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[Image] There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking. via /r/GetMotivated

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bReAKiNg nEWs

truely liking something means it itself makes you genuinely happy…not that it fits an idea/aesthetic of something you like

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~ricordati di essere felice!.

chiudi gli occhi, ascolta il tuo respiro. cos'è la felicità?. per me la felicità è in tante cose, è quando sorridi e non te ne accorgi, è la tua canzone preferita capita casualmente in radio, è un caffè con un'amica, un incontro casuale che si trasforma in una passeggiata, è qualcuno che anche solamente guardandoti capisce tutto senza che te gli abbia detto niente, è un abbraccio affettuoso che arriva da dietro alle spalle, è un messaggio inaspettato nel momento giusto, è trovare un profumo che ti piace e non sentivi da tempo, e i baci sul collo, e le carezze sulle mani, e i baci rubati, la felicità è anche incontrare una persona che non ti conosce per strada e vedere che ti sorride.

la felicità è in tante cose, piccole e semplici cose della nostra vita, e non si può trovare, la dobbiamo mettere, si, la felicità non va seguita, non va trovata, la felicità si crea, è un modo di vedere le cose, è un modo di affrontare la vita senza averne paura.

la felicità non l'ha chi possiede tutto ma chi sa apprezzare ciò che ha.

prima di litigare -respira, prima di parlare -ascolta, prima di criticare gli altri -critica te stesso, prima di arrenderti -prova e prima di essere triste -sorridi.

non chiederti se ci saranno le opportunità giuste, creale.

non chiederti se domani pioverà, oggi c'è il sole ed è questo quello che conta, goditi ogni istante, ogni emozione, sono queste le nostre piccole dosi di felicità.

per essere felici basta eliminare due cose: il ricordo di una sofferenza passata è la paura di una futura, la prima non ci riguarda più e la seconda non ci riguarda ancora, quindi ancora prima di essere triste ricordati di essere felice.

chiudi gli occhi, ascolta il tuo respiro, non è questa la felicità?.

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Simple Math & Three Statements About Us

Simple Math & Three Statements About Us

In the blog Little Limbic, we covered how stress can affect the brain’s limbic system development. Then, in the blog Hope: A Poor Child’s Dream To Succeed, we questioned if a child born into poverty can succeed in life or are we to believe that child is destined for poverty and a life of crime? 

2+2=4 This is an easy math problem to understand. 1+1+1+1=4 is just as comprehendible. Notice how we…

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Who am I? ✨🖋

I’m Macy! I decided to start this studyblr to notice myself and hold myself accountable for my actions.

I have ADHD and a chronic illness and sometimes the combination of thoes two things can really suck me into a pit, but having something to answer to can be helpful!

Currently I am working on my GED, completely by myself, from a book. Yes, you saw correct. Triditional high schools in the Midwest do not nurture education unless you are rich, in good health, and have no mental hardships. So, I was forced to drop out and make the best of getting a GED. It’s not too bad, my education is in my hands, and I can control how well I prepare myself for the tests.


Originally posted by alaskas-desk

I don’t often see studyblrs about GEDs, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s not like traditional school, or if people are ashamed. There’s not need to be ashamed though, it’s the equivalent in most states! Do what works best for you!

My studyblr will focous on the GED, the subjects, and how I’m preparing to take the very expensive tests and complete them with honors.

Some personal information, I’m 19, work a full time job from home. I live with my partner of three years, and he’s the most caring supportive person! I have four adorable, energetic fur babies named Ronan, Chi-Chi, Kane, and Isabella! I started working on my GED to fulfill my dream of having an RN degree and eventually a medical degree of some sorts, we’ll see along the way. I’m a positive and motivated person, but often times my clinical depression and ADHD feed off each other and can put me down for a little while. I have Fybromyalgia, Morphea Sclerdoerma, IBS, and Raynaud’s disease, thoes things too tend to put me in a bit of pain and in a rut, but all I can do it keep moving forward!


Originally posted by cehmistrie

I look forward to using my studyblr as a way to be accountable as well as track my positive times and hardships. One day, every single ounce of effort it takes me to do this is going to be worth it over and over again.


Originally posted by studentbackup

Short Term Goals:

  • Build Credit
  • Finish GED
  • Take CNA class
  • Work as a CNA full time
  • Save money.

Long Term Goals:

  • Go to nursing school and come out with an RN
  • Go to Medical School
  • Buy my own home
  • Get married
  • Have a family
  • Save money for the further future

Enjoy some music…


Originally posted by barmy11

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12 Signs That You Are Shifting To A Higher Level Of Consciousness. (By Arti Crosby)

Are you noticing changes in your mind, body and soul? If you have begun a journey towards a higher level of consciousness, there will be both mental and physical changes that accompany you on your path.

Things that you never before thought were possible will all of a sudden be revealed to you. Higher levels of consciousness enable higher levels of understanding, and with this shift come many…

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There are days when you watch the beauty of a sunset and admire it’s glory and then there are days when the sun watches you, in all your glory soaking it’s golden light.

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