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justlgbtthings · a day ago
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i made some gay little wlw wallpapers for pride month cuz why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ please rb if you save any!
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chrispy-chimkin · a day ago
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I drew this last year for Pride Month, though I would repost it before June is over since I didn't really get around to making anything quite yet! Happy Pride everyone!! Other flags are below and YES you are free to use!
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hollifo · 3 days ago
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Bob's Burgers and Bi-es | Copics & Colouring Pencils
I wanted to draw one of my favourite bi icons! Happy Pride!
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persephone-s-moon · 2 days ago
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Alternative kissing method
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cinimuffin · 19 hours ago
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ennuijpg · 12 hours ago
‘begin’ — Yoojung (OnlyOneOf)
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esperantoauthor · 19 hours ago
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Everyone else can go home because Planned Parenthood had the best sticker at Chicago Pride Parade.
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lazywitchling · a day ago
[pulls into the garage]
[removes rainbow bracelets]
[goes in the house]
[closes bedroom door]
[pulls out slice of rainbow cake and turns on a documentary]
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lady-efri · 19 hours ago
Nidhiki radiates twink energy
I will not elaborate
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chuutoro · 25 days ago
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since it’s pride month, throwback to this beautiful cover and this wholesome interaction between two icons
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pomegranate-pancake · 26 days ago
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tehtariks · 2 months ago
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if you have time, please watch the japanese drama 恋せぬふたり (koisenu futari; the two people who can’t fall in love) which focuses on two aroace characters
Sakuko finds it difficult to live in a society which operates under the assumption that people will fall in love with each other. She meets supermarket employee Takahashi when she goes to support a "fall-in-love" campaign by her junior at work. She is startled when she hears him say that there are people who don't fall in love. As Sakuko's mother keeps hurrying her to get married, she decides to move out and rent an apartment with her friend but her friend backs out at the last minute after reconciling with her ex-boyfriend. Just when Sakuko is about to give up, she ends up living with Takahashi under one roof because of their similar values towards romance.
(how to watch)
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honeysucklebuttons · 25 days ago
People taking testosterone:
Hi! Wanted to share an important experience I had recently that I think you should know about, especially if you’re a fellow petite trans guy or similar!
I just got an awesome gynecologist who works with all sorts of people, including trans guys and such. She made me feel very safe, comfortable, and heard! One of the things she asked me during my visit was if I had anyone in my family who has/had Osteoporosis - a condition that makes your bones weak and brittle.
I had no idea why that would even matter, but both of my mom’s parents did, and I found out later that my mom has Osteopenia (sort of a halfway point between healthy bones and Osteoporosis). My doctor nodded and then explained that since 1) Osteoporosis runs in my family, 2) I am a trans guy taking weekly testosterone, and 3) I am petite at 5′0″ and 100-110 lbs, I should get a bone density scan done. Huh??? Why???
Did you know that estrogen actually protects your bones by suppressing reabsorption of the bone itself?? It works with the osteoblasts needed to create new bone! She explained that those of us with smaller bodies naturally have less hormones, and thus less estrogen to begin with, and when you start taking testosterone for a long time, it stops the estrogen, which stops protecting your bones. Damn!!!!
Now, because studies on trans bodies, especially over long periods of time, are in a growing field, we become part of the data. There’s not a lot to read on the subject yet, just like the similarities between being on testosterone and going through menopause. 
My doctor looked at me in all my confusion and said, 
“I bring all this up because I have a couple of trans male patients who have developed Osteoporosis by the time they’re 30.”
Let that sink in. (I’m almost 26.)
The scan took all of 5 minutes, completely harmless, got to keep all my clothes on. A few days later and I get a result that my pelvic bones are fine, but that my spine has “MINOR Osteopenia” and that I should do the following things to prevent worsening:
Take Vitamin D3
Take Calcium (preferably with food, but supplements are okay too)
Do weight-bearing exercises (“In regard to weightbearing exercises, we think the best is walking and/or running, hiking, and yoga. Swimming or biking is not recommended as a weightbearing exercise.”)
While this looks like a simple “eat better, get more sunshine, exercise more!” bit, (which I guess it sort of is??) it’s also... a little scary? Research on trans bodies has never before led me to this possible conclusion, and I wanted to make sure other people knew about this possibility as well, so they can ask their doctors questions to stay healthy!!
If for no other reason than spite, trans bodies have to keep living!!! STRONG BONES, LACTOSE INTOLERANCE BE DAMNED!!
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cinimuffin · 2 days ago
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stopiwanttotalkaboutcheese · 3 months ago
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every aroace person alive upon watching jaiden animation’s new video
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hard-times-paramore · 22 days ago
Happy pride, include asexual people in your fandom more often! Make ace headcanons, include asexual characters in your stories, support ace fans, don't erase existing ace rep, call out aphobic or amatonormative writing on your shows and make ace people feel welcome! Specially if you're allo, because it really boosts our voices!
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annemarieyeretzian · 22 days ago
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chuutoro · 26 days ago
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the euphoria of elliot page (esquire)
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jobairdxx · 9 days ago
I’m not a loud person. Not at all. I’m soft-spoken, and I don’t get overly excited about much.
But you can bet your ass I screamed for Trans Rights Dino at our pride parade today.
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goalieprotectionsquad · 18 days ago
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happy pride month from your neighborhood gray!! I forget that asexuality has been severely misrepresented and that a lot of people don’t actually know what it is as a result so here is an overview of what asexuality is, what it’s not, and how acephobic is represented. there is so much more to asexuality than just this. I didn’t even mention the medicalization of asexuality! 
I highly rec scretspiderlady on Twitter because she writes a lot about the ace experience and has many comprehensive threads. I also rec Yasmin Benoit, a Black aroace lingerie model who is fighting misinformation about asexuality and shedding light on racism within the asexual community. if you’re interested in more resources feel free to dm me!
EDIT: I updated the slide that refers to asexuality as “aspec” to “acespec.” The term aspec refers to the a community as a whole -- both asexuals and aromantics -- while acespec refers to the asexual spectrum and arospec referes to the aromantic spectrum. You can see this mirrored in the terms acephobia (experienced by aces), arophobia (experienced by aros), and aphobia (experienced by both aces and aros). Thank you to those of you who tagged this post with their correction!
EDIT 2: now with a text-only option!
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