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#hanta sero

Bakugou overall is a very loud person. Loud voice, loud personality, loud quirk.

But he loves very quietly.

He stares just a but too long at his friends when they aren’t looking, a gentle smirk on his face as he watches Denki and Hanta jump in puddles made from the rain.

He buys Mina chocolate when she’s on her period and leaves it outside her dorm room’s door. Anonymously.

His back hugs are legendary and warm and safe. He’ll burry his face into the crook on the neck of whoever is getting the hug. He’ll breathe deeply.

His kisses are soft and gentle. And no one believes Kirishima when he explains this. They’re never angry, or frustrated. Katsuki will simply melt, quietly giving himself over and letting Eiji have control.

He cooks his friends their favorite meals on their birthdays.

He knows how to make flower crowns. And uses floral languages when arranging bright colored petals on the heads of his friends. Innocence and Naivity for Kaminari, Trust and hope for Sero, Beauty and Confidence for Ashido, Love and Lust for Kirishima.

In contrast, the rest of Bakugou’s squad has loud love.

For Eijirou,

It’s declarations of love while eating food that Katsuki made.

It’s calling him “Kats” “Katsu” and just plain “Katsuki” around others just to see him blush

It’s constant romantic gestures. Cards on anniversaries. Poems read out loud (dramatically) in common areas. Wearing Kats’ hoodies and parading around in them.

For Mina,

It’s constantly kissing him on the cheek to say thank you for something he’s done without being asked.

It’s begging to borrow his eyeliner and laughing hysterically when Bakugou mumbles a soft “fine”

It’s squealing in delight when he smiles.

For Denki,

It’s as simple as offering him a hit of whatever he’s on at the time. Loudly calling him ungreatful when Bakugou says no.

It’s putting up with him when he’s grumpy, going shopping with him, calling him “Bakubabe”, complimenting the chef and boasting loudly about how great of a cook he is.

For Hanta,

It’s sticking little notes all over his door with kind messages. Thank you notes, encouragement, “you look cute today”, anything.

It’s always buying him spicy cashews at the store when he goes.

It’s saying “Love you too, when Bakugou says nothing at all.”

And they all wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Midnight: Now, kids... Part of my job is to prepare you to your life as a superhero, which is why I'm going to have to speak about a somewhat precarious and problematic topic... namely, your future groupies.
Sero Hanta: I... don't think we'll have to worry about th/
Midnight: Trust me, you will. People just lust after famous media personalities, okay? It's a common fantasy. Soon enough, you'll get a bunch of impressionable, vulnerable men and women knocking at your door and it's very important that you don't ever, EVER take advantage of them in any way.
Yaoyorozu Momo: Have you ever slept with a groupie, Ms Nemuri?
Midnight: Me? Never. I kick them out of the bedroom right after the deed so they don't get attached.
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I’m Super Bored Please Request Some Shit!


I feel like writing some headcannons.I don’t have rules yet so go crazy go stupid.

*one thing tho I’m really only writing x reader right now but maybe in the future I’ll expand my writing more.

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The squad in quarantine:

Bakugou: reading, training, or sleeping. Occasionally let’s kirishima talk him into video games

Kirishima: training, playing pranks on everyone with Kaminari, or playing ‘how long until katsuki gets annoyed and hits us’

Denki: reading manga, texting memes to his friends who’re in the same apartment as him, playing pranks on people with kirishima. (Mainly on bakugou)

Sero: mostly just watches the chaos but occasionally joins in, trains a few minutes a day with bakugou, reads and practices his cooking skills

Mina: makes sure everyone is still eating a consistent diet, pretends to be unamused by Denki’s texts but secretly saves every single meme, reads a lot, catches up on gossip with her gals via FaceTime while bakugou and kirishima ‘argue’ in the background.

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Sero: I never thought I’d actually have a chance with Iida but then Kaminari locked us in a closet for three hours.

Iida: You panicked and got us stuck in tape, Kaminari tried to open the door thirty minutes after shoving us in the closet.

Sero: okay okay, but, we came out of the closet!

Iida, huffing: I suppose you’re right.

