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#hanyou no yashahime: sengoku otogizoushi

The only clue we have is she was told to visit Kaede to further train and be looked after!  And we learn she on the rite of courage test? A test to prove herself! (who put that idea into her?)

First, look at her  Mokomoko,  It is similar to how Sesshomaru mother carries her fur over her arms/shoulder.


And she shown to put Sesshomaru her own son through his own test, to unlock Meido!  

So this looks like the  right of courage test, Might have been her influence on Setsuna!

Also Sesshomaru mother kimono has the butterfly’s imprinted on it!  (what a coincidence!??)  not enough she in purple/blue same as Towa/Setsuna (though theirs are light color then hers) and the line/wave patterns is similar match to Setsuna Kimono!

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Hisui really doesn’t look 20 years old here. He might be 18, but even that feels like a stretch to me. He looks closer to a 15 ~ 17 year age range. I feel you can see the difference in age between him and the other two demon slayers next to him. They look a little more mature and closer to the 18 - 20 year old age range. Of course, some teens can be shorter, taller, skinner, and bulkier than others, but there is a difference in their face maturity. He doesn’t look quite as young as Kohaku did at 14, but he doesn’t look like a 20 year old man either.

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I was thinking about how the profile for Kagome’s mother notes that she was very young, which is why she is called “Grand Mama” (大ママ - oomama) instead of “Grandma” お祖母ちゃん (obaachan). If the series takes place between 15 - 18 years ago, then she would have still been in her 40s when she became a grandmother, aka the day Towa arrived (between 45 ~ 48 years old). Many people in modern day Japan are only having their first kid in their late 30s / early 40s. So this would make sense. 

If it really was 20 years, then she would be at least 50 by then, and being a grandmother by 50 isn’t that uncommon and she would be 60 in the present time frame of the series, but if it is less than 20 years, then she would still be in her mid-to-late 50s.

I know that “very young” line could just be a little joking around, like grandmother’s who say “I’m not that old!” or something. But, in a recent interview, we were told to pay close attention to the details and whatnot…and that is a detail. So. 

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okay I’m loving Yashahime but


this build up is taking 5 ever I need to know what the hell happened and I need to know now.

also- I need to figure out why no one is freaking out that Moroha is literally Kagome and Inuyasha’s sweet, perfect child. like Sota, Mama Higurashi, and Gramps seemed so unaffected- I’m confused. like were they just trying not to get their hopes up?? Moroha probably doesn’t even know/ remember her childhood or parents and I’m gonna cry :,(

next episode needs to come ASAP.


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I’ve always thought that Kikyo is so pretty with her miko outfit and long black hair. Even when I was a kid, she looked so stunning.

She loved Inuyasha and we can all agree she’s a huuge hindrance between Inu and Kag. That part I didn’t like.

As the series go on, we see how much hold she has on Inu but they’re just not meant to be. And that’s how relationships work! Sometimes it just have to end, even if it’s abrupt. I believe that because of the red string of fate, even in another life, Inu and Kag will always be together—no matter what.

So I don’t hate Kikyo. She’s not my favourite either. I was sad when she died for the final time. It was heartbreaking to see Inuyasha cry… I guess as I became older, I came to realize all this.

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No offence to civil Rin fans but I’ve seen some downright BS on how Rin is the one locked in the tree and us Kagome fans are just salty because our girl isn’t the main focal point this time around.

Like please explain WHY Rin would be sealed by root head in the tree of time if she has no spiritual power?!

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Yashahime Keyword #28 Yokai-Sword KikuJuMonji

“A mysterious Yokai sword that Towa created through the use of her own demon power.”

“The sword pressure turns into a Blue dragon and obliderates their enemies.”

“Kiku” means Chrysanthemum. “Jumonji” means shape of a cross 十.

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Can I just say that the fact that Moroha isn’t sexualized makes me SO HAPPY.

Look at her, her body is the body of a child (as it should be, because she’s a perfect little feral child).


But let’s not forget how they used to portray her mother, who was just a bit older than her daughter in the picture below.


I know times are different, I’m just glad Moroha is portrayed as the child she is ❤️.

I’m glad Sunrise really understands that she’s the child of the whole InuKag fandom and has to be treated with respect.

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Souta and Adoption


I wanted to talk about this a bit more, because I realized that I was doing something that I think a lot of others were doing as well - automatically assuming that Souta just adopted Towa right then and there - at whatever age he is here. But that likely wasn’t the case. Thinking about it, Towa was an unregistered child that the Higurashi family just found. Making it so that she was an actual registered member of society, had all of her necessary vaccinations, and etc. etc. likely took a couple years - at least. Especially in Japan, where there is a lot of paperwork, waiting, paperwork for paperwork - meetings for meetings - type of bureaucratic procedures in place for a variety of things.

