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Spent like literally all of the little money I had on a switch lite and animal crossing because I’m dying of boredom and lack of sun staying inside for this pandemic ✨🌿

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one day something’s going to happen. maybe it’s something completely unexpected or something that happens everyday. the thing about this particular instance is that every moment after it happens is going to be life changing. in some way your perspective is going to be refreshed. things like the sunrise or lunch or music will have a whole new feeling. they will be something you want to experience. you’re going to see the happiness, beauty, and life that exists all around you and never want it to fade away. it’s going to feel like a second chance. like you’re looking at the universe for the first time after hearing countless stories about it. just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. it doesn’t mean you wonmt have it. it hust means you need to be patient. let yourself feel pain and sadness because it’s going to make any and all goodness infinitely better. i hope you all take time with yourselves and get that moment soon.

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Tout en elle y est extrême : Tantôt Déesse ; tantôt Démon. Créature énigmatique du Big Bang et du Néant ; du Paradis et des Enfers émotionnels, et siège sur son trône amygdale comme une reine toute puissante sur son royaume cérébral. »

- Christine Simon

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