Sero: *Smiles Widely*

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  • When playing rock paper scissors, Kirishima always chooses rock. He doesn’t understand why he always loses the game.
  • The rest of the squad has chosen not to explain it because it’s hilarious. And it means they have an advantage when it comes to tie-breakers.
  • Bakugo, though he’d never admit it, is a sucker for physical interaction. Occasionally someone will lean against him or put their arm on his shoulder and he’ll complain loudly about it but won’t push them away, at least when it comes to those in the squad. 
  • Kirishima will straight-up drape across Bakugo’s lap or rest his head on his shoulder. Bakugo will glare at him and grumble under his breath, and Kirishima will just grin at him.
  • The squad will often have movie nights which end in them all sleeping in a pile.

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Kaminari: Give me your hairdryer.

Sero: What?

Jirou: What are you talking about?

Kaminari: Don’t you carry one in your purse?

Jirou: Have you ever met a human woman?

Kaminari: *Phoning Mina*

Mina, over the phone: Mina’s authentic stolen hero suits. How can I help? Oh hey, Kami.

Kaminari: Hey, do you carry a hairdryer in your purse?

Mina: Of course. I’m not an animal.

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the bakubros walking in on their fem! s/o masturbating

warnings: should be obvious, smut, 18+

kaminari denki


- you two used to satisfy each other’s libido’s almost daily

- but ever since moving into the ua dorms this kinda stopped

- training kept you both busy and exhausted

- plus, sneaking into each other’s rooms in the middle of the night was way too stressful in the long run

- especially since aizawa had almost caught you two in the act

- it has been two weeks since you last welcomed denki to your room

- you were so horny it was insane

- during training denki accidentally ripped his shirt and the exposed abs made your mouth water and sent a pang to your heat

- right after training you had him pinned against a wall, panting from running from your classmates

- “i need you to fuck me against this wall right now or i’ll go insane.”

- boy oh boy he was so overwhelmed

- usually he was the horny one initiating everything

- ngl he was pretty riled up too but

- “i’m sorry hon, but i promised kiri to train longer with him today.”

- you were very very VERY horny and disappointed

- “well you might as well tell kiri to suck your dick then because i won’t do it anymore.”

- you just left

- this wasn’t really like you but you were desperate and h o r n y

- that night you had an amazing bath and finally felt at ease

- you laid down on your bed, only in your bathrobe and rubbed your freshly shaven, soft legs together, sighing

- your left hand found your left boob and you instantly melted into your touch

- another sigh fell from your lips

- the fingers of your right hand ghosted over your clit

- as soon as you felt just how wet you actually were you inserted one finger into your core

- your back arched and denki’s name escaped your lips

- two weeks without sex was way too long

- another finger followed and soon you were a sweaty, shaking mess, moaning denki’s name over and over again

- you felt the familiar knot in your stomach and felt tingles slowly starting to spread

- just when your orgasm was about to crash down on you, you noticed another presence

- there he stood, your boyfriend

- “honey?!”

- holy shit he was embarrassed but also so turned on

- he initially came to you to apologize but he heard your moans from the hallway

- at first he was scared that you might’ve hooked up with someone else

- but when he heard you moan his name he just felt bad for not satisfying you

- “mind if i help you out?”

- you stood up and walked towards him, your juices slowly running down your legs

- “not at all.”

- you grabbed his hand and laid it flush against your heat

- “go on, chargebolt, make me cum all over your fingers.”

- you were so close it only took a feverish kiss and a few plunges of his long digits in your core for you to finally cum

- your orgasm was so intense you almost fell back as his name and a few curses spilled from your lips

- “fuck you’re so hot.”

- the two week wait was worth it

- he devoured you that night

- he’ll definitely ask you to masturbate in front of him a lot from that point on

kirishima eijirou


- “eiji babe, truth or dare?”

- “dare, of course!”

- “i want you to make out with bakugou for two minutes.”

- the room fell silent

- you, kirishima’s own girlfriend wanted him to kiss his best friend, in front of everyone?!