I also looked into how old someone has to be to adopt. In Japan, you have to be at least 20 years old. So, if Souta is around the age of 17 - 18 years old here and there are some years to get Towa fully registered into society and eligible to even be adopted, it would likely place him at 20+ by the time he actually adopted her.

As for his age in the above image -  I know a lot of people are saying that he looks like he is already in his 20s. But he looks about the same age (in his face and such) as Kagome and the other teen characters did, especially in the flashback and such, when they were in their later teens. I think what is making everyone think he looks older / is in his 20s already here is the suit and tie. But…guys wearing suits and ties in Japan is super common. Some boys even wear them for their kindergarten graduation. 

He could easily be wearing a summer male high school uniform here or be coming home from a waiter shift at a restaurant as a part time job or something. There are a variety of reasons he could be wearing a suit and tie. I mean, he isn’t even carrying any kind of suitcase or bag, many of which are carried by both office workers and junior high and high school students - so the possibilities are wide open, lol.

The only real age range we can give here is late teens to early 20s.

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Something that I just thought of…what if the starting time frame for the future that they are using isn’t the manga’s future setting, but the original anime’s? It ended in 2004 + 16 years = 2020. This is very likely not the case and is a stretch, since it would also include excluding the in real life time period of The Final Act, and the frame of reference for the time should be based on the one given in-series, which would likely line up with the manga.

But, this is also an anime original series that is still connected to the manga via the Root Head incident and such, but…yeah. This was just a late night thought, so it’s probably not the case at all…but what if?

Edit: I also looked into it, and in normal adoptions in Japan you have to be at least 20 years old. So an 18 year time frame would work with the original time frame of the manga, have the series in the Reiwa period, and have Sota being 20 years old. It would place Rin at about 14 years old when the twins were conceived / 15 when they were born. So that is an option too.

I really do think the Root Head incident happened between 16 - 18 years ago. This would fit the “over ten years (but under 20 years)” and “more than "15 years ago” time frames.

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This is going to be a very direct look at the Japanese going on in the scene when she is explaining about Sesshomaru and the newborn twins.



(Are wa jyuuyonnenmae no koto jya.)

Are wa just means “It + topic marker” and jyuuyonnenmae is “14 years ago.” 

The no koto is being used with a noun, specifically a time related noun (jyuuyonnenmae) and that gives it more of a meaning like “happened 14 years ago.” Basically, the use of no koto with a time word implies something that happened at that time / about a certain time. 

And the jya at the end is just another way of saying da (which has a sort of “be verb” type of usage in Japanese). Using jya instead is just really common with “old man speech” in anime, manga, and other pop culture mediums in Japan, lol.


生まれたばかりの双子赤ん坊 殺生丸 は連れていたのじゃ。

(Umareta bakari no futago akanbou, Sesshomaru wa tsureteita no jya.)

Umareta means “born,” bakari means “has/had just been,” futago means “twins,” akanbou means “baby/babies,” and the no here kinda works like a connector between the “just been born” and “twin babies.” 

Then we have Sesshomaru’s name + wa, indicating him as the topic of the sentence and tsureteita, which is the past tense of tsureru, which means “to take (someone) with one.” So, here, “he took [them] with [him].” The no jya just indicates an explanation, etc.

As we can see, there is no actual mention of “here.” The “here” in the English translation was likely added to make the sentence work more smoothly in English. 

So while it is possible that Sesshomaru went there, to the village, for the children to be born. It is also possible that Kaede went to him (since, as someone noted on the Inuyasha subreddit, midwives usually go to the family having the child, rather than them going to them). 

Of course, it is still a likely possibility that this did all happen at the village and/or at Kaede’s house. The Japanese doesn’t specify this though, and the image of Sesshomaru in the sky doesn’t provide any hints either (that’s just him leaving, wherever Kaede last saw him, with the twins). 



(Irai mattaku osetanakatta n jya ga…).

As noted above, Kaede speaks using “old man” speech patterns. So here the n jya ga is more commonly said as n da ga, with the n implying an explanation and jya/da ga being the “but/until/etc.”

Irai simply means “since then,” and the use of  mattaku + a negative verb form means “completely haven’t [something], etc.” The last word in this sentence is お沙汰なかった (osatanakatta). 

This word, osata, means: “state, issue, affair, incident, matter; notice, news, information, communication, etc.” The nakatta means it is in the negative past tense and so, when put together, means that Kaede hasn’t heard any news on Sesshomaru or the the twins, etc. (until Setsuna arrives).

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