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#happy Mother’s Day
inspirationde · 2 months ago
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Happy Mothers Day to My Niece -
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mohmorena · a day ago
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Seja como o girassol de costa pro escuro e sempre de frente pra luz ....
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romanjewelers · 5 days ago
Mother’s Day is the day to make your mother feel special. Let’s help you make this day very special for your mom by gifting unique jewelry.
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becauseihaveyou · 6 days ago
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happy late mother’s day to the one who didn’t want any children and ended up adopting 7 against his own will
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bollywoodproduct · 7 days ago
Lyrics Zara Sa Us Ko Chhua To
Lyrics Zara Sa Us Ko Chhua To
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Me: Sis!! *gasps at what Jaydon whispered and smirks* *whispers back* I like your thinking! But let’s not wait! The coffee is being made right now, so we have plenty of time to tickle her *looks back up at you and clears my throat* I.. need to have a word with your boys for a minute. Yes? Thank you! *gently cradles Russell and forms a team huddle with Jaydon and David* Ok, on the count of 3, we attack your mama with tickles until she admits she’s best mom in the world. Everyone got it?
Me: Ummm....okay??? *squints and rubs my chin with my hand* Hmm......
David: *gasps* Tickle time with Mama?! Yes, please!
Jaydon: Shhhhh! Quiet!
David: Okay, okay *whisper-shouts* Yes, please!
Russell: T-Tickle time?
Jaydon: *nods* Yes, Russell! Okay, okay *giggles softly, seeing me on the couch* One....
David: Two.....
Russell: *thinks for a moment* T-Three!
*Suddenly all the boys run to me and tickles my sides*
Me: H-HUH?! *falls back on the couch, laughing* PFFFFTTTT!!!! AHAHAHHAHHA!!!! B-BOYS, BOYS! S-STAPH!!!! AHAHAHAAH!!!!
David: *smirks* You want us to stop, Mama?
Me: *shakes my head, giggling uncontrollably* N-NO! PFFTTT!
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blueprint-han · 9 days ago
Dawnie, you okay? ~ 🐧
That's a hard question to answer honestly I'll rant about it in the tags if that's okay
#idk i just... it took me a great deal of emotional pain to come clean to my mother about my depression and handle her taunts until i was#finally able to patch my life up bit by bit... i finally felt like i was getting normal but then this seizure had to happen and now every#thing in my life has fallen apart... i had dreams... i had things i wanted to do and stuff id planned out for which i already had less time#but now its only worse... i cant study properly the same way i usually could and now... my very life is falling apart in front of my eyes#all my hopes are shattering and im chained. i have no way of doing anything. and i feel like this frustration is turning me into my#aggressive phases again? there was a point where i got mad at everything and i can see it morphing back when i look at myself... and the#worst part is i can do nothing to control it... im starting to believe that everyone hates me and i silently wish i could do smth about this#feeling thats eating at me#this is what happened during my self harm days... my emotiind got stronger and stronger to a point where i snapped and those were#the darkest days of my life... and now i can see myself walking the same path again but i can do nothing to stop myself exceot hope things#will be better... everytime i close my eyes i get the visual of me jumping off my building... and theres the separate feeling of knowing#that the ppl i thought didnt care sat there worried and cried when i fainted... just becayse they care doesn't justify the shit they did#right? but i still feel kinda guilty. im so terrified that my life will fall apart. that i won't be able to be happy and ill face the same#fate my mom's facing rn.....#anyways thank u if ur reading so far#i hope u have a nice day#self harm tw#negative tw#dawn.personal#dawn.replies#🐧 anon#anons 🌁
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ya-ya-ak-liu-zhang · 11 days ago
AK’s 6/1 Children’s Day post
So June 1st is Children’s Day in China, and AK posted this on Weibo: 
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As people grow up, one big change is that they start wearing a mask to hide all of the stress they endure and only smile for others to see in different situations. Maybe you take off your smiling mask and show your exhaustion only when you enter your own room.
I want to tell the AK in this picture that, even though you are very tired, you should be proud of the fact that you managed your emotions well for an entire day. Only gentle people will wear a smiling mask and attempt to use a good version of themselves when dealing with other people. I think good emotion management is a good way for mature people to express their gentleness.
I am proud of myself for doing this well.
Every year’s 6/1 makes me more aware that I’m farther away from my childhood hhh.
So today I’ll simply wish myself a happy growth.
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mastroiannisgf · 11 days ago
My grandmother complaining about me not making something special for her for Mother’s Day is so funny first of all you’re a terrible mother and traumatized MINE second of all you’re racist
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