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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Title: My Sweetest Downfall
Author: Liz
Chapter: 6/?
Word Count: 2,745
Rating: MA
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance
Warnings:  Language, Sexual Situations
Summary: Sometimes maybe your soulmate is never meant to be your last true love…or so Avery finds out the hard way.
Excerpt: Avery was sure that she and Paisley could refrain from killing each other over lunch.

Link: Chapter Six

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Title: Tangled Up In Blue
Author: Liz
Chapter: 24/?
Word Count: 2,020
Rating: R/MA
Genre: Drama/Angst
Warnings:  Language, Sexual Situations, Sibling Incest
Summary: Avery has loved Zac most of her life, there is only one problem. One really big problem, Zac loves her twin sister Tess but that isn’t new for her. What is new is the fact that Zac’s brother Taylor keeps inserting himself in her life when all she really wants to do is be miserable about the fact that Zac is now dating Tess.

Of course things never go as one plans and Avery’s life is about to get a whole lot of complicated.
Excerpt: They were awful people and Zac was going to wind up hurt because of them.

Link: Chapter Twenty-Four

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#Repost @foodonthemoveok

• • • • • •

We were honored to serve a little over 3000 TPS teachers and staff yesterday with our Drive-Through Grocery Giveaway Program! This program was made possible by our great partners at @gofreshusa @usdagov @farmersgov

Special thanks to all the volunteers, TPS Staff, and TPS Officers who made this a success. We are looking forward to being back again next Thursday.


#GoFreshUSA #USDA #FarmersToFamilies #FarmersToFamiliesFoodBoxProgram

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“I just became a fan of Hanson recently, and I was wondering if anyone finds it odd that Taylor is the lead for almost EVERY song? I mean, I would think that in a group where all three of the members can sing, especially since they’re brothers, that the lines and leads would be more equally divided amongst all of them. I wonder if this ever bothered Isaac or Zac…“

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