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From this ask Meme

3: Who is always in the middle in triad cases? 

(I’m not sure what that means but i think i got it)

Aaron raised his hand waving gently looking at his two partners with a smile. Chilton handed him his notebook and leaned on him gently. Aaron started to write. ´´I think i’m in the middle due to them being together before I came to them.´´ Nuzzled Chilton gently. Francis nodded after reading the paper.

7: Who brings home stray pets and convinces the others to keep them? 

Hase and Will grinned at each other. Hase spoke up ¨Will will collect stray dogs. He has gained two since he found Winston.  I get stray cats sometimes. Most of the time they are kittens that are left in parking lots and other places. Will grabs full grown dogs. Hannibal doesn’t care for the additions of the dogs but he likes the cats.“

Aaron looked away grinning to himself as a small white cat walked up to them. Francis picked it up and gave it to Aaron, wiping himself off. Chilton spoke up "Aaron has brought two cats home at this point. Francis isn’t very fawned of most pets but he seems to enjoy their company at times.”

10: Would/do they have kids? Who are the Responsible Parents, who are the Cool Parents™ to the pollywogs? 

Hase, Will, and Hannibal Thought for a second looking at each other. Hase spoke up “Um… Even if that was possible… I’m infertile and Hannibal and will have no interest in Biological children. Hannibal getting his tubes during his transition and Will does not want a kid just for the child’s sake.” He looked to The side “If we were to adopt will would be the ‘cool’ parent I geuss? He’d be more slack than me and Hannibal.”

Hannibal - Will

Chilton - Francis


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Binging Hannibal for the 3rd time.. this year.. and Hannibal somehow gets more manipulative each time I watch this show.

… I ain’t mad tho. I love it.

Bout to start s2. S2!Will is my favorite. Watching Will realize what’s happened… what Hannibal has done and all that comes from it… I can not express how much I love it. Oh yes, s2!Will is definitely my favorite.

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While Will is ABSOLUTELY a victim of Hannibal’s manipulation, he is also unreliable as fuck in own narration. Y'all remember that time he got Chiyoh to murder a guy then strung up his body with glass and shit so he looked liked a dragonfly?? Y'all remember that?? The man is responsible for his own actions.

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as someone apart of the lgbt community i just wanna say this

as people try to threaten our very existence and take everything we’ve worked so hard for, we will strive. as we always have. and we shall take advice from hanniabl lector:

eat the rude!!

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I love that Season 4 of Hannibal would have had Hannibal and Will on the run and a worldwide search for the two most beautiful men you’ve ever seen, a Disney prince with unmistakbly haunted doe eyes, and a Disney villain who moves like a panther and can’t resist making conspicuous cannibal jokes and killing people, and they both talk like goth kids in a homoerotic French film, and still no intelligence agency in the world would be able to find them.

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