drista shows up and takes Tommy away to go make him a god. With his new god powers, Tommy destroys the entire server with lava, killing anyone who remained. Afterwords he dumps water on it so the entire server is covered in cobblestone and obsidian. Alyssa joins the server holding starbucks, sees how it looks, and then logs off. Slimecicle survives and is doomed to squish around the empty server forever. cc!Dream removes the whitelist and cc!George tweets out the ip. The server floods with fans and they are all talking about dnf. Sneegsnag joins and kills the server for good by immediately finding a rare glitch which duplicates withers infinitely. None of the ccs ever talk about the dsmp again.
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beckyblah · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone had banger outfits at the Red Banquet, but I HAD to draw the girls dresses!
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dreambutstupid · 6 months ago
I saw a post that I really loved by @gabnapp and wanted to share some more ways in which the people on the SMP show love to eachother:
1. Tommy always helping Tubbo read things the moment he notices him struggling
2. Karl helping George instantly whenever he gets stressed because of his colourblindness because although Karl’s is only mild, he still sympathises with George and doesn’t see it as a joke
3. Phil always letting Wilbur crash his streams purely because Wilbur needs that socialisation, so Phil just sits back and allows Wilbur to speak whatever is on his mind
4. Sam making sure nobody on the smp goes unappreciated e.g gifting BBH 50 subs because he didn’t think it was fair BBH had to gift them to himself
5. Sapnap making sure George didn’t feel like he was being excluded from living with Dream and Sapnap by offering for them to share a room
6. Phil and Wilbur building their house on Origins SMP close to the water so Niki can still socialise with them
7. When George begins to get frustrated in a game so Sapnap makes it his mission to avenge him and brighten the mood
8. Skeppy being so desperate to meet Bad that he donated 50k to make it happen
9. When clowning George goes too far so Quackity switches sides and starts to defend him
10. When George will pause whatever he’s doing, even if he’s in the middle of being killed, to say goodbye to Bad when he leaves a call
11. Ponk gushing about the effect Dream and George have had on his life any chance he gets
12. Ant and Bad always acknowledging eachother when their comments fall flat in a busy call
13. Eret reacting to the events of the lore on the smp with enthusiasm despite not really keeping up with it
14. Everyone participating in Karl’s Tales of The SMP streams even if it doesn’t really benefit them or push their lore along
15. George and Dream calling eachother everyday, sometimes for even 10 hours, but still getting excited when the other joins a call
16. When Sapnap begins to get genuinely angry in a game so George and Bad let him get his anger out
17. When George was getting too many donations so Sapnap started helping him read them and answer them
18. Tubbo and Tommy always being excited to join a call together despite having done it hundreds of times
19. Ranboo always laughing at Tubbo’s commentary, even if nobody else is
20. When everyone stops to let Niki speak because she’s quite soft spoken and can’t be heard over all their shouting
21. When Puffy calls out when she thinks somebody on the server is genuinely upset
22. George genuinely getting excited over any of Sam’s or Foolish’s builds and appreciating them
23. Bad and Skeppy having almost every video on their channels based around eachother
24. Punz being like a patient brotherly figure to the Dream Team and helping them whenever they need
25. When the bigger SMP streamers make sure to raid the member of the SMP with the least views at the time in order to boost their follower count e.g Dream raiding Ponk, George raiding Foolish and Bad raiding Hannah
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hannahsrose · a month ago
confession time. I like to think Hannah's minecraft skin is wearing gogo boots
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stunfiskz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
girl help im hearing voices
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