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le-sansnom · a day ago
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today’s inktober : forest
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multific · 19 hours ago
Pregnancy - Slashers Edition Preferences
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Michael Myers
Michael went to prison before you could tell him the news. You didn't want his doctor to know about the baby, you were afraid they would hurt or analyze your child because of their father. So, you kept it a secret.
You did visit Michael in The Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium. You always made sure to hide your belly and never mentioned it to Michael, too afraid of his doctors.
But then, many years later, he got out.
Your Michael was free and heading your way.
You rushed to the front door and there he was, walking to you as if nothing changed. You ran into his arms.
"Baby, come and meet your father. Michael this is Jason, your son. Jason, this is your father," you introduced them to one another and you could tell Michael wasn't sure how to react. This was something he wasn't prepared for.
He was ready to kill a man or two that were in your house, but a son?
Jason decided to hug his dad. You felt like you finally could be a real family.
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Jason Voorhees
The moment you had a slight suspicion about a possible pregnancy, you told Jason.
You knew he will need a longer time to process everything. And he certainly did. You had a feeling that even when your belly began to show, he was still doubtful about a child being inside you, especially his child.
You had to tell him every day at least thousands of times that it was his baby, but you were never up-front about it. You always threw hints at him like.
"Jason, come and feel your baby is moving." or "Your child is making me sick today, I woke up with a headache as well." etc.
And then Jason finally got it. Four months into pregnancy. He decided to extend the cottage, he made heating and even cleaned up the place as best as he could.
He made it into a home. A home for your baby.
And when you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Jason was happy. The child was beautiful.
"We should name her after your mother," you said as Jason couldn't take his eyes off of the little one.
"Pamela." you heard him say with a very low voice, you barely heard it, but it was there.
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Hannibal Lecter
Your pregnancy was planned from the moment the two of you got married.
Hannibal made an elaborate plan to get you pregnant. He had everything planned, even the fact that you wouldn't know about his plan.
You were so oblivious, you even announced it to him during dinner and he pretended to be surprised.
But he was happy. That wasn't pretending.
He was excited to become a parent with you.
Of course, you end up having the most perfect baby one can want. The little boy was just like you, and Hannibal loved him for that.
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Patrick Bateman
When you tell him, he is silent, not sure if this was really happening. It wasn't planned. And sure he wasn't exactly safe about it since you got married, he still didn't expect this to happen.
For a second you feared that he might snap.
"I'm so fertile I made a child with only one try! I'm amazing!" he yelled. And that calmed your nerves. You knew he would be like this. He would pretend like it didn't take two to make a baby and act as he succeeded in a new life goal.
But you on the other hand you were proud of both of you. He would go around, telling everyone that he got you pregnant. Just as he did when you married him.
Every single time you were with Patrick all he could talk about was the baby.
"We should move to a house." or "I will buy anything for our child." He promised he will do anything for the two of you.
And every time he placed his hands on your stomach you knew he wasn't lying.
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Thomas Hewitt
This precious boy would be so happy and nervous at the same time.
Although the two of you planned on starting a family, he was still a bit shocked when you told him the news. Now with his family unfortunately gone, he only had you.
But now, he would have you and the baby. His own little family.
He would be such a protective hubby.
Making sure you are not overworking yourself for a second. He would tell you to sit down and take breaks even if you were only cooking.
He would be the cuddliest. He wants to feel your stomach grow and he wants to feel the life in it grow with it. You enjoyed every second of being pregnant.
Tommy was always there for you, he brought you food or anything that you needed.
Now, some people would say that using people's bones for a baby's toy is sick and twisted, but you, you nearly cried when you saw what Thomas had created.
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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my story!~
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mdelerysworld · 2 days ago
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Hannibal nbc - s3 e13
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The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
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bloodyteethh · a day ago
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you guys noticed how I put a certain someone twice yea I would LOVE to see more fanfiction of this man please and thank you
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chaotic-angsty-teen · a day ago
We should have more characters named following the Same principal as Hannibal tbh. A Murderer named Hurderer! Some eviiil Doctors named Halpractice! A Closeted gay person who's name is Imagay spelled backwards! Wait...
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fangbangrr · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Mizumono shirts are coming back in time for Halloween (along with a new recolor version!) Available on Saturday 10/23 at 12pm EST—along with masks, lanyards and a new keychain :]
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gldnpoetssociety · a day ago
It hurts me so much that both,Will and Hannibal were touch-starved right? But Hannibal spent three years locked up and the only physical touch he felt was when someone from the stuff put him into his suit or maybe when he was sick and doctor was checking him out. And when he got out,for the brief moment he was free,he felt the only person who mattered to him touch him in a way no one else’s touch would compare while looking at Hannibal with so much love in his eyes that it made his heart ache. Yeah and then he threw them into the ocean.
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jimjamdraws · 2 days ago
I don’t know what I have to sacrifice to the Gods to get a 4th season of Hannibal but I’m willing to do it.
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