- looking back at it you probably should’ve at least warned your boyfriend about your desire to see him with his best friend

- they didn’t end up making out and you were so embarrassed that you stormed out of kiri’s room where you had planned to stay the night

- the next morning he confronted you and tried to understand your point of view

- a few days after you went to the pool with the bakubros and kiribaku somehow ended up on top of each other

- gosh you were turned on to the m a x

- their godlike, wet bodies in such a compromising position made you wetter than the water in the damn pool

- you swifly excused yourself and fled to your room where you quickly stripped down and rinsed off

- your mind was full of them

- you loved kirishima, a lot

- he was so fucking sweet and hot at the same time

- the sex was great too but bakugo just amplified all his great traits

- your moans flooded the whole dorm, thank god everyone was still at their respective outings

- “what the fuck y/n?!”

- kirishima stood right in front of your bed, judging by his huge bulge for a long enough time

- “if you want me, just tell me. or do you only want me and bakugo now? am i not manly enough for you?”

- he crawled towards you and you shivered

- his eyes were so dark, if from lust or anger or both you couldn’t tell

- “i’ll make sure you know who’s the manliest guy here.”

- he fingered you for hours, overstimulating you severely

- “tell me, who’s making you feel this good?! me or bakugo?”

- “you! it’s you! eiji, you’re fingering me so well, fuck!”

- you never dared to even look in bakugou’s direction after that incident

- you didn’t need to masturbate anymore, kirishima kept you nice and filled at all times

- because having your girlfriend masturbate eveb though you’re dating her just wasn’t a sign of manliness

- it was your birthday and he led you to his room, blindfolded

- “happy birthday.”

- you lifted your blindfold and there they sat

- both naked and hard

- it had taken kirishima months to convince bakugou

- this was the only and last time you were allowed to masturbate

- “don’t even think about this happening again sweetheart.”

- you didn’t need it to

- you realized that kiri was the man of your dreams

- your sex life only improved further after your birthday

sero hanta


- you had been crushing on hanta for the longest time

- specifically ever since the usj attack

- kurogiri had obviously taken a liking to you

- you were one of the main reasons tenya could escape as you distracted him with your ass(ets)

- but as soon as tenya had fled, hanta pulled you back with his tape, your back hitting his broad chest

- “if you ever look at her again i’ll make sure you’ll regret it you disgusting pig!”

- ngl his heart was racing at having you so close to him, ass against his crotch

- while he was praying to not get hard right then right there, you were shaking in his arms, flushed a deep red

- both of you remained like that until mina raised an eyebrow and sent a smirk in your direction

- how she was still able to think something inappropriate in a situation like this was beyond you

- “thank you so much, sero. i really appreciate it. no one’s ever defended me like this. now let’s kick some ass.”

- if he wasn’t attrackted to you before this, he definitely is now

- this night you constantly replayed the happenings

- every time his words replayed you threw a pillow across the room squealing

- shit, you couldn’t be whipped for a classmate this early on

- you were here to become a hero, not to find love or get distracted by boys

- little did you know that the boys had a meeting in hanta’s room gossiping about you

- kirishima was so jealous of how manly sero was

- mineta wanted to know how your ass felt

- oh and he bragged, the boy was enjoying his five minutes of fame

- truth be told he never was popular with girls so he’s just so proud he could impress you

- a few months later and your crush grew along with your desire to have him use his tape for something else than hero work

- “y/n you like sero, right?”

- mina is so smart how did she know?!

- you were so flustered and didn’t know what to do or say

- “m-maybe?”

- mina’s plan was working perfectly, hanta would come out of the shower in a few more seconds

- she knew he only ever snuck out the shower with a towel around his waist

- his room was right across from the showers, it was convenient

- what she didn’t plan, though, was a completely naked, semi-erect hanta to show up

- while she quickly ran for her life you were frozen

- “u-uhm…”

- your pussy clenched around nothing, heart beating out of your chest

- his eyes scanned you while your eyes were glued to his abdomen

- who knew he had extremely prominent abdominal v-muscles and a happy trail

- you were done for

- that night you didn’t get any sleep, sero’s figure keeping you up

- you had masturbated to him before but this night was so intense

- “has anyone seen y/n?”

- sero had planned to confess to you today, but you skipped school??

- no one knew why and he was worried, what if you were sick?

