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#happy hanukkah

source:  goldiejake11

Happy Hanukkah @angelaorosco!!  I am your Secret Santa!!

Can I just say as a total goy how much I really enjoyed this request?  I loved absorbing all the beautiful stories and traditions surrounding Hanukkah and I now have a much greater appreciation for this holiday.  

When I got to the bit about the dreidel game and playing for gelt this picture was just BEGGING to be made, lol.  Short of Scroogeopoly is there seriously a more perfect game for these two? 🤣

Anyway, happy Hanukkah and I hope you like it as much as I liked drawing it. 

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Happy Holidays!

This year has been a doozy to say the least, but one way or another we’ve made it this far.

So Here’s to all of you and your loved ones.  ♥️

While we may not all have been able to celebrate the holidays the way we’d like, I hope you were all able to create new, meaningful, and joyful memories nonetheless.

For what is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future.  - Agnes M. Pharo

Best wishes to you all.

May you stay safe, strong, and healthy.

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I will never understand why religious people hate Jews.I will never understand why they think God is white. He is literally a dark skinned Jewish man. Deal with it. Sincerely, an annoyed and proud Jewish woman ❤️😊🕎.

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Merry christmas

Merry Christmas or the day after , I got a new Apple pen so though I would try it out right away. I drew my friend Yuko from yugioh amino.

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Happy Holidays From The Dreemurr Sibs!!!

(Click for better quality!)

This time of year always makes me nostalgic, especially for Undertale! A little odd I know, but it but was around December of 2015 that I fell in love with the game, so I always get into an Undertale mood for Christmas.

So I drew some wholesome Dreemurr sibs wishing you a Happy Holidays! I always enjoy drawing drawing Frisk and Chara in other types of clothing, especially cause winter sweaters are adorable for little kiddos!

I do love the swirly, angry unibrow I gave Flowey, cause he’s a little stinker of course. Also don’t question how Chara is floating, in MY post pacifist ending, Chara is alive and has retained some of their ghosty powers, one of which is floating, so ye!

This was probably the one of fastest drawings I’ve ever done, I literally started and finshed it in under three hours cause I wanted to post it at least in time for late Christmas or at least a day after, so I hope it still looks okay to you guys!

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Wishing everyone a very happy Vaikunta Ekadasi, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and anything else I may have missed in between!

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Happy Holidays to All our Followers, Members, Clients, and Friends. We would not be where we are without you. With endless appreciation, We Pray You a Happy and Festive Holiday despite this Year’s Experiences.

All Praises Due To GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy holidays to all of you out there!!!

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Happiest of Holidays to you no matter what you celebrate! 

-from The Prickle Posse

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lily… dancing to jewish punk… is something that can be so personal

go watch dash & lily on netflix it’s the best holiday content i’ve seen in forever

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Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, and a happy new year! I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the holidays!❤️

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