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chibird · 29 days ago
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Some days happiness seems hard and impossible, but it does get easier. Please keep trying. We may not be able to see the light now, but every day we work for our happiness is one day closer. ☀
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perfectfeelings · 13 days ago
A person in 2 months can make you feel what a person in 2 years couldn't.
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chibird · 2 months ago
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Sometimes when I’m sad, I feel like a whole different self, so I made happy frog and sad frog to represent those states of mind. When I’m sad frog, I not only feel sad about the original problem, but I also feel sad about being sad frog (something I didn’t even realize was happening until I went to therapy!). This comic is a reminder that it really is okay to be sad frog. Sometimes happy frog is on a break, so be kind to your sad frog, okay? ♡
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chibird · 3 months ago
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Sadness always seem endless when you’re in the middle of it. But eventually you’ll find your way ashore and realize even sadness has an end.
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chibird · a month ago
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I love delicious breakfast, like pastries or muffins or bagels! And even though it’s a small joy, I want to treasure it if I can! Not every day do you get a small happiness, and they’re precious even if they are small.  ♡
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lovelybluepanda · a month ago
How to actively make yourself happy
aka. how to romanticize your life
If you watched a ghibli movie, then you know that’s the vibe/aesthetic i’m going to describe in this post.
These suggestions are things which i do to make myself happy. I (try to) choose 1 daily. Why? Because you have to actively choose to do things in order to make yourself happy, why wait until happiness comes. go and grab it for yourself
Spend time alone and whenever you do, have some sort of activity, even if it’s just daydreaming
Make something you enjoy drinking; it can be tea in your favorite tea cup, it can be hot chocolate, it can be matcha latte etc. 
Choose 1-3 hobbies but don’t make them chores, have fun doing them; don’t pressure yourself with the idea of being good at it, just have fun (suggestions: drawing, origami, making videos, grow a tiny garden in 2 paper cups, learn to play play at your laptop, make friendship bracelets, crochet, knitting, learn a language, embroidery)
Make something exciting to eat; pancakes, waffles, your favorite ramen, pizza pastries, lentil soup, mushroom soup, tarts etc. I said exciting, not your favorite because cooking something new can be amazing too.
Wear something you like; don’t keep certain clothes for special occasions. If they make you happy, wear them.
Try a new sort of tea or sweets. Your supermarket has something you haven’t tried before, i promise. 
Got stickers? Use one of them. You keep hoarding them for “special moments” but they are the perfect thing to make you happy because you gave them that power. Stick them on your phone case, laptop case, journal etc.
Write yourself a love letter. By love letter i mean compliment yourself a bit. Tell you what you admire at yourself or tell you what you’re looking forward to do/learn etc. 
Doodle some cute things. Pinterest has a bunch of easy doodles/decorations etc. 
Go for a walk and take pictures. Find beauty in places you label as “ordinary”.. Maybe make a digital photo album as a diary.
Read something that makes you happy and take notes. Write why you like that book/character etc. You have a bunch of beautiful things in your life, they wait to be acknowledged. 
Tell your friends they’re precious to you. Watch as they stumble upon their words as they process the words you just said. 
Have tiny crafting projects for others. Made cookies? How about making some boxes or bags (with the help of pinterest) then decorate them and give them to your friend?
Go on a picnic with someone. 
Stay a bit late and look out the window at stars or just at the empty street while the window is open and the window is chilly~
Clean your room while dancing or/and singing. Be proud of cleaning your space. 
Look around your room and think what you’d change/ what you want to change and try to do so. Make a new poster, get a plant, move things around etc. 
Learn something new. Enjoy the process. I said enjoy it, not aspire to be a master at it in 5 min. How do you enjoy the process? You remind yourself how 2 hours ago you didn’t know that, how you progressed and learn, how you improve, how this topic brings you joy and you won’t force it on yourself like you’re on a schedule. 
You get yourself a nice shower gel, perfume, face mask etc and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. 
Lie down and daydream until you fall asleep.
Make yourself a bento even if you go no where. There’s just something about making pretty food that delights people. 
Get some handerchiefs and think of some design. Customize them by sewing or painting on them. You can make these for friends too. 
Have a tea party with your friends. or a sleepover if you can
Have a journal where you write what you want to do, what goals you have, places you want to visit, what dates you want to go on, what people (fictional or real) you like, what songs inspire you etc. Make it a dream place. 
Actively try to look at things and people like they special. That sunshine? It feels warm and soft. Doesn’t it look nice? How does your friend make you feel? How would you describe them? Is it like the entrance of a magical forest ready to go on an adventure? Is it the comfort of staying under a blanket on a rainy morning? Is your meal making you excited to eat it? Is your drink making you happy you got it? Is your room the environment you envision yourself being happy in? 
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