- he went back to the dorms and knocked, once, twice to no avail

- when he heard a stifled moan he decided to let himself in, you sounded distraught

- but what he saw was you on all fours, fingers pumping in and out of your aching, dripping core

- you didn’t hear him knocking because of your airpods and your insane focus on the picture of sero on your phone

- “instead of masturbating to me you could simply fuck me, you know?”

- you screamed so LOUD

- “oh, baby, don’t scream already, you’ll scream enough when i’m done with you. you want me so bad that you’re skipping school? i’m honored.”

- you didn’t know what to do, but seeing him strip out of his uniform and crawl onto your bed

- pressing your upper body down into the mattress and eating you out as if he had been starving for years

- did something to you and when he sat you up and confessed you could only kiss him

- he’ll never let you live this down and every bakubro pretty much knows about it because he always tells the same stories when drunk

bakugou katsuki


- katsuki had told you once that you’re forbidden from masturbatring when dating him

- you had obeyed his rules and especially this one for almost two years now

- needless to say the busy schedule of your boyfriend had kept you two separated

- sex life? absent.

- you couldn’t take this anymore, plus you really wanted to be a brat today

- you knew when he’d return to the dorms and knowing him he’ll head right to bed after

- so you settled on his bed, pulling out a vibrator and slowly starting to guide it all over your body

- you were wearing your cutest set of lingerie

- which was usually reserved for very special occasions but if you wanted to be a brat you had to go all out

- everything around you smelled like him it was heavenly

- before the vibrator even reached your core you were dripping

- if it was his scent, your libido or the adrenaline on purposely breaking the rules responsible you couldn’t pinpoint

- the vibrator reached your clit and you almost squealed in pleasure

- it had been so long since anyone had touched you

- you bit down on his shirt he wears to sleep, drowning in pleasure and his scent

- “katsuki, katsuki, katsuki.”

- his name was falling from your lips like a mantra as you ground yourself against the toy and your fingers

- “well, well, well. who do we have here?”

- his face was unreadable

- “breaking the rules princess? and i really wanted to fuck you today…”

- “you can still fuck me.. please katsuki, i’m so horny.”

- he smirked and leaned down

- “brats don’t get what they ask for, now continue. put on a good show for daddy.”

- he didn’t touch you once that night, only palming his cock and instructing you

- when you came a third time and collapsed he sighed

- “too bad i was really enjoying the show. you were impatient and broke the rules. you can’t even be a good slut, i think we have to teach you a lesson, no?”

- the next morning you shakily walked into the classroom

- bakugou’s shit eating, cocky grin following you

- when you sat down you almost let out a breathy moan

- your vibrator was tugged neatly into your panties and was set on the highest setting

- you were so embarrassed and on edge the whole time and when aizawa called on you

- you stood up, the change in position making you cum, hard

- your head fell back, your whole body shaking and face red

- “y/n, can you answer my question?”

- you could barely form a sentence when your knees gave in, trembling from your second orgasm crashing over you

- “i’ll take her to the nurse.”

- you thought katsuki would have mercy on you and remove the vibrator

- but instead he pushed you into a bathroom stall and fucked you senseless

- by the end of it you were on the bathroom floor, uniform stained with his cum and unable to walk on your own

- “learned your lesson?”

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Headcanons for Shinsou, Sero and Bakugou and a character of your choice where they end up in a staring contest with the reader--their current fixation. Also the reader is not good with staring So they'll either look away, laugh, or unintentionally make a face

(A/N) - You have no freaking idea how much I enjoyed writing these! As the fourth character I’ve chosen Mirio because I’m definitely writing too little for my sunshine boy O.O


Look me in the eye!

