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#happy new years again!

im just going to be cheesy for a moment and say. i am full of love today. i’ve only been talking to one friend since coming back to germany. and we’ve been watching tcw together, theorising, talking about life, inviting each other over to watch his favourite episodes (only twice tho. paying attention to the curfew + only one extra person from outside ones household rule). when my mother told me true friends will show themselves she really did mean it’s those who will actually talk to you once you’re back from being in another country for months.

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hey guys, this is super late haha but happy new year 🥺 with school continuing last week i’ve been super busy again & i have no motivation to do anything on social media in general, but i just had to drop by !!! <3 tysm to everyone who was a part of my 2020, and i hope that you guys won’t forget about me even though i’ve been so inactive lately ehe ✨ i wish you all a great 2021 🖤

yikes i got even shyer from not using social media for so long but hehe i want to show u guys my appreciation so i hope you don’t mind the @ 👉🏼👈🏼 anyways to name a few notable people (that i rmbr omg it’s been so long that it’s super likely that i forgot anyone sorry) that were part of making my 2020 happy despite everything: (i’ll make the messages rather short though bcs i have hw to do 😔)


yeah so first of all ofcs joie 🥺 but i’m not going to @ her anymore or add a message hehe ✨ okok moving on…

@randomfandomimagine — trish !! ilysm <3 whenever i go use tumblr, i always make sure to check ur account yk ? 🥺 u mean a lot to me & i always love communicating w u, reading ur fantastic work regardless of it’s fandom !! you were honestly one of the main people, accounts, and friends that i cherished most in 2020, mwah ♡

@lcvez — shannie <3 i loved reading ur writing sm, and i love talking to u sm 😼 hehe tbh, i always looked forward to seeing u tag me for those picrews n all 👉🏼👈🏼 ahhh it’s been so long since we communicated but u still mean a lot to me, ily ♡

@laughish — bingbing 🥺 TYSM FOR EVERYTHING !! i can’t stress how grateful i am for you and how much i appreciate all you’ve done,,, all ur comments and all made me so happy all the time and i feel bad for not rlly returning all u gave

@annisteb & @loneywolfy — hi dee and gala !! 👉🏼👈🏼 we haven’t talked ever since yeah and i’m not sure if any of you in the server even want to talk to me and if i ever actually meant smth to any of you… and hell, i’m not even sure if you remember me but thank you. a lot of the people in the server used to mean a lot to me,,, but now after all that happened, you two—along with jes—are the ones i felt i actually had a true connection with ??? idrk… but uh esp. dee and jes, i felt like you guys actually cared for me, and it wasn’t fleeting or situational or one-sided or anything. i have no idea about how you guys actually feel or see me, but since it’s a new year and well,,, yeah this is getting too long but thank you !! ♡

& lastly, oh god i’m so sorry all this has quickly drained me and i’m wasting too much of my time,,, i’m limiting it to only those guys but !! i’m too shy to @ u guys but nad-zeta & silvanable hehe ty for everything ily guys ♡


— i forgot a lot of ppl but u guys stood out the most to me hehe <3 i’m going to continue doing my hw now, but ily all sm !! happy belated new year ❕✨🥺🖤

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AH SWEETIE don’t worry about being late at all!!!! Happy to hear from you always!!

Happy new year! I hope it’s been treating you well?! Remember to get some good rest and take care of yourself my dear eyyy anon!!

Levana looks like she is plotting her revenge, revenge for this cursed item being placed around her neck. But she still looks adorable with her little feet curled up like that!!!! (Also that blanket looks SO comfy?! And soft??)

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do you say this to all the blogs that want to shed light on other people and their terrible actions or….?

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you put that shit in your nose again!?

happy new year

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Once again, I apologize for the lack of activities here. I promise I’m not dead! :) As mentioned before, my internet been off and will remain to be funky. So, I can’t always expect it to work with me. Hopefully, it will stay on. Just so I can write. 

I always been meaning to do scenarios that hasn’t been requested. Mostly because I had tons of ideas I wanna write out.

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Ok, no matter how hard i try to do things good, no matter how hard i try to be careful with all the people i love, how hard i try to be optimistic, everything i do seems to be wrong all the time. I think i have no strenght enough to keep going with this shit. Happy fucking damn new year.


Originally posted by soulbell

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pairing: natasha romanoff  x reader

words: ~1,089

warnings: fluff

requested: yep! hope you like it nonnie!

a/n:  i’m a little late but happy new years to all of you wonderful humans!! there’s no plot (also no editing so any mistakes are my own) to this put just some soft nat ♡


moya lyubov - my love

milaya - sweetheart


Originally posted by elliejones22

I can’t wait to just lay down and sleep.

You pause by the front door, setting your bag aside before reaching down to untie your shoes. No one’s heard your arrival and you bask in the momentary quietness.

Breathe in, breathe out. Just like she taught you.

You place your shoes in their spot before making a beeline to the kitchen. As you pass the living room, you hear your daughter laugh and the sound relaxes you even further.

Entering the kitchen, the sight of your wife and son together makes you soften. She has him in a baby sling against her chest, humming quietly to him as she cooks, her hand resting on his tiny back.

You don’t want to disturb their peace, but the urge to have them in your arms takes over. Your hand makes contact with her waist, seeing her smile in surprise as you press a soft kiss to Luka’s chubby cheek in her arms.

She grins when you stand back up to your full height, e/c meeting green as you lock eyes with Nat. A soft chuckle escapes your lips when she puckers hers in anticipation for her own. With her enclosed in your arms, you lower head to press your lips against hers.

She leans into your chest and you can’t fight the grin that appears as you break away. Sighing contently, you softly peck her temple.

“Hi, baby,” you murmur.

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Wish you a good New Years! May you be blessed with a prophetic dream of great importance, some news that will make you smile, and the chance to kill god at your leisure. 

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I do in fact know who needs to hear this… I don’t care how important or vital some of you think you are with your tumblr dot com blogs with xyz followers or what pieces of other people you think you’re owed… which is flat fucking nothing btw… it’s way past time to stop publicly hating closeted gay people for being closeted instead of out… and taking it as a personal insult… and I don’t mean people who get upset about stressful stuff or feel angry about the way they’re treated I’m talking about people who are legitimately out here being homophobic because closeted people exist and they find that personally inconvenient… and lemme stop you if you suddenly feel dismissive or defensive or you need anons to live up your ass and placate you and validate your hateful shit… it’s because I’m right and I’m talking about you. it’s ugly and cruel and embarrassing behavior, and you should be ashamed. but like more importantly for the rest of us because I know those people are not in fact ashamed because they have no shame because they replaced it with hot air and a superiority complex years ago… it’s 2021 we don’t Have to put up with it :) amazing true fact tumblr status…. Isn’t… Real. anyway this goes for all of you if you’re closeted and brave enough to show little pieces of yourself you’re awesome and if you’re closeted and you don’t want that you’re still awesome because your worth is not in fact dictated by how visible your identity is to other people… love ya

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