-> Headcanons for Shinsou, Sero, Bakugou and Mirio 

-> Starring Contest with a reader that they have a fixation on




Originally posted by lummophoenix

  • Somehow a heated debate about who liked cats more - Aizawa or Shinsou - had lead to Tetsutetsu announcing to resolve this issue with a starring contest.
  • Shinsou had absolutely no clue how he ended up starring at you in a pretty obvious matter during the contest while he watched you puffing your cheeks in order to not blink yourself. Meanwhile you didn’t notice the smallest change in his expression.
  • No that starring would have been a challenge for him, but he completely lost himself in the thoughts about your cute determination, your focused glance and your shaking lips that you were most likely biting on.
  • „THE RESULT IS IN! SHINSOU WINS!“, Tetsutetsu yelled out of a sudden.
  • Your opponent hadn’t seen that you had blinked and therefore lost as he was busy recognising how your cheeks had slowly turned red.
  • Maybe he was having a bit of a fixation on you, now that he had a few seconds to come to this conclusion.
  • „Man, Shinsou, you definitely have to teach me that! Your face didn’t change at all“, you praised him after his win. 
  • Not gonna lie, he liked the idea of having an excuse to spend time with you and starring at you in the future. So you got to see one of his rare smirks. 



Originally posted by foolishchesspawn

  • On a not-so special sunny day, Aizawa had left the decision who of you would stay behind for class duty for you to make. Neither Sero or you wanted to clean the floor voluntarily. 
  • „Are you ready to lose, (Y/N)? Because I’m planning on spending the break in the sun!“
  • Sero was standing on one side of his table, while you were standing on the other side. The hands were placed on the table to support your upper bodies while Sero made a countdown. 
  • No one was around to distract you, his hands couldn’t do anything, it was absolutely silent.
  • Yet, you had a hard time controlling your mimics that were suppressing a smile. Something about starring at another person just didn’t work out for you.
  • Obviously Sero noticed how you were struggling since he had been focused on your face for much longer than these few seconds in the past. Seeing you so desperate to prevent a blink, he sank his head with a loud sigh. 
  • Your little victory dance made up for the pain of having to perform class duty. 
  • Maybe it was then that the switch in his brain clicked and he understood that he valued nothing more than treasuring your smile. 



Originally posted by tetsuruo

  • (I’m sorry that GIF made me laugh way too hard to not use it here XD)
  • Obviously it had been Denki’s idea because „Wouldn’t it be fun to see who is the best in our group?“ - Bakugou was in after the best had been mentioned.
  • With his usual grumpy expression he took a seat, noticing that he might have made a wrong move by agreeing to take part a such a game with you out of all people.
  • There was one thing that he happened to be even more determined about than winning: Not letting it show how hard it was for him to stare at you for an unset amount of time without the possibility of looking away.
  • Thank the gods that you broke eye contact shortly after the duel had started, because he already caught himself thinking about your eyelashes. 
  • „What was that about, Blinky?!“ - Yes, you got yourself a new nickname before you barely explained how his glare terrified you to an extent that you simply gave up. 
  • Our explosive pomeranian might have taken that by heart as he always adjusted his mimics from grumpy to bored whenever you were around in the future. 
  • But that didn’t stop him from making fun of you about not being able to survive five seconds of a starring contest. Well, he acknowledged that Sleepy Head aka. Shinsou would have quite a problem, if he ever wanted to control you. 
  • Oh Bakugou, please just admit that you might have a little crush by that point…



Originally posted by haruicchi

  • Usually Mirio would be described as a gentleman, but not when it came to Tamaki’s homemade cupcakes. Only one was left and he suggested to decide it with a starring contest.
  • Well, it wasn’t only about the cupcake, more about the opportunity to see your focused face up close. 
  • Nejire was announced the judge while Tamaki had the honour to protect the reward with his life until it would be eaten a few minutes later. To raise the tension, Mirio cracked his knuckles before he sat down facing you.
  • The battle began - And lasted for a mere four seconds.
  • You collapsed laughing when you tried to apologise and explain what had happened. But your laughter got infectious as Mirio started to laugh as well.
  • „I’m so sorry“, you gasped for air. „I’ve never seen Mirio with such a serious expression before.“
  • Even though everyone was shaking with laughter by now, Mirio didn’t manage to look away from the sparkle in your eyes. Seeing you so happy made him realise again why he had been fixated on you for quite while already.
  • Needless to say that he shared the cupcake with you after Tamaki had been tasked with making new ones for the next picnic.


Posted: April 5th 2020 | Requests: Open | Match-ups: Closed

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